Transportation and Products - David S. Weiskopf

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David Samuel Weiskopf

Year 2017


Credo 01

Aim high

I think that good design is always created by many talented people sharing their ideas openly and by that it can have a big impact in our daily life. I know that design is not the solution for everything, but it offers the possibility to see things, needs, and problems from a different point of view.

Designing and creating new ideas and concepts is a beautiful way to signify a special expression.

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<< Without hard work talent is worthless >> The French designer and photographer Serge Lutens

Me and my classy Steinmayr bike

I believe that design is a leading force to achieve a promising future.

That`s all me Enjoy

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Some impressions and informations of my person and some activities and things I love. Graduated from University with my Master's degree and motivated for more!

Design delights



Life, health and sports

Curriculum vitae

Work experience Master Thesis with AUDI AG, Bavaria, Germany Title - Audi Shared Luxury, Mar 2016- Oct 2016

AUDI Design Interior, Bavaria, Germany Transportation Design Intern, Sep 2015- Mar 2016

Phoenix Design Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany Product Design Intern, Feb 2014- Aug 2014

Auer - Bilder & Rahmen, Tyrol, Austria

Picture frame manufacture, Intern, Jul 2009- Aug 2009

Farben Fachgeschäft Weiskopf, Tyrol, Austria Paint shop, Summer Job, Aug 2008- Sept 2008

MAC - Graphic office, Tyrol, Austria Graphic Design Intern, Jul 2006- Aug 2006

Basic military service, Tyrol, Austria Sep 2010- Jun 2011

Graphic design and paint work At times 2005- 2016


German - native speaker English - fluent


Skills & qualities

FH - JOANNEUM, University of applied sciences, Graz, Austria

Adobe (PS, AI, IN) MS Office Rhino3D, Autodesk Alias and Solid Works Key Shot and Bunkspeed Sketching Handcraft , Modular construction and Clay modelling

Master of Arts in Arts and Design 2014-2016 Advanced Product and Transportation Design

FH - JOANNEUM University of applied sciences, Graz, Austria Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design Industrial Design 2011- 2014

HTL Kunst und Design, Technical College, Innsbruck, Austria A-Levels 2005-2010 Graphic and Communication Design

Further trainings Michael Thompson - Design Management 1 Day Workshop 2013 Rhetoric class 1 Day Workshop 2008

Audi WISE 01

Quadrant 04

T-One 02

Myray 05

Mont Blanc 03

Avalon 01 06

Colour code

Index 00


audi Wise 01


Briefing: Master Thesis 2016 in cooperation with AUDI AG

Audi Shared Luxury

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Individual project Duration - 6 Month.

dubai 2035 An extraordinary city

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Dubai is a fast growing and open minded city. New inventions and a pioneer spirit are only a few attributes of this new mega city. Because of these aspects as well as the new and modern infrastructure is Dubai the perfect setting for my concept Audi WISE - Shared Luxury.



Research Four major trends

Page 14

After an extensive research and analysing the future trend map of the company ‘ZUKUNFTSINSTITUT’ I focused on four major trends

Dubai 2035

Sharing on demand

Autonomous driving

Artificial intelligence

The concept The story behind

Through the big impact of the main trends I was able to create the use case and define the usability.

On demand Fleet

Connectivity Through smart devices

Long distance travel w.i.g.e.

Attraction Compare red buses London

Through desert and over water - Gliding effect

Perfect traffic stream Wise - lanes

Page 16

From the sketch ...

... to the CAD Development Software - Autodesk Alias

Page 18

From the first proportion to the final design

Final Design Audi WISE

Page 20

An autonomous sharing vehicle, with uses the wing in ground effect for an efficiant movement

Page 22

Final Design

Technical Background Use of the Wing In Ground Effect

Page 24

Inspiration: Nature and Technique



Reverse delta wing

Side blade


Side flaps and side jets

Reverse delta wing


Page 26

At the beginning


Page 28

Floating Sensation


Page 30

The interior is clean and modest. It creates an relaxing atmosphere and fits the needs of future customers.

Use case

Page 32

Gliding on the road or over the water

Scale Model

Page 34

CAD turns into reality

T-one 02 Briefing: The new TX 2025 Design an exterior and interior of the next T-model Team-project with Alexander Knorr (Exterior) Semester project 2014 - 2015 (4 months)

Interior concept

Page 36

In cooperation with

Expanding to younger target groups Current target group (45+) - shifting to younger one

By using emotional and rational needs of the target group we were able to define our purchase drivers and core elements.

Friends Moments

Page 38



Translate needs into product requirements Strategic design process

Choosing the 4 most important needs of our research-pool and develop different physical elements.

People + Cargo

Foldable seats



Second use

Storage space



> Rail system


3D print

T model for a younger generation A durable, more affordable entry vehicle

Sketching interior elements - the product requirements always in mind.


Page 42

Flying dashboard Driver centered

Creating a thin and lightweight dashboard, to get a better overview for parking.

Use your own mobile devices Smartphone or tablet

By using a smartphone or a tablet, we keep the car more affordable and were able to use the “second devices� as speedometer or navigation system.

Electrical contact

Page 44


Customisable Parts (3d print)

Open cover and put in your tablet.

Rail system and foldable seats Space is everything

By using a horizontal rail system instead of a vertical one, combined with our foldable seats, you get the option to create more space than in the current T-model.





Page 46


Replaceable Parts Customise your interior

Page 48

Create your own interior and things you really need with 3D-printable parts.

For securing, bike transport or a collapsible table.

User scenario - a day in a life Different places, different requirements

Page 50

08:00 AM EPP PARTS for protection. Seat-layout for 5 persons.

08:10 AM Short wheel base to increase agility.

08:20 AM Big windscreen for perfect overview.

02:30 PM

03:50 PM

05:20 PM

One big door for easy up- and unload. Folded seats for more cargo-space.

Release rear cap for special situations. Completely folded seats for max. cargo space.

Persons + cargo for a nice weekend trip with friends to the beach.

Page 52

Briefing: Create a sculpture related to the look of a car and adapt values of a brand to the design language in 16 hours Approach: Proportions defined through a self-defined car layout Design a package - Engine, seats, persons, storage Create a sculpture related to the look of a car Individual project in the 4th year of university. Duration - 16 hours.

Sculpture modelled in Cinema 4D

Mont blanc 03

16 hour project

Concept, brand, and package Getting everything together into one sculpture

50% Maybach Exelero

Page 56

50% Rolls-Royce Phantom

Classic, outrank, timeless, confident, undetermined, straight.

By combining two different cars, the values of Mont Blanc, and the package I started to create my shape.

Technical package

Marriage with body

Final proportion




Steering System



Next 5 + 6 hours Sketching and modelling

Page 58

First time working with Cinema 4D.

Timetable 16 hour project

Page 60

Fusion 2h Brand 1h Package 1h Proportion 1h Sculpture 4h 6h Final model Presentation 1h Total 16H

Quadrant 04


Briefing: Self-chosen project during internship at AUDI Design Individual project Duration - 1 Month.


Page 62

In cooperation with

The concept Year 2066

By the big impact of the global change the mankind lives in autarkic cities. The roads in the outlands are badly damaged. Everybody gets wet-nursed by robots and is bored to death by the ‘everyday same procedure’.

Global Change

>>> Autarkic Cities

Page 64



Emotions and needs

Across these facts the need for freedom, emotion and explorer passion gets stronger and stronger.

Pioneer Spirit








Explorer’s Passion

The solution - audi quadrant Why

By entering the vehicle through the top of the cocoon you get the possibility to break free. Off- or onroad the Audi Quadrant is the partner you where looking for - Sometimes you should take the chance to break free!

Cocoon Engine elements

Page 66


take a ride Start

Page 68

The driver drops into the seat. By touching the Holo-Caves the vehicle starts his mission.

Technical parts Half-autonomous vehicle

Page 70

It gets his commands by entering the Holo-Caves with the hands. The Head-up Holo and the Focused-view provides detailed information.

Head-up Holo Focused-view Holo-Cave

Graphical user interface Holographical instruments

Page 72

Through the new technologies it is possible to get the important information at the first glance.

Seat Nano surface

Page 74

The seat uses a special nano surface for protection and comfort.

MOVING THE SEAT BETWEEN THE SPLITTED DASHBOARD It allows the driver to enter the relaxing area.

Relaxing area Enjoy the view and comfort

Page 76

The relaxing area is divided in two sections. The bed and the info panel. This panel shows every information you want and all in a holographical view.

Relaxing Area

Info Panel

For Example - Weather Forecast

Audi quadrant

Page 78

Explore your mind.

Myray 05 What is innovation? Within one week workshop, with our guest lecturer Dr. Gerald Steiner from Harvard University, we found out new ways to research scenarios that showed us problems, needs, and wishes of today‘s society. He pointed out that innovation consists not only of one factor - it‘s necessary to combine and merge relevant factors and stakeholders. Briefing: Our task was to create an innovative concept of a household product which interacts with someone or something in the year 2025.

Page 80

In cooperation with

Autonomic pool cleaner

Team-project with Christina Wolf Semester project 2013 (4 months)

Today’s problems Pool Robots

Conventional pool cleaning systems are clunky, costly in terms of time, and don‘t fit into the optical image of a swimming pool.

Page 82

station and storage


tangle of cables

endless task

The solution

The latest innovation in pool cleaning systems.

Myray Sustainable Autonomic Beautiful Smart

Moods & inspiration Beauty, nature, and smooth objects

Bionic, fading edge, smooth surface.

Page 84

The natural shape as well as the smooth movements of rays served as an inspiration and highly influenced the design of the Myray system.

600.000 Pools in Germany, 10 mio. in the USA The rising trend

Page 86

Everyone likes the beauty of a swimming pool.

Use Case & kärcher app How it works

Myray works as an autonomous system, which stays in the pool permanently.

Page 88


put myray into the swimming pool.

surface cleaning and water filtering.

disconnection the filter is full - you get a message.

you get the signal to clean the filter.

take out filter and clean it.

Solar charger - myray rests on the surface of the water.

after cleaning, put the filter back into the water - it automatically reattaches itself.

Myray “sleeps”, if everything is perfecly clean.

Parts and function Technical aspects

Myray is a smart and IT-driven cleaning-system which cleans all pool areas and filters water in variable depths - it avoids pollution of the swimming pool.


dirty surface

Page 90

floating particles

Filter system

Two main parts - the robot and the filter system.

Jet engine Robot Solar Panels

UV light Cleaning Rollers

Scale model Myray 1:1,5

Made in 3 days.

Page 92

Printed with gypsum, sanded with sandpaper, processed with coating and finished with the Kärcher - Logo.

avalon 01 06 More traffic, noise, stress and a lack of space - most probably attributes of future cities. Briefing: Find a solution in the area between a car and a bicycle Note qualities like: sports, environment, sustainability, driving pleasure, image

Be different.

Page 94

Team-project with Constantin Mรถdl Semester project 2015 - duration: 4 months.

Setting trends The Requirements

There are a lot of different vehicles and concepts in the area between bicycle and car, but they don’t find any acceptance. So our first question was why? As a resolution we found out, that the image of this type of vehicle is really bad. To counter the poor image, we define our requirements through strong attributes like: trendsetter, leader and vanguard.


Page 96

Trendsetter essentials



one group to catch them all Sinus Milieus - Performer

Multi-optional // efficiency oriented // performance elite // global-ecological thinking // stylistic avant garde If we are able to reach the group of performer, we are able to reach the whole majority.

Performer / lead user

Early adopter


the lead user - greenovator Who is the person?

Sustainability is one of the most influential topics of today’s society. I the 80s it was only a marginal group, today nearly everybody matters to this topic


Page 98

anno 1980

Business, quality, health-conscious, sporty, life pleasure


Page 100

First design approach ...

Page 102

... and final design

Tape rendering 1:4

Page 104

Features Useful in everyday life

Vehicle illumination

Page 106

storage space

Weather protection


Foldaway seat - dickey

Page 108

Page 110


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