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How should you use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business?

Instagram is one of the most important platforms for the marketer. Including the option of video ads on Instagram provide a new way to look for an Instagram marketer. As the Instagram video was first launched in 2013 and within just 24 hrs the uploading of video reached 5 million. This shows the audience liked the video format. In the near future, Instagram can announce monetization for IGTV and when it will done there will be a massive opportunity for the brand. If you want to get a better ROI and want to optimize your Instagram video ads in a better way than you can follow some useful tips.

Tips for making good Instagram video ads:-

Use proper layout for Instagram ads:If you will use the right layout and design for your Instagram it will grab more attention of the audience toward your ads. Instagram provides the vertical or square dimension that is (1080 * 1920) or (1080*1080). Generally, the Instagram users don't like to visualize the full screen video experience but stories provide the full-screen view and in future Instagram is focusing on vertical video ad to be on IGTV.

Make the first seconds count:As Instagram user quickly scroll their feed. So it becomes the necessity of any brand to make an ad that can oblige a user to see their ad. Therefore your first few seconds of video ads become important. If your first few seconds of an ad is attractive then the user will definitely enforce to watch your ads.

Optimize your Instagram video settings:Instagram support almost all mainstream format and most use type format are MP4, MOV. If you use high-quality video, right file size, right video format, and video settings. Then your ad will not only be simply scrolled down it will be watched by the user. Use Instagram video file size down below 4 Gb because Instagram doesn't allow more than that and time length of Instagram video ads are 1- 60 sec long and Stories timing length are 1- 15 seconds long.

Use proper caption:Mostly the video ads are with sound but when you see Instagram video ads by default Instagram video ads are sound off and when you switch the sound on your further video will auto play with audio. So if your ad caption is good then it will compel the user to the see the ad with sound on. A good caption is important

because it provides the proper information about your brand and product.

Add a clear call to action:Calls-to-Action (CTAs) option is a game changer for video ads. Because CTA has the important role to convert your user into buyer and also you can generate traffic for your business website.

Conclusion:When making the Instagram video ads you should have the proper strategy. Because without that you can't able to win your ad campaign. But above point provide the valuable guidance for creating the Instagram video ads and that can helps you to grow your business.

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Instagram video ads  

This PDF will provide the best guide for making the Instagram video ads. For More Information Visit Link:-

Instagram video ads  

This PDF will provide the best guide for making the Instagram video ads. For More Information Visit Link:-