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“l au g hte r i s brighte st where food is best” Irish proverb


D E A N & D E L U C A H O L I D AY 2 016

It’s time to raise a glass. To the reuniting of family around a lovingly prepared feast. To fresh faces soon to become familiar. For the gift of the past year and hope for the year to come. Start with a coupe bubbling with Champagne and gather your loved ones over the season’s finest offerings. Savory, sweet or scrumptious—let's toast to the most delectable holiday yet.


T H E C H A M PAGN E C OU PE E n g l a n d , 17 t h C e n t u r y

“ M AY YO U R HE ART BE HUNGRY AND WARM” Ir i s h p r o v e r b

Whether it’s a tradition new to you or one handed down through generations, these are the pillars of the holidays. Familiar favorites like plum pudding harken back to the days of Dickens, while international finds like Japanese matcha-infused Cha No Ka cookies transport you to rich f lavors from across the globe.

CHRISTMAS PLUM PUDDING An authentic pudding with a traditional recipe, fresh from the farmers' market. All organically sourced, this special Christmas pudding is deliciously filled with plums, raisins, cherries, bread, citrus peel and bourbon. Each package is wrapped in muslin and ribbon for a simple and festive presentation. 3" x 4.5", 2 lb | #400498 | $59* Brandy Butter, 6.6 oz | #421320 | $15




Handmade little bits of heaven, these delicate layers of moist cake, buttercream, and marzipan, coated in decadent chocolate and finished with fondant icing are the classic Parisian bite-size indulgence.

These scrumptious cupcakes from More Cupcakes make a heavenly gift...or serve at your holiday party. Six Chocolate Vanilla—Belgian chocolate cake with a Valrhona mousse center and frosted with vanilla bean buttercream, and six White Velvet—Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with a vanilla cream center and frosted with vanilla buttercream. NUT FREE. KOSHER.

Famous for their custom, hand-iced cookies, Eleni's New York has created a winter wonderland of taste for DEAN & DELUCA. Almost too pretty to eat, yet too delicious not to, each cookie is slightly crisp, slightly sweet, and intricately hand-decorated, making them a great gift or party favor.

Sixteen petit fours, 7 oz total #850624 | $50•†

Twelve cupcakes, 7 lb total #850625 | $75•†

WINTER LUSTER MACARONS A fresh take on the classic Parisian macaron, these flavorful treats are freshly made by hand. Vivid hues reflect the natural flavors that infuse the ganache filling, each with its own personality. Includes six of each—Champagne Ganache, Almond Ganache, Coconut Ganache, and White Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache. Sure to get you into the spirit of the season with one bite. Twenty-four macarons, 1.3 lb total #950422 | $65•† 4

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

Twenty-seven cookies, 1.7 lb total #404487 | $95†

KNIPSCHILDT CHOCOLATE AND SEA SALT CARAMELS The holidays are a time for sweet indulgences. Enjoy six milk chocolate bonbons sprinkled with black salt and six dark chocolate bonbons topped with fleur de sel, all filled with rich caramel. Twelve caramels, 4.2 oz total #372493 | $32*






* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


CINQ DÉLICES BUTTER COOKIES The Japanese baker who creates these delicious cookies studied in France and now lives in the United States where he makes this all-natural, buttery assortment of five different confections—Cigare, Billet au Chocolat au Lait, Billet aux Amandes Chocolat, Bateau de Macadamia, and Pleine Lune (shortbread-style cookies with a milk chocolate base). Fourty-four cookies, 8.4 oz total #400971 | $59†


TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY COOKIES The artisans at Amy's Cookies baked the rich flavors of the holidays into this sophisticated cookie collection. A white tin comes filled with pecan-laden butterballs, ginger-laced chocolate wafers, maple-infused cookies, and bittersweet ganache-filled peanut butter cookies.

MarieBelle New York's sumptuous toffee is made with rich Maracaibo chocolate, handcrafted toffee, and premium Sicilian pistachios. A thoughtful gift for almost any occasion.

Forty-eight cookies, 1 lb total #402435 | $60

4.4 oz total #372497 | $20*



This 16-piece showstopper includes a variety of unique bonbon flavors, including Lavender Caramel, Habañero Caramel, Rosewater Caramel, Chai Caramel, Assam Caramel, Salted Peanut Butter Cup, Thai Peanut Butter Cup, and Deux Pistaches.

Advent calendars, like carol concerts, are one of the signals that Christmas time beckons. The seemingly never-ending countdown to Christmas really starts on the day you open the first little window and give yourself a mini-surprise, a bite of the finest luxury chocolate.

Sixteen bonbons, 10 oz total #372496 | $54*


Twenty-four truffles, 11.2 oz total #372370 | $65*†

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

DEAN & DELUCA NUTCRACKER TOY SOLDIERS COOKIES From Eleni’s New York, these sugar cookies are slightly crisp and not too sweet. The unique care given to each cookie makes them a perfect dessert gift or a fun and festive cookie to serve at any holiday gathering. NUT FREE. KOSHER.

Eighteen cookies, 1.1 lb total #404781 | $75

MARIAGE FRÈRES NÖEL TEAS Since 1854, Mariage Frères has been bringing the finest teas to people all over the world. Esprit de Noël is a perfumed black tea blended with cinnamon, orange, almond, vanilla bourbon, tangerine, and a flurry of stars. Nöel Bleu is a festive blend of cinnamon, almond, and Bourbon vanilla sprinkled with golden stars. FRANCE. Espirit de Nöel, 3.1 oz #362095 | $35 Nöel Bleu, 2.4 oz #362096 | $35

LILLIPUTIANS MINI CHOCOLATE HAT BOX Hand crafted in Vienna, these dollhouse-sized confectionary jewels come in an array of flavors that includes nougatine, koffee, orangiette, and pistachio marzipan… Delicately packed by hand in a paper-wrapped hat box. AUSTRIA. Forty-two mini chocolates, 4.5 oz #362098 | $59* ‡

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


MASTRO DI FESTA: DRIED FIGS, NUTS, BAY LEAF, AND WILD FENNEL These dried Italian figs are filled with walnuts and almonds, giving a crunch to the soft texture of the fruit. Wild fennel and citrus lend an intoxicating aroma. These beautifully presented figs make a wonderfully uncommon gift. Serve along with the cheese course. 2.4 lb total | #403309 | $135†

PANAFORTE These sweet, dense fruit and nut cakes from Italy are a Christmas tradition, although in Siena where they are made, fruitcakes are a year-round treat. Enjoy three delicious varieties—Fig and Walnut, Margherita, and Panpepato. Hand wrapped in paper. ITALY. Set of three, 2.3 lb total | #401967 | $59†


CANNETTA FICHI: DRIED FIGS, NUTS, AND CITRUS PEEL Italian figs stuffed with almonds and citrus fruit peels, distinctively packaged in the barrel of dried bamboo stalks. A delicious snack to pick on all afternoon. Pairs nicely with a Castelmagno or Blue Mont Cenis Cheese and a glass of Moscato. 7 oz total | #403310 | $25†

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714



A decadent Italian treat, these candied orange peels enrobed in dark chocolate with hazelnut make a deliciously sweet gift. Candied lemon peel enrobed in dark chocolate with pistachio is a unique and delicious Italian specialty, to give and share.

DEAN & DELUCA Olive Oil Grissini, Rosemary Mini Flatbread, Raw Almonds, Fanciful Fruit Mix, Orange Blossom Honey / Green Cerignola Olives / Bonvallis Fig and Almond Cake

7 oz | $36*† Orange peel with hazelnuts, #403312 Lemon peel with pistachios, #403311

#404746 Set of 7 $65



DEAN & DELUCA Olive Oil Grissini, Handmade on a farm in Vermont, these all-natural, Rosemary Minigoat's Flatbread, Raw Almonds, award-winning, milk caramels are a sweet and Fanciful Fruit Mix, Orange Blossom mouthwatering treat you'll want to share. Includes sea salt Honey / Green Cerignola Olives / Bonvallis and bourbon vanilla, chai, maple cream, and cocoa latte. Fig and Almond Cake Fifty caramels, 3 lb total | #372494 | $55

#404746 Set of 7 $65

CHEESE SPREAD ACCOMPANIMENTS Acclaimed time and again as the "World's Greatest." Allow the burst & DELUCA Olive Oil of buttery, liquid caramel to dance onDEAN your taste buds and delight Grissini, Rosemary Mini your palate. An exquisite housewarming or hostess gift to share with Flatbread, Raw Almonds, friends and family at your house or theirs. Includes Milk Chocolate, Fanciful Fruit Dark Chocolate with Ginger, Pear, and Calvados. Mix, Orange Blossom Honey / Green Cerignola Sixteen caramels, 6.2 oz total | #372489 | $45* Olives / Bonvallis Fig and Almond Cake


#404746 Set of 7 $65

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


PANETTONE CLASSICO Panettone is a yeast risen bread that has been enriched with eggs, butter, and fresh cream, then studded with raisins and candied orange peel. Traditionally associated with the holidays, serve for dessert on its own, with gelato and dessert wine, or soaked in custard to make French Toast. Packed in a sumptuous red and gold Art Deco patterned gift box. ITALY. 9" diam, 2.2 lb | #403315 | $45â€


BALSAM ORO (WHITE BALSAMIC WITH PETALS OF 23K GOLD) Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. This sumptuous white balsamic vinegar features petals of 23-carat gold. Made from Trebbiano grapes grown in the Modena region of Italy combined with concentrated, uncooked grape must. This vinegar has a light slightly sweet flavor with a moderate amount of acidity. It makes a great aperitif. Housed in a gold presentation box. ITALY. 250 ml | #403313 | $65†

AMORETTI ITALIA TIN Crunchy yet soft, these authentic Italian biscuits are more than a holiday tradition, they're simply part of everyday Italian life. Scrumptious with a subtle almond flavor, and packed in an ornate, retro tin of red and gold, these cookies are meant to be shared with family and friends. ITALY. Twenty-six biscuits, 6.1 oz total | #403026 | $25†

NANCY'S HOLIDAY GELATI Four truly delicious flavors of Italian-style gelato—Chocolate Fondente, Amarena Cherry, Spiced Stumptown Coffee, and Zabaglione with candied orange Marsala swirls. The perfect way to end a special dinner. Four pints | #850647 | $52•


CHOCOLATES WITH BALSAMIC GANACHE Bask in the decadence of each one of these individually wrapped pleasures. Filled with a Modenese balsamic ganache, these bite-sized delights make a mouthwatering gift and are perfect for sharing selectively, of course. Seventeen chocolates, 8.9 oz total #403308 | $22*†

Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. Krumiri were an instant, sweet success when they were introduced in 1878. Made exclusively by hand, fresh eggs are added to flour, butter, sugar, and vanilla. When the consistency is just right, the mixture is left to breathe for a whole day. Because all good things come to those who wait. Packaged in a signature red tin. ITALY. Twenty-six cookies, 10.5 oz total | #403318 | $19‡

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


MAZET CONFISEUR DE LUXE SAMPLER Handmade round box contains nine specialties from the Maison Mazet with a surprise in the center, a little separate box. Filled with Amandas, Mirabos, GrĂŞlons, Givrettes, Passions Hazelnut et Passions Almond, Kaloudjas, Mazettes, and the true Prasline. 12.4" diam, 1.5 lb | #372495 | $135*


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

LONDON CHRISTMAS PUDDINGS From Chocolat Moderne, bonbons inspired by London Christmas Puddings. Includes Red Trifle—Triple-layered bonbon featuring raspberry pâte de fruit, almond marzipan, and a creamy white passionfruit ganache; Orange Mince Pie — with a layer of kumquat pâte de fruit and a layer of blended milk and dark chocolate ganache scented with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and laced with dark rum; Yellow Figgy Pudding— dark and milk ganache blended with a pureé of figs simmered with Port wine, then topped with ‘hard sauce’ – buttery blond chocolate ganache enhanced with cognac. Twelve filled chocolates in coral box, 7.7 oz total #372511 | $49•

MULLED WINE TRUFFLES Combining the aromatic strength of a dry, red wine and the dark tones of a quality chocolate bar, these truffles with mulled red wine infused ganache are coated in 71% dark chocolate and sprinkled with edible gold dust. A delectable flavor combination that’s not to be missed. Twelve truffles #372513 | $32•

MARIEBELLE CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLES This luxurious-looking faux snakeskin box from MarieBelle New York is filled with soft and rich, hand-rolled dark chocolate truffles. Flavored with champagne and dusted with cacao. Twenty truffles, 9.7 oz total | #372514 | $38*

PANETTONE WITH BALSAMIC CREAM Buttery rich brioche, studded with raisins, and laced with a rich balsamic vinegar creme. Pair with Prosecco. Buon Natale. ITALY. 8" diam, 1.6 lb | #403307| $49†

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


BRIDGEWATER PECAN TÖRTÉLS Made by master chef turned chocolatier, Eric Landegren, with a generous amount of roasted pecans and almonds draped in soft caramel and dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Twelve törtéls, 12 oz total #400508 | $36*

RECCHIUTI PÂTES DE FRUITS A long-time holiday favorite, the gorgeously simple Pâtes de Fruits burst with four flavors of fresh fruit. This set includes Morello Cherry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry, and Pear-Lime, all finished with crystallized sugar. Eighteen pâtes, 9 oz total #379326 | $32

D'AGEN PRUNES STUFFED WITH PRUNE MOUSSE These stuffed prunes from Agen in there iconic blue tin are a classic holiday delicacy. One of the most prestigious holiday gifts in France. Pitted, dried, rehydrated, filled with a smooth prune pureé, and scented with lemon and vanilla. Thirteen prunes, 1 lb in blue tin #373431 | $32† Three stuffed Agen prunes with Armagnac, 5.29 oz in white box #373430 | $16†


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

HANUKKAH No Ha nu k k a h celebration wou ld be complete w it hout a few essentia l cla ssics. Cr ispy gou r met lat kes a nd ha nd-pa inted d reidel cook ies g i ld t he holiday t able w it h a u n ique t a ke on trad ition.


GELT Veruca Chocolate's Gelt for Grown-Ups® are handcrafted fun for dreidel games, B’nai Mitzvah favors, or anytime you crave a perfectly sweet indulgence. Each coin is molded to replicate a Judean coin dating back to the 4th decade BCE, and is airbrushed in gold or silver. Includes three flavors: Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, and Milk Chocolate. KOSHER.

Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. Happy Hanukkah. Sugar cookies made with pure butter and whole eggs, and flavored with vanilla. Finished with royal icing and decorated with patterns inspired by Mediterranean textiles and ceramics. NUT FREE. KOSHER. Twelve cookies, 1.1 lb total | #404782 | $95

Set of three, 11.9 oz total | #373432 | $52*

GOURMET LATKES Perfect on their own, dressed with apple sauce and sour cream or with smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraîche. Serve these potato pancakes hot and extra crispy. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Eighteen large latkes, 3" diam #950200 | $48•

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16



D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714



The batter (a special type of genoise) gets baked layer by layer on a rotating spit in front of an open fire and glazed. It became famous in the 18th century when it was served to the German King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. When sliced the interior resembles tree rings, and give the cake its German name, Baumkuchen, which translates to "tree cake".

Delicious holiday gingerbread tiles are hand rolled and trimmed. They are full of holiday spices and are topped with a delicate vanilla glaze that highlights the intricate engraved surface. Packed in a Scandinavian designed holiday tin.

6.1" diam, 1.5 lb | #371350 | $50‡

DRESDNER STOLLEN Since 1825, this family run bakery has been using the best ingredients to create an aromatic and delicious Stollen dough. It contains lots of rum-soaked raisins, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, sweet and bitter almonds and really good butter. Each loaf is lovingly formed by hand. The burned raisins on top are peeled off, then loaves are buttered and sugared. They rest overnight before they are covered in their precious sugar glaze topping. GERMANY.

Ten mini gingerbread tiles | #411579 | $25 Three large gingerbread tiles | #411588 | $12

COFFRET GRAND PLACE MIGNONETTES Hand made on the Rue au Beurre, just off the Grand Place in the heart of Brussels. Traditional Mini Speculoos, mildly spiced brown sugar biscuits and Mini Vanilla Speculoos. Hand crafted in wooden molds. BELGIUM. Fifty biscuits, 10.5 oz total | #403300 | $30‡

12.6" x 5.3" x 7.1", 2.1 lb | #371168 | $48†

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16




At the end of each stick is just enough Belgian milk chocolate to make one perfect cup of cocoa. Simply stir into a cup of hot milk and allow the chocolate to melt. The result is the creamiest, most scrumptious hot chocolate. Includes three each of Milk, Dark, and Caramel. BELGIUM.

Cha No Ka cookies are tender green tea biscuits sandwiching white chocolate. Created through the collaboration of an expert in tea leaf production, a tea appraiser, and a master patissier, each individually wrapped biscuit is made with special Okoicha strong matcha green tea from carefully selected tea leaves grown in Uji-Shirakawa. JAPAN.

Nine batons, 9.8 oz total #372316 | $36†

Ten cookies, 4.4 oz total #300025 | $28



Lebkuchen has always been one of our favorite cookies. You can find many versions of this delicious German gingerbread. Some are iced with a powdered sugar glaze, some have chocolate, and most are decorated with almonds. These authentic Lebkuchen are made in New York and packaged in a traditional Alpine village tin.

Baked in a Trappist monestary in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, this fruitcake was originally created by world class Chef Jean-Pierre Augé. This dark, rich, moist, fruit cake has rich flavor, a moist crumb and is laced with rum before aging.

Five cookies, 1 lb total | #403314 | $36†


2 lb in gift tin | #371107 | $59

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

FIR AND JUNIPER WREATHS As the seasons change, it becomes time to freshen up the front door with something new. These beautiful wreaths are trimmed with fir, pine cone, juniper, and cedar. A perfect, seasonal adornment to embrace the holidays. 22" diam | # 850643 | $79 30" diam | #850644 | $129

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16

19 19


T H E C H A M PAGN E F LU T E F r a n c e , 16 t h C e n t u r y


Lists have been made, ingredients prepared. And now, we begin. Let the most anticipated meal of the year unfold on a sophisticated, light note that hints at more delectable courses to be served throughout the day. Consider fresh oysters, all-natural smoked salmon, and refined trays of charcuterie.



Milder in flavor and less briny than New England oysters, those from the Pacific are smaller with deep cups and distinctively ridged shells. We'll ship two dozen of the freshest farm-raised oysters on the day of your order, which might include Kumamotos, Shigokus, or Kusshis. Shipped live.

Atlantic Oysters harvested from the cold waters of Maine and New England are robust and briny in flavor—Enjoy on the half shell, baked, or grilled. We'll ship two dozen of the freshest farmed oysters on the day of your order, which might include Winter Points, Pemaquids, Dodge Coves, Bagaduce, or Glidden Points. Shipped live.

Twenty-four raw oysters | #690055 | $149 

Twenty-four raw oysters | #690054 | $129  Queen Anne Pewter Bowl, ITALY. | #102251 | $320

IRISH SMOKED SALMON, WHOLE SIDE This artisanal smokehouse Atlantic salmon uses hardwood smoke and Irish whiskey to bring out the exceptional flavor of this all-natural fish. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. 3 lb | #704272 | $100

TSAR CUT OF SALMON The most noble cut of salmon, reserved solely for the court in late imperial Russia. Center cut, smoked salmon with a silky and buttery texture. This farm-raised Atlantic salmon is smoked in small batches in the Catskill Mountains. Entertain royally this season. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. 1.5 lb | #704269 | $100

DEAN & DELUCA SMOKED SALMON Inspired by an age-old Scandinavian recipe, this salmon has been farm raised in fresh Maine waters. Cured in a brine of natural sea salt and cane sugar, the fish is cold smoked over local fruitwoods, then finished with Irish whiskey adding a distinctive layer of taste. Shipped frozen. 3 lb in signature wooden box #704268 | $120 22

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

WILD JONAH CRAB CLAWS Simply delicious. Flaky and sweet, their large, meaty claws are a dramatic appetizer. Shells are “Empress Cut”, scored and cut, leaving the pincer-portion of the shell on. This makes for a nice presentation while allowing easy picking of the crabmeat inside. Shipped frozen and ready to serve. 2 lb | #690058 | $90

WILD ALASKAN KING CRAB The largest of commercial-caught crabs, Wild Alaskan King Crabs from the Bering Sea have wonderfully moist, rich, sweetly flavored meat. Our precooked King Crabs are ready to be enjoyed hot or cold; simply thaw. Shipped frozen. 2 lb, 10- to 16-oz each | #690056 | $149  4 lb, 10- to 16-oz each | #690060 | $195  Lorenzo Pewter Bowl, ITALY. | #102249 | $300

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16





An international sampling of Salumist Elias Cairo's favorite salamis, packed in a beautiful gift box. Chorizo Rioja is a Spanish-style salami with both sweet and smoked paprika, garlic, and oregano. Saucisson Sec is a popular, traditional French salami flavored with garlic and black pepper. Loukanika is a Greek salami flavored with equal parts garlic & cumin, and a touch of orange zest. Salami Nola is a coarse-ground Italian salami with black pepper, chili flake, and allspice.

DEAN & DELUCA has secured 100 of these rare,


Cinco Jotas is one of the most storied hams in the world. Among the elite brands of Spain's Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, this ham comes from pure breed Ibérico pigs raised in free range conditions and is dry cured for a minimum of 240 days. Every one of these hams is made from top quality acorn-fed pork, earning the official designation of Bellota.

15 lb, Uncooked | #751432 | $150•

3.5 lb | #704270 | $700*



Expressing an appreciation for the beauty and bounty of Iowa, La Quercia makes artisanal cured meats using the best ingredients, produced responsibly, and crafted by hand. This selection features Spicy Borsellino, Speck, Prosciutto Piccante, and Nduja. USA.

A few of the many treasures of Spanish cuisine can be enjoyed in this delectable sampler, some from the famed black-hoofed Ibérico pig— Ibérico Jamon, Ibérico Chorizo, Lomo Serrano, and Ibérico Salchichon. SPAIN.

uniquely flavored, Smoky Mountain Country Hams. Made using the same tried and true method since 1947, they are slow cured using salt and brown sugar and then smoked in a wood stove smokehouse to infuse intense hickory flavor. It’s a must at every table, no matter the holiday.

Set of four in gift box, 1.7 lb total #751401 | $65*

GUANCIALE, WHOLE Derived from guancia, Italian for cheek, Guanciale is a cured meat prepared from pork cheeks. Use as lardons over a salad of winter greens, or simmer with onions in a bit of tomato to sauce buccatini; classic pasta all'Amatriciana. 1.5 lb | #751434 | $50*


Set of four, 1 lb total | #404531 | $45 D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

Set of four, 8 oz total | #751330 | $55*

FOOD, FAMILY, and HOLIDAY Alibus maionem aut ma vel illiquost, tem con pa quaecto officab oreptatiis erum, ulpa ad quae dollaut volo

WHOLE JAMÓN SERRANO Fermín Jamón Serrano is dry cured for 22 months. Serrano pigs originated in the Sierra Mountains of Spain. Today, these pigs still range free, grazing on natural elements of the indigenous forests called 'dehesas'. Try sliced thin on toast with drops of olive oil, a slice of tomato, salt, and fresh herbs. ITALY. 18 lb | #704267 | $475•

WHOLE PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA Cured over 500 days for slow and even salt penetration, this sweet boneless ham is from Langhirano, Italy, the home of Prosciutto di Parma. Hand trimmed and boned, this ham bears the honorable mark of the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, signifying its exceptional quality. Slice thin, serve alone or on sandwiches, with melon, on top of pizza, or as the star of a charcuterie platter. ITALY. 16 lb | #704212 | $475•

WILD BOAR CACCIATORINI Salumerio Biellese presents Cacciatorini di Chingiale, made from the shoulder meat of feral hogs, Italian hunter salami, and blended with heirloom spices, garlic, and peppers. The result is a slightly sweet, full and robust flavor. Slice and pair with your favorite hard cheese. 1 lb | #704529| $55•

BEEF BRESAOLA Lean and tender, with a sweet, musty smell, these USDA-certified beef bresaola are made from sirloin, rump or round cuts…air dried, salted, and aged two to three months until they become hard and turn a deep red. In Italy, bresaola is served as an antipasto that is sliced so thin, you can almost see through it. 3 lb | #751433 | $250•

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


PÂTÉ TRIO Start the party with three delicious pork pâtés—Pork Liver Mousse slightly sweetened with Port Wine, Pork Rillettes made with tender pork shoulder slow cooked in pork fat with ginger and thyme, and Pork Pistachio Pâté made in the traditional country style with fresh herbs and pistachios. All from Olympia Provisions. Set of three, 1.5 lb total | #751436 | $35•


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714



Mojama is a Mediterranean delicacy consisting of filleted, salt-cured tuna loins from Spain. Typically sliced thin and drizzled with olive oil to enhance the rich flavor of this fish. Serve with chopped tomatoes, almonds, and olives.

Since 1856, the Trikalinos family has been producing bottarga, or cured grey mullet roe. All curing takes place without the use of preservatives through a process that combines salting and drying. Remove the beeswax and spread on bread with a trickle of olive oil and a drop of lemon juice or serve with omelets, pasta, and seasonal fruit.

7 oz | #751435 | $35•

8 oz | #701243 | $150•


APPLEWOOD SMOKED MAGRET BONELESS DUCK BREAST This succulent duck breast is hot-smoked over applewood chips. Slice thinly over a mixed salad or build a sandwich with crusty bread, savory jam, and fresh stone fruit.

This shredded duck confit, from Hudson Valley Foie Gras in Ferndale, NY, uses Moulard duck, slow roasted, seasoned with quatre épices, and preserved in its own fat. Spread on crusty bread.

14 oz | #704274 | $30•

8 oz | #950444 | $17•

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


FIG MOLASSES From Calabria, this smooth and sweet, traditional fig molasses is an ancient specialty of the region. Use this truly unique Mediterranean flavor to drizzle over cheese or as a substitute for honey. ITALY. 100 ml | #403317 | $49‡

BLOC OF DUCK FOIS GRAS A melt-in-your-mouth block of duck Foie Gras, infused with truffles and Sauternes wine. Serve on a toasted baguette sprinkled with fleur de sel and drizzled with fig molasses. 8 oz | #704265 | $65

BLACK WINTER TRUFFLE (DOLCE DI NORCIA, TUBER MELANOSPORUM VITT.) Best when lightly heated in sauces, egg dishes, or with meats or fowl. ITALY. Limited availability from December - January 1 oz | #702002 | Market P rice 1.75 oz | #725003 | Market P rice

WINTER WHITE TRUFFLE (WHITE ALBA, TUBER MAGNATUM PICO VITT.) The most prized truffle. Intense, elegant with undertones of garlic. Shave raw over risotto, pasta, or egg dishes. ITALY. Limited availability from October - December 1 oz | #702003 | Market P rice 1.75 oz | #725006 | Market P rice


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

SIBERIAN CAVIAR (ACIPENSER BAERII) Siberian Caviar comes from a broodstock of Siberian sturgeon—a cold-loving species which thrives in aquaculture, and produces exceptional, dark eggs that have a mildly sweet, almost buttery flavor. Eat with latkes or use to top oysters. 1 oz | #761392 | $85 2 oz | #761393 | $165 4.4 oz | #761394 | $350 7 oz | #761395 | $550

IMPERIAL GOLD CAVIAR (HUSO SCHRENCKII) Although wild stocks of the hybrid brother of the Beluga Sturgeon are protected in the Amur River that borders Russia and China, these fish have been raised to produce caviar sustainably in aquaculture. This large river sturgeon produces caviar which is large grained, light to golden amber in color, has a crisp firm texture, and a slightly briny, clean taste. Pair with our Tsar Cut of Salmon and an ice cold vodka. 1.05 oz | #690063 | $140 1.76 oz | #690064 | $225 4.4 oz | #690065 | $550 8.8 oz | #690066| $1050

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

GALILEE OSETRA CAVIAR (ACIPENSER GUELDENSTAEDTII) Farm-raised in Israel using water from the nearby Dan River, this is a true Osetra caviar raised from Russian broodstock— medium-sized eggs, dark gray to golden brown color with a unique nutty flavor and a creamy clean finish. 1.05 oz | #761362 | $115  1.75 oz | #761363 | $195  4.4 oz | #761364 | $450  8.8 oz | #761365 | $900 

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16



T H E B OR DE AU X G L A S S F r a n c e , 16 t h C e n t u r y

“ S E R E N E LY F U L L , T H E E P I C U R E W O U L D S A Y, FAT E C A N N O T H A R M M E , I H AV E D I N E D T O D AY ” Sydney Smith, Victorian Writer

Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for. The violà. The big reveal. The main course. Make it worth the wait and treat your guests to a richly marbled standing rib roast, buttery American Wagyu beef or a tender, seared rack of lamb that won’t soon be forgotten.

VENISON RACK This fully frenched venison rib rack is ideal for venison chops. Delicious, silky, and so simple to prepare at home. Cook as an entire roast with a splash of Merlot and water in the bottom of the pan then use the pan drippings to make a finishing sauce to pour over after it’s been cooked. Shipped frozen. 2.5 lb, Uncooked | #850633 | $10 9 ď‚˜

STANDING RIB ROAST The height of opulence, and quite possibly the most flavorful cut of beef, this hand-tied rib roast is beautifully marbled and incredibly rich. Responsibly raised by the Brandt Family who feed their animals a vegetarian corn-based diet with no hormones and antibiotics. Shipped frozen. 12 lb, Uncooked #202078 | $450• Coltellerie Barti Steel & Ox Horn Carving Set, ITALY. #105481 | $755 ď‚˜


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

CROWN ROAST OF PORK From Niman Ranch, a succulent crown roast of pork, using all-natural, free-range, humanely raised, heritage breed pigs. Fed a 100% vegetarian diet, this crown roast is tender and utterly satisfying. Shipped frozen. 12 lb, Uncooked #704263 | $249•

DOMESTIC LAMB RACK With a velvety tenderness and flavor that is consistently lean but juicy, these lamb racks are not to be missed. Raised in the USA, the sheep roam free and graze on a natural, indigenous diet of wild grasses, herbs, flowers, and wholesome grains. Simply season the rack with salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh herbs, and then pan sear it and roast it off in the oven. Serve single or double chops. Demands a bold red wine. Shipped frozen. 9 lb, Uncooked #704260 | $220•

WAGYU BEEF ROASTS A Wagyu roast makes a dazzling centerpiece for any occasion. These gently marbled roasts can be roasted whole or cut into filets. They are the perfect balance of natural tenderness and intense flavor. Shipped frozen. USA. Tenderloin, 5.5 lb, Uncooked #701420 | $269• Striploin, 15 lb, Uncooked #704262 | $549• Ribeye, 2.5 lb, Uncooked #704261 | $299•

WAGYU NEW YORK STRIP STEAK These American Wagyu beef New York Strip steaks are carefully cut by hand so there is a natural variation in size. Each steak is deeply marbled with a wonderful complexity and subtle sweetness that provides a one-of-a-kind steak eating experience. Shipped frozen. USA. Four steaks, 1.4 lb each, Uncooked #704276 | $300• * REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16



T H E P ORT G L A S S F r a n c e , 17 t h C e n t u r y


The meal may be finished, but the party is far from over. Linger with loved ones in conversation, laughter and a round or two of your favorite parlor games with a touch of something light and savory: a tray of regional cheeses accompanied by honey, almonds, and rustic crackers.

FRENCH CHEESE PLATE Four of the finest French cheeses. Abbaye de Belloc—a hard, pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese with a milky, wholesome flavor; Comte St. Antoine— cave aged for 14 months with a big flavor and a long finish; Cantalet Petit Cantal—a sweet, semi-hard aged round similar to young cheddar; and Saint Nectaire—fruity fresh and creamy soft with hints of mushroom. FRANCE. Set of four, 1.7 lb total #601676 | $75

VACAROSSA PARMIGIANO REGGIANO This whole wheel of 24-month old DOP Parmigiano Reggiano is produced by Gian Domenico Serra and his children Giovanni, Antonietta, and Nicoló. They are one of only four dairies that constitute the Consorzio di Sola Bruna. They are dedicated to producing Parmigiano Reggiano solely from the milk of red cows fed exclusively with grass and hay, using traditional methods to ensure a unique cheese with full-bodied flavor. ITALY Whole wheel, 80 lb | #601754 | $2250 2.2 lb | #601755 | $70 36

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

STILTON TRUCKLE This famed cow’s milk cheese is mellow and deliciously creamy with rich savory flavors. A delicate spicy tang from the blue veins comes through with a rounded and superb lingering finish. A holiday tradition, serve after dinner with port. 6 lb | #601748 | $200

FINCA PASCUALETE LA RETORTA A unique, award-winning, handcrafted cheese from Spain. Finca’s exceptional and pure raw sheep's milk comes from its own flock of Extremadura Merino sheep. Aged for 60-75 days, the flavor is delicate, distinctive, well defined and persistent on the palate, with hints of blue wild flower. SPAIN. 10.5 oz | #601753 | $30

MARZOLINO AL POMODOR Made by Bruno Bertagni and his son, Verano, who apply a traditional Tuscan method to the rind which involves rubbing dried tomato concentrate into the rind for protection and flavor. This cow and sheep's milk cheese is handmade in Pieve Fosciana. Aged 30 days. ITALY. 1.6 lb | #601752 | $50

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16





A sharp cheddar made in Milton, Iowa with milk sourced from local Amish farms by an Amish cheesemaker named Rufus. This cheese has a brothy, savory, meaty, caramel finish and is perfect with fresh fruit, an apple pie or a sweetheart ham.

A camembert-style cheese with a grassy, mushroom flavor made from Jersey cow’s milk, produced in Thomasville, Georgia. Jersey cow’s milk is high in butter fat and gives this cheese a wonderful richness. Serve with a slice of honeycomb and pecans.

This mild, cow’s milk blue made by Point Reyes Farmstead in Point Reyes, California, is inoculated with blue mold to provide a piquant, fruity, peppery flavor. Serve at the end of the meal with fresh fruit and a sweet dessert wine or port.

7.5 oz | #601468 | $12 

7.1 oz | #601732 | $20 

8 oz | #601456 | $15 

DEAN & DELUCA Cutting Boards 20" x 14" | #101626 | $36 14" x 10" | #105260 | $28



An extra-aged black wax-coated cheddar that is sharp and flavorful. This cheese pairs well with fresh berries and is a tasty accompaniment to apple pie.

A cow’s milk, triple-crème cheese produced in the Bay Area of California by legendary cheesemongers Sue Conley and Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery. This dessert cheese has 75% fat content and is delicious served with fresh berries or dark fruit.

Two bars, 1 lb total | #601553 | $20 

10 oz | #601751 | $8 







D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714



From Brie, just southwest of Paris, France, this cheese is one of the milder, more buttery Bries. Creamy and smooth with a slightly chalky center that becomes runny with age. Brie de Nangis pairs well with a Sauvignon Blanc and bigger reds such as a Merlot. FRANCE.

Tomme de Savoie has a beautifully rustic, gray-brown, fuzzy, inedible, thick rind. Inside, this unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese is robust with slight overtones of salt and an unmistakably raw flavor. It is absolutely wonderful paired with sausage, fruit, bread, and wine. FRANCE.

2.2 lb | #601749 | $50

4 lb | #601750 | $50

HOLIDAY CHEESE ACCOMPANIMENTS These accompaniments bring out the very best in cheese. Includes DEAN & DELUCA Forest Honey, and Marcona Almonds; The Fine Cheese Co. Rosemary Crackers; Rustic Bakery Olive Oil & Sel Gris Flatbreads; L'Epicurien Confit of Figs and Balsamic Vinegar; and Santomiele Fig Molasses. Set of six | #404792 | $99‡

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16



THE SNIFTER E u r o p e , 16 t h C e n t u r y


Savory cheeses transition nicely to dessert. For those with a sweet tooth, a warm caramel apple pie or a spiced gingerbread cake with tart, candied cranberries never disappoints.




our holiday pies: CRANBERRY “Winter’s Cherry Pie” is not the most common of the pies that Butter & Scotch sells, but it’s definitely one of the most delicious. With an all-butter crust, tart cranberries, orange zest, and a hint of cinnamon, you might want to skip the cranberry sauce this holiday and wait for the Cranberry Pie. Shipped frozen. 9" diam | #950446 | $40•

ORGANIC PUMPKIN This all-butter crust pie from Butter & Scotch is filled with organic pumpkin, molasses, maple syrup, and five spices—a comforting and familiar treat when the weather begins to turn chilly. Shipped frozen. 9" diam | #950448 | $40

BOURBON GINGER PECAN This pie from Butter & Scotch won top prize at the 1st Annual Brooklyn Pie Bakeoff! Organic Texan pecans, local maple syrup, three types of ginger, an all-butter crust, and a hefty dose of the finest top-shelf bourbon make this pie a delectable treat. Shipped frozen.

CHOCOLATE FOREST CAKE WITH BLACK CHERRY JAM Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. This moist and luscious chocolate forest cake is layered with sweet, black cherry jam and Italian buttercream. If you decide to share, this all-natural cake from Krumville Bake Shop serves 10-12. Shipped frozen. GLUTEN-FREE. 6" diam | #950450 | $70•

9" diam | #950277 | $40•

CARAMEL APPLE This delicious pie, from Butter & Scotch in Brooklyn, is always a crowd pleaser. With an all-butter crust, local apples from Red Jacket Orchard, and a homemade caramel sauce made with fresh ginger and cinnamon, this is comfort food at its best. Shipped frozen. 9" diam | #950376 | $40 

S'MORES It’s impossible not to love this pie from Butter & Scotch, featuring a from-scratch graham cracker crust, filled with creamy Callebaut milk chocolate ganache and topped with handmade toasted marshmallow fluff. Shipped frozen. 9" diam | #950303 | $40 

GINGERBREAD CAKE WITH CANDIED CRANBERRIES Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. This delicious gingerbread cake with candied cranberries is their latest creation, just in time to enjoy at any holiday get-together. Made by Krumville Bake Shop in Brooklyn, New York, a small-batch, gluten-free all-natural bakery specializing in creating scrumptious treats that everyone can enjoy. Only the best ingredients are used to create flavorful recipes inspired by Italian and Dutch cooking traditions. Shipped frozen. GLUTEN-FREE. 6" diam | #950449 | $65•



T H E M A RT I N I G L A S S Unite d S ta te s , 1 9 t h C e n t u r y


There’s nothing quite like giving the perfect gift. Thinking of other people is what makes the holiday season so special. We’ve curated an intriguing collection of one-of-a-kind gifts with a little something special for everyone on your list.


BLACK AND WHITE GIFT There’s no grey area when it comes to giving this amazing holiday gift. Includes Frantoio Guglielmo di Malavalle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Giuseppe Giusti 20-year IGP Balsamic Vinegar, Agusti Torello Mata White Cava Vinegar, Geometry of Pasta – Gigli, Filotea Spaghetti Chitarra al Nero di Seppia Pasta with squid ink, Kozlik's Balsamic Fig & Date Mustard, Maida Carciofini Piccolissimi Baby Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Reperso rice, Regalis Black Morels (Morchella Conica), Regalis Autumn Porcinis (Boletus Edulis), Kishibori soy sauce, Dick Taylor Vietnam chocolate bar, Chocolat Chaud Gourmand hot chocolate, Santomiele Fig Molasses, and a box of Amedei Dark Chocolate Napolitains. Set of fifteen in signature gift box #404789 | $399‡

RARE SCENTS This collection of exotic ingredients can really turn your culinary creations into masterpieces—Pariya Rose Buds, Rumi Spice Artisanal Afghan Saffron, Cassina Rossa Fennel Pollen, and Zeron Double Intensity Pure Veracruz Vanilla Extract. All, wonderfully aromatic. Set of five in signature gift box #404785 | $119‡


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714



The scent of freshly cut pine inspires this holiday collection. Includes Acetaia Del Cristo Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP aged only in juniper, Mugolio Pine Cone Bud Syrup, 1800 Piñones sugared pine nuts, Organic Honey From Fir with a Olivewood Honey Dipper, and D'Arbo Wild Lingonberry Sauce.

This gift offers a tantalizing array of products based on the fruit. Includes Marchesi Di San Giuliano Sicilian Red Grapefruit Marmalade, Colonna Bergamia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, California Crisps Dried Mandarins, Fika Citrus & Whiskey Jam, Scorza Di Limone, and a Citrus Zester.

Set of six in signature gift box | #404784 | $229‡

Set of six in signature gift box | #404783 | $99‡

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16




This collection of certified organic, traditional Tunisian specialties comes from family-owned farm, Les Moulins Mahjoub, where old-world agricultural methods are still practiced. Stone-crushed and hand-rolled couscous with a nutty flavor like none other, Harissa spread with sun-dried peppers and tomatoes is spiced with coriander and cumin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato Sauce with Harissa and Capers, Black Olive Paste, Preserved Lemons, and indigenous Meski Green Olives with Lemon and Fennel.

Alibus maionem aut ma vel illiquost, tem con pa quaecto officab oreptatiis erum, ulpa ad quae dollaut volo

Set of seven in signature gift box #404728 | $99

THE GRAND ODALISQUE Confections of fruits and flowers are integral to the rituals of hospitality in North Africa, the Levant and Turkey. The ingredients for this exotic, decadently sweet assortment are hand harvested in Lebanon. Rose syrup made with Joury roses is great when splashed in champagne, pomegranate molasses to glaze Cornish hens, almond stuffed dates to accompany mint tea, Orange Blossom Water, and Candied Bitter Orange Peel in Syrup. Set of five in signature gift box #404729 | $85


FOOD, FAMILY, and HOLIDAY Alibus maionem aut ma vel illiquost, tem con pa quaecto officab oreptatiis erum, ulpa ad quae dollaut volo

What to give someone who has everything? A personal pepper mill, of course, with both white and black Penja pepper from Cameroon. The Penja Valley in Central Africa with its fertile volcanic soil produces some of the finest and rarest peppercorns in the world. This brass pepper mill, handmade in Greece, includes a velvet drawstring pouch for easy portability. Set of three | #404731 | $89


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

A NIGHT WITH SCHEHERAZADE This exotic collection of rare, sweet and fragrant delights takes you on a fairytale-like journey through the Islamic Golden Age. Magical Persian fairy floss, a sweet artisanal treat like nothing you’ve ever had before, hand-woven from sesame and sugar and infused with natural vanilla, Persian Nougats in two flavors—Saffron with Pistachio and Persimmon with Lime, fragrant, edible Rose Buds, and Rose-scented Rahat. Best enjoyed with 1001 tales. Set of five | #404730 | $115

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


ITALIAN GIFT Italians exchange baskets of delicacies at Christmas time. Includes Colonna Madarino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Costa Dei Rosmarini DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar, Carnaroli Rice, Costa Dei Rosmarinin Ligurian Pesto, Ligurian Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Maida Carciofini Piccolissimi Baby Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cassina Rossa Stuffed Hot Chili Peppers, Ritrovo White Bean Appetizer, Ritrovo Pinoli 100% Italian Pine Nuts, Ritrovo Tuscan Tomato Pieces with Arno Valley Giant Basil, Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries, Sant’Eustachio ground coffee, and an Amedei Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar. Set of fifteen in signature gift box #404788 | $329

NELLA CUCINA Pressed for time but still want a home-cooked meal? This selection of Italian favorites is sure to inspire. Barely any prep time and tastes like it took all afternoon. Molto bene… now boil the water! Includes Chianti Classico DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spaghetti, Penne, Marinara, Puttanesca, Classic Basil Pesto, and a 5-Quart, 18/10 Stainless Steel, Footed Colander. Set of seven #404737 | $139

SOUTHERN ITALIAN GIFT Southern Italian cooking features the bright, lively flavors of the Mediterranean. This gift includes all the necessities—Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Trapani Sale di Gucciardo Vincenzo sea salt, Rustichella D'Abruzzo Strozzapreti pasta, La Casa Del Grano Sa Fregola Sarda pasta, Agostino Recca anchovies, Ritrovo Tuscan Tomato Pieces with Arno Valley Giant Basil, Ritrovo Chickpea Appetizer, Eliser Di Uva Zibibbo jelly, Luigi Manias Corbezzolo Honey, Caffésicilia Torrone di Pistacchi di Bronte, an Olivewood Baking Spoon, and an Olivewood Strainer Spoon. Set of twelve in signature gift box #404787 | $329


* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16

ANTIPASTI There is something for everyone in this delectable assortment of authentic Italian specialties. Serve with an aperitivo before the pasta course, or as small plates to create a casual party. Uncork the Prosecco!

Tu t t i Includes everything in the Primi assortment plus DEAN & DELUCA Savory Pumpkin Bruschetta, Olive Oil Grissini, Grilled Antipasto in Olive Oil, Semi-Dried Peppers in Olive Oil, Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts. Set of fourteen in signature gift box #404740 | $179

DISPENSA ITALIANO No authentic Italian pantry is complete without these Mediterranean necessities. DEAN & DELUCA private label, all curated to create the most mouthwatering feast. Perfetto! La Dolce Vita Includes everything in the La Vita è Bella assortment plus Aceto Balsamico Di Modena IGP, Italian Sea Salt Grinder, Rustic Artichokes in Olive Oil, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Puttanesca Sauce, Whole Bean Espresso, Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials, and Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans.

La Vita è Bella Includes everything in the Cibo per la Vita assortment plus Porcini Mushrooms, Penne Rigate pasta, Tomato Basil Sauce, and Dark Chocolate Orange Peel. Set of twelve in signature gift box #404742 | $165

Primi DEAN & DELUCA Chianti Classico DOP Extra

Virgin Olive Oil, Nocelerro Olives in Brine, Roasted Peppers Bruschetta, Caramelized Onion Bruschetta, Rustic Artichokes in Olive Oil, Rosemary Mini Flatbreads, Hickory Smoked Almonds, and Orange Blossom Honey. Set of eight in signature gift box #404739 | $125

Cibo per la Vita Includes Chianti Classico DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grilled Antipasto in Olive Oil, Capers in Sea Salt, Spaghetti, Classic Basil Pesto, Marinara Sauce, Forest Honey, and Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts. Set of eight in signature gift box #404741 | $125

Set of twenty in signature gift box #404743 | $285

49 4 9

CALIFORNIA DREAMING For those who yearn for the sunny left coast, extra virgin olive oil scented with Meyer lemons adds excitement to salads, pastas and steamed vegetables, truly decadent honey caramels, and organic Blenheim apricot jam, better than any that you have ever tasted, Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar, Dukkah with Sesame and Pistachio, and Mandarin and Strawberry Crisps. Set of seven in lidded wood crate with rope handles | #404727 | $115

Alibus maionem aut ma vel illiquost, tem con pa quaecto officab oreptatiis erum, ulpa ad quae dollaut volo consequae. Ni ape ra eumquis eos ad quis aut atem sa ped qui occum cum eatus ea delici aditate sedition



If a trip to Hawaii is out of the question, we can at least send your tastebuds there. Macadamia Nut Oil to finish salads and seafood, Macademia Nuts enrobed in milk chocolate, Crispy Pineapple Slices, Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, and Rare Hawaiian White Honey with a sensuously textured mouth feel.

A Japanese festival of flavor awaits. Benimosu purple sweet potato vinegar fermented with koji to produce a stunningly bright strawberry hue, and Kishibori Shoyu, pure artisan soy sauce perfect for broths, marinades, and sushi dipping, black alloy Hasu Tokkuri, Yuzu Juice, Yuzu Marmalade, and Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies.

Set of five in signature gift box #404726 | $99


Set of six in signature gift box #404732 | $139

D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

PROVENÇE Olive trees blowing in the breeze, stalls bursting with vegetables, a cool rosé in hand. Pastoral summer afternoons in the French countryside. Inspired pantry staples and recherché delights, from an A.O.P. Vallé de Baux Extra Virgin Olive Oil to rare red rice and sea salt from the marshes of Camargue, Banyuls Red Wine Vinegar, Violet Mustard, Le Puy Green Lentils, Niçoises Olives, Piment d’Espelette, DEAN & DELUCA Herbes de Provençe, Apricot Lavender Jam, Nougat and Calissons, Olivewood Mortar and Pestle…essential ingredients that have been gleaned from the markets of the south. Set of twelve in signature gift boxes #404723 | $225

TAPAS This uniquely appetizing spread celebrates the Spanish fascination with local seafood and peppers, and includes fresh Ortiz sardines from the Bay of Biscay, the finest Ortiz Bonito Del Norte white tuna, tender Octopus in Olive Oil, Savory Tortas De Aceite, Piquillo Stuffed Peppers, Piparras, and Arbequina Olives. Set of seven in signature gift box #404724 | $99

GRAND EPICERIE A select range of delicacies to fête the season, featuring classic Castelines A.O.P. Vallé de Baux Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a palate of raw almond, artichoke and a light, peppery finish, sardines caught by family owned day boats off the coast of Brittany, Walnut Oil, Niçoises Olives, regal Cognac Mustard from Meaux, Bonnat Chocolate Bar “Chuao" (the king of the cocoas), Goulibeur Breton Shortbread, Apple Tatin Jam, two Périgord Champagne Flutes and an intoxicating custom blend of Mariage Frères black tea scented with citrus fruits and made exclusively for DEAN & DELUCA.

Set of eleven in signature gift box #404720 | $250

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


DEAN & DELUCA DELUXE NUT TRAY Exclusively at DEAN & DELUCA. A long-time favorite to give and receive, this sustainably raised, reusable bamboo tray is brimming with healthful nuts and dried fruits. Tray includes Roasted and Salted Pistachios, Roasted and Salted Cashews, Roasted and Salted Mixed Nuts, and Cranberry Nut Mix. Arrives gift-ready, tied with a ribbon. 1.7 lb | #402748 | $55

DEAN & DELUCA DRIED FRUIT TRAY We met the folks from family-owned Bella Viva Orchards in California’s Central Valley at San Francisco’s renowned farmer’s market. This assorted dried-fruit tray is as sweet and delicious as it is healthy for you. Plump, vibrant fruit are colorfully arranged in a sturdy wood tray made from reclaimed peach trees. Contains Cherries, Nectarines, Apricots, Pluots, Peaches, Pears, Plums, and Moyer Prunes. 12" x 7" tray, 1.75 lb #401860 | $55

CRISPY FRUIT TRAY Mandarins, pineapples, and blood oranges, thinly sliced and dried until crispy, make for a new, healthy and flavorful snack alternative. Beautifully presented in a wood crate by California Crisps. 5.7 oz | #404725 | $25


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

DEAN & DELUCA SELECTIONS A sweeping array of not‑to‑be‑missed delicacies that our customers ask for time and again. Includes DEAN & DELUCA Grilled Antipasto in Olive Oil, Roasted Peppers Bruschetta, Onion Mini Flatbread, Truffle Grissini, Apricot Mustard, Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar, Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts; Creminelli Finocchiona Salami; La Quercia Prosciutto Americano; Christopher Elbow Chocolates; Bella Vita Dried Fruit Stack; and Heritage Lemon Infused Shortbread. Set of twelve in signature gift box #404615 | $229*



There are so many delicious reasons these artisanal foods from the world’s countrysides are appreciated…including our beloved babkas, humanely field‑harvested wild boar salami, and how the Bee Cause Project helps fund the installation of beehives in schools across America. Includes DEAN & DELUCA Onion Mini Flatbread, Chocolate Babka, Cinnamon Babka, Raw Almonds; Creminelli Wild Boar Salami; Beehive Promontory Cheese; The Bee Cause Project Honey; and Chukar Dried Rainier Cherries.

Seven of our most popular gourmet snacks create a thoughtful mix of sweet and salty. Enjoy our Onion Mini Flatbread, Olive Oil Grissini, Sonoma Mix, Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Tiramisu Caramels, and Sanded Fruit Salad. Set of seven in signature gift box | #402802 | $65

Set of eight in wood crate #404601 | $135*

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


SWEET & SAVORY SNACK TOTE Our DEAN & DELUCA Signature Gray Two ¯ Pocket Tote comes packed with DEAN & DELUCA Hickory Smoked Almonds, Napoleon Sours, Crystallized Ginger, Aged White Cheddar Popcorn, Sea Salt Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Dipping Pretzels, Greek Yogurt Almonds, Roasted Cashews and Turkish Apricots; Rustic Bakery Sweet Onion & Crème Frâiche Flatbreads, Savory 3 Cheese Coins, Meyer Lemon Cookies; Sir Francis Bacon Toffee Bar; Éclat Toasted Corn Chocolate Bar; and a Pecado Chocolate Fig Bar. Set of seventeen in 12" x 6" x 14" tote #404612 | $145

SNACKS TO SHARE This gift comes with so many delicious snacks, there’s more than enough for everybody. Our DEAN & DELUCA Sonoma Mix, Savory Seasoned Pretzels, Sweet Fish, Dark Chocolate Squares, Artisan Pepper Cashews, Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Greek Yogurt Pretzels, and Red Licorice Scotties; Fire Corn Real Jalapeño Popcorn, and Bunches & Bunches Ginger Snaps. Set of ten in signature gift box | #404598 | $95


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE We’ve taken snacking to new heights with this over¯the¯top collection of first class nibbles. Featuring sweets like Salty Caramels, salty snacks like White Cheddar and Black Truffle Popcorn, and everything in between, this gift is a true snack lover’s paradise. Includes DEAN & DELUCA Sanded Gummy Peaches, Greek Yogurt Pretzels, Roasted Macadamias, two bags of Savory Seasoned Pretzels, Cajun Mix, Creme Brulee Almonds, Hickory Smoked Almonds, Diced Fruit, Turkish Apricots, Indulgent Chocolate Bar Set (Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate, Cookies & Cream White Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate, Toffee & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate), Milk & Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites, Black Licorice Scotties, Sanded Fruit Salad, Gourmet Jellybeans, Candy Blox and Original Mints; Heritage Shortbread, Lemon Infused Shortbread; Salted Lemon Candied Peels, Orange Candied Peels; Rustic Bakery Sweet Onion & Crème Frâiche Flatbreads, Meyer Lemon Cookies; Bazzini Pistachio Nuts; Pop! Almond Roca Popcorn; 479° White Cheddar and Black Truffle Popcorn; and Jacobsen Salt Co. Salty Caramels. Set of thirty ¯one in signature gift boxes #404616 | $300

MOVIE NIGHT After a long, busy week, it’s the perfect time to open this deliciously unconventional medley of movie snacks for the whole family. Includes DEAN & DELUCA Kettle Corn, Red Licorice Scotties, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate Raisins, Sanded Fruit Salad, and Hickory Smoked Almonds; Vermont Maple & Sea Salt Popcorn; Madagascar Vanilla Caramels; and Blueberry Acai Gummy Pandas. Set of nine in signature gift tin #404748 | $60

THINKING OF YOU A care package like no other, filled with DEAN & DELUCA gourmet goodies. Let them know they are always on your mind with Hickory Smoked Almonds, Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts, Sonoma Mix, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Island Mix, English Toffee Caramels, Sanded Fruit Salad, Licorice Allsorts, New York Chocolate Espresso Beans, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Dark Chocolate Orange Peel, and Candy Blox. Set of twelve in lidded wood crate with rope handles #404592 | $89

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


CHOCOLATE OBSESSION Whether you have a mild chocolate obsession or something more uncontrollably deep-seated, these unique, melt-in-your-mouth goodies are the epitome of satisfaction. Extreme includes: Everything in the Intense assortment plus Milk and Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites, Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Cappuccino Almonds, and Cheesecake Caramels. Set of seventeen in chevron gift boxes #404736 | $159 Intense includes: Everything in the Mild assortment plus Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Mint Chip Maltballs, Black Forest Caramels, and Tiramisu Caramels. Set of thirteen in chevron gift boxes #404735 | $125 Mild includes: Dark Chocolate Orange Peel, Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials, Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate Ginger, Milk Chocolate Raisins, Triple Chocolate Toffee, New York Chocolate Espresso Beans, and Chocolate Covered Cherries. Set of eight in chevron gift box #404734 | $85


D E A ND ELU C A .C O M | 8 0 0. 2 21.7714

CLASSIC HOLIDAY STOCKING Some people think the stocking is the best part of Christmas morning, and with these delectable treats stuffed inside, we’d have to agree. DEAN & DELUCA Milk Chocolate Toy Soldiers, Holiday Dark Chocolate Almonds; Hammond's Peppermint Lollipop, Hammond's Peppermint Ribbon; Kubli Raspberry Candies; Kubli Orange and Lemon Slices, a Michel Cluizel Noël Noir 72% dark chocolate bar, and a 27.5” x 6.5” Fair Isle Stocking Set of seven in signature gift box #404790 | $75

HOLIDAY TOTE A DEAN & DELUCA signature black tote stuffed and bulging with festive goodies… DEAN & DELUCA Butter Caramels, Pâtes De Fruits, Maison Dandoy Speculoos Gingerbread Men, Squirrel Brand Crème Caramel Pecans, and an Amedei Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar. Set of six in 12” x 12.5” x 6” tote #404791 | $99

* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16


THE GOURMET SNACK TRIO Sweets, chocolates, nuts...can't decide? Then don't! This trio includes all three. Set of eighteen in signature gift tins, 6.1 lb total #401499 | $139 The Nut Mixer includes: Sonoma Mix, Hickory Smoked Almonds, Salted Pistachios, Salted Cashews, Salted Peanuts, and Butter Toffee Pecans. Set of six in signature gift tin, 1.6 lb total #402789 | $49 The Sweet Life includes: Napoleon Sours, Sanded Fruit Salad, Gummi Bears, Sanded Gummy Peaches, Gummy Lobsters, and Gourmet Jelly Beans. Set of six in signature gift tin, 2.5 lb total #404398 | $49 Afternoon Chocolate Fix includes: Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Chocolate Covered Cherries, New York Espresso Beans, Triple Chocolate Toffee, and English Toffee Caramels. Set of six in signature gift tin, 2 lb #404399 | $49


DEAN & DELUCA BABKA Each beautifully marbled loaf of our babka is layered with a sweet cinnamon or rich chocolate filling. It’s the perfect treat to share. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Set of two loaves, 3 lb total | $28 Mixed | #400448 Chocolate | #400414 Cinnamon | #400415


* REQ UIRE S S E C O N D D AY D E L I V E R Y † AVA IL A B L E 11 / 15 / 16

These New York classics have a soft, cake-like texture and buttery flavor. Coated in rich chocolate and vanilla icing—perfectly sized for noshing. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Eighteen cookies, 1.5 lb total | #401068 | $35

• REQ UIRE S N E X T D AY D E L I V E R Y ‡ AVA IL A B L E 11 / 2 8 / 16

SNACKS ON THE RUN Everyone is busier than ever. Time is tight. That’s why we made these diverse and delicious tins to grab and go. Premium nuts, gourmet chocolates, scrumptious candies… 18–tin set includes: All of the sweet and salty snacks in our 6– and 12–tin assortments. The perfect gift when you want to give the very best in snacking. Set of eighteen in signature gift box #404373 | $125 12–tin set includes: Hickory Smoked Almonds, Pistachios, Cranberry Nut Mix, Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts, New York Chocolate Espresso Beans, Cheesecake Caramels, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials, Island Mix, Candy Blox, Sanded Starfish, and Licorice Allsorts. Set of twelve in signature gift box #404374 | $79 6–tin set includes: Mixed Nuts, Sonoma Mix, Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Black Forest Caramels, Gummi Bears, and Gourmet Jelly Beans. Set of six in signature gift box #404375 | $40 3–tin set includes: Roasted Cashews, Sanded Fruit Salad, and English Toffee Caramels. Set of three, shrink-wrapped #404376 | $20



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Products displayed in this catalog may have limited quantities or availability. DEAN & DELUCA reserves the right to substitute gift components with like items of same or greater value. Returns or exchanges of products are subject to DEAN & DELUCA policies. Prices quoted are subject to change at any time. DEAN & DELUCA is not responsible for and, reserves the right to correct, any errors or inaccuracies in the catalog, and to cancel orders based on the same.


HOLIDAY SNACKS For Snacks on the Run assortment details, please see inside back cover 18–tin | #404373 | $125 12–tin | #404374 | $79 6–tin | #404375 | $40 3–tin | #404376 | $20

Exclusively from DEAN & DELUCA, these diverse and delicious tins are perfect for someone on the go, ideal as stocking stuffers, or great in a set as last minute gifts. Packed with premium nuts, gourmet chocolates, and delightful candies, they're perfect for every taste and every lifestyle.


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© DEAN & DELUCA 2016

2016 DEAN & DELUCA Holiday Catalog  

The DEAN & DELUCA 2016 Holiday Catalog. let's toast: “laughter is brightest where food is best” Irish proverb.

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