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QUARTERLY Volume 116 | Issue 4 | Winter 2020

Anthony Radencic

Winner of

Case Western Reserve ’16

Sugar Rush Christmas IN THIS ISSUE Letter from the “AA” | A Christmas Kitchen King | Campus Scene

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Volume 116 | Issue 4 | Winter 2020



Letter from the “AA”


A Christmas Kitchen King

Aaron Otto, the International President of Delta Chi, addresses the current state of the Fraternity and reflects on the perseverance of our members currently and during historically difficult times.

Brother Anthony Radencic, Case Western Reserve ’16, competed on Netflix’s Sugar Rush Christmas, a baking show that boldly and deliberately states that time is the most important ingredient. Radencic and teammate Katie Gayner made a strong showing, with a nod to Delta Chi guiding their successful run.


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Campus Scene

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s everyone no doubt understands by now, the year 2020 has been anything but ordinary. Looking back, I think we can all agree that we had no idea of the volume or caliber of challenges we would face. Ever since COVID-19 was identified in the United States, I have tried to put myself in our undergraduates’ shoes. Working together with other alumni volunteers on the Board of Regents and IHQ staff, we quantified what is at stake while simultaneously finding paths to success. As I said to our undergraduate leaders at the beginning of the fall semester, we all have to find common cause working together in order to get through current challenges and the pandemic. The Fraternity has faced at least four other times when there were drastic reductions in membership and resources; World War I, the Great Depression, World War II and the Vietnam protest era of the late 60s and early 70s. Members from the Vietnam era shared wisdom from their experiences, with a paraphrased summary as follows: Some chapters closed, but the Fraternity and many chapters found a way to persist and eventually thrive once the crisis was over. They did this by working together as one team, one Delta Chi. Some chapters chose to quit and they closed. In many of those cases we have restarted those organizations. For those who chose to fight, their love of Delta Chi, strategies, and successes required sacrifices by members and innovation

in operations. Your predecessors, the alumni who lived through these times, expect you will do the same; reach deep within yourselves and make it happen. Our fraternity is facing a variety of old and new threats and problems collectively. WE are all concerned about our academic success, our relationships, our careers, and our organizations. WE all need to pull together. WE are all in this together. WE all face a variety of unique and unprecedented challenges. This is the Fraternity’s worst time in at least 50 years. This summer, North American Interfraternity Conference CEO Judson Horras said, “This fall could be the worst our industry has ever seen.” The challenges and blows are coming at us from all directions non-stop, and, with reduced resources, we can only address the most pressing problems at any given time. As the impact of COVID-19 continues, chapters and colonies may need the assistance of the Fraternity as time moves forward. Some might think this crisis is a terrible thing to waste and attempt to take advantage of the situation to accomplish their own agenda. Some campus administrators may assail our organizations because we are largely a social organization or because of some issue from the past. We must continue to fight for our rights to do basic activities, such as recruitment. Campus authorities granted expanded power to combat the pandemic are at risk to eliminate recruitment, ultimately starving our organizations from a

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“We all have to find common cause working together to get through the current challenges and the pandemic.”

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~ Aaron Otto, “AA”

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This is not an “us versus them” situation. Instead, this is all of us working together. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We have to avoid battle lines being drawn. We are all Delta Chi Strong. Delta Chi is the collective WE; all WHITEWATER of us together. We have been through crises in the past and have survived. membership perspective. Additionally, campus We must be imaginative in our actions and officials could attempt to reduce or eliminate decision-making. due process rights of chapters. Worse yet, Over the course of the summer, I was fortunate they could help promote the agenda of the to have individual dinners with nearly 20 new Abolish Greek Life movement. While this Associate Members who joined Delta Chi as might be a very unfair way to take advantage a result of virtual recruitment. They shared of the situation, know that fraternity and other their optimism and excitement in being part experts are standing up for your rights to exist of something larger than themselves and their and operate. Every member must do his part desires to build lifelong relationships. We saw by not succumbing to the temptations to skirt a number of our chapters actually exceed their the safety measures put in place, because fall recruitment numbers compared to fall 2019. doing so only emboldens those who seek to Even those campuses that were announced unjustly ascribe the bad acts of a few to the to be completely virtual were able, through entire Greek movement. a great deal of dedication and energy, to put Collectively, how does the Fraternity come together fall Associate Member classes through out of this pandemic as unbroken as possible? a completely virtual process. How do we do what is in the best interest for Our product, the fraternal experience, Delta Chi considering what we are facing? continues to have value. People want that One thing I learned from consulting those engagement, and we are in a perfect position who lived through the Vietnam era is that if to provide that to them. Yes, we are a social people only approach this situation with a, organization operating in a socially-distant “What’s in it for me?” attitude, we will fail; world, but that simply requires us to think the chapters where that attitude prevails will harder about providing what members are close. Success will come only from a, “How looking for. Last summer, I called 64 chapter can we all do this together?” attitude. It is “A”s and during those conversations, I was always the case, in good times and bad, that very impressed with the creativity of chapters what you get out of the Fraternity depends coping with changes on their campus. One on what you put into it. Insisting that chapter bought tools and a workbench to do somebody else should put something in so improvement projects on their properties and you can take out is not going to work and is a out-of-house units. These are improvements betrayal of the ideals of brotherhood. they can benefit from now and on the other

side of COVID-19. While it might not make any sense for one person to purchase all of these tools, it does make sense to do it for collective chapter use. Another group had purchased gym equipment to help its members since gyms closed in their state. Several other chapters started to organize smaller brotherhood events such as hiking trips or outdoors activities that are worth the time and effort to benefit a collective of brothers. Many groups shifted to online philanthropy efforts and service events as well as online games and other entertaining and engaging activities. These are the types of experiences we can share with both current and potential new members this year. Thank you to each undergraduate and alumni member for your passion and dedication to Delta Chi. We have to continue to work together and collectively focus all of our energy on coming out of this as unbroken as possible so we can successfully build Delta Chi when we come out of COVID-19. We are all in this together. Greek letter organizations are at stake. Delta Chi is at stake. Complacency and inaction will spell our doom. The ability to quickly pivot and readily adapt to often rapidly-changing circumstances will position Delta Chi to survive and thrive well beyond the end of the pandemic. This is happening at every level of the Fraternity. With your continued support and assistance, WE will guide Delta Chi through these tough times and into the future.

Aaron Otto, “AA” International President Kansas State ’98




Delta Chi Quarterly


DCEF Scholarships Now Available


he Delta Chi Educational Foundation (DCEF) is proud to announce scholarship applications for 2021 are now open! All scholarship applications are due no later than March 31, 2021. Last year, 48 scholarships totaling nearly $50,000 were granted to deserving Delta Chi Brothers by the DCEF, ranging from $100 - $10,000. More than one person can win each scholarship; the amount and number of scholarships depends on the number of qualified applicants.

Apply and learn more today at


The Borelli Family Leadership Award Borelli Family Leadership Award is bestowed upon those undergraduate Delta Chis who excelled academically and exercised unparalleled leadership traits within their chapters and campuses. Each Delta Chi selected shall receive a framed certificate in recognition of this honor, and brothers selected “with distinction� shall receive an additional monetary reward.

Duane and Mary Meyer Scholarship The Duane and Mary Meyer Scholarship recognizes the commitment and service of an undergraduate or graduate student member to his academics, community, and fraternity. Multiple scholarships are available.

Graduate Student Scholarship This award was designed to recognize the superior accomplishments of a Delta Chi who successfully completed his undergraduate degree and went on to pursue further education. Multiple scholarships are available.

Undergraduate InterFraternity Institute Scholarship UIFI offers participants the opportunity to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values-based action from themselves and those they lead. A scholarship covering the cost of registration and a grant will be made to help cover the cost of travel. Recipients will be responsible for costs outside of the grant to attend the Institute.

Washburn Scholarship The Washburn Scholarship is awarded annually to the brothers that best exemplify what it means to be a Delta Chi.

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Anthony Radencic


Kitchen King

etflix’s show Sugar Rush boldly and deliberately states that “time’s the most important ingredient”, a fact not lost on anyone as the center of the streaming platform’s high-energy baking competition set is dominated by a jumbotron-like digital clock.

“It’s always there and it’s very real,” Brother Anthony Radencic, Case Western Reserve ’16, said. “If anything, the camera made it look smaller than when you’re there.” Radencic and his teammate Katie Gayner appear in one of the show’s Christmas-themed episodes, released in November 2020. The pair was selected to appear on the show after being scouted on Reddit and making it through a lengthy casting process before traveling to California for filming. Filming for the Christmas-themed episode began in March 2020. Before the cameras rolled, several elements of competition were revealed to Radencic and Gayner, including the format of the competition and an opportunity to learn the lay of the land in the kitchen where they would be filming. As with each episode of Sugar Rush, the team was required


Delta Chi Quarterly

By: Matt Gorney, Kansas State ’06, and Justin Donnelly, Kent State ’02

to create a cupcake in the first round, a dessert in the second round, and a cake in the third and final round. “It was a long day. The day began before 6 a.m. and ended after 11 p.m. We felt very privileged to be on set and be there.” Brother Radencic was initiated into Delta Chi in 2010. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 2016. However, Radencic realized – and readily admits – that he did not have a well-thought-out post-college career plan and was confronted with the task of making immediate career decisions. Such bumps in the road of life can inadvertently lead to unanticipated deviations and an all-together different destination. As such, Radencic found himself working in a grocery store bakery department. “This is where I started learning,” Radencic said of his new occupation. “I’m self-taught and learned on the job.” That first step paved the way for a litany of opportunities in a

surprising new field. Radencic worked at other bakeries, receiving mentoring and learning new techniques along the way. He also maintained involvement in Delta Chi as an alumnus member and now serves as the Case Western ABT President. While the call to compete on the world’s largest streaming platform was worth celebration on its own, Radencic and Gayner now faced an invigorating but daunting reality; they were going to be competing against elite bakers in a hostile and unfamiliar environment. Many of the show’s competitors had significantly more experience. During the competition, teams are given three hours total for the first two rounds, in which they must complete a cupcake dessert and a confection dessert. Time stops for judging from a panel that includes host Hunter March, cupcake mogul Candace Nelson, and renowned Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. Radencic’s episode also featured guest judge Valerie Gordon, a pastry chef and chocolatier expert. The competition field included a baking pair and bakery owner that had been together for over 10 years from Washington, D.C., a Bay-Area based pair of bakery owners, and two bakers from a renowned bakery in Sonoma, Washington. Two teams reach the final round where an additional three hours is added to a team’s unused time from the first two rounds to determine how much time each team receives to create their cakes, the final challenge. Radencic’s episode was as close as possible with only seconds separating the final two teams. In the first round, Radencic and Gayner strategically played into the preferences of Judge Candace Nelson, avoiding fondant-based décor and opting for edible toppings. Despite their efforts and an otherwise tasty cupcake, Radencic and Gayner were up for possible elimination after the first round. “We went into the competition with a plan,” Radencic said. “If there is a round where you can underperform, it’s the first. I knew we didn’t need to win the cupcake round; we had to survive the cupcake round. I had a good feeling we wouldn’t be eliminated.” Radencic and Gayner clocked in at 57 minutes, 28 seconds for the first round, leaving 2:02:32 on their total clock. The judges praised the team’s flavors, with Nelson specifically noting the light buttercream as being, “Like a cloud.” Staving off elimination, the confection round required competitors to select a “white elephant” gift containing a mystery ingredient that had to be incorporated into the dessert. Radencic and Gayner selected a box containing white miso paste, a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji. Other teams selected jalapenos, pork rinds, and pickles. All four teams began second round work while the judges conferred about the cupcake round. The team that selected pickles was ultimately eliminated, leaving three teams to complete the second round. “All four teams got along tremendously well, something the producers said was not common,” Radencic said. “We did not want

ANTHONY AND KATIE’S 5 BAKING SECRETS 1. R eal vanilla is an overpriced luxury in recent years. Don’t feel guilty reaching for the artificial stuff, as studies have shown that most people cannot tell the difference, and some people love it for the nostalgic aspect. 2. Keep heavy cream in the house and learn to whip it up fresh. It’s easier than you’d expect but very rewarding. You’ll never buy canned whipped cream again. A dollop of fresh cream can elevate even the lowliest of desserts. 3. If you want to learn baking, invest in a food scale before a stand mixer. The serious baker relies on weight rather than cup measurements. 4. Salt everything. Desserts need more salt than the average person might expect. Salt enhances other flavors, and in my experience most baking recipes – from bread, to cake, to frostings – don’t call for enough. 5. Butter, sugar, eggs, and flour are the basic building blocks of most baking. Learn what they do, as in a cookie dough or a cake, and you can bake almost anything. Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


to see our new friends and peers suffer any kind of defeat, even if we were competing (against each other).” Making second-round plans, Radencic and Gayner embraced the Asian flavor inspiration from their mystery ingredient, collaborating on a miso ice cream with miso caramel sauce, topped with a black sesame cookie and toasted sesame seeds. Despite some possible challenges of combining soft serve and loose caramel, the team used a blast chiller to retain appropriate texture for the cold dish.



“At the risk of sounding a little arrogant, I was not worried at all,” Radencic said. “I knew the flavor was going to be great, and I knew the texture was going to be great.” Radencic and Gayner used only one hour and 14 minutes for their second round, meaning they saved 47:54 to add to their third-round time. The team received high praise for the miso caramel blend, intelligently combining the sweet and salty flavors. The duo won the second round with the judges picking the creation as their favorite, calling it a, “Surprising and elegant dessert.” The second round win also won Radencic and Gayner a pair of new blenders to take home, and the remaining hope for winning the ultimate prize. “It’s a fight for survival. My table looked like World War III of frosting,” Radencic said.“I can be pretty messy in the kitchen, but I tried to play it cool for the cameras.” The third round – the cake round – saw the teams tackle a “Secret Santa” theme, which required a Santa Clause decoration be hidden somewhere in the cake. Radencic and Gayner created a four-tiered pistachio flavored cake with cherry jam and dark chocolate ganache, incorporating Christmas elements in the décor and a hidden Santa in the base layer. The flavor profiles were chosen with the intent to showcase green and red colors when the cake is cut.


With the exception of an overflowing mixer filled with meringue, the final round was nearly seamless for the Ohio-based bakers, as they put together a gorgeous dessert that checked all the boxes. Radencic added that while the episode only eludes to it, the best part was that it was overflowing for about five minutes without either teammate noticing.

1 Tbs Ground Ginger

“This cake gives me a sense of childlike wonder,” Judge Nelson said upon reviewing the details of their Christmas creation. “You guys are clearly master cake decorators. You put up a beautiful cake and a lot of whimsical details that just put a smile on my face with a perfectly finished cake.” Going into the final judging, Radencic said it was not immediately clear if there was a winner. The first two judges split their votes meaning the ultimate decision fell into the hands of guest judge Gordon. “I love the look of this cake,” Gordon said about Radencic and Gayner’s cake. “Adorable, heartwarming; I felt like I was in a Christmas village.” Gordon then named Radencic and Gayner’s four-tiered Christmas creation as her favorite cake, ultimately crowning them the champions of their Sugar Rush Christmas episode and awarding them the $10,000 grand prize. “I am in a total state of shock and disbelief,” Radencic said in the episode upon winning. “Against the odds, we have won. Our cake did it. We made it here to the end, and we won.” And finally, certain eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Radencic and Gayner selected a secret ingredient that was wrapped in red and gold. That selection – which ultimately contained the ingredient that helped vault the pair into the final round – was not an accident. Radencic says in the episode that he has always liked those colors. “It was the only Delta Chi reference I was able to get into the final cut,” he said. “I tried to ‘Costner’ it, but I don’t know how well it worked.” 8

Delta Chi Quarterly

1/2 Stick Butter (soft and room temp) 1 Cup Brown Sugar 2 Tsp Baking Powder 1/2 Tsp Salt 1/2 Tbs Cinnamon

1/4 Tsp Black Pepper 1/4 Tsp Star Anise (optional) 2 Tbs Molasses (unsulfured) 2 Tsp Vanilla Extract 2 Eggs 1/4 Cup Oil

1/4 Tsp Nutmeg

2 Cups All Purpose Flour (scooped & leveled)

1/4 Tsp Clove

3/4 Cup Sour Cream

DIRECTIONS 1. C ream soft butter, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, and spices on a medium speed until light and fluffy, approximately 5 minutes. Scrape bowl. 2. Add molasses and vanilla and mix to combine. 3. Add eggs one at a time, scraping bowl in between. 4. Slowly stream in oil while mixing. 5. Alternate between adding portions of your flour and sour cream, mixing only until you see no streaks of dry flour or sour cream. 6. Portion into lined cupcake tins. Bake at 325oF for approximately 18-20 minutes or until a tester comes out clean. 7. Pair with your favorite buttercream or cream cheese frosting recipe for a delicious holiday season dessert. Make this recipe minus the spice blend and molasses, and granulated sugar instead of brown sugar for a wonderful year round vanilla cupcake.

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM Anthony Radencic @anthonyradencic Katie Gayner @whimsicakesbakery


Campus Scene Adelphi – Mark Edelstein

Anchorage Colony – Ronan Klancher

For the fall Semester, our university has remained a hybrid institution, meaning that we are both in-person and online. Greek life has remained online which has proven to be challenging. This semester, we have held chapter meetings every week and brotherhood events virtually to keep our brotherhood strong. We participated in IGC’s annual fundraiser, Greek Sing, and we could not be more excited to see the debut of these performances in the coming weeks. We hope to win for the third year in-a-row. As an effort to bring people on campus together, we held a virtual game night where we played a variety of games with fraternities and sororities on campus. We are hopeful for the spring semester and we know it will be great, whatever it may look like.

The Anchorage Colony has stayed safe and healthy during the pandemic. With our colony planning on chartering in the spring, we are all working hard to become the northernmost Delta Chi chapter. Our first “A” of the colony, Cory Johannson, graduated with a degree in Chemistry in the spring, with our new “A”, Jack Walters, taking over the position. Our “C”, along with the UAA IFC President, Isaac Villeda, has been working hard to improve Greek life on campus.

Alabama – John Tausz This semester, we were faced with many new challenges, both exciting and nerve-wrecking, due to the restrictions and safety precautions on campus. As a fraternity, we were able to boost our overall GPA by 23%. We also ranked highest for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training for IFC Fraternities, something that we are very proud of because we strive to make every new and returning member of the Delta Chi Fraternity feel as welcome and included as possible. Even though we could not participate in our usual gatherings, we were still able to raise roughly $2,000 as a house, and with that money, we were able to donate $2,700 to the B+ Foundation, a children’s cancer charity that helps kids through financial assistance, research and advocacy. This semester was not the most ideal for all of us, but we are making the best situation out of what we are given. We look forward to the spring semester when we can all reunite and hopefully resume our normal schedule.

Auburn – James Buchholz Founders’ Day is our opportunity to remember where our brotherhood came from. And so, after having the pleasure of receiving a patch from one of our late alumni’s NASA Space Lab missions, it seemed clear what we should do. Auburn Delta Chi alumnus Henry Hartsfield ‘54 was honored at this year’s Founders’ Day celebration. His many successes as an Auburn man, Delta Chi, military pilot, and astronaut make us very proud to have had him as a brother.

Augusta – Garrett Hachem

Alberta – Alex Leaf The Alberta Chapter made an impressive recruitment effort this year despite the pandemic. We were able to virtually recruit six new members, which we consider to be a great success given the circumstances. With safety being our biggest priority, we have transitioned our brotherhood events to a virtual setting. We have been able to comfortably hold events such as online hangouts, card games, and brotherhood gaming sessions. While most of our time with our brothers has been spent virtually, we have been able to make select events safe enough to participate in-person. This includes, but not limited to, socially distant limited capacity barbecues, socially distant campfires, and even a COVID-safe trip to Canmore, Alberta with six of our brothers. All in-person events required us to wear masks and keep a minimum of six feet apart. In terms of our academics, our brothers seem to be adjusting well to online classes. Overall, online schooling appears to have little effect on our grades as a chapter and our members continue to be well on track for completing our chapter’s scholastic plan. As we move into the winter months, we will continue to embrace our Delta Chi brotherhood and make it our goal to continue achieving academically despite these unprecedented times. On behalf of the Alberta Chapter, stay safe.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, the Augusta Chapter has seen success through awards, philanthropy events, social events, and recruitment. This past semester, we received awards in Excellence in Promoting Friendship, Achievement in Developing Character, Achievement in Advancing Justice, and Achievement in Assisting in the Acquisition of a Sound Education. Brother Garrett Hachem also received the “E” Key award, which is the second Alumni Relations Officer from the Augusta Chapter to win this award. Although we still have lots of room for improvement, the sky is the limit. We have set high goals for this school year by planning to raise $6,000 dollars for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We plan to do this by placing a much higher emphasis on the importance of our Philanthropy Chair. Our 37th Alumni Chapter White Carnation will take place on November 14th, which will be a formal for the ages. Our alumni chapter also hosted our bi-annual alumni barbecue, which allowed our alumni to rekindle and create bonds with each other. This semester, we have pinned three Associate Members and we plan to recruit even more in the spring. We could not be more excited about the future of the Chapter and we continue to keep our eyes on the prize while striving for success.

Bowling Green – Jacob Papa Beginning in the fall, we pinned 14 new members with three of them now holding executive board positions. Moving into the spring, we then initiated

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


another six members, with one of them representing our executive board. At this year’s RLC, our chapter took home the second place Outstanding Philanthropy Award due to our tremendous involvement with our university in setting up and sponsoring events to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Due to the effects of COVID, last semester was cut short which limited what we were allowed to do as a chapter. Limitations have carried over into this semester, which has made it very difficult for us to sponsor any events. This upcoming semester, we plan to host a number of philanthropy events along with planning fun, socially distanced events that can get our alumni involved with the Chapter.

Central Oklahoma – Ryan Reece This semester has been incredibly challenging, not just for our chapter, but our community. With lockdowns and quarantining, it has been hard to meet as a group. Our brotherhood keeps us together and the few times we can meet on campus for events have been great. Pictured is one of our favorite campus events, “Chalk the Walk”, where organizations get to pick a location on campus and chalk it up. This takes place a few times each semester and always makes us proud to show off and represent Delta Chi.

Chapel Hill Colony – Blake Weaver

Behrend – Fouad Moabi The honorary gentlemen of the Behrend Chapter have been busy this semester rebuilding our chapter. Unfortunately, we lost members due to graduation and members going inactive. Coupled with the effects of the pandemic, our chapter has been tremendously affected. This has not withered our spirits however as we are in the process of re-branding ourselves and hope to rebuild our glorious brotherhood. We have hosted numerous socially distant events where we interacted with the students on our campus, and we hosted virtual events to accommodate students who are uncomfortable with outdoor events. We have organized brotherhood events that were socially distant with some of our alumni to show our youngest members the value of the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. We hope to spread the values of Delta Chi next semester, where we are expecting a good recruiting season.

Cal Poly – Isidoro Amalfitano The Cal Poly Chapter has been a force in various Greek life initiatives. We have multiple brothers on the IFC judicial board and are continuing to better our relations with campus officials. Due to the current situation, our executive board made changes to ensure that the Chapter is as close as ever by communicating across various platforms. Although we have not had the ability to hold any in-person meetings and events, the use of GroupMe and Facebook has allowed brothers to stay updated with the current status of our chapter as well as stay informed. We earned our charter last year and are advancing every day to ensure that we uphold our reputation. We conducted the first-ever virtual Carving for Cancer Philanthropy event and it was very successful. While abiding by all CDC guidelines, we were able to raise over $5,000 dollars for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The support we received from various sororities was amazing and our philanthropy chairs did an outstanding job in organizing and executing this event. As a chapter, we have high hopes for the upcoming year and are striving to ensure that chapter members receive the love and brotherhood that Delta Chi has to offer.

The fall marks the first semester that the brothers have had a brick-and-mortar house to call our home. Through the gracious help of the Barrister Capital Corporation, the International Headquarters, and the hard work of our brothers here, we have been able to take this house and truly make it into a beacon of what Greek life can and should be at UNC. In the midst of the global pandemic, we’ve been able to stay safe and healthy and also initiate eight incredible men, the biggest number since our founding semester. We’ve also made a name for ourselves on campus, speaking out against dangerous social practices during this tumultuous time and also standing up for numerous social causes. With fall and spring graduations bringing the biggest departure of members in the history of this colony, we are in the process of putting together a coalition to take this colony to the next level.

Delaware – Sean Sullivan The Delaware Chapter had to overcome many obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the University of Delaware is experiencing a fully virtual semester with face-to-face gatherings limited in size. Even though we are virtual-only, the chapter is still doing the best we can academically under the circumstances. We have overcome some of the challenges by having virtual chapter and online brotherhood events. Additionally, we hosted virtual recruitment by utilizing Zoom, which led to the acquisition of seven Associate Members. Our theta class was virtually initiated, bringing our active member count to 57. We remain optimistic and hope we will be back on campus in the spring.

Eastern Illinois – Evan Bullock Here at Eastern Illinois University, we welcomed eight new brothers to our chapter. These include Christian Walls, Ethan Carlson, Joseph Mulconrey, Joshua Gordon, Blake Minor, Zach Bray, and Hudson Lenhart. We are proud of the success of our virtual Among Us games, Zoom events, and university bowling recruitment events, which helped us find these amazing new brothers. This fall, we took a moment to remember our 1968 alumnus, Russell L. Griffin, who passed this September. We honored his work and dedication towards our chapter with a draping service of the 1968 charter. Our alumni have been supporting us, having donated a Delta Chi bags set and a foosball table to our chapter. We would like to thank Matt Johnson, Tom Kochevar, Dan Noble, Steve Myers, Eric Hammerstrum, and Chris Rosenstock for being great alumni and continuing to support Delta Chi and the EIU chapter.

Case Western Reserve – Shaan Patel As we continue to live and adapt to life in a global pandemic, the brothers of the Case Western Reserve Chapter made huge strides in ensuring that our normal programming did not falter. This fall’s fully virtual recruitment cycle turned out to be our most successful recruitment in over two years, with events ranging from fun game nights to a career Q&A with some of our most successful alumni. We even had a call with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (our faculty advisor). Brotherhood continues to be strong with weekly game nights through our chapter Discord server, and thanks to our most recent class of Associate Members, a virtual scary movie night was hosted through Discord to get the chapter ready for Halloween. Our service chair has made sure that the Chapter is keeping with its dedication to service by planning multiple virtual service projects for the semester, while also having weekly short impromptu service events. Finally, we are in the process of holding elections for the next executive board and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish.


Delta Chi Quarterly

East Stroudsburg – Nate Pritts The brothers at East Stroudsburg have been trying to make this online semester the best it can be. Every fall semester we do “Shave-a-Delta,” where we collect donations for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. This semester, we successfully broke our goal of $600 and five brothers got their heads shaved at the local barbershop that sponsored the event. We have also been doing weekly street cleans around the community. It has been a learning experience during this pandemic to say the least, but we are tackling it head-on and using this online semester to our advantage.

Florida State – Hayden Smith The Florida State Chapter has been staying busy this semester with brotherhood events and philanthropy. We paired with Alpha Chi Omega for a food drive benefiting people who were affected by Gulf Coast hurricanes. We also look forward to hosting our annual fall philanthropy “Pups and Pies” in support of the V Foundation for Cancer Research. I am also happy to announce we look forward to initiating 20 Associate Members this fall and are excited to see them become part of our brotherhood.

Fullerton – Brendan MacMillan Edwardsville – Sean Derrick This semester has been a hard one for not just the Edwardsville Chapter, but for the entire world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all, we were very fortunate to get 15 Associated Members through virtual recruitment events. Events ranged from playing Kahoot games to Call of Duty tournaments. This is one of the biggest classes we have had in recent years and we are excited to have them with us. We also initiated the Theta class after missing it due to COVID-19 in the spring. We had the honor this semester of initiating the new Washington University Colony in October and enjoyed welcoming these new men into the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. As we finish the semester strong, we hope that everyone stays safe through the rest of the year.

Embry-Riddle – Nick Wright The Embry-Riddle Chapter had a great start to the fall 2020 semester. We initiated six new members from the spring 2020 class, as well as extending bids to 18 Associate Members. The Chapter fundraised by working races around Daytona, with some on campus fundraisers too. Brothers helped by volunteering for an adopt-a-highway program on a stretch of road outside the Chapter’s house. We were grateful that some events on campus remained available and made sure to participate to remain active throughout campus. We continue to work through these difficult times, with brothers maintaining a great bond and high morale.

Despite these unorthodox times, the Delta Chi Fullerton Chapter has found success in several aspects of our Bond. As summer ended, the Fullerton Chapter was excited to announce the initiation of seven men in our spring class, Alpha Omicron. Recruitment success continued into the fall semester as the Chapter bid another seven-man class. As the overall size of Fullerton Chapter continues to grow, so does the support of the massive alumni base of over 1,000 members. Thanks to multiple donations, as well as a charity alumni golf tournament, the Chapter was able to make thousands of dollars in repairs to the chapter house including two new bathrooms and a balcony. The Fullerton Chapter also boasts the highest overall GPA on Cal State Fullerton’s campus, with a little over a 3.2 GPA. Looking forward, the Fullerton Chapter hopes to continue to grow our brotherhood and develop our bond in these unprecedented times. We hope that everyone remains safe and sane.

George Mason – Jack Stanke The George Mason Chapter has been doing everything in its power to adhere to university guidelines limiting events to less than 10 people. While this has introduced new difficulties, the Chapter has made the most of the semester given the circumstances. The Chapter was able to organize a canned food drive, where donations were taken from students and given to those in need. Various fundraisers at on-campus restaurants were also held to raise money for the Chapter. Due to the nature of the circumstances, the Chapter has decided to put an emphasis on brotherhood. The entire chapter has been able to meet via weekly virtual meetings. Small events adhering to the 10-person limit have been held to help strengthen the comradery between the members of the Chapter. It is our hope that once restrictions on events are lifted, more events will be able to be held and the Chapter will be able to build upon this semester and enter the next full steam ahead.

Georgia Southern – Jace Thames

Florida – Jackson Gore The Florida Chapter strived to create a brotherhood of members that are involved on campus and in the Gainesville community, as well as leaders in the classroom. In its first semester on campus, the Chapter was able to increase its size by over 50%, with newly initiated brothers involved in other campus organizations, including undergraduate research, Freshman Leadership Council, and student government. The upperclassmen have seen success in their ventures following graduation, including several placements in Fortune 500 companies across the U.S., along with being accepted into various graduate programs at the University of Florida.

While the effects of COVID-19 followed us into our fall semester, our chapter took the pending circumstances in stride, welcoming 23 new associate members to the Brotherhood of a Lifetime. This in part was due to the outstanding performance of our Recruitment Chairman, Jake Ross, whose creativity and dedication to the growth of our chapter has allowed us to take on the largest fall class at Georgia Southern University. 2020 has been a trying year for all, but due to the participation and strength of our membership, we have been able to continue sharing the values of Delta Chi by Promoting Friendship, Developing Character, Advancing Justice, and Assisting in the Acquisition of a Sound Education.

Georgia Tech – Alexander Liberman The Georgia Tech Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity had an abnormal, but highly successful, fall recruitment and semester. With a class of 18 stellar Associate Members, we have come to know these men and are excited to have

Friendship | Character | Justice | Education


them in our brotherhood. Members are remaining socially distant and are taking the time to strengthen their brotherhood bonds virtually and in-person whenever safety possible. We have remained involved on campus with some brothers serving in leadership and executive positions in many organizations. In an online fundraiser, we raised over $2,400 towards the V Foundation for Cancer Research and we are looking forward to giving back to the Atlanta community as soon as circumstances permit.

“#InLettersAndMasks.” We ran a successful online fall recruitment and were able to get 12 Associate Members. It was not easy to do it all remotely, but given the circumstances, we are proud of what we were able to get done. We look to continue our health practices so we can get back to running the Chapter as normal as possible next semester.

Hayward – Edward Soper

This fall semester, the Iowa State Chapter had to make adjustments to chapter functions because of the pandemic. Many of our classes are now offered online only, which has made it harder for those who are used to them being in-person. Our recruiting this semester was a bit lower than usual due to fewer potential new members than usual. Our chapter still succeeded in extending bids to four great guys. Our weekly chapter meetings have also changed. Brothers are required to wear a mask and must sit in every other seat. The brotherhood is still strong between all of us. Members have had a socially distanced crawfish boil during game days, watching football games together, putting an intramural softball team together, and playing video games together. Currently, we cannot have any socials with sororities. Our members volunteered this semester by donating blood, participated in SAFE All-Greek Halloween Trick-or-Treat for Ames area youngsters, and are having a food drive. We also have a current virtual philanthropy for the V Foundation for Cancer Research scheduled for late October. Our brothers plan to finish this semester off strong by recruiting daily, meeting their goals with grades, and maintaining a strong brotherhood.

When this semester began, we had fallen to 13 active brothers. Luckily, those we had were strong in their dedication to Delta Chi. We almost immediately saw our numbers double when we recruited 11 Associate Members. We have been working hard to plan for next year and are looking forward to our first online recruitment in the spring. We’ve continued to keep our adopted street, Soto Road, clean and are planning philanthropic events in the near future. Things are looking up for the Hayward Chapter with such a strong group of men at the helm. We wish the same success and good fortune to all of our brothers and their chapters. Born Proud Raised Proud!

Hobart – Sam Mason This fall, the brothers of the Hobart Chapter were delighted to return to campus, even with the ongoing pandemic affecting daily life. Spirits were high upon returning to beautiful Geneva, New York after months of not seeing one another. The brothers were excited to reconnect. As large gatherings are prohibited, our members instead enjoyed each other’s company within the house. With intramural sports on pause, the brothers have spent the fall watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the World Series, and the NFL. with passionate sports fans in the house, this has become a great way to spend time with one another while simultaneously distancing ourselves from the rest of the campus. The brothers have continued to be stand-out students over Zoom and are continuing their collective acquisition of a sound education. The College prohibited the Associate Member process this semester due to worries with COVID-19, but we hope this changes in the spring as we are always eager to welcome new members into our house. On behalf of the entire Hobart Chapter, we wish everyone a happy upcoming holiday season and hope everyone stays healthy.

Iowa State – Alexander Morehead

Hofstra – Cameron Okoneski

Johnstown – Jacob Hoover

This semester at Hofstra University was one we never would have expected. All of our members remained healthy and managed to avoid contracting COVID-19 which is great news. Furthermore, the incentive to stay home and avoid any contact with the virus has reflected well on our brother’s GPAs. Not only have we been hitting the books, we have been keeping our minds and bodies healthy through exercise, at-home entertainment, and learning how to become amazing chefs. We also bought a basketball hoop which we highly recommend. Although social life here is lacking, we have done well keeping ourselves busy while abiding by New York health guidelines and safety. This semester, despite the virus, has been great. It has given a lot of the members time to prioritize the aspects of life most important to them. We have become a lot closer to our families and one another. The global pandemic has taught us all how to make the most out of any situation and showed us how great it is to have family and brotherly support.

The brothers at Johnstown have kept very busy this semester. With very strict COVID-19 regulations throughout campus, the men of Delta Chi have taken it upon themselves to represent and demonstrate how we can still be successful. Along with several community service opportunities, we found a silver lining in the mandatory quarantine our campus required; brotherhood. When the brothers aren’t volunteering through campus or in the city of Johnstown, we’re taking opportunities to spend time with each other and make our lifelong brotherhood even stronger and more memorable.

Huntsville – Ian Stuart The Huntsville Chapter has had a great fall semester in light of current events. This semester, we recruited 21 Associate Members and have been conducting Associate Member classes as usual. Our Philanthropy Chair, Jonny Walkotten, put in a massive effort to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research this semester. His committee helped raise $800 from selling shirts and hosting a virtual run.

Illinois – Kevin McDevitt This semester, we had very little going on for our chapter due to restrictions with COVID-19. Our chapter was unable to have our typical fall semester events, such as Dad’s Weekend and Homecoming. However, there were some things we were able to work on and accomplish. We ensured that active members were following CDC guidelines and maintaining the best possible health practices such as wearing masks and social distancing. We stood in support of the Illinois Fraternity & Sorority Affairs by taking part in their social media campaign


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Kansas – Pearse Millard The Kansas Chapter has shown great success in many operational aspects during this difficult time. One major accomplishment is our COVID-19 plan and protocol, which continues to be executed everyday within our chapter house. With 64 members, two chefs, and our house mom in the chapter house, it was important that everyone respected the new rules put in place to keep everyone safe. Our philanthropy chair came up with the idea of having members reach out to alumni, family members, and friends to ask for any donation amount for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. With donations continuing to come in, we currently have raised $2,100. We have done a fantastic job of dealing with the conditions as best we can and continue to find unbelievable amounts of success. Hopefully we can go back to doing things more traditionally sooner than later. Until then, we will find ways to make sure our chapter is making the best impact we possibly can.

Kansas State – Mitchell Masilionis The Kansas State Chapter has had to think outside the box this semester due to COVID-19. We’ve put a focus on brotherhood by hosting small and socially distant events and we continue to be proactive leaders in the community by volunteering on and off campus in Manhattan. This spring, we placed 4th out of 22 fraternities with a 3.67 GPA, our highest in 25 years. Our alumni have also been very helpful and supportive throughout these challenging times, attending

virtual chapter, AM, and ABT meetings, and hosting a virtual Founders’ Day panel. They’ve shown us just how strong our brotherhood is in Delta Chi. We know that every chapter and brother is facing this challenge together and we hope you are all staying healthy and safe.

Kennesaw State – Hunter Waters The Kennesaw State Chapter prides itself on its commitment to community service. As such, we have participated in three community service events in our local area this semester, helping out the Atlanta Foodbank, Holbrook Retirement Home, and raising money for a local family-owned restaurant on the verge of closing. We initiated 13 new members into our brotherhood and are retaining all of them in the spring. At Region VIII’s RLC, we had the most chapter attendance, which we plan on continuing with the next RLC. We are preparing to start Jimmy V week in November and have set our goal at $1,000 raised, which will double our total from last year. On top of that, we have already raised over $500 for Panhellenic Council organizations around campus for their philanthropy. Kennesaw State is working tirelessly to improve the Chapter as a whole and make it one we can always be proud of.

and have been actively involved in them. We have also modified our recruitment strategy so that there is a large emphasis on digital events in order to adapt to the situation the pandemic created. These events have ranged from playing video games, watching movies or tv shows, and one-shot Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. These events have created success so far, as our online events have drawn a sizable number of potential new members, many of whom have been interacting with us on a regular basis outside of our events. In the near future, we are looking forward to welcoming some of these men into the Brotherhood of a Lifetime.

Little Rock – Alek Stinchfield This semester, our chapter had many successes in what has been a new experience for us. We worked hard to recruit new members in a time more challenging than ever before and are excited to announce that our chapter has nearly doubled in size from eight members to 15 after initiating seven men this semester. While there are far fewer intramural sports this year, our intramural chair has been making sure we compete in as many as we can. Among them, we are currently competing in table tennis, in which we have five members in a tournament of six people total. This is a semester full of new obstacles, but the chapter is doing everything it can to make it through stronger. Although there are not any opportunities this fall to have in-person philanthropy events, we are having a social media-based philanthropy soon that we hope will raise more money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research than any other philanthropy event we have done before. Go Trojans!

Kent State – Michael Rudbart The Kent State Chapter initiated four new members at the beginning of the fall semester. It was difficult to figure out how to go about ritual while following the COVID-19 restrictions. However, with the work of our executive board and a lot of help from Alumni Board of Trustees, we were able to perform initiation while following all of the protocols to stay safe and socially distant. The Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter also held an alumni rededication ceremony here for the Kent State alumni. We had four alumni go through the alumni rededication ceremony hosted at an off-campus site due to the campus regulations.

Kettering-A – Nathan Veit This past summer semester, the Kettering-A Chapter held a virtual head-shaving fundraiser in which brothers shaved their heads to various lengths upon reaching donation milestones. With over half the Chapter participating, we raised over $5,500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. This is the most money ever raised by the Chapter in a single event as well as the most ever raised by our chapter in a single semester. We also continued to display excellence academically, having the highest GPA on campus for the fifth semester in-a-row. Safety measures were put in place at the house, placing member and student health at the highest priority. Retreat was held this summer in the HuronManistee forest. Brothers participated in camping, kayaking, and hiking in the dunes. We are looking forward to our upcoming Associate Member class this next winter and prepare to drive forward with winter recruitment.

Kettering-B – Eric Clark After a semester of online-only classes, we were ready to hit the ground running with in-person chapter operations. Our first order of business was to initiate two men who had been patiently waiting for this opportunity since they became Associate Members in the spring. They have since joined multiple committees

Livingston – Garren Granec Although this semester proved unusual, the Livingston Chapter made the best of the unexpected situation and accomplished one of the biggest milestones that any chapter could imagine; purchasing a house. This achievement would not have been possible without our dedicated alumni, of which we are greatly appreciative. This is the first house we have owned since our chapter was rechartered in 2009. We scrambled to prepare a successful virtual recruitment and socials for the semester that allowed us to have fun safely. In contrast, we felt a sense of normalcy with socially distanced community service events such as cleaning the mile, walking foster dogs, and cleaning up our campus. Overall, our chapter adapted well to the difficulties of the new normal and look forward to the journey our next semester holds.

Long Beach – John Bouabsi This semester, we faced one of the most challenging times in modern history. Amid the pandemic and state-wide lockdowns in California, I am proud to say that the Long Beach Chapter was able to do a full virtual recruitment and extend bids to 16 great young men. While on lockdown, our brothers have found a way to connect with one another and build a strong brotherhood. We’ve connected through weekly Zoom meetings and virtual game nights and have found ways to responsibly give back to our communities while safely social distancing. I am proud to say our chapter has participated in multiple beach clean-ups and we plan to assist local food banks in the Long Beach area in the near future. We have taken time to give back to our Greek community at CSULB by making personal gift baskets for each sorority on campus so they feel connected within the Greek Community. The Long Beach Chapter takes pride in academics, as our scholarship chair was able to develop an academic plan for our members. He created a presentation on tips to be successful in an online learning environment, which our school will be continuing in the spring. We look forward to initiating our new members virtually in the upcoming months ahead and continue building our brotherhood. We will continue to give back to our communities in any way we can and look forward to returning to campus when the time comes. We will be holding our Executive Board elections the coming week as we look to make the transition as smooth as possible given the circumstances.

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Louisiana Tech – Taylor Dickson This year, the Louisiana Tech chapter hit the ground running to be the best we can during these unusual times. The men of Louisiana Tech have already gathered over 100 hours of volunteering. Brothers got these hours by assisting students moving into campus housing on move-in day and working alongside Alpha Gamma Rho to help the campus food bank by dividing and packaging meals. Our recruitment proved to be a success this year. Even with our recruitment being completely online and delayed several weeks by campus administration, the chapter is excited to have 25 men accept bids. This gives us one of the largest classes on campus. We are all excited to see how both our members and our Associate Members keep the ball rolling to make the 2020-21 school year one of our best years yet. Alumni support and morale is high this year with several men reaching out to the Chapter to assist. They have enabled the Chapter to have an amazing recruitment and give back to the community while also building Greek life unity. We’d like to thank these men for their continued support to help provide college and university men with the Brotherhood of a Lifetime.

strives for high academic achievement, as this past semester was no exception. Our chapter held a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.71 last, yet again one of the highest on campus. Although philanthropy, community service, brotherhood, and social events have been limited, we are excited for what is to come next semester.

Michigan – Mac Yavner Although this year has been quite different amid the ongoing pandemic, the Michigan Chapter has continued to prevail. We successfully completed our fall recruitment and currently have 28 Associate Members. Although philanthropy efforts have been limited to less in person activities, our chapter continues to support “Go Blue, Wear Pink,” a student run organization that raises money for breast cancer research. The money is donated to the Rogel Cancer Center right here in Ann Arbor. So far this year, “Go Blue, Wear Pink” has raised over $30,000 of our $40,000 goal before even releasing our apparel, which often accounts for most of the donations. We are happy to announce through these efforts, “Go Blue, Wear Pink” has raised over $400,000 since 2007.

LSU – Robert Donnell IV

Minnesota – Bailey Spangler

Despite challenges faced due to COVID-19, the fall has been one of the finest semesters in recent memory for the Louisiana State University Chapter. This semester, we initiated one of our strongest Associate Member classes, consisting of 28 new members. Although normal social events have been restricted due to safety, one of the main goals this year is to maintain the strong brotherhood that we have come to enjoy, as evidenced by winning the Best Brotherhood Award at RLC. Improvement of the chapter GPA has also been a recent focus, with over 20 members on the LSU President’s Honor Roll or Dean’s Lists. Additionally, the LSU Chapter held fundraisers to benefit ongoing relief efforts from damage incurred by hurricanes across the state of Louisiana, with ongoing plans to hold our annual “Kick it for Cancer” kickball tournament benefiting the V Foundation for Cancer Research in the coming weeks. The LSU Chapter is tremendously proud of both active and alumni members’ work outside of the chapter, holding internships and full-time positions at prestigious companies such as Dow Chemical, Georgia Pacific, Shell Oil Company, British Petroleum, Kubota, E-Trade, Edward Jones, State Farm, UBS, and Fidelity Investments.

To say that this fall has been unique might be the understatement of the year. From virtual chapter meetings, to socially distanced recruitment and social events, fall 2020 has been unlike anything that would have been expected a year ago. In its 128-year history, the Minnesota Chapter has endured its fair share of turbulence. It is likely that our future brothers will look back at fall 2020 as one of those turbulent times. Throughout the summer, there was a great deal of uncertainty as to what our fall semester would look like. As a result, we unfortunately had many brothers drop for the semester. We hope to see them return in the spring. Healthy and successful recruitment is the lifeblood of our chapter. Likewise, there was a great deal of stress throughout the summer over what fall recruitment would look like and if it would even happen at all. Fortunately, we were able to recruit a fall AM class of nine great young men. This new class will have quite the story to tell in the future, given that they were recruited in an environment that is unlike what any of the brothers that came before them experienced. Even with COVID-19 creating new and unique challenges at every turn, we still had time for philanthropy. The B+ Foundation is an organizing dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. We have so far been able to raise $1,125 this semester and our goal is to exceed that amount. While these have been tumultuous times, we are optimistic about the future of our chapter and believe that the best is yet to come.

Marquette – Sam Keller Delta Chi at Marquette University has been busy through the quarantine process. Although we graduated eight brothers last May, our chapter continues to grow as we have 16 Associate Members currently going through the process of becoming active brothers. With COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting large gatherings and social events, we have held weekly chapter meetings on Zoom. Small brotherhood events have been held throughout the beginning of the semester in a masked and socially distanced environment, allowing Associate Members to get to know the brothers on a more personal level. Our chapter as a whole showed drastic academic improvement from last semester to midterms of this semester. Additionally, we have recently developed an ABT board, or Alumni Board of Trustees, in order to gain valuable experience and insight from our alumni, along with keeping the alumni more involved in the chapter. Most recently we were able to fight off a housing scare in which we were almost forced to leave our beloved house. In the process of this victory, we were awarded $500 to cater meals for the chapter, which we put towards supporting a local restaurant on the brink of closing due to the pandemic. We look forward to initiating our Associate Members and to what the rest of the semester has in store.

Miami – Teodoro Vecchio This semester has been a successful one given the current circumstances. We introduced our largest fall class ever with eight Associate Members and we’re excited for spring recruitment next semester. The Miami Chapter constantly


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Mississippi State – Alex Nash The Mississippi State Chapter is proud to announce that through this challenging year, we have been able to maintain successful chapter operations and brotherhood. As announced earlier in the year, Mississippi State had its most successful award cycle since our re-chartering in 2013. The Chapter was awarded Excellence with Distinction in three of Delta Chi’s Core Competencies and Excellence in the fourth. We are also overjoyed to be receiving an award for Outstanding Chapter Growth and our first President’s Most Improved Chapter. The Chapter was also given the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity, helping build a pavilion and recreation area for a local community here in Starkville. Our chapter has also continued to push itself to improve and maintain our growth with the initiation of 20 new members this fall. Even though this year has caused chapter operation to slow down, we have still been able to keep our upward trajectory and outlook on the future and we are very excited to see what the future holds for us. Lastly, we would like to recognize Brother Don Buffum (Washington ’79) for his time as our faculty advisor and our ABT President and thank you for the decade of service and support you have given to the Mississippi State Chapter. We will miss your leadership, but we can’t wait to continue to celebrate our brotherhood and success with you. We wish you the best in the future and will continue to celebrate your success.

Missouri – James Storgion

Northern Illinois – Alexander Bueno

This semester has been a slow grind due to the hindrance that COVID-19 has placed on us. Even with the restrictions, we were still able to have 44 men accept bids at the end of recruitment and have one of the largest classes at Mizzou. We are still holding virtual chapter meetings every Sunday and online classes for the Associate Members to keep them engaged in the new member program. We also have 57 active members living in-house, which is the most ever for us.

This year has definitely had its challenges, but thankfully, the brothers at Northern Illinois are striving to keep our brotherhood strong. On October 13, 2020, we all came together and accomplished a day of service. The chapter went to different neighborhoods around the DeKalb area and raked leaves for residents. It was a day full of great energy, fun memories, and hard work. All of us wished we could have been together, but the Chapter was divided accordingly to cover as many houses as possible. In total, we raked 15 houses. The day was a huge success for everyone because it not only brought every brother closer, but our chapter made a positive impact in our community. There is also another plan to accomplish one more day of service before the year ends, such as shoveling snow for residents or cleaning up heavily littered areas around Northern Illinois’ campus. Although this was something small, it was a big victory for us. It made all of us even more proud to be part of this fraternity. Born Proud, Raised Proud.

Missouri State – Cody Corbin The Missouri State Chapter had another year full of accomplishments. After a long summer, the brothers were very excited to be back together in Springfield. We started the semester by moving into our new chapter house, which has helped us increase our reputation on campus and given us a great place to bond together. Despite many challenges due to COVID-19, we adapted well and had a great fall recruitment. We successfully initiated 32 new members this fall, and they are already doing great things for our chapter. We decided to help our community out and make a difference by cleaning up our local streets. Brothers took time out of their day to pick up trash and improve our environment. Our new ABT has been an extremely helpful asset and all of us are very thankful to have strong alumni support. We will continue to achieve our goals and have plans to finish the semester strong.

North Georgia – Ethan Langford This past semester, the North Georgia Chapter was able to recruit three new members. As a chapter, we have worked hard to plan outside events with other organizations on our campus and we recently won the Greek Week competition with Phi Mu and Phi Sigma Pi for the semester.

Montclair – Nico Facchini Our chapter achieved a GPA of 3.2, which is the highest on campus. We collected the third-highest amount of donations in our region, with funds benefitting the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We continue to try and collect the most amount of money because we all care about our philanthropy. We currently have 37 active members in our chapter and plan to take a new class in the spring. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hard to reach out to potential new members, but our recruitment chairs have done a wonderful job creating meetings over Zoom.

Northern Arizona – Brayden Tavrytzky The brothers of the Northern Arizona Chapter have been hard at work finding ways to host events safely while still having the opportunity to interact with the rest of our campus. We had the ability to host virtual events and interactive contests to raise money and awareness for amazing foundations. We were able to raise over 3,000 cans for the Flagstaff Family Food Center and $10,000 towards the V Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. It has been nice to be back with the brothers and get creative when it comes to reimagining the way our lives are lived and how we can better our community.

Northern Colorado – Alexis Covarrubias Gonzalez This year has brought many curveballs that have affected our chapter and the Greek community as a whole. On campus, our brotherhood is finding new and creative ways to stay in touch while respecting CDC guidelines. Using platforms like Zoom, we host trivia games and other fun activities to keep our chapter’s bond alive. Our biggest objective this year is to focus on each other and help each and every brother achieve their own version of success. Having frequent meetings online to ensure the mental health of our brothers is a top priority and will help elevate our chapter to where we want it to be. This one-of-a-kind bond has obviously helped our brothers mentally, but also academically in their individual studies. As we have one main purpose on campus, and that’s ultimately to graduate, we continue to reach out and help each other study and become better every day. Relying on each other, we aim to create an environment unlike any other Greek community and by the end of the year, we plan on completely evolving into a new chapter that’s ready to take on any curveball thrown at us.

Ohio State – Jacob Watkins We’re very proud of how we’ve handled the challenges we’ve faced regarding several university and Greek life policies that have made day-to-day operations more difficult. It’s unfortunate that we have to limit the number of members at each event, but we have all done our best to stay in contact with brothers we don’t see often. At first, it also seemed like our Associate Members would not be able to have opportunities to learn about our chapter and their future brothers, but they have been dedicated in the process. The University is doing their best to help students navigate these difficult times.

Omaha – Michael Slobodnik The Omaha Chapter experienced great things during this eventful time. We were honored to be officially recognized as a chapter on June 30th, 2020. COVID-19 did not slow down our recruitment team this semester, as we saw our largest recruitment class to date, bringing in 26 great men to the Fraternity. We adopted a local park in which we help clean the park up a few times a month, giving back to the community. We are very proud to say that our second annual golf scramble was a major success, as we raised around $2,500 for our local philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House. As the semester is soon ending, we are gearing up for nominations for our 2020-2021 executive board. The Omaha Chapter hopes everyone is healthy and happy in this very odd time.

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Oshkosh – Tanner Neuman The fall semester has seen a lot of new and exciting things for the Oshkosh Chapter. We accomplished our biggest feat since being back on campus by opening our official chapter house on 535 Algoma Boulevard. This house is in a perfect location and we are now one of only two fraternities on campus with an official house. This house has been made possible by the Barrister Capital Corporation. On September 11th, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new house with “AA” Aaron Otto in attendance. Other attendees included important alumni Daniel Roskom and Ron J. Montgomery, who wrote great speeches of brotherhood and how vital the new house will be to our future. Recruitment has been non-traditional due to COVID-19. Through our efforts, we recruited and pinned four amazing young men. They all have something to offer to the future of this chapter and we are excited to see what that will be. We’d like to recognize our current “A”, Derek Rademacher, for being a source of support to our members during this difficult time.

Pittsburgh – Collin Kruczek Despite an unprecedented semester with COVID-19, we have connected as a brotherhood virtually and leaned on each other heavily to get through the semester. We have 69 active brothers this semester, retaining nearly all of those returning from the spring. Our fall recruitment, which was conducted entirely over Zoom, went very well and we brought in seven Associate Members into the Alpha Lambda class. Our annual V Foundation for Cancer Research fundraiser has totaled over $1,200 so far, showing absolutely incredible numbers despite the circumstances. We look forward to staying socially responsible and engaged for the spring semester.

Riverside – Jake Sparrer With college operations moving online and most students moving back home, relationships were tested. During these uncertain times, a strong brotherhood is important. The gentlemen of the Riverside Chapter have maintained strong bonds throughout the pandemic. From the start of fall 2020, the brotherhood committee has been ramped up to ensure we stayed connected virtually. Brotherhood events took place on Zoom. During these live calls, we played online games, watched sporting events, and caught up with each other. With recruitment week around the corner, the overall turnout was uncertain. Luckily, our Recruitment Chairman, Matthew Martinez, and “A”, Jadyn Thompson, stepped up to the plate and coordinated events through Zoom. Using our Instagram account, we advertised our recruitment video and linked our Zoom meeting. Our events included game night and alumni night through Zoom. The turnout was great, averaging about ten potential new members per event. The potential new members were engaged and enjoyed these events. We would like to welcome the seven new Associate Members to Delta Chi. We hope to have 10 total members for our newest class. We have plans to continue our brotherhood events throughout the entirety of the lockdown.

Rhode Island – Daniel Mehta The brothers of Rhode Island have been exhibiting traits that embody our fraternity’s core values during these tough times. In the spring, brothers volunteered at a local soup kitchen to help prepare food and positively impact the community. We have also spread health awareness and have been making sure to get tested in order to keep ourselves and our peers safe during the pandemic. The Chapter recently received its annual composites, something very important to our organization as these photos will be cherished for a lifetime. We hope everyone else is staying safe during this pandemic and working to improve their chapters.


Delta Chi Quarterly

Rutgers – Peter Clarke This fall semester, the Rutgers Chapter met online instead of in person. Against the odds, we have continued to hold an online recruitment and hold an Associate Member process that we are proud of. Being held completely online, we could have seen this as an excuse not to hold community service. Instead, it served as an opportunity for creativity. We partnered with the Edison School Board of Education for virtual tutoring of middle and high school students for a fraction of what a tutor would normally cost. Our chapter chooses to use our skills and knowledge to assist the community and promote our relationship with the public.

San Antonio – Martin Calderon In the wake of the phenomenal successes of the 2019 awards season, the San Antonio Chapter hasn’t slowed down. In June, the brothers organized and hosted the very first virtual philanthropy fundraiser for THRIVE San Antonio. THRIVE is a non-profit organization with the mission to help homeless and indigent LGBTQ+ youth. Around the nation, LGBTQ+ youth face an enormous, increased risk of homelessness and low educational attainment. Despite COVID-19 as an obstacle, we raised $2,235, breaking our chapter fundraiser record. On August 8th, the University hosted Jaguar Awards, the campus’s student organizations awards ceremony. We swept the competition by winning five awards and received the coveted Student Organization of the Year Award in our first year of eligibility. Our newest Associate Members underwent their pinning ceremony on September 19th, as we surpassed another record and recruited eight Associate Members. Thank you to the audacious efforts of our Recruitment Chair, Ramiro Amaro. We’d like to give a special thank you to our amazing ABT, Campus Advisor Juan Espinoza, our membership, and executive board officers for the phenomenal work this past year. We are excited for the future and look forward to more success.

San Diego Colony – Tommy Hoppe As a colony that was formed under COVID-19, we are making the best out of an uncommon situation. This semester, we successfully added 15 members to our family, leading us to 65 active members in the Fraternity. We have successfully kept our members engaged. On average, our member attendance on our weekly meetings is usually around 80-95%. We encouraged all Associate Members to reach out and connect with active members to get to know them so the brotherhood could grow. Some members have been doing small gatherings that follow COVID-19 guidelines like card nights, beach nights, or going to lunch/ dinner as a group. We are proud to say we put the best interest of our members and community first. As an executive board, we have focused on building virtual philanthropy events and creating a long-term successful mentorship program with our alumni. Regarding our philanthropy, we want to ensure the events we put out are engaging and successful. Many sororities and alumni expressed interest in participating in the Jimmy V holiday shirt contest. People will pay to send a design for a shirt and the Fraternity will use Instagram to vote on the winning shirt design that will be made to order. We are speaking with our ABT president to gather guest speakers to show up to our meetings and connect our members with alumni to help prepare them for the future in their respective careers. The San Diego State Colony is working hard to make sure we Promote Friendship, Develop Character, Advance Justice, and Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education in a world dominated by the negativity of COVID-19.

Syracuse – Daniel Crooke This past semester, our chapter had the opportunity to take part in a campuswide initiative for Greek organizations to stay safe on campus during COVID-19.

Each chapter receives points for being involved in this initiative by running a social media campaign, hosting community stay safe events, and more. Our public relations chair, Jake Skolnick, did an incredible job on leading the Chapter headfirst into the stay safe campaign and the Syracuse Chapter was able to grab second place. While the competition was plenty of fun with the other Greek organizations on campus, we as a chapter felt it was extremely important to do our part to help the Syracuse community through these troubling times. The stay safe initiative might be over, but our work to help keep Syracuse on campus for the duration of the semester is still as crucial as ever for not just our brotherhood, but also for our Syracuse University community. Brothers like Jake Gourwitz, pictured with our homemade Delta Chi masks, continue to show support for safe practices on campus as proud brothers of the Delta Chi Fraternity.

Texas Tech – Hunter Glaze The Fall 2020 semester has been a great one for the Texas Tech Chapter given the unfamiliar circumstances the world is in right now. We secured an Associate Member class of 18 men from the university recruitment period thanks to our awesome Recruitment Chairman. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, our chapter has been able to retain 55 active members. With most classes being online and a lot of Greek life events modified, we are very pleased with the fact that our members are dedicated to the brotherhood no matter what. One of our recent chapter goals was to find a way to get more alumni involved with the Chapter. This semester, we had a great turnout for our annual golf tournament which led to a fantastic alumni weekend. For community service, our chapter volunteered for Lubbock Meals on Wheels where we packaged 1,200 emergency meal boxes for those in need. Lastly, the Fraternity average GPA currently sits at a 3.3, which ranks among one of the best of Texas Tech IFC chapters. Even though times are unfamiliar, here at the Texas Tech Chapter we are still living out the values and expectations of Delta Chi.

Troy – Tyler Jedding The Troy Chapter added 15 new members to the chapter in 2020 with a focus on fraternity and campus involvement. This brings our chapter to 35 members who are extremely motivated to Promote Friendship, Develop Character, Advance Justice, and Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education. This has allowed for our chapter to be better represented on and off campus through involvement with organizations like IFC, ambassadors’ programs, and others. We would like to give a special thanks to brother John Ferguson for his contributions and making it possible to be the only chapter in the nation to have an active alumni house, giving our Troy alumni a place to come back to and rekindle the bonds made through the Brotherhood of a Lifetime.

Truman State – Adam Walker The men of the Truman State Chapter of Delta Chi were very happy to welcome 17 Associate Members. Fall recruitment at Truman saw only 41 men sign bids across all fraternities, which means we had 41% of those who signed. So far this semester, we have held many socially-distanced brotherhood events to grow the bond, such as movie and games nights along with staying active through sports. This semester, we have heightened our philanthropic endeavors, having brothers volunteer at the local food pantry with organizations like a housing initiative for the homeless and a pay-what-you-can restaurant. And, as always, we are taking fun photos for our annual DeltaGuy Calendar. In other events, on October 23rd, we hosted an alumni reunion via Zoom and it was fantastic to see so many turn out. We connected with some of our chapter’s very first members, recent graduates, and alumni who haven’t been able to physically return for a few years. Lastly, the Chapter just held our lettered exec elections and will be transitioning in the coming weeks. Congratulations to our new officers: “A” Steven Zak, “B” Jackson Elder, “C” Lukas Hudson, “D” Frank Lindwedel, “E” John Marx, and “F” Brett Rog. The date has been set for the spring alumni reunion, taking place the weekend of April 17th; save the date! The chapter will be in further contact with details of the event.

UNLV – Miles Dutton Towson Colony – Ryan Quinn The Towson Colony has continued to place an emphasis on brotherhood throughout the pandemic. Despite restrictions against social gatherings, the Colony has continued to grow, hosting a successful recruitment week and pinning two Associate Members. Our brothers have utilized Discord and Zoom to stay connected and have even been holding weekly movie nights to grow closer as a brotherhood. The Colony continues undeterred on its path towards chartering and has reached a milestone by electing a new executive board for the first time ever. We are looking forward to being able to return to in-person activities to advance our growing brotherhood. We have big plans for the future!

Here at UNLV, we have been transitioning well to virtual gatherings and have been as committed as ever to growing our brotherhood. This semester, our main focus has been on volunteering and promoting awareness so that everyone stays safe during the pandemic. Some of our brothers have donated plasma to help those in their fight against COVID-19. While there have been challenges in moving to remote learning, we were still able to finish in the top quarter of recruitment. We were also proud to exhibit one of the highest new member GPAs on our campus. In what has been an unexpected year, Delta Chi at UNLV is as formidable as ever.

Tri-State – Devin Harris As the fall semester of the 2020 school year ends, the Tri-State Chapter made great strides towards excellence and achieving its goals. We will be graduating six brothers this semester, leaving our chapter at 33 active members. This fall semester, we were crowned with the Trine University President’s Cup. The President’s Cup is awarded to the top fraternity on campus for their philanthropic efforts, academic success, and fundraising dollars raised. Our fall Associate Member class consisted of four dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking individuals. They are holding online brotherhood events currently consisting of Minecraft servers and Among Us gameplay to better connect with the brotherhood during these challenging times. The Tri-State Chapter is looking forward to planning our 52nd anniversary in the spring of 2021.

USP – Keeran Ramanathan For many, returning to campus this semester has not been subject to the same fervor as other years. For some students, there is no physical return at all. However,

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that has not stopped the brothers of the USP Chapter from thriving under pressure in our new lockdown environment. Brothers have still been able to stay connected virtually and in socially distanced scenarios. When we need our distance and clean air to stay safe, we visit the great outdoors. The brothers of USP had a great time camping, hiking, and stargazing at Cherry Springs State Park.

Virginia Tech – Jackson Spencer The Virginia Tech Chapter began the semester by holding Delta Chi’s first-ever virtual chartering celebration the evening of August 28th. Members of Delta Chi IHQ, international officers, Virginia Tech IFC, alumni, and brothers of the Chapter celebrated our achievements over the course of nearly two years as a colony and we received our chartering proclamation. The chapter brought home our first President’s Cup and was awarded Excellence with Distinction in all four Core Competency awards! Thank you to Aaron Otto for delivering these awards to us. The Chapter finished formal recruitment of our Delta class with 15 Associate Members and we look forward to hosting virtual AM meetings this semester to educate and develop these young men in the ways of Delta Chi. The Fraternity was able to raise nearly $1,500 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research in October and we plan to host more fundraising events over the semester for cancer research. Despite a virtual semester, all brothers are actively working to complete 11 service hours and we were able to hold a socially distanced alumni golf tournament. Though this is not the semester anybody expected, we continue to strive to maintain brotherhood within the constraints of safety and wellness for all members.

Washington University Colony – Sai Damireddi Due to COVID-19, Greek Life was paused for many over the last semester. The brothers at the Washington University Colony worked hard over the last semester to ensure that they would be able to lay a solid foundation for years to come. As is the case at many other universities, Greek Life at WashU is facing heavy criticism as of late. Starting a colony in times like these is undoubtedly tough. As the new fraternity on campus, we want to set a good example and be the change that we wish to see. We want to embody the core values of Delta Chi in our pursuit of a more equitable Greek Life. So far, we have undertaken the task of full reform. We are in the process of a complete re-drafting of our bylaws and policies to ensure that our colony is a safe and equitable place. Beyond this semester, we are looking forward to some sense of normalcy and are excited about what we can do next.

during these difficult times. We took a trip to a haunted house during the Halloween season, had a listening party to a virtual concert and went to a nursery to cut down a Christmas tree for the chapter house. Of course, all 16 of our newly initiated Associate Members were invited to these events. In an effort to show our commitment to racial equality and inclusion, our “A” spoke as a panelist for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater’s first virtual Equity, Diversity and Inclusion discussion. This event spread awareness and education to university members on the importance of inclusion and negative implications of racism. Coming up, we plan to livestream a virtual philanthropy event to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. After raising over $7,000 last year, we have high expectations but are working hard towards earning our next President’s Cup.

William & Mary – Kent Anzano Delta Chi at William & Mary excelled during a semester that was everything but normal. Before the brothers arrived on campus, our philanthropy chair began spearheading raising money internally to donate to organizations we collectively felt would better society, with a focus on a new one each month. Some organizations include the Autistic People of Color Fund, Equal Justice Initiative, and Doctors Without Borders. Further, we were able to volunteer at the Jamestown Settlement for a Halloween themed festival, which was an awesome opportunity to work with our local community. We finally had the opportunity to initiate our Associate Members from the spring semester in a socially distanced event. Due to not having an official recruitment program this semester, we anticipate having a sizable class in the spring. The Delta Chi’s at William & Mary took advantage of the extra free time from lack of social events and honed our carpenter skills. Collectively, we have built a home gym, entertainment space, and completed many minor home improvements and repairs. We were excited to host a virtual poker tournament, which was an awesome opportunity for the Chapter to meet alumni, generate money, and set us up to have a similar in-person event in the future. Overall, it took a lot of adapting for the Chapter to be as successful as it was, as we had to find alternative solutions to many of our typical obstacles. Regardless, we are all very excited to stampede into next semester with a new executive board and make the most of these unprecedented times.

West Virginia – Andrew Elliot COVID-19 restrictions have made the semester harder for the Chapter. However, many brothers have found ways to see each other in smaller, outdoor settings. Brothers have gone to swimming holes, taken lake trips, gone fishing, sky-diving, and have played sports together. Many brothers enjoy watching WVU games on Saturday together and have recently been allowed to go back to the games. In October, we welcomed our Beta class of Associate Members into the Fraternity. Around Halloween, some brothers took a trip to a haunted house and corn maze. Even with the restrictions, brothers found ways to make memories and give back to their community. Many brothers have also participated in virtual philanthropy events for other organizations and came in second place in homecoming week.

Whitewater – Dan Larson Coming off one of our best years as a chapter, we won several awards from both the University and IHQ. Recognized as the best student organization on campus, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater awarded our chapter with the Chancellor’s Achievement Award for the first time in history. Additionally, for the second year in-a-row, IHQ presented us with the prestigious President’s Cup Award. Thank you to “AA” Aaron Otto for hand-delivering it to us. Through the year, we focused on improving our grades, raising money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research, and becoming more involved with leadership positions in different student organizations on campus. While maintaining a 100% occupancy rate at our chapter house, we worked hand-in-hand with our housing corporation to make improvements to our house. This summer, we built a fencedin courtyard area for brothers to enjoy nice days in privacy. This courtyard will be used for sorority socials, family days, alumni celebrations and other Delta Chi events. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our chapter has adjusted in numerous ways to stay active and involved on campus. In compliance with the CDC and university regulations, we’ve hosted brotherhood events to promote friendship


Delta Chi Quarterly

Wisconsin – Christian Lese The Wisconsin Chapter’s brotherhood remains strong through these tumultuous times. The latest grade reports show us holding the honor of highest GPA of any social fraternity on campus. Recruitment in this new landscape has been a challenge but we have been adapting and making changes when necessary. Overall, the Chapter remains strong through dedicated members and fantastic leadership.


Those Who Have Passed These men have lived among us for a time, and we have been honored to call them brothers. Now they are gone and we bid them a fond farewell at this parting. Alabama

William J. Chesnut ’52, October 24, 2020


James F. Burgess ’65, September 20, 2020

Central Missouri

Daniel L. Strode ’71, November 4, 2020


Lawrence W. Clarkson ’60, October 31, 2020

Eastern Illinois

Russell L. Griffin ’67, September 29, 2020


Terry “Wayne” Presley ’18, October 6, 2020



Louis Kalivoda ’71, October 3, 2020 Tristan Roy ’18, October 26, 2020

Capt. Patrick M. Meyer ’66, November 16, 2020



Dr. Donald R. Johnson ’53, October 10, 2020


Troy Every ’05, August 6, 2020


Lt. Col. George R. Freeman ’50, Sept. 27, 2020

Richard D. Mills ’51, November 23, 2020

Southeast Missouri

Kansas State

Richard J. Henke, Jr. ’78, September 30, 2020

Stephen L. Guthrie ’67, March 7, 2020

Southern Illinois

Ohio State

Ken R. Badertscher ’61, October 12, 2020 John G. Scouloukas ’61, October 23, 2020 Alfred F. Leatherman ’51, November 17, 2020

Alan C. Swailes ’60, September 27, 2020

Virginia Commonwealth

Marc J. Patton ’96, October 28, 2020


Important Milestones Arizona State

Kansas State


Brother Brandon S. Jacobs ’14 married to wife Lindsey on August 22, 2020.

Brother Jason M. Walker ’05 was hired as an Environmental and Recycling Specialist for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Born to Brother Zachary S. Hauser ’07 and wife Katie, a son, Simon, on May 17, 2020.

Brother Andrew Dunkin ’14 married to wife Jacqueline on November 7, 2020.

Brother Tyler C. Goevert ’14 married to wife Katherine McLean on November 8, 2020.


Born to Brother Jerry A. Moore ’00 and wife Natalie, a daughter, on November 22, 2020.

Born to Brother Joshua A. Reynolds ’13 and wife Emilia, a son, Hudson Michael, in November 2020.

Case Western Reserve


South Dakota State

Brother Matthew L. Tollefson ’08 was elected to the city council for Appleton, Minnesota. He also started a new job as the Development Manager for Appleton Area Health. Brother Spencer K. Gladis ’15 was promoted to Senior Key Account Executive with Discovery Benefits. Brother Gregory A. Heiberger ’04 was hired as Assoc. Dean for Student Success in the College of Natural Sciences at South Dakota State Univ.

Brother Christian A. Wargo ’13 was named Executive Director of the St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce.

Brother Gary W. Owens ’93 was named the Director of Sports Ministry at Trinity High School on November 3, 2020. He has worked at Trinity since 1997.

Central Missouri

Oregon State

Brother Donald La Plante ‘81 retired in December 2020 from the Board of Education of the Downey (CA) Unified School District after 41 years of service as an elected official.


Born to Brother Jonathan D. Roderick ’99, two sons, David John and Jackson Robert, on June 20, 2018 and June 15, 2020, respectively.

Brother Evan Follmer ’05 was hired by Edward Jones and is now a Certified Financial Advisor. He received the Triple Crown Award for exceeding expectations in all three tiers of performance.

East Carolina

Born to Brother Douglas A. Chananie ’07 and wife Brittney, a daughter, Finleigh Claire, on August 7, 2020.


Brother James E. Banks’ 01 was reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives for Indiana’s 3rd congressional district. The 2020 Delta Chi of the Year, Jim Banks has served in the role since 2017.

Brother Matthew F. Bullock ’16 was hired as a Project Coordinator at Epiq. Brother Justin A. Corpuz ’17 was promoted to Business and Tech Recruiter at Lob, a company that builds APIs to increase connectivity.

San Antonio

Brothers Zachary Franckowiak ’20 and Kenny Huynh ’20 were named as Ring Award recipients by Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The Ring Award, as described on the University’s website, is for student leaders that have been positively impacted by the University and have overcome obstacles.

Southern California

Born to Brother Brian T. Nichols ’10 and wife Lauren, a son, Blake Bennett, in July 2020.

South Florida

Brother Ryan A. Bushey ’07 was hired as Director of Interactive Production at Xcite, Inc.

Troy State

Brother Charles M. Boggs ’89 was hired as the Outreach and Development Officer for Continuing Education at Temple University Japan Campus.

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introducing The New

DElta Chi CornerStone For the first time in its modern history, the Cornerstone features a white, hardback exterior. Inspired by the 1964 cover of the Delta Chi Manual, the 2020 edition features the Associate Member Pin, Delta Chi Badge, and the Alumni Rededication Pin in gold foil ink. The contents of the book reflect the Fraternity’s historic relocation of the International Headquarters to Indianapolis, Indiana. For questions related to the IHQ store, please contact: Paul Bierman, Director of Meetings & Events, at To own the newest iteration of the Cornerstone, visit

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