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Newsprint Issue 6 – 13 June 2014


Dear Members of the De La Salle Community, As we near the end of a very busy and productive second term and the first semester concludes I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all staff and students. This is a critical period in the academic calendar – where students can gain a valid assessment of their progress and reflect on how and why they performed well or establish the strategies required for improvement. For the Year 10 and 11s, their primary goal is ensuring they gain access to the subjects / courses of their choice for 2015. Promotion is not automatic and a strong work ethic, striving to achieve one’s very best and maximising your potential must be goals for all our students. Year 12 students must be honest and frank in their reflection and assessment of where they are placed in what is, in real terms, two-thirds of the way through their academic courses. For many it will be a case of building on a record of success, self-discipline and organisation which has served them well. For others, goals must be set and committed to, required improvements in attitude and study routine identified and a commitment made to be the best they can be in their Unit 3 & 4 studies. This is best done in concert with teachers, parents and peers. Our teachers devote an enormous amount of time and effort to fine-tuning and improving exams and major assessment tasks in order to ensure students have genuine opportunities to demonstrate the required skills and standards in the various studies. While examinations are only one method of assessment they do provide valid data for teachers which we can then use to inform our approach to teaching and learning next semester. The significant time devoted to careful marking of these papers is an integral part of our teachers’ myriad end of semester roles and I would like to acknowledge this and thank them all for their dedicated approach to this crucial assessment process. The Semester 1 Reports will be mailed home over the coming holidays. I must thank the teaching staff for the many hours devoted to this task and in particular Paul Maxted (Key Learning Area Coordinator for ICT & Infrastructure) who managed the significant process of an overdue upgrading of our reporting system from Maze to Accerlerus – an unenviable task! I would ask all parents to peruse the Reports carefully, acknowledge your son’s Semester 1 achievements and discuss with him the areas his teachers have identified for potential improvement. These recommendations provide direction, strategy and clarity for students to help develop their skills further during Semester 2 and to prepare for a successful transition into 2015. Our staff will also be analysing the Semester Reports by Homeroom and looking for patterns of achievement – positive and those in need of improvement. This scrutiny is undertaken with a view to developing intervention strategies to contact and work with families of particular students to support individual achievement and excellence, set goals and build potential for Semester 2 improvement. The main thinking behind this initiative is to encourage our young men to take their studies as seriously as possible, build their independence and accountability as learners and develop intrinsic motivation. As the improved use of ICT is an integral feature of our immediate strategy I am very pleased to announce the appointment of a new Digital Learning Services Manager. Luke Georgiou comes to us with eight years in planning, design and implementation of digital learning services, programs and infrastructure in a large secondary school setting. This included the roll out of a 1:1 laptop program and associated advice and professional learning for staff to maximise confidence and competence with ICT to improve learning outcomes. We have also appointed the College’s first Marketing and Communications Manager. Leah Hartman begins at De La Salle on Monday after several years in a similar role at Yarra Valley Grammar School. Leah’s experience in working as part of a busy Development Office will be invaluable as we set out to build a marketing, branding and communications strategy to carry the College forward.

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On this theme, our current Registrar, Ms Robyn Miller, who will be well known to many in our community, is moving into a newly created role as Administrative Services Manager. Robyn will be overseeing and organising the administration, organisation and workflow within our Kinnoull and Tiverton offices. The Registrar’s role has been advertised and we expect to make an appointment to this important role shortly. In Term 3 we welcome back two of our well-known staff members as they return from maternity leave. We wish Liz Phibbs and Courtney Walton all the best for their return to the fold. We also farewell Daniel Hickey and thank him for his excellent work as a replacement teacher for Ms Marta Webster's Term 2 Long Service Leave. In relation to our Lasallian identity and charism, I am pleased to report that a Lasallian Facilitators Gathering was held in Sydney recently, attended by our Director of Staff Development, Ms Christine Thompson. This was in response to the feedback from the Lasallian Leaders’ Gathering, held in February this year, and the Formation Survey conducted in December 2013. The three days were filled with presentations, open discussion and group projects with the gathering being interactive and practical in its approach. Topics presented and discussed were Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Our Lives as a Reflection of the Founder, Solidarity and Social Justice: working for the poor and marginalised and Lasallian Values and Projects. There were also presentations and discussion on Lasallian Liturgical and Prayer Life, Student Formation and Youth Ministry, the Lasallian Foundation: Students and Staff Immersion and Pastoral Care and Formation of Staff in our Lasallian Works. The program will be used to inform ongoing practical strategies as to how the Founder’s message can be delivered in the everyday lives of all in our College. The Associated Catholic Colleges Term 2 Football and Soccer season winds up next week with the conclusion of the play-off games for final placings. While the teams at various levels have experienced a range of success it is important to note the tremendous participation rates by so many of our students who are very keen to represent the College. Many boys who did not gain selection were great assistants in a range of support roles, which is exactly the spirit we are looking for in our sports program. Thank you to all students involved and the tremendous teachers who coached across the various levels. There are a couple of noteworthy performances from our students I must mention. The De La Salle Flute ensemble came second in the Victorian Flute Guild competition. They were in the Under 16 small ensemble category, conducted by Ms Kelly Williams. The students are: Raphael Canty (Year 11), Justin Lack (Year 11), Ben Northey (Year 9), Dong Ye (Year 7). The girls from Genazzano came first – Ms Williams reported they were an outstanding talent. We're very proud of our musicians for doing so well and look forward to the continued growth of our Performing Arts program. James Delaney of Year 12 has been selected to represent Australia in the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Russia next week. This is an extraordinary performance and all in the College wish James good luck for his competition and congratulates him on this tremendous achievement. Thank you also to Mr David Hale, our longterm weightlifting coach and coordinator who does so much to promote the tradition and record of the sport in our school. I would like to draw your attention to some significant community events coming up in Term 3. VCE/VET/VCAL Expo Wednesday 23 July - Tiverton Gymnasium 7.30pm Crucial advice, guidance, clarity around the pathways options available for current Year 10s as they plan their move into the senior years of school Father’s Day Breakfast Wednesday 27 August - Tiverton Gymnasium 7.30pm – 9.00am Following the tremendous success of the inaugural Mother’s Day Breakfast in May, the Parent Network now launches the Dads’ function for the first time at De La. Details to follow soon but keep the date free and ensure we match the Mother’s Day Breakfast attendance of 340+.

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Time and Space Program – Year 7 Mother and Son Evening Tuesday 12 August - Tiverton Gymnasium 7.30pm The transition from primary to secondary school is a big step… for a mum! Your boy is growing up. For the boys, there is a chance to have a special moment with your mum, sharing important memories but also taking the opportunity to explain to her what you can do yourself now. Year 8 Father and Son Evening Wednesday 20 August - Tiverton Gymnasium 7.30pm The junior secondary Father-Son program ‘Stepping Up’ is a great practical way to get an action plan happening for the journey across the ‘Bridge of Adolescence’. This session is fun… planned with blokes’ communication in mind and provides an opportunity for fathers and sons to genuinely hear where each other is coming from. Please keep an eye on Newsprint, the mail and the College website for details. Run by Bill Jennings, founder of Time and Space, these are amazing programs that practically assist a healthy transition for boys not just the school transition but the early journey that the boys make at this stage of their lives towards adulthood. Best wishes to all in the De La community and to our students and good luck for the first two weeks of Semester 2 as we lead in to the June-July term break. Peter Houlihan Principal

DE LA VOLUNTEERS Volunteers needed in Term 3 Morning Teas after Academic Awards Assemblies Wednesday 24 July – Performing Arts Centre 8.30am-1.30pm (or a few hours within this time span) There will be two assemblies during this time - one for Kinnoull campus then one for Tiverton. After each there will be morning tea for award winners and their parents. Set-up will commence at 8.30am, followed by preparation, serving and cleanup for the first morning tea, followed by the same process for the second. It will be a busy morning. Father’s Day Breakfast Wednesday 27 August - College Gym • • •

A team of helpers is needed on the Tuesday afternoon (26 August) for the set up of this event; another team is needed very early on the Wednesday 27 August for the preparation and breakfast itself; and a very energetic team is need after the breakfast for the BIG WASH UP.

If you can help for any period of time or the whole time on any of these days contact me on 9508 2100 or email Trish Woodman Community Coordinator

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REVIEW COMMITTEES Term 3 is shaping up as a busy time as our Uniform and Pastoral System reviews commence. During the course of these reviews students, staff and parents will be consulted on a number of relevant issues pertaining to each committees’ brief. More information will be provided in future Newsprints.

CO-CURRICULA ASSEMBLY Term 2 has provided many opportunities for boys in relation to ACC Sport (football and soccer), debating, music and drama including our highly successful College musical “Footloose”. On Thursday 26 June in period 1 the College will assemble to recognise the achievements of students across these co-curricula endeavors. Congratulations to all boys who participated in co-curricula events during Term 2.

BLUE AND GOLD BALL The Blue and Gold Ball will occur on Friday June 20 at Springvale Town Hall. The Ball involves 64 of our Year 11 students and their families, as well as some College staff. Friday 20 June is a day of normal classes for Year 11 students. Those students participating directly in the Ball will be excused from period 5 and 6 classes to give them time to prepare. We wish all boys involved a very enjoyable and successful evening.

LATE TO SCHOOL As Semester 2 commences it is a timely reminder to students that the school day commences at 8.40am with Homeroom. All students are required to attend. We realise that the majority of students travel to school by public transport and occasionally unforeseen problems can occur on the network resulting in students being late. On the other hand students are asked to plan to be here on time and adjust their travel habits accordingly. Late students will be closely monitored and followed-up by their Homeroom Teachers with disciplinary action applied to those students who are habitually late to school. Tom Ryan Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation

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AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC COMPETITION At the end of Term 1, Year 10 Semester 1 Geography students and Year 9 Miguel participated in the Australian National Geographic Competition. The Australian National Geographic Competition (“ANGC”) is a contest for Australian secondary school students, assessing their geographical knowledge and skills. The competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and to reward student excellence. The highest achieving students within Australia have the opportunity to compete at the 2015 National Geographic World Competition or the International Geography Olympiad in Moscow, Russia. Although not quite reaching such heights of success, a number of De La Salle students performed exceptionally well within their respective age groups. Being an annual competition, it is hoped that our College results continue to improve into the future. Result Junior Level Intermediate Level High Distinction Samuel Swift (Year 9) James Biviano (Year 9) Harrison Barr (Year 9) Ryan Kinsella (Year 9) Moses Russ (Year 9) Harrison Stanhope (Year 9) Samuel Callaghan (Year 9) Distinction Harrison Gill (Year 9) William Jones (Year 10) Oliver Lindsay (Year 9) Declan Martin (Year 9) Benjamin Northey (Year 9) Jackson Sturge (Year 9) William Callaghan (Year 9) Credit Thomas Christiansen (Year 10) Oliver Hart (Year 9) Jordan Kelly (Year 10) Henry Prendergast-Kruger (Year 9) Michael Pettit (Year 9) Dominic Tesoriero (Year 9)

Senior Level

Daniel Brasher (Year 10) Joshua Ingram (Year 10) Riley Watson (Year 10) Isaac Zhengrenner (Year 10)

Olivia Wenczel Geography Teacher

VICTORIAN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS PARENT BODY BULLETIN Dear All, The latest issue of the VCSPB Bulletin is now available on the VCSPB website. Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body PO Box 3, East Melbourne Victoria 8002 03 9267 0264

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HIGGINS 200 POST BUDGET BREAKFAST 2014 On Friday 16 May, five zealous senior economic students, Lorenzo Boccabella, Jonathon Dent, James Halliday, Peter Pepes and Jonathan Pertile, along with our supervising teacher Ms Samuel had the enriching privilege of attending the annual Post Budget Breakfast at the ritzy Crown Palladium room. The purpose was to develop our understanding regarding how the Coalition’s budget would affect Australian citizens now and potentially into the foreseeable future.

Accompanying the early morning’s event hosted by the Higgins 200 Club, were a collaboration of highly credentialed economists and equally regarded politicians ranging from the longest-serving Treasurer in Australia’s history Mr Peter Costello, Ms Kelly O’Dwyer a member for the Division of Higgins (whom succeeded the former Treasurer Costello) and the charismatic Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, Mr Joe Hockey. Many other schools were in attendance and eagerly anticipating perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness directly in person a profoundly informative discussion about the impacts that the budget would have on low income earners and pensioners in particular. I and my fellow colleagues were in awe of the extravagance, knowledge and oratorical skills of Australia’s politicians who held themselves (politics aside) with regard amid the presence of very youthful but captivated students. This was a rather unique budget, as it was one which proposed compressing tightly upon Australia’s tendency to borrow from overseas. Inevitably a budget deficit appreciated mercilessly over time and the Liberal’s presiding economic plan in layman’s term, was crafted upon the economic objective of needing to get the budget back into surplus where future generations would not be as jeopardised. I vividly remember the highlights of the morning to be the opportunity for students to seek discourse in an open forum with predominately Joe Hockey and for confessionally selfish reasons, the Crème de la Crème of breakfasts encompassing a tsunami of sausages, bacon, eggs, orange juice and a student’s best friend in the early hours of the morning, coffee. Stimulating was Joe Hockey’s Post-Budget Address, announcing his intentions to “shape our destiny” and proceeding to be brave by choosing to raise the pension, fuel prices and abolishing the mining and carbon taxes. Clearly the overwhelming argument here according to the Treasurer was that only those who dare to be bold and work hard would survive in a competitive market greatly exasperated by globalisation. Whilst Joe Hockey stated his plans with tremendous fervour and conviction, abiding with party discipline, I also recall a brilliant student from Haileybury asking the Treasurer essentially, “How would you feel if you had $120,000 worth of debt after a university course?” Clearly it is events like these that inspire the politicians of tomorrow to be brave and ask the poignant questions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school and our local member of Higgins Ms Kelly O’Dwyer for allowing us to witness a fantastic morning full of splendour. I am thoroughly convinced those fortunate economic students selected next year for the 2015 Post Budget Breakfast will find this an enjoyable experience and possibly a glimpse into the imminent future. Jonathan Pertile Year 12 VCE Economics Student He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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STUDENT WELLBEING Praise versus Encouragement Some people can praise children so much that it becomes detrimental to their growth and wellbeing. Excessively praised children tend to have unrealistic notions of themselves, of success, of fairness, of appropriateness, of their place in the social setting, of hardship and how to deal with it. Encouraged children tend to have realistic notions of who they are, of their strengths and weaknesses, of how to selfsupport, of how to regard both success and failure, of how to be resilient in the face of difficulty. As school reports are being opened and discussed, it may be timely to take a look at the link below to hear ‘Parenting Worker’, Michael Grose talk about the difference between praise and encouragement. If you want to raise a prince, excessively praise your child - if you want to raise a gentle-man, encourage your child.

Student Wellbeing @ Moodle Take a look at the student wellbeing link at Moodle. It contains info. on such things as: • • • • • • •

Peer education videos Drugs Anxiety Resilience Death Anger Animal rights

• • • • • • •

Sleep OCD Cybersafety Brotherhood Without Banner Herpetology Assistance agencies for parents Communications Pascal Rohan Director of Student Wellbeing

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REST IN PEACE Brother Brendan Crowe FSC – Passed away on Tuesday, 10 June. Brother Brendan’s health was severely affected by the long years he served in PNG. He dedicated his life to the poor and we pray that he is enjoying the rewards of his labours. Norm Hobson – Teacher at De La Salle from 1979 to 1990. Norm died 3 June in Brisbane. We will of course keep Brother Brendan’s and Norm’s extended families in our thoughts and prayers.

CHAPLAIN’S NOTES Confirmation Preparation Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday 10 August 2014 during the 11.00am Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly. Classes are well underway and our young people are excited about taking this final step in their initiation into the Church. Please feel free to contact me should you require further information on 9508 2161 or email: Joan Ferguson College Chaplain

WHAT’S HAPPENING (some reminders) JUNE Sunday, 15 June Monday, 16 June Tuesday, 17 June Wednesday, 18 June Thursday, 19 June Friday, 20 June Monday, 23 June Thursday, 26 June Friday, 27 June Monday, 30 June

Trinity Sunday Start of Semester 2 (Years 4 – 12) Year 9 Lasallian Service Week (until 20 June) Year 9 Camp at Howqua (until 20 June) Year 9 ACC Sport Finals Primary Music Concert – PAC, 11.00am Senior ACC Sport Finals Year 7 Band Concert (Semester 1) – Pac, 7.30pm Year 7 and 8 ACC Sport Finals Blue and Gold Presentation Ball Old Collegian 10 Year Reunion VET (External) reports mailed home Year 10 Work Experience (until 27 June) Year 12 Formal Dinner Dance at Lincoln of Toorak, 7.30pm TERM 2 CONCLUDES – NO CLASSES FOR YEAR 12 STUDENTS Semester 1 Reports Mailed

J U LY Monday, 14 July Tuesday, 15 July Wednesday, 16 July Thursday, 17 July Friday, 18 July

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STAFF RETURN FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY VET (External) classes begin for Term 3 STUDENTS RESUME CLASSES FOR TERM 3 Year 9 and 10 ACC Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis commences Senior ACC Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis commences Year 8 ACC Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis commences Newsprint No. 7 emailed to families.

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