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Classes and Workshops Spring/Summer 2017 |

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR Welcome to the Creative Arts School at Old School Square! Not too long ago, I came across a list that I had created for myself. I titled it my “Want To Do List”. It included a few things that I use to thoroughly enjoy doing for myself. For one excuse or another, each of my activities gradually fell by the wayside… work, kids, school, money, time, energy etc. Life just happened! So, I thought I would share my list with all of you. My “Want To Do List” • Create more photography • Create art • Read more books • Take a glass art class We all know that life gets busy, work is hectic, running kids here and there. Just the normal daily grind can be overwhelming. I am honored to work in such a vibrant place where I am surrounded by creative and talented people everyday. I have decided to implement my “Want to do list” and take the time to do the things that replenish me, relax me and fills that creative outlet. I urge all of you to create your own WANT TO DO LIST and follow through for YOURSELF this year! Most of the things you see on my list are the VERY things I encourage our students to do. So, this Spring & Summer, let the Creative Art School be your release, your get away. A place where you can come to refuel, rejuvenate or reconnect with the person you used to be or the person you want to become. Come find yourself again. Engage in the activities that fill you up. Make time for your passions. Make time for yourself! Sharon Morgan Director of the Creative Arts School – Old School Square | 561 243 7922 x317

CONTENTS Registration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Spring/Summer 2017 Classes at a Glance. . . . . . . . . . 3 Spring/Summer 2017 Terms & Workshops. . . . . . . . . . 5 Art/Photography Travel Excursions . . . . . . . . 7 Art Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Art Workshops. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Open Studio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Photography Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Digital Imaging Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Writing Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Open Readings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Youth Classes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Instructor Bios. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Payment and Refund Policies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Map & Directions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

REGISTRATION 2017 SPRING/SUMMER CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS: Registration Opens For All Terms: APRIL 10, 2017 2017-18 FALL/WINTER CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS: Registration Opens For All Terms: AUGUST 21, 2017 TO REGISTER ONLINE: Visit our web site: TO REGISTER BY PHONE: Call our direct line 561.403.2954 TO REGISTER IN PERSON: Visit Old School Square / Crest Theatre lobby, 51 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

OPEN HOUSE EVENTS Crest Theatre Galleries April 15, 2017. Keep in touch for future Open House dates! September 2017, December 2017 and April 2018 • Meet our instructors and learn how our programs can help you discover or expand your creative potential! • Meet students and view their art in the Creative Arts School Showcase! • Open Houses are scheduled several times per year. Please check our website at for upcoming dates.

CREATIVE ARTS SCHOOL SHOWCASES Crest Theatre Galleries Showcases of student and faculty work are displayed throughout the year. Please visit for details.

5/4/17 – 9/3/17 | Black & White Photography Exhibit

SEND A KID TO CLASS The Creative Arts School at Old School Square offers scholarships to children from Delray Beach who cannot afford to attend class. Scholarships are funded through partner organizations such as the Delray Art League and awarded through the Palm Beach County School District. Your donation of $100 will provide a full scholarship that covers all class expenses. WANT TO HELP? Would you like to help build a child’s artistic future? Please contact Sharon Morgan, Director of the Creative Arts School, at 561.243.7922 x317

STAFF DIRECTORY Creative Arts School 561 403 2954 Sharon Morgan Director of the Creative Arts School Deborah Veres Arts Education Coordinator 561 403 2954 | Lianna Slater Arts Education Social Media Assistant 561 403 2954 |

Front cover image artist: Photography Instructor, Dimitri Sagatov







MONDAY Morning

TUESDAY Drawing & Painting

Contemporary Painting

Terms 1, 2

All Terms


Foundations in Oil Painting

Terms 1, 2, 4

All Terms

Photography on the Move Terms 1, 2, 4


Discover Your Personal Painting Style

Advanced Fiction

Term 2

Terms 2, 3, 4

Drawing 101

Multimedia Master Class

Terms 1, 2

All Terms

Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera - Terms 1, 2, 4

Terms 1, 2

Painting 101

On-Location Fine Art Photography All Terms

Advanced Fine Art Photography All Terms

Messy Hands

Late Afternoon

All Terms



Critique Group 2

Critique Group 1

Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

Advanced Installation Art All Terms

Glass Fusing All Terms (OFF SITE)

Introduction to Using Your Digital Camera - All Terms Introduction to Adobe Lightroom All Terms (2 8 week sessions)


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

Open Studio/Live Model All Terms

Jewelry Design with Cold Connections All Terms

Advanced Adobe Lightroom All Terms

Contemporary Painting All Terms



Open Studio/Live Model

Urban Mixedmedia Textured Abstracts - Terms 2, 3

All Terms



Discovering Abstract Painting Beginner/Intermediate Term 1

Pencil Magic Terms 1, 2, 4

Master - Fine Art Photography All Terms

From Memories to Memoir Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

Beginning Fiction -Short Story, Novella, Novel - Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

The Studio Experience: Open Studio

Exploring Painting

All Terms

Terms 1, 3

Figure Drawing & Expressionism

Discovering Abstract Painting Intermediate/Advanced

All Terms

Term 1

Exploring Possibilities in Pastel

Abstract Painting/Mixed Media

All Terms

Terms 2, 3, 4

Photo Composition & Lighting

Advanced Composition In Fine Art Photography - Terms 1, 2, 4

Terms 1, 2, 4

Photoshop Elements Terms 1, 2, 4

Installation Art for Teens All Terms

From Memories to Memoir Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

Beginning Fiction – Short Story, Novella, Novel - Terms 1 and 2, 8 Wk

Exploring Possibilities in Pastel

Abstract Painting/ Mixed Media

All Terms

All Terms

Canvas & Cocktails Last Thursday of the Month 7pm - 9 pm

Open Readings 2nd Thursday of the month 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm










4 Weeks




1 Week




4 Weeks




1 Week




4 Weeks




4 Weeks




1 Week


Week of Memorial Day

Week of Independence Day

Week of Labor Day




May 19 & 20, 2017 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fee: $315 June 16 & 17, 2017 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fee: $315

NEW! PAINTING IN MONOCHROMATIC August 18 & 19, 2017 9:30 am – 4:30 pm John Grande ALL LEVELS – 2 DAY OIL WORKSHOP Fee: $315

TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17


Photo by Lee Gordon

I quickly found out that I wasn’t in just a photography class. It is actually a vibrant community of photographic artists that learn from each other’s explorations and benefit from class interaction and support. The class atmosphere didn’t happen by accident and is why many of the students attend on a continuous basis—it has been fostered by Lee in the way he channels constructive criticism so that it is appropriate to each student’s place in their individual ‘development arc’. Lee has a broad teaching style—he approaches photography from technical, artistic, psychological and art history directions. Students who are strong in only one or two of these areas benefit from this exposure. Lee encourages each student to improve their vision and technique and to branch out into parts of the photographic process that are new to them. Lee has made the class into something that I look forward to attending each week.


While I have been painting abstract art for a couple of years (after many years of painting realism), prior to Sally Cooper’s class, I didn’t have an adequate road map for the process. She has provided a great deal of valuable information on mediums, mark making, tools for making those marks, good composition, and preparing a canvas. For that I am truly grateful. I have been attending her class in Delray for about a year now, and Sally’s mentorship has been invaluable. I have learned a great deal about what is involved in painting an abstract, and bringing my work to resolution. I think now my paintings are much more alive and interesting.


E  very phase of my painting improved during my time spent in Vicki Siegel’s class. PETE MOFFITT



A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE AWAITS, SEPTEMBER 2018! 1ST ANNUAL ART/PHOTOGRAPHY TRAVEL EXCURSION TO ITALY! To all who love art or photography… AND travel. The Creative Arts School has an exciting, new opportunity just for you! We’re proud to announce our 1st annual ART/PHOTOGRAPHY TRAVEL EXCURSION to ITALY. Your creative journey will be led by our own talented and well-traveled instructors, Carla Golembe, artist and Irene Hill, photographer. Combined, they have over 40 years of travel knowledge and group tour experience! This trip is the perfect marriage between your drive for creative expression, travel and your appreciation of all things Italian. Indulge yourself with all your passions for travel, art, and photography as we start our journey in the “Eternal city,” Rome, where you’ll discover some of the most memorable landmarks such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, the magical Trevi Fountain, among many others led by local expert guides. Then, relax and say “Ciao, ciao!” to Rome as you make your way to Southern Italy and the lively town of Sorrento, the perfect gateway to the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento, you will explore the surrounding area, and visit the awe-inspiring villages of Amalfi along the ‘Costiera.’ Be inspired by the Mediterranean-chic town of Positano, where you’ll spend the day exploring, relaxing on the beach, taking pictures, making sketches of the dramatic coastline and capturing the charm of this quaint village. Breathe as you witness the first-class view of the coastline from the sea and Ravello with its aristocratic villas clinging to the mountainside and vast views of lemon orchards planted on terraced cliffs. “I will have a Limoncello please!” Of course, while on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll experience the spectacular island of Capri. Get lost in this beautiful Mediterranean island retreat - ride the cable car up to Capri town, visit the remains of Emperor Tiberius’s Villa Jovis, or take a cab up to the old town of Anacapri. Enjoy a picturesque walk to the top of the island, while passing by fragrant groves of chestnut, pine, lemon, and olive trees, and rose gardens spilling over elegant villa walls. Alternatively, go for a memorable boat tour around the island, where you’ll have the chance to go into the Blue Grotto. The island is an ideal place where painters, photographers, and artists can simply relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and wait for the inspiration to wash over them like the salty Mediterranean breezes. Throughout your excursions, you will savor traditional dishes and delectable wines while relaxing in southern Italy’s friendly lifestyle. You will return to the Eternal City for the last two nights of your trip. Visit more amazing historical sites, such as a Vatican tour guided by a local, licensed City Guide, the impressive St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which include Michelangelo’s head-tilting and jaw-dropping masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel. Impara qualcosa di nuovo! (Translation - Learn something new!) For more information, Contact Sharon Morgan, Director of the Creative Arts School,


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17







Come and CREATE! Art is something that is created with imagination and skill, that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas, feelings or provokes thought. CLASS UPDATES AND REGISTRATION at


PAINTING CLASSES CONTEMPORARY PAINTING – Peter G. Pereira INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – ACRYLIC (SOME OIL) Take a fantastic journey into painting! This course is perfect for those students and professional artists itching to flush out and consolidate aspects of your artwork that are in need of some R & D…creative therapy! I want to help you pull out individual styles and compositions by resolving and unifying styles you may have, with great humility and persistence. Let’s work out creative solutions to those seemingly complicated and intractable, but confounding, brilliant and creative Doodles/Conundrums. We will explore, exploit and interpret combinations of artwork drawn from your work; Day in the Life, Art/History and from Imagination, by dialing through and contemporizing techniques, insights and energy from Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism and Mixed-Media. Expect some serious Fun and some great undoodle-like finishes. Art Instructor, Peter Pereira

Monday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk Tuesday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

FOUNDATIONS IN OIL PAINTING – John Grande ALL LEVELS Learn the foundations of oil painting—from building and stretching your own canvas to priming with gesso, to the completion of your masterpiece! Developing your own language while honing your skill set, exploring new and traditional techniques and ways of seeing. You will learn composition and color theory all while working from your own reference material. Project ideas will be expanded with open discussions about art and painting along with weekly demonstrations. If you are a beginner or novice oil painter, you will certainly learn and discover new approaches while discovering there are no mistakes just continuous adjustments. Monday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk Art Instructor, John Grande

DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL PAINTING STYLE - Carla Golembe ALL LEVELS - ACRYLIC Explore painting techniques, composition, color and creative expression in an upbeat and encouraging atmosphere. Learn brushwork, layering, and color mixing techniques and apply them to express yourself in paint. Discover how source material can be a springboard for your imagination to take flight and create a work of art. Projects are suggested to those seeking guidance. As your confidence and skills evolve, you will be encouraged to develop your own ideas. You will benefit from individual attention, demonstrations and supportive critiques. All skill levels are welcome and direction is tailored to your abilities and artistic goals. Instruction will be in acrylic. Monday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Term 2 | Fee: $155 4 wk Art Instructor, Carla Golembe

PAINTING 101 – Beth Sloat BEGINNERS – OIL Are you new at painting in oils? Do you want to learn new methods or break old habits? Then this class is for you! The oil paint medium is versatile, challenging and rewarding. With an initial focus on representational painting from life, each painting will apply basic skills—drawing, composition, canvas preparation and color theory application. Learn about new, eco-friendly materials. With daily still life set ups, instruction and critiques, you will be guided to develop an art vocabulary and self-confident painting. Individual guidance at your easel will be offered as you progress toward mastery of the medium and development of your own style. Tuesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 | Fee: $155 4 wk Art Instructor, Beth Sloat


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

PAINTING CLASSES MULTIMEDIA MASTER CLASS - Donna Fuller INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – OIL/ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR You will learn to understand what your paint and brushes can do for you - learn color, concept, perception and usage. Learn how to make them work in creating your art and developing your own distinctive style. You will use copy/photographs of your own for reference. However serious about your craft, this is a very informal class and though pursuing “our dream,” we have a good time. This class will help the artist achieve high art rather than mere rendering, learn good composition and how to create beautiful, dynamic visual statements. Free yourself from the literal and create drama in your painting. Tuesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Donna Fuller

EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES IN PASTEL - Deborah LaFogg Docherty BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE - PASTEL Students will explore the use of pastel, learn technique, experiment with underpainting, textures and play with color. Classes will include themed subjects and student choice. All will have the chance to create pastel paintings that have strong compositions, pleasing colors with exciting results. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk Wednesday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Deborah LaFogg Docherty

FIGURE DRAWING & EXPRESSIONISM - Hana Davis ALL LEVELS – INK/ACRYLIC/CHARCOAL/PASTELS Use the model as inspiration for unique interpretations of the figure. Through the process of experimentation, students will explore shape, gesture, color, rhythm, and space. This will allow each person to develop their own unique vision of the figure. Good quality paper and media of your choice: Ink, acrylic, charcoal, pastels. Model fee included in class price. A minimum of 4 registrants are needed to confirm the class. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $230 4 wk

Art Instructor, Hana Davis

 eth (Sloat) taught me how to start to see like an artist... She is a very B giving teacher and I feel lucky to have found her when I was just starting out. She helped give me a good foundation on which to build. I would highly recommend her class to students interested in learning to draw. DONNA WARFIELD



PAINTING CLASSES URBAN MIXMEDIA TEXTURED ABSTRACTS – Erin Ashley Explore how trying new things can take your abstract art in another direction. Easy going and fun - no fuss… let’s just create! Learn to paint without using paintbrushes at all. Create unique sculptural textures on your canvas with different mediums. Distress your art into a cool urban modern piece and learn techniques to master the art of layering. This class will train you to push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do and unleash your creativity with new modern approaches. Take an old painting you have worked on that you don’t like and watch it transform to a painting that you will love! We will work on wood and larger canvas incorporating magazine tear outs and newspapers into your piece. Students will gain confidence approaching a blank canvas and learn to see abstract painting inspiration in simple things that we may overlook that will drive you to create magnificent pieces of art. Art Instructor, Erin Ashley

Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Terms 2, 3 | Fee: $155 4 wk

EXPLORING PAINTING - Vicki Siegel FOR ALL LEVELS – OIL/ACRYLIC Using your choice of medium; oil, acrylic, pastel or water color, pursue your passion for painting and develop your individual style. Learn key principles that every artist needs to know in order to improve their paintings. Topics such as palette and color mixing, color, value, composition, brushwork, light and shadow, atmospheric perspective, achieving distance, edges and experimental mixed media materials will be discussed. Demonstrations, and individual instruction, set the stage for you to take your paintings to the next level. Work in any artistic style utilizing reference materials or your imagination. Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 3 | Fee: $155 4 wk Art Instructor, Vicki Siegel

DISCOVERING ABSTRACT PAINTING - Sally Cooper ACRYLIC This course will explore your creative self and open your mind to the possibilities of working with new methods, taking risks, painting intuitively and allowing chance to create a breakthrough. Artistic originality is encouraged in a light atmosphere where “mistakes” can be turned into masterpieces. Through a process of experimentation and discovery, your personal, unique vision will be nurtured and realized. We will learn about the visual language of painting in dealing with color, composition and painting techniques. Through several tried and true methods, the process of creating a well-designed, non-objective abstract painting will be demystified. This class includes weekly demonstrations as well as critiques and individual guidance.

Art Instructor, Sally Cooper

BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE: Thursday 9:00 pm – 12:00 pm | Terms 1 | Fee: $155 4 wk INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1 | Fee: $155 4 wk

ABSTRACT PAINTING/MIXED MEDIA - Gary Antonio FOR ALL LEVELS This course will focus on seeing, not just looking, as we explore traditional & non-traditional image making. We will be combining black/white and color with found objects, abstract forms and self expression. This is a stress free class which will nurture the student’s personal style, concepts and approach to painting. Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 2, 3, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk Thursday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Gary Antonio


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

WATERCOLOR CLASSES WATERCOLOR - Sid DelMar Leach PREVIOUS WATERCOLOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE PREFERRED This class will establish the basics of what watercolor is and how to use it carefully and accurately. Instruction will be in the use of transparent watercolor. Students will be given a drawing, depicting European subject matter, which they will transfer to watercolor paper. All students will work from the same image at the same time. Tuesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Sid Delmar Leach

DRAWING CLASSES DRAWING 101 - Beth Sloat BEGINNERS Learn to see like an artist in a structured and supportive environment. Learning to draw can be a life changing experience and drawing is the gateway to all the visual arts. Students will become acquainted with various drawing tools and learn to draw realistically from observation with exercises that include line, shape, mark making, shading, perspective and composition. Working from still life set ups, drawings will create the illusion of 3-dimensions on a 2 dimensional surface. The instructor provides demonstrations and individual attention. Monday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 | Fee: $155 4 wk Art Instructor, Beth Sloat

DRAWING AND PAINTING – Ralph Papa ALL LEVELS – ACRYLIC/WATERCOLOR Join us in this class to develop and enhance your skills in both drawing and painting. With each class session, students will focus on creating drawings and developing them into original paintings. This is an excellent forum for artists at all levels to enhance essential drawing skills and apply techniques to transition their drawing into a harmonious color landscape, still-life, or portrait. Participants are welcome to bring in paintings or drawings for periodic instructor and class review sessions. Tuesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Term 1, 2 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Ralph Papa

PENCIL MAGIC - Sid DelMar Leach FOR ALL LEVELS The pencil is something everyone has and can use to good advantage to capture images onto paper or illustration board. In this class, you will be given line drawings along with value studies of the images and the pencils you will need for your exercises. Students will learn to sharpen pencils so they can act as your brush in the creation of your own fine art pencil drawings. The magic of creating images with an ordinary pencil will hopefully excite your artistic creativity! Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Art Instructor, Sid Delmar Leach



INSTALLATION ART CLASSES ADVANCED INSTALLATION ART – Peter Pereira Peter G. Pereira, creator of the Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series will introduce you to advanced study of this groundbreaking and exciting course: Installation Art. This course will delve into the art of installation as a deeper, more focused, more transitory narration: translating our (2D and 3D) indoor models of installation art to outdoor sites (4D). We will plan and site an indoor installation themed around a poem or song, for example, made up of elements of your objects, art or ideas. The challenge and excitement comes as we think of translating indoor to outdoor, where we welcome new interactive elements and spaces – nature’s flora/ fauna, scale, changing sunlight and shade, interactivity/people, season and time (among the honking horns, the accidental thunderstorm, etc.) This stretches us creatively in fun and profound ways!

Art Instructor, Peter Pereira

Are you a writer/poet, musician, painter, sculptor, photographer, movie-maker, dancer, gymnast, engineer, astronomer, chef, or some combination? This inclusive course explores installation art in all media and will incorporate your media including photographs, paintings, drawings, video, sound and sculptural materials in the exciting field of mixed and multimedia installation works. So, bring one along to class! The weeks of creating installations will also include planning out and basic site exploration of your chosen object(s), the indoor installations, dimensions, scale, indoor/outdoor facets of our work including materials, ecology/impact, carbon footprint, construction, budgeting and multimedia. We will also introduce techniques for documenting the process, which will make the project a film in the making! Join us for this multi-dimensional journey! Completion of assignments may require some fun time outside of class! Assembly fee included in class price. Materials not included – Participants are required to provide their own materials. Monday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | ALL Terms | Fee: $175 4 wk

GLASS CLASSES GLASS FUSING – Bob Schmidt BEGINNER In this course, we will teach you basic glass cutting skills and go over the differences between what fused glass is and what stained glass is. We will talk about compatibility and COE’S, glass manufacturers and different types of fusing materials. Frits, stringers, powders and dichroic glass. You will start with a small 5”x 5” dish or hanging piece and discover what happens in the kiln and why glass does what it does. Material cost can vary depending on types of glass, colors of glass, and sizes of projects. Materials and kiln firings are paid directly to studio. Average materials cost is $100 to $300 depending on projects. Minimum of 5 students required to teach this class. All glass classes are held off site at Schmidt Stained Glass. The glass studio is located at: 413 S. Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL 33435 Glass Instructor, Bob Schmidt

Monday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $195 4 wk

JEWELRY CLASSES JEWELRY DESIGN WITH COLD CONNECTIONS - Alicia Jane Boswell BEGINNER Starting with copper, brass wire or sheet, learn to use cold connections (without use of a torch), cut, form with pliers, add texture, drill holes, create dangles, forge links, and wire wrap elements to create one of a kind simple and beautiful wearable art jewelry! This class is a nice introduction to jewelry & metalsmithing or a companion for those with or without soldering skills. Unearth the secrets that aid in the seamless combination of distinct materials & textures. Tuesday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

Jewelry Instructor, Alicia Jane Boswell


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

CANVAS & COCKTAILS CANVAS & COCKTAILS The Creative Arts School continues its popular art experience, where you can create an art piece in a relaxed atmosphere… all while enjoying a nice glass of wine, a craft beer or a signature cocktail. Each month offers something different with one of our creative Canvas & Cocktails instructors. No experience necessary! It’s a perfect girls’ night out, group night or a date night. Last Thursday of the month | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Fee: $35 May 25, June 29, July 27, August 31, 2017

ART WORKSHOPS PERSPECTIVE FOR THE ARTIST – Sid DelMar Leach ALL LEVELS – 2 DAY WORKSHOP Perspective does not have to be a frightening process to overcome. Perspective is most important in the creation of any painting or drawing. I have been teaching my methods for many years and they are easy to understand for both beginning and advanced students. I will reference my book on this subject, Photographic Perspective Drawing Techniques. We will work with many examples taken from the text book. The techniques of understanding the fundamentals of perspective will be examined carefully in the course. Using perspective “lines” from “vanishing points” found on most photographs will be the basis of our studies. Tracing paper overlays with pencil line work will be closely examined in much detail. May 19 & 20, 2017 | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm | Fee: $315 Art Instructor, Sid DelMar Leach

THE ILLUSION OF PAINT – John Grande ALL LEVELS – 2 DAY OIL WORKSHOP Have you always wondered how to recreate different surfaces and textures with oil paint? Well this is the workshop for you. If you are just beginning or want to take your oil painting skills to the next level, join me and learn how to create and understand the illusion of 3 dimensions on a 2-dimensional surface. Release your frustrations on painting surfaces like leather, fur, marble, stone, the human figure and the atmosphere all within your painting. You will learn how to break down these challenges by using fun and easy techniques along with a better understanding of seeing and applying this to your painting. Each student will have the choice to work from photographic reference or from life. Art Instructor, John Grande

June 16 & 17, 2017 | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm | Fee: $315

PAINTING IN MONOCHROMATIC – John Grande ALL LEVELS - 2 DAY OIL WORKSHOP I know – I know. No COLOR? This was my reaction when my professor told my class. Though I was hesitant, I found this to be amazingly helpful and one of the most important tools to understanding structure with painting. In this workshop, you will learn the importance of working monochromatically. Stripping the painting process down to its core. You will understand and break down a painting into its simplest form. We will be learning the basis of a closed palette to creating an underpainting using only black and the white and building up your painting. These methods and techniques have been used by artists throughout the history of painting. You will work from photographic reference or a still life study of your own. Art Instructor, John Grande

August 18 & 19, 2017 | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm | Fee: $315



OPEN STUDIOS OPEN STUDIO WITH LIVE MODEL THIS THREE HOUR STUDIO TIME IS WITHOUT INSTRUCTION. AGES 18 AND UP Format: One long portrait pose on alternating portrait weeks on Tuesday. Short warm-up gesture poses and several longer poses on Wednesday, and alternating figure weeks on Tuesday. Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Alternates Figure/Portrait | All Terms | Fee: $15 a class Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Figure Only | All Terms | Fee: $15 a class Note: Professional Figure and Portrait Models may contact Deborah Veres, at 561-403-2954 to schedule paid modeling sessions.

Artist, Stu Feldman

OPEN STUDIO EXPERIENCE AGES 18 AND UP Do you need a place to come and create your masterpiece? A place to paint, draw or explore your creative side? Bring your own supplies and we supply the studio! This three or 6 hour studio time (if available) is without instruction. Come CREATE! Floating Studio Space | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and/or 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $60 and/or $120 Call for Availability | 561-243-7922 x478

Artist, Genia Howard

 he Creative Arts School is a place to explore the ‘you’ that got lost years ago or to T hone your talents to perfection! My pleasure was found in Pencil Magic taught by Sid Delmar Leach. To my utter delight with guidance and support from all the wonderful staff, I was loving it!! They will never really know that not only did I find myself, but that I will never stop looking again!! My thanks in having found you. MARY WALLUCK

I attend the Creative Arts School’s Multimedia Master Class with Donna Fuller, and really enjoy a great environment to develop my own painting techniques. I have flexibility in my choice of painting topics and mediums while receiving good, constructive feedback on my work, and learning some new techniques. The class flies by! SUSIE STELLATO


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

Artist, Susie Stellato

THE ART OF SEEING The Art of Seeing can open up a world of new and wonderful visual experiences. Students can learn to see through new eyes while using the camera like a sculptor uses a hammer and chisel, or the artist uses a brush and paints. Our courses can help you explore your creative potential to the fullest.


Come and SEE!



PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES INTRO TO USING YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA: A MINI COURSE - Irene Hill BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos and learning to experiment with camera techniques such as the triangle of exposure: creative use of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Get started the right way in a friendly artistic environment and discover the world of creative expression through digital photography. Bring your camera and manual to all classes. Monday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Term 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Photography Instructor, Irene Hill

INTRO TO USING YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA: A MINI COURSE - Dimitri Sagatov BEGINNERS If the manual that came with your digital camera is causing more confusion than you care to deal with, fear not. This course is designed to help you become more comfortable and creative with your equipment. The class breaks down the learning process into understandable weekly sessions that include taking photos and learning to experiment with camera techniques such as the triangle of exposure: creative use of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Get started the right way in a friendly artistic environment and discover the world of creative expression through digital photography. Bring your camera and manual to all classes. Monday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk

Photography Instructor, Dimitri Sagatov

PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE MOVE - Irene Hill BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE Anxious to get out there and do more shooting? Want to produce more artistic, nuanced images? In this course for beginner and intermediate students, we will alternate between classroom work on composition, critique and off-campus photo shoots. Emphasis will be on producing uncluttered, dynamic images using natural light. Bring your camera to all classes. There are no specific camera models or types required. Bring your camera and samples of your work to the first class Tuesday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Photography Instructor, Irene Hill

ON-LOCATION FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY – Lee Gordon ADVANCED This advanced fine art photography class incorporates inspiring on location photo shoots, with alternating evaluative, constructive critiques the following week. Open your mind to unlimited creativity and visual interpretation. Learn to express yourself through mastery of the photographic medium. This class draws upon the proven principles of art and design to ignite the student’s imagination. You will challenge yourself and your fellow students to learn to see well in order to create the fully developed, resolved image. Along with the technical ability to create high-level artistic images, students will also learn from being on location, to articulate how and why subjects were chosen and identify the specific elements of design and balance that contribute to their composition. Bring printed samples of your work to the first class. Tuesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk Photography Instructor, Lee Gordon


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES PHOTO COMPOSITION AND LIGHTING: A MINI COURSE - Irene Hill FOR BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE PHOTOGRAPHERS If you want to take more than a snapshot, it’s time to learn some composition basics. Find out where to place the subject in the frame, when to create a leading line or how to include foreground interest or framing, and how to use shallow depth of field to create artistic nuance. Learning just a few basic concepts can help give your images more impact and start your photography on the path to WOW. We have weekly assignments, practice new shooting techniques while in class and engage in lively photo conversations while discussing our work. Wednesday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

Photography Instructor, Irene Hill

MASTER – FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY - Lee Gordon EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS This class is for experienced, creative photographers interested in more than camera clubs or limited seminars and workshops. Become a part of South Florida’s most accomplished group of artistic photographers. Meet in a unique environment with fellow enthusiasts while sharing ideas, techniques, experiences and inspiration. This ongoing class allows the participant the opportunity for continued growth and development as a photographic artist. The level of work and creative ability of this group of artists is unmatched in all of South Florida. Bring printed samples of your work to the first class. Thursday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $155 4 wk Photography Instructor, Lee Gordon

ADVANCED COMPOSITION IN FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY - Irene Hill FOR SALON/ADVANCED/INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS Take the next step in your journey to become a more creative photographer and learn how to use the camera more creatively while developing a personal aesthetic. Study with a group of enthusiastic students in a class devoted to your growth and development as a creative fine art photograph. In depth conversations about your work are combined with weekly assignments and occasion photo shoots during class. For each 4 week session we will focus on a different aspect of photograph: people and portraits, minimalism and camera movement, light and shadow in black and white photography. Bring you camera and printed samples of your work to the first class.

Photography Instructor, Irene Hill

Term 1 - Light and Shadow In Black And White Photography Term 2 - Photographing People – Environmental, Classic, and Candid Photography Term 3 - Minimalism, Abstract Photography and The Art of Decluttering. Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Terms 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $155 4 wk

I have been in Lee Gordon’s Master of Photography Class for a long while. I keep returning because his class offers one of the best values in photography: Lee has a profound grasp of photographic technique and philosophy; he is familiar with the latest camera, lens, and paper technology; he offers critique without criticism; and he makes himself available to students who seek assistance. He has established a loyal following and I am happy to be one of them. NEAL WISEMAN

Photo by Lee Gordon




Come and VISUALIZE! DIGITAL IMAGING: CAPTURE THROUGH OUTPUT These digital imaging classes will open up new worlds of creative possibilities, allowing you to fully integrate your vision while enhancing your technical capabilities. Students will learn in a modern interactive studio environment with a hands-on approach to problem solving and technical development.

TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

DIGITAL IMAGING CLASSES PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS - Irene Hill For Beginners An introduction to unravel some of the mysteries of polishing a photograph after it has been taken. This is a BASIC course. We will cover cropping, sizing, lighting, color saturation, and converting your photo to black and white. Only 90 minutes a week….no information overload …..sticking to the basics….and, of course, how to take that pesky tree out of your image! Bring a laptop computer with Photoshop Elements version 14 or 15 already installed to class. Make sure your computer is fully charged and bring a picture of a flower or an animal to the first class on either a flash drive or a memory card. Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | Term 1, 2, 4 | Fee: $95 4 wk Photography Instructor, Irene Hill


Photography Instructor, Lee Gordon

This class is an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom as a digital asset management application. As photographers, we produce an abundance of images, which need to be organized, developed, and integrated into an efficient color managed digital workflow from capture to output. As digital photography advances and evolves, Adobe Lightroom is the best solution for all photographers and passionate hobbyists who want to get the most out of their digital images. To gain control over your creative output as a digital photographer, you must develop an effective color managed and understood workflow, supporting your photographic images. An efficient, reproducible workflow allows every photographer to dramatically improve their images and delivery quality, while reducing the amount of time spent processing digital files. Putting the time into learning a structured, digital workflow while utilizing Adobe Lightroom will yield output results that clearly speak for themselves. REQUIRED: Students must bring a laptop, fully charged, with a mouse, power cord and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 installed. In addition, bring an empty 1 or 2 TB external hard drive. This class is designed for photographers who have a working knowledge of their computer operating system. The class is taught on an Apple computer operating system. Monday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | Term 1, 2 combined | Fee $295 8 wk Monday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | Term 3, 4 combined | Fee $295 8 wk

 ot only is he an amazing photographer, Lee (Gordon) is an extremely N knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining instructor. He has a strong passion for the subject and works tirelessly to insure each student comprehends each lesson. I look forward to more courses with him. BLAINE REID



DIGITAL IMAGING CLASSES ADVANCED ADOBE LIGHTROOM - Lee Gordon CONTINUING AN EFFICIENT COLOR MANAGED DIGITAL WORKFLOW COMPLETION OF THE INTRODUCTORY LIGHTROOM CLASS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED This advanced Lightroom class is a continuation, utilizing an integrated approach to Adobe Lightroom. We will learn how to evaluate and pre-visualize the extensive possibilities for developing raw image files. To master control over your creative output as a photographer you must develop an effective color managed and understood digital workflow, supporting your photographic images. Adobe Lightroom includes a comprehensive set of advanced development tools for controlling global and local exposure, color adjustments, contrast and tonal gradation. Photography Instructor, Lee Gordon

The advanced lightroom digital workflow will be progressively taught and integrated from image capture to specific exported output. We will learn a digital workflow in Adobe Lightroom so all of our development workflow can be accomplished in Lightroom. We will also discuss external editing applications, like Adobe Ps, Nik Silver Effects Pro, and Topaz labs. REQUIRED: Students must bring a laptop, fully charged, with a mouse, power cord and Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 installed. In addition, bring an empty 1 or 2 TB external hard drive. This class is designed for the advanced photographer who has a working knowledge of their computer operating system. The class is taught on an Apple computer operating system. A $45 book (if required) fee not included in class price. Tuesday 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm | All Terms | $155 4 wk

Irene Hill is an inspiring and amazing teacher. Her challenging projects and insightful critiques encourages confidence in your photographic skills. JUDITH ACKER


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17


Passion, Persistence, Patience, PUBLISH

Come and PUBLISH! THE WRITERS’ COLONY prepares students to complete writing projects with the primary objective of getting published or self-publishing. CLASS UPDATES AND REGISTRATION at


WRITING CLASSES Every student who completes a writing course automatically becomes a member of The Writers’ Colony. Students must have at least a high school diploma to register. ADVANCED FICTION - Winston Aarons This course is for students who already have a work in progress. This is a critiquing course in which students will read their works in class and get instructive feedback from their classmates and the instructor. The instructor will act as guide, facilitator, and mentor, providing each student with directives that will help them write more engaging dialogues, understand the process of character development, plot, foreshadowing, and all the literary devices that goes toward making strong, believable works in which characters come alive and breath. Since the instructor believes reading is an essential part of writing, he will also, after reading and evaluating each student’s work, provide a list of authors whose works he thinks might help strengthen their personal writing styles and assist them in finding their own voice. The instructor’s agenda is to help students move forward with their manuscripts and take them closer to publication. Tuesday 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm | Terms 2, 3, 4 | Fee: $147 4 Wk

FROM MEMORIES TO MEMOIR - Barbara Cronie Now is the time to organize your life experiences into a memoir worthy of being published, or just write about your favorite people and things as a record of family history. Develop a writing process that works for you. You will learn how essay and narrative writing can be combined to express your ideas. Journal writing will be important in remembering those special people and events. In the workshop part of the course, you will select writings to read aloud for constructive criticism. This feedback is most helpful and proves to be invaluable for each writer. All students receive a personal critique of their writing. Wednesday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $279 8 wk Wednesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $279 8 wk

BEGINNING FICTION - SHORT STORY, NOVELLA, NOVEL - Barbara Cronie If you want to write fiction, but can’t get started… If you have ideas for a plot, but can’t express them… Learn how to create interesting characters involved in an exciting plot. Develop a writing process and practice writing dialogue so your characters come alive! This is a class for beginners. There’s no time like the present to get started! No published authors allowed. All students receive a personal critique of their writing. Thursday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $279 8 wk Thursday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $279 8 wk


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

WRITING CLASSES CRITIQUE GROUP 1 - Barbara Cronie PREREQUISITE: BEGINNING FICTION OR FROM MEMORIES TO MEMOIR Continue refining your writing skills through constructive criticism from the instructor and your peers. Class consists of your reading aloud for 10-15 minutes and then receiving constructive criticism for 10 minutes. You can take the course as often as needed – some finish their project here and then prepare to get published or self-publish. If you have not taken the prerequisite and have a writing project, you may be eligible to register in the group with prior approval by the Program Director. Every student who registers in a writing course automatically becomes a member of The Writers’ Colony. Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $135 8 wk

CRITIQUE GROUP 2 - Barbara Cronie STUDENTS’ PROJECTS MUST HAVE THE APPROVAL OF THE PROJECT MANAGER Continue refining your writing skills through constructive criticism from the instructor and your peers. Class consists of your reading aloud for 10-15 minutes and then receiving constructive criticism for 10 minutes. You can take the course as often as needed – some finish their project here and then prepare to get published or self-publish. If you have not taken the prerequisite and have a writing project, you may be eligible to register in the group with prior approval by the Program Director. Every student who registers in a writing course automatically becomes a member of The Writers’ Colony. Monday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Terms 1, 2 combined | Fee: $135 8 wk

OPEN READINGS OPEN READINGS FREE TO THE PUBLIC – CALLING ALL WRITERS OF FICTION, NONFICTION, & POETRY Enjoy making new friends in a Literary Gathering! Come to listen or sign up to read from an original work (published or unpublished). All levels are welcome. Participants read for 10–15 minutes. After the readings there is a short OPEN DISCUSSION which is not a critique session. The purpose is to encourage one another to continue writing. Refreshments served. ORGANIZERS: Bobbie Kotler, Barbara Cronie The second Thursday evening of the month | 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm The Crest Theatre | 2017: 5/11, 6/8 There will be no readings in July and August. They will resume in September. CALL: 561-742-3244 or 212-677-4278 to sign up to read. Walk-ins welcome.

I always had the desire to write, but never thought I could. When I retired to Florida, I read of a Beginning Fiction Course and decided to give it a try. It’s where I gained my confidence. Then I joined The Critique Group and went on to selfpublish my novel What Killed Dr. K.? in 2015. I am now happily, still part of the Critique Group, working on my second novel. BARBARA KOTLER



YOUTH “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” —PABLO PICASSO

Come and CREATE! Creative activity is an important building block in child development. 27

TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

YOUTH CLASSES MESSY HANDS – Lianna Slater FOR AGES 6-8 This fun class is very hands-on and fairly hand messy! Children will use their hands and minimal fine line utensils, such as pencils, crayons and paintbrushes. They will be cutting, tearing, pasting, painting and gluing. Each project will incorporate different arts fundamentals and a bit of art history. All materials are included. Tuesday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | All Terms | Fee: $65 4 wk

INSTALLATION ART INSTALLATION ART – TEENS - Peter Pereira FOR AGES 14 – 17 Bring a Shoe! Peter G. Pereira, creator of the Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation Series will introduce you to this groundbreaking and exiting course: Installation Art. Get ready for a magical experience as you explore in-and-out-of-the-box approaches to composing installation art! This class will be a fun and exciting way to develop your own skills while learning the art of teamwork. Are you a writer/poet, fashionista, musician, painter, sculptor, photographer, movie-maker, or some combination in the making? Then this course is for you! You will explore Installation Art in all media! We will incorporate a variety of your own media works and ideas including photographs, paintings, drawings, writing, video, sound and sculpture. So bring something of yours along (and also bring an extra shoe, which will later become part of a larger interactive and multimedia installation piece)! We will discuss the installation: materials, site, scale, budget, construction, project managing, funding, social media/marketing, ecology and our carbon footprint. We will talk about techniques for documenting the process, which will make the project a film in the making! Bring a shoe and join this journey of a thousand creative miles! Completion of assignments may require some fun time outside of class. Assembly fee included in class price. Participants are required to provide materials. Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm | All Terms | Fee: $115 Wk

SUMMER CAMP SCHOOL OF ROCK CAMP FOR AGES 10-17 Fists in the air! Your journey to great musicianship begins HERE! We have the experience and the enthusiasm to get you playing the music you love…FAST! The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Queen will be just some of the artists covered. Come in with a choice of instrument and we will get you started learning the basics and playing songs with others right away! Real touring musicians teach the students, and you’ll have access to professionals in all aspects of production (sound, lights, electric, set). No experience necessary; in this all-inclusive music experience, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of live performance – all it takes is the desire to ROCK! Open to Voice, Keys, Guitar, Bass and Drums. This session culminates with a performance in the Crest Theatre! Enroll now at For questions, please call 561-855-2646. Session 1: July 24th -28th | 9 am-3 pm | Fee $595 Session 2: July 31st to Aug 4th | 9 am-3 pm | Fee $595




The faculty for the School of Creative Arts is one of the most talented in South Florida! These professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classes. As a result of expert instruction here, many of our students’ works have been juried into competitions and accepted into local, regional and national exhibitions. Several of our high school students have been accepted into art programs at some of the best schools in the country. WINSTON AARONS has a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing from Sarah Lawrence College. He has taught courses in English, Writing and Studies in the Novel, at Lynn University for several years, and was Director of the school’s Honors Program. He also taught Contemporary Literature at Palm Beach State College, where he was active in the school’s fiction and poetry workshops. He has given classes on the short story in Delray Beach’s Public Library Lifelong Learning Institute for the past three years. He has published a novel, Jasmine, which Kirkus Reviews listed as one of the top twenty-five of the top One Hundred Best Indie Books of 2012. Mr. Aarons now writes full time. He has two books, Who Is Sor Avraham, and his memoir, Sweet Like Sugar, for which he seeks publication.

GARY ANTONIO was born in Salem, Massachusetts and studied at the University of California at Davis, CA, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art. Antonio was fortunate to study and assist the following world-renowned Artists: Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Peterson, Manuel Neri, Robert Arneson, and Roy DeForest. Gary Antonio spent a year in Paris, France, studying at the Atelier 17 Workshop with Stanley William Hayter, who is considered “the grandfather” of Intaglio Printmaking. Gary was a Professor of Metal Sculpture and Structural Welding at the City College of San Francisco and Artistic Director of the Childrens’ Outreach Program for The Body Shop, San Francisco, CA. Gary is presently teaching art at the Creative Arts School at Old School Square, The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach and The Lighthouse Art School in Tequesta, Fl. His paintings have been exhibited at Center for Creative Education, West Palm Beach, Art in Public Places, Palm Beach International Airport, Nathan D. Rosen Museum, JF Gallery, West Palm Beach and Seth Jason Beitler Gallery, Miami. View his work at:

ERIN ASHLEY is an internationally renowned artist who has lived in NY, Los Angeles and Florida for most of her life. A self-trained artist, her art career started by surprise when she tried painting as a new hobby that quickly grew into a full time art career. Her art has been published worldwide and has appeared on HGTV “Flip Or Flop” show, Bravo TV “Million Dollar Listing” and published in many art and home décor magazines including the cover of Refresh Better Homes and Garden magazine. You can find many prints of her works in home stores and websites such as Wayfair. com and more. Erin Ashley also shows her work locally at the Carre D’ Artist gallery in Boca Raton. View her work at:

ALICIA JANE BOSWELL received her MFA In Artisanry—Metalsmithing/Jewelry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a B.F.A. in Functional


Design at Murray State University in Kentucky. She has attained positions of visiting professor, sabbatical replacement, adjunct faculty, studio assistant/ technician, artist-in-residence, and visiting (workshop) instructor at arts/crafts education centers around the United States and internationally. She was also honored to be invited to assist and display work in a small workshop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art/Ratti Textile Center which coincided with the exhibition “Gems of European Lace” 1600-1920 in 2013. In April of the same year she was invited by the Textile Support Organization in Pavia, Italy to exhibit work, lecture and teach a small workshop on contemporary jewelry and participated in SIERAAD the International Jewelry Fair in Amsterdam. Working for the jewelry industry as a full time goldsmith and stone setter for the past few years, Alicia presently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, as the Jewelry & Metalsmithing Artist in resident at the Armory Art Center teaching and working as a full time studio jeweler. View her work at:

SALLY COOPER has been painting all her life and in the mid-nineties moved from detailed representational work to seeking the abstract. She is a five-time winner of The Artist’s Magazine’s national competition and a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society. Her work has been included in numerous regional and national competitive exhibitions receiving awards in most. Sally’s work is “about a creative process rather than a specific image or place.” She is represented by Mary Woerner Fine Arts, West Palm Beach. View her work at:

BARBARA CRONIE received an M.A. in Writing from New York University. Her diversified background includes teaching, writing and experience in magazine and book publishing. Starting out in NYC at Random House as a copywriter, she soon moved on to magazines as the editor of Modern Stereo. Two years later she became the managing editor of a publishing house which produced several magazines. Published as a journalist (articles and interviews), she has traveled to Italy twice, promoting food and wine for the Italian Trade Commission, NYC. Among her teaching positions she lists: The Lighthouse International, NYC; Katharine Gibbs School (seminars), NYC; Palm Beach State College; Palm Beach County Continuing Education– before forming The Writers’ Colony. She presently offers an editing service, Editing Par Excellence, for beginning and established writers who are preparing manuscripts for publishing. She is a member of The International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) and The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

HANA DAVIS attended Pratt Institute and Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied Fashion Design and illustration. Hana worked at Breckenridge and Joe Benbassett designing and illustrating Junior Sportswear. She has taught classes in Figure Drawing and Fashion Illustration to adults and children. Her work has been exhibited at the Nassau County Museum of Art, the Hecksher Museum, the Art League of Long Island, and the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17

combines two great loves in her work: nature and painting. While working in nature. Deborah strives to give her audience a glimpse of how animals live in the wild. She received the Masters Circle award from the International Association of Pastel Societies. Her work has been featured in museums, national and international art shows and International magazines as well as in private collections. Ms. LaFogg Docherty has illustrated a children’s book with part of the proceeds going to save critical habitat in the Florida Keys. Membership affiliations include: associate member of the Society of Animal Artists, Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation, member of excellence with the Southeastern Pastel Society, member of the Oil Painters of America, member of the International Guild of realism, the Pastel Society of North Florida, Degas Pastel Society and member of the Women Artists of the West and the Audubon Artists. View her work at

DONNA STEGER FULLER has a BA in Art from University of Florida and an MA in Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University. She has done extensive commercial work for Motorola, Office Depot, PBIA and others, as well as limited edition posters for the City of Boca Raton and Hilton Hotels. Donna has executed many commissions of classical reproductions of old masters, such as Rubens, Vermeer and Guardi to name a few. Donna is a Signature Member of the International Acrylic Society and a member of Oil Painters of America. Ms. Fuller’s paintings are in collections in the UK, Japan, Australia and USA.

CARLA GOLEMBE is an award winning acrylic painter, gouache illustrator, art instructor and author. Her paintings are shown in galleries throughout the United States and are included in many corporate and private collections. She has illustrated more than 20 picture books. Other illustration work includes educational projects, greeting cards, posters, magazine work, book covers and hand done art for websites. She has received awards from The New York Times, Parent’s Choice and The American Folklore Society, NSTA/CBC, Jerry’s Artarama and PMA as well as others. Carla has taught art and creative writing on the college level and to adults for over 30 years. She has participated in five Animals on Parade public art projects. View her work at:

LEE GORDON has a comprehensive understanding of the art and skills of photography. Since his first cameras – a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and a Fujica Half Frame – he has owned and operated photographic studios, a fine-art photography gallery, and is currently both a commercial and fine art photographer. Lee’s commercial interests are architectural, lifestyle, and interior design statements. His creative interests are mastering and teaching photographic digital workflow and producing fine art prints. “My creative intention is to simply capture and share the beauty and wonder of the earth, and its magnificent places, faces and spaces.” View his work at:

JOHN GRANDE was born in 1969 in Huntington, Long Island. He attended the School of Visual Arts in 1995 earning his BFA. After graduating, Grande moved to NYC and worked as a professional C Printer at several high-end photo labs in NYC. During this time, John Grande printed for such high-end fashion, music and fine art photographers like Mick Rock - Miles Aldrich – Jack Pearson – Annie Liebovitz – Marc Baptiste – Giles Bensimon – Jerry Schatzberg to name a few. This practice highly influenced his personal work allowing him to assess their work - study their compositions and visual techniques for creating a successful image. Since that time, Grande has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the world (New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Korea, Italy, India, Canada). Grande is a photo-based artist who works in project form, using photo reference to produce a ”photo realistic” style with paint into a visual dialogue while constantly searching for different ways of solving contextual problems and ideas. He incorporates pop culture – contemporary or retro – branding symbols – advertising logos – superheroes – phrases and art. Grande interweaves them together transforming their original meanings and continuously adding to the vocabulary of art. His current work is about exploring “the deconstruction of popular culture through advert street posting and the investigation of this thought into material.” “My art comes from the history of art and the culture of our times. I am interested in work that is derived out of today’s overwhelming multimedia world.” View his work at:

IRENE HILL is an award winning Master Photographer and graduate of Northwestern University with a dual Master’s Degree in English and Education. She has photographed over 200 concerts and events throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, has been a special events consultant to the National Geographic Society, escorted numerous international tours, and created and managed hundreds of lectures, conferences and seminars. As a lifelong photographer whose goals are now directed to instructing others in the art of fine photography, Irene brings a world of national and international experience along with a love of teaching to her students. View her work at:




graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Fontainebleau, France. He has a B.S. in Art from B.Y.U. and is the author of two books on perspective and pencil drawing published by McGraw Hill, Education: Techniques of Interior Design Rendering and Presentation and Photographic Perspective Drawing Techniques. He taught drawing for seven years and chaired the Design Department at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco. Mr. Leach has lived, drawn and painted in France and Holland and studied with Ted Seth Jacobs in France. Mr. Leach’s drawings and paintings are held in private international collections.

RALPH PAPA was born and raised in Manhattan and studied art and architecture in New York at Queens College and CCNY and at the Art Students League. His paintings range from studio works composed of real and imagined themes to figurative, portraits and plein air paintings. Mr. Papa teaches drawing and painting at his Delray studio and at the Creative Arts School at Old School Square. He is a member of the Garrison Art Center, the Delray Art League, Past President of the Artists’ Guild of the Boca Museum and co-founder of ‘Plein Air Painters of Palm Beach’. His works are in public and private collections in the U.S. and Canada and can be seen in galleries in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach at his studio, the Artists’ Guild Gallery and on his website at:






is a versatile artist in Painting, Illustration Performance and Installation Art. Based in New York over the past twenty plus years, is now ready to settle in beautiful Delray Beach. He studied at the University of Omaha and Art Studies in Europe and Africa in the 1980’s and 90’s. On his return, he was accepted into several prestigious galleries for painting including Timothy Roberts Gallery and Gallerie D’Art Contemporain (to which his abstract work has returned). He has since continued to create across disciplines and notably evolved the Trees of Life Sculpture Multimedia Installation over the past 10 years in New York and toured Internationally in recent years (with Figment Arts) bringing this unique Installation Series as far Geelong Australia. Based on Painting and Drawing from his time in Africa and later Montreal he also created the Paradox Box Series of Wrap Sculpture and Painting Performance Series and compose an original Album for the show which later became performed off-Broadway. As an illustrator, his Comic Book Narrative work appears in Strauss News Media and now also published by Four Story Media Group in Delray Beach. View his work at:

has taught expressive arts since 1989 in a multitude of programs, schools and non- profits in her home state of Rhode Island. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, The University of Hartford Art School and traveled abroad in her junior year in Florence, Italy. She studied color, design and composition thru all disciplines to earn her BFA in Fine Art. She worked as an assistant designer for several major costume jewelry manufacturers in RI . She has designed for Wet Seal, Target, Charlotte Russe and many other well-known national retailers. Lianna held a position for 9 years as gallery manager, direct support professional, job coach, and director of jewelry design at a non-profit agency in historic downtown Newport, RI. She guided her students and helped channel their creativity to run a successful jewelry business & art gallery. The gallery has been featured in Yankee magazine, and a number of other RI magazines as well as being recognized as a place of sharing art for the entire Newport community. View her work at:


has a passion for guiding students to develop a strong foundation in their art as they are learning to express themselves. She has a B.A. from Hofstra University, received a B.F.A. from Colorado State University. Before studying Fine Art at The Armory Art Center, she was an artist in Biomedical Communications at Southwestern Medical School. Beth teaches drawing and painting to children and adults at the Creative Arts School, The Armory and the Boca Museum. She exhibits her drawings and paintings in various local venues and has work in private collections.

is fine art photographer and designer based in Delray Beach. Primarily selftaught, Dimitri’s photographs are in private collections across the United States and abroad. An active member of the Delray Beach community, he serves on the board of the Delray Art League. His artistic focus is on producing unique fine art prints, and sharing his passion for photography through teaching and exhibiting his work throughout Florida. “My intention is to evoke the memory of a time and place in my photographs. Not just as it was, but as I felt and experienced it.” View his work at:


BOB SCHMIDT has been in the art glass industry for 38 years. He is the owner and operator of Schmidt Stained Glass. Originally from Pittsburgh, he started as an apprentice at the age of 16. He opened his first studio 4 years later creating custom art glass for architects and builders in the new home construction field. His work included cabinet glass, windows and custom front entrances. He operated an art glass studio in Pittsburgh for many years and has developed his skills as a master craftsman. In 2004, he moved to Florida to offer his expertise in a high end studio to set up a retail store, teaching facility, cabinet glass shop and repair center. In 2010 he reestablished Schmidt Stained Glass as a classroom and full service studio producing architectural art glass and creating one of a kind unique pieces of art. Robert is a Delray Beach resident and has a studio in Boynton Beach, FL. “Your Ideas Captured In Glass.” View his work at:

VICKI SIEGEL earned a B.F.A from the University of Illinois and continued her M.F.A coursework at Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy. She developed a passion for painting while she pursued a career in advertising. Vicki’s work is influenced by memories, both personal and collective and addresses social issues. She is a passionate instructor of adult painting. Vicki Siegel is a Golden Artist Educator (GAEP) and a member of the National Association of Women Artists. Ms. Siegel frequently exhibits in South Florida and her work is included in numerous private collections. Siegel’s studio is in Delray Beach, Florida. View her work at:


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17





PAYMENT AND REFUND POLICIES Our registration policy has been developed to be as flexible as possible, while protecting quality educational standards. All programs and instructors are subject to change.


ALL STUDIOS ARE LOCATED IN THE CREST THEATRE BUILDING UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. 2017 SPRING/SUMMER CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS • Placement in a course is secured by payment of all fees. • Doors open 15 minutes prior to class start time. • Each class fee contains a non-refundable $15 Combined Registration and Preservation fee. • Suggested supply lists for classes are available online, • The Center is not responsible for any artwork/personal items that are lost, stolen, damaged or left in the classroom. • Students and parents must respect the rights of other students and staff or they may be asked to leave the school and forfeit tuition. OUR HISTORIC SPACES REQUIRE LOTS OF TLC! In our ongoing efforts to maintain these historic buildings and the studio spaces within, we expect all students assist us by cleaning up their respective work areas at the conclusion of each class. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION! REFUND POLICIES No refunds or make-up classes due to student illness, unexpected travel, or other reasons beyond the control of the facility. Refunds to withdraw from a Class or Workshop must be requested in writing no less than one week prior to the beginning of the course. The $15 non-refundable Combined Registration and Preservation fee will be retained.

Organized and maintained by the Creative Arts School staff at Old School Square Our purpose is to reach out to those whose passion is drawing, painting and/or photography to help you explore your creative potential. Our mission is to create opportunities for beginner through master level artists to network, share ideas and expand their knowledge. Many of our members are teaching or are enrolled in classes at the Creative Arts School, but this is not a requirement for membership in the group. We look forward to having you join us, meet some new friends and have fun!

MEETUP.COM/PHOTOGRAPHY-THE-ART-OF-SEEING/ Organized and maintained independently by Jim Miller, Russell Levine and Irene Hill. Welcome to our group of creative and talented photographers. Our mission is to help you explore your photographic potential, and to spread the passion for the “art of seeing” to others so that they may use the camera as an artistic tool, much as painters use their brushes. We welcome all those, regardless of experience, with an interest in advancing their photographic skills. Many of our members attend Fine Art Photography Classes at the Creative Arts School, but this is certainly not a requirement for membership in the group.

MEETUP.COM/PALMBEACHARTISTS/ Organized and maintained independently by Donna Walsh and Ralph Papa This meetup group is for art lovers and artists at all levels who love plein air painting in and around Palm Beach County and the surrounding South Florida vicinity. The group was organized by Ralph Papa & Donna Walsh in 2010 to bring artists together to paint the land, sea and city scapes in beautiful south Florida. We welcome resident artists and visiting artists at all levels to come out with us to paint and document today’s landscapes that contribute to tomorrow’s history.


BACK COVER ARTIST: Photography Instructor – Lee Gordon

SPECIAL THANKS! During the 4th of July festivities, 2016, a lighting demonstration was conducted by John (JD) DiDomenico of Skyline Arts LLC, to show how Old School Square’s historic buildings could be transformed into architectural jewels and active public spaces at night. Old School Square is in the process of seeking funding to acquire a lighting design package for the campus. Special thanks to JD for creating our “Light the Square” experience and to Lee Gordon, of Lee Gordon Photography, for accepting our “Call to Photographers.” Lee captured the beauty of our historic building as shown on the back cover. Thank you both for your passion in all you do! John DiDomenico:, Lee Gordon: 33

Organized and maintained independently by Santiago Perez. This group of visual artists has a deep passion in figurative drawing and painting as well as plein air/outdoor painting of landscapes and urbanscapes. Meetup intentions are to bring the artist community out and make new friends. Let’s work together and strengthen our skills while we draw, paint and talk. Focus is on representational art with an emphasis on realism/pseudo-realism /surrealism. All levels welcome. Bring creative ideas out of the box but with boundaries that keep the art an upper level of beauty. Also contemplate current, past and upcoming trends and how we as artists feel and cope with them. Together we feed each other’s creative hunger as well as make things happen in the arts!


TERM 1 5/1/17 – 5/28/17 | TERM 2 6/5/17 – 7/2/17 | TERM 3 7/10/17 – 8/6/17 | TERM 4 8/7/17 – 9/3/17


FOUNDED IN 1986 Old School Square is an award-winning arts center and the cultural heart of Delray Beach. The campus includes early 20th century school buildings, which were beautifully restored and re-adapted to house the Crest Theatre – with the Creative Arts School on the second floor, the Cornell Museum and the Fieldhouse. Also on the campus is The Pavilion, a state-of-the-art outdoor performance venue. By combining historic preservation and the arts, Old School Square became the catalyst for the 1990’s renaissance of downtown Delray Beach, now regarded as one the hottest destinations in the country. In 2012 Delray Beach was named “America’s Most Fun Small Town” by Rand McNally and USA Today. Old School Square is a community gathering place for a diverse schedule of activities. Nearly half a million people come to Old School Square each year for performances, lectures, exhibits, concerts, tours, classes, events, festivals, and rental activities such as weddings, receptions, private parties, and corporate events.











From I-95 North or South take the Atlantic Avenue exit 52. Go east one mile to Swinton Ave. Old School Square is on the NE corner of Atlantic and Swinton.

Delray’s parking garage is located east of the Old School Square grounds. The garage entrance is located on NE 1st Avenue at the corner of NE 1st Street. City parking fees may apply. Public parking lots are located on NW 1st Ave., Swinton Avenue and NE 2nd Avenue.



Visit for class schedule updates: 51 N Swinton Ave | Delray Beach, FL 33444 | 561 243 7922, x317 or x478

Creative Arts School - 2017 Spring/Summer Classes  

Creative Arts School at Old School Square in Delray Beach offers 4-week terms for spring and summer classes and workshops.

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