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OUR STORY DAZE is a multi-functional company. Our headquarters office is based in Eastern Europe (Białystok, Poland) with representative offices in other European countries and Asia. We offer stunning solutions for window displays, POS materials, event planning and a lot more. DAZE serves luxury, corporate, retail and fashion industry. We have our own factory and all the tools required to successfully execute our client's projects. Our company is created by a unique team of project managers, engineers and designers. Except individual concept designs we provide technical design, project management, turnkey logistics, installation of the items on the location and manufacturing or purchasing all the needed elements from our preferred, selected partners. Our company delivers the best quality of services and very attractive prices!. We are proud of our achievements and thankful for the customers and partners who believe in us!

René van der Hoek | Founder

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OUR VISION DAZE is investing in people so that they are able to give their best to satisfy our customers’ needs. We share with clients our experience and develop the best concepts to impress the whole industry! With our vision and values as the core pillars of our strategy, we focus on deepening relationships with customers by serving them anywhere and at anytime. We earn their trust through every interaction.

“We are ready when we have completely delivered and exceeded our client’s expectations on time and within the budget”. René van der Hoek | Founder

Emilia Szyngier | CEO & Senior Project Manager


DAZE has its headquarters in BiaĹ‚ystok, Poland. With representative oďŹƒces in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and China. Our company creates customized solutions for retail industry and has integrated its global operations to ensure hat customers receive the right solution, globally available.

GLOBAL MANUFACTURING DAZE is a global manufacturer who keeps carrying out a detailed research about world-wide production options and works only with carefully selected business partners. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing in China, but we are also developing business possibilities in Eastern Europe. Our company is based in the middle of Europe (Bialystok, Poland) which provides us with a quick access to all European countries and the prices we offer are very attractive in comparison with other companies. We monitor trends on the global market and ensure that we offer the best quality services for our clients.

We build a solid, long-lasting relationship with each client we work with. This is achieved by exceeding their expectations all the time and consistently providing the best quality results. Whether it is a project with a very short delivery time, or a global campaign planned months ahead, we treat each and every case with the utmost importance. Every customer is special for us and we do our best to make them feel it. “Our aim is to become a member of their team and immerse ourselves in their brand to ensure we completely understand their vision”. We work with the world’s leading retailers and also with small or medium companies and always take great care of every detail and respect the values of the brand. Regardless of project size or complexity, we can exceed your expectations within your budget. It does not matter if you simply have an outline idea, or even a fully developed project plan, we can make it a reality! From concept drawings and 3D visualizations through manufacturing, project management, logistics, installation and fixing.

“We don’t wait for things to happen, we go out and make things happen!”

I invite you to discuss your next project with me!

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