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Aspiring journalist Emma Storr asked some Scots students to share their top revision tips to ensure a more productive revision season ahead of exams


he dreaded exam period is fast approaching, and there's one thing which is essential: studying. Along with getting a good night’s sleep and eating right, your method of study will affect how you do in tests and exams. But what works for you might be totally useless for your best mate. During my Higher exams I kept to a strict study regime. Like every person about to start the exam diet, I was sure all hope was lost, but now I'm in

my second year at university, I stick by my tried and tested study method. Having a good amount of sleep without wasting the day is important – during study days I like to wake up early and go for a walk to make sure I’m awake and focussed. I’m a firm believer in study cards but, most importantly, dance breaks for when the stress gets overwhelming! But that’s just me – everyone works differently. Here’s some advice from the experts – all current students themselves – on how to get ready for exams.

“I'm a big, big believer in past pap er questions. These can be harder to get your hands on at university, but it is the study method that got me thro ugh school, and changing up your tact ics at this stage can be risky.”


rything ake eve colours m to e I use “I lik isual so icture really v diagram or p a w e a r or d eep m ing to k – anyth d really.” intereste

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“I like to link key words to the day of an exam it spa topics so on rks my memory. This is good for writin g essays too. I use mind maps to help me plan what I actually need to study. Music is a must in the background too.”


wee gs into rise thin asier to a m m u at's e to just s d over “I tend f information th them over an out e d o a s e k just r eed to b chun er, then V and phone n b m e m T re inks in. until it s too.” of reach


“I lik e chun to write ks of flash c mem orise informatio ards with i Soph mportant fan to help mesmall cts.” ie “I like to type things up on a Word document! I can't take things in when I just write them down. I like when it's all neat and bullet pointed.”


“I like to use mind ma information into ca ps and put the tegories using headings and bulle t to use a lot of colo points. I also like ur as I find it help s me remember it be tter!”


“I usually sort things int o categories and write out the key point s from each, then just keep reading them ove r and over and hope they eventually go into my head.”


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Source Spring 2016