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Facebook is one of the biggest platforms on social media with billions of active users. Marketers who started their business recently promote their product on Facebook, Big brands also promotes their product on Facebook because of its billions of users to get in noticed by the large number of audience. Marketers use lead ads to run their ad campaign and attracts more users on their page. Facebook is an advertising platform and accepts number of ad formats, but you have to up to date with the terms and policies for the each type of ad.

Companies gather contact information of the customers with the help of Facebook lead ads who shows interest in a product, they asked to fill a form in an ad to contact them.

Facebook has already some information about the customers like Age, email address, name etc. They only have to click on submit Facebook leads ads fill the data automatically.

Facebook leads ads can used for the different types of ads like signups, to run a contest, to promote some brand, to offer sales or giveaways.

Facebook leads ads do not provide personal data of the customers like login Information, account number, financial data and government issued data,

Leads ads must follow Facebook advertising policy, Facebook leads ads are the same as standard ad policies, If Facebook lead ads does not match with the policies then there is chance that your ad not be approved and your account get suspended also.

Marketers who want to get more leads from their customers, can use the Facebook lead ads. But, first you need Facebook business account to use Facebook leads ads, then open power editor in ads manager section and click on the lead generation and the last step is to create the lead ad. These are the basic steps to create lead ad and there is no guarantee that this will generate lead or not. If you want to generate lead and turn your ads to quality leads you have to check each and every element of your ad.

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Guide For Facebook lead ads cheat sheet  

From this PDF you will get to know about Facebook lead ads

Guide For Facebook lead ads cheat sheet  

From this PDF you will get to know about Facebook lead ads