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New YMCA makes a splash in North Moncton

Maritime Iron to build new iron processing facility in Northern New Brunswick

Construction association gives back to local high schools

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6 CANB Executive Director's report, John Landry 8 Message from the President of the CANB, Rob Carvell, P.Eng 10 Message from the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure,

New Brunswick, The Honourable Bill Oliver

12 CCA resolved to keep industry resilient for post-COVID-19 recovery 14 Exciting news for construction management professionals 16 CANB Gold Seal listings 17 2020 CANB Board of Directors 18 CANB member benefits 19 CANB donates youth toolkits for K-8 pilot project Construction association gives back to high schools 20 22 2019 New Brunswick Industry Forum recap 23 Bringing industry together 24 10-year outlook for New Brunswick: A report from BuildForce Canada 26 Connecting the community:

New YMCA makes a splash in North Moncton

28 From Belledune to the world: Maritime Iron to build new iron processing facility in northern New Brunswick

30 Under one roof:

32 A name and reputation that bonds 34 The FNWCA holds fundraising events for local schools

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Printed in Canada 05/2020

Executive Director’s Report John Landry The past year was fairly stable in our province, particularly

Blaine Higgs and there is a willingness to listen to industry

in the three major centres, Fredericton, Saint John, and

and come up with a solution that promotes the expertise

Moncton. Speaking to members, we are predicting another

currently residing in our province, while respecting free

reasonably busy year for the industry, perhaps less so on

trade agreements. Work is being done by government

public provincial infrastructure, with significant cuts that

departments and CANB to improve fair transparent

were made in 2019 and a repeat budget for 2020. However,

competition in our industry. Meetings have taken place with

we are seeing steady development in the private sector, as

government and the Ontario Jobs protection agency which

well as announcements coming from Defence Construction

assist Ontario companies maneuver red tape and hurdles

Canada, NB Power, and a possible resource development

outside the province. The New Brunswick government is

in the gas sector. While our government has had to make

looking at setting up something similar.

some difficult decisions to balance the budget, we need to get to a point where proper asset management and longterm infrastructure planning are put in place and legislated to ensure the proper lifecycle and maintenance of our provincial capital assets. This will only lead to further savings to the taxpayer and allow the industry to invest and maintain their workforce. This is something we will continue to advocate for the government of New Brunswick, a long-term infrastructure plan that goes beyond a four-year election cycle.

In the last 12 months, I, along with your board of directors and members, have made huge amounts of progress. We met four times as a full board, once with just the executive, and twice in joint industry and government (JIG) meetings. The two joint industry and government meetings were very well attended with a very positive outlook from all our industry partners. Although these meetings are focused on brainstorming, sharing information, and the social, it’s a great avenue to collaborate and get to know our clients and partners. We also worked with the attorney general’s

Another area of focus has been advocating for fair reciprocal

office on Prompt Payment Legislation and the Mechanics

inter-provincial trade agreements that allow our members

Lien Act, which we should see progress by spring of 2020.

to compete on a level playing field with companies who are

However Prompt Payment Legislation still needs much-

based in other provinces. Then CANB has met with Premier

needed lobbying to keep it moving. Rob Carvell and I met

Wildwood Masonry Ltd 362 Rothesay Avenue, Saint John, NB


6  Construction Association of New Brunswick

Proudly serving the New Brunswick construction industry. 120 Hooper Court Fredericton, NB 506-452-7868 1-800-565-3626

with Premier Higgs this fall asking to keep this file moving

have a strong partnership and working relationship with

as there seems to be hesitation from government. We

the Canadian Construction Association. Together with Mary

worked with DTI most of the year to improve relationships

Van Buren, we work together with partner associations

and further transparency.

across the country to advocate to build a better Canada.

Our Building for the Future initiative, which started 10 years ago, has continued to grow. We are very proud to say we have sponsored close to 50 schools again this year with tools, materials, and/or funding, well over 200 to date, 20 of which is a pilot project for Grades K to 5. We are also proud to say we have partnered with Skills Canada to assist

In addition, we hosted the largest industry forum ever delivered with our partners at AANB, DTI, and ACEC. We were pleased to have our CCA president Mary Van Buren, chair John Bockstael, and Premier Higgs, along with several ministers attend the very first Canadian Construction Industry Day across the country.

delivering awareness to the middle and high schools of our

Lastly, I would like to thank the board and members for

province, something we feel is very important for the future

their tremendous support and collaboration. We have made

of our industry moving forward. We sponsored five NBCC

remarkable progress in the past year, but there is still much

and five CCNB students with $500 bursaries again this year

more to do. I believe we will be successful in achieving our

to construction trades students. We met with Mark Scott

goals if we continue to work together as a team with our

from ONB and Rene LaForest, VP of strategic procurement,

partners and owners.

to lobby online tendering which is long overdue, incomplete tender documents, awarding contracts on time, red tape reduction, hiring N.B. companies to do N.B. work for our companies and employees, and red tape reduction. In addition, CANB and our partner associations continue to

In closing, I am looking forward to working with all of you in 2020 and ask again for your support. This is your association and we can only accomplish our tasks with your support and assistance. Help us to keep our companies, employees, tax dollars, and jobs in our province.

New Brunswick Builder – 2020 7

Message from the president of the CANB Rob Carvell, P.Eng It is the year 2020; a new decade

publicity it had received in the

will see many individuals join the

begins in the first of the 12-year cycle

beginning of its mandate to the extent

retirement team. This is one major

of the Chinese zodiac. The animal

that it is governing like a well-run

concern we have to address with all

sign is the rat accompanied with the

business, which is refreshing in both

levels of governments, plus the private

main zodiac element, which is metal.

official languages. The efficient metal

sector. We will lose approximately

So starting January 25th and lasting

rat chirps, good fiscal management

30 per cent of our trades people

until the Lunar New Year on February

should never be criticized. We are

through retirement in the next seven

11, 2021 we have with us the metal

seeing growth in our economy,

years, so we are actively promoting

rat. What could be more inspirational

driving stronger consumer spending

in elementary schools the trades to

for the CCA with a mission to inspire

particularly in residential builds

instill options that might otherwise

a progressive, innovative, and

for which we understand dominos

be overlooked. Past our borders, we

sustainable construction industry

economic growth in public and private

are actively promoting the quality

that consistently acts with integrity

construction in many forms such as

of life, affordable real estate, and

in a new decade? I suggest we all

schools, offices, churches, and retail

the low levels of crime we currently

have open minds to accept the rat

buildings. As many of these projects

enjoy to encourage Canadians and

as inclusivity is normalcy to the

energize the current economy, they

non-Canadians to immigrate to the

also drive hope for our future.

“picture province”. With the expansion

extent that we work collaboratively, transparently, and collectively to

of the port in Saint John, many large

achieve a stronger, smarter and

At the CANB, we have realized that

resourceful industry in Canada,

trades people employed on various

need to be deferred until workers are

where we apply best practices while

type of projects will be a scarce

available. That, plus the continued

getting things done. The minority

commodity in the near future. In

maintenance in pulp mills, paper

provincial conservative government of

the short term, employment should

mills, and refineries give stability to

New Brunswick did just that as they

be sustained at near current levels

workers but cannot sustain the decline

slugged through the initial negative

to mid-2020, but proceeding that we

in numbers without slowing growth.

industry maintenance projects may

Resource business in the province of New Brunswick is currently necessary • Paving & Construction / Commercial, Streets Paving & Construction • Concrete Contractors, General Contractors, Excavating & Backhoe • Snow Removal Service, Municipal Water & Sewer • Tennis Courts Paving & Construction • Parking Lots Paving & Construction • Paving & Construction / Industrial • Driveways Paving & Construction • Demolition Contractors • Concrete Contractors • Paving Contractors • Dozer & Loader • Excavating Contractors • Truck Rentals • Concrete Paving & Construction

MacArthur’s Paving & Construction Co. Ltd. 25 Raymond Street Moncton, NB E1H 2K2 P:

8  Construction Association of New Brunswick




in the creation of new development, plus adds to the continued growth of existing business and trades people, which are a requirement. Creativity does not end locally. The premier and I still have hope that the federal government will move Alberta oil to New Brunswick via a pipeline to be refined in the largest refinery in the country, then shipped south to the

The premier and I still have hope that the federal government will move Alberta oil to New Brunswick via a pipeline... northeastern United States, which has a great appetite for this product. We will keep pushing that barrel, which has increased in value by 20 per cent in the last month, until we obtain support with confederation. Because the provincial government spend is status quo in 2020, little impact is realized on vertical construction within the building group. A few starts in construction on public schools and nursing homes are appreciated, but not enough to stimulate positive growth. The Conference Board of Canada has predicted increased growth for the next decade, and with Statistics Canada in agreement we have Manufacturers & Installers of: Chain Link Fence Industrial Residential Guide Rail Other Products and Services: • Construction Panels and Fences • Post Hole Drilling • Bollards • Electric Gate Systems • Ornamental Iron Fences • Ballfield and Tennis Court Fences • Playground Structures • Fence and Guide Rail Repairs • Wildlife Fencing


80 Henri Dunant St. 506-857-8141


47 Troop Avenue 902-468-2455


934 Keltic Drive 902-562-0190


21 W.B. MacPhail Drive 902-368-2927

Eastern Fence “Professional Installation”

reason to be optimistic. This seems to be playing out in real time as our softwood lumber industry is stable and growing, energizing J.D Irving plus

Serving 11 locations across New Brunswick.

other industrialists to look for new entrants into the workforce to facilitate growth, plus replace the retiring baby boomers. Reiterating from above, our 10-year outlook on the workforce for New Brunswick is a major concern for the business of our association, province, and country. The question of where we are going to find people to fill positions from top to bottom of all organizations is a real concern that needs to be addressed. The marine terminal expansion for Saint John is underway and on track with the expectation of a long-term build of three to four years. This is long overdue, thus will be a tremendous boost to the local economy as we will allow larger ships in port to load and unload product, but the strain on the workforce will be realized.

Our experienced and professional commercial insurance team will work closely with you to reduce risk, and ensure you can make informed decisions about the coverage required to protect your assets, employees, and income.

Property Liability Bonding Builder’s Risk

Commercial Automobile Errors and Omissions Liability (E&O) Director and Officers Liability (D&O) Special Risks

Grand Falls: 1-800-939-9400 • Moncton/Dieppe: 1-888-260-9111

New Brunswick Builder – 2020 9

Message from Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, New Brunswick The Honourable Bill Oliver More so than ever in New Brunswick history, the construction industry will play a critical role in New Brunswick’s

We are focused on maintaining our existing roads, bridges, highways, schools, and hospitals, while exercising strong fiscal discipline.

economy and is a key partner in maintaining and improving our public

however, as part of our multi-year

focused on maintaining our existing

infrastructure and our economy.

strategic investment plan, our

roads, bridges, highways, schools, and

government has still set aside close to

hospitals, while exercising strong fiscal

$600 million for capital spending in


As we are all aware, the fiscal situation in New Brunswick is improving thanks to tough measures our government has


The Department of Transportation

put into place since we were elected in

The construction industry will

and Infrastructure is responsible for

2018. But with the recent events due to

play a vital role in rebuilding the

delivering more than $503.8 million

the COVID-19 crisis, it has proven to be

provincial economy while putting New

of the provincial capital spending

a difficult time in the lives of all New

Brunswickers to work and assuring

Brunswickers. We strongly believe

our roads, bridges, and buildings are

with the measures in place that our

safe and in good use for many years to

economy will start to grow again once


this pandemic is over. Despite the challenges we are facing,

program. This budget includes $209.5 million for construction of public works projects including major additions to hospitals and building new schools,

Our government is committed to the

$137.6 million for the highway

asset management program and we are

program, $44.4 million for the bridge program, as well as $87.3 million for the federal-provincial cost shared program, and $10 million for the Municipal Designated Highway Fund. I look forward to working together with the construction industry over

Jeffery R.F. Delaney

Serving the Construction Industry for 30 years

Edwin (Ted) Ehrhardt, QC

the coming year to provide better infrastructure to serve the people of New Brunswick, to help grow the economy, and to provide jobs for New Brunswickers. I also want to remind everyone to please take the time to plan and work

Place Heritage Court, 300 - 95 rue Foundry Street Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 5H7

Tel: (506) 867-2525 • Fax: (506) 857-2017

safely. We all come to work everyday to do a good job and arrive home safe each night. It’s important that we all work together to make that happen.

10  Construction Association of New Brunswick

MAP Strategic Workforce Services Inc.

MAPSWS is an industry led non-profit organization dedicated to creating inclusive and learning cultures in NB workplaces through effective mentorship curriculums, change management strategies and human resources best practices. Through our three programs, New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program (NBMAP), New Boots: Progressing Women in Trades & First in Trades (FIT), we assist individuals and employers with networking, recruitment, retention, training & development in skilled trade related industries including construction, maintenance, automotive, truck and transport, forestry, etc.

To find out more about us:

(506) 658-8282


Roofing, Cladding & Waterproofing Commercial • Industrial • Residential

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Roof surveys and condition reports • Thermal scans to determine if moisture is present in the roof system • Troublesome leak investigations • Specification, design and tendering services followed with project management related to your roof or building envelope • Assist with short- and long-term budget plans related to capital costs

We also provide third-party roofing observation services to various architects, general contractors, and building owners that ensures the project is completed as per the specification and design.

GREG WHITE 289-200-7150

AFTER New Brunswick Builder – 2020 11

CCA RESOLVED TO KEEP INDUSTRY RESILIENT FOR POST-COVID-19 RECOVERY By Mary Van Buren, president, Canadian Construction Association No one could have imagined the

all take pride in the generosity of our

industry during and post-COVID-19.

challenges COVID-19 would bring to

many firms who have donated urgently

And we do this in collaboration with

Canadians. This pandemic is not only

needed personal protective equipment

our board of directors, our National

threatening the health and well-

(PPE) in support of our front-line

Advisory Councils, and our local

being of our population, but it is also

workers across the country. It is just

construction association partners.

changing the way we live our daily

one example of how construction cares.

We have written letters to Prime

lives and how we work.

Working together has never been more

Minister Trudeau, Minister Ng,

Our industry is rising to the occasion

important than it is today. As your

Minister Anand, and Minister

– putting the safety and well-being of

national association, the Canadian

Morneau to express the support

our workers, their families and friends,

Construction Association (CCA) is

construction needs now and in the

and the communities in which we

relentlessly pursuing programs,

operate as our first priority. We can

resources, and tools to help the

future; and have called for clearer measures to protect our workers and the well-being of our industry. We have had continuous dialogue with Public Services and Procurement Canada, Defence Construction Canada, Health Canada, the departments of Finance, Global Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office. We have sent letters, issued press releases, and given multiple interviews to expand the reach of our message and have engaged in discussions with likeminded organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Association


of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC), Export Development Canada, and the Canadian Council for PublicPrivate Partnerships to align and strengthen our position with the federal government.

Bird Construction 120 Millennium Drive Quispamsis, NB E2E 0C6 T: 506.849.2473 F: 506.847.0270

All of this outreach has led to some important wins for our members: • The 75 per cent wage subsidy program, available to all businesses, on a cash or accrual revenue basis

12  Construction Association of New Brunswick

who can show a decline of 15 per cent

the federal government to create an

and full impact of COVID-19 becomes

in revenue;

Emergency COVID-19 Construction


Cost Relief Program. Construction

I urge you to support our efforts by

and resource centre, sharing best

has been hit hard by the pandemic.

sending a letter to your own MP

practices to help all member firms

Many operations have been impacted


meet or exceed health requirements.

by supply chain disruptions, staff

These measures are extensive and

shortages, increased cost of materials,

include new safety and hygiene

and loss of productivity. The program

procedures, and checklists, as well as

would alleviate the financial pressure

You can count on the CCA to be your

guidelines on employee monitoring,

the industry is facing due to the

voice with the federal government,

physical distancing, sanitization

pandemic and ensure these companies

to provide helpful tools, and to share

stations, frequent sanitization of sites,

are operational when it’s time to

best practices across the country.

and reduced personnel on sites;

mobilize for economic recovery. The

We are working passionately on

CCA is recommending eligible costs

your behalf and will continue to put

BDC and Export Development

be reimbursed up to five per cent of

Canada’s institutional, commercial, and

Canada; normally only available to

the contract value as a starting point,

industrial (ICI) construction industry

exporting firms; and

subject to adjustment, as the duration

first in everything that we do.

• A national COVID-19 protocol

• Extended financing available from

• A free webinar series featuring experts offering insight to help businesses navigate COVID-19. More recently, the CCA has issued a call to action, asking members and colleagues to support a request to

Canada will be counting on the construction industry to lead us out of the COVID-19-induced recession.

Let’s stay in contact Please email me at if you have any feedback or comments on how the CCA can serve you better during this crisis. Hear what is going on by subscribing to the CCA’s newsletter at, by following @ConstructionCAN on Twitter, or by looking up the Canadian Construction Association on LinkedIn.

New Brunswick Builder – 2020 13

Exciting news for construction management professionals Updating the Gold Seal standard

The Gold Seal Certification program

company’s professionalism to the world

– the nationally-recognized industry

and highlighting the excellence of your

standard for certification of

employees. Also, companies that build

Canada’s construction management

Gold Seal Certification into their hiring

professionals – brings many benefits to

and training practices demonstrate that

companies, as well as to the individuals

they are committed to the professional

who attain it. Find out what Gold Seal

development of their employees

Certification can do for you, and how

and show that they are willing to

we are updating the program to serve

invest in the ongoing education and

the industry even better.

advancement of their staff. That’s good

for all designations. Additionally, we

Showcase excellence

for recruitment and great for retention.

are consolidating the current five

Measure yourself against the standard

discipline-specific occupational profiles

The Gold Seal Certification program

specific occupational profile and exam

has used adult learning professionals,

per designation.

Are you looking to build your skills, credibility, and career? Gold Seal certifies estimators, foremen, owner’s construction managers, project managers, safety coordinators, and superintendents working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry.

industry experts, and groups of volunteer industry practitioners to define the knowledge, skills, and

The Gold Seal Certification program periodically reviews the occupational profiles which form the foundation for the program. The latest update round, which started last summer, will conclude by fall 2020 and result in updated occupational profiles, question banks, and sample questions

for estimators, project managers, and superintendents to one non-discipline-

The exam format will undergo changes as well. Starting in October 2020, all Gold Seal exams will be multiple-

abilities that construction professionals

When you earn your Gold Seal

choice only, which will minimize the

working in Gold Seal designations

Certified (GSC) credential, you

time to correct exams. Also, the new

should possess. The Gold Seal exam

demonstrate excellence through

exam platform will include all required

measures the applicants against this

certified experience and nationally-

documentation, eliminating shipping

standard. The application requirements

recognized validation of your skills,

and therefore shrinking the program’s

consist of showing at least five years

competence, and knowledge; you

environmental footprint.

of work experience in the designation

build trust by gaining valuable ethics

applied for, as well as applicable

Get a head start on your application

knowledge; and you keep pace with

education and training. Unlike some

the industry through professional

This is a perfect time to learn

other types of certifications, you can’t

more about the program, see if

become a GSC by reading a book. The

you qualify, and look into the

Gold Seal exam tests the candidates

documentation you need to apply. Visit

against the knowledge, abilities, and to register

skills defined in the occupational

for our monthly webinar, review

development, skills development, leadership development, and other ongoing education and growth. All that sets you apart and gives you a powerful competitive edge.

profile, and the applicants answer

requirements, and to read up on the

The advantages to employers are clear.

the exam questions based on their

exam. The Gold Seal team is only an

When you fill your roster with GSC

experience and learning acquired

email away if you have any questions –

professionals, you’re showcasing your

through training and education.

let us know at

14  Construction Association of New Brunswick



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New Brunswick Builder – 2020 15

CANB Gold Seal Listings Danica Doucet Construction Safety Coordinator CANB-Moncton

Bradley Macmullin Superintendent - General Contracting CANB-Moncton

Ryan Downe Project Manager - General Contracting CANB-Fredericton

Michel Legere Project Manager - Trade Contracting CANB-Moncton



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Experienced. Trusted. Local. As leading surety experts, we create innovative solutions tailored to meet your needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

Contact your broker to learn more today.

20398 (2-20) 16  Construction Association of New Brunswick

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2020 Board of directors

From L to R: Tom Coughlan, Osco Group; Ron Hutton, NBRCA; Krista Lewis, ECA; James Green, Bird Stairs; CANB V.P. Andrew Myers, Avondale Construction; Justin Beaulieu, Beaulieu Mechanical; CANB president and chair Rob Carvell, Trane Atlantic; CANB treasurer Steven Scott, King Construction; CANB Fredericton N.W. office manager Susan McDonald; Derrek Ermen, Ermen Plumbing & Heating; President CANB Moncton N.E. Nadine Fullarton; Bid Depository chair Mac Fisher; and CANB executive director John Landry. Missing: Mario Allain, Merit Contractors; Bill Gaines, Atlantic Masonry Institute; Terry Hachey, Electrical Contractors Association; and Jim Landry, Landscape New Brunswick.

TAKING CARE OF OUR EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE The Provincial Government’s 2021/2022 $599.2-million capital spending program focuses on maintaining our roads, bridges, highways, schools and hospitals. Through our multi-year strategic investment plan we will set priorities, re-allocate funds to upgrade existing infrastructure and help our partners plan for the future.

New Brunswick Builder – 2020 17

CANB member benefits

Do you know all the benefits of being a member of the Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB)? Of course there’s the obvious – project information available 24/7, which includes the online and physical plans room – but did you know that being a member of the CANB also means your company: • Is included in CANB’s membership directory. • Receives discounts at hotels in the Atlantic provinces, Mark’s, and Deluxe Business Products. • Receives a member rate on Bid Depository forms. • Has use of large training/meeting facilities at memberdiscounted rates. And that’s not all. There are things going on behind the scenes too.

• Networking – CANB hosts numerous social functions throughout the year, such as dinner meetings, curling, and golf events. These events provide members with endless networking opportunities. • Education – the CANB sponsors a number of informative education programs through seminars or dinner meetings. Topics covered include construction law, construction document reading, estimating, and job planning. • Labour relations – The association is the accredited employer’s organization under the New Brunswick Industrial Relations Act and bargains on behalf of its certified members with both the Labourers International Union of North America and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

• Advocacy – membership in the association allows you to have a voice in making the views of the constructionrelated issues to governments, legislators, and the media and the public.

Our family owned and operated company, has provided New Brunswickers with exceptional service for homes and business for over 85 years. Trusted for generations.

HVAC Contractor Helping Build T:

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Please support the advertisers who help make this publication possible. 18  Construction Association of New Brunswick

CANB DONATES YOUTH TOOLKITS FOR K-8 PILOT PROJECT CANB donates toolkits to 20 anglophone schools as part of a K-8 Pilot Project to expose youth to hands-on learning in the classroom. “It is never too early to start learning and opening the doors to give students opportunities that they wouldn’t see in a traditional classroom, particularly experiential learning in the skilled trades,” says John Landry, Executive Director of CANB. The Pilot Project is part of an initiative with the Department of Education to expose youth at a younger age to the construction trades. More information on CANB’s partnership with the Department of Education to be released in 2020. The program expands on the Building for the Future programs being delivered by CANB-Moncton Northeast, CANB-Saint John and Fredericton Northwest Construction Association in terms of funding to high schools in the province to support construction trades curriculum in the school system.

New Brunswick Builder – 2019 19

Construction association gives back to high schools Over 32 school trade programs have received funding since 2009

The Building for the Future Fund assists schools in the region to implement and support vocational programs highlighting the construction trades.

As a highly skilled workforce, the construction industry in New Brunswick is facing a workforce shortage of 29 per cent by 2028.

The Construction Association of

support for vocational programs was

other classes I was taking at the time,”

New Brunswick-Moncton Northeast

inconsistent across the system and

says Brooks. “I got a feel for building

(CANB-Moncton Northeast) celebrated

the industry wanted to do something

as a crew and a team, eventually

the Building for the Future Fund – 10

to help under-resourced schools get

progressing me into my trade.”

Years of Giving on October 11, 2019

access to the tools and materials they

in recognition of the construction

needed to properly teach the trades

industry members giving to 32 high

curriculum,” says Nadine Fullarton,

schools from Restigouche County in

president of the CANB-Moncton

the north to Alberta County in the


south since 2009.

As a highly skilled workforce, the construction industry in New Brunswick is facing a workforce shortage of 29 per cent by 2028 with 7,400 skilled workers expecting to

Chandler Brooks, a former student of

retire in the next decade and only

The Building for the Future Fund

Harrison Trimble High School, says the

4,500 new entrants projected to be

assists schools in the region to

trades program got him the essential

available locally to fill the gap.

implement and support vocational

skills he needed to pursue carpentry at

programs highlighting the

NBCC Moncton. He is now working as

construction trades.

a Block 1 Carpenter Apprentice.

“Ten years ago, the CANB-Moncton

“Classes were really hands-on and

the industry’s concern about the need

Northeast wanted to do something

project based. You could mess up and

to expose more students to vocational

to help schools with teaching the

learn from your mistakes, which was

instruction, especially in construction

construction trades in high schools, as

a completely different approach to

areas. We see this as necessary in

20  Construction Association of New Brunswick

“In providing this funding, CANBMoncton Northeast has met with teachers and administrators to discuss

On October 11, 2019, the association held a special celebration BBQ that took place at Harrison Trimble High School to acknowledge the impact that the fund has had for schools in the region.

providing students with career options,

as well as highlight the rewarding

donated to 32 schools in the region.

but also as a basis of a foundational life

opportunities that exist with a career

CANB-Moncton Northeast has

skill set,” says Fullarton. “Careers in

in the construction trades. Rick Beck,

provided funding to high schools in

trades is a first career option and we

vocational teacher, Moncton High

Moncton, Campbellton, Dalhousie,

want to ensure all youth are aware of

School, says with continually shrinking

Bathurst, Caraquet, Shippagan,

the opportunities that are out there,

budgets, he is grateful for the support.

Tracadle-Sheila, Néguac, Miramichi,

especially in the construction industry.”

“This contribution [from the

Blackville, Sunny Corner, Doaktown,

construction association] helps us to

Rogersville, Saint Louis de Kent,

provide beneficial projects for our

Shediac, Dieppe, Hillsborough, and

students to light a passion in them to


On October 11, 2019, the association held a special celebration BBQ that took place at Harrison Trimble High School to acknowledge the impact that the fund has had for schools in the region,

pursue a trade as a career,” says Beck. Since inception, $150,000 has been

For more information, visit

Since inception, $150,000 has been donated to 32 schools in the region.

New Brunswick Builder – 2020 21

2019 New Brunswick Industry Forum recap The 2019 New Brunswick Industry Forum was held at the

of Transportation and Infrastructure Construction Services

Hilton Convention Centre in Saint John, N.B. from November

Builders Division, and the Association of Consulting

26 to 27, 2019. The event was hosted to celebrate the

Engineering Companies – NB (ACEC-NB) to put on the event.

Canadian Construction Association’s National Construction Day, which took place on November 26, 2019. Since there were many celebrations going on across the country, this was the CANB’s way to celebrate this important event.

Premier Blaine Higgs brought the opening remarks to kick off the event on November 26, 2019, followed by various roundtable events, presentations, plenary sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. In total, 254

The CANB partnered with the Architects’ Association of

delegates attended, along with 32 trade show booths and 22

New Brunswick (AANB), the New Brunswick Department

industry presentations during the two days.

John Bockstael, chair of the CCA.

The 2019 New Brunswick Industry Forum was hosted to celebrate the Canadian Construction Association’s National Construction Day, which took place on November 26, 2019.

N.B. Premier Blaine Higgs.

Left: Top row, L to R: PETL Minister Trevor Holder, CANB chair and president Rob Carvell, AANB president Sylvain Lagace, Premier Blaine Higgs, and DTI Minister Bill Oliver. Bottom row, L to R: CCA president Mary Van Buren, CCA chair John Bockstael, CANB executive director John Landry, AANB executive director Karen Chantler, ACEC executive director Christy Cunningham, and ACEC president Charles Goguen.

The Industry Committee that put the event together. From L to R: John Landry, executive director, CANB; Nadine Fullerton, president, CANB Moncton/MNECA; Christy Cunningham, executive director, ACEC N.B.; Karen Chantler, executive director, AANB; and Bob Daigle, executive director, DTI Buildings Division.

22  Construction Association of New Brunswick

Bringing industry together

The JIG meetings are hosted by the CANB to collaborate and bring the industry together to discuss the past and future changes in our industry.

The Joint Industry and Government meeting is held twice a

in our industry. Everyone gets the chance to present their

year and hosted by the CANB.

experiences and what they expect in the coming year, so it’s

Held in June and December, the event is well attended by representatives from New Brunswick Power, Skills

always a great event to reconnect with our business partners, followed by a social afterwards.

Canada, Defence Construction Canada, the Association of Consulting Engineers, the Architects Association of New Brunswick, the Francophone and Anglophone school districts, New Brunswick Electrical Contractors Association, the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, the University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Community College, the CANB Board of Directors, the New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association, the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association, the New Brunswick Mechanical Contractors Association, and the New Brunswick Mentorship program. These meetings are hosted by CANB to collaborate and bring the industry together to discuss the past and future changes



506-651-5005 New Brunswick Builder – 2020 23

10-year outlook for New Brunswick A stable labour market capped by a wave of retirements By Bill Ferreira, Executive Director, BuildForce Canada For New Brunswick’s construction

in health care and civil infrastructure

labour force due to retirement over

and maintenance industry, the

projects, as well as stable but seasonal

the coming decade, while, based on

next decade looks to provide an

heavy industrial maintenance

historical trends, only 2,400 first-

environment of relative stability, with

requirements, both of which account

time new entrants aged 30 and

total employment numbers expected

for a healthy share of the province’s

younger are expected to enter the

to fluctuate only moderately from year

non-residential employment.

non-residential labour force from the

to year in a give-and-take between non-residential and residential sectors. However, BuildForce Canada’s 2020– 2029 Construction and Maintenance

Still, following completion of major road and other infrastructure projects, including upgrades to the

local population. The non-residential labour force is anticipated to decline slightly from 13,538 workers in 2019 to 13,175 workers in 2029. However,

Looking Forward provincial forecast

Fredericton International Airport

anticipates that the province will need

and the Port of Saint John, non-

to come to terms with the retirements

residential employment is expected to

entrants, the non-residential sector is

of more than 6,900 construction

decline modestly between 2020 and

likely to experience a shortfall of more

workers expected to leave the

2026. Non-residential employment is

than 1,200 workers.

province’s workforce over the next 10

expected to pick up once again after


2026 as scheduled refurbishment

The mix of employment in the

work on the Mactaquac Dam bolsters

non-residential sector shifts slightly

engineering construction. At the same

across the BuildForce scenario period.

time, rising exports and growth in the

Industrial work increases slightly

The forecast for the non-residential sector, which accounts for just under 60 per cent of construction workers in New Brunswick, sees a slight decline in labour force employment between 2021 and 2022, following the completion of a series of major road, highway, and bridge infrastructure projects. After 2021, employment

manufacturing sector are expected to drive construction of industrial projects across the forecast period, even as hospital projects in Bathurst, Moncton, and Fredericton boost institutional construction.

given anticipated hiring needs and the balance between retirements and new

from four to five per cent, heavy industrial increases from 13 to 17 per cent, and “other engineering” grows from eight to 12 per cent. Commercial and institutional construction declines from 22 to 20 per cent, while highway and bridge work declines from 18 to

in the non-residential sector will be

An estimated 4,000 workers are

10 per cent. Maintenance holds steady

supported by continuing investments

expected to exit the non-residential

across the decade at 35 per cent. Projections for employment in the

The leader in Architectural Aluminium Products Integral Windows Storefront & Entrance doors Fixed & operable Windows

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residential sector see relative stability across the scenario period as slowing population growth limits demand for new home construction, while moderate growth in renovation and maintenance work stabilizes employment levels. The residential labour force is anticipated to decline only slightly across the decade, from 10,289 to 10,042. Given residential


24  Construction Association of New Brunswick

hiring needs, the retirement of 2,900

Our tracking of apprenticeship registrations, completions, and industry departures of workers holding a certificate of qualification shows that some trades may be undersupplied by 2029. workers and 1,800 new entrants aged

industry must continue to focus on

construction labour markets over

30 or younger, the residential sector

labour force development, including

the short term, BuildForce will

will need to hire more than 850 new

an increased focus on groups

continue to monitor developments in

workers to meet demand.

traditionally underrepresented in

the province’s industry to determine

the current construction labour

its effect alongside information on

force. These groups include women,

tracked projects, long-term business

Indigenous Canadians, and new

cycles, and demographic trends.

The construction industry needs to remain focused on labour force development to meet long-term hiring needs. Our tracking of apprenticeship

Canadians. For example, of the 19,300

registrations, completions, and

tradespeople employed in the province

industry departures of workers

in 2019, women made up only 3.1

holding a certificate of qualification

per cent. The province is expected

shows that some trades may be

to welcome an average of 5,600

undersupplied by 2029. The trades

newcomers each year over the coming

at greatest risk are boilermakers,

decade, also making the immigrant

bricklayers, carpenters, metal

population an important future source

fabricators, sheet metal workers, and

of construction labour force growth.

welders. New Brunswick’s construction

BuildForce Canada is a national industry-led organization that represents all sectors of Canada’s construction industry. Its mandate is to provide accurate and timely labour market data and analysis, as well as programs and initiatives to help manage labour force requirements and build the capacity and the

While the COVID-19 pandemic will

capability of Canada’s construction

undoubtedly affect New Brunswick’s

and maintenance industry.

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New Brunswick Builder – 2020 25

Connecting the community New YMCA makes a splash in North Moncton By Shayna Wiwierski A new YMCA is being built in North Moncton to serve the growing population in the area. Construction for the $17 million project started in April 2019 and is a collaboration between the City of Moncton, YMCA of Greater Moncton, and the provincial and federal government. The project came about since there is a growing residential population in the northern region of the city and there had been a push from residents for over a decade to have a community centre in the area. “In 2014 we began preliminary The new North Moncton YMCA is being built on a former undeveloped site on Twin Oaks Drive. The project came about since there is a growing residential population in the northern region of the city and there had been a push from residents for over a decade to have a community centre in the area.

discussions with the City of Moncton for ideas for that centre and how that might look and how the Y might play a small role,” says Dave Theriault, VP of programs and community initiatives for the YMCA of Greater Moncton. “Those conversations evolved over a couple years into having the City of Moncton support a YMCA-ownedand-operated facility in the north end, which is when we formally partnered with the City to do just that.” The new North Moncton YMCA is being built on a former undeveloped site on Twin Oaks Drive. Part of the agreement with the City in building this project was that they would extend a road in the area so the building could be accessible. The 35,000-square-foot, two-storey building will feature a

Since this building is so close to the other YMCA in Moncton (only six-and-a-half kilometres away), it is considered a satellite location and doesn’t feature other amenities that are found in the flagship location.

gym and multipurpose room on the main floor, as well as a meeting room and 24-hour interior walking track, which will be open to the community –

26  Construction Association of New Brunswick

Right now construction is ahead of schedule and the North Moncton YMCA is planned to open in September 2020. regardless if they are a member or not

large gym, we have three pools, we

2020. The project was designed by

– on the second floor. The building will

have community room spaces, a large

Architecture 49 and other contractors

also feature a lobby/reception area for

fitness centre, we have large studios,

who worked on the building include

gathering and socializing, a community

we have a cycle studio… we needed to

MCW Consultants, RSEI Consultants

meeting and multi-purpose space, as

make sure that this site was a satellite

Ltd., and Crandall Engineering Ltd.

well as a universal changeroom for

branch, so it’s a little smaller in scale,”

Once open, it will serve the growing

both male and female, and an indoor

says Theriault. “So having the splash

playground and splashpad, the first of

pad, instead of a pool, having a walking

its kind east of Ontario.

track there, whereas [at the flagship]

The splash pad, although unique in the area, has posed a challenge to contractors during construction. Dany Duguay, project manager for Acadian Construction, the general contractors on the project, says that when they started doing the interior work, there was a lot of coordination of the

we don’t have a walking track, so we

community and provide a place for residents to gather, regardless if they are members or not.

worked hard to find things that were

“I think the Y will bring a really good

new, innovative, and complementary to

combination of not only features for

what we currently have at [our other]

members, but also a lot of public access

facility. This facility was also built

spaces there too,” says Theriault. “The

with expandability in mind as we fully

Y is really well known for providing

expect to grow and add other amenities

spaces and helping communities find

in the future.”

that sense of belonging, finding places

underground equipment for the splash

Right now construction is ahead of

to connect or disconnect, and places


schedule and the North Moncton

to meet new people and have social

YMCA is planned to open in September


“[Typically], the splash pad goes outside and because ours was indoor, there was some coordination that had to be made with the slab because the slab was different in that it is depressing in three different directions,” says Duguay. “It was a challenge trying to get everything in the ground at the right elevation to make sure that right after the slab was poured, all the water would be flowing through the trenching of that area.” Since this building is so close to the other YMCA in Moncton (only six-anda-half kilometres away), it is considered a satellite location and doesn’t feature other amenities that are found in the flagship location. This YMCA will be smaller in scale, and when choosing what to include, Theriault says that they wanted to minimize duplication and look for amenities and services that were complementary to their other location.

Your pre-engineered supply and erect winning combination. CONTACT: Jim Wade 506-862-9972

Josh Wade 506-866-6096

“[In our flagship location,] we have a New Brunswick Builder – 2020 27

From Belledune to the world Maritime Iron to build new iron processing facility in northern New Brunswick

By Shayna Wiwierski Maritime Iron, a private Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto, is currently developing an iron processing facility in Belledune, N.B.

generation and aggregate, which is then used as an ingredient for making cement. FINEX pig iron will be sold to electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmakers. Although there will be CO2 emissions from this facility, this technology combination results in over 40 per cent fewer greenhouse gases being emitted than conventional iron- and steel-making processes. The team chose Belledune as the location since it has a deep water, underutilized port which makes it easy to receive or ship out materials. It’s also in close proximity to one of the key feedstocks they will need, iron ore, which is a natural resource mined out of Quebec and Labrador. In addition, as part of the iron-making process, they will be able to capture by-product gasses and transfer them to the adjacent New Brunswick Power (NB

A Toronto-based company is looking

be shipped to the United States and

Power) Belledune generation station.

to build an iron processing facility


“NB Power has the Belledune

Pig iron is the key ingredient in

generating station right next door,”

making high-quality steel. The pig

says Elena Mantagaris, vice-president

iron that will be produced at this plant

of communications and public affairs

will be generated by using FINEX

with Maritime Iron. “We started

technology, which was developed in

talking to NB Power about the

Maritime Iron, a private Canadian

South Korea and is made from iron ore

possibility of not just emitting directly

company with headquarters in

fines, non-coking coals, limestone, and

to the atmosphere and wasting the

Toronto, is currently developing an

dolomite. FINEX pig iron production

residual energy that is contained in

iron processing facility in Belledune,

does not use hazardous materials or

this by-product gas, but of recycling

N.B. The project, valued at $1.5

chemical processing and does not

and transmitting it over to NB Power

billion, will bring innovative FINEX

result in tailings or solid wastes. The

to produce electricity. This would then

technology to North America to

by-products of the process are a gas

allow them to reduce their coal use by

produce pig iron, which will then

that can be used for cleaner power

over 50 per cent and reduce their GHG

in northern New Brunswick that will not only bring jobs to the region, but also contribute $14 billion to the provincial and federal GDP over its 30-year operations.

28  Construction Association of New Brunswick

emissions that they are generating through coal.” Belledune is also home to a labour force that is familiar with industrial initiatives and projects, and will be well positioned to benefit from the types of employment opportunities that the processing plant will provide. Late last year, Brunswick Smelter, owned by Glencore Canada Corp., closed, leaving behind 420 individuals without jobs. Mantagaris says that this project, through direct, indirect, and induced employment, will lead to 3,300 jobs during construction in New Brunswick. Once the facility is open, they are looking at over 400

The team chose Belledune as the location since it has a deep water, underutilized port which makes it easy to receive or ship out materials.

jobs, direct, indirect, and induced, as

The project is being led by a privately-

United States. From a transportation

well as almost 400 more jobs Canada-

held company and they are currently

perspective, having the facility in

wide. In addition, since the project

in the middle of an environmental

Belledune has additional benefits.

will be closely linked to the NB Power

impact assessment (EIA) and, once that

Shipping pig iron from Belledune to

generating station, it will also help to

is completed, they can move forward

the U.S. will result in over 60 per cent

maintain jobs associated with that

with construction. Mantagaris says

fewer GHG emissions, compared to

facility as well.

that the project was officially registered

current suppliers from the Ukraine and

“As it stands today, under federal

by the Department of Environment


regulations, that facility would need to

and the Local Government in New

close by the end of 2029. By virtue of

Brunswick on January 20, 2020. They

using our by-product gas to generate

are hopeful to get through the EIA

energy, it will allow the facility to

process this year and start construction

remain operational beyond 2029. So

by the end of 2020. She says that

that means maintaining 120 direct jobs,

construction alone will take two-and-a-

plus another 200 indirect and induced

half to three years to build the facility.

jobs,” says Mantagaris. “Our facility

Once completed, this facility will

says Mantagaris. “It’s a much easier

would allow the generating station to

feed approximately 30 per cent of

market for us to access from a shipping

remain operational by using our gas.”

the pig iron market demand in the


“There is tremendous demand in the U.S. and there are a number of electric arc furnace steelmakers in the United States that are really interested in having a regional supplier of pig iron, many of them along the east coast or all the way down to New Orleans,”

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New Brunswick Builder – 2020 29

Rendering of the 4ESR building in Gagetown, N.B., which will be the central facility for engineers in the Fourth Engineering Support Regiment.

Under one roof 5CDSB Gagetown getting new 200,000-square-foot facility Engineers in the Fourth Engineering Support Regiment

The $70 million project is being built at the corner of

(4ESR) operating out of the Fifth Canadian Division Support

Champlain and Sycamore on the Gagetown base in a

Base (5CDSB) in Gagetown, N.B. will soon have a new

previously developed area. The site was formerly home to

building to call their home.

two dormitories that were demolished over 30 years ago.

Construction for the 4ESR building started in the fall of 2019

The project is being delivered as a modified design build with

and will be the central facility for the group, who provides

PCL Construction acting as the design builder.

general engineering support to the Canadian Armed Forces. Currently there are around 450 individuals who are spread out all over the base in multiple buildings.

“In this case, the designer, Stantec Consultants Ltd., works with us. We are the design builder, not just the general contractor. Our initial contract is to work with Defence

“They don’t really have their own home. A couple times they

Construction Canada (DCC) and the Department of National

have had to expand and they have taken over other buildings

Defense (DND) to design the facility together to meet all

that have been vacated by other groups,” says Sean Andrew,

their operational requirements,” says Andrew. “As we do the

project manager at PCL Construction. “They have been

design, we are also preparing budgets and cost estimates

looking for their own facility for at least 15 years now, so this

along the way.”

[building] is finally bringing them under one roof.” The facility, which is slated for completion and occupancy in October 2022, will be approximately 200,000 square feet spread over two storeys. It will feature a large administration area, a main vehicle maintenance area housing a 25-ton crane, a weld shop area, a large universal shower and locker room, a storage area for Class A vehicles, and more. There will also be a regimental parking area built adjacent to the structure. 30  Construction Association of New Brunswick

In Phase 1 of the contract, PCL, DND, DCC, and Stantec worked in a collaborative manner to come up with a facility DND and the regiment liked and a budget that was suitable. From there, DND went to the Federal Government to confirm the budget and get final budgetary approval. Upon budget approval, DCC group was able to negotiate a change order to PCL to execute Phase 2, which is construction. Andrew says this is a modified design build process and

“ They don’t really have their own home. A couple times they have had to expand and they have taken over other buildings that have been vacated by other groups...” something they have done before with DCC on a previous

construction of the new 4ESR facility at 5CDSB Gagetown,

project, TAPV, which was built four years ago at 5CDSB

our second project with the DCC/DND team via a


modified design-build contract. This facility will build a better future and create a positive difference within the

“It was widely successful and a very collaborative way

Gagetown community,” says John Young, area manager, PCL

of putting a project together,” says Andrew. “Everyone is


working towards the same goals. You don’t have different groups with varying objectives and when you think about

Although the project is still a few years out from completion,

that alone, it makes the process a lot smoother. At the end of

this new facility, once up and running, will help meet the

Phase 1 you have a design that is what the regiment wants

operational requirements of the 4 Engineer in Gagetown.

and meets their needs. They have input and they feel they “This is an opportunity for them to really bring themselves

are part of the process.”

under one house. They are scattered across a number of In addition to PCL and Stantec, other companies that are

buildings over the base and this building is made for them,

working on the project include Philson Ltd., MQM Quality

it will meet their needs as opposed to some of the buildings

Manufacturing Ltd., Samuel Sivret, and AFG Olympic Inc.

they are in now, which were inherited from other groups

Once completed, the building will strive to achieve LEED

that may not be the best for them,” says Andrew. “As you can

Silver certification.

imagine, operationally, having everyone under one roof will be more efficient and effective.”

“PCL is very pleased to be able to provide the design and


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A name and reputation that bonds By Charline Cormier-Pellerin Strong Bond is an Atlantic Canadian business established in 2016 by university best friends Michael Barnett and Matthew Steeves. Both armed with business degrees and a plethora of varied experience including, but not limited to, roles in management, construction supervisory, and equipment operations, together they started doing epoxy coatings in the Greater Moncton area and their business quickly took off. Focused on and determined to provide “floors done right”, the two of them poured their experience, skills, and knowledge into creating a culture within the company that’s second to none – attracting skilled workers and establishing a reputation for top-quality work. With its success, the company expanded and now covers all of Atlantic Canada. Strong Bond is able to offer a variety of services that include epoxy floor coatings of all types, resinous and seamless industrial coatings, troweldown high performance coatings, safety lines, parking garages, polished concrete, concrete repair, and floor prep.

Today, Strong Bond is a respected name in the industry, throughout the region, having teamed up with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. They are able to offer a variety of services that include epoxy floor coatings of all types, resinous and seamless industrial coatings, trowel-down high-performance coatings, safety lines, parking garages, polished concrete, concrete repair, and floor prep. Strong Bond’s satisfied customers include food and other manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores, condominiums, office and apartment buildings, car dealerships, fire stations, water treatment plants, breweries and restaurants, as well as sports facilities, and many more. At Strong Bond, clients come first. Both Barnett and Steeves are customer-focused and hands-on in the business and have made customer service the company’s priority and primary culture. “We are very proud to have built a business derived by delivering a high-quality product/service and exceptional customer service,” says Steeves. The company is also very proud of its amazing team. Strong Bond is heavily focused on its trained and safetycertified employees, and continues to invest by having

32  Construction Association of New Brunswick

Strong Bond has also started a second related business – C2M Supplies, to supply commercial cleaning equipment, products, and training to help its customers and others properly maintain their floors.

them attend additional training across North America. “We focus and invest in our employees and their work

company itself – friendship and caring between the owners and their employees.

speaks for itself. They’re the backbone of our organization

The future definitely looks bright for Strong Bond as the

and allow us to provide the best possible customer service

company continues to grow and expand while providing

we can,” says Barnett.

exceptional service to customers throughout the four

The best feeling of all comes from knowing their team is

Atlantic provinces.

happy. “Nothing is more satisfying than hearing your staff enjoy coming into work. It strengthens the reason you got into business in the first place and motivates you to keep pushing. [It] lets you know you must be doing something right,” says Barnett. When they’re not working or spending time with their families and friends, Barnett can be found taking on woodworking or renovation projects, or working on his old


car, and Steeves can be found playing golf or hockey. At Strong Bond, profits are reinvested in the business to purchase new equipment and provide additional services. The company has also started a second related business – C2M Supplies, to supply commercial cleaning equipment, products, and training to help its customers and others properly maintain their floors. Barnett and Steeves deliberately chose their company’s name, Strong Bond, for what it represents; the bond its product makes with the floor – showcasing quality work, the bond created by a relationship and trust between Strong Bond and its customers, and the bond that exists within the

RJ Bartlett Engineering Ltd. specializes in fire protection engineering, building code consulting and forensic investigative engineering. Capabilities include design of fire protection systems, building and fire code consulting, fire hazard analysis, fire safety planning, commissioning and investigative engineering. We are a full-service design and consulting firm. Fredericton Office

1133 Regent Street, Suite 113 Fredericton, NB, E3B 3Z2 Phone: (506) 459-3070

Halifax Office

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The FNWCA holds fundraising events for local schools The Fredericton Northwest Construction Association (FNWCA) has partnered with the Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB) to launch Building for the Future. The mandate of the committee is to help the public school system to restore the ability to offer shop classes by supplying materials to the junior and high schools in Fredericton and Northwestern New Brunswick. The FNWCA held fundraisers at their annual curling event, which included closest to the button and a random square draw. Their golf tournaments allow them to hold a putting green contest and a 50/50 draw as well. Together with funds from the New Brunswick government on behalf of CANB, this has enabled them to fulfill the wish list of 15 schools for 2019-2020. The funds are used to support the Middle School Technology Education Programs and our high school skilled trades programs. Matt McGuire, subject coordinator, technology (K-12) & skilled trades, Anglophone West School District, has helped the FNWCA compile of a wish list for schools in our geographical area. There are various items that are purchased, anything from safety glasses, measuring tapes to drills, circular saws with stands to band saws, the list goes on. These courses offer students the opportunity to collaborate, practice critical thinking, and have problem solving skills through hands-on learning, With an increasing demand for skilled trades persons in our areas, it is important that we provide our students with the opportunity to be aware of the many different career pathways and provide relevant information that will inform them in their post-secondary options. 34  Construction Association of New Brunswick

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Direction de l’apprentissage et de la certification professionnelle

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Apprenticeship is a long-standing part of the training and education system in New Brunswick. It is a structured training program that requires the committed participation of three partners: the apprentice, the employer and the government represented by Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification. The required hours of training for each occupation are defined by regulation under the Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification Act. About 80% of the apprentice’s training is done on-the-job at the employer’s place of business where the apprentice performs progressively challenging prescribed tasks under the supervision of a journeyperson. The remaining 20% involves technical (in-school) training at a post-secondary training establishment. This training is usually provided by the NB Community Colleges under the guidance of qualified instructors. A Progress Record Book identifies the tasks that must be performed on the job by the apprentice and records the progress of the apprentice through the apprenticeship program. Upon the successful completion of an apprenticeship program, the completing apprentice will be issued a Diploma of Apprenticeship, a Certificate of Qualification, and in some cases, an Interprovincial Red Seal, all signifying journerperson status. For replacement of marks, transcripts, Diploma of Apprenticeship, Certificate of Qualification and Identification pocket cards, please contact your Regional Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification office.

L’apprentissage fait depuis longtemps partie intégrante et essentielle du système d’éducation et de formation au Nouveau-Brunswick. C’est un programme d’éducation structuré qui requiert la participation de trois partenaires: l’apprenti, l’employeur et le gouvernement qui est représenté par l’Apprentissage et certification professionnelle. Les heures exigées pour chaque profession sont définies par le règlement sous la Loi sur l’apprentissage et la certification professionnelle. Environ 80% de la formation d’un apprenti a lieu en cours d’emploi. Cette formation pratique se déroule chez l’employeur où l’apprenti accompli des tâches réglementaires de complexité progressive sous la supervision d’un compagnon. L’autre 20% comprend la formation technique dans un établissement post-secondaire. La formation technique est habituellement enseignée par des instructeurs qualifiés des collèges communautaires du Nouveau-Brunswick. Un livret de contrôle identifie les tâches pré-établies que les apprentis doivent accomplir en cours d’emploi et fait état de l’évolution des compétences acquises par l’apprenti au programme d’apprentissage. Après avoir satisfait à toutes les exigences du programme d’apprentissage, l’apprenti se verra décerner un diplôme d’apprentissage, un certificat d’aptitude, et dans certains cas, le Sceau rouge interprovincial, tous reconnus comme statut de compagnon. Pour obtenir une copie d’un relevé de notes, diplôme d’apprentissage, certificat d’aptitude et une carte d’identité, veuillez s’il vous plaît contacter votre bureau régional d’apprentissage et certification professionnelle.