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Architect of E-Commerce Steve Conine ’91, Co-Founder of


Fall/Winter 2017

1 From the Headmaster 2 Graduation 2017 14 Freshman Projects By Jessica Fiddes and Harry MacCormack

18 Global Delbarton Traveler: Black & White & Timeless By Charlie Clarke ’03

24 The Architect of E-Commerce: Wayfair Co-Founder Steve Conine ‘91 By Jessica Fiddes

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99 Delbarton Yesterday By Fr. Benet Caffrey, OSB

Cover: Steve Conine ‘91, Co-founder of All photographs in this issue of Delbarton Today were taken by Jessica Fiddes, Harry MacCormack or J. Craig Paris unless otherwise indicated. Cover Photographer: Levi Brown/Wayfair Rt. Rev. Richard Cronin, OSB, Abbot, St. Mary’s Abbey President, Delbarton School Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, Headmaster Rev. Rembert F. Reilly, OSB, Vice President for Development J. Craig Paris ’82, Director of Development Jessica Vermylen Fiddes, Editor and Director of Communications The views expressed in Delbarton Today are solely those of the editors, authors and contributors to this magazine and do not necessarily represent those of the Order of St. Benedict of New Jersey, Inc., St. Mary’s Abbey and/or Delbarton School Design: Sahlman Art Studio, Charlotte, NC Printing: J.S. McCarthy Printers Augusta, ME




From the Headmaster

Dear Friends of Delbarton, When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door of the Schloβkirche in Wittenberg 500 years ago this year, he probably could not have imagined the changes his decision would bring to the Western world. By all accounts, Luther wanted to challenge the Church to reform itself, not start the Reformation. History reveals, however, that his action set off a chain of reactions from which there was no turning back. The divisions in Christianity that arose as a consequence of the Reformation sadly remain with us. The Church of Christ today outwardly appears broken and divided. These divisions in Christianity make it difficult to see the Church as “one, holy, catholic and apostolic” as we profess each Sunday in the Nicene Creed. The origins and consequences of the Reformation have been studied and restudied from many different perspectives. One such view maintains that the seeds of modernity were planted in the Protestant reformation. Briefly put, before the Reformation, Christians professed fidelity to the Church (whether in the East or West) and its authority to proclaim objective religious truth. That was the unifying principle. The reformers, on the other hand, maintained that Scripture alone was to be the authority in religious matters. But then the question becomes: Who has the right to interpret Scripture? Even in Luther’s lifetime divisions arose about the answer to this question. None of the original reformers believed in the private or individual interpretation of Scripture, but once the unifying principle of church authority had been set aside, the door was opened to ever more radical ideas. Over time it became easier for even individuals to assert that since they received the Holy Spirit in baptism, they were fully qualified to preach God’s word. So, in this way, the reformation made possible the transfer of teaching authority away from the community and to re-locate it in the individual. What started as a purely religious question, soon led to social, political and economic ramifications as more and more ground was ceded to the individual over the community’s right to exercise authority. This is what is commonly meant by “modern”. One author puts it this way, “Here is the end point of modernity: the autonomous, freely choosing individual, finding meaning in no one but himself.” The same author goes on to quote the philosopher, Charles Taylor, who gives his assessment of our current cultural state. “Everyone has a right to develop their own form of life, grounded on their own sense of what is really important or of value. People are called to be true to themselves and to seek their own fulfillment. What this consists of, each must, in the last initiative, determine for him- or herself. No one else can or should try to dictate its content.” Personally, I don’t think I know anyone who lives their life totally that way, but it fairly obvious that we live in a society where many individuals do. Another scholar has framed it this way, “human life in the Western world today, and perhaps most obviously in the United States, is characterized by an enormously wide range of truth claims pertaining to

human values, aspirations, norms, morality and meaning.” This is not a very uplifting view of our society, but, it suggests to me why there is so much unhappiness around us. One thousand years before the Reformation, St. Benedict recognized the same danger inherent in placing too much importance on individual experience over communal wisdom. Having lived as a solitary hermit for some years, Benedict came to the realization that very few human beings have the strength to live one’s life in right relationship to God on their own. It was this insight that prompted Benedict to form a community of like-minded men to live together under a Rule and an abbot. Benedict’s genius lay in recognizing the human need for both freedom and structure. The freedom comes from the choice the individual makes to submit himself freely to the will of both a concrete set of norms and individuals. In the tradition of the Hebrew Scriptures, Benedict also recognized that human community’s need for a wise authority to help them evaluate the “truth claims” of contrasting views. Perhaps this is a clue to the persistence of Benedictine life over fifteen centuries. As a school in the Benedictine tradition, Delbarton invites young men to submit themselves voluntarily to the values, the rules and the traditions of the School. In turn, these young men are given the chance to witness life lived rightly by their teachers, their coaches and their peers. They are formed within this Brotherhood to believe in both themselves and in the knowledge that giving of oneself does not diminish one, but rather that it enlarges one’s heart so that they may “run with the unspeakable sweetness of love”. With the grace of God, these young men will leave Delbarton and go out into the world to model a form of life that stands in stark contrast to the one that our society too often proposes. May it ever be so.

Fall/Winter 2017



S ENIOR G ARDEN … Peter Wallburg Studios



Fall/Winter 2017


School leadership is in good hands with these rising seniors: Student Body VP Patrick Cummings ’18, President Gianni Vinci ’18, and Councilman Will Andersen ’18.


erhaps the most amazing thing about studying at a school where everyone’s bright and ambitious is that it’s not a cutthroat pressure cooker. It’s a place where people give freely of their time and abilities… I’m truly happy and proud to have gone to high school at Delbarton. And I’m even happier to have made a fulfilling, rich experience out of that opportunity both in and out of the classroom.” Valedictorian Dennis Oussenko ’17 continues his studies at the University of Pennsylvania this fall.



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Mindy Papetti P’13,’14,’17, Vincent Papetti ’14, Dylan Papetti ’17, AJ Papetti, Jr ’13 and AJ Papetti Sr ’82, P’13,’14,’17.

Ted Dolan ’83, P’17, Connor Dolan ’17, Fiona Dolan P’17and Caroline Dolan.

The O’Keefe family celebrates Owen’s graduation.

Nancy Lobo, Suzie Maguire P’14,’17,’18, Jack Maguire ’17, Mike Maguire ’82, P’14,’17,’18 and Mike Maguire ’14.

Fall/Winter 2017


The Michael Patrick Sheridan Award was established in memory of a member of the Class of 1984, presented to a senior who has manifested love for life and for the School and has significantly grown through challenge as implied in the Delbarton motto Succisa Virescit. The 2017 Michael Patrick Sheridan Award was presented to Jordan Hubbard ’17 by Kurt Krauss ’81. From left are Jordan’s step mom Dawn Hubbard, Amari Cummings, his dad Tyrone Hubbard, his grandmother Ida Bishop, Jordan Hubbard ’17, Jordan’s mom Lavette Brown, Kurt Krauss ’81, Edward Milligan, Tiffani Walton, Ambriel Cummings and Jaquetta Brown.

Catherine Carter, Elizabeth Carter with Nugent Award winner Amaan Chaudhry '17, Ahmad and Sonila Chaudhry P'17, Amaan's grandparents Fareeda and Abdul Chaudhry and his sister Myra Chaudhry.

The James E. Nugent Award, established in memory of a graduate of the class of 1969, is awarded to the Delbarton student who best exemplifies the spirit of giving himself to others. This year the award was awarded to two students, Amaan Chaudhry ’17 and James Smart ’17, and presented by Catherine and Elizabeth Carter.



Nugent Award winner James Smart: Back: Patrick Smart ’21, Catherine Carter, Nugent Award recipient James Smart ’17, Elizabeth Carter, Dalton Smart III P’16, ’17, ’19, ’21. Front: Lucy, Mary and John Paul Smart.

The Bryan Bennett Award was established to honor the memory of a member of the class of 1994 who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This award is for the “quiet hero”, a student who, like Bryan, has distinguished himself for his day-to-day work ethic, consistent nobility and unfailing kindness to others. This year’s winner of the Bryan Bennett Award was Andrew White ’17 who received the award from Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82, who presented the award. From left are Christopher White ’14, Alfia White P’11,’14,’17, Andrew White 17, Craig Paris ’82, James White P’11, ’14, ’17 and Timothy White ’11.

Corey T. Williams ’91 Award for excellence in Physics was presented to Danny Maguire ’17 who was also the Class of 2017 Salutatorian. Corey’s father Earl Williams presented the award. From left are Bobby Maguire ’14, Jimmy Maguire ’10, Sean Maguire’12, Dennis Maguire ’11, Danny Maguire ’17, Teresa Maguire P’10,’11,’12,’14, ’17, Earl Williams P'91, Jim Maguire ’79, P’10,’11,’12,’14, ’17 and Diane Maguire P’79, ’82, ’86; GP’10,’11,’12,’14,’17 .

Fall/Winter 2017



elbarton has helped you to begin to shape this world. It did for me. It awoke and stretched my math and science skills. More importantly, at a delicate time in my life, Delbarton’s deep commitment to history, literature, languages, and moral education challenged me.” William Antholis ’83, Director and CEO of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at University of Virginia

Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, graduation speaker William Antholis ’83, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB.



Santiago Robertson-Lavalle ’17 and members of the Delbarton Religious Studies department celebrate him winning the Right Reverend Patrick M. O’Brien Award, which represents excellence in Religious Studies and is presented to one graduate in memory of Abbot Patrick, the founding Abbot of Delbarton School.

The Brian E. Fleury Award which is given to an outstanding scholar-athlete who demonstrates the same passion for scholarship that he does for athletics, a person who combine seriousness of purpose with self-effacing good humor, a person who is a consummate team player, selfless in all his endeavors, always putting the needs of others before his own. The 2017 Fleury Award winner is Sam Fuchs ’17, shown with Jen Fleury P’19 and her son Tim Fleury ’19 who presented the award. From left are Gaby Fuchs, Jean Fuchs P’17, Sam Fuchs ’17, Tim Fleury ’19, Jen Fleury P’19 and Rich Fuchs P’17.

The Peter B. Haas Award, established in memory of a 25 year old Marine pilot killed in Korea, is awarded for distinguished leadership within the School. This year’s winner of the Peter B. Haas Award was Student Body President Liam Higgins ’17 here with his family, from left, Kevin Higgins P’13, ’15, ’17, ’19, Brendan Higgins, Liam Higgins ’17, Aidan Higgins ’19, Kyle Higgins ’15 and Mary Higgins P’13,’15’,17,’19. (Missing: Drew Higgins ’13)

Fall/Winter 2017


The Shaffer family celebrates Kohl’s graduation.



The Adami family, from left, Guy Adami ’19, Linda Snow-Adami P’17,’19, Lily Adami, Nancy Adami, Tim Adami ’17 and Guy Adami P’17,’19.

Elizabeth Hadley, Stephanie Hadley P’17, Steven Hadley ’17and Steven Hadley P’17.

John Badenhausen ’15, Carolyn Badenhausen P’14,’15’17 , Andrew Badenhausen’17, James Badenhausen P’14,’15,’17 and Peter Badenhausen ’14.

From left, Mary and Rob Vermylen P’14,’17, Teddy Vermylen ’17, James Vermylen ’14, Alex and Sandy Bergo.

Patrick Burke P’15,’17, Pat Burke ’57, GP ’15,’17, Connor Burke ’17, Lisa Burke P’15,’17, Brigitte Burke GP’15,’17, and Pat Burke ’15.

Fall/Winter 2017


Noreen Rizwan, Omar Rizwan ’12, Shan Rizwan ’17, Leah and Mohammed Rizwan P’12,’17.

Spenser Huston Jr. ’11, Brendan Huston ’13, Spenser Huston Sr. P’11,13,’17, Michael Huston ’17 and Patty Huston P’11,’13,’17.

From left, Lindsay Gannon P’16,’17,’19, Liam Gannon ’16, Caroline Gannon, Seton Gannon, Andrew Gannon ’17, Finn Gannon ’19 and Bill Gannon ’88, P’16,’17,’19.

Douglas MacCallum, Martha MacCallum Gregory P’17, Reed Gregory ’17, Dan Gregory P’17, Harry Gregory and Elizabeth Gregory.



Peter Wallburg Studios

Class of 2017 Colleges Amherst College – 2 Bard College – 1 Boston College – 10 Bowdoin College – 2 Brown University – 2 Bryant University – 1 Bucknell University – 1 College of the Holy Cross – 2 College of William and Mary – 2 Columbia University – 1 Cornell University – 1 Dartmouth College – 3 Dickinson College – 1 Drew University – 1 Duke University – 3 Elon University – 2 Fordham University – 5 Furman University – 1 Georgetown University – 10 George Washington University – 1 Gettysburg College – 3

Harvard College –1 Hobart College – 1 Johns Hopkins University – 1 Lafayette College –1 Lehigh University – 1 Loyola University Maryland – 2 Manhattan College – 1 Massachusetts Inst of Technology – 1 Montclair State University – 1 Mount St. Mary College – 1 New Jersey Institute of Technology – 1 New York University – 2 Northern Arizona University – 1 Northeastern University – 1 Olin College – 1 Penn State University – 1 Princeton University – 1 Providence College – 1 Purdue University – 1 Quinnipiac University – 1 Rutgers University – 1

Stanford University – 1 Seton Hall University – 1 Trinity College – 1 Tufts University – 2 Tulane University – 1 University of California, San Diego – 1 University of Delaware – 1 University of Maine – 1 University of Miami – 1 University of Michigan – 6 University of Notre Dame – 5 University of Pennsylvania – 5 University of Richmond – 1 University of Southern California – 2 University of Toronto – 1 University of Virginia – 2 Vanderbilt University – 1 Virginia Tech University – 3 Villanova University – 5 Wake Forest University – 4 Yale University – 2

Fall/Winter 2017


Freshman Projects By Jessica Fiddes and Harry MacCormack

Freshman Project moderator Matt Kovachik, Liam Corcoran ’20, Cole Krauss ’20, JP Higgins ’20 and Matt Pfundstein ’20 (missing: Austin Lee ’20 and Marco DePasquale ’20).



Liam Corcoran Liam Corcoran played centerfield last spring for state champion Green Wave Varsity Baseball. For his Freshman Project, he decided to organize what he expected would be a modest Green Wave Baseball Old Timers Game. His goal was to gather together former Delbarton baseball players, reaching out to alumni, parents, coaches, and current baseball players. By March, Liam’s alumni game had grown from several dozen former players to a full on celebration of Green Wave baseball that included 80 alumni players, hundreds of attendees, a hotly contested game with two fully stocked teams, even a homerun derby pitched by Yankees World Series Champion Al Leiter P’19. Two alumni, Bob Farrell ’64 and Ken Heaton ’78, assisted him with important details like communications and ump procurement, and the Alumni Association underwrote some expenses for T-shirts, burgers and dogs and baseballs. After months of planning, June 11 finally dawned at Brian Fleury Field, a mere 24 hours after Green Wave Baseball won its first state title in 15 years. Excellent karma! Liam’s Old Timers Game was a resounding success, and its execution was a testament to his love of the game, and his desire to embrace core Delbarton values like leadership, teamwork and brotherhood.

Liam Corcoran ’20

Liam and two volunteer grill masters at the Old Timers Game on June 11.

JP Higgins JP Higgins began researching his Freshman Project the summer before freshman year even began. His goal: to learn, then demonstrate, the inner workings of a computer by building one. His first challenge: how to pay for computer parts. JP sold used sneakers and video games on eBay to scrape together the $800 needed to build his machine. After the month-long assembly, he turned on his computer and…nothing. The machine refused to boot up. He spent the next four months navigating ’300 Things That Could Be Wrong With Your Computer’ and finally solved the problem (his processor was damaged due to a broken socket). He ordered a new processor, dismantled the computer, replaced the processor and pressed ‘on’. “I never thought I’d be so excited to see a computer turn on,” JP recalls. He captured the entire process on video with a head-mounted GoPro camera. Video editing took longer than he anticipated, as did uploading his film to the Freshman Project site in time to make the deadline. JP learned a lot, and produced a comprehensive video to educate any DIY techie. Does he use his homemade computer? You bet. JP reports with admirable transparency that he uses the machine “to play games when I should be doing my homework”. Check out JP’s terrific video by searching ‘Youtube+ JP Higgins + How to Build a Computer’.

JP Higgins A peek inside JP Higgins’ builtfrom-scratch computer.

Fall/Winter 2017


Cole Krauss

Cole Krauss

As an avid lacrosse player, Cole Krauss designed a lacrosse bag to address issues he experienced over the years. He analyzed his competition and designed a bag that offered key features they didn’t like an aerated mouth guard pouch and vented bottom panel to rid the bag of artificial turf pellets, a modern annoyance. His custom-designed bag is also handsomely embroidered with DELBARTON and the Wave D logo. Not content merely to build a better bag, he set out to learn what takes to bring his bag to Cole’s innovative lacrosse bag features market and, with the help of his mother Julie (a global pet an aerated mouth guard pouch and toy manufacturer) and her suppliers in China, shopped his vented bottom panel. design to factories. Once the numbers were crunched, Cole wrote a marketing plan to identify his target demographics and strategized how to reach customers. Cole has enjoyed the fruits of his labor, carrying the custom made bag of his own design to practices and games. “I have always wanted to invent something for lacrosse and I could not have picked a better way to do it,” he says.

Marco DePasquale

Marco DePasquale



Over the years, a wide variety of items have borne the Delbarton name or seal (click on but Marco DePasquale’s project is the first time the iconic Delbarton “D” ever adorned a hair product. Marco’s grandfather Carmen is the founder of DePasquale Companies, which manufactures and markets products and services for the cosmetology industry; Making hair look good is in Marco’s DNA. When the time came to choose a freshman project, Marco chose to learn about formulating a hair product and how to bring it to market. Behold, Wave Paste. Marco took Wave Paste from ingredient formulation to a tested and tweaked mass-producible product. He also enjoyed managing the packaging design and oversaw the production.

Marco enjoyed designing his hair care product logo and packaging.

Behold…Wave Paste!

Austin Lee Violinist Austin Lee’s parents taught him that ‘investing different aspects of life for the benefit of others is a practice that should be performed every day’. The summer prior to Delbarton, Austin volunteered his time playing music at a school for special needs children, which spurred an interest in the therapeutic value of music for children with autism. Austin put his considerable skills as a violinist to work and founded the Bernards Ensemble, a group of local young musicians, to play music for special needs children. Austin realized that many musical pieces could not be performed properly using the array of instruments played by the members of ensemble. His solution was to rearrange (essentially translating music written for specifically for the sound of one instrument to suit the sounds of others) all eight parts of ten pieces so the music fit their instruments. Next, he secured a venue and planned the concert, coordinating group rehearsals, and performing at the concert. He is grateful for his Freshman Project experience and says that planning the concert left him with a ‘better sense of responsibility, time management, organization, and compassion’.

Austin Lee

Austin and the Bernards Ensemble entertained special needs children with live music.

Matt Pfundstein Delbarton’s bucolic 200 acre campus, with its rolling hills and verdant fields, is a source of pride for many. For his freshman project, Matt Pfundstein meticulously constructed a 1/4000 scale model of Delbarton campus topography. The finished construct is eight feet long and 4 feet across, weighs over 200 pounds, and accurately depicts Delbarton’s topographical profile. The hills rise and fall between the South Gate and the abbey, and his model demonstrates the low roll of the field between Old Main and Cocoziello Field. Matt achieved this feat by integrating new technology and old school carpentry. Using detailed topographical data culled from Google Earth, Matt cut a total of 576 wooden dowels to represent a point of campus elevation. Each dowel was laid into a corresponding hole drilled into the base, which Matt then covered with layers of plaster cloth to create a cohesive surface. Next, he recreated the roads, buildings, fields, and foliage that compose the Delbarton campus. His mini-Delbarton was stored in the family garage until this October when it was moved to a place of honor in the Science Pavilion.

Matt Pfundstein

Matt cut 576 dowels to create his model which was displayed this fall in the Science Pavilion.

Fall/Winter 2017




B&W and Timeless

Charlie Clarke ’03

I started taking photos in high school, got more serious about it in college, and then got really serious about it after college when Instagram came out. Instagram was such a great platform to share photos that it made me go out and buy a brand new DSLR. I always loved taking photos but I never thought Facebook albums were a great place to share artistic photos. I started taking my camera with me everywhere at that point and my content library started to grow tremendously. Over the years I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs. Friends have consistently bugged me to sell my photos and this year I finally got my act together. Just before Labor Day, I launched a website with 16 black and white images for sale. Each image is limited to an edition of 50. My theme is and always will be timelessness. Absent some small details in some of the photographs, I think it’s difficult to tell whether the photo was taken in 1975 or 2015. I want the images to keep their “cool factor” for generations to come. BROTHERLY LOVE I have three younger brothers - all Delbarton graduates. The image I chose for my landing page is two brothers walking out to the beach at Monmouth Beach Club in New Jersey where my mom grew up going. I call the image ‘brotherly love’, a great one to share given the strong theme of brotherhood at Delbarton. Photos by Charlie Clarke '03

Fall/Winter 2017


I was a student at Delbarton on 9/11/01… I became obsessed with flying the American flag and being loyal to what it stood for.

THE FISH A friend of mine from Delbarton is currently stationed in Iraq. His home beach club on Long Island is nicknamed “The Fish” and I am giving 50% of the proceeds made on this photo to the US Navy Seal Foundation.

SMITH POINT An old Land Rover Discovery navigates the dunes on Smith Point, Nantucket.



Fall/Winter 2017




HOUSE OF OLDIES Girl in NYC’s House of Oldies in the West Village. Charlie scouted every Manhattan record shop for photo shoots when he was working for Skybuds, a headphones company. House of Oldies was his favorite.

OWL CREEK This photo was taken at a horse farm on Owl Creek Road in Aspen, Colorado.

FORT POINT Charlie’s camera caught a surfer under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point.

Fall/Winter 2017


Architect of E-Commerce Steve Conine ’91, Co-Founder of By Jessica Fiddes

Steve Conine likes to work with tools.

t 12, inspired by his grandfather’s workshop, he discovered his passion for woodworking. He researched power tools in magazines, then pitched his parents, David and Eunice, who not only bought him the tools and raw materials, but allowed him disappear for hours into his workshop. His mother, a former teacher and one of ten children, trusted her son to use dangerous tools safely: Don’t cut off your hand…and could you make me a corner cabinet?




Steve Conine and Niraj Shah, co-founders of

Welcome to the world of Steve Conine ’91, skier, mountain biker, ice carver, paddle boarder, wood worker, and cofounder of the internet home goods giant A man who likes his tools and knows how to use them.

His father managed offices for Merrill Lynch over a 25 year career, so the family, which included Steve’s older brother Matt and younger sister Sarah, moved through several states before landing in New Jersey. Steve entered third grade at the Harding School and arrived at Delbarton for seventh and got to work. He built stage sets, developed pictures in the darkroom side-by-side with Br. Paul Diveny, designed and constructed buildings from foam core in Architecture Club, even created a Noah’s Arc out of wood that he delivered to the front lawn of the Abbey Church. He also sang in Schola Cantorum and joined ensemble casts for Abbey Player productions.

He enjoyed the freedom of Delbarton, and befriended Harben, Booth and McVicker. They’re still best friends 25 years later. He credits his parents and Delbarton for giving him the freedom to experiment and the self-confidence to take risks. On summer vacations, Steve spent time on his grandfather’s 2,000 acre vegetable farm outside Albany where he discovered a love for hard work. He decided early that he wanted to work for himself.

The 1991 Archway yearbook shows Steve sharing a four page spread with classmates Chandler Harben, Adrian Booth and Andrew McVicker, with vintage-y black and white photos of the friends hiking, skiing, wakeboarding and fooling around wearing swim suits, jackets and ties (or jackets and boxers) carrying umbrellas (or a gun) – like outtakes from a Beatles album if the fab four had attended a boys school in New Jersey. Under each of their senior portraits appears the same six words: ‘Ski to live, live to ski’.

In summer 1990, Steve met Niraj Shah at a Cornell University program for high school students – Niraj seemed like a good guy to hang out with, and the two ended up rooming down the hall from each other freshman year. By spring of sophomore year they were roommates. Midway through senior year, Niraj graduated a semester early and Steve convinced him to audit the class on entrepreneurism he was taking. Steve’s girlfriend Alexi, a chemical engineering student Niraj had introduced him to at Steve’s 21st birthday party, also joined the class.

In 1995, college engineering curriculums were light on computer courses, but the tech world was producing some shiny new toys for curious minds like theirs, including Netscape, Java 1.0 and the ever-expanding World Wide Web which had gone public just four years before. Using these tools for their class project, Steve, Niraj and Alexi (and a freshman named Josh) developed a business

Fall/Winter 2017


concept called Spinners – from spinning the web – to design business websites.

Steve discovered his love for working with power tools in his grandfather’s workshop.

This time Steve combined two of his many passions: ice carving and home goods.

“What’s a website?” local business owners wanted to know. But they were interested.

The team’s research in Ithaca, NY exposed a healthy demand for web development, so the four partners decided to launch Spinners. By June, running low on local customers, Steve and Niraj moved to a modest apartment in Boston to grow the business. By the end of summer, Spinners boasted an impressive client list that included big names like Time Warner and the New York Times. In those pre-cybersecurity days, the Times even shared its root passwords to all systems with the young entrepreneurs and, in return, the company got the obsessive focus of two eager developers. “We slaved our butts off and the value they got out of us was phenomenal,” says Steve. He and Niraj ended up buying out their two junior partners Alexi and Josh (still undergrads in Ithaca) and, three year later, Spinners had grown to 45 employees.

In 1998, at the peak of the boom, Steve and Niraj sold Spinners to the interactive agency iXL. Steve landed in London growing the iXL business, and Niraj was based in Atlanta serving as the company’s COO. In 1999 when iXL went public, Steve enjoyed a net worth of $25 million thanks to an ‘excessively high valuation’; Three years later iXL was bankrupt. “Uh oh, I just lost a lifetime’s worth of wealth,” Steve recalls. “Which is a good lesson to learn when you’re young.”



By then, Steve and Niraj had moved on to launch Simplify Mobile, providing data analysis to reduce corporate cell phone bills. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 cost them their first big customer, Merrill Lynch (whose first priority was now finding new office space for 5000+ displaced employees) so they started cold calling. “My dad taught me to set a goal to get 30 rejections in a day. As soon as you get 30 rejections you can leave,” he remembers, but even aggressive cold-calling wasn’t enough to thrive in the disrupted post-9/11 business climate. They sold the company for ‘not much’ and Steve took a job with a Bostonbased tech company while Niraj was entrepreneur-in-residence at Greylock Partners. On the home front, after graduating from Cornell, Alexi had moved to Boston to work as a chemical engineer. She and Steve married in 2000, and Niraj was camping out in the couple’s basement, which gave the friends plenty of time to brainstorm about launching another new business.

Looking at various internet opportunities, they noticed a growing trend of successful small e-commerce sites and, while 2002 was a down year in an investment community, their research revealed a growing consumer demand for online shopping. Brick and mortar storefronts had their place for consumers who needed to touch and feel products, but ecommerce was quickly becoming an acceptable option for shoppers who appreciated transparent product information, comparison shopping, and 24/7 access. Steve and Niraj saw the possibilities.

In photo at top, Steve and Alexi, on right with, from left, Andrew McVicker ’91, Chandler Harben ’91 and Adrian Booth ’91. The four men have been friends since their Delbarton days and continue to enjoy biking and ski vacations together.

Fall/Winter 2017


Steve, Niraj and team celebrate Wayfair’s initial public offering at the New York Stock Exchange on October 2, 2014.

“We thought this might be an interesting opportunity to go buy a lot of small businesses and join them in a common tech format,” says Steve.

Using their Spinners profits, Steve and Niraj bought their first online business,, then quickly learned they could make even more money creating their own online marketplaces. In fact, SmartTechToys remains their only acquisition.

One by one they built online marketplaces for items like grandfather clocks and storage racks. To start, they identified the hottest trade show in each category, walked the floor to pitch vendors, assembled a product catalog, and then launched an online structure to market, sell and ship.

The Wayfair copartners at NYSE… …and at the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland a decade and a half earlier during their iXL days when Steve was based in London.



Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed the Google search engine in 1996, but long before Google was a verb, Steve and Niraj were prescient enough to buy Google key words at bargain rates, turning them into a “super-cheap, super-effective advertising” tool. “We just exploited the heck out of it,” says Steve.

With Steve as the software architect managing an ever-growing team of engineers, they built the tech platform necessary to master the e-commerce model, then repeated the standard, business-by-business. By 2011, their Boston-based company had 800 employees managing 250 focused internet marketplaces like and

Money as a tool.

The Conine family, wearing protective eye-gear, prepare to witness the total eclipse on August 21, 2017 near their home in Jackson, Wyoming.

Incredibly, during those nine years that Steve and Niraj were building their business, they used no venture funding to create what was becoming a very large company. Stitching the businesses together and raising brand awareness were next on the agenda, and both required deeper pockets; the partners finally agreed to invite in investors. In 2011 they raised $351 million in venture funding and, three years later, $283 million in an initial public offering. ‘W’ now stands for ‘Wayfair’ on the New York Stock Exchange. They had arrived. From 2012 to 2016 Wayfair’s revenue more than quintupled to about $3.38 billion while the company increased spending on advertising, infrastructure, and international expansion. Wayfair now offers 8 million products from over 10,000 suppliers across five distinct brands, AllModern, Birch Lane, DwellStudio and Joss & Main.

Wayfair currently operates in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Germany, and continues to expand its European market in the ever-changing landscape of home goods e-commerce. “It’s a weird category. We get super paranoid about competitors,” says Steve. “But time and again if you focus on doing it right for the customer, how they want to shop, what they think about their homes, you can create a very durable business.”

Steve and Niraj and their committed team of 6,000 employees work hard to design a unique market position and sustain a loyal, repeat-buying customer base. Data-driven at its core, Wayfair constantly experiments with ways to improve the buying experience.

An example: The Company is developing its own trucking system to reduce the delivery window from four hours to – wait for it – fifteen minutes. Imagine getting a text from the trucker delivering your new eggplant-colored sofa informing you that the driver is fifteen minutes from your home, then watching on your smartphone as, Uber-like, the vehicle navigates its way across the street grid to your front door. Wayfair is working to make this revolutionary idea their new company standard, and we can’t wait.

The Conine children root for the home team at a Boston running event.

Wayfair’s strategy is simple: offer great selection at a fair price (the company constantly monitors market pricing) with easy-to-schedule (free) shipping. Subbusinesses may one day grow out of this robust culture of innovation, but for now

Fall/Winter 2017


Alexi and Steve Conine enjoy mountain biking together.

the partners are intensely focused on building and expanding the Wayfair brand. From Sprint to Marathon

After running at a sprinter’s pace during their Spinners years, Steve and Niraj developed Wayfair to be a more of a marathon. They intentionally created a company culture where people work hard during office hours, then enjoy their time off, and Steve himself serves as the poster boy for a balanced life.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, competitive mountain biking, ice-carving, stand-up paddle boarding and flying quad copters. Fractured bones and broken teeth aside, his hobbies define him as much as his company does. He still likes building with power tools (even things that melt) and he and his three Archway yearbook friends meet regularly for mountain biking and ski vacations.

Steve and Alexi have three children, a daughter and two sons, and live in Boston. The family also enjoys hiking, skiing and outdoor adventures at their home in Jackson, Wyoming and summer vacations in Vermont where his parents own a home. Steve reports with a laugh that Alexi “still bristles” when he mentions that Spinners buyout…but she’s getting over it.

Like a good marriage, Steve and Nitaj’s twenty-plus year partnership is based on shared morals and values, a similar way of measuring success – “it’s never just money” – and a willingness to do what it takes to make things work.

Steve discovers another practical use for his bicycle.



What is Steve most proud of? Bootstrapping his business from scratch, building a dynamic and motivated Wayfair team, and delivering quality goods that improve peoples’ lives. He advises young entrepreneurs to stop looking for the one big idea and start focusing on the small one, the service or product you can provide that another person will pay you for. Do it well, and you’ll soon be hiring other people, and business likely will expand from there. Experiment, test and if something doesn’t work, find a better idea. Don’t give up, don’t be afraid to fail.

A page from Steve’s meticulouslymaintained album of woodworking projects showing a photo of his mother’s new corner cabinet.

He thanks his father for giving him the best advice of all, “Do what you love, and spend time with the people you love”, and he still appreciates the power tools his parents bought him, and the faith they had that he would use them well.

The Conine family in the early 90s: David and Eunice with sons Matt and Steve, and daughter Sarah.

Fall/Winter 2017


Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, To Step Down After 2017-18 School Year


t the conclusion of a faculty meeting on August 30, Delbarton Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, officially announced that he would step down from the position of head of school at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year. Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, the abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey, which operates Delbarton School, approved Br. Paul’s decision to conclude his leadership role at the school after his ten year tenure and issued the following statement: “Over the past year, Brother Paul has discussed with me his thoughts on stepping down at the end of the 2017-2018 school year from his position of headmaster of Delbarton School. He has served as headmaster with great ability and commitment for ten years, and I accept his thought that it is time.” Abbot Richard also explained the procedure for the selection of Br. Paul’s successor: “The current process is that the abbot of Saint Mary’s Abbey appoints a headmaster after consulting with the Council of Seniors. In the next few weeks, I will seek the input of the Education Committee of the Lay Board of Trustees, Delbarton School administrators, and the monastic Council of Seniors on identifying a successor to Brother Paul.” As both educator and administrator, Br. Paul has enjoyed a rich and fulfilling career at Delbarton and beyond. Born and raised in West Orange, NJ, after graduating from St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, he attended the Catholic University of America. He entered St. Mary’s Abbey after college and began his teaching career at Delbarton School. He was sent to Rome to study and received a diploma in Monastic Studies from the Pontificio



Ateneo Sant’Anselmo. He returned to Delbarton and resumed his duties teaching Latin and serving as one of the moderators for the yearbook. In 1985 he was named Assistant headmaster of Delbarton and served in that role until 1991. During those years he also completed his Master’s Degree in German from Middlebury College. In 1998 he returned to Rome to serve as “economo” or Business manager for Sant’Anselmo, where he worked until 2001. Returning to the abbey he was assigned several administrative posts, including prior, while continuing to teach at Delbarton. In 2006 he was named headmaster of Delbarton. Br. Paul has been an active member of the American Association of the Teachers of German and has served as the president of the Northern New Jersey Chapter. After his ten year commitment as the head of Delbarton School, Br. Paul looks forward to the one year sabbatical that traditionally serves as a retirement gift for outgoing Delbarton headmasters. A man of many interests, including travel, reading, cooking and gardening, one fact is certain: Br. Paul will have no trouble filling his sabbatical year. Meanwhile, he approaches the new school year with the deep awareness that this will be his last as head of school. “Every September, I tell mothers of senior boys to think ‘best’ not ‘last’ as they experience your son’s final year at Delbarton. Now it’s my turn to contemplate this as my best, not last, year as head of this special school. Br. Paul leaves behind a legacy of academic strength, global awareness, environmental consciousness and fiscal stability that will remain a tribute to his character and his hard work on behalf of Delbarton School.


faculty update On September 3, Kevin Conn hosted tours at his home of antique musical boxes, most made in Switzerland or Germany in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. He welcomed members of the Musical Box Society International from Belgium, Switzerland, the US, and the Czech Republic who enjoyed hearing the boxes’ music and learning about the different makers and variations. Conn inherited much of the collection from his father, who acquired them over the course of 40+ years. Conn says, “It was a bit bittersweet, because I wished he were here with his knowledge and enthusiasm, but it was nice to carry on his tradition of sharing them with fellow music enthusiasts.” Transportation Director and Librarian Kent Manno was appointed a board member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He is coordinating chapter educational outreach programs. Jaime Paris took and passed the comprehensive PhD exams in Contemporary Spanish Literature at Rutgers this summer and is now working on his thesis prospectus. He has also had an abstract accepted into the upcoming NeMLA conference and will be presenting on ArgentinianSpanish migrant cinema. (continued on page 34)

Teacher and Student Collaborate on Poster Project

Social justice educator Pat Crapo wanted to decorate her classroom with posters of quotations from Laudato si’, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and human ecology, and she knew just who to ask: her student Connor Dolan ’17 spearheaded the project using his own Delbarton campus photos and designing posters that will decorate Crapo’s T236 classroom for some time to come.

Delbarton Honored by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society On Thursday, June 8, Delbarton School was honored at a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society banquet in Edison, NJ celebrating New Jersey schools participate in the Pennies for Patients student fundraiser. Thanks to this spring’s Run it Out 5K (hosted annually in memory of late Athletic Director Brian Fleury), Delbarton presented the Society with a check for $20,000. Representing Delbarton were teacher, football coach and RIO moderator Brian Bowers, center, and senior organizers James Smart ’17, left, and Kyle Dudzinski ’17.

Fall/Winter 2017



Chris Maximos ’19 Places Third in National Speech and Debate Competition On June 23, Delbarton sophomore Christopher Maximos ’19 placed 3rd in United States Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2017 National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama, an event that attracted the top 3,500 student competitors from around the country. Chris competed against 245 speakers and reached the championship round after 6 rounds of preliminary competition and 6 rounds of elimination bracket competition. In the final round, Chris competed against five speakers (all juniors or seniors) before a live audience of over 2500 people and livestreamed on the internet. In addition to winning the 3rd place trophy, Chris won a $250 college scholarship. Chris was coached to his stellar finish by Delbarton teachers and Forensic Society moderators LaJuan Foust, left, and Martin Page.

(continued from page 33) Zack Tabor took graduate courses over the summer with Middlebury’s Arabic School, and is working towards an M.A. This was the second of four years he will spend in Oakland, CA on the campus of Mills College.

Tidings English Department Chair Chris Pillette and former Delbarton religious Studies teacher Stephanie Almozara welcomed their son Raphael Manolo Almozara on July 18, 2017. Tony Negrin and Olga Anagnostis were married on June 3, 2017.



Helping Out at Covenant House On May 24, the Wave-4-Life Club, launched a new mission to support a Covenant House halfway house in Newark. A group of students led by moderator Elizabeth Mainardi cleaned up the overgrown backyard with the help of a John Harrington P’18 and Harrington & Sons which donated plants and people-power.

Campus Ministry director Dr. David Hajduk helped get the job done, even recruiting three of his teenage children to help. Campus Ministry supplied outdoor furniture and food so halfway house residents could host their first Memorial Day cookout.

187394_Magazine Text_Layout 1 11/15/17 11:12 AM Page 35


Trustee Award

At the Faculty Picnic on September 8, the Delbarton Lay Board of Trustees presented the 2017 Trustee Award to faculty member co-recipients Greg Devine and Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB ’82. for almost 20 years. Fr. Ed designed, implemented and teaches the Benedictines course which is required of all Delbarton freshmen. Almost since its inception, Fr. Ed has guided our Irish exchange with Glenstal Abbey School in County Limerick.

Greg Devine Greg joined the faculty of Delbarton School in 1993. Although he spent a couple of years off campus earning a master’s degree at Harvard and teaching a year at Germantown Academy, he has been with us at Delbarton in spirit for 25 years. Greg is the prototypical master teacher. His physics and math students certainly perform at the highest level in all testing with AP Physics students consistently earning earn 4’s and 5’s on their tests. But more importantly, he instills a love of the subject and an appreciation for the wonders of science, math and engineering. Greg is equally dedicated outside of the classroom. A gifted musician, he has directed the Wind, Jazz and Brass Ensembles. He has also advised students pursuing engineering and design projects, and he led the Engineering Club teams to win many state and national design challenges including Panasonic and Lucent design competitions. He served as an Admissions Officer and Admissions Caucus Head, has been elected by his colleagues to serve on Academic Council. Greg has also been recognized by organizations outside of Delbarton and he has won several awards including the Star Ledger Teacher Award, Morris County Teaching Award, Princeton University Distinguished Secondary School Teaching Award, and many other accolades, often nominated by grateful former students.

Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB ’82 Fr. Ed’s lifelong love of art was fostered during his formative years at the Del where he sat at the feet of the master, Fr. Beatus Lucey, OSB. A Delbarton alumnus, he entered St. Mary’s Abbey in 1987 and, during his years in formation, he served Delbarton School in various capacities working in Camp Delbarton, in the Development Office, in the assistant headmaster’s office and most notably as the bookstore clerk alongside Fr. Cornelius Sweeney, OSB. Father Ed pursued his theological studies at the Catholic University of America and received his Master’s Degree in Theology in the spring of 1993, was ordained a priest and began his tenure on the faculty in fall of 1993. Fr. Ed was assistant campus minister for 4 years and director of campus ministry for 6 years and has been the chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies

With his aesthetic eye and keen practical sense, Fr. Ed has been a trusted advisor in many of the physical changes that have taken place on campus over the last 25 years. He was an invaluable member of the pre-construction team for the FAC.. Fr. Ed is also the unofficial school “ceremoniarius” or master of ceremonies. With his sense of decorum and good order he oversees the graduation ceremony, the senior awards ceremony and the underclassmen awards ceremony. Fr. Ed is also responsible, together with the campus ministry team, for planning school liturgies. Fr. Ed is a loyal alumnus of Delbarton and a regular attendee at alumni events. He has recently begun serving on the “Ora et Labora” committee of the Alumni Board. He is also in high demand to officiate at alumni weddings and baptisms. From left, Greg Devine, Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB ’82, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB and Lay Board member John Luke ’78, who presented the 2017 Trustee Award.

Fall/Winter 2017



On the Road with Delbarton Cyclists On May 6, Delbarton Cycling Club members Jon Tze ’18 and Noah Jerris ’19 (pictured here with Cycling Club moderator and Director of College Guidance Mike Rosenhaus ’80) placed at the Somerset Time Trials. Noah placed 3rd in the 1516 yr. old category, and Jon was 4th in the 17-18 yr. old category. The next day at the New Jersey Criterion Championships, Noah placed 3rd in the 15-16 category and Jon was 5th in the 17-18 category. Peter Carolan ’04, a Cycling Club alumnus, also placed 2nd in the Category 5 race.

Seniors Share Their Stories at the Delbarton Experience Dinner The Class of 2017 was represented on the evening of Friday, May 5 as five classmates spoke at the annual Delbarton Experience Dinner. Chris Whelan ’17, Sam Fuchs ’17, Roggi Chuquimarca ’17, Andrew Badenhausen '17 and Jason McGourty ’17, shown here with Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, eloquently described their personal roadmaps through the Delbarton experience. The event was attended by current parents, family friends and incoming parents from the Class of 2021 and 2023 whose sons joined us in September.




The Class of 2021 Moves Up

Last spring, 33 members of the Class of 2021 celebrated at the 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony in the FAC as they prepared to welcome their new brothers when an additional 99 young men joined the ninth grade class in September.

UK Independent School Tour Visits Delbarton

On April 26, UK school representatives visited Delbarton, one stop on a NY metro area independent school study tour led by Jackie Sullivan (in white jacket), former Director of the Delbarton Fund and now a fundraising consultant. Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB hosted a discussion with the British educators about how to grow an ethos of philanthropy in a school’s culture.

Fall/Winter 2017



Seven New Teachers This year, Delbarton welcomed seven new members to the faculty. Pictured here are, from left, (front row) Collin Frost, Dee Davis, Christine Connelly and Tim McEvoy; (back row): Jon Hanson, Luke Chiarolanzio ’11 and Jon Kelly ’99. A snapshot of their teaching and extra-curricular duties follows. Luke Chiarolanzio ’11, a Delbarton alumnus with a BA from Lafayette College, is teaching 7th and 8th grade History this year. Luke is also coaching football. Christine Connelly has a BA from Lehigh University and an MA from Columbia University. Christine is teaching English this year and also coaching Swimming. Tim McEvoy has a BS from The Catholic University of America and an

M.Ed from the University of Notre Dame du Lac. Tim is teaching Math and Science, and coaching Soccer and Tennis. Collin Frost has a BA from Binghamton University. Collin is teaching Math and coaching Cross Country, Winter & Spring Track. Dee Davis has a BA from Moravian College. Dee is a permanent sub teaching Spanish and moderating the Spanish National Honor Society.

Jon Hanson has a BA from St. Lawrence University and a BA from the University of Arizona. Jon is teaching Spanish, and serving as a substitute Latin teacher. Jon Kelly ’99, a Delbarton alumnus, has a BA from Fairleigh Dickenson University and is an MA candidate at Rutgers University. Jon will serve as a part-time Research Librarian this year.

Halloween 2017 at Delbarton 38



Maguire Family Wins National Park Photo Challenge

Last summer, the Delbarton community was challenged to visit America’s network of national parks to honor the National Park Service’s centennial year… bonus points if you packed the Green Wave (the Delbarton flag). One student really came through: We salute Danny Maguire ’17 and his parents, Teresa and Jim Maguire ’79, P’10,’11,’12,’14,’17 and his traveling companions, brothers Sean ’12 and Bobby ’14. The Maguire family enjoyed a great American sojourn (cleverly disguised as a college visit trip) that included stops at the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Gateway National Park, the Hoover Dam, Muir Woods, Yosemite and Alcatraz. Bravo, Maguire family!

Fall/Winter 2017



DelEX 2017 Recap DelEX, the Delbarton externship program for rising seniors, enjoyed great success in its second year. The program is designed to introduce boys to potential career options; this year, alumni and parents offered short term externships to thirty-seven members of the Class of 2018.

Surgeon Dr. Michael Curi ’88 hosted Jack Sameth ’18 (pictured here) and Jack Looney ’18 on separate externships as, attired in scrubs, the boys learned about vascular surgery.

The program is managed by Macroeconomics teacher Tom Brady and Associate Campaign Director Matt Campbell ’08. Brady and Campbell recruited potential DelEx hosts, then prepared the boys with basic DelEX protocol: proper attire, punctuality, and what to expect on the job. Externships during May and June placed Delbarton boys in operating rooms, courtrooms and boardrooms, at the Pentagon, on trading floors, in product development, and in an MSNBC television studio. We thank the alumni and parents who opened their doors to these young men. The experience they gained helps them make better college program and internship choices going forward. Contact Tom Brady at or Matt Campbell ’08 at if you are interested in hosting a rising senior from the Class of 2019 for a one, two or three day externship next spring.

Will Gilman ’18 met with three alumni in Washington, DC including Lt. Zack Hoyt ’08, pictured here, budget manager for the Navy’s Directed Energy, Tomahawk missile, and Electromagnetic Railgun programs, who showed Will around The Pentagon.



Jack Tamburro ’18 worked with Terry White ’08, right, at White’s apparel company WolaCo where Jack sat in on meetings addressing business growth strategy.

Harrison Cooley ’18 and Michael Ritardi ’18 had a “fantastic experience” working with Peter Wujciak ’08, Assistant Prosecutor of Essex County, center, where they witnessed multiple court sessions and toured the Homicide Department.

Pat Glory ’18 is seated on the set of MSNBC’s Fast Money where he was hosted by Delbarton dad Guy Adami P’17,’19, far right.


Wayne Gardiner’s fellow teachers celebrate his forty-plus year tenure at Delbarton during the final faculty meeting of the 2016-17 school year.

Coach and Teacher Wayne Gardiner Retires


n June 8, Delbarton paid tribute to Wayne Gardiner and his 43 year tenure as teacher and coach at a retirement party in the Garden. Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, spoke eloquently of Gardiner’s steady influence over the years, and Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 named Gardiner an ‘honorary Delbarton Alumnus’, presenting him with several gifts including a Class of 1970 reunion cap. Previously, on May 22 Gardiner was presented with the 2017 Delbarton Distinguished Educator Award during the final faculty meeting of the year. The award recognizes area educators who have “a significant impact on the lives of young people.” During the ceremony, Admissions Dean Dr. David Donovan praised Gardiner as a mentor and guide to young Delbarton teachers. Director of Senior Guidance Mike Rosenhaus ’80 recalled Gardiner as both teacher and coach, and recollected how he evolved from mentor to family friend.

Rosenhaus acknowledged the importance of longtime teachers like Wayne Gardiner for the example they set for educators thinking of committing themselves to careers at Delbarton. In 2015, Gardiner’s career at Delbarton was celebrated by his induction into the School’s Hall of Honor. The Delbarton community bids a fond farewell to Wayne Gardiner, a legendary track coach and exemplary teacher.

Gardiner models the Class of 1970 alumni cap presented to him as an honorary alumnus by Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82.

Wayne Gardiner’s colleagues congratulate him as the School’s 2017 Distinguished Educator of the Year. From left, Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82, Director of Senior Counseling Mike Rosenhaus ’80, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, Wayne Gardiner, Faculty Dean Anne Leckie and Admissions Dean Dr. David Donovan.

Fall/Winter 2017


Global Delbarton Summer 2017 Recap


adventurous students geared up for their Global Delbarton programs across the world, reports Director of Global Programs Dan Pieraccini. The Delbarton flag, the ‘Green Wave’, was flown this summer in eleven countries, spanning every continent but the the frozen tundra of Antarctica. Delbarton boys toured, studied, worked and competed in Rome and Sorrento, Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Ireland, Australia, Jordan, Tanzania, Guatemala, Peru, and Argentina…

In August, Delbarton Soccer enjoyed a training and travel excursion to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On Machu Picchu, Peru

Touring France 42


bey hosts in Ire With Glenstal Ab

Guatemala Building homes in


In Sorrento and Ro


Delbarton’s first visit to Jordan

On Sicily and Malta senior In August, rising ’18 Jack Scheaffer eration assisted on an Op ssion to mi Smile medical ia. Ind al, ng Be West

BEADS mission in Tanzania

In Santander, Spain

dent International Stu al Operation Smile mas Do a rn te Fra At the 26th Annu at e nc Leadership Confere

at exchange student experience as an ing az a. ali am str an d Au ha ool in Tim Stauder ’19 , Catholic co-ed sch , an independent Rosebank College Fall/Winter 2017



Welcome, Class of 2021 and 2023

Delbarton welcomed the freshman Class of 2021 and seventh grade Class of 2023 during a two-day Orientation on August 28 and 28. Br. Paul, an avid gardener, told their parents at the New Mother Coffee, “Your sons are like this Jersey tomato. Their natural habitat is to sprawl. Our job is to teach them to stand upright and to be strong.”



A Mime Meets His Match Last spring, Class of 2017 came up with the ultimate in quiet class pranks. They hired a mime to amuse teachers and students on the Class of 2017’s last day of classes. The entertainer roamed from classroom to classroom and met his match with a bemused Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, in Trinity Lobby.


Digital Delta Delivers This year Delta, the student-run literary publication, received an unprecedented number of submissions for the spring 2017 issue. Michael Harper ’18, Chad Fischer ’17, Tristan Munley ’17, and Joseph Sciales ’17 worked hard to produce the digital publication that featured writing, photography and art by Delbarton students. Access eDelta on by clicking ‘Student Life’, then ‘Student Publications’.

In April, violinist Austin Lee ’20 won third place in The New York Music Competition for Young Artists, a competition that attracts talented pianists, violinists and cellists to demonstrate their musical talents as they compete for awards. Austin attends the Violinist Austin Lee ’20 Manhattan School of Music Pre-College Division where he serves as the concertmaster of its Repertory Orchestra. He has won several international music competitions and played at Carnegie Hall multiple times. Read about Austin’s Freshman Project on page 17 in which he formed an ensemble of talented young musicians to offer free concerts for young children with special needs.

One Acts Festival

The 2017 One Acts Festival on April 7-8 presented four original studentwritten, student-directed plays and included Lasrevera by Danny Maguire ’17: A stagehand falls into the plays he’s working on and imparts comedy and wisdom while manipulating the theatre alongside the main character of a drama. Riverside Rift by Jaden Buckner ’18

and Jack Sameth ’18: Fly fishing guides and small town heroes Rod Hooke and Wade Castington are tapped to star in a new TV show. But tensions grow among the stars, their friends in town, and the camera crew as the show consumes their lives. Crimea River by Jack Chambers ’17: A college student returns home to introduce his girlfriend to his mother but problems lurk: His mom is crazy and his little brother is a Communist.

Borrowed Time by Jack Schroeder ’17: Jenna lives with her nihilist exboyfriend and dates the Regional Manager of Logistical Affairs at UPS. A series of strange visits changes her life. Warning: may involve wormholes, the future, and a (small) explosive. Faculty moderators Chris Pillette and Rachel Carlson enjoyed working with this year’s One Acts playwrights, cast and crew.

Fall/Winter 2017



DAC Festival On April 26, Delbarton Arts Council Festival in the FAC showcased the musical and artistic talents of students. Proceeds support the many Arts programs and events at Delbarton each year…

John Traynor ’79

Senior artists, musicians, vocalists and thespians gathered for a group portrait.

The auction offered art lovers an opportunity to bid on this painting of the Senior Garden in autumn donated by artist John Traynor ’79.

Two more exceptionally hard-working DAC parents, Linda Snow Adami P’17, ’19 and Chris Cusano P’14,’18 were honored at Festival for the Arts.

Peter Butler ’19, winner of the annual Delbarton Photo and Video Contest, displays his award-winning image as his proud mom Patricia Butler P’19 looks on.




Musicians and vocalists let loose with music to entertain a downstairs lobby filled with students, families and friends.

Seniors involved in the arts were presented with caricatures, a wonderful memento.

Saying Farwell to Senior Musicians Music Director David Blazier, left, and Jazz Ensemble Director Greg Devine, right, bid a fond farewell to senior musicians.

Parents are instrumental to the support of Delbarton arts. From left, Julie O’Brien P’15,’17,Tricia Munley P’17, Leila Eckert P’14, ’17 and Irene Sciales P’14,’17. The Rock Band performed at the DAC event and kept Morning Meeting audiences entertained throughout the year.

Fall/Winter 2017


learning outside

AP Macroeconomics Class Visits Stock Exchange On April 5, the AP Macroeconomics seniors and teacher Tom Brady visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, thanks in large part to the generosity of Delbarton dad Kevin Feeley P’09,’12,16. The boys met market-makers, news personnel, and NYSE professionals, asked questions and learned about market trading with high-speed technology support. The group also visited the Federal Reserve building, Trinity Church, Federal Hall (where it became an instant tourist attraction), Zuccotti Park, and the iconic Charging Bull. A NJ Transit derailment and tractor trailer accident on the George Washington Bridge led to a commuter’s nightmare and Brady later reported, “The boys also dealt with extraordinary traffic getting in and out of the city, surely a lesson in and of itself!”



learning outside Egg Creams… It’s a Delbarton Thing Six years ago, a group of seventh graders enjoyed their first egg creams (a delectable New York concoction of chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer water) in the Main Office on the last day of school, mixed by Administrative Assistant Lorraine Petrolino, whose father owned a luncheonette in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A tradition was born. Each year on the last day of school the boys gathered their annual egg creams. Now ready to fly – to Dartmouth, Brown and Georgetown – the four seniors enjoyed their final egg creams on their final day of classes. At the Baccalaurate Dinner on May 19, Connie Curnow, Lorraine and Mary Johnson from the Main Office presented the boys with an instant collectible: T-shirts picturing an egg cream emblazoned with ‘It’s a Brooklyn thing’. From left are Steven Hadley ’17, Connie Curnow, Joseph Sciales ’17, Lorraine Petrolino, Andrew Badenhausen ’17, Mary Johnson and Tim Adami ’17.

Fr. Jude Addresses ‘Come and See’ Gathering On April 20 Fr. Jude Salus, OSB spoke to parents at the second Come and See event. The series, which launched last year, is sponsored by Dr. David Hajduk and the Delbarton Campus Ministry department, and invites current and former parents to complimentary evening events that begin with a wine and cheese reception in the Gallery. Check the Delbarton online calendar for this year’s Come and See events – all are invited.

Fall/Winter 2017


learning outside

DAP Hosts ‘Many Voices’ Event On April 7, Diversity Among Peers (DAP) kicked off ‘Many Voices’, a four-day series of workshops to celebrate the differences and the common ground that exist among Delbarton students. The workshops were inspired by the training DAP members received last spring from students at the Abington Friends School in Pennsylvania. Many Delbarton students participated in the workshops which took place during four extended M block periods and all agreed that the DAP event was a great success.

Delbarton Helps Out at Bethlehem Farm Four Delbarton students and two faculty members traveled to Bethlehem Farm in West Virginia on April 18 to 22. Led by teachers Matthew White, left, and Dan Pieraccini, right, seniors Jonah Lyons ’17, Zachary Morfogen ’17, Matthew Hanifin ’17, and junior Michael Morgan ’18, participated in the service mission that included planting onions, adding an addition to house for a family whose house had burned down, fixing a back porch, and preparing a non-profit organic farm called Sprouting Farms for opening.



learning outside Biologist Dr. Kim McCall Addresses Science Students On May 3, Dr. Kim McCall, professor and chair of the Biology Department at Boston University, spoke to Delbarton Biology students. Dr. McCall talked about her work in developmental biology using fruit flies as a model organism, highlighting the instruments and techniques now available to scientists in their pursuit of understanding developmental abnormalities in model organisms, and the applications of the findings to human diseases. Describing her career path from Cornell engineering student to a PhD program at Harvard, Dr. McCall encouraged boys to take the time to find their passion in life and pursue it.

Arabic Club Hosts Guest Speaker On May 4, the Arabic Club hosted a guest speaker, Afnaan Moharram, a University of Pennsylvania classmate of Arabic teacher Zack Tabor. She shared the FAC stage with Arabic Club member Trey Heller ’18 who asked questions from club members. Moharram graduated from the Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business with concentrations in Arabic and Operations and Information Management at the Wharton School and College of Arts and Sciences at University of Pennsylvania. She spoke about life as an American Muslim of Egyptian heritage, and talked of the importance of meeting people from different backgrounds rather than relying on ‘social narratives’. “I don’t how it gets better without the narratives changing,” she said, pointing to the inherent dangers of mediamanufactured ethnic stereotypes.

Author Matthew Thomas Speaks at Delbarton New York Times best-selling author Matthew Thomas spoke at Delbarton on May 9 about his bestselling book We Are Not Ourselves at an event hosted by the DMG Book Club. Published in 2014 by Simon and Schuster, the book was named a New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2014. The novel sparked a conversation between author and readers about his literary choices, plot devices and connections the book and its characters might have to his own life. Over fifty members of the DMG Book Club attended. The very active Club meets once a month and welcomes current and alumni parents. Book Club Chairs Angela Schroeder P’18, left, and Michelle Hsieh P’18 are pictured here with the author, who also discussed the popular actresses interested in playing his main character Eileen Tumulty – his gripping family saga is slated to be a major motion picture one day.

Fall/Winter 2017




Joanne Andrasko P’00 with Valerie Conroy P’87,’90,’98, GP’15.

Ted Lawless P’03, Sue Ballanco P’09,11, Mary Alice Lawless P’03, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, Jerry Ballanco P’09,’11, Marlene and John Iaciofano P’99 and Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB.

Bob and Karen Iannaccone P’12, ’13 with Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB.

DPGA Wine Tasting On the warm spring evening of April 29, over ninety Delbarton Parents of Graduates enjoyed the annual DPGA Vino Con Amici Wine Tasting dinner……

Michael Earlywine P’15, Matthew Lodge P’15, Paul Dionne ’15 and Doug Murray P’15.

Gene and Michele Castagna P’15,’17 and Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB.

Tom and Cindy Roesler P’08, Kathleen Butterfield P’08, Helene Kennedy P’08,’12, Jim Butterfield P’08 and Bernie and Mike McDonough P’08.

Fr. Andrew Smith, OSB, with Alice and Bob Chandis ’64, P’01. Photos by Valerie Conroy P’87,’90,’98, GP ’15



Fathers &GFriends O OLF


William Scheurer P’19, Kevin Wasik P’16,’19, Rob Bezzone ’86, P’19 and Kevin Lamb P’15,’18.

Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, Mike Morgan P’18 and Matt Lodge P’15,’18.

John McEvoy ’89, P’22, Greg Nardollilo, Bob Farrell ’64 and Dan Hajjar P’21.

Kevin Wasik P’16,’19, Fathers & Friends President Paul Townsend P’15, ’19, VP Chris Sameth P’18 and Mike Morgan P’18.

On May 15, Delbarton Fathers & Friends hosted its annual Golf Open on a beautiful Monday at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, NJ. All proceeds benefit Delbarton student programs…

Fall/Winter 2017


Baseball By Harry MacCormack

While Delbarton athletics enjoyed a number of successes this year, none embody the school motto Succisa Virescit better than Green Wave Baseball coached by Bruce Shatel. Uncertainty loomed over the team as lingering injuries left the full strength of the team up in the air through much of the early season. After losing three of its first six games, the team began to find its stride as April gave way to May; injured players found their way onto the field and the Green Wave players went on the warpath. Delbarton closed out its season with an impressive 21-7 record, racked up both the Morris County and NJSIAA Non-Public A state titles, and garnered numerous accolades from the media. designated Green Wave Baseball as Baseball Team of the Year, and Coach Shatel ended the 2016-17 sports year with two state coaching titles – ice hockey and baseball – to his credit.





Green Wave Lacrosse coached by Chuck Ruebling ’79 set the bar high in 2016 by winning the Non-Public A and Tournament of Champions state titles. Delbarton cleared the bar once again in 2017, during a dramatic season defined by close games against worthy opponents. Closing out the season at 21-1, Delbarton’s only loss was to Seton Hall Prep, a defeat that would drive the team forward to the climactic showdown between the two schools in the Non-Public A State Final. While the Pirates initially led the Green Wave, the threat of lightning put the last 11 minutes of the game on hold until the following day when Delbarton made those minutes count, turning a 10-10 tie into an 11-10 victory with just three seconds left to spare. The team moved forward with tenacity, winning the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions by besting Ramapo 10-4 in the semis, then beating Moorestown 15-9 in the finals. Green Wave Lacrosse was named the Lacrosse Team of the Year, joining their baseball brothers at the top New Jersey high school sports teams. What a year for Delbarton sports! Fall/Winter 2017


Anne Sundstrom P’14,’20


After a spring break trip to Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona, Green Wave Golf coached by Sean Flanagan played hard to win and earned a solid 15-3 record during the 2017 season. The team took 3rd at Morris County Tournament and won the NJAC Conference Tournament championship title. Captains Bobby Mulcahy ’17 and Ryan Criqui ’17 were joined on the team by Andrew Perry ’18, Jack Sameth ’18, Ryan Stefanick ’18 and Stephen Bicks ’20. At the conclusion of the season, Mulcahy and Bicks were named 1st Team All-Conference, Perry and Sameth were 2nd Team All-Conference, and Stefanick was Honorable Mention All-Conference.

Club Rugby



Green Wave Club Rugby coached by Nick Linfante had a successful campaign in 2017, once again defeating every NJ opponent at least once (the B-team went a perfect 5-0 on the year). The boys also tallied a win over LaSalle (Philadelphia, PA) at a tournament in Tennessee, and then avenged last year’s home defeat to St. Thomas HS (Houston, TX) with a resounding 64-21 win in the Lone Star State. For the fourth consecutive year, the Green Wave played for the New Jersey State Championship; however they fell short in a rematch of last year’s final with St. Augustine. They now have a record of 4-1 in NJ State Finals. To wrap up the year, the team hosted Wesley College from Dublin, Ireland for an exhibition match on campus and, although the lads from Ireland won the match, there was no shortage of laughter and camaraderie. Both teams gathered in the picnic grove after the match for dinner and an awards reception. This year’s seniors are already focused on getting a head start on 2018 and bringing the state championship trophy back to Delbarton.



Green Wave Tennis coached by John Thompson has lost no momentum from last year’s season. The common thread for Delbarton’s tennis matches this spring was teamwork. When the team secured its 15th win at the Morris County tournament in 16 years, they did so as a team, offering up strong performances up and down the bench, edging out their opponent Mountain Lakes by just one point. The team finished with a 21-7 record and claimed the NJSIAA Non-Public A state championship title for the third consecutive year, beating Christian Brothers Academy in the finals.

Fall/Winter 2017


Spring Track

Consistency and hard work were the name of the game for Delbarton’s Track and Field coached by Dave Sulley this spring. The boys set out with an ambitious goal, to go undefeated for a second consecutive season. By the end of the United Division tournament, the Green Wave ended the season with a spotless 4-0 record. The team also performed well at the Morris County Championships, taking second place at just three and a half points behind the champion team. The 4x100 relay team of Paul Spada’18, Sam Fuchs ’17, Dylan O’Loughlin ’18 and Justin Yazdi ’19 broke a 40 year old Delbarton record, shaving nearly a second off as one of the original record holders, Jeff Word ’77, watched proudly from the stands. Though the team’s run ended at the county meet, a number of individual Green Wave team members went on to compete at the state and national level.



187394_Magazine Text_Layout 1 11/15/17 11:12 AM Page 59

sport oorrrtt



Lacrosse Coach Chuck Ruebling ’79 Hands Off to Matt Kovachik In August, Chuck Ruebling stepped down after thirty-one years as head coach of the Green Wave varsity lacrosse program. Ruebling, a 1979 graduate of the school, member of Delbarton's first varsity lacrosse team in 1976 and four year letter winner in the sport, continues in his role as Delbarton Assistant Headmaster, classroom instructor and member of the lacrosse coaching staff. Chuck Ruebling set the bar high, with a storied history of lacrosse success having served as Delbarton's head lacrosse coach since 1987. His dynamic career grew from local to state and even national renown with a career record of 523 wins – 114 losses and an impressive 82% winning percentage. Ruebling coached forty-five US Lacrosse Scholastic All-Americans and eleven US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans while leading Delbarton to a state record six NJ Tournament of Champions Championships and fifteen NJ State Championships, plus a county-record sixteen Morris County Championships and fifteen Conference Championships. He has been a factor in youth lacrosse on the local, state and national level, and collected many honors and awards during his coaching career, from NJ Lacrosse Coach of the Year in 1994, Daily Record All-Area Coach of the Year in 1988 and 1997, NJ Lacrosse Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 1999 and again in 2007, and Coach of the Year, NJ Scholastic Coaches Association in 2014. In 1998, he received the Len Roland Sportsmanship Award from NJ Lacrosse Officials and in 2007 the Frank Maguire Foundation honored him with its Mike Pressler Award. In 2001, Ruebling was inducted into the New Jersey Lacrosse Hall of Fame followed, in 2005, by his induction into the New Jersey State Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Acknowledging Chuck Ruebling's service to Delbarton, Br. Paul said, "For over thirty years, it has been a privilege to work alongside of Chuck Ruebling. I am deeply grateful for his years of service to the school, particularly to Delbarton's lacrosse program. His success on the playing field speaks for itself.”

Matt Kovachik, on right, who has worked side-by-side with Ruebling as his assistant lacrosse coach for many years, has moved up to the position of head varsity coach. He served as assistant coach at Delbarton for the past seventeen years, working primarily with the defense and goalies. Kovachik has coached over eighty All-State players and thirty All-Americans. In 2009, he was recognized by his peers as the New Jersey Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association Assistant Coach of the Year and again in 2012 as the Man of the Year in the New Jersey lacrosse community. Br. Paul expressed trust in new Green Wave Lacrosse head coach Matt Kovachik. "I am confident that he will continue the great traditions of Delbarton lacrosse and enrich it with his own personal character and style." We salute Chuck Ruebling on his distinguished career and wish both men well…Go Green Wave!

Fall/Winter 2017


187394_Magazine Text_Layout 1 11/15/17 11:12 AM Page 60

sport oorrrtt


Senior Recruits Land On College Teams Twenty-seven Delbarton seniors from the 126-member Class of 2017 continued their sports careers in college this fall, playing eleven different sports for some of the premier collegiate athletics programs in the country. Eleven seniors headed to Division I schools that required signed national letters of intent, and many more play at other top Division I and Division III athletics programs around the country in the following sports: Baseball (4), Basketball (1), Crew/rowing (2), Football (3), Hockey (2), Lacrosse (9), Soccer (2), Swimming (1), Tennis (1), Track & field (1) and Wrestling (1). Congratulations to members of the Class of 2017 now playing sports on the college level, and Go Green Wave!



abbey NOTES

Photos by Cuppek Photography

By Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB

Event Chair Prudence Pigott P’06,’11 and Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB.

Honoree Abbot Brian Clarke, OSB.

Abbot’s Table Fundraiser is a Great Success The First Annual Abbot’s Table Dinner, celebrating the monks of St. Mary’s Abbey and the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the St. Mary’s Abbey Church, took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at the Hanover Marriot in Whippany, New

Jersey. The sold-out night began with a cocktail hour, before Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB offered the invocation and said grace for about 545 attendees in the ballroom, the largest such event in the history of the monastery and school. (continued on page 62)

Fall/Winter 2017


abbey NOTES

(continued from page 61)

Guy Adami, Master of Ceremonies, host of CNBC’s “Fast Money,” and parent of Delbarton School students Timothy ’17 and Guy Jr. ’19, welcomed all on behalf of The Friends of St. Mary’s Abbey, a dedicated group of lay men and women who are helping the monks of St. Mary’s Abbey create a development program to raise funds for elderly monks’ health care, seminarian education, and capital improvements to the monastery buildings. Abbot Elias Lorenzo, OSB, President of the American Cassinese Congregation and of the International Commission on

Mary’s Abbey that could be seen in real time on the two screens at the front of the ballroom. Text to Pledge was very successful, raising $133,232 in less than two hours. The event first honored Abbot Brian Clarke, OSB, the 7th Abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey. Mr. Brian Clarke introduced his Uncle Brian, who in his over 65 years as a St. Mary’s Abbey Benedictine has been Novice Master, Prior of the Monastery, Keeper of the Abbey Orchard, and an English teacher at Delbarton School since 1967. The second honoree was Mrs. Anne Evans Estabrook, introduced by her son David Gibbons ’88. Mrs.

Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, honoree Anne Evans Estabrook P’88 and Abbot Elias Lorenzo, OSB.

Benedictine Education, then provided a reflection on the 50th anniversary of the Abbey Church. Since its opening in 1966, the Abbey Church remains a lifetime spiritual home for friends of St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton School. Mr. Adami went on to introduce the night’s Text to Pledge fundraiser, which gave attendees the opportunity to text a donation to St.



events at St. Mary’s Abbey from 2016 and 2017. Abbot Elias, Abbot Richard, Father Hilary, Father Andrew Smith, OSB, Father Edward Seton Fittin, OSB, and Father Michael Tidd, OSB, sang the closing hymn, Ave Maris Stella – a Marian hymn that is the source of the Abbey’s motto Felix Caeli Porta (“Joyous Gate of Heaven”) – before Mr. Adami and Abbot Elias offered the final thank you and farewell. The First Annual Abbot’s Table Dinner was a tremendous success, becoming the most profitable fundraising event in the history of St. Mary’s Abbey, raising just over $282,000. The monks were truly

Master of Ceremonies Guy Adami P’17,’19.

Estabrook, Chairman of Elberon Development Corp., is a longtime philanthropic leader in nonprofit educational institutions and Catholic causes in northern New Jersey, and she has been especially devoted to service of St. Mary’s Abbey and Delbarton School for decades. After the presentations, Father Hilary O’Leary, OSB, provided an Abbey Year In Review, highlighting important

overwhelmed by this expression of support and wish to extend their deepest gratitude to all who were involved. Please mark your calendar for the next Abbot’s Table on May 16, 2018 at the Hanover Marriot. All are most welcome!

abbey NOTES

When he’s not rooting for the Green Wave football team, Abbot Richard Cronin presided at sixteen confirmations in the Diocese of Metuchen, between April 3 and June 15, 2017. The abbot also continues as a weekend assistant at the Church of Christ the King, New Vernon. In May, Abbot Elias Lorenzo preached the annual retreat at St. Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, Canada, and attended the meeting of the Union of American Benedictine Presidents at St. Benedict’s Monastery, St. Joseph, MN. At the end of the month, Abbot Elias attended Union of Superiors General at Salesianum in Rome. In June, Abbot Elias delivered the opening keynote at 25th anniversary celebration of the Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities at St. John’s Abbey and University, Collegeville, MN. In July, he attended the Spanish school at San Jose Priory, Quetzaltenanago, Guatemala, the Benedictine Schools’ Youth Congress, St. Benedict’s Abbey, Aitchison, KS, with Dr. David Hajduk, school campus minister, and Delbarton students. Later in the month, Abbot Elias attended the Formation Convocation at St. Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, PA with Fr. Hilary O’Leary, formation director, novice Br. William McMillan and candidate Javier Brion (who served as Spanish translator). Fr. Hilary reflected on the workshop: “Br. Loughlin Sofield, S.T., of Silver Springs, MD, an internationally known psychologist, did an excellent job as facilitator of the workshop.”

Abbot Elias also presided at the abbatial election Assumption Abbey, Richardson, ND, of the new abbot Fr. Daniel Maloney. Abbot Elias attended Abbot Daniel’s blessing in October. In August Abbot Elias attended the annual assembly of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, in Scottsdale, Az. He conducted here at St. Mary’s Abbey in August a workshop for visitators, attended by Abbot Richard, Frs. Edward Seton Fittin and Michael Tidd, along with monks from abbeys in the congregation. In September, Abbot Elias attended the annual Synod of Abbots President at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. In midOctober the abbot president was south of the border to make a pastoral visit to Abadia del Tepeyac, Mexico. Fr. Beatus Lucey continues to conduct a Bible study and book club at the Church of Christ the King, New Vernon. Fr. Beatus also reminds readers: “Notecards of watercolors and of drawings are on sale: six pack/$10.” Contact Karen Schiner at abbey reception to order some! Fr. Giles Hayes reports he continues as abbey vocation director and pursues his interest in writing. He has published two essays in the Liturgical Press’s monthly Give Us this Day. Fr. Giles is working on an essay about Abbot Martin Burne, the fifth abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey. Fr. Giles is seen on campus at sports practices, games or arts events. Br. Paul Diveny reports “that the Abbey garden was a great success.

Among the standout crops this season were tomatoes, green beans and chili peppers. The long mild fall helped extend the growing season to almost November this year.”

Abbot Richard on June 24 at the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, the rededication of the renovated Cathedral of St. John the Baptism in Paterson.

Cian Nowak ’18 and Brendan Wallace ’18 with Bishop Serratelli after cathedral rededication on June 24 in Paterson.

Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, with Abbot Richard and Fr. Michael, attended on Saturday, June 24, the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, the rededication of the renovated Cathedral of St. John the Baptism in Paterson. The long but moving liturgy celebrated by the Most Rev. Arthur Serratelli, bishop of Paterson, is the culmination of a five year multimillion dollar restoration of the cathedral, New Jersey’s oldest, begun in 1865 just after the end of the Civil War. (continued on page 64)

Fall/Winter 2017


abbey NOTES

Under the guidance of Fr. Brian Clarke, novice Br. William McMillan, right, and postulant Javier Brion (with the help of Delbarton alumnus Brice Sachs ’75) began harvesting apples in the orchard in midSeptember.

Abbey treasurer Fr. Michael Tidd reports exciting news on capital improvements which will begin with the total renovation of the west wing of the 1966 monastery building. This rendering offers a sneak preview of the exciting project.

(continued from page 63) In July, Fr., Edward Seton and Delbarton students traveled to Ireland for the first leg of the annual exchange with Glenstal Abbey School. On the feast of St. Benedict, July 11, Fr. Edward Seton concelebrated Mass at Glenstal Abbey with the monks and His Eminence, Christoph Schönborn, O.P., archbishop of Vienna. After the magnificent liturgy in the newly renovated abbey church, Fr. Edward Seton was delighted to meet His Eminence and enjoy a festive meal in the refectory.



In July, Abbot Elias Lorenzo attended the Spanish school at San Jose Priory, Quetzaltenanago, Guatemala, the Benedictine Schools’ Youth Congress, St. Benedict’s Abbey, Aitchison, KS, with Dr. David Hajduk, school campus minister, and several Delbarton students.

In July, Fr. Edward Seton concelebrated Mass at in the newly renovated abbey church at Glenstal Abbey with the monks and His Eminence, Christoph Schönborn, O.P., archbishop of Vienna. Here Fr. Edward greets the archbishop with Fr. Coumba McCann, ESF and Fr. Martin Browne of Glenstal Abbey.

Abbey treasurer, Fr. Michael reports exciting news on capital improvements: “On October 19, the monastic community voted to make two important and exciting investments in the future of St. Mary’s Abbey. The first investment is to begin the total renovation of the west wing of the 1966 monastery building, to provide monks with a two room suite and private bathroom, all designed to aid our members to age in place, as all new room configurations will meet ADA requirements. The community received a large bequest from the

estate of Miss Pauline Stetz, a parishioner of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Linden, where our monks served for many years. That gift gave us enough resources to begin this project, which will proceed in phases as we raise more funds and can move monks around the existing building as renovations occur. The second important decision was to launch a $5.5 million capital campaign (as a part of the larger “Can Do” Campaign for Delbarton School) to fund the total renewal of the monastery’s two main buildings. An Abbey Capital Campaign Committee has been

abbey NOTES

formed, which will work in tandem with the other committees of the ongoing “Can Do” Campaign. More information about the campaign and the Phase 1 renovations will appear in Delbarton Today and the abbey web site:” In addition, Fr. Michael spent a week in the Midwest in late October-early November, visiting with Delbarton alumni at the Notre Dame vs. NC State football game, as he was on campus for a baptism the Sunday after the game, which Fr. Michael happily reports, was “a resounding Irish win!” Fr. Michael then headed to St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle, IL to chair the annual meeting of the Finance Commission of the American

Cassinese Congregation, a body that provides financial analysis and advice to the council of the Abbot President of the Congregation, our own Abbot Elias Lorenzo. On July 1st, Brs. Joseph Voltaggio and Demetrius Thomas were ordained priests by Bishop Serratelli at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Paterson. Abbot Richard and several other monks attended. Fr. Joseph works in the abbey retreat center and is a weekend assistant at his home parish, Notre Dame of Mt. Carmel, Cedar Knolls. Fr. Demetrius teaches at St. Benedict’s Prep, Newark, and is a weekend assistant at Our Lady of the Mount, Warren.

Under the guidance of Fr. Brian Clarke, novice Br. William McMillan and postulant Javier Brion, and with the help of Delbarton alumnus Brice Sachs ’75, began harvesting apples in the orchard in mid-September. They estimate they picked about fifty bushels worth, at about 100 apples per bushel, producing a total yield of approximately 5,000 apples. Half of the bushels were stored in Old Main cellar, later to be pressed for cider. The other half was split between Sage Dining Services, where our chefs make various cakes, cobblers, crisps, tarts, and pies, and the football and soccer teams, who enjoyed them during practice breaks!

Let Us Remember Elizabeth Deegan, mother of Bill Deegan '79 and Tim Deegan '81 John Dolan, father of Patrick Dolan ’89 Kevin Hanlon, brother of John P. Hanlon ’81, Timothy J. Hanlon ’84, Brian M. Hanlon ’87; uncle of Brett A. Hanlon ’11 and Troy R. Hanlon ’15 George Holder ’77, brother of John Holder ’74 Barbara Leddy, mother of Thomas J. Leddy ’80 James J. Maguire, Sr., father of James J. Maguire Jr. ’79, Michael G. Maguire ’82, Paul G. Maguire ’86 and Liz Maguire Mead P’16,’18; grandfather of

James (Jimmy) Maguire ’10, Dennis Maguire ’11, Sean Maguire ’12, Robert (Bobby) Maguire ’14, Daniel (Danny) Maguire ’17, Ryan J. Maguire ’12, Michael G. Maguire ’14, John B. (Jack) Maguire ’17,Timothy F. (Tim) Maguire ’18, Andrew (Andy) Maguire ’22, Malcolm Mead ’16 and Drake Mead ’18 George Miller ’52, grandfather of Scott Wipperman ’97 and Dan Wipperman ’02 Mary Pat Paris, wife of Director of Alumni & Development J. Craig Paris ’82; mother of Liam Paris ’13, James Paris ’15 and Regan Paris ’19

Kyu Chin ‘Chinie’ Rios, longtime friend and business associate (Rios Engraving) of Delbarton School Lucy Soriano, grandmother of Chris Soriano ’04, Kevin Soriano ’09 and Craig Soriano ’10 William Spina, father of Bill Spina ’83, grandfather of Owen Spina ’20 Max Spann ’48 Irma C. Spatz, mother of Paul V. Spatz ’69 Noel Taylor ’52 William Washington, father of Bill Washington ’75-’78

Augustine Pushparaj, father of Kumar Pushparaj ’91

Fall/Winter 2017


The Wedding Album

Patrick Sullivan ’08 and Jennifer Lang were married on April 22, 2017 at Bethesda By the Sea Church in Palm Beach, FL surrounded by Delbarton friends. From left are Jon Leanos ’08, Chip Peinado ’08 Jack Mc Bride ’07, Jon Mattern ’08, Ben Tolkowski ’08, Patrick Sullivan ’08, Jennifer Sullivan, Matt Van Orden ’08, Tim McHale ’08, Campbell Hand ’08, Will Walsh ’08, Mike Eschmann ’08, Robbie Redmond ’08 and Mike Passaro ’08. The couple lives in NYC.

Brian Fuller ’06 and Alana Mosley were married on October 1, 2016 at St. Christopher’s Church in York Harbor, Maine, followed by a reception at the York Harbor Reading Room. A number of Delbarton alumni joined the celebration. Pictured here are, from left, Jim Rosen ’06, Dan DeGeorge ’05, Brendan Leanos ’06, Alana Mosley, Brian Fuller ’06, Dave Weinstein ’06 and Andrew Jones ’06.

Collin Peck ’06 and Derin Solu were married on October 29, 2016 at Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The couple lives in New York. Pictured here are the bride and groom celebrating with Delbarton friends, from left, Trey O’Neill ’06, Andrew Schweitzer ’06, Scott Krenitski ’06, Tim Young ’06 and Matt Donovan ’06.



The Wedding Album

Steve Marino ’08 and Kathryn Sargent were wed in Killington, VT on July 22, 2017 surrounded by Delbarton friends. From left with the bride and groom are Matt Campbell ’08, Mark Snyder ’08, Matt Van Orden ’08, Mike Passaro ’08, Jon Mattern ’08, Mark Hardin ’08, Mike Eschmann ’08 and Campbell Hand ’08.

Daniel Naturman ’08 and Amanda Stiles were married in Estes Park, CO on June 18, 2017 with Dan’s brothers and Delbarton friends in attendance. From left are Tyler Hudson-Crimi ’08, Benjamin Naturman ’06, Scott Naturman ’03, Daniel Miggins ’08, Amanda and Daniel Naturman ’08, Mark Corwin ’08, and Matthew Naturman ’10.

Fall/Winter 2017


Campaign Donors Thanked at Trinity Hall Re-Dedication On September 24, Delbarton School celebrated the completion of the renovation of Trinity Hall with a late afternoon cocktail reception. Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, performed an official re-dedication ceremony on a warm September afternoon that caused guests to appreciate fully the building’s greatly improved HVAC system. The program included remarks from Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, who expressed his deep gratitude to Delbarton community members who have helped Delbarton reach higher in its drive for excellence. Br. Paul told assembled guests, “The newly renovated Trinity Hall helps us to continue to educate in Mind, Body and Spirit, but to do it in a way that makes our students better prepared for the demands of the 21st Century university and workforce.” The event attracted over two hundred and fifty campaign donors from the Spirit of Delbarton Campaign, Hurricane Sandy Generator and Can Do Campaign who listened intently to Frank Hager P’08,’16,’23, Chairman of the Capital Campaign, as he thanked guests for their generosity and encouraged them to anticipate even more celebrations of future successes at Delbarton.



Peter Ramsey ’90 and Chris Bury ’91, Alumni Capital Campaign Committee Chairs, ended the program on a high note by offering an update on alumni class giving. Ramsey and Bury invited a leadership committee from the Class of 1989 to the podium, and the

group was pleased to present Br. Paul with a $500,000 check in support of the Campaign. The celebration concluded with an open invitation to tour the newly renovated building where several

Photos by Peter Wallburg Studios

Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, addresses Campaign donors at the Trinity Hall Re-Dedication reception.

Frank Hager P’08,’16,’23, Chairman of the Capital Campaign, thanked guests for their generosity and encouraged them to anticipate more news of future successes at Delbarton.

Br. Paul thanks Jeffrey Bosland P’18 for his family’s Campaign support.

faculty members, positioned in classrooms, helped donors envision the renovations from a student’s perspective.

Alumni from the Class of 1989 present Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, with a check for $500,000 in support of the Campaign.

The doors to Trinity Hall were open on Homecoming Day October 14, and all were encouraged to experience these exciting improvements at Delbarton School. Stay tuned for more Campaign updates!

Tim Coughlin ’99 and children show off a newly renovated Trinity Hall classroom.

Members of the class of 1990 admire the plaque that honors its contribution to the Trinity Hall renovation.

Abbot Richard and Patty Huston P’17,’13,’11.

Members of the Class of 1991 stand in the renovated space that was made possible by their class donation.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Washington, DC Alumni gathered at City Tavern Club on the evening of April 20 for the annual Washington DC reception hosted by Alumni Association… The Alumni board hosted an impromptu board meeting prior to the DC reception. From left are Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82, John Ferramosca ’05, Chris Bury ’91, Bob Farrell ’64, Taylor Price ’04, Alumni Association VP Tim Fitzsimmons ’95, Alumni Association President John Tonzola’95 and Brian Hanlon ’87. Cedric Joint ’06 and a friend with Director of Senior Guidance Mike Rosenhaus ’80.

Bob Murphy ’76 and Chris Bury ’91.



Zach Hoyt ’08, Associate Campaign Director Matt Campbell ’08 and Drew Higgins ’12.

Delbarton Fund Director Maria Van Kirk with her brother-in-law Jake Williams ’97.

Dave Yampolski ’00, Ramzi Meno ’86 and Eric Nicola ’00.

Chris Bury ’91 and Dave Consolla ’94.

Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95 and James Servidea ’93.

Alumni News

Alumni Shooting Classic The third annual Abbot Giles P. Hayes Delbarton Shooting Classic took place on May 4 at The Hudson Farm Club in Andover, NJ…

High team was the foursome of George Parcells, Jeff Toia P’10, A.J. Papetti ’82, P'13,'14,'17 and Greg Coffey P'19, who came hungry for the win.

Peter Cocoziello ’02 and Brian Thebault ’89.

Paul Onderdonk P’12,’15, Tim Tiger, Joe Mignon and Charles Minervino.

Peter Ramsey ’90, Kirk Kellogg, John Maguire ’90 and Galen Criqui ’90.

Peter Courtemanche ’05, Mike Jackson, Bryan Berkman and Ray Ash.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News


Ryan Maguire ’12, Doug Gowski ’98 and Tim McAnally ’99.

On May 24, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, and the Alumni Association hosted an alumni reception at Smith & Wollensky in Chicago…

Pat and Frank Haynes ’48.



Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB, Alexandra Hatzakis and Tasos Hatzakis.

Alumni News

Alumni Career Day On May 17, the Class of 2017 heard from seven accomplished Delbarton alumni who shared their life experiences at the annual Alumni Career Day. The panel, introduced by Lee Esposito ’74, far left, included metals processing business owner/municipal mayor Paul Muir ’94, entrepreneur Steven Bienko ’94, insurance excutive Kevin Kenny ’78, College head basketball coach Matt Goldsmith ’04, Business owner Ryan Dooley

Luke Hemenetz ’08 and Matt Wraith ’09.

’91, NBA-announcer Brendan Brown ’88 and (not pictured) entrepreneur Pat Calello ’89. The men offered excellent advice like ‘don’t be a yes man’...’make yourself indispensable’...’keep reading, and dive deep into learning’...’love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’, and ‘welcome to the Delbarton Alumni Association, one of the best networks in the world’.

Jeff Lu ’97, Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 and Ryan Maguire ’97.

The next day, Br. Paul and Craig Paris ’82 met with Tucker McDermott '93.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Networking in NYC The eighth annual NYC Alumni Networking event on June 1 attracted a good cross-section of alumni at Tiro A Segno on MacDougal Street…

Our Tiro A Segno host Joe Ferraro ’95 with Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB.

Andy Grabis ’95, Alumni & Development Assistant Heidi Williamson, Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 and John Ferramosca ’05.

Vancliff Johnson ’13, Luke Mairo ’13, Chris Maguire ’13, Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82, David Kinol ’13 and Joe Dugan ’13.



Alumni News

Class Notes: 1955 Joseph Miele, OD wrote an editorial in Optometry & Visual Performance urging his colleagues to help athletes increase their speed and stamina by prescribing certain types of lenses. The athletes learn to run faster while running less frequently thereby risking fewer in juries. Dr. Miele also has an article published in the same journal titled ‘Prevention, Correction and Compensation using the Range of Clarity’ detailing the stages of optical development of myopia and hyperopia.

1960 Burke Stinson has begun the “Del Day Fund” to buy meals and two senior centers in Philadelphia. As a former boarder, he ate three meals in Old Main and believes it’s now his

turn to provide food and drink to old folks in need.

1970 Bob McHugh has been appointed Lecturer in Journalism at Rutgers University in Newark. McHugh reported for the Associated Press in Washington and also served as spokesman to two NJ governors, a United States senator and in the administration of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He holds a masters in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University.

1977 Justin Jordan was unable to attend his 40th reunion at Homecoming, but he had an excellent excuse. “I will be in Japan touring with Garland Jeffreys. Yes, that is correct, I am still

chasing the dream of trying to be a professional musician. Some people never grow up.” (Delbarton salutes you, Justin. Play on!)

fifth child, Catherine Stella, on May 19, 2017. She joins her siblings Reagan, Dennis, Duke and Savannah.



This fall Joe Discher was directing the new Off Broadway play, The Violin, the story of what happens when a world-renowned musician leaves his beloved 1710 Stradivarius worth four million dollars in the back seat of a New York City cab only to be found by two hapless brothers and a worldweary tailor. A shot at their dreams, however means some quick decisions testing loyalty and family ties with irrevocable consequences.

After a robust military career flying helicopters, then serving as a Congressional Fellow for the army and finally working on the drone program, AJ Kuen is now enjoying civilian life working for Dell EMC Federal business operations and living in Austin, Texas with his wife Lauren and two children, Wesley, 3 and Ella, 6 months.

1999 Dennis Tupper and his wife Gina welcomed their

2010 EJ Schneider completes his degree at The New England School of Law this December.

For the latest news, and events go to A virtual shopping cart awaits at


Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

June Dinner Meeting Alumni met for the June Dinner Meeting/Pig Roast on June 7, the perfect night for a buffet dinner under the tent in the Senior Garden…

Fr. Andrew Smith, OSB and Dan Cimaglia ’16.



Ted Dolan ’83 with a fellow alumnus, his son Connor ’17.

Jim Maguire ’79, Matt Gilfillan ’86, Dan Chambers ’81 and John McHugh ’81.

Alumni News Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95, in pink shirt, introduces the majority of the 2017-18 Alumni Board, from left, Matt Gilfillan ’96, John Glynn ’90, VP Tim Fitzsimmons ’95, John McEvoy ’89, Joe Colangelo ’03, Chris Bury ’91, President John Tonzola ’95, Andrew Anselmi ’83, Steve Block ’71, Mark DeLotto ’98, Bob Farrell ’64, John Ferramosco ’05, Grant Hewit ’02 and Jim Maguire ’79. (Missing: Fred Krom ’03, Taylor Price ’04 and Peter Ramsey ’90)

Ryan Dooley ’91, Rich Traynor ’90, Mark Ferriso ’90, Steve Barisonek ’90, Jon Mortenson ’90 and Brian Flood ’90.

Joe Colangelo ’03, Pat Calello ’89, Curt Ritter ’89, Sviatoslav Lesko ’09 and Rich Sciaretta ’03.

Abbot Giles Hayes ’56 presented Ricky Lenz ’17 (pictured here with his family) with the “Red” Green ’56 Fighting Spirit Award for his persistence, composure and leadership in athletics. From left, Joe Lenz ’11, Elizabeth Lenz P’11,’14,’17, Ricky Lenz ’17, Scott Lenz P’11,’14,’17 and Tom Lenz ’14.

Fall/Winter 2017


Green Wave Baseball Old Timers Game Delbarton baseball players gathered at Fleury Field on Sunday, June 11 to celebrate the Green Wave Baseball tradition…

Ken Heaton ’78 and Bob Farrell ’64 partnered with organizer Liam Corcoran ’20 to connect with Green Wave Baseball alumni from across the decades.



The Delbarton Baseball Old Timers Game was the brainchild of freshman baseball player Liam Corcoran ’20, pictured here with his parents Kevin and Dorian Corcoran P’16, ’20 who organized and promoted the event as his freshman project.

Green Wave Baseball had won the state title on June 9, the eve of the Old Timers Game, which only amplified the general air of celebration.

Home run derby batting practice was pitched by Delbarton dad and MLB World Series Champ Al Leiter P’19.

A memorial plaque and team jersey were dedicated to former Green Wave Varsity Baseball coach Fr. Karl Roesch, OSB who passed away in March 2017.

Generations of Green Wave Baseball, past, present and possibly future, enjoyed a great day of Delbarton baseball and brotherhood on June 10.

Two teams of former members of the Delbarton baseball team, as fresh as last year’s graduates and as ‘experienced’ as 1964, quickly got back to their old tricks, which included plenty of tricky pitches and stolen bases.

Tim Fleury ’19 and his mother Jen Fleury P’19 threw the first pitch to kick off the Old Timers game on Brian Fleury Field.

Fall/Winter 2017


Dan McKean

Alumni News

The Carter Cup The Fifteenth Annual Carter Cup – the Metropolitan Golf Association’s Junior Stroke Play Championship – was held at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ on August 2. The invitational event is named in memory of Michael P. Carter ’00, an accomplished junior player and standout member of the Green Wave golf team who died in a car accident in 2002. Michael was a junior club champion at both Baltusrol and Winged Foot, as well as a promising player on the Penn State golf team. The Carter Cup features 46 top junior golfers from the metropolitan area playing 36 holes on Baltusrol’s two championship courses – a rigorous test of mental and physical endurance. Unfortunately, inclement weather prevented the young golfers from tackling the second 18 this year; Ethan Ng of New York, NY claimed the Carter Cup trophy for the second year in a row with a 3 under score of 68. 80


Alumni News

On March 30 at a Soho WeWork space, the topic was The Business of Sports. The panel included, from left, Sean Downes ’89 (Chief Executive Officer Medallion Sports Properties), Jonathan Yardley ’01 (professional sports announcer), Ned Crotty ’05 (professional lacrosse player and Director Enterprise Sales), Michael Gilfillan ’82 (Brick City Sports Capital) and Mike Wade ’85 (Director, NBA Digital & Media Communications). The discussion was moderated by #WaveConnect organizer and Alumni Board member Grant Hewit ’02, far right.

#Wave Connect: Sharing Professional Expertise

At the fourth #WaveConnect event on June 27 at the Norwood Club, the topic was Creative as a Career. The panel of four Delbarton alumni, moderated again by Hewit, far left, included comedian Michael Somerville ’90, actor George Psomas ’01, USA Network president Chris McCumber ’85 and theater director Joe Discher ’87 who discussed the realities of working in the entertainment business.

The Delbarton Alumni Association continues to host Manhattan-based #WaveConnect symposiums, a series of events focused on networking, learning and sharing expertise among the Delbarton alumni community. The events are shared in real time via livestreaming.

Stay tuned to Delbarton social media channels for more on upcoming #WaveConnect events.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Alumni Day at the Races

Kevin Duffy ’02, seated, challenged his alumni brothers to donate their Race 5 winnings to the Delbarton Fund and these gents met the challenge: from left, Mark Harden ’08, Dan Miggins ’08, John Scally ’08, Mike Maguire ’82, Chris Harper ’16, and Jack Chatwin ’16.

The 8th Annual Alumni Day at the Races on July 14 attracted over seventy alumni, family, and friends to Monmouth Park Racetrack for lunch, drinks, and the ponies…

This year handsome DATR hat was designed by in-house graphic designer James Paris ’15.



Alumni News Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 talked betting strategy with Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95.

The Jersey Shore Chapter sponsored Race 5 and five alumni joined jockey Joe Bravo in the winner’s circle to present him with his trophy.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News Ken Stevenson ’76, Perry Beneduce ’74 and Matt Wolenski ’96.

Jules Spada ’48, GP ’05,’07, Jay Terzis ’65, P’02,’03, Jimmy Ferrante ’75 and Frank Visceglia ’85, P’18.

Summer Sizzler The clams were steaming and the crowd was hopping at the 29th Annual Summer Sizzler at the Jersey Shore…

Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB celebrated his birthday at the Sizzler and was a good sport about wearing the Alumni office’s official birthday hat.

Dawn and Phil Lamparello ’02 with their baby daughter.

Katie Fitzsimmons and sons.



Francis Kaufman P’00, Brandon Kaufman ’00, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB and Mike Wade ’85.

Friends from the Class of 2016 enjoyed reconnecting at the Sizzler.

Alumni News Fr. Edward Seton Fittin, OSB, Steve Block ’71, P’12, Virginia Savage, Associate Director of the Capital Campaign Matt Campbell ’08, Brendan Brown ’88 and JP Campbell ’13.

Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95 and Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82, P’13,’15,’19.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Garrison Block ’12 and Steve Block ’71, P’12.

Kevin McAnally ’96, Tim McAnally ’99 and Director of Senior Guidance Mike Rosenhaus ’80.



Christian Brothers Academy President Br. Frank Byrne, FSC and Delbarton Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB.

Joe Spada P’18,’19,’21, Jerry Jabbour ’92, P’20 and Larry Bell P'15,'17,'19.

Alumni News

Delbarton Alumni Golf Classic On September 13, Delbarton alumni hosted the Sixth Annual Golf Classic at Somerset Hills Country Club. All proceeds benefit the Delbarton Endowment Fund… Golf Classic champions with Br. Paul: from left, Matt Byrnes ’03, John Voetsch ’12, Br. Paul, Joe Bezzone ’86, P’19 and Robert Verrone P’19.

Fred Krom, Sr. P’03, Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 and Chris Ganton P’20.

Delbarton dad James Han P’18,’21, left, is congratulated by artist John Traynor ’79 and Br. Paul after successfully bidding for Traynor’s live auction donation, a portrait of Old Main.

Jerry Jabbour ’92, P’20 served as auctioneer for the evening’s live auction.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Fall Reps Dinner On September 27, a great group of alumni class reps gathered for a dinner meeting at the Madison Hotel…

Joe Lenz ’11 and Michael Johnson ’12.



The Catch the Wave Award (highest number of donors by January 31) was won by the Class of 1991 with 34 donors. From left are Ryan Dooley ’91, P’20, Br. Paul, Chris Bury ’91, P'19,'20,'23, Maria Van Kirk and Mark DeLotto ’98.

Alumni News The Class of 2008 won the Rev. Kenneth Mayer, OSB Award for the highest number of donors, with a whopping 99 classmates donating to the Delbarton Fund. From left, Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, Dan Miggins ’08, Matt Campbell ’08, Tyler Hudson-Crimi ’08, Delbarton Fund Director Maria Van Kirk and Alumni and Alumni Giving Chair Mark DeLotto ’98.

Members of the Class of 2018 joined alumni to answer questions about school life. From left, Cole Kreshpane, Gianni Vinci, Pat Harrington, Will Andersen, Pat Cummings, Trey Zgombic and Miles Leniw.

Michael Zochowski ’10, Abbot Richard Cronin, OSB, and John Sullivan ’93.

Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95 addresses class reps at the Madison Hotel.

Fall/Winter 2017


Alumni News

Philadelphia Reception In honor of his last year as headmaster, Br. Paul received his very own Villanova Basketball jersey: Diveny #1.

Jamey Nugent ’13, Joe Pawelczyk ’05, John Ferramosca ’05 and Mike Leighton ’05.



Dalton Smart ’16, Br. Paul and Joe Lee ’15.

Michael Johnson ’12 and Doug Jadis ’11.

The Alumni Association hosted a reception on October 5 at Kelly’s Tap Room in Bryn Mawr…

Fr. Michael Tidd, OSB and Jay Manahan ’89, P’19.

John Shoemaker ’83 and Headmaster Br. Paul Diveny, OSB.

Santiago Robertson Lavalle ’17 Exhibits at 70 South Gallery In October, former AP Art student and Green Wave Soccer goalie Santiago Robertson Lavalle ’17 participated in a two-man photography show at 70 South Gallery in Morristown featuring his vibrant images of graffiti. A Princeton freshman, Iago credits his visual arts teacher, Art Department Chair Diane Lopez, on right, for recognizing his talent and encouraging him to commit to Delbarton’s challenging two-year AP Art program. Iago’s work was also featured this fall in an exhibit of art created by Princeton freshmen, and he is also gainfully employed providing images for Princeton communications to use on the University’s social media platforms.

Jake Williams ’97 Promoted to Commander In September, naval officer Jake Williams ’97, shown here with his family and Capt. John Krouse, was promoted to Commander. He, his wife Kathleen, and their two sons will be finishing up their Pentagon tour and moving to Virginia Beach in December. They’re looking forward to reconnecting with friend in the Hampton Roads area and to the next Navy adventure.

Boo Andreas ’85 Reports on Hurricane Relief on St. Thomas, VI Boo Andreas ’85 spoke at Delbarton during the October 20 Morning Meeting about the devastation after two category 5 hurricanes slammed his home island of St. Thomas, VI. He took a Delbarton flag back home with him and referenced ‘succisa virescit’ in his remarks to the boys. The media has moved on from the story, but Caribbean islands like St. Thomas still struggle to rebuild the basics of power, food and shelter.

Chris Bury ’91 and Sons Did you know that the tallest sand dunes in North America are in Colorado? Here are Chris Bury ’91 and sons Matthew ’19, Tommy ’20 and Danny ’23 in early August at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Mosca, CO.

Fall/Winter 2017


Spencer Furey ’12 Makes Waves at Dartmouth After being shut out of his dream of an Ivy League tennis career, Spencer Furey ’12 found a new sport: rowing. He captained the Dartmouth Men’s Heavy Weight Rowing team and this year is off to Cambridge University to row and earn a master’s in history. Spencer also has a new dream: to train with the US Men’s national team and, maybe, even one day make the cut for a US Olympic squad.

Tim Connors ’14 Launches Business at USC In June, UCLA students picked up their caps and gowns for graduation, but hundreds did not buy them from the university. Instead, they purchased their graduation gear from SoCal Grad Club, founded by Tim Connors ’14 that sold cap and gown packages for 14 dollars less than what the university price. Connors, a third-year cognitive science student, started the company after friends complained that the university caps and gowns cost too much. “We were all in the same entrepreneurship fraternity, so we were like ‘that’s a crazy price. We can just sell these cheaper, right?’” SoCal Grad Club sold more than 700 packages since February. “This is my first business, so I’m not trying to be a millionaire,” Connors said. “I’m okay with taking a smaller profit and just having my own little project.” Connors said he hopes to expand his operation to five or six more universities in southern California next year



Class of ’59 Reunion

The Class of 1959 enjoyed a mini reunion at Rod’s Steak House in Covent Station with Esther and Richard Krijt ’59 of Venezuela, Jack and Ann McNamara, and Mike Slattery. From left are Mike Slattery ’59, Ann McNamara, Richard Krijt ’59, Esther Krijt and Jack McNamara’59.

Niyi Odewade ’13 Achieves at Amherst From Newark to Delbarton to Amherst College, former Green Wave football player Niyi Odewade ’13 has exhibited one prominent attribute: tenacity. Last spring, the Amherst College scholar athlete was profiled in the school newspaper, The Amherst Voice, where he is described as “a standout on the gridiron, a brilliant scientist poised to excel in medical school and a leader in all of his endeavors at Amherst”. Odewade has a passion for public health and hopes to complete both an M.D. and a Masters of Public Health. We salute Niyi Odewade ’13 for his achievements during his four years at Amherst.

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Delbarton Comics on Stage at Caroline’s

Two Delbarton funnymen took the stage at the iconic Caroline’s comedy club in NYC on June 13. Coming off of a two month long tour, Michael Somerville ’90 ’90, returned to New York to perform some of his newest material for a decidedly green wave crowd. Before Somerville stepped up to the mic, another Green Wave comic, Liam Paris ’13, made his debut on the stage that has hosted the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Dave Chappelle, and Louis CK.

Even against the glare of the stage lights, it wasn’t hard for Mike or Liam to spot their Delbarton brothers in the crowd which included more than two dozen alumni. Following the show, the comedians joined their fans at Hibernia Bar. Congratulations to both comics on their performances and a salute to alumni who came out to support them.

Umair Siddiqui ’06 Disrupts Jet Propulsion with Phase Four Umair Siddiqui ’06 is Chief Technology Officer at LAbased Phase Four, a start-up hoping to redefine the satellite industry by developing small size, high performance propulsion systems. A Dartmouth graduate, Umair earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin. In 2015 he returned to Delbarton to lecture on the topic of plasma (ionized gas) in teacher Greg Devine’s physics classes. Phase Four is developing the “RFT,” a radio frequency thruster that efficiently heats and accelerates a compact plasma propellant and addresses the need for a compact engine to propel small spacecraft in space...powering the future.

Fall/Winter 2017


Chicago Chapter Hosts Alumni Event

Dinner in London

On July 18, the Alumni Association Chicago Chapter enjoyed an event hosted by Marc Mestanas ’85 in Wilmette, IL. Alumni and significant others enjoyed socializing together over dinner, drinks…and, of course, the televised Cubs game.

With a stunning view of St. Paul’s Cathedral, on July 17 Fr. Edward Seton Fittin OSB ’82 checked up on newlyweds Jake Caldwell ’09 and his wife Holly Sandelands nearly 6 months to the day after their January wedding over which he presided. Jake and Holly make their home in Notting Hill, London, and Fr. Ed had recently dropped off several students in Limerick, Ireland for the School’s annual Glenstal Abbey exchange.

Matt Van Orden ’08 Promotes the Del Fund Class rep Matt Van Orden ’08 was at it again in June. For the past four years he produced a short video encouraging his fellow alumni to support Delbarton before the fiscal year end on June 30. Last year Matt collected dollars and cents (literally) from random donors in Times Square. This year, with classmate Tim Soulas ’08 serving as cameraman, Matt kept it closer to home, setting up a lemonade stand in front of his grandparent’s home in Morris Plains. Did he have a permit? No. Did local law enforcement drop by? Why, yes, it did...and bought lemonade from our very persuasive alumni fundraiser.



In the Maldives Jai Amin ’16, right, and younger brother Rohan Amin ’20 enjoyed a family vacation in the Maldives this past summer and remembered to bring their Delbarton flag. We commend them on their packing skills.

Biking to a Big Birthday On May 21, Dr. Christopher Greer ’75 celebrated his 60th birthday by competing in the 2017 Gran Fondo New York, a 100 mile international bicycle race that starts on world’s busiest bridge (the GWB), climbs up to Bear Mountain, moves over relentless hills through stunning Rockland to the finish line in Fort Lee. 5,000 riders from over 90 countries competed, and one of them even remembered to pack a mini Delbarton flag!

Tim Kelly ’87 approved as U.S. District Court Judge Congratulations to Delbarton alumnus Timothy Kelly ’87 who was confirmed on September 5, 2017 by the Senate 94-2 to be a federal district judge in the District of Columbia. The Senate overwhelmingly approved Kelly for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Kelly served as chief counsel for national security and senior crime counsel for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and previously worked as an assistant U.S. attorney in Washington. Kelly also spent time at the Justice Department as a trial attorney in the department’s criminal division. “Tim is a very talented attorney and is well-liked by staff and members on both sides of the aisle,” Grassley said on the Senate floor before the vote. “His collegiality and ability to get along with folks will serve him well on the bench.” A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Kelly clerked for U.S. District Judge Ronald Buckwalter and worked in private practice at the Washington firm Arnold & Porter. Kelly easily navigated through the Senate confirmation process, receiving unanimous support in the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 13.

A Kiawah Island Meet Up Ryan Bott ’04 and wife Carolyn were vacationing on Kiawah Island in August where Ryan landed the first tee time on the Ocean Course. He was introduced to his playing partner, Nigel Delahunty ’77 from Greenville, SC who asked where Ryan was from. When Ryan answered ‘New Jersey’ Nigel replied that he had attended boarding school at Delbarton. The two golfers had a great time on the course getting to know each other and reminiscing about their fond memories of Delbarton. They also battled a torrential storm mid-round, but managed to make a few birdies and pars along the way, and their caddie snapped this picture on the 18th green in front of the clubhouse.

Getting Homecoming Started Getting the Homecoming party started on October 11 at dinner with friends were, clockwise from left, Lee Esposito ’74, Carmine Galdieri ’81, Frank Visceglia ’85, Dave Lewis ’78, Bill Smith ’63 and Bill McFadden ’59.

Fall/Winter 2017


Chris Westdyk ’15 Honored by Melanoma Research Foundation Chris Westdyk ’15, who battled melanoma as a Delbarton student, was honored at the Melanoma Research Foundation gala in NYC on October 11. The event raised $1 million for the cause. Despite of two recurrences in the past two years, Chris is currently a junior at Notre Dame – and the Delbarton community salutes Chris for his succisa virescit spirit.

The Green Wave on Mt. Kilimanjaro Sviatoslav Lesko ’09, left, shared this great picture from his trip in August to Mt Kilimanjaro with fellow alum Jeremy Liebler ’09. The Green Wave, looking good at the top of Africa.

Delbarton Wins Award for New Alumni Engagement Hub At the Graduway Global Leaders’ Summit on September 12, Delbarton received the award for the Best Performing K-12 Network. The presentation took place at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Using Graduway’s software and expertise, Delbarton launched in July which instantly became a hub for alumni connectivity. Alumni are now able to search for and post jobs, connect with peers based on location, industry, education and keep tabs on news at Delbarton via a live feed to Delbarton social media channels. Accepting the award were Maria Van Kirk, Director of Alumni and Development, Alumni Association Board member Steve Block ’71, left, and Boston Alumni Regional Club Chair Ken Krilla ’90. Calling all alumni: if you haven’t signed onto…it’s time!



Alumni Dads and Daughters Hockey Reunion In October, Delbarton alums enjoyed a mini Delbarton reunion at their daughters’ hockey game in Darien, CT. Back row: Buzz Brown (former Delbarton hockey coach), Brian Lonergan ’89, Pat Hennessy ’88, Greg Brozoski ’95 (Missing: Sean Downes ’89); Front row: Piper Brown, Eloise Downes, Ella Hennessy, Molly Brozowski and Isabella Lonergan. Go Colonials, Go IceCats…and Go Green Wave!

Alumni Wrestlers Salute a Former Coach On September 8, Delbarton Wrestling Team alumni and friends from the late 60s to early 80s filled the Wine Room of Rod’s Restaurant in Convent Station to honor Coach Ron Matakitis, with current Varsity Head Coach Bryan

Stoll as special guest. Organizer Tom Elmer ’75 said, ‘Thankfully, there was no scale or need to make weight.’ We salute our alumni wrestlers...Go Green Wave!

Alumni Association President’s Lunch On July 21, Alumni Association President John Tonzola ’95 and Director of Alumni & Development Craig Paris ’82 hosted lunch with ten former DAA presidents at the Morristown Club. Front, from left, Jerry Jabbour ’92 (2014-16), Brian Hanlon ’87 (2007-11), Kurt Krauss ’81 (2005-07); back, from left, Bill Waldron ’65 (2001-03), Fred Honold ’70 (1984-86), Curt Ritter ’89 (2009-11), John Tonzola ’95 (2016-18), Tom Luby ’72 (1995-97), Lee Esposito ’74 (1999-01), Tony Nugent ’74 (1992-05) and Dick Wade ’61 (1975-76). We salute these gentlemen for their service to Delbarton.

Fall/Winter 2017


Penn Celebrates 100th Season

Delbarton Tailgates at Notre Dame Game The Green Wave showed up in force on October 21 to watch the Fighting Irish defeat the Trojans of USC. Before the game, over 75 Delbarton alumni, current students, and their families attended a tailgate in the stadium parking lot to renew old acquaintances and forge new ones. Thank you to everyone who dropped by!



At the gala event on October 14 celebrating the 100th season of Penn Lacrosse were, from left, former Penn head lax coach Tony Seaman, who led Penn to four Ivy League titles (1983, 1984, 1986, 1988) and six NCAA Championship appearances (1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989) with Don Healy ’83, Chris Shoemaker ’87, John Shoemaker ’83 and Dave Murphy ’88.

Alumni Lacrosse Makeup Game On Sunday, June 11, the day after Green Wave Lacrosse won the state championship title, Delbarton alumni lacrosse players competed in the rescheduled game at Ryan Family Field. The official Alumni Lacrosse game was previously rained out in May. Game statistics: no goals, four blown hamstrings, 100% good times.


Yesterday By Fr. Benet Caffrey OSB Photos courtesy of St. Mary's Abbey/Delbarton Archives

Delbarton’s Benedictine Sisters From left, Sisters Christina, Anastasia, Delphina, Helen, Aurelia, and Ottilia.


his is a long delayed attempt to pay tribute to the stalwart Benedictine women who shared in the foundation of the monastery and school at Delbarton. When Benedictine monks first came to the United State in the midnineteenth century, they were quickly followed by Benedictine sisters who had also left their Bavarian homeland. A motherhouse was established in Newark, alongside of the monks, where the sisters lived, trained new members, and conducted a parochial school, and ran the kitchen and laundry for the monks. Shortly after his assumption of abbatial role in Newark in 1886, Abbot Hilary Pfraengle

encouraged the expanding community of sisters to relocate from the congested city. An estate called “The Plains” was found on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near the town of Ridgely. It was renamed St. Gertrude Monastery, and there, the community of sisters flourished. Shortly after the end of the First World War, one of the community, Sister Antonia Mohr, approached the Prioress, Mother Margaret Mary Meyer, with the idea of attempting to recruit young German women to join the community of St. Gertrude in Maryland. Her first venture in 1921 was a resounding success, for she returned to Ridgley with seven young women.

Fall/Winter 2017



The original Delbarton Estate Manager’s Cottage which, IN 1927, became the Convent. A modern view of the former convent and laundry.

Memories of Delbarton’s German Benedictine Sisters from 1952 to 1956.

“I was a waiter, and the nuns were very good to waiters. If we asked, the nuns would always make us something different than the rest of the kids were getting. They would always let us eat as much as we wanted to eat. Of course, we reciprocated by helping them clean up the kitchen and the dining room, if we weren’t pressed for time.” Bob Collins, ’56, Ft. Myers, FL

Sister Antonia returned to Germany two more times and gathered even larger groups of women. Many of these sisters eventually became teachers, or took charge of the essential domestic services at Ridgely and in other locations. These were the women who came to the Delbarton community starting in 1927, serving until 1956. Sister Aurelia Benzinger, was among that first courageous group who had left their homeland in 1921. In 1927 Sister Aurelia was the leader of the original group of three sisters who established a convent at Delbarton and took charge of the kitchen service and laundry for the young community of monks. Later, starting in 1939, the students of the infant Delbarton School benefitted from their kitchen service. For the next 29 years, with rosary in hand, Sister



Aurelia led the charge down the hill from the convent on the hill to prepare hearty meals for the monks and boys. Another 29 year veteran at St. Mary’s and Delbarton was Sister Helen Brandl. She joined the St. Gertrude community in 1923 at the age of twenty-six. She was known for her very quiet, cheerful personality. When she returned to Ridgely she continued to serve sisters and students as seamstress. The third sister appointed to Delbarton in 1927 was Sister Anastasia Bittl. She entered the Benedictine community in 1923 aged nineteen and came to Delbarton as laundress and seamstress. She is remembered as very tall and serious.


Dining at Delbarton are Sisters Ottilia, Christina, Anastasia, Helen, Aurelia, Delphina.

“Although we saw the German nuns only at meals, we knew they loved us. Smiling always, seemingly happy and content, the little contact with we had with them showed how much they liked what they did for us More often than not, they served us every teen aged boy’s favorite lunch or dinner: beef cooked well done, with mashed potatoes (better than our mothers’) and thick brown gravy with string beans or peas. Monotonous, but good.” Peter Hayes, ’56, Morristown, NJ

Sister Delphine Bock entered the Ridgely community in 1923 at the age of twenty-five. She was part of the second group of three sisters who came to Delbarton in 1940. Sister Christine Neumeier began as a postulant at St. Walburga Abbey in Eichstätt in Bavaria but came to St. Gertrude in 1928. It was a source of pain to her that although she had been trained as a cook, she was always just a helper at Delbarton. Sister Ottilia Schmidt, at age twenty, was the last of thirteen young women whom Sister Antonia recruited in Bavaria in 1923. After a long sea-sick voyage on the Resolute, she entered the Benedictine community. Sister Ottilia later completed the group of six who, for the next seventeen years, provided the food service for monks and students at Delbarton.

Strangely enough, while residing but a hundred yards or so from one another, we knew little of the story of the sisters, or even their last names. Thanks to Sister Mary Lou Robino, OSB, Archivist of St. Gertrude’s, and, A Love that Impels: A History of the Benedictine Sisters of Ridgely, Maryland, by Sister Stephanie Campbell, OSB, for belated information. The description left of Sister Ottilia could serve for all of these six sisters who served our domestic needs so long and generously: “[she] was a very humble, quiet, prayerful woman, who was kind, and always had a smile or a giggle.” Generations of monks and students belatedly sing their praises and offer thanks.

Fall/Winter 2017


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