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Leaders of Calgary’s construction industry Silver linings playbook: The pandemic planning document that brought the Alberta construction industry together

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While every effort has been made to ensure the

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Bill 27 ensures quicker compensation by HMC Lawyers

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The BMO Convention Centre expansion helps shape the Culture & Entertainment District

Canada’s economic recovery powered by 88 infrastructure – A message from the Canadian Construction Association

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ON THE COVER: Leading the way in Calgary Construction Left to right: Cathleen Peter-Swart, Westcor Construction; Kathy Orr, RGO; Kate Thompson, CMLC; Kim Connell, Clark Builders; Lara Murphy, Ryan Murphy. Story on page 38. Photo by Jason Stang Studio. PRINTED IN CANADA | 04/2021




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CATALYZING AN INDUSTRY Bill Black, CCA President & COO At the end of 2020, the Calgary Construction Association (CCA) applied for the Canadian Construction Association “Partner Associa­ tion Award”. While the main award went to the Construction Association of Nova Sco­ tia, CCA was recognized with an Honorable Mention. The award looks back over the last three years and, while 2020 may feel like three years unto itself, there is much to reflect on looking back over the last 36 months. This not only serves as a reminder of how much we have been able to achieve but it is also a powerful motivator as to what we can achieve in the future. Calgary is a resilient city and, while we will certainly have our work cut out for us over the next couple of years, we have always prevailed in the past and we will do so again with our industry once again at the front line of our recovery.

I thought that I would share some of the content from our submission as it is a tribute to you, our members, and the achievements that we have realized together. We may not have been able to enjoy all the activities we are used to over the course of 2020, but we have adapted well and that is largely because of the great people that make up our industry and the momentum that we had coming into the year.

INDUSTRY ENHANCEMENT – Catalyzing an industry around a COVID response Pandemic Planning Document – In the weeks leading up to March 15, 2020, all in the construction industry were tracking how COVID was spreading. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before it would impact us in Calgary. With major events canceling the week or two prior and other developments elsewhere, we saw the pattern

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Calgary Construction Association

progressing and then when the province an­ nounced school closures on the Sunday – we were “live”. With construction projects being closed down in cities in the US and with other prov­ inces raising similar questions associated with site safety concerns related to COVID, we knew that this would be a key factor in industry being able to continue operating on sites. Local news media was already picking up on the sentiments from elsewhere, target­ ing specific sites in Calgary, and raising their questions. Conversations with key industry stake­ holders were making it clear that action need­ ed to be taken on a significant scale. We also recognized that if our industry was going to be able to facilitate a universal response then we needed to act fast. The CCA immediately reached out to a number of local industry leaders to host such a conversation, and on March 18 a group of more than 26 local con­ struction leaders assembled via Zoom to dis­ cuss the overall situation as an industry. There were senior leadership and business owners on the call that spanned a range of large to smaller sized organizations including general contractors, trades, and suppliers. The construction industry focuses on safe­ ty first, then we build. The safety professionals that work across the industry are dedicated, well trained, and experienced in continually assessing the risks and implementing proto­ cols for universal application and site-specific scenarios. We therefore had the inherent skill sets and aptitude for this challenge. Such was the conversation during the course of the phone call with the overall question being, “How do we keep our people safe, allow them to keep working on the sites, and how do we mobilize on an industry scale?” There was

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also one other reality to consider in that the larger firms have significant in-house resourc­ es dedicated to safety, while the smaller ones are not able to sustain that same level. With that in mind, how do we ensure an industrywide response? This is where the presence of a common thread comes into play in how it galvanized all of the stakeholders. In an unprecedented show of collaboration over the course of the call, one by one, the larger firms represented all offered to share the work that their teams had already begun, some of it in its raw form, and CCA agreed to consolidate the content in one document for industry-wide release. With characteristic speed, several docu­ ments were shared from a number of sources that same day and the work to consolidate began immediately. Two days later on Friday March 20, Version 1.0 of the Pandemic Plan­ ning Document was published via the Alberta Construction Association to ensure maxi­ mum industry exposure and it was shared across the province and, ultimately, distrib­ uted across the country.

The leadership calls continued three times a week so that industry could share what was being learned from daily experience on sites and compare notes. As the protocols contin­ ued to evolve based on these events, the ma­ terial continued to be shared by each com­ pany and the Pandemic Planning Document was updated continually eventually reaching Version 4.0 over the following weeks. As a result of the work done under this CCA-led initiative, construction was deemed an essential service and our industry was able to remain in operation. As COVID restrictions have prevailed through the sec­ ond wave, the work that we carried out and the establishment of this practice has been the basis for construction continuing to be deemed essential. In a province that had been ravaged by the economic fallout of the collapsed energy sec­ tor since 2015 and will likely be facing two or three more years of recession, this continuity of business has literally saved our industry as many would not have survived a full shut­ down.

To date, there have been no known cases of site-based transmission in Alberta, but we are far from out of the woods. The work continues.

MEMBER RESOURCES CCA posted links to this document, all other relevant publications, as well as links to distributors of PPE and COVID-related supplies from masks to Perspex screens in order to provide our members with a single source for key information. To date, over 3,000 members have “clicked” on these links.

AJIRT In addition to the COVID leaders work being done in Calgary, CCA was also a founding member of the Alberta Joint In­ dustry Response Team (AJIRT), a group that aligned with Consulting Architects of Alber­ ta (CAA), Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA), Alberta Construction Association (ACA), Alberta Trade Contractors Coali­ tion (ATCC), and Edmonton Construction Association (ECA). The goal of this group, which still meets weekly, was to integrate a

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whole industry response to COVID from a

COVID, it is now evolving beyond that and

design and construction perspective and was

is becoming a basis for alignment and col­

formed to be a provincial lobby group that

laboration that has eluded our industry for

could represent a consistent and integrated

so long. This group will be the foundation of

voice to government from all key industry

future initiatives already under discussion


that will transform our industry.

It is no secret how difficult alignment

When combined with our COVID Busi­

across such groups has been historically and

ness Hub services (see later), CCA provided

yet it cannot be ignored how much our future

one of the most robust response to the pan­

may depend on such a collaboration. While

demic in the country setting us on a new path

the catalyst for this group was, and still is,

to becoming the association of the future.

PROMPT PAYMENT CCA has been directly involved in two full engagement sessions hosted by the province over the last year regarding the Prompt Pay­ ment Initiative. CCA provided industry feed­ back to inform their process during the ini­ tial launch on July 1, 2018, and most recently on November 4, 2020 when the Government of Alberta passed updates for Bill 37: Build­ ers’ Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2020. We continue to be closely con­ nected to ongoing work now proceeding in the development of the regulations.

CITY OF CALGARY Our most important relationship is with the City of Calgary. Our working relation­ ship over the years has been successful in aligning the city and industry on many as­ pects, but changes in personnel and practices were altering the landscape of City Hall and some of the relationships that we had fos­ tered for so long were either changing roles, leaving, or retiring. We have been re-focus­ ing our efforts on how to ensure that they continue to engage our industry as an expert resource and a partner in their planning and development of certain initiatives. We want to be seen as a subject matter expert and a trusted advisor. As a result of our continued efforts: • We have seen an increase in the frequency of City Liaison Committee meetings, in the attendees at these meetings, and in the rich­ ness of the content and dialogue that we are engaging in together. We are advising on procurement strategies and many matters that are of high value to our members and the industry at large. • We are sitting on the City’s Benefit Driven Procurement Advisory Task Force as they seek to pilot social procurement practices. • We recently co-presented an industry en­ gagement session with key members of the procurement team where their vision and our industry’s responses and ques­ tions were discussed in front of 60 virtual attendees. We are now gathering member feedback on their behalf so they can inform their efforts directly from industry. • We participate in the Business Sector Task Force meetings that occur weekly as a rep­


Calgary Construction Association

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resentative of the Construction Business Sector in conversations around business continuity and the response of our city throughout COVID. • CCA was invited to be a participant rep­ resenting commercial construction in the City’s Disaster Relief & Mitigation Industry Engagement which is studying how build­ ing construction methods and materials need to respond to the impact of natural disasters. Calgary has had the misfortune to haveAALA contributed many2:29:23 of the Roster Ad.pdf 1 to 2021-01-11 PM biggest

insurance claims in Canadian history. • We continue to support and participate in the City of Calgary Partnering with Indus­ try Symposium which is held annually. • We continue to represent our industry’s in­ terests in regard to the Green Line and, in particular, the need to maximize the stimu­ lus from the project by packaging the work in order to ensure maximum opportunity for local participation rather than bundle the scope into a mega project. Most recently, we have begun to interface

with the City on what could promise to be our best partnering, joint initiative yet that has the potential to be provincial in scale. In September, we co-hosted a session where the City of Vancouver shared their approach to adopting new standards with an audience from both the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton. The interest from both munici­ palities now promises to be a breakthrough in our industry’s role in advancing innova­ tion in Alberta.

BUILDERS, OWNERS, AND CONSULTANTS (BOC) The Owners, Architects, Engineers & Contractors (OAEC) was established in 2013 to bring together all members of the industry in forums designed to facilitate dialogue and


work towards a better industry. As we real­ ized the success of these efforts and learned from the interactions and the work that came out of these events, the group decided that we needed to broaden this to more than just an annual event and more activity was need­ ed on an ongoing basis to drive momentum. In 2018, we evolved to a more inclusive and less hierarchical Builders Owners & Consultants (BOC) group with the collective


goal to Transform Together.


Despite an enforced hiatus in 2020, BOC


continues to be one of our most valuable


ways in which we can transform our indus­


try through collaborative dialogue, and it


will be key in many of the initiatives that we


take on in the future.


LEAN COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE While not directly a part of the CCA itself, we are very closely aligned with the Calgary Lean CoP. Bill Black has been involved with Lean since 2004 and was already a part of this group prior to taking on the role as president and COO of CCA. Knowing the importance of Lean in terms of the future of our indus­ try, we know that our members need such a resource for knowledge, awareness, and connection. We have made a solid commit­ ment to this group hosting and participating in many of its sessions and being involved as part of the leadership team.


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ver, and other local construction associa­

EDUCATION Over the last three years the Education Program at CCA has been significantly over­ hauled. Course content has been added and some older content has been discontinued. As a result, our cancellation rate has been cut by two-thirds and our total course hours were growing by 30 per cent per annum lead­ ing up to March 2020. Despite COVID, CCA scheduled 192 course dates on its education calendar in 2020. In addition, we hosted 656 in-class student hours and over 718 virtual student hours. CCA has been a strong and reliable resource for information and connections for our members and customers and will continue to advocate for the Gold Seal pro­ gram, led by the Canadian Construction Association. In 2020, 43 students wrote the Gold Seal Exam through our association and we look forward to continuing this in 2021. CCA’s last in-class course was the “Con­ struction 101 & Beyond” in early March 2020. As the pandemic in the province brought offices to a lockdown, it was time for us to re-evaluate our program and co­ ordinate with course instructors on how to virtualize the curriculum whilst maintaining the authenticity of the teaching/learning ex­ perience. Working alongside Edmonton, Vancou­



tions, we collectively assembled a calendar of virtual education that would allow us to collectively host courses, instead of cancel­ ling them for the lack of attendance. We be­ gan our revitalized program with “Managing Change in Construction”, and then added “Construction Industry Ethics” and “Sub­ contracts 101” onto the virtual platform. We collaborated with The Construction Institute of Canada and introduced highly requested courses such as “Blueprint Read­ ing”, “Construction Law”, “Close Out a Construction Project” and “Working in a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace” to our education program and they have been our most frequently requested courses. Through the CCA Education Fund, we continue to support students and educa­ tion in our city. Prior to 2020, our annual golf tournament consistently raises between $60,000 and $80,000 which all goes to the fund with no deduction for administration fees. As a result, it has raised over $1,000,000 since its inception and regularly distributes over $100,000 per annum. In 2019, we invested $90,000 with South­ ern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) over three years to create three new endow­ ments for Women in Trades and Technology.




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Calgary Construction Association

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT PROGRAMS At CCA, membership recruitment is about both attracting new members while retaining existing members. Over the last three years, CCA has devel­ oped a specific focus around recruitment and retention. In the past our growth and retention was somewhat organic and thrived because of our network, but as the business environment changed and social network­ ing and other influencers evolved we also needed to make a focused effort to reach our marketplace and stay connected. Our current approach is about providing a true member experience while also build­ ing a stronger sense of community. This has included such steps as: • More personal and direct communica­ tion in that we reach out personally to our members for a check-in or to invite them to sessions that we know they will be in­ terested in. We have found that as a result, our members are feeling more connected to CCA and are providing tremendous feed­ back which continues to inform our ongo­ ing services. • All new members are included in “Wel­ come Wednesdays” which replaced our New Member Breakfasts. These are oneon-one virtual Zoom meet and greets be­ tween their teams and ours as a kickoff to their CCA experience. New members meet the CCA team and see what we do and we get a chance to meet their team while learn­ ing about their organization, their aspira­ tions, and reasons for joining CCA. This sets us up well to ensure they have the best experience. • We instituted “Food Truck Fridays” in the summer of 2019 as a way for our com­ munity to connect through the months when there are less items and events on the agenda. Members came to our parking lot to enjoy a lunch and a chance to connect with their peers, our team, and CCA board members. • We launched our “Meet the GC” virtual networking events and these have proved to be highly popular ways for members to network and connect despite the restric­ tions.


In addition to our many loyal members, we are happy to welcome many new and returning members to the CCA community and look forward to the future together in 2021 and beyond. CCA is continually looking for ways to bring more value to our members. Perhaps our greatest innovation in this regard has been the introduction of the Business Hub. As the majority of our members are small or medium businesses, they do not have the in-house resources and expertise at their disposal that the larger corporations have; yet, these skills are increasingly needed in today’s world of business. These are simply not affordable in a market where people are trying to keep margins down in order to re­ main competitive. There are high risks however, associated with not having these professional services and advisory resources ensuring that you are on the right track as you navigate busi­ ness. Enter the CCA Business Hub. The goal of Business Hub is to establish a group of best-in-class specialty business service providers in key fields in a central­ ized resource group and then facilitate scal­ able access to these services for our mem­ bers. Some of the potential key areas being considered include human resources, busi­ ness strategy, wellness benefits, IT/mobility, banking and financial services, marketing and communications, and fraud preven­ tion. There are three levels that allow members access to a tailored set of services best suited to their needs. • Group Education Sessions – Available free

to members, these one- or two-hour ses­ sions provide pertinent information on key topics related to each field that will allow you to gain an understanding of current best practices, regulatory changes, and risks and opportunities under each discipline. • Focus Sessions – Exclusive work sessions with your ownership and leadership teams to focus on these subjects and their appli­ cation to your specific needs in order to chart the best future path. • Services – Ongoing scalable range of ser­ vices as required in the regular course of business on a “pay-to-play” basis allowing access to best-in-class knowledge in the most cost-effective manner possible. Strong businesses need great partners. If CCA is able to facilitate connections with the best providers that can specialize in our industry and partner with our members, then we not only strengthen each organiza­ tion, we strengthen the entire industry. In Fall 2019, the first two groups launched their sessions: Elevated HR and Results Canada. Both of these groups were already providing their services to CCA and had proved to be highly valuable in helping us ensure that our organization is strong, healthy, and focused on the right things for the future. We believed that our members should experience the same.

completely validated that the Association


unprecedented times with more clarity – we

When COVID struck, Business Hub was in the right place at the right time. The role it was able to play in supporting the busi­ ness of our members as the crisis evolved

needs to find ways to be a business resource partner to our members. Rather than rely only on our historic services with a large social component, we need to help them be more effective at the core of what it takes to operate a small business. Immediately after COVID struck, we set up three weekly member exclusive calls, jointly hosted by myself and Michelle Berg, principal with Elevated HR. These were live updates where Michelle would provide the details on the latest evolving federal program and then answer our members’ questions live as they encountered an issue. These live Q&A/Advisory sessions proved invaluable to our members, so much so that we ran 28 sessions between March 18 and May 8, 2020. Our Business Hub continued to provide webinars including two legal panels dis­ cussing force majeure along with sessions dealing with insurance & bonding implica­ tions and finance sessions providing spe­ cialty knowledge on key subjects that our members desperately needed assistance with as they adapted to the crisis. During these key months, over 2,500 people attend­ ed member exclusive events at no cost to them and were able to access key informa­ tion that allowed them to navigate through literally had their backs. We are now working with organizations like MNP, BDC, Northbridge Insurance, and others to continue to build on the Busi­ ness Hub.

Calgary Ph: 403-247-4342 Fax: 403-247-3747 Email:

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With so much to celebrate and with so many contributors, it is almost an over­ whelming prospect to imagine what might be next however we are excited to explore this together and are honoured to be your Association. It is our privilege to support our great industry in the future of Calgary. From the entire team at CCA, we wish


all of our members every success in 2021 and we look forward to sharing in that to­ gether. n


Calgary Construction Association

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see how we do it.

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TAKING MEMBER VALUE AND INDUSTRY SERVICE TO HIGHER LEVELS Craig Clifton, CCA Chair In order to properly appreciate the year that was, we have to remember how it start­ ed. My term as chair of the CCA was set to begin on March 26, 2020 at our AGM, where everyone was looking forward to hearing the sometimes controversial thoughts of our guest speaker, Brett Wil­ son. At the time, our organization and in­ dustry were beginning another year and heading into an uncertain construction season, with an energy sector suffering the long-term effects of a depressed commod­ ity price and an ownership community

dealing with, what we thought at the time, were unfathomably high vacancies down­ town and a clear challenge to identify the economic driver of the future. Not a par­ ticularly rosy outlook at the time, but then a pandemic was declared and the real un­ certainty set in. It would have been easy for the CCA to retreat inward, cut overhead, and plan to ride out the pandemic in relative safety liv­ ing off our reserved funds. However, under the guidance of Bill Black and Norm Kuntz as well as several others, the organization did the exact opposite and looked for ways

to help provide some level of clarity to our members in a time of tremendous ambigu­ ity. Given that nothing like this had hap­ pened in one hundred years, our members were desperate for information; any infor­ mation that they could use to start making decisions with. In response, the CCA began organizing webinars with subject matter experts to help educate our members; top­ ics included federal and provincial assis­ tance programs, human resources obliga­ tion, employee counselling, and economic forecasting during the pandemic. At the

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Perhaps most importantly, almost immediately after the pandemic declaration, the COVID Leaders Forum was established. This was a collection of industry leaders that got together to discuss issues surrounding the pandemic. same time, there was a renewed effort to improve the CCA’s relationship with the City of Calgary and re-establish the organi­ zation as a trusted partner. Perhaps most importantly, almost im­ mediately after the pandemic declaration, the COVID Leaders Forum was estab­ lished. This was a collection of industry leaders that got together to discuss issues surrounding the pandemic. This group was responsible for the development of a best practices document that detailed how to maintain safety on construction sites and enabled our industry to continue working safely during the pandemic. The resulting document was offered freely to other as­ sociations throughout Canada and was ad­


Calgary Construction Association

opted by numerous organizations, some as far away as Dubai. The creation of the guide was instru­ mental in the eventual decision to allow construction sites to continue to operate. Collective lobbying efforts with the ACA, CEA and AAA, in addition to the best practices document help prove to all levels of government that the construction indus­ try could operate safely and allowed our membership to continue the job of build­ ing our community. More recently there has been some great work done by the Governance Commit­ tee to lay the foundation for the CCA of the future. We have clarified the structure of the organization, redefined the roles of

the committees, and made it much easier for the entire organization to work toward common goals. This cues up the organi­ zation well for the next chapter in taking member value and industry service to even higher levels. Many have begun to call 2020 a lost year; it has been anything but for the CCA. Over the course of the pandemic, I have come to appreciate the organization, the staff, and our president to a much greater extent. As my year as chair comes to a close, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with the CCA during such a signifi­ cant time and I hope that the actions of the organization are remembered by genera­ tions of builders to come. n







President & COO BILL BLACK

Director, Industry Engagement ADRIAN NAGLE

Manager, Events & Marketing/Communications LENA HOGARTH

Office Manager ANNE BLAIR

Coordinator, Administration & Member Services GABBY MORDEN


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Vice Chair JOHN MANES Spalding Hardware

Treasurer ROBERT NEUFELD Hamilton & Rosenthal, Chartered Accountants

Immediate Past Chair NORM KUNTZ BURNCO Rock Products Ltd.

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PARTNERS IN INNOVATION At Graham, we thrive on developing innovative solutions to complex problems. We set a higher standard, sharing our ideas, experience and knowledge – together with our partners. That is what makes us stronger, more resilient, more imaginative. At Graham, we do not yield to adversity, we rise up. We find a way to prevail. We are builders, but not just of structures. We serve communities, fuel growth, and strive to make a difference, enabling people and companies to live, work and flourish in a rapidly changing environment.

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Investing in the construction industry

Established in 2001, the CCA Education

annual scholarships to CCA members.

while enjoying the day and raising money to invest in the future of construction of

Fund continues to encourage and support

In an industry where diversity has always

the future of the construction industry by

been a challenge, the CCA has long believed

awarding approximately $80,000 in scholar­

in the importance of encouraging women

By providing scholarships to those seek­

ships and bursaries each year.

who are interested in pursuing careers in

ing careers in Calgary’s institutional, com­

Since its creation, the Fund has raised

construction. The CCA Education Fund

mercial, and industrial construction indus­

over $1 million to support the industry

supports the Women in Construction Com­

try, the CCA is investing in the advance­

through scholarships and bursaries that

mittee with two scholarships each year, and

ment of the construction industry, support­

help youth pursue careers in construction

to help establish a lasting legacy, the CCA

ing those entering the trades, and helping to

at SAIT, University of Calgary, and the Al­

Education Fund is creating three Women in

promote construction as a career of choice.

berta Apprenticeship and Industry Training

Trades and Technology Awards for students


at SAIT totaling $30,000 per year for three

Education Fund, please visit

years, distributed as follows:


Each year, the CCA Education Fund awards 25 Alberta Apprenticeship Fam­ ily of Scholarships in the names of the 25 CCA Champions of Education. The Fund supports eight Youth Employment Pro­ gram scholarships, and supports the Dual

• Architectural Technologies Program in the School of Construction (year one) • BSc. Construction Project Management in the School of Construction (year two) • Apprenticeship Award (year three)

Credit Carpentry Program, in partnership

The CCA Education Fund is funded

with SAIT, the Calgary Board of Education,

largely from the annual golf tournament

and the Calgary Catholic School District,

held at the Carnmoney Golf & Country

by providing PPE for 32 grade 11 and 12

Club each August. The tournament raises


between $60,000 - $80,000 all through the

The Fund awards six annual scholar­

generosity of CCA members in an effort to

ships to students enrolled in SAIT’s BSc.

further advance scholarship opportunities

Construction Project Management, and it

for the Fund.

awards 10 annual scholarships to students

The golf tournament, which sells out ev­

enrolled in the SAIT School of Construc­

ery year, is still in the works for this August


with staff working within the health and

The CCA Education Fund also awards six

safely protocols to ensure everyone is safe


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At Dawson Wallace Construction, our passion is to succeed. Since 1987, we’ve been committed to maintaining meaningful relationships with our valued clients and trusted industry partners, and to delivering bestin-class construction services in each sector we serve. With a focus on cost efficiency, value engineering, schedule control, environmental sustainability & safety, we’ve earned a reputation for being an industry leader in delivering exceptional commercial, retail, light industrial, healthcare, education & institutional, interiors & renovation projects throughout Western Canada.


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KEY MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Engaging our Community to Build Better! We are dedicated to serving the Calgary construction community through our education programs, networking events, advocacy and access to business opportunities. We provide members with opportunities for professional development, access to knowledge and expertise through our education program, webinars and Business Hub partners. We strive to help our members build important relationships, strong teams and successful businesses as they design, build and maintain the communities that make up the great city of Calgary. We are about connections and celebrating leadership in our industry while being a strong advocacy voice on behalf of all those that we serve.

ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES BuildWorks: BuildWorks Canada is the construction industry’s premiere busi(9(176 1(7:25.,1*

ness development and procurement platform. Serving the industry across Canada, BuildWorks Canada combines national visibility with local experience Events: comprehensive provides our members withBuildWorks to Our connect owners andevents generalcalendar contractors to qualified providers. numerous opportunities to network, connect, and learn. From expert-lead Canada is designed specifically for the construction industry, providing new opforums to educational seminars, wespecs, are committed to producing events portunity information, plans, bidders lists, and bid results on over 8,000 for ourpublic members that bring value through leading-edge information and 2,000 private projects annually. and networking.

(9(176 1(7:25.,1* EDUCATION & KNOWLEDGE

Events: Our comprehensive events calendar provides our members with Education: Our education and professional development offerings will help you differentiate from your competitors and numerous opportunities to network, connect, and learn. From expert-lead leverage the talent within your company. We offer a wide variety of in-house and online courses to help you and your forums to educational seminars, we are committed to producing events employees enhance knowledge, sharpen skills, and stay on top of best business practices within the industry. Additionfor our members that bring value through leading-edge information ally, weADVOCA&< ,1)/8(1&( offer the Gold Seal Certification program, the national construction standard of certification. and networking.

(9(176 1(7:25.,1*

When we say that we are EVENTS the voice of the we mean it. Our �o� is & industry NETWORKING Events: Our comprehensive calendar provides our members with to go to �at for our mem�ers in representing the factsevents to the various Events: Our comprehensive events calendar provides our members with numerous authorities and �odies that have influence over us.toOften these numerous opportunities network, connect, and learn. From expert-lead opportunities to network, connect, and learn. From expert-lead forums to educational conversations are difficult to achieve as individuals or organi�ations �ut forums to educational seminars, we are committed to producing events seminars, we are committed to producing events for our members that CC� has �uilt a networkfor of relationships and connections that we can our members that bring value through leading-edge informationbring value ADVOCA&< ,1)/8(1&( through leading-edge information networking. utili�e to great effect and our independent nature allows usand access to and networking. conversations that may otherwise not �e possi�le. We workwe locally withwe the City Calgary as industry well as �rovincially When say that are theofvoice of the we mean it.and Our �o� is ADVOCACY &con�unction INFLUENCE �ationally in with our partner organi�ations, to go to �at for our mem�ers in representing the facts tothe the�l�erta variousand Canadian �ssociations. �our mem�ership with CC� authorities thatofhave influence over us. it. Often these When we say thatConstruction weand are�odies the voice the industry we mean Our job is toalso go to mem�ership in �othtothese organi�ations. conversations difficult achieve as individuals organi�ations �ut bat forincludes our members in are representing the facts to the various or authorities and bodies CC� has �uilt a network of relationships and connections that we can that have influence over us. Often these conversations are difficult to achieve utili�eortoorganizations great effect and nature allows us access and to as individuals but our CCAindependent has built a network of relationships ADVOCA&< ,1)/8(1&( conversations that may otherwise not �e possi�le. connections that we can utilize to great effect and our independent nature allows locally with themay Cityotherwise of Calgarynot as be well as �rovincially us accessWe towork conversations that possible. We workand locally �ationally in con�unction with our partner organi�ations, the �l�erta and with thewe City of Calgary wethe as voice provincially nationally in conjunction with our When say that we as are of theand industry we mean it. Our �o� is Canadian Construction �ssociations. �our mem�ership with CC� also partner organizations, the Albertainand Canadian Constructions Associations. to go to �at for our mem�ers representing the facts to the various Your includes in �oth these organi�ations. membership with CCA alsothat includes in both these organizations. authorities andmem�ership �odies havemembership influence over us. Often these

conversations are difficult to achieve as individuals or organi�ations �ut CC� has �uilt a network of relationships and connections that we can


Congratulations CCA members!

At CCA we have always been fortunate to have so many great member organizations from our great industry as part of our community. CCA wishes to congratulate the following companies who have received recognition for their amazing achievements. Even more amazing considering all we have had to overcome in the past year or more. This is a tribute to the effort, the professionalism and commitment that they have, and the incredible people and teams in the office and the field who work, often behind the scenes, to make each organization successful as they continue to build our city. It is wonderful to see this level of recognition for so many Calgary companies and we thank you for your contribution.

YOU MAKE US ALL VERY PROUD. On behalf of your CCA Team, our Board of Directors, and all your fellow members.




LEADING THE WAY By Jim Timlick Former American First Lady Rosalynn Carter was once quoted as saying a leader takes people where they want to go, while a great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be. And while the wife of U.S. President Jimmy Carter likely wasn’t referring specifically to the construction industry, those same leadership qualities she spoke of are just as valuable in the building sector as they are to any prime minister or president. In the following pages, The Constructor takes a personal look at some of the leaders on the Calgary construction scene including how they got their start in the industry, what leadership means to them, and what advice they have for the industry’s next generation of leaders.


“I learned about collaboration too, just working as a group. I always played team sports and saw the nuances of the different personalities around you and how to manage those so that you were successful together.”


Calgary Construction Association

As vice-president and general manager of Clark Builders, Kim Connell oversees all aspects of the company’s operations in southern Alberta, including project de­ velopment and operations. An engineer by trade, Connell was always good at math in school and her interest in numbers prompted her to con­ sider engineering when she registered for university even though “I don’t know if I knew what an engineer actually did when I signed up,” she recalls, laughing. “Once I was in it, the courses I really liked were around the building side of things, structures and steel,” she says. “I began my career in project trailers work­ ing on site. The construction side of things was really exciting to me. I really liked the front-end piece of it, bringing that concept to reality, and knowing the vagueness of how it starts and then seeing the end product.” Perhaps one of the biggest influences on her professional career was her sports background. In addition to playing bas­ ketball, she was an elite level soccer player and played several seasons with the Dal­ housie University women’s team before graduating from the school’s engineering faculty. Many of the lessons she learned on the pitch and in the gym continue to influence her today, both in the board­ room and in the field. “I think the big one was time manage­ ment, just in terms of managing school, work, practices and games,” she says.

Above: Kathy Orr, RGO; Kim Connell, Clark Builders; Lara Murphy, Ryan Murphy; Kate Thompson, CMLC; and Cathleen Peter-Swart, Westcor Construction. Photo by Jason Stang Studio.

“I learned about collaboration too, just working as a group. I always played team sports and saw the nuances of the differ­ ent personalities around you and how to manage those so that you were successful together.” One of the first engineering jobs Con­ nell was hired for was a co-op work term position with a project management com­ pany in Nova Scotia while she was still at­ tending university. The job was her first taste of construction and was a memo­ rable experience for her. The person who hired her for the position, Wadih Fares, became a mentor to her and offered her a full-time position when she first moved to Calgary. “He was incredibly supportive and gave me as much as I could take on so that I could grow as quickly as I could man­ age,” she says. “When he gave me my first job in Calgary I probably grew 10 years in my development just on that one project by having that kind of opportunity.” Connell has tried to pay that experi­ ence forward by providing mentorship to a number of young engineers. One of the lessons she often shares with them is the value of good old-fashioned hard work. “It probably comes back to what you try to teach your kids, which is that hard work pays off. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve worked hard and achieved something, and I’ve been rewarded for it. That doesn’t always happen, which can be discourag­ ing. That’s why perseverance can be so important.”




Lara Murphy and partner Karen Ryan, Ryan Murphy Construction.


LARA MURPHY, RYAN MURPHY CONSTRUCTION Lara Murphy knew from a young age that she was destined for a career in con­ struction. “My mom would tell me as a kid I wanted X-ray vision as my superpower so I could see inside buildings to see how they were built,” she recalls. “I was always mes­ merized by stuff like that.” Murphy received an arts degree from Mount Allison University in New Bruns­ wick, where she also starred on the Mount­ ies’ women’s soccer team. An entrepreneur at heart, she started her own company while attending school to help pay her tuition. Her soccer coach was so impressed by her work ethic off the pitch he once told her he could see her one day running her own multimillion-dollar company. Even though she didn’t fully comprehend his words about her future at the time, they did plant a seed and provided her with the inspiration to start her own construction company years later. In 2008, Murphy formed Ryan Murphy Construction with partner Karen Ryan. Today, the general contracting firm is wellknown on the Calgary construction scene

for its agility in handling any kind of proj­ ect, from colossal multi-floor office spaces to boutique-style restaurants and coffee shops. Their list of recent projects includes converting office spaces in Calgary land­ marks such as the National Music Centre and the Devenish Building and transform­ ing a section of another heritage building into a boxing and athletic club. Today, Ryan Murphy Construction is growing rapidly, ranking on the Growth 500 list for six consecutive years, and achiev­ ing honours such as the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs’ Celebration of Achieve­ ment Award in 2020. Murphy’s hope is that those considering trades as an option can look at her as an example of what a career in construction can look like. “Getting into the trades or beginning an entrepreneurial journey is something that can bring the next generation joy and success,” she says. “I would like to leave a legacy where younger individuals who are considering a different career or business take that chance to look outside of what they are expected to do and take a real leap of faith. Don’t feel like you have to play it safe.”


Accommodation Painting offers Calgary and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of painting options, including custom interiors, repaints, exteriors, new construction, and small to mid-range commercial projects preformed only by highly skilled, professional painters. Project time lines range from one day to multiple month contracts. Our company reputation is built on our highly skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen, our devotion to customers, our business integrity and our mandate to exceed the expectation of our clients.

“I would like to leave a legacy where younger individuals who are considering a different career or business take that chance to look outside of what they are expected to do and take a real leap of faith. Don’t feel like you have to play it safe.”

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With 60 years’ experience empowering designers through education events and design tools the Canadian Wood Council and Wood WORKS! programs can help you include wood products in your next project. Build with confidence. Connect with Wood WORKS!

Resources we offer you: Case studies Education Consultation All images provided by The Prairie Wood Design Awards unless otherwise noted.


CATHY ORR, RGO PRODUCTS RGO Products president and CEO, Cathy Orr, literally grew up around the company founded in 1966 by her father, Ross Glen, and his then business partner, Gordon Oli­ ver. The company started out as a Steelcase office furniture dealer and then expanded to an office equipment shop. Orr joined the company in 1983 after graduating from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s de­ gree of science in home economics. Before long, she took over RGO’s window cover­ ings division and helped build it into one of the firm’s most successful divisions, thanks in large part to the relations she helped

U of C Mathison Hall Rendering & In-House VDC Model 42

Calgary Construction Association

build with some of Calgary’s largest general contractors. “I have a huge passion for the construc­ tion side of things. I love to watch things grow and be built,” she says. Orr has served as president and CEO of RGO Products since 2016, and succeeding her father in the role was no easy task thanks to his decades of experience and “big personality”. But the fact that she can call on him for advice at any time – he still comes into the office ev­ ery day at the age of 83 – helped make for a smooth transition. Not surprisingly, Orr cites her dad as one of her biggest role models, saying his work ethic and discipline have been huge influ­ ences on her. Although she never worked with her paternal grandfather Bill, a sales­ man by trade, Orr says he too had a huge influence on her as a businessperson. “He was an incredible mentor to me. He was tenacious and taught me to be tena­ cious. When things weren’t going well, he would ask, ‘Do you want to run at it harder or back up?’ and tell me that I have to take a different approach. That’s always stuck with me.” That tenacity has served Orr and her company well during the pandemic. Al­ though staffing levels have declined slightly since the start, the business has continued to serve clients. If there’s been an upside to current events, Orr says it’s the fact the company has had more time to examine its business model. One of the most valuable lessons Orr says she learned from her father was the importance of helping others. It’s a lesson that influences her dealings with everyone from customers to staff, and something she hopes she will be remembered for in the same way that her dad and grandfather are remembered. “I’m very passionate about leaving things better than I found them – doing a better job preparing those who are coming up be­ hind us to help them skill up and teach them what we know. I have a lot of young people around me at work and I love watching them grow. I’m teaching them, but they’re teaching me a lot too.”


CATHLEEN PETER-SWART, WESTCOR CONSTRUCTION LTD. Cathleen Peter-Swart never expected to have a career in construction. “Oh, abso­ lutely not,” she says with a laugh. Peter-Swart, vice-president of corporate services and people champion for Westcor Construction Ltd., took a rather circuitous route to get to where she is today. She stud­ ied law in her native South Africa and had her own practice there for about a decade before she and her husband decided to emi­ grate to Canada seven years ago. “When I was practicing law there was never a thought that I would not practice law. But as much as I enjoyed law, it didn’t ever fill my cup. I always felt there was something missing, and the move to Cana­ da allowed me to reinvent myself,” she says. Since a big part of her legal practice had been labour law, she decided to pursue a ca­ reer in human resources management and landed a job as HR manager with the City of Chestermere soon after arriving in her ad­ opted homeland. Three years ago she joined Westcor, where she oversees a number of essential support functions including hu­ man resources, finance, administration, of­ fice management, and LEAN integration, as well as strategy development and execution. Even though Peter-Swart no longer prac­ tices law, the skills she developed in her pre­ vious career have given her a competitive

advantage. She still uses some of the skills currently, especially her ability to examine and evaluate information as well as under­ standing and interpreting how things relate to one another. These have proven to be invaluable during the pandemic and she played a key role in helping create Westcor’s COVID-19 response plan as one of its pan­ demic response coordinators. One of the highlights of her time with Westcor, Peter-Swart says, has been hav­ ing the opportunity to work with company president and CEO Bob Robinson, who has served as a mentor for her. Peter-Swart has been actively involved in a number of committees with the Cal­ gary Construction Association (CCA) and Canadian Construction Association. She is especially passionate about the CCA’s diver­ sity and inclusion work. She was the driving force behind the CCA’s three-part Start with Self workshop series designed to help par­ ticipants achieve personal excellence and encourage them to leave their mark in the world. “A lot of the work that really fills my cup is being able to give back to the industry through training and development. For me personally, I want my legacy to be that I used the experience I had to inspire and support people to develop themselves per­

“When I was practicing law there was never a thought that I would not practice law. But as much as I enjoyed law, it didn’t ever fill my cup. I always felt there was something missing, and the move to Canada allowed me to reinvent myself.”

sonally and professionally.”

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When choosing a contractor, trust, honesty and integrity are the most important factors to consider. We pride ourselves in earning your trust and working with you every step of the way.

Our Services We provide commercial construction strategies and solutions, including pre-construction analysis, construction consulting, construction/project management, and designbuild. Our team can help value engineer during the design process and provide input on ways to minimize costs and construction time. Our goal is to make our clients happy; therefore, we take a collaborative approach to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

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“I would never be great in a job where I moved paper or filled out spread sheets. That doesn’t inspire me much, and I’m not that good at it. I love to see projects come to life and leave a legacy for the city.”

When Kate Thompson began considering options for a post-secondary education, she wondered if there was a way to combine her long-time interests in drawing and numbers. Turns out there was. “I thought I’d try architecture,” she recalls. “I figured if it didn’t work out I’d go and do some­ thing different, but I never looked back. It was really a good merger of my personality and my skillset. I loved the creative side of things, but also the logical, mathematical side as well as the systems and bringing people together.” Thompson worked as an architect for a de­ cade before joining the Calgary Municipal Land Corp. (CMLC) in 2013 as a director of develop­ ment, a position in which she oversaw work on the city’s stunning Central Library project. The CMLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary tasked with revitalizing the Rivers District and $1.3 billion in area improvements. She was named president and CEO of the CMLC in January 2020, and it’s a dream job for Thompson, who says she was attracted by the very tangible nature of the work the corpora­ tion does. “I’m very motivated by built projects and I’m motivated by seeing change,” she says. “I would never be great in a job where I moved paper or filled out spread sheets. That doesn’t inspire me much, and I’m not that good at it. I love to see projects come to life and leave a legacy for the city.” In addition to her role with the CMLC, Thompson also serves as an adjunct professor with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. Although she doesn’t get to spend as much time in the classroom as

RichaRdson bRos. (olds) ltd. c ons t ruc t ion • a sph a lt & gr av el sa l e s r.r. 3, site 11, BoX 19 olDs aB t4h 1p4 phone:

403-556-6366 403-263-7103 (calgary)

FaX: 403-556-2044


Calgary Construction Association

she would like to these days, Thompson re­ mains passionate about working with the next generation of architects. “I benefitted from some fantastic instruction and professors over my lifetime and career. You have to pay that forward,” says Thompson, who grew up in Winnipeg and attended the Univer­ sity of Manitoba. “I had great mentorship growing up and go­ ing through the profession, and I think it’s part of agreeing to be a part of the profession and part of a community that you help those com­ ing behind you to achieve success.” One of the most influential people in Thomp­ son’s own career was Carl Nelson, a landscape architecture professor at the U of M and one of her personal mentors. “I remember this one line he told me when I was starstruck over one of the architects he had taught and worked with. He said, ‘these people are just like you and me; they put their pants on one leg at a time’. It was really a grounding force for me,” she says. “I get to work with some really fantastic people now who are well published and high profile, but I still hear Carl in the back of my mind saying they are still just people.” Although Thompson remains focused on the here and now, she acknowledges that she has begun thinking about what her legacy might be once her career winds down. “Legacy is such an interesting concept. Is legacy what you leave in terms of brick and mortar or how you act as a human being? I would hope my legacy would be a combina­ tion of both things. I would hope my legacy is a quality urban environment, a great family, and strong friendships. If I can achieve that, I will be proud.” n



L T D.


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Industry leaders turn to Fluor to design and build the world’s toughest projects. In response, we provide solutions that deliver safe, well-executed, and capital-efficient projects to clients across Canada and around the world. Working with our clients, we consistently deliver results with the quality and safety they expect. © 2021 02 21 2 1 FFlluo lu uor o Co Corpo rpo orat ration ion on n. All Rig ig ght hts hts ts Re Resse Rese ser erved ed.. F or iss a regi Fl Flu egi eg gist sste tte ered d se serrvi rvvviice cce e mar mark of FFluo l r Corp luo orrpo or oraatio tion. n. n. AD ADC A D DC CA2 A20 A 2 20 0532 53 1


Green Line LRT 9 Avenue N. rendering.

Event Centre, LRT will play key roles in transforming Calgary By Jim Timlick Between the struggles faced by the oil and gas sector and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 could ultimately go down as one of the most difficult years ever in the history of Calgary. While neither situation is likely to be re­ solved in the short term, there is a growing sense of optimism building about the city’s future. Perhaps one of the most tangible bits of evidence of that growing optimism is the fact that the city is about to embark on two of the most ambitious building projects in its 146-year history. Preliminary work recently began on the Green Line light rail transit (LRT) project, which at a projected cost of $4.9 billion

makes it the largest infrastructure project in Calgary’s history. Later this year, construc­ tion is expected to begin on a new $550 mil­ lion, state-of-the-art Event Centre to replace the aging Scotiabank Saddledome. The Green Line LRT is being funded by the three levels of government and is ex­ pected to create 12,000 direct new jobs and another 8,000 spinoff jobs as part of the first

GREEN LIGHT FOR GREEN LINE The first phase of the Green Line LRT will run 20 kilometres and will connect 16th Av­ enue in north Calgary with 126th Avenue in the south end of the city. It will complement the existing Red Line and Blue Line LRT lines already in place. Preliminary work has already begun on relocating some utilities and landfills as well as separating the Green

phase of construction. The cost of the Event

Line from a nearby CN Rail spur line. Con­

Centre is being split by the City of Calgary

struction is currently expected to begin later

and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment

this year pending the conclusion of discus­

Corp. (CSEC) and is likewise expected to

sions with the province on due diligence.

create thousands of new employment op­ portunities.

Michael Thompson, Green Line general manager for the City of Calgary, says the

Event Centre concept renderings.


Calgary Construction Association

SHOW-STOPPING STYLES, TO LOOKS WITH UNDERSTATED BEAUTY Tried and true, Gerber toilets have been trusted by industry professionals for nearly 90 years. That dependable performance is carried through to a full range of faucets and shower solutions fit to meet any design, need, and budget.

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project will have a transformative effect on both Calgarians and their city. A study conducted by the City of Calgary suggests the Green Line will save Calgarians about 10,000 hours a day in travel time and allow some two-car families to ditch their second vehicle. More importantly, Thompson says it will serve as a catalyst for re­ development in downtown Calgary where of­ fice vacancy rates have soared in recent years. “Transit is one of those things that attracts that sort of next generation of workers. They’re really looking for vibrant spaces with great ac­ cess to public transit,” he says. “If we want to think about how we make Calgary competitive in the future economy, we have to start think­ ing about how we make it easier for that next generation of worker to move around using transit.” One of the more unique aspects of the Green Line project is that it will use a Design-Buildand-Finance model, which involves awarding a single contract for design, construction, and partial financing. “It will really put the designer and the con­ tractor working together on the same team,” says Thompson. “We think whenever you have good designers and contractors working close together there’s a really good synergy there. It allows the teams to come up with innovative so­ lutions and it gives them the flexibility to really drive better value for the citizens of Calgary.” Unlike the city’s two existing LRT lines, the Green Line will use new “low floor” trains that will allow users to more easily embark or dis­ embark from the vehicle. “The existing trains have served us well and they continue to serve us well, but it’s really 1960s technology,” says Thompson. “These cars

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Green Line LRT 16 Avenue rendering.

will make for a train that’s better integrated into the communities when we’re running in those communities, and they can still oper­ ate at the same speeds as our existing trains when we’re outside of those communities and need to move faster.” As with any project of this scale, the Green Line will have to deal with a number of con­ struction challenges. One of those challenges will be the geology and higher water tables in the city’s urban downtown core. Calgary will also be competing for skilled construction workers with other cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Seattle who are undertaking

their own transit projects. “We’re definitely not the only project out there so we need to make sure we have a competitive project that’s attractive to com­ panies to bid on,” says Thompson. Some questions have been raised as to why Calgary is going ahead with the Green Line project at a time when public transit use is down as a result of the pandemic. Thompson says that the expectation is that transit rider­ ship numbers will rebound once most people have been immunized and are working in an office environment again.

As recently as 2017, the Event Centre ap­ peared to be dead in the water when the parties involved couldn’t work out a deal. An Event Centre assessment committee was struck later that year following the civic election and a new deal was worked out that will see the city and CSEC split the cost of the new $550-million fa­ cility that will serve as a new home to the NHL Flames, WHL Hitmen, and NLL Roughnecks, as well as host concerts and other events. Jeff Davison, a Calgary city councillor who chaired the Event Centre committee, says that while the Saddledome remains one of the city’s most iconic structures, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. Construction of the Event Centre is sched­ uled to begin later this year and is expected to complete in 2024. It will be located north of Stampede Park on a two-block piece of prop­ erty the city acquired in a land swap with the Calgary Stampede. The Saddledome will be demolished once work on the new facility is complete. It is expected to be a major catalyst for in­ vestment and redevelopment in Calgary’s Riv­

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ers District, including a number of high-rise residential developments. In addition, Davi­ son says the city’s projections show the facil­ ity will generate approximately $400 million in revenue for the city over the term of the 35-year deal with CSEC, including a share of the naming rights and ticket revenues. About $75 million of that amount will be invested in amateur sports and local organizations. Last June, the Calgary Municipal Land Cor­ poration (CMLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary, announced the firms that had been selected to lead the design and construction of the Event Centre. The major­ ity of those firms are based in Calgary includ­ ing co-designer Dialog and CANA Construc­ tion Management. “Absolutely, it was by design,” says Davison. “From the get-go, this had to be a project by Calgarians for Calgarians. Part of our goal right now is putting hard-working Calgarians back to work. That was incredibly important to the idea of what we were building even prepandemic.” The city has held several online public con­ sultations about the project and Davison says the response has been phenomenal. While it will be sometime before the final design for the new facility is unveiled, Davison says one of the recurring messages from members of the public is that the facility needs to be inte­ grated into the neighbouring community. “I imagine it will have a unique Calgary look. I don’t know what that will be yet, but the idea is that it’s got to be part of the community. You shouldn’t be walking down the road and all of a sudden there’s this giant spaceship in the middle of the road,” he says, adding that one of the biggest design challenges with the 19,000-seat facility will be incorporating it into a tight parcel of land and still offer streetfacing retail space. Davison says he believes the Event Centre will not only change the landscape of the city, but also the way Calgary views itself. “When things start coming out of the ground and we start seeing what’s possible and what we’ve accomplished as Calgarians, that’s a really positive thing. Looking at all the things we’ve been through, the economic de­ cline, the crash in oil, the pandemic, Calgar­ ians have to remember we’re a resilient city and there’s probably no more important time in our history to remember that.” n

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FEATURE | Under Construction

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Cities past and present have adapted to uncertainty, the future is no different Contemporary city planning, as we know it, was born out of a necessity to address com­ municable diseases. Conditions in cities more than 100 years ago were the breeding grounds for infectious diseases such as cholera and yellow fever. In Lower Manhattan, overcrowding and inad­ equate systems for garbage and sewage led to polluted water infrastructure. New York officials turned their attention to the develop­ ment of sanitation systems, which launched a global rethink of the design and redesign of cities, infrastructure, and architecture to manage and minimize the risk of infectious disease. Today, the world is faced with a similar obstacle. COVID-19, which was declared a pan­ demic in March of 2020, saw cities mandating lockdowns — asking residents to stay indoors and non-essential businesses and operations to shutter their doors — in an attempt to re­ duce the chances of community spread of the novel coronavirus. To align with social-dis­ tancing recommendations, many Canadian cities closed often-crowded places, such as recreation centres and public facilities, urged cancellation of non-essential gatherings, and introduced protocols enabling employees to work from home. While the pandemic has undoubtedly af­ fected many aspects of our lives, adding com­ plexity, uncertainty, and anxiety — people have found ways to adjust. At a neighbour­ hood level, we have seen the incredible ways in which people have cared for one another. Even with physical-distancing measures in effect, people found ways to connect, includ­ ing rooftop singalongs, applauding in unison in support of health-care workers, and install­ ing various forms of art in their windows for those strolling by.


Calgary Construction Association

At a city level, we have seen governments accelerate the need to adapt and evolve as COVID-19 has exacerbated existing urban issues. Municipalities shut down streets to vehicle traffic to allow movement of people, converted vacant buildings into temporary shelter for those experiencing homelessness, and public participation processes were ex­ plored through digital alternatives. Busi­ nesses reconfigured their operations to en­ sure customers could appropriately distance

By Jason Syvixay

themselves from others. The destination — vibrant places, commu­ nity connection, and economic development — remains the same, but cities are now at a different starting point. The construction industry was not im­ mune to the uncertainty and disruption of the pandemic either. Construction sites in many countries shut down, or faced agitated supply chains and operational restrictions. The industry had to adjust and pivot, and had

THE DESIGN-BUILD FOR SOUTHERN ALBERTANS We are shaping the future of construction through exceptional relationships and a deep commitment to our clients, consultants and trade partners’ success. To deliver Alberta’s top projects, like the Calgary Cancer Centre, PCL’s network of experts drive innovation and add value.



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to find ways to keep their projects afloat, to align their processes with provincial and mu­ nicipal orders, and to ensure their construc­ tion sites were safe. Dr. Tamer E. El-Diraby, a civil engineer­ ing professor at the University of Toronto, notes that while the construction sector was able to develop new supply chains and adopt safe procedures and processes during the pandemic, additional research is needed to support future pandemic preparedness (ConstructConnect, 2021). Supported by the Residential and Civil Construction Alli­ ance of Ontario, the Residential Construction Council of Ontario, and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Dr. El-Diraby is undertaking a three-phased study with con­ struction stakeholders to discuss and develop solutions and best practices guidelines.

BUILDING KNOWLEDGE Local research and insights are emerging in Alberta. The Calgary Construction Asso­ ciation, in partnership with Bird Construc­ tion Association, PCL, Lafarge, EllisDon,


Calgary Construction Association

and others, developed a guide at the height of the pandemic; Pandemic Planning for the Construction Industry, a centralized source of information and resources to help the con­ struction industry during the pandemic. “We needed to respond as one industry and if this were to be possible it could only be achieved through an unprecedented level of collaboration across all organizations,” says Bill Black, president and COO of the Calgary Construction Association. “This was particu­ larly important as many organizations in our industry do not have internal resources to create such content while other larger orga­ nizations do.” The guide shares with its readers policy examples for physical distancing and sani­ tation, supply chain audits, contracts, and working from home. Templates are abundant in the guidebook, including a Health Check Questionnaire, Daily Preventative Measures Checklist, and Return to Work Declaration Form, as well as posters and site signage. Bob Robinson, president and CEO of Westcor, saw the Pandemic Planning for the

Construction Industry document as an op­ portunity to “drop competitiveness and trade secrets for worker protection and to instill posi­ tive public confidence.” Those shared lessons learned, Robinson notes, are key to the construction industry’s success during and after this pandemic. “From a leadership perspective, we recognized that humour, positivity, reaching out, and goal set­ ting are key elements to being successful to these unprecedented challenges,” says Robin­ son. “This does not change post-pandemic. COVID­-19 has reminded us about the impor­ tance of spending time developing and imple­ menting business continuity strategies and tactics.” Alberta Roofing Contractors (ACA) was one of many from the construction industry to have contributed to the document. Karen Ruther­ ford, ACA’s executive manager, noted, “It be­ came apparent that different organizations had good ideas and were implementing protocols that would benefit others. The sharing of ideas was generous and without hesitation. And by sharing our best efforts, we hoped to create a

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FEATURE | Under Construction

best practices benchmark for the benefit of owners, general contractors, and a myriad of sub trades.” Robinson implemented a wide-range of tactics from the Pandemic Planning for the Construction Industry document, including digital documentation, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provision, and protocols for on-site work. “We are constantly putting our heads to­ gether to deal with ongoing challenges and to come up with creative solutions,” he added. “At the early onset of COVID-19, when PPE was not readily available, we had a couple of our in­ novative employees come up with a function­ ing design for masks and they proceeded to 3D print them. Other employees put together a user-friendly QR code-based contact-tracing protocol that we use at our project sites and of­ fice today.”

NEW NORMAL, NEW CHALLENGES COVID-19 has seeped into our cities, streets, homes, and minds. With it came a challenge to adjust to a new normal — from wearing masks in public spaces to physically distancing ourselves and sanitizing religiously. While construction workers have always used PPE to protect themselves, Rutherford noted how the pandemic brought with it new expectations and standards on site, such as in­ creased cleaning and sanitization of hard sur­ faces and equipment, health screenings, train­ ing, and support.

“To this day, the costs of these changes to keep job sites safe and active are being born by the industry,” says Rutherford. The Pandemic Planning for the Construc­ tion Industry guide calls on access to handwashing and sanitizing stations, frequent cleaning of touched objects and surfaces, pan­ demic preparedness training, and limiting the size of staff and visitors on site — measures that support adequate physical distancing and sanitation. The guide also highlights a variety of contractual considerations, from clearly in­ dicating to clients and industry partners how disruptions of work might occur, to provisions that address unforeseen delay such as ‘Force Majeure’ clauses. Other tools such as Supply Chain Audits, a tool to identify and deter­ mine the impact of supply chain interruption, and Return-to-Work Protocols, are identified throughout the guide as important pandemic measures.

dustry provide a useful playbook on how they may support the recovery of communities and economies in their cities. While strategies like increased digitization or identifying alternative suppliers can support the immediate construction and development needs of the industry, it will be important to look beyond the immediate crisis and begin to think about the next chapter, the next chal­ lenge. “Post-pandemic, there is a fear of returning to our silos,” says Rutherford. “I hope we con­ tinue to work together to solve other industry problems, and as challenges arise in the future, I hope we recall the collaborative success dur­ ing the pandemic and remember that we as an industry are stronger together.” Black says the level of collaboration between construction industry partners was a career highlight — and it was an unprecedented op­ portunity to nurture an open-source mentality. Businesses, big and small, broke their conven­ HOW WILL WE EVOLVE? tional mould, and often siloed approach, by The world will look different as we move be­ yond this pandemic. But one thing is clear: we working together to make information and all have a role to play in navigating inevitable resources available. “While COVID-19 was a universal cause crisis and change. To start, we need to be open that galvanized the entire industry to work to­ to re­imagining the way in which we build and wards a solution, we can’t drop our guard — we collaborate. We have seen many innovations, still have work to do,” says Black. “The Calgary and it will be important to take stock on what A highly diversified Prime Mechanical Contractor . worked well and what could be improved. For Construction Association is eager to keep the those in the construction sector, documents momentum going.” For additional information and resources, like the Calgary Construction Association’s Pandemic Planning for the Construction In­ visit n

A highly diversified

Prime mechanical contractor


Calgary Construction Association

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Invest in the future. Hire Alberta youth. CAREERS: The Next Generation works with schools to connect employers with motivated students who are interested in exploring a future in skilled trades, health care and information & communications technology. For students, it provides valuable insight and hands-on experience – for employers, it’s a chance to develop their next generation of skilled employees.


ACA ADVOCACY UPDATE By Ken Gibson, Executive Director The Alberta Construction Association ad­ vanced member interests on numerous ad­ vocacy fronts in 2020. ACA advocacy for increased flexibility in overtime averaging agreements paid off with the passage of Bill 32 “Restoring Bal­ ance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act”. ACA partnered with the Alberta Trade Contractors Coalition and the GC Alliance of Canada to lead the commercial con­ struction industry response in prompt pay consultations. There is strong alignment among industry groups to adopt much of the Ontario legislative approach for prompt pay. Bill 37, Builders’ Lien (Prompt Pay­ ment) Amendment Act was introduced in the Fall 2020 sitting. The Government of Alberta accepted ACA’s recommendation to put the detail in the Regulations, as it is difficult to change Acts of the Legislature once enacted. ACA


has been invited to provide a technical ex­ pert to assist with the drafting of the Regu­ lations over the next few months. Bill 37 has been amended to mandate progressive release of holdback and to mandate a payment cycle of 28 days, 7 days, 7 days etc. down the contractual chain. Amended Bill 37 also now mandates an in­ voicing cycle not to exceed 31 days. These amendments address ACA concerns and are positive developments for industry. Some of the items that require greater work through the Regulations include: • Concrete has a special carveout with a liens period of 90 days, with the rest of the commercial industry at 60 days. Careful thought is required to ensure lien rights and progressive release of holdback re­ main workable and equitable when one part of the contractual chain operates with a longer timeframe.


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• ACA recommended disputes between prime and subconsultants be included, Service Alberta believes this can be ad­ dressed in the Regulations. • Bill 37 reaffirms and adds to an existing provision where persons within the con­ tract chain can demand reports on pay­ ment from owners and general contrac­ tors. Careful consideration is required in drafting the Regulations to balance trans­ parency and administrative burden. • Bill 37 mandates adjudicator decisions as final and binding, unlike Ontario where adjudicator decisions are interim and binding. ACA has lobbied the Min­ ister but it appears that the government believes our concerns can be addressed through Regulations. Beyond supporting development of the Regulations, ACA continues to work with partners to become an Authorized Nomi­ nating Authority for appointment of adju­ dicators for May 2021. ACA, the Alberta Trade Construction Coalition, and the General Contractors Alliance of Canada, are advocating to be a Nominating Body for payment dispute adjudicators to ensure industry expertise and affordable cost for industry. ACA successfully lobbied for the ap­ pointment of three former ACA chairs to the Skills for Jobs Task Force: Paul Heyens, Paul Verhesen, and Colin Ward. The Skills for Jobs Task Force has been appointed to find ways to expand and strengthen ap­ prenticeship education and skilled trades opportunities to meet labour demands. The Task Force final report supports a num­ ber of ACA recommendations to promote trades education. Last summer, the Government of Al­

Leaders in CommerCiaL miLLwork & Continuous improvement manufaCturing





berta launched a review of the Workers’ Compensation Act to ensure job creators and workers benefit from a workers’ com­ pensation system that is fair, affordable, and sustainable. ACA’s submission highlighted changes to return WCB to a no-fault insurance sys­ tem rather than a social program funded by employers. The Government of Alberta also invited stakeholders to submit comments to in­ form potential legislative reform of OHS legislation and its associated regulations to improve health and safety outcomes, while enabling innovation and competitiveness. ACA’s submission highlights the need for evidence-based regulation that demon­ strates actual improvements in jobsite safe­ ty, not burdensome administration. With the Fall 2020 Sitting of the Legis­ lature, the Government of Alberta intro­ duced Bill 47: Ensuring Safety and Cutting Red Tape Act. Upon initial review, ACA supports many of the proposals of the Bill:


Calgary Construction Association



• Added ACA’s recommended definition of a construction worksite. • Increase flexibility on multi-employer work sites with more than 20 workers by requiring prime contractors to have an OHS contact on site to liaise with work­ ers and employers on health and safety matters in lieu of a health and safety com­ mittee. • Maximize flexibility in OHS programs by removing most prescriptive requirements in the OHS Act. ACA’s recommendation to eliminate re­ porting of potentially serious incidents was not accepted, but Bill 47 proposes to clarify and streamline reporting requirements and prohibit the information from being used in enforcement actions including pros­ ecutions. ACA met with OHS in March to further discuss implementation of the new legislation.

• Repeal the obligation to reinstate and duty to accommodate from the legislation (ACA recommended repeal of the obliga­ tion introduced in the 2018 changes to the WCB Act). • Amend WCA to allow WCB to cease or reduce earning loss benefits when modi­ fied work is terminated by the employer due to egregious acts (this is a long stand­ ing ACA request). • Reinstate cap on maximum insurable earnings (ACA recommendation). • Return to pre-2018 definition of cost of living adjustments (ACA recommenda­ tion). • Repeal the legislated requirement for employers to continue paying contribu­ tions to existing health benefit plan after worker injury (pre-2018 approach) (ACA recommendation). • Revisit provisions regarding occupational

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disease, psychological injury, benefit of doubt, and presumptive coverage (ACA recommendation). ACA recently provided feedback on the corresponding WCB policies to implement the revised legislation. ACA former chair Paul Verhesen was appointed co-chair of the Red Tape Reduc­ tion Industry Panel for the Construction Sector and Ken Gibson appointed to chair the Vertical Construction sub-group. The panel provides advice to the Government of Alberta on regulatory burden with the view to eliminating red tape that is costing Alberta business. A key ask of ACA was to revisit allocation of risk in government contracts. In February 2021, the govern­ ment announced a review of its procure­ ment policies.


Calgary Construction Association

ACA provided input on the Alberta In­ frastructure Act and 20-Year Capital Plan. The Act is intended to serve as a legislated governance framework for capital planning in Alberta. The 20-Year Plan is intended to be a visionary document that considers long-term trends and priorities for pro­ vincial infrastructure. ACA recommends economic criteria to determine priorities, incenting private capital for public infra­ structure, and looking beyond capital plan­ ning to address issues of predictable capital programs, funding, and procurement. ACA lobbied the government for rec­ ognition of COVID-related costs in cur­ rent and future procurements, including a presentation to the Standing Commit­ tee on Alberta’s Economic Future in sum­ mer of 2020. ACA continues to advocate

for fair allocation of unknowable COVID risks with specific recognition cost and / or schedule impacts. In February, ACA wrote to the Premier to request a meeting to dis­ cuss industry concerns on this issue. ACA was pleased with the Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB) announcement of $2 billion for energy retrofits for build­ ings. ACA has lobbied the CIB directly and sought the support of the Canadian Construction Association for this advo­ cacy. ACA is now supporting a new energy retrofit program of the Alberta Urban Mu­ nicipalities Association which will bring much needed work for our members across the province. ACA also continues dialogue with the Canada Green Building Council and other partners to advocate for addi­ tional investment in building retrofits. n

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By Mark Halsall The kitchen in Integral Group’s new office space in the Telus Sky building is one example of sustainable building practices. It was built using largely re-used or recovered materials, including a butcher block countertop from a demolition project, wall finishings from used crates, and excess tiles from a previous project. Photo: Integral Group.

Terms like sustainable building and green

cannot deliver a more sustainable future

construction are becoming more com­

without our industry buying in,” he adds.

highly functional. “If a building is not doing what it’s sup­

monplace these days as the movement to

“For the construction industry, the op­

posed to do, then it cannot be sustainable

construct highly energy efficient buildings

portunity is there to contribute to the solu­

because it’s not fulfilling the purpose it was

as a climate change solution continues to

tion and make yourself stand out as some­

designed for,” he says.

gain momentum in Canada and around the

one that knows how to deliver more sus­


tainable buildings.”

Grace believes this is where contrac­ tors can make an important contribution

Matt Grace is a green engineering spe­

Grace and the Integral Group specialize

to sustainable building projects, especially

cialist who’s been helping create sustain­

in zero-carbon or carbon-neutral buildings,

if there’s an integrated project delivery ap­

able buildings in Calgary for 14 years. In

which are designed and operated in ways

proach that enables them to provide practi­

his mind, sustainability is definitely some­

that achieve net zero-carbon emissions.

cal feedback or advice early on about what

thing building contractors should lean into

Popular zero-carbon strategies include:

will work and what will be cost effective.

as an opportunity. “This is something that

• Using a passive design approach;

you have to look at as a contractor in Cal­ gary because it’s going to happen anyway whether contractors buy into it or not,” says Grace, managing principal at Integral Group’s Calgary design studio.

• Designing a high-performance building envelope; • Specifying energy efficient HVAC systems, lighting, and appliances; • Installing on-site renewable energy.

“The opportunity for the contractors is to help look at the building as a whole, to look at it as a system,” he says. “A classic example of how mechanical engineering can work in harmony with the building envelope is if you make your windows and your walls

“All of the data shows that the built en­

Grace notes that while there are many

well insulated enough, you might be able to

vironment is our biggest opportunity for

ways to reduce a building’s environmental

take out all of those perimeter heaters. By

reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so we

impact, a green building still needs to be

improving the insulation, you can make the


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View of the Rocky Mountains from Integral Group’s new office space in the Telus Sky building. The glass box was incorporated into the design as a way to showcase any construction waste that could not otherwise be diverted from a landfill. Matt Grace of Integral says the general contractor Eton West was so effective in implementing the project’s Construction Waste Management Plan that all waste was recycled or re-used – which is why the glass box is empty. Photo: Integral Group.

climate conditions could present problems in the future. “When we get more extreme weather events or if the building just can’t cope with greater fluctuations in tempera­ ture, that’s going to create a potential situ­ ation of conflict. And so, it’s in everybody’s interest to look at addressing that risk right

“ When we get more extreme weather events or if the building just can’t cope with greater fluctuations in temperature, that’s going to create a potential situation of conflict. And so, it’s in everybody’s interest to look at addressing that risk right now,” Grace says.

space inside really comfortable, really resil­ ient, and you could potentially eliminate the need for a bunch of systems and save the cli­ ent some money short term and long term.” Grace maintains it’s important to recog­ nize that with sustainable building, there can be risk as well as opportunity. “Sustain­ ability is one of those terms that’s used very widely, but it is often misunderstood and misused,” he says. “Sustainability changes with time and it changes with location and it changes project by project.” As an example, Grace points out that a green building that only factors in today’s

now,” he says. Grace points out there are solutions to help “future-proof ” green buildings, such as including the capability for future ven­ tilation upgrades or building in resilience against punishing weather events in the future, and he believes building contractors can play an important role in this respect. “You could actually have that conversa­ tion with the client and ask, ‘What is your risk tolerance? This will be fine now, but in 10 years’ time this might not be functioning as well if the climate change predictions are accurate,’” he says. “It’s a real opportunity to show that as a


contractor, you understand the opportuni­ ties and you understand the different ways of looking at sustainability.” Grace believes it’s best to have a discus­ sion like this right at the beginning of a project and if possible, to get something in writing if there’s clear agreement.

Trotter & Morton was established in 1927 as a plumbing and heating company. Through over 90 years of dedicated leadership and hard work, we have become a diverse group of building trades experts. Our broad portfolio of Technologies, expertise and knowledge allows us to better serve our partners and clients as a single-source contractor. Be it Commercial or Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical or Fabrication you can find it all at Trotter & Morton. Vancouver to Winnipeg, Seattle to San Antonio and Calgary to Kansas City we are the people that make buildings work. From the first shovel to the final build to ongoing maintenance, we’ve got the entire lifecycle of your building covered. We are there for the build and beyond.


Calgary Construction Association

“When you’re starting construction, if the documents you’re bidding on are not clear on what the sustainable design goals are for the project, you need to ask that question because that represents a risk,” he says. “When a building isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, then that’s when everybody starts falling out with each other, and it gets messy. So, we can avoid a lot of that by hav­ ing that early conversation.”


Grace says because sustainability can be a shifting target, contractors should not as­

time to make sure you mitigate the potential risks in this.”

sume that what they did on their last green building will be the same on the next.

“We’ve got a lot of existing buildings, some of which are empty, ripe for renova­

Grace considers Calgary to be quite a

tion and repurposing,” says Grace. “I believe

green city already — “It can be an amazingly

we’re going to see people thinking about

“My advice is to make sure you know

sustainable place to live” — and he believes

these buildings very differently and getting

what your client wants, expect the goals and

programs such as a new lending program

very creative with what they do with them.

the targets will change from project to proj­

for funding retrofit projects being offered

I don’t think we’re going to be building an

ect, and identify sustainability as something

by the Canada Infrastructure Bank as part

awful lot of new buildings in the near fu­

where you can differentiate yourself, you

of Ottawa’s COVID-19 recovery plans will

ture, but there will be a lot of retrofits.” n

can stand out. But you also need to take the

make it even greener.

GOING GREEN IN VANCOUVER Sean Pander manages the Green Building Program in Vancouver, which has the lofty goal of becoming the world’s Greenest City. The program first established by Vancouver City Council in 2011 is making lots of headway in that regard, thanks to a sustainable building strategy crafted in large part by Pander. “The first part of formulating vision or a plan is being very, very clear on the outcomes that you’re trying to achieve. What is the objective, and what are the problems you’re trying to solve?” Pander asks. He suggests that once a clear vision and goals are in place, the next step is to gather relevant data and set measurable targets for the major components of the sustainable building plan. “I think a third step is really understanding that you can’t advance high performance without significant regard to how the building will function or how it’s used,” he says. “We realized that for us to be successful long term, we couldn’t roll out these buildings that might be great for the environment, but people didn’t to want to live in or they couldn’t be productive in.” Pander says part of what makes Vancouver Green Team’s sustainable building strategy successful is that there’s been a lot of input from innovation leaders in the private sector. The Heights is a multi-unit residential building completed in Vancouver in 2017. It is Passive House certified, and according to Vancouver Green Building Program manager Sean Pander, The Heights is a great example of how a project designer, builder, and developer can work together and achieve success on a collaborative sustainable building project. Photo: City of Vancouver.

“We found that there was a significant minority of experienced designers and developers who really were keen to improve how buildings were built and improve their performance,” he says. “They revealed to us things that we didn’t think were possible were actually not that hard, and some things that we thought were working well, weren’t working at all.”

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BUILDING A BETTER WORLD Chandos Construction does things a little differently By Jim Timlick It’s not very often you will see the owner of a multi-million-dollar company come into work each day with their sleeves rolled up and prepared to get their hands dirty. As unusual as such a scenario might seem at many workplaces, it’s an everyday occur­ rence at Chandos Construction. Founded in 1980, Chandos is one of a growing number of employee-owned Canadian construction companies and has been since day one. What differentiates it from many other employee-owned enterprises is the fact that its ownership ranks include everyone from frontline employees on job sites to middle management. In fact, every single Chandos employee, including hourly workers, has the option to buy shares in the business and company executives make up less than 40 per cent of Chandos’ nearly 200 employeeowners. The Chandos ownership model is in­ spired by the one used by the Mondragon Corporation in Spain, one of the largest and most successful worker cooperatives in the world. Former CEO and current executive


Calgary Construction Association

The Scenic Grande, one of Chandos Construction’s communityfocused projects, provides seniors with independent and assisted living accommodation and amenity space in northwest Calgary. chair, Tom Redl, travelled to Spain several years ago to tour Mondragon firsthand. He was so impressed by what he saw overseas that he determined a similar ownership strategy would be a perfect fit for Chandos and give it a competitive advantage here in Canada. Nicole Monaco, director, marketing and communication, says one of the benefits of Chandos’ employee ownership model is the fact that it encourages a sense of entre­ preneurship among workers at every level of the company. It has also helped create a stronger bond among employees.

WORKING TOGETHER “In most companies, you really only con­ trol your own destiny and often times you only think about your own performance or team,” says Monaco. “In this employee

ownership model, someone like me is also contributing to the success of the 200 other owners in the company. We’re all working together. We all earn a share of the profits. It’s a great way to incentivize and it attracts talent as well.” Chandos has been following its own path since it was launched 40 years ago by co-founders Dan O’Brien and Don Coyne. That fact is reflected in the company’s name. Rather than choosing a name that paid homage to themselves, the founders chose the name of a lake in Ontario they both had a connection to so that the com­ pany would live on even after they were no longer a part of it. Now entering its third generation of leadership, Chandos continues to follow that tradition of doing things a little bit dif­ ferently.

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High Engineering is a single source for Work at Height solutions and services. We are Qualified, Competent, Certified fall protection specialists and have been supporting the needs of contractors, developers, city-planners, government officials, architects, and engineers since 2005.

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FEATURE | Chandos The Scenic Grande consists of an independent living facility, and an assisted living and care facility, connected by a common area that includes administration offices, a swimming pool, fitness space, kitchen and dining rooms, and a lounge.

For example, it is the largest B Corp Cer­ tified commercial builder in North America and the only one in Canada. B Corp is a third-party certification program that has been adopted by more than 3,500 compa­ nies around the world. Companies must go through a rigorous certification process that looks at everything from workplace diver­ sity to carbon emissions and community impact.

DIFFERENT KIND OF MEASURE “Essentially, the program measures a company’s social and environmental per­ formance across the entire organization,” Monaco says. “Instead of just measuring a company based on financial performance, B Corp also looks through a lens of society and the planet.” Chandos has been B Corp certified since

2016. In its most recent recertification it received a score of 107.4 of a possible 200 points. For the past two years it has been ranked one of the top B Corp certified com­ panies for workers, in large part because of its employee ownership model and a desire to make positive social change in the con­ struction industry. As part of the company’s pledge to build­ ing a better community, Chandos has com­ mitted to an ambitious waste diversion goal to divert a minimum of 80 per cent of waste from every project it builds by recycling as much concrete, wood, paper, plastic, metal, and drywall as possible. Over the past four years the company’s waste diversion rates have been close to 80 per cent. Chandos was also an early adopter of LEED, a certification program aimed at promoting human and en­


INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY AND PROGRESSIVE DESIGN BUILD IPD and PDB are the most collaborative delivery methods in use today. As the Canadian leader in collaborative delivery, we bring key players together early in the design phase. The owner, general contractor, architect, other consultants, and key trade partners collaborate to envision how a project will unfold. We identify and mitigate risks and create opportunities to maximize value for clients, communties and partners


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FEATURE | Chandos

As Chandos continues to grow, its commitment to diversity and inclusive hiring practices has remained one of the company’s key values

vironmental health, which is now part of the company’s standard operating procedures. “We took a stand on waste diversion al­ most two decades ago when LEED started to pick up in popularity,” says Monaco. “We realized that LEED mandated a level of recy­ cling that was quite high. We said why don’t we do this on all of our projects. It just makes sense and it feels like the right thing to do.” Chandos has enjoyed tremendous growth since it opened its first office in Edmonton in 1980. A second office was added a short


Calgary Construction Association

time later in Calgary and it now has offices in Red Deer, Vancouver, Kelowna, Toronto, and Ottawa. Its employee ranks have swelled to almost 500 people across the country.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY As Chandos continues to grow, its com­ mitment to diversity and inclusive hiring practices has remained one of the com­ pany’s key values. It recently took part in B Corp’s Inclusive Economy Challenge which sets goals to improve diversity, equity, and

inclusion efforts through a series of initia­ tives that include a women’s affinity group, cultural awareness and unconscious bias training for staff, and hiring and promoting women in roles that have been traditionally male-dominated. It has also partnered with several community organizations to create employment and training opportunities for individuals facing barriers or who are un­ derrepresented in the construction industry. “We are an organization that wants to lead the way in the construction industry in creating a more diverse workforce. We’re very focused on how we make sure that in five or 10 years our company across all levels reflects Canadian society,” says Owen Nord­ mark, Chandos’ vice-president and district manager for the Calgary district. Like virtually every Canadian business, Chandos has not escaped the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has had to change a number of policies and practices to help keep both staff and members of the public safe. One of the first measures it took after the pandemic was declared was to strike a taskforce to investigate how job sites could continue to function without compromising the safety of employees. Construction man­ agers and superintendents worked closely with staff to implement new safety practices and adjust them based on feedback. That in­ cluded installing handwashing stations at all job sites and posting safety tips on the social networking website Yammer. “When the pandemic hit us in March 2020, no one knew exactly what to do or how to deal with it,” Nordmark recalls. “But sometimes the best test of a company and its culture is how it reacts in situations like this. I am amazed at how well the entire leader­ ship team worked together under the ex­ treme pressure of the unknown. We figured

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Today we remain true to the vision and values instilled by our founder - creating both projects and client relationships built on a foundation of

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FEATURE | Chandos

Leaders in Concrete Construction Since 1979

out how to deal with the situation, protect our employees, and keep our sites open.”

COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION One of the trademarks of Chandos dur­ ing its four decades in business has been its commitment to innovation. That commit­ ment is reflected in initiatives such as its In­ novation Leaders program that encourages employees to submit ideas for pilot proj­ ects on things such as sustainable building methods, productivity enhancements, and safety improvements. It is also planning to ramp up efforts this year to find ways of re­ ducing the company’s carbon footprint. The company’s innovative approach is perhaps most notable in many of the build­ ing projects it has undertaken. One of the more recent projects was the Scenic Grande seniors housing project in Calgary. The $58

Alberta - British Columbia - Saskatchewan - Manitoba WWW.ELITEFORMWORK.COM

million project is located adjacent to a resi­ dential neighbourhood and school and the company put strict procedures in place to minimize any disturbances in the area. It was also the lead builder on a passive hous­ ing project in Kamloops that featured a ro­ bust super seal to prevent energy loss. One of Chandos’ most ambitious local projects was extensive upgrades to the his­

BRINGING YOUR PROJECTS TO LIFE With over 20 years of experience installing communication systems, we’re on the same level as companies that have been around for years.

toric Calgary Public Building in the city’s downtown district. The upgrades included installing a new building envelope liner to reduce energy leakage, chilled bean tech­ nology in the ceilings, solar hot water heat­ ing and natural ventilation. The project was completed on time and $8 million under budget, even though the building remained

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occupied throughout construction. “It is a heritage building with very old in­ frastructure, and it had a ton of energy leak­ age. To get it to LEED platinum status was a huge win for the team,” says Nordmark. “Working through these really complicated projects where others are working or liv­ ing in the building or the project is in a re­ ally tight downtown space; that’s one of our strengths as a builder.” n


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The Rebel Applied’s modular cabinet design is fully configurable and offers a reimagined solution that is unique to the market. It combines the latest technologies to provide unmatched flexibility for both new construction and retrofit applications. Simply put, Rebel Applied rises above its class with industry leading performance, energy efficiency, configuration capabilities, and low lifecycle costs. To learn more, contact your local Daikin sales representative.

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PROMPT PAYMENT Bill 27 ensures quicker compensation As any experienced construction profes­ sional is aware, delays and unexpected complications are common on most proj­ ects, large and small. These delays not only affect the overall completion date, but they also often mean that contractors and subcontractors will be paid later than planned. Sometimes payment is held back until the full project is done, meaning professionals can be left waiting months or even years be­ fore being compensated for their services or materials. The Alberta government has recently taken steps to address this with the imple­ mentation of Bill 27: The Builders’ Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2020. One of the key pieces of the legislation is a prompt payment process that should go a long way in ensuring contractors and

sub-contractors receive compensation in a timely fashion.

WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM WITH PAYMENT IN THE PAST? Prior to the introduction of Bill 27, there was no time limit in place for either cus­ tomers, contractors, or sub-contractors to pay for work. The lack of definitive time­ lines created what was referred to as a “pay when paid” system, which meant that in­ dividual parties would only be paid for their goods or services once payment for the entire project was received. Of course, this meant that if a job was delayed, even if the delay was unrelated to a contractor’s work, that contractor may not receive funds until the delay was resolved. These types of policies put sub-contractors at a significant


economic disadvantage. While Alberta had not yet legislated payment rules on con­ struction projects, other jurisdictions such as Ontario and Saskatchewan had.

28-DAY PAYMENT DEADLINE The section of Bill 27 likely to have the most noteworthy impact for people work­ ing in the construction industry is the in­ troduction of a mandate that invoices from contractors or sub-contractors must be paid within 28 days of receipt. The legislation further prohibits “pay when paid” clauses in contracts. Contractors submitting invoices for prompt payment are required to submit in­ voices detailing the work done or materials furnished as well as a reference to a written

(403) 269-7220 HMC Lawyers LLP #320 903 8th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0P7


Calgary Construction Association

or verbal contract outlining the work that was to be done. If an owner receives an invoice and wish­ es to dispute it, they now have 14 days to provide the contractor with notice of, and reasons for, the dispute. Additionally, con­ tractors now have seven days after receiving full payment for work to pay any sub-con­ tractors they hired for the project. The Alberta Construction Association reacted positively to the news, stating, “These mechanisms help timely completion of construction projects, ensure our em­ ployees are not impacted by payment de­ lays, and provide better value for taxpayers on public infrastructure projects.”

CHANGES TO LIENS AND THE ADJUDICATION PROCESS Bill 27 also extends the time period in which liens can be submitted, introducing a 60-day time limit (with the exception of concrete projects, which have a 90-day time limit). The amount owing before a lien can be registered has also been increased to

$700 from a previous limit of $300. Additionally, Bill 27 provides a dispute resolution process that states parties to a contract may enlist an adjudicator to deal with any conflicts that arise between own­

ers, contractors, and subcontractors. The decisions by adjudicators are binding and final. This section of the Act intends to al­ low for a quicker and more cost-effective way to resolve disputes. n

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A PLACE TO SPEND A SATURDAY The BMO Convention Centre expansion helps shape the Culture & Entertainment District Revitalizing neighbourhoods and creat­ ing exciting experiences while altering the landscape of the city. The Calgary Munici­ pal Land Corporation (CMLC) is breaking ground on the next component of the Rivers District Community Revitalization Plan. Since 2007, the CMLC has transformed the East Village from an underutilized for­ mer industrial zone into one of the most


Calgary Construction Association

energetic neighbourhoods and destinations in Calgary. In partnership with the Calgary Stampede, the CMLC is now focusing on East Victoria Park, and the BMO Conven­ tion Centre expansion is the next major proj­ ect that will transform Calgary’s downtown east end into the Culture & Entertainment District. The $500-million project will more than

double its current space, increasing the total floor space to nearly one million square feet. And rather than creating a convention space that consumes entire city blocks, the CMLC saw the importance of making a space that integrated the structure with outdoor use­ able festival streets and urban plazas that are walkable and accessible. “The challenge with a project of this scale

is to consider how to build an expansion that is over 500,000 square feet that both inter­ acts and engages with its environment,” says Kate Thompson, president of CMLC. “Con­ vention centres are typically very inward fo­ cused. You enter the exhibit hall, go through the doors, and are lost in the building. We wanted to create an interactive space that pulls people out and through the building.” The CMLC and Calgary Stampede as­ sembled Stantec, Populous, and S2 Archi­ tecture to design and deliver the project.

The expansion design features three floors of tradeshow and convention space, includ­ ing new exhibition halls, two ballrooms, and a central hub and atrium. The exterior will provide space for retail and cafés, an outdoor plaza and pavilion, public art installations, and motor coach parking. “The architects and designers did an ex­ cellent job reaching out the form and creat­ ing plaza space previous not in the program,” says Thompson. “They really rose to the challenge, pushing the envelope with the creation.”


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The new facility will incorporate the latest in conference design with adaptable meeting spaces, meeting rooms wired for connectiv­ ity, flexible breakout areas, and outdoor spac­ es. It will also provide 118,500 square feet of back-of-house service areas such as loading zones and food preparation space. CMLC and the Calgary Stampede have enlisted convention venue operations spe­ cialist HLT Advisory Inc., project manage­ ment firm M3 Development, and construc­ tion management by PCL Construction. For the year leading up to this spring’s groundbreaking, crews have been busy prep­ ping the site below the surface which includ­ ed utility relocates, demolition of the muchbeloved Coral, and capturing all the historic significance of that structure for generations to come. Thompson says that while conference activity has been paused due to the global pandemic, construction teams saw the sil­ ver lining and took advantage of this situa­ tion, performing much of the work while patrons were not around. “We’ve been under construction for a while, but now we will be building up so construction will be more vis­ ible,” she says. The BMO Convention Centre has been Calgary’s primary consumer and trade show venue since it was built in 1982. When the expansion is complete in 2024, the conven­ tion centre will be the largest facility in West­ ern Canada. And when all restrictions are re­ moved and people return to everyday activ­ ity, the building will remain fully operational and activated throughout construction. Thompson says that the CMLC has re­ ceived inquiries from other municipalities and organizations wanting to know more about how they developed their district plans. “It’s a great indicator that we are on the right track. I think the best thing we can do is share,” she says. However, their mission is to create experiences that are unique to Cal­ gary, “We are expected to be innovative, and this is a privilege that we take very seriously. People are drawn to great design and func­ tional spaces that are worthy of making it a destination. Our goal is to make the Culture & Entertainment District a place where peo­ ple want to spend their Saturday.” n


Calgary Construction Association

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CANADA’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY POWERED BY INFRASTRUCTURE By Mary Van Buren, President, Canadian Construction Association

The world in 2021 looks very different from

ficient to address the serious deficit of our

gram will create jobs, enhance communi­

what many of us could have imagined just

aging infrastructure, as we have outlined in

ties, and ensure stability in the Canadian

over 14 months ago. COVID-19 has high­

the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card.

economy over the years to come. Part of the

lighted our resiliency as an industry. Com­

The funding must also be better planned,

plan must include the swift rollout of ex­

panies and their employees adapted quickly

ensuring that municipalities, provinces,

isting funds from the Investing in Canada

to new ways of working and continued to

and the federal government are lined up,

Plan and greater flexibility in how funds are

deliver the essential services that Canadians

and that project tenders and the related new

allocated to meet specific provincial and

rely on every day. This is a point of pride

build, maintenance, or retrofit flow smooth­

municipal needs.

we all share as we forge ahead, focused on

ly. Canada needs year over year consistency

With improved coordination, communi­

economic recovery.

and a longer-term strategy to promote eco­

cation, and transparency between all levels

We are advocating that part of the federal

nomic stability and boost employment, so a

of government, infrastructure investments

government’s strategy to accelerate eco­

12-year plan is not enough. Infrastructure

can be delivered more efficiently, speeding

nomic recovery across Canada must in­

operates on a 25-year cycle, which is why

up the start of projects and getting people

clude infrastructure investment supported

the Canadian Construction Association

back to work.

by training. While billions of dollars have

(CCA) has been calling on the federal gov­

The recent announcement of Canada’s

already been earmarked through the In­

ernment to commit to a 25-year plan for

first-ever National Infrastructure Assess­

vesting in Canada Plan, these funds are sit­

infrastructure investment in Canada with

ment is a step in the right direction. While

ting in limbo between layers of government.

prescribed annual commitment levels.

the federal government has shown leader­

These billions, while necessary, are not suf­

A clear, fair, balanced, and flexible pro­

Caon Services Inc. since 1997

ship in reimbursing for COVID-19 costs on


Your key to success.

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APCA.CA • MARKETING@APCA.CA • (403) 370-7953 The APCA is the local Master Painters Institute (MPI) Accredited Quality Assurance provider in Alberta who has been providing professional paint and coating inspection services for the past 26 years. We have inspected over 500 projects and never had a failure!




federal projects, provincial and municipal

in our pandemic economic recovery efforts.

portant than ever. Large infrastructure proj­

governments should follow. Maintaining

The benefits of free trade are well known.

ects – things like roads, bridges and pipe­

a free-flowing system of trade and labour

Removing trade barriers reduces the cost of

lines, light-rail transit construction, schools

mobility between provinces has never been

doing business, which will increase invest­

and hospitals, and wastewater management

more important, both within Canada and

ment and jobs.

– all contribute to a country’s economic

externally. Interprovincial trade barriers

Academic studies suggest that for every

and “buy-local policies” run counter to the

dollar spent on infrastructure there is a

principles of free trade and fair procure­

three-dollar return on investment.

ment. Protectionism is never the right so­

As Canada looks to revitalize its economy

lution. Now is the time for provinces and

in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,

industries across Canada to work together

investing in infrastructure is now more im­

prosperity, quality of life, job creation, and international competitiveness. These investments provide an oppor­ tunity to reshape our communities and strengthen the construction sector. With an estimated 300,000 jobs needing to be filled by 2028, CCA and our members are focused on securing the right skills for the industry, now and in the future. CCA is looking for ways to partner with the federal govern­ ment on our Talent Fits Here initiative. The need for workers is strong, and Canada needs a larger supply of qualified people to fill these roles. Investing in programs to ad­ dress these labour shortages will provide a viable and inclusive employment sector for Canadians, while also attracting a diverse and skilled workforce. Together, we can reach more Canadians to demonstrate the breadth of opportunities available within construction, place more apprentices, and absorb some of the talent from harder hit sectors who may have found themselves un­ employed because of COVID-19. CCA believes passionately in the sustain­


industry and the industry’s pivotal role in


building a better Canada. The industry pro­ vides jobs, injects socioeconomic opportu­



ability and vitality of Canada’s construction








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nities and life into a community, and creates infrastructure critical to keeping the coun­ try moving forward. The world is changing, and the industry is changing with it.

LET’S STAY IN CONTACT Please email me at mvanburen@cca-acc. com if you have any feedback or comments on how the CCA can serve you better. Stay in the loop by subscribing to CCA’s news­ letter at, by following @ ConstructionCAN on Twitter, or by looking up Canadian Construction Association on LinkedIn. n

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GOLD SEAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM IS CHANGING The Gold Seal Certification program certifies estimators, foremen, owner’s construction managers, project managers, safety practitioners, and superintendents working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry. When you earn your Gold Seal Certified (GSC) or Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) credential, you demonstrate excellence through certified experience and nationally recognized validation of your skills, competence, and knowledge. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK AND NEW TOOLS Beginning March 13, 2021, all applicants may enroll into the Gold Seal program at $425 plus applicable taxes and be approved as Gold Seal Interns (GSI), giving them up to five years to meet the Gold Seal Certified (GSC) application requirements and challenge the Gold Seal exam. The same minimum requirements apply (one year of Canadian experience in the designation or two years in an assistant’s role directly related to the designation). Applicants enrolling into the program may take advantage of new tools to identify the areas that they should get training on to maximize their chances of passing the exam as well as to estimate their credits to know whether they are ready to apply for their GSC. When the applicant meets the GSC requirements, they can fill out

their GSC application for $525 plus applicable taxes. Those appli­ cants who applied as GSCs but were approved as GSIs as an inter­ mediary step can submit their applications for final review free of charge. There are no changes to our highest level of the certification, the P.GSC credential.

NEW ETHICS COURSE A new, consolidated Construction Industry Ethics course will be available starting in April 2021. It will replace the requirement for the online and in-class/virtual portions of the course. Once the course is launched, new applicants will be required to take the re­ vised course. Applicants who took the previous online and in-class/ virtual courses will be given the same number of credits and they

a GSC application for $100 plus applicable taxes. Approved appli­

will not be required to take the new course. However, if applicants

cants can book an exam within a year from GSC application ap­

are missing either of the original courses (online or in-class/virtual

proval for $125 plus applicable taxes.

portion), they will be required to take the new course. The Cana­

Those existing applicants who applied as GSIs and were approved as such before March 12, 2021 will have a special form to submit


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dian Construction Association’s local partner associations sell both the original and new ethics courses.

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The Gold Seal directory of certificate holders has been offline for a few years. We look forward to listing active GSIs, GSCs, and P.GSCs on our website later this spring. Certificate holders can grant or deny their consent at The Gold Seal Certification program, a committee of the Cana­ dian Construction Association (CCA), will adopt CCA’s branding later this year which means changes to the certificates. We will make a digital copy of the new certificate, which will also feature a certification number, available for all certificate holders. To en­ sure that we can contact you, update your contact information at

This is a perfect time to learn more about the program and to see if you qualify. Visit to regis­ ter for our monthly webinar, review requirements, and to read up on the exam. The occupational profiles and sample questions can be found on the Gold Seal exam page. The Gold Seal team is only an email away if you have any questions, let us know at! n

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Gerald Andino Estimator Ferguson Corporation

Kelly Henderson Construction Safety Practitioner Ledcor Construction Limited

Shaun McKenzie Project Manager - General Contracting Westcor Construction Ltd.

Adam Stidsen Foreman Whissell Contracting

Michael Baytalan Project Manager MJS Mechanical Ltd.

Lauri Honkala Superintendent Westcor Construction Ltd.

Terry McQuigge Foreman PCL Construction

Faye Strong Owner’s Construction Manager Archiasmo Architectural Works Ltd.

AJ Blackmore Estimator J&A Project Services Ltd.

Bhuvnesh Kohli Estimator – Trade Contracting Confrom Works Inc.

Christa Moriyama Project Manager University of Calgary

Simon Stunell Project Manager Arpi’s Industies Ltd.

Lacy Boucher Construction Safety Practitioner Mermac Construction

Heath Lane Superintendent Everest Construction Management

Daniel Riches Construction Safety Practitioner ITC Construction Group

Shane Tevelein Superintendent Delnor Construction Ltd.

Avree Bujaczek Project Manager - General Contracting CMLC

Richard Manns Foreman Orion Consulting Services Ltd.

Brian (BJ) Scheelar Project Manager BMP Mechanical Ltd.

Dallas L. Tuer Superintendent Botting & Associates Alberta Ltd.

Harrison Duke Project Manager EllisDon

Robert Manuel Superintendent Stuart Olson Construction Ltd.

Mitchell Smith Project Manager – General Contracting Landmark Cinemas of Canada

Steven Wilkins Superintendent PCL Builders

Tim Evans Construction Safety Practitioner Graham Construction

Kirk Mazurek Owner’s Construction Manager Illustrious Industries Inc.

Chris Stanley Construction Safety Practitioner NRB Modular Solutions

Barbara Williston Estimator – Trade Contracting Iconic Power Systems Inc.

Audra Cassar Dupas Construction Safety Practitioner Trotter and Morton Facility Services

Craig Moss Project Manager Flynn Canada Ltd.

Jeff Simpson Superintendent Westcor Construction

Jimmy Tersmette Project Manager Lignum Interiors

Colin Grant Superintendent Western Electrical Management

Rudy Perizzolo Estimator Johnson Controls

Bart Simpson Construction Safety Practitioner Aecon

Robert Vaz Project Manager Servco Canada

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STRENGTH IN TEAMS Almost one year ago to the day as I write this, it was ‘all hands-on deck’ as we trans­ ferred data and information from our old platform to a new provider. Two weeks after the province went into a formal lock­ down, this change was certainly not ex­ pected. Our unexpected change could be a case study in planning for the unexpected, but I look at it a bit differently. Rather than trying to plan for every unexpected outcome, I learned that we might benefit more from focusing on our people. Hav­ ing a team that trusts each other and has strong interpersonal relationships allowed us to make a quick decision with consen­ sus and manage a crisis with positive en­ ergy.

It was only 18 months prior to our tran­ sition that we partnered as 13 local con­ struction associations across the prairies. In those 18 months, we focused on the idea of working together as a unit and collabo­ rating to solve problems and improve our service. By sharing and learning from each other we built trust and formed relation­ ships that were bigger than our daily jobs and weekly meetings. This trust and friend­ ship allowed us to respond quickly to our platform crisis and work as a single unit toward the best outcome available. With­ out the trust and relationships built, who knows what the outcome would have been. Our platform is much improved, and we are leaning into member-focused features

as all of the ‘new car smell’ is off the plat­ form. Soon you can look forward to im­ proved bid matching, multi-word search, Invitation to Bid, an improved Dashboard, and our re-envisioned Directory. Our team continues to work closely together constantly challenging the status quo and working to improve all aspects of our ser­ vice. Who knows what the future will bring; I’m not going to try to predict it. With a team that trusts each other and is focused on the same goals, I have learned it doesn’t really matter. Good luck, Curtis Griffith Director, Business Development

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Secrets of Success FEATURE | Feature

By Melanie Franner

The Calgary Construction Association showcases various members that have exceeded expectations during good times and bad. It is a way to celebrate a positive among our very own membership – especially during a time when positives are more elusive than usual.

Savvy thinking pays dividends WESTCOR CONSTRUCTION When the four founding partners started Westcor Construction in 2003, they were unanimous in their singular vision: to build a better world. Today, the company is 75-people strong and it has become a shin­ ing example of an organization dedicated to giving back. “From the outset, our vision was to build a better world for our clients, our employees, and our community,” says Bob Robinson, president and CEO, Westcor Construction. “We recognized early on that simply writing cheques to charities was not going to make


Calgary Construction Association

the kind of impact we wanted. We knew that we could make a bigger impact through sweat equity.” As a ‘people-first company’, Westcor Con­ struction has empowered its employees, through a mindset of continuous learning and sustainable growth, to enable change. Helping others is one of the company’s six core values – and an inherent facet of its very culture. “We use a value-based system that acts as a ‘north star’ for everybody within our orga­ nization,” says Robinson, who adds that the

company has a social committee that looks at how to leverage ideas to maximize impact. “There is no start and stop to our initiatives. Our efforts are ongoing. It’s embedded in our culture.” Westcor Construction has demonstrated the strength of its values each and every day of operation. It reached new heights, how­ ever, when employees chose to celebrate the company’s 15-year anniversary with the launch of its ‘Building a Better Community – A Westcor People-First Initiative’, a cam­ paign that drove 15 acts of kindness over 12

Suite 300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd. SE Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

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SECRETS OF SUCCESS | Westcor Construction

months during the course of 2018 and into 2019. The new initiative kicked off with an anti-bullying campaign that was enthusias­ tically received by business and community partners, and it generated enough money to deliver the program to 25 schools within Calgary. Other initiatives included a donation drive that collected 2,100 towels for the city’s Mustard Seed Shelter, a men’s clothing drive for the Calgary Drop-In Centre, a Back­ packs for Kids campaign that saw donations of school supply-filled backpacks to local schools. Westcor Construction leveraged all of these efforts with their business and com­ munity partners to increase impact. And it worked. The Building a Better Community Initiative proved to be a resounding success.


Calgary Construction Association

In 2019, the Canadian Construction As­ sociation (CCA) recognized the company’s efforts by bestowing it with the Commu­ nity Leadership Award. The much-coveted award recognizes a CCA member firm, partner association, or individual who has devoted their time and effort to the better­ ment of their communities. “Our employees were speechless,” says Robinson. “Our people are so proud to be a part of an organization that has been rec­ ognized nationally. We are truly humbled to receive the award because we know that we’re not the only company out there doing good things for the community. It has been an incredible honour to be acknowledged by the Canadian Construction Association.” The esteemed industry award has spurred more enthusiasm for performing these com­ munity acts of kindness. Although COV­ ID-19 has limited options as of late, Westcor Construction has found other innovative ways to continue to make a difference, such as an initiative that saw seniors receive per­ sonalized, hand-written holiday cards. The company most recently created a custom backdrop for the Make-a-Wish Foundation so that the organization can continue its very important fundraising efforts.

“We believe that if you have the capabil­ ity to act, you have the responsibility to act,” says Robinson. While Robinson admits that Westcor Construction is a business and, as such, needs to generate a profit at the end of the day, he also says that there is no reason why profit and community can’t co-exist. “We re­ ally believe – and have seen the results – that if you do things for the right reasons, then it becomes part of your brand,” he says. “And today, brand is becoming more and more meaningful for our clients.” Years ago, young companies starting out gained a foothold in the construction indus­ try by delivering the lowest bid. Today, how­ ever, things have changed. “People value giving back to the commu­ nity,” says Robinson. “Clients want to work with companies that have positive commu­ nity impact, and they realize that success comes from working with companies that have brands with strong value structures and act with integrity. If you’re looking for short-term success, then this may not be a good strategy for you. But everyone here at Westcor is definitely here for the long term.” n

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SECRETS OF SUCCESS | United Supreme Group

Thinking outside the box UNITED SUPREME GROUP

Many construction companies have cho­

tunate enough to be in a position to be able

recently expanded into the manufacturing

sen to weather the COVID-19 pandemic

to capitalize on it.” Wallace describes the

and application of complex coating systems.

by hunkering down for the short term, be

company’s significant expansion during

“Thanks to Danijel’s great work and vision,

focused, and stay sharp. Others have opted

these unheralded times as ‘an accumulation

we’re a very diverse company today,” says

to go a different route and push existing

of our life’s work’, and the proof of his re­

Wallace. “We’re able to lean on all of our

boundaries or limitations. United Supreme

mark is in the company’s very own history

different areas of expertise – paint, epoxy

Group Inc. is an example of one such com­

of success.

flooring, and beyond.”


This year will mark the 25-year anni­

One of the key areas of the United Su­

Within the last few months alone, the

versary of United Supreme Group, and the

preme Group’s success, according to Wal­

commercial coatings contractor turned the

company has changed significantly over this

lace, is the people. The management staff

global pandemic into an opportunity by

time, including a name change from United

consists of engineers, professionals, and ex­

launching a new Vancouver office and by

Decorating. This was due to the company’s

perienced tradesmen. The rest of the crew is

moving to a new 23,000-square-foot con­

evolution into the many coatings and appli­

described as ‘a fun mix of qualified people

tracting/manufacturing facility in Calgary.

cations that went beyond regular paint.

and strategists with a great passion for all

United Supreme Group, which special­

United Supreme Group began its op­

things creative’. The one thing they all have

izes in commercial and industrial coating

erations in 1996 by founder Danijel Slisko.

in common is a love of what they do, along

applications, prides itself on the ability to

“Danijel started out by painting residential

with a respect for the needs of the client.

meet the needs and exceed the expectations

fences,” says Wallace, a long-time friend.

United Supreme Group operates its com­

of prime contractors. If the past year is any

“From there, the company moved into

mercial and industrial coatings operation

indication, the company has not only suc­

painting small homes and then into com­

from its new facility in Calgary, and com­

ceeded throughout these difficult times, it

mercial, before eventually focusing solely

plements this with a presence in Edmonton

has thrived.

on commercial, industrial, and civil appli­

and in Vancouver.

“We saw the pandemic as an opportu­


“Both of these geographical areas are

nity to grow,” says Dwayne Wallace, COO.

The Calgary-based company now em­

really growing right now,” says Wallace.

“Timing was everything, and we were for­

ploys more than 150 people, and has most

“We’re fortunate to have made the leap


Calgary Construction Association


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SECRETS OF SUCCESS | United Supreme Group

“ Timing was everything, and we were fortunate enough to be in a position to be able to capitalize on it.” when we did. The growth from Edmonton and Vancouver is helping to offset the slow­ er business here in Calgary at the moment so our expansion has proven to be a good decision. We’re not putting all of our eggs in one basket.” United Supreme Group chose to aug­ ment its existing coatings business with the launch in January 2021 of its 23,000-square foot manufacturing facility that will focus solely on complex specialty coatings. Wal­ lace describes the launch as the accumula­ tion of two years of intensive R&D work. “We’re focused on thinking outside of the box. We’re breaking down the traditional vendor/contractor relationship and becom­ ing a single entity, a new concept if you will. From alpha to omega,” he says. “Our goal is to begin to offer specialty quality coatings later this year. We want to continue to find ways to take care of our clients to the best of our abilities.” Right now, this involves adding specialty coatings to the broad mix of commercial and industrial coatings that they currently offer to their diverse cliental. “We’re very relationship based,” says Wal­ lace. “We know that it’s important to keep our customers at the forefront of our mind at all times. We have to make sure that we are constantly providing solutions to our customers.” The key to success, according to Wallace, is to ensure that your clients meet with their own success. “We’re not just about applying coatings on our customers’ walls,” he says. “We’re actually helping them to be success­ ful. Our success is achieved through their success.” And with this type of business philoso­ phy, concludes Wallace, the sky’s the limit. n


Calgary Construction Association




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36” X 48”





30” X 42”


24” X 36”




24” X 36”


18” X 24”




18” X 24”


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8.5” X 11”







36” X 72”



36” X 48”


30” X 42”

• Scanning and Printing on our KIP 860 • Standard Size and Over Size Documents • Plans and Specs )RU PRUH LQIRUPDWLRQ FDOO RU HPDLO

**The minimum invoice amount is $6.00 **Please note the CCA is not responsible for damage to original documents / plans OUR COST PRINTER RATES Printer Black & White – 0.00900 Colour – 0.0500

SECRETS OF SUCCESS | Evolution Glass

Priority pivot


Before the pandemic, Evolution Glass Inc. had nicely achieved a

says Richard. “But it took us weeks and weeks, along with big efforts

comfortable position. The six people who helped launch the com­

from everyone working on the team, to turn this around.”

pany in 2012 had expanded to 80+ at various points in its history

The rebranding coincided with the decision to proceed with

but had settled out at 45 employees with $9 million of work on the

the move from the existing 15,000-square-foot facility to a

books. And then came COVID­-19.

35,000-square-foot, high-end industrial space that would accom­

“Almost overnight, our workload dropped to less than a $1 mil­ lion,” says Richard Munro, vice president of construction, Evolution Glass. By the summer of 2020, business was still looking grim. Richard sat down with president of Evolution Glass, Ashley Munro, and en­ tered into a serious discussion about whether to put their planned expansion on hold. “The move had been in the works for the past couple of years,” says Richard. “It was a big risk to go forward. We just had the rug pulled out from under our feet.” The road hasn’t been easy, but it has been one actively engaged by all members of the team. “We never shut down operations,” says Ashley. “We made the decision early on to keep the doors open. We made some accommodations for those who needed to work from home, but we continued to operate.” The company also made some key changes to its branding, creat­ ing three distinct divisions under its roof: service, special projects, and projects. The rebranding enabled the company to better focus on its customers, allotting resources and personnel to each of the

modate room for manufacturing, warehouse, offices, and a show­ room. “It’s going to be all about the experience,” says Richard, who says that the company hopes to have the official opening coincide with this year’s Calgary Stampede. “The second floor is all about the staff experience, with a lot of funky, collaborative rooms and open spac­ es. It’s been designed to be a highly motivating collaborative space. We jokingly refer to it as Google without the free lunches.” A beautiful, high-end glass staircase will connect the two floors. “The main floor is all about the customer experience,” says Richard. “It will include a massive showroom, like an art gallery.” This gal­ lery will be a testament to projects past and present, with photos of completed works, along with specialty designs and glass such as skylights and curtain walls. It will also include a replica made out of LEGO blocks of the company’s largest project to date: Brookfield Place. “We did the po­ dium, the bottom three floors of the tower, along with the three-

three divisions. And then they began the hard task of building the

storey, standalone Pavilion building,” recalls Richard. “It was about

business back up. “We took about a month to pivot and rebrand,”

a $5-million project in total.”


Calgary Construction Association

Looking for a place to hold your next meeting or course? Look no further! The CCA is pleased to offer room rental services. We have the amenities that you need: • • • • •

• 10 minutes to Calgary Airport (11.3 km) • 12 minutes to Downtown Calgary (8.3 km) • Nearby hotels » Sheraton Cavalier Calgary » Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport » Courtyard by Marriott Calgary Airport

Free parking ���� ��� Newly renovated washrooms Large networking space �ptional room layouts » » » »

�oar� room style ��eatre style Classroom style �roup��o� �reakout style

• �o�al �atering options a�aila�le

Chinook Room

Sarcee Room

Blackfoot room

Seats up ��-�� �ma�� classrooms style Seats up to ��� theatre style

Seats up to �� classroom style Seats up to ��-�� �ma�� theatre style

Seats up to �� people classroom style Seats up to 4�-�� �ma�� theatre style

• • • • •

Pro�ector and screen �rite away wall Micro�hone �arge windows Room si�e �� feet long �� feet wide

• • • •

�ull length write away wall �arge �� screen �arge windows Room si�e �� feet long �� feet wide

• • • •

�ull length write away wall �arge �� screen �arge windows Room si�e �6 feet long �� feet wide

Room rentals are available for full or half-day bookings. Member and non-members rates. Please contact CCA office for more details or visit to fill out a room rental agreement! The CONSTRUCTOR 2021


SECRETS OF SUCCESS | Evolution Glass

“ We made the decision early on to keep the doors open. We made some accommodations for those who needed to work from home, but we continued to operate.”

Another example of the company’s past work includes the 40+ year old building at 715 5 Ave. SW. Evolution Glass com­ pletely refurbished the building – top to bottom – over the course of three years and three contracts. There is also the specialty project work at the Calgary Zoo, which has included the Komodo Dragon enclosure (which called for a specialty glass resistant to condensation), along with other animal ex­

Now in our new 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility!

• Projects • Design/Build • Special Projects • 24 hr. Service

hibits. “The whole gallery is going to be a bit of a playground of our experiences,” says Richard. The company’s rebranding and refocusing has relied largely upon its employees. “Our staff members have been instru­ mental,” says Ashley. “They’ve pivoted into new roles seam­ lessly. Everybody has been hands-on to get the engine restart­ ed.” Key individuals have also been added to the team, with a diverse workforce that now includes a16-member office team. It takes a special type of business to be able to pivot mid­

10900 14th Street NE, Unit 130 Calgary, AB T3K 2L6

stream and come out the other end successfully, but it looks


lieve that people want to be a part of something,” concludes

like Evolution Glass is one such company. “We took a huge risk but we like to be optimistic and be­ Richard. “We’re counting on the fact that we have really gone out of our way to differentiate ourselves from our competi­ tors.” n


Calgary Construction Association



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THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN HVAC TECHNOLOGY • Over 30 years of successful commercial and residential installation • Strong Canadian customer support team • Dedicated and experienced direct sales network Mesca_Calgary_Const_7x4.625_ENG_Ad_1.3.20.indd 1

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RJC Engineers

Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre



HATS OFF TO A LEGEND Remembering Paul Polson By Melanie Franner Born in Winnipeg on September 30, 1952, Paul Hugh Polson grew up in Calgary – a city that he would eventually embrace in all aspects of his life. Over time, he would be defined by his love of community, of family and friends, and of his work. “His life goal was to connect with people,” says Jordan Polson, a project manager at Stuart Olson Construction and the young­ est of three sons born to Paul and his wife Laurie. The high-school sweethearts were married for almost 45 years before Paul’s passing on July 17, 2020. All three sons worked in the construc­ tion industry at some time. The oldest, Ty­ ler, moving on to become a teacher in the Rockyview School District, and Graham, working as senior project manager at Go­ van Brown & Associates Ltd.

DRAWING INSPIRATION Polson fell in love with architecture very early on, and pursued a professional desig­ nation in the field. He practiced in Alberta for 22 years, beginning his career with Laird Snow, which became Laird Polson Archi­ tects in 1983. In 1997, the company merged with two other architectural firms to become part of Stantec. Polson would lead this team for three years before joining Stuart Olson in 2001 as vice president of business develop­ ment. In 2014, he took on the mantle of se­ nior vice president of business development and community engagement. Throughout his career, Polson never lost his love of architecture. He was admitted to the Royal Architectural Institute of Cana­ da’s College of Fellows in 1992 and was dean from 2005 to 2010. He also led the team for the masterplan expansion of Bow Valley College and SAIT Polytechnic campuses.


Calgary Construction Association

Tasneem Rahim, director of fund devel­ opment and alumni engagement for Bow Valley College, acknowledges Polson’s im­ pact on the world of architecture. “Paul’s contribution to our community in Calgary and beyond has been tremendous, particu­ larly his work in connecting people so that they could work together for the greater good,” says Rahim. “We have felt this im­ pact and have been beneficiaries of these partnerships that have had a wonderful impact on our learners and Bow Valley College community.” Polson’s persistent focus on how citizens working and living in and around his proj­ ects were impacted during construction, as well as through architectural design, left a significant impression with many in the in­ dustry and beyond. So much so that some of his partnering principles have become processes. “Just looking at his years of involvement in designing, building, and helping shape some of the city’s landscapes and master­ plans, I can only fathom the true impact he has had on the people of Calgary,” says son Jordan.

RODEO REIGN Architecture remained a central theme of Polson’s life, but not the only one. He also became heartily engaged in the Cal­ gary Stampede. “I remember when we were young kids, my dad used to wake up me and my broth­ ers at something like five in the morning so we could find seats on the curb to watch the Calgary Stampede Parade,” recalls Jor­ dan. “We’d be there a good two or three hours before the parade even started.” Polson eventually took on a number of roles with the Calgary Stampede, volun­

teering for over 30 years and sitting on the Stampede’s Board of Directors from 2010 to 2020. Polson had an entire Stampede wardrobe and loved every moment he spent at the rodeo. “He was all about helping others achieve their goals,” explains Jordan. “He was dedi­ cated to doing what he could to help in its success. Western spirit was important to him and he loved being a part of what it meant.”

IN AND AROUND THE TOWN Polson’s love of all things Calgary ex­ tended to the theatre and arts scene. He was a Theatre Calgary board member for many years, and served as director there from 2010. He also served on the Calgary Chamber of Commerce from 1995 to 1999, and he was the president of the Alberta As­ sociation of Architects from 1989 to 1991. Other community endeavours included work with the 1983 Western Canada Sum­ mer Games, the 1988 Winter Olympics, and the city’s 2005 bid for the Goodwill Games. He was also the senior advisor of infrastructure for the 2026 Winter Olym­ pic Games Bid Committee. “He was a strong advocate of Calgary,” says Jordan. “He loved the city and he wanted to give back as much as he could.”

FAMILY FIRST Throughout his life, Polson managed to find that perfect blend of work and fam­ ily, socializing with people from work and extending that to the respective families involved. “His clients and colleagues were some of his best friends,” says Jordan. Regardless of how many hours Polson spent at work or in the community, he al­ ways put his family first. He made sure to attend the requisite hockey games, baseball practices, and school plays. Later in life, Paul and Laurie would travel extensively around the world, while the boys pursued their own careers and relation­ ships. But Polson’s love of Calgary – and the drive to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Calgarians – had already been passed down to his three sons. “He always put other people first,” says Jordan. “Anything that was important to someone else became important to him. When I watched him interact with family and friends, he was always genuinely inter­ ested in what they had to say, regardless of their position within the company.” Today, there are people all across Cal­ gary who are remembering Paul Polson for his commitment, his perseverance, and his drive. But perhaps, most of all, Polson will be remembered for his desire to help others succeed. Jordan says of his father, “He used to always say ‘Give your time to everyone. That’s the most valuable thing you can give them.’” n




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“Founded in 2004, the company focus for Davenport Millwright Services has always been to deliver industrial contracting services to our customers that exceed their expectations. Our continued growth and success are directly attributable to our focus and exemplary customer service.” We understand that the equipment, plant services, or specialty items that our customers entrust to our care are critical to their operations. As such, our staff employs the same care and respect while working on them, as should be expected.

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Dunwald and Fleming Enterprises Ltd. 4518 6th Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E3Z7 Tel: (403) 277-1331

EAP Construction Ltd. Unit 126,10615 48Th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2B7 Tel: (403) 724-3908

Diversified Staffing Services Ltd. 100, 805 - 5 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0N6 Tel: (403) 237-5577

Dura Stainless & Sheet Metal Manufacturing Ltd. 4227 Ogden Road Calgary, AB  T2G4R2 Tel: (403) 243-7568

EarthFix Inc. (Hydro Seeding & Erosion Control) PO Box 80001 Calgary, AB  T3R 0B2 Tel: (403) 290-0093

Dywidag-Systems International 205 2816 21 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6Z2 Tel: (403) 291-4414

Eaton Industries (Canada) Company 133, 2611 Hopewell Place NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 7J7 Tel: (403) 717-4901

E.D.M. Interiors Ltd. Bay 5, 3515 - 27 Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 5E4 Tel: (403) 735-6099

Ecco Supply 11 - 11150 38th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2Z6 Tel: (403) 259-4344

E2K Engineering Ltd. 190 550 71 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0S6 Tel: (403) 450-9600

Eco Tech Electrical 115 5 Saddlestone Way Calgary, AB  T3j0s2 Tel: (403) 797-4900

Eagle Builders LP Box 1690 Blackfalds, AB  T0M 0J0 Tel: (403) 885-5525

Economy Paving Ltd. 48 Deersaxon Circle SE Calgary, AB  T2J 6R5 Tel: (403) 278-7727

Eagle Masonry Ltd. 79 Kincora View NW Calgary, AB  T3R 1M4 Tel: (403) 274-8644

Ecosse Welding Ltd. 6120 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1Z3 Tel: (403) 237-9922

Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd. 9243 - 44 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2P7 Tel: (403) 236-8877 Doka Canada Ltd. 5404 - 36 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1P1 Tel: (403) 243-6629 Donalco Western Inc. Unit G , 908 53 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6N9 Tel: (403) 277-1418 Dragon Excavating Ltd. 8, 10 Wrangler Place Rocky View, AB  T1X0L7 Tel: (587) 470-1001 Driving Force Inc. 2332 - 23 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8N3 Tel: (587) 316-1631


DELNOR CONSTRUCTION 833-34th Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 4Y9

403 -294-1650


Elan Construction Limited 100, 3639 - 27 Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 5E4 Tel: (403) 291-1165 Electrical Wholesalers Calgary Ltd. 1323 - 36 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6T6 Tel: (403) 250-7060 Element Integrated Workplace Solutions Ltd. 140 4411 - 6 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4E8 Tel: (403) 444-7390 Elevated HR 103, 2725 12 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (587) 316-6340

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Eligeo Business Solutions 301-1235 26th Avenue Calgary, AB  T2G 1R7 Tel: (403) 710-3446

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EFC Developments Ltd. Suite 200, 660 Palmer Road NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7R3 Tel: (403) 291-8075

Calgary Construction Association


Elite Formwork Inc. 9935 Enterprise Way SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0A1 Tel: (403) 236-7751 EllisDon Construction Services Inc. Suite 310, 140 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4J1 Tel: (403) 259-6627

#7, 6130 – 4th Street S.E. Calgary, AB T2H 2B6

Tel: (403) 253-6808 Fax: (403) 259-8331

Proudly Represents: Proudly Represents:

#7, 6130 – 4th Street S.E., Calgary, AB. T2H 2B6 Tel: (403) 253-6808 Fax: (403) 259-8331


• Fireproofing • Firestopping • Spray Foam •Intumescent Paint • Asbestos & Mould Removal • Demolition

Unit G, 908 – 53 Avenue NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 6N9 T:


TF: 1.888.894.6704 F: 403.275.1433




ElPro Elevators & Lifts 201, 2835 23 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7A4 Tel: (587) 470-0302

Eramosa Engineering Unit 208, 18 Royal Vista Link NW Calgary, AB  T3R 0K4 Tel: (403) 208-7447

Emco HVAC 5480 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4S3 Tel: (403) 258-2225

Erosion Control Central 24-2333 18 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8T6 Tel: (403) 769-1299

Enco Construction Ltd. 11855 McGowan Road LAKE COUNTRY, BC  V4V1J2 Tel: (250) 575-9104

ESC Automation 100, 2588- 27 Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 7G1 Tel: (403) 270-0333

Energy Network Services Inc. Unit 3 - 925 30 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2A 5L7 Tel: (587) 572-3224

Everest Construction Management Ltd. 5704 35th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2G3 Tel: (403) 685-6609

Ener-Spray Commercial Contracting Ltd. 7, 285145 Wrangler Way SE Rockyview, AB  T1X 0K3 Tel: (403) 256-8024

Evergreen Services Inc. 25 Bearspaw Meadows Way NW Calgary, AB  T3L 2M3 Tel: (403) 875-5517

Engineered Air 1401 Hastings Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2G4C8 Tel: (403) 444-4095

Evolution Glass Inc. 6751 9 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8R9 Tel: (403) 250-2353

Epic Roofing & Exteriors Commercial 2435 22 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8K8 Tel: (403) 366-3770

Executive Millwork Inc. 5, 1212 - 38 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6N2 Tel: (403) 291-0400

Expocrete Concrete Products Ltd. (Oldcastle Company) 38-53016 Highway 60 Acheson, AB  T7X 5A7 Tel: (403) 279-0404 Ex-Tech Contracting Ltd. PO Box 42161, RPO Southland Calgary, AB  T2J 7A6 Tel: (403) 804-4245 F & D Scene Changes Ltd. Box 2B, 803 - 24 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 1P5 Tel: (403) 233-7633 Falco Electrical Systems Ltd. 3606 Manchester Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3Z5 Tel: (403) 287-7632 FalkBuilt 2 4100 106 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5B6 Tel: (403) 771-1060 Father & Sons Demolition Ltd. 896 East Lakeview Road Chestermere, AB  T1X 0L9 Tel: (403) 619 6234 Ferguson Corporation 3625 Blackburn Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4A3 Tel: (403) 287-4495

For the better way to build call 403-291-1165

Elan Construction is your building partner and then some. Trust. Credibility. Reputation. Rapport 126

Calgary Construction Association


Flooring Superstores Bay 6, 1825 - 32 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7C8 Tel: (403) 290-0006

Frontier Plumbing & Heating Supply 1320 Highfield Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5M3 Tel: (403) 259-6671

FH Drywall Ltd. 174 Tuscany Glen Place NW Calgary, AB  T3L 2Z3 Tel: (403) 880-6296

Flynn Canada Ltd. 285221 Kleysen Way SE Rockyview, AB  T1X 0K1 Tel: (403) 720-8155

FWD Construction Ltd. Bay 15-6325 11 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2L6 Tel: (587)327-0317

Field LLP 400, 444 7 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0X8 Tel: (403) 260-8500

Formula Alberta Ltd. 4 Boulder Boulevard Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1V7 Tel: (780) 968-1102

Gangster Enterprises Ltd. Suite 230, 600 Crowfoot Calgary, AB  T3G 0B4 Tel: (403) 241-9494

Fillmore Construction Management Inc. 9114 - 34A Avenue Edmonton, AB  T6E 5P4 Tel: (780) 430-0005

Foster Park Brokers Inc. 6715 8 Street NE 210 Calgary, AB  T2E 7H7 Tel: (403) 543-0451

Gates’ Electrical Ltd. Calgary, AB  T2C 5A2 Tel: (403) 819-6509

First General Services 12450 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 5A1 Tel: (403) 229-1479

Fountainhead Mechanical Inc. Bay 1, 1540 Hastings Crescent SE Calgary, AB  t2g-4e1 Tel: (403) 702-6900

Flat Roofing Ltd. 258048 - 16 Street E Foothills, AB  T1S 3M1 Tel: (403) 995-2199

Fraser Valley Industries Ltd. 30781 Simpson Road Abbotsford, BC  V2T 6X4 Tel: (604) 852-6696

Flesher Marble & Tile (1910) Ltd. 4420 - 1 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2L3 Tel: (403) 287-0886

Freeze Maxwell Roofing (Calgary) Ltd. 4635 - 1 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2L2 Tel: (403) 253-0101

Gateway Mechanical Services 4001 16A Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3T5 Tel: (403) 265-0010 Gator Concrete & Structure Restoration Unit 7 1936 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6Z4 Tel: (403) 714-4319 GBV Contracting Bay 104 4528 6A Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 4B3 Tel: (403) 277-4767

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Ferropol Industries Ltd. Bay 3 6613 44th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2C9 Tel: (403) 254-6613

Waste Removal Services

403.619.6234 Fully equipped for • Complete or selective structure demolition • Complete or selective interior and exterior demolition • Complete or selective building structure demolition


Calgary Office

896 East Lakeview Road Chestermere, AB T1X 0L9

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10 Mount Pleasant Avenue Whitby, ON L1N 0C8




GEBA Interiors Ltd. 10, 2820 Centre Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2A7P5 Tel: (403)471-1919

Gescan Ltd. 5005 - 12A Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5L5 Tel: (403) 253-7171

Giusti Group Limited Partnership 4 Industry Way SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0A2 Tel: (403) 203-0492

General Site Services Inc. 3397 - 84 Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 7H3 Tel: (403) 274-7666

Gibbs Gage Architects 350, 140 - 10 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 0R1 Tel: (403) 233-2000

Glass Unlimited Inc. 6413 - 35 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1N2 Tel: (403) 236-2911

Gerald Stehouwer CPA 45 Haysboro Crescent SW Calgary, AB  T2V 3G1 Tel: (403) 836-2750

Gibraltar Projects Inc. 11095 48th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1G8 Tel: (403) 461-7712

Glenmore Fabricators Ltd. 10005 Enterprise Way SE CALGARY, AB  T3S 0A1 Tel: (403) 203-4976 Golden Triangle Construction Management Inc. 107-3445 114 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z-0K7 Tel: (403) 256-3668

Building Your Visions

Curtain Wall High Performance Glazing Structural Glazing Skylights

Goodfellow & Schuettlaw 200, 602 - 11 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2R 1J8 Tel: (403) 228-7102 Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP 421 7th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2E 0E5 Tel: (403) 292-9805 Graham Construction & Engineering LP 110, 115 Quarry Park Road SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5G9 Tel: (403) 570-5331 Granite Gallery Ltd. 1089-57 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 1W4 Tel: (403) 250-3636 Gran-Lee Electric Ltd. Box 847, Station T Calgary, AB  T2H 2H3 Tel: (403) 207 4941 Grant Metal Products Ltd. 291210 Wagon Wheel Road Rocky View, AB  T4A 0E2 Tel: (403) 590-8000 Great Northern Engineering Consultants Inc. 2055 Premier Way, Suite 257 Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 0G2 Tel: (780) 490-7141 Great Northern Plumbing Ltd. 6939 Farrell Road SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0T3 Tel: (403) 777-0813 Green Earth Environmental Solutions 374200 71st Street W Comp. 36, Site 207, RR2 Saskatoon, SK  S7K 3J5 Tel: (306) 931-8014 Greenlife Landscaping (1995) Ltd. 6, 4429 - 6 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 3Z6 Tel: (403) 230-0222

Ferguson Corporation Phone: (403) 287-4499 Fax: (403) 243-2198


Calgary Construction Association

Greg Martineau Projects Inc. Unit B, 2008 - 48th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2B 2E5 Tel: (403) 250-8201

THE TOTAL BUILDING ENVELOPE STARTS AND ENDS WITH FLYNN. From roofing and wate rproofing to glazing and archite ctural me tals; From design-assist engineering to façade manufacturing and installation, Flynn provides start-to-finish, top-to-bottom products and services. Put Flynn’s total building envelope expertise to work on your project. Start at







EDMONTON 780.451.6400





Griffin Glass (1981) Ltd. 1307 Hastings Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4C8 Tel: (403) 287-0835

Hard Rock Developments Inc. 422 Manitou Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G4c4 Tel: (403) 240-2508

High Engineering Corp. 1215 13 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3J4 Tel: (403) 287 0475

Groupe Piche Construction 240059 Frontier Crescent, Unit 3 Rocky View, AB  T1X 0W3 Tel: (403) 374-1237

Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Bay 113, 427 51 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0M8 Tel: (403) 207-5338

High Mountain Hoe Service Co. Ltd. RR 1 Box 19 Site 18 Sundre, AB  TM0 1X0 Tel: (403) 994-1753

Guardian Chemicals Inc. 155, 55202 SH825 Sturgeon County, AB  T8L 5C1 Tel: (780) 998-3771

Harris Steel Services Ltd. 332 Carmek Place SE Calgary, AB  T1X 1W9 Tel: (403) 272-8801

High Performance Spray Systems Ltd. 3352 47th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B2W1 Tel: (587) 834-5799

Guillevin International Co. 4220A Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4E6 Tel: (403) 287-160

Haworth 112, 222 - 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0L1 Tel: (403) 203-6140

Hilton Brothers Contracting Ltd. Unit 270, 1001 1 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5G3 Tel: (403) 999-6047

Gunner Fire Protection Inc. 4301, 9th Street SE, Unit F Calgary, AB  T2G 3C8 Tel: (403) 245-4005

HBI - Heritage Business Interiors Inc. 2050-2600 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4M6 Tel: (403) 252-2888

Hipperson Construction 200 2161 Scarth Street Regina, SK  S4P 2H8 Tel: (306) 359-0303

H.U.N. General Contracting Ltd. Unit 64, 740 Bracewood Drive Calgary, AB  T2W 3N3 Tel: (587) 889-6379

HCM Contractors Inc. 7162 110th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5H8 Tel: (403) 248-4884

HMC Lawyers 320-903 8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0P7 Tel: (403) 269-7220

Halbro Construction Ltd. PO Box 75175 Westhills Calgary, AB  T3H3M1 Tel: (403) 708-8136

Henry’s Electric Service PO Box 181 Banff, AB  T1L 1A3 Tel: (403) 688-8702

Holloway Paving Ltd. Calgary, AB  Tel: (403) 975-3030

Hamilton & Rosenthal, Chartered Accountants Suite 210, 2424 - 4 Street SW Calgary, AB  T2S 2T4 Tel: (403) 514-2205

Hestia Construction Inc. 19655 Walden Boulevard SE Calgary, AB  T2X ON7 Tel: (403) 671-4611

Holt Construction AB Ltd. 223 33 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 2H7 Tel: (403) 869-8761 Homes by Avi Urban (2006) Inc. 245 Forge Road SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0S9 Tel: (403) 536-7000 Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 1 - 3640 61 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2J3 Tel: (403) 217-5655 Horseshoe Hill Construction Inc. 18859 Horseshoe Hill Rd Caledon Village, ON  L7K 2B9 Tel: (905) 875-7400 Hurst Construction Management Inc. 3637 Manchester Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3Z7 Tel: (403) 243-0331 Ib Jensen Masonry Ltd. 3632 Manchester Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3Z5 Tel: (403) 243-6303

Steel Stud Framing + Drywall + Acoustical Ceilings Providing services in Calgary and surrounding areas specializing in Steel Stud Framing, Drywall, Acoustical Ceilings for over a decade! #10, 2820 Centre Avenue NE | Calgary, AB GEBA Info Desk: 403-471-1919 Email:


Calgary Construction Association

Icon Insulation Western Canada Inc. PO Box 8 Lambeth Station London, ON  N6P 1P9 Tel: (403) 470-8304 Iconic Electric and Controls 11079 50 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3E5 Tel: (403) 589-5683


IECS Environmental Inc. Suite 300 160 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3G3 Tel: (800) 821-7462

Intact Insurance 1200, 321 - 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3H3 Tel: (403) 231-1300

ISCO Canada (ISCO-AH McElroy) 9310 Yellowhead Trail Edmonton, AB  T5G 0W4 Tel: (780) 910-4453

Igloo Erectors Ltd. 3468 - 46 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3J2 Tel: (403) 253-1121

Integral Energy Services Ltd. Unit 101, 2890 Kingsview Boulevard Airdrie, AB  T4A 0E1 Tel: (403) 912-1261

ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. 4015 - 7th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2Y9 Tel: (403) 254-0544

Impact Earthworx Ltd. 3080 49 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 2X4 Tel: (403) 460-6851

Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd. 1600 400 3 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 4H2 Tel: (403) 554-3682

ITW Construction Products 120 Travail Road Markham, ON  L3S 3J1 Tel: (403) 389-2488

Incom Electric Corp. 5740 Burbank Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1Z6 Tel: (403) 455-6515

Integrity Shotcrete Inc. 3205 88 Street SE Calgary, AB  T3S Tel: (403) 383-4482

Jemm Properties 210 1212 - 1 Street Calgary, AB  T2G2H8 Tel: (403) 804-8964

Inland Pipe, a division of Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited 7336 - 112 Avenue NW Calgary, AB  T3R 1R8 Tel: (403) 279-5531

IPEX Management Inc. 8460 - 60 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3C7 Tel: (403) 236-8333

JESCO Electrical Contractors Ltd. 2248 Bayside Circle SW Airdrie, AB  T4B 0V6 Tel: (403) 463-8616

Ironclad Earthworks Ltd. Unit 110 - 501 Cleveland Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4R8 Tel: (403) 457-1005

JNL Mechanical Ltd. 108 11979 40th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 4M3 Tel: (403) 275-9787

Ironhorse Railroad Contractors Ltd. 1412 Railway Street PO Box 1589 Crossfield, AB  T0M 0S0 Tel: (403) 946-0169

Johnson Controls Ltd. 104, 6046 - 12 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2X2 Tel: (403) 640-1700

Innovative Fall Protection 218 Initiative Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T3S0B7 Tel: (403) 257-1833 Insign Architectural Signage 124 Somme Manor SW Calgary, AB  T2T 6J4 Tel: (403) 201-9085

TORONTO: 519-623-6454 OTTAWA: 613-241-5551 CALGARY: 403-248-4884

Your Solution to Custom Fabrication

Innovation in Foundations

MATERIALS Galvanized/Mild Steel 26ga to 1/4” Painted and Anodized Aluminum 0.032” to 1/4” Pre-painted Steels Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Zinc


Shotcrete Shoring Piles and Lagging Slurry Walls Underpinning Soil Anchors Structural Shotcrete

Shearing/Punching/Notching/Routering/Bending Stud & Spot Welding Assembly/Prototypes Backpan Fabrication

• • • • • •

Established in 1980 COR Certified ISO 9001:2015 Certified CNC Press Brakes - 8’, 12’ & 14’ CNC Router Table/Punch Center One piece to 10,000+ pieces

291210 Wagon Wheel Road Rocky View, Alberta T4A 0E2

GL_GrantMetal_QP_Apr21_CWM.indd 1

Toll Free: 800-672-6088 Phone: 403-590-8000

2021-03-22 11:35 AM

Caissons Helical Piles Micropiles Rock Anchors Caisson Walls

HC Matcon Inc.

HCM Contractors Inc.

Tel: 519-623-6454 Fax: 519-623-6061

Tel: 403-248-4884 Fax: 403-248-4897

122 Earl Thompson Road Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0

7162-110th Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta T2C 5H8




Jolly Construction Ltd. 290017 - 64 Street E Foothills, AB  T1S 3T8 Tel: (403) 560-2974

Kidco Construction Ltd. 4949 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3C6 Tel: (403) 724-2267

Lafarge Canada Inc. 2213 - 50th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 0R5 Tel: (403) 351-9022

JPF Group Co Inc. 1550 5 Street SW Suite 300 Calgary, AB  T2R1K3 Tel: (403) 690-9880

Klass Mechanical Sales Ltd. Bay 10, 3610 - 29 Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 5Z7 Tel: (403) 286-7467

Lawrence Masonry Box 1745 Carstairs, AB  t0m 0n0 Tel: (403) 874-3882

JRS Engineering Ltd. 115 - 1925 18th Avenue NE Calgary, AB   T2E 7T8 Tel: (403) 452-3377

K-Link Development Inc. PO Box 5871 High River High River, AB  T1V 1P6 Tel: (403) 652-1913

LBCO Contracting Ltd. 623 35 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 2L2 Tel: (403) 277-9555

Kalamoir 75 Westridge Crescent SW Calgary, AB  T3H 5C9 Tel: (403) 700-3858

KLS Earthworks Inc. 240039 Frontier Crescent Rocky View Cresent, AB  T1X 0W6 Tel: (403) 240-3030

Leading Edge Developments Inc. Bay 3, 6115 4th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2H9 Tel: (587) 353-3355

Kang Construction Ltd. Calgary, AB  T2E 7P6 Tel: (403) 250-8868

Knibb Developments Ltd. Box 184 Standard, AB  T0J 3G0 Tel: (403) 644-2222

Lear Construction Management Ltd. 4200 - 10 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6K3 Tel: (403) 250-3818

Knight Signs 7462 Progress Way Delta, BC  V4G 1E1 Tel: (604) 940-2211

Ledcor Construction Ltd. 1930 Maynard Road SE, Bay 28 Calgary, AB  T2E 6J8 Tel: (403) 863-3491

KnK Solutions Ltd. 30-235105 Wrangler Drive SE Calgary, AB  T1X0K3 Tel: (403) 477-1865

Liberty Mutual Canada Suite 1400, 10665 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB  T5J 3S9 Tel: (587) 525-5541

Krawford Construction Company Inc. Bay 2, 11166 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 0J9 Tel: (403) 203-2651

Limitless Automatics & Doors Inc. 4756 14st NE Calgary, AB  T2E6L7 Tel: (403) 650-5232

KSB Pumps Inc. 888 3rd Street Southwest - 10th Floor Calgary, AB  T2E 4K1 Tel: (403) 532-4652

Line King 488 1811 4th Street SW Calgary, AB  T2S 1W2 Tel: (403) 978-5201

Kayben Landscaping Inc. Box 60, Site 2, RR 2 Okotoks, AB  T1S 1A2 Tel: (403) 938-2857 KBM Commercial Floor Covering Inc. 1260 - 26 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5S2 Tel: (403) 298-5714 Keller Foundations Ltd. 10239 178 Street NW Edmonton, AB  T5S 1M3 Tel: (780) 960-6700 KI International Ltd. Bay 308, 151 East Lake Boulevard NE Airdrie, AB  T4A 2G1 Tel: (403) 912-6008

Linmark Steel Inc. 6420- 6th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5K4 Tel: (403) 875-4396 Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd. 350 521 3rd Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3T3 Tel: (403) 389-5948

UNPARALELLED EROSION PROTECTION • Cable Concrete is a fully engineered system • Cable Concrete is flexible, versatile, and stable • Cable Concrete is a proven cost effective alternate to loose rock rip rap • IECS – The leaders in Articulated Concrete Blocks

800-821-7462• • 800-821-7462 132

Calgary Construction Association

LMS Reinforcing Steel Ltd. 7452 - 132nd Street Surrey, BC  V3W 4M7 Tel: (403) 723-9930 Lobello Manufacturing Ltd. 3650 - 12 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6N1 Tel: (403) 250-2800 Longboard Construction Inc. 110, 2956 Kingsview Boulevard SE Airdrie, AB  T4A 0C9 Tel: (403) 912-4080 Longbow Sales Inc. 7 1435 - 40 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8N6 Tel: (403) 291-3166


Lorraine Hydro-Seeding Inc. 4080 23 Street NE 105 Calgary, AB  T2E 6W9 Tel: (403) 717-2334

Matkovic Contracting Ltd. 4004 - 4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T3C 0B6 Tel: (403) 984-3324

LT Earth Services Ltd. PO Box 706 Bragg Creek, AB  T0L 0K0 Tel: (403) 478-6277

MBC Group 7260 - 12th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H2S5 Tel: (403) 880-0850

Lynnwood Roofing (1991) Inc. 4073 Ogden Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4P6 Tel: (403) 217-4114

McLennan Ross LLP 1900 Eau Claire Tower Calgary, AB  T2P 0G5 Tel: (403) 303-0159

Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta. Ltd. 4330 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2J2 Tel: (403) 273-4821 M & B Technical Testing Services Ltd. 11551 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 4K4 Tel: (403) 243-9733 M & L Painting (1999) Ltd. 105 - 16 Fawcett Road Coquitlam, AB  V3K 6X9 Tel: (403) 912-2639 M Builds 101, 2770 - 3rd Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2A 2L5 Tel: (403) 204-8100 Major Project Management 184 Constable Road Calgary, AB  T2L0S7 Tel: (403) 700-4419

Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta 204, 2725 - 12th Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (403) 250-7237 Menard Canada 2725 12 Street NE 206 Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (403) 444-9195 Mequipco Ltd. 101, 5126 - 126 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 0H2 Tel: (403) 259-8333

Your Industry Leading Manufacturer of Safe & Reliable Thermoplastic Systems Start saving time and money More and more plumbing contractors are switching from copper to AquaRise® for all of their potable water projects.

Maltais Mechanical Ltd. Bay 6, 240007 Frontier Crescent Rocky View County, AB  T1X0R4 Tel: (587) 617-6389 Manulift EMI Ltd. 111 Center Street SW Langdon, AB  T0J 1X2 Tel: (403) 936-8668 Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. 205, 32 Royal Vista Drive NW Calgary, AB  T3R 0H9 Tel: (403) 216-1455 Marco Group Limited 7056K Farrell Road SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0T2 Tel: (403) 453-6671

Potable Water Piping Systems

Move Over Metal From parking garages to hospitals to high buildings, more mechanical contractors and engineers are switching to IPEX for a long-lasting DWV Solution.

Marmot Concrete Services Ltd. 636 Beaver Dam Road NE Calgary, AB  T2K 4W6 Tel: (403) 730-8711 Marsh JLT Specialty 1100, 222 - 3 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0B4 Tel: (403) 476-3428 Master Mechanical Plumbing & Heating (1986) Ltd. 19 - 6025 - 12 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2K1 Tel: (403) 243-5880

Drainage Systems for Noncombustible Buildings Toll Free: 1-866-473-9462

Mechanical Piping Systems AquaRise® and the colour of AquaRise® pipes & fittings are registered trademarks.




Mercury Steel Ltd. 4020 6A Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 4B1 Tel: (403) 230-4771

Mid-West Design & Construction Ltd. 4800 104 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2H3 Tel: (403) 279-3355

MK Commercial 7705 Flint Road SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1G3 Tel: (403) 540-4760

Meriam Contracting Ltd. PO Box 1185 Cochrane, AB  T4C 1K8 Tel: (403) 815-7795

Mike’s Electric Box 1737 Banff, AB  T1L 1B6 Tel: (403) 762-2871

MNP 1500, 640 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3G4 Tel: (403) 263-3385

Mermac Construction Ltd. 4799 - 68 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5C1 Tel: (403) 720-8001

Millennium Geomatics Ltd. 300, 1400 - 1 Street SW Calgary, AB  T2R 0V8 Tel: (587) 393-6608

Modco Structures Ltd. PO Box 8510 Canmore, AB  T1W 2V2 Tel: (403) 678-5954

Metal-Fab Industries Ltd. 240028 Frontier Crescent Rocky View, AB  T1X 0W6 Tel: (403) 236-5211

Miller Thomson LLP Suite 3000, 700 - 9th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3V4 Tel: (403) 298-2400

Modern Niagara Alberta Inc. 3652 44th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3J9 Tel: (403) 230-3225

Metro Aluminum Products Ltd. 19045 - 24 Avenue Surrey, BC  V3Z 3S9 Tel: (403) 735-5014

Mini Dig Corp. 2222 Alyth Place SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3K9 Tel: (403) 274-0090

Modu-Loc Fence Rentals 4334 68 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2T9 Tel: (800) 522-8371

Metro Wallcoverings Bay 40, 2151 32nd Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 7G3 Tel: (403) 245-9191

Mint Projects Ltd. PO Box 94004 Elbow River RPO Calgary, AB  T2S 0S4 Tel: (403) 829-4495

Modus Structures Inc. 34 McCool Crescent Crossfield , AB  T0M 0S0 Tel: (403) 274 2422

Michele’s Landscaping Inc. 240086 Frontier Crescent Rocky View County, AB  T1X 0W5 Tel: (403) 248-8668

MJS Mechanical Ltd. 2401 144 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T3P 0T3 Tel: (403) 250-1355

Moneris 3300 Bloor Street. W, 16th Floor Toronto, ONT  M8X 2x2 Tel: (855) 502-6227




We service and install many different brands of automatic door operators onto doors for ease of accessibility and convenience for all.

Create easy traffic flow, contribute to energy saving and reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Doors open only when activated and automatically close to eliminate the doors being left open.

We have Limitless solutions for your commercial entrance needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Aluminum, Steel, Fire-Rated, Glass, Custom or Door Hardware we have you covered!

RETROFITS & SERVICE 1962 is calling… they want their door back! Take pride and create an improved perception amongst your customers with one of our customized automated entrance systems or glazed storefronts.

COMMERCIAL DOOR SPECIALISTS 403-650-5232 4756 14 Street NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6L7


Calgary Construction Association


Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. 200, 809 Manning Road NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7M9 Tel: (403) 250-7551 Morrison Hershfield Ltd. Suite 300, 6807 Railway Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2V6 Tel: (403) 669-0827 MYSHAK Sales and Rental 28527 Acheson Road Acheson, AB  T7X 6A8 Tel: (403) 910-3898 Nabco Canada Unit 21, 2419 52 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4X7 Tel: (403) 294-9331 National Concrete Accessories Canada Inc. 3201 Ogden Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G4N4 Tel: (403) 279-7089 National Process Equipment Inc. 5049 74th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3H2 Tel: (403) 724-4300 Nella Cutlery & Food Equipment Inc. 1255 Fewster Drive Mississauga, ON  L4W1A2 Tel: (905) 823-1110

Neuwest Construction Services Ltd. 32 Brightonwood Grove SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 0P8 Tel: (403) 892-5975

North Star Contracting Inc. 64 Technology Way SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0E9 Tel: (403) 228-3421

New Dawn Manuals Ltd. 1444 Lake Michigan Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2J 3G1 Tel: (403) 225-4325

Northbridge Insurance Suite 525 220 N 12th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2R 0E9 Tel: (403) 202-4048

New-Firmus Inc. 120, 5720 - 4th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1K7 Tel: (587) 392-6999

Northcal Insulation Services Ltd. 202 2725 12th Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (403) 277-4511

Nick’s Woodcraft Industries Ltd. 112 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB  T2K 5X7 Tel: (403) 275-6432

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP Suite 3700, 400 3rd Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 4H2 Tel: (403) 267-8343

Nilex Inc. 9222 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB   T2C 2P3 Tel: (403) 543-5454

Norwood Waterworks 285177 Wrangler Avenue Rocky View, AB  T1X 0P3 Tel: (403) 203-2553

Norfab Mfg. (1993) Inc. 16425 - 130 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB  T5V 1K5 Tel: (780) 447-5454

Nose Creek Electrical Services Inc. 102 5510 -53rd Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4P2 Tel: (403) 516-1984

NORR 411 - 1st Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4Y5 Tel: (403) 817-9397

Nu-Trend Industries Inc. 120 Glacier Drive SW Calgary, AB  T3E 5A1 Tel: (403) 247-4342






Oldcastle Building Envelope 7703N 30th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1V4 Tel: (403) 774-2630

Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd. 6445 - 10 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2Z9 Tel: (403) 279-6881

Professional Excavators Ltd. 10919 - 84 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5A6 Tel: (403) 236-5686

Onsite3D Ltd. 4411 6 Street SE, 150 Calgary, AB  T2G 4E8 Tel: (587) 894-1104

Phoenix Fence Corp. 6204 - 2 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1J4 Tel: (403) 259-5155

Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc. Suite 130, 110 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3G3 Tel: (403) 771-0429

Oskar Construction Ltd. PO Box 774 Banff, AB  T1L 1A8 Tel: (403) 762-3131

Phoenix Metals Ltd. 4357 - 14 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7A9 Tel: (403) 272-5547

Pro-Tech Insulation Ltd. 196 Citadel Forest Close NW Calgary, AB  T3G 4W8 Tel: (403) 239-4009

Otis Excavating Ltd. 9740 Venture Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0A1 Tel: (403) 455-5942

Pilot Group Inc. 3240 Cedarille Drive SW Calgary, AB  T2W 2H1 Tel: (403) 560-2107

ProTELEC Systems Ltd. 200-1450 Mountain Avenue Winnipeg, MB  R2X 3C4 Tel: (204) 949-1417

Over & Above Reno and Contracting Ltd. Bay 122, 8490 - 44 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2P6 Tel: (403) 726-1299

Plasti-Fab Ltd. 300, 2891 Sunridge Way NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 7K7 Tel: (403) 569-4321

Pure Electrical Solutions Inc. Bay 4 5915 36th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2J1 Tel: (403) 726-5358

Oxford Properties Group 520 3rd Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0R3 Tel: (403) 206-6457

PnG Builders 261 West Creek Boulevard Chestermere, AB  T1X 0A6 Tel: (403) 561-3591

QSI Interiors Ltd. (Calgary) 9 - 2016 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6Z4 Tel: (403) 276-5506

Pace Solutions Corp. Unit 25, 920 28 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2A 6K1 Tel: (403) 212-8200

Polar Bear Mechanical Ltd. 1216 15 Street SW Calgary, AB  T3C 1G1 Tel: (403) 242-2464

Qualimech Commercial Services Ltd. 414B 36th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 1G4 Tel: (403) 651-4344

Parker Johnston Industries (Alberta) Ltd. 4104 9 Street SE Calgary Calgary, AB  T2G 3C4 Tel: (403) 250-7525

Pomerleau Inc. 230, 6223 - 2 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1J5 Tel: (403) 233-2799

R.S. Foundation Systems Ltd. 3661 - 48 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3N8 Tel: (403) 569-6986

Patmar Developments Limited Suite 42, 5610 46 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4P9 Tel: (403) 252-4459

Porter Tile & Marble (1991) Ltd. 5752 Burleigh Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1Z8 Tel: (403) 258-2258

Radius Security 22131, Fraserwood Way Richmond, BC  V6W 1J5 Tel: (778) 222-4167

PCL Construction Management Inc. 2882 - 11 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7S7 Tel: (403) 250-4800

Prattco Excavating 3714 67 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T3J 4H3 Tel: (403) 241-1423

Rainbow Contractors Ltd. 3030 9 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3B9 Tel: (403) 243-8442

PDS Fire Protection Inc. 915 A - 48 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2A7 Tel: (403) 243-4546

Premsteel Fabricators Inc. 10403 50 Stret SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3E3 Tel: (403) 720-6907

Raylec Power Alberta LP 240045 Frontier Place SE Rockyview County, AB  T1X 0N2 Tel: (403) 991-3026

Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd. 3352 - 46 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3J2 Tel: (403) 273-7000

Prestwick Resources Inc. PO Box 89147 Calgary, AB  T2Z 3W3 Tel: (403) 452-2045

Rayner Construction Services Inc. 421 6A Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 4A6 Tel: (403) 828-8226

Penner Doors & Hardware 1101 6027 79 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5P1 Tel: (306) 986-4500

Prime Movers Rigging & Industrial Services Inc. 2840 58 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 0B3 Tel: (780) 257-0798

Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd. 1816 Crowchild Trail NW, Suite 500 Calgary, AB  T2M 3Y7 Tel: (403) 283-5073

Peri Formwork Systems Inc. 37 Industry Way SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0A2 Tel: (403) 203-8112 Permacast Concrete Contracting Ltd. 114 Panatella Circle NW Calgary, AB  T3K 5Z7 Tel: (403) 275-9626


Calgary Construction Association

Priority Communication Systems Ltd. 22, 6420 - 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5M4 Tel: (403) 234-0334 Procore 1 University Ave Toronto, ON  M5J 2P1 Tel: (647) 299-1990

Reads on Roads Box 362, 14 - 900 Village Lane Okotoks, AB   T1S 1Z6 Tel: (403) 671-2886 Red Star Drywall Ltd. 48 Covepark Green NE Calgary, AB  T3K 6K9 Tel: (403) 888-6597


Redline Glass & Metal 62, 4216 - 54 Ave SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2E3 Tel: (403) 880-7753

RGO Products Ltd. 100, 229 - 33 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2A 4Y6 Tel: (403) 569-4400

Rolling Mix Concrete LLP 7209 Railway Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2V6 Tel: (403) 253-6426

Reggin Industries Inc. 10605 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5B9 Tel: (403) 255-8141

Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd. RR 3, Site 11, Box 19 Olds, AB  T4H 1P4 Tel: (403) 556-6366

Ron T. Masonry Ltd. Bay 3, 1826 - 25 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7K1

Reggin Technical Services Ltd. 4550 - 35 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3S4 Tel: (403) 287-2540

Richelieu Hardware Canada Ltd. 5211 - 52 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4T2 Tel: (604) 214-5655

Renegade H.M. Services Inc. 1145D, 44th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4X4 Tel: (587) 351-7460

Rieger Architectural Products 37 Kings Heights Drive Airdrie, AB  T4A 0E6 Tel: (866) 385-8318

Reno Pros Corp 109, 1324 44 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6L6 Tel: (403) 769-9330

Rite-Way Fencing (2000) Inc. 7710 40th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3S4 Tel: (403) 243-8733

Results Canada Inc. Suite 210, 1040 - 7 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3G9 Tel: (403) 984-6124

Rodeo Cutting & Coring Ltd. 7652 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2V4 Tel: (403) 717-0756

Revay and Associates Limited Suite 418, 715 - 5th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 2X6 Tel: (403) 777-4901

Rogers Insurance Ltd. 800, 1331 MacLeod Trail SE Calgary, AB  T2G 0K3 Tel: (403) 296-2400

Roofmart Alberta Inc. 7127 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB  T2H0X6 Tel: (403) 253-7553 Rose LLP Suite 2100, 440 – 2nd Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 5E9 Tel: (403) 776-0508 Royal Stewart Ltd. Box 2, Grp. 329, RR 3 Selkirk, MB  R1A 2A8 Tel: (204) 757-4534 RPC Group Inc. 310, 1010 8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 1J2 Tel: (403) 930-8141 Rubydale Asphalt Works Ltd. 724 East Lake Road Airdrie, AB  T4A 2J5 Tel: (403) 945-4585

PRODUCTS WE OFFER • Decorative Chasetop/Chimney Cap • Custom metal fabrication and installation • Supply and install standarize/custom corner guards, column and door wraps • Metal panel supply and installation




Rural Road Construction Ltd. Suite 307, 259 Midpark Way, Midpark Centre Calgary, AB  T2X 1M2 Tel: (403) 265-3389

Savaria Lifts 60-4216 54 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2E3 Tel: (403) 243- 6300

Senior Flexonics Canada Ltd. Unit 147 3953 112th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 0J4 Tel: (403) 253-7919

Russpet Construction Ltd. 4734 14 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6L7 Tel: (403) 291-4404

Saxon Constructors Inc. 4006, 4th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2W3 Tel: (403) 371-5622

Sentinel Roofing 6747 34 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T1Y4M1 Tel: (403) 507-0660

Ryan Murphy Construction Bay 2, 2501 Alyth Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 1P7 Tel: (587) 354-3454

SBL Contractors Ltd. 123, 7725 - 56th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5R5 Tel: (403) 828-1868

Serv-All Mechanical Services Ltd. Unit 210, 5126 126th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 0H2 Tel: (825) 509-3045

S.E. Johnson Management Ltd. 4330 - 122 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 0A6 Tel: (403) 291-9600

Schindler Elevator Corp. 527 Manitou Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4C2 Tel: (403) 243-0715

Safeguard Safety Inc. 10447 50 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3E3 Tel: (403) 236-0752

Scott Builders Inc. 1224 - 34 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6L9 Tel: (403) 274-9393

ServiceMaster Calgary - Commercial Cleaning 1450 28th Street NE, Unit 4 Calgary, AB  T2A 7W6 Tel: (587) 316-5026

Sahuri + Partners Architecture Inc. Suite 201, 123 Forge Road SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0S9 Tel: (403) 228-9307

Sealtech Restorations Ltd. 6224D - 2 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1J4 Tel: (403) 253-5002

SAIT 1301 16 Avenue NW Calgary, AB  T2M 0L4 Tel: (403) 284-8618

Seletech Electrical Enterprises Ltd. 4444 Builders Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4C6 Tel: (403) 234-0086

ServiceMaster Restore of Calgary 920 26 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2A2M4 Tel: (587) 355-2515 Seven Construction 2145, 6027 79th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5P1 Tel: (403) 351-4451 Shaw Steel Services 7 Cambrille Crescent Strathmore, AB  T1P 1M1 Tel: (403) 969-3654


Local Calgary Electrical Contractor. PURE Electrical Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of electrical and data communication solutions and services within southern Alberta. With a tradition of excellence in project and service delivery, PURE Electrical Solutions Inc. operates across a range of markets including commercial developments, public infrastructure, agricultural, transport, defence, and data centres. With over 40-years experience we have developed an outstanding culture supported by a strong set of values. We are committed to providing a service that will ensure the long term success of our clients. “We maintain the highest possible quality standards and provide clients with safe, reliable, optimum cost products and services delivered on time”


Pure Electrical is skilled in designing, supplying and installing a wide range of building services. These services include electrical infrastructure, building controls, energy management systems, security and communications networking, and instrumentation cabling systems.


PURE Electrical Solutions Inc. has been entrusted by it’s clients with the maintenance and enhancement of their critical assets and infrastructure. Our expertise is regularly sought across a diverse range of building, transport, telecommunications, industrial, and utility asset portfolios.


Calgary Construction Association

Unit 4, 5915 36 Street S.E., Calgary, AB T2C 2J1



Shawne Excavating Trucking Ltd. PO Box 5572 High River, AB  T1V 1M6 Tel: (403) 603-3012

SkyFire Energy Inc. 4038A - 7 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2Y8 Tel: (403) 251-0668

Solaris Electric Inc. Bay 7, 1925 39 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6W7 Tel: (403) 717-9301

Shea Foams Ltd. 2323 - 24 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8L9 Tel: (403) 240-4710

SKYGRiD Construction Inc. 909 - 17th Avenue SW, 4th Floor Calgary, AB  T2T 0A4 Tel: (587) 390-3092

Soletanche Bachy Canada 416 Monument Place SE Calgary, AB  T2A 1X3 Tel: (403) 272-5531

Siemens Canada Limited 24, 1930 Maynard Road SE Calgary, AB  T2E 6J8 Tel: (403) 671-3569

Skyline Concrete Services Ltd. 11565 44 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 4A1 Tel: (403) 692-3202

SolidCAD 3526 26th Street NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 4T7 Tel: (587) 414-6634

Signature Developments 11097 Hidden Valley Drive NW Calgary, AB  T3E 5Z3 Tel: (587) 969-8222

Skyway Canada Ltd. 6280 76 Avenue SE, 20 Calgary, AB  T2C 5N5 Tel: (403) 276-6666

Soprema Canada Inc. 5, 1815 - 27 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7E1 Tel: (403) 248-8837

Sika Canada Inc. 226 Cimarron Park Mews Okotoks, AB  T1S 2K3 Tel: (780) 991-4188

Slimdor Contracting Ltd. 42 Griffin Industrial Point Cochrane, AB  T4C 0A3 Tel: (403) 932-4666

Sound-Rite Inc. 9, 2821 - 3 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2A 7P3 Tel: (403) 296-0505

Simply Stone Landscapes Ltd. 151 Tuscany Glen Park NW Calgary, AB  T3L 3E6 Tel: (403) 281-7605

SME Services Bay 10, 415 60 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2J5 Tel: (403) 969-4977

Simson Maxwell 467 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0B4 Tel: (403) 512-4609

SMP Engineering 403 - 1240 Kensington Road NW Calgary, AB  T2N 3P7 Tel: (403) 270-8833

Southern Alberta Construction Services Inc. 100 3605 29 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 5W4 Tel: (403) 457-4616 Southpaw Metal Ltd. Bay 1 1935 27th Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7E4 Tel: (403) 293-3991

Russpet Construction is committed to satisfying the needs of our clients from start up to project turnover.

Claims preparation and analysis Expert reports and testimony Project management and controls Project scheduling and monitoring Delay and productivity analysis Contract administration Risk management Damage quantification

Russell Peterson, President E: T: 403.291.4404 | F: 403.291.4401




Sovereign General Insurance Company 140, 6700 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB  T2H0L3 Tel: (403) 298-4200 Spalding Hardware 1616 - 10 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T3C 0J5 Tel: (403) 244-5531 Specon Construction Inc. 24 - 235105 Wrangler Drive Rocky View, AB  T1X 0K3 Tel: (403) 630-4836

Spindle Stair & Railings Calgary, AB  T2C 1R4 Tel: (403) 294-0555 SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd. 11-4380 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB   T2C 2J2 Tel: (403) 570-0438 Spring Air Acoustics Ltd. 107, 2944 Kingsview Boulevard SE Airdrie, AB  T4A 0C9 Tel: (403) 295-6110

TECH revolution. CAREER transformation. Build your career in the construction industry with SAIT’s new Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies. Expand your skillset, increase your job prospects and advance your career with our flexible, industry-recognized certificates and courses including: AUTOCAD






Stantec Consulting Ltd. 200, 325 - 25 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2A 7H8 Tel: (403) 618 9672 Star Building Materials (Alberta) Limited 2345 Alyth Road SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5T8 Tel: (403) 720-0010 Starcraft Construction Ltd. Bay F, 1235 - 40 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6M9 Tel: (403) 250-7610 Startec Refrigeration Services Ltd. 9423 Shepard Road SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4R6 Tel: (403) 295-5855 Steel River Group Suite 2600, 350 7th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P3N9 Tel: (403) 930-0387 Stein Technologies RR7, Site 7, Box 11 Calgary, AB  T2P 2G7 Tel: (403) 702-0035 Stonhard Division, RPM Canada 95 Sunray Street Whitby, ON  L1N 9C9 Tel: (800) 263 3285 Stormtec AB Filtration Inc. 4431 6th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4E8 Tel: (403) 717-9644 Strike Group 1300, 505 3rd Street SW Calgary, AB  T2P 3E6 Tel: (403) 775-1031 Stuart Olson Construction Ltd. Suite 600, 4820 Richard Road SW Calgary, AB  T3E 6L1 Tel: (403) 520-6565


Super Save Group 6025 90 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2c4Z6 Tel: (403) 590- 4011


Superform Products Ltd. Box 2696, 1065 Willow Street Pincher Creek, AB  T0K 1W0 Tel: (877) 627-3555 Superior Propane Suite 420 - 48 Quarry Park Boulevard Calgary, AB  T2C 5P2 Tel: (403) 730-6930



Continuing Education and Professional Studies


Stampede Electric Inc. 4300 118 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z4A4 Tel: (587) 327-2777

Calgary Construction Association



Superior Sprinkler Co. Ltd. Bay 4, 1826 25th Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7K1 Tel: (403) 464-3486


Supermetal Structures Inc. 1955 5E Street Levis, QC  G6W 5M6 Tel: (780) 980-4830 SureBond Safe Floors Suite 10, 6420 79 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5M4 Tel: (403) 269-6888


Sure-Seal Contracting Ltd. 931A - 48 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 2A7 Tel: (403) 265-8677


Western Canada’s Premier Supplier of Stand-by, Prime & CHP systems 24/7 Parts and Service Support

Surespan Construction Ltd. 301, 38 Fell Avenue North Vancouver, BC  V7P 3S2 Tel: (604) 998-1133

Emergency Generator Repair Planned Generator Maintenance Programs

Surface West 1145 44th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G4X4 Tel: (403) 229-9222

On Site Fuel Testing & Polishing

Switched-On Electrical Services Ltd. 17 Rockyspring Hill NW Calgary, AB  T3G 5Z9 Tel: (403) 284-1703 SynCon Management Ltd. 232 Initiative Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0B7 Tel: (403) 258-3773


SealTech lauded for SafeTy STraTegy in large-Scale hazardouS maTerial removal projecT in calgary. 30 yearS experience

abouT SealTech:

SealTech is dedicated to delivering thorough, costeffective methods for abating hazardous materials contamination and for other environmental remediation construction services. Tel: 780-980-1122 Fax: 780-980-1129 Email: 6612 - 44 Street Leduc, Alberta T9E 7E4 6224D - 2nd Street SE | Calgary, AB T2H 1J4 Phone: 403.253.5002 | The CONSTRUCTOR 2021



T.A.H.M. Enterprises Inc. 31 Canova Close SW Calgary, AB  T2W 3P7 Tel: (403) 617-4377

The Fence Store Ltd. Bay122, 2800 107th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 3R7 Tel: (403) 240-4269

Timberstone Distribution 3703 Arthur Rose Ave Saskatoon, SK  S7P 0A9 Tel: (306) 717-1549

Taylor Construction Unit 2-314 Exploration Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T3S 0B5 Tel: (403) 244-5225

The Mammoth Inc. 1524 17 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2T 0C8 Tel: (403) 671-6663

Titan Sport Systems Ltd. Bay 5, 4420- 75 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2H8 Tel: (403) 689-4858

TDH Fluid Systems Inc. Bay 80, 4797-22st SE Calgary, AB  T2B 0N8 Tel: (403) 228-7018

The Tunneling Company Inc. 9424 60th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4V8 Tel: (403) 289-4522

Toole Peet Insurance 1135 - 17 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2T 0B6 Tel: (403) 209-5463

Tech-Cost Consultants Ltd. 2725 - 12 Street NE, Unit 208 Calgary, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (403) 291-5566

Thermal Systems KWC Ltd. 261185 Wagon Wheel Way Rocky View, AB  T4A 0E2 Tel: (403) 250-5507

Top Roof & Exteriors Inc. 325 Albert Street SE Airdrie, AB  T4B1L3 Tel: (587) 893-4014

Terraburst Inc. 8 918 16th Avenue NW Calgary, AB  T2M 0K3 Tel: (403) 862-1625

Thermo Design Insulation Ltd. 26, 4550 - 112 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2K2 Tel: (403) 720-8203

Tetra Tech Canada Suite 110, 140 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary, AB  T2C 3G3 Tel: (403) 723-5974

ThyssenKrupp Elevator 5, 2419 - 52 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 4X7 Tel: (403) 259-4183

Top Spray (Hydroseeding, Erosion Control, Mulch) 305 Griffin Road West Cochrane, AB  T4C 2C4 Tel: (403) 932-1464

Tevmar Masonry 231 Arbour Wood Close NW Calgary, AB  T3G 4C3 Tel: (403) 239-3964

Tiki International Inc. Bay 2D, 624 Beaver Dam Road NE Calgary, AB  T2K 4W6 Tel: (403) 241-1093

Total Trenchless Ltd. Box 12089 Calgary, AB  T2Z 1H4 Tel: (403) 764-2673 Tower Engineering Group 2139-4th Avenue NW Calgary, AB  T2N 0N6 Tel: (403) 235-2655 Town of Banff Banff, AB  T2E 7J2 Tel: (403) 762-1225 Trane Canada Inc. 157, 10905 - 48 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1G8 Tel: (403) 301-0090 Traugott Building Contractors Inc. Unit 101B, 3740 11A Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6M6 Tel: (403) 276-6444 Travelers Insurance Company of Canada 650 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC  V6B 4N7 Tel: (780) 670-6234 Trevcon Enterprises Ltd. 39 Hamptons Drive NW Calgary, AB  T3A 5H7 Tel: (403) 239-8803

When building technology stops being a puzzle and starts being a roadmap. Smart infrastructure solutions to help you come back with confidence.


Calgary Construction Association

Triangle Steel Ltd. 2915 - 54 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 0A9 Tel: (403) 279-2622 Tribuild Contracting (Calgary) Ltd. 3 Skyline Crescent NE Calgary, AB  T2K 5X2 Tel: (403) 295-6100 Trimen Electric Ltd. 11, 4351 - 104 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5C6 Tel: (403) 723-0003


Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company Suite 3730, 421 7th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 4K9 Tel: (403) 663-3346

Ultralite Overhead Doors Ltd. 7307 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2K4 Tel: (403) 280-2000

Unitech Electrical Contracting Inc. Bay 11, 700 - 58 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2E2 Tel: (403) 255-2277

Triumph Inc. 3520 48th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3L6 Tel: (403) 452-4114

Unicon Concrete Specialties Ltd. 1311 - 25 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 7L6 Tel: (403) 291-9252

United Rentals 7120 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2M1 Tel: (403) 230-3900

Tronnes Geomatics Inc. 6135 10th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2Z9 Tel: (403) 207-0303

Unified Systems Group Inc. 4A, 1235 - 64 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2J7 Tel: (403) 686-8088

United Roofing Inc. 3195 9 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3C1 Tel: (403) 870-2753

Trotter & Morton Group of Companies 5799 3rd Street SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1K1 Tel: (403) 255-7535 Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. 5045 - 13 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5N1 Tel: (403) 547-1647 Tru-Craft Roofing (2005) Ltd. 4828 - 30 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2B 2Z1 Tel: (403) 264-7225

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True Exteriors Ltd. Unit 20-21 Highfield Circle SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5N6 Tel: (403) 262-7733

Portable Toilet & Washroom Trailer Rentals

TSE Steel Ltd. 4436 - 90 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2S7 Tel: (403) 279-6060 Tsuu Tina Contracting General Partners Inc. 9911 Chiila Boulevard Tsuut’ina, AB  T2W 6H6 Tel: (403) 281-0754 Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. 3200 - 118th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 3X1 Tel: (403) 255-5222 Turner & Townsend 736 6 Avenue SW, Suite 850 Calgary, AB  T2P 3T7 Tel: (587) 332-0204 Turn-Key Fall Protection Inc. 2705 5th Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2A2L6 Tel: (403) 253-2777 UCAN Fastening Products 155 Champagne Drive, Unit 10 Toronto, ON  M3J 2C6 UG Excavating Ltd. 674, Cougar Ridge Drive SW Calgary, AB  T3H 4W9 Tel: (403) 807-7732 ULS Maintenance and Landscaping 240085 Frontier Crescent Rocky View, AB  T1X 0W2 Tel: (403) 235-5353

Waste, Recycling & Organics Services

Contact Us 1-800-665-2800

Propane Heat & Heater Rentals |

Keep your site working with heat and power generation from Superior Propane. We know that reliable worksite heating is a must-have. If your site freezes up, so does the work. With more than 65 years of experience under our belts, Superior supplies temporary construction site heating and power generation for every scale of project. Count on Superior’s secure supply and exclusive tank level monitoring and notification system (SMART* Tank™) to avoid surprises that can cost you time and money.

Call us today at 1-87SUPERIOR or visit * Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology




United Supreme Group Inc. Bay 7, 624B Beaver Dam Road NE Calgary, AB  T2K 4W6 Tel: (403) 569-1101 Universal Flooring Systems Ltd. 1100-2600 Portland Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 4M6 Tel: (403) 250-3900 Universal Mechanical Ltd. 44, 4807 - 32nd Street SE Calgary, AB  T2B 2X3 Tel: (403) 259-3440

University of Calgary 2500 University Drive NW Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4 Vadel Inc. 3829 - 15A Street SE, Unit 1 Calgary, AB  T2G 3N7 Tel: (403) 813-1805 Van Mason Coatings Ltd. Bay 100, 512 Moraine Road NE Calgary, AB  T2A 2P2 Tel: (403) 272-1178

Vector Geomatics Unit 117 12111 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 4E6 Tel: (403) 523-9949 Velocity Shading Inc. Suite 323, 612-500 Country Hills Calgary, AB  T3K 5K3 Tel: (587) 318-0959 Vertical Access Ltd. 244033 Range Road 31 Calgary, AB  T3Z 3L8 Tel: (403) 242-6776 Victaulic Company of Canada 17329 111 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB  T5S 0J5 Tel: (780) 452-0680


Viking Fire Protection Inc. 4220 - 76 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2J2 Tel: (403) 236-7151 Vinyl Window Pro 4576 14 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6T7 Tel: (403) 456-6748 Vipond Systems Group Inc. Unit 1-415 60th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2J5 Tel: (403) 253-6500 Virtuoso Energy 1222 58th Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 2G7 Tel: (403) 689-1536 Volker Stevin Contracting P. O. Box 5850, Stn. A Calgary, AB  T2H 1Y3 Tel: (403) 571-5800

• Repairs • Consulting • Installations • Design Services • Custom Game Lines • Custom Graphics: Logos & Lettering • Maintenance & Restoration • Slab Surveys • Demolition • Athletic Equipment

W. Downer Holdings Ltd. o/a Downer Contracting Unit 117, 104 Kananaskis Way Canmore, AB  T1W 2X2 Tel: (403) 609-8272 Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products Inc. 424 - 51st Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0M7 Tel: (403) 255-3550 Waste Management of Canada Corporation 4668 - 25 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2B 3M2 Tel: (403) 585-6518 Watson Refrigeration Ltd. 1423 - 9 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 0T4 Tel: (403) 266-6274

T: 587-318-4150 TF: 1-866-705-7550 144

Calgary Construction Association

Watt Consulting Group 310, 3016 - 5 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2A 6K4 Tel: (403) 273-9001 Waymark Group of Companies 1504 41 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 1X8 Tel: (403) 239-3565

Your Roof is a significant investment we help you protect it

ARCA’s comprehensive workmanship warranty is based on our highly skilled and trained Contractor members. Their know-how and competency, together with our best-in-class workmanship coverage, ensures Alberta’s building owners, architects and specifiers trust us with their roofing, new or replacement, knowing their projects are built to last and fully covered down the road.

get to know us... and you will trust us

Connecting Clients and Solutions


Ph: 403-235-2655 The CONSTRUCTOR 2021



Weatherguard Metals Ltd. 102, 4215 - 72 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2G5 Tel: (403) 203-9304

West Pointe Building Services Inc. 2140 Pegasus Way NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8M5 Tel: (587) 774-9579

Westcor Construction Ltd. 2420 - 39 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6X1 Tel: (403) 663-8677

Wescom Glass & Aluminum Ltd. 3809 9th Street SE Calgary, AB  T2G 3C7 Tel: (403) 255-9144

West Source Athletic Surfacing PO Box 15022 Calgary, AB  T3H 0N8 Tel: (403) 243-6364

Western Air & Power Ltd. 1919 Highfield Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2G 5M1 Tel: (403) 243-2822

West Air Management 1238 - 45 Avenue NE Calgary, AB  T2E 2P1 Tel: (403) 250-7518

Westcal Insulation Ltd. 4165, 4005 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0J1 Tel: (403) 242-1357

Western Electrical Management Ltd. 3770 - 12 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 8H9 Tel: (403) 291-2333 Western Labour Inc. 100, 5824 - 2 Street SW Calgary, AB  T2H 0H2 Tel: (403) 204-1238 Western Matrix Systems Inc. Bay 13, 7139 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2H7 Tel: (403) 264-8664 Western Pump Ltd. 11346 - 42 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5C4 Tel: (403) 287-0256 Western Weather Protector Ltd. 7650 - 40 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2V4 Tel: (403) 273-9511 Westglas Insulation Ltd. 17, 7003 - 30 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1N6 Tel: (403) 236-5839 Westport Mfg. Co Ltd. 1122 SW Marine Drive Vancouver, BC  V6P 5Z3 Tel: (604) 261-9326 Whissell Contracting Ltd. 200, 2500 - 107 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2Z 3R7 Tel: (403) 236-2200


is a tradition, a profession, a culture. Serving Alberta since 1966. • Development • Infrastructure • Municipal • Laser Scanning • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 6135 - 10th Street S.E., Calgary, AB

(403) 207–0303 146

Calgary Construction Association

Whitelaw Twining LLP 675-333 7th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 2Z1 Tel: (403) 775-2200 Wi-Com Solutions Inc. 5738 Burbank Crescent SE Calgary, AB  T2H 1Z6 Tel: (403) 250-8474 Wii Projects Inc. 215, 1235 26 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2G 1R7 Tel: (403) 703-8946 Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc. 4700 - 110 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2T8 Tel: (403) 225-2930 Wild Rose Flooring Ltd. 4548 14 Street NE Calgary, AB  T4P 2Y8 Tel: (403) 990-1728


Willis Towers Watson Suite 2900, 308 4th, Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 0H5 Tel: (403) 261-4568

2000 - 2020

20 YEARS of professional service

Wilson M. Beck Insurance Services (Alberta) Inc. Suite 200, 1311 - 9th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T3C 0H9 Tel: (403) 228-5888 Woodcraft Kitchen Cabinets 3651 23 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2E 6T2 Tel: (403) 717-9996 WRD Borger Construction Ltd. 261046 High Plains Boulevard Rocky View County, AB  T4A 3L3 Tel: (403) 279-7235

Commercial, institutional, and multi-family construction

Construction management

Design build

Trimen Electric Ltd. is a licensed and bonded electrical contracting company that has been in business in Calgary and surrounding area since 2000.

Wright Construction Western Inc. 205, 5920 - 1A Street SW Calgary, AB  T2H 0G3 Tel: (403) 770-1310

www.trimenelectric. com

XA Security 100, 1711 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T3C0K1 Tel: (403) 852-995 Xylem Canada LP 6704 - 30 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 1N9 Tel: (403) 279-8371

Zeidler Architecture 300 640 8th Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2P 1G7 Tel: (403) 233-2525 Zoom Painting 2432 91 Avenue SE Calgary, AB  T2C 5H2 Tel: (587) 353-6099


403-723-0003 F: 403-201-1418

4049 - 11S.E. Street, SE 4049 - 11 Street Calgary, AB Calgary, AB T2G 3H1

T2G 3H1 Phone: (403) 225-2000 403-225-2000 Fax: (403) 271-2788

Tel: Fax: 403-271-2788

Your Custom Home Inc. O/A Your General Contractor PO Box 1140 27 McRea Steet Okotoks, AB  T1S 1B2 Tel: (403) 938-4344

Zak-Renovations Services Inc. 236 Whitlock Place NE Calgary, AB  T1Y 4S6 Tel: (587) 585-6499



Year Round Landscaping Inc. 8916 44 Street SE Calgary, AB  T2C 2P6 Tel: (403) 236-1948

YYC Property Solutions 1, 1739 - 36 Avenue SW Calgary, AB  T2T 2G4 Tel: (587) 316-1123

#11, 4351 - 104 Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2C 5C6

Old World Craftsmanship & Quality Modern Techniques & Standards since 1971 OLd WORLd CRAFTsmAnship & QuALiTY     

modern Techniques & standardssince 1971 Architectural Work Custom Landscape Work  Exterior Building Faces Entry Features  Interior Walls Water Features  Decorative Features Retaining Walls  Masonry Fire Place Columns Full scope of work including foundation and structural concrete work, block work, natural & manufactured stone work, brick work, custom pre-cast, wrought iron and metal signage Email:


More than 100 years in the building market. • General Contracting • Design Build • Construction Management 205 - 5920 1A Street SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G3 403-770-1310



INDEX TO ADVERTISERS AccessSMT Holdings Ltd..............................................10

Borea Construction........................................................91

Custom Electric Ltd.......................................................... 9

Accommodation Painting Ltd.......................................40

Botting & Associates Alberta Ltd...............................42

Custom Power Generation.........................................141

Acutech Electric Ltd.......................................................46

Bow Mark Paving........................................................ 103

Daam Galvanizing...........................................................78

AENCO........................................................................... 105

Bow Wood Cabinet Systems........................................93

Dal-Tek Interiors Ltd................................................... 123

AGF Reinforcing Inc.......................................................87

Boxx Modular..................................................................94

Davenport Millwright Services Ltd.......................... 123

Akela Construction Ltd..................................................59

Brock White Canada......................................................65

Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd..............................35

Alberta Bolt Makers.......................................................94

BrokerLink Insurance.....................................................73

DCS Agency Ltd........................................................... 125

Alberta Dampproofing % Waterproofing Ltd..........113


Delnor Construction Ltd............................................. 124

Alberta Painting Contractors Association.................89

Cana Group of Companies............................................27

Alberta Roofing Contractors Association............... 145

Canadian Dewatering..................................................119

Allmar Inc.......................................................................117

Canadian Wood Council................................................41

Anderson Plumbing Company Ltd.............................116

Canbar Steel Fabricators Ltd.......................................95

Archicon CM & Consulting Inc.................................... 31

Canem Systems..............................................................93

Axiom Builders Inc.........................................................25

Caon Services Inc...........................................................88

Azimuth Builders Ltd....................................................101

Careers: The Nest Generation......................................61

Badger Truck Parts Ltd.............................................. 149

CCS Contracting Ltd................................................... 120

Baldwin Construction Services....................................21

Cedar Shop Building Materials....................................51

Bar Placer / Shaw..........................................................23

Cemrock Concrete & Construction............................91

Bartle & Gibson.............................................39, 91, 103

Centaur Products...........................................................93

Beyond Foam Insulation................................................33

Chandos Construction...................................................76

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.............................. 5

Chariot Express.............................................................121

Big Sky Equipment & Excavating................................52

Clark Builders..................................................................95

Bird Construction......................................................... IBC

Clifton Associates..........................................................22

Blue Grass Nursery........................................................ 14

Cooper Equipment Rentals...........................................58

BMP Mechanical Ltd...................................................... 51

CP Distributors............................................................ 122

Bordt Stone & Tile.......................................................... 19

Create Construction Group Ltd....................................16

Donalco Western Inc................................................... 125 ECAA...............................................................................116 Elan Construction Ltd................................................. 126 Elite Formwork Inc.........................................................80 Envirogeotech Consulting Inc......................................50 Epic Roofing & Exteriors Commercial........................43 Evolution Glass..............................................................110 Executive Millwork.........................................................63 Fairfield Watson..............................................................98 Father & Sons Demolition Ltd................................... 127 Ferguson Corporation................................................. 128 Field Law..........................................................................59 Fluor Canada Ltd.............................................................47 Flynn Canada................................................................ 129 Formations Inc............................................................. 129 Foster Park Brokers.......................................................52 FWD Construction..........................................................45 G&M Stone Masonry (1993) Ltd............................. 147 GEBA.............................................................................. 130 Graham.............................................................................29 Grant Metal Products..................................................131 Hal Industries Inc............................................................64 Hamilton & Rosenthal...................................................97 Harris Rebar..............................................................11, 71 HCM Contractors Inc...................................................131 Herc Rentals....................................................................95 High Engineering Ltd.....................................................75 HMC Lawyers..................................................................82 Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd...........60 HUB International Insurance Brokers.......................... 8 IECS Environmental Inc.............................................. 132 InCom Electric.............................................................. 135 Inland Screw Piling..................................................... 148 Ipex Management Inc................................................. 133 ITC Construction Group.................................................83 Japa Group of Companies.............................................77 JNL Mechanical Ltd..................................................... 149


Calgary Construction Association

Krawford Construction..................................................97

Titan Sport Systems................................................... 144

Universal Ventilation Ltd...............................................49

Limitless Automatics & Doors.................................. 134

Tower Engineering Group.......................................... 145

Wallworks Acoustic Architectural Products.............87

LMS Reinforcing Steel Ltd.............................................. 3

Traugott Building Contractors Inc..............................12

Watt Consulting Group..................................................89

Loadrite............................................................................. 13

Trimen Electric Ltd...................................................... 147

Waymark Group of Companies....................................66

M&B Technical Testing Services Ltd.........................94

Tronnes Geomatics Inc............................................... 146

Western Electrical Management Ltd..........................87

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd...............................79

Trotter & Morton Limited..............................................70

Western Pump................................................................72

Matkovic Contracting Ltd.......................................... 135

TSE Steel Ltd...................................................................59

Wii Projects Inc.............................................................. 19

McLennan Ross LLP.................................................... 135

UG Excavating Ltd..........................................................72

Wilson M. Beck Insurance.............................................. 7

Merit Contractors Association.....................................85

Ultra-Lite Doors..............................................................53

World of Concrete..........................................................55

Michele’s Landscaping Inc............................................97

United Supreme Group...............................................OBC

Wright Construction Western Inc............................ 147

Midwest Engineering Ltd.............................................. 81 Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc........................113 MNP..................................................................................67 National Concrete Accessories...................................... 4 New-Firmus Inc...............................................................86


Nilex..................................................................................62 Northbridge Insurance...................................................98 Nu-Trend Industries Inc................................................. 18 Onyx Communications Group Inc................................80 Opus Corporation...........................................................69 Pacific Blasting & Demolition Ltd...............................83 PCL Construction Management Inc............................57 Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.........................83 Phoenix Metals Ltd...................................................... 137 PM Signs..........................................................................54 Priestly Demolition Inc..................................................39 Proform Construction Products..................................19 Pumps & Pressure Inc..................................................54

#108 11979 40th St. SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4M3 T: 403-275-9787 E:

Pure Electrical Solutions Inc..................................... 138 R.S. Foundation Systems..............................................34 Reggin Industries Inc.....................................................44 Revay & Associates Limited..................................... 139 RGO Products Ltd.......................................................... 15 Richardson Bros. (Olds) Ltd.........................................46 RJC Engineers...............................................................113 Russpet Construction Ltd.......................................... 139 SAIT........................................................................ IFC, 140



Sealtech Restoration Ltd............................................141 Serv-All Mechanical Services Ltd............................ 149 Siemens Canada Limited............................................ 142 Staples Business Advantage........................................50 Strathcona Mechanical Limited.................................141 Super Save Group........................................................ 143 Superior Propane......................................................... 143 57501 Lily Lake Rd. Sturgeon County, AB T0G 1L2

Ph: (780) 961-2522 Fax: (780) 961-3033 Toll Free: 1-877-460-5985

Supermetal Structures Inc........................................... 17 CUMMINS • DETROIT • CATERPILLER • USED TRUCK PARTS

Purchase CCDC documents at CCDC documents are relied on as familiar industry standards for their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project.

WE ARE BIRD STUART OLSON A team of over 5,000 construction experts and professionals driven to build a better future for our clients and their communities. With deep roots in Canada, both Bird and Stuart Olson operated in their respective markets for over 100 years. From humble beginnings in the earliest days of Canadian construction, our corresponding brands have stood the test of time. Our rich history demonstrates our reach and diversity as an integrated, full-service organization serving the commercial and industrial markets. We deliver confidence through a client-centered approach that ensures the highest quality of service, reduces risk, and delivers results. We provide a comprehensive range of construction services from new construction for industrial, commercial, and institutional markets; to industrial maintenance, repair and operations services, heavy civil construction, and contract surface mining; as well as vertical infrastructure including, electrical, mechanical, and specialty trades. Our people remain our passion. We know that great things begin with great people. Now combined, our capacity to build, grow, achieve and celebrate diversity is stronger than ever. Our people are the driving force behind our businesses, our economy, and our future. Our potential has never been greater nor the desire to shape our country stronger. For over 100 years, we have been a people-focused company with an unwavering commitment to safety and a high level of service that provides long-term value for all stakeholders.


600, 4820 Richard Road SW Calgary, Alberta T3E 6L1 403.520.2765

ALBERTA’S PAINT AND COATING EXPERTS • Interior/exterior architecture coating • Wall covering/graphic film • Millwork finishing • Polymer epoxy flooring • Concrete polishing/terrazzo flooring • Line marking • Bridge protective coating • Intumescent coating • Electrostatic coatings • Mechanical colour coding • Anti-graffiti coating • Sandblasting

2620 22 St NE Calgary, AB, T2E 7L9 WWW.UNITEDSUPREME.CA


1 403.569.1101

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