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Newsprint Issue 12 – 8 November, 2013


Focus on Final Examinations Dear Members of the De La Salle Community, The College is well and truly in examination mode. Year 12 students are already quite advanced with their final examinations while our Year 11 cohort commence their exams next Wednesday. Students in Years 7-10 will undertake their examination program over the next three weeks. Examinations play a pivotal role in the total assessment program. While ongoing tests conducted in class time, assignments etc during the year are essential, nevertheless formal examinations at the end of each Semester give students an excellent guide as to their grasp of coursework covered over an extended period of time and their ability to cope with the pressure of a formal examination setting. If they are well prepared, hopefully they will produce results which reflect their “best” in each subject. I hope students in Years 7 – 11 will give preparation for their examinations their highest priority in the coming weeks. Social activities should be restricted, especially on weekends, as should contact with friends during regular study times at home. A planned revision program in all subjects will help optimise performance in the final examinations.

Year 12 students farewelled in style Our Year 12 Class of 2013 was farewelled appropriately by the College in recent days. They attended and engaged with their parents and the staff in a reflective Mass of Thanksgiving in the school gym. The carefully planned Liturgy invited the participation of several students, staff and parents and the music provided by our students and music staff added a special dimension to the proceedings as did the visual effects produced by teachers within the Arts Faculty. After the Mass, the Valedictory Dinner was held in a beautiful setting at Caulfield Racecourse featuring our vibrant and attractive school colours. There was a real buzz in the air which was indicative of people enjoying themselves. A more reflective and delightful moment was provided by former Principal, Br Paul Rogers fsc, who delivered the keynote address and three students – Daniel Anastasio, Mitchell Carey and Harry Thompson - who recounted amusing stories about their time associated with De La Salle. Mrs Helen Pentifallo delivered both a moving and amusing address of gratitude on behalf of the Year 12 parents. On the following Tuesday, the whole school community gathered to acknowledge and farewell the Year 12 students on their last day at the College. Proceedings were orchestrated by Mr Luke Kenealy, Head of Kinnoull Campus and Mr Michael Petrie, Year 12 Coordinator along with the Year 12 Homeroom Teachers. Mr Petrie delivered a wonderful tribute to our departing cohort while Patrick Arceri, as School Captain, spoke from the heart in thanking the College on behalf of his peers for all they had received during their time here. It was a very moving occasion which highlighted for me the deep affection and gratitude that our Year 12 students have developed for their school as well as forming potentially lifelong friendships.

Lasallian Service in action

The Lasallian focus of the College has been very much in evidence in recent times. While the remarkable Year 11 Papua New Guinea trip has been featured elsewhere in this publication, all Year 9 students completed a week of Lasallian Service just three weeks ago. This program is an integral part of the Year 9 total educational program at De La Salle. We value it so highly that it is placed in term time and every one of our

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177 students in the year level participates. We believe it is essential for our young men to learn the true meaning of “service” to the vulnerable during their time here. I am delighted to report that staff at different institutions to which our students were assigned have written to us to express their gratitude for providing such excellent ambassadors from the school. Here are just a few extracts from letters received from grateful hosts: “At all times he was punctual, courteous, respectful and willing to do any task asked of him. He was a pleasure to have and was very much liked by residents and staff alike.” “I am writing to sing the praises of the Lasallian Service program. I hope this program will always continue, despite many other programs competing for students’ time.” “Our residents definitely gained by having young students in their midst but I believe the students also gain. They come in touch with a much older generation who have much to offer in regard to their own life experiences.” “I have participated in similar programs over many years, in different locations and involving many schools and I have to say these boys were quite exceptional.” “It is just lovely to see our Residents reaction. Their smiles when the boys refer to them by name – yes the boys have taken the time to get to know as many individuals as possible by name – together with the participation rate in activities where the boys are participating and indeed leading, I know there will be some sadness when they leave us on Thursday.” “From the moment the boys turned up on Monday, perfectly presented, they totally embraced the program.” It is interesting to read the reflections of students on their experience, too: “Working there has given me more confidence and has made me less shy. I can now speak to strangers without feeling nervous. It has also taught me to be more understanding of old people. You’re not too old to have fun. Many of them have been through a lot but are wise.” My thanks to Mr Chris Fleming for preparing the boys so well. The spirit of St John Baptist de La Salle is clearly impacting on many students at our College.

A day of fun and fraternizing

With students in Years 7-11 about to enter a more serious phase in 2013 in the coming weeks, it was timely for us all to come together for a fun day of swimming, barracking and socialising at the annual De La Salle Swimming Carnival held at the local Harold Holt Pool. There was a very festive spirit evident and, interspersed with some serious and not-so-serious swimming events, students and staff fully enjoyed the day together in the warm sunshine. Certainly it was another way of engendering the wonderful school spirit for which De La Salle is renowned. My thanks to the Director of Sport, Mr Peter Harte, to his assistants and all the staff for providing such an enjoyable and well organised program for everyone concerned.

Congratulations to James Delaney, Year 11D, who has been selected to compete for Australia in the Youth Weightlifting Team in Malaysia in late November – an exceptional achievement. Brendan Ellis Acting Principal

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REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE Remembrance Day is a significant occasion in the life Australians each year. This year the College will pause for a short time in reflection and prayer to remember those who served in WW1 and all theatres of conflict since then. All staff and students will participate in a Remembrance Day Service to be held at the College on Monday, 11 November commencing at 10.45 am. Periods 1 and 2 will be shorted to 37 minutes each and recess will be held at the earlier time of 10.10 am. The Service will conclude with the “Last Post” at 11.00 am. Following the Service Periods 3 -6 will run as timetabled. Tom Ryan Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation

YEAR 7-11 SUBJECT RE-SELECTION In late November, as the Headstart Program comes to a conclusion, there will be an opportunity for students to reselect a subject. Application forms will be available from Campus offices from mid-November for students who have reconsidered their initial selections. The deadline for applications is 29 November. There is no guarantee that all requests for re-selection can be accommodated. The re-selection process was explained to Year 10 and 11 students in early November during their assemblies. Students in the remaining year levels will be informed shortly. Subject reselection at the commencement of the 2014 academic year will not be considered other than in very exceptional circumstances. Paul Maxted Key Learning Coordinator ICT & Infrastructure

2014 FEES The Fee Schedule for2014 is now available. Families are encouraged to take advantage of the 10 monthly payment option which spreads the fees evenly across the year. Those families who paid their 2013 fees by this method are reminded that they need to complete a new form for 2014 fees. The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is provided by the Victorian Government to lower income families to help with education-related costs. If you are eligible to receive the EMA, click here to download the EMA Form. Elaine Tyrrell Assistant Business Manager

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DATES TO REMEMBER FOR YEAR 7, 2014 Thursday 14 November 2013 - Year 7, 2014 Information Evening - Tiverton Campus Gymnasium 7.30pm - All information relevant to your son's commencement at De La Salle in 2014 will be delivered at this session - Parents and students welcome to attend We also have the following College Tour scheduled: * Friday 22 November 2013 at 9.15am All tours run for approximately 90 minutes. Please reply by email or contact the College if you would like to book a place. Robyn Miller College Registrar

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS Australian Softball Championships Ben Firenzie (Year 7S) will be representing Victoria in the Australian Softball Championships from the 3 to 8 November. This is a great achievement on Ben's behalf. Peter Harte Sports Coordinator

Applied Learning Award

We also congratulate Max Stephens who received an Applied Learning Award for his VCE VET Study in Acting. The Applied Learning Awards Ceremony celebrates achievement in Applied Learning Pathways for Senior students. On 17 October, at the Brighton International, The Honerable Martin Dixon, Victorian Minister for Education, opened this year’s Applied Learning Ceremony. The key note speaker was Eddie Perfect, Actor and Comedian. Max included a VET study as part of his VCE course at it would would support him with his future pathway plans. A highlight of the course for Max was writing, acting and directing three short films titled “Iridescent” “ A Demon’s Heaven’ and ‘The Hour Glass’.

Congratulations to Max Stephen’s a 2013 graduate from De La Salle College. Caroline Fitzpatrick VET Coordinator

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REST IN PEACE VALE – Brother John Mitchell fsc (1937 – 2013) In the early hours of Friday, 2 November, 2013, Brother John passed away after a very short illness with cancer. A very fit active walker of recent years, Br John was diagnosed in early July with Stage 4 cancer and given only 6 – 12 months. Br John was blessed with enormous energy and a wonderful memory. He was a ‘must have’ in all quiz teams. He enjoyed life and being with people and in his short time back in De La Salle he was a very active member of the parish choir and liturgy group. During his almost 60 years with the Brothers he served in many schools throughout Australia including St Bernard’s-Katoomba, Casimir Catholic College-Marrickville, Oakhill College-Castle Hill, Catholic Primary-Derby(WA), St John’sDandenong, De La Salle College-Scarborough(Qld) and De La Salle-Malvern. In 2011 he returned to Malvern to semi retirement where he frequently assisted the office personnel with many tasks which kept him busy and were appreciated by them. Br John took a great interest in De La Salle. The eldest of five boys, he gained his entrance to De La Salle by being awarded a place in the Scholarship class in 1949. He had earlier studied at St Anthony’s Glenhuntly and always fondly remembered his association with that parish. In 1953 he joined the Brothers at their training college at Oakhill. His four brothers followed him in De La Salle: Peter (1956), Paul (1965), David (1970) and Mark (1973). Bro John developed a strong link with his extended family and it is no surprise that they speak fondly of his love and concern for them throughout the years. Br John returned to De La Salle College (1991-1993) to study part-time for his Theology degree and also taught in Year 7. He loved his teaching and had a special gift for caring for those who most needed that extra help. Br John Mitchell was a wonderful man. Though he suffered for many years with macula degeneration, he never complained of the problems associated with impaired sight. Br John was not a person to complain about anything or anyone. Rather, he had a strong empathy for anyone whom he knew was suffering in any way. He took a fond interest in all those with whom he had worked, including their families. And his email list is a testimony to the many people who had touched his lives and, no doubt, vice versa. Brother John was devoted, as a Brother, to prayer and work : living and praying with the Brothers and teaching and working in schools where the sole purpose was the human and Christian education of young people. He was humble, modest and always enthusiastic about anything asked of him. When he was told in early July, 2013, that he had a limited time to go, his faith and courage stepped in and he responded as a faithful servant of the God whom he had served so well, all his life. He left this life as he had lived it: with courage and a strong faith. Deo Duce! Kathleen Donegan, passed away 23rd August, 2013, mother of former students Paul (dec), Peter, James, Mark and John; and grandmother of former students Paul , Andrew, Thomas and Myles. Brian McCann, class of 1949.

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WELLBEING NEWS Exams Needless to say, this is the season for exams … and for some, anxiety about preparation and performance. Here are some tips for helping students get the best from their lead-up to exams … and for doing their best on the day (compliments of Stonnington youth service): Take care of your body: no tea, coffee, coke or other caffeinated drinks after 4 o’clock, don’t go to bed hungry, and avoid alcohol as it interferes with sleep. Physical exercise: doing some physical activity each day can help you sleep better at night, and it also helps with anxiety and depression. Sleep only at night-time: do not have day-time naps, no matter how tired you feel. Having a regular bedtime routine: going to bed at the same time each night and following the same routine teaches your body when it’s time to go to sleep. Have a healthy night-cap: Drinking camomile tea or warm milk just before bed to help you sleep. Do a relaxed breathing exercise: place one hand on your stomach and other on your chest. Breathe in deeply and slowly, then out slowly and repeat until you feel more relaxed. Get enough sleep: make sure you get enough sleep each night. Sleeping extra on the weekends doesn’t make up for lack of sleep during the week days! Make bedrooms a pleasant place: ensure there isn’t too much light where you sleep, and that bedrooms are peaceful and quiet, beds are comfortable and warm enough. Your body will have trouble falling asleep and relaxing if you aren’t comfortable. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This exercise is great for when you feel uptight and tense. It helps your body relax, and you can also do this anywhere – tense just one part of your body … hold the tension as hard as you can for about one minute … and then very slowly, release that tension and fell how good it is to “let go”. Repeat this with various parts of your body – feeling the benefits of letting go and relaxation.

Is Your Son Addicted to Online Gaming? School personnel are well aware of students’ increased interest in, and use of, online gaming. Many action-packed, physical, male-dominated, violent games, appeal to boys. Games, unlike television, are interactive and the gamer actually impacts the course of the game. This further interests (and in some cases, addicts) boys. It is now the case that we are hearing of the term “gaming addiction”. When a gamer is faced with denial (or reduction) of access, he can experience psychological and physiological signs of withdrawl similar to those who withdraw from addictions such as smoking, alcohol, other drugs. We would not recommend denial of access, but monotoring access and setting time limits. It is also worth knowing what content the game carries. As we know, constant exposure to a particular genre will desensitise the gamer to the behaviour that charactersises the genre, making the behaviour more acceptable, and potentially, enacted in reality. Symptoms of Internet addiction: There are many warning signs and these may include psychological and/or physical symptoms such as: • • • • • • •

Being happier and brighter than usual while on the internet Spending more time online Lying about time spent online or "sneaking" onto the internet while no-one is watching Skipping meals to spend time online Ignoring online time limits Carpel tunnel syndrome or pain and possible RSI in wrists or forearms Ignoring family and friends and resisting spending time with them

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• • • • • •

Becoming moody, angry, irritable or showing other behavioural problems when not online, however once online, mood improves Eye problems such as dry eyes Anxiety about missing an email or message when not online Missing sleep due to being online, having sleep disturbances or changes in sleep patterns Increased amount of headaches, back or neck pain Lack of interest in anything but the internet

A student’s perspective: Gaming is enjoyable because many games are action-oriented; they give freedom of choice to do – and be – whatever you want to do or be; they accessible (you don’t have to go anywhere); there are heaps of different genres; they are a good way to engage with other players; they povide good topics of discussion in real-time; they are varied … they can be humorous, violent, fast-paced; they are way more engaging than TV because TV creates a world for you, whereas in gaming, you get to create a world. Gaming can be addictive because a particular game gets to be the gamer’s creation and it provides him with online and real-time friends. Gaming, while it is great entertainment, can become a problem when the gamer says things like: “I’ll skip dinner”, or when he is prioritising gaming over real life –eg- a friend asks him to go out and he lies, saying he’s doing his homework when he’s gaming; when he’s interrupting sleep to game; when exercise is left aside in order to game. You don’t have to stop palying games – you just have to recondition your life so that the game doesn’t control you … you control your gaming. Ryan Taranto – Year 9 Brotherhood Without Banners: A group of 24 students from Years 7, 9 and 10 have gathered around their interest in console gaming, anime, internet sites, fantasy and comic books. They meet weekly at lunchtime in my office to speak about their interests and to socialise with others sharing such interests. At the moment, they are providing character briefs to each other and preparing their character costumes (cosplay). They’ll attend expos such as “Supanova” and “Comic-con”. There is more information for parents regarding the internet and young people on Moodle, click “student wellbeing”, then scroll to “for parents”. Some of what the boys have written is also worth accessing.

Being Response-able: We would all like our sons and students to be well-mannered and to be responsible young citizens. We’d like our sons and students to: •

respect people (by giving up a seat on public transport, by cleaning up after themselves, by taking a fair share of work around the house, by greeting others with a smile and a warm handshake, by asking after another’s wellbeing etc) and to

respect property (by not defacing property with tags and graffiti, by keeping feet off public seats, by disposing of rubbish appropriately, by using property with care as if it was their own etc) and to

respect society (by adhering to law, paying fares on transport, waiting in line, engaging magnanimously with charitable endeavours etc)

Being well-mannered and responsible are not character traits that come as a package-deal with birth. They must be modelled … and taught … and re-taught … and encouraged. Failure to measure-up needs to be met with correction and punishment. As adults, we have a chance (and an obligation) to help young people to be able to provide the best and most growthful responses of which they are capable. Is the way we interact with the boys and young men in our care, modelling and teaching them how to become response-able? Pascal Rohan Director of Student Wellbeing

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CHAPLAIN’S NOTES SPECIAL REMEMBRANCE This week we celebrate the twin feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Whilst the feast is a focus on the lives of people of faith that the church holds up to us to emulate, it is also a time when we can reflect on the inspiring lives of the ‘will be’ saints who surround us each day. Those people in our community who care for the sick, the intellectually and physically disabled, the dying, or who stand up and fight for the hungry and homeless. We all know them and so we might take a moment to remember today all those whose lives have enriched and blessed others, the known and the unrecognised – all saints in their own right. All Souls Day is a time for us to remember and pray for those who have died. It is long tradition in the Catholic Church to continue our prayers and remembrance throughout the month of November. The REC, Mr Pender has prepared a small ceremony which Homeroom teachers will celebrate with their students in the weeks ahead. FIRST COMMUNION Last Saturday a group of students and their families attended a Retreat Day in preparation for their First Communion. We wish them well as they eagerly anticipate this special day in their lives. First Communion will take place at St Anthony’s Parish, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly during the 11.00 am Mass on 17 November. FAMILY MASS Parents are reminded that there will be a Family Mass at 7.00pm on Monday, 11 November, at St Anthony’s. First Communion Medals will be presented at this Mass. We will have a practice after the Mass and a shared supper. Families are asked to bring a plate. DIARY NOTE Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday, 10 August, 2014. If you are planning for your son to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation in classes at De La Salle please send me an email: St John Baptist de La Salle - Pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever. Joan Ferguson College Chaplain

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NEW COURTYARD AT KINNOULL Students and staff at Kinnoull Campus will be able to enjoy a new outdoor courtyard designed and built by the College’s Senior VCAL class. The new Reflective Courtyard was officially blessed by Br Denis Loft at a recent ceremony attended by the Acting Principal, Mr Brendan Ellis, members of the College Executive, teaching staff and students. The VCAL Coordinator, Ms Kerry Martin, said the Reflective Courtyard was the culmination of a semester-long integrated learning project initiated and built by the Senior VCAL class. “The students worked in teams to design and build new tables and seats, planter boxes and a mosaic design for the courtyard,” Ms Martin said. “With the help of Senior VCAL teachers, Mr Tim Hogan and Mrs Rose Roe the boys worked throughout Semester 2 to complete the building stage in time for the installation and completion phases.” The new Reflective Courtyard will provide students with additional seating and space for relaxing during classes.

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BUDDING DE LA SALLE ARTIST CONTRIBUTES TO THE COMMUNITY ART Earlier this year, Neil Schlittler from Malvern Police station contacted De La Salle College with a proposal to paint the traffic signal box located at the traffic crossing out side the College on High street. A competition was offered to Monica Costa’s Visual Communication Design students, to create an image to be painted on the traffic box in an attempt to prevent graffiti. Designs were then submitted by Ms. Costa to Malvern Police Station, which were forwarded to Vic Roads. The winner for the design, chosen by Vic Roads was Matthew Swinnerton. Congratulations Matthew! The design titled “Beehive Jukebox” showcases a beehive embedded in a jukebox. The juxtaposition incorporates nature with a musical twist, creating a non-controversial image which appeals to an audience of all ages. The traffic box needed to be appropriately prepared by sanding and priming, before being painted with acrylic paints. It was then varnished before Stonnington council applied an anti-graffiti film to protect the traffic box from vandalism. Contributors to the painting of the traffic signal box include Matthew Swinnerton, John San Jose, Michael Monger, Aaron Allamby, Thomas McCausland and Monica Costa. Thank you to Neil Schlittler for the opportunity and initiative to care for our environment. The “Beehive Jukebox” brings art to the community for everyone to enjoy. John San Jose Year 11S

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DEBATING COMPETITION As our season draws to a close we congratulate all students from Years 7-9 who contributed to Debating at the College in 2013. These students gave up many lunch times to research, plan and practice leading up to each of the DAV Rounds or ACC day of competition. Their knowledge of current issues and ability to create arguments grew steadily as time went on. Each member of the squads’ public speaking skills has improved out of sight. We encourage any student interested in honing their skills in these areas to become involved next year – debating is offered from Years 7 -12. Year 9 DAV/ACC Squad Members Sri Kumar Darren Yee Xavier-Joseph de la Masse-Homsy Thomas Ponissi William Wright Keelan Tambimuttu Shiroy Fernando Liam Ramirez Year 7-8 DAV/ACC Squad Members Max Harnett Hay Nathan Blizzard Gianluca Intermerato Jacob Ellul Rodny Garrido Maxwell Harvey Ethan Tambimuttu Kate McIlroy and Haylene Peipert

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YEAR 11 PNG TRIP Part of our De La Salle philosophy is to offer opportunities for our students to go beyond their familiar and comfortable existence and serve other Lasallian communities to improve their circumstances. Recently 12 of our Year 11 students travelled to De La Salle College, Bomana, Papua New Guinea. This school has been struggling to develop some resource areas and our team of Year 11 students raised funds and spent two weeks (one week of holidays) working and learning about the spirit, culture and traditions of Papua New Guinea. The College appreciates the leadership of Mr Tim Hogan (Technology Department) for taking care of the project. Mr Murray Wells (Plumber – Holmesglen TAFE) and a former parent, Mr Brian Lowe (Builder) and Mr Peter Ferguson (Pest Control), gave two weeks of their working time to join us. We appreciate their contributions immensely for without them we could not have completed much of what we did, including the renovation of two Year 12 classrooms and a Physics room. Our boys worked extremely hard in harsh conditions for 12 days, cleaning, building, plumbing, painting, glazing and labouring to create a better learning environment for our De La Salle Brothers and their students at Bomana. At the end of the project we were all very proud of what our boys achieved and how they have helped others less fortunate than themselves. Congratulations to Anthony De Luca, Scot Vawser, Samuel Deed, Luke Brownhill, Paul Kony, Jacob McGaw, Oliver Milner, Darcy Roberts, David Kelly, Aidan Wood, Luke Torrisi and Max Tutty on another successful mission.

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DE LA VOLUNTEERS Thank you to all those who helped at the Year 12 Breakfast. (See photo below.)

You can have as much fun as these volunteers by helping at any of the occasions below –Contact me on 9508 2138 or email Year 11 Final Assembly Thursday, 21 November Set up, serving and clean up for morning tea after assembly 10.00am-1.30pm in the PAC. VCE & VCAL Secondhand Textbook Sale (Kinnoull) Friday, 29 November NOTE this early VCE & VCAL sale date is being organised to make the purchase of secondhand textbooks easier for our VCE (2014) students.

Thursday, 28 November Helpers needed to prepare for sale 9.00am till 3.30pm or part thereof. Friday, 29 November Helpers needed to prepare and sell 9.00am till 5.00pm or part thereof (minimum of 2 hours). Years 7-12 Secondhand Textbook Sale Tuesday, 3 December Remaining VCE & VCAL Textbooks will also be sold on this day. Help will be needed on:Monday, 2 December (afternoon) Tuesday, 3 December (minimum of 2 hours) morning through to late afternoon Wednesday, 4 December (morning) Thursday, 5 December (morning) Year 9 & 10 Final Mass and Assembly Tuesday, 3 December Set up, serving and clean up for morning tea after assembly 10.00am-1.30pm Year 7 & 8 Final Mass and Assembly Thursday, 5 December Set up, serving and clean up for morning tea after assembly 10.00am-1.30pm Primary Final Mass and Assembly Tuesday, 10 December Set up, serving and clean up for morning tea after assembly 10.00am – 1.00pm Looking forward to hearing from you Trish Woodman

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WEIGHTLIFTING On Friday, 25 October De La Salle College hosted the Weightlifting Sport and Recreation Cup. De La Salle College were the reigning 2012 champions of the Sport and Recreation Cup and we successfully retained our title – making this our third consecutive championship win. Schools from all across Victoria competed in our College Gymnasium and we defeated Mt Lilydale College by 4 points to win the 2013 Weightlifting Sport and Recreation Cup. Congratulations to our team on their stellar effort.

Back Row: Simon Francazio (Coach), Josh Quinn (Visitor), Jake Lever, Jay Saddington, Bryce Morgan, Frank McCormack, Dave Hale Front Row: James Delaney, Jayden Dakdouk, Sam Gardiner, Nick Chatgoglou, Victor Williams

Our very own James Delaney, a current Year 11 student, has been selected to represent Australia in the Youth Weightlifting Team to compete in the 2013 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships, held in Malaysia, from 23 November to 1 December. A fantastic achievement and well deserved after all his hard work. Dave Hale Weightlifting Coordinator

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WHAT’S HAPPENING (some reminders)

N OV E M B E R Monday, 11 November

Year 7/8 Debating/Public Speaking Competition at St. Bernard’s College Parent Network Meeting – Tiverton Staffroom, 7.30pm

Wednesday, 13 November

VCE (Year 11) – Unit 2 Exams commence (until 20 November)

Thursday, 14 November

Year 7 (2014) Information Evening – Gymnasium, 7.30pm

Monday, 18 November

Year 10 Exams commence (until 21 November) Semester 2 Drama Night – PAC, 7.30pm

Tuesday, 19 November

College Board Meeting Primary Music Morning – PAC Year 9/10 ACC Sport Finals

Wednesday, 20 November

Year 7 Band Concert (Semester 2) – PAC

Thursday, 21 November

Year 11 Final Mass and Assembly Year 9 Exams commence (until 29 November) Year 7/8 ACC Sport Finals

Friday, 22 November

Year 7 and 8 Exams commence (until 29 November) Tour of College, 9.15am Year 11 and Year 12 (2014) Headstart Program commences (until 29 November) - Includes Year 10 (2014 students completing an accelerated Unit 1 subject).

Friday, 29 November

Parent Network VCE Unit 3 and 7 Secondhand Textbook Sale Final Date for return of all Library Books Newsprint No. 13 emailed to families.

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Newsprint issue no 12 8 november  

News, sport, articles

Newsprint issue no 12 8 november  

News, sport, articles