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Certificate Programs Guide Spring 2014

Certificate Programs at Del Mar College Certificate programs are designed to give you the skills you need to go right into the workforce after you graduate.

Our Guarantee Del Mar College guarantees that if you receive an Associate of Applied Science degree or Certificate of Achievement you will have job skills identified as “exit competencies” in the occupational field for which you have been trained.

DMC offers a wide variety of certificate programs in many in-demand career fields, and most certificates can be completed in about one year. In addition to learning a marketable skill, our Certificates of Achievement may also be used as the first step toward an Associate of Applied Science degree.

If you are judged by your employer to be lacking in specific technical job skills, you will be provided up to nine credit hours of additional skills training by the College tuition-free. Specific conditions apply to this guarantee. You and your employer should contact the appropriate instructional dean for details.

Requirements For Certificates of Achievement and Marketable Skills Achievement Awards

Why Del Mar College?

• Successfully complete all courses required for the certificate or award. • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average for all courses (unless the certificate/award requires a higher cumulative grade point average or requires minimum grades in individual courses).

Del Mar College has been helping Coastal Bend students achieve their dreams for over 75 years. We offer a unique blend of academic programs to meet a broad range of career goals and educational aspirations. Del Mar is the largest community college in the Coastal Bend. You can ask questions and learn in a hands-on classroom with supportive faculty. We invite you to tour our East or West campuses to learn more about our student-centered culture and how we can help you develop your [L]EARNING POWER.

Information current as of November 2013. The provisions and information set forth in this statement are intended to be informational and not contractual in nature and are subject to modification without notice, by the Administration or the Board of Regents. For additional explanation refer to the Disclaimer in the College Catalog. Del Mar College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or any other constitutionally or statutorily impermissible reason. 2

Allied Health

(361) 698-2820

Coding Specialist

43 Credits

The Coding Specialist Certificate is designed to help students gain a working knowledge of ICD-9-CM/PCS and CPT coding systems to code patient health information for reimbursement and research. As an integral part of the learning experience, students will also learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and reimbursement issues along with other courses that will prepare students for the entry level Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Possible Jobs: Medical Coder, Certified Coding Associate (CCA) with AHIMA credentials.

Pharmacy Technician

55 Credits

The Pharmacy Technology Program is designed to prepare students for a career as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, a health care professional who works directly under the supervision of a Registered Pharmacist in providing health care and medications to patients in hospital and retail settings. Possible Jobs: Pharmacy Technician in a Hospital or Retail pharmacy

Surgical Technology

51 credits

The Surgical Technology Certificate provides targeted training for individuals desiring to work as a critical member of the operating room team. Possible Jobs: Surgical Technologist, Certified Surgical First Assistant, Sterile Processing Supervisor, Program Manager

Business Administration Accounting Technician

(361) 698-1372 33 credits

The Accounting Technician Certificate is designed to prepare a person for an entry-level position as an accounting, bookkeeping and/or auditing clerk in an accounting office or department. Possible Jobs: Accounting Assistant, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Billing Clerk, Bookkeeper, Payroll Clerk, Tax Preparer

Court Reporting

57 credits

The Court Reporting Certificate prepares the student for full-time employment as a court reporter, as well as opportunities in captioning and other options such as freelance and court work. Possible Jobs: Court Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter


General Office Clerk

34 credits

The General Office Clerk Certificate is designed to prepare a person to meet the challenges of office employment, such as interacting with business personnel and operating the latest computer and electronic equipment. Possible Jobs: Administrative Assistant, General Office Clerk, Secretary, Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Office Associate

Information Reporting/ Scoping

33 credits

The Information Reporting/Scoping Certificate prepares the student to do court reporting or independent contract work for transcription of computer-generated machine shorthand notes. Possible Jobs: Court Reporter, Scopist

Leadership Development

30 credits

The Leadership Development Certificate provides targeted training for individuals desiring to strengthen their leadership skills. Possible Jobs: Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Office Manager, Program Manager

Legal Professions Administrative Assistant

34 credits

The Legal Professions Administrative Assistant Certificate prepares the student as support staff in a law office with knowledge of the legal profession plus the ability to draft and produce legal documents using a variety of computer programs. Possible Jobs: Legal Office Assistant, Legal Office Clerk, Legal Secretary, Court Clerk

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

30 credits

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate provides training to prepare individuals for career paths in product distribution, warehousing, purchasing or transportation-related occupations. Possible Jobs: Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Materials Handling Manager, Distribution Manager, Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager

Medical Insurance Billing

18 credits

The Medical Insurance Billing Certificate provides students training in medical terminology, processing insurance claims, medical coding, billing procedures and basic administrative support in the medical field. The medical insurance billing specialist performs specialized tasks in medical offices, hospitals, health care centers, or from a private office or home. Possible Jobs: Medical Billing Clerk, Claims Processor, Claims Analyst, Billing Specialist

Office Assistant

19 credits

The Office Assistant Certificate is designed to prepare the student to meet the challenges of office employment. The program emphasizes communication competency, professional development and computer and technical skills to prepare the student for entry-level employment in the business world. Possible Jobs: Office Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Data Entry Clerk, File Clerk, Office Specialist


Quality Assurance/Control Management

30 credits

The Quality Assurance/Control Management Certificate provides training in processes that ensure that the expected levels of quality in work, component parts and production will be reached. Concepts of Six Sigma, ISO 17025, ISO 9001, lean, statistical controls and inspection are integrated throughout the curriculum. Possible Jobs: Quality Assurance Technician, Quality Assurance Inspector, Manager of Quality

Professional Sales

21 credits

The Professional Sales Certificate provides targeted training for individuals desiring to enter a sales career or to enhance their job skills in a wide variety of positions in sales and marketing. Possible Jobs: Sales Professional, Marketing Assistant, Inside Sales, Telemarketer, Advertising Assistant

Small Business Management

24 credits

The Small Business Management Certificate focuses on preparing the student to apply marketing and finance elements of a business plan and to equip potential business owners with the skills and knowledge to open a business. Possible Jobs: Small Business Owner, Small Business Manager, Entrepreneur

Computer Science Career Foundation Core

(361) 698-1299 40 credits

The core certificate in information technology is designed for those individuals who are interested in the computer field, but are not yet sure which area of specialization they wish to pursue. The core creates a foundation upon which to build a computer career and includes a survey of computer concepts, using various PC operating systems for common computer tasks, understanding PC hardware to build computers, exploring the building blocks of computer programs, and investigating computer networks.

Computer Network Electronic Technology

35 credits

The Computer Network Electronic Technology Certificate provides the student with knowledge and skills for an entry-level position in computer repair, network installation, electronics, and engineering technology. Possible Jobs: Computer Repair Technician, Electronics Technician, Electronics Repair Technician, Network Installer, Engineering Technician Assistant


Computer Programming

32 credits

The Computer Programming Certificate provides the student with foundation knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position as a computer programmer or application developer. Possible Jobs: Programmer (entry-level), Application Developer (entry-level), Programmer/Analyst (entry-level)

Digital Media/Web Developer

26 credits

The Digital Media/Web Developer Certificate provides the student with foundation knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position in interactive digital media design, digital media marketing, media technology, and web-based design and development. Possible Jobs: Digital Media Designer, Digital Media Marketing/Advertising Designer Assistant, Digital Media Specialist, Interactive Media Developer (entry-level), Internet Media Designer, Web Developer Assistant

Geographic Information Systems GIS Certificate GIS-IT Technician Marketable Skills Achievement Award GIS Level I Marketable Skills Achievement Award GIS Level II Marketable Skills Achievement Award

29 credits 13 credits 11 credits 12 credits

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate and Marketable Skills Achievement Awards provide the student with foundation knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position in acquiring spatial data, digital mapping, data management, and use of GPS technologies. Possible Jobs: GIS Data Acquisition Technician, GIS Data Analyst Assistant, GIS Map Technician, GPS Technician, GPS Surveyor Assistant

Geographic Information Systems Analyst

42 credits

The Geographic Information Systems Analyst Certificate provides the student with foundation knowledge and skills necessary for career paths in spatial data collection, digital mapping, data analysis, and data management used by various industry, business, and government occupations. Possible Jobs: GIS Data Acquisition Specialist, GIS Data Analyst, GIS Map Specialist, GPS Technician, GPS Survey Specialist

Interactive Game Technology and Simulation

36-38 credits

The Interactive Game Technology and Simulation Certificate provides the student with fundamental knowledge and skills for an entry-level position in game or simulation development, design of games, game technology support, game programming/scripting, and game testing. Possible Jobs: Game Developer Assistant, Game Level Designer, Game Programmer, Simulation Design Assistant, Game Design Assistant, Game Technical Assistant, Game Tester

Multimedia Developer I Multimedia Developer II

19 credits 16 credits

The Interactive Digital Media and Web Development curriculum prepares the student with the skills necessary to pursue a career in visual communications and interactive multimedia technology. Students receive training in the development of interactive computer-based training modules,


simulations, multimedia presentations, instructional design as well as dynamic Web delivery. Possible Jobs: Instructional Designer, Information Architect, Multimedia Developer, Media Specialist, Multimedia Marketing Specialist, Web Media Developer

Network Support

28 credits

The Network Support Certificate provides the student with foundation knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level position as a general network technician, network support technician, or network administration assistant. Possible Jobs: Network Support Technician, Network Administrator Assistant, Network Technician, Network Cable Installer

Networking Technology CISCO

23 credits

The Networking Technology CISCO Certificate provides the student with knowledge and handson activities designed to develop the skills and abilities necessary to prepare for taking the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification exam, or to seek an entry-level position as a network technician or network support technician. Possible Jobs: Network Technician, Network Support Technician


(361) 698-2858

Dental Assistant

39 credits

This program trains the student in all phases of dental assisting. It was established under the guidelines of the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association in cooperation with the Nueces Valley District Dental Society. Dental assistants may be employed in solo practices, group practices, specialty practices, public health, dental school clinics and government dental facilities. Other career opportunities include: insurance companies, vocational/technical schools, teaching others to be assistants, and dental product sales representatives. Possible Jobs: Dental Assistant, Dental Product Sales Representative

Human Sciences and Education (361) 698-2809 Child Development / Early Childhood

41 credits

Prepares students to educate and care for young children in child care centers, preschool programs, family day homes, Head Start Programs or other childhood programs. Possible Jobs: Teacher, Teacher Assistant

Child Care / Early Childhood Administrator

41 credits

Prepares students to organize or manage the business of early childhood programs, or agencies for children and families. Possible Jobs: Director, Administrator


Cook / Baker

29 credits

Prepares students to work in the food industry. Possible Jobs: Cook, Baker, Food preparation position


40 credits

The program offers complete training in cosmetology. Once the student has completed their 1,500 clock hours required by the state of Texas, they are required to pass a state mandated written and practical exam in order to become a licensed stylist by the state of Texas with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Possible Jobs: Cosmetologist

Deaf Studies

32 credits Designed to prepare students for careers working with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, and wish to gain knowledge and skills that will enhance their ability to provide professional services to this special population. Possible Jobs: Assistant at agencies serving the deaf community.

Hotel Management

36 credits

Prepares students to work in the lodging industry. Possible Jobs: Front desk, Administration, Clerical, Guest Services, Room Division positions

Human Services

38 credits

Prepares students to work at entry level positions in the human services field. Possible Jobs: Case Management Assistant, Residential Program Assistant, Program Management Development Assistant, Residential Program Assistant

Kitchen Supervisor

39 credits

Prepares students to be a first line supervisor in the Food and Beverage industry. Possible Jobs: Shift Manager, Assistant Manager

Restaurant Management

37 credits

Prepares students to be a first line supervisor in the Food and Beverage industry. Possible Jobs: Shift Manager, Assistant Manager

Industrial and Technology Air Conditioning – Level II

(361) 698-1701 55 credits

This program provides education towards a career in air conditioning and refrigeration in both commercial and residential. Possible Jobs: Installation Technician, Certified A/C Technician, Licensed State Contractor, Refrigeration Technician


Auto Body Refinishing Repair Specialist

43 credits

The Auto Body Applied Technology program offers training in theory, diagnosis, and repair of refinishing auto spots, panels, and overall refinishing of the automobile. Also, covers electrical and air conditioning automotive systems. Possible Jobs: Minor Metal Panel Repair Specialist, Refinishing Assistant, Spot & Panel Refinishing Specialist, Overall Refinishing Specialist, Automotive Electrical Systems Specialist, Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist

Auto Body Structural Collision Specialist

42 credits

The Auto Body Applied Technology program offers training in theory, diagnosis, and repair in the auto collision industry in non-structural and structural repair. Possible Jobs: Parts and Panel Sales Specialist, Minor Ding and Dent Repair Specialist, Major Panel Repair and Replacement Technician, Wheel Alignment Specialist, Frame and Unibody Specialist

Automotive Electrical, Performance, Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist 40 credits Intensive career preparation to provide a student with entrylevel skills in a variety of specialized vehicle repair areas. These areas include: automotive electrical and electronic systems, driveability and performance, and climate control systems. Possible Jobs: Driveability & Performance Technician, Electrical/Electronic Repair Technician, Accessory Installer Technician, Air Conditioning & Heating, Repair Technician, Repair Facility Service Writer

Automotive Mechanical Specialist

40 credits

Provides training for students wishing to gain entry-level skills repairing vehicle drive-trains. Repair areas include; engines, transmissions, and final drive assemblies and components Possible Jobs: Lubrication Maintenance Technician, Engine Repair Technician, Engine Installed Technician, Clutch/Manual Transmission, Technician, Transmission Installer, Repair Facility Service Writer

Aviation Maintenance

58 credits

Airframe Applied Technology Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMT) work on all parts of an aircraft with the exception of its instruments, power plant, and propulsion system. AMT’s repair and replace worn or defective parts, sheet metal and composite materials, and check for problems such as corrosion or cracks in an aircraft’s fuselage, wings and tail. Most AMT’s who work on civilian aircraft have combined certification in airframes and power plants and are qualified to work on all parts except instruments; they are called combination airframe and power plant mechanics, or A&P Mechanics. Possible Jobs: Airframe Technician, Airframe Structural Technician, Airframe Component, Repairman, Aviation Flight-Line Technician


Avionics Tech I

39 credits

The Professional Electronics Technician I Certificate prepares the student for full-time employment as an Aviation Maintenance Professional with avionic electronic equipment. Additionally, this certificate includes system installation theory and techniques. Possible Jobs: Ramp Technician, Troubleshooter, Installation Technician, Electronic Mechanic, Avionics Technician

Avionics Tech II

53 credits

The Professional Electronics Technician II Certificate prepares the student for full-time employment as an Aviation Maintenance Professional with avionic electronic equipment. Additionally, this certificate includes system installation theory and techniques, and emphasis on advanced electronic maintenance and troubleshooting theory. Possible Jobs: Electronic Bench Technician, Troubleshooter, Installation Planning and Installation Practices, Electronics Mechanic, Avionics Technician

Building Maintenance – Level II

58 credits

This program provides education towards facility maintenance and supervisory positions. Also, provides education towards electrical maintenance, air conditioning & refrigeration maintenance and overall building maintenance. Possible Jobs: Maintenance Technician, Facility Maintenance Supervisor, Weatherization Installer, Energy Auditor Specialist, Envelope Professional, Building Analyst Professional

Computer-Aided Drafting

15 – 16 credits

This program provides drafting technicians that have skills in a particular drafting discipline with the opportunity to upgrade their skills to include the productive use of computer-aided drafting and design systems. This instruction includes two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional models, rendering, and animation. Possible Jobs: Architectural/Drafting, Draftsman

Diesel Systems Specialist

42 credits

The diesel systems specialist and the diesel engine specialist certificates are designed to prepare a person for a entry-level position as a diesel technician. Possible Jobs: Diesel Technician, Farm Equipment Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Marine Diesel Technician, Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Technician

Diesel Engine Specialist

40 credits

The diesel systems specialist and the diesel engine specialist certificates are designed to prepare a person for a entry-level position as a diesel technician. Possible Jobs: Diesel Technician, Farm Equipment Technician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Marine Diesel Technician, Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty, Diesel Truck Technician

Industrial Machining – Level II

57 credits

The Industrial Machining curriculum is designed to offer a practical approach to the study of metal machining, machine tools, procedures, theoretical knowledge, skill development, and training in Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Operations. Possible Jobs: Tool Room Attendant, Basic Manual Machine Operator, CNC Machine Operator, Journeyman Machinist, Tool and Die Machinist, CNC Part Programmer, Industrial Millwright/ Mechanic


Nondestructive Testing

46 credits

The Nondestructive Testing Technology Certificate is designed to prepare a person for an entrylevel position and to satisfy the formal training requirements of SNT-TC-1A and NAS-410. With documented completion. Possible Jobs: Nondestructive Testing, Technician Trainee, Nondestructive Testing Technician Trainee – Level I, Nondestructive Testing Technician Trainee – Level II

Process Technology

34 credits

The Process Technology Certificate is designed to prepare a student for an entry-level position in operations in a refinery or chemical plant. The operator is the “owner” of his/her assigned process unit equipment while on shift and monitors it for optimum efficiency and the production of quality petroleum products. Possible Jobs: Refinery/Chemical Plant Operator, Water/ Wastewater Operator, Power Generation Operator, Oil & Gas Production Fields Operator/Gauger

Power Plant

52 credits

The curriculum for Power Plant Applied Technology offers the student an opportunity to receive theoretical knowledge and develop skills necessary to function as an aviation/power plant technician. The curriculum is designed to provide a practical approach under shop conditions and to the study of aviation/power plant technology. Possible Jobs: Power Plant Technician, Power Plant Mechanic

Ramp Tech

34 credits

The Professional Electronics Ramp Tech Certificate prepares the student for full-time employment as an entry-level Aviation Maintenance Professional with avionic electronic equipment. Possible Jobs: Ramp Technician, Troubleshooter

Suspension, Driveline, Brake Specialist

30 credits

Prepares a student for an entry-level position in certain areas of vehicle repair. These areas include suspension and steering, front and rear wheel drive component service, and brake assemblies including anti-lock braking systems. Possible Jobs: Suspension System Repair Technician, Steering System Repair Technician, Driveline & Axle Repair Technician, Brake Repair Technician, Repair Facility Service Writer

Technical Drafting

24 – 26 credits

This program provides the student with the ability to customize their studies by selecting electives in their desired drafting discipline. Technical drafting certificate students may select from technical coursework in general building construction, structural systems, mechanical, electrical systems, industrial piping, machine design, residential design, and other allied areas. Possible Jobs: Pipe Drafter, Machine Drafter, Engineering Draftsman, House Designer, Construction Project Manager Assistant


Welding, Intermediate

24 credits

The Intermediate Welding Certificate is designed to prepare a person for an entry-level position tacker and/or helper. Possible Jobs: Welder’s Helper, Fitter’s Helper, Welder/Tacker

Welding, Advanced

48 credits

The Advanced Welding Certificate prepares a student for full-time employment as a welder, as well as an opportunity as a pipe/structural fitter. Possible Jobs: Combination Welder, Rig Welder, Welder/Fitter


(361) 698-1211

Sound Recording Business: Level 1

31 credits

The Sound Recording Business certificate prepares the student for employment in the music industry. The music technology lab at Del Mar College has been in operation for over 14 years and is the most comprehensive in South Texas. Possible Jobs: Sound Engineer, Recording Technician, Composer, Radio and Television Broadcast Technician

Natural Sciences

(361) 698-1240


36 credits

The Biotechnology curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career in the biotechnology industry. The program is also designed to provide opportunities for job advancement and retention for individuals currently employed in the field. Coursework emphasizes laboratory skills including sterile techniques, laboratory mathematics, spectrophotometry, flow cytometry, recombinant DNA techniques, electrophoresis, genomics, bioinformatics, polymerase chain reaction, chromatography, protein characterization, ELISA, enzymatic assays, sequencing, microscopy, and cell culture techniques. Possible Jobs: Biomedical or Laboratory Technicians, Biomaterials Specialists, Regulatory Specialists, Bio-Manufacturing Technicians, Clinical Research Associate, Forensic Science Specialists, Environmental Health Specialists, Agricultural Biotechnologists


(361) 698-2860

Vocational Nurse Education

51 credits

The Vocational Nursing track of the nursing program allows students to progress through the first 3 semesters of the AAS nursing program courses without the requirement of completing all


general education courses (see suggested occupational plan). Upon graduation, these students will be eligible to take the national licensing examination that when passed will allow them to practice as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). These licensed graduates can return after completing the general education courses and complete the fourth semester of the AAS nursing program. When successfully completed they will be eligible to take the licensing exam to practice as a Registered Nurse (RN). Possible Jobs: Licensed Vocational Nurse

Public Safety

(361) 698-1724

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) EMT - Basic (Marketable Skills Achievement Award) EMT - Paramedic

11 credits 49 credits

The Emergency Medical Services Professions program is based upon the National Standard Curricula promulgated by the United States Department of Transportation as specified by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the current demands of the Emergency Medical Services industry for certification of persons at the Emergency Care Attendant, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and EMT-Paramedic levels. Possible Jobs: Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic

Fire Science Basic Firefighter

33 credits

The Del Mar College Regional Fire Academy is designed to meet the training needs of the modern firefighter and the variety of settings in which they work. To meet the growing emergency medical services responsibilities of the modern firefighter, the Academy also includes the Basic– Emergency Medical Technician courses in addition to the fire courses. Possible Jobs: Firefighter

Law Enforcement Basic Peace Officer Intermediate Police Officer

20 credits 31 credits

The Del Mar Regional Police Academy training programs include basic full-time peace officer and in-service training. Courses conducted by the Academy are approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Possible Jobs: Law Enforcement Officer


Registering for Credit Classes

(361) 698-1290

Checklist Apply to DMC at • Undecided students are encouraged to major in Liberal Arts. Submit final high school transcript or GED test scores (and college transcripts if applicable) • DMC Dual Credit students require only to submit final high school transcript and do not need to reapply. Provide proof of meningitis vaccination • On-site clinic may be available during campus registration periods. Meet Texas State Initiative (TSI) Testing Standards • Visit the Student Enrollment Center for testing times/locations. Show proof of Texas residency Visit your program advisor • Students with less than 24 credit hours must speak with their advisor to register for classes. • Visit the Student Enrollment Center for advising locations.

Visit Financial Aid Services • Students must complete the FAFSA application prior to visiting the Financial Aid offices. Go to www. • Students can check their financial aid status on WebDMC from the Del Mar College website. Pay tuition/fees • Tuition costs not covered by financial assistance must be paid at the time of registration. • To establish a payment plan log-in to your WebDMC account. • Look in “MyBridge” and select “Financial Information ST.” Get your Student ID card and parking permit • Visit the Student Enrollment Center for locations. Get your class schedule. Welcome to Del Mar College!

Clear any holds • Check WebDMC for any holds that could block registration.


Register for classes • Log-in to your WebDMC account from the Del Mar College website. • Look in “MyBridge” and select “Registration.”

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Workforce Education Certificates

(361) 698-2122

Workforce training helps prepare you for a job quickly. Some courses/programs can be as short as three weeks. In our Workforce Training programs, you’ll earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which do not count towards a college degree but will appear on your transcript for the benefit of employers. Continuing Education also gives you a way to maintain your certifications and licenses. Many occupations require periodic updates in their fields - Continuing Education is the place for that.

For information on registering for CE courses, see


Food Managers Certification

If you enjoy working with numbers, learn how to be a bookkeeper by taking three core courses and then specializing with one elective – either Quickbooks or Ten-Key.

Nueces County requires that every restaurant have a Certified Food Manager. Our 15-hour course can help you obtain that certification.

Health Unit Coordinator

Business Applications Program

Would you like to get into Health Care, but you are more suited to office work? Health Unit Coordinators help keep records and must be detail-oriented. Training just takes one short semester.

Need Computer skills on YOUR time? We have our open entry/open exit program with classes on Monday/Wednesday mornings from 9-12 or Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5:30-8:30. You pick the schedule and start as soon as you would like.

Home Health Aide If you already have your Nurse Aide Certification, just one more class and you can be a Home Health Aide.

Certified Nurse Aide In as little as a month, you could be trained, certified, and working. Nurse Aides have extensive patient contact and help patients feel better by taking care of their personal needs.

Human Resource Management Even if you own or work in a small business, having a basic understanding of Human Resource Management will go a long way to avoid issues as well as improve your staff. Our program consists of short courses covering the nuts and bolts of Human Resource Management. It is strongly suggested that you take HRPO 1000 first.

Commercial Driver’s License One of the biggest jobs in demand today is for those with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Many industries need these from those who move goods to the Eagle Ford Shale. This is one opportunity where you can eventually become your own boss with your own tractor/trailer. Training can be in as little as three weeks.

Insurance Service Representative Insurance is one industry that will be around for a long time. If you are interested in joining this field, are good at sales, but prefer not to work on a commission, become an Insurance Service Representative (also known as Customer Service Representative). Insurance Service Representatives must be licensed by the State of Texas.

Event Planner These entrepreneurs thrive on multi-tasking while being extremely organized. Our courses include Event Planning, Food/Beverage Management, and Special Event Design.


Manufacturing Management

Real Estate License

Although a good manager can manage anything, it helps to be mindful of the industry in which you are working. Individuals who have already had experience in manufacturing would benefit most from this program.

Get your hours to qualify for the Texas Real Estate License Exam. We also have a review class to help you prepare.

Restaurant Management

Phlebotomists draw blood to be used for various lab tests. You can work in a medical office, medical lab, or even a hospital. Get your training in just one semester.

Del Mar College has offered Food Manager’s Certification for many years. To enhance our program, we are adding Menu Coordination, Food & Beverage Management, and Dining Room Service to complement your education in Restaurant Management.


Retail Management

Continuing Education has two options in management: manufacturing and retail. The course courses include Introduction to Supervision and the Fundamentals of Management. Then you choose your track.

The Coastal Bend area is a tourist’s haven and retail abounds. Management in retail can differ vastly from other areas. Get the specifics that will help you be your best.

Medical Office Specialist

If you have an outgoing personality and like working with people, sales may be the field for you. And even if it isn’t your cup of tea, everyone should understand the basics of selling.


Learn Medical Coding and then supplement your skills by learning Records Management and the latest in medical software to become a Medical Office Specialist.

Office Assistant Our program is for those who are new to the office environment and designed for the one person office. Perfect your keyboarding skills, learn Office Procedures as well as the Microsoft Office Suite.


Teacher’s Aide There is a lot more going on in the classroom today than there was just a few short years ago. If you enjoy education and are dedicated to its excellence, this might be just what you are looking for.

Patient Care Technician The description for this job entails three areas of health care: Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy, and Electrocardiography. Learn all three skills to become a Patient Care Technician.


College Costs 2013-2014 Academic Year Students living in the following areas qualify for Del Mar College in-district tuition: • • • • •

Corpus Christi ISD Flour Bluff ISD West Oso ISD Calallen ISD Tuloso-Midway ISD

Students who live outside the five school districts - but have lived in the state of Texas for the past 12 months - qualify for out-of-district tuition. If they have lived outside the state or the country over the past 12 months, they will pay out-of-state/foreign tuition. Military personnel or their dependents should contact the Veteran’s Services Office to establish residency status.

Tuition and Mandatory Fees In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State/ Semester Hours Students Students International Students 3 hours (1 class)




6 hours (2 classes)




9 hours (3 classes)




12 hours (4 classes)




15 hours (4-5 classes) $1,442



Tuition and fees subject to change by the Board of Regents. Students pursuing dual credit classes at DMC receive a discounted tuition rate. Current tuition and fees:



Financial Aid Priority Deadlines: • January 1: FAFSA Application Available • May 1: Fall and Academic year • October 1: Spring • February 15: Summer sessions

Deadline for Scholarships: April 30: Academic Year (Fall and Spring)

One Del Mar College Foundation Scholarship application is needed per student, per year.

These items should be submitted to Financial Aid Services to complete financial aid packaging: 1. Apply: 2. DMC Forms: Submit needed forms through WebDMC E-Forms upon DMC request. Students should check DMC email for needed forms. 3. Award: Accept or Reject Financial Assistance Awards on WebDMC “Financial Aid” Bridge tab. 4. Refund: The Del Mar College HigherOne Refund card is distributed after registration with refund aid deposited after tuition has been paid. Applications for financial assistance will be accepted after January 1 of each year for the following academic year. It is recommended that students apply at least three months before the priority deadline. (361) 698-1293 (East) or (361) 698-1726 (West)

Apply online only for scholarships at Students are notified in July of awarded scholarships via e-mail. Scholarships are awarded once a year for the academic year (Fall and Spring). (361) 698-1033 or


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Cashier’s Office Disability Services Safety and Security Registrar Veterans Services Office Dual Credit


(361) 698-1555 (East) (361) 698-1746 (West) (361) 698-1292 (East) (361) 698-1761 (West) (361) 698-1641 (361) 698-1255 (East) (361) 698-1738 (West) (361) 698-1250 (East) (361) 698-1876 (West) (361) 698-2424


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Certificate Programs Guide Spring 2014  
Certificate Programs Guide Spring 2014  

Guide to all Certificate Programs available at Del Mar College.