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Star Image/Star Persona


Male singer/songwriter (Neil Young)

Image him doing what we are listening to (practicing music, gig). Honesty.

Sepia – nostalgic, old He’s in a music fashioned shop or gig venue, backstage, not glossy or shiny, with links to how the band started out. Looking back in time.

Female singer/songwriter

Image of a close up A lot of red to show Very pretty and Block capitals saying of her face – very love, heat and power glossy showing her ‘CLOUDS’. It shouts personal beauty with eyes at you but is still very closed to show minimal. Bar code, closure. record label

Rhianna ‘Loud’

Female singer/songwriter Rhianna ‘Unapologetic’

Image of woman White and black – naked, covered but makes a strong with lyrics from the statement songs. Very vulnerable and personal.

Female Image of a close up White and black – singer/songwriter. picture of woman’s old fashioned, the Adele ‘21’. face with eyes past closed and hand to face.

Visual Narrative

Typography and Composition Handwritten- very personal. Website address. Minimum writing – artist’s name and name of album…but font is small (modesty). Bar code, record label

Very powerful and honest, eyes all on her, spotlight always on her, very strong woman.

Handwritten lyrics like scribbles, very personal. Has connection with fans as her lyrics are in navy (that’s what she calls her fans) – getting them involved, bar code, record label

Innocence, purity, true self, honesty, image is focused on her

Bold, the number 21which is the age of the artist – personal information, bar code, record label

kins analysis  
kins analysis  

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