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BH Centennial Poster


Catfish Cartoon


Take Line For A Walk


New York Collage


Line Warp/Mandala


Expanded Square/Logo


This publication displays various artwork made via Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop throughout the school year. This is dedicated to Ms. Joseph, who taught her students how to effectively utilize this software to create beautiful, powerful illustrations.


My poster was based off an article discussing BHUSD’s new security program with EvidenceBased Inc. Various filters and live trace were used to create a consistent, dystopian composition. I compared it to a police state, incorporating elements of the world in George Orwell’s 1984.


Based off a play on words, this “catfish� took elements from various cartoon styles. This character and accompanying background was made from scratch, starting with a blank artboard. I tried to create something you would see in a drawing book or some form of media directed towards kids.



I took inspiration from Rick Astley’s hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up”. It’s rhythm and vibrant tune helped design the lines and how they flowed. In my sketches, I thought to design an erratic line going from the edge of the page to the other while telling a story with extra linear, exaggerated marks.

I edited pictures I took in New York City using the lens blur filter to blur out the background and give emphasis to the main part of the picture. then modified the hue, saturation, brightness, vibrancy, and other aspects of each picture to stylize and put emphasis on certain points.


This was a skillbuilder to familiarize myself with Adobe Illustrator and its line and stroke functions. I made many different line patterns, and later used these same skills to create other artwork that could utilize these stroke styles. It also helped my design sense, by making me create a cohesive piece using essentially only straight lines.

I used my knowledge of colors and shapes to design several mandalas. They were modeled around different color schemes: monochromatic, analogous, and complementary. Each also had a theme in shapes. This monochromatic one was based around organic objects with many curves and rounded edges. I created my own shapes that matched with each theme.


Creating expanded shapes in Adobe Illustrator was a very interesting experience. I devised a way to design and fill my shapes to fill the space so that when I expanded them, it would look like one consistent shape, like in the case of my expanded square. For that, I decided to have identical, symmetrical quarters and expanded it out to make a bigger square with an ornate design filling it.

The use of this positive and negative space makes a powerful point while still doing what a logo is supposed to do: represent an entity quickly and efficiently. I used Euphemia UCAS to give the entire composition a contemporary, powerful tone without making it too clichĂŠd outdated.


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Graphic Design 2014 Portfolio

Rliu p3 zine  

Graphic Design 2014 Portfolio