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prince edward county

A mecca for wine enthusiasts



Changing varietals may help

ORANGE CRUSH A look at the natural trend in wine

VINEYARD INNOVATIONS New technologies for winemakers and growers

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28 Grassroots change in B.C. wine industry

Message from the editor

30 Overwhelmed to organize: A vintage first harvest story

International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 8 comes to Canada

14 So much of making a great wine has to do with timing. Stella Maris® from Acadian Plant Health can help!

36 Health and safety in the wine industry

20 Leaning into orange wine – it’s just the colour 22 Make hard work easier with Munckhof Manufacturing 24 Netherlands-based Bird Control Group debuts updated 26 The lure of Prince Edward County

is published by

growing regions

34 Flash release technology comes to Canada

16 An opportunity for small producers

laser bird deterrent system

32 Switching grape varieties can help save world’s wine-

38 Watson’s – A family vineyard 39 Listings: Canadian Wineries and Vineyards 55 Listings: Vineyard and Winery Suppliers 62 Index to advertisers

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editor’s message

Colours F

of spring

lorals, pastels, sunshine, and an awakening of our senses to all that is new. Spring is a time for everything fresh. In the 2020 Spring issue of Crush, we get fresh and sassy with a feature on orange wine. It’s much more than just the colour and harkens

back to an old-timey saying about not judging a book by its cover. We explore the Instagram-worthy Prince Edward County in southern Ontario, and feature the District Wine Village, a one-stop playground for wine enthusiasts under construction in Oliver, B.C. We have information about the upcoming Cool Climate Wine Symposium, being held in Canada for the first time, which will examine how climate change is impacting innovation in the grape and wine industry. We also take a look at some R&D on changing grape varietals as a way to adapt to climate change. And as always, we feature many new tools and innovations specifically designed for vineyard management. I hope you enjoy the 2020 Spring issue of Crush magazine. If you have a fresh

idea for a feature for our next issue, or just want to say hello, please drop me a line. Also, check us out on Instagram. Cheers,



International Cool Climate Wine Symposium comes to Canada


he International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS) is coming to Canada for the first time this summer, bringing engaging programming and unique opportunities to explore our wine regions.

Oenology keynote speaker, Regina Vanderlinde, president of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

Viticulture keynote speaker, Elizabeth Wolkovich, University of British Columbia.

From July 12 to 16, 2020, leading researchers, educators, students, winemakers, and grape growers from around the world will gather at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario for the tenth instalment of the symposium. Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is planning the event, alongside its research and industry partners across the country. The federal government is supporting the ICCWS with $250,000 in funding through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. The funding, secured by the Grape Growers of Ontario, is part of a new federal tourism strategy.

Science communication keynote speaker, Kimberly Nicholas, Lund University in Sweden.

Business keynote speaker, Miguel A. Torre.

The symposium, which takes place every four years, will focus on how climate change is driving innovation in the grape and wine industry. “This is an issue that impacts all cool climate wine regions,” said CCOVI director Debbie Inglis. “The ICCWS will give the foremost experts in viticulture, oenology, wine business, sustainability, and science communications the chance to share their cutting-edge research findings and discuss innovative practices that can help ensure the vitality of cool climate grape growing and winemaking.” The organizing committee has confirmed more than 50 speakers including wine academics and experts from around the world.

Business keynote speaker, Donald Ziraldo.


President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), Regina Vanderlinde, has been named as the oenology keynote speaker and will talk about the global wine overview to climate adaptation and the challenges of adopting new technology in wineries.






In 1978 Munckhof Mfg., established in Canada with a small portfolio of agricultural implements. Over the next four decades we built a reputation for development of solid, dependable, and uncomplicated machinery. Today we offer a full line of tractor-driven attachments for the optimization of viticultural production.


Backed with good service and reliability.

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International Cool Climate Wine Symposium comes to Canada continued Elizabeth Wolkovich from the University of British

In addition to the conference sessions at Brock, those

Columbia will share her research on how climate change

attending will also have the opportunity to participate in

affects different winegrape varieties and how shifting

pre- and post-conference programming that will showcase

varieties may help growers as the viticulture keynote

Canada’s wine regions and be introduced to Canadian


wines and local culinary offerings through a number of

Wine business keynote speakers will be Miguel A. Torres

special events.

and Donald Ziraldo. Torres is a major Spanish wine

There are a number of farm-to-table dinner experiences

producer and Ziraldo transformed icewine into Canada’s

planned across the Niagara region, as well as an

signature wine around the world.

opportunity to discover Ontario’s terroir and grape growing

The science communication keynote speaker will be Kimberly Nicholas, an associate professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University in Sweden. Her research focuses on sustainable farming systems, the wine industry under

up close with local grape growers. The ICCWS will host a tradeshow, giving organizations the opportunity to directly interact with the many industry and academic professionals that will be attending.

climate change, and linking research with policy and

There are also a number of sponsorship opportunities

practice to support a zero-emissions society.

throughout the conference.

Conference registration is now open and includes access

For more information about the symposium, sponsorship

to research seminars, masterclasses, wine tastings, and

and tradeshow opportunities, and to register visit

workshops. o

The AQUA Wetland System “A constructed wetland for treatment of high strength winery waste water” The AQUA Wetland System or AWS was approved in 2012 by the Region of Niagara where the flow rates are less than 10,000 L/ day. Approval is for pre treatment of high strength winery wash water prior to discharge into a Class 4 septic system. In Ontario properties on which the daily sewage flows exceeds 10,000 L/day must receive approval through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The AWS has also received approvals through this ministry for use at wineries. This proprietary sub-surface, vertical flow constructed wetland consists of sand & gravel beds planted with moisture tolerant plant species. Water is pumped vertically from cell to cell. There is no open or standing water and the system is designed to operate winter and summer. Treatment of wastewater occurs through physical filtration & biological degradation. Plants shade & insulate the cells, preventing algae growth. Some notable winery projects include: We provide turn key systems, including design, permitting & installation or will partner with your chosen consulting/engineering company.

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• Treatment of 2,200 L/day sanitary sewage combined with winery process water, Perridiso Estate Winery, Niagara On The Lake, ON • Treatment of ~9,000 L/day sanitary sewage, Big Head Wines, Niagara On The Lake, ON • Treatment of 53,000 L/day sanitary sewage combined with Cannabis process water, Tweed Farms, Niagara On The Lake, ON







A technology from

Thermo - Flash-Detente Process

Improve a challenging harvest • Stable colour and aromas. • Mitigation of vegetal characters • Mitigation of C6 characters on hybrids • Qualitative treatment of grapes affected by Botrytis • Denature harmful enzymes (laccase, polyphenol oxidase). • Smoke taint mitigation In a great harvest • Make rounder, fuller, fruitier wines. • Optimize controlled tannin management • Harness the full grape potential

We are proud to introduce another innovative technology to the Canadian Wine Industry. Starting from 3 ton batches and up.

Efficiency of grape processing • Less tank-space by fermenting in liquid phase • Continuous process • Time savings - no pump-overs • Optimised fermentation kinetics Contact us directly to learn more about the endless possibilities of using flash-detente.


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Specific inactivated yeast produced through the innovative X-PRO® Process, with a quick release of mannoproteins, lipidic substances and polysaccharides.

Specific inactivated yeast produced through the innovative X-PRO® Process, with a quick release of mannoproteins, lipidic substances and polysaccharides.

Crafting Sparkling Wine?

Crafting Sparkling Wine? X-PRO PROTECTION ®

X-PRO® PROTECTION Freshness and protection of Freshness and protection the base wine of the base wine X-PRO® FINESSE

X-PRO® FINESSE Foampersistency, persistency, finesse Foam finesse and colloidal stability and colloidal stability

Persistence of the foam

140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0


X-PRO® Finesse

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So much of making a great wine has to do with timing. Stella Maris® from Acadian Plant Health can help! As we are approaching bloom season, it is even more important to start the season right with products that naturally help your crop reach its full potential. Stella Maris® contains Acadian Plant Health™’s unique technology that boosts crop quality and productivity by enhancing root growth, improving nutritional health and bolstering tolerance to challenging growing conditions. It contains natural complexing sugars that bind to micronutrients, thereby improving their translocation and bioavailability within the plant. When you apply Stella Maris® as part of your regular nutrition program, you are putting nutrients on the fast track and ensuring your plants get the most out of every ounce of fertilizer. Stella Maris® works at a cellular level by improving the nutritional status of your crop, which combined with the naturally occurring stress compounds that it triggers, results in great juice quality and beautiful wines. In addition to improving nutrient uptake, Stella Maris® drives rachis growth (stretch) for looser clusters and better airflow around the fruit. HOW TO USE STELLA MARIS® Apply via foliar or drip systems in early spring and repeat treatments every seven to 30 days at 2.5 to five litres per hectare throughout the season. o

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District Wine Village

An opportunity for

small producers

On a cool January day just north of Oliver, B.C., the first piece of machinery arrives at what is soonto-be Canada’s first wine village. District Wine Village is the vision of Matt Kenyon, general manager at Penticton’s Greyback Construction. Having been responsible for many prestigious winery builds in the Okanagan, he and his team saw an opportunity to create a one-of-akind village where small producers of craft wine, beer, cider, and spirits can have their own leased facility, without the need to invest in a full stand-alone operation. Working alongside wine industry veteran and District Wine Village director of operations Mike Daley, they are making that vision a reality. “Ultimately, this project is all about community,” said Kenyon. “Not only are we creating a diverse community for our resident wineries, cideries, breweries, distilleries, and eateries, but we are really looking to be a significant economic driver for our local communities and support the future growth of wine and culinary tourism in the South Okanagan.” District Wine Village offers a unique turnkey facility for small-batch,


artisan producers to create their own brand with a low capital investment. The goal for the wine village team is to make the operations as easy as possible for the producers. As such, each of the 16 individual spaces offers operators a licensed and equipped production facility, along with access to shared crush pad and operational resources to simplify production. Each building also

600-person entertainment centre for concerts and events, as well as onsite culinary offerings to give guests a true taste of the Okanagan.” Construction will continue throughout 2020 with the first several facilities ready for operation in fall 2020. The grand opening for District Wine Village will take place once all construction has been completed in spring/summer 2021.

Follow along with all construction updates on Facebook and Instagram (@DistrictWineVillage) and learn more at If you are a wine, cider, beer, or spirits producer interested in leasing a production space, email or call 250-809-1869 to discuss lease rates. o

includes its own built-in tasting room and patio license so that producers can build their direct-to-consumer brand and encourage onsite sales.

Get Your Brand Noticed

Serving as the gateway to Canada’s wine capital, District Wine Village is sure to become a must-see destination for visitors to the Okanagan. “It will be like Disneyland for adults,” remarks Daley. “In addition to the onsite tasting rooms, the Village will also feature a


Scientific ReSeaRch & expeRimental Development (SR&eD) in vineyaRDS & WineRieS AAnew newOkanagan Okanaganvineyard vineyardand andwinery wineryconsulting consultingcompany company. Established Madevon Signature SignatureLtd. Ltd. isisaa EstablishedininJune June2016, 2016,Pascal Pascal Madevon vineyard and winery consultancy based in Penticton, BC. vineyard and winery consultancy based in Penticton, BC. Through the the venture, offers professional Through venture, Pascal PascalMadevon Madevon offers professional advice to new and emerging wineries on vineyard advice to new and emerging wineries on vineyard management, management, wine and commercialization. wine production, andproduction, commercialization.

We explore refunds in viticulture and oenology. let us determine your eligibility today!

Thisstep stepto tohelp help others others with with their their roles This roles in in wine winefollows follows more more than 30 years experience in wine, notably as winemaker head than 30 years experience in wine, notably as head winemaker of prestigious Bordeaux and Okanagan estates. of prestigious Bordeaux and Okanagan estates. For an appointment or more information please contact

For an appointment or more information please contact Pascal Madevon at Pascal Madevon at l 250.488.8497 l | 250.488.8497 | The first visit is free. The first visit is free.


2020 AGENDA Fall 2020

Beanfield Centre, Toronto, ON

Included in your ticket is access to seminars, lectures, and panel discussions specialized in operations, sales and marketing, viticulture, regulatory and more. Opportunity to connect with 50+ vendors and discover new suppliers in the full-day trade show. Chance to taste new Ontario VQA wines. Continental breakfast, lunch and light fare provided throughout the day.

8:00 am

Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 am

OCW Welcome Remarks

9:15 am

Morning Keynote Presentation – Randall Grahm, Bonny Doon Vineyard, CA

10:00 am

Trade Show Opens and Coffee Break

11:00 am

Morning Breakout Sessions

12:00 noon

Trade Show / Lunch and Wine Bar Opens

1:15 pm

Ontario Wine and Grape Industry Performance Study 2019 Review

2:00 pm

Afternoon Keynote Presentation – Luis Osorio, Wine Intelligence, UK

2:45 pm

Trade Show and Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

5:00 pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions / Trade Show Closes

6:00 - 7:30 pm Closing Reception Randall Grahm – Bonny Doon Vineyard

Luis Osorio – Wine Intelligence

Randall was born in Los Angeles in 1953 and attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where he was a permanent Liberal Arts major. Some time later he found himself working at the Wine Merchant in Beverly Hills sweeping floors. He returned to the University of California at Davis to complete a degree in Plant Sciences in 1979. With his family’s assistance, Randall purchased property in the Santa Cruz Mountains in a quaint eponymous hamlet known as Bonny Doon, intent on producing the Great American Pinot Noir. In 2010, he was able to purchase an extraordinary 400-acre property near San Juan Bautista, which he calls “Popelouchum,” (the Mutsun word for “paradise”), and has very ambitious plans to breed 10,000 new grape varieties there and perhaps produce a true vin de terroir in the New World. He lives in Santa Cruz with his muse Chinshu, their daughter, Amélie, and his thesaurus.

Registration/Continental Breakfast: 8:00 am

Luis joined Wine Intelligence in October 2014 after working as a consultant in an auditing and consulting firm, where he developed strategy related projects in Portuguese-speaking countries in industries such as oil & gas, banking, media and retail. Prior to this, he spent two years developing entrepreneurial projects, including start-ups and an NGO. He also did a six-month internship with a major Portuguese wine producer. Luis graduated from Lisbon Technical University with a BA in architecture / civil engineering and later with a master’s degree in business administration majoring in strategy from the Catholic University of Portugal. He also holds the WSET Level 2 qualification in wines and spirits. Luis’ passion for wine started early within his family of wine producers; he then went on to launch a wine bar and in one year he opened five more wine bars in Lisbon, later selling the company and making a valuable profit.

Conference: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Trade Show: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Beanfield Centre (2nd Floor) Canada’s greenest conference centre at Toronto’s Exhibition Place 105 Princes Blvd., Toronto, ON M6K 3C3 905-562-8070

Fall 2020 Beanfield Centre, Toronto, ON The Ontario Craft Wine Conference and Trade Show is hosted by the Ontario Craft Wineries (OCW), a non-profit trade association that represents over 100 wineries across Ontario. OCW members are independently owned small and medium sized wineries – grape growers, manufacturers and leaders in tourism in their communities. OCW members are the future of Ontario’s wine industry, which is a source of new investment, jobs and award-winning wines. The Ontario Craft Wine Conference & Trade Show will welcome a range of international and national speakers to share insights, trends, and more under categories of marketing, operations, industry regulations, viticulture, technical and finance. Morning Keynote Speaker: Randall Grahm – Bonny Doon Vineyard Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Luis Osorio – Wine Intelligence Over 30 Breakout Room Speakers and 50+ Trade Show Exhibitors Take part in this educational day of building your business and expanding your expertise through dynamic guest speakers, networking, VQA wine tasting, and more.

Registration/Continental Breakfast: 8:00 am

Conference: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Trade Show: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Beanfield Centre (2nd Floor) Canada’s greenest conference centre at Toronto’s Exhibition Place 105 Princes Blvd., Toronto, ON M6K 3C3 905-562-8070

Leaning into orange wine

it’s just the colour


range wine has been around for a while but is slowly gaining

popularity. It has turned wine

tasters’ beliefs about wine on their

head, as nothing expresses itself quite like skin

By Laura Milnes

contact does.

When pouring orange wine for guests or friends – a rose gold pinot gris or the enchanting amber hue of radikon – the reaction is almost always the same. “Wow, I’ve never tried a wine quite like this – is this made from oranges?” While it’s entrenched itself as a fixture among wine enthusiasts, what is special about the technique is the inherent stability skin contact provides. It forces the winemaker to slow down and allow the aromas to be coaxed out. It is a wine that requires patience. Andrew Etsell produces seven acres of siegerrebe in Abbotsford, B.C., and decided he wanted to experiment with skin contact. With the help of Matt Dumayne, winemaker of Okanagan Crush Pad in Summerland, B.C., they tried one tank, allowing the siegerrebe to ferment naturally, and macerate on the skins for 90 days. “The end result was a completely different wine than our traditional style that is typically off dry and aromatic,” says Etsell. “The aromatics stayed, but it expressed more steeped rose petals and earthiness. It was a very interesting experiment and we’ve continued to do it ever since.“ Likely the most special character about orange wine is its unique ability to pair with foods that can be difficult to match with. Because skin contact taps into an entirely different category of aromas, so too do the possibilities of what foods complement or contrast with it. Bailey Williamson, proprietor and winemaker on Vancouver Island, shared this sentiment when speaking about his orange ortega recently. “The food with wine thing – that’s where orange wines excel,” he says. “They’re very savoury, not meant to be consumed as an aperitif while sitting out on your back porch in the sun. That’s not how they show well. They do require some food, especially for the


orange ortega that I make.” Williamson suggests pairing it

makes the varieties more three dimensional, adding on

with salami, manchego cheese, or salted nuts.

layers of what already exist in the juice. It adds tannin and

“When I first made it, it reminded me of a fino sherry. I think it will always be a bit of a niche product. It’s difficult

intensity as well, making them very good food-friendly wines.”

sometimes for the wine cognizant to put themselves

Toor says demand for the orange wine has been incredible

outside of their feedback loop and think about what the

and believes that it’s finally here to stay. “Personally, I find

general population does.”

the style incredibly versatile. Good for the beach, park,

Whether orange wine will ever become mainstream

dinner, lunch, and cooler autumn/winter days.”

remains to be seen. Young up-and-coming winemakers

The adoption of orange wine as a category on restaurant

like Rajen Toor makes his own label, Ursa Major, in the

wine lists has also assisted the general public in accepting

cellar at Desert Hills in Oliver. With the combination of

it as a style that is here to stay. While we remain far

chic artwork on the labels and a fearless approach to experimentation and reinvention, Rajen has captured the hearts and palates of many.

from the culture of skin contact the likes of Slovenia or Northern Italy, we are well on our way there. Canadian producers are leaning into the style more than ever,

“Fermenting white grapes on skins brings out a whole

revealing a side of their beloved varieties while testing

other side of the variety,” he says. “Oftentimes, I find it

limits, palates, and talents. o


Make hard work easier with Munckhof Manufacturing


n 2018 farmers reported that unfilled vacancies cost agriculture $2.9 billion in lost sales – an

increase from 1.5 billion in 2014”. – Canadian Agricultural Human

operator to perform a job he or she might have contracted out before. Big players take advantage of their economy of scale and use machinery

Resource Council.

to reduce their labour inputs, but

It is no surprise to hear growers,

to justify the large investment

particularly small or family outfits,

in purchasing new equipment.

lamenting on the lack of skilled and unskilled workers and getting left in the lurch during critical times of the year. Trends such as the push for

it is harder for the smaller grower

However, there are ways to make mechanization pay for smaller growers as well.

local and organic wines are sure to

Used equipment can yield a diamond

make the labour problem worse.

in the rough, but purchasers should

Owner-operators care about their vineyards intensely, and they want to be able to control every part of the production process. They just don’t always have the time or energy to perform every task. Mechanization

be wary to make sure that their newto-them machines do not contain outdated designs that might wear out prematurely, and they should ensure that replacement parts are available quickly in a pinch

allows an owner-operator to perform

Equipment sharing allows two or

more work and be more involved in

three smaller farms to use their

each process, making sure it is done

collective power to reduce the

to their own standards.

purchase price of new machinery.

In viticulture there is a narrow window to get a job completed. A hedging job that might take a team of three people one week to perform by hand might take a mechanical hedger one day, ensuring uniformity

Be sure to lay out the details of any agreement very clearly. Who will and can operate the machine, where it will be stored, and any eventual buyout options should be determined before partnering to avoid future

across the farm. In the same way

headaches or disagreements.

pre-pruning allows the grower to

Contracting out is another option for

wait until later in the spring to finish work, giving valuable time to assess winter damage and spring conditions.


retention, or it might allow an owner-

small operators. Costs can be offset by running more acres and collecting fees for services. Be sure that time and manpower is available to make

Field work is physically demanding,

this work. The narrow windows for

using machines to perform awkward

getting operations done in viticulture

or tedious jobs can help with worker

can present logistical challenges.

Equipment sharing allows two or three smaller farms to use their collective power to reduce the purchase price of new machinery.

Growers need to take steps to make the most out of the resources they have. Labour is often one of the biggest costs in business, and mechanization not only reduces

Get the right machinery that is

manufacturing a full line in-house

designed for small operations. Simple

at our facility in Oliver B.C. and have

design features and the use of locally

been one of the only viticultural

available parts can help keep repair

equipment producers in Canada

and maintenance costs down and

since 1979. Contact us to talk about a

For more information, visit

reduce turnaround times. The ability

solution that fits your operation. o

labour requirements, but it also makes hard work easier and helps increase worker retention.

to share a mounting system among several pieces of equipment saves the cost of repeatedly having to buy mounts for each machine. It is also handy to be able to get customer service in your own language. 1887 Windham East Quarter Line Windham Centre, Ontario Canada N0E 2A0

Talk to a specialist who understands your needs. Munckhof Manufacturing are specialists in viticultural equipment and systems that work for small and large operations alike. They have been designing and

Gintec Shade Technologies Inc.

Gintec ProGuard Grape Netting Wind, Hail, Deer and Bird Protection

Ph: (519) 443-4743 Toll Free: 1-877-443-4743 Fax: (519) 443-8120

Providing Canadian Grapevine Solutions


ONTARIO QUEBEC NOVA SCOTIA Wes Wiens/Tina Wall Nathan Phillips Wes Wiens/Tina Wall Ian Kaye p. 905-984-4324 p: 250-809-6040 p. 905-984-4324 p. 902-740-2493


Netherlands-based Bird Control Group debuts updated laser bird deterrent system


ird Control Group recently

Bird Control Group, a Netherlands-

or barrier and will fly away to avoid

launched its second

based company with a North

contact, or abort landing in the area

generation of autonomic

America office in Oregon, has

in which the laser is protecting.

programmable lasers, the

developed a new innovative

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

new AVIX Autonomic Mark II, a

commercial grade laser, the AVIX

fully automated bird deterrent

Autonomic Mark II, which is proving

that effectively and harmlessly

to be quite effective against this type

scares birds away and reduces bird

of economic disaster. This autonomic

nuisance by up to 90 per cent.

laser leverages a bird’s innate fight

laser activity and switch the system

Bird damage is a real issue for

or flight response by shining a laser

on and off. The new modular design

many growers. Farmers invest

beam across a predetermined path

of the AVIX Autonomic Mark II

precious time, money, and energy

or structure, which in turn causes

also improves product support

throughout the year nurturing and

the bird to “escape” the perceived

remotely, provides easier wireless

growing quality crops, often to see

imminent danger. The human eye

programming, and adds adjustable

that work go for naught when birds

sees the laser as a moving green dot,

speed and light brightness for up to

enter the field and spoil the year’s

but a bird’s eye interprets this same

16 different programs. Early adopters

bounty. A familiar story for many,

green dot as an actual beam of light

of this technology have seen positive

allows the user to easily program the device through the use of our Android- and Apple-supported app, as well as monitor system status,

this costly issue has been dealt with for many generations with all sorts of techniques including scarecrows, shotguns, netting, and even screeching sound machines, all in an effort to try and prevent a substantial loss of money.


Wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to easily program the device through the use of our Android- and Apple-supported app, as well as monitor system status, laser activity, and switch the system on and off.

results with many returning to add

field benefits return on investment

orchards, and now even vegetable

additional units, as multiple lasers

and also lengthens the number of

growers all have shared positive

in the field work better than one. A

months the laser might be utilized.


Customer testimonials can be

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II can be

seen at www.birdcontrolgroup.

purchased or leased based on your

single laser in open terrain usually has an effective coverage area of up to 15 acres for most applications,

com or on their YouTube page with

farm’s needs. For more information

and early installation provides

many customers sharing their own

about this new and exciting

better results by preventing birds

experiences about how well the

technology or to request a custom

from identifying your fields as a

lasers have protected their farms

proposal contact Bird Control Group

potential food source. Moving the

and saved them money. Vineyards,

at or

AVIX Autonomic Mark II around the

blueberry farms, fruit and nut

844-406-9280. o

Laser Bird Deterrent Solutions •

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T he lure of Prince Edward County T

iny wineries scattered about a region predominated by beaches and limestone makes Prince Edward

By Laura Milnes


Our food is approached differently, expect a lot of outdoor festivals and chefs slinging meat over an open fire.

County an ideal location for over

There’s easy access to winemakers

40 vineyards. Driving through the

and so many of the great wine people

county, a sense of old-timeyness

are here, but in a different way

overcomes you as the slow pace

than they are anywhere else. Any

elicites a sense of calm.

oenophile would be happy here.”

Dubbed the “County”, some have

Many city dwellers opt to split their

argued that it still very much lives

time between the metropolis of

in the shadow of Niagara-on-the-

the Greater Toronto Area and the

Lake – a likely reason it is such an

welcomed respite of the County. Wine

attractive escape for many. Its charms

educator and county resident, Jay

are founded upon being untouched

Whiteley, touched on this,“It’s nice

and relatively undiscovered, but as

to have some time away from the

the wine quality continues to improve

hustle and bustle of the city. It’s still

and impress, more enthusiasts have

a burgeoning region, and there’s still

continued to visit and buy up the

exploration happening. It’s refreshing

land rendering this gem not that well

to see people taking chances that they

hidden any longer.

might not have the wherewithal to

“The accessibility and opportunity to geek out about wine makes it a great place to be,” says Lonelle


which is what makes it so precious.

do in a city and have that support of community around them. Everyone here has been so helpful and friendly.”

Selbo, County resident. “The wine

Winemaker Maggie Granger of The

is spectacular and world renowned

Grange of Prince Edward Winery

– we’ve received a lot of global

holds a steadfast commitment to

accolades and praise for the wines

holistic practices in which she refers

we make, but in very small quantities

to as “bio-rational” and is evident

throughout the winery. The idyllic

frosts. This allows the fruit to stay

setting of the tasting room perched

on the vine a little longer, developing

atop a pond with farm animals

more concentrated flavours.

puttering about gives the feeling of an English countryside farmstead with a rustic view seemingly plucked straight from a Jane Austen novel. It’s common to see tasting rooms in the region set up in old barns, industrial production facilities, as well as in contemporary concrete and steel structures. Granger’s wines show the defining character of the County – a natural minerality absorbed from the limestone-rich soil where the regions vineyards reside, the essence of which

There has been some controversy over the authenticity of County wine, as not all fruit is sourced from the island – many wineries import grapes from Niagara-on-the-Lake. However, the Granger family sources their fruit from their own estate, truly showcasing what county terroir is capable of. The devotion and daily practice of supporting local really showcases the strong sense of community. You won’t find many big box stores here –

is highlighted in the flavour of the

neighbours support neighbours, and

wine. Being on the north shore of

one degree of separation is common.

Lake Ontario, vineyards benefit from

The commitment to protecting this

the lake effect which regulates the

culture is palpable and fierce, and

temperature throughout the year

that is what makes the County so

shielding the County from early fall

special and so delicious. o



change in

BC wine industry


ustainable Winegrowing

sustainability self-assessments to

of which have key criteria and

British Columbia (SWBC)

the Okanagan wine industry, hosting

some of which have key associated

is the key sustainability

workshops to share knowledge

indicators. Creating baseline data

program of B.C. Wine

with industry professionals about

and tracking improvements helps

Grape Council. SWBC is launching

sustainability practices. In 2018, the

to avoid marketplace skepticism

a new certification program in 2020

Ministry of Agriculture along with

about “greenwashing.” SWBC

to assist growers and winemakers

B.C. Wine Grape Council allocated

supports growers and winemakers

with enhancing soil health and

funding to transition the online self-

in British Columbia to become true

wine quality, and meet increasing

assessment program into a verified

sustainability leaders by backing

customer demand for wines

sustainability certification program.

their sustainability claims with

made with verified conscientious, sustainable practices. The program is founded on a people, planet, profit (triple bottom line) approach. Since 2011, SWBC has provided

At its foundation, the program is

data. This data will also assist program participants with making

based on world class, outcome-

adjustments, adapting and taking

based sustainability standards.

action based on real dynamic

The standards clearly outline the


outcomes we aim to achieve, all

The Standards are organized by goal areas. In the vineyard, outcomes and criteria are defined for:


• Watershed Management and Conservation • Soil Nutrition Management • Integrated Pest Management • Irrigation Optimization

b rand • label • package • w eb • di s play

• Social Equity – Workforce, Neighbours, and Community


For wineries, outcomes and criteria

updated sustainability standards:

from the B.C. Wine Grape Council

are defined for:

the volunteer SWBC Sustainability

and the British Columbia Ministry of

• Water Efficiency and Conservation

Committee members, Anna Brittain


• Energy Efficiency and Management

of ViewCraft Consulting, and Tom Divney and Catalina Mora of the

To learn more as SWBC rolls out

• Responsible Waste Management

Sustainable Agricultural Network.

the Sustainability Certification

• Climate Action

This project would not be possible

Program in 2020, please visit

without the support and funding o

• Social Equity – Workforce, Neighbours, and Community For each goal area, there are both essential and continuous improvement criteria. All essential criteria must be met for certification; participants commit to continuous improvement. For example, in the Sustainable Wineries Standard, under the Energy Efficiency and Management goal, one outcome states “Energy use is monitored to analyze consumption and identify efficiency and savings opportunities.” To meet this essential criteria outcome, “Wineries calculate and establish an energy consumption baseline. The baseline includes information about both electricity and fuel consumption (heating oil, diesel, and gas for vehicles) for all functional areas or operations.” With the 2019 sustainability standards in hand, SWBC is launching the Sustainability Certification Program in April, 2020. The new sustainability certification based on the rigourous 2019 standards, focusses on implementation, education, and community building within the wine industry. The previous online sustainability self-assessment will be retired. Many dedicated people contributed to the development of SWBC’s


overwhelmed to organized

A vintrace first harvest story Keith Emerson, winemaker, Vineyard 29.


ike most winemakers with too much to do during harvest, it was often a battle for Keith Emerson,

as their wine production software

Vintrace requires less data entry

system. Founded in 2007, vintrace

time, avoiding the paperwork

had the experience, features, and

backlogs that can be as much as one

supportive staff Vineyard 29 needed

week during the peak of harvest. “By

head winemaker at Vineyard 29 – a

to confidently make the leap to

using vintrace, everything is fresh

350-tonne winery in St. Helena,

a modern, mobile, enabled wine-

in our heads when entering data,

California – to stay awake while

making system.

so it goes faster and we don’t make

typing up the next days’ work orders. “After a long harvest day

mistakes,” says Emerson.

Vineyard 29, is challenged to find

In the lab, vintrace improves

cellar staff, a situation that is likely

reporting and eliminates the need

to continue. Emerson knows the most

for a lab tech to create reports for the

enduring way to address this issue is

winemaker. “We enter data directly

to eliminate the work itself wherever

into vintrace as we run the analyses

missed in the next day’s pump-

possible, such as investing in

and see those results immediately,”

over list. Emerson and assistant

automated pump-over devices. Using

says Emerson. “For instance, if Tim

winemaker, Tim Mills, were looking

vintrace has vastly reduced the time

is running analysis, and I am offsite

to improve productivity, data

spent making manual calculations,

in the vineyard or elsewhere, I can

integrity, and access, and avoid

or logging hand-written completed

see the analysis results as he runs

mistakes while continuing to make

work and lab data into a clumsy

and enters them. He doesn’t have to

even better wines. Emerson needed

system. The happy result is that

stop what he is doing to prepare and

“a cloud-based software system that

Vineyard 29 has been able to reduce

send me a summary of the analysis.”

can be assessed from anywhere

its harvest crew from five interns

In the future, Vineyard 29 may take

including smartphones or tablets,

down to just two, while giving Keith

advantage of vintrace’s built-in

and one that communicates with

and his team more time to do higher

integrations to lab equipment and

TankNet.” After evaluating options,

value work in the vineyard and

outside laboratories to further reduce

Emerson and Mills chose vintrace


data entry.

followed by helping my kids with homework and getting them to bed, I am pretty tired when sitting down to write the next day’s plan.” And sometimes a tank would be


Nearly every winery, including

The vintrace app can only be used by existing vintrace customers and will only work in conjunction with the web app.

Getting started Unlike so many new system installation and training processes that are time consuming and fraught

Supplier to the Commercial Beverage Industry

with errors, vintrace made it easy by providing Vineyard 29 with a starting database filled with all bulk wine statistics, tank numbers and volumes, barrel types, lot codes, and so on. Mills says he is a fan of vintrace’s tutorials, which he studies at his convenience. Overall, he has found learning to use vintrace pretty intuitive. And best of all, vintrace has support staff ready to help with a live screen share via email and over the phone. “With vintrace, I have more time to be the winemaker, to walk the vineyards, to taste the ferments,”



We’ve got you covered and then some.

says Emerson. “If I’m an hour away in the middle of a vineyard, I can immediately address a winery issue and write a work order, and nothing gets lost in translation converting an oral request into a written work order.” Most importantly, Emerson is getting more sleep. With the important work orders already set up in vintrace, it only takes him about 20 minutes to write the remaining tasks from



For more info: E: Ph: 1.877.460.9463

home. For more information, contact vintrace at or via email o

Supplier to the Commercial Beverage Industry






Switching grape varieties can

help save world’s wine-growing regions


otter temperatures threaten global wine production, with multiple studies now forecasting

that more than half of regions suitable to planting wine grapes could be lost

other collaborating institutions. “Substituting grenache or cabernet sauvignon for pinot noir, planting trebbiano where riesling is grown— these aren’t painless shifts to make,

Wine grapes are extremely sensitive to climate, especially temperature. Combining long-term records with global data on where different wine grapes are planted, the research team showed that if global

but they can ease winegrowers’

temperatures rise by an average of

transition to a new and warmer

two degrees Celsius — in line with

But not all is lost. Swapping out grapes

world,” says the study’s senior author

current trends — at least 51 per cent

for more drought and heat-tolerant

Elizabeth Wolkovich, a professor of

of current wine-growing regions

varieties can offer a way forward for

forest and conservation sciences at

could be wiped out.

winemakers, finds new research from

UBC who studies resilience strategies

the University of British Columbia and

for agricultural and forest ecosystems.

to climate change.

“These estimates, however, ignore important changes that growers can make,” says Wolkovich. “We found that by switching to different varieties, vintners can lessen the damage, to just 24 per cent of areas lost. For example, in Burgundy, France, vintners can consider planting more heat-tolerant varieties such as syrah and grenache to

ith over 15 years of experience in the Canadian Wine Grape industry as Euro Nursery, and continued experience in the California Wine Grape industry as Knights Grapevine Nursery, I know first-hand the importance of high-quality, virus tested vines for a healthy, growing vineyard. Therefore, I use the strictest test standards and processes available, testing each plant source according to our “Every Vine Tested” protocol. I then use the carefully selected, quality materials to produce healthy vigorous plants for my grapevine growing friends. Whether in Canada or in the U.S., I understand that protecting vines against viruses means nothing less than protecting a vineyard owner’s future. Sincerely,

Eckhard Kaesekamp Knights Grapevine Nursery

replace the dominant pinot noir. And growers in regions such as Bordeaux may swap out cabernet sauvignon and merlot for mourvedre.” There’s a caveat though. Diversification will have less impact if temperatures rise more than two degrees. “At four degrees, around 77 per cent of all areas may be lost, and planting new varieties will limit this to 58 per cent losses,” says lead author Ignacio Morales-Castilla, a former postdoctoral researcher in the Wolkovich lab, now with University of Alcalá in Spain. “Wine growing regions can adapt to a


lower level of warming, but at higher

results to the Okanagan region,”

Goddard Institute for Space

warming, it’s much harder to save

says Wolkovich. “But it requires

Studies; Iñaki García de Cortázar-


understanding climate at a vineyard

Atauri and Thierry Lacombe of the

scale and working with growers to

Institut National de la Recherche

understand what’s feasible for them.”

Agronomique; Amber Parker of

wine grapes: cabernet sauvignon,

Other authors on the paper include:

Lincoln University, New Zealand;

chasselas, chardonnay, grenache,

Benjamin Cook from Columbia

Cornelis van Leeuwen of Bordeaux

merlot, mourvedre (also known as

University’s Lamont-Doherty

Sciences Agro; and Kimberly A.

monastrell), pinot noir, riesling,

Earth Observatory and the NASA

Nicholas of Lund University. o

The research team focused on 11 of the most popular varieties of

sauvignon blanc, syrah and trebbiano (also known as ugni blanc). Using long-term records, they built models for when these varieties typically


: @TonnellerieVicard |

: @GroupeVicard


bud, flower, and ripen and then used climate change projections to forecast where these varieties can be grown in the future. The study, published today in

are legal and cultural hurdles in


shuffling grape varieties around.

SINC E 1925

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, acknowledges there

“The effectiveness of any strategy depends on both the grape growers and people in general,” says Wolkovich. “Consumers who are willing to try new varieties can play a big part in helping save the

LOCAL CONTACT ∙ DAVID MENDOZA | 129 Nanaino Ave W. Penticton BC V2A 1N2 / MOB: +1 (707) 347-6584 / EMAIL :

regions people love. Legislation can encourage growers to test out new varieties, and ultimately, people can make the largest impact through work to reduce emissions globally.” Filling in data gaps is also critical for developing crop resilience strategies. “Wine grapes possess tremendous diversity, but much of that diversity is still not well-documented or used by growers globally,” says MoralesCastilla. “Adapting the results to specific regions also requires finer scale data, and more research.” Outcomes taken from the study are already being implemented locally but it’s a fine balance. “We’re

July 12 to 16, 2020

Leading researchers, educators, winemakers and grape growers from around the world will gather at Brock University to discuss the opportunities and challenges of cool climate grape and wine production.

just starting to try applying these


Flash release


comes to



ith an ever evolving climate, we continue to

to improve the outcome of wines being made with these

face new vintage challenges. Speaking only of

issues, but in many instances the results can be better,

the last few decades in Canada, producers have

especially when done before fermentation.

witnessed extreme heat and cold, drought, and

wet conditions — sometimes in the same growing year — as well as smoke from forest fires and grapevine viruses. Some producers thrive in adverse conditions, putting their skills and intuition to the test. Sometimes greatness may yield, and other times the opposite. Generally speaking (and if you were talking to the banker), most would prefer a more consistent climatic pattern with less extremes. Managing input costs and forecasting sales has become


For this we turn to a technology that has been around for quite some time, but not in Canada and not in a mobile form. Flash Détente (translated as Flash Release) technology was developed in the early 90’s in the south of France. Originally engineered for other food-related applications, Flash Détente when applied to winemaking, can help resolve some of the issues arising from the vintage challenges aforementioned.

increasingly more difficult without some pattern of

Nuance WInery Supplies has purchased and is operating

normalcy in vintage. The consumer is often happier when

the first mobile Flash Détente unit in Canada. The unit is

they are not surprised by the sudden change in wine

engineered and built by Pera-Pellenc, arguably the industry

profile from one vintage to the next.

experts in flash technology.

Some of the direct challenges we face include under ripe

So how does it work and what does it do? The destemmed

berries with low brix, weak colour, and phenolics. We see

grapes are first heated to 85°C denaturing lacasse and

diluted berries or clusters with botrytis and other fungal

polyphenol oxidase. Then they enter a vacuum chamber

problems. Smoke taint is an issue unto its own. There

(tank) which is maintained under -0.8bar of pressure. This

are some winemaking tools we are already working with

is where the magic ‘Flash Release’ happens.

As the berries enter the vacuum chamber, the water inside

maceration (12-24 hours) to ferment the must in liquid

instantly turns to steam and expands. As a result, the

phase without skins, which requires no cap management

berries are ruptured, colour is released from epidermis

and much less labour. The resulting wine can be much

cells, and temperature drops from 85°C to between

softer and fruitier than with skins. The opposite can be

33-35°C. This steam brings with it many undesirable

said when skins left on. The resulting wines can be very

compounds with the main ones being pyrazines in

dark with increased phenolic structure.

vinifera and C6 compounds in hybrids. The steam is then condensed and the resulting condensate is harnessed in a separate vessel. Roughly eight per cent water is removed at this stage, raising the sugars roughly 1.5 degrees (if no juice is separated before). The winery can then decide to treat the condensate and return to the batch, use elsewhere, or discard.

Pera-Pellenc’s R&D department is confident that there is still much to learn with Flash Détente application and the future is very bright for difficult vintages as well as great ones. The trials on smoke-tainted wines are very encouraging. Nuance has a mission to bring practical and useful technology to the Canadian market, and Flash Détente will play a big role in mitigating some of the

If the winery is concerned about tank space, they may

future challenges that lie ahead and widening the realm of

choose to press the flashed grapes after a very short

possibility. o

The destemmed grapes are first heated to 85°C denaturing lacasse and polyphenol oxidase. Then they enter a vacuum chamber (tank) which is maintained under -0.8bar of pressure. As the berries enter the vacuum chamber, the water inside instantly turns to steam and expands. 35

Health and safety in

the wine industry With a robust health and safety program, incidents in the winery sector are preventable


hether you are a winery business owner, employer, manager, or supervisor, workplace health and

safety is everyone’s responsibility.

work safely and providing proper supervision. • Giving supervisors the necessary support and training to carry out

how big or small — are responsible

health and safety responsibilities.

for the health and safety of their workers.

responsibilities include: • Establishing a valid occupational health and safety program and complying with the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.


training your employees to do their

In fact, all employers — regardless of

Your health and safety

By Mike Nielsen

• Providing a safe workplace by

• Inspecting your workplace regularly to make sure everything is working properly. • Ensuring adequate first aid equipment, supplies, and trained attendants are on site to handle injuries. • Fixing problems reported by workers.


And managing the health and

tractors and harvesters, and around

safety side of your business includes

machinery used in the packing

managing risk in your workplace.


After all, workers in vineyards, wineries, and orchards face specific

With a robust health and safety

hazards that could lead to serious

program, along with proper training

injuries and incidents.

and education, incidents in the

Between 2013 and 2017, there were over 515 time-loss claims in the beverage manufacture and winery sector, with overexertion being the most common type of injury claim. The most common hazards faced by workers in this sector include: • Operating equipment on hillsides and uneven terrain. • Operating equipment without proper rollover protective structures. • Pushing and lifting heavy bins, tubs, barrels, pumps, hoses, and mixers. • Using pruning shears and picking knives. • Working with and around hazardous chemicals, including potential exposure to carbon dioxide during fermentation.

winery sector are preventable. A health and safety program equips employers and workers with resources to prevent incidents from happening. Typically, a health and safety program provides guidelines for: azard identification and risk •H control. •S afe work procedures.

and supervision. •S afety inspections. • I ncident investigation. WorkSafeBC provides a number of services and materials that can help employers meet their health and safety requirements. Visit to learn more and to access templates and resources.

• Improper use of ladders.

WorkSafeBC’s Prevention Information Line is also a great resource to help answer your questions about health

In vineyards, workers can be at risk

and safety, including responsibilities,

of overexertion from trying to lift

first aid, reporting incidents, and

or pull too much, or strain from

finding an officer in your area. Call

repetitive motion and awkward

(604) 276-3100 in the Lower Mainland

postures. While in the winery, additional risks include the potential of working on slippery surfaces.


•O rientation, education, training,

• Entering confined spaces.

• Exposure to pesticides.

E2U™, our new and innovative range of products has been created to facilitate and enhance your fermentation process. Less time and same quality. Fermentis, the obvious choice for beverage fermentation.

or (888) 621- SAFE (7233) toll-free in Canada. o

Vineyards and orchards both have

Mike Nielsen is the manager of prevention

the hazards of people working

field services, WorkSafeBC,

around mobile equipment, such as


WATSON’S – A family vineyard


atson’s has been a family run business since 1978 with quality being the main focus as they enjoy multi-generational involvement. The 100 acres of vineyards are located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, near the Niagara River with the Niagara escarpment to the south and

Lake Ontario to the north. Soils are a clay loam with plenty of stones and are absolutely perfect for growing high-quality viniferas. The first vines were planted in 1978 but have since been removed for preferred clones with the larger planted varieties being pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, and merlot. “We are very proud of our vineyards and the grapes that we grow,” says Kevin Watson. “The biggest compliment you can receive is that your grapes make great wine”. Wine-making supplies are offered year round with the focus mainly during the grape harvest and include items such as barrels and racks, fermentation items, bottling supplies, tanks from 100L to 10,000L, pumps, and destemmers. The grape and wine industry is extremely important not only to the province of Ontario, but also to the local economies. “It is simply amazing how so many businesses work together for a common goal and we are very proud to be part of it”. o

1516 Line 2, R.R. #1, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Family owned and operated since 1978

Fresh, pure Ontario juice We represent professional and ground-breaking viticultural practices, believing that tradition and innovation are both keys to success. Our family is dedicated to the Niagara wine industry, our valued customers, and the future of Niagara.


905-468-9833 BARRELS

French, American, Hungarian & Canadian


Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Kerner, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Vidal, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay Noir, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz


Crusher Destemmers, Presses, Tanks (100 -10,000L), Test Kits, Yeasts and Nutrients, Fillers

Canadian Wineries & Vineyards British Columbia 1st R.O.W. Estate Winery Ltd. 2762 190th Street Surrey, BC  V3Z 3W6

Artisan Wine Co.

PO Box 474 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Averill Creek Vineyard

40 Knots Vineyard and Estate Winery

6552 North Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6K9

50th Parallel Estate Winery

184 Monk Road Enderby, BC  V0E 1V4

8th Generation Vineyard Inc.

9752 Jones Flat Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z3

2400 Anderton Road Comox, BC  V9M 4E5

17101 Terrace View Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1B7 6807 Highway 97 Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z9

Adega on 45th Estate Winery Ltd.

7311 45th Street East Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V6

Alderlea Vineyards

1751 Stamps Road Duncan , BC  V9L 5W2

Ancient Hill Estate Winery

4918 Anderson Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 7V7

Aquaherbs Winery House

26 - 2550 Acland Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 7L4 (250) 491-9576

Arrowleaf Cellars

1574 Camp Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1K1

Arterra Wines Canada

7857 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Artisan Sakemaker at Granville Island

1339 Rail Spur Alley, Granville Island Vancouver, BC  V6H 4G9

Baccata Ridge Winery

Back Door Winery

Backyard Vineyards

3033 - 232nd Street Langley, BC  V2Z 3A8

Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

1140 27th Avenue S Creston, BC  V0B 1G1

Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery

4821 Ryegrass Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Black Dog Cellars

385 Matheson Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R5

Black Widow Winery

1630 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7

Bordertown Vineyards and Estate Winery Ltd.

9140 92nd Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2

Burnt Timbers Winery

Blackwood Lane Vineyards & Winery

180 Swick Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4J5

Blasted Church Vineyards

500 Burrowing Owl Place Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Blind Tiger Vineyards

4522 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Blue Grouse Estate Winery & Vineyard

500 Burrowing Owl Place Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Blue Heron Fruit Winery

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6 Sandy Leier

11014 Bond Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1J6

Beaumont Family Estate Winery

Bella Wines Ltd.

2182 Lakeside Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6M3

Bench 1775 Winery

18539 Dewdney Trunk Road Pitt Meadows, BC  V3Y 2R9

1775 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T8

Bonamici Cellars Ltd.

2385 Rolling Hill Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Black Swift Vineyards

3225 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2G9

Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery

4320 Gulch Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Bodega 1117 Estate Thurn Winery

5214 Monro Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2

Black Sage Vineyards

PO Box 307, 17403 Highway 97 N Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z0

378 Parsons Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R5

2775 Boucherie Road Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2G4

Blue Sky Estate Winery

11621 87th Street Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V1

Black Market Wine Co.

2434 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

BC Wine Studio

5854 Pickering Road Courtenay, BC  V9J 1T4

2385 Allendale Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Black Hills Estate Winery

4318 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

25180 8th Avenue Aldergrove, BC  V4W 2G8

2434 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

C.C. Jentsch Cellars

Calliope Wines

Calona Vineyards Winery Boutique

Camelot Vineyards Estate Winery

3489 East Kelowna Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4H1



Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery

2595 Lefeuvre Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1L5

Church & State Wines Inc.

4516 Ryegrass Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Church & State Wines Inc.

Canada Berries Enterprises Ltd.

12791 Blundell Road Richmond, BC  V6W 1B4

Cassini Cellars

4828 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Castoro de Oro Estate Winery

4004 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Cavallo Winery Ltd.

205 Spruce Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V8

Ciao Bella Winery

2035 Surprise Drive Cawston, BC  V0X 1C0

City Side Winery

PO Box 1829, 4790 Wild Rose Street Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

3252 Glencoe Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1M2 Vancouver, BC

Cliff and Gorge Vineyards and Winery

18450 Texas Creek Lillooet, BC  V0K 1V0

Caven Cellars

2568 Upper Bench Road Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N4

Cedar Creek Estate Winery

Clos Du Soleil Winery

Coastal Black Estate Winery

5445 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4S5

2186 Endall Road Black Creek, BC  V9J 1G8

Celista Estate Winery

Columbia Gardens Vineyard & Winery Estate

2319 Beguelin Road Celista, BC  V0E 1L0

9340 Station Road Trail, BC  V1R 4W6

Chaberton Estate Winery

1064 - 216th Street Langley, BC  V2Z 1R3

Chateau Wolff Estate Winery and Vineyard


Damali Lavender & Winery

3500 Telegraph Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L4

D’Angelo Estate Winery

979 Lochore Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1

Daydreamer Wines Inc.

1305 Smethurst Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

De Vine Distillery & Winery

11195 Chalet Road North Saanich, BC  V8L 5M1

Corlan Vineyard & Farm


Da Silva Vineyards and Winery

375 Upper Bench Road N Penticton, BC  V2A 8T2

Corcelettes Estate Winery

RR1, S16, C47 Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

Checkmate Artisanal Winery

Cherry Point Estate Wines

Culmina Family Estate Winery

6181B Old West Saanich Road Victoria, BC  V8M 1W8

2582 Upper Bench Road Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N4

840 Cherry Point Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L3

Crowsnest Vineyards

Coolshanagh Wines and Vineyard

2534 Maxey Road Nanaimo, BC  V9S 5V6 4799 Wild Rose Street Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Crescent Hill Winery

1445 Benvenuto Road Victoria, BC  V8M 1J5

19288 22nd Avenue #150 Surrey, BC  V3Z 3S6 26825 16th Avenue Aldergrove, BC  V4W 2S3

Covert Farms Family Estate Winery

300 Covert Place Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5

8441 McFarlane Road Denman Island, BC  V0R 1T0

Country Vines Winery

13060 Steveston Highway Richmond, BC  V6W 1A3

Deep Cove Winery

Deep Creek Wine Estate Ltd. & Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery

5355 Trepanier Bench Road Peachland, BC  V0H 1X2 Walter Huber Jr.

Deep Roots Winery

884 Tillar Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1 The Hardman Family

Deol Family Estate Winery

6645 Somenos Road Duncan , BC  V9L 5Z3

Desert Hills Estate Winery

4078 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Dirty Laundry Vineyard

7311 Fiske Street Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2 Ron Watkins, President

Divino Estate Winery

1500 Freeman Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L3

Domaine Jasmin Vineyard

444 Lakeview Road Thetis Island, BC  V0R 2Y0

Domaine Rochette Winery

10555 West Saanich Road North Saanich, BC  V8L 6A8

Earlco Vineyards Ltd.

1493 Todd Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6

Eau Vivre Winery & Vineyards Ltd.

716 Lowe Drive Cawston, BC  V0X 1C2

Echo Bay Vineyard

224 Eastside Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R5

Edge of the Earth Vineyard

4758 Gulch Road Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B4

Elderberry Lane Farm & Vineyard

1 Elderberry Lane Lasqueti Island, BC  V0R 2J0

Elephant Island Orchard Wines

2730 Aikins Loop Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

Emandare Vineyard

6798 Norcross Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6C3

Emerald Coast Vineyards

5900 Albert Street Port Alberni, BC  V9Y 8R2

Encore Vineyards Ltd.

361 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5K6

Fort Berens Estate Winery Ltd.

1881 Highway 99 N., PO Box 758 Lillooet, BC  V0K 1V0

Fort Wine Company

Frequency Wine and Sound

26151 - 84 Avenue Langley, BC  V1M 3M6

3210 Gulley Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4E5

Four Shadows Vineyard and Winery

250 Upper Bench Road S Penticton, BC  V2A 8T1

Foxtrot Vineyards

1201 Gawne Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Frind Estate Winery

3725 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 0A8

Garry Oaks Estate Winery

1880 Fulford-Ganges Road Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2A6

Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery

876 Road 8 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Giant Head Estate Winery

4307 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4

Enrico Winery

3280 Telegraph Road Mill Bay, BC  V0R 2P3

Evolve Cellars

361 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5K6


Ex Nihilo Vineyards

1525 Camp Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1K1

Fairview Cellars

989 Cellar Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5

Farm Gate Winery

9752 Jones Flat Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z3

Fashion Estates Winery

2434 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Festina Lente Estate Winery

21113 16th Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 1K3

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards

697 Highway 97 S Peachland, BC  V0H 1X9

Forbidden Fruit Winery

620 Sumac Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3

Forgotten Hill Wine Co.

3960 Cottonwood Lane Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

ISO 9001:2015

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Glass House Estate Winery

23449 0 Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 2X3

Glenterra Vineyards

3897 Cobble Hill Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5

Gold Hill Winery

Hornby Island Estate Winery

7000 Anderson Drive Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0

Gray Monk Estate Winery

2270 Garner Road Kelowna, BC  V1P 1E2

Grizzli Winery Ltd.

2550 Boucherie Road Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2E6

Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery

5355 Trepanier Bench Road Peachland, BC  V0H 1X2

Harker’s Organics Rustic Roots Winery & Cidery

2238 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C2

Harper’s Trail Estate Winery

2761 Shuswap Road Kamloops, BC  V2H 1S9

Heaven’s Gate Estate Winery

8001 Happy Valley Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4

Here’s the Thing Vineyards

4740 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Heron Ridge Estates Winery

1682 Thrums Road Castlegar, BC  V1N 4N5

Hester Creek Estate Winery

877 Road 8, Box 1605 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0


Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate Winery

7857 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Hillside Winery & Bistro

1350 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6

3502 Fruitvale Way Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 1055 Camp Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 2H4


Hidden Chapel Winery

482 Pinehill Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5

Lariana Cellars

Joie Farm Winery

2825 Naramata Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Kalala Organic Estate Winery

3361 Glencoe Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1M1

House of Rose Winery Kermode Wild Berry Winery

8457 River Road South Dewdney, BC  V0M 1H0

Howling Bluff Estate Winery

1086 Three Mile Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7

Kettle Valley Winery

2988 Hayman Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Hugging Tree Winery

2505 Upper Bench Road Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N4

Kismet Estate Winery

316 Road 20 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Indigenous World Winery

2218 Horizon Drive Kelowna, BC  V1Z 3L4

Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyard Inc. – Arterra Wines Canada

7857 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Kitsch Wines

3330 Neid Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4H5

Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery

6179 248th Street Langley, BC  V4W 1C3

Intersection Estate Winery

450 Road 8 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Laughing Stock Vineyards

1548 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7

Le Vieux Pin Winery

5496 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Liber Farm and Winery

156 Sumac Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3

Lightning Rock Winery

6611 Giants Head Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7

Liquidity Wines

4720 Allendale Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Little Engine Wines

La Frenz Winery

2155 Newton Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C1

Lake Breeze Vineyards

2815 Ourtoland Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2H7 Peter and Tim Slamka

Lang Vineyards

6160 Central Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0

7249 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T7

740 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T5 930 Sammet Road, PO Box 9 Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

Isla De Lerena Vineyard

1885 Central Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0

LaStella Winery

8123 148th Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2

851 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1

Isabella Winery Ltd.

11491 River Road Richmond, BC  V6X 1Z6

9304 - 2nd Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V1

La Casa Bianca Winery

Intrigue Wines

2291 Goldie Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1G5

Larch Hills Winery

110 Timms Road Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 2P5

2493 Gammon Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Little Farm Winery

Little Straw Vineyards

Little Tribune Winery

Lock & Worth Winery

1060 Poplar Grove Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6

Lulu Island Winery

16880 Westminster Highway Richmond, BC  V6V 1A8

Lunessence Winery & Vineyard

5716 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7

Maan Farms Estate Winery

790 McKenzie Road Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7N4

Maple Creek Winery

105 - 16055 Fraser Highway Surrey, BC  V4N 0G3

Maple Leaf Spirits Inc.

948 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1

Marichel Vineyard and Winery

1016 Littlejohn Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

Marionette Winery

2540 40th Street NE Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 1Z3

Martin’s Lane Winery

5437 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4S5

Maverick Estate Winery

3974 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Mayhem Wines

4287 McLean Creek Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R1

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

3975 June Springs Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4E4

Meyer Family Vineyards

4287 McLean Creek Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R1

Middle Mountain Mead

3505 Euston Road Hornby Island, BC  V0R 1Z0

Millstone Estate Winery

2300 East Wellington Road Nanaimo, BC  V9R 6V7

Misconduct Wine Co.

375 Upper Bench Road N Penticton, BC  V2A 8T2

Mission Hill Family Estate

1730 Mission Hill Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 2E4

Mocojo Winery

Mount Lehman Winery

5094 Mount Lehman Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1Y3

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery

829 Douglas Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 1N9

Nagging Doubt Winery

4513 Sallows Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4C2

Niche Wine Company

1901 Bartley Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2M6

Nichol Vineyard

1285 Smethurst Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Nighthawk Vineyards

Oliver Twist Estate Winery

398 Lupine Lane Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

One Faith Vineyards

4821 Ryegrass Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Origin Wines

1278 Riddle Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8X2

Orofino Vineyard

2152 Barcelo Road Cawston, BC  V0X 1C2

O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars

2290 Goldie Road Lake Country, BC  V4V 1G5

Osoyoos Larose Estate Winery

1202 Gawne Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

2735 Green Lake Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0

17808 103rd Street Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2

Monster Vineyards

1010 Tupper Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6

Nk’MIP Cellars

1400 Rancher Creek Road Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V6

1577 Yankee Flats Road Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 3J4

Montakarn Winery

2356 Rolling Hills Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery

2320 Oliver Ranch Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

6 - 320 Stewardson Way New Westminster, BC  V3M 6C3

Monte Creek Ranch Winery

PO Box 11, 2420 Miner’s Bluff Road Monte Creek, BC  V0E 2M0

Northern Lights Estate Winery

745 P.G. Pulpmill Road Prince George, BC  V2K 5P4

400 Smythe Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 8W6

Mooberry Winery

Off the Grid Organic Winery

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6

403 Lowry’s Road Parksville, BC  V9P 2B5

Moon Curser Vineyards

3628 Highway 3 E Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V6

Moraine Estate Winery

1865 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T9

3623 Glencoe Road West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1L8

Okanagan Crush Pad Winery

16576 Fosbery Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6

Okanagan Hills Estate Winery

29302 Simpson Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1H9

Ovino Winery

Pacific Breeze Winery

Painted Rock Estate Winery

Peller Estates Winery

Pentage Winery

4551 Valley View Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8W8

Perseus Winery

134 Lower Bench Road Penticton, BC  V2A 1A8



Phamton Creek Estates

4315 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Ricco Bambino - Crooked Crown Organic Vineyard

8977 Highway 97 Eagle Bluff, BC  V0H 1T2

Pipe’ Dreams Estate Winery

168 Sportsmens Bowl Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T5

Planet Bee Honey Farm and Honeymoon Meadery

5011 Bella Vista Road Vernon, BC  V1H 1A1

Platinum Bench Estate Winery & Artisan Bread Co.

4120 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Play Estate Winery

507 Skaha Hills Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 0A9

Poplar Grove Winery

425 Middle Bench Road N Penticton, BC  V2A 8S5

Salt Spring Vineyards and Winery

Richmond Country Farms and Vines

12900 Steveston Highway Richmond, BC  V6W 1A3

Ripples Estate Winery

3387 Tolmie Road Abbotsford, BC  V3G 2T9

River Stone Estate Winery

5505 Westsyde Road Kamloops, BC  V2B 8N5 3303 Boucherie Road Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2H3

6094 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Recline Ridge Vineyards and Winery Ltd.

2640 Skimikin Road W Tappen, BC  V0E 2X3

Red Horses Vineyard

365 Zinfandel Avenue Oliver, BC  V0H 1T4

Red Rooster Winery

891 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T5



Sanduz Estate Wines Inc.

Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard

2237 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Silkscarf Winery

Road 13 Vineyards

25200 Callan Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6

Robin Ridge Winery

PO Box 1650 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

3810 Cobble Hill Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5

Saxon Estate Winery Ltd.

5782 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1V4

Scorched Earth Vineyard and Winery

1435 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8X2

Savard Vines

799 Ponderosa Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Sawmill Creek Wines

2686 Middle Bench Road Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N2 60 Upper Bench Road S Penticton, BC  V2A 8T1 1854 Myhrest Road Cowichan Bay, BC  V0R 1N1

Rollingdale Winery

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery

Sandhill Winery

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6

Seven Stones Winery

1143 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3

12791 Blundell Road Richmond, BC  V6W 1B4

Rocky Creek Winery

Quails’ Gate Winery

151 Lee Road Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2A5

Serendipity Winery

990 Lower Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

143 Buchanan Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Roche Wines

Privato Vineyard and Winery

Sagewood Winery

589 Meadow Lark Road Kamloops, BC  V2H 1S9

9819 Lumsden Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8

6006 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4J5

18555 Matsu Drive Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6

Singletree Winery

SKAHA Vineyard @   Kraze Legz Vineyard & Winery

Skimmerhorn Winery & Vineyard Ltd.

5290 Olund Road Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1V6

Sage Hills Vineyards

Singletree Winery

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

Ruby Blues Winery

4444 Golden Mile Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Silverside Farm and Winery

141 Fir Avenue, PO Box 108 Kaleden, BC  V0H 1K0

6621 Harbour Hill Drive Pender Island, BC  V0N 2M1

Rust Wine Co.

Silver Sage Winery

4852 Ryegrass Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1 Anna Manola

Sea Star Estate Farm and Vineyards

2306 Hayman Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 1Z5 917 Naramata Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8V1

4917 Gartrell Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4

1218 - 27th Avenue S Creston, BC  V0B 1G1

Second Chapter Wine Co.

510 Tinhorn Creek Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery

6206 Canyon View Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7

See Ya Later Ranch

Box 480, 2575 Green Lake Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0

Sonora Desert Winery

10238 160th Avenue Osoyoos, BC

Sonora Desert Winery & Countryside B&B

10238 160th Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V2

SouthEnd Farm Vineyards

319 Sutil Road Quadra Island, BC  V0P 1N0

Spearhead Winery

3950 Spiers Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4B3

Sperling Vineyards

Stones Throw Vineyard and Estate Winery

1932 August Road Courtenay, BC  V9J 1Y3

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

3225 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 4E4

Summer Gate Winery

The Roost Vineyard Bistro & Farm Bakery

11612 Morrow Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

4870 Chute Lake Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4M3

Springland Winery

Summerland Estate Winery and B&B

Squeezed Wines

7315 Tucelnuit Drive Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate Winery

5205 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4J1

St. Laszlo Vineyards

2605 Highway 3 E Keremeos, BC  V0X 1N5

St. Urban Winery Ltd.

47189 Bailey Road Chilliwack, BC  V2R 4S8

Stag’s Hollow Winery

2237 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

Steller’s Jay Winery

PO Box 307, 17403 Highway 97 N Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z0

Stoneboat Vineyards

356 Orchard Grove Lane Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

The Hatch Winery

PO Box 307, 17403 Highway 97 N Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z0

1405 Pioneer Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4M6 6962 236 Street Langley, BC  V2Y 2H8

The Fort Langley Wine Co.

26151 - 84th Avenue Langley, BC  V1M 3M6

21606 Bridgeman Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z6

9100 East Saanich Road North Saanich, BC  V8M 2B4

The Vibrant Vine

3240 Pooley Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4G7

The View Winery and Vineyard

Sunnybrae Vineyards & Winery

#1 - 2287 Ward Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4R5

Symphony Vineyard

940 Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Synchromesh Wines

6816 Andrew Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z7

Tantalus Vineyards

1250 Munson Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8S5

Tender Hope Winery

1050 Fleet Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T7

Terravista Vineyards

361 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5K6

TH Wines

537 Tinhorn Creek Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

3849 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road Tappen, BC  V0E 2X0 6409B Oldfield Road Saanichton, BC  V8M 1X8 4220 McLean Creek Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R0 1670 Dehart Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4N6

350 - 1405 Stevens Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 3Y2 1853 Sutherland Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T8 Unit #1 - 9576 Cedar Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2

Therapy Vineyards

Thornhaven Estates Winery

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

21152 16th Avenue Langley, BC  V2Z 1K3

Township 7 Vineyards & Winery

1450 McMillan Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8T4

Trovao Estate Winery

1039 Debeck Road Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm & Meadery

8750 West Coast Road Sooke, BC  V9Z 1H2

Unsworth Vineyards

2915 Cameron Taggart Road #1 Mill Bay, BC  V0R 2P2

Upper Bench Winery and Creamery

170 Upper Bench Road South Penticton, BC  V2A 8T1

Ursa Major Estate Winery

4078 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Van Westen Vineyards

Three Sisters Winery

2800 A Aikens Loop Naramata, BC  V0H 1N1

Tightrope Winery

55 Dunlevy Avenue Vancouver, BC  V6A 3A3

TIME Winery & Kitchen

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

Tipsy Hill Winery

5477 Black Sage Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Vancouver Urban Winery

Vanessa Vineyard Estate Winery Inc.

1090 Highway 3 Cawston, BC  V0X 1C3

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards

4235 Vineyard Road Cobble Hill, BC  V0R 1L5

Vigneti Zanatta

5039 Marshall Road Duncan , BC  V9L 6S3

vinAmite Cellars Inc.

5381 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1



Vinoscenti Vineyards

15560 Colebrook Road Surrey, BC  V3Z 0L2

Vista D’oro Farms & Winery

Birds & Bees Organic Winery and Meadery

346 - 208 Street Langley, BC  V2Z 1T7

Box 110 Brosseau, AB  T0B 0P0

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

386079 16th Street W., Box 12, Site 14, RR 1 Okotoks, AB  T1S 1A1

2845 Boucherie Road West Kelowna, BC  V1Z 2G6

Waterside Vineyard & Winery

70 Waterside Road Enderby, BC  V0E 1V3

Wayne Gretzky Okanagan

1125 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K6

Wild Goose Vineyards & Winery

2145 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R2

William Tell Family Estate

PO Box 204 Creston, BC  V0B 1G0

Wynnwood Cellars Estate Winery

5566 Highway 3A Wynndel, BC  V0B 2N2

YK3 Sake Producer Inc.

Unit 23, 11151 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC  V7A 4S5

Young & Wyse Collection

9503 12th Avenue Osoyoos, BC  V0H 1V1

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Aspen Grove Cottage Winery Inc.

PO Box 218 White City, SK  S0G 5B0

Banach Winery

PO Box 1853, 341 - 22nd Street Battleford, SK  S0M 0E0


Barr Estate Winery Inc.

51526 RR 231 Sherwood Park, AB  T8B 1K9


Chinook Arch Meadery

Cypress Hills Vineyard and Winery

Box 122 Maple Creek, SK  S0N 1N0 Marty and Marie Bohnet

Fallentimber Meadery

PO Box 27 Water Valley, AB  T0M 2E0

Field Stone Fruit Wines

Box 19, Site 6, RR 1, 251073A Township Road 232 Strathmore, AB  T1P 1J6

Fireside Winery & Market Garden Inc.

106 - 39368 RR 19-2 Stettler County, AB  T0C 2L0

Forest Fringe Orchards

PO Box 472 Prince Albert, SK  S6V 5R8

Lake Saskatoon Winery & Distillery

RR 1 Wembley, AB  T0H 3S0

Living Sky Winery

Box 32 Perdue, SK  S0K 3C0

Marley Farm Winery

991 Wascana Parkway Regina, SK  S4S 2R3

Rigby Orchards Estate Winery

Box 163 Killarney, MB  R0K 1G0

Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Site 19, Box 0, RR1 Millarville, AB  T0L 1K0

Ontario 13th Street Winery

1776 Fourth Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9

16 Mile Cellar

3555 Eleventh Street St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

20 Bees Winery

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Adamo Estate Winery

793366 3rd Line EHS Mono, ON  L9W 5X7

Arterra Wines Canada

441 Courtneypark Drive East Mississauga, ON  L5T 2V3

Arterra Wines Canada Constellation Brands

4887 Dorchester Road Niagara Falls, ON  L2E 6N8

Atlantis Niagara Wines

4581 North Service Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Back 10 Cellars

4101 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Barnyard Wine Co.

Aleksander Estate Winery

Box 388, 591 Christian Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Alton Farms Estate Winery

1260 Gainsborough Road London, ON  N6H 5K8

Alvento Winery

240 Graff Avenue Stratford, ON  N5A 6Y2

Andrew Peller Limited

9656 Loyalist Parkway Bath, ON  K0H 1G0

1542 County Road 34 Ruthven, ON  N0P 2G0

5547 Aberarder Line Plympton-Wyoming, ON  N0N 1J5 3048 Second Avenue Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0 697 South Service Road Grimsby, ON  L3M 4E8

Andrews’ Scenic Acres

9365 10th Sideroad Milton, ON  L9T 2X9

Angels Gate Winery

4260 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Applewood Farm & Winery

12416 McCowan Road Stouffville, ON  L4A 4C5

Archibald’s Orchard & Estate Winery

6275 Liberty Street North Bowmanville, ON  L1C 3K6

Bellamere Winery & Event Centre

Bell’s Winery

Bergeron Estate Winery

Between the Lines Family Estate Winery

991 Four Mile Creek Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Big Head Wines Inc.

304 Hunter Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Birchwood Estate Wines

4679 Cherry Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Black Bear Farms of Ontario Estate Winery Inc.

1137 County Road 20 West Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E6

Black Prince Winery Ltd.

13370 Loyalist Parkway Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

Blueberry Hill Estates Winery

1195 Front Street St. Williams, ON  N0E 1P0

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery

Cellaria Winery Inc.

3200 Fourteenth Avenue #1 Markham, ON  L3R 0H8

Central Valley Winery

65 Milburn Road Hamilton, ON  L8E 3A3

Chateau des Charmes Wines Ltd.

Cox Creek Cellars

7687 Wellington Road 22 Guelph, ON  N1H 6J2

Creekside Estate Winery

2170 Fourth Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Dan Aykroyd Wines

1025 York Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1P0

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Closson Chase Vineyards

5246 King Street West Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B3

Cloudsley Cellars

1709 Front Road St. Williams, ON  N0E 1P0

Burning Kiln Winery

3795 Victoria Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

PO Box 460, 70665 B Line Grand Bend, ON  N0M 1T0

Burnt Ship Bay Estate Winery

Coffin Ridge Vineyard and Winery

865 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Colaneri Estate Winery

17432 Loyalist Parkway Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

348 Concession 6 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

3609 County Road 8 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

Calamus Estate Winery

Colchester Ridge Estate Winery

3100 Glen Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

PO Box 609, 108 County Road 50 East Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

4055 Nineteenth Street Jordan Station, ON  L0R 1S0

Cape Vineyards

Colio Estate Winery

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

410 Concession 12 Townsend Road Waterford, ON  N0E 1Y0

Broken Stone Winery

524 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

925 Line 2, RR 2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery and Vineyard

4203 Prince Edward County Road 8, RR 4 Prince Edward, ON  K0K 2T0

Caroline Cellars Family Estate Winery

629 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

599448 2nd Concession North, RR2 Annan, ON  N0H 1B0

1 Colio Drive, PO Box 372 Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Contraband Sparkling Wine Labs

1010 Line 2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1T0

8 Briarsdale Drive St. Catharines, ON  L2T 2Z2

Casa Dea Estates Winery

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

1186 Greer Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

1425 Iler Road Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Cave Springs Cellars

Cornerstone Estate Winery

1B - 3836 Main Street Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

4390 Tufford Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B5

Daniel Lenko Estate Winery

Dark Horse Estate Winery

De Simone Vineyards

Del-Gatto Estates Ltd., Bella Vigne

Di Profio Wines

Diamond Estates - The Winery

Domaine Darius

1316 Wilson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 domaine-darius/

Domaine Vagners

1973 Four Mile Creek Road, RR 3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Downey’s Estate Winery

13682 Heart Lake Road Caledon, ON  L7C 2J5

Early Acres Estate Winery

9494 Pioneer Line Chatham, ON  N7M 5J7

EastDell Estates Winery

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Erie Shore Vineyard

410 County Road 50 West Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Exultet Estate Winery

1106 - 1112 Royal Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0

Featherstone Estate Winery

3678 Victoria Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Ferox Winery

1829 Concession 4 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Fielding Estate Winery

4020 Locust Lane Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Five Rows Craft Wine of Lowrey Vineyards

361 Tanbark Road St. David’s, ON  L0S 1P0

Domaine Perrault Winery

1000 Perrault Road Navan, ON  K4B 1H8

Flat Rock Cellars

2727 Seventh Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Domaine Queylus

3651 Sixteen Road St. Anns, ON  L0R 1Y0

Foreign Affair Winery

4890 Victoria Avenue N. Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0




1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Frisky Beaver - Smoke & Gamble

455 Radical Road Port Dover, ON  N3Y 4K2

Frogpond Farm Organic Winery

1385 Larkin Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

G. Marquis Vineyards

4520 Ontario Street, PO Box 399 Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Gallucci Winery Inc.

13204 Ninth Line Stouffville, ON  L4A 3C7

Halpern Enterprises

400 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON  M5T 2G7

Harbour Estates Winery

4362 Jordan Road Jordan Station, ON  L0R 1S0

Hare Wine Company (The)

769 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Harvest Estate Wines

Generations Wine Company Ltd.

1179 4th Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9

Georgian Hills Vineyards Inc.

18908 Loyalist Parkway Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

178 St. George Street Toronto, ON  M5R 2M7

496350 Grey Road 2, PO Box 491 Blue Mountains, ON  N0H 1J0

Good Earth Food and Wine Co.

4556 Lincoln Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B3

Goulds Apple Orchard and Fruit Winery

5551 Fifth Line, RR 3 Tottenham, ON  L0G 1W0

Harwood Estate Vineyards

Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery

1469 Pelham Road, RR 1 St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Hernder Estate Wines

1607 Eighth Avenue Louth St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Hidden Bench Estate Winery

Hoity Toity Cellars

1723 Highway 9 Mildmay, ON  N0G 2V0

Holland Marsh Wineries

18270 Keele Street Newmarket, ON  L3Y 4V9

Honsberger Estate Winery

4060 Jordan Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Hubbs Creek Vineyard

562 Danforth Road Hillier, ON  K0K 3L0

Huff Estates Winery

2274 County Road 1, PO Box 300 Bloomfield, ON  K0K 1G0

Ice House Winery (The)

14778 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Icellars Estate Winery

615 Concession 5 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Inniskillin Niagara Estate Wines

1499 Line 3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Jabulani Vineyard and Winery

Grange of Prince Edward Estate Vineyard & Winery

4152 Locust Lane Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

8005 Jock Trail Richmond, ON  K0A 2Z0

Hillier Creek Estates Winery

Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery

Gravel Hill Vineyards

46 Stapleton Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

Green Gables Vines

1181 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

GreenLane Estate Winery

1258 Closson Road, RR 1 Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

990 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0 567 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

1600 Porter Road Oxford Station, ON  K0G 1T0 3751 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0


Half Moon Bay Winery

3271 County Road 13, RR 3 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0


Hinterbrook Estate Winery

Hinterland Wine Company

2145 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

John Howard Cellars of Distinction

3930 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Joseph’s Estate Wines Inc.

1811 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Kacaba Vineyards & Winery

3550 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Karlo Estates Winery

561 Danforth Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Kawartha Country Wines

2452 County Road 36 Buckhorn, ON  K0L 1J0

Keint-he Winery and Vineyards

49 Hubbs Creek Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Kew Vineyards Estate Winery Ltd.

4696 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Kin Vineyards

2225 Craig’s Side Road Carp, ON  K0A 1L0

King’s Court Estate Winery

2083 Seventh Street St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9

Kittling Ridge Wines & Spirits

271 Chrislea Road Vaughan, ON  L4L 8N6 John Hall

Konzelmann Estate Winery

1096 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Lacey Estates Winery

804 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

Lailey Winery

15940 Niagara River Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Lakeview Cellars

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Leaning Post Wines

Marynissen Estates Winery

1491 Highway 8 Stoney Creek, ON  L8E 5K9

1208 Concession 1 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Legends Estates Winery

1193 Concession 3 East Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E5

4888 Ontario Street North Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B3

Lighthall Vineyards Inc.

308 Lighthall Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0

London Born Wine Co.

3749 Walker Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Long Dog Vineyard & Winery Inc.

104 Brewers Road Milford, ON  K0K 2P0

Lundy Manor Wine Cellars

9941 Lundy’s Lane Niagara Falls, ON  L2H 0T8

Maelstrom Winery

78925 Sanctuary Line, RR 4 Seaforth, ON  N0K 1W0

Magnotta Winery Estates Ltd.

4520 Ontario Street, PO Box 399 Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Magnotta Winery Estates Ltd.

271 Chrislea Road Vaughan, ON  L4L 8N6

Majestic Wine Cellars Inc.

271 Jevlan Drive, Unit 8 Woodbridge, ON  L4L 8A4

Maleta Estate Winery Ltd.

450 Queenston Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Malivoire Wine Company

4260 King Street East Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Maple Grove Estate Winery

4063 North Service Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Mastronardi Estate Winery

McMichael Collection - Group of Seven Wines

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Meadow Lane Winery

44892 Talbot Main Line St. Thomas, ON  N5P 3S7 Walter Myszko

Megalomaniac John Howard Cellars of Distinction

3930 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Monastery Cellars

7020 Stanley Avenue Niagara Falls, ON  L2G 7B7

Mountain Road Wine Company

4016 Mountain Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B7

Munro Honey & Meadery

3115 River Street Alvinston, ON  N0N 1A0

Muscedere Vineyards Estate Winery

7457 County Road 18, RR 4 Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery

1074 Cranberry Road Bala, ON  P0C 1A0

Niagara College Teaching Winery

135 Taylor Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

NOMAD at Hinterbrook Estate Winery

1181 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard

1152 Greer Road Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Pelee Island Wine Pavillion

20 East West Road Pelee Island, ON  N0R 1M0

Peller Estates Winery & Restaurant

North 42 Degrees Estate Winery Inc.

290 John Street E. Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Nyarai Cellars

5600 King Street West, PO Box 550, Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Ocala Orchards Farm Winery Ltd.

176 Warner Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

130 County Road 50 E. Colchester, ON  N0R 1G0

Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery

99448 Concession Road 2 N. Annan, ON  N0H 1B0

Perridiso Estate Winery

971 High Point Road, RR 2 Port Perry, ON  L9L 1B3 Irwin Smith

Ontario Craft Wine Conference & Trade Show 2020

Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place 105 Princess Blvd. Toronto, ON  M6K 3C3

Ontario Craft Wineries

4890 Victoria Avenue North, PO Box 4000 Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0

Organized Crime Winery

4043 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Philippe Dandurand Wines

1660 Tech Avenue, Unit 2A Toronto, ON  L4W 5S7

Pillitteri Estates Winery

1696 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Pondview Estate Winery

925 Line 2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Puddicombe Farm and Estate Winery

Oxley Estate Winery

1468 #8 Highway Winona, Hamilton, ON  L8E 5K9

Paglione Estate Winery

45811 Fruitridge Line, RR 5 St. Thomas, ON  N5P 3S9

Palatine Hills Estate Winery

963 Queenston Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

533 County Road 50 East Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0 724 County Road 50 E. Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

911 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery

3953 Jordan Road Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Pelee Island Kingsville Winery

455 Seacliff Drive Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2K5

Quai Du Vin Estate Winery

Queenston Mile Vineyard

Rancourt Winery

1829 Concession 4 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

1366 York Road St. David’s, ON  L0S 1P0



Redstone Winery

4245 King Street Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Redtail Vineyards

422 Partridge Hollow Road, RR 3 Consecon, ON  K0K 1T0

Reif Estate Winery

15608 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Reimer Vineyards Winery

1289 Line 3 Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Rennie Estate Winery

4260 King Street East Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B0

Ridge Road Estate Winery

1205 Ridge Road Stoney Creek, ON  L8J 2X5

Ridgepoint Wines

3900 Cherry Avenue Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Riverbend Inn and Vineyard

16104 Niagara River Parkway, PO Box 1560 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Riverview Cellars Estate Winery

15376 Niagara Parkway, RR 1 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Rockway Vineyards

3290 Ninth Street St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Rosehall Run Vineyards Inc.

1243 Greer Road, RR 1 Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery

4352 Mountainview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Royal DeMaria Wines

4551 Cherry Avenue Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B1

Rush Creek Wines

48995 Jamestown Line Aylmer, ON  N5H 2R2

Sandbanks Estate Winery

17598 Loyalist Parkway Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

Sanson Estate Winery

9238 Walker Road Amherstburg, ON  N0R 1J0

Scheuermann Vineyard & Winery

82 Bedford Street Westport, ON  K0G 1X0

Silver Bay Cellars

1469 Pelham Road, RR 1 St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P9

Small Talk Vineyards

1242 Irvine Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Smoke & Gamble - Frisky Beaver


Thirty Bench Winery

Stratus Vineyards

4281 Mountaview Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Strewn Winery

1920 Fish Lake Road Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

416 Benway Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

2059 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 1339 Lakeshore Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0 3210 Staff Avenue Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Sugarbush Vineyards

Three Dog Winery

Trail Estate Winery

Trillium Hill Estate Winery

3420 Ninth Street S. St. Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Trius Winery at Hillebrand

1286 Wilson Road, RR1 Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

1249 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Sunnybrook Wine Canada

Twin Pines Orchards, Cider House, & Estate Winery

1425 Lakeshore Road, RR3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

8169 Kennedy Line Thedford, ON  N0M 2N0

Tawse Winery

3955 Cherry Avenue, PO Box 822 Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Two Sisters Vineyards

240 John Street East, PO Box 608 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Terra Estate Winery Inc.

455 Radical Road Port Dover, ON  N3Y 4K2

896 Lakeside Drive Consecon, ON  K0K 1T0

Smokie Ridge Vineyard

The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery

Tzafona Cellars

1067 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Vankleek Hill Vineyard

10090 Cameron Road, RR 3 Mountain, ON  K0E 1S0

990 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

Southbrook Vineyards

581 Niagara Stone Road, RR 4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

The Hare Wine Company

769 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

4553 Fly Road Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B2

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

The Ice House Winery

151 County Road 50 East Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

The Old Third Vineyard

Villa Conti Oak Heights Estate Winery

7258 County Road 50 West Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

14778 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Stanners Vineyard

251 Closson Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

76 Station Road Hillier, ON  K0K 2J0

Stoney Ridge Estate Winery

3201 King Street Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0


Strathmore Orchard and Winery

3977 Bender Road Monkland, ON  K0C 1V0

3725 Dandy Road (County Road 12) Vankleek Hill, ON  K0B 1R0

Vieni Estates Wine & Spirits

Viewpointe Estate Winery

337 Covert Hill Road, RR 1 Warkworth, ON  K0K 3K0

The Roost Winery & Vineyard

415763 10th Line The Blue Mountains, ON  N0H 1J0

Villa Nova Estate Winery

RR# 4, 1449 Concession 13 Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K3

Vineland Estates Winery Ltd.

3620 Moyer Road Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Vinoteca Winery Inc.

527 Jevlan Drive Woodbridge, ON  L4L 8W1

Vivace Estate Winery

5141 Concession Road 5 N Amherstburg, ON  N9V 0C8

Au Jardin D’Emmanuel

23, Chemin des Vingt Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC  J3N 1M2

Au Vignoble d’Orford

271, rang St-Andre Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC  J0J 1V0

318 Chemin Bice Orford, QC  J1X 6X4

Aux Cassis d’Argenteuil

210, route des Seigneurs (route 327) Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, QC  J0V 1X0

Bromont Winery

Wagner Orchards & Estate Winery

1095 Chemin Nord Brigham, QC  J2K 4R6

Waupoos Estates Winery

1225 Chemin Royal Saint Pierre-Île-d’Orléans, QC  G0A 4E0

1222 Concession 8 W. (Lake Shore Road 103) Lake Shore, ON  N0R 1K0 3016 County Road 8 Picton, ON  K0K 2T0

Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery

1219 Niagara Stone Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Westcott Vineyards

3180 Seventeenth Street Jordan, ON  L0R 1S0

Willow Springs Winery

5572 Bethesda Road Stouffville, ON  L4A 7X3

Wooden Bear L Winery Inc.

801 Norfolk Street S. Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K1

Ziraldo Estate Winery

15468 Niagara Parkway Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Quebec Amouraska

568, rang St-Charles Ouest Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, QC  G0L 2G0

Arterra Wines Canada

175, Chemin Marieville Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

Domaine Bouchard-Champagne

153 Rang Sainte-Sophie Oka, QC  J0N 1E0

Cassis Monna & Filles

Cava Spiliadis

5357 Park Avenue Montreal, QC  H2V 4G9

Centaure Winery

3848 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Chateau de Cartes Winery

1285 rue Bruce Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Domaine Clos St-Bernard

Domaine de la source a Marguerite

1126 rue Principale Saint-Amable, QC  J0L 1N0

Domaine De Lavoie

12 Chemin Boyce Compton, QC  J0B 1L0

Domaine de Pontiac Village

565, Rang Saint-Simon Saint-Isidore, QC  J0L 2A0

Domaine des 3 fûts

5455, chemin St-André Jonquière , QC  G7X 7V4

2388 Chemin Royal Ste-Famille, QC  G0A 3P0 100 rang de la Montagne Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

1259, chemin du Cimetière Quyon (Pontiac), QC  J0X 2V0 980 rang Watkins Drummondville, QC  J2B 6V2

Domaine des 3 Moulins

1333, Route 138 Neuville , QC  G0A 2R0

Domaine des Cotes d’Ardoise Vignoble

Chateau Taillefer Lafon

879 rue Bruce (Route 202), Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Cidrerie Le Somnambule

440, Route de l’Ile, Île du Collège, C.P. 924 Duhamel-Ouest, QC  J9V 1E7

Clos Saragnat

196 Chemin Covey Hill Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0

Cote des Limousins Winery

219, chemin Massé Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, , QC  G4T 0J4

Domaine Bergeville

11 100, Chemin des Coquelicots Becancour, QC  G9H 4X3

1500 Montee Champagne Ste-Dorothée, Laval, QC  H7X 4H9 270 chemin Jean-Guérin O St-Henri, QC  G0R 3E0 100 chemin Richford Frelighsburg , QC  J0J 1C0 1980, boul. David-Bouchard Roxton Pond, QC  J0E 1Z0

1030 chemin Sherbrooke Canton de Hatley, QC  J0B 2C0

Domaine du Fleuve Vignoble

1164 Marie Victorin Varennes, QC  J3X 0B8

Domaine Des Duc

Domaine des Salamandres

Domaine des Salanges

Domaine du Clos de I’Isle

Domaine Elbama

Domaine Ives Hill

Domaine Labranche

Domaine Le Cageot Vignoble

Domaine Le Grand Saint-Charles Vignoble & Cidrerie

995, Grand Rang Saint-Charles Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0

Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte

30 Chemin de Marieville Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

Domaine Les Brome

285 Chemin de Brome Ville de Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0

Domaine Mont-Vézeau

365, Route 321 Ripon, QC  J0V 1V0

Domaine Small

261, rue St-Pierre Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière, QC  G0S 2A0

Ecole du 3e rang Vignoble et Cidrerie

511, 3e rang est St-Joachim-De-Shefford, QC  J0E 2G0

Ferme Apicole Desrochers

113 rang 2 Gravel Ferme-Neuve, QC  J0W 1C0



Gagliano Vineyards Inc.

1046 rue Bruce rte 202 Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

La Bullerie

2007 Chemin Principal St-Joseph-du-Lac, QC  J0N 1M0

La Cache a Maxime Vignoble

Léon Courville vigneron

285 Chemin Brome, C.P. 205 Ville de Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0

Leon Courville Vigneron

265, rue Drouin Scott, QC  G0S 3G0

285 Chemin de Brome Lac-Brome, QC  J0E 1S0

La Halte des Pèlerins Vignoble

4395 Avenue des Perron Laval, QC  H7J 1G3

693 Chemin du Sanctuaire Sherbrooke, QC  J1H 0E1

Le Barbocheux

475, ch. du Cap-Rouge Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC  G4T 5C8

Le Bourg des Cèdres

490, chemin du Fleuve Les Cèdres, QC  J7T 1L4

Les 1001 vignes

Omerto - Le Domaine de la Vallée du Bras

Le Ricaneux

1007 Chemin Royal Saint-Pierre-de-l’Ile d’Orléans, QC  G0A4E0

Le Vignoble Du Clos Baillie

3838 Leman Blvd Laval, QC  H7E 1A1

Le Vignoble du Mitan

Station 22 (formerly La Maison Des Futailles)

2608 Chemin Royal Sainte-Famille, Ile dOrleans, QC  G0A 3P0

Le Vignoble du Ruisseau

4500 Strobl Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0


Vignoble Bouche-Art

Négondos Vignoble Biologique

7100, rang St-Vincent Mirabel, QC  J7N 3N1

1304 Greene Avenue Westmount, QC  H3Z 2B1

490 Chemin Baillie Gatineau, QC  J9J 3R5

Vignoble aux Pieds des Noyers

71, Grande-Côte Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0

75 Rue Roy Lanoraie , QC  J0K 1E0

Le Domaine Acer

5540 rand Sud-Est Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, QC  G0R 2T0

Vignoble 1292

1292 rue Principale Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, QC  J0J 1W0

Les Vignes des Bacchantes

653, chemin Brownlee Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0

328, rang St-Antoine Nord Baie-Saint-Paul, QC  G3Z 2C3

145 Route du Vieux Moulin Auclair, QC  G0L 1A0

Vergers de Velours

324, route 169 Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, QC  G0W 2X0

96 de la Chapelle Ile Bouchard, St Sulpice, QC  J5W 4C8

Le Chat Botte Vignoble

633 Route 202 Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0


Le Vignoble Mondor

137, rang St-Henri Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0

Philippe Dandurand Wines

Saint Pierre Le Vignoble

Societe De Vin Internationale, Ltd.

500, rue d’Avaugour, office 2050 Boucherville, QC  J4B 0G6

Union Libre cidre & vin

1047 Chemin Bruce Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Vignoble Carone

Vignoble Carpinteri

3141 Chemin Du Pont Couvert Saint Ulric, QC  G0J 3H0

Vignoble Centaure

3848 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Vignoble Chateau Fontaine

4900, rue Martineau Saint-Hyacinthe, QC  J2S 7B8

Vignoble Clos Lambert

690 route de la Rivière-Etchemin Levis (Saint-Jean-Chrysostome), QC  G6Z 2K9

Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix de Dunham

3734 rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Vignoble Cortellino

468, Rang Double Saint-Urbain Premier, QC  J0S 1Y0

Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil

2692 Route Harwood Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC  J7V 8P2

Vignoble Coteau Rougemont

1105 La Petite Caroline Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

Vignoble Couchepagane

1328, rang Sainte-Anne Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix, QC  G8G 1A3

Vignoble de L’Orpailleur

1086 rue Bruce, (Route 202), C.P. 339 Dunham, QC  J0M 1M0

Vignoble de Sainte-Petronille

8705 Chemin Royal Sainte-Petronille, QC  G0A 4C0

Vignoble des Pins

136 Grand Sabrevois Ste-Anne-de-Sabrevois, QC  J0J 2G0

Vignoble Domaine Beauchemin

380 Rue Guerin-Lajoie Yamachiche, QC  G0X 3L0

Vignoble Domaine Bel-Chas

7119, rang de l’Hêtrière E. Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, QC  G0R 2T0

Vignoble Domaine de l’Ardennais

158 Chemin Ridge Stanbridge East, QC  J0J 2H0

Vignoble Domaine du Ridge

205 chemin Ridge Saint Armand , QC  J0J 1T0

Vignoble Domaine l’Ange Gardien

6869 avenue Royale L’Ange-Gardien, QC  G0A 2K0

Vignoble Domaine Royarnois

146, Chemin du Cap-Tourmente Saint-Joachim, QC  G0A 3X0

Vignoble du Chemin de la Riviere

1087, Chemin de la Riviere Magog, QC  J1X 3W5

Vignoble du Coteau St. Paul

1595 rue Principale Est, PO Box 333 St. Paul d’Abbotsford, QC  J0E 1A0

Vignoble du Domaine St-Jacques

615 Édouard VII Boulevard St-Jacques-Le-Mineur, QC  J0J 1Z0

Vignoble du Faubourg

479 Rue des Bourgault Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, QC  G0R 3G0

Vignoble du Marathonien

318 Route 202 Havelock, QC  J0S 2C0

Vignoble du Mouton Noir

1482, chemin du Rivage Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC  J0L 1R0

Vignoble I’Isle de Bacchus

1335, Chemin Royal Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, QC  G0A 4E0

Vignoble J.O. Montpetit et Fils

396 Chemin Saint-Louis / route 236 St-Etienne de Beauharnois , QC  J0S 1S0

Vignoble Kobloth & Fils

905 Grand Boulevard Ouest Saint-Bruno, QC  J3V 0L8

Vignoble La Bauge

155, avenue des Érables Brigham, QC  J2K 4E1

Vignoble la Bonte DiVigne

2090, ch. des Deux-Rivières Roberval, QC  G8H 2M9

Vignoble la Charloise

545, route St-Eustache Lotbinière , QC  G0S 1S0

Vignoble Lano d’Or

1000, Grande-Côte Ouest Lanoraie, QC  J0K 1E0

Vignoble Le Cep d’Argent

1257 Chemin de la Riviére Magog, QC  J1X 3W5

Vignoble Le Mas des Patriotes

1076 Chemin des Patriotes Ouest Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC  J2Y 1H4

Vignoble le Nordet

991 Chemin des Iles, Pintendre Levis, QC  G6C 1B5

Vignoble Les Artisans du Terroir

1150 rang de la Montagne St-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0

Vignoble Les Cotes du Gavet

1690, chemin de l’Aqueduc Tingwick, QC  J0A 1L0

Vignoble les Murmures

2750 Chemin Noiseux Saint-Jean-Baptiste , QC  J0L 2B0

Vignoble les Pervenches

150 Chemin Boulais Farnham, QC  J2N 2P9

Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux

625 Rang de la Montagne Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford , QC  J0E 1A0

Vignoble les Trois Clochers

Vignoble La Grande Allee

341 chemin Bruce, Route 202 Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Vignoble La Grenouille

186 Route 143 Ulverton, QC  J0B 2B0

Vignoble la Mission

839 Chemin Principal St-Joseph-du-Lac, QC  J0N 1M0

812 Chemin Pion Mont St-Hilaire, QC  J3H 0L4 434, chemin Plouffe Cowansville , QC  J2K 3G6

1044 boulevard Pierre Laporte, (Route 241) Brigham, QC  J2K 4R3

Vignoble Miltonia

159, route 137 N. Sainte-Cecile-de-Milton, QC  J0E 2C0

Vignoble Morou

238, Chemin Louis-Cyr Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, QC  J0J 1L0

Vignoble Pigeon Hill

395 Chemin des Erables Saint-Armand, QC  J0J 1T0

Vignoble Prémont

2030, rue Paul-Lemay Sainte-Angèle-de-Prémont, QC  J0K 1R0

Vignoble Riparia

1440 Rang 10 St-Wenceslas, QC  G0Z 1J0

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

807, Rivière Nord Saint-Eustache, QC  J7R 0J5

Vignoble Saint Simon

274, 2 e Rang Ouest, Saint Simon de Bagot, QC  J0H 1Y0

Vignoble Saint Thomas

1101 Rang South Saint-Thomas de Joliette, QC  J0K 3L0

Vignoble Saint-Gabriel

2190 rang St-David St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, QC  J0K 2N0

Vignoble Spirit Léonard

592, Montée des Paysans Labelle, QC  J0T 1H0

Vignoble Ste-Angelique

Vignoble les Vallons de Wadleigh

472 rue Cote St-Charles Papineaulle, QC  J0V 1R0

Vignoble Les Vents d’Ange

4921, Rue Principale Dunham, QC  J0E 1M0

Vignoble Val Caudalies

Vignoble Vertefeuille

1960, rang St-Raphaël La Prairie, QC  J5R 0K4

Vignobles Saint Rémi

2045 rang Notre Dame Saint Rémi, QC  J0L 2L0

Maritimes Andrés Wines Atlantic Ltd.

491 Willow Street Truro, NS  B2N 6T3

Auk Island Winery

29 Durrell Street Twillingate, NL  A0G 1Y0

Avondale Sky Winery

80 Avondale Cross Road Newport Landing, NS  B0N 2A0

Benjamin Bridge Vineyards

1966 White Rock Road RR#1 Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1

Blomidon Estate Winery

10318 Highway 221 Canning, NS  B0P 1H0

Casa Nova Fine Beverages

2635 Clementsvale Road Bear River, NS  B0S 1B0

Dark Cove Cottage Winery

220 JR Smallwood Blvd., PO Box 741 Gambo, NL  A0G 1T0

Devonian Coast Wineries

48 Vintage Lane Malagash, NS  B0K 1E0

Domaine de Grand Pré

11611 Highway 1, PO Box 105 Grand Pré, NS  B0P 1M0

Dunhams Run Estate Winery

35 Gorhams Bluff Road Kingston, NB  E5N 1A8

Eileanan Brèagha Vineyards

5349 Marble Mountain Road River Denys, NS  B0E 2Y0



Frozen in Time Ltd.

2 Markland Road, Route 81 Whitbourne, NL  A0B 3K0

Gaspereau Vineyards

L’Acadie Vineyards

310 Slayter Road, Gaspereau RR 1 Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1

Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

Muwin Estate Wines Ltd.

7153 Highway 12, PO Box 85 New Ross, NS  B0J 2M0

Newman Estate Winery

Waterside Farms Cottage Winery

2239 White Rock Road Gaspereau, NS  B4P 2R1

11143 Evangeline Trail Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1

2404 Gladstone Road Murray Harbour, PEI  C0A 1W0

2008 Scenic Route 915 Waterside, NB  E4H 4M9

Gillis of Belleisle Winery

Luckett Vineyards

Petite Rivière Vineyards

1826 Wyvern Road Collingwood Corner, NS  B0M 1E0 Donna Spacek

1826 Route 124 Springfield , NB  E5T 2K2

Goose Landing Vineyards

592 Highway 311 Truro, NS  B6L 6H2

Happy Knight Wines

142 Centennial Road Hampton, NB  E5N 6N4

Honeydew Apiaries

6718 Canoe Cove Road (route 19) Canoe Cove , PEI  C0A 1H7

1293 Grand Pré Road Wallbrook, NS  B4P 2R3

Lunenburg County Winery

813 Walburne Road, Newburne, NS  B0J 2E0

1300 Italy Cross Road Crousetown, NS  B4V 6R2

Planters Ridge Vineyard and Winery

1441 Church Street Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0

Magnetic Hill Winery

860 Front Mountain Road Moncton, NB  E1G 3H3

Richibucto River Wine Estate

940 Route 495 Mundleville, NB  E4W 2N5

Matos Winery & Vineyards

Jost Vineyards Ltd.

3156 West River Road (Route 9) St. Catherines, PEI  C0A 1H1

La Ferme Maury (St. Edouard Vineyard)

88 Dyke Road Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R1

48 Vintage Lane Malagash, NS  B0K 1E0

Rossignol Estate Winery

11147 Shore Road Murray River, PEI  COA 1WO

Mercator Vineyards

2021 Route 475 St. Edouard-De-Kent, NB  E4S 4W2

La Framboise Francoeur

696 Grand Riviere Street Notre Dame De Lourdes, NB  E7E 1W7


Verger Belliveau Orchard

Pré-d’en-Haut, 1209, Principale Street Memramcook, NB  E4K 2S6


Motts Landing Vineyard and Winery

3506 Lower Cambridge Road (Route 715) Cambridge - Narrows, NB  E4C 1S6

Sainte Famille Wines Ltd.

11 Dudley Park Lane, RR 2 Falmouth, NS  B0P 1L0

Telder Berry Wines

1251 Enfield Road Nine Mile River, NS  B2S 2T7 Robert Telder

Williamsdale Winery Ltd.

Winegarden Estate Ltd.

851 Route 970 Baie Verte, NB  E4M 1Z7

Winery Association of Nova Scotia

502 - 5657 Spring Garden Road, PO Box 142 Halifax, NS  B3J 3R4

Vineyard & Winery Suppliers A.O. Wilson Ltd. 9597 17th Sideroad Erin, ON  N0B 1T0

A.O. Wilson Ltd. 461 Trumpeter Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 4L5

A1 Label - a Resource Label Company 32 Cranfield Road Toronto, ON  M4B 3H3

ABC Cork Co. 653 Wilton Grove Road London, ON  N6N 1N7

Acadian Seaplants Ltd. 30 Brown Avenue Dartmouth , NS  B3B 1X8

Association Canadienne des Oenologues / Canadian Association of Oenologists 7500 rue Tellier Montreal, QC  H1N 3W5

Association des vignerons du Québec inc. 216, rue Denison est Granby, QC  J2H 2R6

AstraPouch 38 Hickory Lane Rochester, NY  14625

BC Wine Grape Council PO Box 1089 Station Main Penticton, BC  V2A 6J9

Bellwyck Packaging Solutions

ACS-Corp. Canada - Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International) Inc.

21 Finchdene Square Toronto, ON  M1X 1A7

60 International Boulevard Toronto, ON  M9W 6J2

Ben Berg Farm & Industrial Equipment Ltd.

ADI Systems Inc. 370 Wilsey Road Fredericton, NB  E3B 6E9

AgSafe BC Suite 311, 9440 - 202 Street Langley, BC  V1M 4A6

Anton Paar Canada 4920 Place Olivia Saint Laurent, QC  H4R 2Z8

Artus Bottling Ltd. 1375 Commercial Way Penticton, BC  V2A 3H4

ASL Print FX Unit A, 1 Royal Gate Boulevard Vaughan, ON  L4L 8Z7

42134 Highway 3 Wainfleet, ON  L0S 1V0

Bird Control Group

Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.

27350 SW 95 Avenue, Suite 3022 Wilsonville, OR  97070

4998 Langtry Duncan, BC  V9L 6R8

Bosagrape Winery Supplies Ltd.

PO Box 790 St. George, ON  N0E 1N0

6908 Palm Avenue Burnaby, BC  V5J 4M3

British Columbia Grapegrowers’ Association PO Box 1138 Penticton, BC  V2A 6J9

British Columbia Wine Authority 888 Westminster Avenue W Penticton, BC  V2A 8S2

British Columbia Wine Institute Suite 107 - 1726 Dolphin Avenue Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9R9

Brittany Boxes 2222 Centre Road Campbellville, ON  L0P 1B0

Canadian Oak Barrels Inc.

Canadian Vintners Association Suite 200 – 440 Laurier Avenue W Ottawa, ON  K1R 7X6

Carleton Place Winery 20 Lake Avenue E Carleton Place, ON  K7C 4J1

Cartier & Company CGA 103-347 Leon Avenue Kelowna, BC  V1Y 8C7 Lee Cartier

CCL Label 1315 rue René-Descartes Saint Bruno, QC  J3V 0B7

CCL Label

Brock University - Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute

35 McLachlan Drive Etobicoke, ON  M9W 1E4

500 Glenridge Avenue St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1

Cellar Dweller Mobile Filter Services Ltd.

Bin 97 Winery Equipment

Brock University - Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI)

153 Eastside Road Okanagan Falls, BC  V0H 1R5

9001 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1

Bericap North America 835 Syscon Court Burlington, ON  L7L 6C5

Biofert Manufacturing Inc.

Bucher Vaslin North America

464 Riverside Road Abbotsford, BC  V2S 7M1 1-866-BIO-FERT

9001 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T2

Biofert Manufacturing Inc.

Buckerfield’s Country Stores

44444 Progress Way Chilliwack, BC  V2R 0L2 1-866-BIO-FERT

31852 Marshall Place Abbotsford, BC  V2T 5Z9

Buckerfield’s Country Stores

Cellar-Tek East 530 - 380 Vansickle Road St. Catharines, ON  L2P 0B5

Cellar-Tek West (HQ) 1043 Richter Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 2K4

Central Fabricating & Welding 4669 Fretz Drive Beamsville, ON  L0R 1B4

5410 Trans Canada Highway Duncan, BC  V9L 6W4



Compusense Inc.

Dubois Agrinovation

Evergreen Liquid Plant Food Ltd.

Goodfellow Inc.

255 Speedvale Avenue W Guelph, ON  N1H 1C5

PO Box 3550, 478 Notre Dame Saint-Remi, QC  J0L 2L0

790 St. Charles Street W, RR #1 Breslau, ON  N0B 1M0

225 Goodfellow Street Delson, QC  J5B 1V5

Connoisseur Wines & Spirits

630 Ireland Road Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K2

74 - 8 Townwood Drive Richmond Hill, ON  L4E 4Y3

Consumers Packaging Group Inc. 35 Valleywood Drive, Unit 2 Markham, ON  L3R 5L9

Corby Distilleries Ltd.

E.R. Vollans Ltd. 1682 City Road 20 Kingsville, ON  N9Y 2E6

EA Viticulture & Enology Consulting

Suite 1100, 225 King Street W Toronto, ON  M5V 3M2

3986 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Corsica Equipment Inc. 6015 Fir Avenue Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z4

1493 Todd Road Penticton, BC  V2A 8T6

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

Ecocert Canada Co. - Eastern Division

145 - 7391 Vantage Way Delta, BC  V4G 1M3

510, Saint-Onésime Street Lévis, QC  G6V 5Z4

Earlco Vineyards Ltd.

Criveller Group

Ecocert Canada Co. - Ontario Office

6935 Oakwood Drive Niagara Falls, ON  L2G 0J3

300 - 55 Cork Street E Guelph, ON  N1H 2W7

CSI Labels (Custom Security Industries Inc.)

Ecocert Canada Co. - Western Division

19 Ruggles Avenue Thornhill, ON  L3T 3S4

6, 616 - 10th Street Saskatoon, SK  S7H 0G9

DBP Prime Label Technology Unit 11 - 14, 4085 Sladeview Crescent Mississauga, ON  L5L 5X3

Deer Fence Canada Inc. 2470 Dunrobin Road Ottawa, ON  K0A 1T0

Deerhaven Farm and Garden Ltd. 896 Bell Boulevard W Belleville, ON  K8N 4Z5

DJB Chartered Professional Accountants 20 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 300 St. Catharines, ON  L2S 3W2


Dubois Agrinovation


Elnova Ltd. 160 Chemin de la Montagne Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

Enocapsule Inc. 250 rue Aime-Vincent Vaudreuil - Dorion, QC  J7V 5V5

EVK Winery Consulting Inc.

Goodfellow Inc., Canbar Division

1420 Blueridge Road Kelowna, BC  V1W 3A7

PO Box 460, 9184 Twiss Road Campbellville, ON  L0P 1B0

Fast Track Packaging, Inc.

Gould Stainless Products Ltd.

935A Southgate Drive, Unit 2, Dock Door #4 Guelph, ON  N1L 0B9

1141, 6027, 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5P1

Fermentis by Lesaffre

Grape Expectations Wine Consulting

7475 West Main Street Milwaukee, WI  53214

Toronto, ON

Flowmation Systems

Grape Growers of Ontario

2069 Elm Road Oakville, ON  L6H 3K9

PO Box 100 Vineland Station, ON  L0R 2E0

Forest Fringe Orchards

Grape To Wine Consulting

PO Box 472 Prince Albert, SK  S6V 5R8

316 Adamson Drive Penticton, BC  V2A 7R6

Fraser River Wines

11300 Twigg Place, Mitchell Island Richmond, BC  V6V 3C1

#8 - 32851 London Avenue Mission, BC  V2V 6M7

Fruition Agricultural Consultants RR #1, S7 C2 Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0

G & H Wiley Ltd. 1175 Eighth Avenue St Catharines, ON  L2R 6P7

Garage Bigras Tracteur Inc. 785 Ch. Fresniere Saint-Eustache, QC  J7R 0E5

ESG Filtration Ltd.

Gerard’s Equipment Ltd.

#11, 6025 - 12 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2K1

5592 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

ESI Environmental Sensors Inc.

Gintec Shade Technologies Inc.

2071C Malaview Avenue Sidney, BC  V8L 5X6

1887 Windham East Quarter Line Road Windham Centre, ON  N0E 2A0

Great Little Box Company Ltd.

Great Little Box Company Ltd. 748 Market Street Victoria, BC  V8T 5K5

Great Little Box Company Ltd. 3502 Spectrum Court Kelowna, BC  V1V 2Z1

Growers Supply Co. Ltd. 2605 Acland Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 7J4

Gusmer Enterprises Inc. 81 M Street Fresno, CA  93721

H & W Equipment for Vineyard & Winery RR#2, 827 Line 4 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Halton Packaging Systems

Jet Label

M.B. Laboratories Ltd.

Mosti Mondiale Inc.

1045 South Service Road W Oakville, ON  L6L 6K3

9445 - 49th Street NW Edmonton, AB  T6B 2L8

PO Box 2103 Sidney, BC  V8L 3S6

6865 Route 132 Sainte Catherine, QC  J5C 1B6

MacDay Label Systems Ltd.

4816 Highway 97 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T1

Hamilton Hops and Grapes Jet Label

464A Burnside Road E. Victoria, BC  V8T 2X2

3480 Carrington Road Westbank, BC  V4T 3C1

Harco Enterprises Ltd.

Kaiser Design

675 The Parkway Peterborough, ON  K9J 7K2

23 Hannover Drive St. Catharines, ON  L2W 1A3

Hilltop Cellars Inc.

Kalala Agriculture Contracting

PO Box 149, 189 Davidson Road Roseneath, ON  K0K 2X0

3361 Glencoe Road Westbank, BC  V4T 1M1

Hummingbird Aerial Surveys 1095 Nechako Ct. Kelowna, BC  V1V 2N9 David Metvedt

KJ Urban Winery & Craft Brewing Supplies Unit 6 - 199 Victoria Road S Guelph, ON  N1E 6T9

Hunter Bottling RR #3, 812 Twenty Road Fenwick, ON  L0S 1C0

IDL Process Solutions Inc. 1164 Lee Street White Rock, BC  V4B 4P4

Intergraphics Decal Ltd. 180 De Baets Street Winnipeg, MB  R2J 3W6

International Viticultural Services Inc.

Knights Grapevine Nursery 3792 Feather River Boulevard, Unit C Olivehurst , CA  95961

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems 1444 Bell Mill Side Road Tillsonburg, ON  N4G 4G9

KWS - Kruger Wines & Spirits CoPacking 3285 chemin Bedford Montreal, QC  H3S 1G5

La Vigne Viticulture Services Inc.

Box 156 Grimsby, ON  L3M 4G3

1941 Water Street Kelowna, BC  V1Y 1K8

Ironwood Steins and Wines

Label Image Industries

11151 Horseshoe Way, Unit 1 Richmond, BC  V7A 4S5

Unit 30, 5100 South Service Road Burlington, ON  L7L 6A5

J.W. Sheldrick Transport Ltd.

Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc. 2942 Thompson Avenue, PO Box 178 Smithville, ON  L0R 2A0

40 Lakeshore Road, RR #5 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Jane’s Packaging Inc.

Lorpon Labels

Unit 1 - 3455 14th Avenue Markham, ON  L3R 0H4

24 Huddersfield Road Toronto, ON  M9W 5Z6

102 Sports Field Court London, ON  N6K 4K2

MacDonald Steel Ltd. - Custom Fabrication 200 Avenue Road Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H5

Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. 1081 Canada Avenue Duncan, BC  V9L 1V2

Madrone Environmental Services Ltd. 202-2790 Gladwin Road Abbotsford, BC  V2T 4S7

Manubois 225 rue Liberte Candiac, QC  J5R 3X8

Markem - Imaje Inc., a Dover Company

Mount Kobau Wine Services

Munckhof Manufacturing Ltd. Box 308 Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Naramata Bench Wineries Association #374, 113 - 437 Martin Street Penticton, BC  V2A 5L1

Neal Carter & Associates Ltd. ( 12033 Loomer Road Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z8

New Zealand Winegrowers 74 Hurontario Street, Suite 206 Collingwood, ON  L9Y 2L8

Niagara College Teaching Winery 135 Taylor Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

2-7075 Edwards Boulevard Mississauga, ON  L5S 1Z2

Niagara College Teaching Winery/ School of Horticulture and Agribusiness – Winery/Viticulture Program

Maximus Vineyard Management

135 Taylor Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

8721 Palmer Place Summerland, BC  V0H 1Z2 Morton Serbon

Meritage Viticulture Services Ltd. 1150 Corbishley Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 8V3

Minerva Enterprises Ltd. 430 El Camino Road Kelowna, BC  V1X 2R9

Mori Vines Inc. 1912 Concession 4, RR#3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Mori Vines Inc.

Niagara Orchard and Vineyard Corp. 1196 Irvine Road, RR#5 Niagara On The Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Niagara Vintage Wine Tours 2205 Mewburn Road Niagara Falls, ON  L2E 6S4

Niagara Wine Tours International PO Box 1205 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

232 Miller Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0



Niagra Orchard and Vineyard Corp.

Origro Inc.

4000 Jordan Road, PO Box 381 Jordan Station, ON  L0R 1S0

1135 Gallagher Road Burlington, ON  L7T 2M7

Northshore Grapevine Nursery

P.J. Bosc Wind Machines & Vineyard Equipment

1340 Erie Street Harrow, ON  N0R 1G0

Norwest Cooling Systems Inc. 8247 Davies Road, NW Edmonton, AB  T6E 4N1

NSCC Cool Climate Wine and Viticulture Teaching Winery, Nova Scotia Community College Kingstec Campus - Library, 236 Belcher Street Kentville , NS  B4N 0A6

Oak Wise Inc. 809 Black Diamond Way Lodi, CA  95240

Oak Wise Inc. 121 Development Lane Winchester, VA  22602

Okanagan Fertilizer Ltd. 603 Vernon Street Enderby, BC  V0E 1V0

Okanagan Fertilizer Ltd. 5224 Paintbrush Road Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0

Ontario Craft Wine Conference & Trade Show 2020 Beanfield Centre, Exhibition Place, 105 Princess Boulevard Toronto, ON  M6K 3C3

Opimian 5165 Sherbrooke Street W, Suite 420 Montreal, QC  H4A 1T6

Orbis Manufacturing 39 Westmore Drive Rexdale, ON  M9V 3Y6



RR4 995 Line 6 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  L0S 1J0

Pacific Flow Control Ltd. PO Box 31039, RPO Thunderbird Langley, BC  V1M 0A9

Packaging Technologies Inc.

Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd. (PWP) 1821 Highway 3 Princeton, BC  V0X 1W0

Qualicum Village Winery 675 Fir Street Qualicum Beach, BC  V9K 1R1

Raynox 2000 Inc. 110 Chemin Marieville Rougemont, QC  J0L 1M0

Red Trac International Ltd.

310 Courtland Avenue Concord, ON  L4K 4Y6

PO Box 460 Vineland, ON  L0R 2C0

Pascal Madevon Signature Ltd.

Revenue Services Group

701 Nelson Avenue Penticton, BC  V2A 2L6

1151 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC  V6H 1C5 (604) 800-4111


Richards Packaging Inc.

32 Main Street Kentville , NS  B4N 1J5

1939 Onésime Gagnon Lachine, QC  H8T 3M5


Richards Packaging Inc.

199 Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive Bible Hill, NS  B6L 2H5

#140 - 9200 Van Horne Way Vancouver, BC  V6X 1W3


Richards Packaging Inc.

173 Dr. Bernie MacDonald Drive Bible Hill, NS  B6L 2H5

6095 Ordan Drive Mississauga, ON  L5T 2M7

Saxco International 2360 Cornwall Road Oakville, ON  L6J 7T9

Scott Laboratories Ltd. Unit 1, 950 Brock Road South Pickering, ON  L1W 2A1

Seaside Paper Products Ltd. 9999 River Way Delta, BC  V4G 1M8

Serigraphie Richford Inc. Suite 101, 2001 Boul. Des Sources Pointe Claire, QC  H9R 5Z4

Serigraphie Richford Inc. Suite 1, 2270 Argentina Road Mississauga, ON  L5N 6A6

Shelco Filters 100 Bradley Street Middletown, CT  6457

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For optimized monitoring of alcoholic fermentations The main origin of H2S in fermentation



Dose added to the must and additions during the AF

Bad management of O2 additions during the AF

NUTRITIONAL DEFICENCY Lack of mineral and organic nitrogen

YEAST GENETICS Strains with difficult fermentation metabolism

The alcoholic fermentation of musts is a complex process carried out by yeasts that, to properly perform their fermentative activity, need to be fed. Vintages, areas and different varieties affect the grape composition; in particular the nutritional compounds and microelements, and this directly affects the fermentation process. Nutritional deficiencies, both quantitative and qualitative, have an impact on the growth and vitality of the yeasts. This can cause slow fermentations, stuck alcoholic fermentations, as well as the appearance of unpleasant odours (sulphur odours, H2S, higher alcohols in large quantities). The production of H2S is currently the biggest problem, and this often requires treatments (ventilation, copper sulphate, etc.), that can alter the wine's aromatic potential. It is therefore necessary to anticipate these risks, throughout the entire fermentation process, adding specific nitrogenous dosess at the right time.

AEB innovates! Introducing Ctrl-Ferm®, a new patented system for the detection and monitoring of the fermentation process. This system monitors at the production of CO2 and H2S, allowing the winemaker to better manage nutrient additions. Ctrl-Ferm® facilitates monitoring of the fermentation kinetics, all the way through dryness in order to obtain richer and more balanced wines.

The components Gas sensor tubes: to measure the gas that accumulates in the headspace during fermentation. This collector is inserted through the upper manway or C.I.P. inlet port on top of the tank. -internal gas sensors: one for the detection of the CO2 and the other for the detection of H2S. Control panel: connected to a server via data SIM, to monitor the gas production. SD Card: to store the data.

How does it work? Once the sensor tube is in the tank, the tube begins to monitor the gas from the headspace and processes a graph relating to the detected quantities. This process is analysed via sensory cells and the data are transmitted via SIM, the server processes the results and returns them plotted in a graph, which is delivered to the winemaker with a specific network dashboard (see chart 1). The display can be set by the operator according to their needs (daily or weekly, see chart 1 and 2).


• Q pe • Ea to • Po • De th • Vi pr • Kn • Ef nu • Ra ec • De co

Add 20 g/hL of VITAFERM®

plex erly

the onal ctly Chart 1: weekly report of the production of H2S and decrease of its production rate after the nutrient addition.

and ality

Chart 2: daily report of the production of H2S

The advantages

olic of gher H2S ften ate,

sks, ess, t time.



• Qualitative detection scale adaptable to the perception threshold. • Easy monitoring of fermentation, even remotely, thanks to the data transmission by cell phone. • Possibility to take action without prior tasting. • Detection of reductions without interference with the thiol sulphur compounds of aromatic grapes. • View, from the beginning of the harvesting, of the problems on different musts/wines. • Knowledge of the yeast, its behavior and needs. • Efficiency control of corrective actions (pumping over, nutrition, oxygenation, etc.). • Rational use of inputs and optimization of the economic resources of the cellar. • Development of clean, aromatic wines, with more complexity, without negative reductive notes.


With Ctrl-Ferm®, winemakers will not have to smell the gases from the tank. They will detect sulphur aromas much sooner than sniffing them.

and more

Two models available: one for monitoring a single tank and one for monitoring 5 tanks.

nserted --

aph relating er processes hboard (see

SD or Card

Control and analysis uni t

SIM Card


Electrical connectio n

Steel protectio n

Acadian Plant Health...........................................................................................11

Oak Wise Inc.............................................................................................................7

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AN APP FOR EXPERTS, BY EXPERTS. FERMENTATION IS OUR BUSINESS. Whether you are winemakers, consultants or distributors, you will find tips and tools in our “Fermentis App” to optimize your fermentations accurately, control the aromatic profiles or secure your productions. Our own oenologists, engineers and technicians have created this app for you. Because between experts, we understand each other.

SERGIO ALOISIO Our commercial oenologist in South America. Winemaker for 30 years, who helped to create your app.


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