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To improve the oral health of all Arkansans

Every year, the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation strives to carry out its mission by building on successes from previous years, and 2017 was exceptional. Thanks to the stellar work of our expanding network of community partners, the Foundation was able to improve the lives of thousands in communities across Arkansas. We continue to build a network of oral health advocates across the state who we support through our community and mini grant programs. The funding provided allows us to support their application of best practices and to develop new, innovative solutions in oral health care.

Weldon Johnson Executive Director Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation

Ongoing multiyear projects, such as our nationally recognized contribution to community water fluoridation, will improve the oral health and wellness of Arkansans for generations to come. And Super Smiles at Schools, our newer mini grant program, continues to grow as it makes a positive difference in the oral health of young students that will last for a lifetime. While our funding of organizations and proposals may shift from year to year, one thing is consistent: we remain as committed as ever to our mission of improving the oral health of ALL Arkansans. Please enjoy this report which highlights a few of our accomplishments in 2017.


Act with Integrity

World-Class Service

Focus on Community

Respect People

$1.4 million invested in 2017 to improve the oral health of Arkansans


$50,000 Arkansans impacted

79,624 toothbrushes distributed to nonprofit organizations, churches, libraries and school-based health care programs

donated to Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria rebuilding efforts in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

22,000 mouth guards provided to children ages 4-18 who participate in organized sports such as football, basketball, etc.

Bringing our total charitable contributions to over 22 million dollars





of Delta Dental dation Arkansas Foun y | Photograph By Barrett Gay

by Sara Reeves


KNOW THEM established the HY YOU SHOULD Dental of Arkansas In 2004, Delta n to meet the of Arkansas Foundatio whom might of Delta Dental residents, many in needs of countless care. “By investing receive proper is focused not otherwise , the foundation of and treatment the oral health , prevention dental education mission to improve executive direcDelta Dental’s president and solely on fulfilling Johnson, vice “Seeing the differsays Weldon Foundation. Arkansans,” Arkansas of is amazing. care Dental dental tor of the Delta much needed reduce dental after receiving to drastically ence in a person has a chance our foundation succeed.” that us to Knowing in children, inspires UNDERSERVED disease, especially RURAL AND FOCUS ON ’s work are significant foundation WITH A FINITE the “the foundathe results of Weldon says, COMMUNITIES, last three years, programs and le. In just the organizations, and measurab for $3 million to care services an average of to better oral tion has given to improve access foundation provides he notes, the initiatives designed families.” Moreover, and “funds in-hospital dental individuals and state CARTI and throughout the Medical Sciences, charitable clinics Arkansas for three mobile University of lly, it helps fund clinics at the that provide Hospital. Additiona Care Mobile, Arkansas Children’s Ronald McDonald y schools.” including the elementar at dental units, in ed children to underserv WATER SUPPLY dental services THE PUBLIC Water ATION OF ’s advocacy role. THE FLUORID to the foundation water supin large part, to the public the state is due, as the addition of fluoride fluoridation is the controlled cites public water fluoridation especially for for Disease Control dental disease, ply. “The Center e way to reduce care,” Weland inexpensiv for regular dental most effective but also ability to pay access or the policy change the d without people encourage existing water Dental not only and updating don notes. “Delta to installing Delta Denall costs related expenses. The agreed to fund not incur the improve $7 million to Arkansans would systems so that contributed almost statewide Foundation has completed, our tal of Arkansas the state. Once for 650,000 systems across health benefits thirty-two water in improved efforts will result fluoridation Arkansans.” aligned many others LIFE LESSON alone. It takes GREATEST ce to succeed.” accomplish much never can perseveran and “One passion goal and the with a common TO LIVE BY Holtz.” IA PHILOSOPHY from Coach Lou “‘Do Right!’ Adopted 22


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Voted 2017 Outstanding Foundation of the Year by the Association for Fundraising Professionals tion has proof Arkansas Founda patients. “The Delta Dental help to CARTI’s cancer cancer urable vided immeas onsite dentist, since certain oral s CARTI has an severely impact a patient’ at the dental clinic treatments can Dental outfitted allowed cavity, and Delta Center. Their grants have to cannts the CARTI Cancer oral surgery treatme critical se afford them. us to provide could not otherwi able to cer patients who Dental, these patients are g their of life followin Because of Delta proved quality l to the enjoy a much-im nts. We are so very gratefu state.” our cancer treatme all they do in Foundation for Delta Dental - President Kathi

Jones, CARTI

— Arkansas Chapter



2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION









DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report



 Community Grants $450,222  Mini Grants $24,210  School-Based Grants $27,200  Legacy Grants $420,000

The Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation experienced an exciting and fulfilling year in 2017, as we expanded our footprint in Arkansas by bringing proven programs to new cities and funding innovative oral health initiatives across the state. Keeping in line with our mission, the Foundation partnered with nonprofit organizations, schools and governmental entities to help communities provide oral health education, prevention and treatment. A few key accomplishments and highlights are listed in this report. The Foundation offers our Community and Mini Grant programs focused on expanding access to oral health care in underserved areas by funding preventative services or treatment for individuals of all ages, ethnicities, genders and socio-economic statuses in Arkansas.

COMMUNITY GRANTS Our Community Grants program received a record number of requests in 2017 from organizations that applied for more than half a million dollars to support a variety of programs, including charitable dental clinics, dental education and other oral health initiatives. Our 2017 Community Grant recipients include: • Arkansas Mission of Mercy

• River Valley Christian Clinic

• Baptist Health Foundation

• Samaritan Community Clinic

• CARTI Foundation

• Special Olympics of Arkansas

• Community Clinic

• St. Francis House

• Cooperative Christian Ministries & Clinic

• University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

• East Arkansas Family Health Center

•U  niversity of Arkansas at Little Rock – Children’s International Future Smiles Clinic

• Fayetteville School District • Harmony Health Clinic $100,000 to tion provided The Founda s Mission of sa an 2017 Ark al support the rgest free or Arkansas’ la Mercy event, t. en health ev

• Hope Cancer Resources • Little Rock School District

•W  ashington Regional Hospital

• River City Ministry

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION




One of the greatest unmet health problems facing those with special needs is dental care. Utilizing a multifaceted approach, the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation and Special Olympics Arkansas partnered to create a tipping point where oral health becomes inclusive for people with Intellectual Disability (ID). Through a $30,000 Community Grant, Special Olympics Arkansas works to advance our goals through oral health education and screenings for individuals with ID.




health professionals received resources to continue both oral health follow-up and education throughout the year.

educators learned the importance of incorporating oral health education into physical education courses and school-based wellness committees.

65 15,000 athletes and their peers received oral health education through our Special Smiles events.

preschools adopted the SOAR oral health education curriculum.

22,000 children between the ages of 2-18 were provided with oral health educational materials.


DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

250 Special Olympics coaches received oral health education training.

Our partnership with the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation not only allows us the opportunity to increase Special Smiles screenings for our athletes, but it has also allowed us to expand our platform by providing the necessary tools and training needed to deliver an improved quality of oral health care for people with intellectual disabilities. Delta Dental is changing the way dental health care professionals view individuals with intellectual disabilities and their health on a transformative scale.

Camie Powell Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations, Special Olympics Arkansas

More than 35 0 health care including de professional ntists, were s, also trained oral health se on providing rvices to indi viduals with ID.

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION


MINI GRANTS The Foundation’s Mini Grant program provides up to $2,500 per grant towards oral health projects that are designed to have an immediate impact in communities. Organizations that receive a mini grant may not meet the extensive requirements of our Community Grant program, but still have a worthwhile oral health project to pursue. Mini grants also serve as incubators to help pilot new oral health initiatives.



103 students received dental screenings and fluoride varnish treatments at the Clinton Foundation’s Back to School Bash.


The cost of seeking regular examinations can seem expensive to those without insurance and in many instances, children are left dealing with the unintended consequences. The Surgeon General’s office reports that uninsured children are 2.5 times less likely than insured children to receive dental care. Children from families without dental insurance are three times more likely to have dental needs than children with either public or private insurance. That’s where collaborative efforts between foundations and statewide organizations help alleviate some of the burden for families who are unable to afford dental care. During the Clinton Presidential Center’s annual “Head of the Class Bash,” a local back-to-school festival, the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation partnered with the Clinton Foundation to provide free dental services for families in need. Thanks to health care professionals from the Arkansas Department of Health Office of Oral Health, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Dental Hygiene program, 103 students received dental screenings and fluoride varnish treatments along with oral health care packets, which included a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Tooth Fairy was also present to educate students about the importance of oral health care and overall wellness.

DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

The Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation’s financial investment and volunteer efforts played an integral role in the success of our annual Head of the Class Bash. We take a holistic approach to preparing students and families to go back to school by providing backpacks with required school supplies, immunizations, health screenings and more. Through the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation, we were able to connect an outstanding group of partners who provided crucial dental screenings and additional health care services.

Lena Moore Deputy Executive Director and Development Manager, Clinton Foundation

Dr. Lindy Bo llen, Jr., Direct or, Office of Health of the Oral Arkansas Dep artment of H screens part ealth, icipants at th e 2017 Clinto Foundation’s n Head of Class Bash.

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION


SCHOOL-BASED GRANTS The Foundation relaunched our school-based grant program as “Super Smiles at Schools” (Super Smiles) and collaborated with the Arkansas Department of Education to identify districts that are eager to incorporate oral health education, treatment and training through their school-based health centers. Through our Super Smiles program, certified school nurses and/or health professionals administered oral screenings, risk assessments and fluoride varnish treatments to nearly 11,000 students. Super Smiles grants were provided to schools across the state, including Arkansas’ two largest districts in Little Rock and Springdale. The Foundation also partnered with the Little Rock School District and the Arkansas Department of Health Office of Oral Health to develop a toolkit for school health professionals when administering oral health services, including parental consent and assessment forms. By simplifying the school-based oral health process, it is our hope that this will lead to more efficiency within the schools and ensure that the data we receive is measurable and consistent.

ls play in ssional, role that schoo our schoolrstand the ol Health Profe n, we unde s at School, Dear Scho . Super Smile sas Foundatio ent. We Dental of Arkan health and overall health h education and treatm through At the Delta s in oral oral healt ly impact Pre-K good habit to expand ls to direct promoting am, seeks public schoo grants progr and rs mini based ood cente with early childh ss. Children partner with mic succe ved acade school and students. 12th grade linked to impro ic absenteeism from is directly en early chron health childr have our to that oral educating decay more likely Studies show That’s why ntable, tooth are three times dental pain. largely preve ce, due to poor oral health Although mic performan important. d States. habits is so lower acade Unite your health the oral disease in h toolkit for on about good on chronic an oral healt ssionmost comm developed l health profe remains the l, we have and schoo ing: ipating schoo for educators parents, includ beneficial r Smiles partic children and As a Supe rces that are shared with it has resou that can be use. The toolk l materials tiona as educa als, as well als: klist ssion Chec dure Health Profe Varnish Proce For School est Form and Fluoride Requ lies ning Supp • Dental Scree ide Varnish t Form ning and Fluor Assessmen • Dental Scree ide Varnish Form ning and Fluor Reporting • Dental Scree ide Varnish ning and Fluor • Dental Scree

ts: and Paren Form For Children Permission l Screening ts Form • Free Denta ning Resul ’s Dental Scree about the request) • Your Child Book (upon . To learn more rces, h Coloring en’s oral health health resou • Oral Healt ving childr l based oral itment to impro ional schoo on. for your comm or access addit n you datio al-foundati Thank Foun /delta-dent l of Arkansas oundation Delta Denta lAR.com/F Denta visit www.Delta Sincerely,

to our Super

Smiles at

rs: School Partne

y Club

Countr as, Inc. • 1513

©2017 Delta


of Arkans Dental Plan

od, Road, Sherwo

g and Fluoride

Pre Screening

varnish checkli


£ Select a date

for your oral health


• Share the options provided by the Health Service s office with your principal. • Add the date to school calenda r.

£ Advertise as an opportunity for students who a dentist to receive do not have FREE oral care. • Send an email to teachers regardin they are needed g the event. Let to distribute and them know

collect consen t forms. £ Send parent consent/perm ission forms home in the particip ating grades. to all students • Allow one week to return. • Make copies available at the front

office. £ Contact parent s four weeks before to notify them the date of your that free dental services are availab screening complete and return the consen le t/permission form. and to • Script for Phone Blast: “Good evening will be offering FREE dental services , parents. [ Insert school ] child’s backpa on [insert date]. ck for more informa Check your tion.”

£ Collect forms,

If you have access to a parent communication app, such as ClassDo feel free to sendjo, a message to parents !

ion forms late.

AR 72120

£ Follow up with

a reminder phone calls one week before the date.

before your dental be sent to accomm odate student s who return

Day Before Screening Event

£ Communicate

tal Screening Your Child’s Den

Results Date:

School Name:

____ _______________ _______________ teeth have _______________ today. Your child’s (print): __________ h application The varnish Student Name fluoride varnis and shiny as usual. screening and look as bright away received a dental h and may not coloring will go fluoride varnis for a day. This teeth child’s been coated with on your or white color teeth. may leave a yellow brush your child’s day after you the following Brush teeth twice a day and t see the dentis as long as to keep teeth h on the teeth varnis the : To keep best result healthy! to achieve the possible and and avoid eat soft foods • Your child should the rest of the day for hot beverages bedtime be brushed at • Teeth should and before school

lts of your Here are the resu ening: scre child’s dental

sort by grade.

• GOAL is to make sure 100% of the forms are returne • Review forms d. for parent questio ns. Call parents if needed.

£ Notify secreta ry in the Health Services office £ Dental Suppli how many varnish es will be sent es will be done. to school from Varnish, gauze, Health Service gloves and forms s office (not wareho service date. Extra will be sent to your school fi varnish (10 -15) use). ve days permiss will

Director on, Executive Weldon Johns Foundation l of Arkansas Delta Denta Thank you

Dental Screenin


teachers. Send out email to teachers describi screening process ng the . Be sure to remind teachers about instructing students try to avoid eating to hard foods or drinking hot beverages after varnish is applied.

DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

Great job! Your and healthy.

d clean child’s teeth looke

teeth that need problems with t and make We saw some contact a dentis attention. Please t. an appointmen teeth that need with problems . We saw some within 48 hours tell the ion attent emergency away and a dentist right quickly. Please contact needs to be seen office your child Need help finding a dentist?



g is The dental screenin dental not a complete up). examination (checkcavities In many cases, problems or other dental during may not be found the screening.

go to Children should a full the dentist for months. exam every six

Samples of Super Smiles at Schools materials.

Volunteers from Natur al Teeth educate local schoo l children about the importance of good oral health.

Super Smiles participating schools receive up to $2,500 and an oral health toolkit that includes:



Color THE BIG FOUR. times a day for


For school health professionals


time a day


• Dental Screening and Fluoride Varnish Procedure Checklist and Supply Request Form



(children 6+)

Every day! www.AmericasToothFairy.org

America’s ToothFairy:

National Children’s Oral

Health Foundation


• Dental Screening and Fluoride Varnish Assessment Form • Dental Screening and Fluoride Varnish Reporting Form For children and parents • Dental Screening Permission Form • Children’s Dental Screening Results Form • Oral Health Coloring Book and Educational Materials, provided by the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION




Access to high-quality health care during a child’s developing years is essential, and dental care is no exception. Regular well-child visits are important for early identification of health issues. As children get older, they are less likely to get screenings, so education surrounding prevention and improving oral hygiene during early childhood years (ages 0-5) is key.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) received $2,500 to pilot a Super Smiles project with their Head Start program, with the goal of incorporating oral health education and prevention into early childhood centers. UAMS general practice residents and dental hygiene students screened 140 children for decay and dental caries. Those who were found to have an urgent care issue (care required within 2448 hours) were referred to the student-led UAMS 12th Street Health and Wellness Center to receive Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment to help arrest active decay.

d Start art and Hea Early Head St alth he ive an oral children rece ish rn va e id or d flu screening an nts. de si re om UAMS treatments fr


DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

Donald ports the Ronald Mc The Foundation sup vices ser h alt he vides oral Care Mobile, which pro te. sta the oss to children acr

Dr. Robert M ason, Vice Pr esident of Professional Relations at Delta Denta of Arkansas, l treats a patie nt on board the Ronald M cDonald Car e Mobile.


Our Legacy Grants consist of long-term commitments to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for dental clinics and various programs. The Foundation provides funding to operate the UAMS Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation Oral Health Clinic and support the dental general practice residency program. This is a multi-year commitment of $2 million. We also provide funding to ACH to support operations at the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation Dental Clinic, three Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® clinics, the Seal-the-State sealant program and oral health literacy efforts. This is a multi-year commitment of $1.55 million. RONALD MCDONALD CARE MOBILE® DENTAL PROGRAM





1,633 fillings




patient visits

2,235 X-rays




root canals



2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION













DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report


COMMUNITY WATER FLUORIDATION In 2011, the Foundation pledged funding for 35 community water systems in Arkansas to begin optimally fluoridating their water. Thirty one water systems are now completed and two are in the design phase. Thanks to the Foundation’s investment of almost $7 million dollars, nearly 90 percent of Arkansans now have access to fluoridated water.

Fluoridated Community Water Systems Once completed, our statewide fluoridation efforts will impact the lives of over 650,000 Arkansans.

¢ Completed ¢ Design Phase

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION


Members of the Natural W onders Partne (NWPC) lear rship Counc n about stra il tegies to help of children in improve the Arkansas at health the 2017 Hea lthy Child Su mmit.

attended from across the state Health professionals sponsored it, mm Su Pre Oral Health the inaugural NWPC by the Foundation.

ORAL HEALTH PRE-SUMMIT As a member of Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s Natural Wonders Oral Health Coalition, the Foundation joined community partners at a one-day summit to discuss issues which included:


Developing a deeper understanding of oral health as a health equity issue that intersects with other health issues.

2 3

Introducing the power of networks for collective impact.



Bringing awareness to the current oral health landscape across the state, including challenges and opportunities.

Establishing a set of recommendations for how to work to improve oral health in Arkansas.

DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

The UAMS Triple Aim program trains students on how to incorporate oral health services in the medical field to improve access to preventive services.

MEDICAL-DENTAL INTEGRATION In 2017, the Foundation embarked on an ambitious initiative to develop a uniformed system to encourage further integration of oral health into the medical field. The Office of Interprofessional Education at UAMS received a $118,000 grant from the Foundation to create an oral health and dental education curriculum for all students. The course, which will be required to graduate from any degree program at UAMS, will help students be better able to address the significant oral health needs of Arkansans. The goal is to provide meaningful learning experiences across UAMS’ six health professions (colleges) through a mixed methodology that delivers oral health curriculum components in both face-to-face and online learning environments. Once completed (scheduled for 2020), the oral health education curriculum will be delivered statewide through the UAMS Regional Programs network and shared with other educational programs and institutions in the state.

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION



Mansfield School Based Health Center

Arkansas Baptist State Convention

Mid Delta Health Systems, Inc.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation

National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

Arkansas Hispanic Health Coalition

Natural Teeth

Arkansas Mission of Mercy

Pine Bluff School District

Baptist Health Foundation

River City Ministry of Pulaski County

CARTI Foundation

River Valley Christian Clinic

Cedarville Wellness Center

Samaritan Community Center

CHI St. Vincent Community Care East Clinic

Special Olympics

Children’s Protection Center

St. Columba Episcopal Church

Clinton Foundation

St. Francis House

Community Clinic

The University of Arkansas Foundation

Community Dental Clinic

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Cooperative Christian Ministries

United Way of Northwest Arkansas

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock Children’s International Future Smiles Dental Clinic

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. Washington Regional Medical Foundation Welcome Health Western Greene County Regional Water District Yellville-Summit School District

Mainline Health Systems, Inc.


DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION | 2017 Community Benefits Report

DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Betsy Reithemeyer, Chairman Dr. Mel Collazo, Vice-Chairman/Secretary Tamika Edwards Dr. Jim Johnston Dr. Jim Phillips Martine Pollard Susie Smith LaShannon Spencer Billy Tarpley Dr. Joe Thompson Blake Warren Woolsey Dr. Michael Zweifler


Weldon Johnson Executive Director

Kara Wilkins Foundation Coordinator

Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation 2017 Community Benefits Report. Written by Kara Wilkins, Foundation Coordinator. Edited by Dave Hawsey, Vice President of Marketing, and Weldon Johnson, Executive Director of the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation.

2017 Community Benefits Report | DELTA DENTAL OF ARKANSAS FOUNDATION



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Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation 2017 Community Benefits Report  

Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation 2017 Community Benefits Report