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This is our bussines, but this is aslo what make us happy. Everyday, we work im each detail as carefully as we can, making sure everything is it’s place and looking for a better way to improve our results. We enjoy our work, we enjoy making things functional and beatifull. This book embrace all or happines, for you to enjoy it with us. De La Rosa Research Team


Our Products



USB to parallel converter - Parallel port test



Color Mixer



Usb to parallel Controller



The Illusionator Set



Wundt's Lab



Singerman Color Mixer



Software Suite



Depth Perception Apparatus



Linear Movement Apparatus



Card Sorting Box






Light Discrimination Apparatus






The Quality Cutaneous Sensitivity Kit



Jackson Strength Evaluation System


Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer


Professional 6 Piece Goniometer Set


Large Anthropometer - Small Anthropometer


Chest Depth Caliper


Portable Audiometer - Three Point Aesthesiometer




Professional Vision Tester with Peripheral Test



Cuality Cutaneus Sensivity Kit



Occupational Skills Assessment Test Battery

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Hand Tool Dexterity Test



O'Connor Finger Dexterity Test



Two-Arm Coordination Test



Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer



Stability Platform with Digital Control



Sit and Reach Flexibility Test



Bassin Anticipation Timer



MOART Reaction and Movement time panel with Psymcon control



CogScreen - Aeromedical Edition



Hasomed - RehaCom


Life Science



Actigraph WGT3X-BT - ActiGraph GT9X Link



Standard Lab Audio System



CentrePoint Insight Watch



Standard Lab Video System






Basic Biofeedback Software Module






Visual Perception Assessment Program



Photoelectric Rotary Pursuit



Etch-A-Sketch with Overlay



Automatic Tally Maze - Pencil Maze



Pyramid Puzzle - Head Mounted Eye Tracking



ETMobile System



Actigraph WGT3X-BT





Automated Elevated Plus Maze System for Rats



Modular Test Chamber for Rats



Barnes Maze for Rats



Press Bar for Modular Chamber



Triple Lickometer Chamber - Rat Staircase



45mg Pellet Dispenser for Modular Chamber



Sleep Fragmentation Chamber



Standard Pellet Trough for Modular Chamber



Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel Bed



White Stimulus Light for Modular Chamber



Magnetic Modular Maze



Sonalert Module - TrackLab






Rat Activity Wheel



The Observer® XT - EthoVision® XT



Abet II Software for Operant Control



MediaRecorder - FaceReaderTM



Open Field Rearing Option



Activity Wheel and Living Chamber - Rat

Our Products

Proudly Made In Colombia

Color Mixer

Model 13010A

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htps:/ ?productid=3

Colors are formed in two different ways, either by reflection (subtractive colors) using chromatic dye mixes or by white light diffraction (additive colors), using filters or prisms. This system demonstrates the subtractive


Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass


Height: 17 in. wide: 13 in. Deep: 15 in.


color formation using calibrated color disks. Disks are placed in a rotary disk plate for accurate RPM and color disk percentage selection. The system


provides a way to accurately make chromatic mixes and rotate them at

105/125V AC 50/60 Hz

Approximately 4 kg

different RPMs to observe color changing, effects of mixing different disks


arrays and the introduction of different variables to observe their effect in The Color Mixer is used to demonstrate how the eye combines color surfaces.

color perception. Rotational speed can be easily changed using the smooth

This basic Color Mixer was designed specifically for the classroom. The color

action rotary encoder. Experimenter may choose to provide control to subjects

wheel spins the included paper color disks at speeds varying from 0 to 2350

or to set the system at a desired speed. Computer control of rotational speed

RPM. The 5-inch wheel is marked with degrees so that varied proportions of

is also possible via the software that will be released by last part of 2013.

color can be spun for different effects. The drive motor operates smoothly and

Start, Stop and Speed functions can also be set using stimulus software, as

quietly. The replacement color disk set, model 13111A, includes 19 precut 114

E-Prime from PST and Observer from Noldus, among others for experiment

mm colored paper disks.

synchronization. 13


USB (B), for serial communication 0-2350 RPM

LCD and keypad control

Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia

The Illusionator Set

Model 14015A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=5

Visual illusions represent one of the major focuses in basic psychology renowned psychologists and forefathers of modern psychological science, Koffka, among many others. Students will learn about perception; color


Colors), 3D illusion through shadows and movement of a single plane and other visual illusions using this simple-to-use device. The Illusionator Set has

Illusionator. This optical illusion set allows demonstration of depth, angle, tilt,

two independent RPM motors (Low and High RPM) to observe disks both at

movement and color illusions. The unit contains a low speed motor (0-7 RPM)

high revolutions and low revolutions. The Illusionator Set also includes

for trapezoid rotation illusion, and a high speed motor (200-2350 RPM) for

classical illusion cards as Ponzo, Poggendorf, Müller Lyer and reversible

visual effects disks which create color illusions in black and white, after-ima-

figures, among others. Recommended both for Advanced High School

ges, rotating spiral, zig-zag, and others. The Illusionator Set is excellent tool to

Psychology courses and Basic Sensory and Perception courses at the

be used for any student demonstration or by students in a laboratory.


university level. 15

Height: 17 in. wide: 13 in. Deep: 15 in.


formation through retinal image and pattern-induced flicker colors (Fechner

assortment of visual illusion cards may be used with the AA86829



such as: Hermann Von Helmholtz, Wilhelm Wundt, Max Wertheimer, and Kurt

apparent rotation invert through rotational frequency (Ames trapezoid), and

Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass


courses (sensation and perception). This field was the scope of many

The Illusionator Set is used to study visual illusions. A very unusual



105/125 Volts AC 60 Hz - 220 Volts 50Hz. Medical grade power source. Approximately 8 kg USB (B), for serial communication Two (2) Window illusion 1.5 - 18 RPM


LCD and keypad control


12 Squares in a package, 7 disks and 1


Window included

Proudly Made In Colombia

Singerman Color Mixer

Model 13015A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=2

Colors are formed in two different ways, either by reflection (subtractive colors) using chromatic dye mixes or by white light diffraction or refraction additive color formation using RGB lights and color wheel color formation The Singerman Color Mixer is used to demonstrate light mixing. Three

through light. Color perception is one of the main topics in sensory and

independent 1.6 Million Color RGB LEDs are included to allow illustrations of

perception classes. This system corresponds to a new redesign of an old but

primary colors, false primaries, contrast effects, complementary colors, and

beloved classic in the study of psychology.


Height: 28 in. Wide: 12 in. Deep: 8 in.


5 VCD (through USB port) at 180mA (3 LED at full bright)


(additive colors), using filters or prisms. This system demonstrates the

Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass


Approximately 7 kg

USB (B), for serial communication 120V 25W

shadows. The Singerman Color Mixer consists of a light-tight case with a large milk-glass screen, computer controlled individual RGB LEDs for three-stimu-

The lightweight body contains three calibrated RGB smart LED arrays capable

lus color presentation through the milk-glass screen. The system can present

of producing 24 bit, 1.6 million colors (16.777.216) x 3. This state-of-the-art

RGB, CMYK (matched to RGB), HSB and calibrated R, G, and B colors, all

equipment is suitable for demonstrations on color perception. The system is

selectable from computer software.

portable and computer controlled for flexibility and accuracy. 17


LCD and keypad control

Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia

Depth Perception Apparatus Model 14012A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=4


Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass


Height: 11 in. wide: 10 in. Deep: 27 in.

CURRENT The Depth Perception Apparatus tests depth perception acuity. Depth


perception is the ability to see the world in three dimensions. Depth perception

10 amps / 220 - 110Volts 60Hz

Approximately 17 kg

allows and observer to judge the distance among several objects, identifying which ones are closer or farther away; or the distance between the observer

Good depth perception is critical and essential to people who engage in

and the object.

certain occupations, trades, or professions, e.g., airplane and helicopter pilots,

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, the Depth Perception Apparatus is

crane operators, bus drivers, athletes, etc. Since good depth perception is so

the state-of-the-art in sensation and perception measurement technology. It

important to these professions, testing devices that can determine the quality

is feature-packed , and provides high performance, unparalleled functionality,

of an individual's depth perception are essential for employment selection

superior accuracy, ease-of-use, and expandability. The Depth Perception

processes. Furthermore, the Depth Perception Apparatus can be found in

Apparatus is the embodiment of technical perfection, and the vision of an

hundreds of psychology laboratories worldwide, where they are used for

experienced psychologist.

research, as well as demonstrations for sensation and perception classes. 19



USB (B), for serial communication


0-2350 RPM


LCD and keypad control and joystick


Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia

Linear Movement Apparatus Model 31202A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=7


The Linear Movement Apparatus can be used for motor learning tasks and assessing temporal or spatial memory. This device has been used in motor


learning and neuroscience studies, and motor skill evaluation. The Linear Movement Apparatus consists of an optical encoder that accurately measures


the switch displacement. The subject moves the superior switch located in a


cube at a specified distance or speed without external clues. To evaluate the subject's ability to judge these dimensions, an LCD readout displays the distance and time in which the switch in the cube is moved. This unit employs

The system measures time estimation, speed and distance; basic for aviation

highly accurate electronic position encoders.

personnel, professional drivers and high performance athletes. 21


Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass Height: 12 in. wide: 10 in. Deep: 7 in. 2 amps / 220 - 110 Volts 60Hz. Medical grade power source. Approximately 11 kg USB (B), for serial communication 5 microns - 1 millisecond USB (B), for searial communication LCD and keypad control Easy-to-read-LCD display Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia

Card Sorting Box

Model 20011A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=1

DIMENSIONS CURRENT WEIGHT PORTS ELECTRIC BULB The Card Sorting Box is a test designed to measure total execution time,

This device has been used to follow motor learning progress which required

reaction and movement time, and attention span. Additionally the equipment

rapid recognition and hand-eye coordination. This new system revision can

can measure sustained attention and concentration through continuous

also be used to evaluate attention (single stimulus), divided attention

performance task, attentional interference tasks and verbal working memory

(multiple stimuli), continuous attention (Continuous performance test),

tasks. The test requires a complex set of skills, such as visual-motor

attentional interference test (word-number-color interference) and working

coordination, attention and performance in following of instructions.

memory test (as a measure of short term & attention performance). 23


Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass Height: 11 in. Wide: 5 in. Deep: 4 in. 10 amps / 220 - 110 Volts 60Hz Approximately 7 kg USB (B), for serial communication 120V 25W LCD and keypad control 9 LCD screens that allow changing numbers on each time Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia


Model 2017-1.x

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htps:/delarosares arch. om/


• Academic demonstrations (low-cost option available - really tough design). With daqphibian, collecting outdoors or simply "out-of-the-lab" Bio-signals

• Indoors and Outdoors Research (comparative studies).

has never been easier. Just connect and start recording. No difficult or

• Professional Bio-signals Research (High-grade signals).

time-consuming setups. Daqphibian was designed to work indoors or

• Military Research (Army, Navy, Airforce, etc).

outdoors, it can be used as a desktop, indoors or as an outdoors system that

• Aquatic Research (Rescue teams, Coast guards).

can even work underwater (Yes, it is IP67 sealed unit and can be used by

• Law Enforcement Research.

swimmers, divers or other subjects where underwater data acquisition or

• Aerial - Terrestrial and Aquatic environments related Research.

continuous one is required) , it can also be used in environments with high

• Human-Computer Interface Research.

level of dirt or dust like the swamp, jungle, or even hot or cold deserts.

• Sports and Field related environments Research. 25


Ultra - High Resistance polymer high 160.02 / width 13.71 ion - litio 700 mAh 10 to 24 bits* /1000Hz EMG EDA - ECG I/O - EEG IP 69 LCD and keypad control 9 LCD screens that allow changing numbers on each time Ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Proudly Made In Colombia

Light Discrimination Apparatus Model 14011A

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htps:/delarosares ?productid=6


Stainless steel, aluminum, HDPE, and plexiglass


Height: 16 in. wide: 11 in. Deep: 17 in.


Light discrimination is a crucial ability in daily live, mainly to artists, photographers, illumination technicians, and movie directors. It is also a The Light Discrimination Apparatus illustrates the various psychophysical

critical ability among pilots, air traffic controllers and firefighters, among

methods used in visual discrimination, such as limits, average error, and

others. The subject task is to judge whether two calibrated stimuli lights

constant stimuli, among others. By watching the two 1.375"-diameter light

match or differ. The system provides a LUX measurement for each light that

stimuli as the examiner adjusts light intensity, the subject must determine

allows the evaluator or researcher to obtain a good measurement of the light

whether lights have equal intensity or one of them is brighter than the other.

discrimination accuracy. This design equipment concept is also a great tool

The subject or examiner can independently vary the intensity of each stimulus.

for classroom demonstrations or experimental labs, and highly

Light stimulus use calibrated high intensity LEDs. Therefore, relative

recommended for demonstrations in psychology (sensory and perception),



physiology and other related courses.

differences between the two stimuli are very low and highly reliable. 27


105/125V AC 50/60 Hz - 220V AC 50/60 Hz. Medical grade power source. Approximately 5 kg USB (B), for serial communication 2 X Warm light High intensity LEDS. 3500K CCT (3220K-3710K),CRI: Minimun 80 (X2) Typical 85 (X2). Flux 67-80, 160-120 degrees of viewing angle. LCD and keypad control

Proudly Made In Colombia


Model 2021

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htps:/delarosare ?productid=149


• Sensor for marking of times: Takes the start times of the stimulus and the

Aluminium materials with black microtexturized electrostatic paint finish, translucent acrylic and PLA printed components.

24 high, 34 long, 4 width


3 hub 250 mA enabled for connecting elements such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.


Minimum 1ms of precision

Response time of the user, is composed by 2 sensors of light and 1 sound. • Response Inputs:


- touch screen

The O’Clockit-RT is a precise timing device - interface that record time for

- Sound Sensor

cognitive experiments software, that works independently from the operating

- Mouse

system, which allows precision in the obtaining time process. 29


USB 3.0 Compatible

Proudly Made In Colombia

The Quality Cutaneous Sensitivity Kit Model 2021-1.x

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htps:/delarosare ?productid=148


Stainless steel, 16 gauge aluminum, HDPE, Stainless steel tubes 43 x 35

Works to 110-220 AC Cools water to 30°C Heats water to 100°C

200 L/H

The Quality Cutaneous Sensitivity Kit has been designed for rugged laboratory use and provides all necessary materials (except blindfold) for studies in heat

Tactile kit contains all items necessary for the study of heat and cold

sensitivity, cold sensitivity, touch sensitivity, and pressure sensitivity the

sensitivity, touch sensitivity, and pressure sensitivity. This unit, designed for

required apparatus for the above studies as all housed in convenient attache

use in the student laboratory, includes temperature cylinders, paradoxical

case fitted with molded polyfoam to restrain and protect each unit. All or any

heat grill, aesthesiometers, thermometer,


immersion heater, carrying case, instructions, and sample experiments.

of the following studies may be conducted with this kit. 31


LCD and keypad control

lit independently for each temperature control system

Proudly Made In Colombia

USB to parallel converter Parallel port test DLRUSBHS

Our Products DETAILS



• Speed: 8 Mbyts/sec • Maximum output current: 16 mA • 5 Volts TTL • Compatible USB 2.0 • Dimensions: 2 high, 6 long, 3,5 width • Materials: Acrylic black 2 mm 3D impression PLA

The USB to parallel converter is a precise timing device - interface that makes part of the O'clockit-RT family system and it is used to communicate the stimulus presentation computer with external devices, emulating parallel port


output for events marking.

It has light indication of the exits of the port.

• USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbits/Second) and Full Speed (12Mbits/Second) compatible.

This device uses "USB to parallel controller" proprietary software to enable parallel port communication. Additionally, the software and hardware are

• Dimensions: 2 high, 6 long, 3,5 width • Materials: Acrylic black 2 mm

• Transfer data rate: up to 8 Mbyte/Sec.

compatible with stimulus presentation software as E-prime®, Paradigm®,

PLA 3D Printing

• Windows 32/64 bits compatible

PsychoPy, and Tscope® among others. 33


Proudly Made In Colombia

Usb to parallel Controller Model: 2017-0.x

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htps:/delarosare ?productid=142

The USB to parallel device needs an initial settings in some cases to be allowed to receive data as Asynchronous mode - BIT BANG mode and only with

• Os: Windows xp/vista/7/8/10.

its own configuration cannot be possible. The USB to Parallel Controller

• minimum ram: 2gb • Disk Space: 30mb

enables this communication and makes it posible to work with it. 35


Proudly Made In Colombia

Wundt’s Lab™

Model: 2.2.x

New administration web panel !

Our Products DETAILS





• MODULES: Wundt's Lab contains 13 modules, 46 experiments in areas Wundt's Lab is a software of classic experiments in psychology, it is a tool that

such as: attention, perception, memory among others.

gathers several classic experiments of attention, perception, memory, among

• TESTS: Each test evaluates the cognitive skills of the user.

other areas of the psychology.

• RESULTS: At the end of each experiment the user will be able to observe their

Wundt's Lab™ is available for Windows 10 and Mac operative system. The new

results with time, phase, and compare their responses with the correct ones.

web plattform was created to manage the licensement processes faster and

• CONTENT: Wundt's Lab contains instructions, help, and export of results.

easier, including the new academic licenses. With this update you can access

• USB CARD: Installation Card The USB card contains Wundt's Lab installer

to the new licensement plans and the new online sync features.

ready to be run on your computer. 37


13 modules 46 experiments • Attention • Perception • Visual Sensation • Sensory Memory • Short - Term Memory • Working Memory • Memory Process • Metamemory • Imagery • Speech & Language • Concepts • Judgement • Auditory Sensation

Proudly Made In Colombia

Software Suite Model: 2020-2.x

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htps:/delarosare ?productid=14 SoftSuite2 is a program that inherits characteristics of the program and improves it. Software Suite was created for the management and configuration of the De La Rosa Research’s equipments, in order to improve the user experience in the time to design your own experiments. SoftSuite2 lets you

Minimum requirements:

communicate with the teams through your computer and design automated

• 235 Mb of disk space

tests. It also allows you to get a table of results to analyze in more detail

• Memory RAM 2Gb

the performance of the experimenter in his experiments. SoftSuite2 is updated

• Procesador mínimo 1.4Ghz 2 núcleos

continuously to be able to offer unique values that you as a user

• Required internet connection

can enjoy. This device contains experiments for the following equipment:

• Recommended requirements:

• Light Discrimination

• Illusionator set Controller

• 235 Mb of disk space

• Depth Perception Apparatus

• Color Mixer A Controller

• Gb graphics card • Processor + 2.4Ghz 4 cores

• Linear Movement Apparatus

• Memory RAM: 4Gb

Also contains a virtual lcd controller. 39



Professional 6 Piece Goniome- Large Anthropometer htps:/ ?productid=41 ter Set

Latin America Representations

htps:/ ?productid=39

Evaluation Jackson Strength Evaluation System

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

htps:/ ?productid=35

htps:/ ?productid=36

This set includes one each of the following: 8 inch Goniometer (180°), 14 inch

Our Large Anthropometer has a range of 0 to 60 cm in 0.1 cm increments.

Goniometer (180°), 14 inch Goniometer (360°), the Robinson Pocket

Popular uses include measuring shoulder width, long bone length and chest

Goniometer, 5.5 inch Finger Goniometer, and the X-Ray Finger Goniometer.

depth for tracking growth, and development of children or for use in motion

Comes complete with a padded carrying case with compartments to hold

analysis studies. Aluminum in construction, it uses a spring-loaded ball

goniometers firmly in place.

bearing in a sliding C-shaped arm to provide accurate and precise measurement.

Small Anthropometer

Chest Depth Caliper

htps:/ ?productid=42

htps:/ ?productid=43

The Jackson Strength Evaluation System was developed by Dr. Andrew Jackson at the University of Houston. The system is widely used by rehabilita-

The JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is designed for both routine

tion professionals to monitor progress in recovery from injury and by industrial

screening and for evaluation of hand trauma or diseased hands. Our Small Anthropometer has a range of 0 to 30 cm in 0.1 cm increments.

testing specialists to assess the ability of job applicants to perform physically demanding work tasks. The system features an electronic load cell for

The adjustable handle can be placed in five grip positions, from 1.375 in to

Popular uses include measuring wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle widths, as well

This aluminum instrument accurately measures chest depth in inches or

accurate and reliable measurements of isometric strength and a new

3.375 in, in half-inch increments. This sealed hydraulic system features a

as measuring smaller muscle masses like the bicep and calf. Aluminum in

centimeters. Popular uses include measuring maximum chest expansion from

programmable microprocessor control, offering user-defined standardized

dual-scale readout that displays isometric grip force from 0 to 200 pounds

construction, it uses a spring-loaded ball bearing in a sliding C-shaped arm to

resting to full inspiration. Range is from 0 to 24inches in 0.50 inch

test protocols.

(90 kg). Includes instructions, norms, patient record charts, and carrying case.

provide accurate and precise measurement.


graduations (0 to 60 cm with 2.0 cm graduations). 44


Latin America Representations

Professional Vision Tester with Peripheral Test

htps:/ ?productid=46

htps:/delaros e

Evaluation Portable Audiometer

Three Point Aesthesiometer

htps:/ ?productid=4

htps:/ ?productid=47

This standardized motor learning tool measures arm movement and is well

This precision-built stereoscopic instrument is designed for rapid and concise

suited for active movement, passive movement, or for comparing the two. An

measurement of visual performance. The results show how well the subject's

adjustable finger guide and elbow saddle increases subject comfort while

eyes perform by using the 12 test slides included with each unit. These test

keeping subject's arm in position. Units of measure are given as a degree of

slides provide four basic test classifications: phoria, acuity, stereopsis, and

displacement along a 90° scale.


Two Point Aesthesiometer

Cuality Cutaneus Sensivity Kit

htps:/ ?productid=48

htps:/delarosares ?productid=49

The Model 16023 Aesthesiometer is a basic sensory device designed to measure a subject's perception of the cutaneous two-point threshold. The • Air conduction from 125 Hz to 8 kHz

unit isconstructed out of aluminum for accurate measurements and has

The Model 16022 Aesthesiometer is a basic sensory device designed to

Tactile kit contains all items necessary for the study of heat and cold

• Pure, pulse, and warble tone

strong insulated tips to minimize the influence of temperature on touch

measure a subject's perception of the cutaneous two-point threshold. The unit

sensitivity, touch sensitivity, and pressure sensitivity. This unit, designed for

• Quiet, reliable electronic switches

and/or pain thresholds. In addition, the Model 16023 incorporates a single

is constructed out of aluminum for accurate measurements and has strong

use in the student laboratory, includes temperature cylinders, paradoxical

• Insert phones compatibility

third point adding to the flexibility of the unit since it is now possible to

insulated tips to minimize the influence of temperature on touch and/or pain

heat grill, aesthesiometers, thermometer, immersion heater, carrying case,

• Built-in RS232 interface for PC and NOAH capability

alternate between single and double point stimulation.



instructions, and sample experiments. 46

O'Connor Finger Dexterity Test

Latin America Representations


Two-Arm Coordination Test

htps:/ ?productid=5

htps:/ ?productid=57

The O'Connor Finger Dexterity Test requires hand placement of 3 pins per hole.

This is a test of motor coordination and learning which requires both arms to

This test has been used successfully as a predictor for rapid manipulation of

work together. The subject's task is to move the metal pointer around the

small objects, as in assembly line work. It has also been found useful in

anodized star pattern without leaving the pattern.

predicting success for instrument work, such as the assembling of armatures, miniature parts of clocks and watches, rapid hand and eye work, filling vials,

Occupational Skills Assessment Test Battery

Hand Tool Dexterity Test


htps:/delarosares ?productid=53

htps:/ ?productid=50

Stability Platform with Digital Control

and small lathe work.

Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer

htps:/ ?productid=59

htps:/ ?productid=58

The Stability Platform measures balancing ability, which is essential to successfully performing many activities. The Model 16030 Stability Platform features fully integrated timing functions for test control and electronic angle

This battery of tests is used to measure the progress in rehabilitation and

This test measures proficiency in using ordinary mechanical tools. The test

return-to-work capability of individuals performing jobs / tasks that require

consists of tools and two uprights with bolts. The object is to disassemble all

This tracing device involves reversal ability, hand-eye coordination and

measurement for unsurpassed accuracy. The platform control allows a wide

manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, steadiness, and perceptual motor

the bolts from one upright and reassemble them on corresponding rows of the

learning. Subject is required to trace the star pattern while watching only its

range of user settable parameters including variable test times, selectable

skills. Placement personnel and human resource departments can pretest a

other upright with the heads of the bolts inside. This type of skill is important

mirror image. This automated unit comes with an impulse counter which

angle limits, and digital tilt angle readout. With the Stability Platform's rugged

job suitability for assembly and other jobs where frequent manipulation of

in many different factory jobs, in industrial apprentice training, and in

counts every time the metal-tipped stylus leaves the anodized star pattern.

design and electronic capabilities, it will provide many years of reliable

objects in confined spaces is required.

servicing many types of instrumentation.

Also available in 220V/50Hz.


operation. 48

MOART Reaction and Movement Time Panel with Psymcon Control

Latin America Representations

CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition

htps:/ ?productid=63

htps:/ ?productid=61


CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition (CogScreen-AE) is a computer-administered and scored cognitive-screening instrument designed to rapidly assess deficits or changes in attention, immediate- and short-term memory, visual perceptual functions, sequencing functions, logical problem solving,

Sit and Reach Flexibility Test

Bassin Anticipation Timer htps:/ ?productid=62

htps:/delarosares ?productid=60

We are proud to introduce our new system of reaction time measurement, the

calculation skills, reaction time, simultaneous information processing

Multi-Operational Apparatus for Reaction Time (MOART) system. With MOART

abilities, and executive functions.

you can employ simple reaction time tasks such as Go / No Go tasks for the

CogScreen-AE was initially designed to meet the Federal Aviation Administra-

study of higher centers of the brain, and more complex discriminate reaction

tion's (FAA) need for an instrument that could detect subtle changes in

time tasks to study cognitive processing. The system may also be used to

cognitive functioning: "changes which left unnoticed may result in poor pilot

study executive functioning through the use of an interference tapping task.

judgment or slow reaction time in critical operational situations" (Engelberg,

While subjects are required to attend to a reaction time task they must execute

Gibbons, & Doege, 1986, p. lS89).

a simultaneous tapping task. For countries requiring 220-230V AC 50 Hz operation, - Model 35600*C is

CogScreen-AE meets the FAA's requirement for a sensitive and specific

available with localized AC mains cord. International pricing will apply.

neurocognitive test battery for use in the medical recertification evaluation of pilots with known or suspected neurological and/or psychiatric conditions


CogScreen-AE is not a test of aviation knowledge or flying skills, but rather a

The standard sit and reach test will test the maximum flexibility of the back

Reaction Time + Tapping Test: The subject is instructed to perform a reaction

measure of the underlying perceptual cognitive, and information processing

attainable without undue strain on the back muscles. The subject sits with

time test while simultaneously performing a tapping task.

abilities associated with flying (Imhoff & Levine, 1986).

legs straight and feet flat against the no-mar rubber panels affixed to the front.

Dr. Stanley Bassin originally developed the Bassin Anticipation Timer at

Within each of these test types, the user can set several variable parameters to

The subject reaches forward, moving the slide bar to maximum reach. The

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. One of the applications of

meet their needs. These parameters include: Choice of Stimulus, Reaction

CogScreen-AE consists of a series of computerized cognitive tasks, each

flexibility of the back muscles can indicate the tasks or movements the back is

the unit is to test the area of human visual acuity related to eye-hand

Method, Cue Type, Length of Cue, Error Types, Response Time Out, and

self-contained and presented with instructions and a practice segment. The

capable of performing.

coordination and anticipation.

Random Presentation.


subtests are listed and described below. 50

Native language training:

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RehaCom Screening Modules

The software has more than 29 modules in English and is also available in 27 other native languages, so patients can work in their native language. The software is self-adaptive, so the level of difficulty will increase and decrease according to the patient's performance. After a period of therapy within a facility, the patient can also be supervised at home, via the Internet, using RehaCom's remote supervised training option.



HASOMED RehaCom htps:/delarosares

therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders affecting specific aspects


computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation. This practical tool assists the


Targeted cognitive therapy is an important instrument in the rehabilitation


process. Before starting the therapy, a diagnostic assessment of all brain

Reaction Behaviour







Visual-Spatial Attention (spatial-perceptive)

Spatial Operations


Two-Dimensional Operations


Visual-Spatial Attention (spatial-cognitive)

Spatial Operations 3D


Visual-Spatial (spatial-constructive)

Visuo-Constructive Ability


Selective Attention

Attention and Concentration


Divided Attention

of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of daily living and much more. It is a system that can be used both in the clinic or practice and at

RehaCom Training Modules Alertness Training


RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated software system for



the patient's home.

Divided Attention


Divided Attention 2


Working Memory


Topological Memory


Physiognomic Memory


Memory for Words


functions is made in order to pinpoint the impairment as well as determine which functions are still intact. Then, a therapy plan is created to meet the client‘s specific needs, and specific goals are defined together with the client so that the therapy is as successful as possible.

Who is RehaCom intended for? • Clinical use: RehaCom is widely used by neuropsychologists, occupational

Figural Memory


Verbal Memory


therapists, geriatricians, psychologists, neurologists and physicians in



rehabilitation centers, hospitals and clinics (both public and private).

Plan a HoliDay


Logical Reasoning


multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, mild cognitive impairment /



than 1500 clinics worldwide, including most of Europe and Asia.

dementia, ADD / ADHD, schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimer's disease and

Saccadic Training




• Internet use: RehaCom is increasingly being used via the Internet.

Overview and Reading


Restitution Training


Visuo motor coordination


It is indicated for patients with cognitive deficits due to stroke, head injury,

alcoholism / substance abuse.

Executive Functions

Visual Field

Visuo-Motor abilities

RehaCom is now used in 95% of German rehabilitation clinics and in more

Therapists can prescribe modules for their patients to do, monitor progress and change their tasks through remote supervision. This is particularly favored by occupational therapists working in the community who have a wide

By solving the tasks, brain processes will be activated and important brain


functions will be improved or restored. Successful training means that the

Modular structure:

area to cover or wish to improve their patients' therapy.

user will be better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. RehaCom

RehaCom includes 20+ modules for training basic functions as well as

• Use by patients: RehaCom has a wide range of applications, but is most

can be used even in a very acute phase of injury and remains relevant in all

specialised and more complex modules for training several affected cognitive

often used by those with acquired brain injuries, including stroke. It can be

phases of recovery. Training modules can be easily selected based on a

functions. Starting at a low level of difficulty, the client can progress to solve

used from the most acute stages, through to recovery. RehaCom can also be

cognitive assessment or by using an increasing number of selection modules.

increasingly complex tasks.

useful for people with MS, ADHD, depression and visual field difficulties. 52

For The Patient:

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For The Family:

• Frequency: The only way to ensure that the therapy has a positive effect is to • Improved cognitive function: With consistent use, the patient will see a clear

preferably do the exercises programmed by the therapist daily, hence the

improvement in areas of cognitive deficit. Many tasks will reinforce your

convenience of the RehaCom service at home monitored by the therapist.

therapist's strategies and maximize your recovery. • Comfort: Not needing to prepare, convince or accompany the patient to

than 29 modules are available in English language.

Rehacom - For The Therapist:

• Individual: The software is adaptable to the patient. They can work in their • Universal use: Modules cover all cognitive deficits, including attention,

native language, take into account visual impairments, and even use familiar

reaction, memory, and higher executive functions. This means that deficits

stimuli, such as familiar images, within the training.

therapy since it is possible to do it at home. • Relationships: Family relationships improve thanks to the avoidance of conflicts with the patient and other family members due to having to go to

can be specifically targeted and trained. • Remote work: RehaCom can be used remotely under the supervision of a

therapy every day.

• Specific deficit: The Attention modules are focused on specific deficits.

therapist via the Internet. This means that they can continue to work in

The system has been developed by and for neuropsychologists over the last

modules and reinforce therapy strategies outside of their regular sessions,

• Economy:The costs of transportation, parking, vouchers, something to eat

28 years. Although it feels like a game, it is rooted in science and clinically

enhancing their recovery.

occasionally and possibly a companion can be significantly reduced by doing the therapies at home.

proven. • Resists frustration: Modules self-adapt to patient success. When they find a • Self-adaptive: The system is self-adaptive, which means that the activity

task difficult, they will find it easier until they can cope. If it's relatively easy,

• Security: In times of COVID19, RehaCom patients are generally from the

• Rooted in science: The system has been developed by and for neuropsy-

will become more difficult or easier depending on the client's performance.

the software will present a bit more of a challenge and prevent boredom.

vulnerable population, if they do therapy at home they will be protected and

chologists over the last 28 years. Although it feels like a game, it is rooted in

This ensures consistent progression and reduces customer frustration.

sheltered. • Personalization:The therapist personalizes each therapy module, defines

science and clinically proven, supported by more than 60 certified scientific studies with RehaCom.

• Remote supervision: Internet supervised training is available with Internet

exercise times, level of difficulty, stimuli such as sound, reaction speed,

• Certainty: Knowing that the family member receives adequate therapy, at

• Multiple Language Options: The software is available in 27 languages at

licenses. You can prescribe a training program and monitor your clients

whether to work on the left or right side of the body, the patient's own images

home, for 1 hour a day, with the best cognitive rehabilitation program, fills

no additional cost, so customers can be trained in their native language. More


and more.


everyone involved in the patient's recovery with hope and peace of mind. 54

Life Science

Basic Biofeedback Software Module

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Life Science Standard Lab Audio System

Standard Lab Video System

htps:/ ?productid=26

htps:/delarosares ?productid=25

Visual Perception Assessment Program

htps:/ ?productid=27

htps:/delarosares ?productid=28

Breathing relaxation training is carried out with the aid of a bar, the length of

Measures basic level of function in the areas of color identification, shape and

which varies with the subject's breathing movements. Abdominal and / or

size discrimination, hand-eye coordination, understanding of spatial

chest breathing is measured by means of a breathing belt or of a system of two

relationships, and ability to follow verbal instructions. Includes pegboard and

such straps. The program supplies information about the client's pattern of

round pegs, graded pegboard, pegboard with square pegs, instruction manual

breathing. The aim of training is to develop a habit of relaxed abdominal

with screening procedures, and post-test forms.


Photoelectric Rotary Pursuit

Etch-A-Sketch with Overlay

htps:/ ?productid=29

htps:/ ?productid=30

The MindWare Standard Audio Systems provides the means for audible

The MindWare Standard Lab Video System provides the capability for video

stimulus presentation as well as two-way communication between

monitoring using a high-fidelity fixed color camera(s). The fixed camera offers

experimenter and subject. The system uses a high-end mixer which provides a

a manually adjustable zoom lens. Multiple cameras may be mixed into a single

central point for combining all audio with individual volume control and output

image using an optional screen splitter or picture in picture inserter. Video

signal routing. The output of the mixer can then be recorded so that all audio

data is recorded onto a commercial grade digital video recorder with onboard

The photoelectric rotary pursuit may be used to assess general perceptual

overlay that allows the user to practice both two-hand and hand-eye

within a study session is captured. This system has been designed to eliminate

hard drive and DVD burner. An LCD multimedia video monitor is included for

motor learning across such parameters as handedness, transfer of training,

coordination while maneuvering through the maze. To create an alternate test

unwanted audio artifact when initiating communications that is common in

display and audio playback (when used with the MindWare Standard Audio

distribution of practice, and hand-eye coordination. The subject's task is to

paradigm, the apparatus may be turned 180º to reverse both maze pattern

many commercial systems.


follow a rotating light with a photocell tipped wand.


Based on the traditional model, this modified Etch-A-Sketch has a maze

and control usage. 58

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Life Science Automatic Tally Maze

Pencil Maze

htps:/ ?productid=31

htps:/ ?productid=32

Pyramid Puzzle

ETMobile System

htps:/ ?productid=3

htps:/ ?productid=65

Our pyramid puzzle has been adapted from the well-known Tower of Hanoi

The system is designed to handle the increasingly diversified demands of eye

puzzle. Individual is required to move the stack of graduated blocks from one

tracking in a variety of applications including Sports, Kinesiology, Driving,

pole to another, by moving them only one at a time and without ever placing a

Market Research, Reading, Safety & Training, Social Interaction, Neuroscien-

larger block atop a smaller block. This is a useful tool for demonstrating

ce, Mobile Device Usability, and much more...The participant wears

problem solving, insight learning, and concept formation.

lightweight ETMobile glasses that fit comfortably with unoccluded periperal vision, and flexibility to fit all facial shapes and sizes.

Head Mounted Eye Tracking

The glasses are connected to a small data recording/transmission unit (DTU)

htps:/delarosare ?productid=125

that can be easily carried by the participant on a belt loop, or worn as a small back or lumbar pack. The data can be monitored and recorded using a real-time Wi-Fi connection to a laptop PC, or can be recorded locally by the DTU (unit carried by the subject) for later playback. The ETMobile system can integrate with numerous commercially available position tracking systems to implement the Argus Science ET3Space function.ET3Space is used to find line of gaze with respect to real environment 3 Space coordinates, and point of gaze with respect to multiple physical surfaces in the environment.

ASL's eye camera optics are housed on a lightweight, easy to adjust headband that allows the participant to gaze freely in their environment with unrestricted The automatic tally maze attaches to an impulse counter and / or stop clock

While blindfolded, an individual is required to trace through the maze from

freedom of head movement.

(not included) to record errors and time required for completion. While wearing

start to finish. An 8.5" x 11" sheet of blank paper fits between the maze and its


a blindfold, subject traces along the anodized pattern with a metal stylus.

frame so that a permanent record of performance is made. Test performance

The monocle (''hot mirror'') is attached to an adjustable head band with a

Reduction in number of errors for successive trials is a useful demonstration

illustrates spatial memory processes and problem solving. Blindfold not

flexible boom arm. This allows you to adjust the monocle to reduce spectacle

of learning and memory. Blindfold not included.


reflections and decrease challenges with corrective lenses.


System Components: • Glasses with optics (76g) • Portable wireless Data Transmit Unit (DTU) • EyeVision software • Laptop with wireless reception 60

ActiGraph wGT3X-BT Features

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Life Science

ActiGraph GT9X Link

The redesigned ActiGraph GT9X Link features ActiGraph’s validated 3-axis accelerometer and data filtering technology with a sleek, low profile case and high resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) window for optional real-time

Bluetooth® Smart

subject feedback. The Bluetooth® Smart ActiGraph GT9X Link includes a

ActiGraph wGT3X-BT monitors are powered by Bluetooth® Smart

Actigraph WGT3X-BT

ActiGraph accelerometry monitoring hardware and software solutions have

technology and support a variety of wireless features, including

been used for more than a decade to provide activity and sleep measures in

heart rate monitoring, proximity detection, and communication

htps:/delarosares arch. om/

thousands of large scale health research and disease state studies, including

with ActiGraph’s suite of mobile applications for iOs and Android

obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and sleep disorders.*


gyroscope, magnetometer, and secondary accelerometer to deliver valuable information about movement, rotation, and body position.

CentrePoint Insight Watch

ActiGraph activity monitors have undergone extensive independent validation testing and are consistently rated among the most accurate and reliable devices of their kind. As digital technologies evolve at lightning speed, we

Wear Time Sensor

strive to deliver innovative new features and tools to maximize your research

A wear time sensor on the back of the monitor uses capacitive

capabilities, while steadfastly preserving our scientifically validated core

touch technology to automatically detect when a wrist worn

measurement technology.

device has been removed for simplified compliance monitoring and data cleaning.

The wGT3X-BT activity monitors provide objective measurements of human activity and are used in many research and clinical applications. They


include a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based accelerometer,

Ambient Light Sensor

ambient light, and a touch sensor as data collection end points. No formal

The wGT3X-BT includes an integrated ambient light sensor that

training is required to use the wGT3XBT device and patients may be the

delivers lux values alongside activity information, providing

The compact and stylish CentrePoint Insight Watch captures and records

intended operator. This document will serve as the only necessary training

insights into the relationship between the subject environment

continuous high-resolution raw acceleration data to provide objective,

guide needed to get full functionality from the device.

and activity and sleep behaviors.

real-world physical activity, mobility, and sleep measures, in near real time. 62

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Life Science BioSemi htps:/delarosares arch. om/

BioSemi's goal is to provide the scientific community with state-of-the-art

• Is synchronised with the Eprime stimulation system.

instrumentation for electro physiology research.

• 2048Hz


Using the latest available technology and offering maximum freedom of

• Suitable for research outside of the clinical context.

For BSPM applications, BioSemi, produces an unique version of the active

configuration and flexibility to integrate our hard- and software in your

• Impedance range: 20 kΩ

electrode. In cooperation with University of Auckland, New Zealand , Dept. of

laboratory setup are the key principles in our designs. Our products are

Engineering Science, flexible rubber strips with integrated carbon electrodes

specifically designed to be used in research applications only.

and a preamplifier were developed. The strips interface with the ActiveTwo

They are optimized for this specific application by offering features like: freely configurable hardware and completely open-source software, BioSemi does not develop or produce products for medical applications.T


AD-box to form a complete BSPM system with up to 195 ECG channels with 59 spare channels for extra electrodes or auxiliary sensors.

The BioSemi "Pin-type" Active electrode has been designed especially for mounting in BioSemi headcap's.


active system as its electrodes are active, which means that they amplify the

The electrode has a sintered Ag-AgCl electrode tip, providing very low noise,

EMG signals are measured with a High density array of gold plated pins used

signal at the level of the scalp.

low offset voltages and very stable DC performance.

as dry electrodes pressed on the skin. No electrode gel is used because this

Standard sets have 32 electrodes on a common connector with 140

would short the space between the closely spaced electrodes (5mm) Because

Characteristics :

Centimeter cable length. (Other cable lengths are available on request.) The

the electrodes are simply pressed on the skin, very high electrode impedances

• Head cap with 64 active electrodes + 8 exogenous electrodes

electrode is completely resistant to long term water and alcohol submergen-

(up to 1MOhm) can be found. However, thanks to BioSemi's high quality

(EOG (vEOG, hEOG), References).

ce enabling easy cleaning and disinfecting. The electrodes are numbered

battery powered front-end, excellent signal quality is still assured (noise is

• Applying the head cap requires the application of a conductivity gel.

with water-proof stickers for easy channel recognition.

he BioSemi system is an “active” EEG acquisition system. It is referred to an


smaller than 10uVpp) even with these difficult electrodes. 64

Biosignalsplux Professional

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Life Science Biosignalsplux

BioSemi's goal is to provide the scientific community with state-of-the-art


Using the latest available technology and offering maximum freedom of

instrumentation for electro physiology research. configuration and flexibility to integrate our hard- and software in your laboratory setup are the key principles in our designs. Our products are specifically designed to be used in research applications only. They are optimized for this specific application by offering features like: freely configurable hardware and completely open-source software, BioSemi does not develop or produce products for medical applications.T he BioSemi system is an “active” EEG acquisition system. It is referred to an active system as its electrodes are active, which means that they amplify the signal at the level of the scalp. Characteristics : • Head cap with 64 active electrodes + 8 exogenous electrodes (EOG (vEOG, hEOG), References). • Applying the head cap requires the application of a conductivity gel. 65

Biosignalsplux Researcher

This 8-channel biosignalsplux tool-kit was designed for high-quality

This 8-channel tool-kit was designed to keep advanced research applications

biosignal acquisition applications. It comes with 8 professional sensors of

on budget while allowing wireless and high-quality signal acquisitions without

your choice to fit as best as possible to your research applications and offers

limitations.This kit comes with 8 professional sensors of your choice to fit as

up to ~10h of wireless, continuous signal streaming at up to 3000Hz

best as possible to your research applications. Biosignalsplux enables up to

sampling rate and 16-bit resolution per channel while recording data from all

~10h of signal streaming at up to 3000Hz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution

8 sensors simultaneously.

per channel while recording data from up to 8 sensors simultaneously.

Alternatively, its 16GB internal memory offers the possibility to store up to

Biosignalsplux Explorer

~200h of signal data during offline acquisitions without having the need for a constant Bluetooth connection with your computer. Due to its compact design, biosignalsplux can even be used for signal acquisition in dynamic conditions. The synchronization kit which comes with this kit allows you to connect up to 3x 8-channel biosignalsplux devices to acquire signals from up to 24-channels synchronously. • Analog Sensor Characteristics: Analog sensors require one individual connections for each output signal provided. In other words, 1 port of the

This 4-channel tool-kit was designed to keep advanced research applications

biosignalsplux hub is occupied by 1 sensor connection and only 1 sensor

on budget while allowing wireless and high-quality signal acquisitions without

signals is acquired via this connection.

limitations. This kit comes with 4 professional sensors of your choice to fit as best as possible to your research applications. biosignalsplux enables up to

• Digital Sensor Characteristics: Digital sensors require only one

~10h of signal streaming at up to 3000Hz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution

connection to provide multiple output signals. In other words, 1 port of the

per channel. Due to its compact design, biosignalsplux can even be used for

biosignalsplux hub is occupied by 1 sensor connection but multiple signals be acquired via this connection.

signal acquisition in dynamic conditions. 66


45mg Pellet Dispenser for Modular Chamber

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White Stimulus Light for Modular Chamber

htps:/delarosares ?productid=1

htps:/ ?productid=13

A large 1 inch (2.54 cm) diameter white stimulus light on a modular panel. The


modular panel is 2 Units 1.62 inches (4.115 CM) tall.

Sonalert Module

This 45mg Pellet Dispenser uses the latest design features to provide consistent and reliable pellet delivery. It can easily be converted to other pellet

htps:/ ?productid=14

sizes and made even more reliable with an optional pellet drop detector. It is mounted to a modular panel and is supplied with a short length of tubing for easy connection to a variety of receptacle or reward areas.

Modular Test Chamber for Rats

Press Bar for Modular Chamber htps:/ ?productid=10

htps:/delarosares ?productid=8

Standard Pellet Trough for Modular Chamber

A single frequency tone for simple auditory signaling mounted on a standard (2U) modular panel. Compatible with either 80004 or 80004NS Modular Test Chambers.

htps:/ ?productid=12

TrackLab htps:/ ?productid=129

The heavy duty (0.032 in thick) stainless steel construction of this lever Lafayette Instrument Company's newest edition to the operant conditioning

ensures long lasting reliable operation. A micro switch is used to provide both

test chambers boasts features not found in other chambers, yet is fully

Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) contacts that sense lever

compatible with all 3 inch wide modular panels available from other

activation and release respectively.

manufacturers. A shockable stainless steel grid rod floor comes standard with

The force required to move the bar is factory calibrated to be less than 10 gm

this unit. An optional (and less expensive) perforated stainless steel

and is field adjustable via counterbalance washers located on the back. This

non-shock floor is available upon request. See Model 80004NS in the

is preferred over spring systems that can change over time or hang up on the

This pellet only reward module with receptical cup is supplied on a convenient

RELATED PRODUCTS tab for details.

moving lever. Movement required to activate the lever switch is 3 mm.

modular panel. The front opening measures 2.15" x 2.15" (5.5 x 5.5 cm).


We all use location systems in our everyday lives, varying from navigation systems to GPS trackers. The abundance of location and tracking systems offers you an immense amount of data at low cost. 70

Open Field Rearing Option

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Activity Wheel and Living Chamber - Rat

htps:/ ?productid=17

htps:/ ?productid=18

Neuroscience Rat Activity Wheel

Abet II Software for Operant Control

htps:/ ?productid=15

htps:/ ?productid=16

Shown with Amulatory Test Station HSFOF.

The Rat Activity Wheel with Living Chamber was designed for long term

This optional sensor frame adds an additional rearing component to the

circadian rhythm and general activity studies in rats or similar sized animals.

standard ambulatory measurements provided by the HSFOF Open Field

The stainless steel wheel is 14 inches (35.56 cm) in diameter and turns with

Environment and Sensor Frame. It comes with all necessary cables. Specifica-

less than 6 grams of force. The running wheel is constructed of 0.036 in (0.91

tions are the same as for the standard frame except that only one row of 16 I/R

mm) stainless steel rims with a running surface of 0.0625 in (1.5875 mm)

photo beams are needed.

rods on 0.3125 in (7.9375 mm) centers (0.25 in (6.35 mm) gap) for maximum durability and animal comfort.

Automated Elevated Plus Maze Barnes Maze for Rats System for Rats htps:/ ?productid=20

htps:/ ?productid=19 Lafayette Instrument Company has been dedicated to designing creative products to meet the rigorous standards of quality, flexibility, and ease of use expected by our customers for over 60 years. The original Animal Behavior The 80850 Rat Activity Wheel may be used as a stand-alone unit for short term

Environment Test (ABET) System has done just that for the past 15 years.

measurements or with the optional 80852 Living Chamber for long-term

There are several interface systems and behavioral control software packages

The HEPM1000 Rat Elevated Plus maze features a unique in the floor photo

The Barnes maze is a popular test for assessing spatial learning and memory

circadian rhythm and general activity studies. Both units have been designed

on the market, however, only ABET II offers a system that can be user

beam sensor system for a higher resolution, and specially created measures

in rats. The test involves making the surface of the maze aversive using bright

for animal well being and easy maintenance. Monitor rat activity wheel

customized and programmed with no programming experience. Every effort

which enhance the ability to quantify anxiety. Use multiple zones to report how

illumination. The rat is given the opportunity to escape the maze surface by

revolutions with the 86061 Counter with Computer Output. Connect multiple

has been made to make this easy enough to use for those with minimal

far an animal retreats from the intersection into closed arms and how far it

crawling through the correct hole, under which is located a "safe box". This

counters to the 86056A Interface and control data collection with the 86065

operant conditioning experience, yet powerful enough to run complex

dares into the open arms. This may be adjusted between multiple analysis on

unit features a total of 18 holes, one escape box and 6 possible locations to

AWM Software.

schedules for the experimental analysis of behavior.

a locked data set for quantifying the animal's emotionality.


place the slide in box. 72

Sleep Fragmentation Chamber

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Magnetic Modular Maze htps:/delarosare ?productid=124

htps:/ ?productid=23

Neuroscience Triple Lickometer Chamber

Rat Staircase

htps:/ ?productid=21

htps:/ ?productid=2

The Lafayette Instrument Company model 80391 Sleep Fragmentation Chamber is used to provide researchers with the necessary tools for sleep fragmentation studies in both mice and rats. The 80391 maintains an animal

Every year psychology and medicine students, professionals and researchers

environment that is virtually identical to that used in the original 80390

build custom mazes and structures to study the behavior, and memory of

Chamber. The divider wall has been removed since a much faster sweep time

animal subjects and other studies in related areas. As a result, custom built

is now possible. The sweep bar, food hopper, ad lib water and ventilated lid

products, usually made of non-adequate materials and fixed assembles, are

remain the same.

not suitable for later research and studies.

Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel Bed

Wooden, wood-like products, and bolted parts to form joints tend to have a porous surface that lead to hazardous growth of bacteria and other impurities. On the other hand, current solutions for mazes and research assemblies relies

htps:/ ?productid=24

on the use of semi-modular or fixed set ups, which do not allow fully customized assemblies, and can be used for a single study increasing costs to researchers, students or institutions. This also leads to scientific a replication problem, as replicating custom structures is hard to make, when not impossible at a reasonable expense.

The staircase apparatus provides a simple, efficient and easy way to quantify The Custom Polycarbonate Chamber, Model 80380 with stainless steel lid and

the testing of skilled paw reaching for both the rat and the mouse (see Model

The Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel System for Rats Model 80805A is

This system allows building a true customizable and highly sanitizable set for

hatch features a stainless steel food hopper on one side of the tub with area for

80301). Two food pellets are placed onto each step of two staircases located

designed to offer flexibility in conducting paradigms such as sleep deprivation

maze assemblies that solves all the above stated problems. The system also

standard bedding and three 50 ml bottles with sipper tubes on the other end.

one on either side of a central platform (two widths supplied). The animals are

and controlled exercise. This sturdy exercise / walking bed will support up to 6

includes a safe magnetic switch-connector that is only active when plugged,

The sipper tube end is fitted with a stainless steel floor to provide contact for

placed in a box relevant to their size and can reach down either side of the

Rat Exercise / Walking Wheels Model 80806 that are sold separately. Features

bringing safety to animals and other research subjects by avoiding external

three Lickometer / Counters designed to monitor lick activity from each

platform to grasp, lift, and retrieve food pellets from the steps of the staircase.

of this unit include removable stainless steel waste pans and individual wheel

connectors, cables and exposed metal terminals. This system can also hold

individual tube. Bottles may be easily removed without disconnecting any

The numbers of pellets removed provides a quantifiable measure of the

tracks with cushioned non-slip grips. The 80806 wheels used with this bed

custom arrangements, instruments or components to meet the most rigorous

wires. Cover plates are included for studies requiring fewer then three tubes.

distance and efficiency of reaching skill.

incorporate a swing-hatch for easy animal loading and removal.


and demanding research setups. 74

The Observer® XT

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Animal behavior


Human behavior

The Observer® XT is an integrated software system for collection, analysis,

MediaRecorder allows for the synchronous video recordings from up to

and management of observational data. It supports the entire research

eight different video and audio sources at a time. Compatible with EthoVision

process, from the design of observational studies and coding schemes,

XT, The Observer XT, and a broad range of cameras, it is the ideal tool to have

through collection of behavioral data to the analysis and presentation of

at the core of your lab. You can switch between different cameras and control


them with your mouse or joystick, and use functionality such as Picture in Picture (PiP).


America, and China and is represented by a worldwide network of distributors. Noldus offers a wide range of software, systems, and services for research on

htps:/delarosares arch. om/

animal and human behavior.

EthoVision® XT


Noldus has 23 offices in 10 different countries and is represented by 10 distributors worldwide.

Developing and delivering innovative software and instruments for behavioral

You can use EthoVision XT for several behavioral experiments, with any

research, in close collaboration with the scientific community.

animal (rodents, farm animals, fish, etc.), in any kind of arena. Whether you want a cost-effective solution for the Morris water maze test , a high-throu-

FaceReader software is fast, flexible, objective, accurate, and easy to use. It

Noldus Information Technology develops and delivers innovative software and

ghput set-up to test zebrafish larvae , automate a five choice serial reaction

immediately analyzes your data (live, video, or still images), saving valuable

hardware solutions and services for the measurement and analysis of

time task, or conduct welfare studies with farm animals . EthoVision XT will fit

time. The option to record audio as well as video makes it possible to hear

behavior. These allow our customers to advance their research, product

your research.

what people have been saying – for example, during human-computer

development, training, and education. Noldus has offices across Europe, North

To summarize it: any animal, any arena. 75

interactions, or while watching stimuli. 76

Please contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.




Address Bogotá - Colombia: Cll 147a # 48 - 08 Miami: 2550 NW 72ND AVE SUIT 115 COD. 8883. USA Sales Colombia: USA: Support Phone Colombia: (+57)-60-1-6151702, (+57)-300-3642343 USA: (786) 397 1660