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JUNE 2023
1 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model: Gaby Quintero @gabyquintero17 Photo by: Barion McQueen @framedbydavinci Assistant: Darenia Alarcon @dareniacreates 2nd Assistant: Frantz @everythingsoflo91 Location: Co.Lab Studios - Miami, FL
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Model: Diana Rojas @ditzydii
41 Khira Fashions Women’s Luxury Resort Wear
Photo by: Gabriel Medina


3 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
4 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023

Unveiling the Artistry of Gabriel Medina: Redefining the Lens

of Fashion and Beauty Photography

Gabriel Medina's captivating journey into the world of photography started off as a love for capturing the beauty of his travels, blossoming into a passion that transcends borders, genres, and societal norms Now, he is crafting a name for himself as a distinguished photographer, combining meticulous attention to detail and the artistry of his unique aesthetic to redefine the fashion and beauty industry

Embarking on his photography journey in late 2017 with a Canon Rebel T6 in hand, Gabriel’s initial enthusiasm lay in travel photography His talent, however, refused to be boxed into one genre. To keep his camera from gathering dust between travels, Medina explored different facets of photography, mastering techniques such as long exposure night photography. By mid-2018, his first photoshoot had him enraptured and brought to life a talent that was waiting to be discovered

Medina's personal photography style could be described as a paradox - simple, yet intensely intricate. He manages to make the familiar feel fresh, focusing on medium to close-up shots with a keen eye for composition, lighting, and colors His attention to detail and smooth, elegant aesthetics define his signature style, creating a unique aura that differentiates him from his contemporaries

In the realm of the most rewarding projects, Gabriel is currently spearheading a passion project that explores the less glamorous and often hidden aspects of the modeling, fashion, and beauty industry. His mission? To shed light on the industry's impact on models, both physically and mentally, a noble endeavor indeed

For Medina, the magic of a compelling photograph lies in the trifecta of concept, lighting, and expression. His belief is that each of these elements, when combined, has the power to narrate a story, evoke emotions, and capture moments in an extraordinary manner. His unique perspective and approach to photography allow him to create a visual narrative that transcends the norm and cuts straight to the heart of the viewer.

Gabriel’s approach to collaboration on set revolves around the art of communication By setting clear expectations and maintaining a flexible mindset, he cultivates an environment that encourages creativity and adaptability. This has helped him overcome challenges, such as an incident at a studio shoot where equipment for a spotlight concept was missing. Quick thinking and innovation saved the day as he creatively used constant lights and a plastic magnifying sheet to replicate the spotlight effect.

5 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
6 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
7 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023

The evolution of Medina's work has been fascinating

Despite his initial trepidation towards shooting in a studio, he embraced the challenge and emerged victoriously, creating some of his favorite work in studio environments On staying current with industry trends, Medina acknowledges the significance of embracing digital transformations, hinting at the incorporation of behind-the-scenes content in his future projects

This self-aware artist strongly believes in the power of collaboration and feedback His approach to balancing his artistic vision with clients' expectations pivots around the simple principle that the best idea should win, regardless of its origin.

When asked about his favorite shoot locations, he fondly mentions Vision Haus, HGAB, and Vault Place, each unique and special in its own way, contributing to the creation of some of his most cherished projects

To aspiring photographers, Medina's advice is pure gold He urges patience, dedication to honing one's style, and the courage to share work fearlessly He firmly believes that overnight success is a myth and that real growth stems from time, effort, and determination

Medina's inspirations include his peers and the photography community, along with renowned photographers like Manny Ortiz and Oswaldo Cepeda, whose distinct styles have influenced his own

Looking ahead, Medina hopes to leave an indelible mark on the world of photography, not just through his mesmerizing images but through the enjoyable, memorable experiences he creates during the process He is a firm believer that respect and enjoyment go hand in hand with producing exceptional work.

With an eye for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, Gabriel Medina's journey is a testament to his passion, dedication, and raw talent. As he continues to redefine norms and inspire with his work, he cements his place as a trailblazer in the field of fashion and beauty photography

8 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023


9 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Creative Director: Haja @beautifully_haja
10 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
11 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model/Wardrobe: Hawa @jermanjuice Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller Creative Director: Haja @beautifully_haja
12 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model/Wardrobe: Hawa @jermanjuice Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller Creative Director: Haja @beautifully_haja
13 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model: Paola G @_paolarincon Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller
14 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model: Paola G @_paolarincon Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller
15 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model: Paola G @_paolarincon Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller
16 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Model: Paola G @_paolarincon Photos by: Richard Kojo Miller @kojo.miller


17 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
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Natalie Yousefi: The Rising Star of Fashion –

by Barion McQueen

Born and raised in Sweden with a Persian background, Natalie Yousefi is a young fashion designer with a passion for creating unique pieces that make a statement Her brand, Yousefi, takes its name from her last name, which means "son of Joseph." Natalie's journey in the fashion industry began at a very young age, when she started sewing to bring her ideas to life She may not have had the best sewing skills, but she made it work, driven by her passion for creating new things Her inspiration comes from her mind, and she can fall asleep dreaming of designs, only to wake up and bring them to life. It's this power of her mind and her passion that inspires her every day

In 2012, Natalie started sewing in her apartment, making dresses for herself and her friends One day, she decided to take it seriously and learn more about the industry She started making dresses out of jewelry because of her lack of sewing skills, using hardware tools to create unique pieces Knowing that wasn't what she wanted to do, she continued to ask around and learn more. Slowly but surely, more doors opened for her, and she started her clothing brand with guidance from a special someone

Natalie's fashion journey has not been without its challenges. As a fashion designer, she faces the task of wearing all the hats in her brand. This can be overwhelming at times, but she's learned to see the beauty in every step along the way. She has to balance creativity with practicality when designing, but she believes there are no limits to fashion, and that's the beauty of it.

In a world where fashion trends come and go, Natalie stays upto-date by going with her instincts. She believes that you can wear anything with confidence and it might end up as the next big trend Sustainability is an essential part of her brand, and she makes sure that the people she works with have a good work environment around them As of 2023, she outsources her fabrics from Los Angeles, ensuring that she is doing her part to be eco-friendly.

Natalie makes custom pieces for her clients, bringing their vision to life. She loves the process of working with a client, making a one-of-a-kind piece that nobody else has Her advice to aspiring fashion designers looking to break into the industry is to take their time and learn as much as they can about the business Meet people in the industry, ask questions, and never give up on their dreams

works so hard Being able to bring a few pieces of fabric to life brings her so much happiness, and seeing people wear her brand in public is one of the best feelings in the world.

Balancing work-life and family life as a designer can be tricky, but Natalie makes it work. She may work overtime at times, but her family living in Sweden gives her more time to be creative When she travels overseas, it can get a little tricky, but everything usually works out perfectly.

In conclusion, Natalie Yousefi is a rising star in the fashion industry, driven by her passion for creating unique pieces that make a statement. She's faced challenges along the way but has learned to see the beauty in every step of the journey Her advice to aspiring designers is to never give up on their dreams, and to take their time and learn as much as they can about the industry As she looks towards the future, Natalie sees endless possibilities in fashion, and she's excited to continue bringing her ideas to life and seeing her brand grow

Natalie believes that the future of fashion is diverse and exciting There's no telling where fashion is going because new things happen all the time, and she's excited to see it all unfold. Her motivation is her mother and her sister, which is why she

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23 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
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26 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
27 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
28 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023

The Evolution of an Educator Turned Style Coach: Meet Vard Movsisyan, the Style Coach Empowering Clients From the Inside Out

Meet Vard Movsisyan, an educator turned Style Coach hailing from Yerevan, Armenia. With a background in education, Vard discovered her passion for combining her love for teaching and fashion, eventually creating her business, VARD/MOV. Her journey has taken her from the classrooms of Armenia to the stylish streets of London, where she honed her skills and expertise in the industry

VARD/MOV focuses on providing personalized style coaching to clients, taking them on a transformative style journey with unwavering support Vard is dedicated to understanding her client's wants and needs, helping them build confidence and discover their true selves through style. VARD/MOV's approach is holistic, combining insights into clients' physical appearances with a clear vision of their goals, empowering them to embrace their authentic selves. To ensure continued success, Vard offers a one-month check-in after all her services, reinforcing her commitment to clients' self-improvement journeys and ensuring they never feel alone in their quest to become the best versions of themselves With VARD/MOV, clients can expect a tailored styling experience that goes beyond the surface, cultivating lasting confidence and self-discovery

On a more personal note, as a Style Coach, Vard faces several challenges, such as staying organized, embracing a growth mindset, and finding learning opportunities in every situation

To stay up-to-date with fashion trends, she immerses herself in various fashion literature, follows influencers and celebrity stylists, and regularly participates in Masterclasses

Vard's approach to styling is a delicate balance between creativity and practicality She emphasizes the importance of creating styles that work for an individual's personal life while envisioning the best fit, colors, and shapes for their natural body Sustainability also plays a significant role in her practice, as she promotes responsible brands and encourages clients to shop their own closets and cultivate capsule wardrobes

For those aspiring to break into the fashion industry, Varduhi's advice is to dream big and seize the moment when opportunities arise She sees the future of fashion evolving towards rental services, second-hand fashion, and a stronger focus on sustainability and inclusivity

"When you dream big, bigger things come to you. Yes, it’s all about ‘one step at a time,’ but also, when blessings come to you, you have to seize the moment and step up to the plate. No feat is too big, it’s all about mindset."

What truly sets Vard apart is her belief that beauty and confidence come from within As a Style Coach, she combines personal styling with life coaching to help clients feel good on the inside and reflect that through their unique personal style on the outside Her services include body type analysis, closet audits, personal shopping, and confidence coaching, all tailored to each client's needs

Balancing work life and family life can be challenging, but Vard follows a few simple rules to stay on top of it all, such as staying organized, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, surrounding herself with like-minded people, and committing wholeheartedly to her passions.

In closing, Vard emphasizes that getting closer to one's personal style can bring them closer to themselves She invites anyone on the fence to reach out for a free consultation and experience the transformative power of working with a Style Coach

"Everyone–even those already in the fashion sphere–could benefit from a Style Coach. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Getting closer to your personal style makes you feel closer to yourself. By uplifting both your inner and outer worlds in tandem, you’ll not only beam from the inside–you’ll look good doing it too."

So, whether you're a fashion aficionado or just looking to refine your personal style, Vard Movsisyan's unique approach to fashion education is sure to inspire and empower you on your journey to becoming your most authentic and stylish self.

29 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
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34 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023

Beyond the Runway: Oleksandra

Starynets - The Global Icon Bridging Fashion and Resilience – by Barion McQueen

In the glitzy realm of international fashion, a regal presence emerges Her name? Oleksandra Starynets By the tender age of 19, Oleksandra has over 100,000 followers and an array of modelling accomplishments spanning across ten countries. With her captivating allure and global appeal, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Today, she's recognized as the youngest model to grace more than 25 international glossy magazine covers at just 18. But her story begins at 15, when she landed her first modeling contract in Asia From there, her passport brims with stamps from France, Italy, Taiwan, Spain, Cyprus, Vietnam, Egypt, and Turkey. Yet, beneath the glamour and exotic locales, Oleksandra dispels the misconception that modeling equates solely to a luxurious lifestyle.

"Daily hard work," she asserts, "is the true fabric of this profession." She acknowledges that the modeling industry is fiercely competitive. But Oleksandra's grit and determination, coupled with her memorable appearance and a unique personality, make her stand out in the crowd. Her special skills including proficiency in sports, a popular Instagram presence, and acting capabilities add to her versatility and charm.

Beyond the runway, Oleksandra is committed to a fitness regime that would make most athletes green with envy She dabbles in Thai boxing, hits the gym thrice a week, and does weekly stretching and shooting sessions A background in oriental martial arts, instilled by her father, proved handy during underwater shoots and athletic campaigns, earning her praises from film crews worldwide

Her relentless dedication doesn't stop at physical fitness. She emphasizes the significance of language and elocution skills for thriving in a global fashion landscape Recalling her 10-day video shoot for the Egyptian government under grueling conditions, she speaks of the importance of mastering English to deliver long dialogues convincingly

Meanwhile, Oleksandra's education remains a priority Balancing modeling gigs with studies at her dream university in Switzerland, she embodies a blend of beauty and brains that's truly inspiring

Her content creation draws inspiration from her global experiences and the diversity of cultures she's been exposed to She discovered her unique sense of style early on, thanks to the influence of international fashion hubs she's worked in. Yet, despite her astonishing success, she remains grounded and focused on her goals

In the next five years, Oleksandra sees herself cementing her position in the global fashion landscape, continually breaking barriers, and inspiring upcoming models and influencers Her advice to aspirants? "Work hard on your unique skills, learn English, maintain good hygiene, and always carry your favorite perfume Most importantly, dream big, because dreams come true “

However, behind her glamorous journey, Oleksandra carries the weight of a year-long war in her home country Her dedication to her work is not just about global recognition, but also supporting her family and her nation's army during challenging times

In her closing words, she pays tribute to her supportive parents and emphasizes the importance of cherishing our loved ones, particularly our grandparents. "Please call your grandparents Hug them one more time They really need it " Oleksandra Starynets, with her passion, perseverance, and poignant insights, personifies the modern, globally conscious model She's not just an influencer in the world of fashion; she's an influencer in the world Her journey continues to inspire, reminding us that dreams, indeed, come true.

35 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
36 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
37 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
38 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
39 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
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41 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
Photographer: Dihanah Joseph-muhammad Creative Director/Publicist: An Officer and GentleWoman, LLC Artist: Yolanda Burnett Designer/Wardrobe Stylist: Christine Willson
42 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
43 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
44 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
45 | Davinci Magazine | June 2023
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