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THE FUTURE’S LOOKING BRIGHT Although my wardrobe is pretty neutral, my home is a fun, colourful place where I have found an excuse to do something with red in almost every single room.

That’s only one reason that I am delighted that décor and design is continuing with its colourful spree in the year ahead. The splashes of neon, clashing prints, gleaming metallics and a 2013 winter that is going to be wall to wall purple, simply fill me with happiness and a sense of optimism.

there’s very little in terms of the big international names that you can’t get in South Africa. Long before Zara arrived in Sandton, some of the most desirable design brands such as Tom Dixon and Kartell were available in Joburg and Cape Town. Now the cult brands such as De Padova are even arriving.

This optimism is not entirely unfounded either. The past year at Decorex SA has seen record numbers in terms of exhibitors and visitors and when you see what the team has planned for 2013, we expect the pattern to continue.

Global travelers such as colour guru Leatrice Eiseman and trend forecaster Li Edelkoort cherish their opportunities to visit South Africa and experience this country’s unique energy and lifestyle.

But this is not because we’re a particularly clever bunch of people, it’s because South Africa has truly come of age as far as décor and design is concerned. Every week we hear about another South African designer finding their way into global décor emporiums such as Anthropologie, Merci and Westelm. It gives me such a kick that local stars like fabric designer Skinny laMinx have online stores shipping worldclass merchandise all over the planet. And what a thrill to interview an interior designer like David Muirhead and his portfolio shows as many spaces in South Africa, as in London, Dubai and the south of France! When it comes to our own retail environment,

But by far the most satisfying development is that South Africans are starting to shop and decorate with style and flair – not just copying what others are doing. From budget to billionaire lifestyles, all the signs are there that South Africans have found their own style and an appreciation for good quality and great design. Now all we need to do is outlaw Tuscan design anywhere outside of Italy and my life will be complete! Until next time, Jacquie .



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Apron by Skinny laMinx

true colours


TRUE COLOURS The highly anticipated Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast is here. Detail speaks to Anne Roselt, Plascon colour manager, about this year’s theme of Balance.

true colours


This year’s colour forecast is a statement about our identity in the modern world. So says Anne Roselt, Plascon colour manager. “We are faced with such uncertainty, from the gloomy economy to ecological and environmental disasters. Intertwined with this is the excitement of sporting and cultural events, fashion and new technology. So what society is really craving is a balance. Trends are really a reflection of what is happening around us, and as the mood changes, so do the feelings. This forecast depicts where we see colour moving. Through the calm found in the palettes called Pause and Simplicity, or the energy of Contrast and Dare, it explores ways of using colour to create harmony and balance.” Now in its 14th year, the Plascon colour forecast continues to bring inspiration to South Africans in an interesting and accessible way. This involves distilling input from colour experts, international research and interior design and lifestyle trends. From calm white tones to energetic brights, the four themes provide practical and creative ways to explore the concept of balance.

true colours


true colours



This modern and peaceful theme appeals to the desire for calmness and serenity. It works well with natural textures and found objects. The green brings with it a sense of nature and the outdoors and is the perfect colour treatment for beautifully hand crafted pieces of furniture. Laurence Brick Stylist and Creative Consultant

Light white tones are taken to the next level with the judicious use of accent colours, metallic tones and textured layering. This approach to neutral colours adds a sense of interest and depth, which allows for the creation of spaces that are calm and collected, but still distinctive. KEY INFLUENCES Everyday escape, understated elegance, modern sanctuary spaces, raw and refined, whites to calm and sooth, burnished copper and antiqued gold, rough textures, countryside sophistication, safari chic.

true colours



Contrast gives a personal and deeper meaning to colours that we see daily. We’re also seeing it in the fashion world with the colour blocking trend. I think that this palette will appeal to the young and young at heart and everyone who loves colour. Themba Mngomezulu Founder, Darkie Clothing

true colours


Contrast sees deep blues and greys used together to create a contemplative and grounded feeling. This is given a sense of energy with high contrast brights like pink and yellow. The combination may be unexpected, but extremes of colour balance each other perfectly, keeping the overall effect in check.

KEY INFLUENCES Colour defined spaces, zinctones, mid-century nostalgia, 50s urban chic, vintage brights, dark sumptuous backgrounds, generous sense of space, sophisticated energy, form and order, optimism.

true colours


Pastels are updated with a grounded feeling with the addition of neutrals and greys in Pause. This collection of colours is therefore light and feminine, but still connected and mature. The overall effect hints at nostalgia, while retaining a very welcome sense of the contemporary. KEY INFLUENCES Sorbet tones, shimmer and sparkle, Great Gatsby, 20s femininity, cut glass, cupcake aesthetics, girlish but grownup, antiqued finishes, childhood nostalgia, dusky rose tones, powder pastels.

true colours



Pastel colours help to lift and lighten a space, providing a familiar and nurturing feeling. This is a quietly sophisticated selection, and the use of neutrals and grey helps to make it very accessible. Jodi Robertson International Trend Information

true colours



The big trends at the moment are around honesty and integrity – colour and design with worth. This nostalgic and authentic, but colourful palette echoes this, showing how when times are hard, colour is a well-needed pick-me-up. Cathy O’Clery Journalist, Stylist, Creative Consultant

With a nod to retro sensibilities, shape and colour are used to their fullest in Dare. While colourblocking makes a bold statement, the zinc-toned brights help to keep the entire look contemporary and considered, and the overall feeling is energetic without being manic. KEY INFLUENCES Afro-chic, colour-blocked geometrics, boldly minimal, folk-inspired art and craft, saturated colour, leather and painted wood, understated warmth, berry toned purples, familiar forms, old and new, retro influences revisited.

true colours


anne roselt


ANNE ROSELT ON HER LIKES, LOVES AND MAGAZINE PUBLISHING We chat to the Plason colour manager about the magic behind the supremely stylish Plascon Spaces magazine. Compiled by Tess Paterson

anne roselt


anne roselt


What’s in right now? Being true to origin, authenticity, metallics and going green. A colourful item that you love? I still love my pottery vases from Greece in the colours of the ocean – turquoise and ultramarine blue. Best place for cocktails? The Oyster Box in Umhlanga Rocks - the setting is sublime. Quickest update using paint?   Painting old furniture. Pastel colours are pretty and very on trend right now. Brights are energetic and uplifting, perfect when used in small doses to uplift a space. Dream holiday destination? Hawaii Best fashion buy ever? Boots from Italy. So comfortable I walked London flat in them! Most admired SA design object? The gold foil Mapungubwe rhino– it’s just beautiful, part of South Africa’s heritage, and it is sad to think the rhino is facing extinction. Favourite museum? The Musee d’Orsay in Paris – I love that it’s an old railway station and it is filled with paintings of my favourite artists. You know it’s time to get painting when the walls look dreary and start asking to be painted. I’m dreaming of a more responsible world for 2013. Best place for vintage shopping?   Portobello Road market London or 44 Stanley in Johannesburg.

Explain the concept behind Plascon Spaces Magazine? Working with colour the way I do, I see how it can totally transform a space. And in so doing it makes a home a more beautiful and happy place. Most people however are just too scared to experiment. I wanted to create a magazine to show inspirational spaces, room makeovers and the endless possibilities that exist when you add a bit of colour. The magazine also gives fantastic information on paint, colour scheming and colour therapy, because when you understand how colour works you’re more confident in using it. Who’s your target audience? We reach a varied readership from architects and designers to homeowners and anyone wanting to uplift the space they live in. What can readers look forward to? Colour trends and inspiration, real homes, make-overs, paint effects and DIY. How often is Plascon Spaces published? With its strong and specific focus on colour in décor, we publish three times a year, in August, November and March. Best thing about the magazine? It’s packed with colourful ideas and takes the risk out of choosing colours. Where is it sold and what’s the cover price? R19.95, and you’ll find it at Exclusive Books, CNA, Woolworths, Spar, book stores and selected retailers.

global view








GLOBAL VIEW Five minutes with Leatrice Eiseman. By Tess Paterson

International colourista Leatrice Eiseman is renowned as America’s ‘colour guru’. A specialist colour consultant, founder of the Eiseman Centre for Color information and Training and the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, she’s the brains behind the tantalising tones that influence design on a global scale. We chat to her about the power of colour, shopping for Missoni and lazy lunches at home.

global view


What is the biggest colour trend for this season? It is the continuation of the orange family as key.

Colour is so subjective. What are the key influences when it comes to colour forecasting? We look at a broad range of influences, from aesthetics, films, TV, fashion and art (both fine and pop) to geography, technology, international sports events as well as socio economic factors. You’re well known for telling us that Honeysuckle Pink and Tangerine Tango were the colours of the year in 2011 and 2012, respectively! Tell us how you go about settling on a Pantone Colour of the Year? I look at all the above-mentioned factors and I travel a good bit as well. So I weigh up what is happening in many areas of the world and look out for the common denominator. Colour plays such a crucial role in the design industry. How does it affect our mood? Hugely. Think of what it feels like to walk into a shabby space with a dark foreboding feeling. Now transform it with a coat or two of paint, clean it up a bit. Don’t you feel better?

What is your greatest strength? Trying to look at both sides of the picture and to be truly objective. That is really necessary in making color choices and I constantly tell my students how important it is. You consult to both small business and Fortune 500 companies. Why do businesses need a colour expert? When millions of dollars are at stake, it is important to make intelligent, educated color decisions and not rely on opinions that are not well founded. What is the biggest colour trend for this season? It is the continuation of the orange family as key. Describe SA design in three words. Diverse, intriguing, colorful. Your most coveted SA design object? That is difficult, as the last time I was here I wanted to buy one of everything! I love the crafts and I did manage to leave with a lot of jewellery.

global view


The greatest colour of all time? All colors have the potential for greatness, it is just in the way they are combined or utilised within a specific context. If you were a colour? I’d be purple I spend my Sundays gardening in summer, taking long walks and more often than not working on something that was due yesterday. Best bargain buy ever? A Missoni sweater for way less than retail price in a vintage shop in Beverly Hills. I bought it in the 90s and am still wearing it! Biggest fashion mistake ever? Buying things ‘of the moment’ in a faraway place that you know you’re not going to wear when you get home. Best place to spend a lazy lunch? I really like lunches at home. Going to a local farmer’s market and buying organically grown goodies. But in the big city of Seattle, I love The Wild Ginger. It is fusion Asian

food - pure deliciousness and all veggies or fish (I don’t eat meat). How do you relax? I love to read and watch wonderful films. My husband is a voting member of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, so we get about 65 films a year to review. Love it! I’m dreaming of another colorful year of travel for 2013. Favourite artist? My friend Debora House who lives in Stockholm. She is an amazing colorist. Favourite city in the world? It’s hard not to say Paris, but Lake Como in Italy is also a favourite. We visit every year for the Salone del Mobile in Milan. I am hoping to see more of SA so that I develop a favorite here. Leatrice will be in South Africa to launch the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast.

meet mr glamour


MEET MR GLAMOUR He’s renowned for his sleekly glamorous interiors, his love of art and his deep affinity for the city of Jozi. Few know how interior designer David Muirhead became one of SA’s most sought-after interior designers for his unique brand of sophisticated glamour. By Tess Paterson

meet mr glamour


Growing up on a farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal, David Muirhead knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. “I was always creating scrapbooks of homes and interiors, and from a very young age had an intense understanding of my passion for design. We grew up with an incredible sense of freedom and imagination and at the age of seven my cousin and I would scream around the farm in an old Citroen like King Farouk!” David’s first jobs were in Durban and that was where he received his dream call-up from none other than Joburg-based American interior designer Trisha Wilson, the person behind the glamour of many Sun International hotels. And so began David’s love affair with the city of gold. Fast track to 2004 when David and his sister Mandy Groves decided to join forces and launch David Muirhead & Associates – an interior design firm now known as much for its high-end bespoke glamour as it is for its sense of integrity. “I believe strongly in extending my value system into my business as well as my life. If there’s trust and good inter-personal relationships and if you believe in the people you associate with, ultimately the rest will fall into place,” says David. A master at creating luxurious, richly layered spaces, David says that he’s inspired by “almost anything” – the crazy energy and wonderful diversity of Joburg, French

architecture, modernism, the synergy between old and new. “I’ll never create something that’s clinical or minimalist though, and I always look at comfort before aesthetics.” While David’s passion lies in top-end residential projects, he’s also in demand within the hospitality market. 54 on Bath, the dramatic refurbishment of the former Grace Hotel in Rosebank, is one of his most recent successes. “It’s an evolution, rather than a re-invention,” he says. “We were completely respectful of the architecture which has always been celebrated by Joburgers.” An elegant palette of silver, grey, ivory and white mingles with sexy lighting, art deco accents and supreme comfort. Key elements like the fireplaces were retained, and much of the furniture was refurbished. “We merged the original artwork with photographic prints of Joburg. It’s sassy and very South African, but New Yorkers will love it too!” Looking ahead, one of David’s long-term projects is the creation of David Muirhead Fine Living – a retail space filled with the trademark DM glamour. “I envisage a fabulous interactive environment where I can share my vision and passion for design.”

meet mr glamour


David Muirhead and Associates - Interior Designer | Vanessa Lewis - Photographer 54 on Bath - Tsogo Sun Hotels

meet mr glamour


My dream project is designing a home for someone like Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey – people with an attitude of openness, freedom and spirituality. I’m totally addicted to music and art. I’ll buy a sculpture before I buy groceries! Fashion-wise I’m crazy about Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior. In the realm of design I’m completely over facebrick, thatch and kidney-shaped pools. My dream space has incredibly high ceilings, wonderful symmetry and spectacular views of the ocean . Timeless furniture is both comfortable and well designed. My favourite local artists are Sam Nhlengethwa, Deborah Bell and William Kentridge. I’m passionate about the sculpture and architecture of the art deco period.

bright and beautiful


BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL Detail asked some of our top design minds about the coming season’s hottest – and coolest – colours.

bright and beaufiful



Our approach to colour in 2012 was pretty monochromatic. We worked with a lot of dramatic black, both in our retail store in Kramerville and in our interiors projects, livening this up with metallic tones of copper and brass.

browns and murky greens – creates a fantastic backdrop and really draws people in. Your white accents immediately look crisper and it works beautifully for displaying art. In fact when you see art on a white wall it becomes a bit like elevator music.

Heading into summer we’ve been experimenting with the coral and flamingo shades that are coming through in fashion. It’s extremely versatile with a feminine 1930s glamour, especially when used with metallic accents. Funnily enough I wasn’t aware of Tangerine Tango, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2011, so it was quite validating to have such a connection to this shade!

When it comes to furniture, consumers are making more considered purchases. It definitely comes down to quality, and there’s a growing aversion to obsolescence. Our clients are looking for amazing pieces that they won’t tire of; something they’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Customers are also more aware of the inherent value in a piece. In the retail sector, upcycling remains strong as items are costeffective and have a great patina and story.

For the year ahead we’re definitely looking at more glamour, and perhaps because of the recession, there is still a demand for luxury. We’re working a lot in velvet, keeping things plush and soft to the touch, with accents of iridescent sheen. Right now I’m loving powder-blues and aquas. The zinc-like tones of Plascon’s African Mud – from their 2013 Colour Forecast – has enormous impact when used over a large area. Our interest has always been in colour blocking and texture; we’re not overly fond of florals and patterns. What we’ve found is that painting walls in darker shades – the deep

Eggs Designs’ love of quality extends throughout our projects, and this season we’ll be working in a variety of fabrics from rich velvets and supple leathers to heavy linens. There is so much more choice right now, and whether you’re working in cotton-silk velvets or 100% polyesters, the properties and palettes have never been better.

bright and beautiful



I always put colour choices down to the mood of the times. We’re in the middle of a fairly unrelenting downturn, yet in a strange way it’s made people more adventurous. It’s a bit like the ‘red lipstick’ syndrome where women buy makeup to raise their spirits when times are hard. Consumers are definitely wiser. They’re making more careful choices and buying pieces that will last. In turn I think they’re less responsive to the too-quiet, too-sophisticated tones, and they want something that pops. They might not be choosing acid orange, but definitely brighter, warmer, feel-good colours. It’s much the same with fabrics – the botanical inspired prints have always been there, but there’s a sense of nostalgia attached to them. It’s part of our need to be assured that things are not all bad. Accent walls remain popular – they’re easy on the pocket and fun to do. I think the concept has evolved from the single red wall though, and people are experimenting in more creative ways. Think of adding texture by creating a golden ripple of mosaics in a recess, for instance, or making a fireplace pop with copper or mild steel. A two-tone wall is a great way to make a statement, and in a classical interior you could use different tones above and below the dado rail. The trick is to use a non-traditional colour! In older houses with tall ceilings, a contemporary look is

bright and beaufiful


instantly achieved by painting the walls and ceilings in the same shade. Take a beautiful pearly grey that reflects the light – not only will the room appear bigger but your furniture will look fantastic against this backdrop. When it comes to accessories, keep scale and proportion top of mind. Accent pieces need to respond to the rest of the space. So if you have an enormous, low sofa, make sure the scatters are substantial. The same goes for your glassware – make it bold and definite; knick-knacks have a way of getting lost. Buy

only what you love, but first make sure it works and that it has longevity. For next year, we’re enjoying interpreting colour in a way that will last. I especially love the rich blue shades in the Contrast palette from the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast which lend themselves to any scheme. They’re quite beautiful when mixed with orange or copper hues.

bright and beautiful



bright and beaufiful


When decorating a neutral space, I always up the ante by mixing in bold accent colours such as acid yellow. A splash of yellow or green brings a shot of positive energy into a room. These colours work beautifully as highlights and contrast well against strong neutrals like charcoal. We’re seeing the rusted orange tones coming through too, which has a slightly retro feel. This extends to the soft pink and nude spectrum, especially in fabrics, and Designers Guild has embraced this palette spectacularly well. On the subject of fabrics, I predict a huge rise in the popularity of texture for 2013. We’re seeing washed fabrics coming through with an uneven appearance that works so beautifully on linens and velvelts. Prints-wise there’s a move to geometric designs, and the best of the Ikats are beautifully layered with fresh colouration. When it comes to working magic on living spaces, paint is the simplest, easiest solution. In times of recession especially, there’s a need to inject a sense of energy and lift a mood. Paint is one of the quickest and most under-

rated ways to fix things, from refurbing a piece of furniture to updating a room. It’s relatively inexpensive and it’s not a huge commitment – when you tire of it you simply change to something else. The wonderful thing is that each person brings a totally different point of view to the same colour palette. I’m particularly enjoying the neutral tones of Simplicity within the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast. Add to this a pop of energy like the grass green colour called Dragon’s Hide, plus an interesting mix of mineral and metallic shades, and the overall feeling is very natural. I’ve always lived in dark moody spaces, but I’m definitely veering towards calmer tones in my new home. I’m enjoying the ease that comes with white, off-white and grey. Laurence Brick Creative Direction 082 777 3181

bright and beautiful


I have always loved working with white. I like to work with a very neutral palette that serves as my backdrop in design. White is so incredibly timeless and it gives a room a strong architectural presence. I think colour has the most impact when it’s incorporated into an interior as an accent – whether in a beautiful artwork, dramatic scatters, textured carpets or an accent wall. The current trends are headed towards bright colours like turquoise, orange and cerise pink as well as bold patterns like Ikats and zigzags, referenced by David Hicks and Madeline Weinrib. These patterns are also very prominent in flat-weave carpets and dyed Persian carpets. When I do bring in colour, I generally stick to one or two colours and repeat those throughout, rather than bringing in a different scheme into each room. It’s important to create a sense of continuity. I love the orange that is a strong colour trend this year. I remember hearing that orange in interiors should only be used in the form of an Hermès box! And at the time I tended to agree with that. But this season I‘ve been throwing in orange with everything. It’s vibrant and energetic and commands attention without being as overpowering as red. Pastels found in Pause from the Plascon 2013 Colour Forecast are also a strong colour trend going into next year, together with other soft, dusky tones, these can be interpreted in a very light and feminine way. Whatever your chosen colour spectrum, my interiors remain understated, personal and quietly refined. Working with texture is so important, and it’s a wonderful way to create a layered look. I like to include natural and painted woods, beaded scatters with chunky fabrics, grey wicker furniture and accessories in glass and perspex. I’m also using a lot of fabrics with a trellis motif which adds a modern yet timeless appeal. I think a good room is one that’s richly layered while maintaining a simple restraint.

bright and beaufiful



blog on


BLOG ON Detail chats to SA’s hottest bloggers on social media, dream designs and where to shop Compiled by Tess Paterson


blog on



What’s your blog about? All the things that catch my interest and eye from interior trends and beautifully decorated spaces, to shops I love, talents I want to share, clever designs and products I’m lusting after. I also include destinations that are on my wish list or that I’ve been to, and recipes that I think my readers would enjoy. Best thing about Facebook? I absolutely love my website Facebook page - it’s like a mini blog. Interestingly because more people feel comfortable on Facebook, the interaction levels are much higher. I find it very rewarding as a marketing tool for my blog. Do you tweet? Totally, and I read my timeline religiously. I’m not as disciplined as I used to be about tweeting a good balance of interesting info and tweets referring back to my sites, but it’s on my to do list - good twitter etiquette is essential to creating a worthwhile presence. Favourite local designers? I really admire Heather Moore from Skinny laMinx who has made a name for herself with her surface and textile designs. I think Kirsten Goss is an extraordinary jewellery talent and I have such admiration for Patricia Driscoll’s beautiful photography and Gabby Raaff ’s extraordinary watercolours. Most coveted design object? A minimalist prefab Bach house complete with extraordinary (but oh-so-spare) interiors in the middle of the Cedarberg Best market in your area? I live a couple of minutes away from the Bluebird Garage in Muizenberg. It’s held every Friday evening and is a really laidback

event, complete with requisite hippies, thankfully few hipsters and a series of stands serving up homemade food. It’s unpretentious and supportive of local business, a feel-good way to start the weekend. Top tip for vintage shopping? Buy what you love, something that gives you that happy-in-your-heart feeling. Pedigrees are important only if you’re a reseller or serious collector. I’m dreaming of another holiday in Greece for 2013. Oh and a handmade Chapel handbag (I have the lining I want for it already). Plus a white and multicoloured crochet blanket for my bed, The Camino.

blog on



What’s your blog about? My blog is about anything that catches my eye whether it’s incredible fashion, décor must-haves or a beautiful interior. I also like to feature Cape Town’s best spots and local happenings. Offering visual inspiration on a daily basis is my objective. The best thing about blogging? Being able to connect with like-minded people across the world and seeing what they’re getting up to. Your thoughts on Facebook? I think it’s an incredibly useful tool for marketing. It offers an instant two way forum and an opportunity to interact and communicate with clients directly. It does however involve a lot of time and I think people need to manage this wisely. Do you tweet? Yes, but not nearly as often as I should. I use twitter to gain up to date information and valuable insights, as well as to promote my blog. The best people to follow are those in your own field that can offer inspiration and advice. Of course a sense of humor always helps too! Favourite local designer? Gregor Jenkin. His designs are absolutely classic and timeless, yet with a contemporary feel. I would love to own one of his steel turned leg servers. Most coveted design object? Lately I’ve been dreaming of some Tolix H Stools for around our kitchen counter. What inspires you on a daily basis? Observing and taking in all the details wherever I am. An interesting shop sign with an

unusual font or a vintage dress made out of an incredible fabric - anything can inspire. Following other creatives online also keeps me motivated and up to date with the latest trends. Best place for a lazy lunch in the Cape? Tokara Delicatessen near Stellenbosch is one of my all time favorite spots. Wholesome food, fantastic wines plus an amazing view make it perfect for a leisurely laid back lunch. For 2013 I’m dreaming of a trip to Buenos Aires to experience the culture, eat tapas and practise my Spanish. Best fashion buy ever? A pair of classic leather boots. I’ve lived in them for the past two seasons.

blog on


What’s your blog about? My blog focuses on fashion, decor and design, beauty and stylish travel spots. It features the latest products, tips and inspiration, not to mention loads of competitions. Best thing about blogging? Working from home and being your own boss! Do you tweet? I love to twitpic when I find something I love and to alert my readers on sales and fashion and decor finds. I follow Iwantthat. and loads of stores like Klooftique, Skinny laMinx, Lula Fabrics and loads more

can be mixed and matched. I think they would work really well with some Raw Studio and Pedersen + Lennard furniture. Most coveted design object? A Smeg fridge. What inspires you on a daily basis? That opportunities are endless in life - you just can’t wait for them, you need to create them. Best place for sundowners in Cape Town? I’m a champagne girl, so I love Caveau for bubbles!


designers to keep in the décor know. I do prefer to follow brands rather than individuals as I want to know about new products, rather than what someone had for lunch. But I guess random tweets do happen to the best of us! Your thoughts on Facebook? It’s a fabulous marketing tool. When some-one likes your post all their friends see it, and it’s fantastic for spreading your info! Favourite local designer? I’m mad about Skinny laMinx - I have blinds, cushions, and re-covered chair and bench seats in their fabric. I just love the selection of colours, and how so much of the collections

For 2013 I’m dreaming of a trip to Morocco to satisfy my hunger for Moroccan décor. It would be great to go via Mexico to visit my brother and New York to attend my best friend’s book launch too! I’m always surprised by my French bulldog in the morning. He comes to the side of my bed, wakes me up and demands love. It’s the best surprise each day! My Sundays are spent going for a run with my husband, big family lunches and walking our dogs in Newlands forest.

blog on


What’s your blog about? It’s a visual compendium of the interesting and beautiful things that catch my eye - from design to art, architecture, food, fashion, photography and illustration.


Best thing about blogging? Getting in touch with the people that I blog about. Often I’ll do a blog post about an artist or designer that I admire and I’ll get an email or comment from them to thank me. It’s a great way to broaden your creative network and meet talented new people. Do you tweet? Yes. My twitter name is @wolfeyebrows. Personally I prefer twitter to Facebook because it’s more informative and has less self-indulgent personal rants. I enjoy following The New York Times (@nytimes) and The Mail and Guardian (@mailandguardian) to keep me updated about global and local news. Simon Fabricius (@sim_fab) has an unusual and funny take on the world. NOWNESS (@NOWNESS) is a great resource for news about art, design, photography and fashion Your thoughts on Facebook? I think having a Facebook page is valuable if it is well-managed. If you’re going to join social networks as a business, make sure you make frequent updates, respond to comments and keep your brand tone consistent across all online platforms. Rather do a few things well, than many things in a haphazard manner. Favourite local designer? Andrea Kleinloog of Anatomy Design. She creates refined, sophisticated and beautiful design objects. I particularly love her Lablight.

Most coveted design object? I really love the furniture design of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Barcelona Chair by Mies van de Rohe is also exceptional. What inspires you on a daily basis? Other blogs! I visit a number of local and international blogs on a daily basis to get inspired and to discover new things. Best bakery in Jozi? I’d recommend Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley for their delicious cheese and olive breadsticks. I’m dreaming of a house of my own for 2013. I’m always surprised by my friends. I’m really thankful to have such an amazing group of talented and creative people in my life. Favourite shop for local fashion? mememe is a good spot. I’d also recommend Mungo & Jemima in Cape Town.

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What’s your blog about? Loads of different things! A lot of posts are personal and are about my life, the places I visit, the things I buy, the stuff I bake, the people I love, the things I wear and want. But I also blog about cool things that I find like art, design, illustration, fashion, music and photography. Best thing about blogging? I get to write about stuff that I’ve seen, like, care about, hate, want, love, collect, make and there are people out there that actually care to listen. It makes me really, really happy. Do you tweet? I must be honest, I’m not the world’s biggest tweeter. However I like tweeting my instagrams - I love that app so much, it’s like spying but not, but yes. Favourite local designer? Cape Town based furniture designers Pedersen + Lennard. They make really interesting and accessible stuff and are so willing when

it comes to developing an idea that you would like to see made into reality. Most coveted design object ever? An onyx Protea ring by Sirkel. What inspires you on a daily basis? The internet! There are so many cool things and people out there and without it we would never know about any of them. Best place to buy art in Jozi? I’m going to have to be biased and say Wolves Café, which we own. There are so many talented artists around and I’m proud that we get to showcase some of that work. I think in a small way we’ve made it easy to own something beautiful that isn’t over priced and out of reach. For 2013 I’m dreaming of an awesome flat that my husband Shane and I can call our own. I’m always surprised by how much talent we have in our country. There are so many interesting and eager people out there making things happen for themselves. It makes me happy that I get to experience them via my line of work. Best fashion buy ever? My navy blue duffel coat Biggest fashion mistake? My black turtle neck and silver peace-sign necklace that I always wore together when I was a kid!

prints charming


PRINTS CHARMING From exuberant painterly florals and updated Ikats to exclusive artisanal designs, statement prints are causing a stir. Tess Paterson looks at this season’s star attractions


prints charming



Call it a reaction to the recession or a need for a fresh, modern take on the world, there’s a growing demand for more pattern and colour. And the floral, with its limitless interpretations, is here to stay.

Home Fabrics

prints charming


“Florals remain a key trend, and the scale is being played with more than ever,” says Gary Searle of St Leger & Viney “The new florals are piling on colour and there’s a fresh take on the traditional palettes. Lizzo’s vast-scale printed floral for instance – in chartreuse, raspberry and lavender - gives a contemporary twist to a classic design. We’re seeing an uneven visual texture coming through too – a water-colour effect with the sense of an artist’s brush.”

St Leger & Viney - Villa Nova High Society

prints charming


“The scale is certainly larger and there is a focus on beautiful painterly execution which has been driven by the digital printing revolution,” adds Haidee Kramer of Home Fabrics. “Today one can capture and interpret the exact paint brush strokes and intricacies of the artists’ work without hindrance. This has lead to a new surge in photo-realistic and painterly works which are absolutely captivating. Tricia Guild leads in this field with her fabulous Ornamental Garden, Rugosa and her new Madame Butterfly prints.”

Home Fabrics

prints charming


Colefax & Fowler

“Floral prints have such historical importance” says Hanneke Swart of Mavromac, “but they need to evolve and meet the needs of a new generation. Traditional houses such as Colefax & Fowler have responded brilliantly to this by using crisper designs, more contemporary palettes and incredible quality linens instead of glazed chintzes. The brand and the history are there, but you’re getting a fantastic new take on it.”

prints charming


WORLD TRIBE THE IKAT EVOLUTION The epitome of globally stylish ethnic design, the Ikat remains a strong trend and works beautifully with the abundance of geometric and more retro-inspired prints. “The Ikat was born out of an appreciation for crafted textiles that had a tribal feel yet were incredibly sophisticated,” says Haidee. “There is something timeless and classic about the design and most interpretations tried to imitate the complex dyed and woven effects. The new-look Ikats are fresh and more contemporary with a smart simplicity and clarity of design and form. “Many of the contemporary American designers rely on Ikats to portray a love of pattern and introduce layering,” adds Gary. “In the top-end market especially, they’re used to convey a sense of wordliness and global travel.”

Black Fabrics ePipers

prints charming


Black Fabrics


The younger market is having a strong influence on pattern. They may not have the understanding of archival prints such as toiles, but they’ll choose that toile in a shocking pink or burnt orange and they’ll know just how to use it. Hanneke Swart, Mavromac

prints charming


Lewis & Wood


Turning back the clock, artisanal designers are becoming sought after for small quantities of fabrics produced in a directional way. Designers such as Lewis & Wood, Christopher Farr and Robert Kime all have custom ranges that allow for truly bespoke interiors – as do several of our local fabric houses. “Going the artisanal fabric route says a great deal about the client and their choices,” comments Gary. “It’s automatically a costly option, but for that sector of the market the appeal lies in the exceptional quality and exclusivity.”

prints charming



Sanderson Maycott

Amid all the global turmoil and economic uncertainty, there’s a renewed appreciation for heritage and tradition – the reassurance of things known and loved since childhood. Retro prints and geometrics are following in the pastel-toned footsteps of fashion, and a whole new generation is falling for 1950s inspired design.

“With their invaluable archive, Sanderson is a great example of interpreting different eras in a way that captures the modern imagination,” says Gary. “Whether the designs are rooted in the arts and crafts movement or fifties’ glamour, their stalwart fans have always loved the sense of history. And their younger audience gives that same heritage a fresh retro spin.”

prints charming


Tracy Kendall


Bold single motifs, as seen in Tracy Kendall’s dramatic overscaled wallpapers, have a mouthwatering appeal right now. Hanneke Swart, Mavromac

prints charming


the cutting crew


Multi-skilled and resilient, our local fabric designers deliver style, substance and accessibility in a challenging economy. Tess Paterson speaks to three of SA’s sought-after brands


the cutting crew


In 2006, self-taught illustrator Heather Moore began teaching herself simple screen-printing, using stencils she’d cut by hand. “I started a blog and opened an online shop in order to try and sell some of my products,” she explains.

“The items were well-received and lead to wholesale requests, and within a short time I found I had a growing business on my hands. I like to say that it’s a hobby that got out of control, but it’s evolved into a wellrun company. Together with my business partner Pearl Thompson, we have a shop and studio in central Cape Town, two online shops, and a wholesale business supplying stores worldwide.”

Heather describes her designs as individual, simple, clear and accessible. “They seem to appeal to people all over the world who share my interest in the shapes, colours and styles inspired by mid-20th century design. I have my goods and fabric stocked in shops all over the USA, in Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, and of course here at home. My designs communicate my appreciation for the pared-back modernist aesthetic that values simplicity in style and honesty of materials.” As far as production goes, Heather has kept the process determinedly local and human-scale. “My base cloth is made in King William’s Town, and is professionally printed in Maitland. I have a mother-daughter cutting team who cut all my fabric products in my studio, and a single seamstress who has a studio of her own in the Bo Kaap.”

SKINNY LAMINX The first Skinny laMinx products were tea towels and table napkins, and branching out into selling running metres of fabric is a fairly recent development. “Fabric sales are growing, which is exciting for us. We sell fabrics to the trade through the Silk & Cotton Co, which is highly effective as many of our fabrics coordinate extraordinarily well.”

Looking towards 2013, Heather has plans to extend the Mini laMinx kids’ range, both on home ground and in an exciting collaboration with a US company. “I also hope to be producing more experimental, small-run, items and collaborating with other local designers and artists.”

the cutting crew



the cutting crew


When it comes to international on-trend appeal, delivered in a fresh and savvy way, Lula Fabrics has become the local go-to brand.

“Apart from our distinctive designs, the Lula price point has been an important part of our success,” says owner Melissa Kerkhoff. “I believe our products are affordable. We’re trying very hard to keep mills and printers from going out of business, while retaining the look, feel and standards that we’ve created. Because our fabric is produced in SA, there’s a misconception that this is a cheaper option. But it’s way more expensive that produced in China!” Lula Fabrics’ current collection, Silk Road, was inspired by Melissa’s love of handcrafted, ancient textile designs. “I’ve always loved the textured, woven and strié (natural, soft striped) effects which reemerged with the Ikats and Suzanis of a few years ago.” In her designs Sarawak and Kashgar, Melissa used a negative and positive version of the same Ikat-type motif, while Timur is a glorious six-colour Suzani. The collection ties together with key cotton plains and Filigry – an intricate, florally curtaining co-ordinate. “Lula Fabrics had always kept to a certain colour scheme which was both part of our brand and extremely user-friendly for decorators,” says Melissa. “This season we’ve thrown a gorgeous burnt red and salmon into the mix. It’s earthy, on-trend and works beautifully with the existing palette of seafoam, aqua and chartreuse.” Being a smaller, hands-on fabric house, Lula Fabrics is able to offer a custom-colour service. “Clients can choose any of our designs and have it printed in a colour of their

choice. It’s a wonderful addition to bespoke projects, and we have minimum orders of 50m.” Melissa has just opened a dedicated showroom in Joburg’s Kramerville, and is in the process of developing an on-line shop. “Our range of accessories is proving very popular, including ottomans, handbags, shoes and floor cushions. At the moment these are sold via our countrywide showrooms, but our aim for 2013 is to have a stronger retail presence on-line.” Given the challenging economy and the demise of many local mills and printers, surviving as a small player is admirable. “Circumstances are tough,” says Melissa, “but South Africans aren’t sissies. I’ve seen many of my colleagues in the industry using creative, innovative ways to succeed. It’s all about buckling down and making it work. We’re a very tenacious nation.”

the cutting crew



the cutting crew


On the brink of opening their flagship showroom and retail space in Cape Town, the much-admired duo behind Design Team can only be described as dynamic.

“The new space will represent the total Design Team experience in every respect,” says co-owner Lise Butler. “We will showcase our fabric ranges, furniture samples and décor accessories, as well as our new children’s clothing collection, Sillybilly. It’s a whole brand under one roof, and a natural progression from our beginnings eleven years ago.” The brand has long been perceived as the must-have option for off-beat prints telling a South African story, and Lise and her partner Amanda Haupt continue to deliver new and funky designs. “We’ve always been inspired by what’s around us, and our ability to tell a story through our designs is what sets us apart. Our latest collection is decidedly in-yourface, and includes local icons like the rhino and Mrs Ples. With this range we’re digging deep, and it’s both intellectual and sophisticated, but with our ever-present quirky touch.” Design Team is one of the few firms still supporting local mills, and for their Olka Polka clothing range, order 12 000 metres of locally knitted fabric each month. “We work with mills and dye-houses in Durban and Cape Town, and the quality is far superior to the imports.”

The team has spent the past four years streamlining its production into an efficient, sustainable machine. “We’re at the next phase where we can develop and grow new business,” explains Lise. “Having almost total control over our manufacturing is an enormous advantage. We can offer custom work, for instance, so designers can offer their clients total exclusivity.” As far as trends go, Lise sees the homeware direction following right behind fashion. “Heading into 2013 our apparel will be strong on pastels, and this will flow into the fabric ranges and accessories. With the popularity of social media, people see and want things instantly. So as much as we’re influenced by trends, we certainly don’t see it as the be all and end all. If we’re passionate about something, regardless of its origin, then we’ll pursue it.” And when their new ranges appear, don’t be surprised if you hear it first on twitter. “We think the inherent formality of fabric launches is over,” says Lise. “Facebook and twitter provide amazing, instant feedback, and we see them as powerful information tools. There are so many creative ways to market your products and inform the world about what you’re doing.” You can follow them on @DT_DESIGNTEAM

the cutting crew


master class


MASTER CLASS Detail asked the stars of South Africa’s design world to give us a sneak peak of their latest projects. By Tess Paterson

Heath Nash - Spier

master class


HEATH NASH Tell us about your latest range The Recession Range is a series of smaller products based on my previous collection of pendant lights. They’re sweet little things – less expensive to make and more economical to buy. They come flat-packed and have been very well received, especially by the younger end of the market. You’ve worked on some large-scale installations. Which one was most exciting? I really enjoyed the over-scaled chandelier we made from green wine bottles for Spier’s new wine-tasting space. Where are you heading in 2013? I will be offering services and experience to different producers and artisans who may

Lighting Designer

not have products that suit the market, but who make beautiful things. What makes South African design great? We’re a hands-on nation that’s adept at dealing with reality. All our issues in SA present huge opportunities to solve problems, innovate and educate in terms of design. It’s the most exciting place to be right now. Where are you travelling to next? To Guatemala. The South American people have exceptional skill sets, and I’d love to do some collaborative projects.

master class


ANTHONY HARRIS & GERARD SWART Tell us about your latest designs We’re combining a sense of heritage with a contemporary spin, such as classical shapes mixed in with unusual handles. How has living in the Cape countryside influenced your work? We’re constantly fascinated by nature, and continue to incorporate organic elements with geometric shapes. At the moment we’re renovating an old Cape Dutch farmhouse, and the architectural shapes and sense of history are very inspiring. Which colours are you loving right now? We’re working with a strong Cobalt blue, and experimenting with clean shapes in fresh pastel shades. We still love our favourite rich olive green.

Ceramic Designers

What are your latest international ventures? We’ve designed some nature-inspired pieces for West Elm in the USA, and we’ll attend the Artisan Resource Fair, part of the New York International Gift Fair, in August. We also have an ongoing presence at The Conran Shops and Anthropologie stores. It’s important to connect with all our customers which we do via our blog. What’s the greatest appeal of South African design? That it’s bold and definite and focused there’s so much ritual and purpose behind it.

master class


LEE-ANN BELL Tell us about your latest range We’ve just launched the Dansk range which is inspired by my love of mid-century modern pieces, with a distinctly Scandinavian twist. It’s made up of the Dansk server and sofa and the Pebble coffee table – each with a nod to vintage pieces of the 50s and 60s. What materials did you choose? We’ve combined oiled oak with ducoed accents for a modern spin. There’s a hint of chartreuse yellow in there too. What are the key elements of good design? Proportion and detailing. And the avoidance of over-design. I’m a big believer in less is more, in keeping things pared down and simple.

Interior Designer

Where is South African design heading? I think there’s a real hunger for South African products. We see a lot of interest from European design blogs, and there’s no doubt we can compete with the international players. Is the SA market supportive of local design? Definitely. People want to buy local, and they’re becoming far more conscious of where and how things are made. Quality is in demand, and people are looking for beautiful designs that last.

master class


MEGAN HESSE & ANDREA KLEINOOG Tell us about your latest design The Bankie was inspired by the idea for communal seating that’s similar to that of a church pew. At its heart, the design is honest and pure, and we chose to work in solid oak and mild steel. It’s just been launched through Southern Guild, and we’re hoping that people will appreciate the concept of sharing a space/seat. Your Lab Light designed in 2009 has achieved iconic status. How has it been received internationally? We have sold the rights to the Lab Light to a Danish manufacturer and distributor. Soon it will appear in the front window of renowned interiors store Illums Bolighuis in Copenhagen.

Interior Designers

Where do you think South African design is heading ? Local designers are focusing more on our own environment, rather than trying to mimic European trends. We think that in 2013 there will be even more urban revival, from urban planning to product development. What’s your favourite material to work with? To be honest, anything in its raw form. How do you unwind? Laughing, (at, and with, each other).

have a heart



Design is taking centre stage when it comes to creating for a good cause. By Tess Paterson

Design for good – the meaningful connection between a designer and a worthy cause – has never been more relevant than it is today. Need is everywhere, and in the world of good causes, designers have the option to choose key projects that align with their creativity, skills and experience. And while their services are free, donating time and professional input often leads to business referrals, and there’s also the marketing spin-off of positive feedback from beneficiaries. Perhaps most attractive to many designers, is the carte blanche on creativity that often comes with lending a helping hand. “Pro bono work is very important and we choose one project each year,” says Pieter Mathews of Mathews & Associates Archi-

tects. “But as with any normal project, we have set conditions in place, such as design freedom, collaborating only with a non-profit accredited organizations, and ensuring the project will be accessible to the public.” “You’ve got to have good back-up for design to go somewhere,” adds product designer Joe Paine, “which is why our collaboration with the M-Net Cares Café at Decorex SA and the Naledi Children’s Literacy Project (see below) worked so well. It began with design, but the whole value chain of sponsorship, marketing, materials and manufacturing were in place. Once that’s working, there’s enormous potential to do good.” With so much scope for impacting lives in SA, Detail looks at successful projects where design, business and genuine need have found just the right fit.

have a heart



Dook for VISI

Ten years ago, visionary sisters Anna and Phina Mojapelo founded the New Jerusalem Children’s Home (NJCH) on a smallholding in Midrand. Their aim was to care for abandoned, orphaned, vulnerable and HIV positive children. Having long outgrown the existing buildings, NJCH was in urgent need of expansion. Rather than impersonal dormitory-style rooms, their hope was for separate houses that would feel like real homes. Enter Sean Wall and Mia Anfield of 4D and A Architects, who designed the first of three stunning living spaces, each accommodating 25 children. “During one of our visits we saw a container that was being used for extra storage,” says Sean. “It sparked the idea of incorporating a container system into the design, and we contacted US architect Adam Kalkin for advice. Adam is renowned for his use of shipping containers in sustainable design projects, and he provided invaluable input on NJCH.” Sean explains that here at home, containers are seen as either spaza shops or part of a construction site. “Initially it was hard to sell on paper. But once our donors understood

the concept, that you can stack fully insulated, waterproofed containers on a concrete base – it soon gained momentum.” Not only did this solution come in way below the price of bricks and mortar buildings, but numerous companies generously donated both skills and products. “About one third of the requirements was either donated or provided at cost,” says Mia. Making the building as green as possible, the design includes solar heating, photo-voltaics for lighting, an insulating roof garden and biodegradable effluent system. The team is planning two more living spaces, and well as offices and a chapel. “We’ve been given free reign, and as long as it meets the children’s requirements, it’s almost like playing with Lego,” says Sean. “Our feedback from the house mothers is that the children take so much pride in their space, that they’re more responsible about their possessions. There is a huge need out there, and from the big corporates to the one-man bands, we found people incredibly willing to help.”

have a heart



As part of an initiative by the M-Net Naledi Children’s Literacy Project, local designers were asked to create pro bono book case designs that would appeal to primary-school children. The finished products formed part of the M-Net Cares Café at Decorex Joburg, and together with generous book donations made throughout the shows, were to be presented to various libraries. These are three of the designs.

FUNDA SHELF “We based our design on the isiZulu word Funda, which means to read.” says Georg van Gass of Goet. “It’s a very literal take on the brief, with the writing forming an integral part of the construction. While it’s practical, there’s also an underlying message about the power of literacy behind it. With so many story-telling traditions being lost, reading opens the world of knowledge, wisdom and make-believe. This enables the reader to see the underlying meaning in literature and life.”

PLAY LIKE ME “I liked the idea of displaying books in a less conventional way, while still adhering to my clean-lined aesthetic,” says product designer Joe Paine. “It’s functional and good-looking, and I think the 45 degree angle and dramatic colours will appeal to children. It’s a modernist design at heart, but it’s playful too, and children get that.”

SAFE HOUSE “Part of the brief was to make a child smile,” explains interior designer Megan Hesse of Anatomy Design. “We liked the idea of an old-fashioned doll’s house – something beautiful that opens up into a safe and private place to read. The design allows for bookshelves as well as a seat, and there’s a pleasing sense of nostalgia to it.”




St Leger & Viney - Villa Nova High Society

art & handmade crafts



E: Impressionist

Alice Pitzer T: 011 958 1392 C: 083 377 1470 F: 086 632 0751 E: South African art - paintings and sculptures




Andrew Horne C: 082 574 9803 F: 086 553 9252 E: Steel furniture, decor and wall-art for home & garden

Trish Melamed T: 011 786 8514 C: 083 378 8514 F: 011 786 8318 E: Framed fine art, objects, mirrors, custom-made for corporate or domestic clients

Katherine Darvall T: 031 767 0998 C: 083 776 3235 F: 083 776 3235 E: finessenceartdecor@ Decor mosaic, mixed media mirrors and wall hangings, key hangers, coat hangers and words



AT Fourie T: 083 378 8514 C: 072 222 7214 F: 053 441 2156 E: Handcrafted grandfather and wall clocks

Bashir Ahmad Khan T: 011 834 9501 C: 072 230 4672 F: 011 834 9501 E: Indian furniture and Kashmir crafts



Bron Stofberg T: 082 462 6168 C: 082 462 6168 F: 031 312 9946 E: Custom made, stunning contemporary art, art & handmade crafts

DANIE SMITH ART Danie Smith C: 083 230 9380

Julie Mayo T: 031 266 7524 C: 082 871 8891 E: Artist specialising in oil painting and digitally manipulated photography

KARLA VAN DEN BERGH Karla van den Bergh T: 058 256 1007 C: 082 302 5920

F: 058 256 1341 E: Original whimsical art by Karla van den Bergh

LIFESTUDIOS T: 011 884 6870 C: 082 855 3571 F: 011 884 6873 E: Personalised family portraiture with customised print effects and framing

LACUNA COLLECTION Grant Legassick T: 074 190 0000 E: Fine art photography for interior spaces

MARITZART Lindie Laubscher C: 082 373 2519 E: Original oil paintings and greeting cards

MARLENE NEUMANN EXCLUSIVE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY Marlene Neumann T: 043 726 1877 C: 083 321 3391 F: 086 614 5708 E: Exclusive fine art Photography

MBALI AFRICAN CORNER Siphiwe Nkomo T: 011 079 7025 C: 078 553 3691/ F: 086 263 8739 E:

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71 Distributor of african artefacts for the home & office

MNINIZO TRADING Nathi Zondi T: 082 486 2738 C: 072 444 8907 F: 031 303 8838 E: Company manufacture and sale craft made of soft and hard wire, beads and seed beads

MOONSTAR WOVEN ART Karen Gilmour C: 072 867 2492 F: 086 530 3748 E: Contemporary, unique handwoven art; can be custom designed

PAK PERSIAN CARPETS Khurshid Dar T: 011 884 7201 C: 082 445 9617 F: 011 880 6613 E: Importers and dealers of fine handknotted persian and oriental carpets, rugs and kilims

PERSEPOLIS CARPET BAZAAR Mahdis Saadat T: 012 992 6110 C: 084 041 0076 F: 012 998 0320 E: persepoliscarpets@gmail. com Direct importer and retailer of handmade rugs and kelims

PETER HALL Peter Hall T: 011 465 2520 C: 082 584 5964 F: 011 465 5858 E: / Facebook: Peter Hall Artist An artist working in oil on canvas

RED HAT GALLERY Marilize Smith T: 076 558 4095 E: 3D Art, originals and framing

RUTH ART Ruth Kloppers T: 011 873 2914 C: 083 297 7704 F: 011 873 2914 E: Original oil paintings with a difference

art & handmade crafts - bathrooms & accessories - blinds, shutters & awnings


RYB ART 1 Roanne Brainin T: 011 485 2094 C: 082 572 8695 F: 082 572 8695 E: Contempory, modern art to compliment the decor of every home.

THE ART OF HAPPINESS Vanessa Klevansky C: 082 576 2259 E: Contemporary art and design

E: Trade and investment facilitation government agency

SEDA T: 086 010 3703 E: Together advancing small enterprise development

BATHROOM & BATHROOM ACCESSORIES CLASSIC TRADING Shami Sheikh T: 011 656 0400 C: 073 446 5786 F: 011 656 0403 E: Exclusive bathroom fittings by hansgrohe, catalano, grohe, duravit, porcelanosa, duravit

CRYSTALUX Hannelore Kandolf T: 011 450 2960/ 011 397 6558 C: 082 415 6294 F: 086 249 1712 E: Custom-made shower doors “frameless at its best”


ASSOCIATIONS GEDA Lally Moleya T: 011 833 8750 C: 083 579 1314

T: 021 534 1357 E: Brazilian basins for bathrooms. Drop in, on top, under slung and exotic shapes

TILE AFRICA T: 080 000 2783 Bathrooms: Baths, showers, basins, taps, tiles


021 704 2340 082 551 8842 011 325 5503 info@victorianbathrooms. For luxury bathroomware, at affordable prices, in the classic style

VICTORIAN BATHROOMSHYDE PARK T: 011 325 5503 F: 011 325 5503 E: info@victorianbathrooms. For luxury bathroomware, at affordable prices, in the classic style

BLINDS, SHUTTERS & AWINGS AMERICAN SHUTTERS T: 0860 748 8837 F: 021 510 7808 E: info@americanshutters. Custom made wooden shutters and blinds and aluminium security shutters

BLIND ESSENCE T: 011 425 5810 C: 079 878 6482 F: 011 425 0902 E: Vertical blinds, bamboo, rollers, awnings, wooden and alluminium venetians

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LUXAFLEX WINDOW STYLING T: 011 793 3641 C: 0861 LUXAFLEX F: 011 793 3605 E: Manufacturer of Luxaflex blinds, awnings and shutters

MARKILUX AWNINGS AND SCREENS T: 086 172 73367 F: 086 547 9528 E: German craftsmanship safe, timeless, beautiful

Custom designed quality shutters - Timber and aluminium security

WINDOWVERT T: 086 111 6041 F: 086 541 0637 E: Windovert are your “Sun control specialists”. We manufacture, supply and install various products incl blinds, shutters, awnings, folding doors Manufacturer of Luxaflex blinds, awnings and shutters


We are making space for trendy arrivals Stunning commercial ranges NOW ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HOME USE


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Tel: (012) 327 2414 CY CM

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BUILDING, BUILDING MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION AQUA DECO Charlene du Toit T: 011 025 3822 C: 072 214 8619 F: 086 762 1165 E: Any image you want printed in glass mosaic tiles

ASIAN TILES WORLD NORTH RIDING Saad Diwan T: 011 025 6767 C: 083 877 6642 F: 086 548 0711 E: Manufacture of exclusive range of wall, floor, elevation, digital for your dream home

BITUMPROOF SA T: 011 262 4000 C: 082 941 5555 F: 011 262 6664 Bitumproof SA (Iluz Brothers) offers world’s leading waterproofing systems and services here in SA!

COVERLAND T: 011 222 7300 C: 082 562 3152 F: 011 222 7470 E: Leading concrete roof tile manufacturer, clay tiles and roof components

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F: 086 618 5114 Supplier of environmentally friendly composite materials and deck lighting products to the building industry

LOFT & LADDERS Richard Miller T: 021 511 1511 C: 074 331 0270 F: 021 511 1501 E: The loft conversion specialists. An empty space to a beautiful place

LONGSPAN GUTTERS Paul Marais T: 021 521 0000 F: 021 521 0005 E: Seamless rainwater solutions

Highest quality & luxury from consultation, design, manufacture and installation with guaranteed after sales service. Tel: 011 397 6558 Fax: 086 249 1712 Cell: 082 415 6294 E-mail: www. Member of SASEMA and SAGGA

building, building materials & construction


MAJOR TECH - VETI Rhodam Evans T: 011 822 1551 F: 011 822 1411 E: Affordable switches & sockets incorporating style & elegance

NORTHERN HARDWARE & GLASS MANUFACTURING Chantelle Lee T: 011 314 0365 F: 011 314 8361 E: Glass processing and manufacturing - Frameless showers, curved glass etc

PALMERS EXCLUSIVE METALS Allistaire Matthews T: 021 951 1140 C: 083 379 4109 F: 021 951 4003 E: Manufacturers of wrought iron front entrance doors, gates & lamps

MAJOR TECH - VETI Rhodam Evans T: 011 822 1551 F: 011 822 1411 E: Affordable switches & sockets incorporating style & elegance

PALMERS EXCLUSIVE METALS Allistaire Matthews T: 021 951 1140 C: 083 379 4109 F: 021 951 4003 E: Manufacturers of wrought iron front entrance doors, gates & lamps

SALVOCORP T: 011 472 8899 F 011 472 8897 E: Distributors of worldclass interior finishing products, Radianz, engineered stone & Staron, solid surfacing by Samsung

SHELF SPACE Karl Van Staden T: 011 794 1785 C: 082 829 6226 F: 011 795 1746 E: Shelf Space specialises in timber shelving for various purposes

STABLE MARKETING T: 021 593 5540 F: 021 593 9382 E: stefan@stablemarketing Stable Marketing specialises in timber, decking, flooring, ceiling, cladding & staircases

STEEL STUDIO INTERNATIONAL T: 011 608 1963 C: 083 267 8884 F: 086 210 4671 Manufacture and installation of stainless steel and glass balustrades

Tel: 010 202 3360 email: Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter @ ACDCExpress

building, building materials & construction


VELVET MOON STONES Saeid Amini T: 011 315 6678 c: 082 788 5211 F: 086 530 6503 E: Best quality, best price on porcelain and marble tiles

WENDY LANE T: 011 440 8606 C: 083 305 9309 F: 086 211 5439 E: Wendy house, doll house and timber cabin manufacturer

décor & home stores


DECOR & HOME STORES CON AMORE T: 011 262 0385 F: 011 262 0903 E: kramerville@conamore Importers and Retail Merchants of Exclusive Furniture, Antiques and Objects d’art

COTINA INTERNATIONAL David Kuan Daniel Kuan T: 011 834 8171 C: 082 930 0456 F: 011 834 8386 E: Suppliers of quality home decor products

CRYSTAL IMAGES T: 011 918 3671 F: 011 452 7047 E: Wall decor and furniture with a difference

DISTINCTIVE DESIGNS GROUP Andy Scrivener Sandra van der Merwe T: 011 708 7878 C: 083 227 1298 F: 086 575 3043 E: Perfect artificial plants hassle free. Call us for creative solutions

EXCLUSIVE TOWELS Waldo Jacobs T: 021 9480932

C: 082 570 6485 F: 021 9451766 E: Exclusive Towels direct to the Public, Hospitality-Health & Beauty sectors

HIRSCH’S Keith Govender T: 011 707 8000 F: 011 707 8050 E: Our mission: To provide superb service

INDULGENCE SPA PRODUCTS Miranda Isaakidis T: 011 705 1028 C: 082 780 6500 F: 011 467 8034 E: mirandaindugencespa www.indulgencespaproducts. Wholesale distributors and manufactures of candles, robes and luxury gifts

IMAGINE NATION Adam Levin T: 011 726 8865 C: 073 232 1920 F: 086 517 3854 E: The Global Homeware Store

JITCOM GROUP Jat Jiang T: 086 112 4462 C: 082 681 0855 F: 086 663 1689 E: Eco/white porcelain, electric kettle, arts & crafts,


KARAVANSARY Wessel Pretorius T: 012 460 7116 C: 082 339 0308 F: 086 671 4193 E: Imported handmade Moroccan home décor items

KARLA VAN DEN BERGH Karla van den Bergh T: 058 256 1007 C: 082 302 5920 F: 058 256 1341 E: Original art by artist Karla van den Bergh

LE CREUSET T: 086 177 3321 E: The worlds leading enameled cast iron

PURE PIX PORTRAITURE Audrey Willenberg T: 021 552 8571 E: www.purepixportraiture.yolasite. com A high-end portrait photo studio in Century City

RABINOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHY David Rabinowitz T: 044 8734933 C: 083 305 9977 F: 044 8735609 E: Classic framed photographic portraits on canvas

décor & home stores - decorative accessories


RUGS ORIGINAL Aubrey Blumberg T: 011 463 2149 C: 082 490 2123 E: Contemporary & Traditional rugs/carpets- handmade, §machine made, custom made

SEW SANDTON HOME Feroze Garda T: 011 884 8446 C: 084 500 1786 F: 011 884 8446 E: Made-to-measure curtains, blinds, upholstery & wallpaper. Free quotes

SHIRLEY’S RUSTIC FRAMES Shirley McGaili T: 074 755 1787 C: 074 755 1787 F: 086 606 2959 E: shirleysrusticframes@ www.shirleysrusticframes. Manufacturing of rustic picture frames and mirrors

TEMPUR June Carrington T: 086 160 6060 C: 076 983 0085 F: 086 195 9595 E: Tempur mattresses and pillows

WILLOWBROOK COTTON COMPANY Susan Green T: 011 465 0210

C: 082 824 7721 F: 086 641 8235 E: Manufacturers and retailers of bed and cot linen

DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES ABSTRACT ART & INTERIORS Elain Steinberg T: 011 453 9690 C: 082 888 0652 F: 086 632 8481 E: Art framing, accessories, consultants for hotels, restaurants, lodges and spas Art framing, accessories, consultants for hotels, restaurants, lodges and spas

AQUA DECO Charlene du Toit T: 011 025 3822 C: 072 214 8619 F: 086 762 1165 E: Any image you want printed in glass mosaic tiles

BLING & BEAUTIFUL Caroline Dodds C: 083 788 9988 F: 031 502 2074 E: / Direct importer of the Crystallook glass button and stones

BOROWSKI Gail Stroh C: 083 256 1616 F: 011 740 2275 E: Glass objects that reflect images of space, freedom and individuality

CLASSIC BOND Christine Bond T: 011 822 9200 C: 082 444 6424 F: 011 822 9201 E: Classic bond is proud of the creativity of our décor products

COZY LAMP Leoni Meyer T: 012 344 1414 C: 082 448 8504 E: Stained glass windows, lampshades, restoration, tuition, interior architectural commission

DIVALI WALL LIGHTS Venda Prins T: 028 313 2495 C: 084 260 0475 F: 086 664046 E: Manufacture indoor & outdoor wall lights

HELLOOOW HANDMADE Merewyn de Heer T: 082 465 1845 C: 082 465 1845 E: Creating beautiful ceramic bead chandeliers and jewellery from hand rolled ceramic beads

decorative accessories - designers, interior decorators & architects


L’EMILE ET SON DISTINGUISHED BY DESIGN Sonia Zocchi-Dommann / Emile Pasqualle T: 082 557 0150 C: 083 308 7188 F: 086 720 3509 E: Exceptional European & American brands to inspire the contemporary design eye

ORAC DECOR Suppliers of fine trimmings and tiebacks

WINDOW ART Divan Smit T: 072 390 2984 C: 072 390 2984 F: 086 698 1029 E: Decorative glass frosting


Bridgett Britz T: 011 462 2755 C: 082 575 2225 F: 011 462 3295 E: Luxury home finishes including cornice, skirting and panels

Lea Massey T: 011 450 2344 C: 083 411 1666 E: info@uniqueimpressions. Wallpaper specialists, custom and imported wallpapers



T: 011 613 3608 C: 082 319 0045 F: 011 613 3583 “Red Apple is well-known for its modern contemporary designs, high quality and competitive pricing”

THE DECOR STATION T: 011 466 7933 C: 082 410 4656 F: 086 750 3871 E: Importers of decor products

THE HOUSE OF PASSEMENTERIE Simon Garnham T: 021 904 5873 C: 082 925 2739 F: 021 904 5873 E:

Maiky Naklumpar T: 011 788 7706 C: 083 712 2204 F: 011 880 9925 E: Direct importers of ladies handbags and fashion accessories

DESIGNERS, INTERIOR DECORATORS & ARCHITECTS AIF DESIGN ARCHITECTS Cobus Du Plessis T: 012 653 6644 C: 082 449 8904 F: 086 681 6484 E: AIF Design Architects specialize in the custom design of your dream home

CHATEAU BUILDING CONTRACTORS Pierre Grobbelaar T: 012 751 8161 C: 083 460 0374 F: 086 518 2462 E: Design and construction of your dream home

DAVID MUIRHEAD & ASSOCIATES David Muirhead T: 011 784 5555 C: 082 494 5151 F: 011 784 5051 E: Johannesburg based interior design company specialising in residential & hospitality projects

DEVILLIERS DU TOIT ARCHITECTS Devilliers du Toit T: 082 699 5383 C: 083 232 6554 E: Elegant and timeless yet modern architecture, executed sustainably

HARRIET LINEN AND GIFTS T: 021 448 1584 E: Specialising in interior design and homeware wholesale to public

designers, interior decorators & architects


IDEAL INTERIORS AFRICA Yolandi Reed T: 011 958 5211 C: 082 444 8189 F: 086 621 8693 E: Full Interiors for house and hotel. Big & small projects

JACKET INTERIORS Ockert Snyman T: 011 646 3505 C: 083 601 4526 F: 011 646 3592 E: Interior Design - Residential, Commercial and Hospitality

KYLE ROUX INTERIORS Kyle Roux T: 086 111 3895 F: 086 111 3894 E: Interior and architectural conceptual design and decorating

LAZANU CREATIONS Nurayn Hassen T: 011 432 3324 C: 076 643 3237 F: 086 672 7887 Zane Hassen Nurayn Hassen Specialist in blinds, curtains, wall paper, automation & interior décor

LIV’IT INTERIORS C: 084 960 4433 F: 011 468 3199 E: Contemporary decorating & design for residential,

corporate & hospitality projects

MBALI URBAN SOLUTIONS Siphiwe Nkomo T: 011 079 7025 C: 072 467 1796 F: 086 263 8739 E: Interior, deco design & project management. distributor of luxury lifestyle products

MEDITERRANEAN BARS & CONSTRUCTION Hester Boshoff T: 011 917 3380 F: 011 917 0535 E: hester@mediterranean EST 1990 and still building the best modern bars

RNA DISTRIBUTION Kammy Grow Hannelie van As T: 011 248 3500 C: 083 407 3769 F: 086 754 5901 E: RNA is the biggest media distributor in Southern Africa based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg

SLIC CONSULTING Elaine Barber C: 082 782 8823 E: Interior decorating and wall art

TECHNOGYM Tracey Fourie T: 011 707 2900

C: 083 253 4588 E: Technogym: a world leader in the design of fitness equipment

THE TILE GALLERY Serkan Guvenilir T: 011 312 5038 C: 079 916 7025 F: 086 239 8825 E: Natural stone importers, specialise in bathroom & kitchens, competitive prices

TIRMAH INTERIORS Abid Javed T: 021 418 4841 C: 074 516 9186 F: 021 418 4837 We specialize in patchwork, reloaded and modern kilims

fabrics & linen


FABRICS & LINEN DUCKO PROCESSING Heidi Wenhold T: 014 537 2124 C: 082 903 1978 F: 086 670 7338 E: Duck down duvets and pillows

ERSOY FABRICS Sue Ellen Sinclair T: 083 770 4766 C: 072 633 6033 F: 011 262 6556 E: Ersoy fabrics specialised in upholstery fabrics

EXCLUSIVE HOME FASHIONS Nico Brits T: 011 801 1980 F: 011 792 9106 E: SA’s leading luxury linen wholesaler to retailers, hospitality establishments & decorators

GOOD NIGHT LINEN Corne van Breemen T: 011 976 1608 C: 083 510 5622 F: 086 572 2556 E: Change the way you sleep The best bed linen in the world

GRANNY GOOSE DUVETS Glen Le Roux T: 086 038 8387 F: 086 686 1617

E: We specialise in the manufacture and sale of down and feather bedding and fine bed linen

HAND PAINTED BY CARMEL Warren T: 086 125 6847 C: 082 418 8881 E: contact@ Hand painted coated tablecloths and fabric

HERTEX FABRICS Dina Gianni T: 011 262 4108 F: 011 262 4110 E: Wholesaler of curtaining and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers and rugs

SESLI TEXTILES T: 011 674 5114 F: 011 472 4626 E: Blanket and textile manufacturing company

THE FABRIC HOUSE Heather Anne Lund-Truter T: 011 262 6771 C: 054 455 5065 F: 011 262 6773 E: Discounted Designer Fabrics We’re Always on SALE!

U&G FABRICS T: 086 144 4546 F: 031 208 9076

E: Fabrics and wall coverings

flooring & tiling




T: 021 981 7701 C: 083 648 7687 E: Cork flooring and wall tiles

Head Office T: 033 897 7500 F: 033 897 7700 E: www.belgotexfloorcoverings. Floor covering manufacturer



Charlene du Toit T: 011 025 3822 C: 072 214 8619 F: 086 762 1165 E: Any image you want printed in glass mosaic tiles

Thushleen Ramdin T: 087 751 9256 C: 078 219 9628 F: 012 665 0699 E: thushleen@boutiquetiles. Boutique tiles are committed to the highest quality and personal service in the flooring industry

flooring & tiling

86 Your one stop decor and flooring specialist

C&C CARPETS David Bradshaw T: 021 932 6318 C: 084 240 1560 F: 086 671 7209 E: Luxury vinyl, carpets and rugs

DECOSCREED Morne Collins C: 082 435 6111 E: Manufactures and applicaters of decorative floors, stucco’s and industrial floors

COIRTEX T: 021 762 2227 C: 083 366 5545 F: 021 762 2231 E: Flooring in harmony with nature

DECOR & DESIGN Raeesa Adam T: 011 830 0553 C: 079 500 9500 F: 011 830 0570



FLOOR SMART Justin Patterson T: 031 566 2202 F: 031 566 5724 E: Retail and Installation of aminate, solid-wood, vinyl, carpets & blinds

Karla Jonker T: 086 034 6679 C: 082 773 5698 F: 086 134 6679 E: FloorworX - South Africa’s premier flooring manufacturing and all-round flooring solutions provider

Sanet Bezuidenhout T: 011 318 0570/0446 C: 083 654 5331 F: 011 318 0447 E: Manufaturing and installing of carpets, laminates and security bars

flooring & tiling


FOREST FLOORING Nici Combrinck T: 010 591 5140 C: 083 229 9533 F: 011 466 2919 E: Importers and installers of solid timber flooring and decking

FOSHAN H&P ENTERPRISE Roman T: +8675783035378 C: 13590553927 F: +8675783201890 E: business1@hpenterprise. cn Ceramic tile, mosaic, exhibition

FOSHAN OCEANO CERAMICS Joy Fanny lan T: 8675783612689 C: 8675788310988020 E: Look closer, the more exceptional

FOTAKIS BROTHERS Stratis Fotakis T: 011 626 3000 F: 011 626 3500 E: Boutique importer and distributor of all flooring solutions

INOVAR FLOOR BY FINFLOOR Sasha Kozinsky T: 086 034 6356 C: 082 494 0804 F: 031 579 5599 E: Distributors of wood, wood based and vinyl flooring

JASMAR COATING Steve Trollip T: 072 424 5046 C: 082 823 4780 F: 086 542 2577 E: Protective finishes for flooring, fabrics and leather

flooring & tiles


KINGDOM CERAMICS Sophia Yuan T :+86 757 8834 5931 C: +86 138 2776 5987 F +86 757 8538 5818 E: Kingdom Ceramics create perfect life

MATCO Jean Smit T: 011 452 7961 F: 011 452 7965 E: Leading importers and manufacturers of customised access matting

LACOTTA PROJECTS Paul Rayfield T: 011 609 8770 C: 082 808 6159 F: 011 609 8131 E: Manufacturers of tiles, cladding, flagstones, cobbles, landscaping products and pots

MAHARANI TILES & SANWARE T: 031 577 7860 F: 031 577 7865 Offers a spectacular range of exclusive tiles for both wall and floor

MONN Nouwens Custom Weave T: 058 623 2805 C: 083 627 5663 F: 058 623 2811 E:

Manufacturers of wilton woven wool carpets

NATURAL STONE WAREHOUSE Lars Nielsen T: 021 506 1300 F: 021 511 0255 E: larsn@naturalstoneware www.naturalstonewarehouse. com Supplier of top quality natural stone tiles and cladding

NEW AGE STONE Clive Smith T: 074 461 0431 C: 072 462 8435 F: 086 655 8896 E: Manufacturers of reconstituted sandstone: Tiles, poolcopings, cladding, fireplace surounds, architectural

T: 011 465 4150 F: 011 493 6838 E: Suppliers and installers of importers of quality wooden flooring

SEA POINT FLORSTORE Matthew King T: 021 439 6685 F: 021 439 0429 E: We cover it all

SPEEDHEAT T: 011 841 8000 F: 011 841 8066 E: Speedheat floor heating offers tailor-made solutions for your heating needs

STUCCO CRETE Adriaan Wehmeyer

QUARTZ CARPET T: 086 178 2789 F: 021 797 4743 E: Quartz Carpet is a unique sophisticated seamless stone flooring system

REAL NATURAL STONE Cindy T: 031 539 3251 C: 079 945 8087 F: 031 539 3252 E: Real Natural Stone. Get real get natural. Visit us


flooring & tiles - florists, food & home entertaining


C: 082 899 0828 F: 0866 88 1370 E: Specialists in all flooring needs. Coloured cementitious floors & walls, laminates, vinyl and solid wood suppliers, and installers

THE TILE GALLERY Serkan Guvenilir T: 011 312 5038 C: 079 916 7025 F: 086 239 8825 E: Natural Stone Importers, specialise in bathroom & kitchens, competitive prices

TILED TAPESTRIES Elaine Labuschagne T: 072 688 1946 E: elainelabuschagne@gmail. com

Creators and producers of exquisite handcrafted tiles

TILE AFRICA T: 080 000 2783 E: Flooring: Porcelain,ceramic, natural stone,mosaic

TRUEWOOD T: 021 300 0002 C: 086 669 2126 E: Truewood is a leading supplier of engineered hardwood floors

VAN DYCK CARPETS Liz Myakayaka T: 031 913 3800 F: 031 912 1220 E: marketing@vandyck We are a tried, tested and trusted brand offering affordable, durable, Eco-friendly products

VELVET MOON STONES Saeid Amini T: 011 315 6678 C: 082 788 5211 F: 086 530 6503 E: Best quality, best price on Porcelain and marble tiles

WOMAG (WORLD OF MARBLE AND GRANITE) T: 0861 196 6624 F: 021 447 6165 E: Supplies natural stone, porcelain tiles and natural stone, quartz surfaces

ZIMBO’S TRADING Dave Waddy T: 021 511 4693 C: 082 579 8822 F: 021 511 4694 E: Wooden flooring installation and decking

FLORISTS, FOOD & HOME ENTERTAINING CURRY ME HOME Yudhika Sujanani C: 079 511 0952 E: Celebrity chefs, spices and recipe books

FLAVOUREX CHEESE FACTORY Gjorgi Gorgiev Stojan T: 011 888 9972 C: 083 397 3531 F: 086 552 0826 E: High quality hand made cows and goats milk cheese

ILLY COFFEE Chris Kellaris T: 011 4938701/2/3 C: 082 412 8516 F: 011 493 8802 E: Importers & suppliers of illy coffee & products

KOKO CHOCOLATE COMPANY Stuart Murray C: 083 389 9866

florists, food & home entertaining - furniture


E: KoKo™ Chocolate Company is deliciously South African

MHF CONFECTIONERY Andrea Joannides Chris Constantinou T: 011 440 2015 C: 082 595 1693 F: 011 887 2569 E: A treat for the Gods, Kosher, Halaal,

MBALI BLOOMS Siphiwe Nkomo T: 011 079 7025 C: 078 553 3691/ 072 467 1796 F: 086 263 8739 E: Home & Cooperate floral designs, organic produce, hamper needs & function coordinators

SMIRNOFF C: 080 027 2634 Smirnoff Box is a stylish and perfectly balanced Smirnoff Premix blend of Smirnoff Vodka and fruit juice

SWEET TEMPTATIONS TOFFEES Anita Labuschagne T: 083 445 4510 C: 083 445 4510 F: 086 670 9973 E: Award winning toffees manufacturer, hand-made

facturer, hand-made and hand wrapped

TASHA’S FANTASTIC FUDGE Tasha Jardim C: 083 381 8483 F: 033 343 2994 E: A sweet, decadent treat that will delight all ages

FURNITURE 3PM TIME TO PLAY Miranda Naidoo C: 082 601 1862 E: Inspiring little people through an exclusive range of childrens furniture





BARCRAFTS Terry Barson T: 011 473 1221 C: 082 602 4515 F: 011 473 1221 E: Manufacture of quality bars/ pubs, tv units, studies, for private homes

BLUE BAY LIFESTYLE Nelia Mc Allister T: 086 125 8229 F: 032 947 0776 E: Local manufacturer of quality aluminium, poly rattan outdoor furniture

CARPENTER AND SONS Deon Malherbe T: 083 253 7895 C: 082 855 8435 F: 086 643 2166 E: Manufacturers of exclusive designer furniture and book cases for you

CHATEAU D’AX T: 011 463 7993 C: 072 440 2166 E: Custom designed, exclusive high quality furniture manufactured in Italy

CORICRAFT T: 011 611 8700 F: 011 611 8789 E: Bed, dining and living room furniture manufacturer and retailer

FORMFUNC STUDIO Graeme Newton T: 0861 555 271 C: 079 891 9447 E: Exclusive dealer partner to Humanscale, global leaders in ergonomic design

HOMEWOOD Dave Macdonald T: 033 234 4450 C: 083 440 8121 F: 086 516 4878 E: hardwood furniture Crafted luxury in solid

JOY FURNITURE Ockert Rossouw T: 012 756 1888/ 012 751 4468 C: 083 6100 432 F: 086 511 3702 E: Specialists in high quality furniture

KRAMDESIGNS Mark Reed T: 086 163 6844 C: 082 462 5656 F: 086 299 0997 E: Suppliers of automated TV lift cabinets for flat panel televisions

LA CESCA Michela da Costa T: 011 485 5738 C: 082 737 1135 E: Art deco furniture supporting green living

MEZZANINE Lee-Ann Bell T: 011 888 3986 C: 083 302 2510 F: 011 782 5753 Contemporary furniture and homeware store

MOBELLI OUTDOOR FURNITURE T: 0861 Mobelli E: Outdoor lounge suites, dining tables, shade umbrellas and pool loungers




T: 012 327 6559 C: 082 809 1588 F: 086 501 1884 E: Manufacturers of plasma stands, coffee tables and office furniture

NEST FURNITURE & STORAGE SOLUTIONS Vanessa Gibson C: 082 747 5443 E: Exclusive furniture and storage, designed for children

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOW AND MATTRESS Ryan McLeod T: 087 151 4685 C: 082 554 7301 F: 086 274 1123 E: info@patiowarehouse. Africa’s largest selection of patio furniture and accessories

PATIO WAREHOUSE Ruan Venter T: 011 801 0820 F: 011 801 0838 E: info@patiowarehouse. Africa’s largest selection of patio furniture and accessories

PUBCRAFT Darren Rollands T: 082 639 6785 F: 011 795 1373 E: Custom bars, wine cellars, studies and bespoke furniture

RED APPLE FURNITURE T: 011 613 3608 C: 082 319 0045 F: 011 613 3583 E: Red Apple is well-known for its modern contemporary designs, high quality and competitive

SEALY POSTUREPEDIC Arthur Masondo T: 011 309 4000 F: 011 474 0454 E: Mattresses & foundations designed in co-operation with leading American orthopaedic surgeons

SIMMONS AT HNT FURNISHERS Nathan Fine T: 011 089 1700 C: 082 854 5706 F: 011 089 1705 E: Simmons Beautyrest beds Refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize. Available at HNT Furnishers

Exclusive online pet boutique

TEMPUR June Carrington T: 086 160 6060 C: 076 983 0085 F: 086 195 9595 E: Tempur mattresses and pillows

THE ROOM T: 074 843 7666 F: 086 567 3537 E: Quality hand painted nursery and childrens furniture

TRADE SECRET Alex Cresswell-Turner T: 021 447 1186 C: 078 864 4448 E:

SOLEIL PATIO LIVING T: 011 706 2834 F: 011 706 9132 E: An exclusive range of patio furniture designed in house

SWAG BOUTIQUE Nikki Sher T: 011 884 8583 C: 072 282 7108 F: 011 884 8583 E: nikki@theswagboutique. com

The Mattress of choice to the Hospitality industry. Tel: 011 309 4000

furniture - heating & cooling


Aspirational indoor furniture at irresistible prices

VRYHEID COUNTRY FURNITURE T: 034 981 4636 C: 083 262 7577 F: 086 675 2315 E: Manufacturers of solid wood furniture HEATING &

WOODBENDER Tony Marinos T: 021 854 6034 C: 082 371 6918 F: 021 853 2659 E: Local manufacturer of solid

wooden seating and accessories

HEATING & COOLING BIOFIRE FIREPLACES T: 021 855 4606 C: 072 292 5865 E: enquiries@biofire Unique, easy-to-use and safe 24 hour heating solution

ECO-INSULATION T: 011 766 1882 C: 082 410 7301 E: Eco-insulation, keeping you comfortable no matter what

heating & cooling


the season

EDWARDS SOLAR HOT WATER Angela Smith T: 086 133 9273 C: 082 677 0202 F: 086 680 4834 E: Premium quality stainless steel solar water heaters

ENVIROHEAT SA Bradley Katz C: 083 325 3647 E: Sales and installation of Nestor Martin Multifuel (wood, coal and anthracite) fireplaces

FAITSCH PRODUCTS Christian Faitsch T: 021 853 5101 C: 076 901 7557 F: 021 855 3108 E: Importer of German fireplaces & stoves: stainless steel chimney systems, concrete Braais, postboxes, &mailbox systems:

HEATPUMPSA Roger Fawcett T: 072 796 5592 E: We are approved distributors for leading brand heat pumps

HISENSE Tony Shi Rodney Sibanda T: 011 314 7718 C: 076 865 2378 F: 011 314 8444

E: Top quality house hold brand which vibrant and innovative

HOME FIRES Rudie Scheepers T: 012 663 3911/13 C: 082 564 6881 F: 012 663 3991 E: Retail of fireplaces and braais and accessories

HOME HEATING Vincent Theunissen T: 011 454 1953 C: 079 881 4131 F: 086 673 0694 E: Underfloor heating makes your house a comfortable home

JETMASTER Adriaan Barnard T: 011 764 4632 C: 083 647 3528 F: 086 576 5046 E: Manuafactures and distributors of fireplace, barbeques and slow combustion stoves

PROGRESS LIGHTING, FIRES & AIRCONDITIONING Frikkie Henning T: 011 262 4662 F: 086 591 5333 E: Supply and installations of braais, fireplaces, air conditioners and refrigeration

SELECTED ENERGY T/A SOLAHART Ray Fernande T: 011 467 4972 F: 0866 572 025 E: sales@selectedenergy. Solar water heating Southern Africa

SYAM DISTRIBUTORS T: 011 845 4395 F: 011 845 4395 E: Suppliers of the highest quality fireplaces, braai’s, firepits and toolchests

T AND T ENERGY SOLUTIONS Silvia Thalhauser T: 079 993 7003 F: 086 599 3818 E: High quality and long-life wood-pellet heaters

HOME AUTOMATION & TECHNOLOGY AC SCREENS & SHUTTERS Jenny Ramsay T: 011 887 8656 F: 011 887 8657 E: Motorised patio screens, security roller shutters, awnings, blinds, curtain tracks

ACDC EXPRESS T: 010 202 3360 C: 087 807 5402 E:

home automation & technology

97 Everything electrical for the home, office and factory

AMC GERMAN TECHNOLOGY Jason Gradl T: 021 551 7588 F: 021 551 7589 E: Simplified home automation and lighting control

AUDIO VISUAL GURUS Pieter Venter T: 012 661 0606 C: 071 609 2132 F: 012 661 9489 E:

Specialist in home theater, home automation, multi-room audio and boardroom solution


C: 083 304 7700 E: Electrical components, entertainment convergence and renewable energy technology

Stuart Tayler T: 021 851 9700/7306 C: 082 491 7132 F: 086 541 8023 E: Manufacturer of TV lifts: Ceiling, cabinets, ottoman, underbed, kitchen, pubs




Chavonne Raubenheimer T: 011 490 3800

Tony Shi Rodney Sibanda T: 011 314 7718 C: 076 865 2378 F: 011 314 8444 Top quality house hold brand which vibrant and innovative

T: 011 541 0027/28 C: 087 943 7177

home automation & technology - kitchens & kitchen accessories

98 F: 011 541 0007 E: Swiss manufactured, domestic and commercial fully-automatic coffee machines

UNI-CAPE Mark Morris T: 021 9516262 C: 083 326 9275 F: 021 951 4898 E: Sales, service & installation of vertcal platform lifts, wheelchair lifts & stairlifts

KITCHENS & KITCHEN ACCESSORIES ALPINE GERMAN KITCHENS Wendy Grater T: 021 422 2373 F 021 422 2393 E: Importers of exlusive German kitchen brands

AMC COOKWARE T: 086 111 1262 F: 021 761 5139 E: High quality waterless and fat free cookware

AMC COOKWARE Vino Chibabhai T: 011 435 0614 C: 082 445 8249 F: 011 435 0624 E:

Manufacturers and direct sales distributors of waterless & fatfree cookware

AQUATECH S.A. PURIFIERS AND FILTERS Vernon Dicks T: 072 220 8855 C: 086 653 9131 E: Water purification and filtration specialists

BERZACK BROTHERS Aimee Gordon T: 011 334 7634 F: 086 218 3714 E: The trusted name in houseware distribution

BLU_LINE Philip Richards T: 0860 548 464 F: 0865 514 001 E: blu_line lead the market in high end, modern functional kitchens

CAESARSTONE T: 011 822 1350 C: 083 608 5810 F: 011 822 1701 E: Wholesale suppliers of quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms

CURVES AND BEVELS DESIGNER KITCHENS Nolene Strydom T: 077 476 1526/ 011 476 1526 C: 083 229 3235

kitchens & kitchen accessories


F: 086 660 1152 E: Custom designers, manufactures and installers of curved kitchens and cabinets

EASYLIFE KITCHENS John Dammermann T: 0861 Easylife/ 0861 327 9543 F: 086 608 8289 E: marketing@easylifekitchens. Kitchens that inspire lifetime experiences and are designed with practicality and integrity to suit your individual lifestyle



Elwyn Sykes T: 011 444 8118 E: Specialists in the wholesale of contemporary furniture and hardware supplies including the world renowned Blum products

Bernard van den Burg T: 011 465 6271 C: 084 985 1054 F: 086 543 5893 E Importers and distributors of cookware and kitchen related product



Trevor Bond T: 012 348 3838 C: 082 054 5738 F: 012 361 7290 E: Supplier of quality appliances, with option of installation.

Piet Meyer T: 056 931 0681 C: 082 7832311 F: 056 931 0681 Custom built designer kitchens with a difference in solid meranti wood with iron

kitchens & kitchen accessories - lighting




Leigh-Anne Robertson T: 086 137 2653 F: 031 450 6302 E: manufacturers of stainless steel sinks, sanitaryware, ZIP instant chilled & boiling water

T: 011 440 2811 F: 086 694 4518 E: morningside@futureclas Contemporary kitchen and furniture manufacturer and interior designers (Morningside, Blubird and Cape Town)

Leanne Cardoso-Lopes T: 011 708 6695 F: 011 708 6712 E: Bamix - The most versatile hand held food processor in the world



Martin Riedesser T: 011 447 4703 C: 082 905 4440 F: 011 880 6536 E: A leader in lifestyle luxury, has a unique portfolio of prestigious Italian brands: Bugatti Italy, Caffitaly, Ecaffe, Elektra, Philips- Saeco, Ballarini

Joao Reis T: 011 440 0566 C: 076 652 2564 E: FRASA household appliances, the pleasure of home cooking & living

T: 021 702 3262 C: 082 555 5056 F: 021 702 3270 E: Water purifiers, water coolers, water dispensers and air purifiers


kitchens & kitchen accessories


kitchens & kitchen accessories - lighting

102 a unique portfolio of prestigious Italian brands: Bugatti Italy, Caffitaly, Ecaffe, Elektra, Philips- Saeco, Ballarini

KOOLA WORLD DISTRIBUTORS Selwyn Koonin T: 011 499 8000 C: 084 808 4084 F: 086 684 4366 E: Importers of kitchen ware and gifts

PERFECTLY COOL WINES Anina Joubert T: 011 609 0627 C: 082 412 1632 F: 086 608 6832 E: Perfectly cool wines are a leading supplier of wine coolers

SETTA KITCHENWARE Wade Allcock T: 021 823 9420 C: 082 854 1125 Innovative Intellegent kitchenware products

SNAPPY CHEF Marius Kok T: 012 997 1612 C: 082 445 2728 F: 086 620 6688 E: Selling Induction Stoves

SPRADA T: 011 541 0027/28 C: 087 943 7177 F: 011 541 0007

E: Swiss manufactured, domestic and commercial fully-automatic coffee machines

SWEEPRO Nikki Andrew T: 041 374 7737 C: 083 309 4634 F: 041 374 7738 E: One stop shop for kitchen accessories

UNIVERSAL DOORS & COMPONENTS SA Clinton van Breda T: 011 894 1071/1080 C: 083 304 3100 F: 011 894 5033 E: Manufacture kitchens BIC and vanities

WHIRLPOOL T: 086 088 4400 E: World leader in home appliances

THE KITCHEN STUDIO T: 031 462 7722 F: 082 551 1442 C: 031 462 6918 E: Designer kitchen and bedroom cupboards, granite, marble and quartz manufacturers

TOTEM KITCHEN & CUPBOARDS John Verster T: 011 465 2088 C: 082 852 7380 F: 011 465 2191 E: Expertly crafted kitchens, built-in-cupboards, vanities and bars

TUPPERWARE Fikile Ngwenya T: 011 986 5292 C: 082 709 4589 E: Personal development and unbelievable professional achievement

LIGHTING CRYSTAL INTERIORS Shereen T: 011 838 3794 C: 083 444 0086 F: 011 838 3794 E: Specializing in Swarovski Crystals, including contemporary lighting, tiles, taps, knobs

ECOLED LIGHTING Michael Nothnagel T: 021 552 0400 C: 084 554 2220 F: 021 552 0405 E: Domestic & industrial LED lighting solution

lighting - outdoor living & lansdcaping


ESKOM ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING DESIGN COMPETITION Ruth Kolevsohn T: 011 575 4400 C: 083 626 3766 F: 086 627 2397 E: The lighting design competition encourage acceptance of green lighting designs

LITE CENTRE Khalid Jassat T: 011 465 7574/9975 C: 082 332 1737 F: 086 659 8733 E: Direct importers of exclusive lighting on-site consultants, 20 years experience , LED lighting

MULTISOURCE TECHNOLOGIES Wayne Fourie T: 021 552 3394 F: 021 552 3794 E: sales@multisourcetech. Design and manufacture of LED lighting products

THE LIGHTING WAREHOUSE T: 011 201 2621 F: 011 608 1041 E: info@lightingwarehouse. Learn what light can do



011 795 2000 082 469 9900 011 795 2021 abacus@abacusgardens. com Garden landscaping, irrigation, water features, decking and pool design and installation

CHAD-O GAS FIRES Karen Hollander T: 011 668 1910/1 F: 086 612 5431 E: Manufacturers of gas braais and vent-free gas fireplaces

CONDI OUTDOOR FURNITURE Mapula Maidi T: 011 440 6711 C: 082 257 4818 F: 011 440 6862/ 086 608 7260 E: Suppliers of ultra modern outdoor furniture

DESERT POTS Ansie Strydom T: 012 807 7213 F: 086 560 8899 E: Decorative pots & garden planters - origin from Dubai

ENGADINI LANDSCAPING Grant Adam T: 012 348 2560 C: 079 408 6582 E:

Landscaping experts for 19 years in the industry nationally and internationaly

KAIAH DESIGNS Natasha Menzies T: 031 791 0005 C: 083 719 2795 E: Premium handcrafted furniture for outdoor living

KEITH HAMILTON POTTERY Lisa Hamilton T: 082 781 4708 C: 072 674 5415 F: 086 665 8884 E: Boma pitfires, pizza ovens, braais and pots

Visit and get competitive quotes from a lighting retailer in your area. Black Orb








Cape Town:

9 Racecourse Road, Milnerton, 7441, South Africa Tel: +27 (0) 21 528 8400


10 Milkyway Avenue, Linbro Business Park, Sandton 2065, South Africa Tel: + 27 (0) 11 608 2970

Email: web: View our ranges online.

Medusa Hertex

outdoor living & landscaping - property & real estate


NEW AGE DECKING Lana Geldenhuys T: 082 499 0966 E: Importers, retailing and installers of wood composite decking

ORA THE OUTDOOR BOUTIQUE Glyn Rudolph T: 011 023 8098 C: 082 496 1026 F: 086 549 0817 E: Bringing the finest European brands to your home outdoors

OVER THE EDGE James Carr C: 082 375 1346 E: Garden design, landscaping and synthetic turf

PATIO WAREHOUSE Leon Bezuidenhout T: 012 657 9400 F: 012 657 0108 E: Africa’s largest selection of patio furniture and accessories

POWERPLASTICS POOL COVERS Carolyn Idas T: 021 703 5880 F: 021 703 4864 E: National supplier of pool covers for safety, environmental savings and aesthetics

TECHNO GARDEN T: 082 828 6668 E:

THE CANVAS CORPORATION Mark Shelley T: 011 763 7533 C: 082 929 0515 F: 011 763 7529 E:

Manufacturers of quality canvas awnings and patio blinds

THE HAMMOCK MAN Mike Wulff T: 021 674 3957 C: 072 945 0255 F: 086 603 8307 E: Distributor of beautiful vibrant Mexican hammocks and hammock chairs

Portable Bubble Spa


Adjust the temperature up to 42 C

VASCO HENRIQUES Grant Hyslop T: 084 495 4435 C: 084 495 4236 F: 086 578 4294 E: Manufacturers of stone castings including re-constituted sand or limestone products

PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE COPPERLEAF Peter Ash T: 021 668 8950 E: Live play relax at Copperleaf. Home to the els club

Give yourself a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, or even take it on holiday! Tel: 082 464 0010

property & real estate


CYPRIOT REALTY Jenny Ellinas T: 021 680 5272 C: 083 448 8734 F: 086 670 6490 Acquiring permanent residency in Europe; and realising your Plan B


SJ CAPITAL GROUP Wayne Horwitz T: 11 303 8800 C: 083 655 0140 F: 011 303 8808 E: Experts in strategic land investment (identify > acquire > rezone > profit)

t: 0861 258 229 e: l

publications - training & courses - wall finshes

108 PUBLICATIONS DIRECTORY OF ARCHITECTS/DESIGN Heloise Trautman T: 021 422 4445 C: 076 983 1284 F: 086 617 8452 E: marketing@directory Complete directory of design professionals

HOUSE AND LEISURE Kirsten Laurings T: 021 464 6200 E: House and Leisure is SA’s premier decor, design and lifestyle magazine

TRAINING & COURSES POSITIVE CYCLE Jacques Damhuis T: 078 732 4405 E: Jacques.PositiveCycle@ growyofood Bio-dynamic food growing specialist and food growing training provider

WALL FINISHES 3DBOARD Ryan Siebert T: 021 556 0604 C: 084 555 5000 F: 021 556 0668 E: Suppliers of an exciting new range of interior wall coverings

INSIDE STORY WALLPAPER Yasien Davids T: 011 782 0126 C: 074 578 4569 F: 011 782 0126 E: Manufacturers and importers of high quality wallpaper

MAHARANI TILES & SANWARE T: 031 577 7860 F: 031 577 7865 E: Offers a spectacular range of exclusive tiles for both wall and floor

MY WALLTATTOOS Esther Schumacher T: 021 802 4215 C: 082 061 6261 F: 021 802 4215 E: Vinyl decals for walls

PLASCON The Advisory Service T: 086 020 4060 E: Manufacturers of quality paints

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC John Rapatakis John Rapatakis T: 011 254 6400 F: 011 254 6708 E: Manufacturers of electrical wiring accessories and home automation system

The Design School Southern Africa is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd which is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education and training institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (reg. no. 2007/HE07/002). Company registration number: 1987/004754/07.

UNIQUE IMPRESSIONS Lea Massey T: 011 450 2344 C: 083 411 1666

wall finishes - windows, doors & balustrades


E: info@uniqueimpressions. Wallpaper specialists, custom and imported wallpapers

VALDE TRADING T: 011 447 2960 E: Wallpaper, wall murals and decor wall stickers. Specialist interior contractors and wallpaper installers

WALLPAPER INN Lesley Pringle T: 043 726 1760 C: 083 629 4058 F: 043 726 6832 E:

Importers and distributors for Norwall, York, Graham & Brown

We specialize in the manufacturing of aluminium windows and doors



ALUMINCO RSA Kosmas Mastrokolias T: 011 392 1919/8 C: 076 479 4697 F: 011 392 1659 E: Aluminium building systems

ALUMINIUM PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS Eric Venter T: 083 453 6330 F: 086 672 6054 E:

T: 011 823 5606 C: 074 250 9583 E: armour.elite.sales1@gmail. com Specilists in multipin lock security steel doors

COROMA SA Robert Chivers T: 031 823 0616 C: 079 522 4332 F: 021 932 9153 E: Customised domestic,

Coroma, the leading supplier of customised domestic and industrial sectional door solutions has been operating for over 50 years. Its rich heritage boasts a comprehensive range addressing all door solution requirements. The expertise in the company has enabled Coroma to design, manufacture and install some of the biggest and most challenging sectional and roller shutter solutions in the country. Priding itself on servicing the needs of all market segments, the company manufactures all its products and related mechanisms and only use proven electronic equipment and automation. Quality is controlled and thus inherent in products. Satisfied customers are as diverse as the product range and include, amongst others, customers in the automotive sector, warehousing, storage units, housing estates and the construction sector.

QUALITY AND SERVICE THROUGH A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE Johannesburg +27 11 494 1488 Cape Town +27 21 933 1144 Durban +27 31 823 0616

windows, doors & balustrades

110 industrial and rollershutter doors

DREAM VIEW GLASS Izak Hay T: 012 665 3878 C: 083 680 0156 F: 012 665 3918 E: Specialist in frameless glass stack doors

FG FRAMELESS GLASS Willie Beukman T: 021 982 4641 C: 082 649 0650 F: 021 982 3526 E: Manufacturing and distribu-

tion of frameless and shutter systems

FINISHING TOUCHES T: 012 644 4825 F: 086 515 4103 E: Leader in window decor, blinds, track, curtains and much more

GRAPEDOOR T: 012 802 1032 C: 083 413 1540 F: 086 544 7155 E: Manufacturers of custom made wood and glass doors

KING TRELLIS Gary Wittstock T: 086 165 9235 C: 083 635 4641 F: 086 674 2481 E: Retractable security barriers for doors, windows, patios, shopfronts and passages

MASSCLUSIVITY Axel Zimmermann T: 021 782 6019 C: 076 290 7120 F: 086 613 4060 E: double glazed, energy efficient windows & doors with big noise reduction

windows, doors & balustrades

112 NEW LOOK WINDOW SYSTEMS T: 021 552 7172 F: 021 552 6846 E: Manufacturers and installers of quality REHAU uPVC windows and doors

RL WOODWORKS T: 012 668 3026/3297 C: 079 155 5833 F: 086 671 4735 E: Patio enclosures, doors, pergolas, decking, staircases, floors, glazing, colour oils

SCHNEIDER FOLDING & ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS Trisha Jaldhar T: 031 811 0800 C: 071 454 3934 F: 031 569 1732 E: Aluminium windows and doors, frameless & framed folding doors

SUNFLEX SA T: 031 512 5202 C: 079 513 1466 F: 031 512 5066 E: / Manufacture and installation of bespoke glass systems

TEVA WINDOWS T: 086 183 8272 E: Thermally efficient windows & double glazing

TRELLIDOR T: 0861 TRELLIDOR E: We manufacture physical security barriers to protect doors and windows

VAN ACHT WOODEN WINDOWS Etienne van Achterbergh T: 011 708 2488 C: 082 226 7000 F: 011 708 2023

windows, doors & balustrades

113 Quality wooden windows and doors

VIEWPROTECT Arius de Villiers T: 086 144 4789 C: 083 265 9105 F: 086 600 1446 E: Transparent burglar bars with integrated alarm sensor

WINDOVERT T: 086 111 6041 F: 086 541 0637 E: Windovert are your “Sun

Control Specialists�. We manufacture, supply and install various products incl blinds, shutters, awnings, folding doors

ZATZ BALUSTRADING D Zatezalo-Manni T: 012 666 7703 C: 071 202 3588 F: 012 666 9247 E: Manufactures of custom made stainless steel balustrades and staircases

green living


THE GREEN GUIDE No longer a “good to have”, a green lifestyle is a “have to have”. From clever gadgets to vertical veggie gardens, Detail looks at easy ways to tread a little lighter

We’re still crazy about the stylish and efficient Solar jar by Consol. Housed in a classic one-litre preserve jar, it uses solar powered LED lights which capture sunlight through solar paneling in the lid. Beautifully simple, it’s a fantastic solution for those without electricity. It’s also bound to keep campers happy, and is pure magic for al fresco entertaining.




NIGHT VISION These colour-changing LED floodlights are just the thing for night-scaping your garden. With a lifespan of up to 20 times that of traditional incandescent floodlights, they’re cost-efficient and have a lower carbon footprint. Free of lead, mercury and UV rays, they also generate less heat, making them plant-friendly. With a click of the remote you can alternate between five colours, with the option of strobe, gentle fade or fixed colour settings.

UPSIDE DOWN Designed by Patrick Morris, The Boskke Sky Planter from L’Emile et Son in Parhkurst turns gardening on its head. Overcoming the challenges of limited space, it defies gravity thanks to a locking disc which secures the soil and plant in place. An internal irrigation system limits evaporation and dripping, and the ceramic and stainless steel components create a stunning pendant garden.


green living


FRIENDLY FIRE Calore’s stylish pellet stoves burn biofuel that’s made from offcuts and waste wood from our timber industry, as well as alien vegetation. The greatest advantage of using pellets is the reduction in our dependence on fuels like coal, gas and oil. Clean-burning and ef efficient, the stoves are available as freestanding or built-in designs.

4 WATER WISE Designed by Karim Rashid, Bobble is a family of re-usable plastic bottles intended as the ecological alternative to the single-use variety. Made of recycled plastic, Bobble has a replaceable carbon filter that removes organic contaminants and chlorine from tap water. Available at leading retailers.



“Planting a tree not only contributes to the environment, but it’s a real chance to watch and learn about the natural cycle,” says Sean Hide of Grow a Tree. Sean now has 27 varieties of tree seeds to choose from, each packaged in an easy-to-plant, hessian starter pack. “We include information on each tree, as well as a map of the appropriate regions,” he explains. A great teaching concept for primary schools, the seeds also make a meaningful green gift. 071 421 2522.

green living


IN A SPIN Using centrifugal force instead of heat to remove moisture from your clothes, Spindel is a laundry dryer worth watching. In just three minutes, up to 80% of moisture is removed from your washing. You can finish it off on the line, or run a significantly shorter cycle in your tumble drier. Compact and safe for all fabrics, Spindel has a 4,5kg capacity, and uses just 15 Watts compared to a tumble dryer cycle of around 3000 Watts. Available at selected appliance stores.


8 People have to eat fresh, homegrown food to enjoy the optimal health benefits,” says Jacques Damhuis of Positive Cycle. But the longer the delays in getting food to the consumer, the quicker the nutrients, such as vital natural sugars, are lost. So why not become an urban farmer? Through Gro4U, Jacques installs and maintains veggie gardens in the Joburg area, and also runs training workshops on growing food biodynamically. His motto, ‘Make your garden edible and incredible!’ 078 732 4405.

US-based Modern Twist produces stylish tableware with a pared down aesthetic using food-grade hand-silkscreened silicone. Created in collaboration with independent artists and designers, the products are free of BPA, latex and chemicals, with a minimal carbon footprint – and these place mats look great too!



green living


* Find us at the Waterfall Green Design Centre

GREEN LIVING A2ZTILES * Angelique Pereira T: 011 453 1815 C: 079 697 1833 F: 086 219 7139 E: We design it, you live it AC SCREENS & SHUTTERS - GAUTENG * Richard Binns T: 011 887 8656 C: 083 325 9744 F: 011 887 8657 E: Motorised patio screens, security roller shutters, awnings, blinds, curtain tracks

ADVANTAGE AIR AFRICA * Cliff Whittle T: 011 452 3391 C: 082 572 6587 F: 011 452 9076 E: Exhibiting a ducted climate control airconditioning system

AGS SOLAR * Carlene van Niekerk T: 021 556 0991 C: 076 296 3718 F: 021 556 2016 E: A South African based solar water heating system supplier and installer


083 727 1558 083 453 6330 012 259 0811 Aluminium profiles and glazing

AROMATIC APOTHECARY Doryce Sher T: 021 448 8774 C: 083 259 0559 F: 021 448 8773 E: Aromatic products for your health and wellbeing

AUDIO SYNC * T: 011 467 0410 C: 083 627 6730 F: 086 672 2663 E: Turnkey home technology solutions

BATHROOM BY DESIGN * Heather Darby T: 011 706 6942 C: 082 341 1454 F: 011 706 6940 E: heather@bathroom Professional bathroom planners and designers of bespoke bathrooms BEAM CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS * Charles Barnes T: 086 111 5206 C: 082 455 5816 F: 086 677 1878 E: We install the worlds # 1 central vacuum system

BITUMPROOF SA * Alex Lepley T: 011 262 4000 C: 079 619 1217

F: 011 262 6664 E: Engineered waterproofing solutions from foundation to rooftop solutions

B-EARTH ECO PAINTS * Claire Venter T: 012 819 1409 C: 082 556 7768 F: 086 529 8778 E: Manufacturers of custommade, certified, eco-friendly paints & coatings

BRAINWAVE CONSULTING * Kevin Engelbrecht T: 011 468 3695 C: 082 651 8625 F: 086 650 625 Installation of simple and cost effective home automation systems

BSH HOME APPLIANCES * Monique Walters T: 011 265 7800 F: 011 265 7814 E: Domestic kitchen appliances

CALORE FIREPLACES AND STOVES * T: 011 796 5098 E: Efficient and eco-friendly wood and wood pellet fireplaces and stoves

green living


CEMCRETE * Mike Albertyn T: 011 474 2415 C: 082 072 2608 F: 011 474 2416 E: Manufacturers of quality cement-based decorative coatings and waterproofing systems

CENTURY GAS * T: 011 300 8700 C: 082 924 0580 E:

COBRA WATERTECH * Sean Swart T: 011 875 7400 E: marketing@ An iconic South African company specialising in innovative water solutions

COLONIAL STONE * T: 011 794 9737 F: 011 795 2806 E: Suppliers of paving, flagstones, cobbles and wallcladding

COMFORT LIVING * Lizelle Coetzee T: 086 126 6367 C: 082 553 9839 F: 086 618 3193 E: Comfort Living ceiling insulation - For cooler summers, warmer winters


012 803 8215 083 700 5947 086 619 5705 marchand@csengineering. Extraordinary designer staircases

COROBRIK * T: 011 871 8600 F: 011 871 8610 E: Manufacturer and supplier of clay bricks and pavers CREATIV HANDZ ENERGY SOLUTIONS * T: 086 192 7684 C: 086 693 7353 E: Warm your home, not the planet

CURVES AND BEVELS DESIGNER KITCHENS * Nolene Strydom T: 011 476 1526/9 C: 083 229 3235 F: 086 660 1152 E: sales@curvesandbevels. Manufacturers of custom designed cabinetry for kitchens spesialising in curves

CUSTOM LIFESTYLE SHUTTERS * Hugh Stevenson T: 011 807 9536 F: 011 807 9535 E: Custom made, imported,

wooden shutters & blinds nationwide

DELAWOOD DESIGNS * Wendy Strumpher T: 011 706 0599 C: 082 923 8602 F: 011 463 6781 E: Customised joinery for residential, corporate and hospitality

E PROMO T: 086 133 3693 F: 086 686 0128 E: The world’s leading lifestyle product: Braai Buddy, Miracle Shammy, Smart Living Steam Mop

EARTHART * Adrian Lloyd T: 082 601 3730 F: 086 618 0265 E: Sophisticated and sustainable indigenous landscape solutions EAST MIDLANDS WATER COMPANY Hans van Kamp T: 021 887 8555 F: 086 682 3937 E: Whole house water filtration and sterilisation solutions

EASYLIFE KITCHENS FAERIE GLEN * T: 012 991 4819 C: 082 332 6847 F: 012 991 7620

green living


E: Beautiful kitchens made easy

EAZYWAY KITCHENS AND BOARDS - MIDRAND * T: 011 315 2373 F: 011 805 6035 E: sales@eazywaykitchen. We manufacture and install kitchen, bedroom, vanity, bar, study and any other cupboard you can think of

ECO-INSULATION * T: 011 766 1882 C: 082 410 7301 E: Eco-insulation, keeping you comfortable no matter what the season

ECO WARMTH * T: 083 256 4376 C: 083 274 5019 F: 086 655 2284 E: Water based underfloor heating, heat pumps, electrical underfloor heating

EDWARDS SOLAR HOT WATER * Angela Smith T: 086 133 9273 C: 082 677 0202 F: 086 680 4834 E: Premium quality stainless steel solar water heaters

ENVIRODECK Warren Graver T: 011 615 7245 C: 083 298 7979 F: 086 618 5114 E: Supplier of environmentally friendly composite materials and deck lighting products to the building industry

EXEC AIR REFRIGERATION * T: 082 489 6915 E: Air-conditioning and refrigeration specialists

EXTENZO STRETCH CEILINGS * Audrey Burrows T: 011 822 2098 C: 082 782 0454 F: 086 586 5807 E: Stretch ceilings (Matt/high gloss/translucent finishes) finished product

FOREST FLOORING * Nici Combrinck T: 010 591 5140 C: 083 229 9533 F: 011 466 2919 E: Importers and installers of solid timber flooring and decking FRAMELESS SHOWERS * Priyan Naidoo T: 011 704 6691 C: 082 568 4049 F: 011 704 6696 E: The leading custom shower door company

FRANKE KITCHEN SYSTEMS * T: 086 137 2653 C: 086 137 2653 F: 031 450 6302 E: Manufacturers of stainless steel sinks, sanitaryware, ZIP instant chilled & boiling water

GEBERIT SOUTHERN AFRICA * Corina Gibson T: 011 444 5070 C: 082 857 2393 F: 011 444 5992 E: Distributors of water-saving plumbing solutions that are innovative, sustainable and reliable

GROHE SOUTH AFRICA * T: 011 608 0067 F: 011 608 0210 E: The largest European manufacturer of taps, showers and sanitary cisterns

HANSGROHE SOUTH AFRICA * T: 011 468 1150 F: 011 468 1152 E: Offers bathroom solutions by delivering a high quality product which is readily available

green living


HEATPUMPSA * Roger Fawcett T: 072 796 5592 E: We are approved distributors for leading brand heat pumps

HIRSCH’S * Keith Govender T: 011 707 8000 F: 011 707 8050 E: Our mission: To provide superb service HOME COMFORT * Cobus Roux T: 086 111 4169 C: 079 881 4131 F: 011 454 4258 E: Love your home, love your planet

HYDRONIC ENERGY SYSTEMS * Keith Milner T: 021 905 7301 C: 079 2677 317 F: 086 552 5488 E: Importers, distributors & designers of Viega underfloor heating products

IN THE RAW * Shelley Robertson T: 074 1794 670 E: A raw and vegan food catering company

INOVAR FLOORING SANDTON * Annette Claasen T: 011 444 1978 C: 082 494 0804 F: 011 444 1341 E: Specialising in laminate, vinyl & solid wood flooring and timber & composite decking

JJJD BUILDERS * Anton Dercksen T: 076 821 7272 C: 072 034 3782 E: Jjjdbuilders.developments@

Building contractor

JOJO TANKS * Desiree Lewis T: 013 262 3021 F: 013 262 2462 E: South Africa’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene plastic storage tanks

KOOLATRON WATER * T: 083 232 3603 C: 082 595 3936 F: 011 5076639 E: Supply of water dispensers and mineral water KYASOL * Jonathan Heck T: 011 840 0840 C: 082 822 5970 F: 011 466 0223 E: Green building solutions provider: Rainwater harvesting, underfloor heating, heat pumps and solar heating


LABRISAN TRADING Steven Le Roux T: 012 665 5206 C: 072 595 2731 F: 086 677 0940 E: Distributors of Just’a Drop, environmentally friendly, personal bathroom odour eliminator

LAFARGE SOUTH AFRICA * Anathi Zitumane T: 011 657 0000 C: 083 656 8586 F: 086 630 5067 E: Supplier of concrete, cement, gypsum and aggregates

LALIQUE TRADING * Linda Briscoe T: 086 0746 9377 C: 083 468 0173 F: 086 504 2325 E: Supply & install custom-made frameless shower enclosures

LED LIGHTING SA * T: 021 448 8333 C: 084 702 4202 E: Experts in LED lighting systems

LIGHTING LOGISTICS * Scott Wardle T: 083 616 0112 E: For all your lighting design and supply requirements

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green living


MARSHALL HINDS * Brett Goelst T: 011 627 7752 F: 011 627 7751 E: 100% Recyclable building and water wise gardening membranes

MARTINNAISE FOOD PRODUCTS Martin Greeff T: 031 700 9193 C: 082 809 9194 F: 086 691 3339 E: Manufacture and distribution of vegan mayonnaise

MATRIX FITNESS SA Udo de Beurges T: 011 658 0358 F: 011 658 0373 E: Quality gym equipment with exceptional design and innovation

MCE GLOBAL SUPPLIERS T: 011 683 0641 F: 011 683 1799 E: Distributors of energy saving occupancy sensors, lighting, MCB’s, wiring accessories

MIELE * Charlene Behrendt T: 011 875 9000 C: 086 000 0633 F: 011 875 9035 E: Miele appliances: “ Immer

Besser” (Forever Better) Providing quality German products since 1899

MOBELLI * T: 011 467 6272 C: 0861 MOBELLI E: Outdoor and patio furniture

NMC - DECORATIVE MOULDINGS * Sharon Rule T: 011 466 0003 C: 083 656 4584/ 078 356 8144 F: 011 466 0017 E: Supplier of superior quality, extruded, high density, polystyrene cornices

NUPOWER ENERGY SOLUTIONS Lizelle Germishuizen T: 011 613 6935 C: 071 891 3425 E: Hot water solar heating

OLANNA TECHNOLOGIES * Hein du Plessis T: 012 655 0019 C: 083 445 4815 F: 086 616 0117 E: Building automation and systems integration specialists

PAN GLOBAL APPLIANCES * Shiela Moodley T: 011 262 5620

C: 073 445 3525 F: 011 444 7099 E: Distributor

PRONATURE PAINTS * Sven Kroger T: 086 010 5299/ 021 556 1238 C: 083 288 5803 F: 088021 5561 238 E: 100% natural plant-oil based wall, wood and stone finishes

PUBCRAFT * Darren Rollands T: 082 639 6785 F: 011 795 1373 E: Customised bars, wine cellars, studies and bespoke furniture REGAIA - SUPER FLEXIBLE DECORATIVE WALL PLASTER * Amos Krisi T: 021 555 0293 C: 083 555 4447 F: 021 555 0263 E: Regaia decorative wall plaster - contact us for a free sample

RISELY KITCHENS * Barry Kaplan T: 011 321 7420 F: 011 786 3801 E: Kitchens found only in the best dressed homes

green living


ROWAN RAWLINSON PROJECTS * Rowan Rawlinson T: 083 485 4245 F: 086 503 7765 E: rowan@rrpro Owner managed residential contractor and project management

SAINT-GOBAIN GYPROC * Michelle Cerruti T: 012 657 2800 F: 012 657 2806 E: za-enquiries@saint-gobain. com Leading interior building solutions group, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, manufactures lightweight building materials SALVOCORP * T: 011 472 8899 F: 011 472 8897 E: Distributors of worldclass interior finishing products, Radianz, engineered stone & Staron, solid surfacing by Samsung S.A.TIMBER & JOINERY WORKS * T: 082 415 1664 E: Building materials, timber and joinery

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC * John Rapatakis T: 011 254 6400 F: 011 254 6708 E:

Manufacturers of electrical wiring accessories and home automation system

SEAQUAL * Bev Smit T: 044 382 3484 C: 083 659 3980 F: 044 382 4913 E: Quality internal/external drainage products. Shower, flat-roof, balcony drains & more

SHUTTERS CAPE T: 021 852 8785 E: Suppliers of shutters, blinds, awnings & external Venetian blinds

SILVER THREAD INTERIORS * T: 011 705 1551 C: 083 676 6764 E: Stylish designer curtains, blinds & soft furnishing

SINKOIL ASSOCIATES * Lee Gammans T: 083 261 5717 F: 086 578 8935 E: Solar airconditioning, Eskom registered water and energy saving products

SOLAHART * Wayne Bedser T: 011 467 4972 C: 083 442 7900 F: 011 705 2614 E:

Hot water free from the sun for the past 30 years

SOLARWORX * Trevor Beekman T: 011 802 6245 C: 082 411 5412 F: 086 567 0898 E: Solar & heat pumps & renewable energy solutions SOTERIA DECOR * Pat Perkins T: 012 661 1760 C: 084 227 5307 F: 012 661 0543 E: soteriadecor@sagateway. com Interior designing, blinds, shutters, awnings, curtain workshop and custom-made furniture SPEEDFIT AFRICA * Mike Kuhl T: 011 472 1983 C: 071 682 2041 F: 031 569 3074 E: JG Speedfit hydronic underfloor heating solutions for the home

STEEL STUDIO INTERNATIONAL * T: 021 551 3510 F: 021 551 3395 E: Manufacture and installation of stainless steel and glass balustrades

green living


STORM BLINDS * T: 086 187 7773 C: 082 604 5909 E: Manufacturers of high quality, treated exterior wooden blinds an screens

SUMMER SUN * Kim Coetzer T: 012 653 6551 C: 082 901 0805 F: 012 653 4367 E: Supplier of automatic swimming pool covers

SWARTLAND BOUDIENSTE * T: 011 671 0400 C: 079 525 5510 E: Doors and windows

TEVA WINDOWS * Thermally energy efficient windows & double glazing

THATCH CRETE * Charlene Day T: 011 894 4892 C: 082 927 6803 F: 011 894 1805 E: We a construction company specialising in the construction of swimming pools, thatching & outdoor entertainment areas THE PLANTATION SHUTTER * T: 011 708 7222

E: Specialists in custom designed plantation shutters - Timber and aluminium security

THE TECH BUTLER * T: 082 562 5063 E: Consultancy service using “Green Partners” to maximise to maximise energy footprint

TITANIUM WINDOW TINT * John Lewis T: 011 312 2971 C: 082 922 6940 F: 011 312 2964 E: Tinting of motor vehicle glass and tinting of commercial and home building glass

TMG DESIGNS * Clint Jacobs T: 083 653 8562 F: 011 794 3739 E: Manufacturing of aluminium windows and doors plus frameless showers and mirrors TOTAL CUPBOARD SOLUTIONS * T: C: F: E:

011 316 6593 071 604 2576 011 316 6325 sales@totalcupboard www.totalcupboardsolutions. Kitchens, BICs and vanities

TOTEM KITCHENS & CUPBOARDS * John Verster T: 011 465 2088 C: 082 852 7380 F: 011 465 2191 E: Expertly crafted cabinetary for kitchens, bed rooms and bath rooms

TRIAC LIGHTING * Ryan Ashford-Smit T: 011 462 6207 C: 083 297 7990 F: 086 551 1444 E: Complete home automation lighting/audio control systems Lumen8 /Legrand switches UNION TILES * T: 011 663 2000 F: 011 455 5395 E: Retailer of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, terrazzo tiles and accessories

URBAN RAIN SYSTEMS * Gary Burchell T: 011 817 3534 F: 011 817 3702 E: Manufacturers of the revolutionary RainCell rainwater harvesting tank

UNIQUE FLOORING * T: 012 661 4438 C: 083 417 6955 F: 012 661 8520 E: sales@uniqueflooring.

green living


Importing ,installing of Kronoswiss laminate wood flooring, carpets and blinds

E: World leader in home appliances



Tinus Janse van Rensburg T: 012 548 7672 E: Quality wooden windows and doors

T: 0861 196 6624 F: 021 447 6165 E: Natural stone and porcelain tiles, sanware, taps and tops

VERSUS PAINT SPECIALISTS * T: 011 885 3136 F: 011 885 1719 E: Manufacturors and the applicators of exclusive wall coatings, base painting and paint techniques

VIEGA MILNER * T: 0865 103 937 C: 083 645 0059 E:

VINTAGE PAVING * T: 076 349 6193 C: 071 491 5365 E: vintagepaving@vodamail. For all your paving requirements

WELDHAGEN AND ASSOCIATES * Craig Weldhagen T: 083 444 4451 E: weldhagenandassociates Coprox, famous for waterproofing and decorative coatings

WHIRLPOOL * T: 086 088 4400

YZ GARDENS * Yochai Zlotnick T: 011 440 9171 C: 082 554 8010 F: 011 440 9172 E: Offers a full comprehensive reliabe landscaping service including CAD design, irrigation, maintenance

ZEUS ALUMINIUM * Vanessa Lazarides T: 011 656 1131 C: 083 287 2845 F: 011 656 1119 E: Architectural aluminium and glass specialists who supply and install all types of aluminium windows, doors, shop fronts and louvres

ZINI RIVER ESTATE Shea Franks T: 082 887 4285 F: 088 035 340 2751 E: Residential Eco Estate committed to conservationorientated property nestled in nature

it's all in the detail by Decorex SA  
it's all in the detail by Decorex SA  

The ultimate sourcebook - It’s all in the detail by Decorex SA, your guide for ideas, inspiration and all the numbers you need to know.