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134 Wellings of Calgary, a vibrant new community for adults 55+

136 Advocating together for common sense infrastructure planning and investment – by Ron Glen, Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association

140 Clark Builders – 50 years of shaping communities

workforce challenges into opportunities

54 2024 CCA Events Calendar

58 BMO Centre expansion prepares to welcome the world

70 View from the past chairs: Perspectives in motion

86 Downtown Calgary’s striking skyline over 80 years – By Bill Chomik

96 Advancing change: CCA offices undergo elemental redesign

110 City Matters: A discussion with Mayor Jyoti Gondek on city development and future plans for Calgary

116 Buildworks Canada Member Value Report

120 Breaking new ground: KI International’s Deployment of Canada’s First Electric Drilling Rig

124 ENBIX: New local initiative brings industry together to achieve emissions-neutral buildings

130 In pursuit of safety excellence: Alberta Construction Safety Association’s journey beyond 35 years

144 Crafting excellence: SAIT’s Glazier Apprenticeship Program boosted by new glazing table

146 Build a better world the Westcor way

148 Looking back through the years at commercial roofing – by Kevin Kramers, Alberta Roofing Contractors Association

152 Calgary Construction Association celebrates 80th Anniversary

156 A shared legacy: Building a strong future together – by Warren Singh, Alberta Construction Association

160 Unified vision: Calgary’s construction associations

162 Show your commitment to excellence in construction management – Become a Gold Sseal employer

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2023 was the first year that was uninterrupted directly by the pandemic after two years of stop and start etc. In fact, by the early fall, it really felt like the majority of the COVID hangover was past us – Deerfoot was suddenly very busy again and we attended nothing but events until year end!

2023 was the first year that was uninterrupted directly by the pandemic after two years of stop and start etc. In fact, by the early fall, it really felt like the majority of the COVID hangover was past us – Deerfoot was suddenly very busy again and we attended nothing but events until year end!

indeed been drinking from a firehose but, as you will learn in due course, this issue will not be solved from the side of your desk and only with someone dedicated to the study of it will we will be able to assist our industry members better navigate the issue in the short, mid and long term.

With some of these normal aspects of life being reintroduced to us we also saw a busier trend in the world of construction, and it was across the board of commercial and residential both at the same time. This meant that if 2021 & 2022 were the years of supply chain, then 2023 really became the year of workforce challenges. As we are all too aware it now dominates our conversations and is shaping up to be the challenge of our lifetime.

30 – 40 years of systematic focus by society and the education establishment on academics at the expense of skilled trades has finally come home to roost. We are now facing unprecedented demand for housing with too small a workforce to deliver the numbers being quoted such as 5.8 million homes by 2030. Our commercial industry is dealing with the same challenge and if anything, it looks like it may get worse before it gets better.

With some of these normal aspects of life being reintroduced to us we also saw a busier trend in the world of construction, and it was across the board of commercial and residential both at the same time. This meant that if 2021 & 2022 were the years of supply chain, then 2023 really became the year of workforce challenges. As we are all too aware it now dominates our conversations and is shaping up to be the challenge of our lifetime.

As we witnessed this issue expand in scope, with many nonsense solutions being touted in media and elsewhere by politicians trying to avoid being blamed for the crisis, it became obvious that we needed to do something other than be just another opinionated spectator. In November 2023 we added Tammy Amstutz to the CCA team in the role of Director of Workforce Strategies. In Tammy’s short time on the team and with such a challenge to embrace, she has indeed been drinking from a firehose but, as you will learn in due course, this issue will not be solved from the side of your desk and only with someone dedicated to the study of it will we will be able to assist our industry members better navigate the issue in the short, mid and long term.

June was a big month for the CCA team as after several months of working in swing space we unveiled our new CCA Member Centre. After 42 years our space was tired, dysfunctional and rather unwelcoming and so we transformed it into a space that our members can freely use for meetings or just a drop in between appointments – even a coffee with a colleague. We are also hosting many of our events here and will be adding more so there will be plenty of chances to see the space for yourself. Either way, if you have not yet visited, please come and see us.

June was a big month for the CCA team as after several months of working in swing space we unveiled our new CCA Member Centre. After 42 years our space was tired, dysfunctional and rather unwelcoming and so we transformed it into a space that our members can freely use for meetings or just a drop in between appointments – even a coffee with a colleague. We are also hosting many of our events here and will be adding more so there will be plenty chances to see the space for yourself. Either way, if you have not yet visited, please come and see us.

Our advocacy work continued under Frano Cavar and we established our voice well within local media – Radio, TV and Online. It has been so important for us to find your voice and make it resonate in Calgary and so we were able to secure 60+ articles, interviews and features on subjects that mattered to our members and, not surprisingly, mattered to Calgarians.

30 – 40 years of systematic focus by society and the education establishment on academics at the expense of skilled trades has final come home to roost. We are now facing unprecedented demand for housing with too small a workforce to deliver the numbers being quoted such as 5.8 million homes by 2030. Our commercial industry is dealing with the same challenge and if anything, it looks like it may get worse before it gets better.

Our work with the City of Calgary continued and we are now directly involved in several committees and initiatives at City Hall that ensure our industry perspectives are well represented in the many conversations that are ongoing including those related to Procurement, Climate Change, Social Procurement, Permitting and others.

Bill Black is President & COO of the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) and has a career spanning 42 years in the construction industry. No stranger to the challenges of the commercial construction sector and a highly adaptable individual, as evidenced by his varied career, Bill always brings a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities that he is involved with.

Bill Black is President and CEO of the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) and has a career spanning 42 years in the construction industry. No stranger to the challenges of the commercial construction sector and a highly adaptable individual, as evidenced by his varied career, Bill always brings a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities that he is involved with.

Our advocacy work continued under Frano Cavar and we established our voice well within local media – Radio, TV and Online. It has been so important for us to find your voice and make it resonate in Calgary and so we were able to secure 60+ articles, interviews and features on subjects that mattered to our members and, not surprisingly, mattered to Calgarians.

We registered as a provincial lobbyist for the first time in our history so we can better follow up with GOA on the issues specific to Calgary. We continue to work on building stronger connections and relationships with our Provincial Government and whether it is our Premier’s Luncheon that we held in March, our Ledge Day in the spring or regular meetings with ministers etc, we will continue to ensure that Calgary’s opportunities and challenges are properly represented

Our annual Hill Day in Ottawa hosted by the Canadian Construction Association connects us to the Federal dialogue and helps ensure that we are engaging actively with all three levels of government. Follow up meetings with the Immigration and Housing Ministers have kept the dialogue going.

As we witnessed this issue expand in scope, with many nonsense solutions being touted in media and elsewhere by politicians trying to avoid being blamed for the crisis, it became obvious that we needed to do something other than be just another opinionated spectator. In November 2023 we added Tammy Amstutz to the CCA team in the role of Director of Workforce Strategies. In Tammy’s short time on the team and with such a challenge to embrace, she has

Our work with the City of Calgary continued and we are now directly involved in several committees and initiatives at City Hall that ensure our industry perspectives are well represented in the many conversations that are ongoing including those related to Procurement, Climate Change, Social Procurement, Permitting and others.

Education was very well subscribed throughout 2023 thanks to the work of Anne Blair and, while much of it still remained virtual, we are glad to see ongoing engagement and are excited to explore expanding the curriculum under the banner of Workforce Development – stay tuned

We registered as a provincial lobbyist for the first time in our history so we

“Making Calgary the Best City in Canada to Be in the Construction Industry.”
“Making Calgary the best city in Canada to be in the construction industry.”
Calgary Construction Association 8
Bill Black President Calgary Construction Association
Bill Black President & CEO Calgary Construction Association
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can better follow up with GOA on the issues specific to Calgary. We continue to work on building stronger connections and relationships with our Provincial Government and whether it is our Premier’s Luncheon that we held in March, our Ledge Day in the spring or regular meetings with ministers etc, we will continue to ensure that Calgary’s opportunities and challenges are properly represented.

Our annual Hill Day in Ottawa hosted by the Canadian Construction Association connects us to the Federal dialogue and helps ensure that we are engaging actively with all three levels of government. Follow up meetings with the Immigration and Housing Ministers have kept the dialogue going.

Education was very well subscribed throughout 2023 thanks to the work of Anne Blair and, while much of it still remained virtual, we are glad to see ongoing engagement and are excited to explore expanding the curriculum under the banner of Workforce Development – stay tuned.

What was a real delight to witness after having lost the opportunity for so long, was the way in which our community came together at events such as meet the GC etc. We came out of an incredible Christmas Social at Atco at the end of 2022 and into our first meet the GC early in 2023 and there was no doubt that the CCA community was thriving and growing. Something had happened during 2023 and we were seeing ourselves for the first time. We saw this play out time and time again throughout 2023 as all the hard work of Adrian Nagel and Lena Hogarth in creating memorable customer experiences with the help of the whole team, went from success to success.

Our sponsors, attendees and partners made 2023 the most successful

year of events and community connection in our history – thank you all. 2023 also saw our membership grow year over year for the first time in many years. Once again this has been supported by Adrian Nagel and Gabby Morden making sure that our new members feel welcome, and our entire membership knows we are here for them every day. Whether it is an issue with setting up a profile, getting introduced to other members – even calling the city to go to bat on issues that are impeding your progress – we are here to do what we can.

I have shared with many over the last 5+ years that when I stepped into this role I was somewhat worried that, in contrast to being in the trenches of the day to day of industry itself, I may find this role boring or uninspiring. After all I was a bit of an adrenalin junkie after nearly 40 years in industry.

Now in the year of the CCA 80th anniversary and my own 43rd year in industry I can truly say I could not have been more wrong, and I am very glad to be able to say that. The last 5+ years has seen some of the most rewarding experiences I could ever have wished for. Not without challenges of course but it has been the progress and growth that has made it so worthwhile -

• Learning new skills from people half your age is a privilege denied to many – go find a young teacher you will be much better for it.

• Watching our team evolve into the best association team in Canada that delivers commitment and dedication to the member experience every day and then comes in the next morning and says – “how can we make that even better next time?”. Excellence is hard to find and to be a part of it is inspiring.

• Constantly meeting new and existing members and learning from them what they are going through so we can help them is providing the real inspirational reason I took on this role – to make our industry better at every level for every person that works in construction.

In a social media world full of people taking all the credit it needs to be said again and again, as I often do,

“Without people you are nothing!”
(Joe Strummer)

That could not be truer than it is in the CCA context. Our members and their amazing people, the work that they do every day building our city, the CCA Board who supports the strategies behind the work we do and the CCA Team that is our face to you every day are the ones that make this possible. The fact that I get to be a part of this is a true privilege and one that I will cherish for a very long time.

The real joy though is serving an industry that has been a part of my life as a 4th generation construction kid with my own children who have made it 5th generation. It may not be for the faint hearted, but it is a great way to earn a living. It teaches you so much along the way, introduces you to some of the best people you will ever meet and then we get to drive by the results of what we have done in building our great city over the years.

We at CCA get to be a part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves and we thank you for your ongoing support and engagement in making that possible. We cannot wait to celebrate our 80th year at our gala later this year with you all as we wish you a successful and rewarding 2024. u

Calgary Construction Association 10


Hosted Premier Danielle Smith at annual Premier’s Luncheon events, where conversations about public procurement, labour shortages, skills development, trades, immigration reform, and building the Calgary of tomorrow were key topics.

Sent delegates to Edmonton for the annual “Legislature Day” to advocate directly to lawmakers at the Provincial Legislature. Together with the Edmonton Construction Association, we raised concerns about stable and predictable funding for infrastructure projects, procurement and risk allocation, labour supply challenges, and prompt payment.

Regularly attended roundtables and discussions with Provincial ministers on immigration, trade, and labour.

Raised the profile of Calgary’s construction industry with over 100 media appearances since November 2021 (TV, Print, Radio).

Appeared before City Council numerous times to advocate directly for new infrastructure spending, housing affordability, raise the impacts of the climate strategy on construction, and the labour shortage.

Worked with Mayor Jyoti Gondek to officially dedicate and re-open the Calgary Construction Association Member Centre.

Advocated for Calgary’s proposed Fieldhouse Development and supported the Foothills Athletic Park Redevelopment Plan, which will create jobs and opportunity for the construction industry.

Voiced our support for Calgary’s new Event Centre and Culture and Entertainment District – which will create up to 3000+ jobs and spur follow-on investment into the next decade.

Launched a Provincial Platform that advocated for our positions during and after the 2023 Provincial Election.

Helped Launch the Calgary Chapter of ENBIX: uniting professionals in Calgary’s building, construction, and renovation sectors to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration to reduce emissions from buildings across the region.

Raised the profile of the skilled-labour shortage in the media, and advocated on the issue to Calgary Economic Development, the City of Calgary, Government of Alberta, and Government of Canada.

Officially registered on the Alberta Lobbyist Registry, furthering our efforts to engage our community to build better and ensure the construction industry remains top of mind to decision makers.

Calgary Construction Association 12 DEEP SERVICES, UTILITIES, EARTHWORKS & DEMOLITION T: 403-899-5321 • F: 403-590-2597 • E: •



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Calgary Construction Association 14 1 2 3 4 5 Tackling the Labour Shortage Establishing our Provincial Voice Supporting Calgary Through Strong Infrastructure Preparing Calgary For the Future Addressing Issues Around Public Procurement and Risk
Advocacy Priorities in 2024 and Beyond
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Calgary Construction Association 16 2023 was another year of success!
BBQ •25th Anniversary 900+
•Sold out Spring Classic Golf Tournament Sold out Education Fundraiser Golf Tournament $73,500 raised •Meet the GC Series 4 Unique Locations 22 featured GC’s 650 + Attendees •CCA Connect Networking Series Multiple Locations Exclusive behind the scenes tours 250 + Attendees •Lean Coffees • CCA Christmas Social 10 Meetings 490 + Attendees $21,617 donated to Prostate Cancer Centre 550+ Attendees
Breaking Stampede

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•Annual AGM & Banquet Dinner

•Key note address

•Industry Awardss

• 400+ Industry Leaders

•Official Launch CCA Member Business Centre

oMayor Dedication oIndigenous blessing o200 + Attendees

•Inaugural Annual Premier’s Address

oPolitical keynote & Fireside chat o400+ Industry Leaders

•Addressing Workforce Challenges

oCCA & BuildEx Alberta join forces oGuest Speakers

oExpert Panels oWorkshops

Calgary Construction Association 18 Number of Events Number of Attendees Companies Attended 35+ 4,100+ 500+
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Construction Industry Ethics and Constrution 101 continue to be popular courses.

The Construction Industry Ethics course can earn you three Gold Seal credits, while Construction 101 can earn you four. A requirement for Gold Seal Certification is Construction Industry Ethics. To learn more about getting your Gold Seal Certification, please contact Lena Hogarth at

Applied Quantity Surveying / Material Take Offs

Bitesized Bluebeam – 7 two-hour courses

Construction Risk: Identify, Analyze, Mitigate

Construction Contract Documents

New Education Courses

High Impact Leadership – 6-week program

Implementing Lean in Construction

Calgary Construction Association 20
Virtual Student Hours In-Person Student Hours Students Have Written Gold Seal Exam 39 3037 280 Scheduled courses on Education Calendar New Courses Added to the Calendar 365 18

Looking to build your business?

Online advertising is key to connecting with potential customers whether it be promoting an event, sharing info or simply creating brand awareness for your company!

Ads placed on the CCA website or in the Constructor Weekly E-Newsletter will be seen by thousands of industry professionals.

Contact Adrian Nagle for more info!

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Calgary Construction Association 24

As a membership based organization we exist with the sole purpose of serving our members and our industry to the best of our ability at all times.

Over the years we have done so through all the cycles and changes that have occurred in our market and we have all become stronger for the experience. Then came March 2020 and the world had to change its entire way of life overnight. Of course the CCA was no exception and the next two years provided an invaluable learning experience for us all as we sought to adapt and continue to support our CCA community through uncharted waters.

The lessons have not been wasted on us so, when in early 2022 we saw the end in sight, we felt the need to re-evaluate our role in this new and emerging postpandemic context. At the same time we also felt a strong voice pulling us away from the temptation to simply restart everything that we had been doing up until March 2020.

And so, in early March 2022, the board and CCA team convened for a full day in person strategy session so we could apply all that we had learned during the pandemic to our legacy as a 75+ year organization and begin to consider our role for the next 3 to 5 years and beyond. Maybe it was a post pandemic thing but this was not just any old typical strategic offsite session.


We wanted to approach the whole exercise a different way than in the past so we looked to a new place for inspiration. In his book “Know What You’re For” Jeff Henderson, a former marketing exec. at the Chick-fil-A organization, describes how they had to learn that, in order to truly help a franchise owner how to understand and grow their business, they needed to stand on the customers’ side of the counter and not the operators.

Not only was this a powerful analogy for us to reflect on as a customer service organization, but the two fundamental questions in the book -

”What Do You Want to be Known For?” And “What Are You Known For?”

- Felt like perfect lines of enquiry for such an undertaking.

Calgary Construction Association 26 05 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES



•Aggregate Supply & Processing

•Quarry & Open PitMining


•Infrastructure & Industrial SiteDevelopments

•Subdivision & Commercial Developments

•Mine Development & Open PitMining

•Rock Excavation, Drilling& Blasting

•Site Clean Up &Decommissioning

•Geosynthetics & Geomembrane Systems

•Water Management Facilities& Infrastructure

•Vegetation ManagementServices

•Construction of Roads, Pads, & WellSites

•Reclamation of Roads, Pads& WellSites

•Plant SiteEarthworks

•InstallationofCulverts,Liners. Geotextile,SiltFence,Fence& OtherErosionControls




4271 –5th Avenue East

Prince Albert, SK S6V 7V6

Ph: (306)764-5337

Fax: (306)763-5788



Locatedat Box3467


Wainwright, AB T9W 1T4

Ph: (780)842-0693

We started with the first question and the answers that we arrived at were an important viewpoint to have at the outset of this session.



Considering the fact that 18 of our 30 directors are appointed from trade and professional associations this is an interesting perspective but, nevertheless, it has prevailed for many years and, as you will see on the next page “LARGE” are actually the minority!


An important and valued service that is based on our heritage as a Builders Exchange and fundamental way for our members to access opportunities.


Only 15-20%. Of our member companies have been regular attendees at most historic events.


We moved from there to the second question


The best way to summarize all the various conversations that arose out of this question was the simple fact that we want our members to feel that -


We do not say this lightly because we fully understand that for this to be true, we need to earn such a statement based on all that we do for our members. But what a call to action it is!

Calgary Construction Association 28 06 STRATEGIC
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 29 Delta YYC – Airport LEADERS IN COMMERCIAL MILLWORK & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT MANUFACTURING 403–291–0400 Creating your next UNIQU Architectural Woodwork Project

Then we engaged in a lengthy conversation around the question -


Once again there were many aspects to the response and it is clear that our membership is diverse with -

Tra de Contractors Manufacturers/ Distributors/ Suppliers

Consultants and Service Providers

General Contractors + Builders -Overall 15% -4.5% med-large size

But by far the biggest takeaway was the fact that across all categoriesOVER 80% OF OUR MEMBERS HAVE 10 PEOPLE OR LESS IN THE OFFICE.

This is actually the profile of our industry and it is in fact the profile of all kinds of businesses across Canada. We have always been a small business association comprised primarily of owner/operator businesses as members. This was a key perspective in beginning to imagine the great opportunity that lay before us as we viewed CCA and our members through this lens.

Calgary Construction Association 30 50% 15% 16% 19% 08 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES

Armed with this key information we finally moved to the members’ side of the counter and from that vantage point we asked ourselves…


5 main buckets emerged out of this consideration and, in no specific order, we arrived at -



While many of these may be familiar and are certainly representative of the work that we at CCA have always been engaged in, this unique journey during our offsite via the steps outlined previously, provided us with an added dimension along with a renewed sense of purpose related to our role in seeking to move forward with consistency and clarity as a stronger and more aligned partner with our members.

In a post pandemic world and after three years of unprecedented change many of us are looking at our lives and our priorities differently and here at CCA we have fully embraced this perspective.

The real work is already being done and we know that we have much more ahead of us. We hope that this 5 part perspective will align well with your needs and, as we report to you on how we are working on each of these in different ways throughout the year, you will see yourselves reflected more and more in all that we do as we strive to earn the ultimate privilege of being considered mission partners with you all in building our collective future in Calgary.

Calgary Construction Association 32


780.463.1886 9552 26 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H8 WESTERN CANADA’S PREMIER FABRICATOR & SUPPLIER OF CUSTOM ARCHITECTURAL PANELS We believe in quality products, genuine service, and reliable work ethic.
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As I reflect on my term as Chair, I am reminded of a comment made to me by a past chair, “You are the first non-industry person to have this role”. To say that comment caught me by surprise is an understatement, as I had never considered myself a “non-industry” person.

While I’m not on site doing the heavy lifting or scrutinizing post-bid analysis, I must admit that I’ve read more contract terms and conditions than I can remember. I’ve worked with private owners, corporate owners, cities, municipalities, and many of you who are currently reading this message.

In 1961, when Bud Watson was chair, he worked on developing contract framework for subtrades. It’s difficult to imagine an environment where subtrades operated without formal contracts in place. Fast forward to 2023, and we find ourselves grappling with Prompt Payment Legislation. Reflect on this for a moment, we need to implement legislation to ensure that people get paid on time. Years ago, I read this in a construction magazine: “Passing risk down to the party that is least capable of dealing with it, is not good risk manage-

ment, it’s crossing your fingers and hoping like hell that noth ing happens”. This industry, at times, can be its own worst enemy, exemplifying the challenges we face. This represents the “bad” side of the industry.

I’ve observed general contractors hoping that a trade dis pute resolves or fades away before escalating to court pro ceedings. This represents the “ugly” side of the industry.

I have tremendous respect for this industry, and I’ve seen firsthand how the Calgary Construction Association has built an environment that brings together a group of like-minded people. Individuals who want to be part of something better –to make this industry better – and to build a community. This represents the “good” side of the industry.

In closing, I am proud to have been the chair in 2023. Thank you to John Manes for tapping me on the shoulder for the role and for reminding me that good leadership requires compro mise. This is advice we can all benefit from.

It has been my privilege to serve as your chair this past year.

Calgary Construction Association 34


Left to right: Gabby Morden, Lena Hogarth, Bill Black, Anne Blair, Frano Cavar, Adrian Nagle, Tammy Amstutz, bottom: Fin Nagle (Chief Barking Officer).

President & CEO BILL BLACK

Manager, Events & Marketing/Communications

Direct, Public Affairs and External Relations FRANO CAVAR

Office Manager ANNE BLAIR

Director, Industry Engagement ADRIAN NAGLE

Coordinator, Administration & Member Services

Director, Workforce Strategies TAMMY AMSTUTZ

Chief Barking Officer FIN NAGLE

Calgary Construction Association 36

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Immediate Past Chair JOHN MANES Spalding Hardware

Chair Elect SHANE BEAZLEY EllisDon Construction Services Ltd.

Treasurer ROBERT NEUFELD Sunstone Chartered Professional Accountants

President & CEO BILL BLACK

Calgary Construction Association

Vice Chair JORDAN TEED Universal Flooring Systems Ltd.

Vice Chair GARY PORTER Alberta Glass

Calgary Construction Association 38


Mechanical Contractors Association


Director at Large TYLER BUNGAY Botting & Associates

Consulting Engineers of Alberta


Clifton Associates Ltd.

Chair Elect SHANE BEAZLEY EllisDon Construction Services Ltd.

Sheet Metal Contractors Association BILL BONNELLO Modern Niagara Alberta Inc.

Canadian Bar Association


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Congratulations to the Calgary Construction Association on its 80th anniversary! Through its long-held commitment to driving progress and promoting excellence, the CCA has been instrumental in building a thriving and collaborative construction community.

Like the CCA, Sprung is committed to innovation and growth. Throughout our 137-year history, we’ve readily evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the global marketplace. To date, Sprung has built more than 12,000 structures for Fortune 100 companies, government operations and community organizations around the world.

Learn how Sprung’s rapid-build structures and patented technology have met the needs of clients across 35 industries—and counting.

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The construction industry, across the globe and in our great city, stands at a pivotal moment, grappling with a pronounced labour shortage. This challenge is particularly acute in Calgary – a city celebrated for its dynamic growth, innovative spirit, and the ambitious scope of its construction projects. The current labour shortage, however, is not just an obstacle. This labour shortage is the opportunity of our generation, and it provides opportunity for

defining moments in our careers. For Calgary’s construction community, it’s a call to action—a chance to lead by example, demonstrating how adversity can catalyze industry-wide innovation, foster collaboration, and drive inclusivity. By seizing this moment, Calgary can both address its immediate workforce needs while laying the groundwork for the future of the construction industry as more resilient, efficient, and diverse.


In Calgary, the construction industry’s fabric is woven from a mix of sprawling residential developments, towering commercial projects, and intricate infrastructure expansions. The diversity in these ventures underline the critical need for enhanced collaboration at a time when the labour pool is shrinking. The labour shortage has pressed local firms to dismantle tradi-

Calgary Construction Association 48
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tional silos, paving the way for partnerships that harness shared knowledge, resources, and ambitions. We have neither the time nor the resources to build multiple talent pools, and instead must focus on building the collective workforce of the future. Now is the time to balance the inherent competition of the industry with the urgent need to forge collaboration. Such collaborative efforts transcend labour needs, and instead set new benchmarks for efficiency and innovation. This movement towards unity echoes Calgary’s core ethos of community support and mutual growth. This collaborative mindset is vital for Calgary, ensuring that every project, regardless of its scale, contributes to the city’s reputation as a leader in construction innovation.


The culture of Calgary’s construction industry is a formidable asset, characterized by a profound sense of community, resilience, and pride. This unique culture is not only a reflection of the industry’s legacy in shaping the city’s skyline but also a key factor in attracting and retaining talent. Amidst the labour shortage, we can now amplify our focus on enhancing workplace culture, emphasizing recognition, work-life balance, and professional growth and advancement. And we can do this while providing access to rewarding work on world-class projects. The industry is full of broom-to-boardroom success stories, and we see countless examples of innovation and entrepreneurialism that contribute to the culture of the industry. Focusing on the new era of workplace culture in the construction industry underscores the impact on Calgary’s development and community well-being, while serving as a powerful motivator, fostering a deep sense of pride and loyalty among workers.

Engagement strategies in Calgary are becoming increasingly innovative, incorporating elements of recognition, mentorship, and community involvement. The celebration of project milestones not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the teams involved but also highlights the role of the construction industry in driving Calgary’s growth. We see this clearly

as we celebrate the completion of the BMO Centre expansion, with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation sharing the completion statistics that include over two million construction hours from nearly 5,000 trades workers.

Calgary’s construction industry is leveraging its strong community presence to engage with the public, show-

Providing Electrical Services within Calgary & Alberta since 1996 and dedicated 23 year members of ECAA Voted Best Healthcare Electrical Contractor in the Calgary and surrounding zones. * Independent survey taken within Acutech Electric’s office & 2/3 of principals agree with the findings. Congratulations CCA on 80 years (403) 241-5804 | Dedicated 27-year members of the CCA


casing the importance and impact of construction work on everyday life. These engagement efforts not only enhance the industry’s image but also attract new talent by showcasing construction as a rewarding and impactful career choice.


Calgary is uniquely positioned to address the educational gap that has historically limited early exposure to construction careers. By introducing construction concepts to younger students across Calgary’s multiple school boards, the industry can kindle an early interest in construction, laying the foundation for future career paths. This proactive approach to education is vital, as it broadens the potential talent pool by making construction an aspirational career choice from a young age.

The city’s rich educational ecosystem, which includes renowned institutions and innovative programs, provides a fertile ground for developing comprehensive construction education pathways. Initiatives that integrate construction-related learning into STEM curriculum can demystify the industry and highlight its role in solving real-world problems. Such educational outreach is crucial for cultivating a knowledgeable, skilled, and enthusiastic future workforce, ready to contribute to Calgary’s construction industry.


The construction industry in Calgary, and in all of Alberta, stand at the forefront of embracing diversity and inclusion, recognizing the wealth of perspectives, skills, and innovation that a diverse workforce brings. The city’s multicultural fabric offers a unique opportunity to attract talent from various

Calgary Construction Association 50
— IMPERIAL BUILDING PRODUCTS are proudly made in Canada and designed to meet tomorrow’s needs, today — Engineered Lightweight Steel Framing Solutions MegaJoist DeltaStud Viper V20 780-440-4499 | | #108 11979 40th Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4M3 T: 403-275-9787 E:
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Calgary is uniquely positioned to address the educational gap that has historically limited early exposure to construction careers. By introducing construction concepts to younger students across Calgary’s multiple school boards, the industry can kindle an early interest in construction, laying the foundation for future career paths.

backgrounds, enriching the construction community with a broader range of experiences and ideas. At the peak of activity in 2023, we saw women representing 14 per cent of the construction industry. We have achieved these milestones by establishing clear pathways for underrepresented groups—including women, Indigenous peoples, and new Canadians. Calgary is addressing the labour needs while fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.


The labour shortage in the construction industry presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Calgary. By embracing collaboration, fostering a unified and skilled workforce, prioritizing culture and engagement, enhancing educational outreach, and championing diversity, Calgary’s construction community is poised to navigate this challenge with resilience and innovation. These collective efforts secure a prosperous future for the industry. As Calgary continues to evolve, the construction industry’s response to this pivotal chapter will leave an indelible mark on the city’s landscape, underscoring the importance of adaptability, community, and inclusivity. In facing this challenge head-on, we are building more than just structures; we are crafting a legacy of strength, diversity, and innovation for future generations. u


•Free parking

•Free wifi

•Newly renovated washrooms

•Optional room layouts

Legacy Room


Seats 42 - 48 (maximum) classroom style

Seats up to 75 - 80 theatre style

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Seats 16 classroom style

Seats up to 25 - 30 (maximum) theatre style

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Seats 20 classroom style

Seats up to 30 - 35 (maximum) theatre style

•Projector and screen

•Write away walls


•Large windows

•Full length write away walls

•Large TV screen

•Large windows

•Full length write away walls

•Large TV screen

•Large windows

rentals are available for full and half day rentals. Member and non-member rates. Visit to fill out a room rental agreement!
a place to hold your next meeting? CCA offers room rental services


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Rebar supply, fabrication and placing Reinforcing the future since 1948 AGF Rebar Calgary (403) 720-5565 WWW.AGFGROUP.COM
For more info email 403.291.3350 Touch Down Offices Board Room Small Meeting Rooms Conversation Rooms Large Open Space CCA MEMBER CENTRE DESIGNED, BUILT & FURNISHED BY MEMBERS FOR MEMBERS Make the CCA Member Centre your next stop for that coffee meeting! We offer:
DELIVERING YOUR VISION ONE CM AFTER ANOTHER. BRING ASSURANCE TO YOUR RENOVATION. Our planning methods are accurate, transparent and thorough. While our efficient construction management and experienced trades deliver quality projects on time and budget. Let Brighton Projects build your next inspired creation with accuracy and reliability. Precisely Orchestrated


After four years of dedicated construction efforts, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) and the Calgary Stampede proudly announced the substantial completion of the BMO Centre expansion on March 13, 2024. This milestone marked the project’s transition into its final stages of operational readiness, paving the way for its grand opening in June 2024 as Western Canada’s largest and newest convention venue.

Serving as the development manager for this transformative city-building project, CMLC proudly delivered the $500 million expansion on schedule and on budget.

“This is a major accomplishment for CMLC and our partners, and a huge step toward achieving our vision for a vibrant and active Culture + Entertainment District,” says Kate Thompson, CMLC’s President and CEO. “The ex-

Calgary Construction Association 58
The column-free Champions Ballroom that can accommodate 5,000 guests The Exchange, featuring Canada’s largest indoor fireplace.

panded BMO Centre is second to none in its design architecture and functionality, and it sets a new precedent for convention facilities.”


The expansion’s architecture – designed by Stantec, Populous, and S2 – is influenced by Calgary’s natural surroundings and rich history, drawing inspiration from the sculpted riverbanks of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, the rolling foothills that transition into the Rocky Mountains, and the pioneering spirit of the Calgary Stampede. The building’s copper-coloured façade is textured and reflective to emulate the shine of a belt buckle, and it presents a modernist rendition of rustic barn boards commonly found in rural settings.

With over two million construction hours and contributions from nearly 5,000 tradespeople, including demolition crews, steelworkers, drywall installers, and electrical and mechanical teams, the BMO Centre expansion stands as a testament to collaborative effort and commitment to excellence. At its peak, the expansion saw close to 600 workers per day, six days a week, underscoring the efficiency and unwavering dedication throughout the construction process. Drywall installation on the project peaked at an impressive rate of 30,000 square-feet per day, resulting in a total of 2.4 million square feet of drywall utilized for the space. With more than 150 lifts on site at peak, 80 per cent of the work in the building took place at a height of at least 20 feet.

“Achieving this milestone would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our construction manager, PCL Construction, and project manager, M3 Project Management,” continued Thompson. “Our gratitude also extends to our world-class design

team of Stantec, Populous, and S2 for their visionary design of this architectural landmark. Our shared success in realizing this milestone is due to all our consultants’ and contractors’ unwavering commitment and pride of work over the past four years.”

The 565,000-square-foot structure was constructed with 10,000 metric tonnes of steel, the longest spanning

180 feet in length and 19 feet in depth— equivalent to the dimensions of an Olympic swimming pool—enabling the remarkable column-free grand ballroom. The extensive steel frame enables the building to withstand loads up to four times greater than those of a typical assembly-type building, allowing the convention centre the capability to accommodate various events.

Our clients want something better. Better solutions through collaboration fueled by ideas that apply value engineering and engage the latest building technologies. Better results that go beyond on-time, on-budget, and meeting requirements; those that enhance their building’s marketability. Better experience, risk management, and fiscal responsibility that provides peace of mind.

Over 60 Years of Building Success

“The impact that the expanded BMO Centre will have on the Calgary Stampede and on Calgary’s tourism, convention, and hospitality sector cannot be overstated,” says Calgary Stampede CEO Joel Cowley.

Notably, the load allowance in the exhibition hall permits fully loaded semitrucks to enter and maneuver within the building.


More than doubling its rentable space to over 1M square feet, the BMO Centre’s expansion will elevate Calgary’s convention hosting status to the next level, allowing our city to compete head-to-head with top-tier convention destinations around the world.

“The impact that the expanded BMO Centre will have on the Calgary Stampede and on Calgary’s tourism, convention, and hospitality sector cannot be overstated,” says Calgary Stampede CEO Joel Cowley. “We have already seen great interest in the expanded BMO Centre and now have more than 100 incremental events booked through 2030.”

Cowley continued, “With the open-

Calgary Construction Association 60
View from Scotsman’s Hill (daytime). Construction on the 170-foot curved exterior canopy that reaches seamlessly out of the expansion and onto the outdoor plaza on the south side of the building 587.390.2100 BLVD Beltline | Calgary, AB Vancouver Victoria Calgary Seattle Great work. No compromises.

ing of the BMO Centre expansion, we are excited for the future of Stampede Park and are eager to see how Calgary will continue to transform around it.

Whether you are a global company looking to host a memorable convention featuring unparalleled Western hospitality, or a local Calgarian looking

forward to the brand-new, world-class experiences we are now able to host in our city, we can’t wait to welcome you to this iconic space on Stampede Park.”

The new space will boast three ballrooms totaling 70,000 square feet, 38 customizable meeting rooms, more than 100,000 square feet of new exhi-

Protect from Radon with Heat-Sheet® Heavy

Below: Installation of the pavilion lights—a marquee exterior light feature that welcomes guests to the primary entrance required crews to work at various mounting heights, ranging from 10 to 80 feet in the

bition space, the country’s largest indoor fireplace and many special design elements, including a 1:1 replica of the Neon Cowboy that pays homage to the


� The interconnected channels allow soil gas movement to a venting pipe.

� 50% more permeable than 4” of clean granular material.

� Eliminates the need for the layer of granular fill.

� Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and insulation values.

Calgary Construction Association 62
Construction on the copper-coloured metal façade.
air. 100-5720 4th Street SE Calgary, AB | (403) 255-5521 Construction Renovation Real Estate Development YOUR PARTNER FOR PROJECT SUCCESS.

Calgary Stampede’s 112-year history.

In preparation for its operation as a one-million-plus-square-foot facility, the Calgary Stampede team is loading in furniture, dishes, cutlery, and catering equipment to the tune of 6,500 stacking chairs, 600 round banquet tables, 500 rectangular tables, 7,680 table forks and knives, and 6,200 dinner plates.

With the opening of the BMO Centre expansion, Calgary will now have a tier1 convention centre, which allows the city to compete for larger meetings and convention business. It also furthers Calgary’s position as a thriving and dynamic hub for trade and tourism, advancing the city’s economic resilience and status on the world’s stage.

Across the expansion and existing facilities, the BMO Centre will be able to host up to 33,000 guests at once. The expanded BMO Centre will host its first event – the Global Energy Show – in June 2024, an event proudly hosted at the Calgary Stampede for more than 50 years. u

Calgary Construction Association 64
Marking substantial completion of the BMO Center Expansion with project partner on March 13, 2024. Left to right: Kate Thompson, President & CEO, CMLC; Mayor Jyoti Gondek; Joel Cowley, Calgary Stampede CEO. Marking substantial completion of the BMO Center Expansion with construction manager PCL Construction on March 13, 2024.


Chris Lemme

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Base your project on solid foundations.


Building Permit Value – City of Calgary:

Total Value (2023): $5.96 Billion Year over year increase of 4 percent from 2022

15,393 homes delivered, up 11% from 2022 $5.96 B 16, 505

Housing starts:

16,505 residential building permits issued by City of Calgary in 2023 11%

21, 317

Building permits issued in 2023 – City of Calgary 8.6% Construction’s direct contribution to Calgary’s GDP Not including professional services, insurance, management, etc.

Total employed in Construction at Peak of Season (August 2023) – 100,800 people Up 17 percent from peak of 85,900 in August 2022 17%

Total job vacancies in Construction: 7,560 in Q3 2023 ¼ of all job vacancies in Calgary Economic Region in Construction and Construction management jobs (30,500 total vacancies in Calgary Economic Region).


Breakdown by age (@ peak – August 2023):

265,500 13.4%

Peak Alberta employment 265,500 people employed in construction (August 2023). Women in the trades in AB 13.4% (as of Dec 2023

Calgary Construction Association 66
2023 Construction Industry Snapshot
Residential Non-Residential $3.996B $1.705B
15-24 years old 26,300 (10%) 25-54 years old 195,600 (74%) 55+ years old 43,500 (16%)
Celebrating 80 years! Congratulations to the Calgary Construction Association. The Canadian Construction Association, together with the Calgary Construction Association are committed to working collaboratively to serve our members and build a strong foundation for a stronger Canada. Learn more:

CCA Scholarship Program

Don’t miss out on your chance to put a dent in your post-secondary education!

Did you know that CCA offers scholarships? The CCA Education Fund was initiated in 1998 in response to an increasing need for scholarships and donations to students enrolled in construction trades programs and courses.

CCA proudly supports the future of the construction industry by administering over 70 annual scholarship programs. As part of the CCA’s dedication to the future of the construction industry, our Education Fund distributes over $80,000 in scholarships and bursaries yearly.



$80,000 YEARLY

Whether you are brand new in the industry or an industry veteran looking to expand your skill set, we offer an extensive array of scholarships for member employees, dependents, and students. We are dedicated to providing our members, their employees and their families with opportunities to start and grow in their construction careers!

Are you an employee of a CCA Member company and pursuing an education in the construction field?


•Employee of a CCA Member company


•Dependant of a CCA Member AND

• Pursuing a trade or technical post-secondary education

Three Scholarships for $2,000 per academic year may be awarded to support and encourage women who are pursuing advanced education in a construction related field.

Open to female applicants:

•Part-time employee (minimum 15 hours per week) of CCA Member company and are working at the time the scholarship is awarded


•Full-time employees of member firms are eligible to apply providing they are on temporary leave of absence from the memberfirm to pursue educational initiatives such as starting their post-secondary education or training on a full-time basis


•Children (who are under the age of 25 at time of application) and spouses of employees, managers or owners of Calgary Construction Association Member company

If you have any questions about CCA Scholarship please reach out to Lena or 403-291-3350 Women in Construction Scholarship- $2,000 x 3

Fund Scholarship- $2,000 x 12

VIEW FROM THE PAST CHAIRS: Perspectives in motion

With this year marking the 80th anniversary of the Calgary Construction Association (CCA), it seems only fitting to take a look back – and forward – from the point of view of some of the individuals who helped make it what it is today. The role of CCA Chair is a powerful position linking the Board of Directors with the association executives and staff. The issues may have changed with the times but the underlying goal to meet the members’ needs has remained constant. And each of the following people was able to accomplish this by becoming a leader in his or her own right – and helping to shape CCA into becoming the formidable force it is today.


Bud Watson served as Chair in 1961, back when the Association still oper-

ated under the name of the Calgary Builders Exchange. It wouldn’t be until a few years later that the current name came to be.

“At that time, the Association was very different from what it is now,” says Watson, who had a long career in the family’s mechanical contracting firm before retiring a few years ago. “The Association had just moved into a new office building at 5th Ave and 25th Street NW. The building was unusual because it was a unique, two-storey, circular design. The move was a big thing that year.”

The new offices allowed for meeting rooms, as well as a plan room – a huge development at the time – where contractors would come in and bid on projects. “Back then, business was very personal,” says Watson, who recalls the monthly member dinner meetings in

particular. “People communicated on a day-to-day basis. Individuals would come in and talk and we’d get together regularly for events. There were lots of opportunities for different sectors of the industry to get together and interact, which helped broaden your own perspective.”

One of the main issues back in 1961 was the development of the all-important bid depository system. “That was just the beginning,” says Watson. “Initially, it was just for mechanical and electrical subcontractors and was used primarily for government work.”

Another top priority at the time was the Association’s work on a standard subcontract form for contracts between the general contractor and subcontractors. The new document became official in 1961 – and still forms the basis of the one being used to this

Calgary Construction Association 70
Bud Watson | Chair, 1961 Todd Poulsen | Chair, 2021 Dean Slater | Chair, 2001 Kees Cusveller | Chair, 2005 Norm Kuntz | Chair 2018-2020 Lois Innes | Current Chair, 2023

Alberta Building Envelope Council South


ABEC South is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and better understanding of the building envelope. Bringing together Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Suppliers; We are interested in design, construction, performance, evaluation, testing, renovation, restoration and maintenance of building envelope.

Join us at our next event! Our seminars and monthly luncheons are a great opportunity to network and learn more about building envelopes. Pick up a copy of our magazine, it’s filled with information about building envelopes in Alberta and beyond!

Please visit for more details or to become a member today!

day. “That was a key accomplishment for the industry,” says Watson, who adds that the Canadian Construction Association reviewed the Association’s standard subcontract form and adopted it for themselves shortly thereafter.

Although Watson laments the days when a handshake was more important than a signed contract, he remains impressed with what the industry – and

the CCA – have achieved over the years.

“The Calgary construction industry continues to be a business leader,” he says. “It is being run by good, sound business people who excel at being entrepreneurs. I am very proud of what the Association is today and for having been a part of it. We’re risk takers at heart and that pushes all of us to do better every day.”


Dean Slater was vice president of a large general contracting firm when he took on the role of CCA Chair in 2001. He describes the priorities of the day as being very similar to what they are now. “The challenges related primarily to dealing with the numerous economic boom and bust cycles, consistently procuring and successfully executing profitable quality work,” he says.

A change that was well underway at the time was the use of technology. “The days of the CCA plan room and bid depository system were diminishing, with the onset of computerized on-screen measurements, estimating, scheduling, and project management tools,” he says.

And technology has continued to advance in the years since. Slater says that his first job in the construction industry was checking mathematical equations to ensure there were no errors in the estimates. “Obviously, IT tools have had a huge impact on the industry,” he says. “These are fantastic tools that have made the job easier. Although the actual physical construction itself hasn’t changed, the method of communications, estimating and management tools has changed significantly.”

Slater also points to new shifts since his time as Chair including the environmental focus and seeing a more highly skilled and diverse industry workforce. “We now have LEED Certification and companies are using green technology to create more energy efficient buildings,” he says. “When I started my career, there were some, but not many women in management and superintendent roles. This, of course, has completely changed, with a much higher percentage of women in the industry, many deservedly assuming senior roles.”

Looking back on his long career in the industry, Slater speaks to how he

Calgary Construction Association 72
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CAREERS offers free services, connecting employers with dedicated, motivated, high school students who are interested in learning about your business.

• Build your future workforce.

• Attract and retain local talent.

• Harness the energy and passion of youth.

• Provide mentorship opportunities for your team.

• Build your ESG


Believe in Building with a Purpose

work positively impacts the community where it is being built. EllisDon is proud to have spent the last 40 years helping shape the lives of those who call Calgary home.

getting kids into construction,” says Cusveller. “The industry was seen as a second-choice career, especially for women. We needed to convince the next generation that construction is a viable and rewarding career.”

To help accomplish this, CCA launched a scholarship fund which remains in place to this day. The Association also began working with SAIT to develop a four-year construction project management course. Again, it remains in place today. The first SAIT

is there a deconstruction plan in place?

West Calgary Ring Road | Calgary, AB


EAP specializes in concrete placement, finishing, architectural finishes, structural repairs, and labour support for our valued clients. As a family-run company, we take pride in our exceptional team of highly experienced tradespeople who consistently deliver safe, high-quality, and competitively priced solutions for all your concrete and labour requirements.

Our foundation is built on three principles: safety, quality, and reliability. As a complete scope contractor, we offer a broad range of expertise, from supporting our General Contract partners with their day-to-day manpower needs to handling Civil, Commercial, and Industrial projects, encompassing formwork, placement, finishing, architectural finishes, and structural repairs.

126, 10615 48th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2B7

T: 403-724 3908


Full Service:

• Civil and commercial form, place, and finish

• Concrete rehabilitation, demolition, and structural repair

• Architectural finishes and treatments

• Oil & Gas skilled labour support

• All types of flatwork, slabs, sidewalks

• Chipping, grinding, and grouting

• Insulation and under-slab membranes

• Sealing systems and caulking

• Traffic Control personnel

• Sandblasting

Labour Support:

• Concrete finishers and placers

• Carpenters and carpenter helpers

• Concrete supervisors, foremen, and lead hands

• ACI-certified journeymen and skilled labour

• General labour, site clean-up, and heavy lifting

• Wet cure, heating, and hoarding

Has adaptability and flexibility been built into the design? I think that that’s what has been missing in today’s projects.”


Norm Kuntz proved to be an anomaly in the history of CCA Chairs in that he held the position for more than the usual one-year term. His tenure began with a sudden vacancy and was extended due to COVID. In all, he was

Chair from September 2018 to the end of May 2020.

“COVID was obviously a central issue during my time as Chair,” he says. “Everybody was scrambling to figure out how to react.”

CCA stepped up to the plate and soon released a “Pandemic Planning for the Construction Industry Guide” that outlined how members could continue to operate while mitigating their risks.

“The cooperation shown between


• Articulated Trucks

• Compaction Equipment

• Dozers (D3-D9 Size)

• Excavators (5-85 Ton)

• Motor Graders

• Motor Scrapers

• Skidsteers

• Snow Cats

• Tractors (2WD & 4WD)

• Water Trucks (Articulated)

• Water Trucks (S/A and T/A)

• Wheel Loaders

industry members and industry associations and our municipal and provincial governments was amazing,” says Kuntz. “It was a very challenging time for construction, but also a very rewarding one because you were working for the benefit of industry and society.”

These efforts were a major influence in Alberta, allowing construction to continue to operate when other jurisdictions shut it down.

“I think one of the reasons why we were able to successfully operate through COVID was because safety has always been such an integral part of the construction industry,” says Kuntz. “ COVID was one more challenge, and we are used to dealing with challenges.”

During his tenure as Chair, Kuntz also worked very closely with the CCA Board of Directors and current President Bill Black to steer the Association toward taking on an increased advocacy role with government – primarily municipal, but also provincial and federal – as well as the public.

This effort culminated in the creation of a new post at CCA, with Frano Cavar assuming the official position of Director of Public Affairs and External Relations in October 2021.

Kuntz is also proud of his role in transitioning Bill Black from a temporary measure to the full-time leader at CCA. “Bill initially took the role on a six-month contract,” says Kuntz. “He excelled at the job so the Board asked him to continue and I negotiated the employment agreement to keep him in the position – one that he still holds.”

Yet another focus for Kuntz was the updating of the Association’s Bylaws and Committee Terms of Reference, an undertaking designed to improve functionality and further meet member needs. One bylaw change was to limit board members to four consecutive terms, totaling eight years, after which they must step away for a two-year absence before being eligible to serve again.

Calgary Construction Association 76
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“Over the years, I got to learn so much and meet so many people through my involvement with the Association. The industry has certainly given me much more than I have put in.”

Kuntz is currently serving his fourth term on the Board, representing Concrete Alberta, but will remain engaged and supportive of the Association when finished. “It will be easy to pass the torch, as we have leaders from our industry stepping up and participating,” he says. “I’m happy to lend whatever support needed in the future.”


Todd Poulsen became Chair of the CCA in 2021. He balanced those duties while holding his current position as president of Elan Construction.

“I believed that if we were a good general contractor for the industry, then we needed to be part of the Association,” says Poulsen. “There was a part of me that always wanted to help other people be successful. Over the years, I got to learn so much and meet so many people through my involvement with the Association. The industry has certainly given me much more than I have put in.”

Poulsen describes his year as Chair as one characterized by significant adjustments for the Association. “CCA really needed to change,” he says. “It had to build on its competency as a digital plan room and networking organization in order to remain meaningful to its members.”

Accomplishing this meant embarking upon a very difficult path and conducting some soul searching. “We undertook a lot of strategic work at the time,” says Poulsen. “We had to figure out who we were, what we were all about and who our members were. We did a deep dive into the data and found that the majority of our members were smaller firms of 10 employees or less. But that our overall volunteer component was primarily well-established regional and national companies.”

The Association dove deeper still and queried its members on their needs. The results have been condensed into five distinct buckets:

Calgary Construction Association 78
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• Increase the talent pool;

• Raise their voice with industry/government;

• Provide training and development for their talent pool;

• See and get prepared for the future; and

• Provide access to good work.

“By shifting our focus to these five buckets, we became more of an association that the members really needed,” says Poulsen.

Although Poulsen has seen the industry pull together when times are tough, he describes it as an industry that will always be characterized by risks and challenges. “Looking ahead, I think the industry will continue to be difficult,” he says. “Technology is making some things easier but it is also making other things more complex.”

Despite this, or because of this, Poulsen predicts that CCA will become only more crucial in the years ahead.

“The way that the CCA team has been executing on the strategy developed by the CCA Board will bring more changes over the next few years,” he says. “It will become more diverse, bring in more members, and become even more important to our industry’s future success.”


As the current Chair of CCA, and Senior Vice President, NH Practice Leader – Surety, for BFL Canada, Lois Innes is well positioned to bring her 35+ years of industry experience to the table.

During her career, she has seen significant changes in the industry. The more notable of these is an influx of women and other minorities, as well as an industry-wide evolution to a much more professional environment. Both of these are essential to the continued success of the Calgary construction industry itself.

“One of the biggest challenges facing this industry is the work force,” she says. “I think it’s really coming to a point where a lot of people are going to start retiring. That’s when we will really see it hit.”

CCA is helping to mitigate this shortage by attacking on two fronts: educating students on the rewards of a career in construction and changing the perception of the construction industry itself.

“We’ve recently starting working in partnership on a program that brings our message directly to students in junior high and high school,” says Innes. “The goal of this pilot program is to attract more students into the trades by talking about the different types of jobs available and how construction can be a great career.”

On the other front, CCA and its members are making strides in advancing the degree of professionalism being practiced in the industry.

“There’s an outdated perception that construction sites have only male workers, with a lot of catcalls and whistling,” says Innes. “Those days are long gone. But the perception still exists. We need to educate people, and parents, about what a career in construction means today.”

Moving forward may be part and parcel of CCA’s message, but it is also in the very DNA of the Association itself.

“I think our secret tool for overcoming any challenge is Bill Black and his team,” says Innes. “He is so passionate about the members. His passion for the industry and his ability to look ahead is unequaled. He and his team are so focused on helping members, on making their lives better.”

As for Innes herself, she is enthusiastic about this new future being created. “It’s very exciting to be making change,” she says. “It’s all about putting yourself in the member experience. It is so rewarding to be involved in making changes that help our members. And, in so doing, help the industry.” u

Calgary Construction Association 80
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As the industry’s No.1 authority, we’ve stayed true to our mission to support the needs of concrete and masonry professionals. Today, we’re working just as hard to deliver opportunities and strategic connections as we did on day one. Join us to see, touch and test state-of-the-art solutions that drive informed decisions and put your business on solid ground for the year ahead.


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Eclectic prairie city to dynamic, modern metropolis

The year was 1972. I hailed from Edmonton (sorry, not my fault) where, at that time, besides studying classical music at the University of Alberta, I uncannily played in a pop band. Our group, Déjà Vu, was invited to play at a swanky nightclub in Calgary called Lucifer’s for a three-night gig. I had never been to Calgary before, and upon arriving, I was overwhelmed upon beholding the tallest building I had ever seen – the Husky Tower, now known as the Calgary Tower. That moment was seminal in capping my ultimate decision to abandon a music career and become an architect. I moved to Calgary in 1978 and since have watched our city grow from a small, eclectic prairie city to a

Calgary Construction Association 86

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dynamic, modern metropolis.

The Calgary downtown skyline has transformed significantly over the decades. Architectural jewels have marked it and shaped it, and many have landed below it, dotting our downtown with masterpieces that have garnered global attention.

In 1944, the Calgary Construction Association’s inaugural year, the Palliser Hotel, towering at a whooping 12 storeys in height, dominated Calgary’s downtown skyline as it had since its completion in 1914. Other historically significant buildings were built in the ensuing years, particularly following the start of the oil boom in 1947, but none matched the height and grandeur of the Palliser. One of these buildings still stands today - the historically designated 11-storey “Art-Moderne” Barron Building (1951). It was designed by one of Calgary’s pioneering architec-

tural firms, Cawston and Stevenson, and built by Larwill and Stevenson Construction.

However, during the oil enterprise building boom of the 1960’s, several mid-rise office buildings were constructed throughout the downtown which exceeded the Palliser’s height, including the 20-storey Elveden Centre (1964). Designed by one of Calgary’s trailblazing architectural firms at the time, Rule Wynn and Rule, and built by Commonwealth Construction Company, it was Calgary’s first “International-Style” architectural complex.

Then, two urban renewal projects celebrating Canada’s centennial of 1967 entered the scene, dramatically changing Calgary’s skyline.

The first was the Centennial Planetarium (1967), a “Brutalist-Style” castin-place concrete structure designed by McMillan Long and built by Sam

Hashman. Although not a tall building, the planetarium was unique in shape, and became the dominant icon for the west end of the downtown, pretty much as it still is today as the home of Contemporary Calgary.

The second was the Calgary Tower (1968), the edifice that so impressed me back in 1972. At a staggering 191 metres in height it dominated the Calgary skyline, standing over twice the height of Elveden House. Designed by architects Bill Milne and Albert Dale and built by Poole Construction Company (PCL today), the Calgary Tower has undergone many changes over the years and, though today it no longer dominates the skyline, it proudly peeps between the voids of today’s newer, shinier, and taller buildings to the north, offering passersby a sentimental glimpse of Calgary’s past.

In the intervening years since the

Certainty in a Shifting Landscape

Aon clients are better informed, better advised and able to make better decisions.


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• Electrical Infrastructure maintenance your roads – your team, lighting the way for communities and families POWER (ALBERTA) LP

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Then came the skyscrapers, ones that led to the stunning, electrifying skyline we see today, and adding to the densely packed urban condition that distinguishes Calgary’s downtown from many others in North America.

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Calgary Tower’s arrival and the point in time when really tall buildings, the true “skyscrapers”, materialized in the downtown in the early 1980’s, many developers looking to attract mainly oil & gas companies, built 30 to 40-storey mid-rises and high-rises over a 60-block area. These dotted the downtown, primarily west of Centre Street, to create a skyline that took on a horizontal character with over 20 highrise buildings averaging 35 storeys in height.

These included, among many others, the stunning, contemporary 37-storey Nexen Building (1982) designed by Fred Valentine of CPV and built by Cana; the incrementally built Bow Valley Square complex (1972 – 1982), with the tallest building being 39 storeys designed by WZMH and built by Cana; and the 41-storey First Canadian Centre (1982) designed by SOM and built by PCL.

Again, a fairly monolithic plane defined the skyline – this time at an elevation of 30 to 40 storeys, a skyline which continued to be punctured significantly by the Calgary Tower.

Then came the skyscrapers, ones that led to the stunning, electrifying skyline we see today, and adding to the densely packed urban condition that distinguishes Calgary’s downtown from many others in North America. The initial batch covers the mature oil & gas and finance boom years; the second, again after a pause, renders our current state where oil & gas and finance still reigned, but energy & environment, high-tech, digital media & entertainment, and residential uses took on a leading role.

The first out of the starting gate was the Petro-Canada Centre, known today as the Suncor Energy Centre (1984). Designed by WZMH and built by Cana, the two-tower complex reached the unprecedented height of 215 metres, beating the Calgary Tower by 24

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metres. At 53 storeys, the east tower, topped with an impressive, sloped glass roof, changed a skyline that we had known for years, turning it from interesting to impressive.

The next skyscraper completed was the 52-storey Bankers Hall East (1989). Then, after a hiatus in skyscraper building due to an oil & gas industry retraction that lasted over a decade, the 52-storey Bankers Hall West (2000) was completed. This “postmodern” style, twin-tower complex designed by Cohos Evamy (Dialog) sports silver and gold rooftop elements mimicking cowboy hats.

Again, a pause in skyscraper building lasted nearly a decade due to an oil & gas industry retraction but was rejuvenated by the announcement and eventual completion of The Bow (2012). At 58-storeys, this innovative tower designed by Foster + Partners with local architecture firm Zeidler and built by

Ledcor, focused on biophilic design. Its architectural hallmarks include its exoskeletal expression, curvilinear shape, and generous public plaza containing Jaume Plensa’s beautiful sculpture “Wonderland”.

The development of The Bow coincided with the generation of other 30 to 40-storey high-rises including, among others, the two-towered Centennial Place (2010) which was designed by WZMH with GGA. With a focus on sustainability, the two buildings contain antenna spires and curved roof forms that add exquisite detail to the skyline.

Three other highly distinctive skyscrapers followed, leading to the skyline we see today.

Eighth Avenue Place (2014), a twintower complex of 41 and 51 storeys respectively, brought another distinguishing form to the Calgary skyline.

tain delightful angular roof elements that are lit at night, providing sparkle to the night skyline.

TELUS Sky (2020), designed by BIG with Dialog, created an architectural buzz that continues today. At 60 storeys, the twisting, pixelated facade is a treasure at night, adorning the skyline with Doug Coupland’s “Northern Lights”, a captivating LED presentation involving changing colours and movement, much like the northern lights themselves.

The denouement to the Calgary downtown skyline narrative that we see today is Brookfield Place, an elegant 56-storey glass extrusion designed by AFK with Dialog and built by EllisDon. As Calgary’s tallest building, Brookfield Place is the pinnacle structure marking what many have called one of the most striking skylines in North America.

The skyline gently extends beyond the downtown core, reaching into East

Calgary Construction Association 92
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Village where a few handsome towers have added vibrancy to the rejuvenating area, and reaching into the Beltline and Sunalta communities where over two dozen residential towers dot the landscape. Cidex’s West Village Towers, technically within the west end of the downtown, have had a particular impact on the peripheral skyline. The towers’ sharply peaked roofs, framed in LED lighting, provide a provocative edge to the Calgary skyline during the day as well as at night.

In between all the historic buildings, mid-rise, high-rise, and skyscrapers that define our skyline sit some of the world’s most admired low-rise buildings and structures. These powerful architectural masterpieces were all designed by world-renowned architects in concert with local architectural

firms. Two buildings that have earned this distinction include the Calgary Central Library (2018), designed by Snohetta/Dialog and built by Stuart Olson, and the National Music Centre (2016), designed by Allied Works/Kasian and built by Cana.

In 80 years, the changes to our remarkable city have been breathtaking. Lucifer’s Night Club is gone, the Palliser endures, and the Calgary Tower succeeds. The creation of one of the greatest city skylines in the world has been a joy to witness for Calgary’s citizens and visitors, and a highly rewarding adventure by all involved in its creation. This was all made possible by the politicians who paved the way for development; by developers and institutions who enthusiastically responded to commercial and community needs; by architects,

engineers, and specialists who courageously embraced their assignments; by the construction leaders, including general contractors, construction managers, subtrades and suppliers, who proudly erected their work; and by the Calgary Construction Association whose resource charity and guiding hand have driven the progress and excellence requisite in the construction industry to build the skyline we now have.

Bill Chomik is an architect with a worldwide portfolio of work. He has lived and practiced architecture in Calgary since 1978 and is responsible for the design of many of Calgary’s well-known buildings including the Calgary Courts Centre, National Music Centre, Taylor Family Digital Library, Calgary Humane Society, and Alberta Children’s Hospital. u

Calgary Construction Association 94
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The recently renovated offices of the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) reflect more than the leadingedge, dynamic industry itself. The openly bold, dramatic space also represents a new age in the Association’s evolution – one that harks back to community and member engagement.

“I wanted it to be a space where members would be free to come and use at any time, whether for planned meetings with clients or in between meetings when they happen to be in the area,” says Bill Black, President, CCA. “We also wanted a space of our own where we could host a variety of events – like keynotes, panels and socials – to create a stronger sense of connection and community.”

Calgary Construction Association 96


Having had a previous life in the office interiors industry prior to taking on the role of CCA President in 2018, Black had long wanted to do a redevelopment of the Association’s offices.

“The space was 42 years old, outdated, had tons of wasted space, and was clearly at the end-of-life stage when I came onboard,” says Black. “Renovating was one of the first things I wanted to do but there were many other priorities that needed attention first.”

Black bided his time while putting his commercial interiors knowledge

to work. “I designed and redesigned the space on paper over the years,” he says. “When the time finally came, I basically hand drew the layout I thought would work – one that offered a members’ lounge up front and an administration area in the back – with the two areas linked together so that we could have the whole space engaged when we hosted events.”

Black then took his “giant napkin scribble” to the team.


“The goal of the project was to cre-

ate a functional space that suited CCA staff, but it also needed to be a welcoming, functional hospitality and working area that members could use,” says Jane Lawson, Principal, Walker Lawson Interior Design Inc.

The office administration area took up about a third of the total 4,400 square feet. Lawson and her team opened the space, using modular office partitions instead of “stick-built” partitioning to provide fluidity, as well as to create a clean, collaborative, and lightfilled environment.

“We designed the balance of the space to serve as an open, flexible working area for members, as well as a welcoming hospitality space,” says Lawson, adding that design elements included an upscale kitchen/bar area using solid surface, stone-like countertops, mirrored backsplash, glass shelving, and built-in appliances and storage.

The other fixed area is a working boardroom, where the design team opted for a telescoping glass wall that provided both functionality for private meetings, as well as connectivity to the rest of the open area.

“Part of the whole idea behind the space was to bring in some recognizable construction elements throughout,” says Lawson, who cites a freestanding decorative, concrete block

Calgary Construction Association 98

wall (painted black for effect), the use of a reclaimed steel ‘I-Beam’ in the custom-designed front desk, and an exposed existing concrete masonry wall with all of its imperfections. “We really wanted the space to reflect the association and feel like it incorporated authentic construction elements.”

A post-and-beam pergola system also serves to define space in a very open, yet “constructed,” architectural way. Another key element that contributed to the fresh design was opening up the ceiling.

“There are some challenges in opening up the ceiling in very old spaces,” says Lawson. “We were afraid of what we’d find.”

Fortunately, what they found was a relatively clean space with spiral duct and only a minor number of redundant cables and other debris which had to be removed before the new pendant light-

ing could be installed and the mechanical and HVAC systems upgraded and integrated.


CREATE Construction Management was charged with the construction management of the renovation project. Jim Madden, VP Operations, and Andy Townsend, PDT/Manager/PM, stickhandled the project, with the help of the on-site team and subtrades, through to the finish line.

“We mobilized on site in February 2023 and CCA got occupancy in May 2023,” says Madden.

The construction management company got involved after winning the RFP for the buildout.

“We met onsite with Jane and Bill as soon as we got onboard,” says Townsend. “The concept was sketched on a piece of paper. Jane took that and she and her team did an amazing job.

We had quite a few meetings on the overall look of things and some budget issues. We also worked closely together on some of the design construction elements, like structural concerns such as levelling the floors to provide smooth transitions.”

The company also worked on integrating the old and new to upgrade the mechanical and HVAC systems. “The challenges were very manageable,” Townsend adds. “We had a really good team, and Bill was very engaged in the process.”

In fact, according to Madden, Black proved to be a great client. “It’s easier to deal with someone who knows the dayto-day trials and tribulations that come up on a construction project,” he says. “Bill was able to make quick, informed decisions. And he brought a certain amount of levity to the situation, which made it better for everyone.”

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Although the renovation is not one of Create Design’s largest project, it does stand apart for other reasons. “We talked to Jane and Bill very early on about what an honour it was going to be to work on this project,” says Madden. “This is a project that would be judged by our peers. That made it more of a challenge for us. It is more rewarding to know that the best of the best is going to be using this space. We didn’t see that as pressure necessarily. We used it as motivation instead.”

That motivation, fueled by a deep sense of personal fulfillment, proved just the ticket for Townsend as he reflects on his experiences with the project.

“For me personally, there are always projects that you look back on and think about what an amazing job it was and how happy you are to have your

name associated with it,” he says. “For me, this was one of those projects.”

CREATE has already made use of the renovated CCA offices to host one of their own quarterly breakfast meetings. The company has plans to host more events there in the future, and Townsend often stops by to set up his laptop to take advantage of the space while in between meetings in the area.

“The design driver for this renovation was the member experience,” says Black. “We wanted to create a community hub, one where there would be no barriers between us and our members.”


CCA’s recent office renovation marks a special moment for the CCA team and an important one for the Association itself. For Black, it was five years in the making. For CCA, it was a bold new de-

marcation in its ongoing evolution to better serve the needs of its members.

“I see our offices as a giant living room and our members as extended family,” says Black, who adds that the Association has gone through many changes through the years – even in just the five short years since he took the helm. “This renovation ties into the journey we’re on, one that seems a lot more targeted to members, and business owners who are members, and their willingness to explore what the future looks like with us.”

The office renovation is not only part of this journey; it also coincides with the CCA’s 2024 80th anniversary.

“This is not our 80th anniversary space,” concludes Black. “It’s a space that has finally caught up to where we are going in our 80th year – and beyond.” u

Calgary Construction Association 102

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A discussion with Mayor Jyoti Gondek on city development and future plans for Calgary

The Constructor: As you enter your third year in office, could you expand on your vision for the City of Calgary and how the construction industry contributes to realizing this vision?

Mayor Jyoti Gondek: My vision has always been to ensure that, in my time here, we continue to transform our city. We have made great strides in being recognized as a centre of innovation and inclusion. We’ll continue to make the investments we need to ensure the long-term growth of the city. Take housing, for example. The revitalization of our downtown core, along with our Office to Residential Conversion Program – has been very successful. And, in turn, it is attracting new investment to the city. We developed an incentive program that, to date, has resulted in the conversion of over two million square feet of office space into more than 2,000 residences. Some developers were able to tap into that incentive program to provide more affordable housing for Calgarians.

The Constructor recently had


opportunity to sit down with City of Calgary

Mayor Jyoti Gondek to discuss her plans for the city and how the construction industry fits into those plans.

Without the construction industry, none of this would happen. The city needs partnerships, and the construction industry has always been an active partner with the city, along with other members of the private sector.

TC: What are some key initiatives you consider most impactful during your tenure as mayor, and what priorities are yet to be addressed as you near the end of your term?

MJG: Our three most important initiatives are housing, public safety, and transit. We passed strong strategies for all three, as well as a robust budget last November to action each item. But to be successful we must collaborate. Our Housing Strategy in particular will not be possible to achieve without having skilled trade workers. Right now, Calgary has a lack of skilled trade workers, and we are working hard to address this issue. We’re out front and centre, delivering the message of what a trade career could look like and destigmatizing it, as it’s a great career choice.

Just a couple of days ago, for example, Premier Smith and I attended an event at the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. We spoke about the importance of trades to newcomers. We spoke quite candidly about how the trades are not often thought of as a first or even second choice. But we highlighted the opportunities available through the trades – how people can get the training they need and be in the workforce quicker.

TC: You have emphasized the development of cross-sector partnerships. Can you describe how the construction industry can potentially contribute to/ participate in these types of partnerships.

MJG: Partnerships are critical to the city’s growth. Take housing again for example, the city itself can’t deliver on the number of homes needed to house future residents and those with special needs. We must have partnerships with social service agencies, and we absolutely can’t do it without private sector

Calgary Construction Association 110
I think one of the biggest reasons for our success is our belief in ourselves and our ability to invest in the city.

delivery. The construction industry is such a big part of that solution.

We also need strong public transit. Transit is a great enabler and connector. It needs to be safer, more reliable, and more accessible. Building housing along the transit system is equally as important as offering transit itself. The construction industry is a critical partner in many of these plans.

TC: How important is it for the City of Calgary to be able to grow and compete globally? How can the construction sector help achieve this goal?

MJG: It is critical for us to compete on the global stage. That’s why we’re spearheading several high-profile projects, like the Downtown Office to Residential Conversion Projects, the Arts Commons and Olympic Plaza Transformation, Glenbow Museum Renovation, and the BMO Centre Expansion. These projects are all designed to showcase our city – to attract people and businesses to our city. The construction in-

dustry plays a huge role in the delivery of these iconic projects.*

TC: Calgary has experienced rapid growth and transformation over the past several decades. What are the key factors that have contributed to this growth, and how have they impacted the city’s identity and character?

MJG: I think one of the biggest reasons for our success is our belief in ourselves and our ability to invest in the city. We have invested in the downtown core, the arts & entertainment district, housing, and transit. Our investment attracts other private sector investment. We have the physical structures in place for a great quality of life and we have added to that by building a safe, secure, and inclusive environment for Calgarians. I am proud to say that we are the third most diverse city in the nation.

TC: Calgary is often seen as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. How do you see innovation shaping

Calgary’s future, especially in emerging industries and technologies?

MJG: It’s truly amazing to see some of the work going on related to technology – whether it be biotech or sustainable energy. Some 60 per cent of the companies that have come to Calgary over the last few years are laser-focused on sustainability and the environment.

There are also people in the construction industry looking at artificial intelligence and different technology platforms to make sure that we are building the most efficient structures possible. It is an exciting time to be involved in building in Calgary.

* The $40 million Olympic Plaza Transformation will see a full redesign of the plaza and will build on the momentum of the investment and work already underway in downtown Calgary with the $480 million Arts Commons Transformation project. The $130+ million Glenbow Reimagined project will see the Glenbow Museum transformed into an accessible, community-focused and sustainable facility. The $500 million BMO Centre Expansion project will make it the largest convention facility in Western Canada, with over one million total square feet. u

Through Leadership & Partnerships






Calgary Construction Association 112
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The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 115 Our client-centric team delivers innovative and pragmatic engineering solutions. We take pride in helping our clients develop projects which respect life, earth, and the environment. Over 40 years of best value solutions. Earth Science Environmental Civil Materials


In 2023, we committed to sustain and improve the overall member experience and introduce operational efficiencies. The year went quickly; however, many pieces came together, which was only possible through the collaboration of our local construction associations, boards and members, contracted service providers and National colleagues.

Working with our contracted service providers, such as eSolutions (GHD) and Bid Central, was crucial in bringing positive change. Improvements included fixing the map functionality, auto-generating receipts for on demand purchases, and implementing an improved search tooltip. While not quite making it under the wire for

Our team of local construction associations worked diligently to source and post 3,811 projects in 2023. The awarded value was added for 1,236 projects totaling over $2.5B.

2023, other improvements are in the final stages of implementation, such as the redesigned Bulletin Reports (New & Updated, Awarded) and the streamlined registration process for users of myPlanroom (Invitation to Bid). Many improvements and issues are logged with eSolutions for resolution in the next release, which is expected in 2024.

The redesigned BuildWorks Canada website, which went live in January, 2024, represents a refreshed look and brings clarity to the services that BuildWorks offers. It features links and information on the BuildWorks Canada Planroom, the Apps page, Directory, myPlanRoom, and Substantial Completion Certificates. New how-to videos have been created to help new

users navigate the platform and introduce new features to current members. News & Tips articles will be released monthly to increase member engagement. We plan to generate additional revenue by adding advertising to the website on the home page and News & Tips page, where we expect the most user traffic. The redesigned website now includes a ‘Request a Demo’ feature and heavily focuses on converting visitors into members with links to local construction association member pages.


Our team of local construction associations worked diligently to source and post 3,811 projects in 2023. The awarded value was added for 1,236

Calgary Construction Association 116
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projects totaling over $2.5B.

This focused effort enabled our members to discover relevant project opportunities quickly.

Posting project opportunities remains the core service of BuildWorks, connecting members to procurements across the province.

BuildWorks Canada projects were sourced from an extensive array of owners across the province, and in 2023, we posted projects from over 480 different owners across 12 different owner types. Government projects (municipal, provincial,l and federal) accounted for almost 75 per cent of the projects posted.

The percentage split between ICI and Civil remained consistent with previous years, with 2,229 or 58 per cent Civil projects and 1,582 or 42 per cent ICI projects.

The most extensive work classifications were Civil Supply/Service/Maintenance, with 819 projects and ICI Renovation, with 776 projects.

Serving members of local construction associations and the broader ICI construction industry is why BuildWorks Canada exists. With that at the heart of everything we do, we want to ensure that the BuildWorks Canada platform and its features serve our current and future members with the services they need.

We look forward to hearing from our membership to identify and prioritize the services that matter most to ensure our 2024 service plan is aligned in providing even greater value to members, continuing to improve operational efficiencies and, new for this year, growth. u

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In the winter of 2024, Ki Piling and Shoring (Ki) made construction history when we broke ground with the LB 30 Unplugged drilling rig. Manufactured by Liebherr, the LB 30 Unplugged is the first zero-emissions drilling rig to be used in North America.

We first deployed the LB 30 Unplugged to construct a new pedestrian overpass being installed at 16th Avenue and 29th Street NW, near the Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. The pedestrian overpass is owned by the City of Calgary, with Gra-

ham Construction engaged as general contractor.

We added the LB 30 Unplugged to our fleet to make a positive impact in our community and industry. After acquiring the rig and training with Liebherr, our focus shifted to testing its capabilities in a challenging job that would truly push this innovative equipment to its limits. We got what we asked for.

Ki has always been a company focussed on creating solutions. Gordon Williamson, President and owner of Ki, began his career as an electrician. In

the early 2000s, Williamson repeatedly observed a shortage of piling contractors, leading to frequent delays in the projects he worked on. Inspired by this local demand, he created Ki, and he never looked back. The first drilling rig procured by Ki was a John Deere with a Bayshore Systems LoDril attachment, which at the time was one of the only LoDril’s operating in Alberta. This allowed Ki to carve out a name for itself by taking on jobs that larger conventional drilling rigs couldn’t reach, and where agility and versatility were required. Ki grew slowly and steadily and

Calgary Construction Association 120
Gordon Williamson, President, and Nizar Abou Ltaif, Vice President. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY ASHLEY RAE PHOTOGRAPHY AND GORDON WILLIAMSON.

Ki International and Liebherr are evolving the piling industry with the new LB 30 Unplugged… the first fully electric drilling rig in Canada. We are advancing sustainability in the construction industry.

Zero emission

Electric engine

Unplugged (battery powered)

Low noise emission

Connect with us for your Cast-in-Place Piling, Shoring, and Micro-Pile projects.


is still going strong and bringing innovation in 2024.

The LB 30 Unplugged is the latest step in Ki’s development. The drill rig runs entirely on an electric motor, which

can be powered by its onboard batteries or by plugging into an electrical source.

The LB 30 Unplugged is significantly quieter than a diesel piling rig and produces zero emissions. The LB 30 Un-

plugged was shipped to Alberta from California. Upon its arrival, we worked with Liebherr’s technicians to master the operation and setup of the drill rig. Once proficient, our focus shifted to finding a challenging job to test its capabilities.

The Foothills Hospital in Northwest Calgary is the largest hospital centre in the province of Alberta. With any medical centre of this size, access is a constant challenge. Each day, the Foothills hosts patients seeking medical attention, students from the nearby University of Calgary, and many workers and visitors. It is located on 16th Avenue, a major roadway and part of the TransCanada Highway 1. The new pedestrian bridge crosses 16th Avenue near the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and UXBorough mixed-use developments. The piling scope consists of 26 large diametre piles, the largest of which was 1000mm in diametre, and 18 metres deep. All

Calgary Construction Association 122

1000mm piles required full-length casing to battle the soft ground conditions.

The area around the Foothills Hospital has been growing increasingly busy with new developments, construction, and commuter traffic. The new pedestrian bridge is a humble yet important piece of civil infrastructure that will serve the community, hospital patients, and staff. Our commitment to the project involved deploying our innovative equipment and highly skilled personnel to best serve the community, patients, and staff effectively.

The piling scope for 16th Avenue was completed on February 9, 2024, and it presented a number of challenges, including soft ground, sloughing, mud, water, sand, and silt. Being located directly beside the Foothills Hospital led to a new set of challenges as well, including the imperative of allowing emergency vehicles passage, and respecting the patients who were seeking treatment. Our field workers needed to quickly learn new skills around the LB 30, including managing large electrical cables. Moreover, the weather in January fluctuated constantly, heading from over 10C to under -36C, with a windchill of -40C.

The LB 30 Unplugged performed famously. It was more than capable of handling casing and the large rebar cages reinforcing the piles. The electric systems on the rig withstood the intense cold when prepared appropriately. While the rig can also be plugged directly into the power grid, it was decided that portable generators would allow more consistent workflow. While the generators ran using diesel fuel, the amount was substantially less than the internal combustion engine in a traditional piling rig would have required. With no combustion engine onboard, the silent nature of the machine increased safety by allowing emergency vehicles to be heard more clearly, and it caused less noise pollution for medical staff and patients.

The 16th Avenue Pedestrian Bridge was a tough job for the LB 30 Unplugged to cut its teeth on, but the drill rig and its crew overcame every challenge it faced.

We’ve demonstrated that the LB 30 Unplugged is capable of handling difficult drilling environments and extreme weather conditions, and that our crews are proficient in operating the machine itself. Our next step is to identify jobs

that align with the unique features of the LB 30 Unplugged, such as those requiring reduced noise levels, LEED projects focused on environmental sustainability in construction, or any other setting where the electric rig will excel. Ki Piling and Shoring will continue creating solutions and bringing the best machines for each job. Whatever that next job may be, and whatever challenges we find there, we are ready. u

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 123
Calgary, AB Castlegar, BC | Edmonton, AB Fort McMurray, AB | Saskatoon, SK Surrey, BC | Winnipeg, MB | Yellowknife, NT 24 HOUR: 1.800.328.3494


Building, construction, and renovation professionals interested in learning about how to significantly reduce emissions from buildings in Alberta can now benefit from the support of a new local initiative.

The Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX), is a collaborative initiative that brings industry together to share knowledge, build capacity, and support building and renovation practices across Alberta. The goal of this initiative is to accelerate the transition to an emissionsneutral built environment for new and existing buildings.

The term “emission-neutral building” refers to a building that is highly efficient and uses only renewable energy for its operations. These buildings use less energy, have lesser impact on the environment and are more comfortable for the occupants.

“We have heard from industry leaders the need to build better for commercial and environmental reasons, and to prepare for the adoption of higher tiers of building code in Alberta,” says Andrea Linsky, Director, Emissions-Neutral Buildings with Alberta Ecotrust Foundation. “ENBIX is here to work with industry to advance

more affordable emissions-neutral buildings, by sharing information, fostering innovation and strengthening collaboration.”

ENBIX is an industry collaboration led by the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, with financial support from its Climate Innovation Fund and from the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. It works closely with industry partners such as the Calgary Construction Association and the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association.

“We are creating momentum for action with ENBIX that will build over the next several years and beyond,” says

Calgary Construction Association 124
L-R: Mayor Jyoti Gondek, Councillor Evan Spencer, Andrea Linsky, Neil Hawkins, Bill Black, Steve Norris
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 125 BEST-IN-CLASS SERVICE FOR YOUR MODULAR BUILDING NEEDS, INCLUDING MODULAR OFFICES, MOBILE OFFICE TRAILERS, AND STORAGE CONTAINERS CONTACT US BOXXMODULAR.CA 403.567.1949 TSE Steel services the needs of both the commercial and industrial sectors for all types of steel fabrication and miscellaneous iron needs! 4436 90 AVENUE S.E., CALGARY, AB T2C 2S7 Tel: 403-279-6060 Fabricator of structural and miscellaneous steel.

Professionals in the building. Construction and renovation industry gather February 28 at the Calgary Construction Association offices to celebrate the ENBIX Calgary Communities of Practice Kickoff.

Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek. “Building capacity for emissions-neutral construction across the whole development ecosystem – from construction to manufacturing, supply, training, operating, and more is critical in getting us to net-zero buildings by 2050.”

Commercial and residential buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions across Canada. In Calgary alone, the building stock accounts for about 60 per cent of emissions.

One of the key ways that ENBIX collaborates with partners, government, and local professionals working in the building, construction, and renovation industry, are the Communities of Practice. Communities of Practice bring local industry practitioners together to identify challenges and opportunities for emissions-neutral buildings, overcome barriers, foster innovation, and share success stories. The first ENBIX Calgary Community of Practice took place on February 28, 2024 at the Calgary Construction Association.

“The launch of the ENBIX Calgary

Calgary Construction Association 126
Steve Norris of SNAP Builder / Plaid Shirt Developments presents on his high-performance developments in Calgary.
Phone: 403-236-3063 Fax: 403-236-3068 6803 30 Street SE, Calgary T2C1N6 We are a Calgary company providing the following services: WAREHOUSE • Cross-dock service • Repairing shifted loads • Container destuff • Pick and ship • Short- and long-term storage • Dock height and drive-in bays available TRUCKING • Tractor service • City appointment freight • Some yard space • Alberta highway deliveries or picks • 5-ton power tailgate service both reefer and dry available • Trailer 53 ft vans or flat decks available
have done a lot of work in the construction industry serving companies in our warehouse and with our trucks with the following products: windows, insulation, elevator products, electric and LED lighting – delivering right to work sites.

Communities of Practice marks a pivotal moment in our industry’s commitment to high-performance buildings, especially in terms of long-term energy consumption and carbon footprint,” says Bill Black, President and CEO, Calgary Construction Association. “By focusing on realistic solutions, and through collaboration and knowledge sharing, the leaders in our construction industry are taking proactive steps to mitigate our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, cleaner future for Calgary.”

During the event, residential builders Steve Norris of SNAP Building / Plaid Shirt Developments and Neil Hawkins of Avalon Master Builder shared their journey to building towards emissions-neutral standards in Calgary. Both builders showcased their recent multi-unit residential projects and addressed how they achieve comfortable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient homes.

One example is Avalon Master Builder’s Emerge Arbour Lake Project, an 87-unit net zero/net zero-ready townhouse complex, that has achieved a 70 per cent reduction in emissions compared to a code-compliant development. Net Zero refers to buildings that produce as much clean energy as they consume, according to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

Both builders mentioned partnerships, knowledge sharing, and positioning themselves with a good team as examples of how they achieved their success. They also admitted there are challenges to thinking beyond the status quo.

Through the ENBIX Calgary Communities of Practice, participants can learn from the experience of local participants such as Avalon Master Builder and SNAP Building, as well as share their own barriers and successes. While this time the topic was residential buildings, ENBIX focuses on all

types of buildings, including commercial and institutional projects.

ENBIX launched in December 2023, and it has quickly become the place to go for emissions-neutral building information and collaboration in Alberta. In addition to the Communities of Practice and the sharing of success stories, ENBIX offers:

• A growing resource library of case studies, research, and guidelines.

• Capacity building for individuals and organizations through training resources, courses, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

• Opportunities for research, idea generation, and creation of materials to meet the needs of the industry.

Find out how you can collaborate with ENBIX or join the Communities of Practice, by visiting u

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Calgary Construction Association 128
We’re On Top of Your Structural Steel Needs Motion Steel is a proven leader in structural steel and miscellaneous steel metals in Alberta. Situated on over two acres of land with 10,000 square feet under-roof, our Calgary facility can execute any size commercial or industrial project, on-time and within budget while delivering the high-quality craftsmanship for which we’re known. PART OF THE Connecting Clients and Solutions Ph: 403-235-2655


The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) is embarking on a safety journey beyond its 35th anniversary, standing alongside its members at the forefront of safety excellence. Serving more than 54,000 members, ACSA is the largest certifying partner in Alberta, offering safety training, designation and certification programs, and connecting a dedicated community of health and safety professionals, leaders, owners, and workers in the construction industry.

Last year marked a significant milestone for the ACSA. The Board and Administration took a moment to reflect and reassess its vision, mission, and core values to better align with the evolving needs of its members and the industry.

Mark Hoosein, chief executive officer, says, “Our strategic direction paves the way for our vision where safety is foundational to everything we build,

and our passion for safety is matched by our industry’s collective expertise, supporting continuous improvements in safety.”

“ACSA’s new vision resonates with the industry. It’s a renewed commitment to integrating safety into all construction endeavours, ensuring it is as fundamental as the structures we build,” says Joe Sparks, ACSA Board of Director and member of the Calgary Construction Association.

The ACSA is uniquely positioned as a member-centric, industry-funded nonprofit organization, enabling it to drive safety and business excellence in an industry known for its high risks.

Flagship programs supporting continuous improvement in the industry include the Certificate of Recognition (COR) and its counterpart for smaller employers (SECOR). Established in 1989, COR has a strong history in Alberta. While we can be proud of the

history and accomplishments of the COR program, feedback from members points to a need to evaluate and update COR and SECOR. “We need a program that provides added value and incentives that encourage employers of all sizes to pursue COR. While Alberta holds the vast majority of certifications across Canada, many employers still have not pursued this valuable certification,” says Hoosein.

In response, ACSA is undertaking a multi-phased strategic initiative to modernize the COR and SECOR programs. This project is grounded in comprehensive industry consultation to assess and enhance program effectiveness, relevance, and adaptability based on industry and member needs. “We will improve on what we can directly influence and, together with our stakeholders, advocate for changes requiring regulatory cooperation,” adds Hoosein.

Calgary Construction Association 130

“Founded in 2004, the company focus for Davenport Millwright Services has always been to deliver industrial contracting services to our customers that exceed their expectations. Our continued growth and success are directly attributable to our focus and exemplary customer service.”

We understand that the equipment, plant services, or specialty items that our customers entrust to our care are critical to their operations. As such, our staff employs the same care and respect while working on them, as should be expected.

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 131
• 24-hour emergency
– Seal
– Turbine
• Precision mechanical work – Set machinery – Laser alignment – Turbines – Fans – Compressors – Conveyors – Baggage carousels –
• Repair and rebuild – Dryers – Turbines – Alignments – Bearings – Fabrication – Compressors • Custom fabrication – Conveyors – Railings, platforms, stairs – Skid builds – Equipment guards - AREAS OF EXPERTISECalgary 403-510-9392
response and maintenance work
Plant preventive maintenance and shutdowns
Pump rebuilds
Gear box rebuilds
Baggage handling systems

This initiative is among the largest ACSA has undertaken and is part of a broader suite of exciting developments at ACSA based on a three-fold strategy: Design thinking transformation, member-centric approach, and intentional innovations.

“By putting our members at the centre of the design process, we ensure that our solutions address their real

needs and deliver value. It’s about innovating with purpose,” says Hoosein.

“We are strategically innovating to stay ahead of industry and technological changes, ensuring our resources and strategies are aligned with our members’ current and future needs. This is how we lead with intention,” says Ryan Hawley, ACSA’s Board Chair.

Along with a renewed strategic plan

and focus on safety, there are some exciting new chapters ahead for ACSA, including:

• Expanding access to in-person safety classes at the Calgary Construction Association and the ability for members to request ACSA in-person training at their workplaces, complementing our virtual training offerings.

• Revamping the website as a hub for sharing valuable resources, tools, and best practices directly informed by industry insights.

• Facilitating the renewal of our training offerings with the upcoming new learning management system and setting the platform for the next generation of safety training and microlearning as the industry requires.

If you are in the construction industry, email to see how ACSA can help or visit for more information on their services and programs. u

Calgary Construction Association 132
We meet our clients at every stage of their project journey to understand their unique needs and aspirations and advance their projects towards their desired outcomes. SERVICE OFFERINGS: u Project Management u Quantity Surveying u Due Diligence / Risk Mitigation u Dispute Mitigation & Resolution CALGARY | EDMONTON | REGINA OUR BUSINESS IS POWER, OUR POWER IS OUR PEOPLE. Tel: 403-291-2333 Fax: 403-291-5118
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 133 Risk & Insurance | Employee Benefits | Retirement & Private Wealth Build on what matters most . Our insurance and risk management specialists have a deep understanding of the unique practices and needs of the construction industry We’ll work with you to create construction insurance and risk management solutions that lay a foundation for your success. R Robert Campeau & Charles Beckley 120 - 6712 Fisher Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2A7 (403) 777-9240


At all levels of Nautical Lands Group (NLG), we understand the significance of creating environments that go beyond mere structures, focusing on community, well-being, and purpose for seniors of all ages. We are purposefully building Wellings Communities that are aligned with the goals of the very people who will live with us.

In shaping the Wellings of Calgary, we are guided by fundamental principles and key elements that form the foundation of our vision.


At the Wellings of Calgary, we purposely locate all of our amenities between the first and second floors to ensure our members connect with not only each other but also with the greater community at large every day.

Placing communal gathering areas at the centre of our community is a deliberate choice. Our community centres and activity spaces are designed to be vibrant hubs where residents can engage in a variety of activities, from

fitness classes to reading nooks and live music. Members always enjoy a diverse variety of member-led experiences. These spaces are not just amenities; they are the heartbeat of our communities.


Our commitment to senior wellbeing extends to the outdoors and we celebrate the ability to live in a natural setting here in Calgary. Wellings of Calgary is designed with walking paths, creating a perfect setting for physical

Calgary Construction Association 134

activity, socialization, and a connection with nature. These natural pathways play a vital part of daily life, encouraging active living and community engagement.


Seniors deserve seamless access to the broader community. At NLG, we seek out regions that are large enough to deliver essential services and cultural experiences, but small enough to navigate easily ensuring that our carefree members can easily find many levels of health care when needed.


We understand the importance of fostering a sense of purpose among our seniors. Our communities promote opportunities for meaningful activities and hobbies by encouraging members to dig into passions they may have not had time to cultivate. Our members find avenues for personal fulfillment and contribution, often sharing and offering their expertise to others.

NLG and Wellings are on a mission to change the way people perceive living in retirement. Changing where you live should not change the goals you have for a vibrant, healthy, and independent lifestyle, it should allow you the freedom to take the steps necessary to get where you want to go. Letting go of your “must do list” and picking up your “what’s on for the day” list, will slowly change your perception over time. Consider what you need from your surroundings to thrive and enjoy where you are in life.

Choosing an adult lifestyle community for living in retirement is a significant decision that goes well beyond the physical amenities. For NLG and Wellings, crafting thriving 55+ adult lifestyle communities goes beyond constructing physical structures; it involves designing spaces that prioritize community, connection, and comfort. u

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 135 “I want it all. Great design. Smart Features. No hassle maintenance. Lots of conveniences.” OPENING SUMMER 2024 Contact: General Manager, Mark Bennett Phone: 403-589-6907 A VIBRANT NEW COMMUNITY FOR ADULTS 55+


Congratulations to our friends at the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) on your 80th anniversary! The CCA and its members have contributed significantly towards Calgary’s growth and our province’s prosperity over the past eight decades.

The Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARCHA) and our Calgary Committee have been proud to work alongside you to advocate for civil works necessary to support transportation, commercial, and residential development in Calgary.

The last decade has been tough on people… and tough on businesses in industries like ours. We have gone through economic uncertainty, geopolitical challenges, floods, technological disruptions, a pandemic, and supply chain inflation.

Despite the many challenges we have faced, Albertans still require the basic infrastructure to maintain their quality of life such as roads and bridg-

es; water and sewers; schools and hospitals; as well as recreation facilities and libraries. Our province also needs an efficient, well-maintained, strategic transportation network to grow our economy – an economy reliant on international trade. Basic common sense, right?

We have taken a careful look at Alberta’s 2024 Budget. Unfortunately, it suggests common sense is not as common as one would think.

Alberta is calling and people are coming. Our population is growing at the highest rate in history. To support this population boom, a report by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities estimates that each new housing unit requires a $107,000 investment in public infrastructure. This covers the cost of roads, water, and sewer. Not to mention the investment in highways and bridges needed to connect our growing communities and support our economy

A report by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities estimates that each new housing unit requires a $107,000 investment in public infrastructure.

to ensure our residents can continue to benefit from good paying jobs.

Logically, one would assume that the provincial budget would reflect these growing needs and demonstrate a long-term commitment for reliable funding that supports both our growing economic and housing needs. At minimum, one would also assume that the current assets are at least being properly maintained.

Instead, the reality falls short of expectations.

While provincial grants to municipalities for transportation and economic corridors appear to increase dramatically from 2022, up from $148 million to $707 million, when you remove the $469 million dedicated to LRT, and the $87 million for the Saddledome replacement, you are left with only $151 million for all other municipal transportation grants across the province. This is why municipalities are warning of insufficient support for new housing creation.

While many worthwhile projects are scheduled, capital investment in the rehabilitation and construction of Alberta’s highways is reduced by 26 per cent and 28 per cent respectively perpetuating a worrying trend of deferring necessary repairs.

This shortsighted approach not only

Calgary Construction Association 136

Alberta’s highways are essential economic corridors, but their condition is deteriorating. Construction and and repair costs are escalating beyond material and labour inflation. Necessary risk adjusted pricing for government procurement is costing taxpayers unnecessary premiums.

The ARHCA is proposing solutions to fix our roads. Please join our cause and support better streets and highways.

By using the hashtag #FIXourROADS you can help amplify the message on line. Thank you!

Set your sights higher with Vertical Crane and Rigging.

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results in a ballooning financial liability but also worsens our ever-growing existing infrastructure deficit.

The impact of this reduced funding is further compounded by procurement strategies, used by the City of Calgary and the provincial government, which transfers the owner’s risk onto contractors. Those in industry know, and have been telling our governments, that transferring the risk does not make the risk go away… but it does drive up the cost of a project because contractors then need to factor this risk into their pricing. It also leaves a less competitive bidding field as many contractors simply choose to work with more reasonable clients – and less competition does not drive better value for taxpayers.

Governments at all levels must reverse these investment killing policies and work with industry to be more transparent, and fair, with public procurement.

Our ask of governments is simple. First, manage risks reasonably. This will improve competition and help manage costs, delivering more value for each dollar spent. Second, produce a longterm and adequately funded strategic infrastructure plan. This will ensure a clear vision and adequate budget for our infrastructure needs to support our economic and housing needs are being met.

Alberta is growing, and inflation keeps increasing. It is time to stop wasting time and money, because getting this right matters.

ARHCA and CCA have been partners in advocating for common sense infrastructure planning and investment. Voices like the CCA’s matter today more than ever before.

The ARHCA congratulates you on 80 years of service and look forward to building with you for the next 80 years. u

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We look


It was both the thrill of a challenge and the intrigue of Canada’s extreme Northern terrain that spurred Andy Clark to take on an opportunity in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, in 1974. Clark Builders began in the vast, rug-

ged expanse of Canada’s North, where challenging conditions meant that every project had to be meticulously planned and executed. Short building seasons, limited supply access, and a small workforce developed skills in

drawing the best out of whatever was available. This drove the core values that are deeply rooted within Clark Builders today.

Andy’s philosophy was “One Great Person and One Great Project at a

Calgary Construction Association 140
Early days, Andy Clark and Bill Giebelhaus. Recent Clark Builders project, Cambridge Manor.


We're excited to reflect on five decades of legacy, partnerships, and transformative projects across Northern and Western Canada. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, suppliers, trade partners, consultants, and our talented team of professionals, all of whom have been instrumental in our success.

We look forward to continuing these valued partnerships in the decades ahead.

Time,” which encapsulated the essence of the company’s approach. Clark Builders quickly became known for its commitment to excellence and ability to deliver projects on time and within budget, even under the most extreme and challenging conditions.

The early 1980s marked a significant era for Clark Builders as they cemented their reputation as experts in coldclimate construction. Notable projects included the Echo Bay Lupin Gold Mine project, Gulf Base Camp in Tuktoyaktuk, and Esso’s Norman Wells Expansion. These projects showcased Clark Builders’ capability to handle anything, from the harsh northern climate to

complex logistical obstacles.

By the 1990s, amidst economic fluctuations in the Canadian market, Clark Builders ventured overseas, proving their capabilities in complex projects with a decade of exciting opportunities in places like Siberia, China, and Japan. They constructed the Canadian Village and Hotel Ontario in Yakutsk, Russia; built houses in China; and spearheaded Maple Court, Japan’s first woodframed multi-family housing complex. Clark Builders’ commitment to quality was evident when Maple Court was one of the few buildings that survived the devastating 6.9 earthquake in 1995.

In 1999, Clark Builders took a sig-

In 1999, Clark Builders took a significant step towards expansion by acquiring Carlson Contractors in Calgary.

nificant step towards expansion by acquiring Carlson Contractors in Calgary. This strategic move not only facilitated the company’s entry into southern Alberta but also marked the beginning of a period of rapid growth. Clark Builders began to shape the Calgary skyline with the completion of major multi-unit residential complexes, including the La Caille on the Parke Condominiums in 2004 and the Five West Condominiums in 2008.

An even more significant change occurred in 2011 when Clark Builders formalized a partnership with Turner Construction, a global leader in the industry. This landmark collaboration marked an important milestone in their trajectory, propelling them to the forefront of Canadian construction. While the partnership with Turner Construction provided access to international expertise, Clark Builders maintains its

Calgary Construction Association 142
Recent Clark Builders project, interior or Red Crow Community College

small-to-medium-sized company culture, ensuring an integration of capabilities and values.

This development catalyzed a period of unprecedented growth and innovation for Clark Builders, particularly in the Calgary and Edmonton markets. The “One Great Person and One Great Project at a Time” motto evolved into deep-rooted core values and a true sense of purpose that has guided Clark Builders to continued success. The company’s portfolio reflects this evolu tion, focusing on creating better com munities through projects that enrich the lives of the people who work with them and the communities they help build. This includes constructing multifamily and affordable living facilities, community centres, seniors living fa cilities, and other institutional-type buildings.

However, at the core of Clark Build ers’ five decades of business lies the fundamental truth that people are the cornerstone of everything they do. This people-centric approach permeates every aspect of Clark Builders’ opera tions. It is ingrained in leadership, fos tering a culture of collaboration and inclusivity within the organization to engage directly with communities to understand their unique challenges and aspirations. Kim Connell, Senior Vice President of Development and Strategy, located in the Calgary office, has played a pivotal role in champion ing these values, ensuring that every decision aligns with the company’s commitment to people-first principles. With a strong presence in the Calgary market, Clark Builders closely collabo rates with the Calgary Construction Association (CCA), exemplifying their commitment to industry leadership and partnership. Carly Guilcher, Direc tor of Preconstruction Solutions, is an active CCA board member, contributing

to the association’s initiatives and fostering meaningful relationships within the construction community. Through this collaboration, Clark Builders stays at the forefront of industry trends and plays a significant role in shaping the future of construction practices and standards.

As Clark Builders reflects on its journey of evolution, one thing remains abundantly clear. By building inten-

tionally and placing people at the forefront of their endeavours, Clark Builders has raised the bar for construction standards and has become a catalyst for positive community growth. Looking ahead to the future, the company remains committed to shaping better communities, ensuring that its legacy of excellence and impact endures for generations to come. u

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The Glazier Apprenticeship Program at SAIT has significantly improved its safety measures and learning experience, thanks to a generous donation from the Calgary Construction Association. The donation, a glass table, not only enhances safety in the workshop but also serves as a crucial tool for handling large glass pieces during training. With its sturdy construction and specialized design, the glass table provides apprentices with a dedicated platform to handle large glass pieces with precision and confidence. This resource has greatly reduced the risk of accidents and injuries, allowing apprentices to focus on their training in a secure environment.

The donation highlights the Calgary Construction Association’s commitment to supporting skilled trades professionals and promoting workplace safety. By investing in initiatives that improve training capabilities and prioritize safety, the association plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the construction industry.

The Glazier Apprenticeship Program at SAIT is a four-year program, including six weeks of technical training spread strategically throughout the apprenticeship. Annual provincial exams, with practical assessments in the second and fourth years ensure apprentices meet industry standards. With a Red Seal designation and a three-year pass rate of

Calgary Construction Association 144
Front row R to L: Derrick Moore, Academic Chair, School of Construction; Brian Zinter, Associate Dean, School of Construction; Kim Connell and Tyler Bungay, CCA, Education Fund Co-Chairs; and Gene Aquilini, instructor, glazier program (red hat and SAIT shirt) stand with the students of the program.

98 per cent on provincial exams, the program demonstrates excellence. Gene Aqulilini, an experienced instructor, and Dale England, a program graduate turned instructor, bring extensive industry experience, knowledge, and insight to the classroom. Their mentorship inspires apprentices to excel in the art and science of glazing.

Gene and Dale also actively engage with youth through workshops and career fairs, advocating for the glazing profession and inspiring the next generation of skilled trades professionals.

Attracting students from across Canada, the program serves as a hub of excellence and collaboration. By nurturing talent, promoting mentorship, and encouraging innovation, the SAIT Glazier Program continues to uphold its legacy as a premier training ground for future leaders in the field.

Through the dedication of its instructors and the perseverance of its apprentices, the program remains committed to shaping the future of the glazing industry. u


Maximize your efforts and mitigate your risks. Let Miller Thomson’s team of seasoned Construction and Infrastructure lawyers guide you through every stage of your construction project with valuable and personalized legal advice.


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In 2023, Westcor Construction celebrated its 20th year in business. As we look back on almost 21 years, we reflect on a journey that has been as much about building lasting relationships as it has been about constructing enduring structures. At the core of our success lies a steadfast commitment to a People-First philosophy – a principle and way of being we fondly refer to as “The Westcor Way”. This ethos, emphasizing respect for people, true collaboration, continuous improvement, and being of service to our community, has not only defined our culture but has also been the driving force behind our achievements and innovations in the construction sector.

This past year has been particularly noteworthy as we embarked on more than 20 Community Initiatives and Acts of Service in celebration of our 20th year in business. This effort is a reflection of our team’s unwavering commitment to not just building structures and completing projects, but fostering stronger, more resilient communities. Our “Building a Better Community” Initiative, initiated in 2017, has since enriched over 50 non-profit organizations, social programs, and community groups, underlining our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, and giving back to the community that has

helped shape who we are today.

In a significant stride towards expanding our reach and retaining local talent, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in Lethbridge, Alberta. With over a decade of project delivery in Lethbridge and surrounding areas and municipalities, this extension provides a collaborative space for our team and strengthens our communitycentric approach. Our aim is to deepen our presence in the southern Alberta market, fostering stronger connections with trade partners, consultants, and clients in the region.

A few of our most recent successes and project partnerships include the Ronald McDonald Charities Calgary House Expansion, Foothills Country Hospice Society Expansion, Silvera for Seniors Livingston, Bethany Care Society Infrastructure Maintenance Program projects, and the Banff Legacy Inn Multi-Family Development in Harvie Heights.

As we move into the second quarter of 2024, we’re looking to expand our successes in executing Lean construction practices via our HIT (High Intensity Training) team, Calgary Lean Community of Practice leadership endeavours, continued investment in relationship management through our Client Experience Framework, and

ongoing investment in our people and their development – both personally and professionally.

By maintaining our focus on these core priorities and living through our values, we not only drive engagement, but also encourage autonomy and ownership within our teams, which naturally leads to increased project success. At Westcor, success transcends the traditional metrics of schedule, quality, and budget; we measure it in terms of value delivered to the end user and the broader community as a whole.

When our teams’ values align with these outcomes, budget, schedule, and quality metrics all rise, leading to shared successes and mutual wins. We are incredibly proud to engage with projects that extend beyond the blueprint to touch lives and communities directly. This has been our ethos and purpose for over 20 years.

To each and every one of you who have been part of this journey, who have stepped up, and shown what we’re all about – thank you. It’s your heart and your dedication that has contributed to building this incredible legacy. We’re buzzing with excitement for what’s next and can’t wait to keep this momentum going.

Together, we can Build a Better World the Westcor Way. u

When our teams’ values align with these outcomes, budget, schedule, and quality metrics all rise, leading to shared successes and mutual wins.
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Building envelope design has evolved considerably over the past 80 years. Advancements in materials, application techniques, safety requirements, and now sustainability have propelled the construction of industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) buildings to new heights. This is ever so apparent in the roofing industry where materials and assemblies are being put to the test to deliver aesthetically pleasing architectural designs while performing under extreme weather conditions.

One of the largest changes over the past eight decades is the adoption of new materials. Prior to the mid-1950’s, the majority of ICI structures with a low-slope roof were composed of a conventional built-up roof (BUR). Initially introduced in the late 1960s, the

single-ply ethylene-propylene-dienemonomer (EPDM) membrane gained market share in the 1970’s with oil shortages affecting the price and availability of asphalt.

The introduction of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bituminous membranes in the mid-1970’s changed the landscape of ICI roofing. Installing a two-ply manufactured membrane product increased productivity, enhanced durability, and was not limited by some of the installation restrictions of a traditional BUR roof. Over the past fifty years, this type of membrane has been the preferred choice of many building owners in Alberta as it provides a durable two-ply membrane and is able to be installed throughout the year, even in the winter months.

Not long after, in the late 1980’s, the development and introduction of several additional single-ply membranes provided a range of materials to choose from. In the early 1990’s thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes became available and then the single-ply membrane market expanded to include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to provide several options to the market, each with their unique characteristics.

Building on the existing inventory of membrane options, innovation and enhancing of membranes continues. One factor that is driving this innovation is the diversity of building shapes and the large-scale warehouse buildings being constructed. Many distribution warehouses have recently been built that are over one million square feet, something that was previously unheard of.

Roof is a

In addition to new materials being introduced, technological innovations have also revolutionized the way roofs are being installed. Initially a very labour-intensive activity, roofing has developed into a specialized trade which uses automatic seam welders, induction welding technology and, more recently, exoskeletons to assist with repetitive duties. The attraction, training, and retention of a skilled workforce is a key component to many contractors as we move to more sophisticated and technical installations.

One of the largest and most important changes over the last 80 years is the development and constant improvement of work site safety. Look-

Calgary Construction Association 148
significant investment we help you protect it get to know us... and you will trust us 1-800-382-8515
trained Contractor members. Their know-how
our best-in-class workmanship coverage, ensures Alberta’s building owners, architects and specifiers trust us with their roofing, new or replacement, knowing their projects are built to last and fully covered down the road. Congratulations Calgary Construction Association on your 80th anniversary
warranty is
on our
skilled and
and competency, together with

ing back at commercial roofing installations in the 1950’s, one can see how things have changed. Robust safety programs which include proper PPE, on-site first aid requirements, certified guard rails, and proper worker certification are a few items that are now standard at all ICI roofing installation projects.

With revised building and energy codes, roofing has also seen several changes. Increased levels of insulation, tighter building envelope details, and well-designed roof drainage systems to meet heightened precipitation standards has amplified the importance of a properly designed roof. The installation of photovoltaic roof assemblies has also gained popularity, and the roofing community is working closely with code officials to ensure structural and performance criteria are addressed while additional equipment is being installed on the roof.

The roofing industry continues to evolve in response to emerging technologies, environmental concerns, and shifting consumer preferences. Innovations in materials could further improve the performance and sustainability of roofing systems. Additionally, advancements in automation and robotics may revolutionize the industry, making roofing installations faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

Kevin Kramers (C.E.T., R.R.O., C.T.R.) is the Technical Officer for the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) and has over 30 years of construction experience in Alberta.

He is responsible for maintaining the ARCA Roofing Application Standards Manual, managing the ARCA Interdisciplinary Technical Committee, researching new products and applications, and providing technical education for building professionals in Alberta. u

General Contracting and Project Management

General Contracting and Project Management

Interior Renovations

Interior Renovations

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Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations

Custom Projects, New Buildings, New Interiors

Custom Projects New Buildings

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OVER 50 YEARS • Fireproofing • Firestopping • Spray Foam •Intumescent Paint • Asbestos
Office: 205, 4046 96 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4R5 T: 403.275.1418 TF: 1.888.894.6704 F: 403.275.1433
& Mould Removal



Purchase CCDC documents at

CCDC documents are relied on as familiar industry standards for their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project.

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The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 151 Identifying, managing + overcoming RISK IN CONSTRUCTION “Field Law” is a trademark and trade name of Field LLP. Whether you are an owner, design professional, general contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier, Field Law understands the risks you face and is here to help. Top (L to R):
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Justin Denis, Jill Bishop, Steve Eichler


Since its formation 80 years ago, the Calgary Construction Association has been dedicated to promoting growth and innovation within the city’s vibrant community of builders and professionals.

At the heart of its mission lies five strategic objectives: increasing the industry talent pool; providing access to good work; raising its collective voice; fostering training and development; and ensuring preparedness for the future.

This has allowed the Association to actively attract and nurture talent, connect members with quality projects, advocate for industry interests, empower its people through education, and embrace emerging trends and technologies.

The CCA also continues to have strong relationships with its partnering trade associations such as the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Alberta (MCAA), the Electrical Contractors As-

sociation of Alberta (ECAA), the Calgary Glazing and Architectural Metals Association (GAMA), and many more.

“Since our formation in the late 1970s, GAMA has been affiliated with the Calgary Construction Association,” says Gary Porter, estimating manager at Alberta Glass Company Inc. “This relationship is a key point in our charter. From our perspective, we enjoy the fruits of the CCA’s efforts in municipal, provincial, and federal advocacy. Its efforts to elevate the construction industry’s professionalism, safety standards, and deliver world class projects with cutting-edge technologies has helped GAMA immensely. Many other areas the CCA has worked on—that have helped us—include workforce issues, prompt payment legislation, and the continual elevation of jobsite safety, including mental health initiatives.”

Additionally, Porter says that as many GAMA members are also CCA members, this has broadened their

benefits to include access to the online plan room, multiple monthly events for networking, education, and recreation, and a vision of where industry is headed for the future.


Robin Bobocel is the Executive and Registrar of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA), which has been a CCA member since 1962. He says all construction trades have evolved over the years with respect to developing, utilizing, and embracing new technologies, and the electrical industry is no different.

“Perhaps none have embraced advancements in safety and sustainability more that then electrical industry with the push towards the electrification of our local, provincial, national, and even global economies. This is why partnerships between organizations like the ECAA and the CCA are so important; to ensure constructive communication

Calgary Construction Association 152
With the growth of Alberta’s population—and the booms of the industry’s expansion—came the demand for continual infrastructure improvements to meet the needs of an ever-growing economy. PHOTO: PEXELS.COM
“ In the next five to 10 years, all the baby boomers will have retired, and we will have a new generation at the helm of these projects.
— Lisa Watson

and sharing of ideas and best practices for the betterment of the entire value chain.”

Lisa Watson is the Education and Engagement Lead at the Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Alberta (MCAA), which has collaborated with the CCA for approximately 40 years. She says the built environment has evolved with many changes.

“The construction industry, particularly in the areas of plumbing, pipe fitting, gas fitting, and HVAC, has experienced significant transformations. Technological advancements, evolving regulations, and shifting consumer demands have shaped these trades in various ways.”

Safety has also been a prominent focus within these trades. With increasingly stringent regulations, there has been a heightened emphasis on workplace safety.

“Trade professionals undergo more comprehensive training programs and certifications to ensure they adhere to safety practices and standards,” explains Watson. “Plumbing systems have witnessed the adoption of innovative materials such as plastic and com-

posite pipes, which offer improved durability and corrosion resistance. There is also a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and green building practices across all the trades.”

She adds that these advancements in the plumbing industry have not only improved functionality and efficiency, but also contributed to water conservation, energy savings, and overall sustainability.

“These changes reflect a broader societal shift towards eco-consciousness and sustainable construction practices.”

Over the past 50 years, projects have evolved in complexity, size, and with an impact on their environment. “Skyscrapers became a part of the construction landscape after the turn of the 20th century but arrived in Calgary after the second World War,” says Porter. “This was just after the time that the CCA started and vast quantities of oil were discovered in our province. Since then, construction has evolved at a rapid pace, often tempered by the cycles of our oil industry.”

With the growth of Alberta’s population—and the booms of the industry’s

expansion—came the demand for continual infrastructure improvements to meet the needs of an ever-growing economy.

“This has changed the materials we see used, the way these materials are delivered and installed, the use of materials to change and elevate the projects we are delivering, and to enhance the environment for those living, learning, working, visiting, and relaxing in our city and our province,” says Porter.

Watson adds that some of the biggest advancements are the integration of technologies, continuous changes in materials and equipment with better efficiencies and safety. “These include water purification and filtration, tankless water heaters, low flow fixtures, work alone safety devices, remote monitoring, drones, robotics for repetitive tasks, wearable site sensors, and more. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has also come a long way and will gradually be an industry standard. Overall, the utilization of software and technology has come the furthest.”

Cam McIntosh, the General Manager at Western Electrical Management Ltd., says the electrical industry has

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 153
The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology wall panel originally unveiled in 2015 in the Aldred Centre represents the long and proud history over 75 years of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta and its support of apprenticeship training and trades education.
“ The constraints faced by the industry will no doubt be related to skilled labour — more specifically — the lack thereof.”
— Robin Bobocel

always been evolving and pushing the advancement of new technologies such as the transition from fluorescent tubes to LED’s, lighting control systems that

better manage a building lighting load for efficiency are just a few.

“And more recently, the inclusion of infrastructure for EVs and solar as

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well. As for safety, requirements have changed drastically in recent years for all types of construction projects to ensure all workers have the processes and tools required to perform their tasks safely.”

McIntosh adds that industry advancements have changed how we approach projects from tendering to construction. “Clash detection (BIM), controls systems, QA/QC, and high levels of commissioning on most systems have become the normal on projects which requires a higher level of training and knowledge.”


The federal prompt payment legislation has also been gaining traction since it came into force this past December to address long-standing construction industry concerns, including the timeliness of payments, protecting vital construction jobs, and making it easier to do business with the Government of Canada.

With its aim to ensure that each party in the construction chain receives timely payment for the construction work provided for a project, this predictable and timely payment of contractors and subcontractors allows important federal infrastructure projects, such as work on buildings and bridges, to be completed.

“This important legislation is now in effect in three provinces and most recently Alberta,” says Watson. “This should change the way all contracts are signed and how contractors are paid, which is crucial for subtrades.”


As for where the construction industry is headed, Watson says with the current labour shortage, there is the need for more companies, associations, and government to help with awareness of the trades in schools.

“In the next five to 10 years, all the baby boomers will have retired, and we

Calgary Construction Association 154
Potable Water Piping Systems Drainage Systems for Noncombustible Buildings
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will have a new generation at the helm of these projects. Our industry will be more diverse with workers from different cultures and genders. With the advancement of lean construction, technology, and perhaps AI, we will have less waste, processes will be streamlined, and we should have increased productivity, profits, and innovation in the industry.”

Bobocel says the construction industry will continue to be fueled by the immigration of new Canadians, as well as the drive for a more diverse and sustainable economy. “The constraints faced by the industry will no doubt be related to skilled labour—and more specifically—the lack thereof. The industry will have to be mindful of not only the skill level of available labour, but also whether we have the right kind of skilled labour available to fuel and sustain that growth.”

However, on the good side, Bobocel adds, “With the drivers of efficiency and sustainability being at the forefront of the construction industry, the future of the industry knows no bounds.”

McIntosh adds that within the next decade, the construction industry will be faced with labour shortages at all levels.

“With the high immigration rate to Canada, the push for housing, hospitals, and many other levels of infrastructure the construction industry will feel the pressures to fill these needs. The CCA has been pushing for more focus to be put on the benefits of the trades at the school level to inform the younger generation of the options available to them in the trades. This push needs to continue in order to fill the positions required to keep industry moving.”

And let’s not forget our climate crises and the race to reduce our carbon impact.

Porter says the entire inventory of Alberta buildings (1.5 million to 2 mil-

lion) will need to be upgraded to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas and carbon emissions levels over the next several decades.

“As the push to achieve a net-zero world becomes stronger, the focus on upgrading our existing building stock will require a massive effort in terms of workforce, finances, and new technologies. This effort will carry over into new

builds as well. However, with limited resources, in terms of workforce and finances, it will apply much greater pressure on what can be achieved in both the retrofit and new markets. Time is also finite, and we will require new technologies to assist in attaining these new net-zero goals.”

The question that still remains: will we be ready? u

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 155


Warren Singh, Executive Director, Alberta Construction Association

I am pleased to be writing you as the new Executive Director of the Alberta Construction Association (ACA). The Association has over 60 years as a collective voice for the industry in the province, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to support its legacy and the industry’s continued growth.

In celebration of the Calgary Construction Association’s 80th anniversary, I would like to commend the advo-

cacy that they have done and continue do for the construction industry. This tremendous milestone is a reminder of the strong history of the sector. This united voice has developed opportunities for positive change for members and for the region. We look forward to working with the CCA on our mutual interests in the province over the years to come.

The ACA is also pleased to have great


representation from the Calgary region on our Board of Directors with both Lois Innes of BFL Canada and John Manes of Spalding Hardware as members. Lois has also graciously agreed to serve on the Management Committee as our new Vice-Chair. Her expertise from the Calgary region and across the construction industry will be instrumental in enhancing our advocacy to the provincial government.

Calgary Construction Association 156
Since 1971 Celebrating over 50 years in business Bay 2 - 11166 42nd St SE Calgary, AB T2C 0J9 (403) 203-2651 cgy@krawford com W W W K R A W F O R D C O M 8055 Argyll Rd NW Edmonton, AB T6C 4A9 (780) 436-4381 edm@krawford com

The ACA continues to advocate for meaningful change to the provincial government along with our local association partners. We continue to communicate with numerous provincial ministers and department officials across government on issues that can support the construction industry. As an example, the ACA communicated to the Ministries of Infrastructure, Transportation and Economic Corridors, and Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, on prompt pay legislation. Our advocacy to the provincial government has highlighted positions that included ensuring prompt payment provisions are adopted by the provincial government in their own Public Works Act. I am pleased to inform you that this work is progressing, and we will continue to work with the government until it is completed.

The ACA has been working with the government on predictable, sustain able infrastructure funding. In review ing the funding provided to the Capital Plan within the budget, the ACA was en couraged to see the provincial govern ment increased in several areas, such as K-12 schools and continuing care facilities. We appreciate the new fund ing for the Red Deer Hospital. However, we are disappointed that the proposed hospital in south Edmonton is not re ceiving additional funding at this time and hope that the delay will be brief.

We support further investments in LRT and roads for example the new funding for the Calgary Blue Line and corridor roads in the north and the south. And we note that the Capital Plan has a $2 billion increase in this budget and another $3.8 billion announced for Capital Maintenance and Renewal. The ACA will continue to urge the government to maintain consistency and predictability in funding of their Capital Projects, even developing

a formula that brings assurance to the industry with a reliable estimate of allocated resources.

ACA also supports the government’s investment in training programs and educational opportunities which will enhance the lives of young people looking to enter the workforce seeking a good, well-paid job. Our labour limitations will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future, and it is necessary to prepare for continued shortfall of trained skilled trades people.

The government announced they would invest an additional $24 million per year over the next three years to create 3,200 apprenticeship seats at 11 post-secondary institutions across the province. The new investment would bring the total funding through the Apprenticeship Learning Grant for

million. We also support the government approach to finding new workers with the Alberta is Calling $5000 bonus for eligible workers moving to Alberta. Skilled trades workers will be eligible for the program when applications open in April. We will continue to work with the government on program development that increases your opportunities to find skilled workers.

As the provincial voice of the construction industry, the ACA will continue to work with local associations to raise the profile of the sector overall with the of Alberta government. Our unified voice at the table will highlight the importance of our message creating the conditions for positive change. As we continue to develop solutions to improve the industry, feel free to reach out and stay connected with us. We

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 157
Looking for skilled workers? Hire a Momentum pre-apprenticeship graduate! Attract and retain ood candidates Diversify your workforce Invest in your co unity Host a no-cost internship Contact us today! 403-272-9323

Looking to build your business?

Online advertising is key to connecting with potential customers whether it be promoting an event, sharing info or simply creating brand awareness for your company!

Ads placed on the CCA website or in the Constructor Weekly E-Newsletter will be seen by thousands of industry professionals.

Contact Adrian Nagle for more info!

Calgary Construction Association 158
Untitled-1 1 2/12/24 8:01:57 AM


The Calgary Construction Association (CCA) stands as a pivotal organization in Calgary’s vibrant construction landscape. Founded in 1944, the CCA has championed the interests of the construction sector for eight decades, contributing significantly to the city’s development.

Alongside the CCA, several associations play crucial roles in shaping Calgary’s built environment and construction ecosystem. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has been active since 1960. BOMA focuses on representing the interests of building owners and managers, advocating for best practices in building management, sustainability, and operational efficiency. By providing educational resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy, BOMA contributes to the overall improvement of building standards and practices in Calgary.

Another prominent association working in alignment with the CCA is the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). Established in 1943, BILD represents a wide range of professionals involved in land development, home building, and renovation sectors. BILD’s mission encompasses promoting sustainable and responsible development practices, advocating for industry-friendly policies, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. Through initiatives such as education programs, industry events, and policy ad-

vocacy, BILD plays a pivotal role in shaping Calgary’s urban landscape and housing market.

The National Association of Office and Industrial Properties (NAOIP) also collaborates closely with the CCA and other industry stakeholders. NAOIP has a rich history dating back to 1967, focusing on advancing the interests of office and industrial property developers, owners, and investors. The association advocates for conducive regulatory environments, promotes investment opportunities, and provides networking platforms for industry professionals. NAOIP’s efforts contribute to the development of quality commercial spaces, infrastructure, and economic growth in Calgary.

Despite their diverse focuses, these associations share several key similarities. They are all committed to promoting excellence, sustainability, and innovation within the construction and real estate sectors. Additionally, they serve as platforms for networking, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy, enabling stakeholders to collaborate and address common challenges effectively. Collectively, these associations, in alignment with the Calgary Construction Association, play an integral role in shaping communities, driving economic growth, and fostering a dynamic and resilient construction industry in Calgary and beyond. u

Calgary Construction Association 160
RICHARDSON BROS. (OLDS) LTD. CONSTRUCTION • GRAVEL SALES R.R. 3, SITE 11, BOX 19 OLDS AB T4H 1P4 403-556-6366 FAX:403-556-2044 Calgary 11346 ‐ 42nd Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta, T2C 5C4 Tel: 403‐287‐0256 Fax: 403‐243‐7218 Toll Free: 1‐800‐665‐7867 Edmonton #101, 17860 ‐ 106a Ave. Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 1V3 Tel: 780‐487‐5100 Fax: 780‐487‐8055 Toll Free: 1‐888‐487‐9188 Specializing in: * Water & Wastewater Pumps, Controls & Equipment * Water Treatment Equipment * Pool & Spa Equipment ‐ Commercial & Residential * Booster Pump Skid Packages * Packaged Lift Stations, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 161 STEEL STUD FRAMING INTERIOR / EXTERIOR DRYWALL INTERIOR / EXTERIOR INSULATION ACOUSTICAL CEILINGS #10 2820 Centre Avenue NE Calgary, AB 403.471.1919 800-821-7462 Locally manufactured in Western Canada Providing Erosion Control Solutions Since 1984 Cable Concrete is a fully engineered system Cable Concrete is flexible, versatile, and stable Cable Concrete is a proven cost effective alternate to loose rock rip rap Cable Concrete is available in various sizes and weight classes to best suit your project requirements


With over 11,500 Gold Seal Certified (GSC) professionals across Canada, the Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification Program is the industry’s nationally recognized certification for construction management professionals. Through professional development and continued mentorship, this professional certification program is focused on helping individuals achieve excellence through education, training, and skills development.

By becoming a Gold Seal Employer,

businesses can distinguish themselves as a company that values and supports the industry’s high standards of excellence.


Employers who support their employees’ professional development are seen as industry leaders. Not only do they profit from the integrity and prestige of their Gold Seal Certified employees, they also get to highlight their commitment to excellence in construction management. One of the benefits

of certification is that it can be easily incorporated into an organization’s human resource strategy.

Certified individuals maintain higher levels of responsibility, accountability and subject matter expertise gained through both education and experience. Employers can showcase their appreciation and support of professional development through recruitment by asking for certification in job requirements.

Professionals with Gold Seal Certification meet marketplace demands,

Calgary Construction Association 162

stand out from the competition, and are profitable employees. Obtaining this certification provides individuals with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to become the strong foundation of a thriving company.

“For over 40 years, ITC has emphasized a culture where staff are encouraged to pursue personal and professional development and obtain accreditations in their field such as becoming a Gold Seal Certified Employee,” says Brad Burnett, GSC and Executive VicePresident of ITC Construction Group. “For ITC, being recognized as a Gold Seal Employer means committing to and supporting the ongoing growth & development of our team. As a Gold Seal Certified Estimator myself, I can personally speak to the value of obtaining this certification.”

The Gold Seal Certification Program now recognizes 35 Gold Seal Employers across Canada!

• Acadian Construction

• Acres Enterprises

• Atwill-Morin Ltd.

• Avondale Construction

• Ball Construction

• Baribeau Construction

• Bockstael

• Bourgon Construction

• Casman

• CGI Constructors


• Elgin Contracting and Restoration Ltd.

• EllisDon

• Emil Anderson

• Greyback Construction Ltd.

• ITC Construction Group

• Jancon Construction Ltd.

• Kinetic Construction

• Ledcor

• Marco Group Ltd

• McDonald Brothers Construction

• Norsteel Building Systems Ltd.

• Parkwest Projects Ltd.

• PCL Construction

• Pomerleau

Professionals with Gold Seal Certification meet marketplace demands, stand out from the competition, and are profitable employees.

• Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.

• RCS construction

• Shunda

• Simpson Building Contractors Ltd

• Speers Construction Inc.

• Trigon Construction Management

• Unitech Construction Management

• Wescor Contracting Ltd.

• Westcor

• Wildstone Construction Group

To learn more about becoming a Gold Seal Employer, contact the Gold Seal team at


Along with industry recognition for supporting continuous professional development, becoming a Gold Seal Employer provides an opportunity to have one of your projects recognized as a Gold Seal Project. This recognition provides increased promotion and exposure for your organization’s featured projects.

Recognizing a project within an organization as a certified Gold Seal Project is also a great way to encourage eligible job site staff to become certified and gain visibility for an employer’s commitment to professional development.

Gold Seal Projects promote the value of Gold Seal Certified professionals on a project site and educate those who are not yet certified about the value of certification. A Gold Seal Project demonstrates a company’s ability to manage and undertake challenging construction projects and showcases its professionalism and expertise in the construction industry.

To learn more about Gold Seal Certification, visit https://www.cca-acc. com/gold-seal/.

To learn more about Gold Seal Projects, visit gold-seal/gold-seal-projects/. u

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 163



Christian Baker

Superintendent Chandos Construction

Taylor Bartel Superintendent Canem Systems

Michael Burley Superintendent Ledcor

Timothy Chiasson Project Manager

Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.

Steven Childs Project Manager Clark Builders

David Dozorec Estimator Graham Infrastructure LP

Michael Duffy Superintendent Graham Construction

Nicholas Elliott Project Manager Bird Construction

Ashton Geary Superintendent Custom Electric

Robert Green Estimator

PCL Construction Management

Mikynzee Hoimyr

Construction Safety Practitioner

PCL Construction Management Inc.

Michele Listro

Project Manager

Akela Construction Lt.d

Juan Montenegro Project Manager

ITC Construction Group

Steven Murray Superintendent Allied Projects Ltd.

Milan Robert Niksic Estimator JS Held

Soraya Nouri

Project Manager Evolution Glass Inc.

Andrea Papp

Construction Safety Practitioner

Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.

Mark Pouteaux Project Manager Skyline Concrete Services

Vicky Reeder Project Manager Westcor

Kevin Reeve Superintendent ITC Construction Group

Lee Roche Foreperson

Modern Niagara

Travis Roy Superintendent Lear Construction

Daniel Sinclaire

Construction Safety Practitioner Rayner Construction Services Inc.

James Smolnicky Superintendent Westcor

Samuel Vince Superintendent Botting & Associates

Gary D Weld Project Manager PCL

Jason Whitney Superintendent PCL

Geoffrey Winkler Superintendent Flatiron Constructors CanadaLimited

Drew Woods Project Manager Graham

Calgary Construction Association 164


To be eligible to write the Gold Seal exam, you must first enroll in the Gold Seal Certification Program and be approved as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI). Once you are approved, you have up to five years to meet the requirements, submit your GSC application and be approved to write the exam.

Requirements for enrollment:

A minimum of one year of full experience in your designation or two years in an assistant's role plus a letter of recommendation from your current employer and direct supervisor.

1. Industry Work Experience

1. Industry Work Experience


Applicants require 100 credits for the GSC application to be approved to write the Gold Seal exam. The Foreperson designation requires 75 credits. You can obtain these credits through a combination of 2 components :

& Training Completion of Exam

Minimum of 5 years in the designation applied for. (10 credits per year)

2.Education & Training

Ways to Earn Credits (not all of these are required)

Tradesperson Qualification

One-year industry-related certificate (includes Project Manager, Superintendent, OHS programs)

Two-year industry-related diploma

Three-year industry-related advanced diploma

Four-year industry-related degree

Construction Management degree program

Industry related course (1 credit for every 6 hours)

Mandatory Training- Construction Industry Ethics

Mandatory Designation Specific training

Credits (min. 50 credits)

Credits (min. 25 credits)

Once you submit your GSC application, it is reviewed by the Gold Seal team. You will receive an approval email within 1-2 weeks including a link to register for your Gold Seal exam. A passing mark for the exam is anything above 70%.

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 165
50-75 10 15 20 25 30 40 1 3 2 (minimum)


Representing 18,000+ member firms, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is proud of our mission to inspire a progressive, innovative, and sustainable construction industry.

The key to our collective success is working with valued partner associations like the Calgary Construction Association. Released in March, our 2023 Annual Review demonstrates CCA’s commitment to you, our members, to be your trusted ADVISOR, CHAMPION, and PARTNER.



In October 2023, CCA launched an industry call to action urging the federal government to partner with the construction industry on building a strong foundation for a stronger Canada. This campaign was bolstered by our annual Hill Day event on November 7, where close to 100 industry experts met with parliamentarians to discuss the construction sector’s essential role in creating and maintaining the infrastructure Canadians use daily.

Focused on highlighting the vital link between housing and essential social and public infrastructure, CCA’s recommendations to the federal government in advance of Budget 2024 detailed the overlooked yet fundamental

importance of long-term infrastructure investment and strategic policies that empower the construction industry to contribute to Canada’s long-term prosperity.

CCA’s recommendations call on the federal government to:

• Recognize the essential role of housing-enabling infrastructure in addressing the Canadian housing shortage and allocate the necessary funding for its development.

• Outline and announce the next steps of the Government of Canada’s longterm infrastructure investment strategy, previously alluded to in Budget 2023 and the Fall Economic Statement.

• Prioritize the completion of the National Infrastructure Assessment including the creation of its independent advisory body.

• Invest and strengthen trade infrastructure by supporting the Canada Trade Infrastructure Plan (CTIP).

• Continue to update and modernize the Government of Canada’s tendering and procurement models.

• Continue to partner with our industry in addressing the workforce shortage including the modernization of Canada’s immigration system.

CCA will be increasing our advocacy efforts to ensure that infrastructure is not an afterthought, rather the founda-

tion of a stronger Canada. Collaborating with our partner associations from across Canada will continue to be a cornerstone of how we operate, maximizing our collective expertise, reach, and connections to benefit the industry.


CCA is striving to make contract management simpler and more transparent for our members with our new contract management platform, SignaSur. SignaSur offers secure, digital CCA and CCDC contracts through our integrated partner associations. Many of our integrated partner associations have had a briefing on the service and are at various stages of adoption and launch.


CCDC will be publishing four new documents on May 21 that will be available for purchase though CCA’s integrated partner associations. The new documents include:

• CCDC 16 ‘Guide to Changes in the Contract’

• CCDC 220 ‘Bid Bond’

• CCDC 221 ‘Performance Bond’

• CCDC 222 ‘Labour & Material Payment Bond’

• CCDC 2CcQ – Stipulated Price Contract (Civil code of Québec version)

Calgary Construction Association 166

• CCA 1CcQ – Stipulated Price Subcontract (Civil code of Québec version)

CCA will also be hosting a series of in-person seminars to introduce the new documents listed above as well as those released in 2023, CCDC 2 –2020 ‘Stipulated Price Contract,’ and the new CCDC 20 ‘Guide to Construction Contract Administration,’ which is expected to be published in late 2024.


Set to be published later this spring, CCA’s Trade and General Contractors National Advisory Councils (NAC) worked collaboratively to prepare a bulletin on cost escalation. Long an industry issue, this bulletin will set out guiding principles for addressing cost escalation in contracts.


CCA’s Best Practices Services is delivering new resources – some of which are being developed through the work of our National Advisory Councils. We recently produced a two-part webinar series to guide our members on the implementation of the Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Act. You can also watch one of our past Read your construction contract webinars or read our ICIC Construction Sector Quarterly Insights Report for an economic snapshot of the industry, next one to be published in April.


You can count on CCA to be a collaborative partner to the Calgary Construction Association, providing helpful tools, sharing best practices across the country and being your voice with the federal government.

Stay in the loop by subscribing to CCA’s newsletter at, by following @ConstructionCAN on Twitter, or by looking up the Canadian Construction Association on LinkedIn. u

The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 167
205 - 5920 1A Street SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G3 403-770-1310 More than 100 years in the building market. • General Contracting • Design Build • Construction Management Helping your members stay connected is WHAT WE DO. We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of... • Creative Design • Website Design • Advertising Sales • Print and Web Magazine Publications • Online E-newsletters • Online Directories DIGITAL

1871084 Alberta Ltd. (Norkraft)

89024 - 70 High Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 3V0

T: (403) 973-0330

1998372 Alberta Ltd. o/a Elite Site Services

Box 625

Black Diamond, AB T0L 0H0

T: (403)803-0610

1st Quality Safety Consulting Inc.

Calgary, AB

T: (403) 669-6593

Proform Construction Products

240 Burnt Park Way

Red Deer County, AB T4S 2L4

T: (403) 343-6099

3P Tech Inc.

PO Box 76098 Millrise

Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z9

T: (587) 892-7386

7 Construction Inc.

2145, 6027 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5P1

T: (403) 351-4451

A & A Paving Ltd.

1515 - 9 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0T6

T: (403) 262-1999

A. Leduc Developments (1983) Ltd.

Box 518

Okotoks, AB T1S 1A7

T: (403) 938-7088

A-1 Concrete Cutting & Coring (1985) Ltd.

4045 96 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4T7

T: (403) 273-7500

Abacus Steel Inc.

9415 - 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2R1

T: (403) 252-2044

Abatement Pro

37 Cougar Ridge Close SW Calgary, AB T3H0V4

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ABBL Hardware

#2, 1815 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7E1

T: (403) 291-0641

Able Demolition Services Ltd.

3828 - 14 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3K4

T: (403) 263-8406

Abris Construction

32 Grafton Crescent SW Calgary, AB T3E 4X1

T: (403) 561-9960

Access SMT  #1 4120 23 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 6W9

T: (403) 651-8135

ACME Visible

327 Shawnessy Drive SW Calgary, AB K2Y 1J2

T: 800-663-9111

Acre Prime Inc.

234234 Wrangler Road

Rocky View, AB T1X 0P5

T: (403) 235-2222

Acreage Development Solutions Ltd.

338083 288 Street West Foothills Millarville, AB T0L 1K0

T: (403) 815-0004

Acutech Electric Ltd.

7 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB T2K 5X2

T: (403) 241-5804

Adecco Canada

321 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3H3

T: (587)892-4872

Adler Firestopping Ltd. #1, 3800 - 19th Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 6V2

T: (403) 590 0758

ADS Canada 250A Boul. Industriel St-Germain-de-Grantham, QC J0C 1K0

T: (514) 617-0550

Advanced Electrical Services Ltd.

Suite 143, 4999 43 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 3N4 T: (403) 697-3747


2891 Sunridge Way NE, Suite 100 Calgary, AB T1Y 7K7

T: (403) 516-3600

AG Creations Inc.

Unit 302 1001 1st Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 5G3

T: (403) 457-4855

AGF Rebar Inc.

235062 Wrangler Road

Rockyview, AB T1X 0K3

T: (403) 720-5565


250081 Mountain View Trail Calgary, AB T3Z 3S3

T: (780) 719-8054

Ainsworth Inc.

100, 2588 - 27th Street NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 7G1

T: (403) 265-6750

Akela Construction Ltd. 33, 9151 - 44 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P7

T: (403) 720-8405

Alberta Bolt Makers (2002) Ltd. 2113 50th Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 1M8

T: (403) 272-7082

Alberta Construction Safety Association  292060 Wagonwheel Link

Rocky View, AB T4A 0E2

T: (403) 291-3710

2113 50 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 1M8 Bus: 403-272-7082 Toll Free: 1-866-ABM-BOLT Email :

Calgary Construction Association 168 CCA MEMBERS
Specializing in the manufacturing of Large Threaded Products

Alberta Forest Products Association c/o

Alberta Wood WORKS! 10707 100 Avenue NW, #1300

Edmonton, AB T5J 3M1

T: 780-392-1952

Alberta Glass Company Inc.

630 37 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 8V5

T: (403)219-7473

Alberta Painting Contractors Association

P.O. Box 4520, Station C Calgary, AB T2T 5N3

T: (403) 244-4487

Alberta Paving Ltd.

4620 Manilla Road SE Calgary, AB T2G 4B7

T: (403) 287-7772

Alfredo Marble & Tile (1966) Ltd.

108,2331 50th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2B 0N1

T: (587) 481-7354

Align Cost & Project Management Inc.

440 – 10816 Macleod Trail S, Suite #146

Calgary, AB T2J 1Z9

T: (403)807-1060

All Weather Windows Commercial

18550 118A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5C 2K7

T: (780) 451-0670

Allied Contractors Inc.

Unit 1, 2116 - 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6Z4

T: (403) 243-3311

Allied Projects Ltd.

7017 Farrell Road SE Calgary, AB T2H 0T3

T: (403) 543-4530

Alliston At Home Inc.  Suite 1500, 150 9th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3H9

T: (403)217-9970

Allmar Distributors Ltd.

4910 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2X2

T: (403) 236-2604

Alpine Drywall (Calgary) Ltd.

315 - 39 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1X5

T: (403) 243-3455

Alpine Glass Inc.

2288 - 18 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 8R1

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Alsa Road Construction Ltd.

308 - 53 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0N3

T: (403) 385-8902

Amac Contracting Ltd.

113 - 2750 3 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A 2L5

T: (403) 808-0028

American Global Canada

94 Arbour Lake Drive NW Calgary, AB T3G 4N7

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AMJ Campbell Calgary  1722 118 Avenue Northeast Calgary, AB T3K 0R1

T: 1-(800)661-3993

Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

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Aplin Martin

7326 10 Street NE, Suite 105 Calgary, AB T2E 8W1

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Applied Industrial Flooring

153 Seton Villas SE Calgary, AB T3M 2L3

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Aqua Air Systems Ltd.

2 –12180 44th Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z4A2

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Aquateck West Ltd.

#125, 2727 Centre Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2A 2L4

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Archicon Construction Management & Consulting Inc.

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Arcoro/Exaktime 14500 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 320 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Armour Equipment 5316 - 4 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1K5

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Arpi’s Industries Ltd.

6815 - 40 Street SE

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ASCCI (All Systems Communications Contracting Inc.)

Bay 3-6025 12th Street SE

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Astra Construction Management

200, 638 11 Avenue SW

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ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.

115 Peacekeeper Dr. SW

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Atlas-Apex Roofing (Alberta) Inc.

285177 Wrangler Avenue SE

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Aura Environmental Restorations Ltd. 8800 Venture Avenue SE #2112

Calgary, AB T3S 0A2

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Aviva Insurance Company of Canada 1900, 10130 – 103 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 3N9

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Axiom Builders Inc.

Suite 200, 927 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 1A8

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Azimuth Builders Ltd.

160 Quarry Park Blvd #300 Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

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Aztec Group Ltd.

300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd. SE Calgary, AB T2C3G3

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B.B.C Stucco Masonry Ltd.  57 Weston Court SW Calgary, AB T2L 1W5 T: (403) 401-2402

Baja Construction Canada Inc. 929 Wilson Way Canmore, AB T1W2y9 T: (403) 609-7666

Baldwin Construction Services Ltd. 12219 TWP Road 280

Rocky View, AB T4B 5H8 T: (403) 899-5321

Balzer’s Canada Inc. 235051 Wrangler Dr. SE Rocky View, AB T1X 0K3 T: (403) 243-4481

Barkman Concrete Ltd.

152 Brandt Street Steinbach, MB R5G 0R2 T: (403) 803-0849

Bartle & Gibson Co. Ltd.

4300 - 21 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 9A6

T: (403) 291-1099

Bauer Foundations Canada Inc.

251 Midpark Blvd SE, Suite 200 Calgary, AB T2X 1S3

T: 1 (403) 723 -0159

BCL Brothers Masonry Contracting Ltd.

190 Somerside Park SW Calgary, AB T2Y 3G3


BearStone Ex. Inc.

#53 Industry Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0A2

T: (403) 701-8323 / (403) 829-8990

Behrends Bronze Inc.

2207 - 91 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T6P 1L1

T: 780-464-5177

Bernson Ltd.

37 Valley Crest Close Northwest, Calgary, AB T3B 5W9

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Beyond Foam Insulation Inc.

230244 Range Road 283A

Rocky View County, AB T1X 0G9

T: (403) 730-8080

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.

Suite 200, 1167 Kensington Cres. NW

Calgary, AB T2N 1X7

T: (403) 451-4132

BGSD Consulting Corporation

Calgary, AB T2V 4W9

T: 1-(587) 227-0033

Binns Canada Ltd.

1-3810 Parkhill Pl SW Calgary, AB T2S 2W7

T: 1-877-572-4667

Bird Construction Group

Suite 350, 1200 - 59 Avenue SE

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T: (403) 319-0470

Black & McDonald Limited 1071 - 26 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6K8

T: (403) 235-0331

Blackie Site Works Ltd.

Box 6027

High River, AB T1V 1P7

T: (403) 652- 4222

Blue Grass Nursery Ltd.

260130B Writing Creek Crescent

Rocky View, AB T4A 0M9

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Blue Ridge Excavating Ltd.

235103 Ryan Road

Rockyview AB, AB T1X 0K3

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Blue-Con Excavating Ltd.

285010 Wrangler Way

Rockyview, AB T1X 0K3

T: (403) 273-1144

BMP Mechanical Ltd.

#110, 6420 - 6A Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2B7

T: (403) 816-4409

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Centennial Place East Tower, Suite 1900, 520 3rd Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 0R3

T: (403) 232-9500

Bordt Stone & Tile Ltd.

11525 - 42nd Street SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4K4

T: (403) 287-1548


235093 Wrangler Drive SE

Rocky View County, AB T1X 0K3

T: +1-403(455-0380)

Botting & Associates

Suite 107, 3445 114 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 0K6

T: (403) 256-6544

Bow Mark Paving Ltd.

P.O. Box 730

Okotoks, AB T1S 1A8

T: (403) 938-7920

Boxx Modular, a Division of Black Diamond LP

2401115 Frontier Cres. SE

Calgary, AB T1X 0R1

T: (403) 567-1949

Calgary Construction Association 170 CCA MEMBERS

Brault Roofing

20907 107 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5S 1W6

T: (780) 760-0225

Bravura Construction Group 136 Strathcona Road SW Calgary, AB T3H 1P3

T: (587) 774-8563

Brighton Projects Inc. 51 Woodmont Road SW Calgary, AB T2W 4L6

T: (403) 813-6155

Broda Group LP

PO Box 71010 Silver Springs Calgary, AB T3B 5K2

T: 14036040781

Brokerlink  #100 - 1201 Glenmore Trail SW Calgary, AB T2V4Y8

T: (403) 808-1922

Brookfield Residential (Alberta) LP 4906 Richard Road SW Calgary, AB T3E 6L1

T: (403) 826-5736

Brooks Asphalt & Aggregate Ltd. Box 1360

Brooks, AB T1R 1C3

T: (403) 362-5597

BSI Build

Unit 1006, 93 Gateway Drive Airdrie, AB T4A0M4

T: (403) 607-4554

BTC Group Suite 205 110 Country Hills Landing NW Calgary, AB T3K 5P3

T: (403) 476-8985


130 4029 8th Street S.E Calgary, AB T2G3A5

T: 403 831-3001

Building Trades of Alberta 11635 160 st. Edmonton, AB T5M 3Z3

T: (780)421-9400

BURNCO Rock Products Ltd.

Suite 200, 5055 11 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 8N4

T: (403) 255-2600

Burton General Contracting Ltd.

226220 22 Street West Foothills, AB T1S 3N2

T: (403) 243-8833

Business Development Bank of Canada

The Edison Suite 1310, 150 - 9th Avenue SW

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T: (403) 472-8279

Buttcon West- ( BWL)

202 – 1400 Kensington Road NW Calgary, AB t2N 3P9

T: (403)456-9050

Cairo Development Ltd.

306, 5940 Macleod Tr SW

Calgary, AB T2H 2G4

T: (587)328-6303

Cal Tech Glass Services Ltd.

4450 - 104 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 1R7

T: (403) 250-5726

Calgary Board of Education

1221 - 8 Street SW

Calgary, AB T2R 0L4

T: (403) 817-4000

Calgary Catholic School Board

1000, 5th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 4T9

T: (403) 500-2000

Calgary Elite Roofing

Suite 300 - 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

T: (403) 478-2580

Calgary Fasteners & Tools

2211 - 32 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6Z3

T: (403) 291-9177

Calgary Public Library

800 3 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 0E7

T: (403) 260-2600

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

555 Saddledome Rise SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2W1

T: (403)-777-2161

Calibre Coatings Ltd.

6224 - 29 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 1W3

T: 403) 831-9642

Calibre Developments Inc.

6224 - 29 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 1W3

T: (403) 287-7366

CANA Construction Co. Ltd.

100, 5720 - 4 Street SE, Suite 100 Calgary, AB T2H 1K7

T: (403) 615-0078

Canadian Dewatering LP

8816 40 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2P2

T: (403) 291-3313

Canadian Erosion and Containment

3810 7th Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2Y8

T: (403) 968-1992

Canam Group

1955 5th e Street

Levis, QC G6W 5M6

T: (780) 980-4830

Canbar Steel Fabricators Ltd.

9216 - 44 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2N4

T: (403) 279-5161

Canem Systems Ltd.

1000, 7005 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB T2H 0J1

T: (403) 259-2221

Cannex Contracting 2000 Inc. 623 35 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 2L2

T: (403) 531-9110

Canterbury Roofing Ltd. 3810 16 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3R7

T: (403) 234-8582

Canwest Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. 5025 - 13 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 5N1

T: (403) 225-4445


T: (587) 471-6984

Caon Services Inc. 1143 42nd Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 1Z3

T: (403) 279-6641

Capital H2O Systems Inc. 5040B 12A Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 5K9

T: (403) 251-2438

Carbon Graphics Group 110 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0B8 T: (403) 266-5954

Care Systems Services Ltd.  #36 2110 41st Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 8Z7 T: (403)803-5111

Careers: The Next Generation 4th Floor, 622 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0M6

T: (403) 973-7971

Carlson Construction Ltd. Suite 106, 12143 40th Street Calgary, AB T2Z4E6

T: (403) 612-5009

Carscallen LLP

900, 332 - 6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0B2

T: (403) 262-3775

CCD Western Limited #110, 8050 56th Street S.E Calgary, AB T2C 4S9

T: (403) 255-9567

CCS Contracting Ltd. 2611-58 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 0B4

T: (403) 215-4040


CDM Mechanical Ltd.

1805 - 9 Avenue SE

High River, AB T1V 2A6

T: (403) 652-1777

Cedar Crest Lands (Alta) Ltd.

Bay # 145, 2727 Centre Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2A 2L4

T: (403) 295-0400

Cedar Shop Building Materials

100 - 285 Manitou Rd SE Calgary, AB T2G 4C2

T: (403) 243-5720

Cematrix (Canada) Inc.

9727 40th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P4

T: (403) 219-0484

Cemrock Concrete & Construction Ltd. #121, 2432 - 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 1M4

T: (403) 263-7168

Centaur Products Inc.

1145H - 44 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 4X4

T: (403) 243-5111

Centra Windows Alberta Inc.

4705 - 102 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C2X7

T: (403) 279-2797

Centrix Control Solutions Limited

Partnership Unit 1A, 8515 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P8

T: (403) 252-7651

Centron Group of Companies #104, 8826 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB T2J 3J1 T: (403) 252-1120

Centurion Mechanical Ltd. #1 - 43 East Lake Crescent NE Airdrie, AB T4A 2H5

T: (403) 452-6761

Cerco Design 2770 3rd Avenue NE, Suite 233 Calgary, AB T2A 2L5 T: (403)671-6663

Certified Demolition Inc.  16303 132 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1J5 T: (780)938-9378

Challenger Geomatics Ltd. #460, 6940 Fisher Rd SE Calgary, AB T2H 0W3 T: (403) 259-7478

Chamberlain Construction Management Ltd.

11097 Hidden Valley Drive Calgary, AB T3A 5Z3 T: (403) 399-6188

Champion Concrete Cutting (Calgary) Inc. 7664 10 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 8W1 T: (403) 277-2233

Chandos Construction 7220 Fisher Street SE #375 Calgary, AB T2H 0W3 T: (403) 640-0101

Chinook Elevators Ltd. 1, 4216 10 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 6K3 T: (403) 475-7574

Chisholm Industries Ltd. 4427B - 72 Avenue S.E Calgary, AB T2C 2G5 T: (403) 279-7868

City of Calgary 6th Floor, Municipal Building 800 Macleod Trail SE PO Box 2100, Station M, Mail Code 8026 Calgary, AB T2P2M5 T: (403) 268-3578

Calgary Construction Association 172 CCA MEMBERS Calgary Construction Association | A REMARKABLE CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE EDMONTON 780.452.7720 #100, 16011-116 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5M 3Y1 CALGARY 403.460.6524 #106, 12143-40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4E6

City of Chestermere

105 Marina Road

Chestermere, AB T1X 1V7

T: (403) 207-7075

Claritech Solutions Corp

1206 20 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1M8

T: 587-333-6623

Clark Builders

222, 4000 – 4th Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 2W3

T: (403) 253-0565

Classic Fire & Life Safety

5507 1 street SE

Calgary, AB T2H1H9

T: 1(866)236-0202

Clean Air Services Inc.

7016 Farrell Road SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0T2

T: (403) 254-2714

Cleaning Girl Trustworthy Services Inc.

40 Walden Bay SE

Calgary, AB T2X 0P5

T: (403)971-8061

Clearwest Solutions - TELUS

Unit 220, 2505, 17 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T3E7V3

T: (403) 233-7743

Clifton Engineering Group Inc.

10509 46 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2c 5C2

T: (403) 263-2556

Coboy Waterproofing + Construction Services Inc.

PO 421

Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0

T: (403) 498-6089

Code Hunter LLP Barristers

850, 444 2nd Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 5E9

T: (403) 716-2380

Collective Waste Solutions

210, 405 - 10th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G0W3

T: (403) 460-1401

Commercial Paving Ltd.

901 - 84 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 7X4

T: (403) 235-1813

Commodore Solutions

Unit 164, 9th Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 0P4

T: (587) 832-4441

Con Site Construction Limited

117 High Plains Place

Rocky View County, AB T4A 0W7

T: (403) 265-0700

Concrete Reflections Inc.

250 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0C3

T: 4038915838

connectFirst Credit Union

200 – 2850 Sunridge Blvd NE Calgary, AB T1Y 6G2

T: 1-(866)923-4778

Contemporary Office Interiors Ltd.

2206 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 4M6

T: (403) 874-8736

Continental Geomatics Inc.

Bay 1, 1411 25 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7L6

T: (403) 389-2828

Contour Earthmoving Ltd.

285019 Wrangler Way

Rocky View, AB T1X 0K3

T: (403) 275-0154

Convergint Technologies Ltd. #240, 6025 -11th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2Z2

T: (403) 291-3241


We litigate, arbitrate, mediate, adjudicate and provide counsel in construction disputes.

Cook’s Construction & Consulting Unit 5 240007 Frontier Crescent

Rocky View, AB T1X 0R4

T: (587)370-8796

Cool Air Rentals Ltd.

616 – 35 Avenue N.E  Unit 604

Calgary, AB  T2E 2L8

T: (403)472-2918

Cooper Equipment Rentals

285113 Frontier Road Calgary, AB T1X 0W1

T: (403) 214-2170

Core Geomatics Group Inc.

Suite 300, 4503 Brisebois Drive NW Calgary, AB T2L 2G3

T: (403) 648-2772

CorMac Projects Inc.

132 3670 63 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T3J 0S4

T: (403) 457-4080

Cornad Contracting Inc.

3508 - 66 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 1P3

T: (403) 285-5987

Cove Communities

#200, 6220 - 17th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2A 0W6

T: (403) 930-8245

CP Distributors Ltd.

4550 25 Street SE #120 Calgary, AB T2B 3P1

T: (403) 253-2006

Cratex Industries

3347-57th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C-0B2

T: (403) 203-0880

CREATE Construction Group 1925 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T3C 0K3

T: (403) 244-9030

Creative Door Services Ltd.

#8 3740 27 Street NE Calgary, AB T1Y 5E2

T: (403) 291-2375

Crown Sports Floors

Suite #300 160 Quarry Park Blvd. Calgary, AB T2C 4J2

T: (888) 961-1400

Crystal Services Inc. 281169 Township Road 255A Indus, AB T1X 0H7

T: (403) 936-2366

Cullum Drywall Systems Ltd. 2145, 6027 - 79 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5P1

T: (403)723-0695

Custom Electric Ltd. 1725 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7E1

T: (403) 291-3303

Custom Metal Contracting Ltd. #49, 5342 - 72 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4X5

T: (403) 291-9767

Cyntech Group

31 Technology Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B8

T: (403) 570-5860

D & D Exterior Contracting Ltd. 217 Evergreen Plaza SW Calgary, AB T2Y 5B2 T: (403) 201-7799

D&M Developments Inc. Bay 133, 2750 - 3 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A 2L5 T: (403) 567-0275

D. Floyd Construction Ltd. 9250 - 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2R2

T: (403) 201-8317

D. Owen Construction Ltd.

Box 54

Langdon, AB T0J 1X0

T: (403) 936-0083

D.C.M. Mechanical Ltd. 6335 - 10 Street SE CALGARY, AB T2H 2Z9

T: (403) 255-9161

Davenport Millwright Services Ltd. 115 Fallswater Cres. NE Calgary, AB T3J 1B5

T: (403) 510-9392

Davidson Enman Lumber Ltd. 452 - 42 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 1Y5

T: (403) 243-2566

Dawn Construction (2018) Ltd. 8621 201st Street, Unit 300 Langley, BC V2Y 0G9

T: (604) 576-2711

Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd. #2, 2315 30 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7C7

T: (403) 735-5988

DCS Agency Ltd. #7, 6130 4th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2B6

T: (403) 253-6808

Defined Metalcraft Inc. Bay #2 - 235126 Ryan Road Rocky View No.44, AB T1X 0K3 T: (587) 229-7488

Delco Automation Inc. 3714 Kinnear Place Saskatoon, SK S7P 0A6 T: (306) 244-6449

Delnor Construction Ltd. 833 34 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 4Y9 T: (403) 294-1650

Calgary Construction Association 174 CCA MEMBERS
8 - 2807 107th AVENUE SE, CALGARY, AB TF: 1-877-346-5664 Calgary: 403-984-3290 • Commercial • Rolling Steel Service • Fire-Rated • High Speed • Rubber • Multi-Blade • Industrial • Underground Parkade • Gates • Rolling Grilles / Sliding Grilles Preventive Maintenance Programs (PMP) BE CONNECTED ECAA’s professional network lets you engage with your peers at meetings, courses, training sessions and social events. NETWORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Delphi Electric Inc.

236 Initiative Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B7

T: (403) 247-1717

Deltec Power & Control Systems #11, 4905 102 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2X7

T: (403) 720-0717

Desa Glass

285079 Bluegrass Drive

Rockyview, AB T1X 0P5

T: (403) 230-5011

Devcon Inc.

315 A 19th Street SE Calgary, AB T2E 6J7

T: (403) 813-0383

Devonian Development Corporation 100-729 10th Street

Canmore, AB T1W2A3

T: (403) 678-7122

Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd.

9243 - 44 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P7

T: (403) 236-8877

Doka Canada Ltd.

6921 107 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5N6

T: (403)294-0330

Donalco Western Inc.

Unit G, 908 53 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6N9

T: (403) 277-1418

Dragon Excavating Ltd. #8, 10 WRANGLER PLACE

Rocky View, AB T1X0L7

T: (587) 470-1001

Dunwald and Fleming Enterprises Ltd.

4518 6th Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 3Z7

T: (403) 277-1331

Dura Stainless & Sheet Metal Mfg. Ltd.

4227 Ogden Rd SE Calgary, AB T2G4R2

T: (403) 243-7568

Duty Calls Portables Ltd.

Unit 20, 64062 393 Avenue E

Okotoks, AB T1S 0L1

T: (403) 616-1089

Dynamic Capital Equipment Finance

2530-140, 4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3N3

T: (587)438-1497

E.D.M. Interiors Ltd.

Bay #5, 3515 - 27 Street NE Calgary, AB T1Y 5E4

T: (403) 735-6099

Eagle Builders LP Box 1690

Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0

T: (403) 885-5525

Eagle Fencing Limited 41575 No 4 Road

Chilliwack, BC V2R 0M7

T: (604) 832-2290

Ecco Supply #11 - 11150 38th Street, SE Calgary, AB T2C 2Z6

T: (403)-259-4344

Economy Paving Ltd.

7419 - 40th Street NE Calgary, AB T3J 4H2

T: (403) 278-7727

Ecosse Welding Ltd. 6120 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 1Z3 T: (403) 237-9922

EFC Developments Ltd.

Suite 200, 660 Palmer Road NE Calgary, AB T2E 7R3

T: (403) 291-8075

Elan Construction Limited

4540 104 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 1R7

T: (403) 291-1165

Electrical Wholesalers Calgary Ltd. 1323 - 36 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6T6

T: (403) 250-7060

Elite Formwork Inc. 9935 Enterprise Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0A1

T: (403) 236-7751

EllisDon Construction Services Inc.

#310- 140 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

T: (403) 259-6627

Emco HVAC 5480 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4S3

T: (403) 258-2225

EMF Contracting Ltd. #130 -8050 56 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 4S9

T: (403)984-1028

Energy Network Services Inc. Unit 3 - 925 30 Street NE Calgary, AB T2A 5L7

T: (587) 572-3224

Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting Ltd. Bay#6, 285145 Wrangler Way SE Rockyview, AB T1X 0K3

T: (403) 256-8024

Engineered Air 1401 Hastings Cres. SE Calgary, AB T2G4C8

T: (403) 444-4095

Enterprise Car & Truck Rentals  5821 6th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1M4

T: (403) 640-8841

316 36 Avenue NE, Bay #2, Calgary, AB T2E 2L5

• Environmental • Geotechnical

• Material Testing • Civil Engineering

• Geotechnical Investigations

• Environmental Site Assessments (Phase l, ll, lll)

• Site Remediation, Biophysical, Wildlife, Fish Salvage & Rare Plant Assessment

• Materials Engineering, Inspections and Testing Services (Soil, Aggregates, Concrete & Asphalt)

• Hazardous Building Materials Assessment

403-458-4422 |

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Envirotech Abatement and Remediation


5545 1A Street SW

Calagry, AB T2H 0E6

T: (403)608-2747

Epic Roofing & Exteriors Commercial 2435 22 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 8K8

T: (403) 366-3770

ERK Construction Inc.

55 Autumn Close SE Calgary, AB T3M 0K1

T: (403) 966-4051

Erosion Control Central 1315 Hastings Crescent Calgary, AB T2G 4C8

T: (403) 769-1299

Erritt Construction Ltd. 399 Applewood Cres Vaughan, ON L4K 4J3

T: (647) 808-3284

Everest Construction Management Ltd.

5704 35th Street S.E Calgary, AB T2C 2G3

T: 4036856609

Evergreen Services 13 240059 Frontier Cres SE Calgary, AB T1X 0N2

T: (403) 875-5517

Evolve Construction Management 255169 Range Road 281 Rocky View County, AB T0M 0T0

T: 587-224-1474

Executive Millwork Inc. #5, 1212 - 38 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6N2

T: (403) 291-0400


Field LLP

#400, 444 7 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0X8

T: (403) 260-8500

Fillmore Construction Management Inc.

9114 - 34A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T6E 5P4

T: (780) 430-0005

First Aid Training Calgary

200 Rivercrest Drive SE, Unit #130 Calgary, AB T2C 4G4

T: (403)407-0756

First General Services

12450 40 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 5A1

T: (403) 229-1479

Fitness Experience

7130 Fisher Rd SE, Suite #9

Calgary, AB T2H 0W3

T: (403)437-0425

Flat Roofing Ltd.

258048 - 16 Street E

Foothills, AB T1S 3M1

T: (403) 995-2199

Flooring Superstores

Bay 6, 1825 - 32 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7C8

T: (403) 290-0006

Flynn Canada Ltd.

285221 Kleysen Way SE Rockyview, AB T1X 0K1

T: (403) 720-8155

Focus Roofing Ltd.

Unit D5 624 Beaver Dam Road

Calgary, AB T2K 4W6

T: (403) 966-9299

Foothills Decorating 6027 - 4th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2A5

T: (403) 242-1364

Formula Alberta Ltd.

#4 Boulder Blvd Box 2148

Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1V7

T: (780) 968-1102

Freeze Maxwell Roofing (Calgary) Ltd.

4635 - 1 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2L2

T: (403) 253-0101

FWD Construction LTD.

Bay 15-6325 11 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2L6

T: (587)327-0317

FWS Group

Suite 1500, 840 7th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3G2

T: (403)717-3579

Gabbez Pipefitting Inc.

6507 52 Avenue

Bonnyville, AB T9N 2L7

T: (403)619-7111


300, 334 11th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0Y2

T: (403) 299-2827

Gangster Enterprises Ltd.

Suite 230, 600 Crowfoot Crescent NW Calgary, AB T3G 0B4

T: (403)820-0128

Gateway Mechanical Services

4001 16A Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 3T5

T: 403.265.0010

Gator Construction Group Inc.

647 46 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 8J6

T: (403) 714-4319

GBV Contracting Bay 104 4528 6A Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 4B3

T: (403) 277-4767

GEBA Interiors Ltd.

#10, 2820 Centre Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A7P5

T: (403)471-1919

General Site Services Inc.

3397 - 84 Street NE Calgary, AB T1Y 7H3

T: (403) 274-7666

GeoStabilization International 890 West Pender Street, Suite 600 Vancouver, BC V6C 1J8

T: (403)852-4940

Gescan Ltd.

5005 - 12A Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 5L5

T: (403) 253-7171

GGA - Architecture #350, 140 - 10 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0R1

T: (403) 233-2000

Gibraltar Projects Inc. 11095 48th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 1G8 T: (403) 461-7712

Gillis Quarries Limited  213 Chelsea Place Chestermere, AB T1X 2T1

T: (587)893-4858

Giusti Group Limited Partnership 4 Industry Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0A2

T: (403) 203-0492

Glass Unlimited Inc. 6413 - 35 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 1N2

T: (403) 236-2911

Glenmore Fabricators Ltd. 10005 Enterprise Way SE CALGARY, AB T3S 0A1

T: (403)203-4976

GME Excavation Sewer and Water Unit 1-54 Don Valley Parkway Winnipeg, MB R2C 5G5

T: (403) 390-8584

Goodfellow & Schuettlaw  #200, 602 - 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 1J8

T: (403) 705-1261

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP  421 7th Avenue SW, Suite 1600 Calgary, AB T2E 0E5

T: (403)292-9805

Graham Construction & Engineering LP 110, 115 Quarry Park Road SE Calgary, AB T2C 5G9

T: (403) 570-5331

Granite Gallery Ltd. 1089-57 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 1W4

T: (403) 250-3636

Grant Metal Products Ltd. 291210 Wagon Wheel Road

Rocky View, AB T4A 0E2

T: (403) 590-8000

Grant Thornton LLP Centrium Place, Suite 1100, 332 6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0B2

T: (403) 260-2590

Great Northern Plumbing Ltd. 6939 Farrell Road SE Calgary, AB T2H 0T3

T: (403) 777-0813

Green Earth Environmental Solutions 374200 71st Street W. Comp. 36, Site 207, RR#2 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J5

T: (306) 931-8014

Greenlife Landscaping (1995) Ltd. #6, 4429 - 6 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 3Z6

T: (403) 230-0222

Greenstone Construction 394 11 Avenue Unit 1050 Calgary, AB T2R 0C5

T: (403) 300-1191

Griffin Glass (1981) Ltd.

1307 Hastings Crescent SE Calgary, AB T2G 4C8

T: (403) 287-0835


Group 2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.

1410-1122 4 Street

Calgary, AB T2R 1M1

T: (403)340-2200

Groupe Piche Construction

1120A 44 Avenue SE

Rocky View, AB T2G 4W6

T: (403) 374-1237

Gunner Fire Protection Inc.

4301 9 Street SE Unit F Calgary, AB T2G 3C8

T: (403) 245-4005

Halbro Construction Ltd.

PO Box 75175 Westhills

Calgary, AB T3H3M1

T: (403) 708-8136

Hamilton & Rosenthal, Chartered Professional Accountants LLP

Suite 210, 2424 - 4 Street SW

Calgary, AB T2S 2T4

T: (403) 514-2205


623 West Lake Street #105

Chicago, IL 60661

T: 1-(206)604-6040


112, 222 - 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0L1

T: (403) 203-6140

HBC Builders Inc.

451 Parkvalley Dr SE Calgary, Alberta, AB T2J 4V5

T: (403) 542-9245

HBI - Heritage Business Interiors Inc.

2050-2600 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 4M6

T: (403) 252-2888

HCM Contractors Inc.

7162 110th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5H8

T: (403) 248-4884

Heidelberg Materials Canada Limited

7336 - 112 Avenue NW Calgary, AB T3R 1R8

T: (403) 279-5531

Henry’s Electric Service

P.O. Box 181 Banff, AB T1L 1A3

T: (403) 688-8702

Hestia Construction Inc.

110 10748 74 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 5N6

T: (403) 671-4611

Hilton Brothers Contracting Ltd.

Unit 270, 1001 1 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 5G3

T: (403) 999-6047


407 2 Street SW, Suite 1000 Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403)862-8292

HMC Lawyers

903 8 Avenue SW #1000 Calgary, AB T2P 0P7

T: (403) 269-7220

Holloway Paving Ltd. , T: (403) 975-3030

Holt Construction AB Ltd. 223 33 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 2H7

T: (403) 869-8761

Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

1 - 3640 61 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2J3

T: (403)-217-5655

Horseshoe Hill Construction Inc.

18859 Horseshoe Hill Rd

Caledon Village, ON L7K 2B9

T: 905-875-7400

HUB International Insurance Brokers

120 - 6712 Fisher Street SE

Calgary, AB T2H 2A7

T: (403) 777-9240

Hurst Construction Management Inc.

Box 156, Station T Calgary, AB T2H 2G8

T: (403) 243-0331

Ib Jensen Masonry Ltd. 3632 Manchester Road SE Calgary, AB T2G 3Z5

T: (403) 243-6303

Calgary Construction Association 178 CCA MEMBERS
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Ice House Enterprises Inc.

#215 2914 Kingsview Blvd

Airdrie, AB T4A0E1

T: (403) 945-9902

Icon Insulation Western Canada Inc.

PO Box 8 Lambeth Station, 3836 Colonel Talbot Rd.

London, ON N6P 1P9

T: (416) 366-5414

Iconix Waterworks LP

8515 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P8

T: (403) 203-4100

Identity Ink

#2, 3716 56 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2B5

T: 1 (403) 615-3557

IEL Projects Ltd.

4104-9th Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 3C4

T: (403)250-7525

Igloo Erectors Ltd.

3468 - 46 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2B 3J2

T: (403) 253-1121

Image360 Calgary South 3424 114th Avenue  SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 3V6

T: (587) 391-7446

Incom Electric Corp.

5740 Burbank Crescent S.E Calgary, AB T2H 1Z6

T: (403) 455-6515

Innova Developments Ltd.

102- 1088 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 5N3

T: (403) 390-2228

Innovative Fall Protection

218 Initiative Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S0B7

T: (403) 257-1833

Insign Architectural Signage

124 Somme Manor SW Calgary, AB T2T 6J4

T: (403) 201-9085

Intact Insurance

1200, 321 - 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3H3

T: (403) 231-1300

Integral Energy Services Ltd.

Unit 101, 2890 Kingsview Blvd. Airdrie, AB T4A 0E1

T: (403) 912-1261

Inter-Co Division 10 Inc.

6115 - 3 Street SE, Unit D9 Calgary, Alberta T2H 1K1

T: 587-743-0352

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

3626 29th Street NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 5W4

T: (403) 717-0322

IPEX Management Inc.

8460 - 60 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 3C7

T: (403) 236-8333

Ironclad Earthworks Ltd. #230 6223 2nd Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1J5

T: (403)457-1005

Ironcore Roofing & Contracting Ltd.

4315 54 Avenue SE calgary, AB T2C 2A2

T: (403)461-8633

Ironhorse Railroad Contractors Ltd.

1412 Railway Street PO Box 1589 Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0

T: (403) 946-0169

ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.

4015 - 7th Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 2Y9

T: (403) 254-0544

ITC Management Inc.

Alberta Regional Office, #770 – 340 12th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 1L5

T: (403) 718-0510

J&C Master Contracting Inc. #100 3668 60th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C2C7

T: (403) 899-2806

JAPA Equipment Rentals Calgary Inc.

5735 53 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 4V1

T: (403) 300-5272

Jemm Properties #210 1212 - 1 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G2H8

T: (403) 804-8964

JESCO Electrical Contractors Ltd. 2248 Bayside Circle SW

Airdrie, AB T4B 0V6

T: (403) 463-8616

JNL Mechanical Ltd. #108 11979 40th Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4M3

T: (403) 275-9787

Johnson Controls Ltd.

104, 6046 - 12 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2X2

T: (403) 640-1700

Jolly Construction Ltd.

290017 - 64 Street East Foothills, AB T1S 3T8

T: (403)560-2974

JRS Engineering Ltd.

115 - 1925 18th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB  T2E 7T8

T: (403)452-3377

Jubilee Landscape Inc.

24 Brander Avenue

Langdon, AB T0J 1X2

T: (403) 463-3233

Kang Construction Ltd. ,

Kayben Landscaping Inc.

Box 60, Site 2, RR 2

Okotoks, AB T1S 1A2

T: (403) 938-2857

KBM Commercial Floor Covering Inc. 1260 - 26 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 5S2

T: (403) 298-5714

Kella Coatings Solutions Inc. #199 16 Midlake Blvd, Calagry, AB T2X 2X7

T: (403)333-2899

Keystone Architecture & Planning LTD.

300 – 33131 South Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC V2S 2B1

T: (604)850-0577

KGC Consulting Services Ltd.

Suite 200   4723 – 1st. Street SW Calgary, AB T2G 4Y8

T: (403)612-9232

KI International Ltd.

2012, 4 Highland Park Green NE Airdrie, AB T4A 0X3

T: (403) 912-6008

Kidco Construction Ltd. 4949 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 3C6 T: (403) 724-2267

KLS Earthworks Inc.

240039 Frontier Crescent

Rocky View Cresent, AB T1X 0W6 T: (403) 240-3030

Knibb Developments Ltd.

Box 184

Standard, AB T0J 3G0

T: (403) 644-2222

Knight Signs

7462 Progress Way, #166 - 5255 McCall Way NE (Calgary)

Delta, BC V4G 1E1

T: (604) 940-2211

KnK Solutions Ltd.

30-235105 Wrangler Drive SE Calgary, AB T1X0K3

T: (403) 477-1865

Krawford Construction Company Inc.

Bay 2, 11166 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 0J9

T: (403) 203-2651


Lafarge Canada Inc.

2213 - 50th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2B 0R5

T: (403) 351-9022


1075 McTavish Road NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7G9

T: (613) 723-3093

Lawrence Masonry Box 1745

Carstairs, AB t0m 0n0

T: (403) 874-3882

LBCO Contracting Ltd.

623 35 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 2L2

T: (403) 277-9555

Leading Edge Developments Inc.

5312 3rd Street SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1J8

T: (587) 353-3355

Leading Edge Glass and Aluminum Ltd.

635 B 37 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 2M1

T: 780-995-8695

Lear Construction Management Ltd.

4200 - 10 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6K3

T: (403) 250-3818

Ledcor Construction Ltd.

Suite 400, 1100 - 1 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1B1

T: (403) 863-3491

Leeswood Design Build (Alberta) Ltd. o/a Leeswood Construction 140-10 Stonehill Pl NE


T: (587) 355-3729


8010 40 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2Y3

T: (403)301-0041

Limitless Automatics & Doors Inc.

Bay #9, 3401 – 19 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6S8

T: (403) 650-5232

Line King 488 1811 4th Street SW

Calgary, AB T2S 1W2

T: (403) 978-5201

Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

Suite 1810, 144 - 4th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3N4

T: (403) 389-5948

LMS Reinforcing Steel Ltd. 7452 - 132nd Street

Surrey, BC V3W 4M7

T: (403) 723-9930

LN Land Development Technologies Inc. #207,  11505 – 35th STREET SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4B1

T: (825) 413-1191

Lobello Manufacturing Ltd. 3650 - 12 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6N1

T: (403) 250-2800

Longboard Construction Inc. #110, 2956 Kingsview Blvd SE

Airdrie, AB T4A 0C9

T: (403) 912-4080

Longbow Sales Inc. #1, 4639 6th Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 3Z6

T: (403) 291-3166

Calgary Construction Association 180 CCA MEMBERS

Lorraine Hydro-Seeding Inc.

4080 23 Street NE #105 Calgary, AB T2E 6W9

T: (403) 717-2334

LPM Enterprises Ltd

1211 Kings Heights Road SE. Airdrie, AB T4A 0K5

T: (403)477-7254

LT Earth Services Ltd. PO Box 706

Bragg Creek, AB T0L 0K0

T: (403) 478-6277

Lynnwood Roofing Ltd.

4073 Ogden Road SE Calgary, AB T2G 4P6

T: (403) 217-4114

Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta. Ltd. 4330 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2J2

T: (403) 273-4821

M & B Technical Testing Services Ltd.

11551 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4K4

T: (403) 243-9733

M.B. Scharf Consulting Inc.

502-330 26 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2S 2T3

Calgary, AB T2S 2T3

M3 Development Management Ltd. Suite 610, 333 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 1L9

T: (403)966-0107

Madd Hadder Cladder Inc.  1816 D 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7K1

T: (403)472-0681

Magna Insurance Group 602, 326 - 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R0C5

T: (403)930-3205

Magnum Infrastructure Ltd.

601 Westmount Rd, Strathmore, AB T1P 1W8

T: (403) 934-9458

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd.

#205, 32 Royal Vista Dr. NW Calgary, AB T3R 0H9

T: (403) 216-1455

Marmot Concrete Services Ltd.

636 Beaver Dam Road NE Calgary, AB T2K 4W6

T: (403) 730-8711


222 3rd Avenue SW, Suite 1100

Calgary, AB T2P 0B4

T: (403) 478-3751

Marwest Construction Mountain Ltd.

2505-433 11th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G0C7

T: (204)291-3435

Master Mechanical Plumbing & Heating (1986) Ltd.

10, 6320 - 11th Street SE

Calgary, AB T2H 2L7

T: (403) 243-5880

MasterBUILT Hotels

#410, 211 11th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0C6

T: (403) 698-8528

MatchBox Consulting Group Inc.

555 4 Avenue SW Suite 1600

Calgary, AB T2P 3E7

T: (604)565-1500

Matrix HR

Suite 204, 11420 27th Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6

T: 403 201-9520

McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. 3925 56 Avenue SE #11

Calgary, AB T2C 2E4

T: (403) 888-1255

McLennan Ross LLP

1900 Eau Claire Tower, 600 - 3rd Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 0G5

T: (403) 303-0159

MDBS Quattro Constructors #701 - 409 Granville St

Vancouver, BC V6C 1T9

T: (604)330-9440

Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta

204, 2725 - 12th Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403)250-7237

Menard Canada 2725 12 Street NE #206

Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403) 444-9195



Construction Materials Testing & Geotechnical Services

11551 - 42 Street S.E.

Office: (403) 243-9733

Calgary, Alberta Fax (403) 243-9736 T2Z 4K4


Established in 1993


Mequipco Ltd.

#101, 5126 - 126 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 0H2

T: (403) 259-8333

Mercator AI

#314, 333 11th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 0Z1

T: (403)861-8076

Meriam Contracting Ltd.

PO Box 1851

Cochrane, AB T4C 1K8

T: (403) 815-7795

Merlin Noise Control

Unit 7, 6613 44st SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2C8

T: (403) 453-9494

Metal-Fab Industries Ltd.

240028 Frontier Crescent

Rocky View, AB T1X 0W6

T: (403) 236-5211

Metro Aluminum Products Ltd.

19045 - 24 Avenue

Surrey, BC V3Z 3S9

T: (403) 735-5014

Michele’s Landscaping Inc.

240086 Frontier Crescent

Rocky View County, AB T1X 0W5

T: (403) 248-8668

Mike’s Electric

Box 1737

Banff, AB T1L 1B6

T: (403) 762-2871

Millennium Geomatics Ltd.

#300, 1400 - 1 Street SW

Calgary, AB T2R 0V8

T: (587) 393-6608

Miller Thomson LLP

2700 Commerce Place, 10155 - 102 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 4G8

T: (403) 298-2400

Mini Dig Corp.

2222 Alyth Place SE Calgary, AB T2G 3K9

T: (403) 274-0090

Mint Projects Ltd.

PO Box 94004 Elbow River RPO

Calgary, AB T2S 0S4

T: (403) 829-4495

Minuteman Press Calgary NW #14, 10 Country Hills Landing NW Calgary, AB T3K 5P4

T: (403)764-4260

Mission Electric Inc.

175 Rolling Acres Drive

Calgary, AB T3R 1B8

T: (780) 221-9473

MJS Mechanical Ltd.

2401 144 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T3P 0T3

T: (403) 250-1355

MK Millworks 6029 6th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H1L9

T: (403)671-8303


1500, 640 5th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3G4

T: (403) 263-3385

Modern Niagara Alberta Inc.

3652 44th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2B 3J9

T: (403) 230-3225

Modus Structures Inc.

34 McCool Crescent

Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0

T: (403) 274 2422


100-525 28 Street SE Calgary, AB T2A 6W9

T: (403)607-1387


3300 Bloor Street. W, 16th Floor Toronto, ONT M8X 2x2

T: (855) 502-6227

Calgary Construction Association 182 CCA MEMBERS
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 183 THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN HVAC TECHNOLO G Y HEAT PUMPS | DOMESTIC HOT WATER | VENTILATION • Over 35 years of successful commercial and residential installation • Strong Canadian customer support team • Dedicated and experienced direct sales network CityMult_TheIndustryLeadrBrand_COMMTradeAd_7x4.625_ENG_Ad_3.22.24.indd 1 2024-03-25 12:57 PM We offer a full array of residential and commercial electrical services, including panel and lighting upgrades, fire alarm monitoring, maintenance and much more. 403-264-9798 #204 – 100 Rainbow Road Chestermere, AB • Short-circuit & Fault Wiring Repair • Complete Installations & Upgrades • Electrical Maintenance • Diagnosis & Repair • Energy-efficient Solutions • New Construction • Renovations When you’re backed by Canada’s top risk management specialists. Learn more at Northbridge Insurance Logo is a trademark of Northbridge Financial Corporation, licensed by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation (insurer of Northbridge Insurance policies). [3877-002] WORRY LESS BUILD MORE

Monument Developments Inc.

2732 Conrad Drive NW Calgary, AB T2L 1B4

T: (403)827-2109

Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd.

#200, 809 Manning Road NE Calgary, AB T2E 7M9

T: (403) 250-7551

Multi Phase Electric

202 100 rainbow Rd Chestemere, AB T1X 0V2

T: (403) 264-9798


3275-246 Stewart Green SW Calgary, AB T3H 3C8

T: (403)926-3121

Nabco Canada

Bldg. B, 3117-16 street NE Calgary, AB T2E 7K8

T: (403) 294-9331

Nahanni Construction

100 Nahanni Drive

Yellowknife, NT X1A2P6

T: (867) 873-2975

National Process Equipment Inc.

5049 74th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 3H2

T: (403) 724-4300

Nautical Lands Group 2962 Carp rd Carp, ON K0A1L0

T: (613)831-9039

NCS Fluid Handling Systems

467 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B4

T: (780)232-2576

Nella Cutlery & Food Equipment Inc. 1255 Fewster Drive Mississauga, ON L4W1A2

T: 1-905-823-1110

New-Firmus Inc.

120, 5720 - 4th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1K7

T: (587) 392-6999

Nexus Exhibits Ltd.

2424 – 2nd Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2E 6J9

T: 1-(403) 262-8030

NFP Canada Corp. 6715 8 Street NE #210 Calgary T2E 7H7, AB T2E 7H7 T: (403) 543-0451

Nialli Inc.

401 9 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P3C5

T: (587) 774-6643

Nick’s Woodcraft Industries Ltd. 112 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB T2K 5X7

T: (403) 275-6432

Nirvana Waterworks (Calgary) Ltd. 11031 72 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 3G2

T: (877)464-1243

Norfab Mfg. (1993) Inc. 16425 - 130 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1K5

T: (780) 447-5454

North Star Contracting Inc.

64 Technology Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0E9

T: (403) 228-3421

Northbridge Insurance Suite 550 220 12th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2R 0E9

T: (403) 202-4048

Northcal Insulation Services Ltd. #202 2725 12th Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403) 277-4511

Solutions for Water Treatment & Energy Conservation

The value offered by Pace Solutions comes from the knowledge and skills acquired from over four decades of solving water related issues for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential clients. Our people know the right methods and products to solve your water treatment and energy conservation concerns.

Water Treatment

Innovative solutions to address corrosion, scaling, fouling, energy efficiency, and water consumption for industrial and commercial processes, and HVAC water systems.

• Cooling towers

• Hydronic heating and cooling

• Steam boilers

• Potable water

• Legionella

• RemoteLink 24/7 monitoring

Energy Efficiency

Strategies and solutions to reduce HVAC energy consumption and emissions up to 15%.

• Save on operating costs

• Decrease utility bills

• Reduce emissions

• Save water

• Improve sustainability

Calgary Construction Association 184 CCA MEMBERS

Northstar Engineering & Technologies Ltd.

32 Royal Vista Dr. NW, Suite 205 Calgary, AB T3R 0H9

T: (403)612-7644

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

Suite 3700, 400 3rd Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 4H2

T: (403) 267-8343

Norwood Waterworks

285177 Wrangler Avenue

Rocky View, AB T1X 0P3

T: (403) 203-2553

Nose Creek Electrical Services Inc.

102 5510 -53rd Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 4P2

T: (403) 516-1984

Nucor Rebar Fabrication, a Division of Nucor Steel ULC

332 Carmek Place SE Calgary, AB T1X 1W9

T: (403) 272-8801

Nunez Construction Corp 9705C Horton Rd Sw


T: (587) 578-6620

Office Concepts Inc.

100, 3103 14 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A7N6

T: (403) 355-2730

Oldcastle APG Canada West 28234 Acheson Road

Acheson, AB T7X-6A9

T: (403) 279-0404

Olsen North Land Surveying Ltd.

52 29 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2S 2Y3

T: (403) 370-7723

OMC Panels

285050 Wrangler Way (unit A)

Rocky View County, AB T1X 0K3

T: (403) 297-9211

OnTraccr Technologies Inc.

18523 60 Avenue

Cloverdale, BC V3S8T6

T: (604)356-2804


103, 13025 Street Albert Trail

Edmonton, AB T5L 4H5

T: (403)291-9247

Oskar Construction Ltd.

P.O. Box 774

Banff, AB T1L 1A8

T: (403) 762-3131

Otis Excavating Ltd. 9740 Venture Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T3S 0A1

T: (403) 455-5942

Over & Above Reno and Contracting Ltd.

Bay 122, 8490 - 44 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2P6

T: (403) 726-1299

Oxford Properties Group

520 3rd Avenue SW, Centennial Place

Calgary, AB T2P 0R3

T: 403.206.6457

Pace Solutions Corp.

Unit 25, 920 28 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6K1

T: (403) 212-8200

Parker Johnston Industries (Alberta) Ltd.

4104 9 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3C4

T: (403) 250-7525

PRODUCTS WE OFFER • Decorative Chasetop/Chimney Cap • Custom metal fabrication and installation • Supply and install standarize/custom corner guards, column and door wraps • Metal panel supply and installation

ParklandGEO Ltd.

102 – 4756 Riverside Drive

Red Deer, AB T4N 2N7

T: (587) 284-7817

Parlee McLaws LLP

3300 TD Canada Trust Tower, 421 - 7th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 4K3

T: (403) 294-7000

Patmar Developments Limited

Suite 42, 5610 46 Street S.E Calgary, AB T2C 4P9

T: (403) 252-4459

PCL Construction Management Inc.

2882 - 11 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7S7

T: (403) 250-4800

PDS Fire Protection Inc.

915 A - 48 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 2A7

T: (403) 243-4546

Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.

3352 - 46 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2B 3J2

T: (403) 273-7000

Pump & Compressor Division


7018 Johnstone Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 3Y6


Edmonton 780-430-9359

6707-75 Street N.W.

Edmonton, AB T6B 3E3



#50, 5200-64 Avenue S.E.

Calgary, AB T2C 4V3

Grande Prairie


11307-98 Avenue

Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5A5

Pella Western Canada #29 – 3900 106 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5B6

T: (403)681-6363

Penner Doors & Hardware 6027 79 Avenue SE #1101

Calgary, AB T2C 5P1

T: 4038361402

Peri Formwork Systems Inc.

37 Industry Way SE Calgary, AB T3S 0A2

T: (403) 203-8112

Perkins+Will Canada Architects Co

150 9 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3H9

T: (403)775-8700

Permacast Concrete Contracting Ltd.

114 Panatella Circle NW

Calgary, AB T3K 5Z7

T: (403) 275-9626

Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd.

6445 - 10 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2Z9

T: (403) 279-6881

Phoenix Fence Corp. 6204 - 2 Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1J4

T: (403) 259-5155

Phoenix Metals Ltd. 4357 - 14 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 7A9

T: (403) 272-5547

Pilot Group Inc.

3240 Cedarille Dr. SW Calgary, AB T2W 2H1

T: (403) 560-2107

Plasti-Fab Ltd. #300, 2891 Sunridge Way NE Calgary, AB T1Y 7K7

T: (403) 569-4321

Ply Gem Building Products  7140 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2B6 T: (403)203-8200

PME Inc.

#4540-54 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2Y8

T: (587) 291-9697

Lethbridge AB T1H 6S2 Brandon


622 Richmond Ave. East

Brandon, MB R7A 7G8 Saskatoon


4-210-48 Street East

Saskatoon, SK

PnG Builders

261 West Creek BLVD

Chestermere, AB T1X 0A6

T: 1(403) 561-3591

Polar Bear Mechanical Ltd.

72 Bowdale Crescent NW Calgary, AB T3B 5R8

T: (403) 242-2464

Calgary Construction Association 186 CCA MEMBERS
$ 5,825 • Commercial Vehicle Wash Equipment • Steam Truck Fabrication • Fluid Handling Equipment • Bench Tank & Cubet Tanks • Wastewater Treatment • Air Compressors • Air Dryers • Steam Cleaners • Well Pumps • Pressure Washers • Parts Washers • Chemical Pumps • Sewage Pumps Toll Free: 1-888-430-9359 HEAD OFFICE
Red Deer
2801-2 AVE NORTH
Sales | Service | Installation EZO3035E-GP

Porter Tile & Marble (1991) Ltd.

5752 Burleigh Cr. SE Calgary, AB T2H 1Z8

T: (403) 258-2258

Prattco Excavating

3714 67 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T3J 4H3

T: (403) 241-1423

Precision Builders Ltd.

4201 Brandon Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 4A7

T: (403)287-1575

Prestwick Resources Inc.

P.O. Box 89147

Calgary, AB T2Z 3W3

T: (403) 452-2045

Priestly Demolition - Dakota

Suite 150, 340 Midpark Way SE Calgary, AB T2X 1P1

T: (403) 294-0330

Prime Movers Rigging & Industrial Services Inc.

2840 58 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 0B3

T: (780) 257-0798

Priority Communication Systems Ltd.

#22, 6420 - 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5M4

T: (403)-234-0334


1 University Ave, 4-128 Toronto, ON M5J 2P1

T: 6472991990

Professional Excavators Ltd.

10919 - 84 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 5A6

T: (403) 236-5686

Pure Electrical Solutions Inc.

Bay 4 5915 36th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2J1

T: (403) 726-5358

Purpose Benefits

1550 8 Street SW, Suite 502 Calgary, AB T2R 1K1

T: (403) 560-6297

PushySix Media Group

Calgary, AB

T: (403) 835-0038

Q Construction Management Ltd.

Unit A, 1140 44 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4W6

T: (403) 988-8599

QB Building Solutions Inc.

Unit A, 1201 42 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1Z5

T: (403) 466-1915

QSI Interiors Ltd. (Calgary)

#9 - 2016 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6Z4

T: (403) 276-5506

Quickly Technologies

838 11th Avenue SW, Suite 202

Calgary, AB T2R 0E5

T: 825-360-0245

Quik-Therm Insulation

Unit 3 - 1680 Sargent Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0C2

T: (204) 791-6859


200-10177 104th Street

Calgary, AB

T: 1-(204 )960-4486

R.S. Foundation Systems Ltd.

3661 - 48 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2B 3N8

T: (403) 569-6986

Rainbow Contractors Ltd.

3030 9 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 3B9

T: (403) 243-8442

RAM Engineering Ltd. (RAM)

920-255 5th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3G6

T: (587)319-2401

Raven Development Services Inc. Po Box 1833

Cochrane, AB T4C 1B7

T: (403) 880-3885

Raylec Power Alberta LP

240045 Frontier Place SE

Rockyview County, AB T1X 0N2

T: (403) 991-3026

Rayner Construction Services Inc.

4615 8A Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 4J6

T: (403) 828-8226

Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. 1816 Crowchild Trail NW, Suite 500

Calgary, AB T2M 3Y7

T: (403) 283-5073

Reggin Industries Inc. 10605 - 42 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 5B9

T: (403) 255-8141

Reggin Technical Services Ltd. 4550 - 35 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2B 3S4

T: (403) 287-2540

Reliance Rentals

232 Masters Cove SE

Calgary, AB T3M 2N8

T: (587) 718-8771

Remington Development Corporation

300, 200 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, AB T2C 5E3

T: (403)255-7003

Renegade H.M. Services Inc. 1145D, 44th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 4X4

T: 1 (587) 351-7460

Reno Pros Corp 109, 1324 44 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6L6

T: (403) 769-9330

Learn more: Q 2023 1973 Engineering Support & Consulting „ CSA W47.1/W47.2 Retained Engineering Services „ Inspection Reporting to Support YOUR Schedule “C” Permit Application „ Welder Testing and Training „ Welding Procedure Development Examination & Inspection of: „ Fabrication „ Site „ Decking „ Rebar Inspection Ensuring Compliance for: „ Codes, YOUR Drawings and Specifications CERTIFIED CSA W178.1 ISO/ IEC 17020:2012 Contact: Sales (780) 469-5870

Results Canada Inc.

Suite 210, 1040 - 7 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3G9

T: (403) 984-6124


Suite 418, 715 - 5th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 2X6

T: (403) 777-4901

RGO Products Ltd.

#100, 229 - 33 Street NE Calgary, AB T2A 4Y6

T: (403) 569-4400

Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd.

RR #3, Site #11, Box #19

Olds, AB T4H 1P4

T: (403) 556-6366

Ridgeway Door & Hardware Inc.

#2, 5621 Burleigh Crescent SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1Z7

T: (403)251-3667

Rocky Mountain Solar Co.

3645 48 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2B 3N8

T: (403) 226-1745

Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd.

2915 10 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB 2915 10 Avenue NE

T: (403) 717-0756

Rogers Insurance Ltd.

800, 1331 MacLeod Trail SE

Calgary, AB T2G 0K3

T: (403)296-2400

Rolling Mix Concrete LLP

7209 Railway Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2V6

T: (403) 253-6426

Roofmart Alberta Inc.

7127 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB T2H0X6

T: (403) 253-7553

Rose LLP

Suite 2100, 440 – 2nd Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 5E9

T: (403) 776-0508

Royal Stewart Ltd.

Box 2, Grp. 329, RR #3

Selkirk, MB R1A 2A8

T: (204) 757-4534

Royop Development Corporation #510, 211 - 11 AVENUE SW Calgary, AB T2R 0C6

T: (403) 263-6550

Ruby Rock Asphalt Works Ltd. 724 East Lake Road

Airdrie, AB T4A 2J5

T: (403) 945-4585

Russpet Construction Ltd.

4734 14 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6L7

T: (403) 291-4404

Ryan Murphy Construction

Bay 2, 2501 Alyth Road SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1P7

T: (587) 3543454

Sahuri + Partners Architecture Inc.

Suite 201, 123 Forge Road SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0S9

T: (403) 228-9307


1301 16 Avenue NW

Calgary, AB T2M 0L4

T: (403) 284-8618

SBL Contractors Ltd.

Unit B, 5110 77th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2Z2

T: (403) 828-1868

Schlosser Martin Construction

Box 1302

Nanton, AB T0L 1R0

T: (403) 601-6955

Scorpio Masonry AB Inc.

7615 40 Street NE

Calgary, AB T3J 4H2

T: (403) 906-1682

Calgary Construction Association 188 CCA MEMBERS
OUR VALUES Reliable Resp on si b I e Resp ectf u I MADE IN CANADA Calgary | Edmonton | Grande Prairie Providing Sustainable and Customizable B Building Automation Systems, Control Networks and Preventative Maintenance Programs to Enhance Your Facilities Performance and Viable Longevity. 1.877.824.693

Scott Builders Inc.

1224 - 34 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6L9

T: (403) 274-9393

Sealtech Restorations Ltd.

6224D - 2 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1J4

T: (403) 253-5002

Seletech Electrical Enterprises Ltd.

4444 Builders Rd SE Calgary, AB T2G 4C6

T: (403) 234-0086

Sentag Modular Manufacturing Inc.

9825 283 St Acheson, AB T7X6J5

T: (403) 389-2047

Sentinel Roofing

1205 3730 108 avenue NE

Calgary, AB T3N1V9

T: 4036228222

Serv-All Mechanical Services Ltd.

#206, 11929 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4M8

T: (825) 509-3045

ServiceMaster Calgary - Commercial Cleaning

1450 28th Street N.E #Unit 4 Calgary, AB T2A 7W6

T: 587-316-5026

Shawne Excavating Trucking Ltd.

P.O. Box 5572

High River, AB T1V 1M6

T: (403) 603-3012

Shea Foams Ltd.

2323 - 24 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 8L9

T: (403) 240-4710

Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Alberta 203, 2725 - 12 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403) 250-7040

Shory Law LLP

4851 Westwinds Dr NE Calgary, AB T3J4L4

T: (403) 216 1199

Siemens Canada Limited 24, 1930 Maynard Road SE Calgary, AB T2E 6J8

T: (403) 671-3569

Silex Contracting 2014 Ltd.

201 - 309 1st Street East Cochrane, AB T4C 1Z3

T: (403)932-5008

Simon Lift Systems

2720 5th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2A 4V4

T: (403) 261-2039

Simson Maxwell

467 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B4

T: (403) 512-4609


1080 Mainland Street Suite #205 Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4

T: 1-888-885-4036

SiteWatch Safety Inc.

4030 8 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 3A7

T: (403) 470-4644

Skyline Concrete Services Ltd.

11565 44 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4A1

T: (403) 692-3202

Sleek Signs

#170, 79 Freeport Cres NE

Calgary, AB T3J 2L2

T: +1 833-359-7709

Slimdor Contracting Ltd.

42 Griffin Industrial Point Cochrane, AB T4C 0A3

T: (403) 932-4666

Smith and Andersen 1205 330 5th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2P0L4

T: 4035129151

SMP Engineering

403 - 1240 Kensington Road NW Calgary, AB T2N 3P7

T: (403) 270-8833

SNA Construction Ltd.

9737 Sanderling Drive NW Calgary, AB T3K 2X7

Solaris Electric Inc.

Bay 7, 1925 39 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6W7

T: (403) 717-9301

Soletanche Bachy Canada 4115 116 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2Z 3Z4

T: (403) 272-5531

Soprema Canada Inc.

#5, 1815 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7E1

T: (403) 248-8837

Sound-Rite Inc.

#1, 2916 5th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6K4

T: (403) 296-0505

Southern Alberta Construction Services Inc.

100 3605 29 Street NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 5W4

T: (403) 457-4616

Southpaw Metal Ltd.

Bay #1 1935 27th Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7E4

T: (403) 293-3991

Sovereign General Insurance Company 140, 6700 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2H0L3

T: (403)298-4200

SPAAR Inc. 12222 44 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4A2

T: (403)640-0200

Spalding Hardware Systems Inc. 1616 - 10 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T3C 0J5

T: (403) 244-5531

SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd. 11-4380 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2J2

T: (403) 570-0438

Spring Air Acoustics Ltd. #107, 2944 Kingsview Blvd SE Airdrie, AB T4A 0C9

T: (403) 295-6110

Sprung Structures 80039 Maple Leaf Road Aldersyde, AB T0L 0A0

T: (403)601-2292

Stantec Consulting Ltd. #200, 325 - 25 Street SE Calgary, AB T2A 7H8

T: (403) 716-8016

Star Building Materials (Alberta) Limited 2345 Alyth Road SE Calgary, AB T2G 5T8

T: (403) 720-0010

Starcraft Construction Ltd.

Bay F, 1235 - 40 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6M9

T: (403) 250-7610

Startec Refrigeration Services Ltd. 9423 Shepard Road SE

Calgary, AB T2C 4R6

T: (403) 295-5855

Stawowski McGill LLP 1550 8 Street SW #502

Calgary, T2R1K1

T: (403) 229-0411

Steam Dry Canada  150-11080 50 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 5T4

T: 1(844)-412-5326


Stephenson’s Rental Services

404 Meridian rd NE

Calgary, AB T2A2N6

T: (587) 333-2360

Stonebrook Business Services

153 Hidden Valley Place NW

Calgary, AB T3A 4Z6

T: (403) 990-7042

Stonhard Division, RPM Canada

95 Sunray St

Whitby, ON L1N 9C9

T: 1(800) 263 3285

Stordy Coatings Inc.

34 Masters Mews SE

Calgary, AB T3M2B4

T: (403) 990-8199

Stormtec AB Filtration Inc.

4431 6th Street SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4E8

T: (403) 717-9644

Strike Group

1300, 505 3rd Street SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3E6

T: (403) 775-1031

Sunbelt Rentals

1111 North Railway Street, PO BOX 687

Okotoks, AB T1S 1A8

T: 1 (800) 667-9328

Sunstar Homes

Suite 206, 2916 19th Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6Y9

T: (403)926-8807

Sunstone Chartered Professional Accountants

Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (587) 797-4640

Suntech Electric and Controls

240007 Frontier Crescent., Unit #3

Calgary, AB T1X 0G6

T: (403)921-8067

Super S Avenue Group

6025 90 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2c4Z6

T: 4035904011

Superform Products Ltd.

Box 2696, 1065 Willow Street

Pincher Creek, AB T0K 1W0

T: (877) 627-3555

Superior Propane

Suite 420 - 48 Quarry Park Blvd

Calgary, AB T2C 5P2

T: (403) 730-6930

SureBond Safe Floors

Suite 10, 6420 79 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 5M4

T: (403) 269-6888

Sure-Seal Contracting Ltd.

931A - 48 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 2A7

T: (403) 265-8677

Surespan Construction Ltd.

#301, 38 Fell Avenue

North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S2

T: (604) 998-1133


3016 5 Avenue NE, #307


T: (587) 222-1195

SVEMY Construction Ltd. #161 7070 E Farrell Rd SE

Calgary, AB T2H 0T2

T: (587) 434-0445

Swift Builders 4615 112 Avenue SE, Bay 125 Calgary, AB T2C 5J3

T: 587-391-9789

SynCon Management Ltd. 232 Initiative Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B7

T: (403) 258-3773

Tarkine North Inc. 519 15th Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E1H7

T: (587)777-7130

Taylor Construction Unit 2-314 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB T3S 0B5

T: (403) 244-5225

Taza Development Corp 5 Richard Way SW Suite#206 Calgary, AB T3E 7M8

T: (403) 539-6110

Tech-Cost Consultants Ltd.

2725 - 12 Street NE, Unit 208 Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403) 291-5566

Terlin Construction Ltd.

220 Manning Rd NE #1030 Calgary, AB T2E 3K6

T: (403)519-1789

TerraBurst Inc. #8, 918 16 Avenue NW

Calgary, AB T2M0K3

T: (403) 450-0087

Calgary Construction Association 190 CCA MEMBERS
Precision in numbers, excellence in service. 301,
403-638-5050 |
609 14 Street NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2A1

Terracon Geotechnique Ltd.

Unit 200, 688 Heritage Drive SE Calgary, AB T2H1M6

T: (403) 266-1150

Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.

455 Horner Avenue

Toronto, ON M8W 4W9

T: (416)674-0363

Tetra Tech Canada

Suite 110, 140 Quarry Park Blvd SE Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

T: (403) 723-5974

Tevmar Masonry

231 Arbour Wood Close NW Calgary, AB T3G 4C3

T: (403) 239-3964

The Fence Store Ltd.

2919 49 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2B 3J3

T: (403) 240-4269

The Home Depot

1 Concorde Gate #400 North York, ON M3C 4H9

T: (416)577-7608

The Mustard Seed

102 11 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0X3

T: (403) 767-2458

The Tunneling Company Inc.

235145 Wrangler Drive

Rocky View, AB T1X 0K1

T: (403) 289-4522

Thermal Systems KWC Ltd.

261185 Wagon Wheel Way

Rocky View, AB T4A 0E2

T: (403) 250-5507

Thermo Design Insulation Ltd.

#26, 4550 - 112 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2K2

T: (403) 720-8203

ThinkTech Software Inc.

150 9 Avenue SW Suite 2300 Calgary, AB T2P 3H9

T: 1(587) 816-4385

Tiki International Inc.

Bay 2D, 624 Beaver Dam Road NE Calgary, AB T2K 4W6

T: (403) 241-1093

Timberstone Distribution

3703 Arthur Rose Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7P 0A9

T: 1-(403) 463-0243

Titan Sport Systems Ltd.

8458 23 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 7H1

T: (403) 689-4858

TK Elevator

#5, 2419 - 52 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 4X7

T: (403) 259-4183

Tokio Marine Canada Ltd.

330 Bay Street, Suite 400 Toronto, ON MSH2S8

T: (403)990-0131

Top Roof and Exteriors Inc.

7130 Barlow Trail SE Calgary, AB T2C 2E1

T: (403) 867-7663

Top Spray (Hydroseeding, Erosion Control, Mulch)

305 Griffin Road West Cochrane, AB T4C 2C4

T: (403) 932-1464

Total Trenchless Ltd. 9424 60 STREET SE Calgary, AB T2C 4V8

T: (403) 764-2673

Tower Engineering Group

2139-4th Avenue NW Calgary, AB T2N 0N6

T: (403) 235-2655

Town of Banff Banff, AB T2E 7J2

T: (403) 762-1225

Town of Canmore

100 Glacier Drive Canmore, AB T1W 1K8

Town of Strathmore 1 Parklane Drive, P.O. Box 2280 Strathmore, AB T1P 1K2

T: 403 934 3133

Trane Canada Inc. #157, 10905 - 48 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 1G8

T: (403) 301-0090

Traugott Building Contractors Inc.

Unit 101B, 3740 11A Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 6M6

T: (403) 276-6444

Travelers Insurance Company of Canada  650 West Georgia


T: (780) 670-6234

Tribuild Contracting (Calgary) Ltd. #3 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB T2K 5X2

T: (403) 295-6100

Trimen Electric Ltd. #11, 4351 - 104 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 5C6

T: (403) 723-0003

Trimount Construction Ltd.  #101, 253 62nd Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 0R5

T: (825) 910-8255

Triovest Suite 300 1100 1 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 1B1

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company 140, 6700 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2H0L3

T: (403)298-4200

Triumph Inc.

3520 48th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2B 3L6

T: (403) 452-4114

Tronnes Geomatics Inc. 6135 10th Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2Z9

T: (403) 207-0303

Contact Us 1-800-665-2800 Proudly Serving CANADIANS Since 1977 | Waste, Recycling & Organics Services Portable Fence Rentals Portable Toilet & Washroom Trailer Rentals Propane Heat & Heater Rentals Hydro Excavation & Street Sweeping

Trotter & Morton Group of Companies

5799 3rd Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 1K1

T: (403) 255-7535

Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd.

10699 46th Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 5C2

T: (403) 547-1647

Tru-Craft Roofing (2005) Ltd.

4828 - 30 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 2Z1

T: (403) 264-7225

True Exteriors Ltd.

Unit 20-21 Highfield Circle SE Calgary, AB T2G 5N6

T: (403) 262-7733

TSE Steel Ltd.

4436 - 90 Avenue S. E.

Calgary, AB T2C 2S7

T: (403) 279-6060

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.

3200 - 118th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2Z 3X1

T: (403)255-5222

Turner & Townsend

736 6 Avenue SW, Suite 850 Calgary, AB T2P 3T7

T: (587) 332-0204

Turn-Key Fall Protection Inc.

2705 5th Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2A2L6

T: (403) 253-2777

Two Pillars Electrical Inc.

13 Panamount Avenue NW Calgary, AB T3K0P8

T: (403)464-4135


Suite 700, 4838 Richard Road SW Calgary, AB T3E6L1

T: (877) 258-4500

UG Excavating Ltd.

P.O. Box #141, Unit #204 Calgary, AB T2A 4T8

T: (587) 483-7800

ULS Maintenance and Landscaping

240085 Frontier Crescent

Rocky View, AB T1X 0W2

T: (403) 235-5353

Ultimate Tradesmen Ltd.

220 17th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 1H4

T: (403) 234-9949

Ultralite Overhead Doors Ltd.

7307 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2K4

T: (403) 280-2000

Unicon Concrete Specialties Ltd.

1311 - 25 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7L6

T: (403)291-9252

Unique Scaffold Inc.

4750 104 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2H3

T: (403)203-3422

Delivering specialist advice and services since 1957.

Construction materials engineering and testing

Non-destructive testing and inspections

Vibration monitoring

Geotechnical engineering

Pavement engineering

Environmental services

Learn more at thurber ca

Unitech Electrical Contracting Inc.

Bay 11, 700 - 58 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 2E2

T: (403) 255-2277

United Rentals

7120 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB T2H 2M1

T: 587-224-7384

United Roofing Inc.

3195 9 Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 3C1

T: (403) 870-2753

United Supreme Group Inc.

655 425 Avenue NE, Unit#4 Calgary, AB T2E 6S1

T: (403) 569-1101

Unitii Corp. #101, 253 62nd Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 0R5

T: (825)910-8255

Universal Flooring Systems Ltd. 1100-2600 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 4M6

T: (403) 250-3900

University of Calgary 2500 University Drive NW Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

T: 1 (403) 210-3822

Vadel Inc.

3829 - 15A Street SE Unit#1 Calgary, AB T2G 3N7

T: (403) 813-1805

Van Mason Coatings Ltd.

Bay 100, 512 Moraine Road NE Calgary, AB T2A 2P2

T: (403) 272-1178

Vanguard Specialty Products 4528 55 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6B 3S2

T: (306) 502-1586

VC3 Company

Suite 355, 3115 – 12 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7J2

T: (587) 525-7600

Vector Geomatics

Unit 117 12111 40St SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 4E6

T: (403) 523-9949

VERTEX Building Systems Inc. 10645-74 Street SE #1140

Calgary, AB T2C 5S4

T: (403)498-7350

Vertical Access Ltd. 244033 RRD 31

Calgary, AB T3Z 3L8

T: (403) 242-6776

Calgary Construction Association 192 CCA MEMBERS

Vertical Crane and Rigging

8612 48th Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2P9

T: (403) 651-8660

Victaulic Company of Canada 17329 111 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T5S 0J5

T: (780) 452-0680

Viking Fire Protection Inc.

4220 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2C 2J2

T: (403) 236-7151

Vipond Systems Group Inc.

Unit 1-415 60th Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2H 2J5

T: (403) 253-6500

Visual Construction Inc.

3601 19 Street NE #6

Calgary, AB T2E 6S8

T: (403)827-7290

Volker Stevin Contracting

7175 12th Street SE

Calgary, Alberta T2H 2S6

T: 4035715806

W. Downer Holdings Ltd. o/a Downer Contracting

Unit 117, 104 Kananaskis Way Canmore, AB T1W 2X2

T: (403) 609-8272


3200 118 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 3X1

T: (403)461-4624

Walker Lawson Interior Design Inc.

203, 735 12 Avenue SW

Clagary, AB T2R 1J7

T: (403) 232-6022

Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products Inc.

424 - 51st Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 0M7

T: (403) 255-3550


700 2nd Street SW, Suite 1900

Calgary, AB T2P 2W2

T: 519-576-2150

Wapiti Inspections

36 West Mitford Crescent Cochrane, AB T4C 1L1

T: (403)688-1206

Waste Management of Canada Corporation

4668 - 25 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 3M2

T: (403) 585-6518

Watson Refrigeration Ltd.

1423 - 9 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 0T4

T: (403) 266-6274

Watt Consulting Group

1300, 736 6 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3T7

T: (403) 273-9001

Waymark Group of Companies 1504 41 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1X8

T: (403) 239-3565

Weatherguard Metals Ltd.

7225 108 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 5G2

T: (403) 203-9304

West Source Athletic Surfacing PO Box 15022

Calgary, AB T3H 0N8

T: (403) 243-6364

#11, 4351 - 104 Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2C 5C6 | 403-723-0003 Trimen Electric Ltd. has been performing quality electrical projects within Calgary and the surrounding areas since 2000. • Commercial and institutional construction • Construction management • Design build We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with quality service at a reasonable cost.

Westcal Insulation Ltd.

4165, 7005 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB T2H 0J1

T: (403) 242-1357

Westcor Construction Ltd.

2420 - 39 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6X1

T: (403) 663-8677

Western Air & Power Ltd.

1919 Highfield Crescent SE Calgary, AB T2G 5M1

T: (403) 243-2822

Western Electrical Management Ltd.

3770 - 12 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 8H9

T: (403) 291-2333

Western Matrix Systems Inc.

Bay 13, 7139 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2H7

T: (403) 264-8664

Western Pump Ltd.

11346 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 5C4

T: (403) 287-0256

Western Weather Protector Ltd.

7650 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2V4

T: (403) 273-9511

Westglas Insulation Ltd.

#17, 7003 - 30 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 1N6

T: (403) 236-5839

Westport Mfg. Co Ltd. 1122 SW Marine Drive Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z3

T: (604) 261-9326

Whissell Contracting Ltd.

#200, 2500 - 107 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2Z 3R7

T: (403) 236-2200

White Cap Solutions Inc.

F-4415 58 Avenue SE

calgary, AB t2c1y3

T: (403)968-8991

White Cap Supply Canada Inc.

2703 - 61 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 4X3

T: (403) 287-5889 In 1927, Trotter & Morton began its journey as a plumbing and heating company with a pioneering spirit. We offer a unique integrated solution for our client—beginning with site preparation, advancing through all aspects of construction, and continuing after the build with ongoing maintenance.

Whitelaw Twining LLP

810 - 150 9th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3H9

T: (403) 775-2200

Wiehler Mechanical 316 36 Avenue NE

Calgary, AB T2E2L5

T: (403) 277-6970

Wii Projects Inc.

215, 1235 26 avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2G 1R7

T: (403) 703-8946

Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc.

4700 - 110 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2T8

T: (403) 225-2930


4000 84th Street SE

Calgary, Alberta T1X 1Y3

T: (403) 252-5996

Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Alberta) Inc.

Suite 200, 1311 - 9th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T3C 0H9

T: (403) 228-5888

Calgary Construction Association 194 CCA MEMBERS

Women Building Futures (WBF)

10326 107 Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 1K2

T: Toll-free: 866 452 1201

Woodcraft Kitchen Cabinets

3651 23 Street NE

Calgary, AB T2E 6T2

T: (403) 717-9996

WRD Borger Construction Ltd.

261046  High Plains Blvd

Rocky View County, AB T4A 3L3

T: (403) 279-7235

Wright Construction Western Inc.

205, 5920 - 1A Street SW Calgary, AB T2H 0G3

T: (587)435-4732

XA Security

1711 10th Avenue SW #100 Calgary, AB

Calgary, Alberta  T3C 0K1

T: (403) 451-2739

Xtremeaxis Inc.

120 Hawkwood Drive NW, 701 3 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T3G 2V8

T: (587) 885-2595

Xylem Canada LP

6704 - 30 Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 1N9

T: (403) 279-8371

Yardstick Technologies

10940 - 119 Street NW

Edmonton, AB T5H 3P5

T: +1 844-421-2367

Year Round Landscaping Inc.

8916 44 Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 2P6

T: (403) 236-1948

Okotoks, AB T1S 1B2

T: (403) 938-4344

Zeidler Architecture #300 640 8th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G7

T: (403) 233-2525

Ziggurat Construction Ltd.

300 714 1st Street SE Calgary, AB T2G 2G8

T: 4036696520

ZS2 Technologies 9128 52 Street se Calgary, AB T2C 5A9

T: (587) 894-7669

Bay 2, 2135 - 32 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB 587-351-2854 NEW & USED EQUIPMENT • VENTILATION • SMALLWARES With operations since 1970, Whissell has a staff with decades of experience. We specialize in project management and have the capability of managing subcontractors, suppliers, materials, and equipment for both small and large projects. Our track record has built us a reputation of providing exceptional value, innovation and project delivery that meets budget, scheduling and quality expectations. Calgary Office: 200, 2500 – 107 Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB T2Z 3R7 P: 403.236.2200 | W: | E: H I SSE L L Our Core Purpose Strengthening communities by making a positive contribution to the neighbourhoods where we live and work. •Underground Construction & Infrastructure •Earthworks & Grading •Heavy Haul Transportation Your Custom Home Inc. O/A Your General Contractor PO Box
27 McRae Street


Calgary Construction Association 196 Abacus Steel Inc. ............................................................................. 168 Acutech Electric Ltd. 49 AGF Group Inc. 55 Akela Construction Ltd. ................................................................ 149 Alberta Bolt Makers ....................................................................... 168 Alberta Building Envelope Council South 71 Alberta Construction Safety Association ................................. 111 Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association..... 137 Alberta Roofing Contractors Association 148 Alberta Trade Contractors Council ........................................... 102 Align Cost & Project Management Inc. .................................... 132 Allmar Inc. 78 American Fiber Cement 77 Andrew Sheret ................................................................................. 109 AON Reed Stenhouse Inc. .............................................................. 88 Armour Equipment 7 Axiom Builders Inc. ........................................................................... 61 Azimuth Builders Ltd....................................................................... 95 Baldwin Construction Services Ltd. 12 Bartle & Gibson .................................................................................85 Beaver Plastics .................................................................................. 62 BFL Canada Insurance Services 65 Binns Canada Ltd. 77 Bird Stuart Olson ............................................................................ IBC BMP Mechanical and Electrical .................................................. 170 Botting & Associates Alberta 167 Bow Mark Paving.............................................................................. 113 Boxx Modular ................................................................................... 125 Brighton Projects 57 Broda Group ....................................................................................... 27 Buttcon West ...................................................................................... 97 Cana Group of Companies 63 Canadian Construction Association 67 Canadian Dewatering .................................................................... 123 CANAM ................................................................................................IFC Canbar Steel Fabricators Ltd. 127 Canyon Rigging Inc. ....................................................................... 125 Careers: The Next Generation ...................................................... 73 Carlson Construction 172 CCS Contracting Ltd. 85 Cedar Shop Building Materials .................................................... 101 Cemrock 113 Chariot Express 122 Clark Builders.................................................................................... 141 Cleaning Girl Trustworthy Services 143 Clearwest Solutions 151 Clifton Associates ............................................................................ 115 Code Hunter LLP ............................................................................ 173 Commodore Solutions 107 Cooper Equipment Rentals .......................................................... 115 Create Construction Group Ltd. .................................................. 98 Custom Electric Ltd. 104 & 105 Cyntech Group 129 Dal-Tek Interiors Ltd. .......................................................................90 Davenport Millwright Services Ltd. 131 Dawn Gordon Tractor Services 126 Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd. ........................................... 139 Design Flooring Centre .................................................................. 101 Diesel Overhead Doors Inc. 174 Doka Canada Ltd. ..............................................................................80 Donalco Western Inc. ..................................................................... 149 EAP Construction Ltd. 75 Easy-Kleen Pumps & Pressure 186 ECAA .................................................................................................... 174 Elan Construction Ltd. 94 EllisDon Construction Services Inc. 74 Envirogeotech Consulting Inc. ................................................... 175 Executive Millwork ........................................................................... 29 Express Employment Professionals – Calgary South 176 EZee Hoarding Inc. ......................................................................... 147 Ferguson Corporation ..................................................................... 72 Field Law 151 Freeze Maxwell Roofing 139 Gallagher .............................................................................................48 Gateway Mechanical Services Inc. .............................................. 65 Gator Concrete 13 GEBA Interiors Ltd. ......................................................................... 161 Graham .................................................................................................. 41 Grant Metal Products Ltd. 151 Hamilton & Rosenthal ................................................................... 147 Herc Equipment Rental ................................................................ 178 Homes by AVI 155 Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 100 HUB International Insurance Brokers ..................................... 133 IECS Environmental Inc. ................................................................ 161 Imperial Building Products 50
The CONSTRUCTOR 2024 197 InCom Electric ................................................................................. 178 Independent Contractors & Businesses Association 9 Inland Screw Piling .......................................................................... 131 Innotech Windows + Doors ............................................................. 17 Ipex Management Inc. 154 JAPA Group of Companies 15 JNL Mechanical Ltd. ....................................................................... 50 Kella Coating Solutions Inc. ...................................................... 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Foundation Systems.............................................................. 149 Raylec Power ...................................................................................... 89 Revay & Associates Limited 51 RGO Products Ltd............................................................................. 87 Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd. ....................................................... 160 Serv-All Mechanical Services Ltd. 188 Sprung Structures 45 Staples Professional ...................................................................... 175 Stephenson’s Rental Services ...................................................... 92 Strathcona Mechanical Limited 109 Sunstone Chartered Professional Accountants ................... 190 Super Save Group ............................................................................ 191 Target Products 138 The Mammoth Inc. 4 & 5 Thurber Engineering Ltd. ............................................................. 192 Tower Engineering Group ............................................................ 129 Traugott Building Contractors Inc. 59 Trimen Electric Ltd......................................................................... 193 Trisura ................................................................................................. 119 Trotter & Morton 194 TSE Steel Ltd. 125 Ultra-Lite Doors ................................................................................ 37 United Supreme Group ................................................................... 46 Vertical Crane & Rigging 138 Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products .......................... 109 Watt Consulting Group.................................................................... 77 WD Industrial Group 133 Wescor Food Equipment 195 Westcal Insulation Ltd. ..................................................................... 91 Westcor .............................................................................................. 147 Western Electrical Management Ltd. 132 Western Pump.................................................................................. 160 Westman Steel Industries ............................................................ 163 Whissell Contracting Ltd. 195 White Cap Supply Canada Inc. 53 Wi-Com Solutions ............................................................................. 99 Wilson M. Beck Insurance ................................................................ 3 World of Concrete 81 Wright Construction Western Inc. ..............................................167

E - N E W S L E T T E R



I N D U S T R Y N E W S , C C A

E V E N T S & C O U R S E S A N D

B U I L D W O R K S U P D A T E S !


T h e E d u c a t i o n B u l l e t i n i s s e n t o u t a t t h e

b e g i n n i n g o f e a c h m o n t h a n d i s a s o u r c e

o f r e l e v a n t e d u c a t i o n a l n e w s , u p - c o m i n g

e d u c a t i o n / p r o f e s s i o n a l d e v e l o p m e n t

c o u r s e s a n d m o r e !



S u b s c r i b e t o o u r n e w s l e t t e r t o r e c e i v e

t h e l a t e s t i n f o r m a t i o n a n d n e w s f r o m

t h e C a l g a r y C o n s t r u c t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n ,

d e l i v e r e d s t r a i g h t t o y o u r i n b o x e v e r y

T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n

Calgary Construction Association 198

We bring life to vision Creating great things with you

Redefining Canadian Construction

At Bird, our unwavering commitment goes beyond construction - it extends to enriching the communities that we serve. From specialized clinics and mental health facilities to educational institutions, we view construction challenges as opportunities for innovation and exceeding expectations to ultimately support a well-lived life. We are a leader in fully integrated service offerings and full lifecycle solutions by combining our industry-leading safety culture with robust processes that are supported by decades of experience.

Road, SW, Calgary, AB 403.685.7777 /
The Summit Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Calgary, Alberta North Trail High School Calgary, Alberta Commercial Architectural Coatings Concrete Steel Drywall Stucco Wood Masonry High Performance Coatings Floor Coatings Interior / Exterior Wallcoverings

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