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Mission Statement a quality fraternal experience The Office of Greek Life is committed to larship and personal development encompassing service, leadership, scho ent. within a faith-oriented collegiate environm

Contact Information Office of Greek Life 113 University Center Samford University 800 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35229 205-726-2028 s Check us out on Facebook at SUGreek ks Gree ford Sam Follow us on Twitter at , too! You can see us on Pinterest and YouTube

Hello, New Samford Bulldogs! It is great to welcome you to Samford University and Birmingham, Ala. Samford offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance your perspect ive, grow as person, engage in the community thro ugh individual action, values, character and faith, to name but a few. One of the avenues of involvement that we are proud to offer is membership in a frate rnity and sorority community. Samford has a long history of fraternal involvement on campus. We have chapters representing three of the national “um brella” governing bodies that represent approximately 37% of the student population. Active in leadership roles, commun ity service, campus events, athletics (both intramural and intercollegiate) and in the classroom, Samford greeks are in every walk of life that Samford offer s. Consecutively since fall 2010, over 40% of our community were recognized with Dean’s List honors; countless service hours and philanthropic efforts have aided local Birmingham charities through the work of Samford greeks as well. I look forward to meeting you duri ng the fall recruitment season (if not sooner). If you have any questions in the meantime, I encourage you to go to, call 205-726-2028, or email greeklife@ Also, follow us via Faceboo k, Twitter and YouTube. Again, welcome to Samford! It is great to have you as a part of the community, and we look forward to you being a part of the Samford greek community as well. Respectfully yours, Dr. Denny Bubrig Director of Greek Life


Pr Letter from Interfraternity Council

welcome to On behalf of the fraternity community, body for the g Samford University. IFC is the governin affiliated nce– North American Interfraternity Confere force on ing driv chapters. Greek life continues to be a k Gree rent Samford’s campus. Despite having diffe rnity frate each letters and rituals, the overall goal of into wellremains the same—­develop college boys , greek ition add rounded, respectable gentlemen. In high a to men are charged to hold themselves me values­standard and are encouraged to beco t opportunity based leaders. Fraternity life offers grea uitment recr The ng a positive impact. for growth, and we look forward to havi brotherand p ls and bonds of friendshi process allows you to examine the idea the fall, in e plac s al recruitment take hood each organization has to offer. Form ng seei to ard year round. We look forw but each organization actively recruits k life can offer you. you in the fall and showing you what gree Interfraternally, Cody Butler 2012 IFC President

Interfraternity Council Officers

uncil President

Letter from National Pan–Hellenic Co

Council, I On behalf of the National Pan- Hellenic is home to ford welcome you to Bulldog country! Sam which are of two four of the nine NPHC organizations, e Africangiat the first to be founded in history by colle are pus cam on American men and women. Present of ter chap Iota the Tenacious Intellectuals of the Tau ous age Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the Outr a Sorority Omicron Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alph Delta of ter Inc., the Sophisticated Sigma Eta chap ing tand Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and the Outs a Psi Fraternity Omicron Alpha chapter of Kappa Alph you to a different type of greek life, Inc. It is our pleasure not only to introduce on Samford’s campus. but also to continue to promote diversity arch organizations of interest to you rese hly oug We encourage you to thor best fits you. The NPHC’s main goal is to and invest all you can into the path that l, to our surrounding communities on loca better ourselves in order to give back you s hold only find that greek life not national and international levels. You will everyday encounters outside the your in but accountable in the classroom, excellence in service to our community, greek system. As a council, we strive for use of this attitude, we have a signifiand scholarship is non-negotiable. Beca more so than ever before. cant presence on Samford’s campus— ford has to offer, and it is our We hope that you indulge in all that Sam idual such as yourself might be just greatest hope that an outstanding indiv to another level. what it takes to aid in taking the NPHC Blessings, Aja Mosley 2012 NPHC President


National Pan-Hellenic Council Officer


ide Letter from Panhellenic Council Pres

soon call home. I Welcome to Samford, a place you will the different encourage you to experience many of ollege can be ­ C opportunities that are offered to you. s ­ dventure in your life. one of the most rewarding a prides itself on Samford’s panhellenic community ership, Chrisvaluing academics, philanthropy, lead uitment is a tian-based values and sisterhood. Recr rity incorpogreat opportunity to see how each soro our of All rates these ideals into everyday life. to welcome t wan sororities are filled with women who only not are you into sisterhood. Sorority women the of ct aspe rated into every other involved in greek life, but also are integ r othe with e and friendships you mak Samford community. The special bonds r you graduate. greek women will support you even afte find out if participating in greek life is to nity Recruitment is the best opportu idually and look forward to answering for you. I hope to meet each of you indiv any questions you might have! Jennifer Nelson 2012 NPC President

Panhellenic Council Officers

What Greek Life Can Offer You Scholarship chapters. Our benchmark is to meet Scholarship is a top priority for all of our ages. exceed the university’s all-gender aver Service ing their college, local and n­ ational Greek students are committed to serv ­ onates national philanthropy to which it d ­communities. Each organization has a e ervic ­ s as a whole offers various time and money. The greek community . ­opportunities throughout the year Leadership leadership positions, both inside and Greek students are encouraged to hold are involved in activities ranging from outside their organizations. Members y more. SGA, athletics, honor societies and man Christian Values Christian values as the basis of their Samford sororities and fraternities have atmosphere is a place where students foundation. ­Samford’s uniquely Christian s in everyday life. Each organization offer are ­encouraged to live out their values th. ribute to spiritual grow Bible studies and small groups that cont od Socializing, Brotherhood and Sisterho ats and mixers to promote unity. retre als, form Sororities and fraternities have develop friendships that last a lifetime! Greek life provides the opportunity to

Did You Know? , meaning they are some of the Samford has three single-letter chapters s. oldest in their respective organization

ter may be sent to:

Recommendation letters for any chap Office of Greek Life Attention: [Chapter Name] Rec Letter Samford University 800 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, AL 35229

Greek Vocabulary Alumnus/Alumna: an initiated member who has graduated. Bid: a formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity. Bid Matching: a mutually selective proc ess used to match potential member ­preferences with sorority or fraternity selections. Chapter: a branch of a national soro rity or fraternity, established at a ­campus and designated by a specific Greek-letter name. Collegian/Collegiate: a current colle ge student who has completed the new ­member period and has been formally initiated as a member. Continuous Open Bidding [COB]: the period in which any sorority or ­fraternity not h­ aving reached quota and /or chapter total may recruit and offer bids to potential ­members. Formal Recruitment: formerly called rush, a time early in the fall semester for members and potential new ­memb ers to become better acquainted. Hazing: unethical and forbidden activ ities per policy. Interfraternity Council [IFC]: the gove rning body of the fraternities of a particular ­campus. Initiation: the formal, ritualistic ceremon y during which a new member takes final vows and becomes a collegiate mem ber. Intentional Single Preference: form erly called suicide, when a potential new member lists only one sorority or fraternity on his/her p ­ reference card. This lessens the chances of receiving a bid and is not recommended. Legacy: a potential new member who se mother, father, sister or brother is an alumnus/alumna or active member of a specific organization. National: the governing body of each organization on a national level; the central ­headquarters of a Greek-letter organization. New Member: formerly called a pled ge, a student who has accepted a bid to a Greek-letter organization and has taken the first step toward full ­membership, but has not yet been initia ted. National Panhellenic Conference [NP C]: the national g ­ overning body of NPC-affiliated sororities. www.npcwom National Pan-Hellenic Council [NPHC]: the national g ­ overning body of ­traditionally African-American f­raterniti es and sororities. Panhellenic Council [PHC]: the governin g body of the sororities of a ­particular ­campus. Philanthropy: a service project underta ken by sorority or fraternity c­ hapters on the campus, ­community or nationa l level. North American Interfraternity [NIC ]: the national governing body for most IFC-affiliated fraternities.

Greek Vocabulary is erly called a rushee, any student who Potential New Member [PNM]: form has hip in a sorority or fraternity, and ­regularly enrolled, is eligible for members registered for formal recruitment. d l new member fills out after each roun Preference Card: the card a potentia e r of the student’s preferences. Thes of recruitment parties, indicating the orde s, are used for bid matching. cards, along with the sorority selection h an organization may extend bids Quota: the number of members to whic ­during formal recruitment. r or statement from an alumna/alumnus Recommendation [Rec]: a written lette a potential member. or collegiate member recommending l new serve as unbiased advisers to potentia Rho Gamma: sorority members who members during recruitment. IFC recruitment at the fraternities’ Smoker: an opening round event for ­respective houses. called a women’s fraternity. Sorority: a Greek-letter sisterhood, also gnated by Panhellenic during formal Strict Silence: the period of time desi l ation between members and potentia recruitment when there is no ­communic lic. and through casual greetings in pub members except at ­recruitment parties on potential members. This is done to prevent undue pressure

Policies ated. Hazing is punishable not

Hazing is not permitted and will not be toler law in the State of Alabama. by by the Samford Code of Values but also

only taken or situation created, intentionally Samford defines hazing as any action to produce mental or physical or recklessly, whether on or off campus, ­ busive activities or ent or ridicule. Such a ­discomfort, embarrassment, harassm ed to, the following: illegal and/or situations may include, but are not limit tion of drugs; paddling in any form; crea ­ forced ­consumption of food, alcohol or arel app ring psychological shocks; wea fatigue; ­personal servitude; physical or ts or stun lic pub in good taste; engaging in that is conspicuous and not normally food and games and activities; sleep buffoonery; degrading or humiliating onably interfere with scholastic reas d deprivation; any meetings that coul are not consistent with the regulations ­activities; and any other activities that e of Conduct. Sororities and fraternities and policies of Samford University’s Cod hazing of any form. on Samford’s campus do not condone process by any organization. It is a e guidelines as well as the Samford Cod violation of their national organization hol alco of se misu the k system opposes of Values. The Samford University gree l members and all guests abide by idua indiv , ters chap and maintains that all ­ uidelines for social events l laws. G university regulations, and state and loca ford University and prohibit s­ tudents involving alcohol are established by Sam beverages on or off campus. All from consuming or possessing alcoholic better understanding of social chapters work to educate and foster a their members. ­responsibility and alcohol e­ ducation for

Alcohol is not permitted in the recruitment

national governing councils, • By guidelines established through vely involved in the IFC recruitment ­Panhellenic women are not to be acti be actively involved in the process; likewise, IFC men are not to ­Panhellenic recruitment process. campus are subject to the event • All recruitment events that are off ersity. Failure to do so will result in registration policies of Samford Univ anization and also the host of the Code of Values violations for the org event. ersity related to student • All standing polices of Samford Univ ntenance and student behavior ­organization management, event mai are to be observed as well.

Interfraternity Council • Lambda Chi Alpha (potential return Spr ing 2013) • Pi Kappa Phi • Sigma Chi • Sigma Nu The Interfraternity Council of Samford University serves as the governing bod y for the North American Interfraternity Conference [NIC]–affiliated fraternities housed at Samford. The IFC conducts busi ness on behalf of these organizations ranging in but not limited to the following : • establishing minimum standards for the community • managing the recruitment (rush) proc ess • accounting for ethical conduct by mem ber organizations • organizing community-based events • providing extended member educatio n opportunities • speaking on behalf of the IFC commun ity when appropriate

Recruitment Schedule e May 1 Registration opens onlin at orientation es tativ esen repr IFC June–July Meet ersity Center for last- minute registration Aug. 28–31 Interest tables in the Univ ting, Brock Forum, 5 p.m. Prerecruitment mandatory interest mee Sept. 4 Chapel, 6 p.m. Reid , Prerecruitment mandatory meeting Sept. 12 Smokers Night Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Alum Night Sept. 16 Open House Night Brother’s Night In Sept. 17 Bid Day Sept. 18

com/org/suifc or Register at http://samford.orgsync.

Pi Kappa Phi r was founded in 1925, only 21 years afte The Alpha Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi in sting inve to ed mitt . Alpha Eta is com the fraternity ’s national founding in 1904 s tion niza orga y man in serve as leaders the campus and community. Brothers ent Government Association, Student Stud the ding throughout campus, inclu , Orientation and Connections. Pi Kappa Executive Board, Samford Ambassadors nthropy, Push America, which promotes Phi is also deeply committed to its phila with disabilities. Each year, brothers host disability awareness and serves those gs together greek and independent a weeklong philanthropy event that brin America. In addition to the national organizations to raise money for Push r with nonprofit organizations philanthropy, brothers regularly voluntee r-city tutoring programs and urban throughout Birmingham, including inne of Pi Kappa Phi are committed to missions. Most importantly, the brothers of 95 men and an e­ xtensive network of investing in each other. With a chapter r socially, academically and spiritually. alumni, the brothers challenge each othe , chapter: to establish a tradition of love Each day,they pursue the mission of the our g actin imp ; Lord ing closer to our wisdom and strength of character; grow llence. For more information, go to exce of ood herh world; and pursuing a brot Financial Information ease with each year.) first-semester dues: $500 (Dues decr

Sigma Chi Sigma Chi fraternity exists to develop its members academically, spiritually and socially through intentional leadersh ip training and service. The strong community focus of the chapter provides a unique opportunity for men at Samford to hold themselves to a higher standard. The Pi chapter of Sigma Chi strives to spur on its members to be men of good character and to lead their lives with a high sense of honor. Members have ambitious purposes, and they recognize that involvement in the Sam ford and Birmingham communities is vital. Children’s Miracle Network is Sigm a Chi’s national philanthropy. The brothers of the Pi chapter endeavor to practice integrity, personal ­responsibility and good morals. Financial Information brother dues: $500/semester pledge dues: $100/month initiation fee: $175

Sigma Nu to be the longest-running fraternity on The Iota chapter of Sigma Nu is proud , the Iota chapter has the l­ongest Samford’s campus. Established in 1879 on. Throughout the past 133 years, continually standing charter in the nati place on campus. The men of Sigma Nu Sigma Nu has maintained a distinctive ics, athletics and Christian growth. The are committed to succeeding in academ the Birmingham c­ ommunity. Brothers chapter strives to invest in Samford and nizations throughout Samford’s in the fraternity are involved in many orga ent Association, Senate, Samford campus, including the Student Governm Program, Orientation Leaders, Ambassadors, LEAD Scholars, Fellows nal fraternities and honor societies, ­Interfraternity Council, various professio ball, baseball, and track. They are also Samford Debate, Bible studies, ROTC, foot Children’s Hospital, as well as being very devoted to their philanthropy, St. Jude active in Habitat for Humanity. Financial Information candidate fee: $90 pledge dues: $80/month initiation fee: $220 brother dues: $100/month

National Pan- Hellenic Council • Alpha Kappa Alpha • Alpha Phi Alpha • Delta Sigma Theta • Kappa Alpha Psi The National Pan- Hellenic Council [NPH C] is the coordinating body for nine historically African-American fraterniti es and sororities. Each organization participates in the inta ke process to gain new members; however, each chapter’s process is very different. Intake can take place in the fall or spring semester. Please note that the exact time of the intake process is never made known to the public. Inter ested students need to attend any pub lic ­meetings held by the chapters to netw ork with their members.

What is Intake? C equivalent to formal recruitment for The process known as “Intake” is the NPH s cannot take first-semester freshmen IFC and Panhellenic. NPHC organization pus. Candidates for membership in an as do other greek organizations on cam pleted a minimum of one semester in NPHC organization must have first com ding. college to establish an academic stan nization to organization. However, The process of Intake varies from orga some sort ­advertised throughout the most begin with an interest meeting of campus community. l are encouraged to speak with i­ndividua For more information on intake, you k Life. chapters or contact the Office of Gree

Alpha Kappa Alpha founded: January 15, 1908, Howard Univ ersity, Washington, D.C. colors: salmon pink and apple green flower: pink tea rose symbol: ivy leaf magazine: The Ivy Leaf website: philanthropy: Sickle Cell Foundation Led by the efforts of Ethel Hedgman Lyle, nine visionary women began the l­egacy of sisterhood and service to all mankind. AKA is the oldest Greek-­letter organization established by African-Amer ican college-educated women. AKA‘s purpose is to “cultivate and enco urage high scholastic and ethical standards, promote unity and friendshi p among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve the social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be a service to all mankind.” Undergraduate Membership Require ments • Matriculation as a full-time student where the campus chapter is located; or matriculation as a full-time student in a school in the community where a city chapter of undergraduate status is located • Completion of at least one successf ul grading period (as defined by the university) as a full-time student at the institution where application is made • A cumulative average of C+ and sem ester average of C+ immediately prior to submitting an application for members hip (In those two-, three- or four-year senior colleges/universities usin g pass-fail, required c­ ompetency or good standing systems of grading, either shall be acceptable.) • Attendance at the official rush

Alpha Phi Alpha a Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., has supplied Since its founding on Dec. 4, 1906, Alph an Americans and people of color voice and vision to the struggle of Afric around the world. giate Greek-letter fraternity established Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercolle n Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., by seve for African Americans, was founded at ng amo ood herh brot of for a strong bond college men who recognized the need ls visionary founders, known as the jewe The try. coun African descendants in this ne Euge n, pma is, Charles Henry Cha of the fraternity, are Henry Arthur Call aniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Nath y, Kelle le Kinckle Jones, George Bidd Ogle and Vertner Woodson Tandy. y and support group for minority The fraternity initially served as a stud ­ ornell. educationally and socially, at C ­students who faced racial prejudice, both g a firm layin in d eede the fraternity succ The jewel founders and early leaders of d goo ip, wsh fello s of scholarship, foundation for Alpha Phi Alpha’s principle was ter chap y ersit y. The Samford Univ character and the uplifting of humanit . reactivated in spring 2011

Delta Sigma Theta founded: January 1913, Howard Universit y, Washington, D.C. colors: crimson and cream flower: violet stone: pearl official publication: The Delta website: philanthropy: Service projects are base d on the Five Programmatic Thrust set forth by the n­ ational grand chapter. The components are economic development, educational development, ­internati onal awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political awareness and involvement. Financial Information: Dues are paid annually, and comprise local, regiona l and national dues. Undergraduate Membership Require ments • Attendance at the official rush • Completion of application and reco mmendations • Participation in an interview • Invitation by sorority • Minimum GPA of 2.75 • Active in public service

Kappa Alpha Psi comprised of functioning under­ Kappa Alpha Psi, a college fraternity now the or campuses and in cities throughout graduate and alumni chapters on maj n visio a of on izati real l utifu m. It is the bea country, is the crystallization of a drea n Milto John s, Digg son Wat r founders Elde shared commonly by the late revered nt, Ezra D. Alexander, Henry T. Asher, Gra Levis Guy ng, Lee, Byron K. Armstro ard G. Irvin and George W. Edmonds. Marcus P. Blakemore, Paul W. Caine, Edw that enabled them in 1911 on the It was the vision of these astute men ton to sow the seed of a f­raternal tree ­campus of Indiana University at Blooming yed by, college men everywhere, whose fruit is available to, and now enjo onal origin. It is a fact of which Kappa regardless of their color, religion or nati ion has never c­ ontained any clause Alpha Psi is justly proud that the constitut exclusion of a man from membership that either excluded or suggested the onal origin. The ­constitution of Kappa merely because of his color, creed or nati icated to, the principles of achievement Alpha Psi is predicated upon, and ded through a truly democratic fraternity. y under the laws of the State of Indiana Chartered and incorporated originall name was changed to Kappa Alpha Psi as Kappa Alpha Nu on May 15, 1911, the the Grand Chapter in December 1914. on a resolution offered and adopted at 1915, on a proclamation by the thenThis change became effective April 15, Thus, the name acquired a ­distinctive Grand Polemarch Elder Watson Diggs. Psi thereby became a Greek-letter Greek letter symbol, and Kappa Alpha tion. ­fraternity in every sense of the designa six years, Brother Diggs served as the next the for and n, From its inceptio Through his leadership and indefatigable grand polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi. of B. K. Armstrong and John M. Lee, who application, augmented by the efforts grand board of directors, the infant comprised the remainder of the original t perilous years of its life. fraternity was guided through the mos na toward establishing the fraternity upo Every endeavor has been directed the of end the By n. nsio expa plans of strong foundation before embarking on strong had completed the ritual and Arm and s Digg , ther toge first year, working s. Work on the latter was completed had commenced work on the coat of arm Armstrong and Lee while they were during the following summer by Diggs, Wayne, Ind. pursuing employment at a hotel in Fort strong and Lee solicited the aid of a Arm s, Digg to, mot ble In selecting a suita nical College at Fort Wayne, Ind. professor of Greek art at Indiana Tech cron Alpha, was founded during the The Samford University chapter, Omi 1990s.

Panhellenic Council • Alpha Delta Pi • Alpha Omicron Pi • Chi Omega • Phi Mu • Zeta Tau Alpha The Panhellenic Council at Samford is the unifying and coordinating body of five national sororities on campus. The council is composed of representatives from each sorority. Panhellenic strength ens the greek community and provides leadership opportunities for sorority wom en. The Panhellenic Council promotes scholarship, service, leadership, Christian womanhood and sisterhood.


2012 Panhellenic Recruitment Schedu

e May 1 Registration opens onlin tatives at orientation esen repr June–July Meet Panhellenic y Center for last- minute r­ egistration ersit Univ the Aug. 28–31 Interest tables in . nt interest meeting, Reid Chapel, 7 p.m Sept. 5 Mandatory prerecruitme Sept. 13 Registration closes Sept. 16 Open House Night Sept. 20 First Round: Philanthropy Night opy nthr Sept. 21 First Round: Phila t Nigh e Second Round: Them Sept. 22 t Nigh e renc Sept. 23 Third Round: Prefe Bid Day Sept. 24

Eligibility you must: To go through the recruitment process, ford Sam at ent 1. be a full-time stud nursing students, 10 hours) 2. be enrolled for at least 12 hours (for higher (for incoming freshmen 3. have a recommended GPA of 3.0 or and upperclassmen)

.com/org/supanhellenic Register at http://samford.orgsync or

Cost and Deadline

$100 (nonrefundable) day, Sept. 18. Registration closes at midnight on Tues ide the following information: When registering, you will need to prov • GPA calculated on a 4.0 scale • SAT or ACT test scores such information) • Class ranking (if your school provides ress, college address, etc. add il ema ford Sam • Samford student ID, with sorority affiliation • Legacy information: female relatives nts/guardians’ contact information, • Personal information: birth date, pare hometown, etc.

Potential New Member Bill of Rights The recruitment philosophy and planning revolves around you, the prospective member, and what is best and most app ropriate for you. The National Panhellenic Conference has adopted the following Prospective Member’s Bill of Rights to clarify the relationships and the environment that should characte rize a positive recruitment process. Familiar ize yourself with this information, and think about your recruitment ­experienc e in these terms. • The right to be treated as an individua l • The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process • The right to ask questions, and rece ive true and objective answers from recruitment guides and members • The right to be treated with respect • The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being ­patronized • The right to ask how and why, and to receive straight answers • The right to have and express opinions to recruitment guides • The right to have inviolable confiden tiality when sharing information with recruitment guides and the Panhellenic Council • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others • The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in preference card signing • The right to make one’s own decision and to accept full responsibility • The right to have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience If at any time you feel your rights have not been respected, please share your experience and comments with a recr uitment guide (rho gamma), a member of the Panhellenic Council or the Panhellen ic adviser.

What is a Rho Gamma? l time. You will have a recruitment Recruitment can be a hectic and emotiona to you at the beginning of the ned ­counselor, known as a rho gamma, assig ent week smoother and easier for uitm recr ­semester. Her o­ bjective is to make the mation source. She is prepared to help you. Your rho gamma is your ­special infor may have. you and ­answer whatever questions you rity, but before and during recruitment, soro a of ber mem a Your rho gamma is , Samford’s Panhellenic Council. ­Therefore she disaffiliates and becomes part of to able is she this, g doin By ­ ffiliation. she agrees not to reveal her sorority a pressure you might feel going through the ce redu and nce uida g ­ sed give ­unbia ­recruitment. find out what sorority your rho gamma Although it is sometimes tempting to ­ iscover her you or make any efforts to d ­belongs to, please do not ask her to tell over on Bid Day. is ent uitm recr n ation whe ­affiliation. She will reveal her sorority affili

Alpha Delta Pi badge: four-point, diamond-shaped gold pin with clasped hands, two stars and the letters ADP inlaid in the cent er pledge pin: gold bar with the letters ADP surmounted by a lion’s head founded: May 15, 1851, Wesleyan Fem ale College, Macon, Ga. colors: azure blue and white flower: woodland violet mascot: lion magazine: The Adelphean website: s/ADPi_SU or (national) philanthropy: Ronald McDonald Hou se president: Jenna Young recruitment chair: Abbey Taylor Financial Information pledge fee: $88 initiation: $130 pin: $140 and up first-semester dues: $230 second semester: $340 following semesters: fall: $440 spring: $340

Alpha Omicron Pi osed on the next, with a ruby in the badge: the letters AOP, one superimp apex of the A AOP raised across the binding of the pledge pin: gold sheaf of wheat with wheat ge of Columbia University, New York founded: January 2, 1897, Barnard Colle colors: cardinal and white flower: Jacqueminot rose mascot: panda magazine: To Dragma (national) website: or www ritis Foundation philanthropy: American Juvenile Arth president: Fallon Foti recruitment chair: Anna Stroud Financial Information pledge fee: $44 initiation: $165 badge: $75 and up first-semester dues: $380 second-semester dues: $460 following semesters: fall: $460 spring: $360

Chi Omega badge: an elevated letter C superimp osed on an W and set with 14 pearls or diamonds in yellow gold or sterling silve r pledge pin: letters C and W in gold on a black enamel oval background, edged in gold founded: April 5, 1895, University of Arka nsas, Fayetteville colors: cardinal and straw flower: white carnation mascot: owl magazine: Eleusis website: philanthropies: Make-a-Wish Foundati on, Big Oak Girls Ranch and YWCA Central Alabama president: Clair Buchanan recruitment chair: Maggie Holmes; Mar y London Carswell, assistant Financial Information initiation: $110 pin: $110 and up first-semester dues: $345 second-semester dues: $300 following semesters: $345

Phi Mu laid with black shield bearing two badge: uniquely shaped gold shield over heart and the letters FM bonds, three stars, a hand clasping a the letter F pledge pin: black and gold shield with College, Macon, Ga. ale Fem n leya Wes , founded: March 4, 1852 colors: rose and white flower: pink carnation mascots: lion and lady bug magazine: Aglaia (national) website: or www.phim ork philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Netw s president: Lauren Bate recruitment chair: Lindsey Collmus Financial Information initiation: $135 pin: $140 and up first-semester dues: $160 second-semester dues: $200 following semesters: fall: $160 spring: $200

Zeta Tau Alpha badge: black enamel shield superimp osed on a shield of silver; black shield bears a five- pointed crown and the lette rs ZTA pledge pin: carpenter’s square in silve r and turquoise founded: October 15, 1898, Longwood College, Farmville, Va. colors: turquoise blue and steel gray flower: white violet mascots: crown, strawberry and bunny magazine: Themis website: websites/ZTA_Samford/?app=content& action=view&id=1 or www.zetataualpha .org (national) philanthropy: breast cancer awarene ss and education president: Paizley Coffey recruitment chair: Hannah Schneide r Financial Information pledge fee: $65 initiation: $125 pin: $80 and up first-semester dues: $481 second-semester dues: $469 following semesters: $440

Produced by Samford Office of Marketing and Communication Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Institution that complies with applicable law prohibiting discrimination in its educational and employment policies and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, veteran status, genetic 足information, or national or ethnic origin.

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