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Davidson Day School is a diverse independent school that cultivates academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development. Each student is offered an active, challenging learning environment through our broad array of programs. We strive for our students to be: Independent thinkers who articulate their ideas with confidence Students who advocate for themselves and others Engaged students who take intellectual risks Critical thinkers who are enthusiastic problem solvers Lifelong learners who chart thier own paths in college and in life Respectful ethical citizens who are adept at addressing global challenges



ACCLAIM CLUB ($25,000 +) Susan and Joe Coulter STARS AND STRIPES CLUB ($10,000 +) Tony Cupisz Suzanne and Richard Gordon CREATIVITY CLUB ($5,000 +) Laura and Thomas Deane Jana and James Litsey Candace and John McLaughlin Cynthia and Chris Walsh Karen and Charles Wolter COLLABORATION CLUB ($2,500+) Anonymous Sonya and Jeffrey Bowling Cassandra and Cedric Coco Laura and Thomas Deane Jamye and Hans deBot Pam and Michael Jones Jana and James Litsey Yong and Steve Lomax Carrie and Tom Lott Andrea and Joe Nemechek Allison and Calvin Newman Dan and Kara Payton Stephanie and Scott Pierce Nancy and Craig Rosato

Whitney Yellow Robe Yates and Doug Yates CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT CLUB($1,000 +) Sherry and Bill Augustine Buffy and Kendell S. Berry Sheila and Michael Brady Linda and Eric Brown Bobby Bush Kellie and Michael Campbell Phoebe and Charles Coddington Nicole and John Doty Kenya and Ryan Goldsberry Lisa and Andy Gosling Jay Harris Kathy Hervey Rachel and Brian Hill Deanne and David James Cindy and James Jenkins A.J. and David Jones Jennifer and Graham Kelly Christy and Dan Krug Erin Lang Mary and Dennis Lehman Tricia and Steve Letarte Deanna and Doug Lindquist Cary and Michael McMahon

Gail Miller and Richard Morris Sherri and Kurt Oosterhouse Jacqueline and Travis Regalado Sara and Jamie Rolewicz Gina and Dave Serepca Lori Schneider and Jean-Pierre Riou Roxana and Sever Surdulescu Anne and William Taylor Juliann and James Toya Deanne and David James Cindy and James Jenkins HONOR CLUB ($500 +) Nancy and Randy Baker Sharon and Joseph Cantey Karen and Greg Earp Cindy and Marty Gaunt Tana and J.M. Greene Allison and David Hamme Patsy and Glenn Hines Danielle Johnson-Webb and Zakia Vanhoose Sarah and Gareth Jones Bobbi and Jonathan Luster Lynne and Tom McClellan Corie and Carlos Pauling Evelyn and Carranza Pryor Susan and Mike Ransom Melissa and Shawn Reeves Lindsay and Scott Robertson Crystal and Jeffrey Sossoman Lisa Sullivan Carrie and Wes Wehunt Sandy Wehunt Mary Lou Zimmerman

RED, WHITE and BLUE CLUB ($250 +) Anonymous Julie and Jason Brown Bret and Sheryl Chapman Allen and Jo Ann Darby Emily and Nathan Deering Denise and Michael Fiore Michelle and Adam Hartsell Stephanie and Bruce James Kelly Milligan and Keith Lewis Pragna and Ajay Patel Cheri and Patrick Penuel Phil and Sue Ratcliff Julie and Pedro Rivera Tamara and Michael Skolaris Sanna and David Yellow Robe PATRIOTS Judy and David Abernethy Sharon and Christopher Albury Jennifer and Richard Arango Marrisa and Gabe Barnhardt Tammy and Robert Beck Tracy and Timothy Blackledge Michelle and Trent Brown Vicki and Thomas Carbone Jessica Carter Anne Seymour and Michael Cieslinski Yehudit and Avigdor Dagan Tonya and Ronnie Davidson Isabel and Sean Davis Carol and Jeff DiCosmo Elaine and Chris Easterling Doris Edmiston Jeanine Edwards

Stacy Allen Elliott Carol and Shawn Elliott Pam and Walter Elliotte Kimberly Colvin and Leigh Ann Epperson Stefanie and Michael Margaret and Mark Fischer Annie Rodgers and William Foster April and Noel Freidline Tammy and John Fuller Catherine Fulton Claudia and Leo Franco-Garcia Joanna Gerdy Katherine Powell and Peterson Giallanza LKN Mini Golf Michelle Gorman Susan and Tom Grabowski Devin and James Gracely Corinne and Raymond Green Whitney Groves Theresa and Dan Guthrie Kimberlee and Dave Hall Robert Hallman Stacy and Ed Haponik Ann-Marie Harp Emile Harrington Jingping He Linda Hitzemann Vicki Howard Michelle and Chad Illing Emily and Joel Justus Denise and Denny Koeth Amanda and Ryan Kotis Shannon and Brad Laatsch

Julie and Steven Langley Rachel Lennox Doug London Susan Loveday Anna Loy Thomas Madre Janet and Ryan Manzullo Kristy Merical Kristin and Chad Metzler Michelle and Alexander Mullineaux Phoenesa and Johnathan Myers Jada Nadeau Pouneh and Ali Nikrooz Melia and Henry Neale April and John Nelson Jennifer and Matt Neville Vanessa and John Noe Bonnie and Richard Pacella Jean and Marshall Page Rosetta and Gerald Pauling Amy and David Paronto Amy and Brad Pearce Audrey Pomeroy Carla Rabb Patricia and Robert Rickard Alan Robinette Mary and Scott Rodesiler Mat and Priscilla Saunders Farrah Sehhat Kathryn Firmin-Sellers and Patrick Sellers Francis and Mike Seward Kate and Michael Smith

Dana and James Sommer Elizabeth and John Swez Debbie Taylor Wendy and Dennis Triplett CecilĂŠ Ebert and Thomas Walters Bubba and Suzette Watson Thomas Whaley Laura Mueller and Mark Woods Valerie Sumner-Yerry and James Yerry GIFTS IN KIND Judy and David Abernethy Tonya and John Chinuntdet Phoebe and Charles Coddington Emily and Nathan Deering Margaret and Mark Fischer April and Noel Freidline Catherine Fulton Suzanne and Richard Gordon Chrissy and Jason Grier Michelle and Chad Illing Publish Carrie and Tom Lott Kristin and Chad Metzler Michelle Mullineaux Vanessa and John Noe Sue and Mike Ransom Debbie Taylor Cynthia and Chris Walsh Karen and Charles Wolter Doug and Whitney Yellow Robe Yates Carey Roberts Design Company Carolinas Medical Center University

Allison and Edward Land RESTRICTED GIFTS Anonymous (3) Julie and David Abernethy Diane Adams Nancy and Randy Baker Kendell and Buffy Berry Sheila and Michael Brady Donna and Daniel Brown Julie and Jason Brown Kellie and Michael Campbell Shannon and Jeff Carbone Bret and Sheryl Chapman Tonya and John Chinuntdet Cedric and Cassandra Coco Susan and Joe Coulter Tony Cupisz Shannon and David Darab Carol and Jeff DiCosmo Nicole and John Doty CecilĂŠ Ebert and Thomas Walters Doris Edmiston Jeanine Edwards Denise and Michael Fiore Margaret and Mark Fischer Claudia and Leo Franco-Garcia Ebone Funderburk Janice and Gabriel Garcia Kenya and Ryan Goldsberry Suzanne and Richard Gordon Susan and Tom Grabowski Tana and J.M. Greene Nila and Chad Grier

Chrissy and Jason Grier Linda and Joe Griffeth Theresa and Dan Guthrie Allison and David Hamme Maria Hansen Emilie Harrington Patsy and Glenn Hines Alyse and Robert Iocco Deanne and David James Lori and David Jessey AJ and Marshall Jones Sarah and Gareth Jones Stephanie and Izzy Justice Christy and Dan Krug Shannon and Brad Laatsch Kecia Lamm Erin Lang Tricia and Stephen Letarte Kelly Milligan and Keith Lewis Doug London Jennifer and Robert Looney Carrie and Tom Lott Jennifer and Andy Lukacs Heather and Bryan Massingale Dan McDonough Candace and John McGuiness Cary and Micahel McMAhon Kristy Merical Kristin and Chad Metzler Gail Miller and Richard Morris Phoenisa and Johnathan Myers Pouneh and Ali Nikrooz Lori and David Orfinik

Bonnie and Richard Pacella Jean and Marshall Page Rosetta and Gerald Pauling Stephanie and Scott Pierce Susan and Phil Ratcliff Jacqueline and Travis Lindsay and Scott Robertson Mary and Scott Rodesiler Reed and Barbara Sapp Deb and Stephen Strachan Amy and Scott Swisher Melissa and Charles Tate Juliann and James Toya Cynthia and Chris Walsh Karen and Chuck Wolter Whitney Yellow Robe Yates and Doug Yates Faith and David Young Barnes and Noble Booksellers Commonwealth Imaging CAPITAL GIVING $50,000 + Susanne and Richard Gordon Whitney Yellow Robe Yates and Doug Yates $25,000 + Laura and Thomas Deane $10,000 + Linda and Eric Brown AJ and Marshall Jones Christy and Dan Krug Kara and Donald Payton $1,000 + Laura and Helmi Felfel

$5,000 + Carol and David Jones Bev and David Kastel Sherri and Kurt Oosterhouse Gina and Dave Serepca Adopt-a-Tree The Baker Family The J. Brown Family The Campbell Family The Cieslinski/Seymour Family The Coco Family The DiCosmo Family The Ebert/Walters Family The Edmiston Family The Felfel Family The Fiore Family The Franco-Garcia Family The Gordon Family The Harrington/Van Poucke Family The Jones Family The Krug Family The Lewis/Milligan Family The Lott Family The Metzler Family The Myers Family The Newman Family The Nikrooz Family The Musto/Pacella Family The Page Family The Pauling Family The Ratcliffe Family The Regalado Family The Rodesiler Family

The Walsh Family The Yellow Robe Yates Family Grants Horatio B. Ebert Charitable Foundation Energy United (2) Rocky River Chapter Trout Unlimited Roush & Yates Racing Engines, LLC The Kulynych Family Foundation The Tilden Family Fund Town of Davidson Corporations Bank of America Box Tops for Education Brooklyn South Chick-Fil-A at Mooresville Duke Energy Energy United Harris Teeter Hendrick Luxury Automall at Northlake Hyde Park Storage Systems IBM Ingersoll Rand Laura Mueller Photography LKN Miniature Golf Monkee’s of Lake Norman Novant Health Nucor Pepsi Red Rocks CafÊ Sabi Shoe Zoo Target

Truist Wells Fargo

Linda Hitzemann Vickie Howard The following corporations have supported Chad Illing Davidson Day School through contributions, Danielle Johnson-Webb matching gifts, and sponsorships Joel Justus of school programs. Denise Koeth FACULTY AND STAFF DONORS Brad Laatsch Julie Langley Julia Abernethy Rachel Lennox Sharon Albury Doug London Stacy Allen Elliott Charissa Lott Jennifer Arango Susan Loveday Kendell Berry Bobbi Ann Luster Tracy Blackledge Thomas Madre Julie Brown Ryan Manzullo Trent Brown Lynne McClellan Vicki Carbone Kristy Merical Jessica Carter Chad Metzler Charles Coddington Michelle Mullineaux Isabel Davis Henry Neale Nathan Deering April Nelson Margaret Fischer Matt Neville Noel Freidline Vanessa Noe Tammy Fuller Amy Pearce Catherine Fulton Audrey Pomeroy Joanna Gerdy Carla Rabb Michelle Gorman Shawn Reeves Devin Gracely Priscilla Saunders Elizabeth Groves Farzaneh Sehhat David Hall Gina Serepca Edward Haponik Eleanor Seward Ann-Marie Harp Michael Smith Jingping He

Dana Sommer Debbie Taylor Cynthia Walsh Suzette Watson Wes Wehunt Thomas Whaley Laura Woods


Operating Expenses

Operating Revenue

Contributions 3%

Student Services 1%

Athletics Marketing 1% Technology 1% Fundraising 1% 2% Facilities 4% Depreciation 6% Interest 7%

Fundraising Patriot Athletic Parent Council Club Corporate Sponorships 1% In-Kind Gifts 1% 4% 2% Special Events 2% Parking Auction 4%

Instructional 33% Capital Fund 31%

Unrestricted 25% Tuition and Fees 97%

Tuition Assistance and Discounts 20%

Administrative 23%

Tuition and Fees This income is derived from student tuition and certain fee charges.

supplies, media centers, faculty development, technology, and special programs. Also included are expenses related to human resources, business office, etc.

Contributions This category embraces all of our fundraising efforts.

Interest Money paid on any debt the School holds.

Instructional and Administrative These categories include all expenses related to instructional and academic activity, including faculty and staff salaries and benefits, programmatic expenses, classroom materials and

Depreciation The decrease in value of assets. (ex: buses, ...) Student Services Transportation, lunch services, and other student activities

Restricted 30%

Restricted When a donor makes a gift to the School that is restricted for a specified purpose, a segregated restricted gift fund is established for the gift. Unrestricted An unrestricted gift is a contribution to the School on which the donor places no restrictions.


Ryan Manzullo Cultivated academic excellence in the classroom for 35 years. The Davidson Day School community will surely miss the love, dedication, and passion that Ryan had for Davidson Day School and its students. His loving personality will be missed by his friends, colleagues, faculty, staff and students! We wish you the best as you continue on your journey! Thank You!

Thank You...

Davidson Day Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, maintenance team and cleaning crew for your impassioned support of our mission. Because of you, we continue to cultivate academic excellence through collaboration, creativity and character development.You are helping to prepare lifelong learners who chart their own paths in college and in life. Board of Trustees Michael Brady Jeffrey Bowling Karen Wolter Kendell Berry

Richard Gordon Kurt Oosterhouse Thomas Deane Craig Rosato

Richard Morris Erin Lang Tricia Letarte Eric Brown

Faculty and Staff Julia Abernethy Sharon Albury Stacy Allen Elliott Jennifer Arango Kendell Berry Tracy Blackledge Julie Brown Trent Brown Vicki Carbone Jessica Carter Charles Coddington Isabel Davis Nathan Deering Margaret Fischer Noel Freidline Tammy Fuller Catherine Fulton Joanna Gerdy Michelle Gorman Devin Gracely Elizabeth Groves David Hall

Edward Haponik Ann-Marie Harp Jingping He Linda Hitzemann Vickie Howard Chad Illing Danielle Johnson-Webb Joel Justus Denise Koeth Brad Laatsch Julie Langley Rachel Lennox Doug London Charissa Lott Susan Loveday Bobbi Ann Luster Thomas Madre Ryan Manzullo Lynne McClellan Kristy Merical Chad Metzler Michelle Mullineaux

Henry Neale April Nelson Matt Neville Vanessa Noe Amy Pearce Audrey Pomeroy Carla Rabb Melissa Reeves Priscilla Saunders Farzaneh Sehhat Gina Serepca Eleanor Seward Michael Smith Dana Sommer Debbie Taylor Cynthia Walsh Suzette Watson Wes Wehunt Thomas Whaley Laura Woods

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