Bakken Oil Report Spring/Summer 2021

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Oil & gas companies increase productivity, efficiency, safety and environmental awareness through intelligent AI-driven visual monitoring with exception-based alerting Osperity assists industrial companies in mitigating operational

Companies use intelligent visual monitoring technologies to

costs and risk through intelligent visual monitoring, which

understand anomalies around the asset, such as vehicle or

analyzes massive volumes of visual data with artificial intelligence

people activity at remote sites. By accurately detecting different

(computer vision).

types of anomalies and then sending summary reports or alerts

Osperity’s cloud-based platform distributes personalized

to remote users, companies can increase site security, monitor

actionable information to end users. In particular, the platform

lone workers, and verify contractor work by matching time on

helps clients increase productivity through virtual asset

site with invoices. In these scenarios, it is critical to ensure fewer

inspections, improve health, safety and environmental (HSE)

false positives so that the users will trust the system.

outcomes with safety monitoring and automated leak monitoring, detection of fire, smoke, and PPE, while strengthening security through proactive activity monitoring. Osperity’s platform delivers instant awareness of situations at remote and distributed upstream, midstream, and downstream locations, either on-demand or in the case of an event. We transfer video and data from mostly remote geographical locations over an efficient low-bandwidth LTE network. Thanks to analytics on the visual sensors at the edge, we can cut down on data consumption. Analytics in the cloud minimize false positives and provide oil and gas companies with timely accurate information at all times.

To significantly reduce false positives, Osperity uses a two-stage process where video analytics are used to detect movement, and images from the motion event are then analyzed with an algorithm to confirm the presence of a vehicle, person or other specified anomalies. This process greatly reduces the false alerts in outdoor environments. Exception-based alerts are then sent to users that have subscribed to these types of events. As such, users get alerts that are accurate and actionable. Energy companies both big and small are realizing the necessity of emergent technology to stay relevant and

Captures data from any number of cameras and other sensors

Recognizes and analyzes critical events

profitable in a quickly changing world. Specifically, oil and gas Delivers personalized and actionable information

companies are trending toward automation and intelligent interconnected systems to improve their business processes and greatly assist with their ESG mandate.



Video analytics and visual monitoring are helping drive digitization in the oilfield today, the technology will continue to improve in performance and utility. With advances in



connectivity, artificial intelligence, camera performance and cloud computing, intelligent visual monitoring will become


even more powerful and cost-effective, and will play a critical FIELD PERSONNEL




role in advancing the IIoT in the oil and gas industry. If you want to learn more about Osperity, visit them at w BAKKEN OIL REPORT – Spring/Summer 2021