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What drives us?

The power of systems A need to revisit history A will for clarity The value of symbolisms Coherence

The power of systems

Alfonso Reyes 58 2002

A need to revisit history

Lecumberri 2010

Information box 2011

An interweaving of nature and built space

21st Century-Crusoe House 2010

A will for clarity

Lookout Point - Restaurant 2011


Image Š 2009 DigitalGlobe

Amsterdam 2011

CB 30 2006

Gรถsta 2011

The value of symbolisms

Rute of Pilgrim 2010

Michelet 50 2010


Tlacolula 2009

Sense of belonging

Hacienda de Cortes 2011

CB 29 2006

La Capital 2009

Dellekamp Menil Presentation