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This design was inspired by Bjrake Ingels Group, a Danish architecture firm. The terms Hedonistic Sustainability which means sustainable that not only increase life quality but also fun. The negative perception towards sustainable can be proven wrong through this design. e


The site chosen for the Green Campus is an open area in Kota Damansara. The 5 acres site hardly being used by residents around the area. The site is suitable for the campus because of the direct link between the community and campus. The campus can be community driven as both side depend on each other to make a more livable and harmonious living.

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The campus will promotes creativity, practicality & the concept of sustainable living. Also can act as community centre, it provides a holistic education on sustainable for the community.



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1. Environment

Law enforcement to increase sustainability of the lifestyle in the area. It will be a simple law such as every house must have plants or vegetation.

No motorized ve- Recycling and resuhicle. Except bicy- ing waste to reduce cles. Can reduce the need of landfill. carbon emission and produce better air quality

Greenery to provide relaxing environment, provide better air quality and cools the surrounding air temperature.


Class or seminars on sustainable economy for residents

Public park for social activities.

Public market which sells local product and goods.

Grow your own food can reduce your expenditure on grocery.

2. Diet

Organic and healthies food grows locally. Reduce expenditure on food and groceries. A communal farming area will be provided.

Recycling centre for the residents to drop recycle materials which will be used at the academy.

Public market which sells local product and goods.

Public farm which will be owned by every residents and the product will be sold at the market.

Promoting cycling to reduce transportation cost and also eco-friendly.

3. Thinking

Knowledge about sustainable for the community to change the way of thinking and to correct the negative perception of sustainable which means “reduce this and that” or “its difficult and not fun at all”


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Piezoelectricity is electrical energy produced from mechanical pressure (including motions such as walking).

Green Campus

Public Market Knowledge & Information

Donations or Fees



Materials Man Power Waste

Agriculture Compost


Research & Development


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The campus will be vehicle free campus which only allows bicycle and pedestrian access Tyre foundation used to reduce the amount of concrete used for foundation. It also helps in cooling down the building by absorbing the heat so the interior remain cooled.

Low rise building complex to reduce load transfered to the foundation which will reduce the foundation’s thickness and cost of materials and construction.

Green wall and roof will provide visual comfort and also stress reliever. Also provide fresher and cooler air.

Solar panel to produce electricity for the campus.

Passive design strategies - Natural ventilation and cross ventilation - Pond as cooling agent as it reduce surrounding temperature - Open area to encourage more ventilation. - Shading using overhang and vegetation

Autocalved aerated concrete block which has air bubbles that reduce the heat conductivityof the materials. Resulting in lower temperature on the inside of building. IBS - better quality, fast erection and construction time. Reduce cost and materials used for formwork.

Amphitheater ignal s e D pos Pro


Computer Lab Research & Development

Quarters & Dormitory Pond Unused containers as a unit which will cater 2 person. Each unit will consist of 2 bed and storage.

Compost Area

Open Area Admin Open Area



A Work Architecture Company - PF1 (Public Farm One)

Dining Hall

Recycling Centre

Services Area Main Hall Surau

Inspired by the project above, our Green Campus roof will be full covered by planter box or cylinder and it will act as roof farm.

Public Market

Piezoelectricity panel will be installed at all major circulation

ignal s e D pos Pro


ignal s e D pos Pro



A compilation of selected works during my degree years and master years ( 2014 - 2018 )


A compilation of selected works during my degree years and master years ( 2014 - 2018 )