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“Debbie Merrill is a great teacher and dancer. I would have been lost without her.” —Steve Martin



Step-by-step transitioning to a fabulous vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan diet, for living a life of vibrance, fitness and beauty at any age!

Foreword by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Debbie Merrill America’s Raw Veggie Vegan Diva

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“Eat fruit, stay cute!”


ebbie Merrill’s fun and easy-to-read The Raw Truth To The Fountain Of Youth sets you on the “rawkin’ raw road to happy bliss” – living a healthy life, free from disease and sickness and filled with vibrance, fitness and beauty. Adding more raw foods to your diet is not only cleansing and healing; the living enzymes in raw foods bring energy and vital life force to your body, mind and spirit. With her humorous and inspiring “notes, quotes, tips and tricks,” Debbie coaches you through every step – from learning about the benefits of a raw vegan diet, to bringing it into your everyday life. A professional athlete, health educator and raw food expert, Debbie reveals her successful Raw Truth to The Fountain of Youth Food-for-Life Plan, her own amazing raw recipes, her 10 superfoods, and her fitness secret solutions for losing weight and building a strong and beautiful body. Viva Las Vegan! “Debbie Merrill has taken the fruits of her life in order to transform other people’s lives! Her book is off the charts and touches people’s hearts. I highly recommend it to everyone!” — David Wolfe Author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future

“Debbie’s boundless energy on skates and on the page can’t cover up her brilliance, wisdom and insight when it comes to health and wellness in the vegetarian/vegan/ raw lifestyle. Her new book, The Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth, offers the readers all of that and then some! A very fulfilling read!” — Patricia Bragg, N.D., PhD Health Crusader

“Debbie Merrill is an outstanding and beautiful example of the power of live foods. She demonstrates how to elevate health to it’s highest level, to create the energy of youthing and to activate regeneration on every level.” — Gabriel Cousens Author of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine

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The Raw Truth to the Fountain Of Youth  

Front and back cover of Debbie Merrill's book: The Raw Truth to the Fountain Of Youth

The Raw Truth to the Fountain Of Youth  

Front and back cover of Debbie Merrill's book: The Raw Truth to the Fountain Of Youth