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David Schillo Benefits of Studying Abroad

David Schillo, a Tennessee science teacher and an active volunteer with organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association, is an accomplished, balanced professional with a diverse background. Among his education and career highlights was the year he spent studying abroad.

Though based in Sweden, David Schillo traveled to Germany, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Austria before returning home, and these are not his only international adventures. He went on to have more during his time as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Officer with the United States Army and he enjoys traveling in his own time.

Unsurprisingly, successful professionals like Mr. Schillo often share travel and studying abroad in common. This is not a coincidence – those who travel or study abroad earn








Seeing the world is one of the primary reasons that students look forward to studying abroad. It is the most obvious, most common and most important reason. Seeing the world broadens your horizons and teaches you to view situations through different perspectives.

Once you’ve made friends in other countries, stood in the shoes of the foreigner surrounded by the unknown and realized that people everywhere are kind and caring, you view the world differently. This translates to how you present yourself as a professional and how employers perceive you.

Studying abroad also teaches students the benefits of speaking multiple languages, opens the doors to career opportunities that would have otherwise remained on the other side of a country boarder and helps them find new interests.

Whether, you already enjoy adventuring, like David Schillo, or you haven’t found your travel bug yet, studying abroad is among the best ways to know yourself. Don’t write off travel because you don’t think you’d like it – experience it and decide based on what you learn.

David Schillo - Benefits of Studying Abroad  

David Schillo was stationed in Missouri, Georgia, and South Korea. David Schillo also a former US Army officer. Click here - https://davidsc...

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