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Debkumar Bhadra, Shore Point, Bambooflat, S Andaman – 744107, email :

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, separated from the mainland India by vast stretches of seas on all its sides are a remote place where the population is devoid of entertainment and amusement facilities unlike their counterparts in mainland. The islanders are therefore left to indulge in various activities such as rash driving, playing mobile ringtones at the peak volume, chewing pan gutka sukka, spitting, littering, smoking, eve teasing, honking pressure/musical horns, visiting bars, playing cards, board games etc in their quest for entertainment. The effort to grant Bar license to 17 enterprising individuals vide Press Note No 7-392/LS/2009-10/6440 dated 04/11/2010 Photo courtesy :

published in the Daily Telegrams on the occasion of Diwali on 05/11/2010 and

repeated on Sunday, 07/11/2010 can be regarded as a welcome step in the direction of providing wholesome entertainment. I am perplexed, Bar license is granted to individuals whereas

wala, Tea-Samosa-Chowmin wala, Non-operational STD-ISD

lot of jobless youths, Associations, Cooperative Societies,

Telephone booth operators, petty shops etc so that there will

Mahila Mandals, Self Help Groups are running from pillar to

be liquor shops at every nook and corner. Crowding infront

posts to find opportunities to earn livelihood.

It is well

of individual Bar will become a thing of the past. Traffic,

understood fact that operating Bar is a profitable business.

Unemployment and other social problems such as eve-

So why not invite applications from Jobless youths,

teasing, nuisance etc will vanish because there will hardly be

Associations, Cooperative Societies, Mahila Mandals, Self

anybody left on the roads to raise cacophony or complain.

Help Groups and their likes for grant of Bar license. If such associations are given Bar license, the profit could be shared by the members of the society thereby the unemployment problem could be solved amicably.

But remember to publish the scheme in the largest circulated daily giving 15 days notice inviting objections, preferably on any Sundays or holidays so that almost everybody will miss the notice and the chances of anybody objecting is thwarted,

A scheme could be formulated; in the 1st phase permitting

the scheme can be implemented thereafter without hassle.

sale of liquor over the counter from PDS shops with essential

Its right time, the jobless youths, Associations, Cooperative

commodities so that while preparing budget for the family,

Societies, Mahila Mandals, Self Help Groups, management

liquor could be included. Some of the costly items such as

of ANIIDCO and their likes ought to come forward and join

toor dall etc could be replaced by yellow dall and the money

the revolution of profiteering. Let’s make the Islands the

saved could be used to purchase monthly quota of liquor.

most sought after destination in the lines of Goa, if not a

Further selling liquor through the existing network of PDS will

beehive of Bars and Liquor Shops. Let there be more shops

result in healthy competition - price will fall and service will

selling liquor than anything else so that the patrons need not

improve, which means even those with meager income will

travel long distance in search of one. After all water has

be able to purchase liquor, drink full quota and attain

become a scarce commodity. Let’s resolve to make liquor

nirvana. In the 2nd phase, the scheme could be extended to

available for everybody to drink and save water for the future

Panwala, Gutkawala, Lassiwala, Chana-Matar-Mumphali

generation (if there is any).

Important Instructions : If you are not of the appropriate age or lion hearted, please do not read the article, because it may lead to utter confusion in your mind. Those who have already read the article ignoring the warning, close your eyes, let the rhythm of your pounding heart be your guide, take deep breathe, release slowly. Repeat the steps until you forget everything or fall asleep.

Save Water, Drink Wine  

This is an article written in lighter vein, not intended to hurt or invoke anybodys sentiments. Only for the lion hearted readers

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