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“...that here, we belong.”

How do we say DELBARTON? Challenge your brain. Push your body. Draw, act, write. Be bold, be inspired. Be exactly who you are only better. And be among friends, for these are your brothers. Treasure your time here because this is not just another pretty place. This is an experience… The Delbarton Experience.


A man’s homeland is “ wherever he prospers. ” Aristophanes 540 BC – 388 BC

Old Main The blue granite mansion at the heart of the Delbarton campus completed in 1883 as the summer retreat of wealthy banker Luther Kountze and his family.

Welcome to the Delbarton Experience For every young man who walked under the Delbarton arch, there is a unique Delbarton Experience. Yet Delbarton graduates share one thing in common:They have a deep and abiding love for this place. Recent grads bring college friends back to Delbarton campus for tours…Alumni return for

“I love teaching at

reunions and receptions…Delbarton parents stay connected long

Delbarton. The boys are

after their sons have graduated…When members of our community

so motivated to do their

are hurting we join together to support them. In an age of speed

best and they enjoy

and change, this immutable bond that keeps Delbarton people

being challenged —

connected is what we call progress.

exactly what every teacher hopes for.” Katie Schroeder


The name “Delbarton” Luther Kountze named his country estate “Delbarton,” using a syllable from his children’s names: William Delancey, Barclay Ward, and Helen Livingston Kountze.

A Brief History of Heaven on Earth Our four hundred acre campus in the heart of western New Jersey was named for the vacation estate of Luther Kountze. Purchased by the Order of St. Benedict in 1926, the School was originally established as a house of theological studies and in 1939 the monks founded Delbarton as a college prep boarding school. The School graduated its first class in 1948 and switched to a day school in the late 1970’s. Of course, nothing about education is new to the Benedictines who have been in the business for the last 1500 years. Long on tradition and short on trendiness, Delbarton today remains one of the top independent schools in the nation yet stays faithful to its original mission of educating the whole person on an extraordinarily beautiful piece of God’s green earth.


The Campus Delbarton is located in Morris Township on Mendham Road, three miles west of the historic Morristown Green and thirty miles west of New York City. The four hundred acre campus has four academic buildings, including a 24,000 square foot science pavilion and a 36,000 square foot Fine Arts Center. With four science labs, six computer labs, one language lab, and a library of over 25,000 volumes, it’s little wonder why our young men become young scholars.The school facilities act as intellectual gymnasiums, enticing and challenging students’ capacities and imaginations. And because these academic buildings line the perimeter of our bucolic formal garden, they constitute the physical and symbolic heart of who we are.


The Senior Garden A formal Italian garden, constructed in the 1890s, with statuary dating from the Roman Empire. At its center is a tempting fountain that makes warm spring days diďŹƒcult for guys with imagination (i.e. every Delbarton student). Entry into the garden may be reserved as a senior privilege, but for all students this unique privilege is a meaningful rite of passage, a doorway through the Delbarton Experience. The Senior Commons A lounge in Old Main reserved for seniors, connected to the oďŹƒces of the senior Guidance Department and always abuzz with talk, music, food, chess boards, college guidebooks and, of course, lounge chairs.


Open Your Mind Delbarton is not a quiet place. Debates, discussions, lectures and laughter are in the air. If you’re intellectually curious, if you like to learn, if you don’t mind sharing your ideas, you’ll fit right in here. The Delbarton Experience is accessible to all qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay, and our students come from over one hundred public, parochial and independent schools throughout

“We are brothers from different mothers.”

New Jersey. What do they have in common? Open minds, the desire to achieve alongside their Delbarton brothers, and a genuine

Kenneth Nyameyke ’10

respect for one another.

The Ties That Bind How do you quantify the Delbarton Experience? Through relationships forged over a lifetime. Our alumni magazine, Delbarton Today, shows photos from Baptisms to Best Men where alums are surrounded by classmates. In fact, we are proud to lead independent schools nationally in the percentage of alumni who support the School financially. At every level, in every way, Delbarton inspires active involvement by forging deep connections among its students, faculty, alumni, current parents,

The Delbarton Tie Instead of a cap and gown, at Delbarton graduation each senior proudly wears a tie embroidered with the School seal and motto.

and parents of graduates. 9

“That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.” Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

A Del Aside… Time Management One thing you will learn at Delbarton is time management. Our attitude can be summed up with these words: “Get it done.” A busy Friday is followed by sports practice, or Schola rehearsal, maybe pizza (because man does not live by Cluck U Chicken alone) and a movie with friends. And set your alarm for tomorrow’s game. You’re either a player or a fan. See? It can be done.


Guiding Principles Honesty, integrity, and respect for others are foundations of the Delbarton Experience. Newcomers are often struck by the fact that School regulations, academic and social, are relatively few.The underlying understanding is that each boy, entering with others into a common educational enterprise, shares responsibility with peers and faculty for developing standards which contribute to the entire community. Each class has a moderator charged with advising and assisting the group’s members.The moderator knows each boy well and works closely with him, particularly during difficult and challenging times in his growth. Every boy is also assigned a guidance counselor to help with course selection, college entrance requirements, and the student’s particular interests. Individual and group conferences are also held regularly to discuss academic and personal growth.The bottom line is that nobody falls through the cracks here.

MISSION STATEMENT Delbarton School, an independent Roman Catholic learning community conducted by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey with their lay colleagues, welcomes young men in grades 7-12 from diverse backgrounds to pursue excellence, to develop leadership, and to build character by educating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.


Lifer A student who has attended Delbarton from grade seven through twelve. Lifers are no better than a non-lifer — just ask a non-Lifer! — but the label is a source of some pride among those who bear the distinction. Clearly this was not the case in the early days when Lifers were called “Schnoids”. Note: Eighty percent of Delbarton students are non-Lifers.

The Middle School The seventh and eighth graders of our Middle School are fully integrated into the Upper School, sharing the same facilities and

“I shall forever bleed green.” Rob Rooke ’08

faculty with the Upperclassmen. Middle School goals are ageappropriate and reflect, of course, the Delbarton demand for excellence. And while the Middle Schoolers prepare for the college prep Upper School curriculum, they are also having a blast.The younger students are unofficially adopted by the older ones and make excellent lifting fodder at pep rallies. (Just kidding, Mom.)

“Brotherhood is what Delbarton is all about. I know that if I follow my own path in life I need not look who is behind me because I know my brothers are there.” Robert Powell ’08


“What makes Delbarton truly special is the sense of camaraderie exhibited by its students, parents, and alumni - it is a veritable family, a place where members enthusiastically stay in touch, and continually enrich one another.” Matt Popper ’04 (Princeton ’08) Del Fact During the Thanksgiving food drive someone suggested the deaneries compete against each other to see which would bring in the most food. Did we hear “Free pizza for the winning deanery”? 44,000 pounds of food later, Delbarton collected enough staples to stock the Morristown Food Pantry for an entire year.

The Upper School Grades nine through twelve are college prep, offering a challenging course of study with the goal of teaching each boy how to listen, read, think, imagine, speak, debate and write. Communication skills are emphasized, and a level of comfort in one’s own skin is encouraged. Afraid of public speaking? You’ll get over that here. The process begins with respect: respect for one’s teachers, and for other students. Course work can be intense and often involves fifteen to twenty hours of outside preparation each week. For qualified boys in the sophomore, junior and senior years, all departments offer challenging Advanced Placement options. Requirements for graduation (other than a highly evolved sense of humor and a lot of green t-shirts) ) include English (4 years), Math (4 years), Foreign Language (3 years), Science (3 years), History (3 years), Religious Studies (8 terms), Fine Arts (5 terms), Language Arts (1 term), Computer Science (2 terms) and Phys Ed/Health (4 years).


“He gave us his all, his full attention and commitment, and an unwavering desire to see us improve and perform our best every day. This to me is a sign of a great educator, whether they are teaching you how to run the bases or how to construct a hydrobromic acid. Mike Kennedy ’08, speaking of his

Delbarton chemistry

teacher/baseball coach


Teaching: A Joint Venture The Delbarton faculty includes Benedictine monks and lay teachers, men and women with a commitment to draw one thing from every Delbarton student: their best.The same person who assigns a paper in AP Euro History runs players through wind sprints at basketball practice. When faculty members serve as counselors, moderators, and coaches, they are in a position to push boys to develop their whole selves— mind, body, and spirit. Students embrace these relationships, so the joint venture between faculty and students multiplies the Delbarton Experience.

M Block The Delbarton schedule is comprised of blocks. M Block (10:05 -10:35) is a time for students to study and seek extra help (all teachers make themselves available at this time). “Meet me at M Block� is a common Delbarton phrase.

Succisa Virescit (Suc-chis-sa Vir-esh-it)

1. The School motto, from the Book of Job, meaning ‘Once cut down, one will grow back stronger.’ 2. Borrowed from the motto of Monte Cassino, Italian home of the Benedictine Order, rebuilt five times and site of one of the bloodiest battles in the World War II European theater. 3. Though difficult at first to pronounce, ‘Succisa Virescit’ trips easily off the tongue of every Delbarton graduate.

College Counseling Delbarton senior guidance counselors share the list of colleges attended by Delbarton graduates like proud parents with treasured photos.Together, counselors and students produce exceptional results by giving qualified students thoughtful, informed advice and helping them execute their plans with integrity and grace.The process begins during junior year when each boy meets with his counselor to define and refine his interests and goals. Next comes a meeting with student and parents to clarify realistic expectations (“Rule #1: everyone is not going to Harvard next year”) and specific objectives. During a student’s final year, guidance is

“One of our principal values in this partnership among the Delbarton faculty, parents, and students is communication. Perhaps at no other time in a boy’s four or six years at Delbarton is communication more vital than as we proceed through the college selection experience. “

an ongoing, daily process.The Senior Commons and the Senior Guidance Department are

Abbot Giles Hayes OSB, Director of Senior Guidance

separated by one open door. Parents stay involved and informed, and every boy is guided toward a college that challenges his abilities and matches his interests.


“The monks are the life and spirit of this school.

Religious Values

Without their friendship

People are surprised to learn that one quarter of Delbarton students

and guidance, the school

are not Catholic.Yet at this unabashedly Benedictine School,

could not raise the type

teachings from the Rule of St. Benedict are referenced again and

of young men it does.” Chris Butterfield ’08

again. Educating the spirit is our hallmark.The School attracts young men with open minds and hearts, exposing them to retreats, religious studies classes, and prayer services that cultivate our shared Judeo-Christian values. A life of conviction, a habit of respect, a solid relationship with God and thy neighbor.This is Delbarton.

“What impresses me now is that Andrew’s three closest friends at Delbarton are STILL his closest friends, although they are scattered from Boston to San Francisco. I’ve told Andrew that I believe the Marine Corps was an extension of the Delbarton hallmark of community, loyalty, and responsibility for your brothers.” Catherine McVicker, mother of Andrew McVicker ’91 (Major, USAF, formerly USMC)




Write. Draw. Act. Perform. The fine and performing arts flourish at Delbarton. Our Fine Arts Center, which opened in 2006, symbolizes the School’s commitment to offering a vital arts program. No student leaves

“Delbarton is home, a

Delbarton without deep, satisfying exposure to the arts in its many

sanctuary for me. It has

forms: Five terms are required including a full-year (three terms)

places for all to go. For

elective course in art, music, drama, or creative writing. Courses in

arts, science, sports and

studio art include drawing, painting, sculpture, film, print-making, and

music, people have a

computer-generated graphic design.The Music Department offers

place to be.”

courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in the history, appreciation, and theory of music. Instructors are available to teach voice, piano, organ, classical guitar, harpsichord, strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass. Recitals and performances are held throughout the year by our choral group, Schola Cantorum, by several a cappella groups, and by our instrumental groups, including the Brass Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and the Abbey Orchestra, whose membership draws from Delbarton students and from musicians in the surrounding community. Delbarton’s theater group, the Abbey Players — with assistance from visiting thespians — stages three theatrical productions a year, including a musical in the winter and one-act plays in the spring that are student-written, directed and performed. The arts are alive and kicking at Delbarton.

Allen Shih ’09

“The only thing worse than losing is not playing.”

Run. Throw. Lift. Try. A Del Aside: After a big double overtime lacrosse win the Delbarton goalie ran past his dad who couldn’t wait to congratulate him. “Dad, I don’t have time, I’m late for my wind ensemble practice!” The team finished the season ranked 5th in the country and the goalie continued his studies at MIT.

At Delbarton you get respect for taking risks, for leaving your comfort zone, for daring to grow.Yes, athletics are in the air here but you are admired for whatever sport or activity you undertake …just make sure you do something. We sponsor a variety of sports with teams ranging from our intramural, middle school, freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity levels including cross country, soccer, football, winter track, ice hockey, wrestling, swimming, squash, basketball, bowling, spring track, baseball, lacrosse, golf and tennis. And many of our sports programs don’t have cuts. If athletics are your thing, you have come to the right place. And if they aren’t, welcome to the greatest fan zone in high school sports.


The Green Wave

1. Symbol of the Delbarton sports program. 2. Rumored to have originated on the monster hill at the Lower Abbey soccer field. 3. A force to be reckoned with. See BraveHeart.


1. From the movie of same name. 2. Delbarton’s BraveHeart is the intimidating sight of the student body rushing downhill faces and bodies painted green and white, some wearing kilts, others wishing they owned one, chanting ‘Wave! Wave! Wave!’ carrying the school flag, tree limbs (but no sharp sticks, Mom). 27 3. A sight guaranteed to weaken the knees of any opponent.


1. Delbarton’s deanery system breaks all students into groups of 15 boys under the leadership of two deans, a senior and a junior. 2. Deaneries organize discussion forums, intramural athletics, and competitions like the Deanery Olympics.

“My favorite Delbarton moment was the tricycle race during Spirit Week. I had heard of how some people crash, so I made sure I was padded up pretty well. When we started off, a snowball immediately hit me; I swerved and crashed. It was great!” Jack Smith ’11

Clubs Delbarton has over 40 clubs tailored to the interests of our highly evolved and involved student body. If we don’t already have an organization, start your own. One student with a home-based baking company — his Tart au Poivre was superb — initiated a Culinary Club. Another fellow interested in finance created the Green Wave Stock Exchange. Our student government sponsors social and recreational events throughout the year, including dances, trips to area attractions and nearby cities, and concerts and coffee houses held in conjunction with local girls’ schools. (Yes, this is an all-boys school.Yes, guys here get to meet many, many girls.)


Del Fact Every year, 98% of Delbarton students get involved in at least one service activity. Most guys do multiple service projects, yet unlike many schools, Delbarton has no service requirement. We believe in giving back and students here do it sincerely, generously, creatively, unselfishly. And Delbarton students aren’t satisfied with the 30 Delbartonsponsored groups – often they put their own spin on it, inviting their brothers to ‘dress down’ for a day and donate to a cause they feel strongly about.

Ministry and Service Delbarton’s faculty-andstudent run Campus Ministry office is home to over 30 service projects.The Delbarton Experience is a way of life, a way of giving back. We partner with local organizations including Big Brothers, Habitat for Humanity, and the Morristown Soup Kitchen. With no community service requirement, virtually everyone participates in service projects each year, affirming the School’s Benedictine message of educating the mind, body and spirit. The Campus Ministry office also runs a comprehensive retreat program. On-campus weekend retreats are required of all freshman and sophomores, while days of recollection are offered to juniors, seniors and Middle Schoolers.These programs are exciting breaks for the boys, allowing them to get away from the daily grind and reflect on their beliefs and values in relationship to their peers, their community, and their God.


“To those who have been given much, much is expected.” Luke 14

Listen carefully, my son, to the master’s

instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.


— Prologue, Rule of St. Benedict

DELBARTON FAST FACTS LOCATION: Morristown, NJ NUMBER OF TOWNS REPRESENTED: 90 NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 540, Grades 7-12 NUMBER OF FACULTY: 80 ACCREDITATED BY: Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools APPROVED BY: The Department of Education A man’s homeland is of the State of New Jersey wherever MEAN SAT VERBAL AND MATH: 1350 he prospers. NUMBER OF AP COURSES: 23 NUMBER OF ARTS PROGRAMS: 12 NUMBER OF VARSITY SPORTS: 15 NUMBER OF COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS: 30 (98% Voluntary Participation) ALUMNI ANNUAL FUND: 48% Participation FINANCIAL AID: Need-blind Admissions Decisions Over $1 million in aid given annually

We believe…

That God works with us and through us. In the Delbarton motto ‘Succisa Virescit’: “Once cut down, one will grow back stronger.” In the power of love to help students understand the potential within themselves. In using our gifts in the service of others. In the importance of seeking truth, beauty and goodness. In the power of community, where all members are respected and where we celebrate the accomplishments of one another. In conversation promoting growth and change. In the importance of instilling and nurturing a lifelong love of learning. In the pursuit of excellence. That a community centered in participation and conversation provides the foundation for the development of character and integrity.

…That here, we belong.

D E L B A RTO N S C H O O L • 2 3 0 M E N D H A M ROA D • M O R R i S TOw N , N J 0 7 9 6 0 ( 973) 538- 3231 • w w w.D E L B A RTO N .O Rg


Admissions Viewbook for Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ