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May 2011 Dedicated to the life-long enjoyment of historic vehicles by enthusiasts on the Darling Downs

President’s gymnkana Above: Michael & Sue Wells & 48 Buick in the Witches Hat Challenge: Negotiate an ‘S’ bend course, the driver knocking balls off witches hats with a stick, and the passenger throwing balls into buckets, all without stopping. Right: Arthur & Janelle Fowler & 1930 Model A Ford sport coupe about to start the Carpark Challenge: Negotiate the marked ‘road’, keeping between the painted lines, stopping and reversing into a parking space, driving over a ‘bridge’ and stopping in a ‘garage’. Blindfold driver, navigator is eyes Below: Winners of the Arthur Dorman Shield - Joe Ciantar & Pat Murphy with Bayley Burgess

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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DDVVMC MANAGEMENT TEAM 2010-2011 President ........................................ Jeff Brown Ph: 07 4613 6706 Mob: 0403 454 332 Email:

Vice-President ......................Trevor Hoffmann Ph: 07 4635 4960 Mob: 0412 861 181 Email: vice

Secretary ................................... Katie Burgess Ph: 07 4634 2723 Mob: 0429 342 723 Email:

Treasurer ....................................... Joe Ciantar Ph: 07 4637 2424 Mob: 0439 734 165 Email:

Dating officer ................................. Lara Wilde Mob: 0417 779 917

Editor ...........................................David Grant Ph: 07 4635 0070 Mob: 0405 660 478 Email:

Property officer .................. Paul Christiansen Ph: 07 4633 1287 Mob: 0432 331 496 Email:

By President Jeff Brown Believe it or not, the AGM is not that far away and all positions will be available. Every club member should begin considering now whether he or she should take on one of the roles, or support roles. This club takes a lot of activity behind the scenes to function well, so many hands make light work. I’d encourage those who’ve not yet fulfilled a management role to seriously consider it. It’s a lot of fun, some concentrated work – never hard – and very rewarding. Plus you get your name in print.

Rally director ................................Pat Murphy

It’s a great way to get to know fellow club members better, plus those outside our club.

Librarian ................. Brad & Mitchell McKeiver

I’d especially like to encourage some of our newer members to put up their hand. You don’t have to have been in the club for donkey’s before you’re eligible. Just be willing, be available, and bring your ideas. There are plenty of members who’ll give you support and advice… even when you don’t ask.

Ph: 07 4635 5728 Mob: 0428 746 272 Email: Ph: 07 4630 7204 Mob: 0488 706 833 Email:

Workshop supervisor (QHMC rep) .....Jeff Cox Ph: 07 4635 4481 Mob: 0427 603 698

Membership officer ..................... John O’Hara Ph: 07 4632 8855 Mob: 0428 891 645

Swap Manager ..............................David Liffen 0400 200 090


Historian .....................................Brian Timms Ph: 07 4630 0048 Email:

QHMC rep ................................Graham Allum Ph: 07 4697 6672 Mob: 0403 528 331 Email:

Web site: Meetings: Visitors welcome

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the DDVVMC Clubrooms, 2 Rocla Court, Toowoomba.

Mailing address:

DDVVMC, PO Box 486, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Clubroom Ph: 07 4633 3181


Workshop open Monday nights from (approx) 7pm to 9pm and Wednesday afternoon 2pm to 5pm.

Next management committee meeting 7.30pm, Monday, June 6, 2011

Next general meeting:

7.30pm Thursday, June 9, 2011

I’ll be hanging up my president’s hat as I have other matters I must take care of. Finishing the Cadillac for one, plus getting my art up and going for another. I only have so many hours in a day. The David Hack Classic was held under perfect skies again, and it’s certainly a splendid day. However, it got me thinking that, as a club, we could have a stronger presence. In spite of our name, one of our strengths is our variety of cars covering all historic motoring eras. It looks like Tony and Vicky Jeffs will become new members (lovely to have you two) and they add their mid 70s Corvette into the mix. It was good to see the lineup of club vehicles we did field, and I appreciate that some members also belong to other clubs so were displaying their cars in those club lineups. Still… You could nearly count all the vintage cars on one hand, yet we have enough vintage cars in the club to create a whole section of its own. Wouldn’t that look fantastic, and create some buzz. It would certainly put some meaning back into our club name. Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m off to the shed to get Sarah Jane set up. That’s the old girl. By the time you read this Pamela and I will have moved into Anthony and Samantha Murphy’s home in Chilla Street (thanks to all those who’ve helped us move) and will be madly sorting things out. Jeff

Next newsletter closing date May 27, 2011

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

DDVVMC MEETINGS EXTRA ORDINARY MANAGEMENT ~ MARCH 24 Meeting was opened at. 7:30 pm Attendance: as per book. Apologies: Lara Wilde, Trevor Hoffmann, Graham Allum General Business Swap: David Liffen outlined the survey process and outcomes. Pat Murphy shared a historical view point of the club’s previous swaps. Jeff Brown asked for a show of hands on those that in principle agree to adopt the survey results of a Saturday, Sunday swap. Majority agreed with the Sat/Sun option. This is now to be bought to general meeting for vote by members. Vote taken whether to let people in the Friday night. Majority agree with letting camping site holders in the evening before. This will also be bought to general meeting for vote by members. No further business meeting closed at 8.45 pm Secretary Katie Burgess President Jeff Brown.

MANAGEMENT ~ APRIL 11 Meeting was opened at. 7:35 pm Attendance: as per book. Apologies: Lara Wilde, Brad McKeiver Minutes: Moved by: Graham Allum Sec: David Grant that the minutes as printed in the newsletter be accepted as a true record. Carried Business Arising from Minutes: Paul checked up on smoke alarms they are not required unless persons reside on the premises. Paul to obtain a whiteboard on wheels for the larger meeting room. Gutter guards being purchased for the club house on order from Bunning’s. The blower was placed in the container after the swap so has been located. Trevor to contact insurance broker to list larger items on policy such as compressor. Correspondence: Inward Numerous newsletters, flyers, accounts payable. Outward: Nil. Moved Pat Murphy Sec: Trevor Hoffmann that inwards be received and outwards be endorsed. Carried. Treasurers’ Report: report read by Joe Ciantar Moved: Joe Ciantar and Seconded: Trevor Hoffmann that the financial report be accepted as read and invoices endorsed for payment Carried. Editor: David Liffen sent a contribution to the Rag from his overseas holiday. Jeff Brown mentioned that he would like to see contribution for the rag on a regular basis eg. Restoration tips etc. so if members could offer a regular column please submit to David Grant. Librarian: nil Historian: Books moving slowly at present. Pioneer Village requesting more books for Easter festival. Dating Officer: nil Workshop: Gloves on the bead blaster needed, sewing machine repair underway, sand bank worked well to hold of the run off from the rain behind workshop. Property: Gutter guard on order.

Membership : Motion John O’Hara that Arthur Fowler be endorsed as a financial member second Pat Murphy carried. Rally Director: QHMC rally entries are not coming in as fast as anticipated. Members are encouraged to attend the rally please to ensure that the club is well represented by its own members. Presidents Rally planning underway events and prizes arranged. Motion Pat Murphy that money is made available to purchase models cars for the trophies for the floral classic second Joe Ciantar carried. Taree club visiting Toowoomba - BBQ at the club house 6th May club members needed to help and attend the festivities. Club members attending in their modern cars are respectfully asked to park outside the gate to allow the old cars to park in the ground to showcase them. Combined Council: Seat belt laws bulletin asking for feedback re club’s position. Concessional rego feedback also sought. Swap: nil General Business: John O’Hara would like to remind members that the membership is due prior to the AGM in August, please ensure that your monies are paid by the end of July, Members who remain non financial prior to the AGM will not be able to vote. Membership fees will be $50 and country membership $45. Ann Cox requested that no bookings be taken for the club house in the lead up to the QHMC Rally to allow set up for rally Paul Christianson to arrange consumables for the rally. Cheques required for payment of QHMC facilities. There will be a working bee to clean the building for the QHMC, volunteers needed on the 28th of May 2011 for same. Motion Pat Murphy that Jeff Brown contact Stuart Westerman re: a bill for the electrical work undertaken in the workshop and if one is not forthcoming a donation of $200 be made to cover equipment used seconded Jeff Brown, carried. Jeff Brown is moving house at the end of April and will require some help due to Jeff having a shoulder injury. Any volunteers please contact Jeff Brown. Graham Allum advised that an announcement has been made that the Ballarat swap will no longer exist. Graham has requested that Katie Burgess send a letter to the Ballarat car club to offer our support if they would consider taking over the swap. Jeff Brown would like a committee position formed to look after the web page full time. No further business meeting closed at 10.30 pm Secretary Katie Burgess President Jeff Brown.

Indoor Bowls ~ a fun night Played at DDVVMC Club Rooms every second Tuesday night at 7.30pm. All welcome. Dates: May 10, 24 For further enquiries: Ted Taylor 4632 2565

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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Membership renewals due 30/6/2011 Full membership is $50

AGM August Consider what skills you have and how they can benefit the club.

GENERAL MEETING ~ APRIL 14 Meeting was held in the function room and opened at 7:30 pm by President Jeff Brown who thanked all for attending. Attendance: as per attendance book. Apologies: Lara Wilde, Bernie Forster, Clyde and Col Baker, Elizabeth Shepherd, Brad McKeiver. Visitors: Tony & Vicki Jeffs, 76 Corvette Minutes: The minutes as printed in newsletter accepted as a true record moved Paul Christiansen seconded Bob Chapman carried. Correspondence: • Inward: Numerous newsletters, flyers, various accounts payable and receipts, letter of thanks from John Haken with trophy. • Outward: letter to Ballarat Vintage Car club to offer our support if they wish to consider taking over the Ballarat Swap. Moved Katie Burgess seconded Bill Shepherd that inwards be received and the outward endorsed, carried. Business arising from minutes: Bob Chapman has purchased the pressure cleaner now in the workshop. Kevin McGrath reported on the flood donation to the Grantham Flood relief and letter of thanks from Julie Johnson read. Kevin read the report he compiled on the flood donation same to be held on record and published in the Rag for members to peruse. Jeff Brown formally thanked Kevin McGrath, Anne Cox and Phillip Martin for their hard work in researching the need and dispersing flood relief funds donated by the club. Treasurers’ Report: Joe Ciantar delivered financial report. Moved Joe Ciantar seconded Alan Hoffmann that the report be accepted and accounts endorsed for payment, carried. Vice President: Insurance Broker assessed our policy and feels we are adequately covered through our policies. Editor: David Liffen is currently our overseas correspondent and is expected to send in material for the Rag when possible. Jeff Brown has asked for members to contribute regular articles for the Rag. David Grant requested permission from members to display old photos that would have been taken on rally’s to use on the web site under the Member’s cars area.

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Librarian: nil Historian: Pioneer Village event on over Easter weekend Dating: nil Workshop: Des and Leonie Ham’s car is finished and we will be sneaking a peek after the meeting. Dirty room is clear and ready for the next person to use. Property: Smoke alarms are legally not required as no one resides on the property. Gutter guard has arrived for installation volunteers needed for the working bee 28th May free BBQ for those that attend. Whiteboard to be purchased for large meeting room. Membership: Arthur Fowler welcomed back as member. Rally Director: Outlined upcoming rallies. Pioneer Village Easter Fair. Lara Wilde attending the Rocklea Custom Cruisers reunion. Jeff Brown talked about his upcoming President’s rally. David Hack Classic is on the 1st May members meet at the club 8am so that cars can be parked together. Taree Historic Motor Club coming to Toowoomba, BBQ on Friday at our club house at 6pm. Cost will be $5 per head please bring your old cars. Modern car drivers attending are respectfully asked to park on the street to allow showcasing of the old vehicles. 22nd May Gatton Swap meet, members are asked to meet at the Toowoomba Visitor Information centre on James Street at 7.30am. Pat Murphy requesting that club members please get behind the HMC rally could you please have your entries in by next general meeting. Pat Murphy motioned that the club reduce the entry fee for members to from $45 to $25 and waive the cost of the breakfast on Monday morning seconded Allan Waite all in favour carried. Calling for volunteers to join the HMC rally committee meeting to be held on Monday 18th may at the club rooms. QHMC: Bulletin asking for feedback each club handed to members Graham has asked that they be filled out and returned next meeting please. Graham talked about registration proposal using book of tickets system. Outlined a grant through the Robert Shannon foundation offering money to persons under 30 to assist in restoring a vehicle. Council offering training to take on a council position. Still debating the rolling rego. Seatbelt law still being fought. Council wanting feedback on this issue as well. Swap: nil General Business: Kevin McGrath outlined Gavin Freier Toowoomba electroplater urgently needs premises to relocate to if you can help please do. Suncorp are offering grants up to $10,000 for organisations who come up with ideas to reduce the road toll. Kevin outlined his idea for a submission. Jeff Brown outlined the idea for a float to be displayed at the Floral Classic. Motion Jeff Brown to go ahead with submitting a float seconded Paul Chapman all in favour carried.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

Ann Cox needs someone to take over the Rag mail out in June due to HMC rally commitments.


Ann outlined her thoughts on the HMC Rally asking for people to attend and still offer to do something to help so we can all enjoy the rally; she outlined the costs of hosting the various functions.

Donation of $25,000 for flood relief by the Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc. to the victims of regional floods 2011. Prepared for & on behalf of the DDVVMC Inc by Kevin J McGrath, Immediate Past President, [JP ‘Com of Dec’]. Date prepared 22 March 2011.

Pat Murphy would like to see a function to celebrate the end of the club year. Jeff Brown asked for a show of hands for a dinner dance. Positive feedback obtained so tentative date of the 13th of August Pat to arrange band and confirm date. Show and tell: Bob Chapman showed a rust converter product. Quiz: Graham delivered the quiz. No further business meeting closed at Katie Burgess: Secretary

Jeff Brown: President

Working bee @ clubhouse Sat 28th May 9:00 am List of jobs includes a general tidy before the QHMC rally, install downpipes, clean gutters & install gutterguard, replace missing caps on chairs. There will be a BBQ lunch provided.


1 The Brief or [direction] as issued by President Jeff Brown “research, investigate, decide & distribute $25,000.00” 2 Letter of Acquittal Mr President. • lt is my pleasure to inform you that $5,000.00 was given for the relief of distress in Oakey, through the local area director of the Australian Red Cross, Major Donna Volp, with written guidelines for its distribution. $20,000.00 was given to the Grantham Community Flood Fund Area Director, Mrs Julie Johnston with written guidelines for its distribution. In coming to that decision, I had the invaluable support of members, Ann Cox & Phillip Martin. Receipts were not issued on the spot, but I am assured that a receipt & a letter will be posted to the club. I believe Mr President that I have executed the brief you gave me in an open minded, fair & compassionate manner & it pleases me to tell you that many people will benefit from the club’s generosity. 3 Summary The purpose of this report is the correct acquittal of club funds. Consultations were held with key community leaders directly involved, who also had good local knowledge. I did not canvass the longer term disorders such as restoration of homes, jobs, income or cash flow, or such social disorders as guilt, anger, accusations, depression & such distractions. 4 Body of report The direction to research, investigate, draw conclusions, reach decisions & distribute the funds in a transparent manner, for members’ satisfaction, left me in the onerous position of wanting & trying to be as wise as Solomon, with the patience of Job, diligent in inquiry & resourceful in assistance. At first, the idea of buying locally to assist affected businesses had a lot of appeal, but I became aware of the power of buying in great bulk & found the benefits of such far outweighed my previous views & also greatly increased the value of our dollar many times over. For example, washing machines normally $750+, now S250 and similar with other whitegoods.

Tony & Vicki Jeffs at the last meeting, and in action with their ‘76 Corvette at the President’s gymnkana

I decided to restrict our efforts to an area of approx. 25 km radius of Toowoomba. I consulted with: • The office of Steve Jones, mayor of Lockyer Valley Regional Council which extends up to the foot of the range. • Mike McCay, Liaison officer, who was seconded by the Police Commissioner to handle the disaster recovery. • Sam Graham, P.A. & office assistant to Mike MkCay {both of these men are Police Inspectors]. • Mrs Julie Johnston, community leader & head of disaster relief, Grantham. • Derek Pingel, prominent business man & builder of Gatton & head of disaster relief, Gatton. • O.I.C. Sgt John Cook, Oakey Police. • Elizabeth Jones, Oakey service centre [council] & disaster affairs officer. • Major Donna Volp, Australian Red Cross, Toowoomba Regional Manager & designated disaster relief head,

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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Oakey. • Father Michael McClure, Helidon, Parish priest of Helidon/Withcott Parish. In Grantham, Helidon, Flagstone Creek, Murphy’s Creek, Postman’s Ridge & Ballard, there are believed to be between 500 & 1000 people affected. There were 95 people posted as missing, this was eventually reduced to 19 of which 16 bodies have been recovered, with 3 still missing, presumed dead. There were numerous houses destroyed, lost, damaged & condemned as unfit to live in & are marked for demolition, including I’m told, the local hotel. In addition, farmers & businesses lost most of their machinery & equipment, rendering those families either unproductive or destitute. Attempts to contact community leaders in the Upper Lockyer Valley led me to conclude that several wellintentioned people wanted to, or actually did commence relief funds but appeared not sufficiently organised or focussed. There is now, a recognised Upper Lockyer Valley Flood Fund in existence. In Oakey, the floods affected over 100 homes, either moderate or severely inundated. Some of these are marked for demolition. I sincerely appreciate the support & active assistance of Ann Cox in my deliberations & decisions. Likewise the specific support of Phillip Martin to my decisions & methods is highly valued. I eventually came to the conclusion that any effort to independently give goods or money would cause possible chaos with the established & well organised placement of essential items. I was impressed with the focus of the effort & the integrity of those people I have named earlier. I came to the conclusion that giving $20,000 to the Grantham Community Flood Fund with an accompanying printed set of guidelines was the most efficient alternative for those people most distressed. In Grantham, l directed that $5,000 be given to David Collison, sawmiller & resident of HeIidon, to help reestablish his plant & continue to gainfully employ his staff of nine people & thereby multiply our dollar many times over. The balance, I directed could be used to purchase mattresses, washing machines, two element electric cook tops, $50 fuel and/or food vouchers on local businesses & handyman tools. 5 Conclusions I, together with Ann & Phillip, concluded that the method as outlined in this report was the proper & best result for the largest number of recipients. I believe there is a continuing need for counselling, rebuilding & re-establishing those “taken for granted” community bonds such as football & similar sporting clubs, business & social networking, so essential for a viable & enjoyable community. I personally hold grave fears that Grantham, as a community, can survive long term, at least similar to before, if at all. Oakey will survive, but also has social ills to be addressed. There is, I understand, an element of aggression in the schools, in the armed services & in some sections of the wider community. I concluded that these social ills were beyond my brief & were not investigated. 6 Recommendations I have one only. If another disaster comes in your lifetime, just be as generous as you were on this occasion.

7 Appendages 15.03.2011 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This gift of $20,000.00 from the Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc. is offered to the Grantham Community Flood Fund with the following guidelines for its distribution. That Mr Derek Pingel (Gatton) and Mrs Julie Johnstone (Grantham) co-operate and liaise with each other and with Inspector Mike McCay in overseeing the disbursements. The Club desires that $5,000.00 be given to Mr David Collison (Sawmiller) for Truck repairs to enable him to continue to gainfully employ his 9 staff and thereby greatly multiply the benefits of our dollar in the local region. That $15,000.00 be used for the relief of Residents in the Grantham, Murphy’s Creek, Flagstone, Ballard and Postman’s Ridge areas. This MAY take the form of Mattresses, Washing Machines, 2 burner Electric Cooktops, $50.00 food Vouchers on local Supermarkets/ Grocery Stores, $50.00 fuel Vouchers on local businesses, Handyman Tools. The Club believes that in giving as outlined above, it will contribute greatly to the organised, systematic, coordinated and sympathetic method that is presently operating and will also greatly multiply our dollar effect, across the region. The Club prefers this method rather than us making individual efforts and possibly confusing everyone concerned and overlapping everyone’s efforts. The Club recognises that ultimately the disbursement will be at the discretion of those people mentioned above, whose integrity is apparent to all and in whom we trust. For and on behalf of the above Club

Kevin J McGrath 17.03.2011 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This gift of $5,000.00 from the Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc. is offered to the Australian Red Cross Oakey Flood Relief with the following guidelines for its distribution. That Major Donna Volp, Australian Red Cross, Toowoomba Region, liaise with other responsible and recognised local people in overseeing the disbursements. That it be used for the relief of residents of Oakey and surrounds. This MAY take the form of mattresses, washing machines, 2 burner Electric Cooktops, $50.00 food vouchers on local Supermarkets/Grocery Food Stores, $50.00 Fuel Vouchers on local Businesses and/or Handyman Tools. The Club believes that in giving as outlined above, it will contribute to the organised, systematic, co-ordinated and sympathetic method that I believe is presently being organised and will also greatly multiply our dollar effect across the region The Club prefers this method rather than us making individual efforts and possibly confusing everyone concerned and overlapping everyone’s efforts. The Club recognises that ultimately the disbursements will be at the discretion of the local Australian Red Cross Organisation which is renowned for its integrity and in whom we trust. For and on behalf of the above Club

Kevin J McGrath

Kevin J McGrath

Kevin J McGrath [JP ‘Com of Dec’] Immediate Past President Dated 22 03 2011 Page 6

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

RALLY ROUNDUP PRESIDENT’S RUN 17th April President Jeff with the help of Michael and Sue Wells organised a fun day based at the club. The first event was the course in the carpark set up for the fortieth celebrations by Mike Richards. The clue to driving this blindfold event is to drive slowly and place all of your trust in your navigator. This gets easier each time you attempt the course. The other three events were conducted in the park. The first of these consisted of a test where the driver used a lance to knock tennis balls from the top of a number of witches hats while the navigator threw tennis balls into a series of buckets. Then there was the circular challenge where the navigator had to hold a rope and the driver had to try to keep the rope taut while driving in a circle around a central post. Finally, a new event, the four leaf clover kept the spectators very amused. A number of different types of vehicles were used by many different drivers throughout the day. We also enjoyed the company of a number of prospective members as well as quite a few people from the neighbourhood. Treasurer Joe Ciantar joined me as navigator and then we alternated positions throughout the day to finally win the Arthur Dorman Shield. Arthur was a long term Librarian in the Water Street days and his brother was the first club president. The shield was first used in 1991 for the President’s Rally and will hopefully be used for many years to come. Thanks Jeff and Michael for a very entertaining day. TAREE VISIT Wed 4th to Fri 6th May A couple of us met the Taree group on Tuesday 3rd May at Rudd’s Pub and we farewelled them at a function at the clubhouse on Friday 6th May.

for help. As an example, if we get a large number of entrants, there will be two different routes to Pittsworth on the Sunday. The plan is have a poker run as the competition on that day. We will need at least eight checkpoints and these will have to be staffed by clubmembers who are not on the run. Finally before the rally, we need to have a working bee to prepare the clubhouse and grounds. Please help on Saturday 28th May. There is a lot to do and the club will put on a barbeque lunch. Hope to see you on a run soon Pat and Lynne

James Meara’s Essex was featured in the St Patrick’s Day celebrations earlier this year


The Armstrong Siddeley Meet is at our club on 13 to 17th May. They have invited us to join them on Sunday 15th for a rally. Hopefully we will get a good roll up. Probably a 9:00am start and bring your own morning tea and lunch?

The Veteran & Vintage Touring Enthusiasts Rally in the Boonah area was this year attended by Jeff & Ann Cox, and four of the Allum family. Here is Jeff’s report, along with photos from Graham.

LAMA SWAP 22nd May We will drive our old vehicles to this swap at Gatton showgrounds as that is the day the QHMC would like to see a lot of old cars out and about. Instead of meeting at the clubhouse, please assemble at the Tourist Information Centre in James Street (corner Kitchener) for a 7:30am departure.

An early start Saturday morning, as we had to drive to Ipswich, and we were to meet with Graham Allum at Helidon – if he had finished mowing the golf links. Ipswich is a two hour drive, as the Whippet travels at a sedate pace of 35 to 40 mph (depending on the roll of the speedo drum). At this pace, travelling is relaxing and we can see the countryside as we drive to the meeting place. Graham hadn’t finished the mowing, so we were on our own.

RACQ HMC RALLY 11,12,13th June This rally is now getting very close and we’re very conscious of the effort our club needs to produce. A very small committee has spent months organising the event and we really need help from every member of the club. Quite a few have mentioned that they will be entering in the rally. Even though the rally is on the Queen’s Birthday weekend, we need to have your entry in by the May general meeting. We would accept entries after this time, but it places us in a difficult position regarding publishing, organising meals etc. At the last meeting, we amended the cost structure for club members. The entry fee has been reduced to $25 and the Monday breakfast fee waived altogether. The thinking behind this change, is that members who will be helping (but not entered in the rally will eat for free) so those who enter in the run should do so as well. Elsewhere in the magazine, there is a list of requirements

Down the range and onward to the Minden turn off, there were no problems traffic-wise, as there were two lanes all the way. Then over the hills and drop down into Rosewood, the countryside looking beautiful and green after all the rain. Through Rosewood and on the back road into Ipswich. Missed the turn to take us directly to the meeting spot, so down the road we went, saw a bit more of Australia, and held the traffic up a bit, this detour provided a good chance to fill the petrol tank. Met the rest of the mob at the designated park and enjoyed morning tea, received our rally instructions, then on the road again. What a wonderful area to be travelling in. It is my sort of rallying, as there is always something to keep me busy. You were always going up or down hills, around corners, on narrow roads and bridges. I was as busy as a dog with

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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fleas. The navigator had to keep up with the instructions as the direction was constantly changing as we passed through the different farming areas – we appeared to be going round in circles.

Lunch was at the pub in Roadale. We had never heard of this little town, a very pleasant spot. Down the road we visited the museum which houses quite a number of motorcycles – “Hardly Driveable” on one side and “Indians” on the other. There are a number of other makes thrown in, also some small engine powered push bikes, with their power supply mounted front, centre and rear. Very interesting! Around the sides are items of all sorts, the usual collection but still interesting memorabilia. A couple of vehicles were on display. One was a Holden XU1, plain, simple and fast.

Arrived at Boonah and went up to the lookout. When you turn off the roundabout, it’s only a short street and slightly up hill, before the road turns sharp left and up very steeply. The Whippet is a bit noisy in second, but with the turn and the steepness, all went quite and the engine had to lay its’ ears back up on the pull, but made it easily, whereas the Vauxhall had to grab low gear. Great stuff! The scenery is wonderful and everywhere is green. One can imagine the wild storms that they have there, as the valleys and hills would push it their way, and the overcast day set the scene. Then down to the motel and book in. It was booked out that night as there was a wedding in town. Dinner was at the local pub. Another early start and off to Moogerah Dam. It’s full!

Onward ever onward, more hills and descents, the Essex was keeping a good pace and the Vauxhall was staying with me on the hills. He has four speeds in the box to our three, so he would have been pretty busy.

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Plenty of people camping, and a lot of activity on the water. Smoko at the restaurant, then on the road again. Sight seeing in these old machines is great, give me more. Lunch was at the pub in Harrisville. Looking around these small settlements brings to mind what it would have been like when the Whippet was a pup.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

The nostalgia is there in abundance, it’s what this vintage stuff is about, isn’t is wonderful!


Said our goodbyes, then homeward bound with Graham and the ‘A’ in the lead. I am pleased someone knew the direction because we seemed to be constantly confused. Every signpost seemed to point to Boonah and Kalbar. More or less the same way home after Rosewood with that nice little climb over to Minden. Plenty of traffic on the road, no problems up the range or for that matter all weekend. Would love to do the same next year. Great drive, great company, great country.

1 What was significant about the model 9E of 1913? The introduction of the 45 degree v twin Harley Davidson 2 Which make had a Speed Truck with a Coupe Cab by The General Woodwork Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio? Hug 3 Which make shares its name with a rock group? REO Speedwagon 4 In the 50s, which make offered an 8 Passenger wagon called the Townsman? Chevrolet 5 From ‘49 to ‘53, which make offered the E494A and what was it commonly known as? Ford Anglia 6 Offered from ‘62 to ‘64, what was an AN7? Mark II Healy Sprite 7 Which make offered a 2 litre overhead cam 4 cylinder diesel in the mid 60s? Mercedes Benz 8 Which make introduced ‘Floating Power’ with their PA model in 1931? Plymouth 9 Introduced in 1974, which make offered the Oleg Cassini model? AMC Matador coupe 10 In 1955 which make offered a new Strato Streak V8 to replace the previous straight 8? Pontiac

May Quiz:

Seems as if when rallying with this group, one needs to bring a tin of golden syrup. We found out why, but it’s too much information!!! Thanks to Spencer and Wendy for a great weekend. The last 18 months have been very busy for the Whippet. It’s been to Roma, Lismore, Bundaberg HMC, Dalby, Gatton, Boonah, and the local rallies. It also did wedding duites in Rockhampton, for son Peter and Amy. Now it can have a little rest, the Chev is ready to share the rallying. Regards Jeff & Ann Cox

1 Which English make introduced the Dart sports car in 1958? ................................................................................................. 2 Which make offered a Model E Delivery Car in 1905? ................................................................................................. 3 Which maker officially began truck production on July 27, 1917? ................................................................................................. 4 Announced at the Turin Motor Show of April 1953 was a 1996 cc V8 powered sports car. What was the make? ................................................................................................. 5 Which maker offered the 348 cc flat twin engined Dragonfly in 1955? ................................................................................................. 6 Which maker offered the low priced DRXX model, introduced as a 1934 ½ model? ................................................................................................. 7 Which maker introduced the Ultramatic transmission in their Golden Anniversary model of 1950? ............................................................................................... 8 Four Six cylinder models and three eight cylinder models were offered in the 1934 Aerodynamic range from which maker? ................................................................................................. 9 Which make introduced the GS 455 range in 1970? ................................................................................................. 10 The 1000MB was introduced in 1966 by which maker? .................................................................................................


The Cox Chev almost ready to take the baton from the Whippet. Its first trial was the Bundaberg Rally

Thanks to Glen Hoey & David Grant, the member’s cars section of the website is being filled. If you have web access, check if your car is there yet. If not, email a good quality digital photo to the editor for inclusion.

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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Queen’s Birthday long weekend, June 11-13, 2011

Rally entry The entry form has been in the last three Rags, so please complete it and return it before the next meeting.

Help before & during the rally Working bee on Saturday 28th May to prepare the clubhouse and grounds for the rally. Meet at 9:00 am. Here are the main tasks where we need volunteers: Before rally

Set up and fill rally bags. Cooking biscuits, cakes, slices, scones & pikelets Knit/crochet coat hangers Saturday: Make sandwiches for lunch Registration & serve morning tea Direct parking Saturday Lunch: Cook sausage sizzle and serve Saturday at club: Clean - vacuum, wash up Saturday at Empire: Direct parking & security Sunday: Rally route directors Parking at Pittsworth Museum (Pittsworth members & others?) Monday: Cook and serve breakfast Parking at Cobb & Co. Help to serve lunch at Cobb & Co.

Monday Breakfast will be available at the DDVVMC club rooms from 7:00 am with a 9:00 am departure to the TAFE Car park, located in the heart of Toowoomba. We will present a stunning car show in the car park and you will be able to investigate Cobb & Co Museum or stroll through Queens Park. The museum has recently upgraded exhibits as well as extended display areas. Lunch will be Pizza in the Park and available from 11.30 am. Entrants can then return home at their leisure. Entrants are encouraged to wear period costume applicable to the era of their vehicle, particularly at the Presentation Dinner. Don’t forget to pack chairs for the various stops during the rally.

Cooking required 200 guests = 1200 pieces of food (3 each for Saturday’s morning tea, and 3 each for Monday lunch) 1200 pieces of food = 40 pieces x 30 cooks or 80 pieces x 15 cooks not 400 pieces x 3 cooks So many volunteers are needed. Any members able to help with cooking, please phone Ann as soon as possible on 4635 4481, with how much you are able to provide. We make sandwiches at the club rooms early Saturday, so we will require you to make biscuits, cakes, slices, scones and pikelets.

Coat Hangers Ladies who are able to make coat hanger covers, also please contact Ann asap on 4635 4481. We have padded hangers. But we need to knit or crochet covers. Please bring the coat hangers along to the May meeting.

Rally itinerary The Club Rooms of the DDVVMC will be Rally Central. Saturday Book in from 9 am Morning tea and Lunch supplied. 12.30 pm Depart for a leisurely drive to the Empire Theatre for a tour of this magnificently restored, art deco building. Afternoon tea will be part of the theatre tour. Social Dinner will be from 6.30 pm at the City Golf Club.

Table decorations If you have any old car parts that would make interesting table decorations, please let Jeff or Ann know.

Receipts Any members who incur expenses for ingredients are asked to keep receipts for reimbursement. All help appreciated and many thanks. Pat and Lynne, Jeff and Ann, Graham

Sunday Assemble from 8.00 am for an 8.45 am departure to travel to Pittsworth via a stress free circuitous route. We will be visiting the Pittsworth Pioneer Village where you will be supplied with morning tea, then allowed to explore the Pioneer Village. Lunch will be served and you can stay a while as there will be Queensland Day activities and craft displays at the Village or you can explore Pittsworth itself. Then you can meander back to Toowoomba, via a different route. There will also be places of interest on the return route. Presentation dinner will be starting from 6.30 pm again at the City Golf Club.

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

PRESIDENT’S GYMNKANA Sunday, April 17 at the clubhouse. The unnerving thing about running a motoring gymkhana event is the change that comes over people who are normally quiet navigators, whose only conversation to their driver is “Take the next left, then second right” and stuff like that. Once they assume the role of also being the eyes of their blindfolded driver, as in several of the last club gymkhana events, it’s no more ‘mister nice guy’. Of course, all this added to the amusement on the day, as drivers and their navigators negotiated the various courses at the clubhouse and grounds. While the quickest time to finish each course counted in the final tally, it wasn’t always the fastest that grabbed the points, as the Carpark Challenge showed up. Jeff and Ann Cox in their 1929 Whippet were certainly quick but his time actually spent within the lines was minimal, like Arthur Fowler in his 1930 Model A Ford sport coupe. Their speed contrasted sharply with those who managed to remain completely stationary when they thought they were actually moving. “Release the clutch!” “I am.” “We’re not going anywhere yet!” seemed to be a common conversation between navigator and driver, along with “Left, left — no, your other left!” One of the best navigators overall on the day was Eliza Meara, (not yet a teenager), who seemed to be a past master at these events and calmly and confidently directed dad James around the courses. Seeing out the back of the 1928 Essex tourer in the Carpark reversing section meant she had to clamber over the back of the front seat to see out, but it didn’t faze her, even though in the end they didn’t win that event. It’s also a bit of an eye opener as to how couples negotiate together. Women, who ordinarily have a reputation for lots of dialogue elsewhere in the world, seem to replace that with lots of twirly arm movements but no sound, when wanting to direct blindfolded husbands. One wife, remaining nameless to protect all the children, was even seen reefing the steering wheel of their bright yellow Corvette from her unsuspecting husband’s hands and doing the job for him. This seemed to stretch the marriage to breaking point, as Tony (oops, the cat’s out of the bag) offered up Vicky for sale as, after all the help she’d offered, he still failed to get the Corvette over the ‘bridge’ and into the ‘garage’ in the Carpark Challenge. Michael Wells was also keen to sell Suzie at one stage, but there were no takers as everyone else was busy dealing with their own crises. The real eye-popper on the day was Eliza Meara (again) taking charge of the Essex herself and competing in the Motor Lunge Challenge with James as navigator. Not only did her performance wow other club members — as she can barely see over the bonnet or reach the pedals — but impressed a few other kids older than her who’d turned up as spectators. A special thanks goes to Jeff and Ann Cox, along with Pat and Lynne Murphy who graciously offered their 1929 Whippet tourer and 1934 Chevrolet sedan respectively to other ‘carless’ people (myself included) so they could compete in a proper classic car. It was also good to see drivers and navigators mixing up the roles and competing as separate teams, as well as a lot of swapping navigators. That’s probably more to do with saving marriages than scoring points. For all the fun, it was not without its terror. As one of the

organizers of the Cloverleaf Challenge, I had to run for my life as a blindfolded Joe Ciantar relentlessly followed my zigzag escape course. I was blaming him of course, until I remembered his eyes were Pat Murphy! During the same event, several spectators also had to scramble for the safely of the gardens, grabbing their chairs and bolting as errant drivers took overly wide turns or took the ‘other left’ option. Overall, the winner of the President’s Shield went to the skillful team of Pat Murphy and Joe Ciantar, who consistently were among the highest scorers in the individual events. It was probably Pat’s calm, quietly spoken, precise directions to Joe that nailed so many events, though I’d love to know what he was saying to Joe as they were bearing down on me. The events were: Carpark Challenge: Negotiate the marked ‘road’, keeping between the painted lines, stopping and reversing into a parking space, driving over a ‘bridge’ and stopping in a ‘garage’. The challenge is finely tuned driving accuracy. Winner: Joe Ciantar and Pat Murphy – 1934 Chev Second: Pat Murphy and Joe Ciantar – 1934 Chev Third: Lyle and Betty Handley - modern Cloverleaf Challenge: Complete a ‘cloverleaf’ patterned circuit starting, crossing and ending at a central point (two figure 8s). The challenge is to stay aware of where you are and which direction the car is travelling. Winner: Katie and Mal Burgess – Modern Second: Joe Ciantar and Pat Murphy – 1934 Chev Third: Pat Murphy and Joe Ciantar – 1934 Chev Witches Hat Challenge: Negotiate an ‘S’ bend course, the driver knocking balls off witches hats with a stick, and the passenger throwing balls into buckets, all without stopping. The challenge is to perform two actions at the same time. Winner: George and Barbara Wilkinson – HQ Holden Monaro Second: Tony and Vicky Jeffs – 1976 Corvette Third: Malcolm Burgess and Jeff Cox with Katie Burgess – 1929 Whippet Motor Lunge Challenge: Three circuits around a central pole to which is attached a rope with a spanner in the middle. The navigator holds the rope keeping the spanner from touching the ground. The challenge is to drive a perfect circle. Winner: Joe Ciantar and Pat Murphy – 1934 Chev Second: Michael Wells and James Meara — 1946 Buick Third: Pat Murphy and Joe Ciantar – 1934 Chev Prizes were were very gratefully received from: • Greg Burling, Queensland Truck Centre, Anzac Avenue • BFC Bearings, Taylor Street and • Repco Auto Parts, Taylor Street. Jeff Brown

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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YOU MIGHT REMEMBER THIS? Property Officer Paul Christiansen submitted this photo of his 1954 Vauxhall Velox Vagabond, and his wife Lorna. The Vauxhall was made in Australia, and had a “continental” kit made by Paul. Paul owned it from 1959 to 1962.

Joe Ciantar and Pat Murphy in the firing line during the Witches Hat Challenge

DO YOU WANT YOUR CAR PAINTED? The latest person to utilise the skills of Mick to paint their vehicles using the facilities at the workshop, is Des Ham. After the general meeting, the workshop was opened to show the results. If you are interested in working with Mick to paint your project, Mick’s phone number is currently on the whiteboard in the workshop.

The Motor Lunge Challenge Above: Eliza & James Meara Below: George & Barbara Wikinson being scrutinised by Michael Wells and Joe Ciantar

After the last meeting, President Jeff inspected Mick’s work on Des & Leonie Ham’s car. Is that a ghost in the paintwork?

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Hi David, After being born and living in Toowoomba for 17 years, I had to pack up and move when my Mum and Dad were transferred back to Lismore in 1960. I became a founding member of the Northern Rivers Vintage and Veteran Car Club and was the club’s secretary for the first 7 years. For some reason Lismore did not have the abundance of old cars like I had left behind in Toowoomba, so one had to look further afield. In 1961 a mate and I went on an old car finding expedition out in western NSW. For the first three days the cupboard was bare until we reached a quaint little town called Boomi, about an hour and a half south of Goondiwindi. They had an open air picture theatre there where every one sat out under the stars. We met this old gentleman who had, believe it or not , a rather scruffy early twenties 30/98 Vauxhall. I had read so much about these super cars but this was the first I had seen. The old guy said “She’s bloody fast boys she’s a 30/98 you know.’’ Naturally the next question was would he be interested in selling the old car? A surprising reply came back. “Well boys, we still use it a bit, but if you can get me a good Ford Prefect ute, I might be interested in a swap.’’ A Ford Prefect ute? Where the hell were we going to get a Prefect ute? Now remember in 1961 most Prefect utes were still a popular (no pun intended) everyday vehicle, I had two former Toowoomba work mates who had them. Anyway if we could find a good one, we probably couldn’t afford to buy it, and we didn’t fancy driving a Prefect all the way out to Boomi, and how were we going to get the Vauxhall home? No car transporters back then. So after quite a long conference, sadly, we decided we had better leave the old Vauxhall behind. Another massive golden opportunity lost. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if that old Vauxy is still in that shed out at Boomi, or is it now the show piece in some millionaires collection? “She’s bloody fast boys she’s a 30/98 you know.” Ted Godfrey,

atation on this site, for many years being known as Des McGoverns service station. Barry Mann’s old servo (originally South End Service Station) underwent major changes after he vacated it. Ray Knight set up his butcher shop on the site for several years. Later it had major alterations and I noted recently it is undergoing more renovations (see current photo) Brian Timms,

Club Historian

1946 photo - Shell service station corner of James & Ruthven Enlargement of the signage is below


Hi David, This interesting old photo was given to me courtesy of Del’s tennis mate, Marj Rock. I believe it was taken in 1946. Note it was Shell Service Station in this era. Also attached was a coner store, selling fresh fruit, Peter’s ice cream and small goods. It appears the South End Service Station was a 24 hour on call business. In the left of the photo is South Girls and Infants School which still operates today as the South School. The photo in the club book “History of Garages” shows that the old 1946 building must have been demollished in late 1940s or early 1950s and a new look service station built in its place. In 1947 the premises were known as Jack Delaney’s garage and Curtis South End Service Station. With the demise of multi brand service stations it became a Mobil service Station. On the diagonal corner of Ruthven and James Streets was Platz Butchery. This was demolished in the early 1960s and a new Shell service station was built. I believe oil companies lease sites for usually 20 years, so from 1960s to 1980s was Shell, then it became a BP until recently it was demolished and a new Woolworths Caltex station built. On the north east corner was Campbell’s corner store in the early years until it was demolished in the 1950s to build a Caltex service

The same corner of James & Ruthven 65 years later

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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Wanted ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Parts wanted for 1923 Vauxhall 23-60 Tourer: • CAV dim switch, oval in shape, push-pull switch in center • CAV switch panel, square in shape, has 3 switches on top for lights & CAV amp meter set below switches in its own panel - type 10A • CAV divers helment taillights • Windscreen brass fram • Water pump Any parts at all to do with these cars. Does anyone have a “Jacksons” Brisbane Agents for Vauxhalls Dealer Plate that I can photograph or borrow so I could get it reproduced? This item was fitted to the dash panel. Contact James Meara 07 4633 4206 ah ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1940-1948 Ford front brakes. 1940-1948 Ford rear end. Contact Greg Bowdler 07 4630 4990 or


For Sale ----------------------------------------------------------------------------For sale: Chevrolet C20 early 1970’s 290 cubic inch six, 4 speed manual, dual rear wheels, crane mounted on tray, pipe racks, great tow vehicle. Spare engine. Call Pat 0407 302 633 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------For sale 1928 Model A Tudor. Contact Allan 07 46154330 or 0418772114

Contact Ray Dearling on 4635 5935


Mitsubishi Lancer, 1991, clean and tidy car; $750 Water blaster with 10hp Kohler motor; $550 Villiers petrol motor with belt drive water pump on frame; $150 1972 F250, 300ci motor, short wheel base with dual rear wheels; $1500 Tray, steel frame with timber floor; $550 Mags, alloy, suit HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB; $150 Bonnet suit HJ/HX/HZ Holden; $75 Tailgate suit XD/XE/XF Falcon ute; $150 Rear quarter panel to suit XR/XT Falcon wagon, NOS; $150 James Laird ph: 0417 075 819 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Harold & Brenda Rose from Roma called past our workshop and spoke to Jeff about a range of machinery they have for sale. ph: 4622 1055 or m: 0428 224 133 if you want more details or need to make an offer. 1929 Rugby - both 4 and 6 cylinder motor, plenty of parts both mechanical & tin work. 6 cylinder rear tub 1929 Chev Tourer 60% complete Chev truck 60% complete 1925 - 27 two Chev utes - plenty of mechanical parts, 4 complete doors, 2 21” wheels 1927 96 Whippet - 4 wheels - good condition 1929 96A Whippet rear tub T Ford chassis, froont & rear mudguards, cowl, running boards, rear tub. No diff, engine, fron end. Gear box has stick shift? not original? 1948 - 50s Austin truck 95% Wooden tray 1940s Petrol Mack - rag hood - two of - one 95%, one 80% Stationary Engine - Wisconsin - 3 of engines, one with distributor, some with pumps

CALL TO ARMS - RESTORATION ALERT Our only Electroplater in town [Toowoomba Electroplaters, Gavin Freier] is in danger of ceasing business. He needs our HELP. The building has been sold & the new owners want him out! He tells me there are now no electroplaters this side of Brisbane. Where will we go?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------For sale: 1979 XD Falcon Sedan, Automatic, 176,000 kms, in excellent condition and mechanically sound, white in colour. RWC available. This car has had two owners, and I am reluctantly selling as I have run out of storage space. Call Bill on 0427 029567 or email for further information or to organise photos or inspection. $5500.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------For sale small wind up bottle jack with brand name SHELLEY with handle $10.00 plus KLAXET by klaxon 6v horn working, made in London $80.00 Both items came out of a 1924 Rugby Bob Chapman ph 4635 9235 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------FB/EK Holden tinted windscreen, Model T wheel spanner. Page 14

He needs a building 200-250 sq.m. Council will allow him to reestablish in the Industrial estate out past the Airport, in the old 7SD area Harristown, or the Industrial area around Civil Court near Sid”s Place [timber supplier] He is classified medium to heavy industry & can only set up in PURPLE ZONES. Can you help? Do you have such a building, know anyone who has, or know of a vacancy? Under new rulings he will have to contain all fumes in a filter system so should be a clean operation. Contact Gavin direct on or myself Kevin McGrath ph 4636 3760

Note about private, free classified ads

Free ads will be run for three (3) consecutive issues, and then removed, unless notified to continue. Editor

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

COMING EVENTS May 13-17: Armstrong Siddeley rally

Being held in Toowoomba and using the club facilities for their rally. Invitation has been extended for the club to join them for the Sunday morning run, Club members Cliff & Avril Grice will be participating.

May 15: Macleans Bridge on Lakeside

There will be a wider range of activities: Concours d’Elegance, Restoration Theatre, Kid’s Corner, Track time, Sports and Classics Auction, and more. Note change of venue and date. More details at 0407 650 703 / 0419 213 009

May 22: Gatton (LAMA) swap

Meet at the Toowomba Visitor Information Centre on James Street at 7:30 am.

May 28: Working bee at the clubhouse

Mudgeeraba Showgrounds, Cnr Mudgeeraba & Worongary Rds, Mudgeeraba. Free off street parking. Adult Entry $3; Outdoor sites $10 inc driver (no booking required). Lyn 0427 264 732; Email: Website:

August 13: DDVVMC Dinner Dance August 21: Petrol Consumption Rally

This year the rally will be open to anyone, as it will be advertised through the Historic Motoring Council.

November 5-6: GCAAC Autorama

Gold Coast Antique Auto Club’s Autorama Further enquiries from Autorama organisers, Coral and Graham Cogzell (07) 5534 5941 or The Secretary, Margaret Hession (07) 55241 338

We need to spruce up the place prior to the QHMC rally. There will be a BBQ lunch provided. Start time is 9:00 am.

June 5: Nobby Queensland Day celebrations

Our club has been invited to participate. Entertainment includes a tea & damper morning tea at 9:30 and a camp oven roast lunch. It will most likely be a static car display, although there is the possibility of a drive around town on a treasure hunt.

June 11-13: RACQ QHMC rally

Our club is hosting this rally and we are planning on approximately 150 participants. Entry forms are in this magazine, on the Queensland Historic Motor Council website or from Pat Murphy. Entries close mid May.

July 10: Original Gold Coast swap at Mudgeeraba Gold Coast Antique Auto Club’s annual swap at

Are there Significant Events in Your Family?

Members — contact me if you have a family member or know of a fellow club member suffering a bereavement or celebrating a significant event, eg: birth, marriage or anything of note. Katie Burgess


Tyres for 4WDs, Cars & Light Commercials that last longer Supply and fit tyres for your 50s, 60s, 70s classic OPEN: Mon-Fri 7.45am - 5.15pm, Sat 8am - 12 noon •

Cnr Neil & Thomas Sts, Toowoomba • Ph 4639 2244

Gently removes paint from all car panels... without damage Revolutionary cleaning process that’s quick, efficient, cost-effective and won’t damage your panels — or affect glass, rubber, chrome, hydraulics or engine parts. Nat Barton 0408 008 375 Ph: 4696 3301 (office)

Small Business Owners!

Work Smarter. Go Online. Easily create your own website with e-Commerce Free one-day seminars and low-cost workshops

Coming soon to: Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Dalby, Charleville, Roma, Goondiwindi & more... Contact us directly for dates and times or check our website

4642 1480

07 This is an Australian Government funded initiative under the Small Business Online Program.

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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Print Post PP405518/00039


‘Training future Veteran & Vintage enthusiasts’ If not claimed please return to Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc: PO Box 486, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Left: Eliza Meara impressing everyone with her skill & poise during the day’s events. Bottom left: Bayley Burgess was in everything during the day Bottom right: My grandson James Grant Cowie being introduced to his dad’s Jeep Right: It’s not just driving. All members should know how to use the vacuum cleaner at the clubhouse, right Ann?

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag


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