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It’s been one month since the loss of an icon in the world of technology – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple passed away on October 5. We thought it only appropriate to carry a tribute to this charismatic man who died at the age of 56. The four-page special feature talks about a guy who changed the face of the modern world. We have brought together some interesting snippets – both from his personal life and from his days ruling Apple. There is also an album of his young age photographs. TECH, this month, is a must-read for photography buffs. One fact about civilisation, ever since cave drawings, is that there is an urge to reproduce every important moment in our lives. And thanks to the inception of cameras, the urge has been satiated. Although for some photography is a profession, for most it is a hobby – be it with a camera on your mobile phone or a simple point-and-shoot camera, people are always ready and raring to go when it comes to photography. So, this issue is filled with valuable information for every photography enthusiast – with articles on some of the top brands available in the Oman market, to articles on photography techniques, there is something for everyone. So start shopping for the perfect camera. And here is wishing you all a very happy Eid.

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Hi TECH, I am planning to buy a camera soon. How important is the information about megapixels to me?

Dear TECH,


I love indoor photography, but all my images come out blurry. Hope you can help. Thanks, Manjeet Dear Manjeet, This is a very common problem and nine times out of ten, the reason is the same – people take shots indoors without the flash. Just because the camera is digital doesn’t mean that the laws of physics don’t apply. If the shutter speed you’re using is slower than 1/30 or 1/60 of a second, odds are that the shot will be blurry. A lot of people migrating from film cameras say that their photos were always sharp with their film cameras. A likely explanation for this is the use of ISO 400 film. So, here are a few suggestions: use the flash; add more light to the room, if possible; use a tripod; turn up the ISO sensitivity a notch or two. Note that doing this will increase the amount of noise in your image. If you haven’t bought a camera yet, consider one with image stabilisation.

Dear Mohammed, Despite what the sales people at the electronics stores may tell you, more pixels does not mean better photo quality. Increasing the megapixels (resolution) of the camera merely increases the size of the photo. This means that you can make larger prints, or crop a large area without losing too much detail. Since even a 4MP camera can make a nice 8x10 inch print, there’s no need to spend more money on an 8 or 10MP camera. Believe it or not, high resolution cameras may even have worse photo quality than their lower resolution counterparts. More pixels on a camera’s sensor, the more tightly packed together they are. That means more noise, less sensitivity, and potentially more purple fringing. So don’t be fooled by the megapixel myth.


Dear editor,

I am very interested in 3D TV gaming. How does it work?

I have recently been browsing around town and have noticed that certain devices now have Display Ports in them. What is it? Are they going to replace HDMI?

Gautam Dear Gautam, 3D relies on the fact that you are seeing two slightly different images at the same time, the difference between these giving you the perception of depth. For 3D, the TV uses a high refresh rate to display alternate full screen images for the left and right eye. These are then synchronised to the 3D glasses to give a good 3D experience. In order to play 3D games on your PS3, you will need the following: a TV capable of displaying 3D images, such as a BRAVIA 3D TV from Sony; Active Shutter Glasses for Sony brand TVs or polarised glasses for other brands which sync with the TV you’ve got; 3D game content available on your PS3; PS3 system software update 3.3 or later, installed.You also need to make sure you are using the correct cable to connect the TV to the PS3 system and this is most likely to be an HDMI cable.

Regards, Sachin Dear Sachin, Display Port is the latest all-digital audio-video interface to hit the market with features that are very similar to HDMI. Does that mean Display Port is poised to replace HDMI on HDTVs? Not quite. Display Port was really designed for use with personal computers and computer monitors. It is, in essence, a total replacement for the old analogue 15-pin d-sub (HD15) VGA connection found on nearly every PC. It also replaces the bulky and confusing DVI interface. HDTVs will likely not feature Display Port connections in the future, because it costs far more than HDMI and is simply redundant. If you have a new Display Portequipped PC or monitor and can’t connect it to your existing HDMI or DVI gear, a Display Port to HDMI Adapter Cable or Display Port to DVI Adapter Cable may solve your connection problems.


Emax launched in Sohar

Sheikh Syed Humaid Abdullah al Harthy cuts the ribbon, with Neelesh Bhatnagar (left), CEO of Emax, and Ujjawal Tankha, country head

Emax, Sohar’s newest electronic hub, was formally inaugurated on October 5 by Sheikh Syed Humaid Abdullah al Harthy at a gala ceremony at Centrepoint, in the presence of dignitaries, Emax officials and media personnel. The new 650sqm store in Sohar is in line with Emax’s continued commitment in reaching all segments of the market in the country. It has, in a short span of time, made its presence felt in the capital, wowing electronic buffs with exclusive products from some of the top brands in the world. Emax has a tradition of launching new products simultaneously in every outlet in the region and this new store will be no different. Emax offers walk-in customers an opportunity to touch and feel the products before zeroing in on their choice. “With a growing young population, the demand for electronic items is on the high; more so for the latest from the world of 12 / TECH

gadgets and phones. This demand is now effectively met in Sohar, with the opening of Emax, which showcases our portfolio of electronics and entertainment products with features that are the latest in the world. We expect to cater to our customers from Sohar as well as nearby areas. Centrepoint is the most happening place in Sohar, attracting customers from all walks of life, and the new outlet will only go to heighten its popularity,” said Clive Freeman, general manager, Landmark Group Oman. Consistent growth in the country and the region has made Emax the fastest growing electronics retail chain in the Middle East, with showrooms across the Gulf countries. Touted as the vertically-integrated, fullservice electronic company, Emax has, since its inception, been a window to the world of electronics with a wide product range – over 100,000 products across twenty odd categories from 300 brands in the electronics sector.

Like other Emax outlets in the country, this too has been designed with an eye towards customer convenience and retail distinction. Customer satisfaction is ensured in the comfortable ambience created within the store and the benchmark of excellence it upholds in customer care. Unparalleled service and competitive value for goods is the hallmark of Emax, which will be upheld at Sohar Emax too. Over the years, Emax has established itself as an electronics hub, ensuring the convergence of technology with products grouped by lifestyle. An integral part of the USD3.2 billion Landmark Group, Emax has established itself as the iconic retail chain, housing highly successful retail concepts, including Baby Shop, Shoe Mart, Home Centre, Splash and Lifestyle. The group has an ambitious expansion plan and is expected to grow to over 40 stores by the end of this year.

Haier LED TVs in Oman

Mustafa Sultan Electronics recently launched Haier LED TVs in Oman. The range includes LE32A300 and LE42A300. The 32- and 42-inch A300 series uses LED Backlight Technology. This is capable of delivering a colour gamut of 105 per cent to NTSC Standards, solving the problem of the low 72 per cent NTSC which was frequently cited as a major weakness of CCFL LCD displays. Haier LED Backlight TV series have an ultra-slim cabinet design which measures 0.3cm deep across the front bezel edge of the TV, and about 3cm at the thickest part of the

television. Haier LED TVs have a rounded front with a smooth finish thus giving them a very attractive sleek and slim look. The Haier LED Backlight Technology also enhances the dynamic contrast of the screen display, which is considerably higher than that of CCFL displays. Haier’s patented Eye Care technology prevents glare when turning the TV on or off. It lets you enjoy a natural, comfortable viewing experience. It also automatically adjusts the backlight. It features Smart Mode technology which automatically turns the TV off when there is no viewer.

PROTECTIVE SHIELDS The quartz phoneShield and the quartz wi-fiShield have become the most trusted products to provide a defence against the potential harmful effects associated with using a mobile phone and wireless devices. Scientifically developed and manufactured in the UK the technology

used is based on Nasa’s use of quartz crystals. The Shields contain a secret matrix of different natural quartz crystals which ‘tune in’ to the same frequencies as those used by mobile phones and Wi-Fi. The unique piezoelectric property of the natural quartz reacts in synchrony with

oscillating signal bearing radio waves and generates a separate resonance. Scientifically designed to suit all makes and models of mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, laptops, and all other Wi-Fi devices and electrical products, they are quick and easy to fit, requiring no wires or batteries and are also long lasting – at least five years, and transferable. They have no side effects and do not interfere with reception or transmission. The Shields can be customised and manufactured to depict any logo and colour. In Oman and across the entire Middle East, Younis al Farsi, managing director of Grafik Zone, has secured the exclusive distribution rights for the quartz phoneShield and quartz wi-fiShield products. NOVEMBER 2011 / 13

New launches from Apple


Apple announced iPhone 4S, packed with incredible new features including Apple’s dual-core A5 chip for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics; an all-new camera with advanced optics; full 1080p HD resolution video recording; and Siri, an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. With the launch of iPhone 4S also comes the launch of iOS 5 and iCloud, a breakthrough set of free cloud services that work with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content in iCloud and push it to all your devices.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Tokyo announced that it has received an order from Shanghai Tower Construction & Development Co. for the installation of the world’s fastest elevators, travelling at 18m per second, in the Shanghai Tower currently under construction in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China. The current world record for elevator speed is approximately 16.8m per second, according to the Guinness World Records.

iPhone 4S comes with iOS 5 which includes over 200 new features including Notification Center, an innovative way to easily view and manage notifications in one place without interruption and iMessage, a new messaging service that lets you easily send text messages, photos and videos between all iOS 5 users. iOS 5 will also be available as a free software update for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS customers. iPhone 4S comes in either black or white and is available in the US for a suggested retail price of USD199 (approximately RO75) for the 16GB model and USD299 (approximately RO115) for the 32GB model and USD399 (approximately RO155) for the new 64GB model.

New partner Mustafa Sultan Office Technology Company (MSOTC) was formed with a vision of providing state-of-the-art solutions in Office Automation and IT, broadly classified as Office Technology. Recently, the company has entered into a strategic partnership with Dell to provide Enterprise solutions to its clients in Oman. MSOTC is the new Dell Tier 1 partner in Oman. Leveraging on Dell’s technology expertise, MSOTC will now be able to enhance its offerings in the remote infrastructure management space and cloud-based services. Also, this partnership would help MSOTC expand its customer base in Oman. The company, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Mustafa Sultan Enterprises, foresees a decent growth momentum in the country in the coming quarters. Also, the company has bagged large deals from various private and public sector organisations in Oman. MSOTC provides end to end solutions to clients on storage, storage consolidation, virtualisation, server consolidation, networking, messaging, wireless solutions, datacenter solutions and more.

14 / TECH

Three sets of elevators will travel directly between the second basement level and the observation deck on the 119th floor. Including these three units, Mitsubishi Electric Group will supply all 106 elevators for the Shanghai Tower. The 632m tall skyscraper complex will house offices, hotel accommodations, commercial facilities, convention halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, and culture and tourism facilities. It is expected to be the tallest building in China when completed in 2014. The seven elevators will incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to ensure passenger comfort at high speed, such as active roller guides, sleek roof covers that reduce lateral vibration and noise, and pneumatic control to compensate for rapid changes of atmospheric pressure.

Ice Cream Sandwich Google unveiled the next version of Android OS, nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Better known as Android 4.0, the update offers a massive redesign to the user interface and adds a plethora of new features. Some of the highlights include an NFC-enabled feature called Android Beam, offline search in Gmail, new lock screen features and a fancy unlocking method called ‘Face Unlock’, which uses facial recognition to ensure strangers can’t use your phone without permission. Ice Cream Sandwich also includes enhancements in almost every native app within Android itself. The SDK is already available for Android 4.0, and the update itself will make its first public appearance on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Some of the enhancements include option to use virtual buttons in the UI, instead of taking up capacitive touch buttons; a customisable launcher; new phone app with visual voicemail functionality that lets you speed up or slow down voicemail messages; improved error correction on the keyboard, and more.

BE SAFE WITH SONY Sony is making data storage and backup easier, safer and more enjoyable with its latest range of external hard drives. The new HD-EG5 and HD-EG5U offer advanced features in a slim, stylish package that enable users to save and access their data quickly and conveniently, wherever they go. The new drives with 500GB capacity provide USB3.0 compatibility and use preloaded Data Transfer Accelerator software to increase transfer speeds up to three times as compared to data transmission without the software. When connected to a USB2.0 port, the software boosts transfer speeds up to two times.

The Password Protection Manager software makes it easy to lock all or part of the drive using advanced AES 256-bit encryption, allowing only password-holders to access the protected data. Meanwhile, Backup Manager makes it a cinch to set up automatic back-ups on any PC, and saves time by intelligently recognising and backing up only data that has been added or modified. FAT32 formatter software is also included to sync the drives with FAT32 compatible hardware. The hard drives are currently available in the Middle East and Africa region.

TRUE 3D ENTERTAINMENT Toshiba Computer Systems Division recently unveiled a new range of gaming flagship devices. Targeted at advanced gamers, the Qosmio X770 models are packed with the latest technologies offering an outstanding gaming performance with extremely realistic rendering. On top of this, the Qosmio X770 3D supports 3D active shutter glasses technology and takes the mobile gaming experience to the next level. The Qosmio X770 3D and the non-3D version, the Qosmio X770, will be available during the third quarter of 2011 in the Middle East. The Qosmio X770 3D features a 17.3-inch Full HD 3D display supporting NVIDIA 3D Vision technology that allows users to get a 3D image when they wear active shutter glasses. The models feature premium-quality harman/kardon stereo speakers and an additional subwoofer for powerful bass. They also support streaming of 3D movies to an external 3D-enabled screen via HDMI. The support of NVIDIA 3DTV Play on the Qosmio X770 3D uses the GPU’s calculation power to convert various PC games into 3D and play them on a connected 3D TV.

Groundbreaking technology Lytro recently unveiled the first consumer light field camera, introducing a new way to take and experience pictures. Unlike conventional cameras, the Lytro light field camera captures all the rays of light in a scene, providing new capabilities never before possible, such as the ability to focus a picture after it’s taken. The pocket-sized camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and f/2 lens in an iconic design, creates interactive ‘living pictures’ that can be endlessly refocused. The camera is available in two models and three colours, starting at USD399 (approximately RO150). The Lytro is the only consumer camera that lets people instantly capture a scene just as they see it by recording a fundamentally richer set of data than ever before. Lytro cameras feature a light field sensor that collects the colour, intensity, and the direction of every light ray flowing into the camera, capturing a scene in four dimensions. To process this additional information, Lytro cameras contain a light field engine that allows camera owners to refocus pictures directly on the camera. When the Lytro’s living pictures are shared online, the light field engine travels with each picture so anyone can interact with them on nearly any device, including web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets – without having to download special software. NOVEMBER 2011 / 15

Sony Electronics officially raised the curtain on its F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera system, ushering in a new era of digital cinematography. Sony screened the new F65 footage, demonstrated new features and announced its roll-out plan for the revolutionary camera, including availability and a surprisingly accessible price of just USD65,000 (approximately RO25,000) with viewfinder. The F65 derives true 4K resolution at the point of image capture. ‘4K’ resolution is 4,096x2,160, which is more than four times the full HD (1,920x1,080) spec. Its unique 8K image sensor, with approximately 20 total megapixels, offers higher image fidelity than any other digital cinema production camera. With 16-bit Linear RAW File output capability, the F65 creates the gateway to an endto-end 4K file-based mastering workflow. The F65 digital motion picture camera line-up is scheduled to be available in January direct from Sony.

Happy hands Penclic Mouse places superior navigation at your fingertips, and will make your hours of working and surfing comfortable and efficient. The pen-grip provides a relaxed working position and advance precision. It is the latest Scandinavian design computer mouse which eases your pain. It feels like the mouse predicts where you are planning to move the cursor. This high precision allows for movements and abilities unlike any other computer mouse in the market. It allows your forearm to rest on the work surface. You can move the mouse cursor all over the computer screen quickly and effectively. Penclic Mouse counteracts static tensions in your arms, shoulders and neck. It has five buttons and a scroll wheel mouse with laser sensor. The switch bar resolution is between 800 and 2,400dpi and it operates on almost any surface without any pad. The mouse connects easily via USB and is Mac and PC compatible. It is available in two models, a wired and a wireless with rechargeable AAA battery included.

Touch fun

The first touchscreen watch from Tokyoflash Japan is here. The Kisai Rogue Touch features two time zones, date, alarm and animation. It is an ‘always on’ LCD watch design with LED backlighting and is available in four colours. Complex in appearance yet simple in practice, the time in the two time zones can be read at a glance. With just a touch they can also be illuminated with the bright LEDs. The touchscreen display has four hot-zones (top, bottom, left, right) that you simply touch with your finger to change modes. Holding your finger in place for a few seconds will allow you to customise. Hold your finger over the alarm zone to begin setting the alarm and hold it over the time zone to set the time. It’s intuitive, simple and fun to operate. Around the outside of the display are 12 large blocks which indicate the current hour in the same position as hours on a regular clock. Just inside that are smaller dots for the minutes one to 60. The two centre rings show time zone 2: hours and minutes. Available in green, blue, red or natural LCD, Kisai Rogue Touch is a limited edition wrist watch design that would be a great fashion accessory.

Core power BodyMedia, the pioneer in body monitoring weight management systems, recently launched the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband, small in stature but big in building a healthier lifestyle. With the launch of the new CORE Armband, users can take workouts to the next level, in a smaller and more lightweight package. It is a third smaller in overall volume compared to previous BodyMedia FIT Armbands. Capturing over 5,000 data points per minute using four sophisticated sensors, this seriously smart device tracks everything from calories burned, steps taken, to levels of physical activity to sleep. The CORE Armband stays charged for four to six days, making it easy to stay centred and ready to go throughout the week. The BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband is now available online at It retails for USD179.99 (approximately RO70). 16 / TECH

Lilliputian camera Continuing its 163-year history of offering the best and the unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces the world’s smallest camera, a fully functional digital camera that is no larger than a fingertip. Measuring just over one inch in all dimensions and weighing only half an ounce, the camera appears to require Lilliputian dexterity, yet a human finger can snap a picture with a touch of the shutter button. It provides automatic focus and has a 2MP image sensor that captures crisp JPEG photographs at 1,600x1,200 resolution and AVI video at 30fps with 640x480 resolution. The pictures and videos are saved onto the 2GB micro SD card (included) and the camera can be connected to a computer for displaying images and video for family and friends. The camera’s rechargeable battery provides up to 30 minutes of operation from a one-hour charge via the included USB cable. It is available for USD99.95 (approximately RO38).

Boot with a brain The intelligent football boot from adidas, the adizero f50 powered by miCoach, will soon be famous as the groundbreaking ‘football boot with a brain’. It brings smart technology to the field. Powered by miCoach, it is the fastest boot on the planet and is also the smartest. miCoach turns the adizero f50 into the ultimate digital training tool by letting you track and upload performance data. The boot includes a cavity in the outsole unit that houses the revolutionary miCoach SPEED_CELL which captures 360-degree movement and measures key performance metrics including speed, average speed (recorded every second), maximum speed (recorded every five seconds), number of sprints, distance, distance at high intensity levels, steps and stride rates. The on-board memory stores the measurements for up to seven hours and then wirelessly transmits the data to your tablet, PC or MAC. The adizero f50 will be available from November at EUR210 (approximately RO108).

Robotic pets

Desk Pets International, creator of interactive microrobotic toys and gadgets with big-play value, recently unveiled TankBot. Three interactive modes allow TankBot to navigate mazes, free-roam, and be fully controllable by your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. Featuring a built-in USB charger, battery cost is nonexistent, giving TankBot hours of inexpensive playtime. They are available for USD24.99 (approximately RO9) at Radio Shack and Toys ‘R’ Us nationwide. Equipped with a variety of play modes, sounds and manoeuvres, TankBot has a personality all its own. In autonomous maze solving mode, infrared sensors allow it to navigate twists, turns and around obstacles with military precision. With Desk Pet’s free downloadable iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile device application, users can fully control TankBot.

Technology maestro Gibson Guitar takes guitar engineering to new heights with the introduction of the Gibson Firebird X. An evolution of the 1960s classic Gibson Firebird model, the Firebird X is loaded with ground-breaking technologies like fourthgeneration Robot tuners for automatic tuning, onboard effects based on computer plug-in technology, and wireless Bluetooth pedals for unsurpassed usability on stage and in the studio. It is designed for compatibility with hardware and applications developed by third party companies – an industry first. Limited to 1,800 models in two unique finishes – Redolution and Bluevolution – the Firebird X will retail for USD5,570 (approximately RO2,140). The Gibson Firebird X has a lightweight body made from hand-sorted swamp ash; a thin, fast, asymmetrical rock maple neck with a smooth, non-stick satin finish; and a maple finger board. It features Gibson’s turbo-charged ‘PureAnalog’ engine, which provides an arsenal of professional world class sounds and effects, as well as professional analogue sound. NOVEMBER 2011 / 17



A tribute to an icon – the man who made a difference


n 5 October the world mourned the loss of an icon in the world of technology – a man known by his Levi blue jeans and black mock turtleneck. Steve Jobs, an American entrepreneur known for his charisma, passed away at the age of 56, seven years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Synonymous with Apple, he is known to most as the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the company. He was also widely described as a visionary, pioneer, creator, legend, icon and a genius in the field of business, innovation and product design. But most important of all, he was a man who changed the face of the modern world. With all these descriptions of Jobs flying around on the Internet, the one that truly describes him is his own quote in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 1993 – “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” It is interesting to look back on the achievements of this one guy who took it upon himself to change the world. One of the reasons he became an icon was his master showmanship – millions of Apple fans awaited his performances during a product launch. As Apple’s boss, it fell on Jobs to set the direction for the company. This involved following industry trends and more importantly his guts. And the latter was probably Jobs’ real genius – with no formal training whatsoever, his capacity to take critical decisions solely based on his instinct has often been right. As Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak once said, “Steve did an excellent

18 / TECH

In this January 24, 1984, file photo, Steve Jobs leans on the new ‘Macintosh’ personal computer, following a shareholder’s meeting in Cupertino, California

job of melding the marketing, operations and technology. He understood which technology was good and what people would like. It was a weird situation. He couldn’t design a computer – he was never a designer or a programmer – but he could understand it well enough to understand what was good and what was bad.”

and marketed one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers, the Apple II series, in the late 1970s. And after losing a power struggle with the board of directors in 1985, he left Apple and founded NeXT, a computer platform development company specialising in the higher-education and business markets.

Even Bill Gates said it was what he envied most in Jobs: “I’d give a lot to have Steve’s taste. I think in terms of intuitive taste, both for people and products, you know, we sat in Mac product reviews where there were questions about software choices, how things would be done, that I viewed as an engineering question, because that’s just how my mind works. And I’d see Steve make the decision based on a sense of people and product that is even hard for me to explain. The way he does things is just different, and I think it’s magical.”

In 1986, he acquired the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm, which was spun off as Pixar Animation Studios. He was credited in the popular Pixar Animation Toy Story (1995) as an executive producer. Apple’s 1996 buyout of NeXT brought Jobs back to the company he co-founded, and he served as its interim CEO from 1997, then becoming permanent CEO from 2000. After resigning as CEO in August 2011, Jobs was elected chairman of Apple’s board of directors and held that title until his death.

Looking at his career, Jobs, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula and others, designed, developed,

Read on to find out other interesting stuff about the guy who inspired millions to shop for Apple products.

DID YOU KNOW that Jobs • Was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, and was born to the then unmarried graduate student Joanne Carole Schieble and a Syrian father Abdulfattah Jandali • Dropped out of college after one semester and in April 1976, he started Apple with another college dropout (Steve Wozniak) in his family garage in Los Alto, California, at the age of 21 • Became a millionaire at the age of 25 • Got kicked out of his own company in1985 by John Sculley, who ironically had been hired from Pepsi by Jobs • Was a Buddhist and a vegetarian • Took a salary of only USD1 (385bz) in 2010, although his net worth in shares is worth more than USD8.3 billion (RO3 billion) • Demanded to be married in the Yosemite National Park in the USA, which is his favourite place • Loved Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Grateful Dead

Father-son duo During the past year, Abdulfattah ‘John’ Jandali, shot off emails to Steve Jobs, the son he never met – they were simple notes: “Happy Birthday” or “I hope your First Apple logo health is improving.” For Jandali, aside from the iPhone 4 he carries, his story of the emails is pretty much all he has of a son who co-founded Apple and grew into one of the world’s most famous businessmen. Jandali said that he learned of Jobs’ death at the office, when a stranger called to offer condolences. He quickly hung up the phone. “It was not a shock,” he said. “Basically all you feel is sadness.” Jandali learned that Jobs was his biological son only in 2005. After that, he began watching online videos of Jobs’ famous keynote speeches launching Apple products. He emailed a few times in the past year after becoming aware of his son’s failing health. Credit: The Wall Street Journal, October 10, 2011

• Loved photography, with his home decorated with large black-and-white photographs of Einstein, the California landscape and also Japanese prints NOVEMBER 2011 / 19

Jobs’ ride

The late Steve Jobs (1955-2011), co-founder, chairman and former chief executive of Apple, drove a Mercedes SL 55 AMG, which isn’t even in production anymore. There were no license plates, front or back. He claimed they got stolen too often, and so the California DMV let him get away with it. There was a small barcode in the place of his number plate. In 2008, his car was worth about USD130,000 (RO50,000) new, and if his family were to sell it now, it would fetch about USD66,000 (RO25,400).


Down memory lane

Photographs of Steve Jobs as a youngster

“Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.”

Jobs pictured during a presentation at PC Forum, January 1985, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright Credit: Photo by Ann Yow-Dyson

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Founder and CEO

“Steve was among the greatest of American innovators – brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.” Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

“Steve and I first met nearly 30 years ago, and have been colleagues, competitors and friends over the course of more than half our lives. The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honour.” Bill Gates

Microsoft Co-Founder and Chairman

20 / TECH

Steve Jobs with Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock

Steve Jobs (left) and John Sculley pose with the new Macintosh personal computer on 16 January 1984

Power of speech Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the famous Commencement speech to Stanford in 2005: “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish... I have always wished that for myself.”


Some of Steve Jobs’ muses Bob Dylan, the folk singer Ansel Adams, an American photographer known for his black-and-whites of the American West and Yosemite National Park

The line he used to lure John Sculley into becoming Apple’s CEO, according to Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple:

Kobun Chino Otogowa, Steve’s guru from the Los Altos Zen Center, back in the 1970s Akio Morita, co-founder of Sony Corporation Thomas Edison, an American inventorentrepreneur Henry Ford, an American industrialist credited for democratising the car in the early 20th century Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Steve’s first (and only) employer John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems Inc

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?” NOVEMBER 2011 / 21

audio zone

Versatile tunes Docking systems from Philips for any space, any lifestyle


Details OUTPUT POWER (RMS) 2 x 5W SPEAKER Two Bass Reflex speakers CONNECTIONS MP3 Link: 3.5mm Stereo Input AVAILABLE AT MSE, 24636015

Dimensions WIDTH 290mm HEIGHT 160mm DEPTH 113mm

PHILIPS DS3500 The Fidelio docking system sports a shielding technology to block mobile phone interference. The DS3500 lets you dock your iPod, play, sync and charge it. It also synchronises with your PC via USB. Similar to the AJ7040D, the Fidelio docking system lets you dock your iPod or iPhone even when the protective cases are on. The free Philips Fidelio app brings lots of cool features to this docking system. With a press of a button, the song information is available. And in Clock mode, the system lets you set multiple customised music alarms and gives updated weather reports.

Details OUTPUT POWER (RMS) 10W SPEAKER Neodymium Magnet System CONNECTIONS PC Link: USB 2.0, Aux In 22 / TECH

Dimensions WIDTH 272mm HEIGHT 85mm DEPTH 131mm

The Philips audio system sports dual alarm feature. With the all-in-one remote control you can navigate the Philips music system and your iPod or iPhone. The information is displayed according to playlist, album, artist, genre or track. This makes navigation easy. One major advantage of the Philips AJ7040D is that it works even when the protective cases are on. You can just dock the iPod or iPhone with its case in the smart spring-loaded docking port. The system also automatically synchronises the clock with your instrument within a few seconds of docking the iPod or iPhone.


From five to 17 Neelesh Bhatnagar, CEO of Emax, talks about the store being a true destination to the consumers


Chartered Accountant by qualification, Neelesh Bhatnagar has devoted over 20 years of his life to the retail business, all of which have been with the Landmark Group, an international retail conglomerate. Hailing from India and currently residing in Dubai with his wife and two children, he has spent over 25 years in this region. As the CEO of Emax and the Landmark Group for Saudi Arabia, Neelesh has spent a lot of time in the Gulf. He admits, “I have lived and travelled a lot to these [UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Oman] four countries, though not so much to Kuwait and Qatar. I understand the region very well.” As head of Emax in the Middle East, Neelesh talks about the potential of the Gulf market. “We have stores in the UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. In terms of the potential of the market, Saudi being the biggest country in the GCC has the biggest market, followed by the UAE. Oman is a close runner-up.”

Emax currently has over 25 stores across the GCC and in ten years from now Neelesh sees this electronic retail chain in all the countries where the Landmark Group is currently operating. “Right now Landmark operates in over 17 countries and Emax is only in five. So we still have a long way to go and we need to catch up with the other businesses in the group. Very soon we are going to be operational in Kuwait, then Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, India and all the sub-continents,” he adds. One of Emax’s current projects has come to fruition, thanks to the launching of a branch in Sohar. Neelesh explains the reason behind a store in Sohar, one of Oman’s biggest cities. “The products we sell in Emax belong to the common man. They are not aimed at just the elite. Today, everybody wants to buy a mobile phone, a washing machine or even an LCD. So it doesn’t really matter if the city is big or small. Sohar has a good population. It’s one of the big cities of Oman.

The new Emax store in Sohar 24 / TECH

“Right now Landmark operates in over 17 countries and Emax is only in five. We need to catch up with the other businesses in the group.” As Centrepoint and Home Centre we have been doing business here for the last three years, and we thought it appropriate to bring Emax to Sohar.” And the people of Sohar are not the only ones to enjoy what Emax has in store for them. There is a new building under construction in Salalah and Neelesh is happy to announce that the new store there will open very soon, probably in the first quarter of next year. Plans are also underway for another store in Muscat. Behind the story of such expansion plans is the basic fact that the response to the electronic retail chain has been great. Neelesh proudly states that the biggest USP of Emax is the fact that they are a part of the Landmark Group. He adds, “We are a very transparent and reliable retailer. We have been meeting the demands of the people for a very long time. We started in Oman almost 25 years ago, so we have credibility as a retail company. We are a value-for-money retailer. People feel confident when they shop in our stores, knowing that there will be no overpricing and that they will receive only the genuine

Neelesh Bhatnagar, CEO of Emax

goods. They also know that they will be looked after and taken care of. So I think being part of the Landmark Group is our biggest USP.” Another USP, according to Neelesh, is that Emax is a true destination. Everything is available under one roof – all the brands, all the categories of products, and all the accessories. As to future plans, Neelesh explains that Emax will be bringing in new brands for the Omani consumers. “Recently we introduced Skyworth. We have also introduced the Hama and the Manhattan range of accessories to the market. We will soon be launching a couple of more accessory brands. We are also the distributors of Midea, a brand from China.”

Neelesh proudly concludes that Landmark Group now has 1,000 stores. “We are proud to have these 1,000 stores, because at the end of the day we can open a store only if the people of the place accept it. We have come a long way, and we still feel we have a long way to go. It’s our intention to fulfil the requirements of the people. Feedback from the customers is more than welcome, and I request them to let us know how we can improve. Constant improvement is the key to success for the Landmark Group,” he concludes. He shows his gratitude to the people of Oman by thanking them for their support.

NOVEMBER 2011 / 25

photography special

SHOOTING SPREE We have shortlisted cameras to suit your every taste


ne fact about civilisation is that there is an urge to reproduce every important moment in our lives. Thanks to the inception of cameras, the urge has been satiated. Although for some photography is a profession, for most it is a hobby – be it with a camera on your mobile phone or a simple point-and-shoot camera, people are always ready and raring to go when it comes to photography. As part of our cover story, we talk about point-and-shoot and DSLRs from some top brands in Oman. We have also devoted a section to talking about certain basic principles that you need to know, including the different formats of cameras, the usage of tripods, and more. The basic types of cameras which we have featured are point-and-shoot and DSLRs. Point-and-Shoot (P&S) cameras, as the name implies, are the simplest to use. Just point the camera at the subject and trip the shutter – the camera does all the work 26 / TECH

for you. Starting out as just a fixed lens that focused about four feet in front of the camera with a fixed aperture and shutter speed, today, the point-and-shoots are much more sophisticated. Some of its features include metering systems that calculate the amount of light entering the camera, variable shutter speed, variable aperture, zoom lenses, and preset controls for various photographic situations such as landscapes, night-time, portraits, close-ups or macro. The biggest drawback, however, is that many P&S cameras do not have a through-the-lens (TTL) viewfinder. P&S cameras are usually small and are best for casual picture taking. P&S Cameras featured Panasonic DMC-S Series Samsung MV800 Olympus TOUGH Series Fujifilm X10, X100 Leica V-Lux 30 and M8 HP S300

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are preferred by professionals and some serious amateurs. They are larger and sport interchangeable lenses. These cameras allow for great control over the photography process. DSLRs allow for control over shutter speed, aperture film speed, focus point, magnification (through the use of various lenses), remote releases and additional battery packs. DSLRs featured Panasonic DMC-G3 Olympus E-5 Canon EOS 7D Samsung NX11 Sony SLT-A77 Disclaimer: All prices are shown only as a guide and correct at the time of printing. It may vary or change and is beyond our responsibility. For accurate pricing, please reconfirm with the contact numbers provided.

PANASONIC DMC-S SERIES Details SENSOR S3 14.1-megapixel CCD Sensor SENSOR S1 12.1-megapixel CCD Sensor SCREEN 2.7-inch TFT LCD, 230K dots ZOOM 4x Optical Zoom STORAGE SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card, S3 Internal (70MB), S1 Internal (20MB) BATTERY LIFE S3 250 Shots, S1 240 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0 PRICE S1 RO34.900 AVAILABLE AT OMASCO, 24564310

Simple, stylish, compact powerhouse Dimensions WIDTH 98.8mm HEIGHT 58.8mm DEPTH 20.9mm WEIGHT 117g


LUMIX DC VARIO 28mm Wide-angle Lens, Mega Optical Image Stabiliser


The 2.7-inch TFT LCD display has a field of view of approximately 100 per cent, and sports a high-angle mode


he S Series from Panasonic – the 14.1MP DMC-S3 and the 12.1MP DMC-S1 – sport essential functions. MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabiliser) is integrated, in addition to the powerful iA (Intelligent Auto) shooting assist mode. The Intelligent Scene Selector feature automatically detects the scene from six different modes and sets the parameters accordingly. High-quality 720p HD movie can be recorded. With the LUMIX Image Uploader, you can instantly share your memories via Facebook or YouTube. With a lens periphery matching the colour on the front, the S Series sports a distinct round-form design. Intelligent ISO control prevents the blurring of moving subjects by optimising the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity setting. This renders sharp, clear images. Human faces are captured in focus, with the appropriate exposure, thanks to the Face Detection feature. The newly developed 28mm wide-angle LUMIX DC VARIO lens with 4x optical zoom captures wider angle of view compared to the 35mm lens which is normally incorporated in cameras of this class. This versatility is convenient for shooting group portrait or dynamic landscapes.

Cool Feature

LUMIX Image Uploader lets you instantly upload your memories to Facebook or YouTube, allowing you to share the pictures and videos with your friends and family.

The multi-task Venus Engine VI imageprocessing engine supports a super-fast response time. It supports a High Sensitivity mode that lets the S3 and S1 record at a setting of up to ISO 6400. Beyond these advanced features, the cameras also sport a 2.7-inch large Intelligent LCD that automatically adjusts the brightness level changes, ensuring visibility at all times. NOVEMBER 2011 / 27

SAMSUNG MV800 Details SENSOR 16.15-megapixel CCD Sensor SCREEN Three-inch Wide TFT LCD, 288K dots ZOOM 5x Optical Zoom STORAGE Internal (10MB) MicroSD (up to 2GB) MicroSDHC (up to 32GB) BATTERY TYPE Lithium-ion Rechargeable CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, HDMI PRICE RO134.500 AVAILABLE AT SARCO, 24593025

Easy-to-use controls that will boost the user’s creativity


Dimensions WIDTH 92mm HEIGHT 56.2mm DEPTH 18.3mm WEIGHT 121g


The three-inch flip-out display lets you frame shots at any angle and works as a stand


The Schneider Lens features Dual Image Stabilisation

Cool Feature

The MV800’s three-inch flip-out display lets you frame shots at any angle without having to twist your body or bend your back. 28 / TECH

he new camera from Samsung gives you the opportunity to look for unexpected angles, with its flip-out display, which can also be used as a stand to prop up the camera. With a sleek look, the camera’s front case is crafted from shimmering metal, which complements the three-inch touchscreen. The 16.1MP resolution, the 5x optical zoom, and the 26mm wide-angle lens ensure coverage of larger groups, complemented by Dual Image Stabilisation that eliminates camera shake. The MV800’s Smart Touch 3.0 interface lets you scroll through the menu options, launching them with just a touch. ‘Picture in Picture’ shot lets you insert an image within another. Other features include Live Panorama which lets you capture the beautiful scenery of a country like Oman, without having to step back; Magic Frame lets you add a touch of fun to your pictures with its 12 background templates; Funny Face lets you bend, stretch and warp the portraits, resulting in a hilarious effect; Smart Filter 3.0 boosts your creativity; and Pose Guide shows subjects how to pose for the perfect portrait shot. The HD Movie with Zoom Noise Reduction (ZNR) function automatically adjusts and optimises sound when recording in HD, discarding even the mechanical noise that comes from using the zoom. The MV800 also lets you create storyboards for film or other creative efforts. Simply choose the template you want, and place your shots into the layout. A virtual keyboard lets you add text.

OLYMPUS TOUGH TG SERIES Details SENSOR 14-megapixel CCD Sensor SCREEN TG810, TG610: Three-inch HyperCrystal II LCD 920K dots; TG310: 2.7-inch LCD 230K dots ZOOM 4x Digital Zoom; TG810, TG610: 5x Optical Zoom; TG310: 3.6x Optical Zoom STORAGE SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card; TG810, TG310: Internal (19.5MB) BATTERY LIFE TG810: 220 Shots; TG610: 210 Shots; TG310: 150 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI PRICE TG810: RO189; TG610: RO159; TG310: RO109 AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305


The three-inch HyperCrystal III LCD is a high-resolution, ultra scratchresistant display that delivers bright images even in direct sunlight


Olympus TOUGH TG810 GPS automatically records your location while you’re shooting

Tough and rugged as it can get


he TOUGH series from Olympus is a range of shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and crushproof compact cameras. The series includes three cameras in its range – the TG810, the TG610 and the TG310. The TOUGH series boasts dual image stabilisation to cut the blur out of your photography. They come with Eye-Fi Card compatibility, which allows automatic wireless uploading of images to a website or PC. The Olympus TOUGH series is equipped with in-camera Magic Art Filters that enable users to enhance and customise images as they’re being captured. Magic Filter Movie is a new feature that allows you to apply Magic Art Filters to your high-definition videos. The Magic Art Filters include Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish-Eye, Soft Focus, Drawing, Sparkle and Punk.


WIDTH TG810: 100mm; TG610: 99.5mm; TG310: 96.3mm HEIGHT TG810: 65mm; TG610: 64.5mm; TG310: 63.4mm DEPTH TG810: 26mm; TG610: 26.1mm; TG310: 22.7mm WEIGHT TG810: 221g; TG610: 190g; TG310: 155g

Cool Feature

The TOUGH Series is shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and crushproof.

You can also add more dimension to your photographs by shooting dynamic 3D photos in any mode from macro to landscape, even underwater. Simply select the 3D Photo shooting mode, release the shutter for your first shot, slowly pan until the camera automatically takes a second image from a slightly different perspective. The 3D data is processed in-camera resulting in an .MPO file. The exclusive TruePic III+ image processor produces crystal-clear photos using the pixel information for each image to deliver superior picture quality with more accurate colours, true-to-life flesh tones and faster processing speeds. The TOUGH TG810 also features GPS and an Electronic Compass. The GPS automatically records your location while you’re shooting. The Electronic Compass allows you to check your shooting direction in the field. The TG810 also offers a Manometer, which measures water and air pressure, enabling you to accurately monitor the depth or altitude of your images. It’s perfect for adventure seekers.

30 / TECH


Details SENSOR 14.1-megapixel CMOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch TFT LCD Touchscreen, 460K dots ZOOM 4x Digital Zoom STORAGE Internal (18MB), SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Cards BATTERY LIFE 260 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI PRICE RO365 AVAILABLE AT HiTec Centre, 24497384

Elegant styling, easy handling Dimensions WIDTH 104.9mm HEIGHT 33.4mm DEPTH 57.6mm WEIGHT 219g


With the new three-inch LCD touchscreen, many camera features can be controlled by simply touching the screen with a fingertip



he V-Lux 30 features the 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor that allows one to capture image sequences with the camera’s fast, continuous shooting mode, enabling consecutive burst shooting at a rate of ten frames per second at a full resolution of 14.1MP or 60 frames per second with reduced resolution. A new LCD touchscreen display that guarantees fast and simple handling adorns the camera. It has automatic features and manual setting options. Thanks to the integrated GPS function, the camera records the geographical coordinates of the location and the local time for every shot, and saves them in the Exif data of the image files. When travelling, the camera can also display the sightseeing highlights of the immediate neighbourhood.

Details SENSOR 10.3-megapixel CCD Sensor SCREEN 2.5-inch TFT LCD, 230K dots STORAGE SD, SDHC Memory Cards; FAT/FAT32 CONNECTIONS USB 2.0 PRICE RO1,385 (Body only) AVAILABLE AT HiTec Centre, 24497384

Hand-crafted precision and timeless elegance


Dimensions WIDTH 139mm HEIGHT 37mm DEPTH 80mm WEIGHT 545g


The display at the top of the left side shows the remaining capacity of the SD card and the remaining charge of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery

he M8 is the first digital camera to use the Leica viewfinder system. The combination of lenses, sensor and high-performance picture editing generates outstanding picture quality. The electronically controlled metal blade slot shutter permits exposure times down to 1/8,000 of a second. Even under bright lighting conditions the photographer has full freedom of composition. A simple, clear and intuitive user guide has been created in the M8. The core controls for operating the digital functions are the direction buttons and rotary setting dial, which allow rapid navigation. NOVEMBER 2011 / 31

FUJIFILM X10 Details SENSOR 12-megapixel EXR-CMOS Sensor SCREEN 2.8-inch TFT Colour LCD, 460K dots ZOOM 2x Digital Zoom STORAGE SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI PRICE RO290 AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305

Light and strong with smooth, dynamic action



he X10 is a highly advanced compact camera that features a bright optical zoom viewfinder with a wide viewing angle. With its upper control deck and base manufactured from strong die-cast magnesium alloy, it is very light. The mode dials and lens ring feature aluminium textured finish. The intuitive operability of the various dials and shutter-release button is also apparent with the manual zoom lens doubling up as an on/off power switch.

F2.0 wide-angle and F2.8 telephoto, FUJINON 4x optical zoom lens

Dimensions WIDTH 117mm HEIGHT 69.6mm DEPTH 56.8mm WEIGHT 350g


The 2.8-inch TFT colour LCD display with a resolution of 460K dots provides excellent viewing ability even in bright sunlight

32 / TECH

Cool Feature

The X10 offers Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation modes. There are eight settings, including Velvia, PROVIA and ASTIA which allow you to reproduce the well-known tones of highly popular colour reversal films.

The X10 sports a newly-developed highdefinition Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) FUJINON lens. The result is an ultra-bright lens with a wide-angle maximum aperture of 2.0 and telephoto maximum aperture of 2.8. Thanks to the all-metal lens barrel, smooth zoom action is assured. Featuring a newly developed Optical Image Stabilisation mechanism, lens aberration is kept to an absolute minimum and image resolution is maximised. This camera also features a large 2/3-inch 12-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor. The sensor combines Fujifilm’s proprietary EXR technology (which can select the optimum shooting mode from three options) and CMOS technology, to provide bright, sharp images in all shooting conditions. The X10 also has a Noise Reduction Adjustment function that sets the strength of noise reduction to five different levels according to the user’s emphasis on whether to prioritise high resolution or low noise. Other features include Motion Panorama 360 for seamless 360-degree panoramic shooting, and four diverse auto bracketing functions for exposure, ISO sensitivity, dynamic range and film simulation.

FUJIFILM X100 Details SENSOR 12.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor SCREEN 2.8-inch TFT Colour LCD, 460K dots STORAGE Internal (20MB), SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI PRICE RO579 (With special leather case) AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305

Viewfinder Lever

You can switch between OVF and EVF modes with this lever, without taking your eyes off the viewfinder

Dimensions WIDTH 126.5mm HEIGHT 74.4mm DEPTH 53.9mm WEIGHT 445g


FUJINON Single focal length lens with a focal length of 23mm

Cool Feature

The X100 offers Fujifilm’s unique Film Simulation modes. There are eight settings, including Velvia, PROVIA and ASTIA which allow you to reproduce the wellknown tones of highly popular colour reversal films.

Technical innovations in a traditional chassis


he FinePix X100 is a high-grade digital compact camera featuring an APS-C CMOS sensor, a Fujinon 23mm fixed focal length lens and a newly developed Hybrid Viewfinder. Aimed at the professional photographer, the X100 has been designed with picture quality as the priority. The lens is a fixed, prime F2 lens, made by Fujinon, manufactured to perfectly match the APS-C custom sensor. Added to this is the EXR Processor, which combines all the latest image processing technology Fujifilm has built up over the years. The main technology employed in this camera is the Hybrid Viewfinder which combines the window-type ‘bright frame’ optical viewfinder found in high-end film cameras such as 35mm or medium-format cameras, and the electronic viewfinder system incorporated in fixed single lens or mirror-less digital cameras. It has the ability to instantly switch between optical and electronic viewfinder images with a simple onetouch control. The FinePix X100 features a custom 12.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS high-performance sensor, internally optimised and developed exclusively for this model. The lens offers a focal length of 23mm and a wide aperture of F2. Made from moulded glass, the lens contains eight elements in six groups. The adoption of the non-collapsible lens structure with minimised lens length not only contributes to the compact size but also eliminates telescoping of the lens when the power is on. All the technical innovations are surrounded by a beautiful, traditional chassis. The ergonomics offer the perfect balance between compact convenience and user-friendly operation. NOVEMBER 2011 / 33

HP T200

Details SENSOR Five-megapixel CMOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch LCD Touchscreen ZOOM 16x Digital Zoom STORAGE Internal (64GB), SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Cards CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, HDMI PRICE RO70 AVAILABLE AT HiTec Centre, 24497384

Compact camcorder with uploading features




WIDTH 110mm HEIGHT 65mm DEPTH 45mm WEIGHT 232g

With the three-inch LCD touch panel, menu options are easily accessible

he HP T200 features a 5MP sensor and HD video recording at a resolution of 1,920x1,080. High quality images up to 16 megapixels can also be delivered smoothly. With the exclusive built-in Internet Direct application, you can upload the videos to websites effortlessly. ISO sensitivity and colour balance can be adjusted automatically or changed manually. A 16x digital zoom helps you control the videos and photos you take. The varied effect options, such as Time Lapse and Slow Motion, make recording fun.


HP S300

SENSOR 14.2-megapixel Sensor SCREEN 2.7-inch LCD ZOOM 4x Optical Zoom STORAGE SD, SDHC Memory Cards PRICE RO40 AVAILABLE AT HiTec Centre, 24497384

Slim point-and-shoot with easy-to-navigate user interface


Dimensions WIDTH 98mm HEIGHT 19mm DEPTH 53mm WEIGHT 100g


The S300 sports a 4x wide-angle optical zoom lens

he HP S300 sports simple features and delivers exceptional image quality, shooting capabilities and styles. It offers 14.2MP resolution along with 720p HD video recording. It has a 2.7-inch LCD display with an easy-to-navigate user interface and USB charging capabilities. The 27-mm wide-angle lens allows one to capture a wider perspective of scenes. It has more than 30 scene modes.

METZ MB54MZ4 The flagship model in the Metz shoe mount series, the 54MZ-4 offers cutting-edge technology with features such as Nikon’s 3D multi sensor TTL metering, Canon’s E-TTL flash control, and high-speed synchronisation (HSS). The 54MZ-4 is user-friendly with only two buttons and a single thumb wheel to control the logically arranged menu system. Special features include the 34 / TECH

display of focal length for the lens in use in the LCD screen. This display can be adjusted from feet to metres, or to various film formats for standard 35mm, APS, 645, or 6x6. Other features are auto flash bracketing, auto shutoff, and lockable keypad. The integration of highprecision flash modes ensures perfect illumination and superb brilliance.

PANASONIC DMC-G3 Details SENSOR 16-megapixel Live MOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch TFT LCD with Touch Panel, 460K dots ZOOM 2x, 4x Digital Zoom STORAGE SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Card BATTERY LIFE 270 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI AVAILABLE AT OMASCO, 24564310

Dimensions WIDTH 115.2mm HEIGHT 83.6mm DEPTH 46.7mm WEIGHT 336g

Interchangeable Lens System camera with advanced AF System



It sports a built-in stereo mic for movie dialogue

Auto mode

Pressing the iA button sets the camera to automatic shooting


The three-inch TFT LCD touch panel display helps when taking shots from awkward angles

Cool Feature

The Touch Shutter function on the touchscreen of the DMC-G3 lets you choose what portion of the shot to focus on.

36 / TECH

he DMC-G3 is a new addition to the LUMIX G Micro System which realises high-quality photo images with real-to-life details through excellent resolution, image rendering and colour reproduction. In addition, high sensitivity signal processing is redesigned for DMC-G3 to take full advantage of the newly developed 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor. With the combination of touchcontrol shooting, focusing is now quick and accurate thanks to the newly adopted Pinpoint AF. The new mechanical shutter has also improved consecutive shooting. The G3 records 1,920x1,080 full-HD video with stereo sound in AVCHD format. Advanced AF system including practical full-time AF and tracking AF is available in video recording so that the users can enjoy high quality video recording with ease. The colour mode Creative Control has also been renovated, allowing users to set the colour effect more intuitively. Control in contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction is also available with Photo Style. An advanced form of Panasonic’s iA (Intelligent Auto) mode, the iA Plus mode, has been incorporated in the DMC-G3. In addition to the conventional powerful shooting support functions, defocusing area, exposure compensation and white balance can be adjusted in the iA Plus mode, which also works in video recording. The body is made of aluminium, featuring lightness and strength. The newly designed body incorporates an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold. Available colours include black, white, red and brown.


Commander function incorporated in the built-in flash makes wireless multi-flash photography possible

SENSOR 12.3-megapixel Hi-Speed Live MOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch HyperCrystal LCD, 920K dots STORAGE Compact Flash (Type I), SD, SDHC, SDXC Memory Cards BATTERY LIFE 870 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, Mini HDMI PRICE RO900 (Body only) AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305

A rugged camera with advanced creative possibilities Display

A 270-degree dual-axis swivel three-inch Live View LCD covers all the viewing angles from low to high and side to side


Magnesium Alloy body with a splash-proof and dustproof construction

he E-5 is a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera that meets the demands of professional photographers. Some of the groundbreaking features from Olympus include the first 100 per cent digital-specific lenses, the award-winning Supersonic Wave Filter Dust Reduction System, the first Full-Time Live View system, and a splashproof and dustproof magnesium alloy DSLR body. The E-5 achieves high image quality by pairing a 12.3-megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor with a TruePic V+ image processing engine that boasts ‘Fine Detail Processing’ technology for greater detail in the photograph. The three-inch 270-degree dual axis swivel HyperCrystal LCD with 920K dots makes it easy to frame HD videos and still images at any angle to ensure accurate composition. To prevent image blur caused by camera shake, the E-5 employs in-body Mechanical Image Stabilisation. The camera also captures videos in crisp 720p HD at 30fps. You can also capture great stereo sound quality by plugging any microphone with a standard 3.5mm jack into the camera’s stereo microphone terminal. A built-in microphone also records clear monaural audio.

Dimensions WIDTH 142.5mm HEIGHT 116.5mm DEPTH 74.5mm WEIGHT 800g

Cool Feature The Dust Reduction System, with the Supersonic Wave Filter (SWF) self-cleaning ultrasonic sensor unit, eliminates dust on the sensor by vibrating 30,000 times per second, ensuring spot-free images.

38 / TECH


The E-5’s sealed lightweight magnesium alloy chassis is completely splash-proof and dustproof. A durable shutter mechanism with the lifespan of 150,000 exposures meets the demands of serious photographers. The large optical viewfinder provides a 100 per cent accurate view. Easy-to-use in-camera art filters are available with the E-5. Ten user-controllable in-camera art filters are available – Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Colour, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process and Gentle Sepia filters, including the new Dramatic Tone filter.

CANON EOS 7D Details SENSOR 18-megapixel CMOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch TFT LCD, 920K dots STORAGE Compact Flash Type I or II CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, HDMI PRICE RO1,200 (Body only) AVAILABLE AT Genetco, 24568806

An EOS with a variety of tweaks and additions


The EOS 7D digital SLR camera incorporates a new 18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, developed by Canon. It also features Dual ‘DIGIC 4’ processors to offer fast, high-quality performance in all light conditions, an ISO range expandable to 12,800 and continuous shooting at 8fps. The EOS 7D features a 19-point cross-type AF sensor, enabling photographers to achieve accurate shots and optimise composition options. This improved AF system offers a range of manual and automatic settings including Zone and Spot AF to track and capture subjects quickly and accurately.


Extensively upgraded built-in flash including manual control, and wider flash coverage to cover focal lengths as wide as 15mm


WIDTH 148mm HEIGHT 111mm DEPTH 74mm WEIGHT 820g


The three-inch LCD monitor sports Clear View II technology that has been designed to combat glare by removing the airgap between the LCD’s protective cover and the liquid crystal

Cool Feature The EOS 7D features a high quality viewfinder with 100 per cent coverage and 1.0x magnification – a first for EOS.

The Canon EOS 7D features an Intelligent Viewfinder that offers photographers 100 per cent frame coverage. A transmissive LCD incorporated in the viewfinder allows photographers to choose between various overlay features, such as AF points, the spot metering circle and composition grid. The 7D is also the first EOS to introduce a Dual-Axis Electronic Level in the viewfinder and on the LCD. This indicates both pitch and roll angles – a feature that is particularly useful when shooting landscapes. The Canon EOS 7D is equipped with an Integrated Speedlite Transmitter. It also features an extensively upgraded, built-in flash including manual control, and wider flash coverage to cover focal lengths as wide as 15mm. The EOS 7D is compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses as well as Canon EX Speedlites. The EOS 7D features an improved movie function allowing users to record Full HD movies with full manual control and selectable frame rates. The operation of the movie function has been improved to make it easier to use via direct access to settings with dedicated buttons. NOVEMBER 2011 / 39

SAMSUNG NX11 Details SENSOR 14.6-megapixel CMOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch AMOLED display, 614K dots STORAGE SD, SDHC (up to 32GB) BATTERY LIFE 400 Shots CONNECTIONS USB 2.0, HDMI PRICE RO299.500 AVAILABLE AT SARCO, 24593025

An AMOLED display for sharper pictures Viewfinder

As well as the LCD, there’s an electronic viewfinder that activates when it senses your eye

Display Dimensions WIDTH 123mm HEIGHT 87mm DEPTH 39.8mm WEIGHT 353g

With a dynamic 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the AMOLED display provides sharper pictures with vivid colours

Cool Feature Samsung’s special i-Function lenses (that you turn) let you adjust key settings, just like a manual focus ring.

Mode dial To start shooting video, turn the dial to movie mode 40 / TECH


he NX11 features an i-Function lens which lets you intuitively control complex manual settings. Other new features include the Panorama Mode and Sound Picture. It is also equipped with a large APS-C size CMOS sensor that minimises noise. The NX11 reproduces clearer images with richer, more natural colours. It also allows the use of high ISO in lowlight settings, with less noise. The large sensor makes it easy to achieve shallow depth of field. Lens Priority Mode is another feature where the camera recognises the attached lens and provides optimised settings for that particular lens. Settings automatically get readjusted when you change the lens. All you need to do is push the i-Function button, rotate the lens and let the camera do the rest. The NX11 also features a quick, accurate and highly optimised AF (Auto Focus). The electronic viewfinder displays the same information that you see on the AMOLED screen. And the camera settings can be applied to the preview image. The NX11 also captures HD movies in 720p resolution and H.264 advanced video compression format. One of the major advantages of this new camera from Samsung is that it comes with a built-in flash that pops up. So you can now leave the external flash and light meter at home. Also, Auto TTL mode automatically adjusts the brightness of the light, ensuring you get the perfect picture.

SONY SLT-A77 ( 77) Details SENSOR 24.3-megapixel APS-C sized CMOS Sensor SCREEN Three-inch TFT Xtra Fine LCD, 921K dots STORAGE SD, SDHC and SDXC Memory Cards; Memory Stick Pro Duo BATTERY LIFE 470 Shots with Tru-Finder PRICE RO779.900 AVAILABLE AT Jumbo Electronics, 24818358

Fast-shooting camera with Translucent Mirror Technology


efinements in the Translucent Mirror Technology make the α77 a quick, responsive interchangeable lens camera. With a comfortably contoured new grip design and tactile button layout for ‘eyes-off’ operation while viewing via the high-resolution XGA OLED TruFinder, the α77 boasts the world’s fastest continuous AF shooting performance. Precision AF tracking of moving subjects is crisper and more responsive than ever, thanks to a newly-developed 19-point autofocus system with 11 cross sensors.


Adjustable-angle three-inch Xtra Fine LCD offers high resolution and TruBlack technology for superb detail and contrast

Dimensions WIDTH 142.6mm HEIGHT 104mm DEPTH 80.9mm WEIGHT 653g

Cool Feature

At the touch of a button, the Smart Teleconverter displays an enlarged central portion of the image sensor, allowing compositions to be displayed clearly on the high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder.

The α77 features a newly-developed Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 24.3 effective megapixel resolution. The sensor, in combination with Sony’s BIONZ image processing engine, delivers unprecedented shooting responses. The camera showcases the world’s first XGA OLED Tru-Finder. This precision electronic viewfinder offers a bright, detail-packed, high contrast image with 100 per cent frame coverage. In another first for consumer-oriented APS-C cameras, Full HD video is now supported at 50p (progressive) frame rates, reflecting recent enhancements to the AVCHD (Ver. 2.0) format.


Beautifully tempting design and quality


ompact and curvaceous, the Cyber-shot WX30 (RO106.900) offers a tempting range of imaging options for stills, Full HD video and 3D shooting. It’s also the first-ever Cyber-shot WX-series model featuring a spacious three-inch Xtra Fine LCD wide touchscreen. It features a highly sensitive Exmor R CMOS sensor with 16.2 effective megapixels resolution. It sports ‘Clear Image Zoom’ that boosts magnification without lowering pixel count in the final image. Exclusive to Sony, ‘By Pixel Super Resolution’ processing further extends the camera’s 5x optical zoom range. Intelligent Sweep Panorama features HR (High Resolution) mode. NOVEMBER 2011 / 41

Partner in adventure Lowepro bags have been setting the industry standard for inventive, purpose-built products since 1967

Pro Trekker AW Series

The backpack for serious outdoor and adventure photographers, it offers superior protection and durability. With Lowepro’s top-of-the-line suspension system with ten adjustment points and the Pack Jack tool for a customised fit at torso, it offers comfort. Premium features include patented All Weather AW Cover with cinch straps, removable waist pack or backpack lid, three tripod sleeves, hydration pocket, checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve and more.


CAPACITY Two to three pro DSLRs with grip and lens attached (up to 600mm f/4.0); Five to seven additional lenses; Two flash units; Tripod or monopod; Accessories and personal gear; Up to a 15.4-inch widescreen laptop OUTER FABRIC AZ dobby nylon, P600D polyester COLOURS Mica, black

Flipside 400 AW

A backpack with a large capacity, premium security, all-day comfort, and protection from the elements, the back-entry compartment provides easy access to the gear.


CAPACITY DSLR (without grip) with attached lens (most standard zoom); Two to three lenses or flash; Accessories and personal items OUTER FABRIC AZ dobby nylon, P600D polyester COLOURS Black, polar blue, grey


CAPACITY Pro DSLR with lens attached (300mm f/2.8), plus an additional body; Four to six additional lenses; Chargers and cords; Filters; Flash unit; Three memory cards OUTER FABRIC 600D polyester, 600D polyester rip-stop, high flow mesh nylon COLOURS Black, pine green

Versapack 200 AW

Ideal for travel or outdoor adventure, its inventive dual compartment design offers easy access to the camera gear and personal items. Other features include an All Weather AW Cover, a Hideaway Tripod Mount system, bottom compression straps, and four SlipLock attachment loops.

Flipside 200

The back-entry compartment offers easy access to the camera, similar to the Flipside 300. A removable accessory pouch and hideaway tripod holder manage accessories.


CAPACITY DSLR with 80-200mm f/2.8 lens attached; One to three additional lenses or flash units; Tripod; Multiple cables; Memory cards; Manuals and other digital accessories OUTER FABRIC Water-resistant 600D polyester, 600D rip-stop and 210D nylon COLOURS Black, Arctic blue AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305 42 / TECH

The right format


For professionals and amateurs alike, Medium Format photography offers some advantages


hotography is divided into three main categories – the 35mm, the medium format and the large format. The 35mm photography is where the film is approximately 36mm by 24mm and is employed in Nikon, Minolta and Canon cameras.

The next in size is the medium format film, which is 6.5cm wide. It comes in rolls, and is available in two lengths – 120 and 220. The two lengths represent different length of film, much like the 24-exposures and 36-exposures type of 35mm film. The last is the large format films. These come in the form of a sheet rather than rolls. Mainly used by professionals because of the extreme care needed to load and handle the film and camera, the large format comes in two sizes – 4x5 inches and 8x10 inches. Medium format photography is quite popular, as it is aimed not just at the professionals, but also amateurs. They produce higher quality images, simply because of the larger film format. They also require less magnification when enlargements are made. However, it is more tedious to use than 35mm photography. And you need to have a basic knowledge of photography. Another disadvantage is that medium format photography is expensive – not just the cost of the equipment, but also the films, processing costs and enlargement costs.

Advantages of Medium Format Cameras Enlargement required is less:

With a larger film format more information is captured, leading to a more detailed final image. With less enlargement, you can attain greater sharpness, a less grainy image and higher saturation. And without sacrificing image quality you are free to crop your medium format film for greater creativity.

Mid-roll film change is possible:

Also, medium format lenses are limited. It is rare to find superlong telephotos; the longest available being around 500mm, which translates to around 350mm for 35mm format focal-length equivalent. Finally, medium format cameras are ancient in design, boxy and bulky.

This advantage allows you to use several types of films to capture one scene, without having to use up the entire roll before changing – as you enter into a low-light situation, you can swap your low-ISO film for another magazine with high-speed film for greater versatility.

Some of the more popular brands of medium format cameras include Bronica, Contax, Fuji, Hasselblad, Kiev, Mamiya, Pentax and Rollei.

Viewing and re-touching is easy:

Larger film is easier to view, and you can retouch finer details without the need of a magnifier.

TIPS Some factors to consider when deciding to buy a medium format camera: •Usage •Need for interchangeable backs •System accessories and lenses •Price

NOVEMBER 2011 / 43

Popular choice


Here is a quick rundown on the most common kinds of lenses and mounts With digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs), the possibilities for taking great photographs are nearly endless. The contributing factors are the higher quality

image sensors, better technology, and most importantly, you are not restricted to a single lens. In fact, choosing the correct lens can mean the difference between a

good photograph and a great one. Here are some of the most common types of lenses and the various mounts that are used to attach them to the camera bodies.

Types of Lenses

Zoom Lenses

Most common type, where the focal lengths are not fixed; often described by the ratio of the longest to the shortest focal lengths, such as 4:1 or 4x, referring to the value of the maximum focal length being four times that of the minimum

Special Lenses

Prime Lenses

Have a non-variable focal length, larger maximum aperture making them less dependent on lighting conditions, faster shutter speed, and less depth of field in situations where this is desirable; they are also smaller, lighter and cheaper than zoom lenses of the same quality

Macro Lenses

Specifically designed for extreme close-ups, good general-purpose lenses as they focus to infinity and tend to be quite sharp

Quite uncommon, primarily because most of these results can be obtained through post-processing software; however, fisheye lenses are still popular due to their extreme wide-angle lenses with an angle of view of up to 180 degrees or more

The Mounts M42

A simple screw thread mounting standard that was first used in 1949; M42 adaptors exist for almost all current lens mounts

Four Thirds System

Designed exclusively for digital cameras, the sensor size (17.3x13mm) is about 30 to 40 per cent smaller than the APS-C sensors used in most other DSLRs


A screw thread lens mount, also known as the True Leica thread-mount (LTM)

Canon EF and EF-S Lens Mounts

EF lens mount broke with the norm of implementing the mechanical connection of autofocus to a motor in the camera body; instead it had only the electrical connections on the latter and required a motor to be part of each autofocus lens; the EF-S lens mount can only be used on Canon cameras that use the APS-C sensor; the EF-S lens standard is backwards compatible with EF mount lenses, but not the other way round 44 / TECH

Micro Four Thirds

A slightly modified version of the standard Four Thirds mount, the difference being the absence of a mirror and optical viewfinder that allows for a shorter flange-focal distance


Good quality coupled with technological innovations The interest in interchangeable lenses is becoming very intense. It is also quite diverse in terms of the user’s preferences and tastes. Sigma offers unique product features, huge selection and highly affordable pricing. Founded nearly 50 years ago on the creative thinking and the pursuit of innovation, design and development of a rear lens converter, Sigma is known for its high standards of quality. They provide good optical quality coupled with the newest technological innovations. When it comes to options, Sigma offers over 50 lenses. The types of lenses available include Wide-Angle Prime lenses, Wide-Angle Zoom lenses, Fisheye lenses, Standard Prime lenses, Multipurpose Zoom lenses, Super Telephoto lenses, Standard Zoom lenses, OS (Optical Stabiliser) lenses, Telephoto Zoom lenses, Macro lenses, DC lenses, and Teleconverters.

SIGMA LENS TECHNOLOGY APO (Apochromatic) lens is made using special low-dispersion (SLD) glass, designed to minimise colour aberration ASP (Aspherical) lens complex is compact, allowing improved performance and reduced number of component lenses OS (Optical Stabiliser) Function utilises a built-in mechanism that compensates for camera shake HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) lens uses a motor driven by ultrasonic waves to provide a quiet, high-speed AF RF (Rear Focus) lens is equipped with a system that moves the rear lens group for high-speed, silent focusing IF (Inner Focus) lens moves the inner lens groups without changing the lens’ physical length, ensuring stability CONV (APO Teleconverter EX) lens can increase the focal length and will interface with the camera’s AE (automatic exposure) function EX lens’ exterior is EX-finished to denote the superior build and optical quality DG lenses are large-aperture lenses with wide angles and short minimum focusing distances, ideal for Digital SLR cameras DC lenses are compact and lightweight, designed so that the image circle matches the smaller size of the image sensor of most digital SLR cameras

18-250 F3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM This is a new high-performance 13.8x zoom lens for digital camera use only, designed to let you enjoy telephoto shooting without worrying about camera shake. It is equipped with Sigma’s own OS (Optical Stabiliser) system which reduces camera shake. SLD glass and aspherical lens elements deliver high image quality throughout the entire focal range. The Super Multi-layer Coating minimises flare and ghosting and ensures highcontrast images. With a minimum focusing distance of 45cm throughout the entire zoom range and a maximum photography magnification of 1:3.4, the lens is a powerful tool for close-up photography.

AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305 NOVEMBER 2011 / 45

MASTERCLASS Tripods influence photography, taking your memories to another level


tripod’s function is simple – it holds the camera in a precise position. Result: sharp pictures with no blur. There is a difference in the quality of photographs. But how can you tell when a hand-held photograph will become blurred? Well, the rule depends on the focal length, as zooming in on your subject ends up magnifying camera movement. The camera shutter speed where camera shake affects the images depends on how steady you hold the camera, the sharpness of the lens, resolution of the camera and the distance to your subject. So, whenever you are in doubt as to the quality of photographs, use a tripod. Specialty techniques, in particular, require the use of a tripod, such as taking photos at different angles to produce a digital panorama; shooting at different exposures for a high dynamic range (HDR) photo; and arranging a series of time lapse photographs to produce an animation. Although the function of a tripod is simple, choosing one is quite confusing. There are a few things to be taken into consideration, such as the sturdiness, weight and ease of use.


Factors that can influence the stability of the tripod include the number of tripod leg sections, the material and thickness of the leg units, and the length of the legs. Also check if a centre column is needed to reach eye level.


Having a lighter tripod will mean that you’ll end up using it a lot more since it won’t cause a lot of fatigue when you have to carry it around. However, weight and stability are related – make sure you’re not sacrificing too much on the stability in exchange for portability.

Ease of Use

It should be quick and easy to position. This depends on the type of tripod head, and how the leg sections are positioned. 46 / TECH

TRIPOD HEADS Pan-and-Tilt Head is a type that can be moved to either side to accommodate both vertical and horizontal orientations. It comes with a trigger, on the handle, to control the head. Fluid Head is a tripod that is filled with lubricating liquid and is suitable for panning. The motion of the parts is smooth. Ball Head is known to be the easiest and quickest one to adjust, and they can support heavy cameras and lenses. However stable and easy to use it might be, it does have a tendency to produce less precise results. Geared Head is the most stable and heavyduty head type there is. Often used within professional studios and in some outdoor shooting, you have the advantage of having pristine control over your settings.

FOR PASSIONATE PROFESSIONALS Manfrotto tripods – for when maximum precision is required Since 1974, Manfrotto tripods have been known for their innovation and versatility, with high-quality materials and ergonomics as key aspects. Some of the popular Manfrotto tripod head types include the 3-way heads, Geared heads, monopod heads and the new Photo-Movie head.

TYPES OF HEADS a. 3-way heads are needed when control of camera position with precision is required; they allow you to independently control movement in three different directions, letting you set the position of the camera where maximum attention to the image composition is required, such as Macro-Photography, Still-life, and Art photography b. Geared heads provide the best level of precision thanks to the millimetric control of the movement on each axis; used, for example, when correcting the perspective in architectural shooting or studio still-life photography c. Monopod heads increase tilt movement, allowing the camera to be turned 90 degrees to provide either vertical or horizontal shooting d. Photo-Movie heads are useful for the new HD DSLRs with an embedded video functionality

055XPROB and 190XPROB a. Manfrotto-patented horizontal centre column feature has been made easier to use. Switching between framing and positioning setups is more convenient – by simply extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung round to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks have been greatly improved.

The 055XPROB is an extremely versatile tripod, ideal for small, medium format cameras; the built-in bubble spirit level makes camera alignment quick and easy

b. Leg section diameters in mm (055XPROB): 29.4, 25, 20 c. Leg section diameters in mm (190XPROB): 25, 20, 16. AVAILABLE AT Photocentre, 24565305 NOVEMBER 2011 / 47


Zoom in Optical zoom continues to be the superior choice when selecting a digital camera


he pleasure you get out of photography can always be heightened when you have a ‘zoom’ option. However, amateur photographers are confused between optical and digital zoom. Understanding the theory behind this will help you choose a camera that is just right for you. Optical Zoom uses the optics (lens) of the camera to bring the subject closer. In the strictest definition of the term, digital zoom does not really zoom in. It just enlarges a portion of the image, thus ‘simulating’ optical zoom. One of the major disadvantages of this is the loss in image quality. But digital zoom is not all bad. It’s a feature you will want in your digital camera, especially when you don’t want to use an image editing software. So, how do you know what zoom to use in any given situation? Well, here is a basic rule – always use optical zoom. Choose a camera that allows you to disable digital zoom. And if you do decide to use digital zoom, then use it only if it does not appreciably impact your image quality.

Optical Zoom

Also known as True Zoom, this function uses the lens within the camera to draw the image closer. With Optical Zoom quality remains the same and the full resolution of the camera is used on the zoomed image. By changing the distances between the lenses, different levels of optical zoom can be achieved. The rating is measured in terms of 2x, 4x, 8x, and so on.


Digital Zoom

Watch out for manufacturers who advertise total zoom. Although these cameras have an optical zoom function it’s only part of the total and you should research the camera more thoroughly to get the optical zoom value. Total zoom is calculated by multiplying the camera’s optical zoom and the digital zoom.

When to use Digital Zoom

48 / TECH

With digital zoom, the image itself doesn’t actually come any closer. The idea behind digital zoom is that it takes a portion of the image and expands it to the full size. However, there is a loss in image quality.

When you are unsure about using photo editing software When you don’t want to print your pictures When you want to see what the subject is doing through the camera a little easier

Take control


Understanding the basic terms in photography goes a long way in improving your techniques

Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO are the three kings of photography. With most cameras, except basic point and shoots, these are the three variables that you can control. Let’s take a quick look at what each of them mean.

Aperture A measurement of how wide the shutter on your camera’s lens opens up when you take a shot, it is referred to by an F-number. You might have seen lenses marked with the words 35mm f/2. The ‘35mm’ refers to the focal length of the lens. The ‘f/2’ means the ratio of the focal length to the maximum width that the shutter can open up to is 2. In real numbers, this means the maximum diameter that the shutter can open up to is 17.5mm (35/2). So, smaller the F-number, wider the lens can open up, relative to its focal length.

Shutter Speed A measurement of how long your camera’s shutter is open when you take a shot, shutter speeds on Canon cameras are displayed as inverse numbers against one second. So, if the camera’s shutter speed is set to 125, then the shutter will be open for 1/125th of a second. Higher numbers mean the shutters are open for less time. Shutter speeds basically affect the sharpness of the image. For example, if the shutter is open for a very short amount of time, then you will be able to get a sharp image of even moving objects. The downside, however, is that not a lot of light can get onto the sensor.

TIPS Use the Shutter-priority mode when you want to set a given shutter speed and want the camera to work out the right exposure; this is normally denoted by ‘Tv’ (time value) or S on the mode selection dial Use the Aperture-priority mode (denoted by Av or A) if you want the camera to set its own shutter speed for the right exposure

ISO This is a measurement of how quickly your camera’s sensor absorbs light. High ISO values will introduce grains in the image. So, remember the basic rule – shoot at the lowest ISO speed that you can get away with given the environment you are in. For example, if you are outdoors in the middle of a sunny day, you can probably shoot at a very low ISO speed like 100 or 200. Conversely, if you are shooting indoors or at night (or both) you will probably need to shoot at a high ISO speed in order to properly expose your image. NOVEMBER 2011 / 49

Ready, Set, Record ContourROAM is the world’s easiest hands-free video camera


new member to join the house of Contour, a market leader in handsfree video cameras and social video tools, the launching of the ContourROAM is good news indeed, to explorers. The company’s first waterproof camera that features a super wide-angle 170-degree rotating lens, the ContourROAM sports a new design with an Instant On-Record Switch. Coupling its signature handsfree design and technical features with increased simplicity, and being waterproof with a built-in battery, the camera allows explorers to focus on fun and adventure.

ContourROAM lets you... a) Record on-the-go – The Instant OnRecord Switch powers the camera and starts recording with one touch b) Withstand any environment – Sporting a waterproof aluminium body, the camera records under up to one metre of water for 30 minutes c) Capture in HD – The camera records crisp high-definition video with three resolutions (1,080p, 960p and 720p at 30fps each)

50 / TECH

d) Line up the perfect shot – The lens rotates up to 270 degrees, projecting a horizontal Laser Line to make sure the shot is level, even when the camera is mounted on its side or upside down e) Capture video anywhere – The compact, low-profile, hands-free design makes the 150g camera easy to wear; it features a new tripod screw mount and Contour TRail mounting system, built-in to mount virtually anywhere


ContourROAM is the new addition to the other action video cameras, including Contour+ and ContourGPS


Waterproof, versatile design at an affordable price of USD199 (approximately RO76)

Handy shooting

The Gomite tiltpod is the first truly pocketable camera support


n amazingly small and versatile tool, Gomite’s tiltpod is the world’s first magnetic quick-connect micro tripod for compact cameras and video recorders. The highstrength magnetic base is designed to remain attached to the camera’s wrist strap. The pivot point included with the tiltpod attaches to the camera, and can be quickly connected and removed from the base. This is a perfect tool for taking sharp low-light shots, self-timer group photos and stable video. The underside of the tiltpod’s base is made of a material that holds onto any inclined surface, be it wood or rocks. And since the base is magnetic, it also sticks to inclined metal surfaces like car hoods, metal fence posts, or even refrigerator doors.


The compact design features a quick-connect magnetic ball pivot that allows you to adjust the camera to get perfectly framed shots, even on uneven surfaces. The rounded head screws into the camera’s tripod socket and magnetically connects to the base for an instant hold at just about any angle.

Features at a glance • Small, versatile, stays attached to the camera’s wrist strap • High-strength magnetic base that can be quickly attached and removed from the camera • Perfect for almost all compact cameras and Flipcam video recorders • Comes with a camera wrist strap, a magnetic tiltpod base, a screw-mounted pivot, and an optional stick-on adhesive pivot for cameras with off-centre tripod sockets


Order online at


Versatile, pocketable camera support that retails for just USD17.95 (approximately RO7) NOVEMBER 2011 / 51

most expensive

Here is a look at cameras you can buy with a wad of cash


The ultimate tool for when the highest degree of resolution is required, the amazing 200-million-pixel resolution brings unprecedented detail to your photography. It includes all the functionality of the H4D-50 and H4D-50MS – true focus, ultra focus, and digital lens correction – plus a range of top-of-the-line features. It builds on the proprietary multi-shot capture technology. It uses a 50MP sensor mounted on the patented symmetrical multi-shot frame. The camera then captures six shots, by moving the sensor one-and-a-half pixel at a time, to create a 200MP capture. This process eliminates the issues which single-shot interpolation can sometimes introduce, such as moiré and colour rendering.

SEITZ 6x17 PRICE RO15,500

The Seitz 6x17 digital camera with its D3 digital back is equipped with the first high-speed scanning sensor developed specifically for photography. The camera system is fully mobile and easy to operate thanks to a handheld device with a graphical touchscreen. Compared to previous surface sensors, the sensitivity of the Seitz D3 sensor is higher. With a resolution of 7,500 pixels vertically and 21,250 pixels horizontally, the Seitz camera creates a 160 million pixel image. The camera corrects natural brightness decrease towards the edge without the use of a centre filter.

LEAF AFi 10 PRICE RO13,400

The Leaf AFi 10 is a 56-megapixel medium format camera system. The 56x36mm Leaf TWF sensor delivers 56MP resolution across the entire width of the Leaf AFi 10’s 6x6 sensor area. Together with the Leaf ‘Verto’ technology, the TWF sensor can be rotated internally, allowing you to take photos in both landscape and portrait orientations. With one finger you can flip the sensor from landscape to portrait and back, giving you the power to quickly capture 56mm resolution in both landscape and portrait orientations. The Leaf TWF sensor restores lenses to their full angle of view, and it is compatible with over 80 large-format cameras, maximising the capture area.


RED ONE, the first offering from RED Digital Cinema, dominates television commercial production and the world of music videos. With over five times the resolution of an HD video camera, it has the advantages of lower cost, lighter weight, brilliant workflow and grainless, organic images. The RED ONE has increased its resolution (4K to 4.5K), improved compression (REDCODE 42), boosted dynamic range and low-light performance (Mysterium-X), and added dozens of features.

52 / TECH


PRICE RO8,850 The LEICA S-System was developed exclusively for digital photography without any compromises. With the size and handling of a 35mm camera, its performance and quality set new standards for medium-format photography. Developed with the goal of offering high quality pictures and effortless operation and handling, the system is based on a new image sensor in Leica S-Format, 30x45mm in size and the classic Leica aspect ratio of 3 to 2. The large area and integrated design afford optimal picture quality. With 37.5 million pixels, cropping is never a problem, even for large-format prints.



This is a flagship 24.5-megapixel FX-format DSLR engineered for professionals whose work demands high resolution, file size and image fidelity. The camera captures astonishing detail with outstanding dynamic range. It comes with selectable bit depths of 12-bit (4,096 tones) or 14-bit (16,384 tones), both yielding incredible image quality through a 16-bit processing pipeline. The D3X comes with Two Live View shooting modes, and up to 27x magnification in the Tripod Mode. AF system features four Dynamic AF modes, including 3D Focus Tracking. Two Nikon-exclusive technologies provide intelligent auto exposure capabilities.



Offering a combination of speed, accuracy and image quality, the EOS-1D Mark IV is a good choice for professional photographers and subjects on the move. With a completely redesigned 45-point AF system including 39 cross-type points, a new AI Servo II AF focus tracking system with improved algorithm combined with 10fps continuous shooting, the EOS-1D Mark IV can handle even high-speed situations with ease. An APS-H sized 16.1MP CMOS Sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processor, a spectacular ISO range of 100 to 12,800 (up to 1,02,400 in H3 mode) with an advanced noise reduction system helps ensure sharp, low-noise images even in low-light situations.



The Phase One 645DF camera was engineered in partnership with Mamiya Digital Imaging. It sets a new standard for high flash sync speeds. It is the only 645 mediumformat camera that supports focal plane and leaf shutters, expanding the innovative possibilities of photographers. Capture responsiveness and autofocus speed is highly improved. The 645DF also offers a breakthrough workflow improvement – customshooting modes. Photographers can ‘dial up’ a pre-defined mode, where the camera is instantly set up for a given shooting scenario. Other workflow enhancements include new tactile buttons, a fully sealed eye-cup eliminating ambient light, improved viewfinder masks, and customisable audio feedback. Several custom functions have been enhanced, without compromising simple navigation. NOVEMBER 2011 / 53

business tech

Best-in-class With a brilliant display and breakthrough ergonomics, the new Cintiq offers creative professionals the best


he Cintiq 24HD has been designed to meet the demands of illustrators, animators, video editors and other creative professionals looking for an advanced pen-on-screen experience. Wacom’s new addition takes control, comfort and productivity to a new level with its display performance and ergonomic comfort. The new 24-inch HD (1,920x1,200) widescreen display provides realistic colour. The ergonomically designed stand allows users to adjust the incline and height of the Cintiq for multiple working postures, even allowing the display to extend over the edge of the desk and float just above the user’s lap.

Screen The Cintiq 24HD boasts a 24-inch highdefinition, widescreen display that is ideal for creative professionals. It delivers a wide colour gamut that is appealing for photography and design professionals. The Cintiq is also compatible with popular colour calibration devices from industry-leading manufacturers.

Pen The Cintiq 24HD pen features Wacom’s proprietary Tip Sensor technology, offering users near-zero starting pressure. The pen’s 2,048 levels of pressure enable effects such

54 / TECH

as controlling line weights or opacity. When combined with pressure-sensitive software applications from developers such as Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, or Pixologic, the Cintiq is capable of producing life-like artistic results. The pen also features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two side switches that can be customised for common commands such as double-click and right-click.

Accessory Art Pen supports the pen rotation feature within Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Corel Painter 12, delivering natural brush effects, such as those that a calligraphy pen would produce.

The frame


The frame around the screen is designed as a resting place for the hands and arms, providing easy access to the Touch Ring and shortcut and modifier Express Keys located on both sides of the Cintiq. The Cintiq 24HD features 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and 40 degrees of tilt control.

Cintiq 24HD joins the Cintiq 21UX and Cintiq 12WX as part of Wacom’s complete line-up of interactive pen displays

Conclusion Provides best-in-class control, comfort and productivity, slightly expensive at GBP1,999.99 (approximately RO1,199)

gamer’s delight

It’s no exaggeration that legendary Dallas-based developer id Software was instrumental in the evolution of the modern day videogame ID Tech is the forefather of first-person shooter (FPS) games. From Wolfenstein to Doom, id has been nothing but revolutionary with each new catalogue. But with a fullfledged FPS industry, it’s hard to imagine what the ‘next step’ could be, and with RAGE being the first original id title since Quake, we all wanted to be wowed again with some cutting-edge technology – to John Carmack and company that was id Tech 5, the graphical driving force behind RAGE. While it does not blow minds like the first time you mowed down the 3D Nazi stronghold, id managed to put together a great tech demo – and one hell of a first-person shooter.

The game is set somewhere around 30 years into the future after an asteroid hit earth. As someone who was cryogenically frozen in an underground shelter called an Ark, you wake up to annihilated surroundings and a capsized civilisation. Though you are not some chosen one, it seems like everyone you meet is immediately impressed enough to put you straight to work, killing mutants, fetching invaluable items, and making fairly unreasonable requests of a guy who has been sleeping for over a decade. Meanwhile, the governmental superpower called the Authority sort of wants you dead, if they knew you existed. At its core, RAGE is all about its visual environments. Keeping in mind artistic cues from games like Fallout and Borderlands, RAGE shows off a post-apocalyptic style with an incredible amount of non-repeated geometry, giving the world a truly unique feel. No two areas of RAGE are alike. And the attention to even the smallest of details is astonishing. Everything just happens to look so natural at 60fps.

Quick synopsis suggests RAGE is incredible and worth a purchase, although it stands away from modern first-person shooters that we’ve grown used to. RAGE is what we would call a ‘pure shooter’ in the sense that it does not fumble over its feet with an attempt at a powerful story.

The campaign is mission based and progression through the entire game is completely linear. Gameplay is id default. No snapping to walls, no leaning around corners, no context-sensitive environment interaction and zero quick time events. You get to run, duck, jump and shoot, just as the FPS gods

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception PlayStation 3

November 1

intended. The arsenal is impressive with multiple weapons and ammunition that can be salvaged, pillaged, stolen or created. Our favourite was the Wingsticks that decapitated your enemies with one toss. Vehicles play a big part in RAGE. What RAGE lacks in plot, it makes up for with great gameplay, captivating characters, and enough side missions and mini-games to break up endless running and gunning. RAGE is a worthy entry into the id catalogue, and certainly a game worth owning for any true fan of FPS genres.

SCORE Gameplay Graphics Sound Replayability OVERALL

8 10 9 9 9

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Developer: id Platform(s): PC Genre: Action/RPG/FPS ESRB Rating: Mature PEGI Rating: RP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

November 8

Assassins Creed: Revelations

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

November 15

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(b) Nibble (d) Bubble

2 Who discovered floppy disks? (a) Microsoft (c) IBM

What is Firefox?

(a) Computer Language (c) PC Game

(b) Macintosh (d) Toshiba

4 (b) Virus (d) Web Browser

Please send us your entries by November 22 for a chance to win a 3D Blu-ray movie

Who is the founder of Hotmail?

(a) Sabeer Bhatia (c) Larry Page

(b) Bill Gates (d) Jerry Yang

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Welcome to our ‘TECH Favourites’ section. With these lists we aim to keep you updated with our favourite products in a concise format. Please give us your feedback on the basis of which we can further improve it.

3D TVs LG 55LW5700 RO999.900

3D LED 55-inch screen, 2MP full HD, Smart TV, 100Hz Tru-motion flow, four HDMI/PC input

LG 72LZ9700 RO3,499.900

3D LED 72-inch screen, full HD, 400Hz motion flow, four HDMI/ PC input, two USB ports, two megapixels, built-in games

Flat-Panel Displays Philips 52PFL5605H RO899.900

This is a 2MP, full-HD 52-inch TV with three HDMI inputs, USB port and PIP. It features Pixel Plus HD and HD natural motion.

Sony KLV40CX520 RO269.900

This is a 40-inch, full HD, 2MP TV. It sports four HDMI inputs, two USB ports, PIP system and Internet TV. It also features an X-Reality engine.

Panasonic TH-L32X30M RO199.900

Sony KDL46EX720 RO579.900

3D LED 46-inch screen, full HD, two megapixels, USB port, four HDMI/PC input, Internet Video, PIP system, 200Hz motion flow

This is a 32-inch TV with an edge LED backlit panel. It sports three HDMI inputs and two USB ports. It also features Eco Navigation, VIERA tools and Easy IPTV. It has a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1.

Samsung UA46D5000 RO439.000

Sony KDL60NX720 RO1,599.900

3D LED 60-inch screen, full HD, four HDMI/PC input, Internet TV, USB port, PIP system, Wi-Fi built-in, X-Reality Picture Engine, 200Hz motion flow

This is a 46-inch full HD TV with an ultraslim design. It sports four HDMI/PC input, and USB port. It has a wide colour enhancer and comes with AllShare feature.

Samsung PS51D550 RO500.000


3D Plasma 51-inch screen, full HD, two megapixels, 600Hz sub-field motion, USB port, PIP system, four HDMI/PC input, Internet TV

Panasonic TH-P42GT20M RO299.900

3D Plasma 42-inch screen, full HD, Resolution Enhancer, VIERA Cast

Panasonic TH-P50ST30M RO799.000

3D Plasma 50-inch screen, full HD, 600Hz motion drive, Wi-Fi Ready Internet, Eco sensor, three USB ports, four HDMI/ PC input, SD card slot

Samsung UA40D6000 RO469.000

3D LED 40-inch screen, full HD, four HDMI/PC input, USB port, Internet TV, 200Hz Clear Motion Rate, Smart Hub, two megapixels

Sony DAV-DZ840K RO160.900

DVD, CD, MP3 and DivX playback, 1,000W RMS, digital sound, USB port, play and record, 5.1 channel surround sound

Samsung HT-D555WK RO190.000

HD home theatre system, Wireless rear speaker, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and DivX playback, USB port, 1,000W RMS, HDMI up-scaling, karaoke function

Philips HTS-3580 RO179.000

3D Blu-ray home theatre system, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and DivX playback, 1,000W RMS, digital sound, full HD 1080p, USB port Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

57 Laptops Acer Aspire 5820TG-464G50 RO264.900

Intel Core i5 460M processor, 2.53GHz CPU speed, 15.6-inch HD CineCrystal LED screen, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Wireless, Bluetooth, DVD super multi-drive, AMD Radeon HD 6550M

HP ENVY 14-1111ee RO690.000

Intel Core i7 720QM processor, 1.6GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz, 6GB RAM, 1,024MB VRAM, 500GB HDD, 14.5-inch HD LCD, DVD super multidrive, Wireless, Bluetooth, 5-in-1 digital media reader, 1.3MP web camera

Asus G51J RO759.900

Intel Core i7 720QM, 1.6GHz Turbo Boost, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB HDD, 1GB VRAM, 15.6-inch HD Glare LED, DVD multi-drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, 1.3MP web camera

Dell Alienware M18-ALNW-0228 RO1,279.900

Intel Core i7 2,720QM processor, 2.2GHz CPU Speed, 16GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD, 4GB dedicated VRAM, 18.4-inch full HD WLED screen, DVD super multi-drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, 3MP web camera

Asus N53S RO452.000

Intel Core i7 2,630QM processor, 2GHz Turbo Boost, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB HDD, 15.6-inch LED screen, DVD super multi-drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, 1.3MP web camera, 4x Blu-ray player, TV tuner

HP Pavilion dV7-6099 RO539.900

Intel Core i7 2,630QM second generation processor, 2GHz CPU speed, 8GB DDR3 SDRAM, 1.5TB HDD, 17.3-inch HD BrightView LED, DVD super multi-drive, Wireless, Bluetooth, fingerprint reader, HD web camera

Toshiba Satellite L755-16C RO329.000

Intel Core i5 2,410M processor, 2.53GHz CPU speed, 4GB RAM, 1GB VRAM, 500GB SATA HDD, 15.6-inch TruBrite HD LED screen, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, 1.3MP web camera

Toshiba Satellite P755-10C RO649.000

Intel Core i7 2,630QM, 2GHz CPU speed, 6GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, 2GB VRAM, 15.6-inch HD LED, Blu-ray and DVD super multidrive, Wireless, Bluetooth

Sony Vaio VPCCA15FA RO419.900

Intel Core i5 2,410M processor, 2.3GHz CPU speed with Turbo Boost, 1GB VRAM, Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System, 500GB HDD, 14-inch display

Dell XPS-L502-195 (ALM) RO479.900

Intel Core i7 2,630QM processor, 2GHz CPU speed, 6GB RAM, 640GB HDD, 15.6-inch HD WLED screen, DVD super multi-drive, 2GB dedicated graphics, Wireless, Bluetooth, card reader, web camera

Netbooks & Ultra Portables Dell 1090 INS 0179 RO239.900

Intel Atom Dual-core N550 processor, 320GB, 2GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU speed, 10.1-inch HD WLED touchscreen, Wireless, Bluetooth

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G RO314.900

32GB, 9.7-inch LED backlit screen, 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor, Wi-Fi and 3G, two cameras

BlackBerry PlayBook RO299.900

32GB, 1GHz dual-core processor, seven-inch capacitive display, 1GB RAM, dual cameras – 5MP rear and 3MP front

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 RO199.900

Cortex II processor, 600MHz speed, 512MB internal memory expandable up to 32GB, seveninch multi-touch LCD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Motorola Xoom RO264.900

Android 3.1 (Honeycomb), 1GHz dual-core processor, 5MP front camera, 2MP web camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 10.1-inch display, 32GB on-board memory

Computer Accessories HP Printer 2050A RO18.900

Inkjet printer, Print, scan and copy features, 19ppm (pages per minute) black, 15ppm colour, 1,200x600 resolution

Microsoft Keyboard 4000 RO18.800

Advanced ergonomic split keyboard design, zoom slider, curved key layout, reverse slope for natural wrist posture

WD My Book Essential RO48.900

2TB, USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatible interface, WD SmartWare visual backup software, automatic, continuous backup

Linksys WAG160N RO38.900

High-speed ADSL2+ router, four 10/100 Ethernet ports, built-in Wireless N Draft 2.0 compatibility, MIMO technology with multiple radios to reduce dead spots

58 Digital Still Cameras Canon A3300is RO71.900

This is a 16-megapixel camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens and 5x optical zoom. It offers the flexibility of a high-resolution image sensor. Canon’s latest DIGIC 4 image processing provides excellent quality shots.

Panasonic DMC-S1 RO34.900

This is a 12.1-megapixel camera with a 2.7-inch LCD. It has 4x optical zoom. It also supports HD movie recording capability and comes integrated with Mega Optical Image Stabiliser.

Sony DSC-HX7V RO135.000

The HX7V sports a 10x optical zoom lens and a 16.2-megapixel sensor. It supports 3D Still Image and 3D Sweep Panorama mode, and HD movie recording capability. It comes with a three-inch LCD and a BIONZ processor.

Sony DSC-T110 RO95.900

This is a 16.1-megapixel, 4x optical zoom camera. It comes with a three-inch wide LCD screen and a 25mm wide-angle lens. It supports Sweep Panorama Mode for the perfect landscape images.

Camcorders Sony HDR-PJ30E RO399.900

7.1 megapixel resolution, 12x optical zoom, threeinch LCD touchscreen, built-in projector, 32GB internal memory

JVC HM970 RO449.000

10x optical zoom, 3D converter, 3.5-inch touch LCD screen, Super LoLux with F1.2 Super Bright Lens and back-illuminated CMOS sensor

Samsung HMX-H300 RO149.500

30x optical zoom, 4.9MP, three-inch LCD screen, OIS Duo stabiliser, three-hour battery time

Panasonic SDR-H101 RO149.900

Canon IXUS 310 HS RO143.200

This is a 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor digital camera with a 3.2-inch touch LCD screen. It also has 4.4x optical zoom, an optical image stabiliser and supports full HD with optical zoom.

Sony NEX-5 RO279.900

The NEX-5 supports 1080i AVCHD video recording. It sports a 14MP Exmor CMOS sensor. It is equipped with a wide three-inch LCD screen.

Sony TD-10E RO649.900

10x optical zoom, 3D Full HD, 2D Optional, 3.5-inch LCD screen, 64GB internal memory, 7.1MP


Olympus SZ20 RO149.000

The SZ20 sports a backlit CMOS sensor for low-noise shots, an impressive 12.5x super wide optical zoom. With 1080p full HD movie recording and 16MP, the SZ20 features Smart Panorama and 3D still photo shooting.

Olympus TG610 RO159.000

The TOUGH TG610 from Olympus is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof. It features a 14-megapixel sensor with 5x wide-angle optical zoom. It sports a three-inch LCD screen.

Samsung WB700 RO139.500

This is a 24mm ultra-wide 18x zoom camera with a three-inch TFT LCD screen. The dual image stabiliser feature automatically adjusts to compensate for hand or body movements, resulting in steadier photos.

Fujifilm XP30 RO104.900

This is a 14-megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom. It sports a 2.7-inch LCD touchscreen. It is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof.


70x optical zoom, 80GB HDD, 2.7-inch wide LCD screen, backlight compensation, advanced Optical Image Stabiliser

Nikon D5100 RO349.900

16.2 megapixel, 11-point autofocus, three-inch LCD screen, HD movie, 4fps

Canon EOS 1D Mark 4 RO2,329.900 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, 10fps shooting, three-inch Clear View LCD, HD video recording

Canon EOS-550D RO344.900

18 megapixel, nine-point autofocus, three-inch LCD screen, full HD video

Sony SLT α55 RO399.900

16.7 megapixel, three-inch LCD screen, full HD movie, 10fps, 3D Sweep Panorama mode Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.




59 Phones HTC ChaCha RO139.900

The HTC ChaCha sports a 2.6-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. It features a Gorilla Glass display and operates on an 800MHz processor. It runs Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) OS. It sports a 5MP camera.

BlackBerry Curve 9300 RO99.900

It sports a 2.46-inch TFT screen, 2MP camera, BlackBerry OS v5.0 upgradable to v6.0, and supports A-GPS and BlackBerry Maps.

Samsung Galaxy SII RO259.900

The Samsung Galaxy SII has a 4.3-inch super AMOLED Plus display with a Dual Core Application Processor. This 8.49mm slim phone operates on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and features an 8MP camera with LED flash, 16GB storage, Wi-Fi and A-GPS support.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus RO199.900

Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus smartphone is Android-powered and boasts a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It includes a 5MP camera with autofocus, HSDPA Internet connectivity, and 16GB storage.

Samsung Google Nexus S RO199.900

It sports a four-inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 5MP camera with LED Flash, and ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor. It runs Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) OS.

Apple iPhone 4 RO344.900

The iPhone 4 sports a 3.5-inch LED-backlit TFT capacitive touchscreen. With an internal memory of 32GB and a 512MB RAM, the iPhone 4 supports WiFi, A-GPS, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP. It has a 1GHz Apple A4 processor.

Motorola Milestone RO149.900

The Milestone sports a 3.7-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. It features a Gorilla Glass display and operates on a 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. It runs Android v2.1 (Eclair) OS, upgradable to v2.2. It sports a 5MP camera.

Nokia N8 RO164.900

The Nokia N8 comes with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Its features include a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 16GB storage, Bluetooth 3.0, micro USB connector and charging, and HDMI port.

LG Optimus P920 RO299.900

It sports a 4.3-inch 3D LCD capacitive touchscreen. It features touchsensitive controls and operates on a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor. It runs Android v2.2 (Froyo) OS, upgradable to v2.3. It sports a 5MP camera.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo RO164.900

This Android smartphone sports an 8MP camera and a 3.7-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 854x480 pixels. In addition, it has Wi-Fi, A-GPS and Bluetooth.

iPod Docks Philips DC-315 RO34.900

Play and charge your iPod or iPhone, 8W RMS total output power, MP3 Link for portable music playback

Altec Lansing M602 RO38.500

Dock and Play, recharge for iPod, video output for iPod video, wall-mountable

Gear4 PG490 RO39.900

iPod and iPhone dock, FM radio, alarm, clock

Logitech S715i RO57.900

Plays and charges iPhone and iPod, eight-hour rechargeable battery, two three-inch laser-tuned neodymium drivers

Bose Sound Dock-10 RO279.000

iPod and iPhone dock, recharge and play, remote control, audio input

MP3 Players Apple iPod Shuffle RO26.900

2GB, VoiceOver button, clip-and-go style, sync different playlists

Apple iPod Touch 4G RO99.500

8GB, 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen, multi-touch display, 720p HD video capture, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR

Sony NWZ-E453 RO39.900

4GB, 50 hours of music playback, SensMe, Lyric Sync, Karaoke Mode and Clear Audio technologies

Philips SA3RGA04R RO19.900

4GB, without case, FM radio and FM recording, one-inch screen, FullSound technology, 22 hours battery support

Sony Walkman NWZ-B162 RO20.900 Built-in equaliser, Bass boost, voice recording, power illuminator, style-up clip, quick charge

60 Air Conditioners & Air Purifiers Sharp AHAP18HME RO200.000

This 1.5-tonne split air conditioner is a low-noise design with Plasmacluster technology. By releasing the cluster ions, it enables the creation of an environment that is very close to that found in nature.

Samsung AS18TSL RO199.500

Samsung’s new air-conditioner sports full high density filter that ensures the room is fresh and clean. It has a powerful cooling system and an effective anti-corrosion coating. It supports turbo cooling technology.

Panasonic CS-C18MKF RO199.000

The CS-C18MKF incorporates the ECONAVI technology. Advance+ Plus e-ion is designed to monitor changes in the degree of air cleanliness. AUTOCOMFORT is another important feature.


With an automatic slip design, this is a floor-standing type two-tonne air conditioner. It has an independent dehumidifying function, with electrostatic de-dusting effect. It supports four-angle air supply.

Sharp KC-840E-B RO129.000

This is an air purifier with high-density Plasmacluster technology, humidification function and circulation airflow for home use. This appliance is recommended for a floor area of approximately 26sqm. It comes with washable deodorising filter.

Hitachi RAN-209CP RO132.900

This 1.5-tonne window air conditioner has a high energy-efficient compressor with a super quite air flow. There is a symmetric twin flow air discharge, washable filters and a rotary compressor.

Hitachi RAS-18CPX RO192.900

This split-type air conditioner has a Green Fin condenser that is durable, thanks to the green rust-resistant coating. It also employs Nano Titanium technology in its stainless steel filters.

Toshiba RAS-18SKP RO204.900

This is a 1.5-tonne capacity split-type wall-mounted air conditioner. It has a seven-layer air filter and a self-cleaning function that eliminates mould. It also has a new compact chassis.

Sanyo SA186M5 RO117.900

Sanyo’s 1.5-tonne window air conditioner is a low-noise design with a rotary compressor and comes with an anti-bacteria filter. It is easy to clean and allows smooth air flow.

LG T186RC RO288.900

This is a 1.5-tonne capacity split air conditioner with virus and allergy-safe filter. It has a four-way swing and jet cool feature. It also employs a multi-stage tropical compressor.

Refrigerators LG GR-B227WTQ RO355.000

616L capacity, frost-free, side-by-side refrigerator, tempered glass shelves, digital control, child lock

Toshiba GR-R65 RO240.000

630L capacity, double-door refrigerator, glass door finish, frost-free, Hybrid Guard System

Samsung RT77SSW1 RO284.500

770L capacity, frost-free, double-door refrigerator, LCD internal lamp, adjustable glass shelves

Sharp SJF80SPBK3 RO626.000

724L capacity, frost-free, four-door refrigerator, Plasmacluster Ion, hybrid cooling system

Washing Machines Daewoo DWC-141KC RO209.900

9kg capacity, 1,400rpm, air bubble wash, child lock, delay start, direct drive motor

Sharp ES-N80GSA RO111.000

8kg capacity, six washing programmes, water level selection, revolutionary cylindrical design, hole-less stainless steel tub

LG F1268QDP RO129.900

Front load washer, 7kg capacity, nine wash programmes, 1,200rpm, child lock, direct drive motor, Baby Care, no-spin option

Ignis FL1207S RO127.900

7kg capacity, 1,000rpm, 12 wash programmes, child lock, delay start feature, electronic control, stainless steel drum

Samsung WF8590NGW RO124.500

6kg capacity, 1,200rpm, child lock, no-spin option, diamond drum, self-cleaning filter, delay start feature, durable ceramic heater Disclaimer: Prices quoted in the magazine maybe subject to change. Please check with your local dealer for current costs. Lists are not in any particular order.

61 Microwaves & Ovens Samsung CS1660ST RO109.900

This is a 45L convection microwave oven that is designed for large families. It has a sensor cook function, where the humidity sensor allows for automated cooking. It sports a trendy easy-to-read LED display.

Elekta EBRO-443 RO21.900

This is a 43L capacity, 2,000W electric oven with a zero to 250 degrees Celsius temperature selector. It has a four-stage heating selector and comes with rotisserie function. It also has a 60-minute timer with a bell signal.

Sanyo EM-CM7586V RO54.000

This is a 32L convection microwave with grill function. With an output power of 1,000W, this oven has an electronic timer. It includes auto defrost and auto delay start feature. It has five power levels and ten auto menus.

Samsung GE109MST RO69.500

This is a 28L grill microwave oven. Designed for performance, it has a wide tempered glass door. This microwave features the Triple Distribution System and Steam Clean function.

Godrej GMX25CA2 FIZ RO29.900

This is a 25L microwave, grill, convection combo. It sports ten power levels, 40 InstaCook menus, jet defrost and express cooking features. It also supports multi-stage cooking, and features auto deodoriser and child lock.

LG MC8088FRP RO89.900

This is a 30L convection microwave oven that features over 100 Auto Cook menus. It sports a motorised rotisserie. This microwave oven from LG also comes with Steam Clean and Defrost functions.

LG MH6589UR RO49.900

This is a 25L convection microwave with grill function. It includes four auto defrost and four grill/bake programmes. Additional features include quick defrost, child lock and quick start functions.

Samsung MW6194ST RO54.900

A 55L microwave oven with 1,000W output power, Samsung’s one-touch sensor cook provides easy cooking at the touch of a button. It sports an LED display that shows microwave settings and other information.

Panasonic NN-CF770M RO127.400

Panasonic’s NN-CF770M features flatbed and inverter technologies. This allows for greater space inside the microwave. It includes turbo defrost, a child lock, variable power levels and an easy-to-read LCD display.

Black & Decker TRO2000 RO26.700

This is a 1,380W toaster oven that features a 19L capacity. It comes with an adjustable timer, a wire rack and a food tray handle. It also has a removable crumb tray for easy crumb disposal.

Vacuum Cleaners Philips FC-8146 RO48.900

1,800W vacuum cleaner, bagless, HEPA washable filter, 300W suction power, dust container-full indicator

Samsung SC-56BO RO22.500

2,000W canister vacuum cleaner, 3.5L bag capacity, adjustable suction power, cable winding system with foot control, dust container-full indicator

LG VC4920NHTS RO38.900

2,000W vacuum cleaner, innovative Ellipse Cyclone System technology, simple dust-bin design, powerful suction power

Karcher VC 5200 RO77.000

Dry vacuum cleaner, 3.3L dust bag capacity, 1,800W input power, indicator for full bag, HEPA 12 filter

Domestic Appliances Russell Hobbs 14178 RO14.900

Sandwich maker (plus kettle), on and ready indicator, non-stick coated plates, hinged lock, stand for easy storage

N Espresso C120 RO180.000

Single-serve automatic espresso machine and milk frother, 19 bars of pump pressure, maximum power of 1,710W

Krups EA8255K1 RO284.600

Espresso, Cappuccino and Coffee maker, compact Thermoblock system, metal drip tray, steam function, automatic cleaning

Philips HR2800 RO19.900

500W power, 2L capacity, serrated blades for blending and crushing, one-hand dispenser detachable blade unit

Kenwood KM800 RO199.900

800W power kitchen machine, 6.7L bowl capacity, three coated bowl tools – a beater, whisk and dough hook, glass blender, glass multi-mill and meat mincer

62 Gaming Consoles & Accessories PSP 3000+4 Games RO76.000

This current version of the PlayStation Portable has a built-in microphone and a better screen that is able to resist glare and so works better outdoors.

PS3 320GB + Move Bundle RO160.000

The Move is broken into three parts: the ‘Motion Controller’, the ‘Navigation Controller’ and the ‘PlayStation Eye Camera’. The Motion Controller contains built-in motion sensors.

Nintendo 3DS RO129.000

A built-in 3D Depth Slider allows you to adjust the intensity of the 3D settings on the new Nintendo 3DS system. Other features include the built-in motion and gyro sensor.

Batman: Arkham Asylum RO28.900

Publisher: Eidos Developer: Rocksteady Studios Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC Genre: Action ESRB Rating: Teen

Dark Souls RO28.900

Logitech G13 RO37.000

The GamePanel LCD in this gaming keyboard keeps you informed of the game stats and other vital information to help you claim victory. It includes programmable G-keys that let you create macros on the fly.

Logitech G27 RO160.000

Logitech racing wheels and flight controllers simulate remarkable realism. Force feedback lets you feel every slip of the tyre, every shudder of the wing and the controls feel like the real thing.

XBOX 360 Kinect 250GB RO177.000

With a stylish design, the integrated internal memory of 250GB allows you to save games and content. It has built-in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) and 5.1 channel surround sound.

Logitech Z906 RO160.000

Successor to the highly acclaimed Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speaker System, the new THX-Certified Z906 delivers 500W of pure power.

SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB RO53.600

This is a premium quality, wired headset designed for Xbox 360. With the custom-built soundscape via 40mm SunDancer (SCS) units, you can pinpoint the direction of noises and movement throughout the game.

Thrustmaster T500RS RO241.000

The T500RS employs new H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) on the wheel’s steering and so offers precision, force feedback and a realistic angle of rotation. The controls feel like the real thing.

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pack RO90.000

Wii Sports Resort has lots of fun activities with more than 18 sports to try, ranging from water sports like canoeing, power cruising and wakeboarding, to ball games like basketball and golf.


Our Current Top 5 Recommended Games

Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Developer: From Software Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360 Genre: RPG ESRB Rating: R/P

Forza Motorsport 4 RO28.900

Publisher: Microsoft Studios Developer: Turn 10 Studios Platform(s): Xbox 360 Genre: Driving ESRB Rating: R/P

Gears of War 3 RO28.900

Publisher: Microsoft Developer: Epic Platform(s): Xbox 360 Genre: Action ESRB Rating: Mature

RAGE RO18.900

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Service Dept.

Abu Hani

La Germania, Starway, Westar, Starline, Tatung



Al Khalili Technology

Fijitsu, Siemon, Coral Telecom, Honeywell, Epson, Camtron, Pyronix, SD3, Tripp-lite, Cummins, Schnider Electric, Sanyo, Sakar, Sterline, Sonicwall



Bahwan Electronics

Asset, Carrier, Ignis, Napro, Toshiba, Seiko, Casio, Titan, Sony Ericsson, Tempstar, Cooline, Corning, Print electronics, Dolphin, Benq, Ausonia, Daewoo, VIP, Dometic, Corby

Ruwi 24796629/32

24501965 / 66




Ruwi 24798222



MCC 24558062, Fax 24558063


Sanyo, Videocon, Fujitsu, Thomson, York, Yamaha, Canon, HAAS, AEG, Sure, Caravell, Gulf Star, Safari, Admiral, Francia, Mitsubishi, Marc Climatic, Vortice, Guntner, Zanussi , Ziegra Imesa, Bitzer , Manitowoc, Bremer, Dito- Electrolux, Metro, Taylor, Costan

Al Qurum 24568806 Al Qurum 24561948 Muttrah 24713138 Ruwi 24830919 Seeb 24422797 Shatti al Qurum 24693292


HiTec Centre

Boston Accoustics, Denon, Leica, Polk Audio

Azaiba 24497384



Mytag, Hoover


Jawahir Oman

Bang & Olufsen

Qurm 24563213


Jumbo Electronics

Sony, VAIO, Sony professional Products, Blackberry, Supra, Midea Air-conditioners, Casio, Brother Sewing Machines, Acer, HP, Dyson, Gorenje

MBD 24818358, Al Araimi 24565845 QCC 24470529, Salalah 23291984

Wadi Kabir 24814815, 24814751, Fax 24815267

Khimji Luxury

Krups, Moulinex

Ruwi 24796161


K R Household

O General, Siemens

Wadi Kabir 24813333



Braun, Oral-B



Loay International

Macintosh, Benq, Epson, Sokkia, Acer




Fagor, Pioneer

Ruwi 24732440


Meta Galaxy


Ruwi 24503653


Moayyed Integrated Ente

Daewoo Electronics







Muscat Electronics

Daikin, Wansa, Ricoh, Chigo, Media, G-Hanz, Sony Professional products

Ruwi 24702985, 24799246 Sohar:26845647, Salalah:23291617


Mustafa Sultan Electronics (MSE)

Samsung, Haier, Philips, Nevica, Whirlpool

Al Khuwair 24636015

Wadi Kabir 24818018

Oman Intl. Electronics & Trading Co.

Bose, Nec, JVC

Qurm 24565490


Oman Modern Electronics Co.

Sharp, JBL, Mastergas, Harman/Kardon, Onida, Nikai




Raymond Weil, Kolber, Westar, Alba, Maxima, HMT, Panasonic, Xper, Aftron, Black&Decker, GE

Qurm, 24564310 Ruwi 24833630


OMASCO - System Solutions




Oman Trading Est.

Bosch, LG, Palson, TCL, Prolux, Promate, Pearl, Souq Technia, GHanz, White Westinghouse, Hostess, Kenstar,

Ruwi 24834162 Al Araimi 2456148, 24810522

24810522, 24810156, 80075545


Fujifilm, Olympus, Hasselblad, Sigma, Manfrotto, Lowepro, EPSON, Mitsubishi Electric, STEINER, Broncolor, Hama, Amano

Qurm 24565305 Al Khuwair 24479296



Samsung, Technoflame


Ghala 24593025

Sayed Bin Nasser Al Hashar

Ariston, Rinnai, Voltas, JBL, Kirloskar, Kardex, Lexmark

Ruwi 24700571 Ruwi 24706004, 24796007 Ruwi High Street 24834460 Salalah 23291405, Sohar 26840763 Sur 25544613


Salman Store

Seb, Janome, Coolex


Shah Nagardas Manji Co.

Kodak, Yashica, Cokin, Case Logic, Lexar, Noritsu, Durst, Bushnell, Eiki, Iriver, Steiner, Tasco, White Westinghouse, Igloo, Venus, Russel Hobbs, Addis, Noritake, Ocean, Wenger

Ruwi , Qurm 24562656 Lulu Baushe 24593806, Nizwa 25410184

Technical Trading Co


Ruwi 24703515, Fax 24700010

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Make the world your playground The Leica V-Lux 30 is the perfect camera for everyone who travels the world with their eyes wide open to capture inspiration from their surroundings – such as the extreme sportsman Danny MacAskill, who masters obstacles with spectacular bike stunts and transforms the city into his personal playground. Taking pictures with the Leica V-Lux 30 is just as easy as his stunts appear to be. It is the perfect camera for seeing the world from a totally new perspective. Lens: Leica DC Vario-Elmar 4.3-68.8mm f/3.3-5.9 ASPH. Zoom optical/digital 16x/4x, 3D photo function, GPS, HDMI



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TECH Issue 19  
TECH Issue 19  

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