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N° 58 January 2013 MORE INFOS ON: (login: dceurope, password: dceurope)


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AREA 43  For the second year in a row, the DC Area 43 snowpark spends the winter in MĂŠribel-Mottaret, France, in the heart of the 3 Valleys ski area– the largest in the world. A vast playground for beginners to expert skiers and snowboarders, Area 43 has quickly become a notable feature in France and in Europe. Last year, more than 825,000 people visited to shred the snowpark! DC Area 43, with it’s 90 000 m2 of features - 250m of handrails and boxes - over four areas to meet every riders needs: a boardercross to enjoy freestyle in a playful way, a beginner/ intermediate zone, an expert zone and a special “DCâ€? area with new and original features, even open during photoshoots or events organized by DC Shoes.


Mid-January, Dimitri Biau, Victor Loron, Thomas Chazou Chassagne had the opportunity to stay a few days in our Chalet in Meribel. They joined European riders Jani Sorasalmi and Piotr Janosz. Three filmers and journlists from were there too to produce a webisode series. The webisodes ll be released mid February. Beside this, they built spots around the chalet, and filmed on our snowpark. Here a fews pics. The podcast’ll be released in february.


THE HUB On Friday 25thof January, parisian artist duo MMav ("Mon Moulin A Vent", meaning "My Windmill") presented their exhibition at The HUB, DC Shoes Europe's creative studio in Paris. Rey and Mutt, the two masterminds behind MMav, showcased a collection of brand new works developed especially for The HUB: a series of 3 kakemonos using their usual collaborative illustrations in a symmetrical pattern ; 2 dyptics on skateboard decks ; and a 1m by 1m hand drawn transparent plexiglas piece. The exhibition also presents a few series of original artworks by each artist, including 3 pieces that will be used by DC Shoes for a Curated by The HUB capsule collection in Spring 2014. The MMav at The HUB exhibition will run untill April 12th 2013 at: The HUB, 15 rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris. Open thursdays and fridays from 12pm to 6pm. Contact and informations:


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FIRST EDITION IN EUROPE 18/11-05/12 2012 THE BIGGEST ACTION SPORT SHOW  13 Shows 18 Days 7 COUNTRIES 8 Complete sell-outs 150 985 Spectators The best star of the show: the DC rider Travis Pastrana co-founder Stockholm : Stockholm 2 : Hamburg : Berlin : Vienna : Vienna 2 : Prague : Dusseldorf : Antwerp : Arnhem : London : Manchester : Birmingham :


5 579 people 11 805 people 7 978 people 7 522 people 7 344 people 8 001 people 13 114 people 8 121 people 16 219 people 28 321 people 13 560 people 13 442 people 9 979 people

TORSTEIN GOLD MEDALIST Congrats to DC snowboarder Torstein Horgmo for bringing home the gold in Big Air at the 2013 X Games in Aspen this past weekend. This is Torstein’s 4th gold medal in Big Air and his 6th medal at X Games overall. Torstein made X Games history landing a clean switch triple cork 1440, the first ever landed in a contest, on his final run. Scoring a perfect 50, Torstein’s triple cork was the tie-breaker against fellow snowboarder Mark McMorris, solidifying the gold medal win. Torstein has riding for the DC Snow team since 2006. His signature pieces in the DC Snowcollection have always been on the cutting edge of technology yet representative of his personal snowboarding style. No doubt helping him land that triple cork, Torstein was riding his own signature model DC Mega Torstein Horgmo Pro board, the DC Torstein Jacket, DC Recon Pant, and the DC Travis Rice boot.  

ARTIST PROJECT / CHLOE TRUJILLO  DC Shoes freshly introduced a new Artist Project in collaboration with Chloe in the frame of its SP13 Woman Footwear collection. This includes two models in limited series, based on the famous Bristol and Graduate LX models.  ChloĂŠ Trujillo is a Los Angeles based artist. Born in Paris, she found her way to the US 12 years ago and has been part of Burning Ink New York City, Berlin and London. She has also designed two pairs of shoes for DC Shoes Women line for Spring 2013.      


 With much excitement, DC Shoes and Robbie Maddison are proud to announce the coming of a new video project, which will debut globally on Monday, February 11th 2013 via the DC Shoes YouTube channel. This is the first motocross short film by DC and Maddo spearheading a new series of DC Teamworks Collection videos. The video will showcase Maddo’s legendary freestyle motocross skills in an unexpected setting, introducing a new direction of riding and filming that has never been seen or done before on a dirt bike.


3 AWARDS FOR DC AT THE BRIGHT With much excitement, DC Shoes and Robbie Maddison are proud to announce the coming of a new video project, which will debut globally on Monday, February 11th 2013 via the DC Shoes YouTube channel. This is the first motocross short film by DC and Maddo spearheading a new series of DC Teamworks Collection videos. The video will showcase Maddo’s legendary freestyle motocross skills in an unexpected setting, introducing a new direction of riding and filming that has never been seen or done before on a dirt bike.




SKATEBOARD • SEB SIMON - Reunion Island trip

Seb Simon visited his family for a personnal trip. He keeps on representing DC and filmed for an upcoming podcast with his homie and Snowbeach MY DC Crew new rider Anthony Rousse. Here are a few pics from him.

• JULIEN BECHET - New deck sponsor

Julien Bechet, after a long elbow rehabilitation program is back. He is more than ever motivated. He left Jart, his skateboard deck sponsor for Collapse. He’ll have a pro-model soon. See his introducing clip, killing the new Bayonne Bowl.

• TEAM FILMING        

Middle of january, Julien Bechet, Maxime Genin and Jonathan Jean Philippe spend a week with their new team manager in order to discuss about the 2013 program. They filmed and shooted too in the basque country. Here a cuopples of pics. On the left Julien Bechet fx Boardslide, on the bootom and the left, MAxime Genin, Switch Ollie and on the right, team chillin’. • FRENCH CUP - Nantes step

AurĂŠlien Giraud, with the blue fleece, Vincent Matheron and Benjamin Garcia, DC french flow participate at the first stage of the french cup in Nantes. Aurelien Giraud ranked first in the Street category (- 16 years old), Benjamin Garcia ranked 2nd in the street category ( + 18 years old) in vert, another medals for Aurelien who took the 3rd place. Vincent Matheron ranked 2nd in the same vert category! DC riders on every podium and in front of a large public as you can see. Here an edit of the highlights and here and edit with an interview of Aurelien Giraud. Viencent Matheron with the grey fleece, ranking 2nd in vert and Aurelien third, in blue.



Aurelien Giraud and Benjamin Garcia, came the day after the french cup at the Hangar Darwin in Bordeaux. They filmed and shooted in the old Etnie House and on the mega ramp of Seb Daurel.


Max Genin, stayed a week with a few lucky kids from Montpellier to share with them his skills and experience



Our main skatepark partner created a new contest called ÂŤThe ChekclistÂť. Only for kids with less than 16 years old, the goal of this contest is to fulfill tricks objectives. Here the news on Soma, and again, Aurelien Giraud killing the big rail with a huge front bluntslide.


On the left, french actor JosÊ Garcia using our skatepark as a training facility for his next film. Another good news, our My DC Crew and good parisian skateshop Nozbone signed a partnership for all year with Villiers. Finally, regarding The DC Embassy example, the organization of Villiers’ll release one’s a month a videopart called unleashed in the park focused on one rider a filmed in one day. Here you can see on the bottom Jonathan Jean Philippe (flip crooked) filming for the first one.



Our My DC Crew from Albi organized a Game of skate contest, here the poster and locals kids.


Some coverage on ands : New rider DC APAC Tommy Fynn introducing videopart, News for the release of our new website, and european rider Anthony Lopez.


SNOWBOARD DC AREA 43: • Print publications:

Print Publication : Equipe Mag Date : 24/11/2012 Reach : 3 708 000 / Value : 2 562

Print Publication : Ski Time Date : 09/01/2013 Reach : n/c / Value : n/c

• Online publications: o Zapiks: Date : 13/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 1 000       

o FluoFun Date : 13/12/2012 Reach : n/c Value : 500 o BeachBrothers: Date : 13/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 500       

o Bangingbees Date : 13/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 500


o Skipass : Date : 13/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 500

o Mag des Cimes Date : 14/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 500


o Adrenaline : Date : 14/12/2012 Reach : 1 000 000 / Value : 1 000 o Downdays


o Date : 17/12/2012 Reach : 3 400 000 / Value : 1 500 Date : 21/12/2012 Reach : n/c / Value : 1 000


o Sport Buzz Business Date : 07/01/2013 Reach : 50 000 / Value : 500 o Cdusport Date : 10/01/2013 Reach : n/c / Value : 500



Here you can watch an edit in witch Dimitri Biau explains how he broke his knee ligaments last. Funny edit, mixing action shot and interviews.


We introduced Victor Loron as flow rider for this year in the french team : Dimitri Biau, Florent Marot, Thomas ÂŤChazouÂť Chassagne. He spend a few weeks in Park City training before the season in France.       


Fluo Fun released the interview that they did last year during DC Shred days. On this occasion, we organised a contest to win, Devun’s pro model. Magazine Sugar pour Vincent en Backside air à St MÊdard en Jalles. Article Mike MO Photo Anthony Lopez, tour Nixon Produits



The french BMX magazine did a report on the big event Red Bull in witch we can see our DC logos on the street course. Shopping with the Inbound model.

MOTOCROSS • Laura Bruneau & Moto defined by DC

Here a short edit ÂŤa day in the life of VIP moto rider Laura Bruneau.


CLIPPING • Nouvel Obs / Obsession Date : 09/01/2013 Reach : n/c / Value : 1 500


o Melty Fashion Date : 12/01/2013 Reach : / Value : 2 500 o Graine de sportive Date : 13/01/2013 Reach : 10 000/ Value : 500       

o Flavor Date : 16/01/2013 Reach : n/c / Value : 500 • SUGAR SKATEMAG

Sugar January, Februar issue. One action shot with flow rider Vincent Matheron and a news announcing the upcoming of Vincent, Aurelien Giraud and Benjamin Garcia. Anto Lopey action shot during his Nixon trip. Top 5 with Mike Mo Capaldi and the shopping with his pro model, the Mikey Taylor S



Mikey Taylor Ad in the the catalogue of the famous parisian shop and the last Soma issue.




The last issue of the french free magazine for this season with 8 pages of report on the DC Shred Days. One page on European athlete Mat Schaer and one page with an action shot of Aaron Biitner.


DC Women ad from the new campaign. Shopping focus on the Unilite Trainer.



Pro Chat with Lucy Adams!


Sam Turnbull Front Cover!       

Trip feature, featuring Sam Turnbull

Trick guide with Sam Turnbull       


Travis Pastrana- My Gadget Life


Online coverage- product and womans campaign



Shoplift- Holiday Core • MENS FITNESS

Mickey Taylor Review



Holiday product and competition • WHITELINES

Devun Camber Board Review


DC CODE Pant advertising • CARVE

Winter product featuring the Woodland • WAVELENGTH

Marc Lacomere flip flops       


Snow fashion feature, with DC hat and boots!



Daniel Ledermann is currently filming for his full length part in the upcoming MARIJUTCREW Video. We already saw three minutes of what he filmed so far and you better buckle up! You can check this funny trailer of the crew below, just hit the pic. The name is program!

As we told you last month our oldest teammember Patrick BĂśs took a trip to Barcelona and sure he brought back a whole clip after one week! You can‘t stop Patrick!


The DC skate flow team at the coast of Spain. Skatebordermsm is blogging about the DC skate trip.

โ€ข Limited Skateboarding Mag #111


TX ad with flow rider Patrick Bรถs


Black and white issue with a picture of DC flow rider Jean Gerrit Wehfeld.

• Place #38 :

Article about flow team rider Ben Dillinger and a photo series on the second page.



Picture of an ex DC flow rider (Mathäus Zingerle) wearing a DC Star Tee.

SNOWBOARD • Boardsport Source #062

Must Be Nice ad with Lauri Heiskari.       

Shops 1st try 2013 ad.

• Snowboarder MSM #171

Backcover with Lauri Heiskari.


• Don‘t Panic

Little article about Fips Strauss.

Quiz about Fips and his twin brother. Who is who?




Skatedeluxe is promoting the DC Horgasm movie.

BMX • Freedombmx #110

Random bmx biker wearing a DC cap.


Red Bull SKYLINES with the DC logo on a ramp. 

• BMX Rider #03: 

Bmx team rider Ilias Martinez.

5 pages about the Red Bull SKYLINES with DC logos on a ramp.



2 pages about the Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana.

• MotoX #153

10 pages about Travis Pastrana‘s life and the Nitro Circus Tour.       

MOTOCROSS • MotoX #153

Ad for the movie „That‘s the way“ with Robbie Maddison and a DC Logo on his back.


CLIPPING • Limited Skateboarding Mag #111

Products including the DC Mikey Taylor S

Mike Mo ad on the backcover.

• Spoke Magazine #010:

Fashion shoot with the model wearing a DC beanie, gloves, scarf and shoes.       

Fashion shoot with the model wearing DC Apparel. `

Fashion shoot with the model wearing DC Apparel.


• MotoX #153

Ad for products you neet, DC motocross gear included.


Burning Ink ad showing de DC shoe Primo SE designed by Jeykill.


• SNEAKERS #17-1

Ad for the DC shoe Standard TX.


DC Christmas lottery on



Snowstoked reports about the theDC SHOES.COM page.


DC Christmas lottery on


• BLONDE Magazine

• BRIGHT Tradeshow online       



The first day of 2013 the DC skater Jagger Eaton has been viewed by more than 3 million people on “Increible 2012�, special program of the main Spanish TV channel TV1

Great acceptance of the Manolo Robles introducing clip on the international media: Thrashermagazine, Transworld skateboarding, Hellaclips, Kingpin Mag. And the spanish media: Erosion skateboarders, Dogway Magazine, Welcome, Skatefilms. As well as a big feedback on Facebook.


The DC rider Jesus De Pedro skating with his sk8land partners at the Welcome support your local skateshop contest.

Flow rider Marco Rivera skating with his Welcome partners at the         contest.


Rider Crisitian Cortizo makes a clip for Go Pro in his last trip to china with Quiksilver. Go Skateboarding and Skatefilms websites has shared it.

Flow rider Javier Martinez has the last part of the video from Skateshop San Sebastian store.


DC Homie Alejandro Martinez published a clip on Erosion Skateboarders website.

Homie Steven Culhane on the wall at the Grimey store in Madrid



SnowboarderMag, Onboard, Method and many more prestigious global Media sharing the Pepe Sanchez full part. As the guys from MethodMag says Pepe Sanchez RIPS.

The Spanish media shared the Pepe´s part also


Suray Fernandez en Cooler and Mpora with a re-edit from his part in Eurotic video

• DC Area 43

The snowpark DC Area 43 has been published in two snowboard websites: Info Aventura and SoloSKI


• DC Snow Camp

DC Cortals Camp with DC riders Pepe Sanchez, Bryan Longley and Suray Fernandez.

• Burn Downtown Rail Jam

Congrats to the DC riders Marc Salas (Winner) and Bryan Longley (3rd place) in the Burn Downtown Rail Jam in Madrid.       


Two nice pics of our French rider Marc Lacomare in the Winter edition of the Radical Surf Magazine

BRAND • New DC Website:

Some articles about the new DC website


• DC Store Opening

New shops opening posted in some online media • Sales Season

The media announce the sales season



The first day of 2013 the DC pilot Ken Block has been viewed by more than 3 million people on “Increible 2012�, special program of the main Spanish TV channel TV1


The first day of 2013 the DC event Nitro Circus has been viewed by more than 3 million people on “Increible 2012�, special program of the main Spanish TV channel TV1


RALLY Print Publications: • CKM Date: 2013-01-01 





CLIPPING Print Publications: • Maxim Date: 2012-12-28 






o Show Date: 2013-01-02 



WEB • 360 Mag








o Free Magazine:




Two Slovakian friends and dc cz/sk team skaters, Peter Molec and Ondro Leskoviansky with their part in Meditereano Skateboarding video.

• USTI NAD LABEM: DEMO BY PETR KOUT DC skate demo usti- video edit by petr kout released in december 2012 • PETER MOLEC       

Slovakian skater Peter Molec quit Volcom and now is fully supported by DC for shoes and clothes. His coverage on

• SKATEROCK.CZ Tomas Stejskal/ coverage at (czech core web media) Mike Mo / new promodel promotion

  Coverage of DC European Tour DC skater Max Habanec

  Waiting for lightning coverage My DC crew/swis shop rider tomas javurek

  Pig push project promotion • BOARDLIFE.SK The DC embassy coverage

  Rob Dyrdek / x box promotion DC Team demo in Budapest coverage

  Coverage of DC team Portugal, visit to the dc embassy Hermann Stene at the DC Embassy / coverage

  Info about Czech DC skate crew photoshoot in new york city Rediscover campaign coverage

  Brian Peacock - Welcome to DC Shoes video



MUST BE NICE / Czech video premiere in Prague/ video edit by lip production. Must Be Nice promotion/ links

• PETER HORAK & FRIENDS: o WARM UP VIDEO EDIT European DC snowboarder Petr Horak with friends in video edit from the beginning of the season in keystone colorado o X-MAS VIDEO EDIT   Petr Horak with friends in their X-Mas shred special video edit.

• CZECH GOPRO TEAM VIDEO EDIT: Czech DC team riders in GoPro annual video special.


  DC Area 43 coverage on slovakian web core media Horgasm video project promotion



Dc mx rider filip neugebauer finishes second in adac supercross in munich.

• FILIP NEUGEBAUER / WEB COVERAGE Filip neugebauer/ main stream web coverage.



Friends Travis Pastrana and Petr Pilat in Prague before nitro circus event. this photo all over Czech media.

NITRO CIRCUS • FREERIDE.CZ Nitro Circus coverage - core web media.


Bravo Magazine/ Nitro Circus promotion. Nitro Circus main stream media promotion.

Nitro Circus main stream media promotion.


RALLY • MARTIN SEMERAD WITH HIS SEASON HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO EDIT Czech rally driver semerad with the best of video edit. Ken Block coverage







SNOWBOARD The local movie project "Lost Winter" is now available to watch online



Big Santanic Xmas event with pics

Video featuring bossman team manager Fred B vs. Mark Andresen the ripper


SKATEBOARD • DC Team Nisse Ingemarsson is in Barcelona and filming for the upcoming Sweet x Sk8Mafia video. See the trailer here: =RPQ4tFONvQg&feature=player_ embedded Also in the video is Josef Scott Jatta.

The DC Rider PONTUS BJĂ–RN Ripping in bowl, eature=player_embedded&v=GQL CH4fb_eU


SNOWBOARD • World Snow Day

World Snow Day event in Stockholm. We where a part of it and talked about DC boards, let kids try DC boards and hosted a rail-jam. • Random Bastards Random Bastards posted a behind the scenes video from this seasons filming. With DC Sweden rider Jonte Lindhe and Felix Remington EngstrĂśm Both Felix and Jonte also have part in the “b-sidesâ€? to this years Random Bastards video, its called LOW KEY and can be found here:

• Team       

Our teamrider Anders Olsson has a part in the new Ruff Riders 8 Video, both skateboarding and snowbike (100,000 views): ZgTblI&feature=player_embedded


Emil Eriksson is in Barcelona and filming for a new video-part




Norwegian DC prodigy Hermann Stene showing how it is done:

DC Norwegian rookie Tormod Tønnesen getting gnarly in this edit:


12 year old Norwegian vert-ramp champion & DC team rider Mats Hatlem features on childrens TV in Norway: ester-pa-skateboard/

Santa Claus came to visit the Norwegian DC office late December:



Torstein Horgmo goes back to back triplecork in this clip from keystone, letting the world know what to expect at the big air finals in the X games

DC team rider Sondre Tiller got 3rd place in Nanshang open in China last weekend:


Norwegian DC rider Ole Christian Hagen won the World rookie fest in Italy:

Nowegian DC rookie Markus Olimstad won Norwegian snowboard cup early January. Check his run here:



SNOWBOARD โ€ข Snow Fest (Mรกtra) Ollie jam



DJ Q-CEE and the Random Trip on the A38 Ship


DC Newsletter N°58 January 2013  

dc shoes highlights in Europe