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STREET STORIES 22 November to 6 December, 2015

Tarik Ahlip

Dean Manning

Kenzee Patterson

Lucienne Fontannaz

Anton Pulvirenti

Horse and soldier Han Dynasty

Musician Han Dynasty

Penelope Cain

Priscilla Bourne

Paul Williams

from left:

Troy Quinleven / Paul Williams / Jennifer Hardy

Samuel Tupou

from left:

Tony Costa / Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison / Kevin McKay

Gaspare Moscone

from left: Gilbert Grace / Penelope Cain

/ Sandra Winkworth / Andrew Puurvis

Sandra Winkworth

from left: Chris Dolman / Barbara Tuckerman / Kasane Low / Lucienne Fontannaz

Chris Dolman

Kasane Low / Dean Manning / Chris Casali

EXHIBITED WORKS Samuel Tupou Pulu-Repeata 2015 screenprint Dean Manning Speaker 2011 oil on wood Dean Manning Traffic Lights 2011 oil on wood Peter Hardy High Drama 2014 mixed media Peter Hardy Night Games 2015 mixed media Tarik Ahlip Civil Bodies 1 - 3 2014 - 2015 plaster and found plant matter Kenzee Patterson If you’re a wizard then why do you wear glasses? 2011 CCA-treated spotted gum, retro reflectors, galvanised clouts and cap, IR door chime Courtesy of Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Anton Pulvirenti Resistance Piece #4, Million Mask March, November 2015 ink and collage on paper 42 x 59.6cm Courtesy of Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney Lucienne Fontannaz Shield and Weapons 2014 giclee print with acrylic paint Penelope Cain Unaffordable 2015 rubber Priscilla Bourne Rat Eyes 2014 acrylic and varnish on linen 183 x 117cm Troy Quinleven Driftwood 2015 ink on paper 41 x 28cm Paul Williams Hayman 2015 raku fired and glazed clay Courtesy of Gallery9, Sydney Paul Williams Ashes to Ashes 2015 raku fired and glazed clay Courtesy of Gallery9, Sydney

Jennifer Hardy Jaywalking Campbell Parade 2015 acrylic on paper Samuel Tupou Ever-More (Repeata) 2015 screenprint Samuel Tupou Buff-A-Yo-Lo (into the void) 2015 screenprint Tony Costa Garie Huts RNP 2014 oil on canvas Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison Turning the Tables on Alfred Court 2013 lithographic offset print 33 x 23cm Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison And Zarafa Kept Walking 2013 lithographic offset print 33 x 23cm Kevin McKay Old Post Office, Belgrave St, Kogarah 2014 oil on board 59 x 42cm Gaspare Moscone Crossroads 2015 marble 40 x 42cm

Chris Dolman Egg Eyes on his Magic Carpet 2015 mixed media and collage on paper 76 x 56cm Courtesy of Galerie pompom, Sydney Barbara Tuckerman Heat Street 2015 acrylic on paper Kasane Low Heaven Garden 2015 photographic print on cotton rag paper 80 x 80cm Dean Manning Water Tower 2011 oil on wood Chris Casali Season Fray 2015 watercolour Gilbert Grace Marrickville Rd 2008 oil on canvas Penelope Cain Panorama from the Base of Cherry Blossom Mountain 2014 projected digital video 50 seconds, looped

Sandra Winkworth With Friendship 2015 inkjet print


Sandra Winkworth Back window view 2014 acrylic on paper 15.5 x 21cm

Delmar Gallery 22 November to 6 December 2015

Sandra Winkworth Untitled 2014 acrylic on plastic

Installation photographs by Silversalt

Andrew Purvis Little Spanish Town 2014 collage with paint fragments

Curated by Catherine Benz

Street Stories  

Urbanism and the urbane. A group exhibition held at Delmar Gallery, Nov-Dec 2015

Street Stories  

Urbanism and the urbane. A group exhibition held at Delmar Gallery, Nov-Dec 2015