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BOB SINCLAR needs nothing but the outstanding sound of the new AMPERIOR from Sennheiser. Based on the legendary HD 25 headphones and perfectly compatible with all mobile sound players. Inspired by DJs. Designed for the streets.

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Three dimensional movies have existed in many ways since 1915. In the present day, most movies are released in 3D, however, High Frame Rate movies are the way to the future. This new standard for movie production creates extraordinarily crisp, life-like images that transport audiences into action. Movies viewed in HFR 3D is predicted to soon be a norm, as 3D movies are said to improve dramatically. Super realistic visuals and comfortable viewing is sure. This issue, we talk about The Hobbit, a prequel to the LOTR trilogy and Peter JacksonÕ s most anticipated movie of 2012. Apart from releasing worldwide, it will be the first film viewed in 3D captured using HFR technology and will make its debut in the UK. The Hobbit is guaranteed to eat a big portion of the Christmas cake at the box office. This month, we have covered gadgets that made it to our Ô best products of the yearÕ list. We have covered cameras, home theatre systems, televisions, smartphones and tablets. Hopefully, this will help you buy the perfect gifts from the technology point of view. Taking Ô bestÕ seriously, the Samsung S III comes with over 15 additional features as compared to the iPhone 5 and tops our list of smartphones. We also give you our take on what the LG Nexus 4 has to offer, the iPad mini that is considered one of the best tablets made by Apple and a profile of Michelle Zatlyn, a dynamic entrepreneur and the co-founder of CloudFlare.

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Zoomed. Not Shaken

Vibration Compensation Mechanism Try the VC simulator at

Tamron 18-270mm Zoom has incredible 15X wide-to-super-tele coverage plus advanced VC anti-shake! A triumph of advanced optical engineering, the Tamron AF 18-270mm Di II VC is the first 15X (28-419mm-equivalent) zoom lens for consumer digital SLRs with advanced Vibration Compensation (VC).

New eyes for industry


18 ProFiLe Meet Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder of CloudFlare

20 coMPuTiNG Know all you need to about the iPad Mini

21 MoBiLe zoNe Lets find out what LG Nexus 4 has in store for us

22 Tech awarDs Winners of TECH Awards 2012 announced

38 TiMe zoNe Frame time with Greubel Forsey T24

26 ToP ProDucTs oF The year Giving an insight on what’s the best in Technology world

40 auDio zoNe

44 PhoToGraPhy Fujifilm goes an X-tra mile

50 Tech arT

When words speak more than pictures

46 DashBoarD

Get perfection with the Jaguar F-type

54 Movie zoNe What to expect from an unexpected journey

NexT issue aBsoLuTe auDio Get immersed in the world of sound

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Get bass-ed with Philips 5.1 Home Theatre System



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Hi Tech, Can you tell me what does ÔNear Õ in PS Vita denote? Walter Dear Walter, Near is a core PS Vita feature composed of location-based services that utilise PlayStation Network. Near, developed specifically for this service and the network, will be preinstalled in the system to let users find out what their friends in the vicinity are playing now or what they were playing recently. Users can meet their friends and new players virtually, regardless of what games they are playing, simply by sharing their game information across different dimensions of time and distance. -Ed

Dear editor, I have been using a top loading washing machine for the past 10 years and am interested in buying a new one. But before I do, could you please tell me the difference between the front and top loading washing machines so that I could make a better decision? Alisha Dear Alisha, There are number of differences that should be kept in mind while choosing between a front load and top loading machine. The first factor is the efficiency of the two. Front loading washing machines are comparatively more energy and water efficient than the traditional top loading ones. On average front loaders reduce water by 40 per cent. If floor space is an important factor, a front loading washer is a better choice as it comes with a companion dryer. Front loading washing machines are a disadvantage as they are more expensive. If bending or kneeling is difficult, a top loading machine is ideal. The amount of detergent used in the top loading is more than the front loading as the amount of water used in the former is much more than that of the later. So, if cost is not an issue and if you are looking for a washing machine that is efficient, front loading is the best option. -Ed

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Dear TECH team, I would like to know what are dipolar and bipolar speakers and if there are any differences between the two? Nadeem Dear Nadeem, The terms bipolar and dipolar refers to speakers with drivers that are fired in two different directions. With dipolar speakers, the two sets of drivers are on the sides of the speaker aimed in opposite directions. This is usually done in rear speakers that are mounted on the wall, where the front of the speaker is aimed at the listening area. This causes all of the sound to bounce off the walls before it is heard. This makes it almost impossible to determine where the speakers are, causing a true surround sound effect. A bipolar surround speaker has two or more speakers that output sound in multiple directions. In bipolar speakers, the drivers are fired in opposite directions, but are in phase (which means that both speakers are outputting sound at the same time) causing an increase in bass output. In this case, the drivers are in the front and back of the speaker. -Ed Dear TECH team, I would like to congratulate the Tech team on your latest issue of The Tale of Tablets. It was one of the most helpful issues and was a great read as well. I hope the team continues to produce more of such issues. Rizwan Dear Rizwan, It is our pleasure to keep our TECH fans updated with the latest and we are glad you enjoyed it too. Keep reading our issues for more tech savvy articles. -Ed


Nawras shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Facebook’

NOKIA LUMIA RANGE INTRODUCED IN MIDDLE EAST Nokia Middle East has announced the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, the world’s most innovative smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 in the region, with Du as the exclusive telecom carrier to offer the smartphone in the UAE for launch. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, including Arabic language capabilities and the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Using advanced floating technology, the camera in the Nokia Lumia 920 has the ability to take in five times more light than the competing

smartphones without using flash, making it possible to capture clear, bright pictures and video whether indoors or at night. The 4.5-incher Lumia 920 PureMotion HD handset comes in yellow, gray, red, white and black where as the 4.3-incher Lumia 820 comes in all the above colours with an addition of cyan and purple. The Nokia Lumia 920 also comes with Nokia City Lens, the latest addition to the Nokia location suite. By pointing the camera at a city street, City Lens overlays information about restaurants, shops, hotels and more on the surfaces of buildings.

POLYCOM ANNOUNCES NEXT GENERATION VIDEO ENDPOINTS The global leader in open-based unified communications, Polycom, unveiled an expanded portfolio of next generation video collaboration endpoints. Ranging from new systems for rooms of all sizes, to a sleek and powerful desktop system, the new endpoints boast the industry’s bestvideo collaboration experiences with more than 20 new user innovations and features. It features a simple and new UI and delivers the highest quality video resolution, up to 1080p60, to give the viewers a lifelike visual experience. Polycom’s award-winning software application for tablets and smartphones, RealPresence Mobile 2.0, is now available for more than dozen devices with additional features including content sharing and far-end camera control.

12 / TECH

Nawras is shortlisted in Ragan’s PR, Daily Digital PR and Social Media Awards 2012 in the ‘Best Use of Facebook’ category. From hundreds of entries the Nawras ‘7x7’ Facebook competition impressed the judges with its innovation, ability to engage with customers and the lasting impact of the promotion. Nawras launched the ‘7x7’ competition over the summer to give away Samsung Galaxy Tab devices to customers over a seven-week period. Nawras Facebook fans were asked to correctly answer seven questions to be entered into the prize draw. The answers were available by researching the Nawras website and by the end of the first week; the reach was over 400,000 Omani Facebook users.

Visual Teleportation introduces B2C interaction over distance Teleportel announced AVICCS (Audio and Video In the Cloud Contact System): a cloud based video-as-aservice system that is designed for very high-quality B2C interaction over distance. Virtual Teleportation is changing the way B2C oragnisations interact with their customers allowing very high quality personal interaction while improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing sales. The integrated solution encompasses two components: state-of-the-art software and patented Virtual Teleportation. This Virtual Teleportation hardware allows the most advanced way to communicate over distance. The agents acting in the communication can be in one single location or they can all be in different places, anywhere in the world.

MASERATI UNVEILS NEW GRANTURISMO SPORT Following the unveiling of the new Maserati GranTurismo Sport in Geneva International Motor show earlier this year, Alfardan Motors-Official Importer of Maserati in Oman-announced the arrival of the car in Muscat. The new GranTurismo Sport carries on the traditions of the original GranTurismo. Capable of sprinting to 100km/h in only 4.7 seconds, the new sport carries the latest Maserati’s all-alloy 4.7-litre V8 engine boasting upto 460bhp. While it retains the external shape of the headlights, they now

carry all-new internal technology, including the addition of Daytime Running Light LED technology. Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mohammad Kandeel, General Manager of Alfardan Motors said “The new Maserati GranTurismo Sport comes to continue the success story of GranTurismo S. The car improves on Maserati’s tradition of offering a sporting character in addition to high comfort and luxury, therefore we are confident that new Maserati GranTurismo Sport will achieve all the desired success in the Omani market.”

60-INCH REVELATION Muscat Air-conditioning & Electronics LLC (MACE) recently unveiled the 60-inch Sharp Aquos LED TV at Sharaf DG in Muscat Grand Mall. The 10th generation model, LC60LE630, stands above the crowd not only because of the X-GEN panel that it enhances but also for its simplicity, attractiveness an affordability. The X-GEN panel enhances the viewing experience even on a bigger screen by delivering brighter, crisper and sharper pictures.



Jabra’s portfolio of white products includes something for everyone this holiday season. Designed in white, the products are in theme with Christmas. The combination of Jabra’s leading technology, stylish white designs and affordable prices makes these products the perfect gifts. The music lovers can choose from Jabra soulmate, Halo2, Street2, Clipper, Rhythm and Chill, all a wide range of headsets that deliver crisp-sounds whether listening to music or taking calls. Jabra also offers headphones for the fitness lovers. The Jabra Active is a great choice for someone who needs a rugged pair of earphones to keep up with their active lifestyle.

Apple has been engaged in patent fights around the world with multiple Android smartphone manufactures, including HTC and Samsung. News of the patent settlement between HTC and Apple raised the prospect that Apple might be able to come to similar settlements with other companies, notably Samsung. Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung’s head of mobile and IT, said that the company has no intention to negotiate with Apple to reach a settlement like HTC did recently. One analyst has since reported hearing from industry sources that HTC agreed to pay Apple a licensing fee of USD6-USD8 for every Android phone it sells.

DECEMBER 2012 / 13

ALL-NEW 2013 NISSAN ALTIMA LAUNCHED Suhail Bahwan Automobiles, the exclusive importers and distributors of Nissan vehicles in Oman, unveiled the all new Nissan Altima 2013. The completely re-engineered Altima is to become the new benchmark in the mid-size segment. The interior defies mid-size sedan convention rivalling upscale luxury sedans in ambience and sophistication. In desire to help fatigue experienced during long drives the seats are closest to neutral position, a patented structure providing levels of support in lumbar, midback and

shoulder regions. Equipped with either 2.5-litre or 3.5-litre engines and the new generation CVT , the car provides better performance and an increased fuel efficiency of 18 per cent verses the current Altima “We took one of our most successful model, kept its DNA and changed nearly everything – the visual appeal, the driving experience and of course, the technology. The new Altima by far is the most engaging vehicle in its class,” said the Suhail Bahwan Automobiles spokesperson.

KHIMJI’S ROLEX VENTURE Anil Khimji, Director – Khimji Ramdas and Yann Du Pasquier, Area Sales Manager – Middle East and Greece inaugurated the Khimji’s Watches newly redesigned Service Centre located opposite to Haffa House Hotel. Rolex official John Lewis, World Service Area Supervisor, Pankaj Khimji, Director – Khimji’s Watches and Madhursinh Jesrani, General Manager - Khimji’s Watches were also present on the occasion. The

service centre has been designed in keeping with Rolex’s latest international specifications. The Rolex brand has been part of Khimji’s suite of products since early 60’s. Khimji’s watches and Rolex have created in this room a space which is as close to the factory environment in Geneva as possible. Four watch technicians, all of whom have received specialist training in Geneva, make an impressive team.


Panasonic’s camera family grows Omasco recently introduced the new LUMIX DMC-G5, Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera that is capable of taking high-quality images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and colour reproduction. The precision Contrast AF system boasts high speed AF system. The camera boasts a 16.05MP Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine, giving the DMC-G5 a capability to record

14 / TECH

1920x1080 50p full HD video in AVCHD Progressive with stereo sound. The camera offers users great satisfaction with its total performance backed up by its high picture quality, high response together with the advanced functions in easy operations. This compact, lightweight bodied camera also has a built-in flash to boast its performance and camera functions.

Google announced initiative to promote Arabic on the internet. The programme is called ‘Arabic web days’ and aims to increase the amount of online content in Arabic. ‘Arabic content on the web represents just three percent of the total digital content online, ‘Google said in its blog announcement. ‘Yet Arabic speakers make up more than five percent of the global population.’ Along with various partners, Google is organising a series of online and offline event, including Google Hangouts with ‘industry experts.’

TECH RADAR Our radar throws a spotlight on some breakthrough speculations 830 disclosed

adVancing iphone 5s

The Nokia Lumia range has a lot on its table at the moment; and in case the Lumia 920, 820 and 510 wasn’t enough, leaked images reveal another Microsoftpowered, bright-coloured member. Although the pictures don’t show much detail, GSM Arena reports that the 830 will in fact be a successor of the Lumia 710 and not a modified version of the 820. We suggest they rather call it the 720, keeping the current pattern in mind.

Just when we thought the iPhone 5 was going to keep us busy, the Chinese- language Commercial Times reported that Apple will begin the trial production of the iPhone 5S as early as December and could ship a more powerful handset in 2013. Facing relatively low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification process for parts and components. We aren’t sure if we can count on these reports, but if the launch is accelerated, we can’t wait.

Microsoft surface sMartphone Microsoft built the surface tablets to prove to hardware manufacturers just how it should be done. It is imperative that the company will do the same with regard to smartphones. Rumours are intensifying as we first heard that the phone is in its final stages and will be released in the months to come. The phone supposedly runs on ‘Redmount’ firmware and it is suggested that the job done is an in-house effort. There isn’t a real certainty of a Surface phone, but the rumours seem to be pointing in the right direction.

no apple itV Although analysts believe an Apple iTV will launch soon, new reports claim that for now there are no plans. Apple is currently in talks with various broadband and cable companies over a feasible iTV flat screen, but the launch is not ‘imminent’. The company is holding tests to examine whether it has the ability to handle the additional capacity an internet connected Apple set would demand. If you have been following these speculations closely, we are sure you aren’t the one intending on making a major purchase earlier next year.

Yuga leaked The five-inch Sony Yuga smartphone’s images have allegedly been leaked. Expected to be a notable contender to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Google Nexus 4, with rumoured specs like 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 1080HD screen, and 12-megapixel camera, the Yuga certainly looks like a challenger. The leaked images show that it looks sleek and with a non-removable battery is likely to be announced at CES 2013 early in January.

DECEMBER 2012 / 15



GADGETS Take a look at some of these gadgets that are sure to come in handy

Wallet trackr If you are prone on misplacing your wallet, then the new device called Wallet TrackR would definitely come in handy. This gadget is designed to provide a Bluetooth link to your iPhone or iOS device from your wallet and alerts you whenever your wallet falls out of range. The application will also help to show the last known place your wallet is located. So you needn’t worry about losing your wallet or forgetting where you kept it last. The Wallet TrackR will help you find it.

heated ski gloVes Chaval outdoor is showing off with a brand new pair of heated ski gloves for RO150 (USD390). The gloves regulate temperature independently for each finger. They rely on a paper-thin, flexible nanotech polymer film rather than the standard wire-heating technology that is found in many heated gloves. This leather, water-resistant gloves promises to keep your hands warm for four to six hours on full charge keeping not only your palms warm but also every single finger tip.

reMote pilloW There would have been at least once that you must have looked everywhere for the TV remote and would find it in the most unexpected places. Available in a retro 1970’s brown, is a cushion that also acts as a remote. From switching on the TV, changing channels to volume control the pillow is a huge life saver for the couch potato as it serves as a fully functional remote too. The remote pillow is a perfect gadget for the comfort seekers at home.

16 / TECH

capture rapture Everybody likes to capture moments while skiing down the mountains or mountain biking down the hills and share it with friends. But it is impossible to do so while griping on to the ski poles or handlebars. The Easy Shot Clip HD is the perfect solution to this. This compact video camera can withstand a water pressure of 30m and can record videos with quality sound at 720p for 40 minutes. It can be attached to goggles or helmets thanks to the double sided tapes and self-adhesive strap. It’s tiny form factor and lightweight design makes it unique in the world of action cams so this little camera certainly won’t weigh you down or get in the way.

app-lock-ation For all those times you have wondered on the way to work if you have locked your door, Lockitron has come with the perfect solution. They have come up with an interesting smartphone oriented gadget which lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone. Now, with Lockitron, you can check and see if your door is closed when you’re gone and can even get a notification if someone opens the door while you’re away.

gloVephone Hi-Fun, A European Company has introduced bluetooth enabled gloves, which might prove to be quite useful for the most talkative of us in the colder months. This pair of gloves features a speaker in one thumb and a microphone in the pinky and all the necessary wiring in between. Near the wrist, on the exterior of the hand there are two buttons for accepting and rejecting calls. The gloves operate up to 12m range from the phone. The gloves can last up to 24 hours in stand-by and 20 hours of conversation.

get polarised With the sudden popularity of digital photography and camera phones, the present generation would be quite unfamiliar with film photography or what Polaroid was like. But the past meets the present, thanks to Instant Lab. Simply take a picture on your iPhone and mount the phone on the Instant Lab and your digital photos would be printed Polaroid style. You may even add effects and colour adjustments your give your pictures the perfect classic touch to it.

DECEMBER 2012 / 17



EXPEMPLIFIED Here’s an inside scoop on Michelle Zatlyn of CloudFlare and how it was conceived

18 / TECH


ost people can hardly find the time to eat or sleep in this fast paced world, let alone find the time to wait for a webpage to download. This time crunch that many people are under these days explains the fact that for every extra hundred milliseconds it takes a site to load, two per cent of that site’s visitors will be lost. This is exactly why Michelle Zatlyn co-founded CloudFlare, a service that decreases bandwidth usage, increases site speed and stops malicious attacks, making for a faster and safer website. Michelle Zatlyn is a daring entrepreneur who creates products people love. As head of user experience and co-founder of CloudFlare, she experiences this everyday by making the Internet faster and safer for more than 400 million web surfers each month. In 2011, CloudFlare was selected by the Wall Street Journal as the ‘Most Innovative Internet Technology’ company and named a 2012 ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum. Growing up in Canada, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a minor in Management, with Distinction, from McGill University. She also holds her MBA from Harvard Business School and was awarded the Dubliner Prize for Entrepreneurship. She now applies the scientific method to improving businesses. She also happens to be an experienced public speaker and frequent panelist. She was named as one of the 2011 Top Women to Watch in Technology by the Huffington Post. According to Zatlyn, CloudFlare is essentially a performance and security service, so it makes websites faster and safer for websites all over the world. Internet traffic and speed is a really big problem for website owners as they often wonder how they can make sure their site is fast for the visitors. There have been services that have been in the market place for a long time but considering that the internet is made up of over 250 million websites around the world from blogs to businesses to national governments Michelle believes it wasn’t easy to create a service that could make speed and security accessible to the entire Internet. With CloudFlare that is what they have done. “We basically went from very little traffic through our network around the world to now where we make the Internet faster, safer, for more than 430 million web surfers every single month”, explains Michelle. It all began in 2004 when Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway set out to answer the basic question: “Where does email spam come from?” The two of them built a system that allowed anyone with a website to track how spammers harvested

email addresses and thus Project Honey Pot was born.

not only offered security, it also offered incredible performance.

Project Honey Pot grew over the years and Lee’s flexible architecture adapted to track more of the threats that web administrators faced. Thousands of websites, from more than 185 countries, signed up to participate in the project. While users loved Project Honey Pot’s ability to track online malicious behavior, they had one repeated request; don’t just track the bad guys, stop them.

Zatlyn feels that it’s really valuable when you’re an entrepreneur that you end up doing a lot of different things and work with a lot of different people as willingness to learn is really important

In 2009, Matthew had taken a sabbatical from his full time work to get his MBA from the Harvard Business School were he met Michelle Zatlyn. When Matthew mentioned Project Honey Pot and its astounding community of users, Michelle immediately recognised the opportunity to create a service that would take Project Honey Pot to the next level: not just tracking Internet threats, but stopping them too. Matthew, Lee, and Michelle then began to build the CloudFlare team. CloudFlare’s core mission was to help clean up the Internet. That was a project that smart engineers could get passionate about. The biggest concern that investors and advisors had was that CloudFlare’s solution, which was originally focused on securing websites, would introduce latency. The team became obsessed with stamping out latency anywhere in the system. In June 2010, CloudFlare quietly launched a private beta to select members of the Project Honey Pot community. The whole team held their breath. Then something surprising happened. Users began writing in that not only was CloudFlare protecting them against online bad guys, but their sites were loading, on average, 30 per cent faster. The efficiency of CloudFlare’s system, the layer of caching for static resources and the fact that CloudFlare was taking so much garbage traffic off its user’s sites meant CloudFlare

When we started to build CloudFlare we wondered how we can make a service that will make speed and security accessible to the entire Internet

aBout Michelle ZatlYn Michelle Zatlyn began her professional career as a research analyst at Investor Economics in 2001. During her time at Investor Economics, she managed the quarterly retail brokerage report, one of the firm’s key revenue pillars. Her other responsibilities included data collection, data synthesis and written commentary. She went on to becoming a founding team member for I Love Rewards in 2004, which was a privately held computer software company. She signed a multi-million dollar contract with KPMG and implemented a new rewards database by sourcing suppliers, negotiating terms and enhancing functionality.

In 2005, she joined Toshiba as a product manager where she managed three product groups simultaneously. Following this, in 2008 Zatlyn interned as general manager with Google for a brief period of three months during which she was responsible for two main projects: Benchmark study identifying best practices in channel programs and event strategy for Google’s inaugural Recognition in Sales Excellence event. She was responsible for developing project scope, project plan and methodology for benchmark study. Finally, in 2009 she co-founded, CloudFlare Inc. as head of user experience.

DECEMBER 2012 / 19


MINI MARVEL It may be smaller than the iPad but it still packs plenty of surprises

caMera Megapixels 5MP


pple has justified the iPad Mini with the majestic feeling it gives when one holds it. Be it the large screen size, the low weight or the impressive design compared to the competition, good things come in small packages is true with the iPad Mini, although it is highly priced at USD329 (RO127)

Resolution 3264x2448 pixels Video 1080p Front-facing camera 1.2MP 7.2mm

displaY Screen size 11cms Resolution 1024x768 pixels Pixel density 163 PPI Technology IPS LCD

processor and BatterY Processors Apple A5 200mm

Cores Dual-core Clock speed 1GHz

storage and MeMorY RAM 512MB Flash Memory 16GB microSD Yes

Verdict The mini version of the iPad is a perfect fit with an impressive design in the tablet world. The 7.9-incher with an aluminium build is one of the best tablets made by Apple. Though the tablet lacks the retina display, the pixel density is much higher than the original iPad and iPad 2. Fortunately it still has the IPS panel, so the colours are vibrant and the viewing angles are excellent. This little tablet is less than half the weight of the third or fourth generation iPad, making it easier to carry around. The claimed 10 hour battery life of it is true enough on a general dayto-day base. The iPad mini is unrivalled in terms of build, quality and style.

20 / TECH


other features Operating System iOS 6 Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Weight 308g


VERITABLE DREAM Nexus 4 is like one of those movie sequels which turn out to be blockbusters Processor: Quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Resolution: 768x1280 pixels, 320 ppi Headphone jack: 3.5mm Battery capacity: 210mAh RAM: 2GB

LG has never had the best track record when it came to putting out solid, robust hardware, but the Nexus 4 manages to feel sturdy and confidence-inspiring without crossing into hefty territory. As opposed to the other smartphones of the Nexus legacy, the LG-made Nexus 4 has been endowed with state-of-the-art silicon and is backed up by some of the best components on the market.

pros The LG Nexus 4 is a good choice for various reasons. It shapes on the design of the Galaxy Nexus and makes it even better. LG’s build quality is undoubtedly outstanding here. The display is excellent, with a fast processor and GPU to push things. Android 4.2 brings some impressive and welcome new features like Photo Share and Quick Settings.

cons Even with all the superb features, the Nexus 4 does not come without compromise. Storage options are on the low side at 8 and 16GB. There’s no microSD storage and no option for LTE data either which is quite disappointing. Internal battery might be a turn-off for some. Long-term durability of the glassy back is a bit of a gamble.

Price: 8GB USD299 (RO115) 16GB USD349 (RO134)

Verdict Display: 4.7inch- true HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Rear camera: 8MP, autofocus, LED flash Front camera: 1.3MP Video resolution: 1080p

The Nexus 4, LG’s first phone in Google’s premier line, easily is the best stock. It’s the best in the Nexus line since HTC’s Nexus One. The hardware is more top-ofthe-line than we’re used to in the Nexus platform. The design progresses on what LG’s done with its own Optimus G and the software improvements in Android 4.2 make the platform that much more impressive. It may not be the best phone on the planet, but its high-end specs, elegant build and incredibly affordable price make it a worthwhile purchase.

Operating system: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

NOVEMBER 2012 / 21

Our second installment of TECH Awards saw enthusiastic participation from dealers across Muscat. This year TECH Awards 2012 took it a notch higher and fine-tuned the categories and selection criteria to cover more aspects of the technology industry that included BEST and distributors as SHOWROOM retailers, dealersBEST PRODUCTof the segment. DISPLAY the most committed PORTFOLIO Here we have a list of winners that our team of judges regarded as the best in the nominated categories. BEST PRODUCT PORTFOLIO


22 / TECH



Best custoMer serVice

This Jumbo Electronics showroom at Qurum City Centre has one of the most courteous and helpful staff at their disposal. While their loyalty to Sony as the main brand has stayed, their staff has taken it upon themselves to understand each and every product. They are quite polite and even if it is after-sales service, they do not forget to treat you well. So when you walk into the Jumbo showroom expecting to buy a product, you’re in luck because their staff is quite eager to help you out. For this reason, they take the cake for their customer service. DECEMBER 2012 / 23

Best shoWrooM displaY

The Mustafa Sultan Electronics showroom at Al Khuwair has impressed us yet again for the second consecutive time with the striking display of their products. As you walk into the showroom, there is a sense of tidiness and everything is just so spic and span. All the electronics are organised in a very neat fashion in this showroom and the ambience reflects the creativity that has gone into planning the way everything has been exhibited. This showroom bags the prize with extraordinary presentation.

24 / TECH

Best product portfolio

A winner for the second time in a row, this Emax showroom in Muscat City Centre offers a wide range of products from different brands, all under one roof. Needless to say it’s a gizmo-freak’s paradise and has a lot of variety to choose from. What is really impressive is how precisely the different type of products are grouped together. This of course makes it easier for the customer to shop. With their vast product portfolio, Emax takes home the trophy without a doubt.

DECEMBER 2012 / 25


We celebrate the best products in the world of technology

26 / TECH

As we approach the end of 2012 we have debated over which products in the world of breakthrough technology make an impression. Of course, it is quite the predicament decide which product takes the lead and which ones are left behind. In our countdown of the top five products in various categories, we take the word ‘best’ very seriously. From among a wide array of products, we have chosen the most appealing. In this article we talk about five of the most popular electronics in different categories that have been star rated to arrive at our winner for TECH Awards 2012.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 27



Usability Price Innovation Overall



Usability Price Innovation Overall


4 Usability Price Innovation

Sony Alpha A77



PANASONIC LUMIX DMC-FS25 Usability Price Innovation Overall

2 28 / TECH




Usability Price Innovation Overall

The OMD E-M5 marks the beginning of a new strand in mirror less CSC cameras that pose the strongest threat yet to the dominance of DSLRs in the higher-end of the consumer market. It ingeniously combines a retro SLR design which is still widely held in affection 40 years on with the best that modern technology can offer. It looks great, handles beautifully, produces superb quality images and is great fun to take pictures with. It may have tough rivals but with the world s fast AF system and a very usable electronic viewfinder, there are hardly any second thoughts. All becomes stabilised thanks to the built-in sensor-shif sensor-shift than system and the image quality is closerr th an you might expect.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 29




Usability Price Innovation Overall



SONY 5.1 BDV-N890W Usability Price Innovation Overall


Usability Price Innovation Overall


Usability Price Innovation Overall

30 / TECH






Usability Price Innovation Overall

This home theater system by Bose has been successful in enhancing the entire experience of watching movies at home. We especially loved the slim line look of the receiver and without all the huge speakers in the room,it felt like we have gained back a lot of space. The receiver has inputs/outputs that really reect the current modern day demands and entertainment devices. The speakers are amazing and the centre one oers the best sound in terms of audibility. The Bose V35 system captures the essence of what new HDMI home theatre customers want. Undoubtedly, this is a compact system that primarily uses HDMI inputs, with robust compact speakers, a centralised remote and a system that sounds great.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 31


5 Usability Price Innovation Overall

LG 55LS4600




Usability Price Innovation Overall Usability Price Innovation Overall


Usability Price Innovation Overall

32 / TECH




Usability Price Innovation Overall

If you want a giant television set that also helps you to surf the internet, then it does not get any bigger than the Sony Bravia KDL-65HX925 (at the moment). This television delivers excellent performance and combines it with good colour vibrancy in default settings. The elegant design is just the cherry on the cake. The highlight is of course the ability

of the KDL-65HX925 to act as a door to the world of internet. Nevertheless, the sports Sony s monolithic design as usual, makes the television set look quite appealing. A welcome addition is the Gorilla Glass that is used to protect the screen from all harm; a good thing to have for something you pay a heavy amount for.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 33





Usability Price Innovation Overall


Usability Price Innovation Overall



Usability Usabili Price Pri Inn Innovation


Overall O


Usability Price Innovation Overall

34 / TECH





Usability Price Innovation Overall

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best smartphone on the market. It s got every kind of feature we could ask for and more. It raises the bar once again in terms of what consumers should be expecting in terms of battery life, processor speed and media management. It wins out for features and innovations and is a mighty big phone that s powerful,

feature-packed and exceptionally desirable. The third in line to the galaxy s-series, this phone is designed for the most intense user. It performs awlessly and consistently in everything from 3D gaming to video streaming. For people who want a full-featured entertainment device in their pocket, the S3 is a dream come true.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 35



4 5

Usability Price Innovation Overall

Usabili Usability Price Pric Innovation Overall





Usability Price Innovation Overall Usability Price Innovation Overall

36 / TECH




Usability Price Innovation Overall

With the Apple iPad3, one experiences a sense of refreshed vision. In reality, this iPad is all about the screen. Of course, the graphic capability of the iPad compliments the clarity that this tablet has to oer. Even though, it is slightly heavier and thicker but that can be overlooked as there are many

more improved features that steal the limelight. In spite of the addition of these new features, Apple doesn t tire it out; the battery life remains a vigorous 10 hours. With a faster processor and of course a variety of apps available at the iStore, the iPad3 is the best tablet you can get in the market.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 37

Owners Pride TiMeZONE

Greubel Forsey’s T24 Contemporain is a watch worth showing off


ober Greubel and Stephen Forsey have left watch-lovers speechless yet again with their brilliant Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain. This timepiece features a unique edition of 33 pieces featuring a titanium movement and a platinum case and the is characerised by its round case and the emphasis on the technical aspects of the movement. The platinum round case houses a stunning royal blue movement with three-dimensional architecture designed to highlight the Tourbillon 24 Seconds mechanism. The clarity of this intense blue finish, achieved through a special oxidation process is the fruit of considerable research and testing. Shimmering in an infinite range of hues according to the light, gives the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes an unparalleled vivacity. This timepiece is an absolutely gorgeous royal timepiece that comes with a striking blue anodisation on the titanium plates and the sapphire on the Tourbillon bridge. With a 43.5mm platinum case (15.2mm thick), a hand stitched blue 38 / TECH

alligator strap and platinum 950 folding clasp, the Tourbillon is definitely a certified high-end watch in terms of construction quality and dimensionality. It has a highly-efficient fast-rotating24-second revolution- tourbillon cage inclined at 25 degrees which minimises negative effects of gravity on the oscillator, particularly in stable positions. The hour and minute dial is in synthetic sapphire while small seconds dial and power reserve indicators are in gold. The multi-level dial is astounding and allows the wearer to enjoy every function featured on the dial, which is remarkably well-laid out and legible. This timepiece challenges the frontiers of horological architecture in threedimensions. The depth of vision is enhanced by the royal blue finish of the plates and bridges. This brilliant timepiece exudes intrigue, magnificence, and contemporary style holding itself to a standard unmatched in many aspects. Defined by its detail and craftsmanship, one could only anticipate such a clean look that is riddled with complexity.

Case Size: 43.5mm x 15.2mm Movement: Manual Wind Dial Colour: Blue Band Type: Leather Strap Water Resistance: Upto 9m Price: USD5,00,000 (RO1,92,475)

Get Direct Access to Oman’s Vibrant Housing Market The Premier Home Building & Interiors Exhibition

After its highly successful inaugural edition in 2011, The Home Show 2012 is getting bigger and better, with the expected participation of a much greater number of exhibitors and with an even wider range of products on display.

Exhibition Profile: Bedroom and Bathroom Fit-outs | Doors and Windows | Furniture and Furnishings | Garden and Landscaping Home Appliances and Electronics | Home Building Materials | Home Loans | Interior Design Products and Services Kitchen Equipments and Modules | Lighting Fixtures and Accessories | Residential Properties Smart Home Solutions | Wall and Floor Coverings

Meet your target audience: Architects | Building Contracts | Decision Makers | Homebuilders | Homeowners Interior Decorators | Industry Professionals | Property Investors Be sure to get your prominent location in The Home Show 2012 before it is sold out. Reserve your stand today! For stand bookings, sponsorship opportunities or for more information, contact Clemento Fernandes on +968 95250277 or e-mail

Supporting Organisations

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Bass-ic oBsession Experience powerful cinematic sound with Philips

HDMI for HD movies

Powerful speakers with double basspipes for great sound

Touch panel for intuitive playback and volume control

Compact design that fits anywhere

1000W RMS power delivers great sound for movies and music

Available at Mustafa Sultan Electronics, 24636015


ere is a home theater system by Philips that fixates over sound and is audio-oriented. Philips 5.1 Home Theater HTS5553 is boosted by powerful speakers with a bassreflex system and double basspipes for the lower frequencies that deliver rock-solid and deep bass sounds. So you can hear the lowest murmur or the deepest roar. To add on, it comes with a 1000W RMS power and you can also play virtually any disc and any media devices you want - whether they are DVDs, VCDs, CDs or USB devices. With this versatile home theater system, movies in standard definition can be

40 / TECH

enjoyed in true high definition resolution, ensuring more details and more true-to-life pictures of high quality. The EasyLink technology lets you control multiple devices like with one remote. It uses HDMI CEC industry-standard protocol to share functionality between devices through the HDMI cable. With one touch of a button, you can operate all your connected HDMI CEC enabled equipment simultaneously.By eliminating the conversion to analog signals it delivers perfect picture and sound quality, completely free from noise. Movies in standard definition can be enjoyed in true

high definition resolution - ensuring more details and more true-to-life pictures. This home theatre system offers intuitive touch panel that allows you to control the volume as well as other playback options. The wireless rear speakers can provide you with scalability and mobility in speaker placement. Developed using interference-free technology, wireless speakers provide full surround sound without unsightly wire connections. With a compact design that fits anywhere, this home theater system is surely a winner.


VERSATILE VIEWING Enjoy sound that is tailor-made for your room with Bose VideoWave II

7.1 channel home theatre and music system Has iPhone/iPod doc Click-pad remote with RF technology, that can control all connected sources With six woofers and acoustic wave guide technology


ose has brought in a new high-end audiovisual home theatre system, VideoWave II. Sticking to the same principle as its first generation, this Bose system is the only HDTV with a complete home theatre and music system built inside. Bose claims that VideoWave II eliminates the need for any extra speakers, thanks to the 16 speakers integrated behind the screen which include six high-performance woofers. The systems are available in 46-inch and 55-inch screen sizes and consist of a 120Hz LED LCD backlit monitor, which means that the LEDs are placed directly behind the LCD screen. These TVs are thinner, lighter and consume less energy than the previous versions. The screen also features an aluminumfinish bezel and can be wall-mounted. The VideoWave II also has a new click pad remote, an upgrade from the predecessor’s unique touch-based remote control. A large array of speakers built into the VideoWave II and Bose’s ADAPTiQ callibration technology let the HDTV boast a wide soundstage through acoustic reflection. This proprietary technology first analyses your room, then adjusts the VideoWave II system for consistent, high-quality performance. Audio calibration is part of Bose’s setup service, so you’ll enjoy customised sound without lifting a finger. It uses a seven-element speaker array and Bose’s PhaseGuide sound radiator technology to bounce sound off walls that makes the viewers unable to detect the source of sound. While this sort of non-surround surround sound effect has been claimed in many speakers and soundbars, the VideoWave II produces impressive imaging beyond the HDTV’s frame.

Bose PhaseGuide sound radiator technology Digital signal processing Bose ADAPTiQ technology, which adjust output depending on the room’s HDTV is full 1080p HD LED backlit with 120Hz display

Available at OHI Electronics, 24830404

DECEMBER 2012 / 41


ENTERTAINMENT Live the breathtaking experience with LG’s new 84-inch Ultra HD TV

Price: RO799 Available at Oman Trading Establishment (OTE), 24831544

42 / TECH


mart TVs have become a mainstream trend. Users want to have a TV that allows them to have access to games, social applications and of course to have a seamless TV experience. LG has taken it upon themselves to enhance user’s experiences while they watch TV, developing new cutting edge technologies and features adapted to consumer needs. In the Gulf region, LG has been listening to their consumers in order to get their feedback on what they need and expect to be available in the market, especially in terms of larger TVs with greater functionality. The world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD TV is LG’s response to growing consumer demand for larger, more immersive home TVs with greater functionality. The Ultra HD TV introduces a number of new smart features with the aim of providing greater convenience and simpler interaction. Users will be able to enjoy a great time at home with families and friends in front of a larger TV that will take them to other dimension thereby bringing the cinema experience straight to one’s home. This 84-inch is not just about size but it also boasts an astonishing picture quality with eight million pixels per frame, four times

the resolution (3840x2160) of existing Full HD TV panels, due in large part to LG’s advanced Triple XD Engine. The additional resolution Upscaler Plus allows images from external sources such as hard drives and user-generated content websites to be rendered in higher detail.

and drop function makes the control even simpler and more convenient to use.

With the importance that 3D has gained worldwide and also in the region, LG has equipped its 84-inch Ultra HD TV with CINEMA 3D technology to ensure the impressively large display provides the most immersive viewing experience possible. The Depth Control allows users to fine-tune the distance between near and far objects on the screen for a custom 3D experience. The 3D Sound Zooming feature then analyses the on-screen objects to generate sound according to their location and movement.

With approximately 1,400 apps and access to a growing community of premium content services such as 3D World that include movies and games, users can stay hours interacting with their LG SMART TV and have fun. More media content can be accessed via portable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and flash memory drives using Smart Share Plus. Additionally, the imbedded 2D to 3D conversion engine expands the availability of 3D content and Dual Play takes headto-head game play to a whole new level by allowing opponents to simultaneously see different images on the same screen. With Dual Play, split-screen gaming is a thing of the past.

LG’s latest Magic Remote allows users to intuitively access and navigate the Home Dashboard. While many remote controls now have as many buttons as keyboards, LG has gone the other route and stripped the remote down to its absolute basics. LG’s Magic Remote lets users simply wave and click, so they have no need to take their eyes off the screen when choosing and activating their choice. In addition, a drag

The sound is also one of the features that LG has paid special attention towards. LG’s Ultra HD TV features a 2.2 Speaker System consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers, which reinforce the sound to produce a lush audio experience that perfectly complements the extraordinary visuals produced by the massive screen, creating a theater-like experience at home.

Screen Size: 84 inches Resolution: 3840x2160 Display Type: LED Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1 Picture Mode: 7 Modes (Intelligent Sensor/Vivid/Standard/Cinema/ Game/ISF Expert 1/ISF Expert 2) AV Mode (Picture & Sound): 3 Modes (Cinema/Game/Off)

DECEMBER 2012 / 43


X-Travagance delivered The X-E1 mirror less DSLR and X-F1 point-and-shoot cameras are as impressive in hand as they are on paper


he much awaited cameras by Fujifilm, X-E1 and X-F1 are here and we got a chance to get a hands-on experience of the two. The X-E1 meant for amateurs and professionals alike handles much like the X-Pro1. Even though there’s no optical finder, its OLED EVF (Electronic View Finder) is quite impressive. Having a 16.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor, there are plenty of physical controls also including a shutter speed dial and EV compensation dial. The built-in flash is hinged, and it will fire in any positionso it’s possible to position towards the ceiling with you finger while shooting for a softer bounce-flash effect. We found that the X-E1’s shooting performance was about twice as fast. Without prefocussing, the X-E1’s shot-to-shot (how long it takes to shoot one frame after another) and time-to-first-shot (time taken to capture the first shot upon powering on) timings were clocked at approximately 1.2 and 1.4 seconds, respectively. The camera’s shutter lag was timed at 0.25 seconds, which is relatively fast-you should be able to capture moving subjects. We think that the X-E1 will appeal to those who’ve been holding off buying the company’s flagship mirror less interchangeable-lens due to its high price, as well as to serious enthusiasts who appreciate the mix of retro styling and manual controls.


X-F1 BLACK / BROWN / RED RO249.9 Fujifilm encourages show visitors to take their own photos with the X-F1 compact, a display of fine glass is placed nearby, perfect to showcase the shallow depth of field created when shooting macro subjects at the maximum f/1.8 aperture. The X-F1 boasts of a large 12-megapixel 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor, though it is more impressive in person than it is in photos and despite its small size the X-F1 manages to squeeze in a mode dial and a good number of physical controls. Its E-Fn control, new to this model, brings up a software menu that mirrors the physical buttons on the back of the camera, but gives them different functions- essentially

doubling their functionality. For the first use its collapsible lens is a bit tricky to operate; but once you know it’s something that should come more naturally with regular use and not without a reason, the collapsible lens makes the camera really compact to carry. The synthetic leather covering over a metallic body gives the camera a feel that is more similar to vintage cameras than modern digital bodies, which is very different from modern point-and-shoots with metal and plastic bodies.

XF18MM F2 R RO239.9 Available at Photocentre, 24565305

44 / TECH


THE LEAP The new Jaguar F-Type symbolises a return to the company’s heart


aguar’s 2014 F-type is a twoseat, convertible sports car fixated on performance, agility and driver involvement. The F-Type is a protraction of a sporting bloodline that dates back more than 75 years and encompasses some of the most striking, thrilling and desirable sports cars ever built. Joining the XK convertible and coupe models, the new F-Type provides Jaguar with a broader line of sports and GT models. The F-Type combines low vehicle weight, high power and superb aerodynamics to achieve a pure sports car experience, yet with the standard Jaguar elegance and luxury.

perforMance It doesn’t really come off as a surprise to us but super seems to be the only way for

46 / TECH

Jaguar to charge their new car. Featuring V-6 and V-8 power, the F-type makes a debut as a roadster. Both engines, however, are supercharged, the six being available in two strengths. The base F-type has 340 hp whereas the F-type S boasts 380 hp of power. The top model is the V-8 S, which packs 495 hp in its eight-pot ammo box.

exteriors Jaguars have always defined sinuous, muscular elegance and the F-type continues and advances this tradition with new yet assertive design language. Two heartlines express, in just two bold strokes, both the profile and top-down view of this twoseater convertible. Full LED rear lamps create a new Jaguar sports car signature by reinterpreting classic cues from the past. By wrapping the lights around to the trailing edge of the rear wheel arch, the

car’s powerful rear-wheel drive stance is emphasised. Reflecting the way the front grille leans forward, the tail tucks inward, it reinforces the impression that the car is poised to leap forward.

interiors The interior is more driver-focussed than any of the previous Jaguars. This car in all its glory is still meant to envelop the driver with a cockpit-like approach. To achieve that accurately, a grab-handle protrudes from the centre-console on the passenger side. The gearstick and toggle switch for Dynamic mode take inspiration from a fighter jet, while the bank of switches below the air-con dials is another aeronautical reference. Another distinctive feature is the air vent that rises up from the top of the dashboard only when required.

FORWARD With the F-type, Jaguar has created a new generation of sports cars so that it are credible from both a performance and design point of view. Whether it is Jaguar’s reputation of an ongoing legacy or their obsession with perfection, they have yet again managed to create a roadster that delivers a great handling car with a stiff, rigid platform underpinning and it is certainly meant to look every inch an icon.


Price: USD69,000 (RO26,562)

Engine: 3-litre supercharged V6 Power: 340hp 0-100kmph: 5.3 seconds Top speed: 260kmph Weight: 1597kgs Length: 4470mm

DECEMBER 2012 / 47


Master Chief is back to action after four long years of sleep


he fourth edition of the most awaited game, Halo, has finally hit the shelves. Taking place in the year 2557, the game marks the return of the Master Chief (John-117) as a playable protagonist for the first time since 2007’s Halo 3. The game follows Master Chief as he explores the uncharted shield world called Requiem where he discovers new enemies, the return of the Covenant and more Forerunners. The game picks up after the legendary ending of Halo 3 when the Master Chief entering cryosleep aboard the Forward Unto Dawn frigate as it drifts through space. Cortona wakes Master Chief after a mysterious disturbance and warns him that Covenant forces are trying to board the ship. They find themselves near a mysterious Forerunner planet, Requiem, where much of the game takes place. Chief and Cortana encounter the Prometheans, an exciting new enemy. The Prometheans pose new challenges for the chief. Not only has Master Chief got his hands full, but there’s trouble for Cortana too. She’s nearing the end of her seven year artificial intelligence lifespan and at risk of dying if she is not treated soon. The duo battle their way through obstacles, encountering new enemies and various missions. With Bungie taking a permanent leave of absence to pursue new frontiers, Microsoft took a new approach and formed 343 Industries with the sole purpose of ensuring the battle for human survival will not be abandoned. The new

BattleField 3: aFtermath

Far Cry 3

PC, Xbox 360

Xbox 360

deCemBer 04

deCemBer 04

developers made an effort to dwelve into the characters we have known over the years and morph them into something fresh. Halo 4’s story or campaign mode can be played alone or cooperatively with one other player in split screen and up to three other players through Xbox Live. In the multiplayer component, titled Infinity multiplayer, players can build their own custom Spartan-IV super soldier and advance their multiplayer career. To encourage active movement of games and prevent players from camping at weapon re-spawn points, Halo 4 will accommodate random ordnance drops in the matches. This feature is available either as Infinity Ordnance or Personal Ordnance. Developers, 343 Industries have confirmed that Halo 4 will have 10 core multiplayer maps. Another major addition to the customisation of Halo 4 is the new custom loadouts. As a player progresses through the game, ranking up online, they will be able to unlock loadout slots allowing them to choose the weapons and abilities on game start. The graphics of this game are outstanding with its detailed depiction of characters and background scenes. One can see that attention to detail has been looked into as the movements and emotions of the characters have a film like quality. Halo 4 feels a little more vibrant, without being over-saturated. This first-person shooter game is not only about machines, thrill and a new adventure; it also unveils the human side of Master Chief beneath all the thick armour. The interactions between the two main characters enhance the narrative and make this game a new addition to the franchise. If you are a true Halo fan, it is a no-brainer to get your hands on this game.

marvel avengers: Battle For earth

Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: 343 Industries Platform(s): Xbox 360 Genre: Action ESRB Rating: Mature

sCore Gameplay Graphics Story Replayability OVERALL

9 9 9 8 9

rise oF the guardians



PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Xbox 360, PS3

deCemBer 04

deCemBer 12

deCemBer 20


WORDS SPEAK Learn to create a picture worth a thousand words

Pick a portrait that offers good contrast—a photo that’s very dramatic and dark probably won’t work as well. You are likely to achieve success with straight-on head and shoulder shots, but again, feel free to experiment with all types of photos.

From the Select drop-down menu in the ‘Color Range’ dialogue, choose ‘Shadows’ and click ‘OK’. In our example, nothing in the background has been selected.

From the ‘Select’ menu, choose ‘Color Range’. This will help in getting the different darker tones

Then, press Command-J (PC: Ctrl-J) to copy the selected pixels onto a new layer. Press Command-J (PC: Ctrl-J) to copy the selected pixels onto a new layer. We have made a white layer below it. See the Layer panels above.

Create a new document (File>New) in a size that’s smaller than your photo: the specifics don’t really matter. Press D to set the foreground colour to black. Use the ‘Type tool’ (T) to type several different words in various fonts and sizes (in this case we have used Oman as the word). From the Edit menu, choose ‘Define Brush Preset’. Name your brush in the Brush Name dialogue and click OK.

50 / TECH

Choose one of your custom brushes from the Brush Picker in the Options Bar and in the Brushes panel (Window>Brushes), click on the words ‘Brush Tip Shape’.

Mask your layer (see above) and use the brush. Adjust the spacing so there’s space between each word. Under ‘Shape Dynamics’, vary the size and rotation of the brush. As you paint, experiment with the ‘Shape Dynamics’. Repeat with other custom brushes.

Add a ‘Gradient Overlay’ layer style to the painted words layer. Just click on the ‘Add a Layer Style’ icon (fx) at the bottom of the Layers panel and select Gradient Overlay. In this case we have clicked on the Gradient thumbnail and selected the Blue, Red, Yellow gradient in the Gradient Editor. Click OK to close the ‘Gradient Editor’.

final iMage This is the final look and feel of your hardwork. You can use various text effects on your photo through this method. Experiment more with brush tool. Try various patterns with your brush tool and it is always good to use the ‘Mask layer’ to get various text effects to your image. See below.

NOVEMBER 2012 / 51


SOCIALLY APPEALING Stay connected with your loved ones with these interactive apps apps for iphone Bump

(Free) Use Bump to share contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together. Hold your phones close and gently bump them for instant sharing


(Free) GeeVee lets people call, text message and play games across several platforms for free. Sending voice messages and recordings just became clearer


(Free) Instantly meet people near you or around the world. Expand your social network with the tap of a button


(Free) With Line there are no limits. You can make free voice calls and send emoji messages to anyone across the world

apps for android Voxer

(Free) Voxer is a Walkie Talkie app for android phones. Send instant audio, text, photo and location messages to one or a group of your friends

tablet talk

(USD2.99) By easily linking your Android phone and tablet through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network, you can text message on your Android tablet using your phone number

kik Messenger

(Free) It’s a fast, simple and personal smartphone messenger that connects you to your loved ones. The best way to share your important moments


(Free) Share texts, pictures and even place high quality voice and video calls to other Goji users from your phone, all for free

52 / TECH

apps for BlackBerrY screen Muncher

(USD0.99) Screen Muncher lets you share memorable inapp moments with all your friends. Get a screen shot of your screen and share it with anyone


(Free) Badoo is a platform where you can meet new people. With over 150 million users, Badoo is a great way to chat and make friends


(Free) Turn your BlackBerry into a walkie talkie with this free push-to-talk app. Talk to contacts privately or join public channels to mass broadcast


(Free) Nimbuzz messenger lets you chat with your friends on Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger on a single platform

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Tick as applicable Omani Single Own LED TV DEENAr PrESS AND PuBLiShiNg PO Box 139, PC 102, Al Qurm, Sultanate of Oman O: +968 24696868, F: +968 24693569 E:

Own a car Online often

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or all the ardent Lord of the Rings fan base, the Hobbit is not only a much anticipated cinematic marvel but it’s also an answer to their prayers. Those of you who thought the quest was over, it has only just begun. Each and every one of us who might have thought that there was nothing more to the epic trilogy were staggered. Little did we know that Peter Jackson had a lot more up his sleeve than one would conceive.

Director: Peter Jackson Genre: Fantasy, Fiction Cast: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis

This escapade follows the adventure of title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Approached out of the blue by the wizard Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo finds himself joining a company of thirteen dwarves led by the legendary warrior, Thorin Oakenshield. Their journey takes them through the wild, through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins and Orcs, deadly

Wargs and sorcerers. Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain, first they must escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever, Gollum. Here, alone with Gollum, on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers depths of ingenuity and courage that surprises even him but he also gains possession of Gollum’s “precious”. It holds unexpected and useful qualities; a simple gold ring that is tied to the fate of all Middle-earth in ways Bilbo cannot begin to imagine. Peter Jackson never fails to impress audiences and critics with his unusual style of movie-making but with the Hobbit he has three movies worth of amazing adventures to live up to. While many may doubt his capabilities as far as the success of the movie is concerned, we are sure that he will surprise us yet again.

dVd releases 4 December

11 December

11 December

18 December

the he dark ark knight night rises

ted ed

ice age: a continental d drift

total otal recall ecall

Action, Adventure



Sci-fi, Action

54 / TECH

Tick the correct answer and send in your entries for a chance to win

FAX TO 24693569

1 Which of these companies introduced the first electric guitar?




3 We made the first DSLR cameras




Please send us your entries by December 25 for a chance to win a Panasonic DVD player Previous quiz answers: 1 – (b) 2 – (b) 3 – (a) 4 – (c)

Last month’s winner:

Bijoy Jacob

Step into our world

2 The company to make the first laser printer is




4 The first dual SIM mobile was made by




Name ______________________________________ Age ______ Mobile ___________________________ Email _______________________________________ Occupation __________________________________ Company ___________________________________

Employees and family members of Deenar Press and Publishing cannot participate in the quiz. Judge’s decision is final. Please email the answers to or fax this page to 24693569 by the deadline. Correspondence after the deadline will not be entertained. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY. Incomplete or illegible entries will be disqualified. Winner must provide valid ID to claim the prize. Allow up to two weeks to process.

Welcome to our ‘TECH Favourites’ section. With these lists we aim to keep you updated with our favourite products in a concise format. Please give us your feedback on the basis of which we can further improve it.


N New

FLAT-PANEL DIsPLAys LG 60Pa6500 60-inch, 2MP, full HD, USB port movie play(DIVX HD),600Hz sub-field, razor frame, 3 HDMI AND PC input PenTouch Plasma HD Ready TV with 600Hz Tru Motion flow.


u Updated

3D TVs

soNy KLv40ex430 40-inch 2MP, full-HD with 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port and PIP, FM radio, 100Hz motion, PC input

LG 72LM9500 3D LED 72-inch Smart TV, full HD, four HDMI/ PC input, USB port, energy saving mode, Ethernet, magic remote, smart share



soNy 46Nx720

sharP Lc32M400M

46-inch 3D LED TV, 2MP, full HD, 1080p 2 USB port, 2D-3D converter, 4HDMI, PC input, Wi-Fi built in N


soNy KDL65hx920 65-inch full LED 3D TV, 2 MP, full HD, 800Hz motion flow, 2 USB port, 4HDMI


1MP, HD Ready, 32-inch LCD TV with 3 HDMI/PC inputs. It features Surround Sound and an OPC sensor. It sports a USB port


saMsuNG ua46es8000 3D LED smart TV 46-inch screen, full HD, 2 MP, 400Hz, 2 USB port, Internet TV, 3 HDMI

3D LED smart TV 40-inch screen, full HD, 2MP, 400Hz, 2 USB port, Internet TV, 3 HDMI

3D Plasma 32-inch screen, 400Hz, 2MP, 3 HDMI system, 3 USB port, web browser


PaNasoNic Th-L32e3r 32-inch 3D Plasma, full HD, 2MP, SD card slot, 3 HDMI INPUT and 600Hz sub-field drive, pc input


saMsuNG ua32es6200


46-inch LED, full HD TV. 2 HDMI inputs, Eco mode, 200Hz, USB port play movie


3D LED 46-inch screen, full HD, 2MP, 2D to 3D Converter, Wi-Fi, four HDMI/PC inputs, three USB ports

saMsuNG ua40es6200

saMsuNG ua46eh5000r


sharP 46Le830M




sharP Lc-60Le940 60-inch full HD LED TV, 3D Smart TV, 2D to 3D conversion, skype, youtube, webbrowser N

saMsuNG Ps51e450a1r 51-inch, 1MP, HD ready, It sports two HDMI/PC input, and USB port, clear image panel, real black, 600Hz motion


RO280 Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order

PLAyERs soNy BvD-e690

LG DM-5620

saMsuNG hT-e6750K

LG hB966TrN

Blu-ray 3D home theatre, DVD, VCD, MP3, 100 Watts, USB input

4200W PMPO/DVD,CD,MP3 PLAYBACK,usb play playback,cassete play back, FM radio.

3D Blu-ray home theatre system,7.1 channel,2D-3D CONVERTER, 1339W RMS, All share play, built-in wireless, Blu-ray, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and CD-R, USB port play movie

1000 w RMS, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, USB play



56 / TECH





LAPTOPs hP PaviLioN Dv6-7205 h

aMazoN Fire

Intel Core i7 2450M processor, 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, 2GB VRAM, 15.6-inch HD LE, Blu-ray, Windows 8

Seven-inch multi-touch display with In-Plane Switching (IPS); 8GB internal memory; free cloud storage; Wi-Fi; 7.5 hours of battery life




ToshiBa PorTéGé z830-a167

acer asPire s5 a Intel Core i5-3317U,4GB DDR3,128 GB SSD,Intel HD Graphics4000,wireless bluetooth


saMsuNG GT- N8000

Intel ULV Core i5 2467M processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 13.3-inch HD screen, 1.3MP web camera

Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, Google Android 4.0, 16GB memory upto 32 GB, 1GHz processor with 3G, 10.1-inch WXGA touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 5MP camera



asus ux31e

aPPLe iPaD 3

Intel Core i5 ,630QM processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB HDD, 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 15.6-inch LED HD screen

32GB, 9.7-inch LED backlit screen, 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor, Wi-Fi and 3G, 2 cameras


hP DM4-3098 Intel Core i5-3317U, 1.7GHz CPU speed, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB SSD, 14-inch HD screen, wireless, bluetooth u



saMsuNG 550P5cs02

aPPLe iPaD 3 wi-Fi + 4G

Intel Core i7-3610QM, 2.3GHz CPU speed, 8GB RAM,1TB HDD, 2GB NVIDIA GT650M VRAM

32GB, 9.7-inch LED backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology, dual-core Apple A5X processor, Wi-Fi and 4G, 5MP iSight camera



LeNovo z570 Le Intel Core i3 2,630M processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB HDD, 1GB VRAM, 15.6-inch LED HD screen u


DeLL s423iNs-0347

soNy sev15115B

Intel Core i7 3317U processor, 1.9 GHz CPU speed, 8GBDDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, 14-inch HD WLED screen

Intel core 13-23750M, 2.40GHz CPU speed,4GB DDR3 RAM,500 GB HDD,INTEL HD Graphics 3000(1GB), 3 in 1 card reader



BLacKBerry PLayBooK 64GB, 1GHz dual-core processor, seveninch LCD screen, 1GB RAM, dual cameras – 5MP rear and 3MP front


saMsuNG xe700T1a

asus TraNsForMer TF101G

Intel Core i5 2467M processor, 1.6GHz CPU speed, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Intel HD graphics


1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16GB internal memory, 10.1inch LCD screen, 5MP front camera, 1.2MP rear camera



Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.


LiNKsys x2000

PhiLiPs shM1900

Laser Jet printer, Print, scan and copy features, resolution of 2,400, 17ppm (pages per minute) black, 4ppm colour, air print, Wireless network

Directly connects to the Internet, provides wireless coverage without the need for a separate DSL modem

Stereo PC headset with in-line volume control, adjustable microphone, lightweight, great acoustics




wD My BooK esseNTiaL 1TB, USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible interface, WD SmartWare visual backup software, automatic, continuous backup

RO42 DECEMBER 2012 / 57




35mm ultra wide-angle 20x optical zoom ,LEICA DC lens,full HD movie,3D, three-inch LCD,stabilizer

RO174 SOnY TX200V

8.9MP, 30x optical zoom, 3-inch wide touchscreen, 16GB built-in-memory, full HD movie

SAMSUNG WB850F 16.2MP; 21x optical zoom;23mm wide angle, three-inch LCD screen, GPS

18.2MP, 10x optical zoom camera, 2.7-inch LCD, HD video recording, CMOS sensor, Optical SteadyShot


SOnY HDR-XR260 8.9MP, Pixel Super Resolution technology, three-inch Clear Photo LCD, BIONZ processor, Optical SteadyShot stabilisation




OLYMPuS XZ-1 3-inch LCD screen stabilizer, 10MP, 4x optical zoom, full HD movie, art function N


JVC CAMERA GZ-EX255 SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot/Built-in Memory 16GB/1920 x 1080/50P Output/ Wi-Fi Wireless Functions Built-in LED

FuJIFILM HS30 16MP, 30x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD, CMOS sensor, panoramic view



CAnOn IXuS 500 10.1MP CMOS and DIGIC 5, 12x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD, Intelligent IS, High-speed shooting

SAMSunG HMX-Q20 20x optical zoom, 5.3Megapixel, 3-inch LCD screen, HD movie,2hours 30minutes Battery ,smart auto



CAnOn SX 260


12 Megapixels,20x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD, smart auto,full HD movies, 25mm wide angle


24mm ultra-wide lens, 18x optical zoom, 14.2MP, 720p HD video, 3-inch LCD

70x enhanced optical zoom, , 2.7-inch LCD screen, Hdmovie,31.6mm wide lens,smart auto



RO127 Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

DsLRs caNoN 550D

oLyMPus e-PM1

18MP, 3.7fps shooting, 3-inch LCD, nine Auto-Focus points, full HD movie, 18-135mm lens

12MP sensor, 5fps, 35-point autofocus, three-inch LCD screen, Full HD movie, 3D mode




58 / TECH


SOnY MIRRORLESS CAM nEX-7 24.3MP/FPS,3-inch lcd screen,steady shoot,full HD movie,exmor sensor,18-55 lens


NIKoN D3200 24.2MP,4fps,3-inch LCD screen,11 AF point ,Full HD Movie,Live View,18-55mm Lens



iPOD DOcks

PHONEs BLacKBerry curve 9360

saMsuNG GaLaxy NoTe2

2.44-inch TFT screen, 5MP camera with LED flash, BlackBerry OS v7.0

android os4, 16GB storage upto 64GB, 8MP camera, auto focus, 3G, GPS, 1.9MP



4.3-inch super AMOLED Plus display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 8MP camera with LED flash

AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 16GB storage


aPPLe iPhoNe 5

MoToroLa aTrix-2

Ios 6, dual core, 8MP camera, 1.2MP secondary camera, nano sim card, 16GB storage

4.3-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 8MP camera; Android OS (Gingerbread) u


LG oPTiMus L7 P705

soNy ericssoN xPeria s

4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, 5MP camera, 4GB Storage upto 32GB, 1GHz processor

Android Gingerbread smartphone; 12MP camera, 4.3-inch HD screen, 32GB memory



RO50 Handy speakerphone with built-in mic; backlit, touch panel controls; specially designed acoustic chamber

NoKia N9


Bluetooth, FM radio, AUX in, 20w RMS

LoGiTech MiNi BooMBox

saMsuNG GaLaxy siii


PhiLiPs aNDroiD versioN

RO35 Bose souND DocK-10 iPod and iPhone dock, recharge and play, remote control, audio input

RO279 Bose souNDLiNK Works wirelessly with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablet or laptop, 30-foot wireless range

RO155 PaNasoNic sc hc35 iPod/ iPhone dock station, USB, AUX in



Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

MP3 PLAyERs aPPLe iPoD NaNo 6G

soNy Nwz-w262

PhiLiPs s44Be16KF

iPoD NaNo Touch

Touchscreen, FM radio, photo viewer, 16GB

2GB, 8 hours of battery life, water resistant, 3 minutes charge for 60 minutes playback, light weight and comfortable

8GB MP4 player, supports MP3, WAV, and WMA playback, FM radio and FM recording, five hours battery support

8GB memory, Voice recording, MP3 and WMA playback, FM radio, touch screen, light weight










LG s-186c

PaNasoNic NrB3455

Two-tonne unit; incorporates ECONAVI technology, Advance+ e-ion monitors changes in the degree of air cleanliness; features autocomfort

1.5-tonne split air-conditioner with virus and allergy-safe filter, four-way swing and jet cool feature, employs multistage tropical compressor

300L capacity, double ledoor, glass shelves

RO200 hiTachi 660FuK


660 litres, four door, no frost, nano titanium cooling system, auto ice maker, quick freezer


sharP ahaP18MhM

saMsuNG as18es

Two-tonne unit; incorporates ECONAVI technology, Advance+ e-ion monitors changes in the degree of air cleanliness; features autocomfort

Window AC 1.5 Ton capacity, slim design, powerful output


saMsuNG rT 81 cTBsP 810 Litres capacity, frost free, double door, adjustable glass shelves



hiTachi ras-18cPx


Split air-conditioner with Green Fin condenser, durable thanks to green rustresistant coating, employs Nano Titanium technology in its stainless steel filters

LG Ps- N55 owPs

375 litres, frost free, double door, bottom freezer, multi air flow


ToshiBa ras-18


sharP sJPT73rhs3

1.5-tonne split-type wall-mounted air conditioner, Self cleaning function, automatic 3mins safety control



Daewoo rF 420


Air purifier that works within 20sqm; sports a modern, elegant design; comes with washable carbon filter, easy filterchange system; touch control panel


662L, double door, plasmacluster ion technology, hybrid cooling aluminium panel, eco-friendly and long lasting LED lighting




Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

WAsHINg MAcHINEs sharP es-P10Pz-G

sieMeNs wM125425

LG F1403yDs

saMsuNG 1702

10kg top loading, full automatic, stainless steel hole less tub, auto restart, LED display

10kg capacity, 1400rpm, ten wash programmes, child lock, super-silent, direct drive motor, energy savings, wash time control

11kg capacity, 15 wash programmes, 1,400rpm, steam wash, quick wash, language selection, six motion washer, and allergy care

8kg capacity, 1,400rpm, 14 wash programmes, delay end, Eco Bubble wash function, quick wash, child lock, diamond drum, time delay, durable ceramic heater











60 / TECH



PhiLiPs Fc-8146

BLacK aND DecKer Mz-3000PG

saMsuNG Ge103MB 28L multi-function microwave oven with interiors finished with Ceramic Inside coating, easy to clean, Triple Distribution System heats food deeply and equally



1800W vacuum cleaner, bagless, HEPA washable filter, 300W suction power, dust container-full indicator

30L capacity, 800W microwave oven with 11 power levels, child safety lock, defrost settings, six auto menus, sports a fashionable design


PaNasoNic NN-c784MF 28L oven capacity, microwave with oven and grill, feather touch control, auto defrosts by weight, recipe store


29L microwave oven with stainless-steel housing, 900W output power, convection/grill function, 850W grill power, ten power levels, five auto cook menus


23L convection microwave oven, defrost, timer, 800 watts power




PaNasoNic Mc-cJ917 2300W standard vacuum cleaner, HEPA, antibacterial filter, quiet


Daewoo Koc9N8T


saMsuNG vcc-8780 2000W vacuum cleaner, bag less, remote control handle


RO43 LG Ms2322D



Karcher wD 220 sharP r959sLM

sharP r200

40L microwave oven with convection and grill, eight auto cook menu

22L microwave oven with 800W microwave power, five one-touch instant action menus, three easy defrost menus, four-digit LCD, five power levels


Wet and dry vacuum cleaner



LG vca241hT 1400W bagless vacuum cleaner, 0.8L dust capacity, washable HEPA filter, innovative Cyclone System technology N


RO33 Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

DOMEsTIc APPLIANcEs KruPs ea8025

PhiLiPs Mr74occ

MouLiNex LM902127

TeFaL TFah9000

Espresso, Cappuccino and Coffee maker, 1.8 litre water tank, 15 bar pressure, adjustable coffee strength

2.2L capacity, oil-free frying using Rapid Air technology, food separators, integrated timer, 1,425W power

Soup maker, can crush ice, smoothie maker, 1.8 litres capacity, 1000 watts power

1,400W power, ceramic coating, digital display, one spoon of oil for 1kg of crispy chips








DECEMBER 2012 / 61


gAMINg cONsOLEs & AccEssORIEs Ps viTa

JaGGeD aLLiaNce

Has front and rear camera, cross control play, motion sensor


RO131 NiNTeNDo 3Ds Built-in 3D Depth Slider to adjust intensity of 3D, built-in motion and gyro sensor


LoGiTech z506 Delivers 500W of pure power to recreate perfect theatre-quality audio experience


LoGiTech G13 GamePanel LCD keeps you informed of game stats, programmable G-keys

Racing wheels and flight controllers simulate realism, Force feedback feature

RO140 xBox 360 KiNecT 250GB

inFaMous PUBLISHER: soNy coMPuTer eNTerTaiNMeNT DEVELOPER: sucKer PuNch ProDucTioNs PLATFORM (S): Ps3 GENRE: acTioN-aDveNTure ESRB RATING: TeeN


MoTor sTorM

RO37 LoGiTech G27


TurTLe Beach Gaming headset, Inline amplifier, separate connecter for mic and pc lines


Integrated internal memory of 250GB, built-in WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n), 5.1 channel surround sound



MaG PUBLISHER: soNy coMPuTer eNTerTaiNMeNT DEVELOPER: ziPPer iNTeracTive PLATFORM (S): Ps3 GENRE: FirsT PersoN shooTer ESRB RATING: TeeN


RO190 DarK souLs Ps3 320GB + Move BuNDLe

NiNTeNDo wii sPorTs PacK

Broken into three parts: the ‘Motion Controller’, the ‘Navigation Controller’ and the ‘PlayStation Eye Camera’

Fun activities with more than 18 sports to try, ranging from water sports like canoeing to ball games like basketball



LoGiTech sTeeriNG wheeL Playstation 3 and PC compatibility




Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

Tech DirecTory COMPaNY



serVICe DePt.

Bahwan Electronics

asset, Carrier, Ignis, Napro, toshiba, seiko, Casio, titan, sony ericsson, tempstar, Cooline, Corning, Print electronics, Dolphin, Benq, ausonia, Daewoo, VIP, Dometic, Corby

ruwi 24796629



MCC 24558062


sanyo, Videocon, Fujitsu, thomson, York, Yamaha, Canon, Haas, aeG, sure, Caravell, Gulf star, safari, admiral, Francia, Mitsubishi, Marc Climatic, Vortice, Guntner, Zanussi , Ziegra Imesa, Bitzer, Manitowoc, Bremer, Ditoelectrolux, Metro, taylor, Costan

Qurum 24568806, Muttrah 24713138, ruwi 24830919, seeb 24422797, shatti al Qurum 24693292


Al Gurg Home Appliances - Better Life

terim, Fisher & Paykel, sMeG, Vestfrost, Wolf Power, Grundig



HiTec Centre

Boston acoustics, Denon, Leica, Polk audio

azaiba 24497384


Jumbo Electronics

sony, VaIO, sony Professional Products, Blackberry, supra, Midea air-conditioners, Casio, Brother sewing Machines, acer, HP, Dyson, Gorenje

MBD 24818358, al araimi 24565845, QCC 24470529, salalah 23291984


Al Khalili Technology

Fujitsu, siemen, Coral telecom, Honeywell, epson, Camtron, Pyronix, sD3, tripp-lite, Cummins, schneider electric, sanyo, sakar, sterline, sonicwall



Moayyed Integrated Enterprises

Daewoo electronics



Muscat Air-conditioning and Electronics LLC

sharp, Midea, General, Wansa, MDV

24796591, 24796202/31/40


Muscat Electronics

Daikin, Wansa, ricoh, Chigo, Media, G-Hanz, sony Professional Products, Lexmark, Hitachi

ruwi 24702982, 24780407 sohar 26845647, salalah 23291617

24813408 / 24789542

Mustafa Sultan Electronics (MSE)

Haier, Philips, Nevica, Whirlpool, Haas, universal, Westpoint, urania, rOYXON

al Khuwair 24636015


Oman International Electronics & Trading

Bose, NeC, JVC, Nakamichi, sONOs

Qurum 24565490 Connexions 24558529


Oman Modern Electronics

sharp, OMeC

HO 24706004, ruwi 24832891, sohar 26840763, sur 25544613, salalah 23291405



Panasonic, Yamaha, stanley, Black and Decker, Ge, aftron, Xper, raymond Weil, Kolber, Westend, Westar, alba, Maxima, HMt

Qurum 24564310, ruwi 24833630


OMASCO - System Solutions




Oman Trading Establishment

LG, Bosch, White Westinghouse

Wadi Kabir 24811572, al Khuwair 24479448, ruwi 24831544, ruwi MBC 24834162, al araimi 24561480, seeb 24420570, Nizwa 25412216, sur 25545107, Bani Bu ali 25553387, salalah 23295237, sohar 26842397

24810522 / 24810156, 80075545


Fujifilm, Olympus, Hasselblad, sigma, Manfrotto, Qurum 24565305, al Lowepro, ePsON, Mitsubishi electric, steINer, Khuwair 24479296 Broncolor, Hama, amano



samsung, technoflame

ruwi 24593025


Shah Nagardas Manji

Kodak, Yashica, Cokin, Case Logic, Lexar, Noritsu, Durst, Bushnell, eiki, Iriver, steiner, tasco, White Westinghouse, Igloo, Venus, russel Hobbs, addis, Noritake, Ocean, Wenger

ruwi 24562656, Lulu Bausher 24593806, Nizwa 25410184

Technical Trading


ruwi 24703515, Fax 24700010

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TECH Issue 32  

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