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Skipping Not only does it improve your stamina, but skipping also helps tone your muscles. The International Osteoporosis Society recommends 30 minutes of skipping a day – and what is 30 minutes? It’s the time it takes to have a bath, or tidy your room, or to eat your breakfast. Not so long in the grand scheme of things. Sacrificing half an hour of your day can help improve your long-term health, so you’ll still be fit and active by the time you’re a granny.

Walking You probably walk every day of your life, but did you know it can help reduce heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol? It’s easy to get so caught up in your studies that you forget to stay active – but this will take its toll on your health. Walking is an easy solution. Now that the gloomy weather is behind us, we can walk even more. Take time to go outside and see the daffodils! Turn your evening stroll into a mission to get fit – if you go that extra mile (literally) you’ll gain all the rewards.

SPRING INTO FITNESS The sun is out, so why aren’t you making the most of it? Springtime is all about warmer days and new beginnings – aka the perfect time to get fit. Make the most of the good weather and do some outdoor activities! Mikhaila Friel looks at how to achieve your #fitnessgoals in no time

Cycling The NHS recommends you do 150 minutes of moderate activity each week – such as cycling, which is easy peasy if you ask us. Not only is hopping on your bike great fun, but it’s a useful source of transportation. Don’t get a lift or use public transport when you have a bike right in front of you – it’s just common sense. That way, you don’t have to make time to do exercise; you actually save time!

Tennis This is a great way to get fit, because it doesn’t feel like a chore. Often, the thought of going to the gym with nothing but the treadmill to keep you company can be a drag. But tennis isn’t like that at all; because there’s two players, it’s a social thing. You can have fun with your friend, and it’ll feel like you’re there because you want to be – not because you have to be. Also, playing against another person often brings out our competitive side. We all know it’s terrible to lose – which will make you try even harder! Before you know it, you’re not even thinking about the exercise – just winning.

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