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July 2011 Dedicated to the life-long enjoyment of historic vehicles by enthusiasts on the Darling Downs

Norm Anderson, Jeff Brown, Tom Sheeran, Betty Handley, Rob Evans & Terry O’Grady with Rob & Pat Evans’ 1926 Nash - purchased on eBay just prior to the rally, prepared in the club workshop, rallied on the long weekend, then driven home to Geelong afterwards.

Queensland Historic Motoring Council rally

The Ford Model A parade

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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DDVVMC MANAGEMENT TEAM 2010-2011 President ........................................ Jeff Brown Ph: 07 4613 6706 Mob: 0403 454 332 Email:

Vice-President ......................Trevor Hoffmann Ph: 07 4635 4960 Mob: 0412 861 181 Email: vice

Secretary ................................... Katie Burgess Ph: 07 4634 2723 Mob: 0429 342 723 Email:

Treasurer ....................................... Joe Ciantar Ph: 07 4637 2424 Mob: 0439 734 165 Email:

Dating officer ................................. Lara Wilde


Editor ...........................................David Grant

We would visit the newsagent every afternoon in the last week of the month, to see if Wheels, Modern Motor, or Racing Car News had come in.

Property officer .................. Paul Christiansen

We scoured the magazines to see the horsepower and torque curves of the new Holden, Zephyr, Vauxhall, Mini, or whatever, devouring all information on the way.

Mob: 0417 779 917

Ph: 07 4635 0070 Mob: 0405 660 478 Email: Ph: 07 4633 1287 Mob: 0432 331 496 Email:

Rally director ................................Pat Murphy Ph: 07 4635 5728 Mob: 0428 746 272 Email:

Librarian ................. Brad & Mitchell McKeiver Ph: 07 4630 7204 Mob: 0488 706 833 Email:

Workshop supervisor (QHMC rep) .....Jeff Cox Ph: 07 4635 4481 Mob: 0427 603 698

Membership officer ..................... John O’Hara Ph: 07 4632 8855 Mob: 0428 891 645

Swap Manager ..............................David Liffen 0400 200 090


Historian .....................................Brian Timms Ph: 07 4630 0048 Email:

We knew what a TC or TD was, and knew they had nothing to do with TDC. We knew the valve clearance, points gap, plug gap, and compression of every car we owned. We knew every combination of gearbox and diff ratios for every model of Our Car, and why they were what they were. We knew how to calculate cubic capacity, and what “” meant, and how to calculate compression ratios. We would port ‘n’ polish our own heads. We used to write to suppliers in magazines to order parts, and send a cheque or postal note to pay for them.

QHMC rep ................................Graham Allum

We knew when and where Beechey, Jane, Manton, Muir, the Geoghegan brothers, and countless others were racing next weekend.

Web site:

We knew how to “heel and toe”, and change gears with no clutch or synchromesh.

Ph: 07 4697 6672 Mob: 0403 528 331 Email: Meetings: Visitors welcome

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month in the DDVVMC Clubrooms, 2 Rocla Court, Toowoomba.

Mailing address:

DDVVMC, PO Box 486, Toowoomba Qld 4350 Clubroom Ph: 07 4633 3181


Workshop open Monday nights from (approx) 7pm to 9pm and Wednesday afternoon 2pm to 5pm.

We suspected 2 strokes were the Devil’s own creation. We were convinced that multiple cams, fuel injection, and anything electronic would never be seen in a family sedan. We knew that radar would only ever be used in the air. We had no concept of roadworthies. We were bulletproof. Aaaahhh, those were the days, my friends.

Next management committee meeting 7.30pm, Monday, July 11, 2011

Next general meeting:

7.30pm Thursday, July 14, 2011

Next newsletter closing date July 29, 2011

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag


11 13 August 20

xPresentation xDinner xDancing xGood company

D.D.V.V.M.C. Dinner Dance

Come along and join the festivities at the club rooms. We will have lessons on the night for those who need to brush up and those who need to study up.

T im e : 6 :3 0 fo r 7 :0 0 s ta r t

Held at the Rocla Court Club Rooms

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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about an account for same.


Property: Plumbing at rear of building finished Paul would like to arrange another small working bee to clean out the gutter at the front of the building where the bull nose meets the roof.

Meeting was opened at 7.25 pm by President Jeff Brown who thanked all for attending. Attendance as per book. Apologies: Lara Wilde. Minutes: Moved by Trevor Hoffmann sec John O’Hara that the minutes as printed in the newsletter be accepted as a true record. Carried Business Arising from Minutes: Pat Murphy mentioned that he went to the start of the rally with the Armstrong Siddeley club but did not go on the rally as no other club members were in attendance. Correspondence: Inward: Numerous newsletters, flyers, accounts payable. Historic Queensland 34th Annual Qld Historic racing and regularity event being staged at the Morgan Park raceway on the 30th and 31st July 2011 Show and Shine Saturday Oct 8 Macksville showground Macksville. Instruction booklet for the bead blaster from Burwell. Letter from Kev and Eileen Baker suppliers of vintage and classic vehicle parts. They are retiring wanting an advert in the rag. Museum of Australian Army Flying Foundation - army airfield annual fly in over the weekend 1-2 October 2011 inviting DDVVMC to attend with a display of vintage vehicles. Letter from Andrew Forster wanting wedding cars to hire he is also a journalist for ABC in Toowoomba and interested in doing a feature article on the club. Broxburn Bash Committee offering their venue as a possible rally location. Outward: Letter to Ferne Callow for best wishes, Letter to Wagners to use the weigh bridge for consumption rally. Moved Katie Burgess Sec Trevor Hoffmann that inwards be received and outwards be endorsed. Carried. Treasurers’ report: report delivered by Joe Ciantar. Moved Joe Ciantar sec Brian Timms that the financial report be accepted as read and all accounts be passed for payment. All in favour carried. Joe Ciantar to invoice advertisers in the back of the Rag. Editor: Reminder that nominations are needed for the committee positions and must be lodged to the secretary prior to the 27th July 2011. Librarian: Mitch and Brad cleaned the library out and would like to remind people to resist the urge to use the library as a storeroom.

Membership: membership fee soon coming due. Rally Director: Pat outlined the details for the QHMC Rally and the difficulties of organising and finalising with late entries. Historic Motoring Council: Graham delivered feedback from the QHMC meeting. Graham is still waiting on dating certificate layout and the council are calling for pictures from historic motoring day. Swap: nil General Business: Motion Pat Murphy for the purchase of an appreciation plaque for the sponsorship of the QHMC Rally. Seconded Michael Wells carried. Motion Jeff Cox that the club purchase new table clothes for the club house. Seconded Katie Burgess Carried. Graham Allum said Petrol consumption rally entry forms completed. Pat Murphy has prices and booked the band and received prices from catering for the dinner dance 13th August. Motion that the dinner dance be subsidised for club members to make the ticket prices $15 and $20 for guests seconded Jeff Cox carried. Trevor Hoffmann has agreed to collect money for the dinner dance and would like to have volunteers to do the final clean up on the night. Anne and Jeff Cox will be attending a photo shoot on Thursday 9th at the Newtown Park in the Whippet. John O’Hara had a call from a man wanting someone to drive his son to his formal. John has details. No further business meeting closed at 9.50 pm Secretary Katie Burgess President Jeff Brown.

Membership renewals due next meeting 14/7/2011 Full membership is $50

Historian: Ten photos have been purchased and are now on the club walls. Dating Officer: nil Workshop: Orange extension leads seem to be missing from workshop if someone could help, please contact Jeff. Motion Jeff Cox that the club purchase 2 hospital beds at a cost of $40 they can be used as movable workbenches, wheels can be locked and height can be adjusted. Seconded Graham Allum all in favour carried.

AGM August Consider what skills you have and how they can benefit the club. Nomination form is included & must be submitted to the secretary before 27th July

Vice President: Trevor noted that the public indemnity policy should be coming due soon and will make enquiries Page 4

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

GENERAL MEETING ~ JUNE 9 The meeting was opened at 7.30 pm by President Jeff Brown who thanked all for attending. Apologies: Rob and Ferne Callow, Lara Wilde, Keith & Shane Hoffmann, Bernie Forster, Philip Martin, Cliff Grice, Eliza Meara. Visitors: Mick, David Wedley, Trent, Darrell & Troy Mogg (Troy & Darrell pictured admiring the new photos), Rob & Pat Evens, Alan Cowland.

anyone can help to locate them please contact Jeff. Can members please remember to sign out equipment from the workshop so that we can keep track of property. Property: Thanked all for working bee and asked for members to help clean one last length of gutter with the pressure cleaner. Membership: Membership fees are starting to come in. Historic Motoring Council: Talked about the national code of practice. Urged all under 30’s to apply for Shannons grant to help in restoration of vehicle. Still fighting seatbelt rule. They are trying to standardise the dating certificate but have not agreed on one yet. Concessional rego still being debated now awaiting a summary of the options from other states & countries. Dating: nil Swap: nil

Present: As per attendance book Minutes: The minutes as printed in newsletter accepted as a true record moved Alan Hoffmann, sec Norm Anderson carried Correspondence: • Inward: Numerous newsletters, flyers, accounts payable. • Outward: Letter requesting use of the Wagners weigh bridge. • Letter to Ferne & Rob Callow with club’s best wishes and offer of any help needed. Moved Katie Burgess Sec Ken Forster that inwards be received and the outward be endorsed, carried. Rally Director: 31 members from DDVVMC attending the rally. Pat thanked members for supporting the rally and for their attendance at the working bee. Some members asked to help out tomorrow pm. Thanked all members that have helped arrange the QHMC Rally. Treasurers’ Report: Joe delivered financial report. Moved Joe Ciantar that the financial report be accepted as read and invoices passed for payment. Sec Katie Burgess, carried. Editor: David noted that he will be making the changes to the swap dates on the web site. Reminded members that the AGM is coming up and nominations are needed for same. Librarian: Mitch and Brad came in and cleaned library and asked for members help in keeping it clean. Historian: Photos are now up on the wall in the large function room. Workshop: Talked about the Nash that has been in the workshop. Two hospital beds purchased for work benches. XF wagon tow bar in shed if anyone interested. Looking for a copy of CD that shows old rallies if any members have the copy please make contact with Jeff Cox. Four orange leads are missing from the workshop if

General Business: Keith and Coral Hoffmann will be using their 1929 Rugby on the night of Saturday 25th of June. Coral and Keith are attending the centenary ball at the Empire Theatre on that evening and wish to be delivered to the red carpet entry in their Rugby. Anne and Jeff Cox attended a photo shoot today with their Whippet to help a student photographer. Saturday 25th June - Club sanctioned event - the Empire Theatre run, as other members have been asked to transport dignitaries. Nominations are now being taken for committee positions. Dinner dance $15 for member $20 for visitors. Trevor Hoffmann is taking names, numbers and money for same so contact him (see ad this edition). Ann and Jeff Cox purchased new tablecloths for the club. Ann thanked Narelle for chocolates and all ladies who have helped and cooked for the rally. Jeff thanked Brian Timms for the photos in the function room. They look great! Graham Allum reminding members the petrol consumption rally is in August. This is an open event with social night with pizza and a movie beforehand. Certificates for all prizes and trophies for the winners. Rob and Pat Evans thanked members for the use of the club’s facilities in preparing the Nash prior to the QHMC rally. Len Kennedy showed a collection of manuals & books he had secured for the club. Moved David Grant that the club reimburse Len Kennedy the $50 for this purchase for the library seconded Pat Murphy carried. Quiz: Graham conducted quiz & gave out prizes No further business meeting closed at 10:00 pm. Katie Burgess: Secretary

Jeff Brown: President

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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RACQ QHMC RALLY The Saturday tour of the Empire Theatre

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

RALLY ROUNDUP RACQ HMC RALLY Queen’s Birthday Weekend We finished up with 98 entrants (4 pulled out at the last minute). The club has been involved with five Combined Council/ Historic Motor Council rallies. The 1972 event was won by a teenager, Stuart Westerman, who did very well to have a restored vehicle and a driver’s licence in this early period of our club’s existence. The next one was in 83 or 84. I remember that because my first club role was as treasurer and Trevor Hoffmann was president in those years. I didn’t have a car on the road at that time but I can remember the club having some coasters made to mark the occasion. I wonder if any of them still exist? I was on the organising committee for the 1996 event, a year after the week long hub rally to mark our twenty fifth anniversary. By this time, Combined Council Rallies were a big deal and the club designed a badge using a capital Q as the outline with our club badge in the middle. The Q is very similar to the one used on the old Q number plates. The 1996 rally had a similar number of entrants to the 2011 event but the cars were much older. In 2003 we again held the event in Toowoomba. We used the same badge and ordered 100 but at the last minute had to order 20 more. As usual we over ordered but we did get over 100 entries. By this time, the function room had been completed and the entrants included a number of people who later organised one make rallies based at our club. The National Veteran Rally held in around 2006 at our club was also a result of the 2003 Combined Council Rally. By 2011 the Combined Council of Historic Motoring Clubs had changed its name to the Queensland Historic Motoring Council and again the Toowoomba Club organised the event. After getting off to a very slow start, a very small committee of Jeff and Ann Cox, Graham Allum, Jeff Brown and Lynne and Pat Murphy began to look at the organisation late in 2010. Jeff Brown took on the role of President of the club and organisation of the 2011 swap meet with a new swap organiser drew our attention away from the rally but by the end of 2010 we had an information brochure, some promotional flyers and an entry form published and distributed. Entries were very steady until a month before the rally. Our own club members were also slow to embrace the event. The first big show of support came with an excellent attendance at a working bee followed by a gradual number of entries so that by the time the rally occurred, there were approximately thirty entries from our club members. Club members also increased their participation during the rally by helping out with the meals at the club house and a myriad of other tasks that made the event flow smoothly. Since the run, we have had some positive feedback from some of the participants. As we have organised this event once each decade since the seventies, our turn should not occur again until sometime in the third decade of the twenty first century. Thanks to all who were involved in some way. WIND UP RALLY Sunday 16th July This is one of our annual runs that has been held for many years. There is a perpetual trophy and as such, the event will be a competition rally. Brad McKeiver is organising the day and will be taking us to Nobby. The club will be subsidising the event and there are many areas of interest at Nobby, including a small

museum, a blacksmith and of course Rudd’s Pub. Members are asked to bring morning tea or buy it at one of the local shops. The club will pay for the $5 museum entry. Rudd’s Pub will put on a roast and desert as well as tea and coffee for a bit less than $20. If you are interested in the pub lunch either let Brad know at the July meeting or phone him (h 4630 7204, m 0488 706 698) before Friday morning July 14th. As this is very close to Toowoomba and is surrounded by some excellent country roads, hopefully we will get a big roll up and perhaps people will be happy to drive their oldest cars. DINNER DANCE Saturday 13th August John McPhail has booked a band and the Lutheran Ladies have agreed to cater for a three course meal. At the last executive meeting, it was agreed to subsidise the function. The cost of the band will be paid for and meals which have a value of $22 will cost members $15 and visitors $20. Children under high school age will be half price. Many members indicated their willingness to attend and it would be best if money could be paid at the July meeting. Please put payment in an envelope with your name on it and give it to Trevor Hoffmann who has kindly volunteered to continue with the organisation of this presentation evening. Please support this event where the annual awards will be presented. It would be a pity to have to cancel because of poor support. PETROL CONSUMPTION RALLY 20/21 August Graham Allum will be organising this event which is open to people from other clubs as well. If you are a member of another automotive club, you may be able to encourage others to attend. For other clubs, entry forms are on our club web site (there is a new page for Events). Graham plans to have a pizza and film night on Saturday 20th and the run on Sunday 21st. Pat and Lynne

Thanks also to all the people who cooked and prepared and helped with food and catering on the long weekend rally. Also to those who helped to set up and clean up at each of the venues. It was great to see the level of support from so many. Ann & Jeff Cox

Indoor Bowls ~ a fun night Played at DDVVMC Club Rooms every second Tuesday night at 7.30pm. All welcome. Dates: July 5, 19 For further enquiries: Ted Taylor 4632 2565

Word of advice from Property officer Paul. One scam at present is to be called with details of your credit card, and be asked to confirm with the number on the back. Never give out this number to an unsolicited caller! If you do then the person who has that number can use your card details to make purchases over the internet.

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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OLD GRAHAM’S ☺ OLD VEHICLE QUIZ June answers 1 In 1928 which truck manufacturer used Pontiac engines in light duty models and Buick engines in medium duty models? GMC 2 New for 61 was a compact with a Trophy 4 engine, what was the make and model? Pontiac Tempest

10 In 1931 which make produced a 2336 cc twin OHC straight 8 with a 10 bearing crankshaft? Alfa Romeo 3 Which make introduced a range of Squirrels in 1922? Scott Motorcycles 4 Which make had Confederate, Master Eagle and Standard Mercury models in the early 30s? Chevrolet 5 Which make had their 16th, 17th and 18th series in the late 30s? Packard 6 Which make offered a range of twin ignition models in the early 30s? Nash

July Quiz:

7 Prior to 1910 this make offered V-twins, V4s V6s and even a V8, which was it? Marmon 8 Which make offered Planets and Comets in the late 20s & early 30s? Star 9 Which maker offered the 4.5 litre EXP 8, just before it folded in 1937? Sunbeam

Page 8

1 Which make offered the “Multi” model with 21 gear ratios, in 1914? ................................................................................................. 2 The Ventura was offered by which maker, in the 60s? ................................................................................................. 3 Which make offered the ‘Coupster’ in the 20s? ................................................................................................. 4 The “10-AB” then “12–AB” V12s were offered from 35 to 38 by which maker? ................................................................................................. 5 Which maker offered the Escort and Squire from 55 to 59? ................................................................................................. 6 From 33 to 40 which maker offered cars powered by Hudson straight 8s? ................................................................................................. 7 Which make succeeded the “Commonwealth” in 1923 but never sold a car privately until 1959? ............................................................................................... 8 Which make offered the Expeditor Coupe in 1936? ................................................................................................. 9 What was an Expeditor Coupe? ................................................................................................. 10 By which make was the SS100 produced from 1925 to 1940? .................................................................................................

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag


DDVVMC Inc COMMITTEE POSITION NOMINATION FORM (FOR 2011 / 2012 YEAR) (MUST BE LODGED WITH THE SECRETARY PRIOR TO THE 27 JULY 2011) I, …………………………………………….. being a financial member of the DDVVMC wish to nominate for the position of ……………………………………………………….. for the above year .

Signed ……………………………………………………….

In support of the above nomination I, ………………………………………………………. also being a financial member of the DDVVMC hereby propose the nomination. Signed ……………….……………………………………….

In support of the above nomination I, ……….………………………………………………. also being a financial member of the DDVVMC hereby second the nomination Signed ………………..………………………………………. Dated this ………… day of ……………2011

Received by the Club Secretary on ……/……/……… Signed ……………………………… _____________________________________________________________________ The rules and process for the election of Committee members is set out on the reverse of this form.

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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The Management Committee of the Association shall consist of a President, VicePresident, Secretary, Treasurer, Dating Officer, Editor, Property Officer, Rally Director, Librarian, Workshop Supervisor, Membership Officer, Historian and Swap Chairman all of whom shall be members of the Association, and such number of other members as the members of the Association at any general meeting may from time to time elect or appoint.


At the annual general meeting of the Association, all the members of the Management Committee for the time being shall retire from office, but shall be eligible upon nomination for re-election.


The election of officers and other members of the Management Committee shall take place in the following manner: 1) 2) 3)



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Any two members of the Association shall be at liberty to nominate any other member to serve as an officer or other member of the Management Committee; The nomination, which shall be in writing and signed by the member and his Proposer and Seconder, shall be lodged with the secretary at least fourteen days before the annual general meeting at which the election is to take place; A list of the candidates' names in alphabetical order, with the Proposers' and Seconders' names, shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office or usual place of meeting of the Association for at least seven days immediately preceding the annual general meeting; Balloting lists shall be prepared (if necessary) containing the names of the candidates in alphabetical order, and each member present at the annual general meeting shall be entitled to vote for any number of such candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies; Should, at the commencement of such meeting, there be an insufficient number of candidates nominated, nominations may be taken from the floor of the meeting.

DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

RACQ QHMC RALLY The carpark near the Empire Theatre

Saturday dinner at the Toowoomba Golf Club - most of the 180 people present would be in here somewhere!

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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RACQ QHMC RALLY The winners of the Poker run - William & Elizabeth Shepherd, scenes from Pittsworth, Cobb & Co and the Ducati in action

KEITH ERBS FORD SPECIAL I first saw this Ford Special in the early 1960s when it was owned by Neil Kelly of Warwick. From memory it was maroon color, stood about 4.5 feet high (1.35 mtr) and was quite a small car, wheel base was 100 inches (2.5mtr). Keith’s nephew, John Erbs told me the car was built in the Erbs Garage in Millmerran in the mid to late 50s. In the early 1960s I found the car lying idle at a Shell service station in Warwick, and later again finding it in a Warwick back yard. It was from this owner that I purchased the car around 1966. I had ideas of restoring it at first but the shape of the cowl had me beat, so I dismantled the car hoping to use the chassis for a hot rod. The Ford special was much work for Keith who shortened the Ford chassis by 12 inches, (300mm), set the engine back in the chassis, channeled the body over the chassis about 6 inches (150 mm). All the mudguards were from the 1938 Ford sedan along with the front doors, roof and boot lid, the rear bumper was custom made, no front bumper when I got it, the front was styled after the Triumph TR2 of the 1950s. When I spoke with Neil Kelly a few years back he told me he installed the “standard” four speed gear box after he blew the Ford 3 speed up. The Ford sported ’40 Ford brakes and wheels. The car was raced in the Millmerran hill climbs at Mt. Domville in the late 1950s. Keith later built a Ford Prefect special which had a fibre glass body, I recall seeing this vehicle on display at Elverys Garage in Ruthven Street about 1959-1960. The Millmerran Auto Club was started in 1956 and Keith Erbs was its first President, the Secretary was the late Dr. Murray Marshall who raced an Anglia sedan at the Middle Ridge race course and later drove an open wheeler Holden engined car which had been built by Pittsworth panel beater Ray Jorgensen, at the Echo Valley circuit. Historian Brian

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag



Hi David, Toowoomba in the early days had some outstanding cars, and it’s almost criminal to think how many of them were scrapped. The weekend before I moved to Lismore in 1960, Brian Timms and I were doing our usual weekend old car search on our bikes, and we were going to have a look at a 1937 Ford roadster. The Ford was there alright, but so was another very special motor car, a car you would not expect to see in Toowoomba, but maybe in a rich suburb of London. It was a huge 1925 5 litre 6 cylinder 30 Horsepower Armstrong Siddeley Landaulette. The car was maroon and had a 4 door custom built aluminium body (most likely by Hooper), and being a Landaulette, the top over where the rear passangers sat, folded down like a convertible. It had big 24 inch disc wheels, and a massive almost veteran era V shaped radiator. Whoever had imported this vehicle must have been extremely wealthy, as in 1925 a T Model ford cost 195 pounds, the big Siddeley cost 1,250 pounds in England. Nobody was at home at the property, but the car looked like it had only recently been brought there. What I can remember, it needed very little restoration. However when you’re seventeen, between jobs, little money, and leaving town, there are some things you have to forget about. I was told years later that this magnificent thing was in a dismantled state behind the little service station halfway up the Toowoomba Range, and was bulldozed when the service station was demolished. Can any “older” club members remember this car? I would love to know where it came from.

Hello Pat and Lynne, I have been on many Veteran and Vintage Rallies all over Australia in the last 43 years, and experienced all levels of organisation, but the Rally that you and your team held last weekend was the best organised and best run event that I have ever been on.

Ted Godfrey,


I have been a rally organiser and organised invitation rallies over the years, and know just what you are up against. Congratulations for such a well run and enjoyable event. The venues, meals, and the entire weekend could not be faulted. Well done and thank you. Regards, Greg and Irene Hill (Model T on back cover) Editor’s note: Even though it was sent to Pat & Lynne as rally directors, it is acknowledging a lot of people who deserve gratitude for the wonderful job they did to make this rally a success.

A TREASURE TROVE OF AUTO ELECTRICAL PARTS For many, many years Kev Baker of KB Classic Parts has been sourcing and supplying electrical parts for all kinds of vehicles of the older variety.

AS TIME GOES BY In 1972 my girlfriend Julie & myself went for a maiden voyage in my newly restored 1928 standard six Dodge tourer. The rally was the Combined Council rally hosted by the DDVVMC. Not knowing my way around Toowoomba as we lived in Dalby, I contacted the rally director to find out where this MYERS place was for the rally start. This was done using the public phone in the red wooden cabinet and pressing button A when the call was connected. The rally was from Toowoomba to Pittsworth and we were lucky enough to win the vintage section of the rally. In 2011, 39 years later, the DDVVMC hosted another Toowoomba to Pittsworth Combined Council rally. Once again the Dodge tourer was entered and this time the previous navigator/girlfriend was now navigator/wife Julie. We once again had a great time reliving our own little bit of history. Thanks to the team and supporters who helped make this rally possible.

You may have seen his frequent stalls at Swap Meets in South-East Queensland, with queues of people patiently waiting to purchase their bits and pieces. Kev is now nearing retirement and his large collection of electrical parts is up for sale. It is time to pass the baton on to some enthusiastic person with an interest in keeping those beautiful older models on the road and firing well. It would be such a shame to see these treasured and ‘hard to find’ parts lost to the scrap merchant. The parts include Lucas, Prestolite, Bosch, Auto-Lite, Delco-Remy, Duciellier, Paris-Rhone, S.E.V., Butler’s and C.A.V. Most are new/old stock, with some 2nd hand, and most are sorted and listed on computer disk and/or hard copy. Relevant reference books and information leaflets are also available. The entire stock is going for $45,000 ono. Smaller job lots would be considered. Ring Kev on 07 5494 4221 or email eilbaker@hotmail. com to make a suitable time to come and take a look, or for more information. The parts are presently situated at Maleny in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Stuart and Julie Westerman

The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------0 For sale 1928 Model A Tudor. Contact Allan 07 46154330 or 0418772114

----------------------------------------------------------------------------0 Parts wanted for 1923 Vauxhall 23-60 Tourer: • CAV dim switch, oval in shape, push-pull switch in center • CAV switch panel, square in shape, has 3 switches on top for lights & CAV amp meter set below switches in its own panel - type 10A • CAV divers helment taillights • Windscreen brass fram • Water pump Any parts at all to do with these cars. Does anyone have a “Jacksons” Brisbane Agents for Vauxhalls Dealer Plate that I can photograph or borrow so I could get it reproduced? This item was fitted to the dash panel. Contact James Meara 07 4633 4206 ah ---------------------------------------------------------------------------0 1940-1948 Ford front brakes. 1940-1948 Ford rear end. Contact Greg Bowdler 07 4630 4990 or ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Governor to suit an automatic gearbox for 1960 MkII Ford Zephyr Contact John O’Hara 07 4632 8855 or 0428 891 645 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Timber 8” x 2”, prefer Tasmanian Oak Radiator cowl and front apron for 1929 Pontiac Contact Katie & Malcolm Burgess 0429 342 724 or ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Two front shockies to suit 1928 model A Ford. Contact Joe 07 4647 2424 or 0439 734 165 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Webber dual throat side draft carby 45DC0E9 or 45DC0E13. Contact Bob Dixon 02 6652 9770 Coffs Harbour ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

For Sale ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Garmin GPS navigation system with USA maps installed. $50 Call Len Kennedy - Garden City Tyre Plus 07 4639 2244 or 0429 612 345 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 1983 W.B. Holden Ute 202 3.3l 4 sp. on the floor gearbox, Holly carby, good tyres,dragway wheels, tarp, towbar, c.d.player R.W.C. Call Des Ham 07 4633 5486 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Chevrolet C20 early 1970’s 290 cubic inch six, 4 speed manual, dual rear wheels, crane mounted on tray, pipe racks, great tow vehicle. Spare engine. Call Pat 0407 302 633 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------0 1979 XD Falcon Sedan, Automatic, 176,000 kms, in excellent condition and mechanically sound, white in colour. RWC available. This car has had two owners, and I am reluctantly selling as I have run out of storage space. Call Bill on 0427 029567 or email for further information or to organise photos or inspection. Price reduced to $4500.00

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------0 FB/EK Holden tinted windscreen, Model T wheel spanner. Contact Ray Dearling on 4635 5935 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------2 10hp Kohler motor excellent condition; $400 Villiers petrol motor with belt drive water pump on frame; $150 Tray, steel frame with timber floor; $550 Honda XL100S trail bike, $295 Off-road racing buggy; offers invited over $550 1980 CM Chrysler Regal wagon, very original car, nice paint work, clean original interior; $3500 James Laird ph: 0417 075 819

---------------------------------------------------------------------------2 The Melocco MGTC Special This is a unique opportunity to purchase a really good MGTC Special. It makes no claims to being original but is truly one of the great TC’s and is a pure delight to drive. It is now offered for sale on behalf of the family. Contact Percy Hunter. 02 4733 4554 or The asking price is A$58,000

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag

COMING EVENTS July 10: Original Gold Coast swap at Mudgeeraba Gold Coast Antique Auto Club’s annual swap at Mudgeeraba Showgrounds, Cnr Mudgeeraba & Worongary Rds, Mudgeeraba. Free off street parking. Adult Entry $3; Outdoor sites $10 inc driver (no booking required). Lyn 0427 264 732; Email: Website:

July 16: Wind Up rally

Visit in and around historic Nobby. Organised by Brad McKeiver

July 30-31: Morgan Park Raceway

Queensland Historic Racing and Regularity event

October 1-2: Rotors Wings n Wheels fly-in Oakey Museum of Australian Army Flying has invited DDVVMC to join in a display of historic vehicles

October 8: Show and Shine

Macsville Showgrounds, Macksville

November 5-6: GCAAC Autorama

Gold Coast Antique Auto Club’s Autorama Further enquiries from Autorama organisers, Coral and Graham Cogzell (07) 5534 5941 or The Secretary, Margaret Hession (07) 55241 338

June 9-11, 2012: RACQ HMC rally Maryborough Ken Ashford

August 5-7: Greazefest

Kustom Kulture Festival - Hot Rockin’ nights Friday 5th & Saturday 6th, Hot Rod show Sunday 7th Rocklea Showground, Brisbane.

August 11: DDVVMC AGM

Committee nomination form is in this magazine

August 13: DDVVMC Dinner Dance

6:30 for 7 pm start. Cost is $15 for members & $20 for non-members. Club awards will be presented on the night, as well as dinner and dancing.

August 21: Petrol Consumption Rally

This year the rally will be open to anyone, as it will be advertised through the Historic Motoring Council. There will be a pizza and movie night on Saturday 20th starting at 5 pm prior to the rally proper which starts with a driver briefing at 8 am on Sunday.

Are there Significant Events in Your Family?

Members — contact me if you have a family member or know of a fellow club member suffering a bereavement or celebrating a significant event, eg: birth, marriage or anything of note. Katie Burgess


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The Polishers Rag ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB

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‘2011 QHMC rally - 5 times in 5 decades’ If not claimed please return to Darling Downs Veteran & Vintage Motor Club Inc: PO Box 486, Toowoomba QLD 4350

Pride of place in the final rally to Cobb & Co museum went to the veterans. Ford 1915 Model T, 1919 Singer & 1911 Maxwell. Next came the Model A Fords, by far the single largest contingent of vehicle.

Despite dire predictions, the only wet weather was on the Sunday at Pittsworth, and it had little or no effect on the enjoyment of the day. The Allums shot this view into the Lockyer Valley on Monday morning - a beautiful day ahead.

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DARLING DOWNS VETERAN & VINTAGE MOTOR CLUB ~ Celebrating 40 Years ~ The Polishers Rag


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