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Birthday Parties

Magic Party with Gary Kantor

Party Packages “Art Attack” Birthday

Age: 4+ Location: JPCC Fee: $225R/290NR Max: 30 Instructor: Gary Kantor

Make your party unique, entertaining, and memorable with the incredible magic of Gary Kantor. You will see vanishing acts, card tricks, mind-reading, and much more! All shows are interactive - your child will come up on stage and become a Junior Magician right before your eyes. Lots of audience participation and laughter. The magic show lasts 30-40 minutes.

Treehouse Party Package • 90 minutes in the Treehouse • Two party coordinators will assist with your party, serve refreshments, pass out goodie bags and clean up • Renter is responsible for cake, food, refreshments, paper goods and goodie bags

Rhythmic Gymnastics Party Age: 4+ Location: SRC Fee: $190 Max: 25 Instructor: North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics

Party includes music, dance and tumbling. Our coaches provide all participants with basic gymnastic instruction, while allowing them to have fun with ribbons, balls, hoops ropes and dance.

Dance Birthday Parties Location: JPCC or SRC Max: 30

Dance to your favorite songs. Follow along to interactive dances such as The Car Wash, Cha-Cha Slide and Hoedown Throwdown. Learn choreography to the newest pop/dance songs, free style dancing and circle break-dancing. Enjoy party games such as freeze dance, hula hoop contests or theme parties such as HS Musical, PJ, Sock Hop, and more.

Games & Sports Birthday Age: 5 - 9 Fee: $ 180R/205NR for up to 12 children $280R/305NR for 13 - 30 children $380R/405NR for 31 - 40 children Age: 3 - 4 Fee: $280R/305NR for 12 children (max)

Location: JPCC or SRC Max: 40 Instructor: 5 Star Sports

For energetic youngsters who love to move around, we can customize a sports party that can include an obstacle course, basketball, games, and other athletic activities. Loads of fun for everyone!


Location: JPCC Max: 20

A great party for little artists! Children create a watercolor/craypas masterpiece suitable for framing. Birthday child helps pick the theme (castles, animals, etc). Kids love this party.

Theater Birthday Parties with Sarah Hall Theatre Company Age: 5 + Fee: $ 215 up to 15 children $315 for 16 - 30 children

Age: 3+ Location: JPCC Max: 20 Fee: $195 Instructor: DPD Staff

Age: 5 + Fee: $ 215R/245NR up to 25 children $315R/345NR for 25 - 30 children Instructor: Bizar Dance

Age: 5 + Fee: $195R/220NR + $2.50/child Instructor: Mari Krasney

Location: JPCC Max: 30

Everyone will get a chance to be a star at this fabulous birthday party! Choose your child’s favorite character, theme, movie, or play and our talented instructors will create a magical theater experience that everyone will enjoy! Includes 45 minutes of entertainment.

Mad Science Birthday Age: 6 - 12 Fee: $ 250R/285NR for up to 12 children $270R/311NR for 13 - 20 children $315R/362NR for 21 - 30 children Instructor: Mad Science of Northern Illinois

Location: JPCC Max: 30

If your child is crazy about science or if you’re looking for a different type of party, this one is perfect! Combine spectacular demonstrations and hands-on science fun. Everyone makes a take-home project. Other options (additional charge) are lasers, rocket launches, bubbling potions, and more.

Ceramics Party with Richard Cohen Age: 6 + Fee: $195R/220NR + $3.50/child Instructor: Richard Cohen

Location: JPCC Max: 15

Each child will build and glaze an independent project decided on in advance. Projects will be available for pick-up at the community center the following week.

Indoor Swimming Party Age: 6 + Fee: $225 Instructor: SRC

Location: SRC Max: 25

Pool party guests can splash and play with friends at their own private pool. All guests must be in swimsuits and bring their own towel. Ratio of one adult in swim attire for every 7 children under the age of 9 is required. • 1 hr. pool rental • 1.5 hr. party room rental • +$25/hr. if more than 25 people

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Deerfield Park District's Spring/Summer 2019 Program Guide  

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