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David Santiago-Bonilla Portfolio 2012

“Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space� - Mies van der Rohe


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David Santiago-Bonilla P.O. Box 719, San Germán, PR, 00683 (787)-264-3804, (787)-579-0682 OBJECTIVE :



To improve the engineering and design fields with new construction skills and technology with a modern perspective while gaining experience. University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus B.S. in Civil Engineering, curricular sequence in Art

(2006-2012) GPA: 3.10

• IDA tutoring center; San German, PR

October 2012-present

Tutoring Mathematics and Sciences classes for junior high school students

•Research in Public transportation systems: Implementation for new communities

Fall Semester 2011

Research in the transportation engineering and public transportation systems and its advantages in dense populated areas. Research as part of the Civil Engineering Seminar course (INCI4019)

•Volunteer in Community project group

Fall Semester 2011

Community of Rosario, San German, PR. Brought solutions to engineering related problems to the community as part of the Construction Engineering II course (INCI4056)

•Volunteer in Community project group

Fall Semester 2009

Community of Pepe Hoyos, Cayey, PR. Brought solutions to engineering related problems to the community as part of the Construction Engineering I course (INCI4055)

•Reparto Samán Inc.; Cabo Rojo, PR

Summer & Winter 2008-2007

Assistant in construction management’s office work


•LEED Green Associate course

December 2011

US Green Building Council professional course for the LEED GA Examinations, at UPR-Mayaguez


•Construction Safety and Health Certification Outreach Training Program 30-hour Occupational and Health Training Course Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).



• Hand drafting •Sketching •Model building •Communication skills: fluent English, fluent Spanish •Research •Blueprints reading •Software skills in Microsoft Office, WinPAS, basic AutoCAD, basic Adobe Photoshop, proficient SketchUp 8, Matlab



•Member of the American Concrete Institute; 2012-current •Member of the U.S. Green Building Council student chapter; 2011- 2012 •Member of the University’s Creative Artistic Workshop (TACU); 2011-2012 •Member of the American General Contractors student chapter; 2009-2012 •Editor & member of the Puerto Rico’s Civil Engineers Institute student chapter 2008-2012 •Member of the Honor Roll of the Engineering Faculty of UPRM; 2008






Available upon request.


•Sustainable designs

•Green building

What they say: “David’s determination drives him to grow as a student, professional and person on a daily basis. His questioning attitude challenged me constantly in order to improve his knowledge and skills and prove that he does not settle for good enough. He is extremely hard working and shows great progress as his knowledge and skills improve. He was without a doubt the most humble and hard working students I had the pleasure to teach. I find that these traits will allow him to become a successful professional engineer wherever his future may lead him.” -Nannette Jover, Materials of Civil Engineering Laboratory Instructor at UPRM 2011

“He is very responsible preparing his assignments and projects, and studies very hard to have excellent marks in his tests. Besides, he is very cooperative: he is always ready to help his classmates and work with them in every assignment and project, reaching the best solutions. In every work done he reflect his ability for critical analysis, association of ideas and he is very strong exposing concepts discussed in class ina coherent manner. Mr. Santiago is very good in his oral and written presentations, showing his capacity for communicating his arguments to a large group of students. It is noticeable his love for the arts and his understanding of art according to the course’s standards. “ - Rafael Jackson-Martínez, PhD. Professor, Humanities Department-UPRM 2010

• Urbanism

•Art & Culture •Tropical design

•Structural design


Scale model of the Old City Hall of San German –as it looked in the Century- as part of the final project of the ARTE4996-Special Topics: Architecture of Puerto Rico course. Materials: Cardboard Date: May 2010 Type: Academic

Left: Plant view of the 3 bedroom house (AutoCAD 2009) Below: 3 bedroom house model in 3D (Google SketchUp 7)

A 3 bedroom house project, made to develop construction engineering and architectural design, with the help of Computer Aid Programs for design. Date: October 2012 Type: Personal


Project: Laura Mercado School farm Semester: Fall 2011 Course: INCI4056-090, Construction Engineering II Duration: One Semester Professor: Dr. Francisco Maldonado-Fortunet Site: Rosario Neighborhood, San German, PR Group: Juan P. Arocho-Matos, Elier Sánchez-Pérez, David Santiago-Bonilla

Project description: Using Construction Engineering skills, the group’s main goal is to develop sustainably a farm near the Laura Mercado School, so the students and the community can use the farm as part of agricultural program of the school. Project Solution: Using modern software developed by agricultural scientists, the group estimated the amount of water needed in the farm. With the documentation of the weather of the region, we proceeded to develop a sustainable design to harvest water and how to manage the resource when necessary, according to agricultural and sustainable standards.

More info of this project and my Public Transportation System research, please visit my profile to see the group’s presentation.

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Above: An image with the farm at the beginning of the semester, and the project’s design for a water tank that can harvest the rain and use it for the farm in the dry season. Type: Academic

Designed by the group for the INCI4056 course

Architectural San German site:

Architectural San German is a blog dedicated to the architectural features of the city of San German, Puerto Rico. Known worldwide as one of the most historic areas of the Caribbean, the blog also details the architectural evolution throughout the whole region of the city from the oldest structures of the colonial era, until our own period architecture.

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Free hand study sketches, 2010 Charcoal

Random sketches of the human body to understand the movement of the lines and shadows. The body in different posses served as practice to interpret the figure moving in space, and capturing the movement in a specific time. Drawing practice made for the ARTE3122-Painting course. Type: Academic

Portrait study, 2010 pencil, 18 x 24 in This portrait study was made in class session-using lines- to develop the figure of the model. Type: Academic Type: Academic

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Left: Still life, 2010

Charcoal and graphite, 18 x 24 in

Final project of the drawing exercises for the ARTE3122- Painting course. The drawing consists of the different aspects of lines, techniques, and development of a sense of space in this still life picture. Type: Academic

Right: Massachusetts State House, 2012 Ink and watercolor sketch, 5x7 in Sketch of the Massachusetts State House, seen from the Boston Commons, employing the pen and watercolor techniques. Type: Personal

The letter with blood enters, 2010 Mixed Media, 18 x 24 in


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The painting consists in a student that struggles in his sleep, surrounded in a collage of papers as a bed. This painting resulted in experimentation for new materials to make different types of art pieces with written papers to form a unique collage for future art works. Type: Academic

The Pilgrim, 2012 Mixed media, 24 x 36 in.

Pearly-eyed Thrasher illustration, 2012 Colored pencils and soft pastels, 11 x 17 in

Scientific illustrations made for the ARTE4123-Illustration I course. This course’s main goal was to research thoroughly about the theme to illustrate as accurately as possible the features that distinguish the theme. Type: Academic

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Orchids, 2012 Colored pencils, 5.25 x 7 in.

Top left: Gothic chamber, San Juan Cathedral, PR (2012) Top right: Art Nouveau Balcony; San German, PR (2011) Left: Neoclassic dome; Seminar, San Juan, PR (2011)

Photographs of architectural features -taken from renowned buildings from different eras and civilizations- capture the details that make the building and it surroundings unique with its architectural traditions. Type: Personal

Top right: Mayan ruins; Altun Ha, Belize (2012) Below: Boston Public Library staircase, Boston, MA (2012)

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David Santiago-Bonilla Portfolio 2012  

Some of my engineering, design and art works, from my personal and academic projects.