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POTASH – A year in review by Steve Halabura Nutrien leading the next generation of potash mining

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Developments in stiff ground support in deep potash operations at the Vanscoy Mine

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table of contents Message from the editor, Shayna Wiwierski – 12

Conveyor System – 56

Message from the Premier of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe – 14

Mine Supply Company and ABC: Leading the way in mine ventilation – 58

Dynamo Electric: Power and control specialists – 90

The future of supply chain management – 122

Message from the Minister of Energy and Resources, Bronwyn Eyre – 16

Reliable starting for potash conveyor systems – 62

The value of automation in room and pillar mining – 92

2019 year in review – 22

West River begins manufacturing of impact bars and bed for the underground and above-ground mining industry – 66

Are variable speed air compressors suitable for all facilities? – 94

Fletcher Roof Bolter custom engineered for potash operations – 124

Market change brings focus and visibility to potash OEM – 26 Leading the next generation of potash mining – 28 Moving from license to value – 32 Developments in stiff ground support in deep potash operations at the Vanscoy Mine – 36 The Western Potash Corp. Milestone project highlights the advantages of SubCom technology in the potash industry – 40 Potash in Saskatchewan: Collaborating in innovation and the future of work – 44 Potash mining: Challenges and solutions in dealing with hydrogen sulfide – 48 Sask Polytech Mining Engineering Technology students can now transfer to USask Engineering – 52 Rotary dryer system solves centrifuged potash cake processing issues – 54 Graham successfully delivers Saskatchewan’s first Overland Belt PotashWorks is published by DEL Communications Inc. www.delcommunications.com

Preserve and maintain – Quality and safety: Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting – 68 SIMSA uncovers local procurement’s impact – 69 Employment law and the emerging notion of the dependent contractor – 70 Full-service RESPEC taps value for potash and salt producers – 72 The MacGyver installation: Building a crane in a box – 74 PotashWorks marketplace – 78 CMI specializes in developing innovative solutions – 81 Clean crystal potash – 82 Derrick Corporation: Committed to the potash industry – 84 60+ years of serving the mining industry: IWL Steel Fabricators – 86 Saskatchewan-based company with national pumping power – 88

Delivering project success – 96

Building a stronger Saskatchewan through Indigenous engagement – 125

Your preventative maintenance system is obsolete – 98

Providing power system solutions since 2003: JA Tech Inc. – 126

Your complete fluid power resource – 100

Enabling ventilation monitoring to provide real-time data means and safer conditions – 128

A history of service and success – 102 Effectively contain material at load zones – 104

Welcome to Nouryon, the familiar mining chemistry leader with a new name – 130

Accutron Instruments: Experts in mine ventilation – 106

RobWel Constructors Limited Partnership (LP) – 132

Process Combustion Systems: A long history with the potash industry – 108

Make Belterra your first call! – 134

Fiscal forecasting: How weather can affect your business – 110 Superior corrosion protection for the potash industry – 114

Frontline Railcar Repair Ltd. railcar repair facility – 140

HD Engineering & Design using discrete element modelling to Seven things you need to consider when innovate – 141 choosing a dewatering barge – 118 Leading at the forefront: Enhancing safety culture: National Making potash mining intelligent – 142 Safety Solutions providing Index to advertisers – 146 technology for safety – 120

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Message from the editor

Shayna Wiwierski There’s been lots going on in the world of potash over the last year. But, unfortunately not all news was good news. At the end of 2019, Nutrien reported that global demand for fertilizer was weaker than anticipated because of poor weather across North America. Because of that, offshore buyers have chosen to draw back their inventories. In September, another potash giant – Mosaic – laid off 300 employees at their Colonsay mine in Saskatchewan thanks to the same dreary conditions. But thankfully, not all news was bad news. Now that we are heading into a new year, it looks like things are starting to look up. BHP has set a timeline for its Jansen Potash Project, as noted in the company’s last quarterly report. The potash giant reported that its board of directors will be asked to decide in February 2021 what will happen with the delayed Jansen project, which is located 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Another potash company has also reported that their potash project has been granted conditional approval. CanPacific Potash Inc. is one-step closer to building their Albany Potash Project, 3.25 million tonne-per-year solution mine in southern Saskatchewan, near Regina. So as you can see, there is definitely lots going on in the world of potash and we dive in a little deeper on the ‘here and now’ in this issue of PotashWorks magazine. In addition to an in-depth year in review on page 22, we also have reports from mega-potash producers Nutrien and BHP, as well as features from suppliers who work closely with these powerhouses. I hope you enjoy the 2020 issue of PotashWorks magazine and we invite you to check us out online as well at potashworks.com for more potash features throughout the year. Shayna Wiwierski shayna@delcommunications.com @DELCommInc

12 PotashWorks 2020

Message from the PREMIER


On behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, it is my pleasure to welcome readers to the 2020 edition of PotashWorks magazine. Potash is a crucial industry in Saskatchewan, and we are pleased to see that sales for Saskatchewan companies are forecast to rise by nearly 10 per cent in 2019. In the years ahead, we believe production and employment in the industry will increase as demand for food grows across the globe. During the past few months, our government has engaged with Saskatchewan citizens, agricultural producers, and a wide range of businesses – including the potash industry – on how we might work together to chart our next decade of growth in our province. We are grateful for the feedback, which was considered in the development of the new Saskatchewan Plan for Growth. The new Growth Plan includes an ambitious goal of increasing Saskatchewan’s population to 1.4 million and creating 100,000 more jobs by 2030. Your industry will play a vitally important role in ensuring Saskatchewan can meet its Growth Plan objectives. Here in Saskatchewan, we supply some of the most ethically and sustainably produced potash in the world. That was the message we conveyed recently on a trade mission to Japan and South Korea. One of the companies we met with was Zen-Noh, an agricultural co-operative which has purchased Saskatchewan potash through Canpotex for the last 50 years. This long-standing mutually beneficial relationship testifies to the quality of Saskatchewan potash and the efficiency and responsiveness of our producers and Canpotex. Despite gradual improvements in potash prices over the last two years, your industry faces challenges from increased international competition and economic difficulties in some overseas markets. These head winds will continue during the next few years, but the long-term prospects for Saskatchewan potash are strong. According to the UN, the world’s population is expected to increase from 7.7 billion currently to 9.7 billion by 2050. Population growth, combined with growing world income levels, will ensure that global demand for potash will rise in the years ahead. Our government is grateful for the presence of your industry and thankful for the commitment companies such as Mosaic, Nutrien, K + S, and BHP have made to our communities. Saskatchewan’s potash industry continues to evolve and adapt to a challenging global economy. I believe the best days of the industry – and our province – lie ahead of us. The future is bright for Saskatchewan. Scott Moe Premier of Saskatchewan

14 PotashWorks 2020



As the world’s largest potash producer, Saskatchewan remains well-positioned to benefit from improving global market conditions and play an integral role in meeting the world’s growing need for food and fertilizer. Saskatchewan’s potash production is the most sustainable and innovative in the world. GHG emissions intensity for potash produced in this province is only 29 per cent of the global average. The entire Saskatchewan mining sector, anchored by the potash sector, has an excellent safety record and annually invests over $15 million in community partnerships. The sector contributed $5.52 billion to the province’s GDP in 2018 and paid over $500 million in provincial, federal, and municipal taxes. Certain challenges in the latter half of 2019, including international trade restraints and weather conditions, led to decreased production and temporary lay-offs. My thoughts are with the workers and their families who have been affected. Despite these challenges, the potash market is expected to return to growth in 2020, with improved planting conditions in the United States and higher global prices on agricultural commodities. This is good news for workers, and it is the hope of the Government of Saskatchewan that normal production levels will resume across Saskatchewan’s potash mines. We are encouraged by the record potash sales volumes achieved by producers in 2018 and are anticipating further growth in 2019. Potash sales in Saskatchewan for 2018 increased by nine per cent, from record levels in 2017, to 13.2 million tonnes. The potash industry is currently on track to exceed record sales volumes in 2018, and revenues are forecast to remain strong. There are currently three potash-producing companies in Saskatchewan: Nutrien, Mosaic, and K+S Potash Canada. These companies operate 10 production facilities across southcentral Saskatchewan, including seven underground and three solution operations. They directly employ over 5,000 people, with an annual payroll of $1 billion. A number of other Saskatchewan potash projects have completed the provincial Environmental Assessment process and are at different phases of evaluation and development. For example, BHP’s Jansen Mine project has completed its shaft development, as it continues to evaluate global potash markets. Our government is pleased that BHP recently committed additional funding for its Jansen mine. This demonstrates strong support for the project and for doing business in Saskatchewan. CanPacific Potash has put forward a proposal to develop a new 3.25 million tonne-per-year solution mine in southern Saskatchewan, and Western Potash plans to adopt first-of-itskind technology, which eliminates the need for tailing ponds, at its Saskatchewan solution mine. Our government is proud of our potash and mining sector, as we continue to stand up for Saskatchewan and our natural resources. s

16 PotashWorks 2020


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2019 A YEAR IN

The potash business showed in 2019 that despite unique fundamentals, progress and growth in the sector is very much tied to global market demand, commodity price, availability of capital, and increasing awareness as to environmental responsibility and engagement with local communities and stakeholders.


image used under license from nutrien ltd.

A year in the

potash industry “Potash” is a generic term describing various forms of potassium-bearing fertilizer products. The most common of these products is “Muriate of Potash” or “MOP” which is potassium chloride (KCl) in a high-grade form. MOP provides the potassium macronutrient in the formulation referred to as N-P-K, or Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. MOP is the product that will be referred to in this article. The potash business showed in 2019 that despite unique fundamentals, progress and growth in the sector is very much tied to global market demand, commodity price, availability of capital, and increasing awareness as to environmental responsibility and engagement with local communities and stakeholders. This is no different from other commodity mining and processing industries. After a strong start in Q1, the potash environment proved to be challenging for the re-

By Steve Halabura P.Geo., Halabura Potash Consulting Ltd.

mainder of 2019 as slides in price reflected several fundamental factors. First, demand for potash weakened in Q2 and Q3 due to wet weather in the American Midwest that limited the ability of farmers to apply fertilizer. Demand weakness was exacerbated by China’s announcement in September that it was suspending potash imports. Decreased demand led to an oversupply situation among producers which was reflected by Mosaic shutting down “for an indefinite period” it’s Colonsay, Sask. mine and Nutrien suspending for an eight-week period production at its Allan, Lanigan and Vanscoy mines. Even the recent start-up K+S Bethune mine was forced to curtail production by some 300,000 tpy. In May, BHP Billiton Canada Inc. (BHP) announced that its Jansen Saskatchewan mine and production site “remains an attractive option, however, five years and an additional USD $5.3 to $5.7 billion in addition to its current investment of $2.7 billion is required to complete Phase 1 production. Overall, the Jansen Project is forecast to produce some 16 million tpy at full expansion.”

According to BHP Billiton Canada Inc., the Jansen Project is forecast to produce some 16 million tpy at full expansion. SOURCE: BHP.

22 PotashWorks 2020

of 2.8 per cent. This growth is due to record demand from all major markets including Brazil, North America, China, India, and Southeast Asia. The firmness in potash markets is expected to remain as the growth in global demand will adequately absorb new supplies from the slow ramp-ups in world-scale greenfield projects. In 2019, the term “food security” was increasingly used in fertilizer circles. Earlier this year, Nutrien suspended production at its Allan, Lanigan, and Vanscoy mines for an eight-week period. Seen here is the company’s Cory mine, which celebrated 50 years in operation in 2019. image used under license from nutrien ltd.

In October 2019, BHP announced

between the U.S. and China and Eng-

that its Jansen Stage 1 Potash Project

land’s continuing discourse concern-

in Saskatchewan would be presented

ing its exit from the EU. This was illus-

to the company’s board for a final in-

trated by Sirius Mineral’s failed USD

vestment decision by February 2021.

$500M bond issue to be used for fi-

A further US$345 million in funding

nancing its Woodsmith polyhalite sul-

has been approved for engineering to

fate of potash (SOP) mine.

support project planning and finalise a port solution for the project. Jansen Stage 1 is planned to produce 4.3 to 4.5 million tonnes per annum of potash and BHP has indicated the execution investment would be approxi-

This term is a function of availability, quality, and affordability. Amid uncertainties induced by recent trade disputes, world agricultural markets have, thus far, remained relatively stable; however, many regions of the world face significant challenges with food security. The fundamental causes of food instability include increasing world population and decreasing arable land base, decrease

Nevertheless, world demand remains strong as reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). World demand in 2019 for potash, in all its forms, is

in available cultivated acreage due to changes brought about by climate shifts, and declines in soil quality caused by depletion of micronutrients.

forecast to reach 68 million tonnes.

The above challenges affecting “big

Potash demand has been strong with

mining” sparked renewed interest in

Expansion plans for global, new pot-

a four per cent annual consumption

what is called “selective solution min-

ash capacity slowed in 2019, in part

growth over the last five years, which

ing”, a type of solution mining that

due to a possible oversupply situa-

is well above the long-term average

is claimed to be a more environmen

mately US$5.3 billion to $5.7 billion.

tion developing due to new projects. Recent new additions such as Eurochem’s Gremyachinskoe and Usolskiy projects are capable of some 10 Mtpy during initial phases, Nutrien’s Scissors Creek expansion at Rocanville is capable of some 6.5 Mtpy, and the Mosaic Esterhazy K3 project and other properties in Saskatchewan, such as the K+S Bethune mine (also in Saskatchewan), are being ramped up and absorbed into the market. Raising the capital required to build large (three Mtpy) mining and production facilities is always a challenge, however in 2019, the risk associated with financing large projects increased due to a number of global


Potash Consulting Ltd. Stephen P. Halabura M.Sc. P.Geo. FEC (Hon.) FGC • Regional evaporite basin analysis • Early-stage exploration program design and management • Mineral Resource assessment (NI43-101 and JORC standards) • Class 5 Concept and PEA study management • Solution mining design and planning • Economic modelling

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uncertainties, including the trade war

2020 PotashWorks 23

The United Nations recently said that it expects eight-billion people to be on the planet by 2050. tally sustainable approach to potash production. Tied to this concept is the marketing strategy of allowing consumers to obtain a direct supply of potash in smaller scale lots. In this sense, selective solution mining is not simply a production technology, but a complete business model that uses smaller, modular mine and production facilities to make an MOP prod-

In October 2019, BHP announced that its Jansen Stage 1 Potash Project in Saskatchewan would be presented to the company’s board for a final investment decision by February 2021. SOURCE: BHP.

uct that is sold to a specific end-user who may or may not be a co-owner

is the lack of specific rail tankers for

stock, Sask., continued to work to-

of the facility. This model is charac-

specific products.

ward obtaining financing for its proj-

terized by environmentally more sustainable production capability and an associated simplified supply chain. Since the mines are smaller and generate little to no excess salt waste, the capital expenditure required to build such mines is much less than for larger conventional mines. Proponents of smaller scale selective solution mining projects include Gensource Potash, Western Potash, Buffalo Potash, and Beechy Potash Technologies. Regarding small purchases (less than several thousand tonnes), the product can be shipped by truck, but for larger purchases railcars are more economic. For American sales, rail transport would first go from the mine to Regina where there is intermodal capability and then from here it would be transhipped either to an American rail carrier or to CN or CP if the destination is an east coast or west coast port. Transportation by rail within Canada and the U.S. can be easily arranged. Fears of an overcrowded rail system in Canada due to

Western Potash Corp. (Western) be-


gan and successfully completed drill-

Other companies such as Yancoal

ing its horizontal cavern wells as the

Canada (Southey Project), Karnalyte

first step in its Milestone selective

Resources Inc. (Wynyard Project),

solution potash solution mining proj-

Canada Potash Corp. (Kirin Project),

ect. The first “pilot” phase of the proj-

and Canada Golden Fortune Potash

ect is a facility capable of producing

Corp. (Broadview Project) continue

146,000 tonnes of granular KCl prod-

to evaluate the feasibility of their

uct annually. If the pilot operation is

projects while exploring options for

successful, Phases 2 and 3 could be


implemented, adding an additional 1.4 Mt of capacity each.

Overall, the large-scale fundamen-

CanPacific Potash (CanPacific), a Sas-

The United Nations recently has said

katoon-based joint venture between North Atlantic Potash Inc. (a subsidiary of JSC Acron) and Rio Tinto Potash Management Inc. (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto plc.), received conditional environmental assessment approval for its Albany solution mining project southeast of Regina. The company is proposing to build a 3.25 Mt per year solution mine near the town of Sedley, with construction slated to start in 2020 and initial production anticipated in 2024.

tals for potash remain unchanged. that it expects eight-billion people to be on the planet by 2050. Population growth is a positive long-term driver for agriculture and fertilizer companies, and this has been one of the key arguments for many years in favour of supporting the potash fertilizer sector, especially during times of sector weakness. Nevertheless, participants in the potash sector are more concerned with changes in the near-term fundamentals (over-supply, grain and fertilizer prices, inventories, geo-po-

ever-increasing volumes of crude oil

Encanto Potash Corp., which propos-

litical events, macro-economic fac-

shipments taking up additional track

es to build a three Mt solution mine

tors, etc.) and this is having a negative

space are unfounded. The real reason

in partnership with the Muskowekwan

drag on current and potential potash

for the congestion in rail shipments

First Nation on treaty lands near Le-

sector investors. s

24 PotashWorks 2020

Linked in

JNE is a Limited Partnership in which the economic development corporations of English River First Nations and Peter Ballantyne First Nations have each acquired 30% ownership in the company with JNE’s current owners retaining the remaining shares. JNE is known for strong project management practices and fabricating a variety of scopes of work. These scopes have included, but are not limited to, structural steel, chutes, ore bins, tanks, pipe spooling, pressure vessels, rotary dryers, and conveyance systems. We have developed fabrication and welding procedures for a vast array of alloys such as 316, 304H, 904L, 2205, Inconel, Monel and C276. We are registered on ISNetworld and are CWB, ASME, and ISO 9001:2015 certified. JNE Welding Limited Partnership 3915 Thatcher Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7R 1A3



Market change brings focus and visibility to potash OEM Significant change has followed the return of potash prices

As for our name change, this was part of our ongoing brand

to historical levels — the most notable would be the merger

development. Most of our customers referred to us as PMP,

of Potash Corporation and Agrium to create Nutrien. This

but as we developed our long term strategy, we felt the

market shift has resulted in sweeping changes at all levels of

name PMP was limiting. Instead, we embraced our original

the potash sector.

name, Prairie Machine, which has a history in Saskatchewan

One long-standing player in Saskatchewan potash has quietly been making changes of its own. We recently caught up with Kipp Sakundiak, general manager and partner at Prairie Machine.

Kipp, as we all know, the potash sector has undergone considerable change over the last few years and it seems that no company is immune. Have these changes had an affect on Prairie Machine? KS: Many businesses were affected by the market shift and we were no different. We started focusing more on the longterm viability of our company. We knew we had to strengthen our position in traditional areas and diversify into areas where we had less experience. Only now are we starting to assert ourselves, and more than we have in the past.

potash. This was the start of us thinking more about our visibility in the market.

Your products are now green. Is this part of becoming more visible? KS: Our products were white and now they are green. Our motivation was that it would be easier for our customers to identify our machines if they were a different colour than white. Our new colour also increases our visibility. We believe our shade of green provides more contrast (than white) and higher visibility (than orange or yellow) in adverse mining conditions. It has been proven that our eyes are more sensitive to the blue-green area of the colour spectrum, especially in low light conditions.

Not only did you change the colour of your products, but you rebranded your electric vehicle division under the ROKION banner. KS: We felt we needed a different name for our electric vehicles that would help us expand into hard rock markets outside of Saskatchewan. When we introduced the new name to our customers they suggested that Rokion was the parent company of Prairie Machine, so we know it works on that level, where it doesn’t feel regional.

Your battery-powered trucks are not just for potash but for hard rock as well? KS: Our first trucks were designed for use in potash. The challenge at that time was to deliver a viable battery-powRokion R100 battery powered crew truck – open configuration for potash environments.

ered truck for soft rock environments. Our next challenge was to provide more capacity and performance. As our battery technologies matured we transferred this knowledge to hard rock. Today we ship ramp-ready trucks to Eastern

Are you referring to your rebrand from PMP to Prairie Machine or your electric vehicle division? KS: Both are part of our refocus. We had an opportunity to

Canada and export as far as Western Australia.

How do all these changes affect your potash customers?

acquire Papa Bravo which manufactured electric vehicles for

KS: These changes are more about us evolving as a com-

potash. It was a good opportunity as we had the same cus-

pany. If anything, our progression should improve the qual-

tomers and it was related to our existing product lines. Our

ity of our products to the benefit of our potash customers.

machines are tethered electric and their machines were bat-

Although we are growing, we continue to focus on delivering

tery powered. It was an opportunity to diversify our product

industry-leading boring systems, continuous haulage sys-

lines, so we went for it.

tems and battery-powered trucks to the potash market. s

26 PotashWorks 2020

Now in green.

Continuous Boring Systems Continuous Haulage Systems Battery Powered Trucks sales@prairiemachine.com / 1-888-933-4812

Leading the next

generation OF

potash mining

Nutrien’s digital transformation is initially focused on digitizing operations through data analytics, advanced process controls, and creating a fully connected workforce. photos courtesy of nutrien.

Nutrien, the world’s leading potash producer, is positioning itself to sell over 15 million tonnes of potash as early as 2023, representing a nearly 20 per cent increase from 2018 volumes. To achieve this goal, the company has launched “Next Generation Potash” aimed at becoming the safest, most reliable and lowest-cost potash producer network, known for innovation and industry leadership. Over the next five years, Nutrien will invest hundreds of millions to create a safer and more productive work environment by focusing on operational excellence and digital transformation across its site operations. “As the world’s largest underground soft rock operation, our executive team is not content to simply set the bar – but to continually raise it when it comes to safety, efficiency, and reliability,” says Nutrien’s Allan potash mine.

28 PotashWorks 2020

Theuns Roux, senior director, Potash Full Potential Transformation.

Feeding the Future With our significant reach and influence, Nutrien can help find solutions to challenging global issues. Our efforts around the world help improve sustainable agriculture practices. Nutrien is undertaking a transformative initiative to bring our potash business into the next generation by developing proprietary means to increase productivity, reduce costs, and create a safer work environment for our people. Our efforts here at home will improve sustainable agriculture practices around the world and help feed a growing population.

Over the next five years, Nutrien will invest hundreds of millions to create a safer and more productive work environment by focusing on operational excellence and digital transformation across its site operations.

Operational excellence Critical to the success of Next Generation Potash is a drive towards operational excellence by optimizing processes and establishing best practices across the Nutrien network. In turn, these changes will result in world-class safety, increased operational flexibility to meet market de-

“Leveraging technology like big data analytics and automation will drive even more value from our existing processes. We will use new partners, new capabilities, and new ways of working to support our journey,” Theuns says.

Unleashing Nutrien’s full potential

mands, and create a more efficient supply chain – from the

As the world’s largest underground soft rock miner, Nu-

cutting face in the mine, to the mill and logistics channel,

trien is starting this journey from a position of strength.

and out through to customers.

Less than a year into the transformation, the company is

Simply put: The network will run more often, safely, and efficiently to produce more tonnes. “We will be able to increase our throughput, with little to no additional capital, to achieve the lowest cash cost per tonne the industry has seen,” Theuns shares.

already realizing benefits. “For example, our Rocanville site has more than doubled the time our boring machine spends capturing optimal ore, providing higher production output for the same time and costs,” shares Theuns. Nutrien is excited about its role in feeding the future. In

Digital transformation Nutrien’s digital transformation is initially focused on digitizing operations through data analytics, advanced process controls, and creating a fully connected workforce. In parallel, larger scale innovations are underway to deliver

an industry where operations have remained largely unchanged for decades, Nutrien’s Next Generation Potash initiatives will take the organization into the future and ensure its continued industry leadership for generations to come.

sustained value from digital in the long term, including au-

For more information about how Nutrien is growing our

tonomous mining, predictive maintenance, precision ore

world from the ground up, visit nutrien.com. s

management, AI driven short interval control, and remote operations.

30 PotashWorks 2020


MODEL 3224-AD Since 1937, Fletcher has set itself apart, simply by listening. Fletcher design engineers listen to what the industry says, they hear what operators want from their investments, and then...they design systems and machines that provide solutions. Fletcher scaling vehicles are built custom to your mine condition and provide a productive, reliable, and safer work environment. With the wide range of rugged designs, paired with tool options, you can’t find any greater design flexibility than a Fletcher scaler. ✓ Do your needs go beyond the standard production line? ✓ Do you need to be more than just a number? ✓ Do your problems need to be heard? ...Then contact Fletcher to find out more about our Custom Line of Scaling Vehicles, and get your solution started today. WWW.JHFLETCHER.COM ∙ 800.543.5431 ∙ SALES@JHFLETCHER.COM J.H. Fletcher & Co. cannot anticipate every mine hazard that may develop during use of these products. Follow your mine plan and/or roof control plan prior to use of the product. Proper use, maintenance and continued use of (OEM) original equipment parts will be essential for maximum operating results. 2017 J.H. Fletcher & Co. All Rights reserved.


Moving from

license to value At BHP, we define our contribution to

port local communities, and for us

Embedding social value in our busi-

society as social value. For our part-

at potash, that means supporting

ness helps us to not only understand

ners, shareholders, local communi-

the communities and First Nations

and assist communities, but it also se-

ties, the economy and environment,

that surround our Jansen Project in

cures the best talent and partners and

creating social value is critical and

south-central Saskatchewan, about

obtain access to the best resources.

aligns with our new purpose, which

140-kilometres east of Saskatoon. It

To do these things, a positive impact

is “to bring people and resources together to build a better world”. Our approach with external stakeholders and rights holders is not new, but there is a marked shift globally

is crucial that we establish working

from our operations and projects is

partnerships with communities, gov-

not just expected, it is required.

ernments, and Indigenous groups for

At potash and locally, BHP has been

our business to succeed.

working with communities and In-

in how the resources industry views

As a company and industry, we must

this work. It’s beyond providing short-

evolve from social license to social

term license to operate. It’s now seen

value – from acceptance to partner-

as creating value in addition to health

ship and trust. In order to move for-

and safety, operating excellence and

ward into social value, we must con-

environmental stewardship.

tinue to work to achieve long-term

If we plan to prosper over time then

positive outcomes. It is vital that we

digenous nations that surround the Jansen Project in Saskatchewan for over 10 years now. We find the most value in working with local residents to enhance quality of life. Some notable projects and initiatives include a recent housing project and lowpressure water system at the Day Star

we must deliver financial perfor-

listen and use our global voice to ad-

mance, but we also must show how

vance meaningful and long-lasting

we make a broader contribution to

change beyond our operations. To

ect on the Beardy’s & Okemasis Cree

the communities and jurisdictions

put it simply – social value creation

Nation, continued support for STARS

near our operations. Across BHP, our

drives our competitive advantage in

Air Ambulance in Saskatchewan, the

people are always working to sup-

every way.

Enchanted Forest Holiday Light Tour

32 PotashWorks 2020

First Nation, an innovative housing project called the Pimacihowin Proj-

Across BHP, our people are always working to support local communities, and for us at BHP, that means supporting the communities and First Nations that surround our Jansen Project in south-central Saskatchewan.

Partnership At Work The NRT fleet safely and professionally navigates equipment across a vast and challenging terrain; meeting the transportation needs of the industry giants. Hauling items such as: · Acid · Cement · Groceries · Construction materials · Lime · Explosives · Molten sulphur · Fertilizer · Mining machinery · Fuel · Propane · General freight

www.nrtlp.com Saskatoon Office P: 306-933-3010 F: 306-242-3156 nrtinquiry@nrtlp.com

La Ronge Training Center P: 306-425-2148 F: 306-425-5311 nrttrainingcenter@sasktel.net

La Ronge Fuel Division P: 866-425-2345 wgrewcock@nrtlp.com

Winnipeg Office P: 204-235-4013 C: 204-962-8440 dgravatt@nrtlp.com 2020 PotashWorks 33

“It certainly hasn’t been easy nor should it be, but the results and positive societal change that can be made by working together is something truly special.” that supports the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation and Saskatoon City Hospital Foundations, creation of a Habitat Compensation Program near the Jansen Project and new hockey rink facilities in LeRoy and Wynyard. Ken Smith, manager corporate affairs at BHP Potash said, “I am proud of the work we have done and continue do BHP has shown continued support for STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatchewan.

in partnership with communities and Indigenous people in Saskatchewan. On a global scale, BHP has worked to create social value through various programs such as the new US$400 million Climate Investment Program, a Global Water Stewardship Program, and continuous efforts around Indigenous advocacy, local buying programs, and social investment through the BHP Foundation. Our company advocacy on issues such as gender parity, climate change and Indigenous peoples is aligning to a world that is changing rapidly and demands more of industry and government. When we consider social impacts in our decision-making and build respectful and mutually beneficial relationships based on openness and trust, we create social value. Focusing on social value and not simply social license is the way forward and we are

BHP has supported new hockey rink facilities in LeRoy and Wynyard.

34 PotashWorks 2020

happy to be a part of the evolution. s
















800 761-8780


Developments in stiff ground support in deep

potash operations at the Vanscoy Mine

By Tim Coleman

Nutrien’s Vanscoy potash mine is the

ground, cutting down of bad ground,

date the large deformations typically

deepest (>1,100 metres­) conventional

or installation of ground support. The

seen. The softness of the ground sup-

evaporite mine in North America.

two former approaches often result in

port system at potash operations was

extended interruptions to production,

typically achieved by utilising point

whereas installation of ground sup-

anchored mechanical rockbolts, par-

port allows access to be maintained

tial encapsulation of resin rebar bolts,

and production to continue.

or by introducing a softer element

The majority of the underground excavations at Saskatchewan potash mines are unsupported and rely upon the principle of stress control to manage ground conditions. Ad-

The time-dependent creep prop-

verse ground conditions are typically

erties of the evaporites led to the

addressed in three ways: changing

historical approach of using a soft

mining horizon to avoid disturbed

ground support system to accommo-

36 PotashWorks 2020

into a fully encapsulated resin rebar support element. At Vanscoy a wood washer was used. SRK’s experience with the improve-

InternatIonal UnIon of PaInters and allIed trades, dIstrIct coUncIl 17



















Serving the prairie provinceS

Fighting Corrosion !

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 17 NACE International (formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) 2016 IMPACT Study tallied the total global annual cost of corrosion at 3.4% of global GDP (or $2.5 Trillion USD)! And nobody is more acutely aware of the costs of corrosion than Saskatchewan mining and oil owners / engineers! To meet this challenge, DC17 has partnered with the two premier protective coatings and linings standards organizations – the aforementioned NACE and “SSPC, the Society of Protective Coatings” - to incorporate cutting edge certifications into our Coatings and Linings Apprenticeship Training pipelines!

To learn more, contact

IUPAT District Council 17

800-322-0694 chrishooter@dc17.ca or visit dc17.ca

ment of excavation stability following the introduction of stiff resin encap-

The Vanscoy Mine has adopted stiffer ground support practices and continues to explore other ground support technologies in the pursuit of safe, optimised ground support practices.

sulated AT rockbolts for secondary ground support at the deep (>1,300 metre) Boulby potash mine in the UK led to initial instrumented trials at the Vanscoy Mine. Multipoint



meters were introduced to the mine to provide detailed measurement of back deformation to assess the impact of increasing the ground support stiffness on back behaviour. The magnesonic extensometers comprise of 20 magnetic reference anchors in-

WE ARE MINING TO OUR CORE CORE Your safety and productivity are the foundation of our partnership, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

stalled over a depth of seven metres, allowing precise high-resolution measurement of back deformation. The introduction of magnesonic extensometers to monitor the influence of stiffening the ground support system proved invaluable in understanding the mechanism of ground support/ rock mass interaction in the immediate stratified back of development and production excavations. The Vanscoy Mine has adopted stiffer ground support practices and continues to explore other ground support technologies in the pursuit of safe, optimised ground support practices.

About SRK Consulting SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice that provides focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly from earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, SRK offers services from exploration through feasibility, mine planning, and production to mine closure. Please see www.na.srk. com for more information.

Distributed throughout Saskatchewan exclusively by:

Mine Supply Company of Saskatchewan


Tim Coleman is the principal

818 45 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0W5, Canada

Š2017 Kennametal Inc. | All rights reserved. | B-17-05420

consultant at SRK Consulting


(Vancouver). He can be reached at tcoleman@srk.com. s

38 PotashWorks 2020

Dewatering & Rental Solutions Pump products – Pump packages,

manufactured pump stations, pump and pump parts, from all kinds and sizes to customize for any dewatering needs, shafts, lagoons, and pits.

Rentals – Large rental fleet of diesel, electric and submersible pumps, light towers, generators, evaporators, hose, pipe and frost fighters. Readily available for any dewatering, exploration and construction sites. Pump Repair and Service – Our advanced pump repair team and test facility offers all aspects of repairs with a large testing system in house.

Dredging – Utilized for mining, municipal, lakes, rivers and many more applications.

Screens – TEMA screens, modular screens, magnetic and wear liners – achieves excellent results with all separation sizes in many applications. Our products are used all across Canada, with offices in eastern, central and western Canada. We have a large distribution area and can accommodate needs for dewatering and rental equipment.

1251 Nipawin Road West, Nipawin, SK

P: 306-862-5900


The Western Potash Corp. Milestone Project highlights

the advantages of Inproheat’s SubCom® technology in the potash industry A SubCom® 60 MM Btu/h Process Water Heater for Sulphate of Potash Production from Great Salt Lake Brine.

The Western Potash Corp. Milestone Phase I Project in Saskatchewan is a shining example of how Inproheat’s guiding principles of trust, innovation, and expertise led us to deliver some of the key elements in a groundbreaking potash solution mining project. The project came together when Inproheat Industries was first approached by SNC-Lavalin – a Western Potash Corp. engineering consultant – to quote a Submerged CombusAt Inproheat Industries, we have built

Compared to traditional boiler-heat

on three generations of company his-

exchanger methods, SubCom® deliv-

tory to form strong long-term client

ers lower costs for fuel, operations,

relationships and innovative project

and maintenance, as well as shorter

solutions in Canada and abroad.

payback periods on capital expen-

The lasting influence and impact of Inproheat’s work is nowhere more apparent than through our proprietary brand of Submerged Combustion Technology – known as SubCom® –

ditures. Reduced fuel consumption results in proportionally lower greenhouse gas emissions and, where applicable, carbon tax costs. In the ever-evolving potash mining

tion system for the heating of highly corrosive saturated potash brine to temperatures up to 110°C. Already familiar with the high energy efficiency characteristics of SubCom® and its ability to easily contend with scaling solutions, SNC-Lavalin believed that this technology would be ideally-suited to the Milestone concept. As we worked closely with Western Potash Corp. and SNC-Lavalin to de-

and its associated projects.

industry, we continue to bring inno-

For more than 45 years, SubCom® has

design improvements. The formation

carried a global and diversified indus-

of strategic partnerships with indus-

try reach that exemplifies Inproheat’s

try players fosters results that exceed

forward-thinking and big-picture ap-

expectations and sets new standards.

proach to projects – whether they are

Innovation, shared vision, and out-

as close as Canada’s West Coast, on

standing execution will blaze new in-


the Prairies, or as far away as Europe.

dustry paths – every time.

Com® system heats brine to 82°C at

40 PotashWorks 2020

vative solutions with ongoing system

velop the engineering specifications and system designs, we called on a select group of trusted industry partners to assist with key components to best meet the requirements of the project. resulting



Trust|Expertise|Innovation SubComÂŽ heating systems boast the highest thermal efficiencies for potash mining.

Celebrating the Milestone Phase I Project for Western Potash Corp.

Inproheat.com | info@inproheat.com | 1-888-684-6776 Vancouver | Calgary | Edmonton | Saskatoon | Winnipeg

For the Milestone Phase I Project for Western Potash Corp., Inproheat supplied a three-burner 51 MM Btu/h SubCom® system, a 30 MM Btu/h glycol heater, a heated brine transfer pump and hot brine heat exchangers.

– with the participation of our longtime partners – delivered a first-rate system solution while providing dedicated support at every stage of the process. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the dynamic

51 MM Btu/h with a Sigma Thermal

The final SubCom® heating system

glycol heater to further raise brine

provided for the estimated $130-mil-

goals of your company. Let’s build

temperatures to a range of 100°C to

lion Milestone Phase I Project realized

a sustainable SubCom® solution for

110°C for injection into production

the overall project goals sought by

your next potash mining project –

caverns. Furthermore, the system in-

Western Potash Corp. – the delivery

through trust, expertise, and innova-

cludes Tranter plate and frame heat

of a high-efficiency potash mining so-


exchangers to transfer the recovery well brine heat over to the injection brine. A KSB pump drives the heated

lution with a correspondingly low environmental impact and a significant economic boost to Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact Alec Logan, CEO of Inproheat Industries, at alogan@inproheat.com, or

brine through the brine-glycol heat

Ultimately, Inproheat assessed the

604-216-3003. Visit them online

exchanger to injection pumps.

needs of Western Potash Corp. and

at inproheat.com. s

42 PotashWorks 2020

Potash in Saskatchewan –

Collaborating in innovation and the future of work By Al Shpyth, Executive Director, IMII

IMII’s largest research & development initiative to date is a $2.6 million group of four projects that have been undertaken to examine the corrosion of materials used in the fabrication of mineral processing and mining equipment used in Saskatchewan’s potash industry.

IMII in 2017 dedicated $1 million in funding to several Diversity & Inclusion Challenges to increase the numbers of women and Indigenous people in the minerals industry workforce.

Potash mining has been part of Sas-

searchers, and educators. IMII’s larg-

Given commitments from its indus-

katchewan’s heritage for more than 50

est research & development initiative

try members – including all its pot-

years and is a pillar of the province’s

to date is a $2.6 million group of four

ash members, to a workforce that is

economy. With a focus on innovation,

projects that have been undertaken

representative of the communities in

digital transformation, and the future

to examine the corrosion of materials

which they operate, the importance

of work, potash is a big part of Sas-

used in the fabrication of mineral pro-

of operationalizing the industry’s di-

katchewan’s future.

cessing and mining equipment used

versity and inclusion efforts is also in-

in Saskatchewan’s potash industry.

creasing. Not only will attracting more

This initiative has been a collabora-

women and Indigenous peoples into

tion between industry representatives

Saskatchewan’s minerals industry pro-

Saskatchewan’s potash sector is also a big part of the IMII – an innovation supporting network of major companies, government funders, post-secondary institutions, and others, that supports growth and productivity in Saskatchewan’s minerals industry.

and researchers from the Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan. In 2018, IMII introduced DEMOday to the annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum as an event in which innovative

Collaboration is a building block for

supply chain companies “pitch” their

innovation, and IMII provides a venue

new technologies, concepts, and pro-

for industry-wide collaboration across

totypes directly to industry subject

the innovation ecosystem of mining

matter experts representing opera-

companies, suppliers, consultants, re-

tions and corporate R&D.

44 PotashWorks 2020

vide it with a better and smarter workforce, doing so will help it deal with the changing nature of work in mining as a result of digitalization. Saskatchewan’s potash industry will be competing for digitally-savvy young people – the people every other industry and sector also wants. To help the industry develop the right

Premium products, custom solutions and quality delivery. Serving Saskatchewan’s potash mines since 1966.

306-653-1056 www.minesupplyco.com sales@minesupplyco.com

Fortunately, Saskatchewan’s potash industry has a strong case for being an attractive place for millennials to work. resources and skills, IMII in 2017 dedicated $1 million in funding to several Diversity & Inclusion Challenges to increase the numbers of women and

As Saskatchewan’s potash sector

work. In addition to what it has his-

continues to make investments in

torically offered as an employer, for

automation and technological inno-

example, strong career paths and

vation, IMII’s role will evolve. Overall,


IMII sees digital mines as augmenting

technical challenges to solve, contrib-

the work of people and contributing

utes to feeding the world, and has a

to even higher levels of safety in op-

strong record of environmental and

erations. As mines and mills become

community governance. It is invest-

more insight-driven, data science and

ing in new technologies such as big

analytic skills will be in even greater

data analytics, machine learning, aug-

demand. Meeting this demand is an-

mented and virtual reality.




other area where Saskatchewan’s potash industry sees the benefit in

With increasing adoption of new

collaboration. IMII expects re-skilling

technologies, the industry – through

and retraining in areas of digital need

IMII, is supporting investments in re-

will come to the foreground as the na-

search, development and demonstra-

ture and likely even the location (e.g.,

tion, and education and training to

remote operations centres) of work

drive the future’s qualified and repre-


sentative workforce.

$1.2 million in R&D internships for Sas-

Fortunately, Saskatchewan’s potash

For more information about the

katchewan’s minerals industry over

industry has a strong case for being

IMII, see www.imii.ca, or contact the

the next five years.

an attractive place for millennials to

author at al.shpyth@imii.ca. s

Indigenous people in the minerals industry workforce. In 2019 IMII entered a memorandum of understanding with Mitacs, a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 20 years, to fund

A proven pArtnership supporting ConstruCtion owners And investing in the sAskAtChewAn workforCe sAskAtChewAn’s Building trAdes unions And unionized ContrACtors CODC 2016 Potash Magazine Half Page Ad.indd 1

46 PotashWorks 2020

9/08/16 11:08:25 AM

CommerCial & industrial serviCes ltd.

ENGINEERED COMPOSITES – Fibre-reinforced polymer The smart alternative to wood, steel and aluminum


Only 100% NEAT resin – no fillers


Standard and custom sizes available


Engineered for harsh, corrosive environments 1035 Mission Street, Winnipeg, MB


Potash Mining –

Challenges and solutions to dealing with hydrogen sulfide By Ralph Jonasson and Muhammad Imran, Saskatchewan Research Council In potash mining, when the brine is

Solution mining of potash using a

mines has been a problem in mines

saturated solution of salt depends on

in countries like Romania, Poland,

brought to the surface, any H 2S pres-

high temperatures to dissolve potas-

and Britain. The microorganisms can

ent comes along for the ride. This

sium chloride and low temperatures

be either thousands of years old, or

H 2S represents a hazard to plants

to precipitate it. Cooling takes place in

very recent, and carried in by air or by

and animals, including humans. It de-

open ponds using ambient air. These

humans. The ancient bacteria and al-

grades air quality by affecting odour

ponds are easily contaminated by air-

gae commonly detected are typically

and by oxidizing in air, generating the

born dust and particulate vegetable

salt-loving. But the microorganisms

matter. In addition, there are bacte-

detected in mines also include spe-

ria, fungi, and algae that can survive

cies normally found on human skin,

in concentrated brine. There are also

as well as fungi, such as the penicil-

about a dozen processing chemicals

lium species.

used in potash mining and processing that can end up in the lean brine that

Hydrogen sulfide (H 2S) is a wide-

is injected into the salt formation.

spread natural product, produced by

When the pond water is injected into a deep salt-bearing formation for a dissolution soak, the organic matter becomes food for various microorganisms. In the absence of air, the sulfate ion becomes a source of oxygen, leaving hydrogen sulfide (H 2S) as a product. The growth of microorganisms in salt

48 PotashWorks 2020

a range of creatures from microscopic to macroscopic. Wherever there is organic matter, there is decomposition. In the absence of air, H 2S partitions

potentially dangerous and highly destructive chemical, sulfuric acid. The dissolved H 2S also increases the corrosivity of the brine. The larger the industrial potash operation, the greater the need to control harmful emissions. The first step in control is monitoring. Because H 2S is so reactive, it is important to analyze gas and liquid samples as quickly as possible. Even then, gases and liquids must be collected in containers

between various phases: gas, liquid,

made of materials that do not react

and solid. The solids typically include

with H 2S, and which are not perme-

iron sulfides. The distribution of H 2S

able to gases. These containers are

between water and gas depends on

commercially available and are de-

the pH, the temperature, and the sa-



and shipping air-sensitive gases and










The next step is to

liquids­. However, it is even more effi-

gas to generate in the potash mining

understand the source

cient to monitor the emissions in the

process. The detection, monitoring,

field, right where they are occurring.

and physical modeling of sour indus-

In order to do this, the Saskatchewan

trial processes is an important area of

Research Council (SRC) has created

research and SRC has identified it as a

mobile monitoring stations equipped

strategic area to assist the mining and

of H2S emissions, which requires dedicated laboratory facilities with special air-handling and

with gas chromatographs which measure the gas component concentrations right on site.

energy industries in Canada. It ensures industry has the information it needs to follow emissions regulations

The next step is to understand the

and take action to control or reduce

gas-detection systems

source of H 2S emissions, which re-

the emission of harmful gases into the

quires dedicated laboratory facilities


that are H2S safe.

with special air-handling and gasdetection systems that are H 2S safe. SRC has unique laboratory facilities

Hydrogen sulfide and the geochemical sulfur cycle are intimately tied up

and has designed its experimental

with industry, the biosphere, and the

programs such that the conditions

environment. Monitoring and control

that initiate the process of H 2S gener-

are essential for the potash, oil and

ation can be clearly understood along

gas, and water treatment operations

with the materials (e.g. weeds, indus-

that support Canada’s economy and

trial oil, and brine) that cause the sour

infrastructure. s

INDUSTRY LEADERS: • Commitment to Safety • In-house Design, Engineering, Project Management & Lean Construction • Delivering Quality Projects On Time & On Budget





1 (800) 553-0007


50 PotashWorks 2020

• Turn-key Construction • Fertilizer Storage & Handling • Greenfield Projects • Mechanical Upgrades & Retrofits • Scheduled Maintenance & Urgent Repairs • Build Client Relationships

South West Division Office South/Central Construction Office 3-170, 20th Ave. NE, Swift Current, SK S9H 2L6 290 Hodsman Road, Regina, SK S4N 5X4 Toll Free: 855.773.0681 Toll Free: 855.525.3050

Business and Northern Construction Office Box 430, Highway #3, Birch Hills, SK S0J 0G0 Toll Free: 888.749.3306

Sask Polytech Mining Engineering Technology students can now transfer to USask Engineering

Geological Engineering is a four-year degree program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Students will get credit for more than a year’s worth of engineering courses Students in the Mining Engineering

porter of this partnership that ben-

neering Technology diploma offers,

Technology program at Saskatch-

efits both Sask Polytech and USask

and then the opportunity to go on

ewan Polytechnic (Sask Polytech)

students. This partnership equips

and complete their Bachelor of Sci-

are now able to experience the best

mining engineering students with

ence in Engineering.

of both worlds as they train for their

flexible education options and pro-

future career.

vides employers with skilled employ-

Thanks to a new partnership, they can earn a two-year diploma in the Min-

ees ready to support the province’s mining industry.

“We are proud to collaborate with IMII and the University of Saskatchewan through agreements like this that reinforce our strong academic partner-

ing Engineering Technology program

“We’re committed to diversifying

ship and dedication to student suc-

and then transfer into the Geological

and growing our enrolment, so that

cess,” said Hilts.

Engineering Program at the Univer-

our students bring a variety of ex-

sity of Saskatchewan (USask) College

periences and perspectives into the

of Engineering.

classroom. This agreement helps us

This means students could graduate with both a Sask Polytech diploma and a USask degree after only five years of study. The goal is to provide mining engineering students with the opportunity to access a top-quality, Saskatchewan-based education within a shorter

Transferring from the Sask Polytech program to the USask Geological En-

do that,” said Suzanne Kresta, dean

gineering program became possible

of the USask College of Engineering.

after the schools signed an official

“We’re happy we could work with

agreement that gives Mining Engi-

Sask Polytech to benefit students and

neering Technology grads 54 credit

our schools.”

units towards their engineering de-

Jamie Hilts, dean of the School of Mining, Energy and Manufacturing and School of Natural Resources and

gree – which would otherwise take more than a year to earn at USask Engineering.

Build Environment, adds that they are

Graduates from the Sask Polytech

providing pathways where students

Mining Engineering Technology pro-

The International Minerals Innovation

benefit from the practical and hands-

gram years 2017 to 2020 must meet

Institute (IMII) has been a strong sup-

on education that their Mining Engi-

USask admission requirements to

time frame.

52 PotashWorks 2020

transfer into the four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. This includes having Chemistry 30, Physics 30, and Pre-Calculus 30, with a final grade of at least 70 per cent in each, or acceptable equivalents at the university-level. Sask Polytech has articulation agreements with a number of universities and colleges across Canada and internationally. USask has secured, and continues to pursue, transfer articulation agreements with domestic and international post-secondary institutions, allowing transfer students more options and flexibility. Mining



Geological engineers are trained to characterize and predict the behaviour of natural materials and fluids.

bridge the gap between a mine technician and a mine engineer. They may find work in hard and soft rock min-

Geological engineers are trained to

with the least possible disturbance

ing operations or work for consulting

characterize and predict the behav-

to the environment. Geological en-

firms as surveyors, ventilation techs,

iour of natural materials and fluids.

gineers also work to design and de-

ground control techs, mine planners,

They work to find and develop re-

velop stable building foundations,

field techs in exploration, supervisors,

sources and also play a role in deter-

bridges, dams, highways, landfill sites,

and many more positions.

mining how waste can be disposed

and waterways. s

EARN A DIPLOMA + A DEGREE. Sask Polytech Mining Engineering Technology (MIET) grads can now transfer into the USask Geological Engineering degree program. USask will grant MIET grads transfer credit toward their Geological Engineering degree. Sask Polytech MIET grads from 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 are eligible to participate. Visit saskpolytech.ca/MIET or engineering.usask.ca for more information.

2020 PotashWorks 53

Rotary dryer system solves centrifuged potash cake processing issues

Rotary dryers are commonly used in the potash industry.

Rotating the shell is an electric motor and drive assembly running at a constant speed with sprockets of heat-treated carbon steel to increase life.

A customer recently came to Heyl Patterson Thermal Pro-

with the use of rotation and the slight slope of the shell.

cessing with issues drying and processing their centrifuged

Custom-designed internal lifter flights lift and shower the

potash cake. The wet potash cakes were not breaking apart

material through the hot gas stream flowing the length of

and drying evenly. This caused clumping and quality con-

the rotary shell. These lifter flights provide uniform heating

trol issues, slowing down later processing and transport.

of the potash and aid in the maximum drying of surface wa-

Heyl Patterson engineers used their experience within the

ter. Dried material then discharges from the dryer through

potash industry to develop a solution that fixed the cus-

a bottom chute on the discharge breaching, where it trans-

tomer’s issues.

ports to the next step in the processing line.

Rotary dryers are commonly used in the potash industry,

Without heat there can’t be drying, and the hot gas used

which worked perfectly here. Heyl Patterson designed and

in the rotary dryer is provided by a natural gas-fired com-

built the rotary dryer to have a 40-foot (12.19 metre) length

bustion system. A forced convection heat transfer moves

shell with a seven-foot (2.13 metre) diameter. The shell, con-

co-currently with the material to drive off the moisture. The

structed of thick carbon steel plate, withstands the load of

furnace is a unique Heyl Patterson refractoryless design to

25 metric tons an hour. Attached to the shell are two weld-

allow for faster startup and shut down of equipment.

less and seamless forged and hardened steel tires, which then ride on special Heyl Patterson trunnion wheel assemblies. Each forged and hardened steel wheel is machined to exact specifications and is capable of supporting the weight of the shell, and to accommodate thermal growth of the shell. Rotating the shell is an electric motor and drive assembly running at a constant speed, with sprockets of heat-treated carbon steel to increase life. Thrust rollers on each end of the discharge end tire are used to restrict longitudinal movement of the shell while in use.

The material created entrained solid fines during drying that would exit through the cooled exhaust gas, so a specific exhaust filtration system was needed. Due to abrasion and corrosion risk that potash creates, an included upstream cyclone performed primary removal of fines to reduce the amount of solids reaching the baghouse. The corrosion risk was significantly reduced and the life of the baghouse increased. Built to be a high-efficiency type, the cyclone has a minimum of 85 per cent fine collection efficiency at 20 micron. An airlock at the bottom of both the cyclone and baghouse discharge collected solids to a connected screw conveyor. All the surface areas of the cyclone, baghouse,

A feed screw transports the wet centrifuged potash cake,

and airlocks were upgraded to stainless steel to help with

which conveys the material into the top chute on the feed

corrosion prevention.

breaching of the rotary dryer. An end dam and spiral flighting on the feed end push material forward and prevent back spillage of material. The wet material then moves along the inside of the dryer

54 PotashWorks 2020

Once the rotary dryer joined the potash processing line the customer saw an immediate increase in quality, and production was not slowed by the bottlenecks caused by their previous drying attempts. s

Graham successfully delivers

Saskatchewan’s first Overland Belt Conveyor System With over 20 years of experience in

to work with one of the world’s lead-

it’s turned into crop nutrients that are

the potash industry, Graham has es-

ing producers and marketers of con-

shipped to farmers around the world



to grow healthy, sustainable crops.






with potash producers in Saskatch-

crop nutrients, The Mosaic Company.

ewan. This allowed Graham’s team to

They have key distribution facilities

exemplify excellence in building proj-

in eight countries, with much of their

ects for the potash industry.

potash production facilities located in

“We describe our potash project team as multidisciplinary – from work with mill development, refurbishing of existing mills and new construction including foundation, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation work,” explains Ed Couture, senior operations manager, Graham. “These skillsets meet the demand of our potash producers.”

Saskatchewan. In January 2017, Graham began construction of the Overland Belt Conveyor System. This conveyor system transports raw potash between the

“Our project team was new to this type of construction,” says Couture. “To help make this a successful project for everyone, we included superintendents into the estimating phase which was our solution to ensure collaboration with the frontline. This thorough planning ensured we exemplified a win-win strategy.”

newly developed mine site at Mosaic

Completed in September 2017, this

K3 to existing mill facilities at the K2

unique project is the longest single

mine site near Esterhazy, Sask. The

belt overland conveyor in Canada,

outcome of the conveyor system is a

with a total length of 11 kilometres.

solution to moving the product in an

The overland conveyer system pass-

Graham’s experienced and knowl-

efficient mode of transport, bringing

es through nine tunnels, under a ma-

edgeable project team was selected

the potash away for processing where

jor highway, and was constructed on

Graham’s experienced and knowledgeable project team was selected to work with Mosaic, one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients.

56 PotashWorks 2020

Right: In January 2017, Graham began construction of the Overland Belt Conveyor System.

Left: The overland conveyer system passes through nine tunnels, under a major highway, and was constructed on top of a gravel road base, passing through an environmentally sensitive wetland region.

top of a gravel road base, passing

Upon completion, the project team

ing that the job was completed with

through an environmentally sensitive

was proud to safely deliver a suc-

some of our most experienced and

wetland region.

cessful project to the client with zero

knowledgeable team,” says Couture.

Graham’s quality of supervision was

lost-time incidents, on time and on

“We are proud to have delivered an-

integral on this project from the pre-


planning stages to the end. This was important as the conveyor system in-

“We leveraged our people, ensur-

other successful project that has added value to our potash industry portfolio.” s

volved thousands of components and fasteners which led the project team to recognize that the best approach

Completed in September 2017, this unique project is the longest single-belt overland conveyor in Canada, with a total length of 11 kilometres.

would be to create a detailed material management plan. As construction began, the project team quickly adapted an assembly-line type mentality due to the repetitiveness of the construction process. The quality of construction could not be compromised as the overland conveyor belt system is one single long belt, which would be in use over a long period of time. Attention to every measurement had to be executed throughout the entire 11-kilometre belt. The project team followed a mentality of ‘doing it right the first time’ for installing every single roller over the lengthy distance. Daily quality inspections ensured that the roller installation upheld this high standard.

2020 PotashWorks 57

As with all of its products, the Mine Supply Company team remains connected with end-users at site, working with clients to develop the best solutions for site-specific issues, all the while keeping the clients’ production goals front of mind.

Mine Supply Company and ABC:

Leading the way in mine ventilation ABC Ventilation Systems and Mine Supply Company work with clients to understand particular operating issues in order to aid manufacturers in developing the best possible solutions.

with Mine Supply’s premium brands. In touch with operators at all Saskatchewan mining locations, the Mine Supply team acts as boots on the ground, working with clients to understand particular operating issues in order to aid manufacturers in developing the best possible solutions. ABC Ventilation Systems and Mine Supply Company have worked in this way since ABC was first founded in 1968 by Darryl Yausie. This legacy relationship has led to the development of numerous innovations designed specifically for the region’s mines. Miners in Saskatchewan’s potash region know the particular need for abrasion resistance, and ABC Ventilation’s premium product was created in response to the demands of this environment. A vertically-integrated manufacturer of flexible and semi-rigid polymer products and air distribution systems for mine and tunnel ventilation, ABC Ventilation controls production from start to finish.

Mine Supply Company has been working with Saskatchewan’s potash operations since 1966, when owners Jim Balfour and Warren Champ joined forces to answer the need for a regional mine supplier. While the company initially focused on consumables, they soon moved into equipment, ventilation, ground support, and more – continually updat-

The company’s premium lines include the renowned FlexLine (Minevent, Twinduct, Mineduct) and Hardline (Max, Oval, PRO) performance ducting plus all the necessary accessories; ventilation control solutions (brattice, curtains, inflatables); and ventilation fan systems (fans, silencers, dedusters and integrated cassette options).

ing the product line in order to provide the most innovative

Always ahead of the game, ABC Ventilation was the first

and cost-effective solutions for clients working in a variety

to utilize 100 per cent virgin PVC (i.e. no recycled mate-

of conditions across the province. What has remained con-

rial from unknown sources) in production, and to eliminate

stant is an unwavering commitment to quality and efficien-

phthalates from its plasticizers. This means that under-

cy; this has increased the importance of close relationships

ground workers breathe the cleanest, safest air possible.

58 PotashWorks 2020

Explore the Possibilities Expert mining solutions from SIMSA

Since 2013, members of the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) have helped keep Canadian companies performing on the global stage, forming the backbone of the fast-growing Saskatchewan industrial economy along the way. Now you can put that real-world experience to work for your operations. Our more than 200 members (and growing) are world-class problem solvers who will meet your deadlines and budget and help you find ideas that work in the real world. From construction pros to engineering experts and more, we’ll help you tackle your biggest challenges. What can SIMSA members do for your business? Visit our website to explore our Saskatchewan Supplier Database and find out.

www.sksd.ca Database funding sponsors

“Every mine in the world is concerned about rising energy costs and carbon taxes,” says Kevin Carriere, Mine Supply Company’s ventilation expert. Carriere also stresses the unique advantages of a regional, integrated manufacturer. “ABC controls the whole manufacturing process, which minimizes both supply and loA vertically-integrated manufacturer of flexible and semi-rigid polymer products and air distribution systems for mine and tunnel ventilation, ABC Ventilation controls production from start to finish.

gistical risks overall, and ensures faster delivery at a lower freight cost. And their quality control is unparalleled.” As with all of its products, the Mine Supply Company team

“Miners depend on our ducting to provide the clean air

remains connected with end-users at site, working with cli-

they breathe,” says Derrick Ryce, western regional man-

ents to develop the best solutions for site-specific issues,

ager – Canadian mining, ABC Ventilation. “We take this re-

all the while keeping the clients’ production goals front of

sponsibility very seriously.”

mind. With over 100 years of combined operations, sales

The manufacturer is also committed to meeting or exceeding client expectations related to sustainability and the environment. ABC Ventilation sources the best possible raw

and procurement experience, the team knows the value of premium products, and the importance of examining the total cost of ownership of a good.

material, produces the fabric, and coats it in their facility in

“It’s so much more than the base price,” says Carriere. “We

Saskatoon. Every product goes through a rigorous quality

need to consider the principal cost of the good, then the

control system in ABC’s state-of-the-art MSHA-certified

cost of freight, and the cost of maintaining that good over


the life cycle of either the asset or the mine’s production

“Every mine in the world is concerned about rising energy costs and carbon taxes,” says Kevin Carriere, Mine Supply Company’s ventilation expert. “ABC has invested millions of dollars to develop the most efficient technology – supe-

run,” says Carriere. “Our ultimate goal is to minimize down time and maximize production time for our clients. Our relationships with our clients and vendors, and commitment to quality products helps to ensure that.”

rior quality, low friction, low leakage – in order to deliver air

To find out more about this Saskatchewan company and

further down the line, without increasing the demand for

its premium product lines, connect with the team at

power. This is the best product out there.”

sales@minesupplyco.com or call 306-653-1056. s




Proudly Serving the Potash Industry Since 1965

MINING EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES SPECIALIZING IN BITS AND CONVEYING COMPONENTS Bit Service Company offers full cutting assembly design, fabrication and repair

Bit Service Company Ltd. | Phone 306-653-0988 | Fax 306-244-2262 | E-mail admin@bitservice.ca 60 PotashWorks 2020

Reliable starting for potash conveyor systems By Scott McElroy, VP Sales – Industry, Voith Turbo, a division of Voith Canada Inc.

A conveyor drive running four 350 HP motors at 1780 RPM uses the Alignment Free Mounting Voith Coupling 562 TVVFS-Z-XP-X.

Inset: Voith TVVS Fluid Coupling.

In nearly all forms of mining, conveyor

its infancy in Canada in the 1960s for

ditional fluid couplings were added to

systems are required to transport the

one reason: they work. They work

existing drives, which maximized the

mined material from its source to an

well in harsh conditions and they are

start time and power of heavily load-

on-site processing facility or storage

generally less expensive than com-

ed conveyors. Further success was

area. These conveyor belt systems

peting technologies while also offer-

found in retrofit applications, and the

are subjected to great stresses and

ing overload protection and shock

TVVS units were soon used for new

extreme conditions as they transport

dampening. Positioned between the

conveyors as well.

raw material. Starting the conveyor

electric motor and gear reducer to

leads to even further stress on the

drive conveyors, these early fluid cou-

Most of the installed units are used

belts. Fluid couplings, however, offer

plings were initially used only on small

with disc-pack style couplings. Con-

soft-start capabilities to reduce con-

conveyor systems.

nection-coupling mounting was up-

veyor wear-and-tear, protecting the belt and avoiding unplanned downtime.

By the early 1990s, the first triple 400 HP drives were made available with the Voith 562 TVVS units. These

graded to a shrink-disc design. This was done for safety and achieved by not requiring hubs to be heated. It also simplified installation and main-

Fluid coupling development

units were powerful enough to be in-

Fluid couplings have been in use in

following years, production capaci-

For underground applications, fluid

the potash extraction industry since

ties increased underground and ad-

couplings are installed on motors

62 PotashWorks 2020

stalled as a main line conveyor. In the


Your production safeguard Fluid couplings for conveyors Your conveyor belts are among the most important pieces of equipment on your site. Protect them with the soft-start capabilities of Voith’s fluid couplings. For more information, contact: Scott McElroy +1 416 931 1829 Scott.McElroy@voith.com


The couplings come with a special speed-sensitive valve to allow rapid restarting of drives while also allowing the use of motors with soft-start capabilities. from 100 HP to 400 HP, usually as

When an electric motors starts, it en-

Without a fluid coupling, sudden

dual, triple, or quad drives. The fluid

counters low resistance from the fluid

starts via a direct, mechanical con-

couplings are ideal for multiple drives

coupling. The fluid coupling slowly

nection between the motor and drive

since the power transmission can be

transfers energy to the load. The ini-

puts a belt at risk for breakage, fol-

matched by small adjustments in fluid

tial oil in the working circuit goes out

lowed by lengthy downtime and lost


to the annular shell chamber, keeping

How fluid couplings help conveyors When an electric motor starts, it en-

forces low. The double delay chamber empties into the working circuit to drive the load.

production. The capability of fluid couplings to provide soft starts to conveyor systems is what makes them so valuable to the potash extraction industry. With 1.5 million fluid

The slow transfer of torque that

couplings sold, Voith is the experi-

brings the conveyor up to speed is

enced fluid coupling provider for the

varied via the amount of oil in unit or

potash industry, reliably protecting

works up to full speed, the coupling’s

with interchangeable nozzles in the

production from unexpected stop-

working circuit, located in the annular

delay chamber. The couplings come


shell chamber, empties. As this oc-

with a special speed-sensitive valve

Learn more by contacting Scott

curs, the torque of the motor is trans-

to allow rapid restarting of drives

McElroy at Voith’s Mississauga

ferred through this fluid flow to the

while also allowing the use of motors

office at 416-931-1829, or


with soft-start capabilities.

scott.mcelroy@voith.com. s

counters low resistance from the fluid in the coupling, which slowly transfers rotational energy. As the motor

Engineering and Construction Services

64 PotashWorks 2020


ON-PIPE, NO REMOVAL MAINTENANCE SLEEVE REPLACEMENT DONE IN MINUTES, NOT HOURS Patented opening mechanism featuring unique, groundbreaking design Ultra-safe design eliminates hazardous maneuvers



West River begins manufacturing of impact bars and bed for the underground and above-ground mining industry

Large volumes of tonnage, like those produced by potash operations through improved mining techniques, have created a need for heavier conveyors to be able to handle demanding loads. Conveyor systems that include impact-resistant products are the lifeline of any operation’s productivity and efficiency. Conveyor lines take a beating from the materials being moved. Materials that are heavy, sharp, or unusually shaped have the potential to really wreak havoc on conveyor belt and structure. That is where West River saw a need for a new and improved impact bed solution. West River’s impact beds are designed to better absorb the stress that materials and products put on conveyors and this is especially important for conveyors Installed West River impact bed on an overland conveyor project.

that move bulk and jagged product in underground mines and quarries. Good impact beds also help eliminate spills and dust accumulation – especially in the load zone – keeping operations running longer and minimizing downtime. West River’s impact beds are best installed at conveyor transfer and feed points to reduce the risk of puncture damage to conveyor belts. They have impact beds to fit any specific application and any type of conveyor. There are many advantages to installing impact beds to complement your conveyors’ operations. Those advantages include the following: • Robust & impact resistant: Impact beds made from heavyduty structural steel are robust and impact resistant – two attributes that help them stand up to the demanding materials and load quantities that many work with on a regular basis. • Extended skirting life: West River impact beds’ robust properties don’t just prevent conveyor belt damage, but they also help extend the life of the skirting. • Reduced spillage: In addition to skirt sealing, West River Conveyors’ impact beds also help reduce product spillage. • Reduced maintenance costs: Reduced product spillage, dust accumulation, and belt damage directly correlate to less overall maintenance. This means you won’t just save money

West River impact bed being manufactured in our facility.

66 PotashWorks 2020

on maintenance and repair costs, but you’ll also save by re-

Impact bed being built in our manufacturing facility.

ducing conveyor downtime. It all adds up to improve the bottom line and reduce operating expenses. • Overall safer work environments: Impact beds help promote a safer, healthier overall work environment. Studies show that a safe, healthy work environment can directly translate into more productive workers. The benefits of impact beds lead to a more productive, leaner work environment. Impact beds help minimize maintenance, extend product life, and help keep product moving consistently from Point A to Point B along the conveyor belt. West River Conveyors has built a business on providing quality conveyor solutions to meet any specific requirements of its customers. Having been a part of the Canadian potash market for years, West River understands the demands placed on conveyor equipment that must transport potash to the surface. Reliability and quality are both key to providing impact beds that last. In addition to impact beds, West River supplies conveyor drives, tail sections, take-up units, starters, winches, belt storage units, and more to an ever-evolving potash industry. West River recently started providing customers with a turnkey conveyor solution including belt and structure into their product mix. Their structure product line includes structure available in CEMA B through CEMA E+ arrangements that can be either single beam or box frame design. West River’s mantra has always been to satisfy their customers’ conveyor needs in every way possible. “A turnkey solution is what customers are looking for so that is what we are providing, a one-stop-shop for all of their conveyor needs,” said Pete Savage, VP business development for West River. West River continues to be a leader in custom-engineered conveyor equipment and is a proud and trusted supplier of the U.S. and Canadian potash industries. s

2020 PotashWorks 67

Preserve and maintain – Quality and safety Commercial Sand Blasting and Painting

Since 1968, Commercial Sand Blast-

tion services for metallic and con-

end beaded epoxy mortars, our firm

ing and Painting (Commercial) has

crete substrates

has applied systems to every config-

serviced the industrial sector from its offices in Saskatchewan with corrosion protection services. The company is COR Safety Audited - SSPC QP1 and QP3 Quality Certified.

• Cathodic inspection and systems • 20,000 and 40,000 psi water blasting and cleaning Commercial


uration of equipment and pipe spool system in the province.


Many operating facilities use fiberglass piping, tanks, and process



units for the delivery of liquid cargos

Commercial has custom-built shop

structural steel to every industry

throughout their plants. From the in-

facilities along with the largest fleet of

within Saskatchewan, from single- to

stallation of new equipment to the

mobile equipment in Saskatchewan,

multi-coat systems, as well as fire-

maintenance of existing assets, our

all designed to achieve the highest

proofing. Commercial is certified for

fiberglass technicians will help plan

possible performance. We provide

the application of fire-proofing mate-

and execute your project.

year-round services to the mining, oil

rials from several material suppliers.

and gas, chemical, pulp and paper, and industrial companies throughout Western Canada. Our services include: • Industrial media blasting of all types •E  poxy systems •L  atex systems • 1 00 per cent solid coating systems • Installation of environmental containment systems •T  ank linings • Fiberglass inspection and maintenance • Abrasion-resistant linings including ceramic tile and beaded systems, rubber, urethane, and epoxy-based systems •F  ireproof coatings both cementbased and epoxy/water-based intumescent

Our firm works with steel fabricators

With our large shops and 40 acres of fenced land, forklifts, and cranes, no

within the province, Canada, and the

project is too large to handle.

United States, as well as European

Our experienced staff is available

suppliers to abrasive blast, coat, and line special service equipment. With on-site cranes and specialty-lifting equipment for the handling of items

for a complete list of inspection services for: structural steel, tanks and vessels, carbon and stainless steels, and structural fiberglass. We will as-

up to 300 tons at our shop facilities in

sess the integrity of your coating and

Saskatoon, projects of all sizes can be

lining systems using both visual and

handled easily.

destructive testing as required. Our

The petrochemical industry in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta require high-end coating and lining products to protect both their stor-

NACE and SSPC trained staff, engineers, and technologists will provide inspections





age tanks and process equipment.

You will find Commercial Sand Blast-

Our firm both coats and lines oil stor-

ing and Paintings headquarters and

age tanks and oil and gas pipeline



north of Saskatoon in the Corman In-



dustrial Park.

•F  loor coatings

Commercial has provided industry

•C  oncrete surface repairs, including

with tiling and wear-resistant lining

Please visit the Commercial Sand

robotic demolition and shotcrete

services since the early 1970’s. From

Blasting and Painting website at

systems application

butted tile, to hex matt systems, to

www.csbp.ca, or contact us at

engineered tile placement, to high-

306-931-2820. s

• Industrial coating and lining inspec-

68 PotashWorks 2020


SIMSA uncovers local procurement’s impact A new study reveals that in-province procurement pur-

• 33,363 full-time equivalent jobs (over 21,000 direct)

chases by Saskatchewan resource companies would deliv-

• $2.1 billion in labour income

er nearly four times more economic benefit to the province

• $2.0 billion in total tax contribution

than purchases made from non-Saskatchewan suppliers.

“We’ve grown from 74 to over 200 members over the past

According to the study, each dollar spent exclusively with

three years, thanks in large part to in-person events with

local suppliers would generate $1.51 in total economic out-

Saskatchewan resource sector companies like Nutrien,

put for the province, compared to the $0.39 that would

BHP, Cameco, K+S, Mosaic, and Federated Co-op, plus

be generated by purchases from out-of-province suppliers.

ongoing support from Western Economic Diversification

“We always knew that purchasing from local suppliers benefitted the province,” says Rob Tebb, chairman of the board for the Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA). “But now we have a more con-

Canada, SaskBuilds, and the Ministry of Trade and Export Development,” says Eric Anderson, SIMSA’s executive director. “As more suppliers join us, we can contribute even more to the Saskatchewan economy.” s

crete idea how much more impact local spending can have on our local economy.” Commissioned by SIMSA and performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the study used data from current spending patterns plus interviews with SIMSA members to compare the theoretical impact of one dollar spent by a resource company in three ways: 100 per cent in-province, 100 per cent out-of-province, and the current 63/37 (excluding utilities) local to out-of-province spending split. In addition to overall economic output, the impact of spending on GDP, jobs (full-time equivalent), labour income, and total taxes was assessed. A dollar spent with local suppliers would generate $0.86 in GDP, $0.34 in labour income, and $0.18 in tax revenue. That same dollar spent with suppliers outside Saskatchewan would return only $0.25 in GDP, $0.13 in labour income, and $0.05 in tax revenue to the province. The study also tracked the economic impact of spending for out-of-province resource companies on Saskatchewan suppliers, noting that every dollar spent in Saskatchewan generates $1.12 in economic impact for the province. Concurrent with its study on the total impact of local spending on the province, PwC also assessed the total economic footprint of SIMSA’s over 200 members based on their global and local sales. According to the study, SIMSA members in 2018 generated (direct, indirect, and induced): • $15.1 billion in revenue (over $10 billion direct) • $8.263 billion in GDP

2020 PotashWorks 69

Employment law and the emerging notion of the dependent contractor By George A. Green, McKercher LLP lawyer and partner Employers are generally familiar with the distinction be-

mination. The dependent contractor status was recently

tween an employee and an independent contractor. A

affirmed by the court in Keenan (c.o.b. Keenan Cabinetry)

third category of worker, known as the “dependent con-

v. Canac Kitchens, a Division of Kohler Ltd (“Canac”) 2016

tractor”, is beginning to be more widely recognized by Ca-

ONCA 79.

nadian courts.

Lawrence Keenan was the principal of Keenan Cabine-

A dependent contractor falls between an employee and an

try and worked for Canac for 32 years installing kitchen

independent contractor. A dependent contractor is typi-

cabinets. Keenan’s wife, Marilyn also worked for Canac

cally found to be a contractor that is economically depen-

as a foreperson for 25 years. During their early years, the

dent on its principal. A written agreement setting out how

Keenans were listed as employees of Canac, but in 1987

the parties wish to label and identify their working relationship is not determinative of the matter, as the courts will look behind the label to determine the true nature of the working relationship. The primary factor the courts will consider in determining whether a contractor is dependent is whether the contractor is working predominantly for one principal.

Canac informed the Keenan’s they would be independent contractors rather than employees. The Keenans subsequently signed a document setting out that they were subcontractors of Canac. Between 1987 and 2007, the Keenans worked almost exclusively for Canac, wore shirts with company logos, and carried Canac business cards. In 2007, business slowed down and the Keenans began doing some

If the working relationship between a contractor and the

minor work for one of Canac’s competitors to supplement

principal is found to be dependent, the principal must pro-

their earnings.

vide the dependent contractor with reasonable notice of termination, similar to an employer/employee relationship, although the amount of notice may be different depending on the circumstances.

The Ontario court found the Keenans were dependent contractors of Canac because other than some occasional minor work, they worked almost exclusively for Canac. Although the Keenans owned some of their own tools, they

In Khan v. All-Can Express Ltd., (2014 BCSC 1429), for ex-

effectively worked out of Canac’s business premises and

ample, the Supreme Court of British Columbia found the

were Canac’s employees or exclusive contractors to the

existence of a dependent contractor relationship where

outside world.

Khan, an owner-operator of his own truck, entered into a contract whereby he worked nearly exclusively for the Defendant courier company. Although Khan signed a contract providing that he was an independent contractor responsible for the maintenance of his truck, and that he

Actions seeking damages on behalf of dependent contractors have also been successful in Alberta in Drew Oliphant Professional Corp. v. Harrison (2011 ABQB 216), Weber v. Coco Homes Inc. (2013 ABQB), and most recently in Nova

was required to hire a replacement driver when he was not

Scotia in Shaham v. Airline Employee Travel Consulting Inc.

available, the court found he was a dependent contrac-

(2018 NSSM 18).

tor because Khan had a nearly exclusive, long-term (five year) indefinite relationship with the courier company, had to wear its uniform, and was required to follow its policies and procedures.

Although the legal concept of dependent contractors has yet to be formally recognized in other Canadian courts besides Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, their recognition in the remaining provinces is likely inevi-

More recently, in 2016, the Ontario Court of Appeal con-

table and can be applied to an employer retroactively so

firmed that determining the “status” of the worker is es-

long as the claim is commenced within the provinces’ ap-

sential in determining an employer’s obligations upon ter-

plicable limitation period. s

70 PotashWorks 2020



McKercher LLP has a specialized team of lawyers and support staff dedicated to providing advice to local and international clients in the oil patch, potash industry and other natural resource sectors. Our mining and natural resource practice includes specialized mining agreements, acquisitions & dispositions, financing, regulatory issues, environmental concerns, First Nations & government relations, and litigation. With offices in both major cities in the province, we are strategically positioned to take advantage of all that Saskatchewan has to offer. We are proud of all that we have accomplished and consistently work towards serving our clients with innovation and integrity. With roots tracing back to 1926, we know our province and the intricacies of thriving in the business landscape of the prairies.

SASKATOON 374 Third Avenue South Saskatoon SK S7K 1M5 (306) 653-2000 F (306) 653-2669

REGINA 800 - 1801 Hamilton Street Regina, SK S4P 4B4 (306) 565-6500 F (306) 565-6565


Full-service RESPEC taps value for potash and salt producers Providing a full suite of services to

profitable, according to RESPEC’s

industry’s digitization race. Focused

support the entire mine life cycle, RE-

Tabetha Stirrett, co-president and se-

on mine optimization, design, and

SPEC also helps mining companies

nior geologist.

planning for both surface and under-

re-invent themselves for the digital era. With the World Economic Forum

With 50 years of serving the mining

ground, RESPEC provides expertise in every phase of the mine life cycle

estimating a multi-billion-dollar value

and oil and gas markets worldwide,

on digital transformation for the min-

RESPEC holds unsurpassed exper-

ing industry over the next five years,

tise in geology, engineering, and min-

mining companies now accept the

ing. RESPEC is busier than ever sup-

necessity of digital transformation

porting the acceleration of Canadian

A leader in smart mining, RESPEC dif-

to stay competitive, safe, secure, and

potash and salt exploration and the

ferentiates itself by mentoring com-

72 PotashWorks 2020

while increasing productivity, protecting sensitive data, and reducing waste.

panies to take ownership of mining’s

Feeder™, are used to optimize and

design and scheduling, resource and

“new normal”. Featuring a wide range

manage mining data.


of services in engineering, materials




surface monitoring instrumentation,

testing, drilling, and secure data man-

With local roots in Saskatchewan’s

agement, RESPEC’s expertise in con-

potash and 21 locations across the

nected mining and geology benefits

U.S., RESPEC does it all, from green-

Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global

every aspect of a mine – from green-

field assessments to operating mine

leader in geoscience, engineering,

field to closure. According to Stirrett,

settings. RESPEC services include

data, and integrated technology solu-

who is based in RESPEC’s Saskatch-

full-procurement drilling, rock me-

tions for major industry sectors. Visit

ewan office, “We’re powerfully differ-

chanics testing and research, mine

them online at www.respec.com. s

ent because of our multi-disciplinary

mine reclamation, and more.

approach to integrated technology. RESPEC has a 50-year track record of specializing in unique solutions for clients that others simply can’t provide.” For an industry that’s working towards “digital maturity”, RESPEC works like a trusted advisor who promotes operational excellence, precision ore management, and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV). Since 2018, RESPEC has partnered with AutoModality to develop a fully autonomous UAV system for underground inspection, mapping, and search and rescue in abandoned and inaccessible mine workings. RESPEC also supports clients with the most advanced hardware and software tools in the industry, including smart sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, big data, and advanced analytics. In close collaboration with the mining industry, RESPEC’s business units in mining & energy and water & natural resources work closely with its data and technology solutions (DTS) team to bring more diversity of thought to mining-industry solutions. The DTS team plays an essential role in helping clients “think outside the mine” to achieve a truly optimal and secure environment. RESPEC’s strategy is to embed digital technologies in every task associated with managing and operating a mine. Additionally, RESPEC’s software products, GeoSequel® 2.15 with LabTools and blast-

2020 PotashWorks 73

The MacGyver Installation:

Building a crane in a box “You’ve heard of building a ship in a bottle? Well this was building a crane in a cement box!” – Kristian Electric project coordinator. When it comes to installing a customer’s crane, we at Kristian Electric are the best at what we do. Although every crane order is unique, the steps to manufacture and install each piece are often routine. However, occasionally our Kristian team is tasked to orchestrate a crane install that would make even MacGyver proud. Here are the facts of the case. A construction company approached us to install a Gorbel workstation crane within a city pump station. Trained operators for the city will use the crane to assist in maintenance and repairs on the pumps, motors, and valves in the lower level of the water lift station. Open and close install case, right? Wrong! Kristian Electric needed to install the crane in a room that was no more than a few feet larger than the workstation crane itself – and with dimensions of 20 feet, five-inch headers and 43A construction company approached Kristian Electric to install a Gorbel workstation crane within a city pump station.

feet and six-inch-long runways – this left little room for anything else. Another obstacle to consider was building access as the largest entrance to the building was a double man door. So not only did Kristian technicians need to ensure safety for themselves working within a restrictive and confined environment, but safety for the crane components as the install was completed. Above all, the Kristian install team needed to navigate these safety challenges brought on by the small space while ensuring the job was completed in a timely matter for the customer. “We had a number of obstacles to overcome before we even started. It required a lot of forethought and measuring,” said the Kristian project coordinator on the job. After putting many heads together, the Kris-

Kristian Electric needed to install the crane in a room that was no more than a few feet larger than the workstation crane itself – and with dimensions of 20 feet, five-inch headers and 43-feet and six-inch-long runways – this left little room for anything else.

74 PotashWorks 2020

tian install team formulated a plan. The first step was ensuring the general contractor for















ww w.d ec ain du str ies .co m


Once the larger components were moved in, the Kristian install team went to work constructing the workstation crane within the little tin can room.

station crane within the little tin can room. They continued using the monorail electric chain hoist to lower components into the room and the spyder crane to hoist them into place. Once the workstation install was completed and commissioned, the spyder crane was disassembled and hoisted out of the room using the monorail. Finally, the electric chain hoist was removed and voila! The city pump station had a new Gorbel the pump station removed all of the

Meanwhile, a picker truck was situ-

old equipment and piping to create

ated outside the building and the

the largest working area possible.

Kristian install team used the picker,

The second step was using an elec-

in conjunction with the spyder crane,

tric chain hoist installed on the exist-

to feed one of the headers through a

ing monorail, Kristian engineered and

window from outside so it could be

fabricated a special spreader beam to lift and lower a spyder crane, with

installed above the monorail beam.

workstation crane to assist them with maintenance and repairs going forward. All said and done, the job took a little over a week. Everything went as expected and our customer was very pleased. So, just like MacGyver always said,

only two inches of clearance, through

Once the larger components were

“Any problem can be solved, with a

the double man door and into the

moved in, the Kristian install team

little ingenuity”… and a little Kristian


went to work constructing the work-

Electric! s



DEL Communications Inc.

Your key to success. WE OFFER OUTSTANDING PERSONAL SERVICE AND QUALITY IN THE AREAS OF... • Terra Excel Drones • Enterprise Solutions • Authorized DJI Dealer • Real-Time ROI • Reliable Knowledge • Product Leadership Innovative Technology

780.924.3525 76 PotashWorks 2020

www.teccorp.ca dlarson@teccorp.ca

• Creative design • Advertising sales • Trade publications • Qualified sales & editorial team


March 1 – 4 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, Canada

REGISTER AT pdac.ca/convention Purchase an All Access Pass and enjoy unlimited programming, networking events & more!

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK 25,000+ attendees from 132 countries GAIN INSIGHTS FROM INDUSTRY EXPERTS 780+ speakers ACCESS TO CAPITAL 2,500+ investors PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS 1,100+ exhibitors


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2019-09-23 10:55 AM



Canada’s premier publication dedicated to the promotion, production and distribution of potash.

Serving the Potash Industry for over 50 Years!


• 100% Indigenous owned consulting company • Environmental potash services monitoring/ testing/assessments • Project management / stakeholder engagement • Security services 24/7

2704 10th Avenue, Regina, SK





Visit us online at

potashworks.com to view the magazine digitally, as well as keep up-to-date with current potash news.

PotashWorks magazine can also be found at relevant trade shows throughout the year. 78 PotashWorks 2020

Your Organization’s Contracted Risk Manager

Your Organization’s Contracted Risk Manager


Cameras and Lidars selfclean potash, salt, mud, grease, without requiring fluids, air compressors or regular maintenance.

info@excelsensetechnologies.com 778-288-6462 www.excelsensetechnologies.com

• Corrosion Resistant • Eliminate interruptions in tele-operated equipment • Foresee clogs in chutes, and material transfer points • Monitor inside silos and storage bins • Eliminate under-loading or spillage

Adding and protecting value to Potash Companies by providing expert Enterprise Risk Management BYAdding PROVIDING EXPERT ENTERPRISE RISKbyMANAGEMENT and protecting value to Potash Companies providing expert Enterprise Risk Management • Design and execute dynamic, adaptable and ongoing enterprise risk management programs • Design and management execute dynamic, adaptable ongoing enterprise risk management programs • Design and execute dynamic, adaptable and ongoing enterprise risk management • Foster risk-aware cultures with risk embedded asand a core element of decision making programs • Foster risk-aware cultures with risk management embedded as a core element of decision making Systematically identify, analyze,with evaluate and measure enterprise-wide risks • •Foster risk-aware cultures risk management embedded as aenterprise-wide core element of decision making • Systematically identify, analyze, evaluate and measure risks • Assess, develop, employ and monitor practical and cost effective risk treatment measures • Assess,identify, develop, employ andevaluate monitor practical and cost effective risk treatment measures Systematically analyze, and measure enterprise-wide risks • Impartially• assess, design and implement effective and cost-efficient risk-financing programs • Impartially assess, design and implement effective and cost-efficient risk-financing programs

• Assess, develop, employ and monitor practical and cost effective risk treatment measures • Impartially assess, design and implement effective and cost-efficient risk-financing programs

Phone: 1-289-337-8386


www.georesources-risk.com www.georesources-risk.com Phone: 1-289-337-8386 Phone: 1-289-337-8386


INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE CONSULTING SERVICE • Workplace, office & home indoor air quality • Mold, bacteria & other biological contamination studies • Noise surveys & workers noise exposure studies • Workplace illumination, diesel fumes, silica, lead & asbestos • Fume hoods test & compressed breathing air tests • Fence line & environmental air contamination studies • Hand and whole body vibration studies, • Cold stress & heat stress monitoring

jrl.consulting@shaw.ca 306-665-3289

Check our website for a complete list of services www.jrlindustrialhygiene.com / www.jrlindustrialhygiene.ca

Doing it right, being honest and excelling in service is a JRL tradition.

Your single-source supply of all mine hoisting plant equipment. North Bay, Ontario Tel: 705-495-8587 E: info@minehoist.ca www.minehoist.com

IRONWORKERS LOCAL UNION NO. 771 Building Better Futures!

International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron

Local 771 Union Office, 1138 Dewdney Ave. East Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4N 0E2 Email: Phone:  Fax:

info@local771.ca 306 522‐7932 306 352‐1367

website: www.local771.ca

For advertising options and editorial opportunities, please contact Mic Paterson

mic@delcommunications.com or toll free 1.877.284.4478 2020 PotashWorks 79

CMI specializes in developing innovative solutions our customers. We have developed

The CMI-EV-1730 model.

data acquisition systems to be incorporated with the continuous mining machines. These systems collect performance and reliability data from the mining face while streamlining the automation of the work identification process. This ensures the right information is being tracked to maximize the effectiveness of the equipment. Downtime is recorded allowing reliability initiatives to be focused on the maximizing overall value. Recently CMI was awarded the IMII 2019 Innovation Award for development of our new underground dust collection system. This system, when coupled with an engineered transfer chute, will reduce and capture the At Continental Mine & Industrial Supply Ltd. (CMI) we collaborate to define and provide innovative solutions. What this really means is that CMI has a unique process to leverage on over 100 years of experience in all aspects of the mining industry, from underground production and maintenance, to surface processing, to major projects and expansions. Using the wisdom we have gained throughout the years allows us to ensure all of the right questions are asked at the start

also processes the dust to prevent dust compounding at each subsequent transfer downstream. Reduction of dust generation increases the overall efficiency of the operation by reducing the clean-up effort while reducing diesel emissions as cleanup is completed with diesel-powered equipment. Increased cleanliness has a direct impact on increasing equipment reliability. CMI’s battery-powered man carriers

problem, scope, or needs are defined.

have been proven in North America’s

Once this has been done correctly it

hard rock mining applications requir-

is then quite easy to provide the right

ing ramp access. Our equipment has

that is tailored to meet our custom-

80 PotashWorks 2020

system transfer point. Our system

of a project to ensure that the right

solution by providing the equipment

CMI’s battery-powered man carriers have been proven in North America’s hard-rock mining applications requiring ramp access.

dust generated at each belt conveyor

been incorporated into mines with ramps at 18 per cent for over two

ers’ requirements.

miles. Our man carriers have proven

The Saskatchewan potash industry

the units traditionally used. The zero

is looking for step change innovation

emissions have had a positive effect

to transform their operations for the

on production due to increased per-

future. We have responded with sev-

formance and optimized ventilation.

eral innovation initiatives to support

We are in the process of bringing

to be a very low-cost alternative to

the next model to market. Our new

increase the extraction ratios from

nating the discharge of tailings into

CMI-EV-1760 model is equipped with

of 35 to 40 per cent presently ex-

the tailings management area. This

double the battery capacity of our

perienced underground up to 75 to

project is presently at the early stages

1730 model and will have between

80 per cent while maximizing safety

of development, but this could be the


of the underground personnel. This

key to ensure that Saskatchewan’s


project will double the mine life of ev-

potash resources are managed ef-

The Saskatchewan potash industry

ery underground potash mine within

ficiently and we remain competitive




has stated they want to incorporate

the province. This new technology is

within the world markets.

step change technology into their

very adaptable to automation initia-

CMI excels at application-based en-

mining operations. CMI and our part-

tives which support the direction of

gineering and design focused on

ners have developed our HYPERION

the industry. This project will reduce

maximizing our customers’ full poten-

Project which stands for: High Yield

the environmental impact towards

tial. Please contact us with areas you

Potash Mining Reducing Impact On

a net-zero environmental footprint

want to put our innovation solutions

Nature. This project is designed to

growth by reducing or possibly elimi-

to work. s

CMI-EV 1700 CMI-EV 1700 CMI-EV 1700

Battery Powered Mancarrier Battery Powered Mancarrier Battery Powered Mancarrier • Volt 48 Lithium Volt Lithium Ion Battery System A/C Drive Motor •• 48 Ion Battery System A/CA/C Drive Motor 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery System Drive Motor • On-Board Multi-Voltage Charging System (110V-230V) •• On-Board Multi-Voltage Charging System (110V-230V) On-Board Multi-Voltage Charging System (110V-230V) • Zero Maintenance Self-Protecting Battery Management System •• Zero Maintenance Self-Protecting Battery Management System Zero Maintenance Self-Protecting Battery Management System 5 Year Battery Warranty (3 Year Unlimited Replacement) •• 55•Year Battery Warranty (3 Year Unlimited Replacement) Year Battery Warranty (3 Year Unlimited Replacement) • Regenerative Braking System + Opportunity Charging • Regenerative Braking System + Opportunity Charging

• Regenerative Braking System + Opportunity Charging

• Mine Proven Chassis & Drive • Mine Proven Chassis & Drive TrainTrain

• Mine Proven Chassis & Drive Train

• Certified Modular R.O.P.S. System • Certified Modular R.O.P.S. System

• Certified Modular R.O.P.S. System

• 100% Electrical Disconnect Master Switch • 100% Electrical Disconnect with with Master Switch

• 100% Electrical Disconnect with Master Switch

• Additional Safety Options Available Request • Additional Safety Options Available UponUpon Request

• Additional Safety Options Available Upon Request

• Customized profile to meet customers • Customized drivedrive profile to meet customers

• unique Customized drive profile to meet customers unique requirements requirements unique requirements

The mining industry needed better personnel carrier. The mining industry needed a aa better personnel carrier. The mining industry needed better personnel carrier.

TheCMI mining industry needed awith better personnel carrier. CMI professionals came up tailored solution! CMI professionals came upup aa tailored solution! professionals came with tailored solution! CMI professionals came up with a tailored solution! expertise, years of experience processes Our Our expertise, years of experience andand processes

CMI designs, builds, and integrates CMI designs, builds, and integrates CMI designs, builds, and integrates mining and industrial solutions that mining and industrial solutions that can maximize productivity and can maximize thethe productivity mining and industrial solutionsand that profitability of your company.and profitability ofthe your company. can maximize productivity

profitability of your company.

| (306) - 1944 TEL | TEL (306) 975 -975 1944 | cmisk.ca webweb | cmisk.ca

TEL | (306) 975 - 1944 web | cmisk.ca

a unique perspective of our customers’ givegive us aus unique perspective of our customers’ Our expertise, years of experience and processes requirements. requirements.

give us a unique perspective of our customers’

CMI delivers tailored solutions by asking the right CMI delivers tailored solutions by asking the right requirements. questions understanding the individual needs questions andand understanding the individual needs tailored solutions by asking the right ofdelivers our customers. ofCMI our customers.

questions and understanding the individual needs of our customers.

+ innovation + innovation

+ integrity + integrity

+ performance performance ++ innovation

+integrity expertise ++expertise

+ performance

+ expertise 2020 PotashWorks 81

Veolia has a long fertilizer crystallization experience, deep technical know-how, and state-of-the-art research and development capabilities.

The R&D lab at Veolia.

Clean crystal potash Water-soluble potash fertilizers are

water-soluble fertilizers. Today, with

the optimal way to deliver potassi-

the help of digital tools and advanced

um nutrients. But not all are created

precision techniques such as drip ir-

equal. Advanced crystallization tech-

rigation and foliar feeding, growers

nologies are the most efficient and

know exactly what, when, and where

responsible way to yield high-purity,

to deliver.

fully-soluble potash crystalline products. The world is facing resource limita-

Not all soluble fertilizers are created equal

To be clear, high-performing crystalline potash products can only be produced with the proper crystallization technology. For the world to thrive, the future

tions in its quest for feeding a grow-

Whether supplied into the roots or

is crystal clear. We have to do more

ing population. Poor soils and water

sprayed over the leaves, soluble fer-

with less. Grow more food with fewer

scarcity, along with the consequenc-

tilizers not only boost nutrient uptake

inputs and less waste. To the potash

es of biodiversity loss, have raised the

but also save on water. But achiev-

fertilizer market, that means full solu-

barriers to expand the agricultural

ing these outcomes without plugging

bility with minimum impurities. And

frontier. And the effects of climate

dosing devices is easier with crystals.

to achieve them, crystallization tech-

change combine to create impacts


nology is the key.

on soil erosion, nutrient runoff, heat

provide higher solubilities and lower

stress, more plant disease, and less

impurities than any alternative prod-

water security.

ucts at acceptable pH levels.

The solution lies in using the land

To be clear, high-performing crystal-

search and development capabilities.

more intensively, not in converting

line potash products can only be pro-

Through HPDÂŽ evaporation and crys-

more of it into cropland. To this end,

duced with the proper crystallization

tallization technologies, Veolia recov-

growers use potash fertilizers. They

technology. And because crystalliza-

ers and crystallizes more value from

deliver the “building blocks� that sus-

tion can upgrade a variety of lower-

potash resources while enhancing

tain most of the essential plant func-

grade raw feedstock into higher-val-

environmental performance through

tions. But to make the best use of

ue products, it can also bring more

energy savings and water conserva-

these added nutrients, growers apply

revenues at higher margins.

tion. s

82 PotashWorks 2020



Veolia has a long fertilizer crystallization experience, deep technical know-how, and state-of-the-art re-


Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership 211 Wheeler Street, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0A4 T: (306) 652-4432 • F:(306) 652-4431 E: info@cannorth.com • www.cannorth.com

An aboriginal-owned consulting firm

providing cost-effective professional environmental services in: • Environmental Impact Assessment

• Hydrology

• Project Permitting and Approvals

• Wildlife, Vegetation, and Soil Assessments

• Environmental Baseline Studies • Construction Monitoring

• Habitat Restoration and Compensation Planning

• Aquatic and Fish Studies • Aquatic Toxicology

• Water Quality Investigations

• Species-at-Risk Surveys

• Mapping Services

• Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments

• Heritage Resources Impact Assessments • Specialty Socio-Economic Services

Specializing in the mining industry

Material Handling at its Best! When your products are handled in adverse conditions then Sellick has a forklift for you. Built to meet the heavy demands of North American industries, Sellick’s nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience provides designs to enhance profitability, productivity, and safety. These include hydraulic fork movement, a variety of fork lengths and attachments, solid and pneumatic tires, air conditioned cabs, and a wide range of lift heights with capacities from 5,000 to 16,000 lbs. Sellick products are supported by a nationwide dealer network providing superior support for parts and service needs. Call toll-free or e-mail us today for complete information.

1-877-SELLICK (735-5425) sales@sellickequipment.com

2020 PotashWorks 83

Derrick Corporation –

Committed to the potash industry

Stack Sizer Installation Screening Potash Tailings in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Applications • Primary ore sizing screens - 3.2 mm to 4.5 mm • Regrind screens - 1.4 mm, flotation tails are screened • Fines column concentrate screens 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm • De-sliming screens - slime removal at 1 mm

Benefits Efficiency • High-open-area

1.4 mm Derrick Polyweb® polyurethane screen panels.



panels prevent blinding and will last 20 to 30 times longer than the aver-

With over 100 screens in Russia, 75

much product as possible with mini-

in Canada, 36 in Israel, 20 in Chile,

mal additional work. Derrick’s unique

and six in Jordan, Derrick Corpora-

urethane screen panels reduce near-

tion helps potash producers meet

size blinding to maintain optimum ef-

product grades and specifications

ficiency, while offering unmatchable

by increasing overall plant efficiency

panel life.

and product recovery. These contributions span many decades of suc-

• Proprietary 70-mesh urethane panels — primary wet screening from crusher to flotation — have approximately 35 per cent open area, compared to 10 per cent for competitor

In addition, the Derrick Stack Sizer®

• Repulp troughs and spray bars re-

tude horizontal screens, which com-

introduce brine to free up fines

monly utilize a sieve bend prior to

trapped in the product bed. In

Derrick works together with global

the screening surface. Conventional

conjunction with Derrick’s high-

potash producers to improve mill



frequency low-amplitude vibratory

recovery and efficiency. Its propri-

ciency, higher circulating loads, high-

motion, the repulp process produc-

etary high-capacity, high-efficiency

structural maintenance costs due to

es cleaner oversize product, reduc-

product design has proven to be a

dynamic loads, and excessive brine

ing the load on the flotation cells

robust, reliable screening solution,

spray on the screen deck to liberate

and saving costs for additional re-

ensuring that operations capture as


agents such as amines.

around the globe.

84 PotashWorks 2020


urethane panels.


cessful service to the potash industry


age woven wire panel.



The Derrick Stack Sizer replaces conventional high-amplitude horizontal screens, which commonly utilize a sieve bend prior to the screening surface.

Maintenance •V  ery low maintenance requirements •E  asy and fast panel replacement •S  acrificial, replaceable anodes help prevent corrosion on the live frames in the harsh potash environment •M  otors are self-lubricated and have exceptionally long life

various flowsheet options to improve classification efficiency and increase production rates. The plant receives potash tailings containing a high level of NaCl from major potash producers in Saskatchewan. The company concluded that through additional sizing and removal

The plant receives potash tailings containing a high level of NaCl from major potash producers in Saskatchewan.

of fines from the tailings, an environmentally friendly option could be pro-

Case Study – Derrick Stack Sizer increases capacity and recovers product from potash tailings Background

duced for several applications.

After completing the Stack Sizer installation, the following results were



Full-scale laboratory tests were con-

• Production rate rose by 35 per cent.

ducted in Buffalo, New York, to deter-

A company headquartered in Saska-

mine the efficacy of the process. Test

• Overall plant availability increased

toon, Sask., produces and supplies

results indicated that the Stack Sizer

due to long-lasting polyurethane

bulk salts and packaged ice melters

could eliminate more than 90 per

screen panels.

for business, municipal, and retail use

cent of fines. The unit was equipped

in North America. The company of-

with 1.2 mm Derrick non-blinding, ex-

fers salt crystals for highway de-icing,

ceptionally high-open-area Derrick

feed, hide curing, and drilling mud, as

Polyweb® polyurethane screen pan-

well as salts for water softening and

els. Following successful full-scale

• Initial calculations indicate that ROI

road stabilization. Over several years,

test results, the customer decided to

was 166 per cent, with payback in

the company had experimented with

purchase the Stack Sizer.

just four months. s

• By drying only the final product, rather than entire feed, energy consumption was significantly reduced.

2020 PotashWorks 85

60+ years of serving the mining industry

IWL Steel Fabricators

IWL Steel Fabricators is proudly 100 per cent Aboriginal owned by the Clearwater River Dene Nation of LaLoche, Saskatchewan.

IWL is able to provide full-service, cost-effective customer solutions for a wide array of projects, large or small.

IWL Steel Fabricators was originally

IWL is certified to Canadian Welding

practices, and provide employees

established in the 1950s in Saskatoon,

Bureau CSA Standard 47.1 – Division

with a safe work environment. In ad-

Sask. IWL has a proven track record

2. IWL employs a Level 2 CWB weld-

dition, we are ISNetworld certified as

and continues to provide a quality,

ing inspector, as well as CWB-certi-

a subcontractor.

cost-effective solution to the potash,

fied welding supervisors. All welding

industrial, and construction market

personnel hold valid CWB tickets for


various procedures and material al-

IWL is proudly 100 per cent Aboriginal owned by the Clearwater River Dene Nation of LaLoche, Saskatchewan. Clearwater River Dene Nation is the fourth generation of ownership at IWL and is committed to growing and expanding the company to meet its full potential. Through the core competencies of the Clearwater River Group of Companies, IWL is able to provide



customer solutions for a wide array

loys. IWL supports the Saskatchewan apprenticeship program and employs apprentices in both the welding and steel fabricator trades.

With professional engineers on staff working in conjunction with external engineering firms, we provide an integrated approach to project solutions. Our CAD/CAM department uses 3D modelling technology to provide detailed fabrication drawings

Our quality management system is

for both shop and field use; as well as

third-party audited by Quasar via the

input data for our robotic fabrication

Canadian Institute of Steel Construc-


tion. The cornerstones of the system include material traceability, dimensional verification, ITP implementation, and execution and subcontractor management.

3D modelling provides a seamless transition from the design concept to the reality of fabrication. The direct interface of modelling software to automated fabrication ensures the addi-

of projects, large or small. With three

IWL is signatory to Mission: Zero and

tional benefit of increased productiv-

fabrication facilities, IWL has a multi-

supports the goal of a workplace with

ity, integrated project management,

tude of options to best facilitate proj-

zero injuries. IWL puts safety first to

scheduling accuracy, reduced field

ect execution.

prevent injury, eliminate unsafe work

cost, and maximum site efficiency.

86 PotashWorks 2020

IWL has invested in technology to ensure efficiencies throughout the fabrication process. At time of drawing issue, all pieces are assigned a unique barcode to track material from the fabrication stage through to painting, loading, and shipping to site. This barcode forms the basis of all documentation moving forward. Barcode scanning ensures accurate shipping documents and eliminates the possibility of delivery delays or

With professional engineers on staff working in conjunction with external engineering firms, IWL provides an integrated approach to project solutions.

missing components. Through cellphone technology, IWL is able to facilitate barcode scanning on site to further assist in material receiving and site storage. On a typical project, IWL acts as a

We are a multi-dimensional fabricator with capabilities to do a wide range of steel-fabrication projects: • Structural steel, pipe supports, pipe skids, and modules;

supplier to either the project owner or

• Platework – tanks, chutework, pump

the general contractor. However, we

boxes, surge bins, hoppers, and

are also able to act as a general con-


tractor and manage several trades to provide the completed end product.

mechanical soft drop system, and bucket elevator casings; • Splitter gates, grizzlies, material gates, motor bases, and pipe spools; • Platforms, stairs, handrail, and mezzanines; • ASME welding, sandblasting, painting, galvanizing, and installation

• Material handling – conveyor galleries, belt conveyors, cross conveyors,

services are available through our qualified subcontractors. s

817-50th Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada S7K 3Y5

www.iwlsteel.com T: 306-242-4077 F: 306-934-2827 E: info@iwlsteel.com

Proudly serving the mining industry for over 60 years.

The quality and complexity of our platework capabilities ensures customer satisfaction Specializing in: • Integrated 3D modelling & fabrication • Bucket elevator casings • Tanks • Customized fabrication for material handling • Mechanical chutework • Pipe spools • Conveyor galleries & pipe modules • Pump boxes & launders • Potash grizzlies • Belt conveyors & cross conveyors • Material gates & splitter gates • Cyclones

2020 PotashWorks 87

Saskatchewan-based company with national pumping power

NFIT carries a large variety of pumps, including Grindex Submersible Pumps.

It’s only natural that a company head-

Established in 2005 by Brett Cain,

enough that another sector will likely

quartered in Nipawin, Saskatchewan,

North Fringe Industrial Technologies

pick up some of that slack. And, when

would know a thing or two about

(NFIT) offers products and services

you throw in natural causes such as

water and how to handle it. Located

which include manufactured pump

floodwater and wildfire fighting and

a stone’s throw from the E/B, Camp-

stations and dewatering stations,

suppression, which of course can-

bell Dam, which created nearby To-

pump sales, screens, and pump and

not really be predicted or planned

bin Lake, is the home of North Fringe

hose rentals. NFIT also has trained

for, North Fringe is always well-posi-

Industrial Technologies, a company

and specialized technicians to handle

tioned to help our customers in one

that provides solutions for clients with

all of your in-house pump repairs.

way or another.”

water-related challenges or issues.

They are your one-stop shop for parts – including hoses of all types, sizes and varieties – along with all kinds of accessories.

88 PotashWorks 2020

NFIT services its clients – which go from coast to coast to coast – from either its head office location in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, or from their

NFIT also specializes in dewatering,

two other locations in Gibbons, Al-

evaporation, filtration, and dredging.

berta and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Their areas of specialization are in

NFIT also has a number of sales con-

sectors such as mining, oil and gas,

tacts, primarily across the prairies, to

industrial, and agri-food, as well as

meet the needs of their growing cli-

municipal and marine.


“We’ve been fortunate in that our

Like the sources and bodies of water

products and services can cover off

that it handles and displaces, North

a wide variety of industries,” says

Fringe is mobile and flexible to meet

Brett Cain, president of NFIT. “So, if a

the needs of its customers. With 500

particular industry or sector is expe-

pieces in their rental fleet, includ-

riencing a downturn, we’re diversified

ing diesel, electric and submersible

NFIT offers products and services which include manufactured pump stations and dewatering stations, pump sales, screens, and pump and hose rentals.

pumps, light towers, generators, hose, pipe and frost fighters, their services include on-the-spot delivery to any exploration and construction sites, to locations as remote and specialized as diamond mines in Canada’s rugged Northwest Territories. Having such challenging territory and terrain to cover, it only makes sense that NFIT offers only the best in pumps and accessories. They carry a full line of pumps such as Pioneer Centrifugal Pumps, Grindex Submersible Pumps, Air Diaphragm pumps, Griswold Ansi Pumps, Grundfos Pumps, and many process and positive displacement pumps. “We have a great line of pumps and pump products, whether it’s in sales, service, rentals, dredging, or dewatering, we’re confident we have the product for every need,” says Cain. “Whatever the problem, we think we can provide a solution.” s

2020 PotashWorks 89

With Saskatchewan mining over half the world’s potash reserves, Dynamo Electric is well established in the mining sector and is partnered with numerous mining companies across Western Canada.

Dynamo Electric

Power and control specialists Established in 2002, Dynamo Electric is

With Saskatchewan mining over half

man-hour project included instal-

a Saskatchewan-owned-and-operated

the world’s potash reserves, Dyna-

lation and commissioning of 25 kV,

design-build and maintenance com-

mo Electric is well established in the

5 kV, 600, and 208 volt equipment,

pany, specializing in power systems and

mining sector and is partnered with

stainless-steel cable tray, battery

control solutions for industrial and util-

numerous mining companies across

bank systems, and protection and

ity clients. Within this niche market we

Western Canada. From projects and

control systems.

are capable of completing broad-scope

planned maintenance to emergen-

As a licensed consulting engineering

projects and services which allows us to

cy service calls, Dynamo Electric is

firm, Dynamo Electric assists many

be the complete technical solution pro-

committed to their clients and well

customers with the various phases

vider for our clients.

equipped to meet long-term opera-

of the engineering process, includ-

tional needs.

ing: electrical system design, devel-

Dynamo Electric has four business

opment of equipment specifications,

units; engineering, technical field ser-

In addition to the substantial amount

vices, electrical construction, and steel

of commissioning and maintenance

fabrication. Dynamo Electric’s staff of

work performed on surface, as well

specialists include electrical engineers,

as underground at the various pot-

automation specialists, instrumentation

ash facilities throughout Saskatch-

an integrator of process automation

technologists, electronics and electrical

ewan, Dynamo Electric was com-

and control systems with techni-

engineering technologists, mechanical

missioned to complete the electrical

cal expertise in the areas of process

engineering technologists, electrical, in-

construction of a new brine pond

control, SCADA, PLC’s, information

strumentation, and welding trades.

expansion pumphouse. This 10,000

systems, and instrumentation.

90 PotashWorks 2020

bid/tender evaluation, procurement, and project management of capital or major maintenance projects. Their technical team also excels as

As a licensed consulting engineering firm, Dynamo Electric assists many customers with the various phases of the engineering process.

From projects and planned maintenance to emergency service calls, Dynamo Electric is committed to their clients and well equipped to meet longterm operational needs. Their construction services have ranged from shift support of their clients’ existing electrical and instrumentation infrastructure, to the design-build of entire high-voltage

• • • • • •

Engineering Technical Services Construction Maintenance Steel Fabrication Training

Dynamo Electric sets a global standard as an integrated provider of engineering, technical and construction services in the mining, industrial and utility sectors. We strive to be the best at what we do, from providing solutions with sustainable value for our customers, to ensuring we maintain an exceptional work environment for our people.

substations. The Steel Fabrication division has CWB W47.1 and W47.2 certification for steel and aluminum. The group has extensive experience in the manufacture and assembly of substation structures for both bare conductor and aluminum bus configurations. Combining all these functions into one organization allows them to provide cost-effective and practice-

CLIENT EXPERIENCE We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients and creating long-term relationships. Our integration of multiple services sets us apart because clients can get all of the services they require directly from one service provider. You can expect consistent communication, customer service and sustainable solutions, regardless of which department you need. Saskatoon * Regina * Calgary * Winnipeg Toll Free 1-866-502-3355 Email info@dynamoelectric.ca www.dynamoelectric.ca

tested solutions for their clients and help them manage the needs of their electrical and control systems throughout the life cycle of the equipment. s

BETTER BY DESIGN 2020 PotashWorks 91

The value of automation in room and pillar mining Process automation in underground

consistently within manufacturer-set

automation, provides complete cut-

mining has long been a pursuit, with

parameters allows the equipment

ting cycle automation. This automa-

most advancements being made in

to operate more reliably and with a

tion function allows an operator to

longwall mining where connected

higher level of availability.

run any number of preset automated

products with repeated processes make automation easier to implement. There has also been a desire for automation in room and pillar mining, where continuous miners extract the material, and batch haulage or continuous haulage machines transport the cut material. However, the room and pillar mining process and associated movement of equipment has

Fourth, and finally, mining companies need product consistency. Automating the continuous miner and allowing it to operate within set extraction height parameters should result in extracted product that is consistent, and potentially without reject material or impurities due to over-extraction from the roof or floor.

sump and shear cycles. The continuous miner can run a single sump and shear cycle, or be set to run sump and shear cycles repeatedly until the operator intervenes. The continuous miner is programmed for a specific sump depth. However, with no sensors fitted to provide an absolute sump depth, the sump depths have a range of plus or minus 10 per cent.

made automation in the room and pil-

The initial automation feature for Joy

Automation of the sump function

lar context more difficult.

continuous miners, the one-touch

provides a significant step forward for operators, with the additional

With the advancements in sensor technologies, Komatsu has been able to make additional progress toward Joy continuous miners being able to provide absolute measurements of sump depths and accurate heading control. There are several reasons that mining

shear function, was introduced more

companies have pursued automation

than 10 years ago. This feature allowed

in the underground mining process.

a consistent extraction height to be

First and foremost, mining compa-

set, with the continuous miner going

nies are seeking to improve safety.

outside the set extraction height only

Introducing automation provides the

if the operator actively overrode the

opportunity to remove personnel

one-touch shear function. Combining

from the mining process, reducing

proportional control valves with the

their exposure to dust, moving equip-

one-touch shear function enabled

ment, and roof and rib falls. Second, mining companies want to

cutter motor feedback to be used to optimize the cutter drum shear down

increase productivity. Removing an

speed without operator involvement.

operator from the mining process in-

The resulting extraction consistency

creases the production potential by

was possible due to the improved

eliminating any inefficiencies an op-

roof and floor control.

erator may bring to the process.

benefits of more consistent sump depths and sump and shear cycle time reductions of up to 30 per cent. Komatsu




technology intended to further automate the room and pillar mining process. With the advancements in sensor technologies, Komatsu has been able to make additional progress toward Joy continuous miners being able to provide absolute measurements of sump depths and accurate heading control. Sensors are also being tested that will help to further automate the Joy Flexible Conveyor Train. The addition of these sensors would allow the Flexible Conveyor Train to follow the continuous miner into and out of cuts. Finally, Komatsu is also working to apply automation technologies to batch haulage vehicles, namely shuttle cars and battery haulers, to automate the path of these

The next step in continuous miner

vehicles from the continuous miner to

Third, mining companies want reli-

automation occurred in 2016 when

the feeder breaker and back, and to

able, available equipment. Automat-

sump automation was introduced,

increase awareness of these vehicles

ing equipment and letting it operate

and when combined with the shear

within the section. s

92 PotashWorks 2020

RadarEye System

– Equipment Safety Cameras



Reels & Cameras

Utility Locating

Locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Surrey

www.mvs.ca • 1-877-244-5434 • saskatoon@mvs.ca

Dry granulation of fertilizers Our technology has been recognized around the world for dry granulation of MOP / SOP and NPKs. Our services cover pilot plant tests, basic engineering, equipment supply, start-up supervision, and commissioning. Typical flake capacities are in the range of 10 –130 t / h or more. We have received orders for more than 90 fertilizer compactors of latest Köppern technology since the Esterhazy, SK’s remarkable Potash Interpretive Centre showcases the potash mining process in a hands on, interactive display that virtually takes you through the 10 rock and water bearing formations, and quicksand to the potash seam....”Just like being there!” May – Sept, visit the Center located conveniently on Highway 22 in Esterhazy; or book a guided tour for your group or school. Come and experience what thousands have already!

www.townofesterhazy.ca town.esterhazy@sasktel.net Off Season Guided Tours– 306-745-3942 In Season Drop in - 306-745-5406

year 2000. The total installed flake capacity of these plants is exceeding 77,000,000 tpa. Köppern – Quality made in Germany. • State of the art technology • Process technology know-how • High plant availability • Quick roller replacement


2020 PotashWorks 93

Are variable speed air compressors suitable for all facilities?

The most common type of industrial air compressor is the lubricated rotary screw.

When managers and executives look over their sites to

tive displacement compressors, designed for very little

find energy savings, their compressed air systems always

mechanical wear or internal corrosion. At full load flow,

stand out. Compressed air is a necessary evil for many

the specific power is typically 17 kW/100ACFM at an op-

industries: a vital utility, but also a huge expense. As ex-

erating pressure of 100 psig, but when partially loaded,

pensive as purchasing and maintaining an air compressor

the specific power will depend greatly on the compressor

can be, the cost to power that compressor will be three

control system. The following graph compares the perfor-

times as much!

mance of four different control types from zero per cent

While there are many technologies on the market that can

to 100 per cent full load flow.

yield significant energy savings, many of these technolo-

This graph clearly shows that variable speed compressors

gies have been developed for clean environments and

offer the best part-load performance of the four control

cannot stand up to the excessive heat, dust, oil mists, or

types. These compressors use a variable frequency drive

fumes that are found in many environments. So before

(VFD) to vary the speed of the compressor’s main motor.

buying anything, it’s important to understand how you can save energy without hampering reliability. The most common type of industrial air compressor is the lubricated rotary screw. These are oil-injected, posi-

However, it should be considered whether this is appropriate technology for the conditions at your facility. On top of the heat load produced by heat of compression, the VFD produces its own heat load that must be removed to protect the drive from premature failure. In fact, most variable speed compressors won’t even run if the VFD temperature is too high. This heat load is removed via an aluminum heat sink and small cooling fans, and so the quality of the ambient air is vital to the long-term health of the VFD. If the heat sink becomes coated in dust or oil mists its performance will quickly degrade. Even in a relatively clean environment, estimated VFD life is five to seven years, which will typically fall outside the manufacturer’s warranty period. Replacing a VFD could easily cost 25 per cent of the cost of a new compressor, which can kill any ROI expected from energy savings. Keeping this in mind, consider the relative merits of the spiral valve technology. This is a mechanical solution, a single valve driven by either a rack and pinion mechanism or a stepper motor, so the quality of the ambient air will not affect the reliability. The energy efficiency is nearly equal to VFD above 50 per cent load, and the cost is much lower. Since the spiral valve is built into the air-

94 PotashWorks 2020

Example system at 200HP Control Type

Energy Cost

Energy Savings

Base Case 1,382,710 $138,271 --

Spiral Valve

Annual kWh

Variable Speed

ROI --




5.0 years




5.5 years

end, most of the spiral valve components will be covered

tem, it will cost at least 30 per cent more to purchase, and

under the air-end warranty.

so the ROI will be about the same. With the spiral valve

Consider the above example system at 200HP, where the

compressor, we also don’t have the risk of a premature

existing compressor is using inlet modulation controls.

drive failure, which would significantly increase our costs.

The above table shows the annual energy usage and cost for each compressor, assuming an average flow of 700

When considering major changes to your compressed air

ACFM, 24/7 operating hours, and $0.10/kW energy rate.

system it is important to make careful considerations of

The VFD compressor has the lowest energy usage, as ex-

all the options available. The first step in this is to conduct

pected, but the spiral valve system is not far behind. While

a compressed air audit on your system and discuss the

the VFD saves 28 per cent more than the spiral valve sys-

pros and cons of each option with your auditor. s



• Engineering, Inspection and Certification of cranes and lift equipment • Structural Steel Engineering and Inspection • Tank and Pump Box Engineering and Inspection • Engineered Lifts and Rigging Studies • Foundation Engineering • CWB Welding Engineer Services • Engineering and Inspection of safety equipment and fall arrest systems • NDT & Weld Inspection CSA W178.1 (Visual, MPI, LPI and UT)

• Failure Analysis and Destructive Testing • Dielectric testing of aerial devices and digger derricks CSA Z225 • 3D laser scanning services

Regina Field Office: #4 - 2102 E Redbear Ave. P:306-585-6001 Saskatoon Head Office: 311 Wheeler Place P: 306-652-9229 E: contactus@kova.ca



We are proud to share this progressive new image that exemplifies our mission, our vision and our values. As your single source for quality manufacturing, efficient supply and exceptional customer service, we invite you to celebrate our 50 years in business and beyond. SASKATOON 639.397.0172 info@timeltd.ca www.timeltd.ca

2020 PotashWorks 95

Delivering project success Nutana Machine Ltd. is an integrated manufacturer and a solution provider serving many industries with potash as the main focus. The Nutana neighbourhood, which is Saskatoon’s oldest and founded in 1883, was the location of the original shop when the company was established in 1946. The current facility on 3.25 acres in North Industrial Saskatoon has been expanded to 37,000 square feet and is stocked with state-of-the-art fabrication, machining, and engineering technologies. Three generations of the Galbraith family management have been successful in attracting superior, longterm talent in order to best serve their customers. Welders, fabricators,








professional engineers all work as Sample projects from Nutana Machine include engineering and manufacturing of 1500 TPH mobile bridge conveyors.

a tight-knit team to deliver quality products on time and on budget. Continuing education and training is a cornerstone of the company’s operations along with participation in the apprenticeship system. Commitment in practicing diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices, and financial support for many Aboriginal events and causes will continue in the future. The broad experience of the company’s many long-term employees and the resulting positive deliverables has enabled its customers to develop a high degree of confidence in the company’s ability to deliver mission-critical complex projects on very tight schedules. Sample projects include:

Floatation machines from Nutana.

• Engineering



of 1500 TPH mobile bridge conveyors. Twenty systems are currently operating with the longest

96 PotashWorks 2020

Components were shipped to New Mexico for potash thickener fabrication.

Commitment in practicing diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices, and financial support for many Aboriginal events and causes will continue in the future. 10-bridge system approaching 500 feet long. • Flotation machines 200 cubic metres each; 25,000 production man hours including 3D modeling of the project to verify customer details and produce shop drawings. This API 650 project required cold temperature steel, chrome carbide overlay plate, and 100 per cent radiography. • Potash thickener fabrication. Components shipped to New Mexico for erection. Please access their website for more in-depth capability as demonstrated on past projects, www.nutanamachine.com. The company’s interpretation of quality means that “we demand project success for our customer”. It has developed the practice of doing an internal critical review of customer drawings. Many times this has meant suggesting alternate details or materials for customer approval to improve the final product or reduce cost. This dedication to shipping quality and best value is evident by the highly valued long-term customer relationships that Nutana Machine has maintained over decades. s

2020 PotashWorks 97

Your preventative maintenance system is obsolete

By Mark L. Ferge

Global mining and ore body process-

parts to mitigate against unplanned

continuously the condition of key cir-

ing plants widely employ preventa-

downtime challenges the delicate

cuit componentry and provide alerts

tive maintenance plans. These plans

balance between budget and inven-

once a component reaches its pre-

rely on predetermined intervals of

tory management.

defined performance threshold. Au-

key circuit components prior to fail-

A solution to maintain the balance

sential to mining process automation

ure, based on historical performance.

between finance and operations is

and intend to simplify the processes,


inspecting, diagnosing, and replacing

tomated monitoring systems are es-


implementing a predictive mainte-

thereby anticipating problems, as

leading to costly downtime. Maintain-

nance program (PMP). A PMP is a

well as instantaneously identifying

ing high wear and high rates of failure

proactive strategy used to monitor

them. Predictive maintenance en-


courages flexible and accurate maintenance based on equipment’s actual Ludman Model 4440 Compactors and Roll & Bearing Assembly in for repair.

condition, rather than reliance upon suggested maintenance tables. A well-developed PMP improves equipment reliability, decreases downtime, lowers costs associated with production loss, and augments replacement intervals of key componentry. Predictive



upon predictive analytics — formulating trends based on extraction of equipment performance raw data. Analyzing data trends reliably estimate the mean time between fail-

98 PotashWorks 2020

A solution to maintain the balance between finance and operations is implementing a predictive maintenance program (PMP). ures. Reliable data analysis promotes

A few examples of these standard fea-

2. Establishing an accurate database

replacement of key components as

tures include oil monitoring systems

3. Analyzing past failure modes

they reach performance thresholds,

that continuously monitor lubrication

4. Predicting failure

as opposed to guesswork that leads

oil for parts per million of heavy met-

to higher maintenance costs. Condi-

5. Initiating a pilot program

als present during premature bear-

tion monitoring equipment tracks live

ing failures, and also detect dissolved

asset performance through a variety of tools, including: • Component evaluations • Machine learning

fine minerals in oil that progressively degrade oil viscosity. Bearing vibration and spectrum analyzers manage

Gathering data is only useful when analyzed over time and applied into a sensible framework. A predictive maintenance system exists when as-

degradation of spherical roller bear-

sets communicate and perform in

ings and predict failure. Motor trends

synchrony, while providing useful

and historian systems observe basic

data trends that anticipate remedial

motor performance, such as current

action based on predefined perfor-

• Real-time patterns

levels, power, voltage, and resistance,

mance thresholds.

For example, in mineral production

temperature sensors, meggers, wind-

• Visualization tools • Digital monitoring devices • Process evaluations • Rule definition

to advanced methods, incorporating

industries, original equipment manufacturer Ludman Industries supplies

ing analytics, and oscilloscopes.

Ludman Industries 4810 N 124th Street Milwaukee, WI 53225

condition monitoring equipment as

In conclusion, five keys comprise a

P: 414.431.3500 | F: 414.431.1850

standard features on its compaction

predictive maintenance program.



1. Identifying critical assets

www.ludman.net s


20/20 PMP Predictive Maintenance Program

North America South America Europe Asia Africa Australia



+1 (414) 431-3500 sales@ludman.net 4810 N 124th Street Milwaukee, WI 53225

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE TO KEEP YOU TWO STEPS AHEAD Hindsight alone is 20/20, unless you are using predictive analytics!

Guard your equipment from sudden downtime and unexpected repairs with Ludman Industries Predictive Maintenance Program. Maintain your equipment at maximum efficiency with smart plant maintenance technology and authentic Ludman Industries parts.


Contact Ludman Service today for information on Ludman Parts 20/20 PMP Program.

2020 PotashWorks 99

Your complete fluid power resource Applied® has a demonstrated record of delivering high-quality products and dedicated service based on our 65+ years of strength in distribution in Canada. It is our strong foundation, our dedicated associates, and our best-in-class suppliers that provide us with the experience, knowledge, and ability to meet the needs of the potash industry now and in the future. Every day we are working to expand, extend, and enhance our business capabilities for our customers. To that end, we represent leading manufacturers with the highest quality brands – delivering innovative solutions for our customers’ needs. Every year we generate tens of millions of dollars of documented value-add for our customers – from inventory optimization and reduced maintenance costs, to increased production and training. In a business that demands reliability, openness, trust, and innovation, we are there every step of the way, finding solutions that can’t be found elsewhere, and positively impacting our customers’ owning and operating costs, 24/7. As an organization, we vow to always look for opportunities to align our teams, advance technologies and improve processes in support of customers’ needs. You will find at every level of Applied, our associates are committed to and accountable Applied® has one of the largest teams of certified fluid power specialists and certified fluid power mechanics and technicians to assist you with problem solving, system building, troubleshooting, and other custom requirements.

for your success. Our actions are guided by our core values and a commitment to focusing on our customers, being accountable for results, generating continuing improvements, and always working together as a team. We are proud to have served the needs of the potash industry and greatly look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead. Helping the potash industry to grow and be successful is our business. As your operational requirements become everchanging, rely on Applied Industrial Technologies for the trusted brands, expertise, and support you require. We will be there when you can’t afford to take a break – but your machinery does. With sales of $3.5 billion, Applied® (NYSE: AIT) is a leading industrial distributor that offers more than fivemillion parts to serve the needs of MRO and OEM

100 PotashWorks 2020

Applied has invested substantially in the technical support aspects of our business. We have developed an industry-leading team of professional engineers and engineering technologists that are strategically located across Canada to provide a responsive and advanced technical support service to our customers, including application and product assistance.

Helping the potash industry

dedicated fluid power support and

to grow and be successful

your performance goals and help you

is our business.

custom-designed solutions that meet achieve superior performance. Applied continues to lead the industry in innovative technology solutions. We design, develop, and deliver

customers in virtually every industry. In addition, we provide engineering, design and systems integration for industrial and fluid power applications,

fluid power solutions that optimize

• Custom design and manufacture of hydraulic power units • Custom hydraulic manifolds for petroleum, synthetic, or high waterbased fluids • Fluid power systems and electronic controls integration

operations and maximize machine

• Electro-hydraulic and electro-pneu-

performance. Our experienced Ap-

matic control packages and test

plied Fluid Power team provides new


technologies to reduce manufac-

• Custom filtration systems (fabricat-

as well as customized mechanical and

turer’s power consumption and CO2

fluid power shop services. We also

emissions, new product solutions

offer maintenance training and inven-

with top manufacturer partners, and

tory management solutions that pro-

hydrostatic transmission products, in

micrograph, particle counter and

vide added value to our customers.

addition to the following specialties:

water sensor

As the world’s largest fluid power

• Hydraulic pump, motor, valve and

distributor, Applied Industrial Technologies and our network of Fluid Power locations is your resource for

cylinder repairs • Replacement hydraulic hose assemblies on demand

ed filtrating systems and purifiers) • Fluid sampling and analysis: photo

• Hydraulic systems retrofits: updating systems to current technology and standards • Lube oil systems. s

2020 PotashWorks 101

A history of service and success

Pre-Krete placement via Lance prior to spin casting.

Pocono Fabricators’ Pre-Krete lining experience in solution mining of potash began in 1982. The Pre-Krete G-8 was tested and found suitable for exposure to an abrasive slurry very high in sulfates and chlorides. Performance was based on a pH ranging from five to eight, with line pressure varying from 1,250 to 1,500 psi with process temperatures of 10OC (50OF) to 140 C (284OF). Favourable data resulted in the utilization of our Pre-Krete G-8.

Product Pre-Krete G-8 is a bauxite-based material. The material matrix is defined by incorporating products that provide corrosion and abrasion resistance, as well as innovations that control physical characteristics. Compressive strength, flexural strength, coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal stress index, thermal shock, k-factor, or thermal conductivity must be tendered in order to assure compatibility with substrates where Pre-Krete is employed.

Service environments Pocono Fabricators’ Pre-Krete systems are designed to

Insitu application

combat the detrimental effects of corrosion and abrasion

Existing subsurface pipe is lined. Excavated access points

at elevated temperatures (1000 F / 538 C). The combina-

are located every 600 feet to 1,000 feet providing access

tions of both chemical and physical attack often lead to

to the pipeline. Utilizing high-pressure pumps, the Pre-



unanticipated failures in infrastructure and process equipment.

Experience Pre-Krete remains a cost-effective answer to the corrosion/abrasion conditions of solution mining. In addition to protecting pipelines for potash, sands oil, sulfur, lithium, and geo-thermal applications, Pre-Krete safeguards pro-

Krete is moved through flexible hoses and pulled through the pipe while a rotary spray head centrifugally applies the Pre-Krete.

Spin casting application In new pipe, Pre-Krete G-8 is applied via spin casting. Utilizing a lance, a ribbon of Pre-Krete is placed along the entire length of the pipe. The pipe is then spun and the PreKrete is centrifugally cast to the interior diameter of the

cess equipment, such as stacks and vessels, with uses in

pipe. This process requires special equipment and a skillset

the power generation, pulp & paper, petro chemical, waste

to assure that component distribution and densification of

treatment, chemical process, and cement markets.

the Pre-Krete is consistent to assure maximum service life.

102 PotashWorks 2020


materials for this service. As the world demand for agricul-

Excavation, placement, and backfilling of Pre-Krete-lined pipe are performed by highly skilled contractors. Stan-

tural-based food sources increases, yield per acre must as well. The demand for potash will keep pace with this trend.

dards have been developed for the transporting, handling,

Pocono Fabricators is a Division of Sauereisen, a third-

placement, and welding of the pipe. These details may dif-

generation company established in 1899. Sauereisen of-

fer and are specified on a project-by-project basis.

fers a complete line of protective linings and repair ma-


terials for new and rehabilitation applications. Visit them online at www.sauereisen.com.

Pocono Fabricators continues to supply Pre-Krete G-8 to potash producers for pipe ranging from three-inch to 54-

For more information, contact:

inch diameter. Additional applications for Pre-Krete exist

Robert B. Boileau

in the refinery process of potash. Pocono Fabricators is

160 Gamma Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

committed to this market and involved with improving ex-


isting products, as well as involved in R&D to consider new

rboileau@pre-krete.com s

We understand that protecting infrastructure drives profit.

Feeding your process refinery safely and without interruption is paramount.

We have the solution‌

Pre-Krete G-8 Pocono Fabricators’ Pre-Krete G-8 has been safeguarding site piping of Potash slurry from abrasive and corrosive conditions at elevated temperatures since 1982.

P: 610-400-1885 l info@pre-krete.com l www.pre-krete.com

Effectively contain material at load zones Impact Saddles provide constant belting elevation.

sign with a system that would provide



line of belt support. To accomplish this, patented Richwood Impact Saddles were required. When




type of impact protection for a transfer point, CEMA (ConFor any conveyor, the most vulner-

veyor Equipment Manufactur-

able points are the load zones. Con-




cerns often include spillage, impact,

spillage will address impact issues

calculating for the force of… “Impact

belt wear, and sealing. Together,

and containment problems simulta-

from a single lump… as the criterion

these make the load zone the most


for selecting the duty rating of an im-

expensive and problematic section of the conveyor.

Richwood, a 40-year veteran of the

Perhaps most readily apparent is the

conveyor accessories, recommends

problem of material spillage. In fact,

following three basic fundamentals

spillage clean-up is often one of the

for optimal load zones.

greatest cost factors in the use of conveyor belts. Additionally, spilled

mining industry as a developer of

1. Straight line, consistent belting el-

pact bed.” Richwood Impact Saddles exceed CEMA ratings for impact. Impact Saddles are made to distribute, isolate, and absorb the force of impact. The design is also key in creating a sag-free belt, which is essential to successful sealing.

material is wasted material, whether

evation support under skirtboards.

The foundation being laid was with a

it has to go through a process again

2.  Internal wear liner installation for

straight line of elevation and the next

or is simply factored as a loss. Displaced material can also shorten the life of components. Escaping mate-

maximum containment of bulk material load.

step was to deal with the problem of abrasion from passing material, as well as providing impact protection

rial not only requires extra clean up

3. Use of high-quality skirting rubber

and containment of fines. Richwood

personnel, but can also cause safety

for dust seal outside of skirtboards

Canoe Liners® were added to the in-


at conveyor transfers.

side wall. Canoe Liners® are unique

The Mine Safety and Health Adminis-

In Richwood’s experience, these fun-

tration in the U.S. sets the regulatory

damentals have proven to be real-

limits on dust and debris in the min-

world solutions even in the most se-

ing environment. It is imperative that

vere applications.

new conveyor systems and transfer or load zones meet these types of requirements or similar ones, in many countries. The MSHA studies conclude that conveyors with a lot of spillage also have the greatest number of accidents. A truly effective solution for material

104 PotashWorks 2020

In a recent example from the potash industry in Canada, an application required over 40 man-hours of clean up labour each week. Component wear and replacement was also an expensive issue. Following the three fundamentals, Richwood began the process of de-

in that they reliably handle abrasion and sealing while being easy to maintain. Lastly, for a complete material containment



Skirt Clamps and Rock Flex® Skirt Rubber were added. Using specially formulated rubber skirting, the area was safely sealed while belt cover damage was eliminated. Skirt Clamps were recommended to hold the skirt rubber in place. When

adjustment of rubber is required, the clamps allow for easy release and repositioning of the skirt rubber as needed. This simple system keeps product and debris where it belongs, off the floor and on the belt. Once in place, the immediate return on investment was apparent. Clean-up labour has not been needed, and component life has been extended exponentially. With a worry-free load zone, resources can now be invested in continued growth and

Typical containment system design.

productivity. For more information, please contact Richwood at info@richwood.com. s

Rely on Richwood Load Zones. Worry-Free by Design. Clean-up costs, lost product, safety and environmental issues are a real risk to productivity. A Richwood designed load zone can solve these common problems, making your loading and transfer areas worry-free. What would it mean for your productivity if loading and spillage issues were eliminated? Contact Richwood today for an on-site evaulation. Rely on

www.richwood.com before after potash works 19.indd 1


Worry-Free Load Zones



(800) 237-6951 | +1(304) 525-5436 | info@richwood.com ŠRichwood2019

10/21/19 10:35 AM

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Accutron Instruments:

Experts in mine ventilation The Pro Web-Based Interface allows for remote configuration and diagnostics from the surface.

The Accutron Pro is a more powerful device in a smaller package.

Accutron Instruments, leading the

designing an improved airflow moni-

certification on an intrinsically safe

underground mining community with

tor. Further advancements to their

variation of their airflow monitor, in-

ventilation monitoring technologies

digital signal processing introduced

troducing an improved airflow moni-

since 1993, continues to advance and

their J-Filter and E-Sensor technol-

develop technologies for all indus-

ogy to drastically reduce noise and



improve accuracy of airflow readings.

To overcome the larger tunnel sizes

Accutron Instruments produced its first time of flight technology in 1993, which provided a unique and reliable source of airflow monitoring with no maintenance required. It also pro-

Released under the FlowTrax line, this technology is unique to Accutron air-

toring technology for the coal indus-

common in the tunneling and potash industry, Accutron Instruments de-

flow monitors and allows accurate

veloped a long-range airflow monitor.

measurement in high noise environ-

The FlowTrax LR allows for airflow

ments, such as large exhaust fans.

monitoring over an extreme distance while maintaining precise measure-

vided a stable measurement through

Improvements in design and com-

extreme conditions. This was the

munication protocols also led to the

beginning of Accutron Instruments’

Accutron Mine Air Quality Station –

The release of the new Accutron Pro

world-renowned airflow monitoring

the all-in-one air-quality monitoring

in 2020 aims to improve upon air-


solution. This station can simultane-

quality monitoring and mine safety.

Accutron Instruments continued to perfect their airflow monitor, striving towards a reliable, repeatable, and easy-to-use device. In 2005, Accutron overhauled the instrument,

106 PotashWorks 2020

ously monitor airflow, temperature, air pressure, humidity, various gas concentrations, and particulate monitoring. In 2006, Accutron obtained IECEx


Based on the tried and proven FlowTrax system, Accutron has produced a product that is more powerful, and more compact. Offering the same features and reliability as the

Accutron Instruments has been providing accurate and reliable monitoring solutions since 1993.

FlowTrax, the Accutron Pro offers a

tron Pro has overhauled the installa-

as airflow sensors are bumped out of

variety of communication options.

tion and maintenance process with


The Accutron Pro can still monitor

the new Pro Web-Based Interface.

airflow, temperature, pressure, and

Remotely interact with the Accu-

humidity, and can connect with any

tron Pro from your computer, laptop,

Modbus RTU device. This includes

phone, or tablet, and access infor-

gas monitoring, additional tempera-

mation on your airflow/temperature

ture or pressure sensing, dust monitoring, and more. Onboard protocol converters can then make this information available over Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP with WiFi connectivity. The Accutron Pro also features 4-20 mA out, as well as dry contact relays. Aside from connectivity, the Accu-

Accutron Instruments’ goal is to provide safe working environments for employees, while simultaneously reducing running costs for employers.

monitoring equipment and configure

Control begins with measurement,

Modbus RTU settings. You can also

and accurate measurement is re-

run system diagnostics and software

quired to provide proper control to

updates, which can all be done from

maintain safe working environments.

the surface over your network. Accu-

Trust Accutron Instruments to pro-

tron’s new FlowTrax Pro Sensors offer

vide you with reliable, repeatable, and

active alignment feedback so noti-

accurate measurement data for your

fications can be sent to you as soon

mine air quality. s

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Process Combustion Systems Inc.

A long history with the potash industry

Figure 1: Lean Premix Burner for Rotary Dryer,

Following the potash industry’s desire to achieve lower emission standards, lower particulate matter (PM) emissions, and higher efficiency combustion systems, Process Combustion Systems Inc. (PCSI) was at the forefront of supplying ultra-low NOx and CO systems for the industry. Process Combustion Systems Inc. has been supplying high-quality combustion systems for the potash industry since the 1980s, including both rotary dryers and fluid bed dryer systems. A combustion system for a potash drying application needs to incorporate combustion efficiency and low Figure 2: Extended reaction chamber burner on a L shaped orientation.

108 PotashWorks 2020

emissions (nitrogen oxide and car-

All these pollutants are by-products of a combustion reaction, and control of these pollutants is key in any potash dryer design.

combustion systems for potash dry-

of heat is available to dry the product

ing were 65 MMBTU/hr lean premix

with minimum left over wasted heat,

burners (shown in Figure 1). The com-

reducing gas usage and uniform tem-

bustion systems incorporated ex-


tended reaction chambers, ensuring the combustion reaction is finished prior to the hot flue gases entering the dryer (Figure 2). This ensures no products of combustion touch the potash and minimal particulate emis-

bon monoxide). Since nitrogen oxide contributes to air pollution, smog and ozone depletion, control of these emissions is key for industry going

sions are produced. A typical system provided by PCSI achieved almost zero CO and the lowest NOx emission numbers possible in the potash

Following the success of these systems, lower emission and higher efficiency combustion systems have become the standard for potash producers in Canada. Newer systems incorporate higher level of information available to the plant PLC, including first out alarms and stricter flame safety standards. Process Combustion Systems Inc. continues to service

forward. In addition to NOx and CO,


particulate matter pollution caused

To increase efficiency of the system,

solutions for potash drying, driven

all the inputs to the furnace were

by industrial and environmental stan-

metered and controlled at the dryer

dards. New areas of growth are low-

front. This ensures the right amount

emission air-heating applications.

by the potash dust contacting the combustion zone is also an ongoing concern for potash producers. All these pollutants are by-products of a

the potash industry with innovative

combustion reaction, and control of these pollutants is key in any potash dryer design.

For more information on the above article and for specific questions, please contact Mohammad Hafeez, P.Eng with Process Combustion Systems Inc. at

Some of the first low NOx and CO

Mohammad.hafeez@processcombustion.com, or 403-250-1075. Visit them online at www.processcombustion.com. s

Process Combustion Systems Inc. is an industry-leading combustion solutions provider, with a long-standing history of supplying equipment and service to the potash industry in Canada. We specialize in applying cuttingedge technology, field service expertise, and decades of experience in solving the most critical challenges around potash drying and thermal processing. Serving the

PotaSh InduStry since 1981

33 - 1515 Highfield Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5M4 Mohammad Hafeez, P.Eng, Sales Manager


www.processcombustion.com 2020 PotashWorks 109

Fiscal forecasting How weather can affect your business

NRT’s customers are often more accessible during the winter months, which means the colder it is the busier they are.

By Sarah Jensen Inclement weather is a fact of life in

season ahead. At NRT, rougher roads

customers’ – is essential to successful

Saskatchewan. We move from blis-

in the shoulder season can rattle apart

fiscal planning.

tering heat to frigid cold and tie it

equipment and make for tighter de-

all together with howling winds year

livery timelines. Winter breakdowns

round. Saskatchewanians know to

have added risks to drivers who may

dress in layers and keep extra blan-

not be able to stay warm in the event

kets in the car, just in case. It pays to

of an engine failure. Equipment main-

be prepared!

tenance is imperative in cold weather.

Extreme weather can have an ex-


December if you live in Saskatoon.

Seasonal changes affect demand for

ple want to buy, but how they want to

some products and, therefore, their

buy it. In colder months, online shop-

treme impact on business, too. No one knows this better than the folks at Northern Resource Trucking. Let’s take a look at how weather forecasts

price and availability. Weather can

Customers Understanding how weather affects your customers’ buying habits is critical. It’s probably not a great idea to open an ice cream shop in midWeather not only affects what peo-

ping options may expand a retailer’s

can affect more than the mercury.

have an unseen ripple effect on our


materials become more difficult to

Bad weather can be bad business

ditions. This can affect production

when it comes to your buildings and

timelines and costs. At NRT, for ex-

outdoor equipment. It’s important to

ample, ice roads are booming busi-

have proper insurance coverage for

ness. Mines take advantage of sea-

the obvious things like ice, wind, hail,

sonal roads and increase productivity

and flood damage. But don’t neglect

while they are able to get product

the less obvious seasonal expenses

out to their buyers at reduced costs.

like extra fuel and maintenance for

They also schedule major construc-

vehicles. For employees who work

tion and equipment-repair projects

outside or in remote locations, it is es-

for the winter season, when it is eas-

pecially important to make sure that

ier to get supplies in and out of the

your buildings and equipment are

mine. Understanding and predicting

Weather has the biggest impact on

winterized and road-worthy for the

fluctuations in your needs – and your

the employees who have to work di-

110 PotashWorks 2020

businesses. Some products and raw produce in different weather con-

reach. Winter activity options can extend a tourist company’s season. In the transportation industry, seasonal roads can affect which customers you can reach at what time of year. NRT’s customers are often more accessible during the winter months, which means the colder it is the busier we are. However, road conditions can be an unpredictable variable. Communication is key when your industry is directly affected by weather changes.


NRT often hires additional sub-contractors to help with the increased winter workloads or allows permanent drivers to take extended leaves during the slower summer months.

rectly in it, but changes in weather can affect productivity in the office, too. Studies have shown that sunshine makes people more productive while dark and gloomy days can

Weather can have an unseen ripple effect on our businesses. Some products and raw materials become more difficult to produce in different weather conditions.

cause sluggishness. Colder weather increases productivity, too, maybe because moving quickly helps us to stay warm. Consider using bright natural lighting in your office space, and keeping the thermostat on the cooler side. Businesses also need to be aware of seasonal demands on the workforce. NRT often hires additional sub-contractors to help with the increased winter workloads or allows permanent drivers to take extended leaves during the slower summer months. Knowing your business’ seasonal requirements prevents the need for layoffs, and keeps full-time employees happier. In true Saskatchewan form, winter is here bright and early. Let’s make the best of it! s

2020 PotashWorks 111

The science of pumping water By Jim MacRae, Project Specialist, Ketek Group

If you’ve ever thought about it, you might have thought pumping water is simple: Hook a pump to a couple of hoses, turn it on and away you go.

the water along the discharge hose. The calculation of atmospheric pressure is crucial to choosing the right pumps. As you may remember from

the rule of thumb is that most pumps can lift water 20 feet. But even that calculation is just a beginning, as the pumps’ actual efficiency will be affected




Nothing could be further from the

high school science class, the weight

truth. Pumping water, especially large

of the atmosphere pushes on the

volumes over long distances, is a sci-

surface of the Earth. If the planet’s

ence that involves calculations of at-

surface were perfectly round, the

mospheric pressure, volume, flow,

pressure (at sea level) would be 14.7

Then there’s friction loss and “head”

friction loss, and more.

pounds per square inch (PSI) every-

to consider. Friction loss is the loss of

where. But it’s not. So atmospheric

pressure that occurs because, as the

pressure increases at low elevations

water tumbles through the pipe, it en-

(where there is more air above you)

counters resistance from other water

and decreases at high elevations.

molecules and from the sides of the

The basic premise is that pumps work by creating a vacuum. Nature, which abhors a vacuum, searches for a way to fill it. If the pump is connected to a suction hose and the other end of that

Atmospheric pressure of 14.7 PSI will

hose is immersed in water, the weight

force a column of distilled water to

of the atmosphere pushing down on

rise 33.9 feet in a vacuum. Of course,

the surface of the water will force it

water to be pumped is never distilled

into the hose and up to the pump. The

– it’s usually coming from a river or

impeller in the pump will then push

lake or from an underground well. So

112 PotashWorks 2020

suspended solids, and the inability of the equipment to create a perfect vacuum.

pipe, which might be rough. “Head” is the height to which a pump can raise water. If you have to pump water up 30 feet and your pump doesn’t have at least 30 feet of head, it won’t work. Many pumps need to be primed be-

A typical pump curve showing the “head” a pump can generate at different RPMs and the flow it will be able to achieve. The pump’s sweet spot will be somewhere in the middle of the lines.

Think of each pump as a runner in a relay race. As one pump is almost exhausted it passes the water to the next pump, which is fresh!

ergy. If they’re too far apart, the water won’t get there. Even with all the calculations, it’s important to remember that every pump is unique and requires a knowlfore operation. Prime refers to the

a pump curve, which is a graphical

edgeable operator. Improper opera-

suction hose being water tight. Air

representation of the pump’s perfor-

tion can lead to property damage

bubbles in the water can implode and

mance characteristics. For complex

and serious personal injury. Pump

cause a shockwave known as cavita-

jobs, where multiple pumps are re-

operation can be particularly tricky

tion, which damages the pump sur-

quired, it’s best to prepare a profile of

face. This is a potentially dangerous

the entire job. Think of each pump as

problem as cavitation can cause the impeller casing to explode and send metal shards flying.

a runner in a relay race. As one pump is almost exhausted, it passes the water to the next pump, which is fresh!

in cold climates, where snow and ice add to the challenges. Be sure to use a company with the experience to determine which pump, or pumps, are right for the job.

Each pump will have an operational

You don’t want the pumps to be too

Visit Ketek.ca to learn more and to see

sweet spot which can be seen on

close together or you’re wasting en-

the variety of pumps Ketek offers. s

Ketek is a leading Western Canadian provider of water management services and rental equipment Water transfers and groundwater control

Well testing and monitoring

Pump supply and maintenance

Rental of generators, pumps, light towers & more

1-855-447-5050 306-242-3500

Municipal Services: • Mechanical upgrades • Maintenance • Electrical SCADA systems

info@ketek.ca ketek.ca

Edmonton • Saskatoon • Calgary • Fort McMurray • Grande Prairie • Fort St. John • Fort Nelson

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Superior corrosion protection for the potash industry Daam Galvanizing is an environmentally sustainable company that continuously reinvests back into its operations.

Simply put, when exposed to the

test of time. Founded in 1954, a small

stands this is essential for success.

atmosphere, all metals corrode. As

kettle in a backyard grew into three

We’re proud to have implemented a

such, 65 years ago, Dick Daam rec-

employee-owned facilities; two in Al-

proactive function training program

ognized the need for a corrosion

berta and one in Saskatchewan. Our

for all employees, to guarantee that

protection system that stood the

team is technically driven and under-

we provide the highest-quality products and services and that it stays

Several corrosion problems are encountered during potash production due to the prevalent conditions of high pressures and temperatures, and the presence of very corrosive chemicals and by-products.

that way. Daam Galvanizing is an environmentally sustainable company that continuously reinvests back into its operations. One example of this is our storm water treatment building, as we were the first galvanizing plant in Canada to build such a facility. Daam’s mission is to deliver expert quality galvanizing, exceptional customer service from start to finish, and timely, cost-effective results that surpass expectations. Selecting the most effective corrosion protection system requires an evaluation of things like durability, maintenance schedule, service life sustainability, life-cycle costs, and

114 PotashWorks 2020

Hot-dip galvanizing provides three levels of resistance: barrier protection, cathodic protection, and the zinc patina.

Inset: Daam Galvanizing was the second galvanizing plant in North America to be certified by the Quality Management Institute as a corrosion protection coatings company.

how corrosive the surrounding envi-

tightly-bonded, impervious nature of

programs. Our team works together

ronment is. Several corrosion prob-

zinc-metal makes it a very good bar-

with unparalleled diligence to deliver

lems are encountered during potash

rier coating. Second, zinc protects

superior products and service while

production due to the prevalent con-

steel cathodically, which means it

maintaining the safest worksites. We

ditions of high pressures and temper-

will preferentially corrode to protect

were the second galvanizing plant in

atures, and the presence of very cor-

the underlying base steel. Even if a

North America to be certified by the

rosive chemicals and by-products.

hot-dip galvanized coating is dam-

Quality Management Institute as a

Fundamentally, hot-dip galvanizing

aged to the point that bare steel is

corrosion protection coatings com-

is specified for its corrosion protec-

exposed (up to quarter-inch diam-

pany. Our complete range of testing

tion, especially in harsh environ-

eter), no corrosion will begin until all

and monitoring equipment, along-

ments such as potash facilities. The

the surrounding zinc is consumed.

metallurgical bond between the zinc

The final factor is the zinc patina,

side our dedicated quality assurance

and the steel creates a barrier that is

which is the formation of zinc corro-

part of the steel itself, which results

sion by-products on the surface of

in a coating that is tightly bonded

the steel. These form when the gal-

and harder than the base steel.

vanized coating is exposed to the at-

Hot-dip galvanizing provides three levels of resistance: barrier protection, cathodic protection, and the zinc patina. The barrier protection is the first line of defense as it isolates the steel from the environment. That

mosphere, and once fully developed, slows the corrosion rate of zinc to about 1/30th the rate of steel. It acts as an additional passive, impervious barrier for the hot-dip galvanized coating.

managers, ensure all our products meet the expectations and requirements for harsh environments such as potash facilities. No other corrosion protection system provides the lifelong protection, durability, and cost-effective performance of galvanizing while reducing impacts on future generations. For galvanizing expertise delivered with a lifetime of experience, contact Daam Galvaniz-

said, barrier protection must remain

Daam Galvanizing takes great pride

ing for the best DAAM galvanized

intact to protect the steel, so the

in our quality assurance and safety

steel you can get. s

116 PotashWorks 2020

Seven things you need to consider when choosing a dewatering barge

Weir Minerals’ engineered to order (ETO) dewatering pump systems have been deployed in a number of hard-to-access regions around the world and can accommodate sites requiring airlift or traffic over ice roads.

Physical conditions on-site While some mines enjoy reasonable weather year-round and are readily accessible by heavy transport, it’s not Weir Minerals’ Multiflo® barges employ de-icing systems to manage temperatures as low as -50°C.

To choose the right floating pump station for a dewatering project, it’s critically important to understand the factors which affect its environment,

uncommon for the climate to have a significant effect on the installation

tions of the Canadian tundra and other arctic-like environments globally. When combined with heat tracing, self-draining pipes and other freeze prevention systems allow for worryfree, year-round operation.

and operation of waterborne dewa-

Areas prone to seasonal flooding or

tering equipment.

extended rainfall experience drastic

Unsurprisingly, the most common is-

changes in water level which have

sues come from areas where tem-

to be accounted for in the mooring

peratures regularly fall below 0°C for

or anchoring system used, access to

sustained periods. Not only can the

the barge, and bottom-out protection

resulting ice interfere with the dewa-

(filled foam used to protect against

tering itself, but surface ice can cause

hull breach) for the pump.

substantial damage over time to barg-

Three elements will determine the

For many remote sites, a seasonal or

es and pontoons, necessitating a de-

type of barge suitable for any given

permanent lack of readily accessible

icing solution to keep an area around the barge fluid.

roads designed for heavy-load traf-

application: the hydraulic requirements of dewatering, the physical

Weir Minerals’ Multiflo® barges em-

deployed on site. Weir Minerals’ en-

conditions on site, and the bathym-

ploy de-icing systems to manage

gineered to order (ETO) dewatering

etry of the water the barge will be de-

temperatures as low as -50°C, which

pump systems have been deployed in

ployed on.

have been tested in the trying condi-

a number of hard-to-access regions

deployment, operation, and maintenance.

The right barge for the job

118 PotashWorks 2020

fic will affect which barges can be

around the world and can accommo-

barges typically supporting more than

style barges with space for a monorail

date sites requiring airlift or traffic over

one pump.

or crane within the pumphouse allow

ice roads.

The nature of the substance being

pumps to be refurbished and repaired on the barge itself, while other barg-

Many other site conditions have to be

pumped also plays an important role,

accounted for when designing a barge

especially in brine or acidic applica-

system. Factors such as wind, snow,

tions. Due to the corrosive effects, the

and seismic loading all affect the buoy-

barge hulls and frames need to be fab-

When flexibility is required, modern

ancy and stability of the barge, which

ricated out of special materials or pro-

modular barge systems, such as the

Weir Minerals certifies with a marine ar-

tected with special coatings and/or an-

Multiflo® PE pontoon barge, allow for

chitectural analysis.

ti-corrosion systems such as cathodic

individual pumps to be removed for


maintenance without taking the entire

Pond bathymetry A pond bathymetry survey should be conducted to map the body of water’s

A number of secondary factors, such as

survey produces maps showing the

the provisioning of input power, pump

water depths based on location. This

maintenance strategies, and barge ac-

information is crucial to analyze wave

cess are key to the ongoing efficiency

formation which is used in the marine

of the dewatering operation.

the barge structure, pipeline, and access walkways. These factors will determine where the barge should ideally be placed and how much mooring or anchoring it will require to stay in place. This requirement can be substantial, with some projects requiring hundreds of tonnes of an-

pumps to be extracted.

plant with them.

Designing for efficient operations

geotechnical data. This hydro-acoustic

analysis to simulate wave loading on

es need to be pulled to shore for the

Access to barge In most cases, a floating walkway is the preferred method of accessing a barge – combining economic efficiency with constant, personnel access to the platform. It also simplifies power distribu-

In most cases, a floating walkway is the preferred method of accessing a barge – combining economic efficiency with constant, personnel access to the platform.


tion, as cable trays can carry electrical

The provisioning of power is another

and control cables.

key factor in designing a dewatering solution, particularly for sites which are

choring to prevent high winds forcing

For platforms which require direct ve-

the barge to break free and collide with

hicle access, a suspension bridge or

land or other equipment, or even cap-

gangway between the barge and the


shore is the most elegant solution, al-

For most applications, a shore-based

though they typically aren’t economi-

electrical genset is the ideal solution, as

cally practical over long distances, par-

it simplifies management and operates

ticularly in areas prone to snowfall.

more efficiently than a diesel engine.

The parameters of the pumps needed

For areas where neither of these are

for dewatering naturally determine



the style of barge suitable to carry it.

boats or hovercraft are generally used

Once a pump has been selected, its

to access the barge.

Dewatering and hydraulic requirements

type (vertical, submersible, horizontal),




too remote for standard electrical access.

The last key decision point is how portable the barge needs to be. Will one barge be dewatering in multiple loca-

physical size, weight, and geometry will


determine how it can be safely sup-

The ideal maintenance strategy gener-

ported on the barge.

ally depends on the type of dewater-

If it’s being reused in multiple locations,

Larger horizontal pumps will typically

ing being performed – while all pumps

does it need to be draggable between

require regular maintenance, those


deployed in clear-water applications

For larger installations, it’s important

require Multiflo® steel hull barges, while smaller vertical pumps can be mounted on Multifo® PE pontoon or fiberglass barges. In addition to the pump size, the number of pumps on one barge system also plays a major factor in barge hull determination, with Multiflo® steel hull

tions over its lifespan or deployed in a

generally have more flexibility in their planning than tailings and slurry dewatering, where maintenance is always a core part of the conversation. Larger,




particularly remote location?

to consider if the operation is likely to be scaled up or down further on, which could require modular barges or leaving extra space for additional pumps to be added down the track. s

2020 PotashWorks 119

Enhancing safety culture National Safety Solutions providing technology for safety

The Start Right 360 inspection system was designed to work with heavy equipment and company vehicles to ensure operators complete a full 360-degree walk-around inspection prior to operating by sounding an alarm in the equipment if the inspection was not completed.

Introducing National Safety Solutions, a group of people

Right 360 provides. Protecting your company’s workers and

dedicated to developing technology relating to safety and

assets has never been so simple. With the use of the Start


Right 360 it will remove the complacency and increase the

In every industry safety is a challenge. As the workload increases, workers become complacent and inspection reports start to be inaccurate, or worse, not completed. Unfortunately many of these reports have been pencil whipped and/or electronically pencil whipped, which refers to the

compliance as accountability with all employees; regardless if they are onsite or off, your assets will be protected 24/7. With this type of boots-on-the-ground approach, National Safety Solutions guarantees results with the use of their products.

employees sitting in the comfort of the vehicle or equip-

Did you know that…

ment and filling out the inspection report without walking

• Over 65 per cent of vehicle/equipment incidents are re-

around the vehicle. National Safety Solutions is committed

lated to backing up and not performing a 360- degree walk

to enhancing safety cultures throughout North America by


providing innovative solutions to these problems. The Start Right 360 inspection system was designed to work with heavy equipment and company vehicles to ensure operators complete a full 360-degree walk-around inspection prior to operating by sounding an alarm in the equipment if

• 60 per cent of all backovers involve pickup trucks or larger as the average blind zone is 4.5 to 6.1 metres • On average, over 235 fatalities and 13,000 injuries occur every year in the U.S. alone • On any investigation that requires DNA testing and mini-

the inspection was not completed. This inherently removes

mum damage of less than $1,000 will cost the company

the potential for vehicle incidents related to the operator be-

over $8,000 to their bottom line, not including down time.

ing unaware of the condition and surroundings of the given

Not to mention possible scars on the organization reputa-

vehicle. All inspections can be collected and stored on a se-


cure web-based dashboard for easy assessment by safety officers and administration.

We think they are a worthwhile company that warrants you visiting www.nsslca.com where you can see some of their

National Safety Solutions is proud of its flagship product and

other products like the Verifiable Accountability of the Daily

its ability to protect assets and people both above and be-

Scaffolding inspection reports or the Disabling 360 Walk

low ground with the verifiable accountability that the Start

Around systems. s

120 PotashWorks 2020

2020 PotashWorks 121

The future of supply chain management waiting, unnecessary movement, inventory, errors, and poor space utilization. Eliminating non-value activity, movement, or delays means that you can increase the number of shipments you complete annually, improve asset utilization, and decrease your cost. Access to better data will highlight unknown or unforeseen issues and enable our partners and customers to improve their supply chain. Because of this, we have been working on a supply chain optimization platform called Quasar.

Quasar: The future of supply chain management

The advancement of technology in

Collecting data in the field, tracking

the world today is presenting op-

shipments, tracking people, tracking

portunities for supply chain to col-

packages is being done with low-cost

lect data faster, more reliably, auto-

sensors that send data to the cloud

matically, and cost effectively. The

in real-time. Gone are the days of

fourth industrial revolution spanning

tracking shipments using paper, of

technology innovation has created

high administration to manage that

ply chain from origin to destination,

opportunities to track, measure, ana-

paper, and long delays investigating,

and optimize network health. The full

lyze, and improve our operations at

disputing, and resolving issues within

Quasar platform includes yard man-

much lower costs than yesterday. The

the supply chain. Now we’re collect-

agement, shipment visibility, activity-

days of technology implementations

ing data in real-time within minutes of

based costing, alerts, metrics, and

the event.

prescriptive analytics. Quasar is de-

that take several years to achieve are gone. With new agile development, open source code, and collaboration in the technology world, you can get data more quickly than ever before. Technology-driven



changing how we manage our supply chains, bringing down barriers and creating completely integrated ecosystems that are fully transparent with all the players involved. Those who move quickly to adopt advanced

Quasar is a secure, cloud-based platform that allows users to track the location and movement of their railcar assets in real-time, visualize their sup-

signed to capture your operational

The question is, what to do with all that data? As a provider of specialized rail services for more than 40 years, Cando Rail Services helps industrial customers move bulk materials across their supply chains and has recognized the need (and opportunity) for the industry to acquire accurate, timely data.

data, calculate the costs of your supply chain in real-time, and then enable our customers to analyze their data (without a data science degree). We see big opportunities to create an integrated, more networked supply chain in Canada. Quasar aims to make it easier to adopt technology that addresses our challenges. The

technology for their supply chain will

At Cando we believe that real-time

platform is implemented in real work-

gain efficiencies and develop new

accurate data facilitates the elimina-

ing environments in the Canadian

business models with corresponding

tion of waste. In supply chain there

supply chain. With Quasar, the future

revenue streams; all while creating

are seven kinds of waste that include

of supply chain management is here,

new competitive advantages.


and we’re excited to share it. s

122 PotashWorks 2020



Industrial Switching Terminal & Transload Services Logistics Material Handling Railcar Repair Railcar Storage Shortline Operations Engineering and Track Services



Toll-Free 1.866.989.5310 2020 PotashWorks 123 candorail.com

Fletcher Roof Bolter custom engineered for potash operations The 3120-AD Roof Bolter is a diesel-powered machine with an articulating frame, equipped with four-wheel drive.

The all-hydraulic rock-responsive hydraulic system can continually adjust the feed and rock drill for changing rock conditions, preventing stuck drill

Fletcher Model 3120-AD Roof Bolter

steel and improving bit and steel life. The complete system is located in a lockable cabinet and uses manifolds

Fletcher machine designs are largely

Including in this product line is the

with leak-free, replaceable cartridges.

dictated by mine conditions and in-

3120-AD Roof Bolter, which has seen

Test ports are provided for easy ma-

dividual customer needs. With the

great success in potash operations.

development of numerous designs

The 3120-AD Roof Bolter is a diesel-

over the years, Fletcher now carries

powered machine with an articulat-

Dust collection

a full range of metal/non-metal roof

ing frame, equipped with four-wheel

bolters, capable of working in head-

During the drilling process, the 3120-

drive. This machine is designed for

AD utilizes an internal dust collection

installing commonly used roof bolts

system. As the hollow drill steel is in-

in the back or either rib, in headings

serted into the strata, dust is pulled

from nine feet (2.74 metres) to 22

through the steel by a hydraulic driven

feet (6.71 metres) high. The drilling

blower vacuum into the pre-cleaner.

boom is mounted on a slewing table

The pre-cleaner works by filtering out

with heavy-duty turntable bearing for

non-hazardous, large particles before

smooth slewing action. Four stabiliz-

they are processed through the dust

their 3100 series product line. Tram-

ers, two on front and two on rear, help

filter. The non-hazardous material is

ming can be performed from either

secure machine position during drill-

removed through a cyclone process,

an enclosed cab or an open, pro-

ing and bolt insertion.

pushing larger particles exterior and

ings as low as 6.5 feet up to 40-foot headings. Included in this product line are designs for both man-in-basket and also remote carousel bolters manipulated from an operator’s cab. Fletcher’s man-in-basket roof bolters falls into

tected operator’s compartment. This line of equipment is equipped with an operator’s basket where all drilling, resin insertion, and bolting take

The 3120-AD Roof Bolter is equipped with a telescopic mast feed drilling system, with a rotary drillhead.

chine setup and troubleshooting.

allowing the air to flow upward into the dust system. The larger, non-hazardous particles are then disposed of underneath the machine.

place. This design allows maximum

The drill operator platform is self-lev-

After air is pushed through the pre-

versatility in bolt type and length. The

eling with a grease gun holder and is

cleaner, it enters into a series of filtra-

basket is mounted onto the boom of

designed with an hydraulic adjustable

tion systems. The air, once inside the

the machine which allows the basket

operator canopy with temporary roof

dust box, enters into a dust bag, and

to be lifted and swung for multiple in-

support. The operator has the ability

the remaining air is then vacuumed

stallations. The heavy-duty basket is

to position control tram (inch tram)

into a second cyclone process, re-

equipped with an MSHA-rated can-

from the drill platform, allowing more

moving any leftover debris. After the

opy that helps provide protection to

precise bolt placement. The platform

remaining air rises, it is then piped

the operator from overhead hazards

is equipped with both slip-resistant

through a filter, and the filtered air is

during the drilling and bolting pro-

floor and rubber matting for in-

then released back into the environ-


creased operator safety and comfort.

ment. s

124 PotashWorks 2020

Building a Stronger Saskatchewan through Indigenous engagement

In 2015, JNE Welding proudly became a 60 per cent First Nations-owned partnership with Peter Ballantyne Developments LP and Des Nedhe Investments LP.

JNE Welding is proud to be one of the first to sign on to the Indigenous Engagement Charter and is committed to bridging the gap that is recognized in Saskatchewan’s economy today.

JNE Welding is one of Saskatche-

Charter. The charter is designed to

is committed to bridging the gap

wan’s largest full-service fabricators

address diversification of business

that is recognized in Saskatchewan’s

founded in 1980 by past president

practices within Saskatchewan orga-

economy today. The diversification

Jim Nowakowski. In 2015, JNE Weld-

nizations and take an all-encompass-

of JNE Welding alongside other par-

ing proudly became a 60 per cent

ing approach to advancing Indige-

ticipating Saskatchewan businesses


nous economic development.

ensures the necessary steps are be-



with Peter Ballantyne Developments LP and Des Nedhe Investments LP. The strategic vision of this partnership is twofold in that it fosters longterm Indigenous economic development in Saskatchewan and provides an opportunity to attract Indigenous members of the community to a successful organization in need of

The charter provides a system in which participants are encouraged to identify and improve effective strategies on an ongoing basis. Signatories are committed to the de-

ment occurring within the province.

Charter equips the business com-

strategy, continued education, hiring and retention, procurement pracreporting. The Saskatchewan Cham-

ample of JNE’s tagline, “Combined

ber of Commerce has designed the

Strength”, driving opportunities to

tools needed to achieve enhanced

enhance quality of life for all people

Indigenous engagement as a prov-

of Saskatchewan.

ince. It is now the responsibility of

enous peoples of Saskatchewan in

benefits from the economic develop-


force. This partnership is a great ex-

portunity to fully engage the Indig-

tunity, who in turn, may realize the

specific set of actions in the areas of

tices, community involvement, and

merce recognizes the significant op-

Saskatchewan with an equal oppor-

velopment and implementation of a

further developing its skilled work-

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Com-

ing taken to provide all people of

the business community to respond to this call to action and contribute to the continued development of a stronger Saskatchewan.




munity with guidance and support, Saskatchewan is on track to being a national leader in the movement of leveraging Indigenous engagement across Canada. While action is taken to fulfill the vision of economic advancement, the day when Indigenous engagement is no longer a topic of discussion is anticipated; for at that point all people of Saskatchewan and Canada will have access to equal opportunities for personal

the economy, and as a result, has de-

JNE Welding is proud to be one of

growth, health and wellbeing, and

veloped an Indigenous Engagement

the first to sign on to the charter and

economic prosperity. s

2020 PotashWorks 125

Providing power system solutions since 2003

JA Tech Inc.

JA Tech Inc. was formed to satisfy customer requirements relating to the testing and commissioning of high-voltage electrical systems. JA Tech is a provider of field, technical,

Overhead cranes We provide effective solutions to keep cranes and hoists

and engineering services and products for equipment and

operating as they should. By performing comprehensive

apparatus which form an electrical power system.

inspections and quality repairs, we minimize untimely

JA Tech is committed to maintaining a high-level of quality and strong customer service within a safe working environment.

We are also committed to strengthening our

company through inclusion and diversity. Our customers include large and small industrial, mining, commercial, institutional, manufacturing, and utility companies. We can

breakdowns and unwanted delays. Our technicians also perform emergency service, scheduled maintenance, modifications/upgrades, and load tests on most makes of cranes/hoists.

Transformer assembly and oil processing

be very flexible in our approach to projects as we own all

As part of our services offered for substation construc-

the equipment required to perform the work, including an

tion, we also offer assembly and oil filling, internal inspec-

AWP, picker trucks, heavy haul trailers, mobile equipment,

tion, repair, oil regeneration, and degasification of power

and some of the best tools and test equipment available. We offer the following specialized services:


transformers. We own two oil degasification units and two picker trucks which allow us to take on multiple transformer projects at once. Our customers appreciate the level of monitoring and trending data that we can provide for vac-

We offer engineering services such as power systems co-

uum, temperature, moisture, and oil volume. We also have

ordination and arc flash studies, as well as IEC 61850 de-

an on-board air dryer replacing traditional bottled air for

sign and support.

assembly and internal work.

• I N T E G R I T Y • Q UA L I T Y • C O M M I T M E N T • 126 PotashWorks 2020

Online preventative maintenance testing JA Tech understands that shutting down critical pieces of equipment for preventative maintenance is not easy to do, so we offer a wide range of online diagnostic testing, including partial discharge testing, ultrasonic testing, infrared testing, insulating fluid sampling and lab testing, and online battery testing.

results. We own several pieces of test equipment for acceptance and troubleshooting fiber networks, including multiple optical time domain reflectometers and optical loss test sets.

Protective equipment testing When it comes to electrical protective equipment, there is nothing we cannot test. We can perform testing at your

High voltage cable

site or at our shop. We are able to test personal protective

We offer several solutions to testing cables, including DC, AC, VLF, sheath, and online or offline partial discharge test-

grounds, hotsticks, rubber gloves, bucket trucks, and many other electrical insulating components.

ing. Our technicians are manufacturer trained in a number

JA Tech has provided various levels of support to all potash

of stress cone terminations, including 3M, TE, Prysmian

mines in Saskatchewan. We have been involved in accep-

and DSG. We also have training in Pfisterer Connex Size

tance testing, commissioning, and start-up on most expan-

1-6S and EST terminations. The Pfisterer Connex pluggable

sions to existing facilities in the past 16 years, as well as

terminations are utilized on most potash mines throughout

ongoing preventative maintenance. Whether a project is


highly technical, remedial, fast track, large or small, our goal is to provide products and service second to none in qual-

Fiber optics

ity, commitment, and integrity to our customers. Quality is

We have the ability to terminate any manufacturer’s con-

a key word incorporated into our motto, because our team

nector but we usually perform fusion splicing for best

at JA Tech understands that “quality is in the details”. s

Technical Field Services | Electrical Field Services Overhead Crane Services Instrumentation Field Services Engineering Services | Shop Services JA Tech is a provider of construction and technical service for all equipment and apparatus that form an electrical power system. We provide some of the most skilled labour and up-to-date equipment in the mining, industrial, and utility sectors. Through integrity, quality and commitment, we achieve the best for our customers.

Protective Equipment Testing

www.jatechpowersystems.com 306-975-2122 contracts@jatechpowersystems.com

Additional specialized services: • Transformer assembly and oil processing • On-line diagnostic assessment testing • Specialized cable testing including partial discharge testing • Fiber optic fusion splicing • Medium and high voltage cable terminations including Pfisterer terminations

2020 PotashWorks 127

Enabling ventilation monitoring to provide real-time data means and safer conditions By Shannon Katary Maestro designed and developed a digital gas sensor to address the challenges of underground mining.

system and provide maximum system uptime. The Vigilante AQS™ and the Zephyr AQS™ are both used to monitor the environmental conditions underground. The Vigilante AQS™ Air Quality Station provides the ultimate system with up to eight different realtime sensors, advanced diagnostics, and control functions. The Zephyr AQS™ Air Quality Station is a lower cost system that uses the same reliable sensors and advanced diagAs mines continue to expand un-

quired to provide a suitable environ-

nostics but with only three different

derground and embrace new digital

ment for miners and equipment to

real-time sensors on board. It was

technologies, the primary goal is to

operate. There are limits to the gas

determined that the Zephyr AQS™

ensure the safety of the underground

concentration levels, as well as the

will handle approximately 75 per cent

miners. As a result, costs associated

amount of airflow required in mines

of our current applications at a lower

with greater distances to the working

to keep the miners safe today and to-

cost. Both systems plug directly into

areas are increasing material handling

morrow. Wet bulb temperature and

a network switch thereby eliminat-

and mining labour costs. Maestro

heat stress are also important factors

ing the requirement of expensive and

Digital Mine manufacturers Industrial

around ventilation. Worker productiv-

complex PLCs (programmable logic

Internet of Things (IIoT) measure-

ity increases when the environment is

controllers). By doing so, this elimi-

ment and control instrumentation

within the comfort range of a human

nates upwards of 50 to 80 per cent

for the optimization of underground


of the CAPEX requirements. Maestro

mine ventilation and underground digital networks. Maestro designs and manufactures products exclusively for the underground mine automation, IT, and ventilation sector that delivers energy savings and productivity improvements while meeting the highest health and safety standards.

To optimize any of these conditions, real-time data needs to be collected. Once it is monitored, the mine can start to control the required outcome. Maestro designed and developed a

continues to develop products that are fully open and agnostic using industry-standard


protocols like Modbus TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP.

digital gas sensor to address the chal-

Monitoring the conditions in real time

lenges of underground mining. They

has allowed Maestro to deploy ven-

can be “hot swapped” by a ventilation

tilation monitoring solutions in over

The energy intensity of the mine

technician without the requirement

125 mines globally. Maestro has de-

greatly increases as the mine expands

of any sort of underground calibra-

veloped ventilation solutions that

further away from the shaft. In many

tion. Built upon the IoT (Internet of

reduce downtime and enable min-

mines today, 50 to 70 per cent of the

Things), the digital sensors have a

ers to return to the face faster and

energy profile is directly related to

complete suite of diagnostics to help

safer. For more information, visit

ventilation. Proper ventilation is re-

determine the health of the complete

www.maestrodigitalmine.com. s

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Change your mine-set. Lost Time = Lost Productivity. Zephyr AQS™ Air Quality Station The Zephyr AQS™ is an IIoT device that accurately monitors real time environmental conditions reported back to surface via a digital Ethernet or an analog output connection to your network. Now there’s a cost-effective solution for reducing downtime and getting back to the face sooner and safer.


Welcome to Nouryon, the familiar mining chemistry leader with a new name “For our potash customers, nothing really changes. They still receive the same great products and service they are used to – it just has a different sticker on it,” explains Doug Lucas, Nouryon’s business leader for mining applications in Canada. Nouryon is continuing its strategy of working together closely, frequently, and multi-functionally with potash producers. The company and its customers rely on each other’s expertise to maximize value and success. “By combining producers’ expertise in processing ore with Nouryon’s expertise in chemistries and their function, all of us win together and maximize recovery and grade,” says Lucas. Open communication and trust are essential, he notes. It is particularly critical prior to a mine starting fullscale production, as technical experts specify the flotation/separation solutions that a mine requires. “Our mining chemistries require customization at almost every plant to Nouryon’s Surface Chemistry group has been supplying a wide range of surfactants to the Canadian potash industry from its facility in Saskatoon for the last 50 years.

At the end of 2018, AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals changed its name to Nouryon – now a privately-owned chemicals company, completely separated from the AkzoNobel paints and

says Lucas. “And this can only be achieved when our chemists sit together with the plant engineers and metallurgists.”

coatings businesses who will continue

For Nouryon, a key to delivering value

to operate under that name.

to its customers is supplying the most

Nouryon’s Surface Chemistry group

130 PotashWorks 2020

improve the recovery and the yield,”

cost-effective and best-performing solutions to optimize recovery and

has been supplying a wide range of

yield for the specified ore. Most often

surfactants to the Canadian potash in-

this solution can already be found in

dustry from its facility in Saskatoon for

the company’s extensive portfolio,

the last 50 years and remains just as

but its seasoned R&D team also has

committed to the industry as always.

a strong track record of coming up

“Our mining chemistries require customization at almost every plant to improve the recovery and the yield,” says Lucas. “And this can only be achieved when our chemists sit together with the plant engineers and metallurgists.” with new product ideas to meet potash processor’s market needs.

support, such as ensuring collector chemistries meet appropriate pro-

“Our technical experts are great at looking at process conditions and then adjusting the reagent chemistry as necessary. The way we’ve organized our technical service ensures

cessing regulations and obtaining proper permits. The result is a fullservice, collaborative approach, from mining challenge through delivery of an innovative solution to ongoing

that customers have quick access to


the right people that can assist with

“What we offer our customers is an

their specific processing challenges and determine the most effective flotation solutions,” Lucas adds. Nouryon




opportunity to win together,” says Lucas. “With their input and support we’re able to deliver optimized per-


technical expertise with regulatory

formance for all mineral processing needs.” s

Flotation collectors for optimized performance A new name but still the same world-leading supplier of flotation collectors, anti-caking chemistries and depressants to the potash industry which we have been serving for over 70 years. We can supply either proven amines or specially tailored formulations for the direct flotation of potash and we have developed special collectors for the reverse flotation of carnallite when halite is the gangue mineral. Our amines are also the established standard for potash anti-caking reagents. These trusted products still ship from our Saskatoon plant to ensure best in class service. Our specifically engineered Depramin® cellulose ethers are effective at adsorbing onto clay minerals and reducing their tendency to float. To find out more about these reagents contact us at mining@nouryon.com or visit our websites surfacechemistry.nouryon.com/markets/mining and celluloseethers.nouryon.com/applications/mining

Your partner in essential chemistry for a sustainable future

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2019-10-25 08:14:41

2020 PotashWorks 131

RobWel Constructors Limited Partnership (LP)

RobWel is a full-service mechanical fabricator and contractor.

RobWel Constructors was estab-

projects, large or small. The company

tory to Mission: Zero and manages its

lished in the 1990s in Meadow Lake,

has three fabrication facilities in Sas-

operations for a workplace with zero

Saskatchewan, and has a proven

katchewan, as well as two offices in


track record in construction, instal-


first and believes that all injuries can

lation, maintenance, manufacturing, and fabrication on construction sites throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. RobWel’s customer base includes oil and gas, mining, forestry, industrial, and agriculture sectors.

RobWel is a full-service mechanical fabricator and contractor.


an average of 200 employees, RobWel deploys multiple crews to sites throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as manages shop per-

RobWel is proudly 100 per cent Ab-

sonnel in their fabrication facilities.

original owned by the Clearwater

Core competencies include project

River Dene Nation of La Loche, Sas-

management, operations manage-


ment, general contracting, and sub-

Clearwater River Dene

Nation is committed to growing and expanding the company to meet its full potential. Through the core competencies of the Clearwater River Group of Companies, RobWel is able to provide full-service, cost-effective customer solutions for a wide array of

contracting. RobWel has an exemplary safety record and is COR certified in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as ISNetworld and ComplyWorks registered as a subcontractor. RobWel is signa-

The company puts safety

be prevented, eliminates unsafe work practices, and provides employees with an HSE environment that their families can be proud of. RobWel is certified to ASME B31.1 & B31.3 for pressure welding and Canadian Welding Bureau W47.1 Division and W47.2 Division 3. They have proven production experience requiring their weld procedures for basic carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, and Inconel / Hastelloy materials. RobWel specializes in: • Pressure piping fabrication and installation • Structural steel fabrication and erection

Robwel Constructors has three fabrication facilities in Saskatchewan, as well as two offices in Alberta.

• Pressure vessel fabrication and installation • Skidded/modular equipment fabrication • API tank fabrication and erection • Steel building erection • Mechanical installations • Specialized rigging • Heavy lifts, equipment setting, module setting

132 PotashWorks 2020

• Cold cutting • Field machining/facing • Hydraulic torqueing and tensioning • Pressure testing and flange isolation testing. RobWel’s primary fabrication facility is located in Meadow Lake, Sask. The 14,000-square-foot facility was built for purpose in 2009 to meet the growing demands of the industries they service. With 15-tonne overhead crane capacity and flow-through 30foot doors, they are able to under-

RobWel’s shop is fully tooled with automated processing to delivery process pipe and spooling at the highest complexity, quality under extremely safe and efficient capabilities.

take projects of any size and complete projects inside in a controlled environment that in the past would have been completed on site.


facility sits on five acres of laydown and module production yard space and is equipped with a state-of-theart ventilation system to ensure the health and safety of their workers

cess pipe and spooling at the highest

picker trucks, telehandlers, AWP’s,

complexity, quality under extremely

skid steers, site trailers, and much

safe and efficient capabilities.


more. RobWel also offers a specialty

facility has an integrated blast and

pipe tool rental program for testing,

paint operation where projects can

torqueing, and cold cutting. No mat-

roll straight out of the fab shop and

ter what the project, RobWel shall en-

into completions.

sure that they supply the right equip-

while delivering top-quality products.

Field construction crews are fully

ment for the job to ensure projects

RobWel’s shop is fully tooled with au-

equipped with a modern fleet of

are completed on schedule, safely

tomated processing to delivery pro-


and efficiently. s



704 – 9th Street NW Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Z6 510, 3530 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7P 0B6

P: 306-236-3099 F: 306-236-4080 E: info@robwel.ca www.robwel.ca

• ISNetworld & Complyworks registered • Full range of fabrication & installation services • Project management & general contracting • Pressure piping & pressure vessels • Pressure testing & flange isolation testing • API 650 tanks

Your contractor of choice

• Specialized rigging heavy lifts, equipment & module setting • Hydraulic torqueing & tensioning • Structural Steel and Building Erection

2020 PotashWorks 133

Make Belterra your first call!

Belterra provides quality-driven product options and installs the best conveyor belt product for your specific operation.

Belterra has proven itself to be a valu-

We have partnered with premium

est technology for cover compounds,

able partner, advisor, and product

suppliers to bring you the latest

fabrics or PVC, and integrated rip-

expert to industries across the nation

products, innovations, and expertise.

detection systems.

for over four decades.

Whether you need belting, compo-

Our team of more than 200 highly trained and seasoned factory technicians has a deep understanding of

nents, advice, or immediate service solutions, we’re here to help you whenever you call. When it comes to potash mining, the

fer to accommodate the numerous

high-demand environment leaves no

challenges the potash industry faces.

room for error. At Belterra, we have

Before recommending any product

spent years researching and under-

or service, we get to know your com-

standing your needs and we appreci-

pany and its unique needs.

ate the tough conditions you operate

ganization, we provide quality-driven product options and install the best

we help you achieve lower cost-perton and greater uptime for a wide variety of above- and below-ground

the exhaustive product range we of-

Once we truly understand your or-

By delivering superior performance,

under. Our responsive, 24/7 service is here to keep you operational at all times.

applications. We’ve developed a strong offering of the highest-quality products and services to instill confidence that will keep you running. With our leading engineered conveyor product lines and years of experience, Belterra can provide complete conveyor solutions.

Diminish downtime. Increase productivity.

conveyor belt product for your spe-

Our experience working with other

cific operation. Our dedication to

mining customers helps us ensure

timely results, quality products, ex-



Belterra has provided expert con-

tensive selection, and flexible service

conveyor belts best suited for your

veyor belt and material flow handling

helps reduce costly downtime while

unique application. All of our recom-

solutions and services across Canada

improving your efficiency and output.

mendations are backed by today’s lat-

since 1969. Based out of British Co-

134 PotashWorks 2020



With our leading engineered conveyor product lines and years of experience, Belterra can provide complete conveyor solutions.

lumbia, we have 20 locations nationwide to ensure we deliver timely, expert advice whenever and wherever you need. Belterra spent years fostering trusted relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers. We pride ourselves on having an unmatched selection of high-quality products on hand and available to you from us or our network. We represent Canada’s largest distribution network for conveyor belt, components, and bulk material handling solutions. It speaks of our ability

is to your bottom line, so we stand

vides the fastest emergency response

to provide turnkey engineered solu-

behind everything we sell with 24/7

in the industry, which is backed by our

tions and our intention to contribute

emergency service and maintenance.

extensive, on-hand product selection

as the leading supplier in our sector.

If something goes wrong, we will be

and nationwide network of locations.

At Belterra, we understand how cru-

there to mitigate the problem and de-

cial the integrity of our equipment

liver solutions efficiently. Belterra pro-

There’s nothing more important to Belterra than your business. s

We have partnered with premium suppliers to bring you the latest products, innovations, and expertise. Whether you need belting, components, advice, or immediate service solutions, we’re here to help you whenever you call. When it comes to Potash mining, the high-demand environment leaves no room for error. At Belterra, we have spent years researching and understanding your needs and we appreciate the tough conditions you operate under. Our responsive, 24/7 service is here to keep you operational at all times. With Belterra you can count on: • Lower costs per ton • Your single source for unsurpassed product selection and availability • More material through-put • Reduced downtime or unplanned outages • Measurable health and safety improvements • More efficient use of your facility staff time Our core business: • Conveyor belting • Conveyor components & accessories • Transfer point solutions • Industrial hose & fittings • 24/7 conveyor service



157 Leonard Street N., Regina, SK S4N 5X5

302-50th Street E., Saskatoon, SK S7K 6X2

Fax: 306.546.2440

Fax: 306.244.2500

regina@belterra.ca Tel: 306.546.2400

saskatoon@belterra.ca Tel: 306.244.2400


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Moving forward together

Highly trained Westpro shop personnel.

Westpro is moving forward into 2020 with its continued commitment to customer satisfaction and mineral processing equipment innovation. Westpro’s Canadian-engineered Attrition Scrubbers are a result of working with its customers in the potash and lithium industries to provide them with the best process technology solution and embodying the Westpro advantage: reliability, efficiency, and longevity. With installations all over the world, Westpro is proud to have the potash industry’s largest Attrition Scrubber, the AS108 at 1400 cubic feet, in operation in Saskatchewan, Canada. 60-metre (2,100-foot) capacity six-cell AS80VBH-6 attrition scrubber tank during installation at a potash plant in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Westpro’s choice to provide a larger and more cost-effective scrubbing solution was made to satisfy its customer

requirements. The Westpro Attrition

systems have been proven in mining

built equipment, delivering optimum

Scrubber line includes options for

operations in over 20 countries. With

performance. Westpro will continue

tank working cell volume increases


moving forward in 2020 and for de-

from 585 cubic feet in the AS96 to

has taken its world-renowned tech-

790 cubic feet in the AS108 (35 per

nology to the next level of custom-




cades to come. s

cent) to 1275 cubic feet (61 per cent) in the new AS120. The drive units are engineered to withstand high-density feeds with the upmost efficiency and longevity. Westpro Attrition Scrubbers also utilize opposing axial turbine propellers to provide extreme mixing power, and because of this, Westpro’s Attrition Scrubbers are in fact “the strongest scrubbing solution” in the industry. At Westpro, the engineering team works closely with each customer to design and manufacture the best process technology solution. Customers have the choice of rubber-lined or high-chrome propellers and rubber-lined or tile-lined tanks. The ultimate combination for

Rendering of Westpro Attrition Scrubber AS120 vs. AS108.

low maintenance and longevity is the high-chrome propellers with tile-lined tanks. Westpro’s engineering team has researched and succeeded in creating a streamlined design that ensures a smaller global footprint while maintaining Westpro’s signature robust construction. Westpro is committed to continuous improvement and research & development, and have a proven track record of developing innovative technologies to help boost our customers’ return on investment. Even with the monumental success of providing the largest Attrition Scrubber in operation, the Westpro team of engineers are always looking to the future of the industry and its process technology requirements, continuously researching different mixing heads, as well as utilizing CFD software and lab-scale testing. Moving into the future of the industry, Westpro is supported by its past. As an innovative Canadian company with over 34 years of experience, Westpro’s mineral process equipment and

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The road to reconciliation By Marc Taillon

Reconciliation is a learning process that requires patience, commitment, and engagement. •W  e all enjoy a high quality of life, and full participation in the economy. • Governance at all levels, including institutions of education, health, justice, economy, and social services representing and benefitting The road to reconciliation is an ongo-

accepted and valued. Together we

ing, multifaceted process. Awareness

will grow.

in residential schools is the first step. The direct impact of that experience must not be forgotten, nor must we forget the ongoing multi-generational fallout from that experience. Acknowledgement is critical to the healing process, but acknowledgement must go hand-in-hand with long-term support of and respect for others. We must continue to build relationships by learning more about the Aboriginal culture and by asking the question, “What can we do to help each other move forward?” Through our collective efforts, we can have meaningful conversations and form strong relationships. Reconciliation is a learning process that requires patience, commitment,

Vision for reconciliation Reconciliation

Indigenous leadership, values, history, and ways of knowing.

about the tremendous negative impact that Indigenous children faced

both from Indigenous and non-



means each citizen takes personal responsibility to do what they can to

So, how can I do my part? Please consider this… Our thoughts become choices.

create an interdependent and fair so-

Our choices turn into actions.

ciety where:

Those actions are habit forming and

• Indigenous



those habits build our character.

ways of knowing, and governance

Our character is what makes recon-

structures are strong, sovereign,

ciliation possible.

and included in and contributing to the overall fabric of Saskatchewan life. •W  e share a common understanding of Saskatchewan’s history and our personal place within it.

If you want to be part of reconciliation, you need merely to open your heart, listen, and learn . Precision



recognizes that an inclusive workplace culture welcomes diversity

•J  ustice for past wrongs has been

while providing respect, fairness,

achieved, and families and commu-

and equal opportunities regardless

nities are strong and healing.

of race or culture. This inclusion enables employees to feel connected.

and engagement. While there is still

•S  afe spaces exist and skills are de-

much work to be done, if we as a so-

veloped for mutual learning, com-

If you would like to learn more about

ciety work together, we will succeed.

munication across cultures, trust

Precision Electro-Mechanical,

With open minds, we can support

building, partnerships, and shared

please visit our website at

each other to help everyone to feel

social experiences.

www.pemsask.ca. s

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Since 2003, Precision Electro-Mechanical has supplied and repaired WEG electric motors for the potash industry. We are continuously refining our efforts to meet the ever changing standards and requirements. Precision believes in green technology. This is why we have introduced our regenerative load testing dynamometer. With this system, we aim to provide our customers with only the best results. www.pemsask.ca

e: info@pemsask.ca

ph: 306-933-4466

Let Pre

Electro-M cision ec take care hanical of motor ne your eds!

838-59th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 5Z6



DEL Communications Inc.

The key to success. We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of... • Creative Design • Advertising sales • Trade Publications • Video Production & Editing • Qualified Sales & Editorial Team

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Frontline Railcar Repair Ltd.

Railcar repair facility Frontline Railcar Repair Ltd. is located

ited to the Rule 1 by the Association of

National Steel Car. We have been the

just north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

American Railroads (AAR), the govern-

QA point team for over 3,000 cars. As

in the small community of Hague. Our

ing body of the rail industry. Repair ca-

well, we have consulted at a variety of

railcar repair shop is serviced by CTRW

pabilities range from wheel and axle re-

levels, and have conducted accident in-

interchanging with CN at the Chappell

placements, truck work repairs, bottom

vestigations to determine root causes

yard within Saskatoon. Our current ca-

outlet gate change outs, hatch cover

of slow speed derailments.

pacity allows for 52 cars.

renewals, or repairs to the car bodies

Established in 2006, Frontline is a small company with dedicated employees. Frontline’s approach has been simple, to offer timely service that centres

and minor paint touch ups. Frontline can provide preventative maintenance programs for their customers, as well as car cleaning, both dry and wet.

Frontline enjoys a steady flow of cars through our shop, along with regular mobile repairs. We utilize a leased billing system with capabilities allowing several different formats, including


Frontline’s foundation is built on a high

standard AAR, Dat 500, and a private

achieve this by understanding our cus-

level of understanding hopper car de-

custom format of our own based on

around the customers’ needs.

tomers’ business. The Frontline team

signs and the various bottom outlet


embraces a high level of transparency

gates utilized within their customers’

hensive line of inventory that reduces

to each and every individual customer.

fleets. Frontline takes pride in our fun-

out-of-service days to our customers,

A few of our customers include Nu-

damental approach and our customers

allowing for quick turnaround times.

trien, Cargill, The Andersons, GATX,

depend on our skill set.

Wells Fargo, CP Rail, and more. Frontline offers all types of repairs lim-

We also maintain a compre-

To contact Frontline, call them at

We have also provided quality assur-

306-225-1900, or email

ance auditing for new car builds at

frontlinebilling@sasktel.net. s

Serving the potash industry for over 35 years FRONTLINE RAILCAR REPAIR

Your strategic partner for bottom line results

Repair railcars • AAR certified repair shop Mobile service • Auditing new car builds Post lease and pre-lease inspection services

306-225-1900 frontlinebilling@sasktel.net

108 East Railway St. Hague, SK S0K 1X0

Known for our quick turnaround and quality of workmanship!

Bottom Outlet Gate Renewal 140 PotashWorks 2020

HD Engineering & Design

using discrete element modelling to innovate HD Engineering & Design (HD) is a lo-

nection design, material handling de-

is used to eliminate the traditional ap-

cal engineering, design, and project

sign, scoping and feasibility studies,

proach of trial-and-error testing, sav-

management firm based in Saskatoon,

discrete element modelling (DEM), and

ing on fabrication costs while providing

Sask. Our mission is to support our

finite element analysis. We also offer

improved system operation. DEM can

clients’ capital-project requirements,

project management, failure analysis,

be applied to any system containing

continuous improvement programs,

structural and mechanical integrity

bulk materials including transfer points,

and maintenance initiatives. We sup-

programs, construction management,

screw conveyors, drag conveyors, skip-

port our clients by providing high-

and geology services.

loading systems, trippers, rotary plows,

quality and practical services that offer a fit-for-purpose solution. We partner with our clients to ensure that innovative, cost-effective solutions are developed.

DEM allows us to design systems that

grizzlies, and bucket elevators.

avoid typical problems such as plug-

HD showcases a wide variety of skills

ging, dust creation, material degrada-

and services, anchored by years of

tion, premature belt and chute wear,

hands-on field experience and a strong

and off-centre belt loading. DEM allows

technical knowledge base. Other spe-


us to visualize a variety of loading sce-

cialty services HD offers include: lift

ing and design, displaying particular

narios, such as upset conditions, dif-

plans, slurry pumping and piping sys-

strength in the industrial sector. We

ferent product flows, and various flow

tems, and hydraulic and power trans-

specialize in equipment design, con-

rates prior to fabrication. This approach

mission systems. s




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Leading at the forefront Making potash mining intelligent

Conveyor belt rendering.

As all industrial sectors undergo digi-

are critical to mine success; therefore,

material handling system, storage bin

tal transformation, March Consult-

it is of utmost importance to ensure

capacity, etc. In addition to the as-

ing Associates Inc. (March) is always

that the material handling systems

sessment of existing systems, these

looking at quantitative methods to

and process equipment meet future

models can also be used to confirm

minimize risk and maximize return

mine plans and production targets.

system capacities after any signifi-

on investment (ROI) for any project

We have the capability to simulate

cant upgrade to ensure that the sys-

that we undertake. From intelligent

these scenarios in an intelligent time-

tem can handle its new nameplate

3D models used in both greenfield

based system to understand flows,


and brownfield projects to simulating

identify areas where potential bottle-

real-world scenarios, there are a num-

necks can occur, and mitigate any po-

ber of ways these solutions can trans-

tential issues before they affect min-

form the potash industry. The latest

ing operations.

area of expertise that we have developed covers the entire mining value chain from underground or solution mining to material handling systems to shipping & logistics. Production planning and optimization

142 PotashWorks 2020

For underground potash mining, historical operational data and future production targets are used to create dynamic simulation models which use

For potash process plants, we use

data such as borer operation, hoist-

operational and equipment data to

ing capacity and rates, and conveyor

create simulation models that repre-

and storage bin capacity and layout

sent the various operating scenarios

to determine and illustrate where po-

in the plant to understand constraints

tential bottlenecks will occur. Once

in product transfer, bottlenecks in the

bottlenecks are identified, our skilled


Project  Management

Owner’s Engineer Services

Proudly calling Saskatchewan home for over 20 years

Mechanical & Process Engineering Experience includes design and engineered solutions for underground, surface and solution mining, process plant design and loadout optimization. Other expertise includes ion exchange improvements, compaction and screening design, wellfield design, brine piping and distribution design, loadout debottlenecking, thickener upgrades, bin refurbishment and loading pocket and headframe upgrades.  Structural & Civil Engineering Specialized expertise in Finite Element Analysis including creating models to determine stresses and deflections in tanks, bins, silos, foundations and structural connections. Other expertise includes foundation design, shaft steel inspection and refurbishment.  Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls’ Engineering Expertise in all areas of electrical, instrumentation and controls’ design, installation, supervision and commissioning. Specialized expertise in arc flash studies, hazardous location, smoke detection, PLCs and fire warning system design.  Owner’s Services Experience providing project management and project direction on greenfield potash projects. Our expertise includes leading and directing preͲfeasibility studies, communication with stakeholders, scheduling, document control and preparation of RFP’s and scopes of work.

www.marchconsulting.com Saskatoon | Regina

For potash plants, March Consulting uses operational and equipment data to create simulation models that represent the various operating scenarios in the plant to understand constraints in product transfer, bottlenecks in the material handling system, storage bin capacity, etc.

In one of our recent projects, simulation models were created to illustrate the ore flow path throughout the mine workings for the client’s existing and future production plan.

team of engineers and designers de-

layout to ensure that any proposed fu-

termine engineering solutions to pre-

ture mine plans can be successfully ac-

vent or eliminate bottlenecks from


occurring, which improves the entire material handling system. Based on our industry knowledge, we further add control and regulation logic and analyze their impact on the mining operation.

This can provide signifi-

cant cost savings by simulating production plans prior to implementation. In one of our recent projects, simula-

144 PotashWorks 2020

In summary, intelligent simulation models can be used for proactive and innovative engineering solutions to make potash mining intelligent without any significant additional investments. Our expertise in production planning and optimization using advanced simulation and modelling techniques can reduce costs and risks by predicting system bottlenecks and potential

tion models were created to illustrate

shortcomings prior to implementation.

the ore flow path throughout the mine

March Consulting Associates Inc. is a

workings for the client’s existing and

multi-discipline engineering company

future production plan. The model

providing engineering, procurement,

was used to determine the equipment

project, and construction management

that would be overloaded for certain

services to numerous resource-based

scenarios that were in the client’s fu-

industrial and commercial enterprises.

ture mining plan. March used its state-

With our offices in Saskatoon and Re-

of-the-art simulation model to deter-

gina, we have been serving these en-

mine and recommend the required

terprises for over 20 years and proudly

equipment upgrades, capacities, and

call Saskatchewan home. s

DEL Communications Inc.

is working for you.

For advertising or editorial inquiries in the next issue contact: MIC PATERSON TF: 1.877.284.4478 mic@delcommunications.com

potashWorks Canada’s premier publication dedicated to the promotion, production and distribution of potash.


potashWorks Canada’s premier publication dedicated to the promotion, production and distribution of potash.


potashWorks Canada’s premier publication dedicated to the promotion, production and distribution of potash.


The Mosaic Company’s K3 project hits potash earlier this year

Saskatchewan’s potash industry prepared for growth in 2017

BHP Billiton making headway on the technologically advanced Jansen Potash Project

DAYNA OULION TF: 1.866.424.6398 dayna@delcommunications.com

Encanto and MFN partner in Saskatchewan on potash mine The Millstream Potash Deposit in New Brunswick to be one of the world’s lowest-costproducing potash mines

www.potashworks.com Asia ramps up potash production


Potash and Canadian mining – A rock-solid relationship BHP’s Jansen shafts reaches bottom


Companies committed to the highest safety standards


Suite 300 - 6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0G5


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Komatsu Mining Corp. Group...........................................................................................15

Westpro Machinery............................................................................................................17


Wicehtowak Limnos Consulting..................................................................................... 78

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SOLID SOLUTIONS IN A FLUID ENVIRONMENT • Complete System Design • Manufacturing of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems • Custom Power Units & Cylinders • Field Service & Troubleshooting • Fluid Conditioning, Sales & Rental Equipment • Full Machining & Fabrication Capabilities • Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves & Cylinder Repair • Hydraulic System Maintenance & Repair • Manifold Design

Serving the Potash Industry for over 50 Years!

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