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Lee & Kat, Producer Bios//

Lee “El Gringuito” & Kat “La Gata” are one of the most powerful Bachata & Latin dance couples in the World! They represent the future of Cultural diversity in this country. Kat born in DC, is half Peruvian & Salvadorian, representing both Central & South America. Lee “El Gringuito,” born in Brooklyn NYC has Irish, Polish, Hungarian & Eastern European heritage. They have taught more people to dance Bachata in North America then anyone in the World, traveling to over 650 plus cities over the past twelve years collectively. Their Cultural Diversity shows have brought Latin dancing, especially Bachata to the most rural places in the USA. They produce the World’s Largest Bachata Festival in Washington DC currently in it’s 6th year. In 2013, they had over 5000+ attendees from 48 States & 29 countries. The festival has brought some of the best in live Bachata music with artists like Joe Veras, Bachata Heightz, Andy Andy, Leslie Grace, Toby Love & Luis Vargas gracing the stage. They have the World’s Largest Bachata New Year’s Eve

Celebration in DC currently in it’s second year with over 2000+ attendees this year. As well as the DC Flavor Fest, who this year will bring Grammy & Billboard winner Daddy Yankee & Bachata Heightz to Echo Stage in DC. In addition to this, they have started & currently run some of the top Latin nights in the DC Metro area. As true Entertainment Entrepreneurs they have expanded their horizons & started many successful start ups within the Dance & Entertainment World including DCBC Event Productions, Appszing Mobile Marketing & others. They have over 6 Instructional DVDs on the market, have started the over 10 Bachata Meet Up groups in cities like Atlanta, Miami, DC, Baltimore, NYC, Richmond, LA & other cities spreading the love of Bachata & Latin Dance & culture! The future includes partnering with other leaders in the World of dance to bring Bachata themed events to Miami & NYC as well as a large online learning platform that will transform the industry. There new shows for 2014/2015 will combine heart pounding magic with sensual Bachata, to bring you BachataMagic!

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BRANDS Branding Connects Sponsors with Latino Market Enthusiasts

02 LOCAL SPONSORSHIPS// Local Sponsorships in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia connect Sponsors with Latin music , dance and entertainment enthusiasts. Latin dance enthusiasts have proven to relate better to one particular brand after seeing it 10+ times. Localized Sponsorships allow the Sponsor to win over the demogrphic for purposes of recruiting, community engagement, and global stewardship.

Weekly Socials

NYE 01 Celebration 02

Latin Fest 03

Frequency: Weekly DC/VA Count: 200-400ppl Per Event Weekly events provide an opportunity to gain an unparalleled relationship with a loyal audience appreciative of Latin music, dance, travel, and culture.

Frequency: Annual, Summer Count: 4000 Attendees Sizzling Summer Event in tribute to Latin culture in a larger capacity. One major musical artist to hit the stage as vendors embrace the community with their brands and community reach efforts.

Frequency: Annual, Dec 31st Count: 2000 Attendees New Year’s Eve attracts the a demographic celebrating Latin culture with 10+ dance sessions & a Variety Show of Latin Dance Entertainment. A true Cultural Celebration.

Latin Dance Congress 04 Frequency: Annual, August Count: 5000+ Attendees The Largest Latin Dance Festival in the World hails over 5000 patrons focusing on wellness & a healthy Latin dance culture and audience.


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SalsaMagic Tour

Latin Dance Networks

Branding by Millions

Frequency: 60-100 shows annually

Frequency: Annual Dance Festivals

In it’s 12th year, Salsa Magic has performed at over 600 Universities. This Cultural Diversity Latin Dance Program can connect your brand to hundreds of thousands of College students.

From Miami, to NYC, DC to Reno have your brand be part of the the World’s Top Latin Dance Events.

A combination of our World networks & top Latin dance brands which have over 70 million hits on Youtube can put your band in the forefront of consumers.

Connect with tens of thousands across the top Latin events in the World!

Let us create a customized package to suite your needs.




Local Sponsorship SPONSOR ALL EVENTS AS PRESENTING SPONSOR. Starting at $100,000 Individual Local Event Sponsorship Ranges $2,500-50,000 per event


SalsaMagic Tour



Latin Dance Network

Viral Sponsorship




Range $25,000-$100,00

Range $2,500-$100,000

Includes Luggage Branding, & Giveaways

Pick what cities you would like to connect to!

Range $1000-$25,000 Social Media, Web, App & Mobile Tech, Opportunities

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