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Youth & Teen - Sports Fencing

Junior Warrior Fit

Improve coordination, cardiovascular fitness, reflexes, muscle tone, poise and confidence through the elegant sport of fencing. The class is led by Maitre d’Armes Marek P. Stepien, a competitor in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, USA National Champion and NCAA-coach (NCAA Champion 2011 University of Notre Dame).

This program for Boys and Girls is designed to encourage participants to be healthy and active. The Junior Warriors will work to improve their agility, balance and endurance in a setting that will stress teamwork and having fun! A variety of training format and fitness equipment will be used each training session. Potential formats include: Indoor Cycling, Warrior 450, Running on Track, Yoga and more! Full session registration and daily visit drop-in for $20.00 are available. Busing (Activity-Sect. 191601-01 & 02) is available for this program.

Location: Sachs Recreation Ctr Instructor: Marek P. Stepien Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 133001-01 9/10-10/29 (7) 133001-02 11/5-12/17 (7) No class dates: Sect. 01: 10/8

Day Tu Tu

Age: 7 - 12 Min/Max: 6/16 Time 6:30-7:30P 6:30-7:30P

R/NR $250/312 $250/312

Volleyball Skills Clinic This clinic includes instruction on all major volleyball skills; serving, passing, setting and attacking. Players receive a solid foundation of these fundamental skills through fun and active drills, building up to team play. This class is for the volleyball beginner looking to understand the game and learn new skills. Kneepads are recommended. Location: Sachs Recreation Ctr Instructor: Hot Shot Sports Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day 133011-01 9/5-12/19 (14) Th No class dates: Sect. 01: 10/31, 11/28

Age: 7 - 9 Min/Max: 4/16 Time 6-7P

Location: Sachs Recreation Ctr Instructor: Staff - TBA Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 192814-01 9/11-10/16 (6) 192814-02 10/23-11/20 (5) 192814-03 9/9-10/14 (6) 192814-04 9/11-10/16 (6) 192814-05 10/21-11/25 (6) 192814-06 10/23-11/20 (5)


Grade: 2 - 5 Min/Max: 10/20 Day Time W 3:15-4 BUS P W 3:15-4 BUS P M 4:45-5:30P W 4:45-5:30P M 4:45-5:30P W 4:45-5:30P

R/NR $95/110 $80/92 $95/110 $95/110 $95/110 $80/92

R/NR $187/233

Mini Ninja Warriors This fun movement-based class uses obstacles and exercises specifically designed for balance and coordination. Out your Ninja skills to the test using age-appropriate activities and equipment to enhance the child’s physical, mental, emotional and social development. In addition, participants acquire listening skills and have a fun introduction to following directions. Location: Sachs Recreation Ctr Age: 7 - 9 Instructor: Hot Shot Sports Min/Max: 4/16 Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day Time 133069-02 9/3-12/17 (15) Tu 5-6P 133069-03 9/7-12/14 (14) Sa 1-2P No class dates: Sect. 02: 10/8; Sect. 03: 11/30

R/NR $200/250 $187/233

After School Busing to Sachs Recreation Center th

Activity 191601-04 191601-05


Deerfield Park District


2 – 5 grade Bus Transportation is available from Dist. 109 schools to Sachs Recreation Center. To participate in After School Busing to Sachs Rec Center, participant must be signing up for the Junior Warrior Fit program at the Sachs Recreation Center. Look for this symbol BUS next to the day and time for busing availability. Must indicate both the program activity number and busing activity number on the registration form. Bus Pick-up route begins at Walden  Kipling  South Park  Wilmot  Jewett Park Community Center  Sachs Recreation Center nd

Date (#cl) 9/11-10/16 (6) 10/23-11/20 (5)

Day W W

Time Starting at 2:25P Starting at 2:25P

Fee $30 $25

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