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Grooming – Include Regular Brushing And Combing In Regime No matter what kind of coat your pet has – long haired or short – you need to look around for grooming services. You have to maintain the health and beauty of your pet, and grooming is essential for that. As a responsible pet owner, you have to maintain a regular grooming regime to ensure your lovely four-legged friend remains healthy and happy always. Grooming ensures good care of your pet’s coat. It includes a thorough inspection of the coat, brushing, combing, and bathing – overall a healthy body. Regularly inspecting the coat helps in identifying any skin infection, cuts or bruises which are otherwise hard to detect. Professionals of dog grooming San Rafael suggest starting with brushing the hair coat and combing. Regular brushing and combing removes dead hair and skin from the coat, remove tangle or matt that can cause discomfort to the four-legged. If matt and tangles are hard to manage by you, it is better to consult a professional for grooming. In addition, you can also take their advice for better sessions at home. De-matting is extremely uncomfortable for dogs and hence it is better to consult a professional to minimize the impact of de-tangling on your pet. Regular de-tangling is suggested as it is essential to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the pet. Always remember that tangling and matt can provide shelter to ticks and flea which are harmful for not only pet, but also you and your family. One thing that you should also remember that brushing also has a health benefit. Not only it helps with de-tangling, but also aids in distributing essential oils evenly. This is crucial to add extra shine to your pet’s hair and coat. Also, it removes loose dirt. Whether you have a pet with long coat or short, brushing is essential for all. But remember that you need to buy different brushes for dogs with long coat and short. It is important that you use the right kind of brush and comb depending on your dog’s coat. Consult a professional to help you make a selection. Some of the pets have double coat. It means, they have an outer guard coat and an undercoat. Some people just brush the outer coat, without cleaning the under one. Therefore, good knowledge and training is essential for combing and brushing. Professional groomers can explain you the coat type of your pet as well as their grooming requirements. Consult an expert of dog grooming San Rafael to ensure you maintain a healthy grooming session for your pet.

Grooming – include regular brushing and combing in regime  

Keep your pet healthy and happy by ensuring a regular grooming session that includes brushing and combing. Regular brushing and combing ensu...

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