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CONTENTS Rileys are the UK’s leading snooker and cue sports operator. They currently have over 100 clubs around the United Kingdom and enjoy a membership of approximately 600,000.

Deep Red are neither an external contractor nor consultancy, they are an intrinsic part of our senior management team. They ‘GET’ us and they ‘GET’ our customer. They share our collective passion for sport and can translate it into brand images which convey that passion to the public. When we were first discussing the re-invention of Rileys it was their ideas which came to form the core of our ‘Blokeworld’ concept and that sense of ownership has been there ever since. I am proud to say that we at Rileys spotted the talent of the individuals behind Deep Red and helped to fund the creation of the business and we are convinced that it has been one of our best investments.

Maurice Kelly

Chief Executive Officer Valiant Sports Ltd t/a Rileys


The last 12 months have seen a dramatic addition to the Rileys offer. The days of the dark snooker halls are well and truly over as Rileys develop and expand its clubs toward a Sports Bar experience. The majority of clubs offer a range of facilities including:Pool & Snooker. Darts. 3 metre Giant HD screens and 3D viewing. Table Football. Poker. Gaming machines.

Working with Rileys For Deep Red the working brief is simple, expand and develop the brand and increase membership. The account is full service. We develop marketing strategy and campaigns in addition to week-in week-out core fulfilment for e-marketing and tactical promotions. Our services on the account incorporate the following:Creative and strategy for promotions, advertising, events, partnerships, social media, online marketing, brand and web development.

Branding Deep Red has overseen the transition in the Rileys brand from retro darkened snooker halls to progressive Sports Bars complete with big screen sport, darts, table football, electronic gaming and a great bar and food service. The ambition of Rileys as a business was to expand on its customer base and provide a great venue for what is predominantly a male 19-35 demographic. The approach was to reflect that it’s people business but always to ensure that the message, either written or visualised was of a venue providing a variety of services and facilities. The attitude is to reflect confidence and familiarity with end users.

Euro 2012 campaign The Euros provided the ideal opportunity to promote Rileys’ clubs as the venue to watch the tournament. Many clubs could offer the 3 metre HD surround sound screens and multi screen facility, but all clubs could offer a viable home for fans. Deep Red’s role was to provide a common theme that would appear across a varied array of collateral but especially to attract passing trade with external promotions. The campaign ran in 2 phases to embrace the end of the domestic football season as a tease and as Phase 2 leading up to the Euros. North and West of the border the appeal of England’s progress and support wouldn’t be greeted quite so enthusiastically, and so a similar campaign based around ‘anyone but England’ was developed as an alternative.

Collateral l Internal and external promotional posters in 20 formats. l Table banners (placed above pool tables). l Website and campaign pre and during tournament. l Bar runners. l Staff T.Shirts. l A5 external flyers. l Member voucher booklets. l Exit vouchers (discount on drink offer on return). l Social Media campaign. l Bar menus. l e-marketing.

Olympics campaign Rileys venues for the Olympics were promoted to the public for big screen viewing of the games including Great Britain’s involvement in the football tournament. In addition, the campaign extended to group packages to have their own ‘fun games’ within clubs using the facilities for variations on pool, snooker, darts and table football.

Collateral l Internal and external promotional posters in 20 formats. l Table banners (placed above pool tables). l A5 external flyers. l Member voucher booklets. l Local press advertising. l Exit vouchers (discount on drink offer on return). l Website and campaign pre and during tournament. l Social Media campaign.

Sports Bar video promo The main focus of the film was to show off the Fanzone facilities in-club, with its giant 3 metre screens and the sports fan friendly facilities of the clubs themselves. The club is all about people and thus Deep Red chronicled four ‘lads’ visiting the club and generally having a good time. Interspersed with this was a series of key phrases which have been brought into Rileys’ general brand marketing.

UK Open Darts sponsorship The 2010 UK Open Darts sponsorship arose for Rileys as a last minute opportunity. So last minute that 10 working days were left before the decision and the event taking place! Rileys already had interest in the tournament by launching the qualifying rounds for the event at Rileys clubs and providing 32 of the 64 finalists. The event itself is unique in the game with an open draw for each round giving it a flavour of the FA Cup and the chance for an underdog to cause an upset. The event was screened live by Sky Sports for 4 days at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton and offered Rileys a unique opportunity to raise awareness of their investment in Darts in a large number of their clubs, promoting team and league events.

Collateral l External promotional posters on site. l Trade and press advertising. l All stage promotional panels. l ‘180’ cards for all members of the audience. l Shirt sponsorship. l Player entrance sails. l All site promotional panels. l Playing shirts for Rileys qualifiers. l Promotional flyers

Late Rate promotion A recent campaign was launched to encourage both loyalty and increased dwell time within clubs. The concept was simply to offer a reduced rate of play post 11pm together with incentives on food and drink. Deep Red had to oversee the creative element both on and offline and incorporate a separate element of the campaign for Scottish clubs due to separate licensing laws. Fulfilment of the Late Rate campaign ran across 20 separate poster sizes for all 115 clubs, ensuring all sites received the correct price and sized POS.

Collateral l External promotional posters on site. l Social Media broadcasts. l e-marketing. l Web advertising. l Internal posters and hanging boards. l Beer Mats.

Future Stars of Snooker

Deep Red creative were instrumental in the development of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Future Stars. From an initial idea, Deep Red conceived the format, originated a design and developed a workable format for a search for new, young snooker talent. Future stars quickly developed into a highly popular event with significant press interest and it clearly met Rileys requirements which focused on improved profile, new junior membership sales and reach. Over 2000 under 16’s have now entered future stars, a fantastic result. This project clearly showcased Deep Red’s talents which stretch far beyond the creative process into excellent account management and operational execution.

Sean Langley

Marketing Director Rileys

The Stats National publication exposure: The Sun, Daily Star, Sporting Life PR value of £91,000 Media exposure: BBC 1.75 million viewers, BBC London Online: World Snooker, Sporting Life, Pro Snooker, Snooker Scene YouTube: Over 50,000 views of the video coverage. Trade Press: Snookered Magazine, Snooker Scene Over 40 regional press titles Total PR value of £160,000. Membership analysis: March 1, 2010 to September 1, 2010 Under-18 membership increased by 55 per cent from 50,000 to 77,000.

Student membership campaign Deep Red assisted in creating a specific campaign to encourage student freshers to join Rileys. Throughout 50 fresher fairs up and down the country free membership was offered together with a giveaway plastic pint glass, which would be filled for them for free on their first visit to Rileys. Throughout a number of ‘student’ Rileys clubs, the infamous ‘Student Tuesdays and Student Sundays’ was established for regular get together, tournaments and events. Deep Red also created a Facebook page and campaign to welcome new members, offering goodies and competitions including the chance to ‘Live the life of Rileys’ - with the main prize being a trip with your mates to see FC Barcelona play.

Collateral l Online marketing. l Social media campaign. l Display banners. l T.Shirts.

l A6 Promotional flyers. l Branded pint pots. l Voucher booklets.

Rileys Victoria refurbishment Deep Red developed the refurbishment of Rileys Victoria club, creating the first officially titled ‘Sports Bar’ within the Rileys estate of over 100 clubs throughout the UK. The two story club had the snooker and pool area completely refurnished including the bar area and 50 inch HD sports viewing screens. This compliments the upper ground floor hosting the 3 metre Fanzone screen and seating area, dartszone and bar area. Deep Red worked on internal and external graphics and general decor.

Collateral l Exterior and interior signage. l Interior decor. l Vinyl window graphics. l Menus. l Audio Visual display advertising.

l Promotional online emarketing. l Re-vamp of all club specific social media. l All launch material and PR comms.

Promoting the Sports Bar A large part of the development of Rileys as a Sports Bar is the Fanzone area within their flagship clubs. 3 metre screens together with seating and viewing areas are a significant element to these clubs pulling in customers for the big sports events, where, in turn they can take advantage of the general club facilities for cue sports, darts, table football as well as the food and bar service. Deep Red’s aim with online promotions is to highlight events for members and through social media alert as many potential customers as possible to in-club sports viewing events.

Responsibilities l E.mail communications and design. l Online advertising. l Social media page development and l web advertising. facebook advertising. l Website design and development.

2012 UK Open qualifiers event & promotion The 2012 UK Open Darts Tournament Qualifying rounds were held at over 30 Rileys Dartszones - clubs hosting multi-throw darts facilities. The competition is a unique opportunity for amateur players to win through these rounds and actually get the opportunity to play a top professional player. Deep Red developed a campaign using current Champion and Rileys ambassador Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, hinting at the potential glory awaiting each competitor!

Collateral l Online marketing. l Social media. l In-club posters. l Entry forms - print and online. l A6 Promotional flyers. l Trade advetising. l Player shirts and leisurewear.

The stats Rileys qualifiers won £18,000 in prize money with two qualifiers reaching the Quarter-Finals. The competition received over 2,500 entries.

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For Deep Red the working brief is simple, expandand develop the Rileys brand and increase membership. We develop marketing strategy and camp...