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December 22, 2010

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Blake’s on the Park

The Brent Star Report From Atlanta to RuPaul’s

Drag Races...


It’s Mariah!

udos for RuPaul’s Drag Races for putting Atlanta on the map AGAIN this time in Season 3! Last season we were represented by Sonique and Nicole Paige Brooks. This season, I told you about Phoenix, known here as the “edgiest bitch” in town... but then i heard that, just like last season, we have TWO queens from the Atlanta! Well child, you know i have to stay on my damn A game and hunt this other queen down...okaaaay...I’m feeling very Murder She Wrote slash CSI! Catch it, the crime scene for this interview was at a famous midtown restaurant called Einstein’s. I got the call from manager Sam Peng telling me about the latest scandal...they’re having a viewing of the body...I’m sorry, I meant, a viewing of LOGO’s DRAG RACES SHOW on Monday nights starting January 24th. The suspects for this show are Nicole Paige Brooks, that peculiar Brent Star and of course the 2nd drag performer who is actually featured on the T.V. show, her name is Mariah Paris Balenciaga! After finally pronouncing her last name correctly (12 hours later), it’s time to go into the interrogation room to find answers...(and let me tell you now, girlfriend is serving face, face, face!)

Mariah: Phylicia Rashad, Grace Jones, Diana Ross, Joan Crawford, Vanessa Williams... Brent: Divas! Tell us the first time you did drag. Mariah: The first time I did a show or was in a show type setting was a ‘Closet Ball’ at Heretic in 2001. I got first runner up. Brent: Oh the Heretic? Oh that was before my did you learn from RuPauls Drag Race? Mariah: How to get ready faster. Prep is everything! I also learned alot about putting on a’s mind boggling! Brent: So now that you made it to the show, what are you plans? Mariah: To make the absolute most of the opportunities that have been afforded to me. Brent: I know that’s right child! After 12 years, what advice do you have for the new kids? Mariah: Care more about yourself than the drag. Take pride in yourself and the craft. Invest in quality. Stay grounded and never buy into your own hype! Brent: Very good advice girl! You’ve learned alot! So starting January 24th of 2011, the readers can catch you Mondays at Einsteins as they host the viewing party for RuPaul’s 3rd Season? Mariah: Yes!!! I’m so excited! Come out and support a girl from Atlanta!

Brent: long have you been inAtlanta doing drag? Mariah: I have been doing drag for 12 years, and have lived here since 2001, and for the past 7 years, I have called midtown home. Brent: Oh ok. So according to my notes, I see you are well known in the ‘Ball’ Scene (I’ll have to do a report on THAT real soon btw) So tell us about your accomplishments in that scene. Mariah: Well, I have been legendary for my category since ‘06. (a category call “FACE” and yes, she’s working it!) I am Godmother for “The House of Balenciaga”. I have won “Drag FACE” of the year eight times in Atlanta (2000, ‘01, ‘03-’08), 2 times in New YorkI, “2004 People’s Choice”, “2008 Legend of the Year”, and a few more i can’t remember! LOL! Brent: Damn! I see you love to compete! Mariah: Oh yes honey. Besides an outlet for me to express creative talents, it’s the reason I got into drag, for my love of the competition. Brent: Well shit, you should try out for the Olympics! So tell us, who are your influences?

Of course I’ll be there Mariah--- next to you and Nicole! Well, it’s that time again take a moment and think about where you’ve been this year before you enter a new one. For me, I’m looking forward to a year full of wonderful surprises, dreams come true, growth, and of course, new...FACES!

Until next week, don’t read the girls, instead, read The Brent Star Report!

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Piedmont Chiropractic Health Center specializing in sports injuries and preventive care

Dr. Keith Kauffman DC, CCSP

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Ask Momma Mona Anyway, this got me to thinking about earlier this year when a gentleman with two young children were ahead of me at Big Red Tomato in Alpharetta. It was a cold wintry day and I was not having a fun time with this one contract, specifically the attached person who was making this job pretty much hell. I had just left from that meeting and needed some down time to shake off the icky energy goo that person had viciously, yet professionally polite, vomited all over me. (Note to me: finish this contract ASAP and never again even if there were no other work available!).


While Momma Mona thinks every day is an opportunity to BE a gift to this world, many people become more generous this time of year. Probably a good thing since its cold outside and everything.

Well, this altered my energy! I think I stayed stunned throughout my meal wondering what I should do other than enjoy my soup & salad. Sure it was only about a $9 meal, but WOW, what a treat from a stranger!


Guess I was not looking too good or something because at checkout, the guy in front of me questioned why he was being charged for two adults, the cashier nodded at me and questioned if I were with him. At this point he told her it was fine and signed his charge. I was so stunned! I profusely thanked him, but he hardly paid any attention at all. Truth be known, he probably just didn’t want to bother with having to ring it up again and I probably looked pretty sad and deserving.

And do you know I have pondered how to replicate this situation so that I am the one paying for a stranger’s lunch this whole year?!?!? Sure, I’ve “passed forward” many monetary and other gifts of kindness, but none that would compare to this one action that so totally shifted my energy and has stayed with me on a conscious level. That guy simply has no idea the impact his generosity had made in my life because now I spend time thinking about how I could do the same to pass it forward. Obsessive-compulsive disordered perfectionist that I am, it has to be almost exactly the same effect, so I’ll continue trying to measure up for the rest of my life over this $9 kindness.

Dear Momma Mona, Just want to wish you happiness and joy throughout this holiday season and all through 2011! I enjoy your column, your advice, and just you. Thank you!

Dear Avid Reader, You just made my day! Thank you so very much and I wish the same and more to you! Momma Mona

So here’s the deal. Since you’ve read this little sharing, it is now in YOUR psychy. Please give some thought to how you can pass forward this kindness and any other kindness you have experienced, or even not experienced. Get the good vibes going! And, help me out with some suggestions!!!! Yours Truly, Momma Mona

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Cover Story

Drag Superstar Moving To Atlanta

By Jesse A. Hancock

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hen Tyra Sanchez, Rupaul’s Drag Race season two winner, performed with Stars of the Century at Jungle Club last May, she said, “All the good drag queens that I know come from Atlanta, including RuPaul.”

Unfortunately, Sanchez says childhood days in the projects were far from glamorous. As a boy James had been teased for the majority of his teen years in school. Bullies constantly used words such as, “faggot” and “gay boy” or “the homo kid with the shark teeth” to tease James from the time Now she is moving to Atlanta. he step foot on the school bus until he was The young diva has been quite busy since home again, where he says he felt like “a winning the Race at the end of season two prisoner” in his own bedroom. last spring. She won a $25,000 cash prize, became the face of, James was afraid to make friends for years. featured in L.A. EyeWorks! ad campaign, In the summer of 2004 he met Cynithia appeared in a spread in Paper Magazine Smith and became inseparable, which led and headlined the Drag Race tour this past to the birth of their child, Jeremiah Ross. summer, not to mention her numerous Though the two were only teens at the time, requests to appear all across the U.S. they stuck together and worked hard to prepare for the arrival of Jeremiah. Soon you will see more of Ms. Sanchez. At age sixteen, James had nowhere to go First up, she will be headlining the New after his parents kicked him out. He went to Year’s Eve bash at Kaos Macon. She will be school all day and worked at night, barely also performing at Burkharts, Jungle Club earning enough money to stay in a weekly and other venues around town, in addition hotel. He says that time in his life taught to more touring across the country. him to be a dedicated, determined, and Atlanta fans welcome her with open arms. committed individual. At age 22, this young drag veteran has been performing with her drag family in Atlanta James and Cynithia had a baby boy on for years. August 12, 2005 during the first week of James’ senior year in high school, but the “Niesha Dupree is my drag grandmother,” happiness between Cynithia and James said Sanchez. “Whenever I’ve been in town soon faded away and they realized that on business or for fun, my drag family has they had go their separate ways. However, invited me to do shows. I have a gay family they agreed that they would always work here. The Monday night show at Jungle is together to raise Jeremiah. my drag family, the whole cast and crew.” Sanchez competed against two other Atlanta James graduated high school, and he said drag queens in the Race: Nicole Paige soon after graduation he realized he was gay. Brooks, a very popular performer around He came out and started enjoying watching town and Sonique, who recently moved to drag shows. Soon a star was created. On California to pursue other drag and music November 17, 2007 James had transformed opportunities. into a giant 6’5” glamorous diva. Born in Gainesville, Florida April 22, 1988 to Angelina and James W. Ross, III, Tyra Sanchez (aka James Ross) had no idea he would become a drag superstar. Although he was born in Gainesville, Sanchez was raised in Orlando, “The City Beautiful” Florida.

Be sure to follow Tyra on Facebook and Twitter at @iTyra. You will surely see more of this superstar in 2011 right here in Atlanta!

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Dec. 30 – Jan 5, 2011

Dec. 30 (Thursday)

8:00 p.m. Break out your chaps and boots! Last chance to learn to line dance in 2010! Three-Legged Cowboy offers free line dance lessons at 8:00 p.m. Come out and learn to line dance. The classes are free. Beginners are welcome. The instructors are always willing and able to help you out in any way that they can. Party with the Fashionistas 11:30 p.m. Burkharts Pub, 1492-F Piedmont Rd. Princess Charles hosts this night, featuring his cast of Fashionistas. Get ready to enjoy the show, Princess Charles’ style. No cover charge.

Dec. 31 (Friday)

New Year’s Eve in Macon? Looking for a new way to spend New Year’s Eve? Head to KAOS MACON! The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tyra Sanchez, will be their special VIP! Guests Include The Andrews Sisters, Summer Knight, Monica Van Pelt, Lily White, Kristina Foxx, Paula Sinclair, Trinity Holiday, and Marissa Wray Monroe. Cover is $15, $25 for a Couple! Balloon drop with over $1,000 in cash and prizes! Hors d’oeuvres, party favors, champagne toast!

New Year’s Eve With Glitter and Fur 10:00 p.m. Bedlam at IHOG. For those that still don’t know: IHOG = International House of Gays, 684 Moreland Ave NE #2. DJ Shane V, crazy lights, outdoor party with space heaters, all you can drink beer, and live performances by Barry Brandon and more. Plenty of free parking - between the Exxon gas station and IHOG there is a parking lot. $10 donation for entertainment - along with ALL YOU CAN DRINK beer. bed·lam (bed¨l¨m). noun. a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion... more commonly called, a lunatic asylum. Visit: http:// BarryBrandonsMusic/ and/or http:// for more information. OVERHAUL After Hours Party 3:00 – 8:00 a.m. Chris Coleman presents OVERHAUL, Spring4th, 728 Spring Street and 4th. Whether you’re going to a house party, a club event or just celebrating the New Year at your home, come out and dance til the sun comes up! DJ /Producer Martin Fry. $20 at the door. If you need more New Years Celebration the party continues on at Heretic 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. With Carioca’s Morning Party featuring DJ Alex Cohen fromWashington DC. 6AM-Noon. Tickets are $15 Advance $20 at the door.

For detailed NYE Calendar, check out 36 davidatlanta


Dec. 30 – Jan 5, 2011

Jan. 1 (Saturday) Happy New Year!

Jan. 2 (Sunday)

Church Services Attend one of Atlanta’s many gay or gay friendly churches. Some of these churches include: St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, St. Mark United Methodist Church, and First MCC of Atlanta. Check websites for times, locations, and more information.

Jan. 3 (Monday)

10:00 p.m. Industry Night at Mary’s After a hard day at work, come unwind at Mary’s, , 1287 Glenwood Ave., in East Atlanta. PB&Js for only $6. That’s a PBR and a shot of any liquor in the house that starts with “J.” Seeing Stars 10:30 p.m. Jungle Club, 2115 Faulkner Rd., $10 admission. Start the new year off right by seeing the hottest drag show in town, the Stars of the Century! Doors open at 10:30 p.m. with the New Kids Show starting at 11 p.m. Stars of the Century starts at midnight. The legendary Niesha Dupree hosts the cast, which includes Jasmine Bonet, Necole Luv Dupree, Stasha Sanchez, Raquell Lord, Chantel Lord, Diamond Monroe, and male leads Archie Bonet, Joe Jackson, R’darius Black, Al Milan Dupree, and Christopher Iman. You never know which special guests may drop by.

Jan. 4 (Tuesday)

Hello Dali! High Museum of Art (ongoing through Jan. 9, 2011) Tuesdays – Saturdays 10 – 5 (extended hours Thursdays til 8) and Sundays 12- 5. This is the first major exhibition that focuses on the last half of surreal artist Salvador Dalí’s career. In the late 1930s he went through a radical change in which he embraced Catholicism, developed the concept of nuclear mysticism and, in effect, reinvented himself as an artist. Comprising more than 40 paintings and a related group of drawings, prints and other Dalí ephemera, Salvador Dalí: The Late Work will explore the artist’s enduring fascination with science, optical effects and illusionism as well as his connections to such artists and celebrities of the 1960s and 1970s as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Willem de Kooning and Alice Cooper. For more information or tickets online, go to www.

Jan. 5 (Wednesday)

Birdcage Bingo to Benefit CHRIS Kids 8:00 p.m. at Mellow Mushroom, 931 Monroe Drive. An all-American game with a Mellow twist hosted by the oneand-only Ruby Redd. Bingo is free to play and dollars raised support CHRIS Kids charity. Crazy categories, cool prizes.

For detailed NYE Calendar, check out 37 davidatlanta

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La Nota Rosa



by Luis Chiruco Se acabó el 2010. Cada vez pasa más rápido el tiempo. Hoy nos volvemos a tomar las uvas, pediremos unos cuantos deseos y comenzaremos un año más de nuestras vidas. Hoy voy a pedir varias cosas, que no sé si se cumplirán. Son las mismas que todos los años: SALUD, AMOR, PAZ Y RESPETO PARA TODOS (ya sé que suena un poco cursi, así dicho, pero es lo que me gustaría). Además a este año, que por cuestiones sentimentales ha sido un tanto extraño, le voy a pedir que me mantenga la capacidad de seguir ilusionándome, que siga emocionándome con una canción, con una película o con una sonrisa, que conozca a gente que merezca la pena... y sobre todo, que me siga riendo, que me ría mucho. Creo que cuando pedimos cosas, siempre nos olvidamos del sentido del humor, de ese reirnos de nosotros mismos... Lo dejamos siempre de lado, y es (por lo menos para mí) fundamental. Bueno, pues voy a prepararme para la últma noche del año, que la celebraré con la familia y los amigos. Ojálá el año que viene todos seamos más libres y tolerantes. Y nosotros que lo veamos. ¡¡FELIZ AÑO!! Es verdad, tardo mucho en escribir. Lo debería hacer más a menudo, pero no tengo mucho tiempo. Qué más quisiera yo, porque me sirve para desahogarme, para evadirme, para despreocuparme... Y encima ahora entramos en la época menos propensa para la relajación: la Navidad. Tan bonita...tan estresante, tan agobiante. Y qué significa la Navidad para un gay sin pareja. Pues más o menos, lo siguiente: - que seas siempre el “impar” en las cenas y comidas (“uy, tenemos que invitar a alguien más, que con Javi somos trece en la mesa...qué mal rollo”) - que tu tía Lola al brindar siempre pida el deseo de que encuentres a la mujer de tu vida (“ay, hijo, a ver si te sale novia el año que viene, que yo no sé qué vamos a hacer contigo”) - que tus vecinos, como no ven subir a tu casa a nadie en los últimos seis meses, te miren con 48 davidatlanta

cara de pena pensando que vas a pasar solo tan entrañables fiestas (“si quieres algo, ya sabes dónde estamos, ¿eh?”) - que tu hermana crea que nadas en la abundancia y, como hay confianza, te nombre rey mago suplente (“anda, tú que puedes, cómprale la playstation a Dani, que nosotoros no llegamos”) - que tus amigos gays te manden una felicitación por email que siempre consiste en un papa noel que está buenísimo y que se va desnudando (“¡qué originales!”, piensas mientras al santaclaus sólo le queda puesto el gorro) - que tengas que llevar a tus sobrinos y a sus amigos a ver la última película de Disney a un cine abarrotado de salvajes de un metro y medio devorando palomitas y hablando sin parar (“antes era peor, había que llevarlos al circo...”, piensas y te consuelas, mientras tu sobrino más pequeño te pregunta por enésima vez quién es el malo y cuándo va a salir el pato Donald) - que siempre pides lo mismo al año siguiente: COMPAÑÍA, estar al lado de alguien cómplice, alguien en quien pensar, alguien que esté pendiente de ti, que te cuide, al que cuidar, con el que COMPARTIR, que es una palabra que parece que está pasada de moda y que tiene que volver en el 2011. Por eso en estas fechas tan señaladas alzo mi copa para que todo el mundo (sobre todo los que leen LA NOTA ROSA) tenga PAZ, SALUD y ALGUIEN A QUIEN QUERER. Y yo que lo vea. Feliz Navidad a todos...luis chiruco.

got leche?...


ARMO to UR 47368 Text

for an




ive sp




Health and Wellness Program: featuring on-site complimentary Spin, Dance and Kickboxing classes Hardwood and Concrete flooring available All granite countertops Stainless Steel GE Appliances Valet Dry cleaning and Housekeeping Available Hip monthly socials featuring live DJ Door to Door waste and recycling pick up Hotel suite for resident guests Complimentary wash, dry and fold laundry service and continental breakfast


MODERN UPSCALE INTERIORS Exclusive resident website featuring online bill pay and discounts to local businesses and restaurants Landscaped courtyards and resort style pool Amazing city views of Buckhead Skyline SPIN ROOM

RESORT STYLE POOL 415 Armour Drive, NE Atlanta, Georgia 30324 APARTMENTS ATLANTA


Fax 404.575.3054


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51 davidatlanta


ARIES Try to emphasize clarity right now with coworkers and family members; otherwise, you’re sure to find that you’re all over the place by the end of the year -- and possibly engaged in huge fights by the new year!

SAGITTARIUS You hold the keys this week, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. Keep working hard or otherwise making sure that you’re dealing with your issues in the right way, and you may find that it all lines up your way after the first.

TAURUS You need to use your heightened powers of perception to take a fresh, skeptical look at the situation. There is certainly more going on than meets the eye, and you can ferret it out with ease.

CAPRICORN You may feel a bit less focused than usual, which could mean that you’re feeling more comfortable at parties and other social gatherings. You won’t spend too long with any one person.

GEMINI Someone is flirting up a storm lately -- most likely you! If it’s reciprocated, anything could happen, but you can have just as much fun mystifying people and fluttering hearts as starting serious relationships.

AQUARIUS Your unique P.O.V. comes into play in a really positive way this week, as it might attract attention from the right person at work or get you that date you’ve been trying to get for far too long. The New Year rings in with pleasant surprises.

CANCER Though you often prefer the big picture, or at least dealing with systems as wholes, you need to break everything apart this week and investigate the details. You should learn quite a lot if you do.

PISCES You’re busy, but most likely not too busy. If you start to feel tired or overwhelmed, fall back on a creative project to reinvigorate you. Those who are watching should appreciate what they see.

LEO You’re not feeling like making big decisions right now, so just fall back on Plan B or let someone else call the shots. It’s a good time to just hang out with good friends and let things flow. VIRGO You’re dealing with work even if you never set foot in the office this week -- or if you’re between gigs. Your mind is better attuned to work projects and getting new work than usual, so exploit it! Happy New Year! LIBRA You’re filled with great, zippy energy, a leftover from Christmas, and you ought to be able to find a great new way to handle a long-standing problem. A friend might call on you early on, so be ready for almost anything! SCORPIO We all know to read the fine print, but on a week like this week, it’s ten times as important. In fact, you’re better off not signing anything until you’ve had the chance to go over it with someone who knows their stuff. 52 davidatlanta

53 davidatlanta

Fr iday

Amsterdam - Video Request Night - Industry Night 9pm BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Drag on The Edge 11pm with Alexandria Martin Burkharts - Karaoke Idol 10:30pm - Close The Eagle - Bare Chest Night $3PBR Felix’s - Free Pool! Industry Night Friends on Ponce - Afternoons with Jasen 2pm Frogs - $1 Tacos 6-9pm Heretic - Monday Madness with Brian 10pm to 3 am Jungle - Stars of the Century | Hosted by Nisha Dupre! LeBuzz - Man Dance Cabaret - GOGO Dancers - Drink Specials 8pm Mary’s - Open 5pm - DJ Va Jay Jay Spins Mixx - Live Pianist 9pm - 1am Model T - Service Industry Night! Discounted Drinks! Woofs - Texas Hold’em 8pm

3 Legged Cowboy - Family Poker 7:30pm Amsterdam - Showtunes 9pm BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Twisted Trivia @ 9pm - starring The Lady Shabazz Burkharts - Karaoke 11:30pm Club 91 - Swagg Tuesday’s The Eagle - Rock Music Felix’s - Smirnoff Martini Night Friends on Ponce - Enchanted Evnings With Ken & Donnie Heretic - TimeWarp Tue w/ Paul - Hits from 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Las Margaritas - Crazy Bitch Bingo 7:30pm LeBuzz - Talent Search & Karaoke Mary’s - CJ Hosting Mary-Oke @ 10pm Mixx - Texas Hold’em Poker 7:30 - 10pm Model T - Always a Party! Wyatt, Gary & Elvis serve up their Best! Oscar’s - Show Tunes Tuesdays 8PM Swinging Richards - No Cover Tuesdays! Woofs - Free WII from 4:00 till close - Industry Night!!

3 Legged Cowboy - Intermediate 2 Step @ 8-9 Amsterdam - Get L.I.T. All Day Specials Bellissima - Karaoke 8pm BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Rated R @ 11pm - Half Price Apps: ALL DAY Burkharts - Karaoke Idol 10:30pm - Close Club 91 - The Main Event Cabaret & Talent Show Followed By DJ Rick The Eagle - Modern Family Night $3 PBR Friends on Ponce - H.U.M.P. DAY With Jeremy, Ken & Daniel Heretic - Boys Night Out Dress Code DJ Lydia Prim 10pm - 3am Las Margaritas - Karaoke 8pm LeBuzz - Hump Night & New Entertainer Showcase Mary’s - DJ Yes Sir Spins Rock 9pm Mixx - Texas Hold’em Poker 7:30 - 10pm Model T - Free Hot Dogs! $3 Draft Beer – Karaoke Night Oscar’s - Totally Wicked 80s Night Tripps - Taco Night - Free Tacos 5PM Swinging Richards - $5 Cover! Free VIP Lounge Entry Woofs - Woofs House Trivia starts at 8:00pm

Th ur sd ay

S un day

We d n e s d ay

S at u rd ay

Tue s d ay

M o n day

Bartab Nightlife Guide

3 Legged Cowboy - Dance Lessons @ 8-9 - Ladies Night Amsterdam - Rita’s & Smirnoff Tini’s Special Bellissima - ‘The Midtown Comedy Show’ / Open Mic at 9pm BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Texas Holdem Poker @ 7p - The Shawnna Factor @ 11p Burkharts - Princess Charles - Fashionistas 11:30pm Club 91 - Customer Appreciation FREE ALL NIGHT The Eagle - Karaoke $3.75 Well Drinks Felix’s - Karaoke Friends on Ponce - HOT NIGHTS With Jasen and Donnie Heretic - Azuca Latin Night DJ Karlitos Las Margarita’s - Crazy Bitch Bingo 7:30PM LeBuzz - Ladies Night Shows Mary’s - Themed Parties Reto DJ’s Swinging Richards - 2-4-1 Night - Door Entry and VIP $10 Midtown W – Chris Coleman Presents “Indulge” 9pm-Midnight Mixx - Karaoke 9pm-1am Kamikaze Karaoke Contest 11-Midnight Model T - Robert & Michael serve up their Best! Woofs - Meet and Greet for “Gathering Time”! Daily Food Specials

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3 Legged Cowboy - Studs & Spurs - Shows at 10, 11, 12, and 1 Amsterdam - DJ Dance Party Bellissima - Live DJ Entertainment BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Kitty LeClaw’s Meow Mix 11pm Burkharts - Mary Edith Pitts Show 11:30pm Club 91 - It’s Bingo Bitch Hosted by: Auntie Snickers Chaparral - Got Leche? 10pm - Hot Latino Dancers The Eagle - DJ Dance Party & Club Night Felix’s - Bartenders Ray & Cory - Serve it up! Friends on Ponce - Happy Time With Daniel and Terry Heretic - DJ Lydia Prim NO COVER before 11pm Jungle - Eve Michaels and Jungle present: DRAGNIQUE LeBuzz - Dance Party & Show Mary’s - Open 5pm - Boys Room Party - Themed Party - Love DJ Mixx - High Energy Music Videos 9pm-1am Model T - Poker Night Swinging Richards - Open 6:30pm - $10 - Hot Naked Men and Big Cocktails Tripps Bar - Laser Show Dance Party with DJ Steve Lynch Woofs - Great Food, Drink & Good Times 3 Legged Cowboy - Dance Lessons @ 8-9 Amsterdam - High Energy Videos 9pm Bellissima - Live DJ Entertainment BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Jealouse’s Daring Divas 11pm Burkharts - Mary Edith Pitts Show 11:30pm Club 91 - RT Parties brings you Klimaxx Dance Party with Miss Sophia (go go dancers) DJ Maestro, DJ Rick, DJ Scrilla spinning on two floors all night The Eagle - DJ Dance Party Felix’s - Karaoke with Brett & Tyler Friends on Ponce - Open @ Noon with Bob Brewer Heretic - Special Guest DJ’s Check Website for Details : LeBuzz - Saturday Night Fever Show Mary’s - Dance Party Hot Mess 9PM Differnt DJ Every Week Mixx- Dance Party 10pm - 3am Model T - Free Tacos! All The Fixins! 3:30 pm to gone! Sanctuary - Sextasy Latino Night, Divas Show and DJ Dance Party Swinging Richards - Open 6:30pm - $10 Tripps - BBQ Cookout 1-5pm Woofs - Great Food, Drink & Good Times

Amsterdam - Sunday Brunch 11:30am - 3pm Showtunes with a Twist 7pm BJ Roosters - Male Bar Top Dancers - 8pm-1am Blake’s - Brunch Noon-3pm With Live Jazz – Armorettes Show 8pm Burkharts - Mary Edith Pitts Show @ 9pm Club 91 - Lions Den Legendary Sunday’s DJ Sedrick & DJ Brooks Felix’s - Bloody Mary & Mimosa Wallet Pleasers Las Margaritas - All You Can Eat Brunch 11AM-3PM Model T - Falcon Football - Sunday Dinner 3:30PM Tripps - Sunday Buffet 3pm Karaoke 7pm Woofs - Great Food, Drink & Good Times

See Guide on Page 62 for Locations

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THE FILLING STATION @ The Parliament Resort 1258 Gordon Highway-706-828-7400 MACON KAOS 2780 Riverside Drive – 478-621-0662 Synergy 425 Cherry Street – 478-755-9383 SAVANNAH BLAINE’S 13 East Perry Street-912-233-6765 CHUCK’S BAR 305 West River Street-912-232-1005 CLUB ONE 1 Jefferson Street-912-232-0200 UNADILLA The Lumberyard @ Lumberjacks Resort 50 Highway 230-1-877-888-1688

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Ten n es s ee


Al a b a ma

G eo rgia

Out of Town Directory CHATTANOOGA IMAGES 6005 Lee Highway-423-855-8210 Chucks 27 W. Main Street- 423-265-5405 Allan Gold’s 1100 McCallie Avenue-423-629-8080 BIRMINGHAM THE QUEST 416 24th Street South-205-251-4313 OUR PLACE 2115 8th Avenue S. 205-715-0077 JOE’S ON SEVENTH 2627 7th Avenue South- 205-321-2812 DOTHAN CLUB IMAGINATION 4129 Ross Clark Circle 334-792-6555 MONTGOMERY Club 322 322 N. Lawrence Street - 334-263-4322

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Atlanta A-Z

by David C. Muller


“E-O Eleven


Once upon a time Luke went to a palm reader in Gwinnett County. The palm reader told him, “You must move to Atlanta, Luke, for you will find love there.” One of Luke’s favorite holidays was New Years Eve. Luke especially enjoyed the limitless libation that, as a long-held tradition, accompanied the night of the last day of the year. This year; the thirty-first of December in the year two-thousand ten; would be, of course, no exception. Luke convinced Greg to go out and, in honor of the upcoming New Year, to bar hop all around Atlanta. Luke and Gregory each put on a pair of tight jeans and started the evening at dusk at Burkhart’s. Luke ordered four shots of Belvedere vodka and a chopped steak with brown gravy while Gregory drank a light beer and dined on some surf-n-turf. “Luke,” Greg poked his friend, “Check out that waiter.” Luke barely glanced at the server, “What about him?” “He’s cute.” Gregory nodded, “He’s hot.” Luke downed another shot of vodka, “You should go give him your number, ask him out; if you think he is hot.” Luke belched, “Do you know his name is?” “I think it’s Evan.” Greg said, “Or maybe it’s Ethan or Earl or Ellis or EJ. I don’t know.” “You should go ask him.” Luke checked out the water as he flew by with a tray full of cocktails, “He looks Latino to me. Maybe his name is Enrico.” “Or Eduardo.” Greg blushed, “He’s just so cute. I’m beside myself with lust.” “Don’t settle for some waiter, Greg,” Luke paid the bill and pushed his friend out the door, “A whole evening of magic awaits us!” And, by “magic,” Luke meant the Heretic, Chapparal, Q and Jungle, in quick succession, one right after the other. Greg, as the designated driver for the evening, kept an eye on Luke until they returned to Midtown 60 davidatlanta

Proper to finish the night off with aperitifs at Blake’s on the Park. “Finally,” Greg ordered a Midori sour, “I can drink like an alcoholic. What d’ya have, Luke?” Luke ordered a girlie drink, he said, “I’ll have a frozen strawberry daiquiri, please.” When Greg took out his wallet to pay, a drunken hand went to stop him, “No please, I insist. Let me buy this hot piece of ass a drink.” This line of dialog was slurred and, as the luck of the Irish would have it, this line marked the entrance of a new character to our saga: “Hello there,” this new character got right up close to Luke, “my name is Evelyn.” “Evelyn?” Luke felt a hardness press against his crotch, “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” This new character; Evelyn; was drunk, he said, “My mother always wanted a girl.” Evelyn giggled, “Little did she know.” By this point in the evening, Luke was wildly drunk and could not feel his knees, Gregory was playing ‘catch-up’ by drinking copious amounts of whiskey mixed with Sprite but this new character, Evelyn, he proved to be more drunk than both of Luke and Greg. Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… They watched the Peach Drop on the television and, suddenly, like clockwork, it was 2011. Like a crude naïf-slash-boy toy, Evelyn leaned over and poked Luke, “I’d like you to drop your peach…” Evelyn licked his lips, “...into my mouth.” “Dude,” Luke scoffed, “did some other dumbass write that line of dialog or are you just a dumbass?” “I’m horny.” Evelyn cupped his hand round Luke’s supple ass. Then he leaned in and kissed Luke right on the lips. Evelyn forced his tongue into Luke’s mouth as he made out with him, right there at the bar. After, he said, “Let’s go out to my car.”

Luke downed another shot; this time Jose Cuervo tequila; and belched, “Okay.” On his way out to the parking lot ‘round the rear of Blake’s just behind Outwrite Books, Luke realized that, under ordinary circumstances, he would decline the invitation to engage in coital activity in the backseat of a car, but, when Evelyn beeped to unlock the doors of his silver 2011 Hyundai Sonata. He told Luke to get into the front seat and, again, because Luke was drunk and also a bit on the horny side, he unbuckled his pants and climbed right on in. “What was your name again?” Evelyn touched Luke’s thigh, “You’re really hot. What do you like?” Through the windows, Luke saw people walking by the car. This conspicuousness did not stop Evelyn from unbuckling Luke’s belt, nor from unzipping the fly as he authorized expert skill in an attempt to pull Luke’s genital out from inside his pants. Luke stopped him, “We shouldn’t do this here. We should go some place.” Evelyn concurred, “We should go back to my apartment.” “But you’re crazy drunk, you can’t drive.” “Dude, I’m fine.” He slurred, “I’ve hardly been drinking.” “I can smell the Michelob on your breath.” Luke said, “I insist we hire a taxi.” “Dude,” Evelyn sniped, “I don’t want some raghead driving me around.” “Raghead?” Luke scoffed in disgust, “What are you, racist?” “I don’t want to leave my car in this here parking lot.” Evelyn found Luke incredibly hot. He leaned over the center console to take Luke into his mouth; Evelyn put his lips together and blew. His lips slurped down and he said, “I want to help you make up your mind to come home with me so we can fuck.” “I ain’t going anywhere with you.” Luke said, “You’re drunk!” “I’m at my best when intoxicated.” Evelyn said, “And don’t be such a prude. I’m totally fine when I drive with a buzz, I could take a test and pass it when I’m drunk. You need to get over yourself if you want to fuck.” Luke said, “If you want to fuck, you’ll have to hire a taxi.” “Oh come on, dude,” Evelyn panted. “I’m so horny right now.” Luke held his ground, “I’m not going in any car driven by a drunk driver.” “That sucks that you feel that way.” Evelyn put the key in his ignition, “Now do me a favor, will you? Get out of my car!” Luke stumbled out of the Hyundai and back into Blake’s. He found his best friend Greg making out with some guy at the bar. Luke said, “I see you’ve been very busy.” “Oh Luke,” Greg pulled away from his make out partner, “This is my new friend.” Greg asked him, “So what was your name again?” Luke recognized him, though. He took one look at the guy and said, “Chris?” And Chris said, “Luke?” “Oh cool,” Greg said, “How do you two guys know each other?”

Tune in next week for EPISODE THIRTY: “F is for FABULOUS” 61 61 davidatlanta davidatlanta

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3 Legged Cowboy

65 davidatlanta

404.418.8901 opt. 2



Missed Connection at the Loft Happy New Year Nikki

I wish you happiness always! FOR RENT

Ansley Park

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Unique 1400 sq ft, 2 bd/2bth, 2bd/1bth in house near golf course, central heat/air, washer, dryer, fire place, 15ft ceilings, crown molding, walk in closets, gourment marble kitchen w/ island, wine rack, hugh built in book shelfs, off st parking, deck/patio, pets ok. From 900.


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Ansley Eye Care | 1544 66 davidatlanta

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76 4th St. NW, Atlanta GA 30308

Licensed Massage

Notice to Massage Advertisers

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Georgia law requires that massage advertisers must include a current business license number within their ad and should be prepares to provide photo identification and educational credentials to publisher upon request. Close to Downtown

Relieve all your tensions from head to toe with a FULL-BODY massage. Evenings and weekends. William 404.538.4470 MT011571

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Licensed therapist offering full body massage relief from Head to toe for all your aches and pains. Call William 404-538-4770 MT#011571

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adult 404.418.8901

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Protect Your Monster

76 davidatlanta

by Richard Marshall

77 davidatlanta

77 davidatlanta

Bitch Session Stupid people who think they are smart and trashy people who think they are the social elite seem to gravitate to this town.

I have to schedule an appointment with my dentist so far in advance because all the Tina queens are getting their rotting teeth touched up.

To the eager beaver bar back who picks up my glass before I’m done with my drink: simmer down. Why does one have to be top or bottom, butch or femme? Can’t there be many combinations? After examining straight society, I know I don’t want to be as miserable as they are with their roles. If you’re going to take your hag with you to the bar, train her! Make sure she knows we don’t want her flipping her hair in all our faces on the dance floor and, for the love of all that is queer, make sure she either leaves her purse at home or brings a small, hand-held clutch. If I get smacked one more time by some drunk breeder bitch’s big-ass bag hanging off her shoulder, I’m going to have to wreck a ho . . . and her little mo’s too. To the gay man walking down 10th by Piedmont Park who stopped to help carry the elderly woman’s groceries to her house: you were cute when I saw you, but you are now one of the hottest guys in Atlanta due to your act of kindness. Guys in this town could take a lesson from you. If you’re going to be smooth, make sure you still are before you go to the clubs. I am tired of being scraped raw by your razor-sharp stubble on your back, chest, stomach or arms. Either let it grow out so it’s soft, or wax or Nair before you go out. If I am going to get rug burn when I go out, I want it to be from something I enjoyed at least. To Miss Eagle with the five pound steel-toed combat boots: Does the guy with the flip-flops have a hard time balancing your oh-so –butch combat boots on his shoulders, Mary? Yeah, the flip-flop dude is a dork, but I’m not impressed with your prosthetic masculinity either. How tough are you without those boots?

You are not even allergic to cats and you tell me to get rid of mine or you will stop dating me? My cat has brought me more happiness than you ever did. So long, crazy. Trolls, smokers, gym rats, butch, retail queens, dick size, cut, uncut, addicts, twinks, etc. Wow, I didn’t know that people are so perfect that they can call out their own flaws. Start a revolution, think for yourself! Gay folk will be gay folk, whether queens, trolls, twinks, or druggies. Whatever label you decide to use, it’s all the same wherever you go. I go to the clubs and see all the hotties, but they are too young. I am tired of clubbing with my nephews. What is with this whole flamer hate? It’s not so much about hate as it is about a preference for men who act like real men, not women. Please keep all your uneducated twinks and trolls inside the Perimeter. Um, gay men, fight for your rights, not for expanding your nightlife options. You said you chose the gym to be around “your people,” but you’re probably the same bottom that bends over and arches his back before doing squats and pauses to look in the mirror and see who has caught a glimpse. Get over yourself!

The glory hole is back? I never knew it left. “Straight acting” is exactly that. Do you get it yet? You cannot pretend to be something you already are or wish you were. You can, however, be yourself. Try it. Authenticity is the new black. Where have all the normal, stable, good looking guys gone? We don’t want to gossip about irrelevant people and things. There’s more to life – like life. Drugs, alcohol, unsafe sex, the bar/club scene, hostility, anger. Think about this quote from Harriet Tubman and how it might apply to you: “I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if they only knew they were slaves.” Free yourself.

Gotta Bitch?

? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitc ch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? ? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitc ch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch? Bitch?

Text it to 404.969.BTCH(2824)

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David Magazine | Atlanta Issue 624  

David Magazine | Atlanta Issue 624

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