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Lucy Rose - Video Analysis Here i have analyzed Lucy Rose Middle of the Bed music video as this is an artist very similar to our genre, i have done this so we can get some last minute inspiration and ideas for our music video to make sure it fits the genre perfectly and has all of the correct codes and conventions.

Close up shots are used throughout as these are very good shots to help show and portray emotion but they also help the artist to connect with the audience because of the closeness and often the singer looking directly into the camera as though they are singing to the audience. This is going to be a very important show for us because of the same genre we need to get this connection but most importantly show the emotions and tell a story through the song.

Performance shots are also very important in this genre as it’s all about the singing and content as opposed to full of drama and a storyline and is there for something we need to include throughout in our music video.

To create a storyline and link the lyrics with the visuals Lucy Rose is seen messing around with her friends and 'lover' which is very important to the audience that they see a storyline and seeing Lucy Rose in her own environment with her friends makes it more real to them as this is something they also do, they can relate with it and her.

Location is very important to help create and finish off the whole atmosphere and as this is a very emotional song the link with water seems appropriate and the link with the outdoors and therefore location is going to be important to us as we want it all to link and reflect the lyrics. Throughout the music video Lucy's clothing and makeup is very natural and minimalistic as the colours are very pastel and pale not aiming her stand out from the crow; she is just like the rest of us. This adds to the whole package and what she and her music is about as she is pure and innocent just like her music.

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