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Great food, exceptional service, reasonable prices and a welcoming atmosphere! In true Italian style, we welcome you to our table.

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From; Soul, Jazz and Motown

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Tuscan Wine Tasting Evening

Wednesday 24th November - Limited Spaces

4 Courses 4 Wines £39.00 pp

Christmas Opening Hours Please visit our website to view our festive menus Christmas Lunch Day - 4 Courses - £49.00pp 12.00-3.30pm (closed on evening of christmas day)

New Years Eve - 5 Courses - £55.00pp 5.00pm open til 2.00am

Boxing day Lunch - 4 Courses - £24.95pp 12.00-3.30pm (closed on the eve of Boxing day)

New Years Day - 4 Courses - £24.95pp 12.00-3.30pm (closed on the evening )

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Editor’s Letter Merry Christmas everyone! Here we are again. Goodwill to all men and all that. I hope you find time to read the articles during this busy month, as there should be something in here to interest everyone. This is also the last magazine of the year. Thanks to everyone involved in producing, delivering and of course reading the magazine. Thanks to all our advertisers too for supporting us over the last 12 months, and here’s wishing you all a happy new year. As always please feel free to comment or contribute by emailing to info@ Have a great month.


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refresh your garden

Garden Design Planting Plans Garden Build Whitecroft Farm, Station Lane, Fiskerton, Southwell, Notts, NG25 0UE t: 0115 714 1467

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Health and Wellbeing Post Natal Exercise Claire Mockridge is an Ante/Postnatal Fitness and Pilates Instructor and is here to answer your questions about exercising after birth. When can you return to exercise after birth? New mums can return to exercise 6-8 weeks (natural birth), or 8-12 weeks (c-section). Make sure you’ve had your Doctor’s Health Check-up first. What happens to the abdominals during pregnancy? The six-pack muscle which runs from your breast bone to your pubic bone is joined together with a strong fibrous sheath called the Linea Alba. As your pregnancy develops, the Linea Alba (painlessly) lengthens and, in some cases separates. It’s a bit like cling film stretching apart! Do the abdominals re-align after birth? The abdominals start to re-align within a few weeks after birth. They will never completely re-attach to their original place, and the more pregnancies you have, the


more the gap remains. If you’re in any doubt, ask your Doctor. If your GP finds a gap of more than 2 fingers, Pilates-based exercise and lots of pelvic floor work are what you need. What sorts of exercise should new mums do? Pilates-based exercise, or a postnatalspecific fitness class run by a qualified Ante/Postnatal Instructor really are the safest options. Mainstream exercise classes could do more harm than good, as not all fitness instructors are qualified to accept postnatal women in their classes. Claire runs Mummies and Buggies Postnatal Fitness Classes (indoors) and CoreBaby Postnatal Pilates Classes in your local area. See or call Claire on 07747 656550 for more info

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MONDAY Gamston Community Hall Ambleside, Off Lings Bar Road, Gamston, 5:45 - 7:15 pm West Bridgford Comprehensive School Loughborough Road 7:45 - 9:15 pm

WEDNESDAY Grange Hall, Vicarage Lane, Radcliffe-on-Trent 09:45 - 11:15 am SATURDAY Bingham Leisure Centre The Banks, Bingham 10:00 - 11:30 am

Free Trial Class*

Call Sharyn on 01949 876400

Email: Website: * For new members only. Class Fee ÂŁ5.60. Valid until 31/12/10. Free re-join to lasped members just pay class fee. Ref: Dec 10. Must bring this voucher to claim free trail class or free rejoin.

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Wheel Alignment

egular wheel alignments are an important part of conscientious car maintenance. Unfortunately, many car owners fail to understand the importance of good wheel alignment, and therefore don’t have their alignment checked often enough. Here are five reasons why getting regular wheel alignments is good for your car, your bank account, and your peace of mind. 1: Better gas mileage. When your wheels are aligned properly, it cuts down on rolling resistance, which means that you car doesn’t have to work as hard or burn as much fuel in order to move forward. This is good news for everyone: Not only do you spend less money on gas, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing your car is responsible for less pollution. 2: More mileage out of your tires. Even the slightest problem with your alignment can have disastrous effects on your tires. If your tires have too much or too little toe-in (the degree at which they point in toward each other at the front, like a person who stands pigeon-toed), a narrow strip on each tire will wear down very quickly, causing you to have to get new tires sooner. By getting regular wheel alignments, you ensure that your tires wear evenly, making them last as long as possible. 3: Tire warranties still apply. The problem with your tires wearing from poor wheel alignment is that it usually voids your warranty on the tires. Most warranties only apply to the quality of the goods. In other words, if the tires wear out too soon because of something other than poor quality, then the manufacturer is not responsible. 4: Less wear and tear on other parts. Having the wheels out of alignment can be stressful on the rest of the car, too. It means that you continually need to put pressure on the steering system in order to keep the car straight, and when you brake you often feel the car pull even more sharply, indicating that the brakes are needing to work harder on one side than the other.



5: Easier to drive. One of the biggest advantages of having your wheels aligned properly is that your car is easier to drive. No annoying pull to one side or the other. It’s much easier and more pleasant to drive a car that has had regular wheel alignments. As you can see, there are many reasons why a car owner should be sure to get regular wheel alignments. Not only does having your wheels aligned properly save you money on gas, tires, and other potential repairs, but it also gives you better peace of mind to know that your car is being cared for properly. Nottingham Alignment Services are wheel alignment specialists who utilise a state of the art wheel alignment tracking system called Hawkeye, which allows your vehicle to be adjusted, so that it has exact wheel alignment to match your vehicle manufacturer settings, exactly. The HD version further enhances the alignment process utilising the Hunter WA aligner console. Four high resolution digital cameras are able to capture the position and orientation of the HD targets mounted to the wheel rim. This gives rapid live alignment readings. WinAlign software leads the operator seamlessly through the adjustment process, and will realign your car back to the manufactures standard. The company has been in business for over 15 years, are No.1 in the East Midlands, and are a member of the “Good Garage Scheme”. Many local dealers use Nottingham Alignment Services for their vehicle alignment, why not you... They can be found at: Unit 7 County Business Park Clarke Road, Nottingham, NG2 3JJ Or Call 0115 959 9144 Book now and save on fuel costs.

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Food and Drink

Spinach and Feta Pie Serves 6 Prep: 20 min

Cook: 60 min 

1kg washed spinach 2tbsp olive oil 4 spring onions, finely chopped 200g feta cheese 250g ricotta cheese 4 eggs, lightly beaten Grated nutmeg 2tbsp finely chopped dill or flat-leaved parsley Sea salt and pepper 1 packet filo pastry, thawed 125g melted butter Method Pre-heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Chop the spinach quite roughly.  Heat the olive oil in a large pan then add the spinach and spring onions and cook until the spinach has wilted. Drain well and cool then lightly squeeze out any excess juices.


In a big bowl, mash the feta cheese with the ricotta, then beat in the eggs, nutmeg, chopped dill or parsley, sea salt and lots of pepper. Add the spinach and spring onions and mix well. Brush one sheet of filo pastry with melted butter and place it in a lightly oiled 20cm x 28cm (8in x 10in) ovenproof baking dish, allowing for some overlap.  Continue layering the brushed sheets one on top of the other until you have six layers, and then fill the dish with the spinach mixture. Top with six more layers of buttered pastry and trim or tuck in the edges.  Bake for 60 minutes or until set. Rest for ten minutes, then cut into squares and serve. 

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Domestic Oven Cleaning

 Does your oven smell when you switch it on?

 Have you got burnt on grease and grime you can’t remove

 Have you spent a fortune on miracle cleaners that don’t work HomeCraft 1_4_main page:Layout 1


…Well help is at hand Page 1 Call Mark on… 0115 9391555 / 07903 354171


Visit our Showrooms in Radcliffe or Wollaton C U R TA I N S a n d h o m e wa r e s

• Curtains & Pelmets • Tracks & Poles • Homeware & Giftware • Make up & Fitting Service • Vertical & Venetian Blinds • Roman & Roller Blinds • Free Measuring Service Homecraft Interiors, 28 Station Terrace, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham also at: Bramcote Lane, Wollaton.

Telephone: 0115 93 32 239

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The Nottingham Art Scene Ed Chapman The UK’s leading mosaic artist, the iconic Ed Chapman is launching his new collection next month right here in the East Midlands. Chapman has established himself as one of the stars of UK art with an instantly recognisable style, creating famous faces past and present in hundreds of fragments of ceramic tile. He has also created works in coins, glass, chewing gum and sugar cubes. He has sold work to celebrities from the worlds of TV, music and sport – even Lemmy from Motorhead has a mosaic of himself at his Hollywood home. December 4 sees the launch of his joint show (with Super Pop sensation Youngerman) at the ubercool Cuadros Gallery in Hockley, Nottingham for one week. It’s a good opportunity to grab an early Christmas present with Chapman’s new work including Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Morrissey and East Midlands own legendary football manager ‘Old Big ‘Ead’ himself the one and only Brian Clough.


Ed Chapman has exhibited throughout the UK and across Europe and the USA and has received widespread media coverage on BBC, ITV, Sky TV and international press, newspapers and magazines. He added: “I strive to create intricate photo-realist portraits set against contrasting bold colour backdrops, forcing the first time viewer to question if the mosaics are, in fact paintings and if not what are they?” Chapman has been commissioned by among others Eidos Games and Revolution Bars and was the only contemporary artist to have work at Cancer Research’s Abbey Road auction in 2009 where his ceramic portrait ofJohn Lennon raised £3500, the most money on the night. For more information call George Thornton at Cuadros Gallery, Hockley, Notts, NG1 3AF on 01159 243 555 –

e mail us at

ing the n a e l c r a l u Reg done t i t n a w U way YO hour 11.75 per

tÂŁ all from jus

etails d r o f w o n Call

10 0 4 1 7 8 0115 u e .c o .u k h t t p :/ / s


.d o m e s t iq

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Lifestyle & Leisure


Talking Tablets!

he new tablet computers - or “tablets” – mean that taking your book, your mp3 player and the whole internet with you just got easier. Apple cornered the market with the release of the iPad. The decision to combine applications (apps) available on the iPhone and the iPod incorporated with the facilities of a netbook is a huge step forward. It has become the consumer electronics hit of 2010. ‘Androgynous’ is the best way to describe the tablet computer. Sleek and masculine, yet light and feminine. It doesn’t look out of place in anyone’s hands. The iPad costs from £450 so is only £100 more expensive than a netbook, and it’s smaller too. Your online life - Facebook, Twitter, blogs, music, email, photographs – is instantly accessible and the applications available are varied, ingenious and affordable. Motion-sensitive features of tablets create a whole new dimension to gaming and the touch sensitive screen brings back tactility. The clarity of the screen ensures that using the tablet as an e-reader is an enjoyable affair. Turn virtual pages and store thousands of titles on your virtual bookshelf. Built-in WiFi means a tablet connects to your home internet network within a few minutes and 3G technology lets you take advantage of thousands of free internet hotspots available all over the UK. Long battery life means you can use a tablet all day without worrying about the battery dying in the middle of something important.


Apple’s iPad has spawned imminent releases from Blackberry, Samsung and Dell – the Playbook, the Galaxy and the Streak respectively. Each of these tablets has copycat features but each has added a camera and a few other features that the iPad does not yet have. The Blackberry Playbook uses its own operating system to support its own apps whereas the Samsung Galaxy uses widely available Android-based apps. The next generation of iPad will incorporate a camera - great for Skype and video conferencing. Further updates will be software-based. Upgrades will be available for free or a very small charge – just like the iPhone and iPod. Using the same operating system as the iPhone and the iPod means that consumers who already subscribe to the Apple store or iTunes can synchronise the iPad with their existing account. Previously purchased applications (apps) such as games, newspaper subscriptions and e-books can also be transferred over. Tablet computers create easy access to your online life whilst freeing up your phone for calls and texts. It is a happy medium between home and on-the-move. Nickie O’Hara

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Lifestyle & Leisure Last Minute Gifts

Some people are just downright impossible to shop for which is why you’ve put off buying anything until now. In this case, present them with a written promise to take them shopping for something they really want. For some people it really is better to get their input before buying. Another heartfelt refrain is “what do I get the person who has everything?” The answer is… a box to put it all in. Whether this is an unusual jewellery box, a useful sewing chest or colourful, personalised storage containers for children, you can’t go wrong with an attractive box. It’s not too late to find the perfect gift.


re you ready for Christmas? Are you so organised that you bought everything in the January sales for gift-giving twelve months later? If you answered “yes”, then there’s no need to read on. However, if you’re like me, Christmas has once again taken you completely by surprise. I suspect we all go into denial at the point when the first Christmas decorations arrive in the shops around about August! Normally we’d panic and snatch the first vaguely suitable gift from the nearest available shop. But wait! Last minute gifts are never well thought out, are they? The adage “it’s the thought that counts” is actually incredibly important. People would rather receive a small, carefully chosen gift than a hastily grabbed box of bath products that scream “this will do”! Don’t panic. Most shops will be open on Christmas Eve, so you can really leave it until the absolute last minute if you plan a little first. Make a list of who you need to buy for and spend time really thinking about those people. What do they like? What would they appreciate? Keeping the recipient in mind and choosing a thoughtful gift is the only way to succeed at this late stage.


Donate the gift of your time. Offer to babysit so parents can take a welldeserved break. Spend a day gardening for someone. Buy tickets for a concert, cinema, sporting event or a play and take the family. Organise a surprise weekend break or holiday and present the tickets on Christmas Day. Bring some nostalgia to Christmas with family-friendly board games. Introduce extra food with a gourmet gift hamper. A beautiful tree ornament will hold memories every year when it comes out again. Students will always appreciate money. Don’t even attempt to work out what the ‘in-thing’ is as it will surely change next week. If you’re still stuck, there are always gift vouchers. Spa-breaks, restaurant vouchers, experience days, animal adoption and cookery courses are unusual vouchers to give. Last minute Christmas gifts don’t have to come from the shops. Use your imagination and take some time to think about what they would really welcome. Have a happy and stress-free Christmas! Suki North

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Business Focus Eazi-Move

Worksop. Mayor Tony Egginton opened the office and cut the ribbon at the latest franchised office. Sais Dawn “ We opened during a very difficult time in the market back in 2007 but we have had a great response due to our unique service given at Eazi-move, we blow the traditional agents out of the water with their old traditional way of marketing houses.” Another franchisee opens at Eazi-move Dawn Broome who set up the first Eazimove office in Rainworth more than 3 years ago is celebrating the opening of her latewst office in Mansfield Woodhouse. Since then, the firm has bucked the trend and expanded into Warsop and then

Dawn is this month starting training with new franchisees which are planned for opening in January 2011 and she has another 10 offices planned over the next 12 months. “Our mission is to be the regions most successful Estate & Letting Agents with 30 offices by 2013. Interested in being part of that success visit our website

Do you want to run your

OWN BUSINESS Eazi-move are inviting self motivated driven individuals to become franchise owners for either new or established branches. Our opportunity is vibrant, fresh and is of course different to the rest


For more information call Dawn Broome

01623 846905 Please mention Spotlight when responding to an ad


Puzzle Page How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun! Challenging! It’s addictive!

Quick Crossword

Answers on page 28 20

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Memories Revived Ideal Christmas Gift CD File or Framed

Damaged & Faded Photo Restoration - Recolouring Object Removal/Combination Exposure Correction “Photoshop� Enhancements Visit

Tel 01623 406010

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Home and Garden The Holly and The Ivy The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown, of all the trees that are in the wood the holly bears the crown.


here’s no doubt that holly and ivy are synonymous with Christmas. This dates back to preChristian era when pagans used evergreen decorations in their mid-winter celebrations. It’s not hard to see why they were attracted to these beautiful plants which offer a promise of better times to come during the most barren time of the year. Early Christians adopted them too and imbued holly particularly with Christian symbolism. In the carol, ivy isn’t actually mentioned again until the last verse which is a repeat of the first. It has a cameo role because of earlier songs, such as ‘The Contest of The Ivy and The Holly,’ in which the attributes of holly (male) and ivy (female) are compared. Our ancestors lived close to the earth and the seasons and were open to symbolism. As modern gardeners we might be sceptical of the symbolism, but we can embrace the glory of these seasonal plants.

Ivy (Hedera) comes in many sizes, from the tiny-leaved ‘Spetchley’ to the handsized leaves of ‘Maple Leaf’. It also comes in a beautiful variety of colours from the rich green, crimped leaves of ‘Parsley crested’ which makes great ground cover, to the gorgeous red-stemmed yellow leaves of the climber ‘Sunrise’. For winter baskets I’d recommend the lime-green ‘Ursula’ and her grey-leaved friend ‘Frederick’. Ivy is a doddle to grow. There are only a few things to remember. Cut it back in spring to encourage new growth and take cuttings between October and March when the growth is woody. Yellow varieties need sunshine and don’t let any of it grow into your eaves. Other than that, it is your undemanding gardening friend. Holly (Ilex) is pretty easy-going too. It will grow almost anywhere except really waterlogged soil. It’s tolerant of pollution, salt and wind and grows really slowly, so it’s great for small gardens in the city and by the sea. Protect it from rabbits if they frequent your garden as they love to eat the bark. Trim it in August if you have to and remove plain green shoots on variegated varieties. Take cuttings in the late summer or autumn. It does resent root disturbance once it’s established so plant it in the right place first time. Hollies are male or female but not necessarily named to help, so ‘Silver Queen’ is actually male and ‘Martin’ is female! You’ll need both for berries so talk to your nurseryman to be sure. If you only have room for one, grow a self-fertile variety such as ‘J C Van Tol’. Merry Christmas.


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Martin Page

Edwalton &

West Bridgford’s Local Tree Surgeon Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

call me now on

0115 906 8680

S T Y L E Q U A L I T Y A N D VA L U E G U A R A N T E E D wooden - rollers - verticals - pleated - venetians - romans perfect fit - panel blinds - intu blinds - conservatories/roofs Very competitive prices. Will beat any like for like quote!!

Farnsfield, Notts

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HomeComputer and Garden Advice

Restoring original features in your home Poor Mobile Signal at Home?


f you have a poor mobile phone signal at home, then a new technology called Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) may help you.

UMA is a technology that will allow your mobile phone to work your home broadband/wifi network. Firstly you will need to have a UMA enabled phone, of which there are many for example Blackberry 8900 / 8520 / 9700 LG GT505, HTC Touch 3G to name a few (unfortunately the iPhone is not currently enabled, and an APP download will not help as the physical handset needs to be UMA compatible). Secondly, you will need to see if your current mobile phone provider uses this service, Orange do support this service. Orange do not charge any extra for this service, but check with your mobile provider just to be sure. Finally, you will need a standard Broadband Router with wifi access at home. Once you have these, attach your mobile phone to


your wifi router following the manufacturer’s instructions. Now that your phone is connected to your wifi network, you phone will automatically register its self with the UMA service at your Mobile Phone providers end. Any calls to and from your phone will be routed across your broadband to the phone. If you lose broadband connectivity, or you move away from your home network, the phone will automatically switch to using the mobile phone tower masts. Bandwidth usage on the broadband is 100 Kbps, so you will be able to use the phone and still connect your computer to the web happily. I would advise that if you have got a low broadband data allowance to keep your eye on this, as every time that you use the phone across the broadband, it will eat into this. If you have any questions, call Bryan on 01949 876098 or email questions@

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Tag Tots ‡ ‡ ‡  ‡  ‡ 


Total Tag Rugby Saturday Club ‡  ‡ ‡  ‡


To reserve your place visit or Email

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Community Information Transition West Bridgford


Supp o

ets tre

ng Green S rti

e e n, B e G r

The Great Green Garden a great green idea

The Great Green Garden (GGG) was set up in August 2010 by volunteers to provide fresh locally grown produce for local people within the area of South Nottinghamshire including Bingham, Radcliffe-on-Trent and West Bridgford. We want to provide locally produced food for ourselves and our communities, reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment, and increase food security and sustainability. Along with fresh affordable food, we aim to provide information and guidance on healthy eating and develop educational workshops so that young people and adults can learn to grow food and watch as their efforts turn into tasty and nutritious food. The Great Green Garden is a communityled not-for-profit organisation that is dependent on volunteers. We are looking for help and support and we hope you will feel inspired to help us build on our existing committed team of volunteers. You don’t need any experience of food growing or volunteering to make a difference. The Great Green Garden will start food production at the beginning of the 2011 growing season. We have a plot of two acres based at Home Farm, Screveton and farmer, David Rose is busy providing new facilities for us to use including an educational space as part of a

revolutionary green eco-education centre being constructed there. The GGG is based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. A CSA is a partnership between farmers and the local community, providing mutual benefits and reconnecting people to the land where their food is grown. If you would like more information on our community project or wish to get involved, please email Kate Troy at thegreatgreengarden[at] News and details of our membership and food prices will be available soon on our web site: www.greatgreengarden.blogspot. com and you can sign up for our newsletter too, we would love to hear from you. We are also looking for people to donate tools and seeds so we can get growing in 2011. Please see the web site for details. We hope to see you soon! The Great Green Garden Team

A Christmas Thought

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish, it grows small. Eva K. Logue


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VFM Roofing Give Your Roof a Free Health Check! o o o o o o o o

Low Cost Prices Excellent Standard Of Work Free Quotations Honest, Friendly Reliable Workmanship Full Public Liability Insurance 30 Years Experience In Trade References Available

0115 9567655 / 07941 327357

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Community Information This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 30 th of each month. Please email dave@ or write to The Editor, Spotlight Magazine, Suite 104, 1 Hanley St, Nottingham NG1 5BL. “Calling Rushcliffe based Artists. Would you be interested in forming a Rushcliffe Arts Group for networking, learning, mutual support and organising events? With the cooperation of Notts County Council Communities Dept, Rushcliffe Arts Dept and Creative Greenhouse, I am hoping to gather together a group of artists from across the borough. If the idea appeals to you, please call Robert on 0115 9747743 or email” Lady Bay Gardening Group meeting at All Hallows Church, Pierrepont Road at 8pm. Our speaker this month is Dave Mountfort and his talk is on ‘Growing Alpines.’ Admission is 3.00, including refreshments and we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Friends of the Hook - HELP! We need volunteers, from the Lady Bay area, to help maintain and improve the Local nature reserve known as the Hook. This work enhances and improves the area for all residents who use the Hook leaving a wonderful legacy for our children. Our next working party will be on Sun Jan 9th 2011 at 2.00 pm meet beside the reed bed opposite the end of Melbourne road. New Mosaic Workshops, Edwalton Village Hall Vintage inspired brooches Sat Jan 22nd 10.00 – 12.00 Visit / tel. 0115 9234563 for more details. Numbers limited so booking essential. WEST BRIDGFORD ADVICE CENTRE is open every Wednesday morning from 9-30am to 12-30pm. at St Giles’ Church Hall, Stratford Rd, West Bridgford NG2 6AZ. Tel: 0115 9821475. No appointment necessary – we operate a drop in system. We can help with benefit claims, form filling, consumer, debt, and housing issues etc.

ROAD, RADCLIFFE ON TRENT 7.00p.m. - 9.45p.m. -    (First Hour Suitable For “BEGINNERS”). All new members welcome - just come along and join in the fun or Ring 0115 9140673. for further information.   LINE DANCING CLASS EVERY TUESDAY EVENING AT WEST PARK PAVILLION, LOUGHBOROUGH ROAD, WEST BRIDGFORD. 8.00.p.m. - 10.00 p.m.  (Improver - Intermediate Level) All new members welcome - just come along or Ring 0115 9140673 for information.   LINE DANCING CLASS EVERY FRIDAY MORNING AT WIGHTMAN HALL (SCOUT HALL) STRATFORD RD, WEST BRIDGFORD.. 9.45 a.m. - 11.45 am (Suitable for all abilities) All new members welcome just come along or Ring 0115 9140673  for further information.   LINE DANCING CLASS EVERY FRIDAY EVENING AT THE BURNSIDE HALL,CHURCH HILL, PLUMTREE 8.00.p.m. - 10.00.p.m......(Improver - Intermediate Level) All new members welcome - just come along or Ring 0115 9140673 for further information.   THEATRE ARTS WORKSHOP ...offers you the chance to have a go, whatever your age, abilty or experience! Drama Workshops, Youth Theatre and GCSE Drama Saturday classes held at Jesse Gray School, Musters Road, West Bridgford. NG2 7DD.  0115 8549175 BRIDGFORD BEADERS meet once a month at Rushcliffe Arena from 10am to 1pm. We are a  very friendly group of ladies of varied  ages and abilities and we are always willing to help each other. We tend to have a project each month but you are always able to do your own thing. For further info please contact Lynn 0115 9140927 . The West Bridgford Dramatic Society Why not come along on Tuesday evenings and have a good time. Get to know other members before accidentally covering them in paint during set building. Check out the events page on the web site uk/, which has the latest programme!!

HEALTH: Classes offer slow, controlled, meditative Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises, for beginners over 50 years of age. Every Monday afternoon, St Giles Church Hall, West Bridgford. Newcomers welcome to the 1 - 2pm session. Classes also in Bramcote and Ruddington. Tel Joy Parsons on Nottm. 9743542.

Mother and Baby Postnatal Fitness Classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am-12pm All Hallows Church Hall, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay/West Bridgford - Come along from 6-10 weeks after birth. Phone Claire on 07747 656550, email claire@mummiesandbuggies. or see

LADY BAY KARATE GROUP meetevery monday & friday at the scout h/q on mona road,lady bay,at 7.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m. For more information contact chris on 01159821161.

West Bridgford Pregnancy Fitness Classes Mondays 6:00-7:00pm and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Lady Bay Scout Hut, Cnr Trent Blvd/Mona Rd, Lady Bay/ Join from as early as 12 weeks/2nd trimester. Meet other expectant mums. Phone Claire on 07747 656550, email or visitwww.

SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB All Hallows Church Hall Pierrepont Road Lady Bay Meetings start at 2pm 2nd Wednesday of the Month. We have a full programme of events new members welcome. Please contact Mrs Anne Barnes Tel : 0115 914 0141 for further details THE ROTARY CLUB OF WEST BRIDGFORD meets every wednesday at 6pm at The Nottingham Forest Football Club. Enquiries for membership from both professional men and women of all ages are very welcome. Please contact John Walker on 0115 937 3551 for more information. LINE DANCING CLASSES EVERY MONDAY EVENING AT THE METHODIST CHURCH, SHELFORD


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Window and door repairs There’s no need to put up with shabby windows and dodgy doors. If you’re living with a sticking door, a window that won’t open or condensation in-between your glass – we can help! What we can do for you: REPLACE misted up glass units, door and roof panels, handles and letterboxes

You’ll be amazed at what we can help with around your home!


all windows, doors, conservatories, soffits and fascias


security concerns including fixing any locking problems with windows and doors



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Train  & Gain!



Our best ever offer from Formula One



3 months

Valid until 24.12.2010

Formula One Gym 21 Victoria St The Lace Market Nottingham NG1 2EW


0115 9505 009 email or visit

four reasons why you should join us > FREE

Personal Training > FREE Classes > GIRLS get their own exclusive gym > BOYS get a huge, dedicated free-weights area *Only one voucher per person.

Call us on 0115 8829892 or 07595 510190




CASTLEGATE your gateway to a

lower Estate Agent Fee Option 1

No Commission

Pay only


Option 2

No Sale No Fee

Pay only



regardless of the

of sale price

property value

with no minimum fee


Call Castlegate today for your free no obligation valuation


0115 9338438

Spotlight Magazine West Bridgford December  
Spotlight Magazine West Bridgford December  

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