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BTEC Media Unit 12: Web Authoring A guide to peer and self- evaluation In order to achieve a pass, merit or distinction in this unit it is vital that you are able to describe (P4), discuss (M4) and explain (D3) your work. In order to help you do this, everyone will get an opportunity to evaluate the work of someone else in the class. This is called peer evaluation. Once you have had an opportunity to do this for someone else, giving him/her a realistic assessment of what they have achieved, you should be able to reflect more successfully on your own work and have an opportunity to improve it before the final assessment. Remember, it is important to describe, discuss and explain what you have done on the ePortfolio site itself. You need to demonstrate learning in these four areas: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Know about web authoring Be able to plan a website Be able to produce a structured website Be able to review own website

To help you, here are some examples of the kind of language you need to use for each criterion: PASS - Describe E.g. 1. ‘I used a combination of drag and drop widgets in my design to lay out the pages’ 2. ‘My website will have five pages. Each page has a white background and header. Some pages are divided into two columns.’ 3. ‘Some of the pages in my website contain hyperlinks to external sites.’ 4. ‘I spent some time brainstorming my initial ideas and produced my plan. This took me two lessons.’ MERIT – Discuss 1. ‘I edited some of the HTML in a custom widget to increase the size of a YouTube video player. I did this by changing the pixel dimensions.’ 2. ‘My website will have five linked pages: About Me, Blog, Interests, Documents and Contact. Each page has a similar look with a simple white background and custom header which I created in Photoshop. I created a mindmap using Mindmeister, an online tool, to illustrate the structure of my site.’ 3. ‘I chose to create a Contact Me page with a link to my own email address as one way of encouraging visitors to the site to leave feedback.’ 4. ‘I spent two days brainstorming my initial ideas and produced my plan using an online mindmapping tool. I followed my plan and I think my website is quite good, all the links work, the text is readable and the images are placed well on the page and do not cover any words.’ DISTINCTION – Explain

1. ‘I selected Weebly, an online web authoring tool, because I wanted to be able to work on my site in school and at home. It is an example of a Web 2.0 application. Web 2.0 is a term used to describe ways in which the internet can be interactive. Throughout this project I have used a range of Web 2.0 tools related to both content creation and social networking. I have learned some basic HTML code, created my own online forms and manipulated a variety of custom widgets and embedded content. I think it is a good idea to learn about HTML so that you can have more creative control of the look of your site.’ 2. ‘My website has numerous pages, not all of which are immediately visible in the menu bar. The hidden pages can be reached via hyperlinks. The reason they are hidden is because my menu would be far too long, making the site difficult to navigate. I am pleased with the structure and navigation of the site and I think the way I have designed it creates interest for the viewer.’ 3. ‘I chose to create several features of the site that are interactive such as a talking avatar, YouTube videos that can be played by the visitor, surveys and a contact form. I am really pleased with the way the combination of animations and sounds creates a rich experience for the visitor. Feedback about my site has been very positive and this has inspired me to add more features.’ 4. ‘I spent a lot of time researching other websites to work out for myself what I liked and found effective in their designs. I created an online mindmap of the structure of my own site before I began creating it. This really helped me understand how it would work. I found the templates in Weebly a little restrictive so I personalised some aspects of the template by using the Advanced Editing option. This allowed me to edit the HTML and CSS, changing associated files as necessary. I am really pleased with my site. It really captures my talents and achievements and I will definitely be using it as an online CV.’

Your Name: ______________________________ Date: ________________ Web Author: ______________________________ Address of site: _________________________________________________

Peer Evaluation Sheet What to look for when you evaluate a website: Questions to ask yourself Is there a clear title? Does the Home page provide a useful introduction? Do pictures help to make the site more appealing? Is there a clear Menu of pages? Is it easy to navigate around the site? Are there any interactive elements – feedback/contact forms, surveys? Does the site use multimedia – animations, sound, video?


Does the colour scheme work? Has the web designer tried to entertain and inform the visitor? Is the site creative and imaginative? In the box below, write three things that could be done by the web designer to improve their site: 1.



BTEC Lv2 Web Authoring Guide  

Guide web authoring unit

BTEC Lv2 Web Authoring Guide  

Guide web authoring unit