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Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

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Bar Briefs

Summer 2015 | Vol. 64, No. 11

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2015 – 2016

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women in law forum Talks Parenting and the Practice of Law

By Jade K. Smarda Esq.

2015 Celebration of life memorial luncheon recap

By Jennifer A. Kirby Esq.


2015 Annual Meeting

Dale E. Creech Jr.


5k for the kids

Lynnette Dinkler

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By Jamar A. King Esq.

Ninth Annual 5 for the Kids 5K a Success Despite Rain

By Erin Gay Warren Esq.

18 Inaugural Barristers’ Bowl By Ava Billimoria Esq.

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Barrister of the Month: william h. Macbeth esq.

By Edward M. Smith Esq.


Continuing Legal education


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upcoming events 8 GDVLP, ABLE and LAWO present: Access to justice awards Friday, November 12th


2015-16 Chancery club luncheon


Doors will open at 11:30am. Seating is Limited YOU must RSVP:

Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


Barrister of the month

William H. Macbeth Esq. B

ill Macbeth came to the practice of law in 1963. I first met Bill in 1981, when I joined Nolan, Sprowl & Foley. He was already a seasoned business attorney. We shared offices in the Kettering Tower for over fifteen years, before his firm, Murr, Compton, Claypoole & Macbeth, moved to Kettering, one of the first of many to move to the suburbs. I was struck by his graciousness and willingness to advise me on any question, no matter how inane. I was also impressed that his door was always open. Over the years, gaining my own experience, I increasingly appreciated his common sense and his sense of humor. No matter what the topic, Bill usually ended the discussion with a witty comment followed by a wry smile (he might even call it a smirk). He saw the human frailty and humor in many of the problems we address every day. Bill was born in Dayton and grew up in Dayton View on Rockford Avenue, and graduated from Chaminade High School in 1956, where he played golf and football. Golf has been a passion since he was young. His athletic director at Chaminade was Brother Steve Sheehy, who eventually followed Bill from Chaminade to the University of Dayton. Bill flourished at UD where he majored in political science and lettered all four years on the golf team. He became captain of the team (“if you had a car you were captain”). In addition to being a legendary basketball coach at UD, Tom Blackburn was also the golf coach. Bill recalled that he once chided the team – “you guys don’t get going ‘til the 19th hole!” Bill played in a couple of tournaments in which Jack Nicklaus was a participant, and quipped that “my entourage was smaller than his” and “I was on the other end of the leader board.” Bill also recalled a high school tournament at which Nicklaus arrived late and started on the short par 4 tenth hole. He hit his first ball out of bounds, third shot on the green and sunk his putt for a par. Bill met Helen Daley during his freshman year at UD while she was still at Julienne High School. They were married in 1961, and raised four children, Barbara, Julie, Bill, Jr. and Molly. The latter three live in Ohio and Barbara is in Charleston near his favorite vacation spot at Hilton Head. It is always satisfying when a son or daughter follows in your profession and that can be said of Bill, whose son, Bill, Jr., is also a lawyer in Columbus. It’s an affirmation of what 4

Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

you do. Helen and Bill are both active in St. Charles Church in Kettering. Bill participated in Army ROTC at the University of Dayton and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. He received a scholarship to Ohio State Law School and during the summers worked at Cowden, Pfarrer, Crew & Becker, where he was mentored by Joe Buchanan and Ben Olive. He recalls Joe’s mentoring as “one of the highlights of my legal career.” After graduating from law school in 1963, he was admitted to the bar and served in the Army JAG Corps for three years, most of which he spent at Fort Eustice, Virginia, home of the Transportation

Corps. There he tried court martial cases. He also met another lawyer, his boss, Larry Henneberger, who became his mentor and life-long friend. Through his friendship with Jim Smith, a classmate at Chaminade and UD, Bill landed a position in 1967, his first full year of private practice, with Miller, Compton, Long & Smith, which later became Murr, Compton, Claypoole & Macbeth. The firm was then on lower Salem Avenue and moved to the Kettering Tower in the early 1970s and then in 1998 to Stroop Road in Kettering. As it turned out, Clyde Miller was his next door neighbor, but Bill rarely saw him since Clyde left so early to go to the office. It was a group of great lawyers with the kind of work ethic that is seen less today. One way or the other, Bill inherited Clyde Miller’s work ethic. His partner, Brooks Compton, marveled at his hallmark early arrival at the

office and Bill’s easy-going nature. He quickly hit it off with Mike Long and their mutual interest in golf began a Wednesday golf tradition with Bob Eilerman. Although Don Compton was 17 years older than Bill, he became not only a mentor, but a good friend and a lawyer whose interest could be (and still is) piqued about any topic. And later, when Don’s son, Brooks, joined them, he likewise became a good friend and quickly a key lawyer in their firm, continuing the legacy. Bill has been active in both the Dayton Bar Association and Ohio State Bar Association grievance committees (now serving on the latter), and his opinions are always thoughtful and concise. He says he greatly values his thirty some years on the DBA Ethics Committee, as well as the last six years or so on the OSBA Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee. Reminiscing about the matters he has seen and heard as a member of those committees, he advises that young lawyers should take heed that “clients will accept a lot of poor performance, but not being ignored.” When they were downtown, he and other lawyers lunched at the Gold Coin Restaurant, Green Mill, and other prominent Dayton hangouts where lawyers met and shared war stories. Bill relished that camaraderie. A longtime member of the Dayton Lawyer’s Club, he has noticed a decline in the social and professional relationships among lawyers. He’s noticed that young lawyers don’t get the benefit of the stories of other lawyers and the “legal culture” which he admires and feels is so important to a successful and professional practice. Ever optimistic, he hopes they will become more involved. One of Bill’s memorable cases was the “fake gold” case, in which a swindler selling gold out of the trunk of his car did a “bait and switch” on the victims. Bill always wondered why the sale from the trunk of the car was not a clue that something was amiss. What strikes me most about my friend and colleague is that he is so gracious, and he just plain likes being a lawyer and being around lawyers. His quick-witted zingers are usually self-deprecating shots at himself. He finds that “lawyers roll with the punches more” than others. He’s a lawyer’s lawyer. Bill continued on page 5 937.222.7902

BARRISTER OF THE MOnth: william h. macbeth Esq.

continued from page 4

hopes to continue so long as he is able to do the job. Again the wry smile arises as he jokes – “my creditors won’t let me quit.” Bill’s appreciation of lawyers and what they do and how they think is palpable. When he celebrated fifty years in practice, his recollections could not have been kinder to the profession and the way the practice of law should be for all the members of the bar – “It has been a wonderful ride. Other than family, there is not any group I would rather be with than a group of lawyers.

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Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


DBA EVENTS Anne P. Keeton Esq. and Lindsay M. Johnson Esq. speaking at May 13th event

A gathering for DBA Members BOTH Women & Men

The DBA’s Women in Law Forum Talks Parenting and the Practice of Law


n May 13, 2015, the Women in Law Forum tackled one of its most challenging, and elusive, concepts to date: balancing family responsibilities with the practice of law. Moderated by DBA members Anne P. Keeton and Lindsay M. Johnson, the discussion was influenced by the bestselling book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" by Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, combines empirical data and personal anecdotes in what has been called an "inspiring call to action" for women seeking both personal and professional growth. The book, released in 2013, provides practical advice on building a successful career, but is perhaps more famous for tackling the controversial topic of women, or the lack thereof, occupying offices in "C-Suites" of organizations across the country. Sandberg observes that: "Women became 50% of the college graduates in the United States in the early 1980s. Since then, women have slowly and steadily advanced, earning more and more of the college degrees, taking more of the entry-level jobs, and entering more fields previously dominated by men. Despite these gains, the percentage of women at the top of corporate America has barely budged over the last decade. A meager twenty-one of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women." Sandberg goes on to rattle off a number of additional, troubling statistics. For example, women hold only about 14% of executive officer positions and 17% of board seats. Likewise, women constitute only 18% of our elected congressional officials. The legal profession has not escaped this phenomenon. Female graduates of law school have roughly equaled men in number for years, with a fairly equal distribution among men and women accepting associateships in law firms after law school; but, according to the National Association of Women Lawyers, only about 4% of U.S. law firms have


Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

female managing partners. The reasons for this phenomenon are not simple. While the appeal of Lean In rests at least somewhat on Sandberg's ability to offer haltingly short bursts of wisdom that can transcend career field and gender (e.g., "Make your partner a real partner"), Sandberg recognizes that the reasons there are fewer women than men at the top are complex. Her observations on this topic helped make Lean In a particularly appropriate choice for a Forum discussion on work-life balance, as Sandberg posits that women, more so than men, tend to take themselves out of the running for senior leadership positions relatively early in their careers because of family responsibilities and other pressures: "We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in. We internalize the negative messages we get throughout our lives– the messages that say it's wrong to be outspoken, aggressive, more powerful than men. We lower our own expectations of what we can achieve. We continue to do the majority of housework and child care. We compromise our career goals to make room for partners and children who may not even exist yet."

Discussion participants could identify with many of Sandberg's observations, but were quick to point out that family aspirations differ for all women in the workforce, with the legal profession being no exception. Some full-time female lawyers have or would like to have children, while some women have no plans to start a family. Some women make the conscious decision to have children, but to rein in their practice completely or partially while their children are young. Some women work full-time, with a spouse filling a stay-at-home parent role. There is no one way to define a successful career. In fact, one attendee quipped that she is a better parent to her children because she works full-time, a sentiment shared by many participants in the discussion judging from the approving nods and knowing chuckles in the room. Fortunately, women in the legal profession are living in an era where creative solutions to the work-life balance conundrum are becoming more accepted and even encouraged in certain work environments; however, some participants in the discussion could not help but express skepticism at the notion that all women can reach the C-Suite or its equivalent by following Sandberg's adcontinued on page 7

Women, Men and Firms sharing important topics and information!

Join us at the next series:

Women in LAw Forum Reception Thursday, October 1, 2015 | 5:30-7:30pm Dayton Bar Association; 109 N. Main St., Ste. 600

Lynn M. Reynolds Esq. and Susan Bridgman Esq. will speak on the topic “Mentoring”. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Lori Luebben at lluebben@daybar.org 937.222.7902.

Reynolds 937.222.7902

women in law forum

continued from page 6

vice. Yes, women must be smart about their choices, but the number of choices available to each woman depends on a variety of factors. For example, not all women have the financial resources to "lean in" as much as they would like. Leaning in that requires additional travel or non-traditional hours can be more difficult if child-care costs are already overwhelming. Likewise, leaning in may be especially difficult for women who cannot rely on the help of a supportive spouse or family member at home. Variation in income and individual circumstances is just as present in the legal profession as it is in any other field. Some discussion participants, as well as critics on a national level, have suggested that Sandberg does not do enough to factor socioeconomic realities into her observations and advice. All criticism aside, participants in the discussion could give credit where credit is due. Sandberg never professes to have all the answers, or to be perfect, or that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to work-life balance. Not only does she have the courage speak up, at times using anecdotes about


her own personal successes and failures, but she does so in bestselling fashion that virtually guarantees that advancing the goals of women in the workplace will be part of the discussion for years to come. Indeed, anecdotes from participants in the Forum discussion show that there is still a need for topics like work-life balance to be part of local and national discourse. For example, one discussion participant shared that her child's school almost invariably calls her instead of her husband when her child is sick. She never put much thought into the choice, until the day came when the school was unable to reach her on the first try, and then later apologized to her for having to "bother" her husband while he was at work. The emergency contact information she and her husband provided at the beginning of the year disclosed the work numbers of both parents. So, why was it such a travesty to have to bother the man? Discussion participants also pointed out problems with how the media report on the activities of women in leadership roles. "Love her or hate her," remarked one participant, remember when Sarah Palin critics questioned whether it was responsible of her to run for vice president when she had a spe-

cial-needs child at home? And remember when political pundits wondered if Hilary Clinton (again, love her or hate her) would be as interested in running for president now that she has a grandchild? As women in leadership roles find themselves asking more and more, would these same questions ever be asked of a man? (Fun Fact: Mitt Romney welcomed his 23rd grandchild in January 2015. To my knowledge, no one has directly or rhetorically asked in seriousness whether commitments to his grandchildren should impact his presidential plans.) Participants in the Forum always engage in a lively and thoughtful discussion, but are ever eager to hear from more members of the Bar. As such, Forum events are open to both male and female DBA members, who are encouraged to attend and share their perspectives. Contact the DBA to RSVP for the next event, October 1st, By Jade K. Smarda Esq. 5:30-7:30pm at Bar Briefs Editorial Board the DBA. Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L.

Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


2015 Access to Justice Awards T

he 2015 Access to Justice Awards will be presented to four honorees that have been advocates for the rights of disadvantaged people and worked diligently to address their needs. The Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project, Legal Aid of Western Ohio and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality will present the awards at the Access to Justice Awards Gala from 5:30–8:00pm, November 12th at Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center. The following honorees were selected from 22 entries from the public and were chosen by the Selection Committee comprised of cummunity leaders. -David Larson of Altick and Corwin Co., LPA will receive the Lloyd O’Hara Public Interest Law Award for immigration legal assistance and community advocacy that he provides. -Derrick L. Foward, President of the NAACP, is recipient of the Community Advocacy Award for his diligence as a civil rights activist. -St. Vincent de Paul will receive the Community Impact Award for 30 years of service helping homeless individuals and families to find shelter and gain stability. D. Jeffrey Ireland, managing partner of Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L., will receive the Distinguished Service Award. ABLE, LAWO and the GDVLP are honoring him for his meritorious service to the organizations and their clients and his extensive community involvement. Jeff raised the bar on donations to the Campaign for Equal Justice and gala. He also led the Salvation Army’s $7.2 million Kroc Center Development campaign, served as Oakwood Mayor for 10 years and on boards of several organizations.



“These winners embody a unique commitment to the poor and disadvantaged in our Miami Valley community and Beth and I are delighted by these selections,” said Thomas P. Whelley, II of Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP. Whelley and his wife, Beth Whelley of Fahlgren Mortine, are Gala Co-chairs. “This Gala is an important event to showcase what LAWO, ABLE and the VLP do for our community’s most needy. It also is a necessary event to raise much needed funds to support the mission of these organizations.” Beth Whelley noted that the funds from the Gala and Justice on Tap! at Warped Wing Brewery on October 5th will combine with other donations to raise $200,000 for the 2015 Campaign for Equal Justice. “We hope that people will give to the campaign by August 31st and then come and enjoy themselves while supporting this very worthy cause,” she says. WilmerHale will underwrite the Gala. Proceeds will allow LAWO, ABLE and the GDVLP to provide free legal assistance to low-income clients who are unable to afford an attorney when they face domestic violence, elder abuse, tenant /landlord and foreclosure issues, disability, health care and immigration concerns. Gala sponsorships and program booklet ads are available, as are sponsorships for Justice on Tap! For information, contact Karla Garrett Harshaw at kharshaw@ablelaw.org or 937-535-4432. Tickets to the upscale reception and awards program are $100. Reservations can be made at https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/ ABLE/OnlineDonation.html.



Give now to the Campaign for Equal Justice! GOAL: $200,000 SO FAR: $170,000 DONATION DEADLINE: August 31st Your donation will help people like Cindy, a grandmother who wanted to gain custody of her young grandson when his mother and siblings were victims of domestic violence. Or Carol, a veteran who nearly was homeless on Christmas Day when her landlord attempted to evict her after he refused to sign papers from an organization that would make her rent payments. You can donate online now at https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/ABLE/OnlineDonation.html Or, mail a check to Campaign for Equal Justice, 130 W. Second St., Suite 700, Dayton, OH 45402 For additional information, contact kharshaw@ablelaw.org or 937-535-4432


Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015


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Dayton Bar Association 2015 Pictorial Legal Directory • 937.222.7902 • www.daybar.org

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Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs



Celebration of Life Thursday May 14, 2015

By Jennifer A. Kirby Esq. Vice-Chair: Bar Briefs Editorial Board Surdyk Dowd & Turner Co., LPA

Sinclair College, Bldg 12


n May 14th, the Dayton Bar Association held its annual luncheon honoring the DBA members we lost in the past year. While I did not know any of the honorees personally, after listening to their friends and loved ones, I wish I had. It cannot be easy to stand in front of a full room to speak about lost loved ones, but all of the speakers did so eloquently. Attendees learned not only about the honorees’ professional accolades, but we also got an insight into the honorees’ personal goals and accomplishments. Several of this year’s honorees were well known within the Dayton legal community. Charles Shook worked with the firm of Bieser, Greer and Landis for over 60 years. To the legal community, he was Charlie; but Andrew Z. Arnett 1986-2014 to his friends and family, he was Chuck. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, colleagues often went to Charlie for advice. Charlie loved books, classical music, the ever elusive muskie, and his family. Like Charlie, Mary Taylor practiced law for over 60 years. Early in her career, Mary was often told she could not be a good lawyer, a good mother and a good wife at the same time. As Mary’s husband Ed informed us, she proved all of her nay-sayers wrong. Mary opened her law office in 1956 on North Main Street in Dayton and maintained that office until the day she died. At one point in time, Mary tried a case in Texas despite the fact that she would not have been able to sit on the jury due to her gender. Mary’s husband painted the picture of a smart, brave and loving woman who lived a full life. Many speakers discussed their personal friendships with those we lost. R. Peter Finke 1937-2014 Judge Dankof spoke of his dear friend Art Hollencamp and the shock of losing a man he believed was outrageous, unforgettable and a force of nature. Judge Dankof described Art as “true blue”; a tough and zealous advocate who was always humane. Similar sentiments were expressed about several of the honorees. Dennis Hall was described as a good and loyal friend who was loving and devoted to his family. Adam Webber shared stories about Eugene Gilbert and the positive effects Eugene had on his professional and personal life. Candid and funny stories about Douglas Casteel were shared by a long and devoted friend. Despite being a quiet and private man, Michael Ellerbrock is dearly missed by his colleagues and clients. Attendees also learned of R. Peter Finke’s diverse career background, love for jazz and desire to be a pillar of his community (which he achieved). Arthur R. Hollencamp The youngest of this year’s honorees was Andrew Arnett. His friends 1951-2015 described him as a talented and generous young man whose legal career was just getting started. Perhaps the most poignant quote of the day for me was shared by Wray Blattner, courtesy of Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” After hearing Wray’s speech about Teresa Jones and her many adventures, it was easy to see why this quote was perfect for her. Teresa’s life included participating in Freedom Summer and registering African American voters; leading head start programs; selling used pickup trucks and text books; playing poker; learning how to fly; and participating on several community boards. The tone of the luncheon was not sadness and grief, although each honoree will be dearly missed. Instead, the focus was on the love and Mary J. Taylor happiness each person brought into the lives of those privileged enough 1926-2014 to know them. In addition to the honorees mentioned above, the Memorial Luncheon also recognized the following individuals: H. Marvin Felman, J. Timothy Cline, Jr., Byron E. Holzfaster, Judge Bush P. Mitchell, James R. Greene III, and Peter J. Jerardi, Jr. 10

Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

Douglas Casteel Michael J. Ellerbrock 1948-2014


B. Eugene Gilbert

Dennis L.1944-2015 Hall

Teresa D. Jones

Charles D. Shook 1927-2015



Yesterday is a memory Tomorrow is a mystery Today is a gift

Present which is why it is called THE


Foundation Fellows

Class of 2015

The DBA Foundation has initiated the Foundation Fellows Program to recognize those members of the Dayton legal community who have maintained the highest standards of the legal profession and who are dedicated to the welfare of the community and furtherance of the purposes and ideals of the Dayton Bar Association and Foundation. Foundation Fellow nominees have distinguished themselves at the bench or the bar, demonstrated integrity, high character, have been involved in legal and/or community affairs and have made a commitment to the future success of the Dayton Bar Association Foundation.

Charles F. Allbery III

Theresa A. Baker

Karen D. Bradley

Joan B. Brenner

Robert L. Caspar Jr.

Daryl R. Douple

Trisha M. Duff

James A. Dyer

Christopher B. Epley

Lauren K. Epperley

Mag. Joseph S. Gallagher

Charles F. Geidner

Caroline H. Gentry

Lawrence J. Greger

Anne P. Keeton

Thomas A. Knoth

Hon. James F. Long

Craig T. Matthews

Alan F. Meckstroth

Hon. Michael R. Merz

David P. Mesaros

Mag. Arvin S. Miller III

Michael B. Miller

Bruce I. Nicholson

Victoria L. Nilles

Hon. Thomas M. O’Diam

Mag. Bonnie Beaman Rice

Hon. Adele M. Riley

Jon Paul Rion

Carl D. Sherrets

Paul H. Spaeth


Lynn M. Reynolds

Christopher A. Walker

*Photos Not Available: Mag. Gina A. Feller, Laurence A. Lasky & Todd D. Severt Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs



Annual Meeting 2015

Celebrating Our Legacy of Excellence Friday, June 19, 2015 | Sinclair College, Bldg 12

By Jamar T. King Esq. Bar Briefs Editorial Board Thompson Hine LLP



very June the best and brightest legal minds come together for the premier event on the DBA calendar – the Annual Meeting. This year was no exception, as Sinclair Community College graciously hosted and prepared a delicious dinner, featuring carved top round roast beef and Nordica salmon, for the Annual Meeting on June latinu 19th. EstabroP o k Charitam Several members of the bar were recognized for their countless hours, unyieldb Porter WAdministered by:le Trust ing drive, and resolute commitment to make not only the bar, but the entire Dayton community a better place. Not the least of which was renown litigator and all-round Faruki Irright Morris & Arthur ela renaissance man, David C. Greer. He was honored with the 2015 Legacy of ExcelThompsnd & Cox P.L.L lence Award for his contributions to the legal profession over the past fifty-plus on Hine LLP . years. Greer, the son and grandson of an attorney, is a 1962 graduate of Yale Law School. After graduation and receiving the highest score on the 1962 Ohio State Gol LexisNed Bar exam, he came back to his native Dayton to begin his career. Since then he has xis firmly cemented his legacy as one of the best attorneys Dayton has ever known. The 2015 Class of DBA Foundation Fellows was also recognized. The class DinsmorSilver featured attorneys that work in every area of the law, and even academia. The Freund F e & Shohl LLP class also included the following members of the bench: Mag. Joseph S. GallaPremier reeze & Arnold gher, Hon. James F. Long, Hon. Michael R. Merz, Hon. Thomas O’Diam, Mag. Health P artners Bonnie Beaman Rice (Retired), and Hon. Adele M. Riley. The newly minted managing partner of Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L., D. Jeffery Ireland was introBr Ohio Bar Liabilityonze duced the as the Foundation’s incoming president. But he wasn’t the only new Roger M I president introduced that night. cNay Innssurance Compa ur n Subashi Kermit F. Lowery was sworn in as the 2015-16 DBA president. He will & Wildaence Agency y take over the reins from Richard P. Perna. Kermit, nationally acclaimed for rmuth his fervent dedication to pro bono services to the economically disadvantaged P tron and underserved, will be the 101st president in the DBA’s illustrious history. Ferneda in He is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and former assistant JAG officer. CurJohn Mg. Insurance Ruffolo rently, he is a vice president and assistant general counsel at LexisNexis. Miam


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Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015



Leadership Development

Class of 2014 Hannah R. Barnhorn LexisNexis

Stefan B. Blum Thompson Hine LLP

Jessica A. Brockman Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling

Ana E. Crawford

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP

Katherine L. Epling

Mont. Cty. Common Pleas Court

Christina M. Flanagan Bieser Greer & Landis, LLP

Christopher C. Hollon Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L.

Anne M. Jagielski Attorney at Law

Kathleen C. Kersh Advocates for Basic Legal Equality

James R. Smerbeck

Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L. www.daybar.org

Legacy of Excellence Award Recipient David C. Greer Esq. Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


daybar.org/cle Juvenile GAL Seminar #014

Thurs. & Fri. August 13th & 14th | 12.0 CLE Hrs 8:30-4:00 Thurs. August 13 8:15-3:45 Fri. August 14 Member $250 | Nonmember $300 | Passport $0

Professional Conduct: Ethical and Malpractice Issues #019 (video replay)

Tues. August 18th | 1:00-4:15pm | 3.0 CLE Hrs Prof Conduct Member $105 | Nonmember $150 | Passport: $0

Estate Planning Trust and Probate Institute #020 (video replay) Tues. August 25th | 8:30-4:15pm | 6.0 CLE Hrs Member $215 | Nonmember $300 | Passport $0

Annual Domestic Relations Seminar #023 (video replay) Fri. August 28th 8:30-4:15pm | 6.0 CLE Hrs Member $215 | Nonmember $300 | Passport $0

Judge Brogan’s US and Ohio Supreme Court Update #024 (video replay) Mon. August 31st | 1:00-4:15pm | 3.0 CLE Hrs Member $105 | Nonmember $150 | Passport $0

What is a CQE and How to Represent a Client Applying for One #025 Tues. September 1 | Noon-1:30pm | 1.5 CLE Hrs Members $45 | Nonmember $65 | Passport $0 Location: Wilmerhale Offices Speaker: Sasha Appatova, Ohio Justice & Policy Center; Cincinnati Agenda: st

The Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE) is a tool available under Ohio state law for overcoming criminalrecord-based barriers to employment, especially state laws and regulations that block people with particular convictions from obtaining numerous types of licenses. The seminar will cover all aspects of the process of applying for and using CQEs in the real world.

Stress in the Legal Profession – Professional Conduct #026 (video replay) Thurs. September 3rd | 9:00-12:15pm | 3.0 CLE Hrs Prof Conduct Member $105 | Nonmember $150 | Passport: $0

Professional Conduct Ethical and Malpractice Issues #027 (video replay) Wed. September 16th | 1:00-4:15pm | 3.0 CLE Hrs Prof Conduct Member $105 | Nonmember $150 | Passport: $0

Modernizing our Constitution: History & the Future #034 Fri. October 2nd | 9:00-11:00am | 2.0 CLE Hrs Member $75 | Nonmember $105 | Passport $0


Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

Presentation of Evidence in the Courtroom Using Today’s Technology #035 Fri. October 2nd | Noon-1:00pm | 1.0 CLE Hr Member $35 | Nonmember $45 | Passport $0 Speakers: Judge Mary Wiseman Location: Judge Wiseman’s Courtroom, Montgomery County Courthouse Agenda:

The purpose of this one hour session is to reach out to attorneys that practice in court to help familiarize them with the court’s evidence presentation equipment. Tutorials on using media in the court: use the telestrator; know how to erase marks; know how to change color; how to brighten/ darken photos; how to rotate photos; ways to highlight stuff when it is on the elmo; switch from the elmo to a laptop; show a dvd with sound the jury can hear; etc. Attorneys will have a hands on session in various courtrooms

Stress in the Legal Profession #037 (video replay) Tues. October 13th | 1:00-4:15pm | 3.0 CLE Hrs Member $105 | Nonmember $150 | Passport $0

Principles of Negotiation – How to Get What You Want #036

Wed. October 28th | Noon-1:30pm | 1.5 CLE Hrs Members $45 | Nonmember $65 | Passport $0 Speaker: Erin Rhinehart Esq. Agenda: Whether you are striking a deal with your kids across your kitchen table or bargaining your salary across a board room table, negotiating skills are an important part of everyday life. Studies have shown that women are less likely to negotiate than men and are not as effective at negotiating when they do. By knowing what you want and how to ask for it, you too can negotiate like a professional.

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ho ca eek, th Each w ntial clients w for their by pote ttorneys listed on find a ecific need r.org sp alawye d n i F n Dayto ibe to .org r c s b u S lawyer a d n i F ! Dayton GET FOUND And

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Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


dba cle news Int roducing

dba cle paperless initiative

What’s this all about?

Beginning August 2015, the DBA is embracing a greener approach to producing CLE programs. This exciting initiative will involve promotion of many CLE programs through exclusively electronic mediums (such as email, DBA website, and Facebook page) rather than through print. It will also involve providing seminar materials via electronic vs. printed format.

The Initiative

To Serve Your Evolving Needs

*e-materials will provide you with more flexible options for storing and accessing your seminar materials (before, during, and after the seminar) and will be available for download by seminar registrants before programs on the DBA’s website.

Providing a Supportive Learning Environment

*To facilitate convenient access to your e-materials on your tablet or laptop during seminars, the DBA has increased the bandwidth of the wireless network within our offices. *We’re flexible. While e-materials will be the main format for future seminars, we understand that some programs will not lend themselves to e-materials. In such cases, print handouts will be provided, in all cases where e-materials are used, print handouts will be available for purchase for a small additional fee.

Environmental and Fiscal Responsibility *By reducing our use of print materials, we will eliminate unnecessary paper waste and expenses.

What happens next?

Watch your in box for information from the DBA; as this is the most efficient way for us to keep in touch with you about programs, events, and services aimed to benefit you. Please be sure to update us with any change in your email address. Contact Carol to update your information at cblevins@daybar.org or 937.222.7902.

Whom Can I Contact?

CLE Director, Jennifer Otchy is available to assist you with any questions you may have. Feel free to contact her at: jotchy@daybar.org or 937.222.7902.

We hope you join us in GOING GREEN! 16

Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015



Ninth Annual 5 for the Kids a Success Despite Rain A

lmost every year the 5 for the Kids 5K event brings something different to the table—this year it was running and walking in the rain. While to some this may not sound ideal, when compared to the hot temperatures of years past, the overcast and rainy evening was a welcomed change for race participants. Although greeted with several storm and flood warnings, the weather did not dissuade numerous CARE House supporters from meeting at Brixx Ice Company on Friday, June 26th for the Ninth Annual 5 for the Kids 5K. The race, which takes participants on a course along the Great Miami River, By Erin Gay Warren Esq. garnered over 130 race registrants and raised $9,000 for CARE House in Bar Briefs Editorial Board combination with the Get Behind the Bar events that took place earlier this Second District Court of Appeals spring. The amount raised this year has increased the Young Lawyers Division’s total donation to CARE House to $96,000. At the direction of this year’s race committee, comprised of Cassandra Andres Rice, Michael Rice, Kate Epling, Sara Barry, Jeremy Smith, Shelli Brock and Bradley Krzyston, and with the help of Brixx, the official refueling station for runners, walkers and spectators alike, this year’s 5 for the Kids was another huge success. “I think the absolute dedication of the people involved in the planning, and the fact that we have such a great base of support from every area of the legal community, makes the entire event a huge success for the Young Lawyers Division,” said the event’s co-chair, Cassandra Andres Rice. As in years past, the event boasts the perfect mixture of exercise and Friday night fun where you can enjoy a few post-race drinks and chat with friends and family. The event also featured Dayton’s Rock Station 104.7 WTUE on site broadcasting live with DJ John “Bman” Beaulieu, who gave a special shout out to CARE House, Brixx, the Dayton Bar Association, and All-Star Platinum sponsor, Coolidge Wall, as well as thanking all of the other sponsors. The event’s charitable cause, CARE House, coordinates agency services for 500 of the most serious cases of child abuse in Montgomery County. A multi-disciplinary team of medical, law enforcement, legal and other staff work together at CARE House when responding to child abuse allegations in an effort to protect children from being further traumatized as they traverse the legal system. CARE House also provides education services for parents and caregivers aimed at abuse prevention. Find out more about CARE House by visiting its website at www.thecarehouse.org. "Next year being the tenth year, the 5 for the Kids committee will be looking to do big things," said Cassandra Andres Rice. "Kate, Jeremy and Sara have all agreed to step into the co-chair role and I know the event will be in great hands." For all things 5 for the Kids, including pictures and information on how you can become a sponsor, check out www.5forthekids.org.

THIS YEARS SPONSORS! All-Star Platinum Sponsor: Coolidge Wall

Platinum Sponsors: Dayton Children’s Dungan & LeFevre Faruki Ireland & Cox Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal Krumholz Law Office Thompson Hine Montgomery County Ohio Prosecuting Attorney, Mathias H. Heck Jr.


Silver Sponsors: Sebaly Shillito & Dyer Bronze Sponsors: Subashi Wildermuth SFM Insurance X-Spine Young & Alexander

Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs



The Inaugural Barristers’ Bowl


n June 11, 2015 the DBA’s Leadership Development Class of 2014 presented the Inaugural Barristers’ Bowl. This event was held at Poelking Lanes South, which is located on Kingsridge Drive by the Dayton Mall. The Barristers’ Bowl was intended to serve as an opportunity for the participants of the Leadership Class to plan and implement an event to raise funds for local charitable organizations. Three local charitable organizations were selected by the Leadership Class to receive the proceeds raised by the event, which include House of Bread, ReachOut, and Life Essentials. More information about the three organizations may be found in the section below titled “About the Charities”. The Barristers’ Bowl was a smashing success, and over 1,700 dollars were raised for the charities. In addition to raising funds for charitable organizations, the event was also an opportunity for the participants to showcase their expert (or novice) bowling skills to their coworkers, friends, and family. The Barristers’ Bowl generated 28 teams of five bowlers, resulting in approximately 140 participants. Due to the healthy turnout of participants as well as the overall success of the event, the DBA is optimistic that the Barristers’ Bowl will eventually become an annual event presented by the current Leadership Class. Awards were presented to the individual earning the highest score, the team earning the highest score, the team earning the lowest score, and the team having the best name. The award for the individual earning the highest score was Even Holley. Mr. Holley played on a team named Living on a Spate. The award for the team earning the highest score went to the Fast Lane Ball Bangers, who were affiliated with Life Essentials. The Fast Lane Ball Bangers consisted of Glen Miller, Mark Ross, Dale Meadors, Amy Ferguson, and Neil Bailey. The award for the team earning the lowest score went to the I Just Took a Huge Putin. The award for the best name went to the team named Split Happens. The Leadership Class would like to thank all of the participants who generously donated their time and money to make the Barristers’ Bowl a success. Furthermore, the Leadership Class would also like to thank Poelking Lanes for the use of their facilities. In addition to the use of their facilities, Poelking Lanes was also gracious enough to charge reduced admission fees as well, which in turn resulted in increased funds raised for charity. Each year the Leadership Class is challenged to create an event that demonstrates leadership in planning and implementation, brings DBA members together with one another for an enjoyable activity, and benefits charity. The Leadership Class is extremely pleased that the Barristers’ Bowl fulfilled all of these objectives, and is hopeful that the event will become an annual occurrence.


Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

By Ava Billimoria Esq. Bar Briefs Editorial Board Thompson Hine LLP About The Charities: The proceeds from the Barristers’ Bowl were divided between three charities with a significant presence in the Dayton area. The charities included the House of Bread: houseofbread.org; ReachOut: daytonreachout. org; and Life Essentials: lifeessentials.org. The House of Bread is Dayton’s largest soup kitchen, and offers free, hot lunchtime meals seven days a week. ReachOut is a volunteer healthcare organization that provides health care services for the underserved or uninsured population in Montgomery County. Life Essentials provides professional services for vulnerable adults.

About the Leadership Development Program: In 2010, the DBA Board of Trustees created the Leadership Development Program, whose purpose is to develop future leadership in the DBA. In particular, the program is designed to develop future interest and leadership in the DBA, to engage lawyers early in their career, and also to obtain a deeper understanding as to the benefits of becoming a member. The Leadership Development Program is open to lawyers who have been practicing law for less than five years, and who have an interest in obtaining leadership positions within the DBA.


our year in review...

Photo captions, left to right: 1) 2015 DBA Day at the Dragons Lair 2) Breakfast with the Bench 3) Speed Dating event during 19th Annual Bench Bar Conference 4) Rick Perna speaks at the Celebration of Life Memorial Luncheon 5) Women in Law Forum event attendees 6) Erik R. Blaine Esq. volunteering at a Wills for Heroes event 7) Bar Counsel John M. Ruffollo Esq. and son attend Dragons Game 8) Legacy Lawyers and the Young Lawyers Division meet 9) 25yr Honorees in attendance at Holiday Luncheon 10) Robert N. Farquhar Mock Trial Competition 11) 2015 Foundation Fellows at Annual Meeting 12) DBA Past Presidents in attendance for Annual Meeting 13) Susan Blasik-Miller Esq. speaks at the first Women in Law Forum event.

2 3 1









12 www.daybar.org

13 Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


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Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


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Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015


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members on the move

SANOM RHINEHART Erin Rhinehart and Laura Sanom, partners at Faruki Ireland & Cox, presented a seminar “Principles of Negotiation – How to Get What You Want”, on June 12th at 7:30am at Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley with the Junior League of Dayton sponsoring the event. The seminar focus was to engage women in all stages of life and careers to help develop and refine negotiation skills critical to succeeding at work and at home. Chambers USA recently released its annual law firm and lawyer evaluations, and Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L. (www. ficlaw.com) has once again been named one of the top litigation firms in Ohio with recognition of Jeffrey Ireland and Charles Faruki also named as key individuals at the firm. Chambers USA wrote that FIC is a “highly regarded boutique that maintains a notable presence in Dayton and Cincinnati. Solid expertise in handling a range of contentious matters, including IP, antitrust, employment and breach of contract disputes.” Of managing partner Jeffrey Ireland, clients said he is “very good at strategy



and understanding our company,” and that he is “a very wonderful trial lawyer.” Peers of Charles Faruki describe him as “one of the best in Ohio,” and “as good as you can get, in terms of trial skill.” Chambers USA ranks the leading firms and lawyers in an extensive range of practice areas throughout the U.S. Freund, Freeze & Arnold, A Legal Professional Association, a Dayton, Ohio-based law firm, with offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and Northern Kentucky is pleased to announce the recent hiring of an attorney in its Dayton office, Margaret (Meg) Miller. She is a graduate of University of Dayton School of Law. Her practice areas include business litigation and insurance defense. Miller started her legal career as a Staff Attorney for the Honorable Judge Dennis J. Adkins, Montgomery County Common Pleas Court and she worked as an Associate at a law firm in Columbus, Ohio. During law school, Miller served as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Anthony Capizzi in the Montgomery County Juvenile Court.



Freund, Freeze & Arnold, A Legal Professional Association, a Dayton, Ohio-based law firm, with offices in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio and Northern Kentucky is pleased to announce the recent hiring of an attorney in its Dayton office, Kevin C. Quinlan. He is a graduate of University of Cincinnati College of Law. His practice areas include medical malpractice and business litigation. Quinlan’s diverse background in business and healthcare allows him to understand the practical realities of medical malpractice and commercial law issues. As a medical devise professional for Stryker, he worked closely with hospital administration to manage inventory and improve cash flow and instruct doctors in the operating room in over 3,000 surgical procedures in numerous specialty areas. While in law school, Kevin applied this experience to his work as a law clerk in both the General Counsel’s and Corporate Compliance Offices at Premier Health, the largest health system in Southwest Ohio.

The Dayton Bar Association Salutes the Outgoing Board Members for their Service as a DBA Trustee

Kelly M. Schroeder Secretary


Dayton Bar Briefs Summer 2015

Jennifer Hann Harrison Member-at-Large

Glen R. McMurry Member-at-Large



Dayton Municipal Court has proposed changes to the Local Court Rules. Please visit the Dayton Municipal Court at http:// www.daytonmunicipalcourt.org/ for notice of and an opportunity to view and comment on proposed local court rules.


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Summer 2015 Dayton Bar Briefs


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2015 Summer - Dayton Bar Briefs  

The official publication of the DBA and the primary means of communication to and among the DBA membership.

2015 Summer - Dayton Bar Briefs  

The official publication of the DBA and the primary means of communication to and among the DBA membership.